Disciples 2 - Guardians of the Light - Empire Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Disciples 2 - Guardians of the Light - Empire

Disciples 2 - Guardians of the Light - Empire

             ======== ===      === ========  === ========  ========
             ¦      ¦ ¦  \    /  ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦   ===  ¦   \  /   ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ===
             ¦   ¦    ¦    \/    ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ¦
             ¦   ==   ¦          ¦ ¦  =====  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====  ¦   ==
             ¦     ¦  ¦          ¦ ¦ /       ¦ ¦ ¦   \     ¦     ¦
             ¦   ==   ¦  ¦\  /¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦    \    ¦   ==
             ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦ \/ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦     \   ¦   ¦
             ¦   ===  ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦\  \  ¦   ===
             ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ \  \ ¦      ¦
             ======== ===     ===  ===       === ===   === ========

                           (Dedicated to Michael (the Horny Angel), and Aiden,
                                    mes meilleurs nouveaux amis, et un exemple 
                                                  étincelant d'un amour modern)


¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦


1)	A Light in the Forest
2)	The Mark of Heresy
3)	Firewalk



This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-

In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
[squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be
Myzrael, who would be shown as [Myzrael] as he is IN the city and, in his case,
cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the
city (as in, healing there, etc.)

Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is
down and left.  West is up and left, and East is down and right.

One other thing ... if when mentioning any troops I refer to them like this :-

Phantom Warrior (10) or 2 Dwarves (10/12), then the numbers in brackets refer 
to their level/s of experience ... so BE WARNED !! ;)

Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a tricky task,
as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will
pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I
would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up -
basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you
play as the Undead Hordes in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ
both light-hearted, and informative.

Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at
MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other
players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your
computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their

Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at

Thanks for reading this !!


1)	A Light in the Forest


Whilst it took Demon Uther only a few years to reduce the Empire to rubble, 
but it would take DECADES to undo that which he had wrought.

Many years would pass before a new sovereign would appear, and during those 
years there would be ceaseless fighting within the Empire.

The events of Disciples 2 marked an AWFUL period of their history ...

Demon Uther's twisted ambition to replace Bethrezen brought him his undoing.

The Empire had been all but destroyed by Uther's madness.  Civil Wars broke 
out across the land, and Empire Cities fell to Unholy Demons.  The combined 
deaths of Demosthene AND Uther left the Empire in UTTER despair.  Many nobles 
now fought for control over the Throne, with the three most major factions 
being :

Emry, Baron of Abrissel - a noble Paladin, had stepped forward and led 
Abrissel to freedom when all hope had been lost during the Great Wars;

Duchess Ambrielle of Verzillin - chief among Demosthene's Royal Spy Services 
before the collapse of the Empire, the Duchess could cause cities to fall, 
vaults to be emptied and nobles to vanish with but a point of her finger from 
the shadows; and

Count Flamel Crowley - ruler of a horde of religious fanatics, retaining 
control over them with threats of damnation and retribution.  Combined fear 
of Bethrezen AND the Highfather has given Crowley GREAT power over Witch 
Hunters and Inquisitors, who now scour the land for sinners.

While the Empire struggles to unite its people, a legend emerges from the 
Forest ...

NOTE : Your Capital City is just inside the north-western corner of the map.

You start off this first level with a reasonable amount of GP and Infernal 
Mana (the initial starting level decreasing depending on the difficulty you 
have selected), and all your level one spells already learned.

You will have unfettered access to your ENTIRE spellbook during the three 
missions that make up the Empire's Expansion Pack, and can build ALL your 
buildings on EACH level.

                                  IMPORTANT NOTE
                            UNIT LEVELS AND LEVELLING-UP

You will see that there is a picture of a sword with a coloured blade above
your leader's portrait on the party screen.  This is a new addition to the
Disciples 2 Expansion Packs, and serves to give you a rough guideline as
to the approximate level of the units in an enemy's pack ... and your own ;)

A unit WITHOUT a sword               is   Level  1 -  4
A unit with a BLUE-bladed sword      is   Level  5 -  9
A unit with an ORANGE-bladed sword   is   Level 10 - 14
A unit with a RED-bladed sword       is   Level 15 or higher

I would HOPE for your sakes that you have imported a leader with a RED-bladed
sword, as your leader WILL NOT GAIN ANY EXPERIENCE during the ENTIRE campaign.

That's right !!  Your leader will NEVER level up again, so BE WARNED.


Your objective on this first level is to seek a way to gain support for Emry 
of Abrissel's ascension to the Throne of the Empire.

Nice and easy eh !!  Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha NOT.

The level begins with Elf Lord Gelma'ar rushing to your Capital City calling 
for your aid.  Emry of Abrissel seems stunned that Elves are now standing at 
his gates, and his shock is responded to by Millu, the Oracle Elf.  She 
confirms that times are ... difficult ... for the children of Gallean, and 
says that although he has now returned to them, most of their people were 
slaughtered by Mortis' armies, and they are consequently without a Queen.

She adds that the Undead are continuing to raid their remaining Cities.

Emry of Abrissel asks how he is to know that he isn't being duped into a trap.

Millu confirms that they are being temporarily "guided" by the Prophet 
Lachla'an, who is Gallean's chosen Avatar on Nevendaar.  Lachla'an can see the 
future, and has already predicted that the Elves will ally with the Humans 
in the coming times ...

Emry of Abrissel says he would like to meet Lachla'an, and Millu confirms that 
this is Lachla'an's wish as well ... Millu has been sent to request the 
Empire rid the Elves of the Undead Hordes in three of their cities to the 
south of your Capital.

Emry confirms that the presence of the Undead THIS close to Empire lands 
represents a great enough threat for the Empire to take an active role in 
cleansing the area, and asks that Millu give Emry's scout directions to the 
Cities in question.  IF she is telling the truth, Emry says he would like to 
meet with Lachla'an to discuss an alliance.

Millu agrees, saying that she and her troops will make camp in the forests 
nearby until a decision has been made.

                        DO NOT ATTACK GELMA'AR'S UNIT

If you DO ?  Emry of Abrissel accuses you of betraying the Empire, and you 
will automatically FAIL the level, with the comment :-

"Once the Empire had managed to alienate the Elves, Emry's support for the 
throne started to waiver.  Lady Ambrielle withdrew back to Norhold with her 
spies, and it seemed that all hope because lost for the reunification of the 
Empire ..."

What I would suggest you do INSTEAD would be to LEAVE the Elven Units, and 
focus your attentions instead on those creatures that lurk in the area.

Beware - it is very important to remember that there is civil war in the 
Empire.  Therefore, not all units that fly an Empire Banner will be yours 
to control ... there are two units controlled by Count Crowley in the 
immediate vicinity of your Capital City ... 

Okknor, your scout, reports back to confirm that he only had to travel a half 
a day south to find traces of the Undead.  He confirms that not only are they 
HERE, but they are getting CLOSER ;)

Emry of Abrissel confirms that he will aid the Elves, but that AID is the 
operative word ... he doesn't want them just watching all the action - he 
expects to fight SIDE-BY-SIDE with them against the Undead.

Millu confirms that the Elves have been waiting for him to reach a decision, 
and that they will fight at his side nooooooooooooo pwoblem.

Emry then takes the opportunity to hit on Millu.  That DIRTY old perv.

Millu confirms that Gelma'ar will aid the Empire, but that if he dies ?  They 
will cease assisting you guys ...

Gelma'ar then switches allegiance to become an Empire unit, and you receive a

NEW OBJECTIVE : Capture the Elven Cities of Vorems, Me'ellis and Tristi'il.

For your convenience, the stats of your new Elven units are as follows :-


              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Gelma'ar      195  0     -    Air  Lightning      80    50  Air   50  Any  6
Millu          42  0     -    Air  Healing       100   -60  Life  10  Any  6
Elf Ranger     45  0     -     -   Arrow          80    25  Wea   65  Any  1


If you approach the Defender of the Faith, he says that Emry of Abrissel has 
been charged with heresy against the Highfather, and that for this he and 
his forces have been called to surrender for trial before Count Flamel 

Needless to say, Emry tells the Defender of the Faith to SLING IT.

The Defender of the Faith says that their claims are substantiated by virtue 
of Emry's recent discourse with the Elves - a race who OPENLY and BRAZENLY 
worship a PAGAN God (Gallean), and that he (Emry) must be tested to make sure 
that he has not been possessed by the Elves ... for certainly until such an 
act has been carried out, he is unfit to ascend to the throne.

Emry once again tells the Defender of the Faith to SOD OFF and give kisses to 

The Defender of the Faith mocks Emry, which causes Emry to ask for these 
"horse droppings" to be removed from his yard, by YOU ;)

There are 2 units to despatch :-

1)  Spearman (15), Peasant (12)
2)  Defender of the Faith (1), Acolyte (1)

Once they have been despatched, you can "properly" secure the Empire Capital.

If you venture northwards, you will find Crulsevere WHICH, once taken, causes 
Dresdon (one of your Pegasus Knights) to ask what the HELL Giants are doing 
on your lands.

Zera, a Prophetess, says that they seem (from their Talismans) to worship the 
same Nature Goddess as the Barbarians, and that you should definitely be on 
guard ...

More of Count Crowley's Units stand guard just outside Crulsevere - they are 
a Titan (10), a Witch Hunter (2), a Mage (2) and a Cleric (2).

Yet MORE of Count Crowley's Forces are outside Mertrin's Grounds (to the east 
of Crulsevere).  These include an Imperial Priest (3), 2 Mages (3/3), 2 
Spearmen (10/9) and a Man at Arms (9).

Further east we have ... guess what !!  THAT'S RIGHT !!  Yet MORE of that 
FWEEKLIN Crowley's troops.  Just to be on the safe side ?  I'll now STOP 
giving you their levels and stuff ... because it might well vary depending 
on the difficulty you are playing on ... suffice to say they are starting to 
get on my nerves - I'm sure they are doing the same to you ;)

Once Akjeda has fallen (it's to the south-east of Mertrin's Grounds), Zera 
pops up to tell you that the Green Dragon contained therein was being raised 
by Crowley as a weapon against YOU !!  What a SH!T eh !!!!!

If you venture to the land mass on the northeasternmost edge of the map, and 
take the City of Agustelle, a Barbarian Chieftain says that they are a race 
bred to survive; that their cities are temporary and our victories over them 
are meaningless.

If you take Iseude, which is a monument in the VERY northeasternmost corner 
of this land mass, Dresdon appears to tell you that you are going the wrong 
way ...

... thinks about this for a moment ...

... isn't it sweet of him to tell us that we're going the wrong way just as 
soon as we hit the very EDGE of the map ??  Odds are we MIGHT have just 
figured that out for ourselves Dresdon old boy.

... you USELESS little man ...

*slap slap slap*

Dresdon tells you that the Elven Cities are in the west.  He's actually WRONG.
They are in the south-east of the map ... and we WILL get there ... but I'm 
going to finish exploring this map for YOU first ... IF that's ok with 
Dresdon ?  Hmmmmm ?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ??


Now then ... ONCE you have completed exploring the northeasternmost land mass,
I moved back across to the west across the top, swooping down on the City of 
Sanimos WHICH, when approached (specifically when you set foot between those 
two statues that guard its entrance), causes an Inquisitor to squeal "Quickly!
To the gates" The sinners approach!"

Intriguing !  And accurate !! :)

Once Sanimos has fallen to your might, the Inquisitor calls you traitors, and 
says that you will have to answer to the Highfather himself for your actions.

................................ AND ???

Is that IT ???


The City contains 2 Life Potions and a Royal Scepter.

Falling back towards your Capital I came upon the City of Evenshade which, 
once taken, prompts a Knight to tell you that the blood you have shed there 
will not go unnoticed.

Which is a GOOD thing 'coz I for one was thinking of redecorating the place 
in it ... what do you think ?? :)  Don't you think it would go rather nicely 
with Emry of Abrissal's Blood-Red Plate Mail ????? ;)

If, after besting the Green Dragon outside the City of Evenshade, you turn 
west and defeat the Marshdwellers that lurk in the area, you may approach 
Horrill.  HOWEVER, as you draw near, a Stone Rain spell is cast on you from 
afar :(

Once Horrill has fallen, a Lizard Man tells you that you have NO right to it, 
and that it is THEIRS ...

... and he's right !  But do WE care ?????  Nah.  The Empire's fragmented 
already ... a few less Lizards skulking about the place won't do anybody any 
harm, non ??? ;)

The Mountain Clans retain a PRESENCE on these lands, by virtue of their 
ownership of the City of Ebonshere in the south-western corner of the map - 
however they have no CAPITAL on these lands and, as such, are able to be 
considered as little more than a minor irritation.

However, if you draw close to the City of Ebonshere, Okknor pops up to suggest 
that you might like to steer clear of the Dwarves, for they are skilled in 
the art of war ...

... SCREW 'EM !!  Stunty little maggots ... STORM THE CITIES ... BURN EVERY 
VILLAGE (guess who's just finished watching the Two Towers ... hehehe).

Once Dermik's Watch has fallen, a Dwarven Engineer says that they have sent 
word back to their kin in the mountains, and that we will be "hewn down like 
rotton old wood".

.................. wtf ??  WHATEVER (cuts his head off)


Following on from this INSULT by the Engineer, a further Dwarven unit 
comprising Witeric (a level 5 King's Guard) and 2 level 1 Yetis appear to 
the south-west of the Ebonshere.  Looks like it's time to hew THEM down eh 
lads ?? :)

Once Ebonshere has been taken, the Dwarf King that resided therein asks why 
you attacked us when they had no defences ...

... again, pauses to think this through ...

...... whips out a little notepad and draws him a picture ...

......... taps him on the shoulder and points and the notepad ...

BECAUSE you had no defences you IMBECILE.  If you'd put guards hiar, hiar, 
hiar, hiar, hiar ... and hiar ... and hiar ... we wouldn't have been able to 
get in !!

GUARDS !  Take him a-WAY.

Ebonshere contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Healing.

The Sacred Vaults are due south-east of Ebonshere, and they aren't REALLY 
worth visiting in my opinion ... but if you DO ?  You WILL get a Thanatos 
Blade, and Natell (one of your Priests) comments that he thinks the caves 
are beautiful ... definitely a wonderful location to keep precious artifacts, 
and he expresses an interest in remaining there for a short while longer.

Zera cautions him that it might just be a Dwarven glamour to make working 
in the mines more bearable ... but that she feels the same thing as he does.

If you turn once you get to Giddeon's Supplies and head towards the south-
westernmost corner of the map, you will stumble upon the City of Blegg.  Once 
it has fallen, you will gain a Life Potion and a Potion of Striking from 
the inhabitants of the city (after combat), and Dresdon will call for the 
Orcs to leave the City at once, to which their King just laughs at you.
Dresdon responds by having him hanged.


Turning and heading due east of Blegg now, you will come upon the Orc Trading 
Post.  Once it has fallen, one of your Pegasus Knights will remark that there 
isn't really anything there to salvage, and that everything owned by the Orcs 
is simply disgusting !  DEFINITELY unfit for HUMAN consumption.

How ... racist !!!  :(

North-east of the Orc Trading Post is the City of Jaffesbrim ... which isn't 
really so much of a city as it is a hole in the ground ... but hey !  You 
could surely TAKE that hole in the ground and turn it into something REALLY 
special, non ?? :)

Once that city has fallen, an Orc challenges your rule, saying that their 
sons will retake the land from you, and that you will NEVER be rid of them ...

... which I think is a good thing !!  I mean ... cannon fodder is always 
welcome isn't it ??  *licks his finger and draws a "1" in the air*

Dresdon badgers you YET AGAIN, saying that you SHOULD be concentrating your 
efforts on freeing the Elven Cities.

ALRIGHT Dresden ALLBLOODYRIGHT !!!  I'm GETTING there ... *straightens his 

Sheesh !!

The City of Jaffesbrim contains a Healing Ointment.

South-east of Jaffesbrim is a Blue Dragon, guarding a little trinket (a silver 
ring) that isn't really worth bothering with to be honest with you.

If you swing around to the north now, and then venture east, you will find 
the entrance to the Elven Cities (which are now under Undead Rule) ;)

You will ALSO find Gress Manor which, when retaken from the monsters that 
lurk therein, provokes Natell into going off on one about how he hates the 
smell the spiders that were inside left behind ... and why can't we put up 
some nice drapes ... with pretty flower-pictures on them ... just to keep 
the place looking summery.

Yes Natell ... whatever you say Natell (motions for his guards to remove 
Natell from his court).

However, just before we enter the three Elven Cities to retake them for Millu 
and her party, I am going to liberate the City of Challeroi from Undead Rule.

Ooh !  Lo and behold !  It contains a pair of Elven Booties !!! :) :) :)

If you now about-face and head southwards of Gress Manor, you will enter the 
Elven Cities "bit" of the map - i.e. the southeasternmost corner of the map.

To the south of the City of Vorems lies the Gravehaunt which, when dealt with,
causes Zera to purge it of evil spirits ...

... BIT late luv - we've just DONE that bit ... but nevermind !! :)

In the VERY southeasternmost corner of the map lies Cathek Tower.  Once it 
has been cleansed of the beast that lives within its walls, Natell (who must 
have come RUNNING back into my main audience chamber BECAUSE I AM SURE I TOLD 
MY GUARDS TO HAVE HIM REMOVED *eyes them all with a glare*), comes LEGGING it 
in to say that the Skylord must have gone mad with grief at the loss of its 
master, and that it this is directly as a result of the Undead's Cruelty.

AND NOW FINALLY !!  I can bring you the three Elven Cities.

VOREMS is the westernmost of the three Elven Cities, and is defended by 
Zythaar (a level 14 Nosferat) and his band of underlings - see the cities 
section below for more details.

Once Zythaar has been slain and Vorems returned to Empire (read: Elven) rule, 
Millu says "such a waste.  Vorems held some of the finest art of our people.
See how the mere presence of Mortis' army has caused the pieces to decay ?"

YOU shoulda used Ronseal luv ... does exactly what it says on the can !!

ME'ELLIS is being held by the Lich Queen Lekria (level 12) and her minions.
Once it has been purged, an Elf Lord confirms that there are no survivors.
Millu says that there are MANY survivors, and that the Elf Lord must be 
mistaken.  However, he counters by saying that they are all diseased and dying,
and that they will certainly not live through the season.

Millu is NOT impressed with his candour.

TRISTI'IL is occupied by Delchek (a level 15 Death Knight), and his subjects.
Once THEY have been slain, Millu praises you saying that Gallean's visions 
were true and that you have done what you said you would.

Emry of Abrissel takes ALL the credit of course ... that GIMP.

Millu says that it is time for Emry of Abrissel to meet with Lachla'an ... and 
that whilst she and her people are going to stay in the City of Tristi'il, 
and help rebuild the Elven Empire, they will provide you with directions on 
how to find Lachla'an.

Millu finishes by saying that the Elves OWE you one.


         CONGRATULATIONS !!  You have completed the First Level


OPPONENTS	The Undead Hordes, The Mountain Clans (kinda)



Name              Inhabitants
Agustelle         Brown Bear (1), Barbarian Chieftain (12), Barbarian 
                  Warrior (1), Wolf (1)
Sanimos           Priest (2), 2 Archers (1/1), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3), 
                  Defender of the Faith (3)
Evenshade         Hatton (Pegasus Knight - 3), Witch Hunter (2), Marksman
                  (2), Matriarch (3)
Blegg             Troll (5), 2 Orc Champions (8/7), 2 Goblin Archers (10/10)
Jaffesbrim        Orc Champion (9), 2 Orcs (10/5), 3 Goblin Archers (10/15/10)


Name              Inhabitants

Ebonshere         Flame Caster (3), Forge Guardian (3), Druidess (3), 
                  Dwarf (15), Dwarf King (5)


Name              Inhabitants

Vorems            Zythaar (Nosferat - 14), Wight (4), Werewolf (1), Zombie 
                  (2), Dreadwyrm (4)
Me'Ellis          Lekria (Lich Queen - 12), Dark Lord (3), Werewolf (1)
                  Phantom Warrior (5), Shade (3), Lich (4)
Tristi'il         Delchek (Death Knight - 15), Skeleton (3), Werewolf (1),
                  Necromancer (3), Archlich (5), Ghost (1)


Name              Inhabitants

Challeroi         [Necromancer (3)]


Name               Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it?

Crulsevere         Primitive Giant (1), Wolf (1) 520 Gp, Banner of Strength
Akjeda             Green Dragon (1)              440 Gp, Spirit Staff
Iseude             2 Brown Bears (5/6)           220 Gp, Titan's Might Potion
Horrill            3 Lizard Men (1), Medusa (10) 305 Gp, Lizard Man Talisman
Dermik's Watch     2 Yetis (4/4), Alchemist (3)  332 Gp, Venerable Warrior Orb
Sacred Vaults      2 Sons of Ymir (4/4),
                                   Elder One (4) 324 Gp, Thanatos Blade
Orc Trading Post   Ogre (12), Goblin (10), 
                     3 Goblin Archers (10/10/10) 520 Gp, Orc Orb
Gress Manor        2 Giant Spiders (1/5),
                         Giant Black Spider (1)  425 Gp, Talisman of Venom
Gravehaunt         Werewolf (1) 2 Ghouls (1/10),
                                      Shade (3)  240 Gp, Ancient Relic
Cathek Tower       Skylord (1)                   830 Gp, Sapphire


Event             Notes

SAVE US SAVE US ! The Elves issue a call for aid.
HERETIC !!!!!     Count Flamel Crowley accuses you of Heresy.
FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM  Free the three Elven Cities from Undead Rule.

Sapphire, Potion of Protection, Emerald, Holy Strength Scroll, Potion of 
Celerity, 2 x Diamonds, Tome of Arcanum, Potion of Vigor, Incantare Beliarh 
Scroll, Royal Scepter, Orb of Inferno, Potion of Restoration, Orb of 
Lightning, Potion of Accuracy, Ymir's Blessing Scroll, Potion of Water 
Warding, Quicksilver Potion, Talisman of Lightning, Life Potion, Potion 
of Invulnerability, Silver Ring, Bronze Ring, Ruby, Death Storm Scroll, 
Gold Ring, Staff of Twilight, Curse of Nygrael Scroll, Cursa Demoneus Scroll, 
Skeleton Champion Orb, Potion of Might, Potion of Speed.

Gold Ring, 3 x Potions of Restoration, 4 x Life Potions, 5 x Potions of 
Healing, Highfather's Potion.


Name                          Sells

Gursen Cottages (Merchant)    Life Potion x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                              Elf Lord Talisman x 1, Potion of Striking x 1, 
                              Potion of Swiftness x 1, Potion of Celerity x 1
Mertrin's Grounds (Trainer)          --> Train your Units here !! <--
Samson's Supplies (Merchant)  Zombie Orb x 1, Goblin Orb x 1, Life Potion x 10,
                              Menta Minoris Scroll x 1, Potion of Restoration 
                              x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Healing 
                              x 10, Treebark Potion x 4
Premnin (Magic Shop)          Chain Lightning (900 Gp), Ice Pillar (400 Gp), 
                              Tempest (600 Gp), Stone Rain (400 Gp), Death 
                              Storm (900 Gp)
Gideon's Supplies (Merchant)  Healing Ointment x 10, Life Potion x 10, Potion 
                              of Healing x 10, Treebark Potion x 1, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Potion of Strength x 1, 
                              Potion of Speed x 1, Potion of Might x 1
Vessik's Research (Magic)     Highfather's Blessing (1200 Gp), Rot (800 Gp), 
                              Vengeance of Ymir (800 Gp), Projicere Terra 
                              (800 Gp), Haste (400 Gp), Seafaring (400 Gp)
Teali's Wares (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                              Potion of Restoration x 10, Potion of Accuracy 
                              x 1, Potion of Speed x 1, Potion of Air Warding 
                              x 1, Potion of Fire Warding x 1, Healing 
                              Ointment x 10, Treebark Potion x 4
Fresser's Camp (Trainer)             --> Train your Units here !! <--


Having freed the Elven cities from their bonds, Emry of Abrissel had made a 
powerful new ally in the Elves.  Emry's people were compassionate towards the 
Elves, and the horrors they had found in the three cities only served to 
strengthen their resolve for working towards a unified Empire.

Emry prepared to despatch his men to meet Lachla'an - Prophet of Gallean - 
in the hopes that this would further diplomatic relations with the Elven 


2)	The Mark of Heresy


Although now DETERMINED to meet up with Lachla'an, Emry was keenly aware that 
in order to REACH him, the path would take him through Crowley's territory 
and, with Crowley's Inquisition policing the land heavily in order to keep 
them "loyal" to Crowley, merely being ACCUSED of being a heretic (which 
claim Crowley had already levelled against Emry) was sufficient to justify 

The City of Delgrenere, however, remained loyal to the original incarnation 
of the Empire, and welcomed Emry's forces.  The Baron had promised an 
alliance with the Elves, and a combined army powerful enough to overthrow the 

Crowley's cruel punishments extended BEYOND the human scene ... he had, it 
transpired, been assailing the Dwarven populace of the region for years as 
well.  Whilst Emry attempted to despatch Emissaries to the Clans to offer 
them a further alliance, none of his Emissaries returned =(

For all the "cleansing" unleashed upon the land, it was strange that one could 
still smell the stench of demons on a strong northern wind.

Your objective on this second level is to remove Count Flamel Crowley from 
his position of power.

Aaaaaaaaaaand we start off wiiiiiiiiiiiith ... ah yes ...

A Forest Elf appears to threaten you (niiiiice), saying that your trickery 
will not go unpunished, and that our attempts to use our alliance with the 
Elves to slay Lachla'an has merely turned him into a martyr powerful enough 
to rally the Elves AGAINST the Empire.

... I'm sorry ... I was out getting coffee ... did I MISS the bit where it 
all went tits up ?????

Emry, it appears, was ALSO out having coffee, because HE hasn't got a scooby 
doo what that Elf was talking about either !!  Emry says that according to 
his palm pilot, OUR meeting with Lachla'an isn't for a few days !!

Emry's Advisor (a Hierophant) says he thinks it is safe to assume that 
Lachla'an has been slain, but he cannot suggest why Emry is being blamed for 
his death.  He says we can only assume that the Elves have been tricked.

Yep !  That sounds about right to me !!

Emry says that we will have to await further contact from the Elves, and that 
in the interim we should continue to march upon Crowley's Castle.

And we're off !! :)

Your Capital City is located in the southeasternmost corner of the map

Count Flamel Crowley's City of Melasem is located at the northernmost edge 
of the map, dead center

Count Crowley's Forces are ALL over the place, so ONCE AGAIN you will have to 
fight your way past "Empire" troops to get to this "Empire" Faction Boss ... 

Your Capital City is located on a cliff overlooking the lands ...

If you explore the Ruins of Gelme, a Ranger reports back saying that the old 
Council Ground has become some sort of den, and that it is unusual to see 
bears so close to civilisation.  He says that their hides will decorate your 
halls, and warm your beds.

If you venture from YOUR lands due WEST, then Natell (that FWEEK who seems 
to elude capture) says that the people of your neighbouring lands are no 
longer faithful to the Empire, having been pushed from pillar to post during 
the wars between Emry and Crowley ... he feels that it may be cruel to attack 
them again, but surely it would be WORSE for Crowley's Inquisition to come 
marching through ??

I'm going to wipe them out ........... all of them ... but obviously it's 
entirely up to you whether you do or not ... you know where Crowley's City is 
on the map, because I've just told you ... and you can reach it from either 
side of the map just as easily ...

If you sack Rendill's Watch, one of the Spearmen in the Garrison cries "leave 
us alone!  We don't want any part of your war! We are ........" *eeeerghhhh* 
as I run him through for being such a PUNK.

Once the City of Turrenslere has been bent to your might, the Peasants BEG 
not to be whipped, saying they will obey your command ...

Zera tries to calm them, saying that Emry of Abrissel is NOT a cruel master, 
and that he will repair your city and make sure you have enough food for your 
family.  In exchange for which all he asks is assistance in beating that 

The Peasants say they will do what they can.

The city contains a life potion.

The Archmage Othon blocks your path west ... despatch him and move on, but 
BE ADVISED he is warded against Air Magic ;)

Hokay ... so NOW I'm going to head due west, to the southwesternmost corner 
of the map, to see what's going on over there ...

If you take the City of Hedronspere in the southwesternmost corner of the map,
Dresdon pops up to tell you that you now have control over the peasants, and 
that Hedronspere will make a FINE addition to the Empire.  He believes that 
it offers much in the way of resourcfes, and that its position is 
"strategically ideal" ... *wtf ??  It's in the southwesternmost corner of the 
map !?!?!*

The City of Hedronspere contains a Banner of Striking and a Life Potion, for 
your troubles.

Once Blunea has fallen, Dresdon pops up again to spread his opinion on Orcs - 
i.e. that they are like roaches ... but then again ... who cares !  It's the 
EMPIRE that are spreading, non ?? ;)

North of Hedronspere lie the Halls of Ollum - a Magic Shop protected on ALL 
sides by Dragons !!  The shop itself contains MANY many summoning spells that 
you may well find to be of use to you in the coming days - however the 
cost is usually between 1000-2000 Gp, so it's perhaps something you might 
like to keep in mind for future visits later on the level ;)

If you venture north-west of the Halls of Ollum you will encounter the 
Mountain Clans' Capital City ... moving to its southern edge you will find a 
Merchant's Shop called Eighttoe's Oddities.

If you approach this shop, a Dwarven Mountaineer called Eighttoe stops you, 
saying that you've got SOME nerve showing your face in these parts - however, 
your gold is as good as anybody else's, so hurry and buy what you need and 
BUGGER OFF before you get spotted ... is his advice ... ;)

If you are swift enough to make it to Brinepeak before the Clans get to it, 
Dresdon queries why they (the Clans) haven't already "felled this fearsome 
beast" ...

... erm ... *taps him on the shoulder* ... THAT'LL BE BECAUSE THEY'RE SHORT 

I'm now going to head up to the northwesternmost corner of the map.

If you take Warren Manor, Dresdon comments that it would appear that Mortis' 
corpses have ALSO arrived on the lands ... and that he hopes you will have no 
further encounters with them ...

Whilst it is true that the Undead do not have a Capital City on this map, 
there is at least ONE more undead unit lurking around, so be careful ;)

If you venture to the VERY northwesternmost corner of the map you will find 
that it comprises a totally walled-in city that has been taken by the 
Greenskins and Dragons - the City of Kondoss.

Once it has been "liberated", Dresdon sneers at the Lizard Men that once 
populated it ........................ that's not very nice is it !!!!!

I then swept back south and slightly further eastwards, to take the Clans' 
City of Olgrevin (which, surprisingly, was unoccupied !!).  Zera comes up to 
say that it was a senseless waste of life - that you had only wanted to speak 
with the Clans, but that they had attacked you without provocation.

... perhaps they just saw your armies marching upon their CITY eh ?????  ;)

Dresdon offers that Crowley must have been torturing them with his witch 
trials, and that consequently they must have it in for the Empire ... and 
really who can blame them ???

Once the Jurott Temple has fallen, Zera says that it used to be a place of 
peace and meditation for the children of the Highfather, and asks QUITE 
RIGHTLY how Crowley could possibly allow the mutilation of such a monument ...

To the east of the Jurott Temple lies Camp Helnn - a Mercenary Camp - and 
due east of Camp Helnn lies Count Crawley's City - right smack bang in 
Legions' Lands ... =./

HOWEVER !  Before I kick his ARSE I thought I would explore the rest of the 
world map for you ;)

SOUTH of your present location lies the Blithrung Tower which, when conquered, 
causes Natell to pop up and tell you that the Dragons WERE formerly under the 
control of the Elves, but that alliance died soon after Gallean's death.  The 
Dragons now roam the lands wild and unchecked ... and should be carefully 
watched out for.

Venturing further south (south-west), Rummenia lies in your path.  Whilst it 
is on Clans'-owned land, when I came to it, it was occupied by neutral troops.

Once it has fallen, Natell tells you that it is an old Dwarven City, that has 
nothing in it ... the Clans appear to have been fighting over it for some 
time, and this constant state of flux has left little in the City's coffers.

There ARE, contrary to Natell's analysis, two Potions of Invulnerability in 
the City.

Due south-east of Rummenia lies ... shock, horror, Dark Elf Lachla'an and 
the Undead Pawns !!!!!  WTF are they doing here ???  I naturally HAD to move 
in and check it out =./

As you approach him, he calls out to you, saying that you are insignificant; 
nothing more than a tiny tremble in the passing of eternity.  He says he has 
no time to waste on you, with which he casts a shadow spell over his present 
location (which is obviously immediately dissipated 'coz he's within your 
line of sight), and then legs it due east and disappears off the map.  That 
little TURD.

The REST of his undead pawns can be slain, however.  These comprise :-

1)  2 x Giant Spiders (1/1), Giant Black Spider (1)
2)  2 x Giant Black Spiders (1/5)
3)  2 x Giant Spiders (5/1), Giant Black Spider (1)

After dispatching the Undead Pawns, I returned to the Blithrung Tower and then 
ventured due east, through the opening in the gates, to take the City of 
Flittersby from Count Crowley's Armies.

PUZZLINGLY, the section of wall missing from the wall that would otherwise 
have blocked my access to Flittersby is protected by a level one Thief, who 
has a leadership skill of FIVE !?!?!  And is accompanied by a Paladin, a 
Master Thug and an Imperial Assassin !!  Some HEAVY DUTY protection for our 
little thieving enemy ... ;)

As you approach Flittersby, the Defender of the Faith on the path says that 
THIS side of the river belongs to Count Crowley "and his faithful".  If you 
should attempt to pass, they shall smite you with all the power of the 


RIDE them to the ground and raze the city.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Once Flittersby has been retaken from Crowley's Armies, Zera says that it is 
most fortunate that you have done so, as he was trying to bring down the Great 
Wall that was erected around the city to protect it from Demonic Armies.

She also asks where Crowley's Forces are deriving their power from, as they 
appear to be getting stronger with each passing day ...

I can tell you that it ISN'T from Weetabix ;)

Venturing back to the Blithrung Tower again, I then went east by north-east 
to reach the City of Riverwell.

Once you have liberated Riverwell, a Paladin says "Thank the Highfather!  You 
have liberated us!  Crowley is a madman!  For no apparent reason, he jailed 
the entire garrison!"

He goes on to tell you that they were awaiting their respective trials, but 
had not yet been accused of anything ... he is therefore thankful for your 

The City contains Boots of Speed, a Life Potion and 4 x Potions of 

Once Scroan's Tower (just to the east of Riverwell) has fallen, Natell says 
that the Tiara of Purity - one of the most beautiful artifacts in the 
realm, has been looted from it - WELL before you came to loot it ... and that 
the Empire is losing so much in this war ...

Once you have explored the Legions'-controlled lands in the northeasternmost 
corner of the map, you can march for Count Crowley's City.  As you 
approach it, Okknor pops up to tell you that the lands have been scorched by 
demon flame, and that Melasem (Crowley's Capital City) lies ahead.  It is 
the stronghold of Crowley and his unholy Inquisition.

The path is blocked by the following units :-

1)  2 Angels (15/10), 3 Imperial Assassins (10/10/10)
2)  Defender of the Faith (10), Grand Inquisitor (10), Werewolf (1), 
    2 Hierophants (4/10)

Despatch them and move on.

As you approach Crowley's Capital City, he ventures forth to speak.  He says :

CROWLEY  : "Look !  Knights on MY doorstep !!  SINNERS !!!!!!!!!"
ELDAE    : "Aye, SINNERS !!!!!!!!!  ON with the trials"

(Eldae is a MODEUS by the way)

Count Flamel Crowley's Capital City is protected by the following units :-

1)  Godefroy (Pegasus Knight - 15), Defender of the Faith (5), Holy Avenger 
    (5), White Wizard (10), Hierophant (5), Prophetess (6)
2)  Titan (15), Holy Avenger (10), Defender of the Faith (10), Mage (15),       
    Prophetess (6)

Once these two units have been despatched, it's time to KICK the COUNT'S BUTT !

Melasem is a Level 5 City, so Crowley's Unit will regenerate 30% of their Hit 
Points PER DAY - be warned ;)

His unit comprises :-

Count Flamel Crowley (1), Infernal Knight (30), Holy Avenger (35), 
Prophetess (35), Imperial Assassin (50)

For your information, Count Flamel Crowley's Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Count Flamel 
     Crowley 1000 40+30 Mind Fire  Infernal Mace  90   175  Wea   65  Adj  1
                                   Poison         90    50  Dea   65  Adj  1


Once Crowley has been defeated (and I have to say, he's not THAT tough), he 
cries out saying "No ... the Highfather ... will not allow this.  My angel, 
why do you allow my death ?  Do I not complete your every command ?"

Eldae (the Mobeus who has now assumed the portrait of an Angel) says "Yes, 
Crowley.  You've been a most useful puppet to us."

Crowley says "Puppet ?  Wait ... you're no angel!  How could I have ..."

... to which Eldae resumes his Mobeus form and says "Hahahahaha.  We've got 
a grand welcome waiting for you.  Count Bethrezen will be pleased to finally 
meet you."

Crowley finishes with a stereotypical "Noooooooooooo ..."



OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned, Count Crowley & his Forces.



Name              Inhabitants

Turrenslere       Gunther (Ranger - 10), Knight (2), Angel (4), Titan (5)
Hedronspere       Defender of the Faith (5), Holy Avenger (5), Imperial 
                  Assassin (5), Hierophant (6), White Wizard (8)
Kondoss           Green Dragon (1), Wyvern (1), Lizard Man (10), Medusa (10)
Rummenia          Woterim (King's Guard - 10), Rune Master (7), Venerable 
                  Warrior (4), Wolf Lord (4), Archdruidess (4)


Name              Inhabitants

Olgrevin          -

EMPIRE CITIES (owned by Count Crowley's Armies)

Name              Inhabitants

Flittersby        Tuedon (Pegasus Knight - 10), Holy Avenger (5), Angel (4), 
                  Imperial Priest (3)
Riverwell         Defender of the Faith (10), Holy Avenger (10), Grand 
                  Inquisitor (7), 2 x Hierophants (4/10)


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Crellingham       Imperial Assassin (3), 
                       2 Master Thugs (15/10)   318 Gp
Ruins of Gelme    2 Brown Bears (5/5)           220 Gp, Life Potion
Rendill's Watch   3 Marksmen (2/2/2), Spearman
                       (10), Holy Avenger (10)  530 Gp, Diamond
Blunea            Ogre (10), Troll (5), 
                             Orc Champion (15)  459 Gp, Potion of Celerity
Brinepeak         Skylord (1)                   318 Gp, Ancient Relic
Warren Manor      Death (4), Wight (4), 
                        3 x Ghouls (6/10/6)     502 Gp, Tome of Fire
Jurott Temple     2 Beasts (4/4), Tiamath (5)   921 Gp, Staff of Invisibility
Blithrung Tower   Black Dragon (1)              700 Gp
Scroan's Peak     Abyssal Demon (5), Infernal 
                     Knight (10), Modeus (5), 
                     Overlord (5)               613 Gp, Potion of Vigor
Dreglen           Devil (1), Gargoyle (1)       234 Gp, Healing Ointment


Event             Notes

KICK HIS ARSE     March northwards and slay the WICKED Count Flamel of Crowley.

2 x Life Potions, Talisman of Venom, Orb of Thunder, Illudere Terra Scroll, 
3 x Potions of Restoration, Orb of Freezing, Ruby, Talisman of Water, Potion 
of Vigor, Tortio Menta Scroll, 2 x Healing Ointments, Death Ward Scroll, 
Treebark Potion, Orb of Witches, Orb of Healing, Orb of Vampires, 2 x Silver 
Rings, Staff of Paralyzing, Wotan's Blessing Scroll, Potion of Water Warding, 
Banner of Speed, Diamond, Potion of Fire Warding, Summon Valkyrie Scroll.



Name                            Sells

Shellot's Goods (Merchant)      Healing Ointment x 10, Life Potion x 10, 
                                Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration 
                                x 10, Treebark Potion x 5, Potion of Swiftness 
                                x 5, Potion of Vigor x 5
Mathemor's Tower (Magic Shop)   Highfather's Blessing (1200 Gp), Wrath of 
                                God (600 Gp), Seafaring (400 Gp), Forestwalk 
                                (200 Gp), Summon Living Armour (400 Gp), 
                                Ymir's Blessing (900 Gp), Shadow (400 Gp)
Camp Timberwyk (Trainer)               --> Train your Units here ! <--
Halls of Ollum (Magic Shop)     Fire Ward (800 Gp), Incorruptible (1000 Gp), 
                                Summon Stone Ancestor (1000 Gp), Incantare 
                                Avenger (1000 Gp), Summon Thanatos (1000 Gp), 
                                Summon Golem (800 Gp), Illudere Terra 
                                (2000 Gp), Fog of Death (600 Gp), Sanctuera 
                                (600 Gp)
Eighttoe's Oddities (Merchant)  Potion of Restoration x 10, Life Potion x 10, 
                                Potion of Healing x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                                Potion of Fire Warding x 1, Orb of Icefall x 1,
                                Potion of Might x 6, Staff of Twilight x 1
Prelmic's Alchemy (Merchant)    Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Restoration x 
                                10, Potion of Healing x 10, Life Potion x 10, 
                                Potion of Celerity x 1, Potion of Strength x 1,
                                Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Air Warding 
                                x 1, Treebark Potion x 5
Camp Helnn (Mercenary Camp)     Barbarian Chieftain (Level 1 - 1800 Gp), 
                                Barbarian Chieftain (Level 10 - 3420 Gp), 
                                Barbarian Warrior (Level 1 - 850 Gp), 
                                Barbarian Warrior (Level 10 - 1615 Gp),
                                Griffin (Level 1 - 1250 Gp), Skylord (Level 
                                1 - 3000 Gp)
Whibbak's Training (Trainer)           --> Train your Units here ! <--
Caravan of the Wind (Merchant)  Life Potion x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                                Potion of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment 
                                x 10, Infernal Knight Orb x 1, Potion of 
                                Accuracy x 3, Treebark Potion x 10
Strathoss (Magic Shop)          Sanctuera (600 Gp), Paraseus (600 Gp), 
                                Maledicere (900 Gp), Chronos Major (1200 Gp), 
                                Tortio Menta (800 Gp), Nightfall (1600 Gp)


Count Crowley's Alliance to the Legions of the Damned having been broken ... 
HOWEVER, the Elven Avatar Lachla'an HAD been slain, and Emry of Abrissel was 
still the Elves' prime suspect in the assassination.  This meant that the 
Elves had DEFINITELY been lost as allies of Abrissel.


3)	Firewalk


With Crowley having been removed from power, Emry of Abrissel prepared for 
the march back to his keep.  One less faction to worry about meant that his 
claim to the throne was becoming stronger.  As word of the crushing of the 
Inquisition spread throughout the Empire, support for Emry almost DOUBLED.

HOWEVER, news soon reached Emry's ears that the demons had conquered the last 
of the Elven lands ... and that the Fires of Hell were spreading through the 
lands at an alarming rate, scorching forests and boiling rivers.  It would 
appear that Count Flamel of Crowley was merely a distraction, Bethrezen having 
set his sights on far more than simple dominion over the Empire.

One GRAND City remained in the path of the oncoming wave of molten lava - 
the City of Verzillin.  Emry rallied ihs forces and marched for the home of 
the Duchess, hoping to put an end to this madness once and for all.

Your objective on this third and FINAL level for the Empire is to locate and 
destroy the source of the Infernal Plague.

A nice ... easy ... job ... then ...

The level begins with Emry of Abrissel saying that the Duchess should not be 
alarmed, as you are not at her gates for war - merely to offer your support 
against the oncoming invasion of Hell.

Lady Ambrielle responds, saying that she is already fully aware of his plans, 
having been informed before he even set foot out of Delgrenere.  She says that 
she supposes she SHOULD be grateful for his involvement, but that he should 
not for one SECOND suppose that this will sway her from her plans for the 

Emry (cheeky lad that he is) says "Am I the only one who doesn't know what 
I am doing before I do it ?" (bless him eh).  He says that they can bicker 
about what to do with the throne later - for now, they have a unified 
Empire right in front of them, and that it will be possible to rule it with 
two rules ... for now ...

Lady Ambrielle says that she is pleasantly surprised that Emry is willing to 
share his rule so easily, and that she will allow his forces to remain in her 
Castle ... her only hope is that the Castle still stands by the end of the 
level !! ;)

Emry confirms that he will send his scouts to the east to investigate what 
madness is taking place there ...

... aaaaaaaaand we are LIVE !!!!!

Your Capital City is located inside the southwesternmost corner of the map ...

The SOURCE of the expanding flood of legions'-controlled land is Bethrezen's 
Magic Well, which is in the north-eastern area of the map and, not 
surpringly, HEAVILY guarded.  So I'm going to explore the rest of the map 
before I get stuck into that area.

Just outside your Lady Ambrielle's (read: YOUR) Capital City is the 
Heretic's Temple.  If it is sacked, Natell shows up to say that at least the 
Clans seemed to be fighting the heretics as well, and that your combined 
forces may not be working TOGETHER, but they are making a combined dent in the 
ENEMY'S forces.

If you venture into the southwesternmost corner of the map and take the 
Garrison Tower, Dresdon praises the Highfather, saying that you have FINALLY 
taken your Garrison back, but that it pains him that you had to trash it in 
the process.  He says it will take time to repair it, and that the Empire does 
not have the resources to commit to it right now ...

In the VERY southwesternmost corner of the map lies the City of Confidence.  
At the START of the game it is owned by the Mountain Clans ... I shall redress 
this balance.

Once it has fallen, one of your Knights gives praise to the City, saying that 
he has missed her shining walls and gleaming bells.  He is happy that the 
people of that fair city are once again safely under Empire rule.

Zera confirms that the Dwarven forces have been pushed westwards into your 
lands by the demonic plague that is ravaging their lands.  She says that she 
feels pity for them, as their lands dwindle with each passing day.

There is a Sapphire in the City.

You need to venture north to get out of the Empire's lands ... so I am going 
to tear northwards up the western edge of the map and hit the Undead Lands 
(as they are in the northwest of the map), first of all.

Once you take the Library, Zera says "Wonderful!  See all the books we have 
found here!  This will certainly help us with our war!".

............... is she taking the p!ss or summit ?  HOW the hell does she 
think those books are gonna help ... are we gonna THROW them at the Legions' ?
Or better yet !  Stack them up behind the doors to our castles so as to stop 
the Legions' getting in ?  AND keep out those nasty unwanted drafts too ??

Marching on the City of Point Hope is a good next move ... as, once it has 
fallen, Emry of Abrissel offers its people protection under the banner of the 
Empire.  He calls for their support, and Captain Fellweather (although he 
initially distrusts Emry and his motives), says that they will help you in 
your quest, but that you will have to EARN their loyalty.

You will then gain control over Captain Fellweather and his unit, which 
comprises :-

Captain Fellweather (Spearman - 15), 2 Imperial Assassins (5/5)

For your convenience, Captain Fellweather's Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

 Fellweather 300   0     -     -   Spear          89   176  Wea   50  Adj  1


Furthermore, the City of Point Hope contains an Angel Talisman, and a Gold 

If you venture further north and take the City of Tormenta, Dresdon comments 
that he thinks you've gone the wrong way, and that whilst he can clearly see 
plague, it ISN'T of DEMONIC origin - it's the plague of Mortis - of rotting 
corpses and dead trees ...


If you then venture east and take Misery Castle, Zera adds her voice to the 
already mounting level of concern, saying that the smell of the area is really 
icky, and do you REALLY need to stay there ???

Come ON people ... we're fighting the walking DEAD and all you can complain 
about is the SMELL ??  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LIKE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! =O

Now that I have purged the lands of the Undead Hordes' Influence, I am going 
to go down to the southeasternmost corner of the map, to visit our stunty 
little Dwarfy friends ...

So ... going back almost to the entrance to the Empire's Lands, and venturing 
south-east, you will come upon Krub City WHICH, when liberated, will cause 
Dresdon to say that the City STINKS of Trolls, and that it will take YEARS 
to clean.

LOOK Dresdon.  I told Zera just a little while ago ... SHUT UP ABOUT THE SMELL 
you WHINING little maggot.  If I wanted an army of barbies REST ASSURED I 
would have BUILT them.  If I hear you complaining about the smelliness of 
unwashed greenskins or undead peeps ONE MORE TIME I'm going to send you to 
bed without ANY supper.  UNDERSTAND ??

*Dresdon pouts and toddles off*

Krug City (which is a bit whiffy, but nowhere NEAR as bad as they'd have you 
believe) contains a pair of Elven Boots, and a Bronze Ring.

If you retake the Ransacked Shop, Okknor says that there is NO doubt that 
it has been burned down by Greenskins.  He calls them savages ... but they 
were living here quite happily until WE came along ... =./

If you move to the land mass to the north of Krug City, you will find the 
City of Gando.  Once liberated, Imperial Knight Jillins says that the City 
has not been held by the Clans for very long (actually it was owned by 
neutral forces when I just liberated it), and that it is clear that the walls 
were constructed by Greenskins.  He says that your Engineers will do what they 
can to repair the damage, but that the City is in ruins.

The City contains a Banner of Might and a Ruby.

If you take the Armory to the east of the City of Gando, Dresdon will say that 
you are actually HELPING the Dwarves by forcing the Orcs to flee the lands, 
and he wonders whether they (the Dwarves) might try and set up an outpost on 
the lands.

If you set sail towards the Blue Dragon to the north-east of the City of 
Gando, then Okknor says that the ocean there is actually BOILING !!  Natell 
says that Nevendaar is breaking away as Bethrezen is scarring the land.  He 
says it is sheer madness, and you MUST hurry !!

If you venture back towards the Clans' Capital City (which is to the east of 
the City of Gando), and despatch the Guard Tower, Okknor will comment that 
whilst the Dwarves favour these Guard Towers, they haven't really done them 
any GOOD ... have they ... *chortle* *titter*

If you head into the very southeasternmost corner of the map and free the 
City of Fort Kjell, Zera says you are getting closer to the source of the 
evil, and that it is spreading down from the north.  This information has 
been gleaned from a runic script you found in the City, which is (to her 
mind) proof that the City must have belonged at SOME point in the past to 
the Mountain Clans.

With that, the Lava Pit and the Obelisk to the west and north-west of Fort 
Kjell disappear.

Fort Kjell contains an Orb of Lycanthropy.

As you move northwards from Malavien's Tower towards the Tiamath on the World 
Map, Zera pops up to tell you that Great Evil has been called up from the 
ground, and that the holes in the area are glowing with the Fires of Hell at 
their hearts.

If you move towards the centre of the map - i.e. west by north-west of this 
location, Dresdon will comment that this APPEARS to be the FORMER Capital 
of the Legions of the Damned, but that they have now moved into the Elven 
Lands, and left this place in ruins.  However, PLENTY of demons still freely 
roam the lands ... so it's HUNTIN' TIME !! :) :) :) :) :)

If you take the Lava Pit, Dresdon says that a scorched corpse in the area 
is holding some kind of potion to its skull.  He was unable to imbibe the 
liquid as he got turned into a walking crisp before he could get the cap off.

You then pick up a potion of fire warding.

If you venture northwards from the centre of the map, you will encounter SIX 
units - three Elven Units, three Imperial Assassins.  As you approach, one 
of the Imperial Assassins - named a Verzillin Spy, tells you that they have 
managed to convince these Elves to assist them in fighting the Armies of 
Bethrezen, but that no time should be wasted.

You then gain control over the following units :-

1) Elf Lord            (Level 1; Leadership 3)
2) Forest Elf          (Level 1; Leadership 3)
3) Forest Elf          (Level 1; Leadership 3)
4) Imperial Assassin   (Level 1; Leadership 3)
5) Imperial Assassin   (Level 1; Leadership 3)
6) Imperial Assassin   (Level 1; Leadership 3)

If you pay a visit to the Medusa Lair - due north of your present location - 
a Medusa tells you that the "Fireskins" are to the EAST of their Lair, and 
that they do not have what you want ...

... unless of course you're after the Talisman of Thunder they are jealously 
guarding ;)

I then headed due south and then south-east to take the Ruined Town Hall.  
Once it has fallen, Dresdon announces the Empire's standing policy on entering 
combat with Dopplegangers.  He calls on Mullens (a Knight) to cite his eldest 
daughter's name.  Mullens confirms that her name is Eleesa.  Dresden then asks 
Semble what HIS eldest daughter's name is ... Semble (a Squire) confirms that 
his eldest daughter's name is Eleesa as well.

Dresdon calls for Semble to be hanged from the nearest tree.  Which I think is 
a bit harsh to be honest ... I mean ... he COULD have called his daughter 
Eleesa as well ... and what if Dresdon had asked Semble BEFORE Mullens ?  
Would he have hung Mullens instead ?

... and ... what of the twins ??  Did they get out of the mine ok ????? =./

Semble polymorphs back into his Doppleganger form (GOOD CALL Dresdon), and 
cries out that Bethrezen will have your SOUL ... before he is cut into little 
bits and fed to the wolves ... :)

If you venture further east, Dresdon confirms that there was a great battle 
in the nearby village, and that the fractured walls and unburied corpses 
tell a tale of hasty defences being built to ward off demons charging down 
from the mountains.

If you head north rather than further east, you will find the Clan Fort.

If you head north-east of the Clan Fort you will hit the City of Stunnart 
Point.  Once this City has fallen, Natell tells you that the scrolls he has 
found in the City tell of the fate of Elgrid the Tamer - an Elven Lord that 
used to dwell there.  Apparently the plague destroyed Elgrid's Creatures, and 
the Demons drove him from his home.

Poor lad :(

If you then venture east and then south, you will find the former Elven City 
of High Point.  This is confirmed by Natell after the City has fallen.  He 
says that it has been so badly damaged that it barely RESEMBLES an Elven City 
anymore :(

Now then ... the ONLY way to gain access to Bethrezen's Magic Well is via the 
northeasternmost corner of the map.  So that is where I am now going to go.

There are three units of dragons en route ... from the north to the south 
they are as follows :-

1)  Red Dragon (1), Green Dragon (1)
2)  Black Dragon (1), 2 Red Dragons (1/1)
3)  Red Dragon (1), Black Dragon (1), Onyx Gargoyle (3)

Now then ... in order to complete this level, you must fight NEBIROS' Unit.

This unit comprises :-

Nebiros (1), Infernal Knight (99), Mobeus (99), Fiend (99)

As you approach, Nebiros screams out "What is this stench of righteousness 
that fouls the air?  Humans and Elves!  Don't you know that you've already 
lost ?"

Emry of Abrissel responds, saying that he is a large beast to be sure, but 
why should the Empire cower before one demon.  He adds that they have 
fought far fouler creatures than this on their lands before this day.

Nebiros laughs at you, saying that he draws his power from the very BOWELS 
of hell.  He says he spreads Bethrezen's Plague to ENGULF your Cities.

Lady Ambrielle kicks in to say that Nebiros is the source of the Plague and, 
as such, MUST be destroyed.

Nebiros then attacks you.

For your convenience, here are Nebiros' Stats :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Nebiros     2600  30   Mind  DFWAE Halberd        90   300  Wea   60  Any  6
                                   Paralyse       60     0  Mind  60  Any  6


To be honest with you, Nebiros ISN'T as tough as he seems IF you have a 
kickass unit, have assaulted most of his units with spells before combat, and 
have placed the ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLY AMAZINGLY COOL Damage Ward spell on 
your units prior to combat.

Once he has been slain, Bethrezen's Magic Well reverts to its former glory, 
and the plague that was sweeping Nevendaar abates as quickly as it started.

Nebiros just has time to let out a cry of "You may have defeated me, bu ..." 
in response to which Emry of Abrissel says "Slay the Demon!  I tire of its 
filthy tongue.  This is a victory not only for the Empire, but for all of 
Nevendaar.  None could escape the fiery Plague.  Nebiros was but one of 
Bethrezen's minions.  Dwarves, Elves, we would all be engulfed !"

Emry then calls for Princess Illumielle to come out of hiding, and set foot 
free of the protection of Lady Ambrielle.  Lady Ambrielle retorts, saying that 
it would appear that not ALL her secrets are as well guarded as she had 
thought, but that she will let him off just this once ...

Illumielle (who is the lady on the front cover of the box - at least on MY 
version of the Expansion Pack), says that the lands are cooling, and that 
there is renewed hope for the forests.  She is grateful to the Empire, and 
will now return to her people to try and reunite them as one.  She says that 
perhaps, one day, you will fight side by side again ... and that perhaps ONE 
day there will actually be no need to fight at all ...

Emry bids them farewell, and then turns his attentions on the RATHER well 
endowed Lady Ambrielle, who has to practically deflate her cleavage just to 
SEE him ...

Lady Ambrielle confirms that she and Emry should work together, and that she 
feels certain they could come to some mutually acceptable arrangement ... over 
dinner ??

Emry is putty in her hands.

You have just completed the Empire's Expansion Pack !!

                          W-E-L-L   D-O-N-E   ! ! ! ! !


OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes



Name              Inhabitants

Point Hope        Ardobert the Brave (Pegasus Knight - 15), Defender of the 
                  Faith (5), Holy Avenger (5), White Wizard (4)
Krub City         Ogre (15), Troll (15), Goblin Archer (16), Medusa (15)
Gando             Eraric (King's Guard - 10), Son of Ymir (4), Elder One (10), 
                  Archdruidess (4)
Fort Kjell        Ekrezem (Counsellor - 10), Demon Lord (4), Infernal Knight 
                  (15), Incubus (15), Doppleganger (4)
Stunnart Point    Baalhu (Duke - 15), Abyssal Demon (5), Tiamath (10), 
                  Doppleganger (4)
High Point        Hygral (Arch Devil - 15), Abyssal Demon (10), Tiamath (15)


Name              Inhabitants

Tormenta          [Doomdrake (2), Zombie (2), Skeleton Warrior (3) Spectre (2)]
Misery Castle     [Deathdragon (3), Zombie (2), Wraith (3), Dark Lord (3)]


Name              Inhabitants

Confidence        Dagaric (King's Guard - 10), Ice Giant (3), Hermit (4)
                  [Elder One (4)]


Name               Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it?

Heretic's Temple   Hermit (4), Dwarf King (5), 
                                Ice Giant (3)     400 Gp, Orb of Icefall
Garrison Tower     Hermit (4), Flame Caster (3),
                      Rune Master (5), Dwarf 
                      King (5), Venerable 
                      Warrior (4)                 550 Gp, Damage Ward Scoll
Elven Guard Tower  2 Griffins (1/1), Skylord (1)  500 Gp, Royal Scepter
Library            Holy Avenger (15), 
                      Elementalist (15),
                         2 Prophetesses (10/8)    800 Gp, Etched Circlet
Crumbled Castle    3 Wyverns (1/1/1)              400 Gp, Ancient Relic
Ruined Farm        2 Ghouls (10/10) Occultist (1) 350 Gp, Skeleton Champion Orb
Ransacked Shop     Ogre (5), Troll (3), Orc (10), 
                               Goblin Archer (20) 750 Gp, Emerald
Armory             Ogre (1), Troll (1), Orc 
                     King (3), Goblin Archer (10) 500 Gp, Iron Skin Potion
Guard Tower        Ice Giant (3), Hermit (4), 
                                    Wolf Lord (4) 400 Gp, Tome of Water
Witch Tower        2 Fat Imps (10/10), Imp (10), 
                                    Succubus (15) 700 Gp, Orb of Inferno
Ruined Lochhouse   Red Dragon (1), Beast (4), 
                      Infernal Knight (10), 
                         Succubus (15)            500 Gp, Infernal Knight Orb
Lava Pit           Red Dragon (1)                 1000 Gp Staff of Invisibility
Medusa Lair        3 Lizard Men (1/5/1), 
                                2 Medusas (1/1)   700 GP, Talisman of Thunder
Ruined Town Hall   2 Dopplegangers (5/4), 
                      Marble Gargoyle (2), 
                         Demon Lord (4)           400 Gp, Orb of Earth
Clan Fort          Primitive Giant (5), 
                      Son of Ymir (4), Yeti (15)  500 Gp, Orb of Restoration
Deserted Church    3 Ghouls (1/10/1), Master 
                      Occultist (1), Elder 
                         Vampire (5), Shade (5)   600 Gp, Lich Talisman


Event             Notes

WHAT THE ...      The land turns to blood and lava like a sea of red.
TO ARMS !!        You must find the source of the plague (NE)
ELVES AHOY !!     Three units of Elves and three Empire units ally to you.
SLAY THEEEEEM !!! Kill Nebiros and END THE GAME !! :)

6 x Potions of Restoration, Potion of Accuracy, Chant of Hasting Scroll, 
Potion of Vigor, 5 x Life Potions, Ice Spirits Scroll, Elder Vampire Orb, 
3 x Treebark Potions, 4 x Healing Ointments, Gold Ring, Potion of Speed, Orc 
Orb, Potion of Celerity, Touch of Mortis Scroll, Forestwalk Scroll, 2 x Potions
of Protection, Blizzard Scroll, Sapphire, Ancestor's Call Scroll, Emerald, 
Summon Death Scroll, Orb of Regeneration, Damage Ward Scroll, Skeleton 
Champion Orb, Psalm of Death Scroll, Orb of Healing, Orb of Stone Rain, 
Potion of Swiftness, Incantare Hellhound Scroll.



Name                          Sells

Thurania's Tower (Magic Shop) Winds of Restoration (2000 Gp), Illudere Terra 
                              (2000 Gp), Divis Nocte (600 Gp), Winds of 
                              Travel (1600 Gp), Summon Stone Ancestor (1000 
                              Gp), Mortis' Venom (1500 Gp), Incantare 
                              Avenger (1000 Gp), Nightfall (1600 Gp)
Norly's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 15, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Invulnerability
                              x 1, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Swiftness 
                              x 1, Potion of Fortune x 1
Allar's Shop (Merchant NE)    Life Potion x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                              Treebark Potion x 6, Potion of Striking x 4, 
                              Potion of Vigor x 5, Potion of Strength x 6, 
                              Potion of Might x 1
Hallow House (Merchant)       Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10,
                              Potion of Healing x 10, Healing Ointment x 10
Righon's Camp (Mercenary)     Barbarian Chieftain (Level 1 - 1800 Gp), 
                              Dark Lord (Level 3 - 850 Gp), Elder One (Level 
                              4 - 2800 Gp), Medusa (Level 1 - 1310 Gp), Ogre 
                              (Level 1 - 2800 Gp), Onyx Gargoyle (Level 3 - 
                              1000 Gp), Skylord (Level 1 - 3000 Gp), Son of 
                              Ymir (Level 4 - 2600 Gp), Troll (Level 1 - 2800 
                              Gp), Venerable Warrior (Level 4 - 1800 Gp)
Metaca's Camp (Trainer)              --> Train your Units here ! <--
Mariann's Market (Merchant)   Life Potion x 14, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Healing x 7, Healing Ointment x 11, 
                              Treebark Potion x 4, Potion of Strength x 8, 
                              Potion of Celerity x 3
Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Rust (200 Gp), Shadow (400 Gp), Rot (800 Gp), 
                              Forestwalk (200 Gp), Seafaring (400 Gp), 
                              Tempest (600 Gp), Ice Spirits (1200 Gp), 
                              Paraseus (600 Gp)
Allar's Shop (Mercant - NE)   Life Potion x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion 
                              of Healing x 10, Potion of Invulnerability x 1, 
                              Potion of Vigor x 1, Potion of Strength x 1, 
                              Potion of Might x 1, Potion of Celerity x 1, 
                              Potion of Restoration x 10
Gareth's Laboratory (Magic)   Ignis Mare (200 Gp), Menta Minoris (200 Gp), 
                              Chronos (400 Gp), Cursa Demoneus (400 Gp), 
                              Incantare Beliarh (400 Gp), Maledicere (900 
                              Gp), Paraseus (600 Gp), Sanctuera (600 Gp), 
                              Deus Talonis (1000 Gp), Illudere Terra (2000 Gp),
                              Projicere Terra (800 Gp)
Purthen's Camp (Mercenary)    Brown Bear (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Green Dragon 
                              Level 1 - 4500 Gp), Griffin (Level 1 - 1250 Gp), 
                              Manticore (Level 1 - 5600 Gp), Medusa (Level 1 - 
                              1310 Gp), Ogre (Level 3 - 3360 Gp), Polar Bear 
                              (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Skylord (Level 1 - 3000 Gp), 
                              Spirit of Fenrir (Level 1 - 2300 Gp), Titan 
                              (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Titan (Level 5 - 420 Gp), 
                              Wolf (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Yeti (Level 6 - 600 Gp)
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Healing x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                              Potion of Vigor x 2, Potion of Striking x 1, 
                              Treebark Potion x 5, Ancestor's Call Scroll x 
                              1, Potion of Fire Warding x 1
Anjalin's Camp (Trainer)             --> Train your Units here !  <--


Finally, the factions of Ambrielle and Emry had joined forces.  Who would have 
suspected a plague of Bethrezen's twisted design would strengthen the Empire ?
The Elves and the Humans celebrated a temporary alliance.

The children of Gallean, however, had much to mourn.  They had lost their 
Queen, their Princess, and now even their resurrected God seemed to have 
abandoned them.  As they had always done in times of crisis, the Elves 
returned to the forest, far from Human eyes.  Perhaps one day that would 
emerge, their former glory regained.

But for now, the unified Empire had its own agenda.  It was a time for 
glorious celebration.  It was time for the crowning of a new King, and perhaps 
a new Queen as well ...


Thanks to all the people at with ONE exception (and you KNOW who
you are, you little maggot), for being nothing but supportive and encouraging
of me during the process of creating this walkthrough and its siblings.

As I mentioned at the top, this walkthrough is dedicate to my friend Michael 
the Horny Angel, and his beau Aiden.  Thanks guys for being such a swell 
pair of guys, and true and reliable friends to the little Shadow.  x


                                                   Copyright David Booth, 2004


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