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 The Dig Walkthrough/FAQ

The Dig Walkthrough/FAQ

The Dig
By Exodist/Ryan Haighton
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|_   _| | | | ____| |  _ \_ _/ ___|
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Title: The Dig
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: PC
Release: 1995
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 34KB
Document version: 1.0 - FINAL
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 24th August, latest version 28th August
Document © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for The Dig, the PC version, made by LucasArts in 1995.






Well, it took some time, but I finally have it. After searching shops and the
such, I just couldn't find a copy of this game at all. The last resort? Ebay.
And there it was, for a bargain £4.99 so of course, I brought it. As with most
other LucasArts adventure games, they may be short, but they are pretty hard and
some parts can get tricky. The Dig is with out a doubt the hardest SCUMM game,
and can get boring when you don't know what to do. Many people will resort to
using a guide, and this is why I have written one. There are some other reasons
as well. The Dig is good, but not AS good as the others. Better then LOOM though
so its not that bad. Completely serious, with nothing like tentacles and crazy
pirates. Instead, its about space. Well, its kind of about space. Anyways, I
hope this guide helps you complete this game and solve those taxing puzzles!
Good luck, and enjoy.





You've saved the Earth from total destruction. Now, can you save yourself?

An asteroid the size of a small moon is on a crash course toward Earth, and only
the NASA veteran Boston Low has the expertise to stop it. Along for the ride is
award-winning journalist Maggie Robbins and internationally renowned geologist
Ludger Brink. Once the wayward asteroid is nuked into safe orbit, the trio
conducts a routine examination of the rocky surface. What they uncover is
anything but routine. Low, Brink and Robbins unwittingly trigger a mechanism
that transforms the asteroid into a crystal-like spacecraft. The team is
hurtled across the galaxy to a planet so desolate, Brink is moved to name it
Cocytus, after the 9th circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno. The bleak landscape
was obviously once home to a highly evolved civilization, with remnants of
sophisticated architecture, advanced technology and an intricate network of
underground tuneels. But no Cocytans.

Taken from the back of the European version of the games Box, LucasArts classic


Commander Boston Low:

A man of few words. Ordinarily he's a by-the-book astronaut, but he has a talent
for getting out of tight scrapes with novel solutions.

Dr. Ludger Brink:

Science advisor on the mission, world-famous geologist and archaeologist. Brink
has an unquenchable curiosity and tends to be stubborn when people get in the
way of his research.

Maggie Robbins:

Civilian observer and distinguished member of the press. Robbins has a unique
combination of persistence and luck that makes for excellent reportage.

Ken Borden:

Co-pilot. Borden's personality is the opposite of Low's: outgoing, friendly and
humorous. He does share Low's dedication to duty and getting the job done.

Cora Miles: Payload specialist. Cora is another professional astronaut, but her
orientation is hardware. She takes care of her pieces of equipment as if they
were her children-and expects others to show her hardware similar respect.

Taken from the instruction manual, or at least the instruction manual from the





After the introduction, you will be in space. Control of Low will soon be yours.
Right click into your inventory, and use the PEN ULTIMATE. Use the comm and
communicate to Miles. Ask about the flying pig, its the icon to the far right.
The flying pig is let off, click on it in space to take it to the asteroid.
Here, click on it again, and take out the EXPLOSIVE UNTIL BETA, EXPLOSIVE UNIT
ALPHA, SHOVEL and ZERO-G DIGGER. Now, click on the lid or to the left to get
back to the asteroid. Now, go into Space, you will see a big view of the
asteroid. Now, find Quadrant 2, and go there. Now, near the top of the asteroid
you will see the target surface. Use the ZERO-G DIGGER with it, then use the
EXPLOSIVE UNIT ALPHA with it. Finally, use the ARMING KEY with the EXPLOSIVE
UNIT ALPHA. Now, leave to the asteroid. Here, go to Quadrant 3. Now, use the
SHOVEL with the boulder, then use the EXPLOSIVE UNIT BETA on the surface where
the boulder used to be, then use the ARMING KEY with the EXPLOSIVE UNTI BETA.
Now, exit this place, and go left back to the space shuttle. Now, use the PEN
ULTIMATE, use the comm and contact Borden.

Now, you will be inside a tunnel. Here, go down a bit, and you will notice a
metallic plate to the right. Push it, then use the ZERO-G DIGGER with the other
4 Odd projections. After, push all the metallic plates that appear behind the
odd projections, then go down the large tunnel. Here, go right, and to the
pedastal. Here you will see all 4 metallic plates. Pick them up, then use them
with the pedastal itself, and place them in the right place. Its pretty easy to
figure out though, just place them all over the place until you get it right.
Another cut-scene will begin.


You will land onto an alien planet, with air good enough to act as oxygen. After
the conversation, move right, onto the map. You will see there are 3 new places
you can go to, all named ?. So, head to the one to the left.


You will see this place has a massive ship to the left. A wrecked one. Head into
it, and you will see some wire dangling. Pull it off. Now, pick up the WIRE,
then the ENGRAVED ROD. Now, you will see a chest, open it, and take the DEVICE.
Now, head out, go right and onto the map. Go over to the ? at the top.


Here, use the SHOVEL with the grave to the right. After digging it up, pick up
the TUSK and JAW BONE. Now, head out, and go to the ? on the right.


Here, use the DEVICE. It will point at a certain mound, and Low will go to it.
Now, use the SHOVEL with it. Then, pick up the BRACELET. Now, head back over to


Here, you will see that strange blue light creature here. It will hover itself
over a small hole. After the talking, use the SHOVEL with the hole. Soon Brink
will take control. Watch the cut-scene.


Brink will fall down the hole, and die. After Maggie and Boston finish talking
you will gain control. Boston will automatically pick up the SHOVEL again. Now,
go left, and go past the dark hole. You will soon see a rod on the floor, so
pick up the PURPLE ENGRAVED ROD. Now, go back to the dark hole, but instead, go
down the ramp in front of it. You will see there is some big power source here.
Now you just need to turn it on. To the left, you will see a triangular button,
but pressing it won't do anything. Now, you will see a control panel to the
right of this. Use it, there are some buttons here. Pressing them, 5 will make
a colour appear to the right, whilst the bottom left makes all of them go,
and the top left makes the last colour entered go. First things first. Press
any of the buttons. Here is a list of what button makes what colour appear:


Each of these will make something happen. Press them in any order, and then use
the Triangular button. A giant diamond will appear, and move around. The
different colours will make the diamond move about, and one of them will pick up
an item. This list shows what colours do what:


As we can see, the bottom panel will make the diamond move down! OK, so we know
how this puzzle works. Now we just need to solve it. First, make sure no colours
are on the right of the panel. Now, make these colours appear, use the lists
above to help you: Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Yellow, Yellow, Red.
Now, use the triangular button, and watch the diamond go! It will pick up that
item we saw before, the displaced lens. Now, use the control panel again. Now,
clear all the colours, and enter: Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, Blue,
Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red. Now, press the triangular button, and again, watch
the little diamond go. It will place the lens where its meant to be, and you
will restore power. Now, go right, and remove the loose panel on the slope. Now
pick up the BLUE CRYSTAL. Now go back up the slope into the Nexus.

OK, go left, and you will see a control panel to the right of a door. Now, use
it, and you will see 4 different shapes, all red. Now, examine the PURPLE
ENGRAVED ROD, you will see 4 different shapes coming off the right. Your best
off taking a screenshot or if your good at remembering, remember. Now, you need
to match all 4 shapes on the control panel to those from the rod, and et voila!
The door will open. Go through. After a little chat with Maggie, use the ? on
the triangle thing, and a giant sphere will appear. Hop inside.


OK, head right down the steps. At the bottom is a door, unfortunately, you will
need something to pry it open. Instead, go outside to the right. Now, you will
see a slope to the right of you, head up that too. Here, you will be outside,
and another ghost will appear. This time it hovers over a strange device, all
you need to do is click on it. You will see a green button to the left of this
panel, press and hold down the left mouse button. To the right, when the line
reaches that dot in the middle, you can let go. Exit from the panel view, and
to the right, you might see some sort of light bridge. If not, then click on the
lens that is there, then try again. Sooner or later, the bridge will appear.
Remember to hold down the green button and to move the lens! When it appears,
walk across.

You will see 5 different Spires, and a big crystal in the middle. Your at the
top right one. Head over to the crystal in the middle, you will see a giant
crystal form. You can look at it or examine it. Now, leave and go back to the
Museum Spire. Now, walk through that triangular door. Pick up the green crystals
lying to the left, then walk left and go through the door. This is where Maggie
has been, Boston will talk to her. Now, leave the Library as she names it, you
will see a RED ENGRAVED ROD above the doorway. Now, leave the museum the way
you came in, go down the slope and into the sphere.


Your back at the Nexus. Now, go up the stairs to the right, then walk right.
Use a GLOWING CRYSTAL with Brinks corpse, to bring him back to life! Now, go
right until your find another door with a panel to the left. Now, look at the
RED ENGRAVED ROD and remember the shape of the, well, shapes sticking out of it,
and enter them into the panel. Once the door is open, go through. You can try
and call the tram, but it won't come. At least the door is open though! Head
back to the Museum Spire.


Here, try to go through the weakened door, Brink will help you. Watch the cut
scene. Boston will take 4 life crystals, take 2 more for later. Now, pick up the
CANISTER from the floor, and leave this room. Head outside. Near the bottom of
the screen is a fossil, look at it, and memorize it. Now, go down the slope, its
to the right. You will see a turtle creature be eaten by a massive sea creature,
it will spit out the bones. Now, after the conversation, you need to put the
turtle creature back to life. You have to pick up a bone piece, and place it at
the right part, then press the right mouse button to rotate them. You have to
make it match the fossil. This is admittedly, a very hard puzzle. Very many
people have given up on the whole game because of this puzzle. Keep at it, and
you should eventually do it, just remember to try placing all the pieces, and
remember to rotate them to make them fit! You can tell if you have placed a bone
where a bone should go, it will make a noise. Remember, some that seem obvious
will actually be different, and always go through with it before attempting the
next bit. When you think its correct, save your game, and use the CANISTER with
it. Now, use a GLOWING CRYSTAL with it, and the big sea monster will eat it.
And also kill itself in the process. If it says Dead Creature instead of loose
bones, then you have got it right too. Put it this way though, you should get
it eventually, and move around the pieces even if it doesn't make sense having
it where you next put it! I didn't think one piece would work in a certain
place but it did.

Now, once the sea monster is dead, go into the water, to the right of those
steps leading into it. Now, Boston will swim into an underwater cave. Here, go
through the chamber. Here, pick up the PLATE and ORANGE ENGRAVED ROD. Now, go
back into the cavern and go through the water. Go back to the sphere, and go
through returning to the Nexus. Now, go right, until you see another door and
panel. Now, examine the ORANGE ENGRAVED ROD to remember the shapes, then enter
them into the panel. Go through the door, and use the tram call to the left,
and get in.


Here, go right, to the outside. Now, you will see a big path to the left of the
screen, click there to go into the next area. Here, you will see a big chasm,
with water gushing up. Now, when you hear a rumble (RUMBLE will also pop up on
the screen in red letters) click on the other side of the chasm to, well, get on
the other side. If you don't make it, just climb back up and try again. If you
made it, well done, lets continue. Now, go to the up as it says on screen. Here
is another strange device, and a lens to the left of it. Again, adjust it, and
when you think its right, use the strange device and hold down the button and
wait for the light bridge to be made, if it makes itself. Now, go to the right
and into the crevice. Now, pick up the BLUE ROD there. Go back outside, and go
up to the plateau, its to the left of the waterfall. A small creature will rush
to the door, and take something you need. The door will close. Time to make a
trap. First, go right and pick up the ROD, then use the pole to move it to the
right a bit. Now, pick up the DOWEL and COVER which are to the left of the door.
Now, you see that circle thing to the left? Use the DOWEL with the hole on it.
Now, use the POLE with the pin (thats the DOWEL in the hole) then use the RIB
CAGE with the hook at the bottom of the pole, finally use the ROD with the trap.
Now, you have to catch the little critter. To do this, first off click on the
hole that is just above the trap, or at least, nearest to the trap. Now, move to
the left until the critter goes to the right of that circle thing, then move to
the right to catch it under the trap.

Use the BRACELET with the critter, and take the trap. The critter will run away,
pick up the ROD from the floor. Use the SHOVEL with the hole that he ran into,
then go through. Now, use the DEVICE you still have, it will point to where the
critter hid the BRACELET, and his treasure. Clever heh? Now, use the SHOVEL with
the tracker spot, and take the MACHINE PART. Now, leave the cave, and use the
MACHINE PART with the panel, then use the COVER with it, and press the switch.
Now, go through the door, here, pick up the GREEN ENGRAVED ROD, TWIN SCEPTERS
and then use the GOLD SCEPTER with the light at the top of the room. You will
see a big planet, and a large moon flying around it. Use the GOLD SCPETER with
the light part of the large moon, then use the SILVER SCEPTER with the dark part
of the large room. Now, use the GOLD SCEPTER and click somewhere to make the
moon move to that place. Move it around until it shows you something, and then
shows the door to the room your in close. Now, use the button to the left of the
door. Take the PLATE, and head out. Go all the way back to the tram, and ride
back to the Nexus.


Exit the tram room, then go through the dark tunnel to the right of you. After
the cut-scene, head left. Press the green switch, and walk left into the air
lock. Now, press the green switch thats inside the air lock twice, and go to the
left and into a command center. Now, use that glowing panel in the middle of the
room. This puzzle is quite simple. First off, use the BLUE ROD with that hole to
the right to make 2 more blue rods appear. Now, click the only black crystal,
the top should go white. Now, click on a blue rod, and drag it up or down. On
the black crystal, you will notice the white gets either darker, or lighter.
Your aim is to make it really light until it turns blue. You will have to slide
all 3 of the blue rods to make this happen. Its pretty easy, once all the
crystals are blue, exit. The tram that was broken before is now working, as you
can see. Now, head out of here. Press the green switch twice, then go right and
through the dark tunnel. Keep going right until you find the door with a panel
next to it that you opened earlier, the door frame is shaped like a star. Go
through it, head right, and call the tram. Now, get into the sphere.


Here, go right, to the spire. Now, head right and to the plateau. Use the SHOVEL
with the metal plate, and go down the hole. Use your BLUE CRYSTAL with that hole
to the left, the lights inside will turn on. Now, leave this room, and go up
the path. Here, move the lens about until you can make a light bridge appear
by pressing and holding the switch on the strange device. When you have made a
bridge, return to the tram station of this spire, and go back to the Nexus.


Now, here, go right until you find another door and panel. Use the TUSK with
the panel, then use the WIRE with the panel. Use the WIRE again with the sparks
to get electric back in. Now, look at your GREEN ENGRAVED ROD, and memorize the
shapes, then enter them onto the panel. When the door is open, go through, and
you will find yourself in yet another tram station. Go right, call the sphere
then go through to the next spire.


Once you arrive, go up to the ledge, then here, go into the cavern to the right
of you. Now, go right into the pit, then go north to the opening. Now, use the
panel, you will see 4 shapes. This time, enter all 4 of the rods shapes in, so
first enter purple, then enter the red and so on. Each time you enter one, a
small image of a place will appear. Once you have done all 4, go through the
opening behind you. Here is another light bridge device. Its not working though.
At the bottom of it, there is a panel, click on it to remove it, then click on
it again to get inside the machine. We need to fix it, to do this, click on the
source, thats in the middle, 3 times. Now click the bottom left prism 3 times,
the top right prism 1 time, then the top left 4 times to fix this machine. Now,
do the usual adjust lens and then press and hold switch until the light bridge
appears. Go across, and head to the tomb spire.


Here, go up to the edge, then enter the tomb here. Inside, near the bottom left
of the screen, you will notice a panel with something that looks like CC. Stand
on it, it is loose. Now, use the ROD with it to hold it, head outside. Now,
click on the dirt to the left of the tomb to reveal a lens, and something will
appear inside the tomb. Boston will automatically go inside. Now, click on the
statue to make it turn into dust, then click on the big platform to head down
into the crypt. At the bottom, go right, and try to go through the door. A life
crystal will fall out, and turn some bones into a creature. Now, use a GLOWING
CRYSTAL on the bones to the left of the door, and watch the ugly twins fight.
Now, use the ENGRAVED ROD with the panel, and go through the door. Now, head
over to the pyramid. After the conversation, use the ENGRAVED ROD with the panel
on the pyramid, then use a GLOWING CRYSTAL on the corpse. Say bye to the alien,
you can't understand it. Now, you will talk to Maggie. She will be captured by
some, creature of some sort. Now, exit this room, and use the crypt to get back
to the tomb.

Now, head up the path, and then go right and you will appear at a cave. You can
see Brink in the background. Now, use the FLASHLIGHT on the bat creatures above
the arch, and Brink will run away when they fly at him. Now, go to the platform
where he was, and pick up the life crystal stash. Boston will force Brink to
help him save Maggie. Now, head back to the light bridge, go across, then head
over to the Map Spire.


Once you arrive at the Map Spire, head left, and keep on going until you find
the nest. Now, you will see Maggie to the right tied up in a web. After the
talking, talk to Brink and ask about the monster. Boston will head off in his
own way. Here, go to the fall source, and push that big rock. Now, go back to
the nest, and then talk to Brink about the grate. After some more talking and a
cut-scene, you will of saved Maggie, and Brink will take his crystals back by
force. Now, head out of this room, and keep on going right, or just keep on
going through the rooms, until you find the light bridge. Head over to the
Museum Spire, and enter the first room you see, its through the triangle door
when you come from the light bridge. Now, pick up the TABLET to the right, then
head back to the Map Spire. Now, head over to the ledge, go through the map room
then the chamber and pit, and to the ledge, then go through the opening, to the
right of the tram. Show Maggie the TABLET, and a small island will appear. Go
inside, and collect the PLATE. OK, you have all 4 plates now. Leave the island
and head towards the planetarium spire. Sooner or later Brink will contact you,
its an emergency apprantly. Head over to the Crevice at the Spire, you will see
Brink, his hand is trapped inside a giant crack in the wall. After some talking,
use the JAW BONE with him to cut his hand off. Now, you will automatically head
back to the Triangle Matrix, use all 4 PLATE objects in the right place, and the
door will open. Go through, and call the tram, hop on.


Go through the door to the right. You will see some kind of, machine. A very big
machine as well. You will see a green console at the bottom, click on it to
look at it, then click on the gap that you can see. There should be something
inside. Exit the view, then go up the very long path that spirals up. At the top
go left, and keep on going until you find the strange device for this spire. Now
push the nest off the cliff, then adjust the lens until the light bridge will
appear when you hold down the right button. Now, go across the bridge and head
over to the Museum Spire.


When you appear, go left, then into the tram room. Go through the broken door
and pick up 2 GLOWING CRYSTALS. Now, head over to the Tomb Spire via the light


Once you arrive, go up to the edge, then go into the tomb. Now, go down the
crypt, and go left. Go through the door, and up to the pyramid. Now, use the
ENGRAVED ROD with the panel, then use a GLOWING CRYSTAL with the alien corpse.
Now, you will start to talk to him, thankfully, Maggie will translate so the
things he says are in english, or whatever language. Ask about the Alien Device
4 times, then the eye twice, and then stop talking. Pick up the CREATORS
ENGRAVING then leave. Head back to the light bridge, and go to the Map Spire.


Once you arrive go into the map room. Examine the CREATORS ENGRAVING, and
memorize the shapes at the end. Now, enter them into the panel, you will get a
view of a beach. Now, go left into the pit, to the chamber, to the nest, go
right through the door, then to the beach. You should see that the rock in the
bottom of the screen says eye part, click it twice to get the actual EYE PART.
Head back to the light bridge, and go to the Cathedral Spire.


Once you arrive, go right then down into the lab. At the bottom, Brink will come
more crazy then ever. He demands that Boston gives him all the life crystals he
has, Brink will steal them. Go back up the long path, across the light bridge
then to the Tomb Spire.


Once you arrive, go right, and to the platform. Brink is here with his machine.
Show him the EYE PART, and you will have a long conversation. After, use the EYE
PART with the slot on the relic. After the 2 life crystals are made, take the
EYE PART again. Brink will try to kill Boston, but will instead fall off a cliff
so shame on him. Anyways, head all the way back to the Cathedral Spire.


OK, go down to the bottom to the strange alien device. Now, use the EYE PART
with the gap, then the 2 GLOWING CRYSTALS with either side of the panel. Now,
talk to Maggie about the alien device, and she will operate it. This will kill
her though. Now, save your game. You can either use a life crystal on her to
change the ending, or carry on without her. Save it, and you can do both, your
not very far from the end anyways. Anyways, go up to the light bridge. Try to
cross it, and a guard dog will attack you. Operate the strange device, and press
the button. The dog will die, rebuild the bridge, and head across to the eye.
Once you get there, click on it to go inside. Click on the portal. Thats it, the
end, watch the cut-scene. Well done! Hope you enjoyed The Dig, and found my
guide of use.




All of the items listed here are in alphabetical order, and listed is the
location, and location only of the items.


You will start with this item.


Inside the Nexus, go down the ramp and into the big room, its found in the empty
slot after removing the panel.


Found in the hole in the Crevice at the Planetarium Spire.


Use the DEVICE in the dirt ramp area on the planet surface to find this item.


Found at the Plateau at the Planetarium Spire.


Found by asking the Alien under the tomb about the eye part 2 times.


Found inside the chest at the wreck on the planet surface.


Found at the Plateau at the Planetarium Spire.


Pull the hanging wire at the wreck on the planet surface, the item will appear.


Inside the flying pig when its above the shuttle.


Inside the flying pig when its above the shuttle.


Use the CREATORS ENGRAVING to memorize the shapes, insert them into the map
spire map room, it will show an image of the beach, head there, to find the EYE


You start with this item.


These are the life crystals, and are found in many locations in the game, but
are mainly found in the Museum Spire, when Brink is with you, try to open the
weakened door in the tram room, and you will get into the next room, inside is
a pit full of GLOWING CRYSTALS.


Found at the planetarium at the planetarium Spire, in the middle of the room.


Found at the planetarium at the planetarium Spire, in the middle of the room.


Use the SHOVEL with the right grave (as in, right, not correct) at the grave
on the planet surface.


Inside the cave, once you have used the BRACELET with the critter, use the
DEVICE to find a spot, use the SHOVEL with it to find the MACHINE PART.


Found at the underwate cave at the Museum Spire.


You start with this item.


Found on the floor at the Nexus.


You can find 4 in the main room inside the asteroid. You can also find 4 on the
planet. These can be found with more detail in the walkthrough, their base
locations are Nexus, underwater cave at Museum Spire, at the planetarium at the
Planetarium Spire, and the last is found in the island at the map spire.


Found just above the doorway to the library at the Museum Spire.


Found at the Plateau at the planetarium Spire.


Found at the plateau at the planetarium spire.


Found inside the flying pig above the shuttle.


Found in the planetarium at the planetarium spire.


Its on the wall in the museum at the museum spire.


Use the SHOVEL with the right grave (as in, right, not correct) at the grave
on the planet surface.


Inside the wreck on the planet surface, its hard to see, but there is wire
dangling from inside the ship, pull it to get it.


Found inside the flying pig above the shuttle.

Well, thats all the items from The Dig done then.





You can get an alternate ending in The Dig. To get this, once Brink dies the
second time, use the EYE PART with the machine again to get more life crystals.
When Maggie operates the Alien Device, use a life crystal on her to revive her,
even though you promised not to.


Press Crtl+B to make Boston flex his muscles, making his teammates have a funny
reaction. This trick will not work if your in space.


Go to the Tram Control one, the one that is underwater and is accessed from the
Nexus. Go look out of the left window, Boston will metion the underwater tunnel,
now type SWANS on the keyboard, and watch.

Thats about it for secrets, but I thought I might as well add them. Thanks to
Dark Penguin and Mario1999 for these tricks from the Cheat Codes & Secrets page
of The Dig on gamefaqs. I already knew about the alternate ending. :)




Here are some FAQs for The Dig, just for you.

Q. Is The Dig hard?

A. Personally I think its the hardest SCUMM game.

Q. Is The Dig long?

A. Kind of. Its pretty hard so it may take a while to complete, but if your
using my guide, it won't take as long without a guide.

Q. Where can I find a certain item?

A. Look at the items section for it.

Q. Im trying to get the alternate ending, but I don't have any more life
crystals left and I can't get out of the Cathedral Spire. How do I get some?

A. Put simply, you can't. Before you go, use the EYE PART with the relic after
Brink dies again to get even more crystals, to use on Maggie this time round.

Q. Why did the people get sent to this alien planet?

A. Im guessing to save the aliens or something, complete it and you might
understand a little more.

Q. Is The Dig funny?

A. Not really, its serious, and isn't like all the other SCUMM games, but its
still pretty good.

Q. Can I select a difficulty?

A. Nope.

Q. Whats the point of Astro Lander on your pen ultimate?

A. Just for fun really.

Q. Why can't I hear much music?

A. Its pretty quiet, turn your sound up.

Q. Was The Dig only released on disc?

A. Yeah, like Full Throttle and the Curse of Monkey Island, you have to have it
on a disc, or at least, 2 discs for COMI. This means though the voice acting
is pretty good, and other stuff like that?

Q. When was The Dig released?

A. 1995 if I am correct.

Q. What age rating does The Dig have?

A. Well, im not sure for american, but the English version has a rating of 7+,
thats the LucasArts Classics version though.

Q. Why are some of the puzzles extremely hard?

A. Thats The Dig for you. Some puzzles you really have to think, some you just
randomly do stuff to figure out I guess.

Q. So is there any funny bits at all?

A. Well, there is sarcasm in the game, but nothing much. There is the random
parts in the credits though, like "The People that kept our PCs working" and at
the end, the LucasArts guy gets eaten, but thats about it.

Q. Did you think the ending was a bit crap?

A. It was OK, but *SPOILER* I would of liked to know what happened after they
all left, not just see space.

Q. What SCUMM game is this?

A. The 11th one, the 12th is Curse of Monkey Island, the last one.

Thats the end of the FAQ for now...




1.0 - FINAL version for gamefaqs, as the whole of the guide is completed. I
have nothing more to add, all the items are in, walkthrough, crappy FAQ, you
don't need any more to complete The Dig. The Secrets chapter is also a nice
addition though.



*************************** - Check out my other
work for good old gamefaqs!

Thanks to LucasArts for creating this game!

Thanks to Gamefaqs and this guide getting posted.

Thanks to myself for writing this guide for The Dig.

Thanks to myself again for writing a guide for all the SCUMM games, just the
Curse of Monkey Island to go now!

Thanks to anything else that has helped me with this, although there wasn't
really anything I couldn't do.

OH, thanks to Dark Penguin and Mario1999 because they contributed the things
on the cheat codes and secrets page on gamefaqs.

And NO very special thanks to George Lucas. :)

Well, I hope you found this guide of use to you, and I do hope you enjoyed what
was The Dig which was a very good SCUMM game. Hope you see me at my 
next guide, whatever it will be, most probably Monkey Island 3. Or maybe an
Oblivion update.

This guide is © Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for The Dig, the original 1995 version on PC.

END OF DOCUMENT - Exodist signing off...

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