Disciples 2 - Dark Prophecy Quests FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Disciples 2 - Dark Prophecy Quests FAQ

Disciples 2 - Dark Prophecy Quests FAQ

                    ------DISCIPLES II DARK PROPHECY------

Disciples II Dark Prophecy Quests FAQ    
Created by Ethel
Copyright (c) Ethel.L

1st August 2003-Version 1
3rd October 2003-Version 1.1
6th November 2003- Last updated
11th November 2004- Added in a response section

Author's note: I'm sure all of you know how tedious it is to write an FAQ,
how much effort and time is put in, so as long as you don't change any part
of this FAQ and don't pass it off as your own or sell it for money(well no
one would want to spend money buying it anyway), you can feel free to use it.
This FAQ is to appear ONLY on GameFAQs( and
gamenotover site.


Disciples II - Dark Prophecy is a turn-based strategy game that involved a lot 
of gameplay. Whilst there are a number of very informative FAQs posted 
on the sagas, I do not find any FAQs on the quests, therefore I 
decided to make one based on the them. Quests in Disciples II-Dark Prophecy
are short individual chapters, and there are a total of 14 playable. 
This is my first attempt at writing an FAQ, and I would appreciate any
comments and suggestions. Please kindly forgive me if I did not do a good
job. Any mistakes, please email to me at Well then, let's
get started.   

The 14 Quests:

1)  Battle of the Yldram Isles
2)  Crossing the Lucian
3)  Drega Zul
4)  Hellish Invasion
5)  Hureth Valley
6)  Ice-Mar
7)  In Gold We Trust
8)  Kadrath's Fall
9)  Last Stand
10) Lunnark's Travels
11) Power to Corrupt
12) Terror in Moonsong
13) Vaglan 1- The Highlands
14) Vaglan 2- The Betrayal

Points to take note before we start:
A) When I did not list the enemy's immunities, that means it is not immune to
any attack/elemental.

B) Cities and unexplored Ruins listing 
    E.g: Runia-Lv 2
         1 Titan,1 Witch-Hunter
         Gives: Staff of Twilight
This means that the city Runia is at Level 2 with 1 Titan and 1 Witch-Hunter
in its defenses and that you get the Staff of Twilight from taking it over.
    E.g: Ruined Castle
         1 Doomdrake, 1 Zombie
         Loot: Staff of Nightfall
This means that there is 1 Doomdrake and 1 Zombie in the Ruin that you've to
fight and that you get the Staff of Nightfall after defeating them. GP are not

C) Shops/Mercenaries/Towers Listing
     E.g: Jenbah's MarketPlace:
          Life Potion
          Potion of Restoration
          Potion of Healing
This means that the shop sells Life potions, Potions of Restoration and 
Potions of Healing.
     E.g: Ice Breaker(Provide training for your troops)
This means that this is a training camp and that you pay GP to increase your
units' levels.
     E.g: Bildal's Tower:
          Summon II: Valkyrie
This means that the Tower allows you to buy the spells Healing, Blizzard and
Summon II: Valkyrie.
     E.g: Righon's camp(hiring):
          Man at Arms
This means that the camp allows you to hire units of Man at Arms and Spearman
(You must pay GP for them of course :D)

D) Walkthrough Race listing
In some quests, you'll see two parts, E.g 1: PART A: Using the Empire
                                           PART B: Using the Mountain Clans
Whereas in some other quests,         E.g 2: Using the Legions/Empire/Undead
The difference is due to my observation in events of the quests as well as my
purpose in keeping the FAQ shorter and to avoid unnecessary repetitions. Let me
explain. Let's take a quest where you get to play as the Undead or the Empire
as an example, I will see whether the events of both differ much or not. If
they don't I'll usually use E.g 2 format and list the individual events after
the walkthrough. But in the case where they do, then I'll use E.g 1 format.
Somewhere along the line, I changed the walkthrough's format as well. I don't
elaborate on the ruins and cities anymore because I don't see the need for it
as I've given required information at the end of each quest's walkthrough. 
I kept the elaboration on step by step exploring for the first few quests
but after which I did not. This is because I hope to start you off getting
familiar to what the quests are like, but as we progress, there's no need
for me to tell you go south, go east, then north because you will most
certainly want to explore on your own and in your own way and directions:)

E) The game's way of direction on the map is different from mine( as in its
North is my East, its South is my West and so on) so I've provided simple
but readable maps with directions so you can refer to it while reading my
FAQ(that way you'll know what I'm talking about). I've decided to keep to
my way of direction :P

F) Since there's plenty of flexibility in playing these quests, you can
always explore the map in your own way, as well as fighting enemy units.
An example being you using the Empire and you can always choose not to fight
the human units on the map, or not to take over certain cities etc. In this
FAQ, I've cleared all the maps so as to provide you with the information on 
the cities and stuff, but when you are playing the quests, you might not want
to kill every single unit on the map, depending on your preference.

G) I've included the difficulty value based on my PERSONAL opinion, this
will serve as a guide to those who wish to plan their troops depending on
the difficulty of the quest. '&' are used as indications, the higher the no.
of '&', the harder the quest. No '&' means it's way too easy you don't even
need to spend time building up your troops(Max no. of '&' :5)


1)   Battle of the Yldram Isles   &&

- The Yldram Isles sector is one of the most strategic regions of the realm
because of its high traffic of sea merchants and travelers. The Empire and
the Undead Hordes are now fighting savagely for the control of this area.

Your Objective: Take control of the Yldram Isles by crushing your opponent's
troops and taking his capital

In this quest you get to choose between using the Empire or the Undead Hordes
(Pretty obvious isn't it?)

Map Size: 48 x 48 

                        | E         H           |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                   West |           O       G   | East
                        |                   S   |
                        |                       |
                        | K                     |
                        | A                 U   |

E: Empire capital
H: Hambourgh city
G: Galdarth Clan city
S: Sea Serpent
O: Siria city
K: Kraken
A: Arkenaso city
U: Undead Hordes capital

PART A: Using the Empire

When your game starts, a Pegasus Knight appear and tell you that before the
Empire and Undead Hordes came, the Marshdwellers and Barbarians are already
fighting over this region and that they gained control of sea creatures to
help them. 

Now get cracking! It's time to go slaughter some weaklings for experience
points! After all, you'll need to upgrade your units greatly, but before that,
you know that you'll ultimately need to take the capital of the Undead, and
the guardian(as you always know)is extremely powerful. But this time, do not
worry too much about the 900 HP guardian who can cause 250 damage to all your
6 units at one go. Ashgan(the guardian of the Undead Hordes) has been
weakened much because the producer of the game pities all of us. 

-Stats of Ashgan
HP        : 190
Damage    : 41
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 34

Now, do you feel a little relieved? Good, but still, you can't really afford
to be careless. So you will definitely want to choose your
armies correctly. Now, let me give some recommendations from my experience.
They are just based on my opinions, so you can always disagree with me and try
new organizations for yourself.

Now be sure to include Archers and Titans in your each of your hired unit,
especially Archers. Why? you'd ask, because you can get archers to upgrade to
imperial assassins and they are great because they can attack any unit and
poison them as well, I use them for facing Ashgan, poison will deplete his HP
every turn so you don't have to depend too much on your magician to hit him.
You probably already know he is in the back row, and so your squires and
whatever knights that can only aim at adjacent units won't be able to hit him
at all. Titans have high HP, so she will be able to last longer in the battle,
and lasting longer in that battle will cause more turns to pass, and so more
HP depleted from our sweet Ashgan.
If you can, forget about Squires, you can never get to upgrade them till they
are very strong. If your leader manages to level up, choose leadership and you
can get one more apprentice. A healer is okay, but it may not be that useful.
Now try to save up money for building up your castle instead of hiring too
much leaders and units. It would be good to hire Archangels to help you change
territory with mines, you don't need to allocate any units under them(it's
pointless, they've only got 1 leadership). 

Ok, now off you go clearing your map for XP and money and treasures. :)
If you go a little south from your capital, you will come across the 
unexplored Outpost, there is only a Lizard Man guarding it, so just loot it
and get the Boots of traveling. Continue your way and you should see the
Arkenaso castle. However before you go near to the castle, most probably you
will see a Kraken waiting there for you. Whether you want to fight it or not
is up to you. It has 504 Hp and can do 120 damage so think twice, and also...
(-look at the next part)
Try attacking the castle and your scout will pop up to feed you 
some information on how the castle is one of the greatest marshdwellers cities
before war with the Barbarians. He will also say that legends has it that
there is a magical item that gives great control over the sea 
creatures. Attack it, once again there's just one lizard Man(slightly special
in the sense that it has a name). After you defeat it, you will get the Holy
Artifact, 1 life potion and 1 potion of restoration. Then the Kraken will be
under your control all because you have the HOLY ARTIFACT!(Yay!) The Kraken
is strong so make full use of it, however take note that it cannot go on land,
so you might want to leave the enemies on the sea for it to take care of. 
The Barbarian and Wolf unit beside the city will give you a potion of
To the east of the Arkenaso city, you will find another unexplored ruin. The
Monastery Ruins is guarded by two Lizard Mans, after you defeat them, you get
the Staff of Traveling. If you continue east, the capital of the Undead
Hordes will be there, so just leave it until you are ready.
East of your capital is another city called Hambourgh with 2 thugs, 1 master
thug and 1 archer. You get two potions of healing after the battle. Proceed to
the south and yet another city Siria awaits. As you near it, your scout will
tell you that Siria is mainly inhabited by merchants and sailors who make
stopovers there, but it is now under the control of the Marshdwellers. Kill
them(1 Medusa and 1 Lizard Man) and you get 1 life potion, 1 potion of fortune
and a tome of water. East of Siria is the Galdarth city under the Galdarth
clan. A sole Babarian Chieftain guards it(he's the clan leader or something
like that, now that's quite miserable isn't it? with no subordinates around)
Your scout appears again and inform you about the city. He mentions that the
Chieftain of the Galdarth clan owns a magical item that grants him control
over a powerful beast. As expected you will have to beat him to see what it
is. Your reward is 1 Doragon's Eye, 1 life potion and 1 potion of restoration.
You also get to control the Sea Serpent beside the castle due to possession of
the Doragon's Eye, hmmm so this is the magical item. Well same thing goes for
the Sea Serpent, it's no landlubber, so use it for enemies on the sea. Now one
point to make is that, I would choose to fight both the Kraken and the Sea
Sepent if I were you. Okay, in my first attempt, I killed the Kraken before I
take over Arkenaso so I didn't know what's the use of the Holy Artifact. But
killing them gives experience points, and also if you manage to control them, 
you will most likely use them because even if you really don't want to, you
can't help but use them because they are so much more stronger than your low
level units. You will end up using them to kill all the sea enemies and how
about your units that's going to go take over the capital of your enemy? They
lost a whole lot of XP obtainable. But it's all up to you.
Slightly north of Galdarth is the Outpost Ruins and it contains an etched
circlet for you to grab. If you decided to attack the human unit who is the
Empire convoy near the Outpost Ruins, I'd suggest no. If you kill them, the
advisor will say that since the convoy is destroyed, you have lost all your
goods. There's really not much effect as far as I can see, so it's your
choice again.
Around this part of the game, units will begin appearing on the ends of the
map, they are merchant sailors. I waited for a few turns for them to see what
is this all about, they will try to find the nearest city to them and take it,
even if you kill them, it's alright, not much effect, but come on, they are
just merchants and sailors, after all your mission is not to kill them, but
to defeat the Undead, and killing them don't give much XP anyway. After one of
them takes the city of Galdarth, the advisor appear next turn and tell you that
one of the convoy needs assistance near Galdarth city. They have valuable load
that requires you to ensure that it reaches its destination. So I moved one of
my unit there.....nothing happened, I tried to click on the castle to see 
whether they will start telling me what can I do to help and stuff...I wound
up attacking them instead, so nothing big actually, no bother.
After you have explored enough, you can get ready to take on the enemy's
Once you defeat the capital's defenses(and get an amount of XP, I got 2698),
the capital is fallen and you have conquered it. The mission ends. You get 
the Skeleton spell(which is no use at all coz you don't even get a chance to
use it) and the quest ends. 
The ending: A 'Congratulations' screen telling you
that you have defeated your enemy. Wow, cool ending huh? Haha well, don't
expect much, it's just a quest anyway.


PART B: Using the Undead Hordes

Basically, using the Undead Hordes is no different from that of the Empire.
You get the same events and the same stuff that your scout and advisor says.
As for strategy, well do I need to say anything? The Undead Hordes are the
best of all the four races, but in my case I used the computer's method during
sagas, and that is: Hire Werewolves to occupy the front row and all powerful
magicians to take up the back, it's so easy to play as the Undead. They are 
cool to play with anyway. Okay now everything is the same as playing as the
Empire so I won't repeat them again. Again, the convoy units are up to you to
decide what to do with them, but one interesting point is: when I killed the
Empire Convoy unit, the Empire advisor showed his face and said the same thing
about you losing the goods and stuff, funny huh? Well nevermind that though,
it's a pretty short quest, and a very simple one at that. 

-Stats of Myzrael, Guardian of Empire's capital 
(note from author: he's cute isn't it?...oops sorry yeah this is a FAQ, sorry
about that :P)

HP        : 190
Damage    : 41
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 34

After the Empire's capital has fallen, you acquire a potion of healing and the
lightning spell.

The ending: No Difference, same as that of the Empire's.



Galdarth Clan City-Lv 1
1 Babarian Chieftain

Siria-Lv 1
1 Medusa, 1 Lizard Man

Arkenaso City-Lv 1
1 Lizard Man(Sybarh Maal)

Hambourgh-Lv 1
1 Master Thug, 2 Thugs, 1 Archer

Enemies on map

Mermaid, Merman, Archer, Master Thug, Fighter, Templar, Lizard Man, Thug,
Specter, Man at Arms, Medusa, Barbarian(Young Barbarian), Barbarian Chieftain,
Kraken(if you fight it), Sea Serpent(if you fight it), Wolf, Spearman


Jenbah's Marketplace:
Potion of Restoration
Life potion
Potion of Striking
Potion of Swiftness
Potion of Strength
Potion of Might

Clathum's shop:
Potion of Restoration
Life Potion
Potion of Vigor
Potion of Strength
Potion of Accuracy

Bildal's Tower:
Shadow spell
True sight spell

Keriek's Camp(Hiring):
Man at Arms

Items found in money bag/treasure chests:
Chronos scroll
Banner of Protection
2 Potion of Healing
2 Life Potion
2 Sliver ring
Banner of resistance
Skull Bracers


2)  Crossing the Lucian   &&&

-For centuries, Lucian is the border between the Legions of the Damned and
the Empire. However, now both wanted to expand their territory. A fierce
battle shall begin, if the capital guardian fall, the capital will fall too.
There are three other races fighting to keep their share of land too. The
Orcish Deathbringer clan, the Brotherhood of the North(one of the mountain
clans) and the Koman Dun of the Barbarians. It will take nothing less than
taking complete control of the enemy stronghold to win the battle.

Your Objective: Capture the enemy's capital

In this quest, you get to choose to either use the Empire or the Legions of
the Damned.

Map size: 48 x 48

                        | E             K     D |
                        |     V                 |
                        |       P           B   |
                        | T                     |
                   West |                       | East
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |          K D   S    L |
                        |                       |

E: Empire capital
V: Elves
T: Truantia city
P: Port Fenrir city
K: Koman Dun Group
D: DeathBringer Group
B: Brotherhood of the North Group(Kalator city)
S: Serune Outpost city
L: Legions of the Damned capital

PART A: Using the Empire

Once the game has started, your advisor will inform you that this region is
plagued by Rangers and Priests who have betrayed the Empire and he suggests
that you deal with them first before confronting the Legions so that they do
not come back later to sting you.

Okay, as usual, try to form your units appropriately, include archers I'd say!
Your enemy capital's guardian this time is Ashkael of the Legions.

-Stats of Ashkael
HP        : 190
Damage    : 41
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 90

So based on that, try forming your units that would work best at capturing the
capital. When you have finished assembling your armies, you would want to take
the suggestions of your advisor and start getting rid of the enemy units 
around your capital. If you click on the show banner icon, you'll see that
they are under the empire as well, okay we already know they are traitors, so
just punish them all! There are two corrupt priests groups blocking the way
to the Ancient Temple as well as a prophetess and her 3 thug minions in the
temple itself. After you defeat all of them, you'll get a life potion and
the imperial priest will commend you for your actions, saying that the priests
have paid the price for betraying the Highfather and that the battle has
demonstrated the Empire's might. Go south a bit and the city of Truantia can
be seen. Inside are 2 Lizard Man and 1 Ogre and you may have to prepare your
troops well before taking it, after which you are then rewarded with a Skull
of Thanatos(located in the city's inventory).
When you clear the land of the Ranger betrayers, your Ranger advisor gives
you assurance that now that you have taken care of this group of Rangers,
recruiting Rangers will be an easier task, with that you move on to the Elves.
As you approach them, another advisor of yours(wow, is this quest a gathering
for advisors?) remind you that if you take time to pray to the Highfather near
ancient statues, he may aid your quest. He added that there is such a statue
to the east(which if you explore just a little further, you will see it, it's
just right after the Elves).
Near to the Empire statue is a city called Port Fenrir with 3 Spearman and 1
Titan guarding it, If you managed to take over the city(which isn't hard at
all) and view the city's inventory, there is a Runestone artifact and a
Diamond left behind for you. You might want to go north till the end and there
are three units on sea. As you go near to them, one of them speaks. He say
that he had arrived from his faraway land and has brought items that will help
fight the demons. He will then join you while the other two units will leave
the map. The items he had with him: Highfather's potion, Healing ointment and
Banner of striking. Now you might want to go back to Port Fenrir and take the
chance to heal all your units and equip them with whatever you have because to
the east are the Deathbringer Clans, Koman Dun and Brotherhood of the North
Clans. There are quite a bunch of them, so make sure you have enough potions
and stuff to heal up when needed. You will meet up with the DeathBringer and
Koman Dun first, all of their groups consist of Barbarians and Orcs, so I
suggest concentrating on one clan first and after you rid yourself of them,
then you deal with the other clan, in this case, I recommend the Deathbringer
(they just comprises of Orcs,Orc Champions and Goblin Archers) because they
have lower HP and are much easier to get rid of. When you go east till the end
of the map and attempt to go up the slope to the higher plateau, one of the
deathbringer unit stops you and order you not to go near and to go back where
you belong, well who cares, just shut its mouth up. The Orcish Watch Tower 
ruin is up on the plateau guarded by 2 Orcs, 1 Orc champion and 3 Goblin
Archers. You can get a Talisman of Vigor from it. Go down and south and 
another ruin is there. There are 3 Orcs in the Orc slave mine and should prove
much easier to beat as compared to the former. You should probably see the
city of Kalator near. It is owned by the Brotherhood of the North clan, try
attacking it and a Brotherhood guard will come up with the you have no right
to occupy our city blah blah blah crap, read what he said for yourself,
I can't bother typing out words of a moron. Look in the city inventory once
again after you took over the city, there should be 2 potions of healing, 1
life potion, and 1 boots of speed. Heal up and off we go again. 
Go south and you will spot the Legions territory, leave it be first, head east
and there will be units of enemies for you to take on. 2 Giant black spiders,
well good luck with them, if you can't defeat them as yet, pass them and 
proceed further west. There are mermaids and merman as well as a Kraken, nope,
don't hope, this time you can't get to use the Kraken, so don't bother trying.
When you defeat the Kraken, the Legions will cast a Nightfall spell, no
problem with that, just move on. Head west while clearing your way and soon
you will spot the Kassel ruin, it is guarded by just an ogre, which should
not be a problem for you by now. You'll get the Banner of Protection upon
looting the place. East of the ruin, more DeathBringer and Koman Dun lie in
wait, so just slaughter them all for XP. There is a ruin(Pandemonium) which
has a fiend in it and only provide you with a life potion, decide whether you
want to waste your time with it. Now when you reach the city Serune
Outpost and clear it of the orc and goblins inside, you will have the Dwarven
Bracer and Gold ring, equip the Bracer and you can get ready to fight the
Spiders. When the Spiders are dead meat, just prepare to fight the Legions.
After you take the capital, the quest ends with the congrats screen again.


PART B: Using the Legions of the Damned

Your advisor tells you that now is the time to fulfill the ancient prophecy
and spread the reign of the demons. But first you will have to take care of
the demon traitors(is this story copyright? I wonder...) Gorgoth and Bhaarth.
By now, you probably already know the assemble your troops thing, so I'm not
going to say it again. Again, you are to take over the Empire's capital.

-Stats of Myzrael *blink* :)
HP        : 190
Damage    : 41
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 90(oops, it has increased a LOT from last time)

After the traitors have been punished, your advisor appears again and praise
you, and as a token of appreciation, give you an Infernal Knight orb, and tell
you to keep serving well and you will be greatly rewarded. Yes Sire! Thanks
for the orb! Okay equip it on someone who has the skill and it will help much.
If you go directly north from the capital, a demon by the name of erm......
Gorgoth(familiar name huh?) warps in and asks for your assistance to have his 
revenge on the Empire because he hated it for what it stands for...erm mister,
are you out of your mind? What does hating what a country stands for have to
do with having your revenge? Maybe he really screwed it up, oh well, anyway
you get to control him and that's a pretty good addition I assume.
Clear you way up north to occupy Kalator and loot the two orc ruins. West of
the capital, you will find the Pandemonium ruin with the life potion and the
city of Serune Outpost. Leave the Spiders for now, proceed west till the end 
and explore the ruin Kassel. Go up north from Kassel, and another city will be
there. Truantia city should be fairly easy for you to take over. Further up
north is the Empire's territory, but before going to clear the rest of the
map, go to the Ancient Temple and get the life potion, it's the XP you don't
want to miss out on. East of the ruin is Port Fenrir, easy to take care of.
Heal your troops and continue, your other troops probably have taken 
out most of the DeathBringer and Brotherhood of North by now, what remains are
the Spiders, Empire traitors, Elves and the Koman Dun. Is that good or bad
news to you? Whichever, let's do it. Oh yeah, if you go meet up with the 3 
northern convoy units on the map, the spearman will not join you(did I hear 
you say of course?) instead he will tell you not to think that by picking on
a single merchant will you win the battle. Alright, the other two units beside
him remain and you can attack them all. You can get the items of the merchant
if you kill him so go ahead. Once you have gotten rid of all of your enemies,
and you are confident about taking on the capital, go all out, it's the last
battle after all. The ending is once again the congrats screen.



Port Fenrir- Lv 1
3 Spearman, 1 Titan

Truantia-Lv 3
2 Lizard Man, 1 Ogre

Kalator-Lv 2
3 Dwalves, 1 Tenderfoot, 1 King's guard, 1 Veteran

Serune Outpost-Lv 1
2 Goblins, 1 Orc

Enemies on map

Thug, Priests, Archer, Brown Bear, Master Thug, Scout, Centaur Lancer, Troll,
Forest Elf, Ogre, Elf Ranger, Lizard Man, Goblin Archer, Goblin, Orc, Orc
Champion, sea Serpent, Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Chieftain, Merman, 
Mermaid, Kraken, Giant Black Spider, Demon, Cultish, Devil, Possessed


Mithiker's shop (This is the shop of the Spearman cum merchant guy):
Life potion
Potion of restoration
Titan's might potion
Banner of might

The Mill Shop:
Potion of restoration
Life potion
Boots of travelling
Banner of resistance

Kigger's camp(hiring):
Air Elemental

Items found in money bags/treasure chests:
1 Ironskin potion
1 Lightning Scroll
1 Menta Minoris Scroll
1 Emerald
1 Staff of Invisibility
1 Royal Scepter
1 Potion of Restoration
2 Life Potion
1 Boots of Speed
1 Ruby
1 Healing Ointment
3 Potion of Healing 
1 Titan's might potion


3)  Drega Zul   &&

-Briefly said, the prologue is basically about this man called Joseph who died
while he was escaping from the Undead Hordes, he had his child with him and he
must bring her to the Empire, he was sure that the Empire could help them, it
was also mentioned that his beloved was dead (she was an Undead) and now they 
wanted to kill him and take the child.

Your Objective: Kill Vampire Krath'du. All races will lose if Drega Zul is

Finally, a rather special storyline I believe. You can get to use either the
Empire or the Undead Hordes.

Map Size: 48 x 48

                        |                    C  |
                        |  K                 L  |
                        |       U               |
                        |                       |
                   West |                       | East
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |         R         E   |
                        |                     F |

U: Undead Hordes capital
K: Kekkut city
L: Kalajit city
C: Ruined castle
R: Rivend city
E: Empire capital
F: Fendhill city

PART A: Using the Empire

Game starts and a lady(looks a bit eerie) appears. She feels that after
training with you and serving you loyally for so long, it's time she avenge
her father's death. Her father was slaughtered years ago by the Nosferat
who had made her the abervation she is now, she must make sure that she
vindicate his death, and requests for your help in finding that demon.
The Advisor agreed with her and added that the Undead Hordes have committed
countless atrocities against your people and now they must feel your wrath.

You start off with Drega Zul and a random leader(as always), since Drega must
not die, and her HP is like only 200, leave her for smaller and easier battles
instead(now why does she reminds me of Uther? Hmm....) 

One important point is, you won't find Krath'du at the Undead Hordes capital,
so you don't need to fight their guardian. From your capital, go out through
the west exit and soon you will meet a spearman and thug unit , slaughter them
and you will get a Boots of Speed, continue to go west and there will be a 
city Rivend heavily guarded, approach it and Drega will tell you that it is 
heavily fortified and resisted for years the attacks of the undead and so it 
will not be easy to capture. Not quite true, they are not as strong as she 
said of them to be. There are two guard units outside the city. One unit has
1 Rivend Spearman(basically is just a Spearman) and 1 Spearman, the other unit
includes a peasant(IMPRESSIVE isn't it?), 1 Man at arms, and 1 Rivend
Spearman. City's moving party consists of a Mage, a Rogue Squire(he's just a
Squire actually) and 1 Master Thug and city's defenses consists of 1 Archer,
1 Spearman and 1 Mage. If you kill one guarding unit, Drega Zul will recommend
that you leave the area if you are not ready to take them all on, it's because
they will most likely retaliate, and indeed they did, the next turn, the other
guard unit will come after you, so be prepared. Take over the city and you get
to hear a villager tell you about how he has heard of the name of Krath'du
before and about how this Krath'du took pity on a young beautiful bride, and
tried to convert her into an undead and so on, I don't wanna spoil it, read
his story yourself. And of course Drega mentions that his story sounds too
familiar. Right in the city's inventory is an orb of Nosferat.
During the start of the second turn, the advisor informed you that one of the
Empire's informant in the Undead has provided some news that a Nosferat called
Krath'du has disappeared from the Undead Capital.
Near the Rivend city is the Lookout Tower that gives you the Tome of Sorcery,
there is a Rogue Squire guarding it denying your access, just clear your way.
After looting the ruin, there will be a message of an inscription about 
Krath'du laying eyes on the lady blah blah, and you wonder what it means. If
you continue to go west, you will come across more human and wolf units as 
well as the Abandoned Shelter ruin. I hope by now, your troops are strong
enough to take them out, especially the unit with two Witch-Hunters and an
Archmage. You can train your troops at the troops trainer for a while before
you proceed even further. After looting the Abandoned Shelter, Drega Zul will
give confirmation that a vampire has been there before. Now let's move on, as
you attempt to enter the Undead territory(which is just north of the Abandoned
Shelter), Drega Zul warns you about the danger. Proceed north and you'll see
another city, this time under the Dwarves. The city Kekkut's defenses
basically consists of only 1 Hill Giant, a dwarf and 1 Alchemist. After you
took over it, a dwarf will curse you for what you have done. Finally you have
reached the northern end of the map, you can go east, a hermit stops you
from going further and casts a spell on you, it causes 15 hit points damage,
it's up to you whether you want to heal, I chose not to. Explore the ruin
just a little further away, it's the Alchemist's lab, clear it and Derga Zul
says that it looks like Krath'du has no dealings with the dwarves. Now you
might want to rest your troops a little while the rest take care of things, or
you can just move on.
Go south and there are two Giant Black Spiders waiting, your troops can manage
them now I think, so just show them who's boss. Go south again(you should
probably see your capital again, so let's say we are going in a circle) and
something attractive caught your eye, non? yeah two treasure chests. Go take
them, Drega warns you again about sightings of Krakens around this area, go
nearer, and a kraken appear out of nowhere! And Miss Drega begin shouting
about how you have awakened a monster! See? It's all your fault, who asks you
to be so greedy? ;P
South of your capital stands the Fendhill city. You will get the Spirit Staff 
from killing the guard unit in front of the city, and there'll only be a Man
at Arms defending the city, how useless! Once the city is yours, a peasant 
will tell you that Krath'du's name brings horrible memories.
Only a small part of fog that's not cleared, but you should see most of the
stuff anyway, the wolf land(the area where groups of wolves await to devour
you) and Drega Zul once again(she's pretty free isn't it, appearing here and
there and everywhere) reminds you to be careful about the wolf-beast thing.
The last unit of wolf blocking your way up the plateau will leave behind an
Unholy Dagger Artifact when you destroy it. You will be stopped by a Rock
giant when you try to go up the plateau with another city on it. He tells
you to turn back or fact the consequences. Empty words for he has no
reinforcements. The city is Kalajit owned by the Dwarves group. 
Bring it under your rule and your reward is an insult from the great and 
mighty dwarf villager! They are just eating sour grapes, how pathetic...
So what remains is the Ruined Castle, and the name sure does sounds like the
place where a vampire lives. Prepare your troops, heal them at Kalajit and
get all the equipment and potions and whatever(I'm actually exagerrating haha)
and attack the ruin. You will then fight 2 Initiates and 1 Deathdragon and
you will get the staff of Nightmare after you beat them. Now where the heck is
that Krath'du fellow? You vampire coward! Come out now! Alright he'll appear
right away and tell you how he has been waiting and stuff, then he casts a
spell on Drega Zul and she now has become your enemy. So your advisor suggests
that you kill Krath'du to break the spell. Now it's up to you whether you want
to kill Drega Zul or not, by now she is sort of redundant to the quest, I
tried both methods, to kill her then Krath'du, as well as to kill Krath'du
right away, leaving her unhurt. No difference at all, you'll still get the
'You have successfully completed the quest message' as well as the same old
familiar congrats screen. But one thing is, since Drega is under Krath'du's
control, she will come after your troops. She has 1 Shade and 2 Zombies in her
unit. If you wait for the next turn after Drega has been transformed, a scout
named Geldwin will appear just south of your capital saying that he will help
you out(because you have lost a precious leader). No, don't look down on him,
his unit is pretty strong- 1 Paladin, 1 Imperial Knight and 1 Imperial 

-Krath'du's unit

1 Skeleton Warrior
HP        : 220
Damage    : 75
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0

1 Phantom Warrior
HP        : 320
Damage    : 125(Can paralyze as well)
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0

HP        : 90
Damage    : 14 to all 6 units
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0
Wards     : Fire and mind


PART B: Using the Undead Hordes

When the game starts, a death knight will tell you that the Nosferat Krath'du
has fled the capital with soldiers loyal to him and that he is seeking Drega
Zul- the half human, half undead. Now you must stop him from spreading the
dark gift.

Get ready your troops and we are off! Now you only need to move a little(say, 
like 3 steps?) and a rogue squire will come up and call you flithy, nope he
won't give you a chance to reply, he'll just attack you. He's too weak against
your unit so don't worry at all.
You might want to go north of your capital to explore the Alchemist's lab,
and will find out that Krath'du isn't there. West of your capital locates a
city Kekkut, you will get insults from a Dwarven villager when you take over
it. Leave the spiders for now, you are still not strong enough for them. If
you go south from your capital, you will find the Abandoned Shelter. Krath'du
has been here, but there's no indications where he went. Continue and if you
have the money, train your troops at the Troops training area. Now go east
and try attacking the city Rivend, but it's not so easy, the people of Rivend 
will sound the alarm and alert the mages when you approach. A spell causing
50 HP damage is cast on your unit, so heal up, if not use another unit to 
fight them. It seems that Krath'du has infected more innocents than you know.
Near the city Rivend is the Lookout Tower, loot it and proceed to take the
two treasure chests on the sea. Your Advisor will warn you of the dangers
involved(Krakens) and sure indeed, a Kraken pop up so get ready to fight it.
From here, go south to take another city(You'll pass through the Empire's
territory) Fendhill, still no news of Krath'du. At this point, you'll most
likely see Drega Zul(remember she is working under the Empire now and so that
makes her your enemy) wandering around, if you are strong enough, I believe
she won't ever attack you, but it's highly unlikely that she will even if you
are not because she's not supposed to die anyway. You'll find the boots of
speed dropped by the Spearman and Thug unit near the Empire's capital.
Now you can take the chance to take on the Spiders, one of them has a treasure
so you might not want to miss out on that as well as the experience points. 
If you go east, you'll spot wolves so just clean them out and go up the 
plateau, the last wolf unit leading up to the plateau will give you an Unholy 
Dagger when defeated. 
Capture the city Kalajit and go on north to the Ruined Castle. Attack it but
be prepared to face 1 Deathdragon and 2 Initiates. After you beat them, your 
Advisor will inform you that Krath'du is near, and indeed he is! He will
show up and tell you how he is going to create a new, superior race with his
Drega Zul, after which he will cast a spell on your unit, depleting 75 HP, so
heal up again either by going into the city nearby(that's Kalajit) or by using
potions. You can go after him once you gain back control, kill him and 
everything will end, the Undead's sacred blood will spread no longer. 
Congratulations! You have successfully completed the quest!

-Krath'du's unit

1 Skeleton Warrior
HP        : 220
Damage    : 75
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0

1 Phantom Warrior
HP        : 320
Damage    : 125(Can paralyze as well)
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0

HP        : 90
Damage    : 14 to all 6 units
Initiative: 50
Armor     : 0
Wards     : Fire and mind

Now you must take note that because you are playing as the Undead and Krath'du
is an undead as well so his unit is immune to death magic attacks, so use Lich
Queens as they uses fire and even though Krath'du is able to ward against it
the first time, he can't anymore after that, the others is up to you. My unit
consists of Lich queens, Zombies as well as Doomdrakes. Krath'du has very low
HP so it will probably take at most three turns to kill him using Lich Queen's
magic attack. Then you can take care of the Phantom Warrior and Skeleton
Warrior, but they are quite strong so beware and be prepared. 



Rivend-Lv 3
Guarding unit 1: 1 Rivend Spearman, 1 Spearman
Guarding unit 2: 1 Peasant, 1 Man at Arms, 1 Rivend Spearman
City's moving party: Mage, Rogue Squire, Master Thug
City's defenses: Archer, Spearman, Mage

Fendhill-Lv 1
1 Master Thug, 1 Spearman, 1 Archer
1 Man at Arms

Kalajit-Lv 2
2 Dwarves, 1 Mountaineer, Druidress, Venerable Warrior

Kekkut-Lv 2
1 Hill Giant, 1 Dwarf, 1 Alchemist

Unexplored Ruins

Lookout Tower
1 Spearman, 1 Archer
Loot: 1 Tome of Sorcery

Abandoned Shelter
1 Brown bear
Loot: 1 Staff of invisibility

Alchemist's lab
1 Druidress, 1 Warrior, 1 Alchemist
Loot: Talisman of life

Ruined Castle
1 Deathdragon ,2 Initiates
Loot: 1 Staff of Nightfall

Enemies on map
Thug, Master Thug, Squire(Rogue), Man at Arms, Peasant, Spearman, Archer, 
Mage, Wolf, Polar Bear, Giant Black Spider, Werewolf
The dwarves:
Hermit, Hill Giant, Dwarf, Alchemist, Axe thrower, Druidress, Flame Caster,
Warrior, Forge Guardian, Mountaineer, Rock Giant, Venarable Warrior


Rivend Market:
Life potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing
Treebark Potion
Potion of Fortune
Potion of Celerity
Lizard Man orb
Staff of Travelling

Kekkut Blacksmith:
Life potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Strength
Elven Boots
Potion of Might
Healing Ointment

Zimraan's Tower:
Ignis mare
Ignis Potens
Deus Talonis
Ignis carn

Troops training
(Provide your troops with training to upgrade them)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests:
1 Gold Ring
1 Banner of Strength
1 Silver Ring
1 Highfather's potion
1 Potion of Healing
1 Ironskin Potion
1 Potion of Swiftness
1 Ancient Relic
1 Tempest Scroll
1 Incantare HellHound Scroll
1 Emerald
1 Thanatos Blade
1 Treebark potion
1 Orb of Lychanthropy
1 Potion of Accuracy
1 Potion of Strength
1 Titan's Might potion
1 Chant of Arms
1 Orb of Freezing


4)   Hellish Invasion   &&&

-The Empire and Mountain Clans have lived peacefully for years. However, the
Red Dragon has awoken from a long slumber and now exerts power and influence
over the people of the Valley.

Objective: Find the Unholy Portal and capture it so as to drive the demons
away from the land.

Wow, the Red dragon...I wonder will it be as beautiful as the Blue dragon? You
can use either the Empire or Mountain Clans. (Seems like the Empire is
involved in a lot of events huh?)

Map Size: 48 x 48
                        | M          N      E   |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |          F            |
                   West |                       | East
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |   A      P          I |
                        |                       |

M: Mountain Clans capital
N: North Keep city
E: Empire capital
F: March Fort city
A: Avgrundskval city
P: Unholy Portal
I: Inferno city


PART A: Using the Empire

A message will say of how the Empire and Mountain clans have lived side by
side but then things changes, so now you must find the source of evil and
destroy it.

One important to take note, the enemies of this quest are very strong, so
pay heed. After you have formed your armies, you can move out to increase
their levels, you'll need to really gain every experience point possible,
because if you do not, you are going to regret it deeply once you advance to
the Demons' land.

Okay, go west of the capital, the spearman unit will tell you that they can
defend themselves from the demons since you can't(since when did I say I 
can't?), to proceed further, you'll need to get rid of them all, plus the XP
you need to earn, no matter how little it may be. The city North Keep can be
taken. They have 3 Spearman, 1 Archer and 1 Man at Arms guarding it. No items
given though. Move on west and you'll reach the Mountain Clans' territory,
forget about them and move on, though you might want to leave a unit to guard
the way because they will most probably attempt to take over your unguarded
On the other hand, go east from your capital with your other troops. There's a
ruin Tjuvhall so do what you need to, then proceed to go south. A peasant unit
appear and asks for help, you can choose to attack him, your choice, he won't
thank you even if you get rid of those demons for him. Clear your way south
and a unit consisting of 3 Cultists warp in and join your cause, well they
can't stand the Dragonlord anymore, okay but three Cultists can't do much 
against those strong enemies, I leave them to buy potions and spells for me,
so you make your decision on how to use them. 
Alright back to your troops at the Mountain Clans territory, south of their
capital is the Abandoned Farmhouse, after you're done with it, just continue
going southeast, and take over MarchFort, you can gain a considerable amount
of Xp there as well as the Titan's Might Potion and Life potion. After 
clearing everything, you can detour a bit and go straight down south. You'll
find Perthin(an unexplored ruin) and the city Avgrundskval. Pretty tough
enemies you have there so be careful and be prepared. Talk to the dwarf near
near the city and get a Healing Ointment. Okay, now let's go back
to your other batch of troops, go south and you'll pass through a place that
which you hope to see so much you are dreaming of it the moment you face those
Demons. Yeah, a Training Camp! Make full use of it, I suggest throwing all
your money into it(okay please put healing and buying potions and stuff into
consideration) and train and train and train! If you don't have that much
money, wait for more turns to pass to get more $$ in your pocket and train and
train and train! Okay I can't emphasize enough on  how important it is to
train your troops. Go southeast, and there's another city. Ah-har! It's
Inferno city! Even its name sounds intimidating, and it indeed is! You'll
definitely have to kill a Skeleton Champion in order to be able to attack the
city. Two units in the city. The moving party unit consists of a Occultist, 1
Specter and 2 Imps. So you say not too much of a problem? Yeah sure thing
buddy, wait till you meet up with the Bone Lord in battle, he/it is in the
city's defenses. He/It has 400 HP and does 78 Damage, not to mention that he
is immune to mind and death(good thing ya not using the Undead)attacks. After
you manage to take over the city, look under the city's inventory to get the
Staff of Necromancy and a Life Potion, okay not too much of a reward but let's
just make do with it, heal up and proceed west to Demon's Den to meet up with
the Beast, yeah 420 HP as well as causing damage of 70 to all 6 units. Great?
Ho-ho, if you can't defeat him, then you can forget about completing the
quest. Why? Because dear Mr Red Dragon is so much more powerful. Worry not
though, no enemy is undefeatable, it just depends on how you plan the fight
with it. 
Finally, by now all your troops are just waiting to attack the Unholy Portal.
Need information on the enemy? No problem! I'll give you that, but before
that, if you attack the city, a Demon will pops up, say some stuff and two 
Demon units appear in front of the city. Your unit suffers a spell damage of
75HP, so heal up and prepare to kill all of them to show your might!-cough-
The two Demon units consist of just a Demon each so you can get rid of them
quite easily I believe. The rest is up to you, I'll give you some suggestions,
hope they will help you at least a little. Good luck, the Red Dragon is
really awesome.(though I still prefer the Blue Dragon :P) 
P/S: Scroll down to after the section on using the Mountain Clans, and the
information as well as comments are all there.


PART B: Using the Mountain Clans

Game starts and it will be said of how the Empire and the Mountain Clans
have lived side by side for years, but now everything has changed due to the
awakening of the Red Dragon, now you must find that evil and destroy it once
and for all.
Ah the Mountain Clans, this is the race that I always have problems with. YEAH
their initiative is the main problem, why is it so low? Argh... you had better
be prepared for the hard time you are going to have.
But let me give you suggestions on the grouping of your troops if you want 
some help. Try to upgrade your Novices to Alchemists, giving one more attack
is what you'll need. Include giants in some groups, giants are the best for
fighting the Red Dragon as well as some other stronger enemies. I made the
wrong choice by upgrading my Axethrowers into FlameCasters, so don't make that
mistake. The rest is basically up to you to decide, forget about Yeti though, 
it's not as though it will cause more damage to flame-based enemies, in any
case I don't use it at all, I'd rather hire more dwarves and upgrade them.
Alright, now that everything is taken care of, let's move out!
Once again, you might want to separate your troops into two groups and move in
two different directions, that way you'll get to level all of them up, and
also clear the map in a more systematic way.
South of your capital is a ruin, Abandoned Farmhouse. After you are done with
it, go southeast to take over the city March Fort, but before you even get to
go near it, you'll get attacked by one of the human unit. Not a problem at 
all, make them regret the very fact they tried to mess around with you. 
Taking over March Fort will give you 1 Life potion and 1 Titan's Might potion,
now don't complain too much, at least you get a place to heal up your troops.
If you go east of your CAPITAL, very soon you'll see a city, North Keep.
Humans are guarding it, they aren't very happy to see your face, and strictly
warn you that clansman stay away, only humans.(Yeah buddy, when I was playing
as the Empire, you told me to stay away as well, stop trying to act so BIG!)
Slaughter them all. Now proceed on your way and very soon you will have
reached the Empire's territory. If you don't mind your cities being taken
over, then you can leave them be, but if you do, leave a unit(the weakest
unit) to guard the small path that separates the territory of both races.
Just beside the Empire's capital is the Tjuvhall ruin. Upon looting it, well
south we go! Reaching the Demons' land(I call them Demons' land because it
is flooded with Demons as well as all the little evil creatures that you find
so familiar), you will most likely meet up with a peasant unit asking for
help. Alright, now the best thing to do is to go heal up your troops at March
Fort(which you have taken over earlier I assume). After equipping and healing
process has taken place, south is the direction we head. Go along the pathway
down west and there's a ruin Perthin as well as a city Avgrundskval, if you
go along the pathway down east, there's also a city Inferno and a ruin Demon's
Den, yeah and a training camp as well(just what you really need!!!!!!!). Do 
what you need to, and very soon, what remains is the Unholy Portal..........
Huh? Oh yeah I know I know you want to know more about those ruins and cities?
Fine, Perthin and Avgrundskval shouldn't be a problem, just some Devils, a 
Demon and Fiend. Talk to the solo dwarf unit near Avgrundskval to get a 
Healing Ointment. However Inferno and Demon's Den are rather annoying. Demon's
Den has only 1 Beast(you get a little dizzy) but has 420 HP and causes 70
damage to all 6 units in battle. Okay to even attack Inferno, you'll need to
get rid of a Skeleton Champion(you scream). Inferno's moving party consists of
just 2 Imps, 1 Occultist and 1 Specter. The city's defenses has only 1 Bone
Lord. Bone Lord is not called Lord of the Bone for nothing, it/he has 400 HP
and does 78 damage to 1 unit but is immune to mind and death attacks(you pull
at your hair). Look under Inferno city's inventory, you will see a Life potion
and also a Staff of Necromancy, erm okay not too much I guess, but better than
nothing right?
Now gather your troops, and be prepared to attack Unholy Portal. But take note
of 1 thing: when you attempt to attack the city, a Demon will spout some
intimidating words and attack you with a spell that depletes 75HP, at the same
time, two units with a Demon each warp in, guarding the city. Heal up as and
when you need for these final battles. When you've completed the quest, the
lava pits/holes of the evil source will disappear and the land shall soon be
transformed. Congratulations!

Unholy Portal(Level 5)
Moving party unit:
HP        : 270
Initiative: 35
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 80

HP        : 170
Initiative: 35
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 50

HP        : 135
Initiative: 40
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : -60 HP to all 6 units

City's defenses:
-Red Dragon
HP        :800 (WOW)
Initiative:40(The game producers understand the plight of us gamers)
Damage    : -125 HP to all 6 units (Now now I was just wanting to thank them! 
                                   But look at this!!)
Armor     : 0+30
Immune to Fire

Now the real bad thing is that you can't use spells on the Red Dragon,
unlike when you are facing Demon Uther(the Empire's saga last boss) even 
though the latter is stronger, huh? Why did I mention Uther? Oh well because
the Red Dragon just reminds me of how I had a hard time completing that saga.
Okay back to beating the Dragon, I recommend that you use summons. I always
use them to check unexplored ruins as well as enemies' information because
using my units are just too much of a risk. Bad when using them due to the
fact that they don't do much damage and do not have very high HP either, and
you had to waste so much mana to summon them. Good thing is you won't feel
that pain when they die(in any case they die so easily) and they can give a 
little damage to the enemy, no matter how small, it's still something, though
one thing I hate is when they miss in battle. So overall, try using summons to
deplete however little HP from the Red Dragon, it will help somehow, trust me.
Of course to use those summons, you need plenty of mana, so you might want to
wait for turns to pass to gain more mana, no harm done right? Then gather your
units and go after it one after another, as always, expect to lose troops, but
it's part and parcel of each play isn't it? I always wound up losing at least
few of my total troops when it comes to big and tough battles. If you are the
kind of person who must complete the game without any casualties, well...all
the best. ;)



North Keep-Lv 1
3 Spearman, 1 Archer, 1 Man at Arms

Inferno-Lv 1
1 Occultist, 1 Specter, 2 Imps, 1 Bone Lord

Avgrundskval-Lv 2
1 Fiend, 1 Demon, 1 Devil

March Fort-Lv 1
3 Spearman, 1 Peasant

Unexplored Ruins

2 Thugs, 1 Master Thug
Loot: 1 Emerald

Abandoned Farmhouse
3 Master Thug
Loot: 1 Boots of Speed

Demon's Den
1 Beast
Loot: 1 Runic Blade

2 Devils
Loot: 1 Horn of Awareness

Enemies on map:
Man at Arms, peasant, Spearman, Master Thug, Thug, Wolf, Squire, Archer,
Zombie, Demon, Demonologist, Specter, Possessed, Cultist, Occultist, Devil,
Fiend, Fat Imp, Ghouls, Anti-Paladin, Berzerker, Imp, Skeleton Champion 


Warwick's shop:
Life potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration

Furren's shop:
Life potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Might
Titan's Might Potion
Potion of Fortune

Sallat's shop:
Life potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing

Othon's Tower:
Wrath of God
Holy Strength
Summon II: Valkyrie
Ice Spirits

Yggar's camp(Provide your troops with training to upgrade them)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests:
1 Lich Orb
1 Banner of Restoration
1 Potion of Accuracy
1 Potion of Healing
2 Life Potion
1 Silver Ring
1 Incantare Berliarh Scroll
1 Potion of Striking
1 Diamond
1 Tome of Sorcery
1 Banner of Celerity
1 Orb of Restoration
1 Orb of Icefall
1 Potion of Fire Warding
1 Menta Minoris Scroll
1 Treebark Potion
1 Talisman of Bane
1 Potion of Celerity
1 Touch of Mortis Scroll


5)   Hureth Valley   &

-Before Dark Prophecy came, there lived a great witch Thalrisa who exerts her
power and force over the greenskins to do her bidding until they could stand
no more. They hunted her into a Valley known as Hureth. She thus imprisoned 
herself with 3 Elemental Guardians, who at the time, melted away into forms
of mana crystals.

In this quest, you choose either the Empire or Mountain Clans. 

Map Size: 48 x 48
                        |                       |
                        |                     M |
                        |   T                   |
                        |                       |
                   West |                     R | East
                        |     G                 |
                        |                       |
                        |        E              |
                        |       V               |

T: Thalrisa's unit(the magic land)
M: Mountain Clans capital
R: Runia city
G: Gnarthwood city
E: Empire capital
V: Entrance of the Valley

PART A: Using the Empire

Your Objective: To capture the Mountain Clans' capital.

This quest's purpose is rather unclear, but nevermind that. When the game
starts, a Pegasus Knight will appear and begin telling you some stuff on how
the Mountain Clans will send for help and so on and the Empire have laid a 
siege at the mouth of the Valley to force the Clans into submission, and how
you have an experienced warrior Sir Glorcliff to lead the attack on their
capital. Well this Sir Glorcliff is not really that experienced as you
imagined him to be. He's only at level 1, but good thing is he had an Imperial
Assassin with him. Now let me give you some information on the guardian of the
Mountain Clans' capital.

-Stats of Vithar
HP        : 98
Damage    : 66 to all 6 units
Initiative: 90
Armor     : 0+50

Shouldn't be too much of a problem I believe. We can move out once
preparations are complete. This is a rather short quest, not too many enemies
around the map, all of them are Greenskins and Wolves. Only a small amount of
events, and no particularly hard enemies. Relieved? Hope so. Let's get moving
Start by going north from your capital and clear your way of all the 
Greenskins units and very soon you'll reach the city, Gnarthwood, you'll
get a tome of war after taking it over. Further up is the Abandoned Farm,
it gives the Talisman of Life when you defeat the Ogre inside. Okay, now
you can choose to go east or continue north.
North- the magical land, where you find plenty of mana resources(WOW), and
also the witch Thalrisa(so she's just a specter huh?) If you attack her, she
will go blabbling about revenge and cast a spell on you, and that does like
only 30 damage? Eh oh well, she is just too weak(a specter only paralyses, 
remember?) but she had a Dreadwrym(450HP, 65 damage to all 6 units) with her,
so that make things harder. After you defeat her, the path to Thalrisa's
temple open up but I suggest you heal up first. Attack the temple and two
Thalrisa's servants units appear, not too much of a hassle, just that there's
a Doomdrake in one of them. Once you've cleared the whole area, Thalrisa is
considered complete history, and now you'll go after the Greenskins! and the
Mountain clans!(Eh? But I thought the Empire and Clans are allies!?)
East- Wolves and Greenskins packed the land, but just kill them all, once in
a while as you proceed, those Greenskins units will insult you and some will
attack you as well. Abandoned Farm is just after them, as well as Runia(city).
Heal up your troops at Runia once you've taken it over, you should be ready to
attack the Clans' capital(which is just slightly north of Runia). Good luck in
taking the capital. Basically the city defenses that you met with will be 
different from mine(I think the units are just randomly chosen) but it's
very likely that the Clans will use tenderfoots to increase the attack
strength of Vithar, so be prepared for that.(Vithar's attack damage will be
something like: 66+16 to all 6 units) after a tenderfoot uses boost on him.
Ending: Do I still need to say it? It's the all too familiar congrats screen.


PART B: Using the Mountain Clans

Your Objective: Get a scout past the Empire's siege at the mouth of the Valley

Game starts and it is said of how you need to colonize the valley to collect
large amounts of mana crystals. But the Greenskins that feared magic won't
allow you to do so, and the Empire wants the land for themselves.
Playing the Mountain Clans sure is hard, but this time, you get a real big
bonus, because all you need to do is send a messenger to the Valley's entrance
to seek reinforcements from neighboring Clans. You can even just go along the
path down to the entrance of the Valley and clear just enemies along that 
path. No, that's not cheating, but you just won't get that feeling of
satisfaction of exploring the whole map. And I suppose it's my
responsibility to provide you the whole walkthrough(give myself a pat on
shoulder) so here we go.
Two directions to go from your capital: south and west.
South- City Runia, guarded by the Greenskins. Take it over, heal up, and raid
the unexplored ruin Abandoned Farm further south. Brace up and off we go,
cleaning the land of Greenskins and wolves, quite a lot of them. One more
thing is: there are werevolves as well so be sure you have magicians or 
something like that before you attack their unit. Very soon you'll reach the
Empire's territory.
West- The magic land, full of mana resources for you to take over, nope that's
not the destination, but detouring off a bit and making them yours won't hurt.
Unless you are so afraid of taking on Thalrisa and her few minions. Right,
upon seeing you, Thalrisa promises revenge on you and casts a spell on you.
It causes 75HP damage...hey it wasn't like that when I used the Empire!! :(
Heal up and take care of her, she has a Dreadwyrm with her, and that Dreadwyrm
has like 450 HP, so take your time depleting its HP. Cast whatever spell you
have learned on it. AFter defeating Thalrisa's unit, the path to Thalrisa's
temple cleared but when you approach the temple, two units warp in, they
are Thalrisa's servants, and have come to avenge her. One of the unit has a
Doomdrake, so be careful, the rest are just pushovers. After you are finished
with the magical land, go south and you'll come to the Greenskin Outpost.
Very near to the Greenskin Outpost is the city Gnarthwood, that which belongs
to the Greenskins, now you can take over it and obtain a tome of war. 
If you go down south, you will reach the entrance of the Valley, and your
mission for this quest is complete! (Easy isn't it?) No boss fights!



Gnarthwood-Lv 2
1 Ogre, 1 Troll

Runia-Lv 2
Moving party unit: 2 Orcs, 1 Goblin 
City Defenses: 1 Orc Champion, 1 Goblin

Unexplored Ruins

Greenskin Outpost
1 Orge
Loot: 1 Talisman of Life

Abandoned Farm
2 Orcs, 1 Goblin
Loot: 1 Treebark Potion

Thalrisa's Temple
3 Shades
Loot: 1 Zombie Orb

Enemies on map:
Ogre, Goblin, Orc, Orc Champion, Polar bear, Troll, Goblin Archer, Wolf,
Werewolf, Dreadwyrm, Specter(Thalrisa)


Gruntwort's Goods:
Potion of Healing
Life potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Striking
Potion of Speed

Yuggin's Tower:
Holy Armor
Mind Ward
Stone Rain
Summon II: Evil Ent

Tralar's shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing

Righon's Camp(hiring):

Items found in moneybags/treasure chests:
1 Elven Boots
2 Potion of Protection
1 Staff of Nightfall
1 Soul Crystal
1 Summon II: Golem Scroll
1 Potion of Vigor
1 Healing Scroll
1 Orb of Restoration


6)   Ice-Mar   &&&

-Region of Rheal, the Ice-Mar, an offshoot of the Mountain Clans have declared
war on the three races(Empire, Legions and Undead). Having gained allegiance 
of the Rheal Elves, they wanted total destruction of all that is foreign to

Your Objective: Capture the city, Ice-Beacon.

Three races for you to choose from: the Empire, the Legions of the Damned, as
well as the Undead Hordes.

Map Size: 72 x 72


Using the Empire/Legions of the Damned/Undead Hordes

The map for this quest is rather huge, so as expected there are plenty of 
enemy units around, you'll most likely be able to level up your units till
they reached the last upgrade. One thing to keep in mind though, the enemy
units are very strong, ensure that you make the correct choice in building
your castle.


                       |                              |
                       |    D      K            E     |
                       |                              |
                       |    N                         |
                       |           R            I     |
                  West |                              | East
                       |                              |
                       |      G   V                   |
                       |                              |
                       |                              |
                       |      U                  B    |

D: Legions of the Damned capital
K: Khazan Keep city
E: Empire capital
N: Necropolis city
R: Runia city
I: City Ice-Beacon
G: Gryshana city
V: Elven city
U: Undead Hordes capital
B: Glory-Berg city

Finished forming your troops? Let's go kick some butts then. Like always, you
can clear the area around your capital before proceeding on to harder enemies,
you don't get much events in this quest for all the three races, but I will
list the differences below under the Events section. 
Since your aim is to take over Ice-Beacon, you actually can ignore
other units and cities and go straight after it. Not only will it not affect
the story, you'll find that in most cases, the events aren't really that
important. Okay, let's get started.
This map, though larger, is not much different from others that you've played
through, there are Ice-Mar units spread throughout the whole map, as well as
their ally the Rheal Elves. The elves and Ice-Mars themselves actually don't
pose much threat, it's just the number of them, you'll need to be prepared to
spend quite some time on this quest. There are also a considerable number of
Greenskins around the map, not to mention the Legions and Undead. Try hiring
more units to guard and explore simultaneously, things will become less 
tedious this way. There are a total of six cities on the map, so make full
use of them to heal up. Along the way clearing up enemies whilst exploring,
you'll meet up with units that attack you when you approach them, as well as
units that blast you with tonnes of insults when you attempt to take over
their cities, plenty of sarcasm but I'm sure we have all gotten pretty used
to it right? One last thing is about the Dragons. There are a total of 4
Dragons on the map(excluding the white dragon which is in a city) 3 Green
and 1 Red Dragon:) They are random in the sense that you can choose not to
fight them because they are located at more desolate areas so they WON'T be
blocking your path or way that makes you HAVE to attack them. I hope that's
good news to you. When you are ready to capture Ice-Beacon, be sure to use
whatever strengthening and guarding potions and spells on your units because
the you've to fight the White Dragon. Use Summons if you have them. Good Luck.

Ice-Beacon-Lv 5
1 Dwarf
HP        : 259
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 46
Initiative: 40

1 White Dragon
HP        : 700
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 100 HP to all 6 units
Initiative: 40
Immune to Air


a)For all three races

-Your advisor or someone from your troop will tell you about the secret of 
Khazan Keep. It is said that on the 25th of the month, the owner of the city
will get a powerful beast/creature as an ally. For my case, nothing appeared
on the 25th. 

-At the area around Ice-Beacon as well as Glory-Berg city where there are
plenty of polar bears, spells will be cast on your units continuously as long
as you are moving around in that area, the source remains unknown. The spell
casting stuff will end once and for all when you've completely cleared that
area of all the enemy units. From some of the conversations, I believe it
has something to do with the weather there, but the exact reason remains

-Units of Ice-Mar will keep on warping in on the map so don't leave your
cities unguarded.

b)For the Empire:

-The Archangel Belle near just beside the capital will become your ally when
you talk to her. She talked of how the witch-hunters have forced her out of
the city Runia and asks that you help her get back to the city. Once you move
her near the city, she will become neutral again, after which she'll tell
you to take care of the witch-hunters then she will reward you. Once you've
taken over the city, she disappears and Darius the Dark angel pops up and 
calls Belle a fool to ask for your help, she also says that the curse has been
lifted. The witch-hunter Artemis will then question your actions and tell of
how he and his group are loyal to the Empire and now they are being attacked
by the Empire's soldiers(in his conversation he said 'brothers').

-South of the capital locates a sole wolf unit and when you attempt to attack
it, an Acolyte will inform you about this rabid wolf mutilating bear cubs 
and that if you slay it, the animal trainers can tame the bears for the 
Empire's cause. So do as she says, and indeed you get to control the Polar 
Bear unit nearby.

c) For the Legions:

-If you slay the wolf unit south of the Empire's capital, the Polar Bear unit
just behind will become the property of the Empire. Duh! =(

d) For the Undead Hordes:

-If you slay the wolf unit south of the Empire's capital, the Polar Bear unit
just behind will become the property of the Empire. Argh! :(

-Take over the city Necropolis and you get to control the Mantis Spider! =)



Gryshana-Lv 2
1 Titan, 1 Witch-Hunter
Gives: Orb of restoration

Necropolis-Lv 1
1 Titan, 1 Witch-Hunter
Gives: 1 Orb of Life

Khazan Keep-Lv 1
2 Elf Rangers, 1 Forest Elf, 1 Centaur Lancer
Gives: 1 Silver Ring and 1 Emerald

Runia-Lv 1
1 Witch Hunter, 2 Squires
Gives: 1 Life potion and 1 Ruby

Glory-Berg-Lv 1
3 Dwarves, 1 Warrior
Gives:1 Diamond,1 Ancient Relic and 1 Gold Ring

Elven City-Lv 3
Moving Party unit:1 Forest Elf, 1 Centaur, 1 Centaur Lancer
City Defense unit:1 SkyLord(420 HP, Damage 140), 1 Elf Ranger
Gives: 1 Silver Ring, 1 Life Potion, Emerald, 1 Mjolnir's Crown

Unexplored Ruins

1 Ghouls, 1 Wyvern
Loot: 1 Boot of traveling

Ice Warrior
1 Warrior, 1 Novice
Loot: Horn of Awareness

Ice Tower
3 Yetis
Loot: 1 Bethrezen's claw(Great Artifact!)

Beggars Tower
2 Thugs, 1 Peasant
No loot, just 350 GP(yeah I don't consider GoldPoints as loot)

Lost Temple
1 Axethrower, 1 Warrior
Loot: 1 Potion of Invulnerability

Ice Hideout
1 Forge Guardian, 1 Dwarf
No loot, just 150 GP

Frozen Tower
1 Centaur Lancer, 1 Griffin
No loot, just 400 GP

Gryshana Prison
1 Dwarf, 1 Flamecaster, 1 Elf Ranger, 1 Centaur Lancer
Loot: 1 Potion of Air Warding

1 Orc King, 2 Goblin, 1 Goblin Archer
Loot: Staff of Twilight

Enemies on map:
Demon, Forest Elf, Elf Ranger, Centaur, Centaur Lancer, Wolf, Kraken, Orc,
Orc Champion, Spearman, Man at Arms, Griffin, Wizard, Squire, Devil, Archer,
Berzerker, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon,
Thug, Zombie, Initiate, Titan, Witch-Hunter, Fighter, Warlock, Mantis Spider,
SkyLord, RockGiant, Alchemist, Dwarf, King's Guard, Hermit, Hill Giant, Polar
Bear, Axethrower, Warrior, Novice


Kilgen's shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing

Middle City Market:
Tome of Fire
Tome of Air
Tome of Earth

Ice Tower:
Summon III: Stone Ancestor(Buy this if you can, helps a LOT in battles)
Ice Spirits

Necropolis Spells:
Ice shield
Vithar's Might

Gryshana shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Protection
Banner of Protection
Potion of Healing

Ice Breaker(Provides training for your troops)

Items found in moneybags/treasure chests, from enemies:
2 Potion of Fire Warding(Specially for use when you want to fight Dragons)
1 Boots of Seven Leagues
1 Orb of Water
1 Orb of Lightning
1 Potion of Might
1 Holy Chalice
1 Banner of Might
1 Unholy Chalice
1 Potion of Earth Warding
1 Staff of Earth Elemental Control
1 Banner of War
1 Banner of Striking
1 Orc Talisman
1 Potion of Strength
1 Etched Circlet
1 Potion of Swiftness
1 Orb of Frost


7)   In Gold We Trust   &&

-The people of Bythazar were against Prince Daxam's rule because he was so
different from his father. In order to protect his monarchy, Prince Daxam sent
royal security officers into cities and continue control of all the gold
resources as his own, that includes those belonging to the Legions and the 
Clans. (That punk!)

Your Objective: Defeat Prince Daxam by capturing Bythazar castle.

You can use either the Legions of the Damned or the Mountain Clans.

Map Size: 48 x 48


Using the Legions of the Damned/ Mountain Clans

                        | P                 B   |
                        |                       |
                        |       R               |
                        |                       |
                   West |                       | East
                        |                       |
                        |               M       |
                        |                       |
                        |   L                C  |

P: Phonycian city
B: Bythazar castle
R: Rottingdam city
M: Mystash city
L: Legions of the Damned capital
C: Mountain Clans capital

As you can see from the map, whether you are using the Legions or the Clans,
Bythazar castle is quite a long way from your capital, but the good thing is
that you don't have to worry about not having enough enemies to level up your
troops :P Alright for both Legions and Clans, you'll find plenty of Greenskins
units outside your capital, blocking your path. Your advisor will point out
that those not-so-intelligent Greenskins won't be able to think of such a plan
and that most likely it's that BRAT Daxam's doing! I'm going to kick his butt 
so hard he'd kiss the moon!(Eh? Does that sound familiar? ;P)
As soon as you've finished preparing, you can start off by clearing all the
Greenskins units surrounding your capital for XP, after which you can proceed
to capture cities and gain resources. There's no extremely tough enemy here on
this quest, and you can complete it in around 2 hours or so.
Remember to train your troops whenever you get the chance and have the money.
Like I've always said, waiting a few turns to earn some mana and GP isn't
that bad an idea, as long as you stay out of the way of enemy units, they
won't attack you, so don't worry about their movements. Right, as you go
exploring around the map, you'll meet up with mainly two groups of enemies.
Those supporting Daxam and those against him(Phonycians). You'll find that
most Phonycian units are of Undead origin, and of course those supporting
Daxam are of Human origin. Even though you are fighting against Daxam, the
Phonycians won't incline themselves to you either. One thing to note is that
at the Phonycian area, there is a Giant Spider, so make sure your troops are
fairly strong before you go after it. When you are done with them, it's time
to face Daxam and his minions, It shouldn't be a problem for you except that
the defenses at Bythazar castle have high Armor protection, so take note of
that. Now show that Daxam the punishment he must suffer for eyeing your gold
Ending: Congratulations! You've successfully completed the quest! (......)

Bythazar castle-Lv 5
Prince Daxam(He's an imperial assassin hoho)
HP        : 108
Armor     : 40+30
Damage    : 60(can poison as well)
Initiative: 60

HP        : 112
Armor     :  30+30
Damage    : 45
Initiative: 50

Spearman(yeah there are 2 Spearman with slightly different stats)
HP        : 112
Armor     : 30+30
Damage    : 60
Initiative: 50

HP        : 60
Armor     : 0+30
Heal      : 40
Initiative: 10

Green Dragon(Probably the only that you should worry about)
HP        : 480
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 79 to all 6 units
Initiative: 40
Immune to Fire

Kill the Priest as soon as you can, you don't want some healer to back your 
enemy up. Include someone who can attack all 6 units at the same time, it
will help a lot. Concentrate on killing those at the back row(the Priest and
Daxam) first. The Spearmen should expire very fast, and what remains is just
the Green Dragon.  It will be pretty pointless to heal in this kind of battle
because one attack from the Dragon and your unit is at least half-dead. Unless
of course if you have scrolls or something that heals all 6 units at least 75
HP or more at one go, otherwise just keep on attacking.


a) For both races
- As you approach the Phonycian area(where Phonycian city is), the Spearman
unit guarding it will stop you from going further, saying that it is by order
of Prince Daxam and King Virgil that the area is off-limits.

-Inside the Phonycian area, as you go south, a Thug appears and tells you to
pay him some money because he has been such a savior to you by blocking the
path that leads to the Giant Spider. Yeah right....*gives Thug a punch to the

-Your units will get blasted with all sorts of spells at the area near 
Bythazar castle. The highest damage that my unit suffered is a -60 HP spell.

b) For the Mountain Clans
-If you pass by the Obelisk statue, it will be said that the statue is only
for the demons, only the Legions can use it, and that if anyone else goes near
it, he'll get cursed. I don't know about the curse thing, but my unit got
hit by a spell even though it's out of the Bythazar castle area.

-Your advisor will give you some information on the heavy taxes that Daxam
forces the people to pay, and so his elite guards had the finest armor(that
gives a little clue to the HIGH Armor rating of his unit in the castle)

c) For the Legions of the Damned
-Ashkael, your Guardian(cool) will appear on two turns. First one informing
you on the finest armor and weapon that Prince Daxam's elite guards are
wearing. Second on the small kingdom of Bythazar having high concentration of
gold, and also to teach Daxam what it means to insult the Legions.

-This is not exactly an event, but I figured I'd put it down just in case
anyone wants to know. I can't use Summons in this quest for whatever reason
I don't know. I summoned an Avenger but he can't attack any enemy, and the
strange thing is, after a turn has passed, he doesn't disappear. You people
can try it for yourselves but just make sure you don't regret wasting mana as
I did. =(



Mystash-Lv 1
2 Thug, 1 Master Thug, 1 Man at Arms
Gives: 1 Ruby

Rottingdam-Lv 2
Moving party unit: 2 Squire, 1 Archer, 1 Imperial Assassin
City Defense unit: 1 Man at Arms, 1 Mage
Gives: 1 Life Potion, 1 Emerald

Phonycian-Lv 4
Moving party unit: 2 Zombies, 1 Ghost, 1 Warlock
City Defense unit: 2 Fighters, 1 Doomdrake
Gives: 1 Potion of Restoration, 1 Horn of Awareness

Unexplored Ruins

1 Squire, 1 Archer, 1 Apprentice
Loot: 1 Potion of Strength

Tygor Manor
1 Fighter, 1 Ghouls
Loot: Potion of Strength

1 Templar, 1 Warlock
No loot, just 400 GP

Orc Tower
1 Orc Champion, 2 Goblins
No loot, just 300 GP

Enemies on map:
Necromancer, Doomdrake, Fighter, Warlock, Templar, Vampire, Orc, Orc Champion,
Imperial Assassin, Thug, Master Thug, Marksman, Giant Spider, Priest, Wolf,
Squire, Pegasus's Knight, Polar Bear, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Peasant, Archer,
Man at Arms, Apprentice, Zombie, Lich Queen, Wyvern, Death Knight, Mage,
Ghost, Werewolf, Witch-Hunter, Spearman, Green Dragon, Specter, Deathdragon


Zoltars's Camp
(Provides training for your troops)

Ebhon's shop:
Potion of Healing
Life Potion
Potion of Strength
Potion of Might

Turion's Camp(hiring):
Orc Champion

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
4 Potion of Healing
1 Silver Ring
1 Talisman of Healing
1 Bronze Ring
2 Emerald
1 Life Potion
1 Sapphire
1 Banner of Strength
1 Etched Circlet
1 Hecatomb Scroll
1 Diamond
1 Banner of War
2 Gold Ring
1 Vampire Talisman
1 Holy Chalice
1 Royal Scepter


8)   Kadrath's Fall   &&&&

-22 Years ago, Overlord Anthael came and declared war on the Empire and Clans.
Many inhabitants surrender to Anthael. After the war, Anthael sent his great
general Kadrath to maintain his reign. Kadrath sent his 3 spiritual children
to spread his evil influence. They took over three cities and named them under
their individual names- Babalon, Baphomet and Menkhaos. Legend has it that 
Kadrath's disciples took years to build a gigantic magic citadel, which is to
be protected by an immortal Guardian and that Kadrath's power came from the
magical sigil formed by the three cities.

Your Objective: Destroy Kadrath to put an end to his reign

You can choose to use the Empire or the Mountain Clans.

Map Size: 72 x 72


Using the Empire/Mountain Clans

                       |            F            E    |
                       |   M                          |
                       |                              |
                       |                              |
                       |             K           P    |
                  West |                              | East
                       |                              |
                       |                              |
                       |                              |
                       |   B           A            M |
                       |                              |

F: Frondburg city
E: Empire capital
M: Menkhaos city
K: Kadrath's Fortress
P: Baphomet city
B: Babalon city
A: Asmara city
M: Mountain Clans capital

I've had a real hard time here on this quest -wipes tears-  besides the
Greenskins, the enemy units are really tough to get rid of. =( Kadrath's
minions spread throughout the whole map. Fighting them feels like fighting
against 80% Legions and 20% Undead. Not to mention that they are not level 1
whiny weak units, most are at level 2 or 3. I hope I don't sound like a wimp,
and I hope I don't demoralise you either. Please form your troops wisely......
ready? Alright! Here goes...
Game starts and your advisor will inform you on the spread of chaos and
destruction throughout the realm and that thieves and Greenskins have started
to roam the lands. 
For the Empire: You will get to use an extra Scout unit(Rainon). He has two
Squires and 1 Acolyte with him. All are at Level 1.
For the Clans: You will get to use an extra Engineer unit(Baldaric). He has
two Dwarves and 1 Axethrower with him. All are at Level 1.
Some suggestions if you want, please remember to turn mana resources and
mine under your rule as and when you get the chance. For the Empire, I
suggest you let your Knights upgrade to Paladins, Paladins have Armor rating
and it will prove to be very useful. Try to include apprentices in your
troops, because as you know, some of the enemies are Undead, and the Undead
have units that are immune to weapon. Archers will help too.
Just remember though that Imperial assassins can't poison most of the Undead
units(because they are immune to death attacks). For the Clans...erm well...
Alchemists and Giants are what you don't want to do without. Yetis are okay
just that I personally think that they don't do much damage. I let my dwarves
upgrade into Hermits because it will take forever to reach Dwarf king or 
There are no important events going on, so you can go ahead and clear your
way without worrying which unit to attack and which not to.
Raid all the ruins because they give you items which will help a lot in facing
those tough enemies.
Before you decide to attack Kadrath's Fortress head-on without exploring the
whole map, please look who's guarding the path to the fortress. 

You:"Okay, let's see..."
You:"Oh, it's just a Demon, so he's the Guardian huh?"
Me:"Yeah, that's him"
You:"What? Then what do we have to be afraid of? a Demon has like only 270HP,
even those with higher HP like 300 or a little more, I can kill it all too
easily, with my best unit!" -attempt to fight Guardian-
Me:"No...w-wait! d-don't!...STOPPPPP!"
Ending: Your BEST unit dies and vanishes into thin air.

To prevent the above scenario from happening, please KINDLY take the advice
of your advisor when he say that you can't defeat the Guardian and that you'd
better take over the three cities Babalon, Baphomet and Menkhaos. No, don't
think twice about that, you are going to regret it deeply and greatly if you
were to attack that Demon Guardian because he has 2056 HP, and his attack
damage is rated at a maximum of 300. So please continue clearing the map.
As you approach each of the 3 damned cities(they actually formed a triangle
around Kadrath's Fortress), your advisor will appear to give you certain
information on the city. Baphomet, Babalon and Menkhaos(the 3 spiritual 
children of Kadrath) are all cultists, just that they have different stats.
Babalon has the highest with 400 over HP, but still a cultist really can't do
much, so I believe you'll have no problems taking over the cities. Once all
the three cities are under your rule(villagers will thank you), it's the time
to strike! So your advisor says! and yeah, you'll see an Armageddon spell 
blasting the Guardian, and he's gone! Now you can attack Kadrath's Fortress
with your best unit =) Good luck though, he's tough.

Kadrath's Fortress- Lv 5

Kadrath(He's an Abyssal Devil..urgh looks really scary)
HP        : 720
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 140(can petrify as well)
Initiative: 40

HP        : 105
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 45 to all 6 units
Initiative: 40

HP        : 220
Armor     : 0+30
Damage    : 75
Initiative: 50

IMPORTANT EVENTS(In this quest, the events for both Empire and Clans have NO
difference at all):

-As turns begin to pass, your advisor will inform you the findings of the 
Priests of the temple of Aptha. They believed that the Guardian of the tower
gathers his power from the magical trigonal formed by the 3 damned cities-
Babalon, Baphomet and Menkhaos.

-A few turns later, he will pop up to remind you that only the one that 
controls the 3 sides of the trigonal can cast out the demon contained within.

-Treasure above Asmara city- attempt to take it, and a unit consisting of a
Deathdragon and a Skeleton Warrior warp in.

-Elf messenger appear to inform you about the magical sites that Kadrath used
to summon creatures.

-Units of Kadrath's minions will continuously warp onto the map(most are
demonologists) so, don't leave cities unguarded.



Baphomet-Lv 2
Baphomet(Cultist), 1 Cultist, 2 Imps
Gives: Imp Talisman

Frondburg-Lv 1
1 Necromancer, 1 Skeleton Warrior

Menkhaos- Lv 2
Menkhaos(Cultist), 1 Anti-Paladin, 1 Berzerker, 1 Incubus
Gives: Incubus Talisman

Babalon- Lv 3
Babalon(Cultist),1 Infernal Knight
Gives: Infernal Talisman

Asmara-Lv 1

Unexplored Ruins

Empire Castle Ruins
2 Fighters, 1 Ghost
Loot: 1 Lightning Scroll

Manbatha Temple
2 Zombies, 1 Warlock
Loot: 1 Ring of Strength

Temple of Thunder
2 Templar, 1 Warlock
Loot: 1 Staff of Thunder

Dark Temple
2 Templar, 1 Shade, 1 Wraith
Loot: Boots of Speed

Anthael's Garrison
2 Skeleton Warrior, 1 Vampire, 1 Shade
Loot: Staff of Twilight

Greenskins Hideout
2 Orcs, 2 Goblin Archers
Loot: Treebark Potion

Haunted Halls
1 Moloch(pretty tough)
Loot: 1 Holy Chalice

Anthael's Monastery
1 Zombie, 1 Death, 1 Shade, 1 Lich
Loot: 1 Tome of Sorcery

Enemies on map:
Master Thug, Thug, Peasant, Ghost, Zombie, Initiate, Specter, Man at Arms,
Goblin, Goblin Archer, Orc, Orc Champion, Centaur, Centaur Lancer, Sorcerer,
Demon, Cultist, Imp, Fighter, Mermaid, Lich, Spearman, Necromancer, Berzerker,
Doppleganger, Anti-Paladin, Devil, Gargoyle, Archer, Demonologist, Skeleton
Warrior, Marble Gargoyle, Ghouls, Shade, Kraken, Doomdrake, Merman, Death,
Skeleton Champion, Incubus, Ogre


Furren's Shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Healing

Hunder's Shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing
Potion of Speed
Potion of Vigor

Sallat's Shop:
Life Potion
Treebark Potion
Potion of Vigor
Potion of Restoration

Werric's Shop:
Life Potion
Treebark Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing
Potion of Accuracy
Potion of Invulnerability

Jolan's Tower:
Ice Pillar

Yggar's Tower:
Holy Strength

Oro's Camp(hiring):
Man at Arms

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
1 Potion of Healing
3 Bronze Ring
2 Ruby
5 Life Potion(only 5?? we need more :P)
1 Elven Boots
1 Potion of Striking
2 Sapphire
1 Potion of Accuracy
1 Spirit Staff
2 Boots of Traveling
1 Potion of Water Warding
2 Potion of Restoration
1 Diamond
1 Potion of Protection
1 Banner of Strength
1 Skull Bracers
1 Boots of Element
1 Potion of Fortune
1 Unholy Chalice


9)    Last Stand   

-The Mountain Clans have lived peacefully in their land for quite some time.
However the High King Norric had thought of seeking out beyond the mountains
where the Clans lived. Little did he know that there resides the Undead. For
honor(the only thing that which the Clans know of), they must avenge the death
of their fallen comrades. The Undead cannot carry on the battle without 
Mortis' heir, the Dark Lord Tace. Thus Norric decided to send his son, Prince
Bjorn to destroy Tace.

You can choose to use either the Undead or the Mountain Clans

Map Size: 48 x 48

                        |                      P|
                        |   U                   |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                   West |            M          | East
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                  H    |

U: Undead Hordes capital
P: Freedom Point city
M: Mountain Clans capital
H: Hg'unfy city


PART A: Using the Undead Hordes

-At the start of the game, there will be a message on how Lord Tace had been
placed head of the armies and that plans for expansion are coming along
perfectly. However, before that, you must send Lord Tace to assassinate the
Prince Bjorn of the Clans.
You get to use Tace, he's a Death Knight(Lv 1) unit and has a Doomdrake(Lv 2)
with him.
This quest is very easy to complete, it is because all the enemies are so
weak(as compared to the rest of the quests), even though there are a pair of
Green Dragons here on the quest, but their stats are so different from those
on the Ice-Mar quest. Take the chance to ENJOY fighting them :)
From your capital, go east and you will spot an Elven settlement with a few
Elven units. You might want to go exploring the map in a circle, this is
because the Mountain Clans capital(where Bjorn is) is somewhere in the center,
so you'll most probably reach it way before you clear the whole map. And since
this is such a simple quest, and perhaps it has been a long time since you
had such a nice time exploring and killing, so you might want to raid all the
ruins as well as the cities. But still, the choice is yours. Bjorn is really
nothing so you can even just go ahead and attack him. One event worth noting 
(because it makes me laugh for like 30 seconds) is the ambush wonderfully
done by a group of Master Thug and Thugs at the most south-western end of
the map(near the Thieves Forest Shop). Our dear Master Thug, left his job of
guarding his treasure chest, chose to attack you when you approach the Thieves
Forest Shop. "Ha-ha! This is an ambush, now you shall die by our hands!" He's
pretty brave I must say, considering his PUNY minions, but totally stupid.
Defeating Bjorn ends the quest. Have fun ;)

Bjorn's unit:

Bjorn(A King's Guard)
HP        : 270
Armor     : 10+50
Damage    : 66
Initiative: 40

HP        : 200
Armor     : 0+50
Damage    : 55
Initiative: 40

HP        : 150
Armor     : 0+50
Damage    : 30
Initiative: 40

HP        : 90
Armor     : 0+50
Boosts    : 50%
Initiative: 70

Note: The above stats may not be uniform. Bjorn starts off with only 1 Novice
and 1 Warrior with him, the Dwarf was put in later when he went into his 
capital. I attacked his unit pretty early, not allowing him to level up and
so his unit is very weak(those above are the starting stats). One more thing
to note is that the stats are taken when attacking him in the capital, and
thus the Armor rating increases by 50. Original Armor Rating for Bjorn is only
10. So overall, just take the stats as a brief guide, but it may change in
your quest because he might go around attacking and upgrading his unit.


PART B: Using the Mountain Clans

-Game starts and your advisor tells you that now is the time to take over
the land, but first you must get rid of the Undead dark Lord Tace.
Bjorn for your information, is at Level, and has 1 Lv 2 Novice and 1 Lv 2
Warrior with him. But it's still better than none.
Enemies on this quest are mainly Human, Wolves and Marshdwellers. So you can
guess that they are not too strong. Since your capital is in the middle of
the map, you may get attacked pretty often. This is because those neutral
units will move around quite a bit. Do not leave ruins unexplored, this is
because they are usually guarded by weak enemies but give good items and GP.
Your main purpose is to destroy Tace, and he is most probably located near the
Undead capital or somewhere around there if you clear the map quickly.
There are only two cities here on the map, one owned by the Humans and the
other by the Marshdwellers, you should take over them quite easily. But as you
go to the Marshdweller area, advisor will warn you about the danger and 
suggests that you turn back. Well, besides a Kraken there, there's nothing
else to worry about, your advisor is being too paranoid.
Once you have defeated Tace, quest is completed. Did I say hear you say it's
no challenge at all? Hmm I think so too. :)

Tace's unit:

Tace(A Death Knight)
HP        : 180
Damage    : 55
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 50

HP        : 120
Damage    : 25
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 50

HP        : 300
Damage    : 40 to all 6 units
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 35

Note: The above stats may not be uniform. Tace starts off with only 1 
DoomDrake with him, the Fighter was put in later when he went into his 
capital. I attacked his unit pretty early, not allowing him to level up and
so his unit is very weak(those above are the starting stats). One more thing
to note is that the stats are taken when attacking him in the capital, and
thus the Armor rating increases by 50. Original Armor Rating for Tace is only
10. So overall, just take the stats as a brief guide, but it may change in
your quest because he might go around attacking and upgrading his unit.


Extra Information: The pair of Green Dragons
One is located east and the other west on the map. Approach them, and they
tell you to honor them and that is by letting them taste your flesh(Ahem!)
then they will use a -30 HP spell on you. Do not worry though, they are not
as strong as you thought of them to be. Three turns is all it takes to kill 
one of them with my lowest unit(at Lv 1) without giving it a chance to heal :)

-Stats of Green Dragon( both of them have the same stats)
HP: 198
Armor: 0
Damage: 60 to all 6 units
Initiative: 40
Immune to Fire


Freedom Point-Lv 2
Moving Party unit: 1 Imperial Assassin, 2 Spearman
City Defense unit: 1 Knight

Hg'nufy-Lv 1
1 Medusa, 1 LizardMan
Gives: 1 Life Potion, 1 Potion of Restoration, 1 Orb of Healing

Unexplored Ruins

Thieves Lair
1 Master Thug, 1 Thug, 1 Imperial Assassin
Loot: Tiara of Purity

Serpent's Temple
2 Medusa
Loot: 1 Potion of Fire Warding

Lyhjnak's Tower
1 White Wizard
Loot: 1 Tome of Sorcery

Old Freedom Church
1 Vampire
Loot: 1 Unholy Chalice

Enemies on map:
Master Thug, Thug, Spearman, Man at Arms, Imperial Assassin, Peasant, Green
Dragon, Wolf, Barbarian Chieftain, Medusa, LizardMan, Kraken, Merman, Mermaid,
Dwarf, Squire, Knight, Archer, Marksman, Priest, Centaur, Forest Elf, Elf
Lord, Elf Ranger, Centaur Lancer

Shop/Mercenary/Tower(The shops on this quest sell some real good stuff)

Tavern and Arms Shop:
Talisman of Freezing
Imp Orb
Earth Ward Scroll
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Skull Bracers

Thieves Forest Shop:
Tome of Arcanum
Banner of Striking
Boots of Speed
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration

Valley Spell Shop:
Mind Ward
Incantare HellHound
Summon II: Golem

Golron's Camp(Provides training for your troops)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
2 Potion of Healing
1 Potion of Protection
1 Banner of Protection
7 Life Potion
7 Potion of Restoration
1 Potion of Accuracy
1 Elven boots
1 Runestone
1 Forestwalk Scroll
1 Dwarven Bracer
1 Silver Ring
1 Emerald
1 Summon I: Living Armor Scroll
2 Gold Ring
1 Potion of Vigor
2 Potion of Speed


10)   Lunnark's Travels   &&

-Legends say of the Dwarven traveller Lunnark finding his home in a wonderful
archipelago. The Sthlanken Barbarians found and settled in this area thousands
of years ago. However, the expansion of races in the area was inevitable as
the great empires struggle for the control of this land.

Your Objective: Transform 60% of the land to your race's suiting.

Map Size: 72 x 72

                       |  D                          E|
                       |                    A         |
                       | H          R                 |
                       |                              |
                       |                     S        |
                  West |                             J| East
                       | L            U               |
                       |                              |
                       |       V            C        I|
                       |                              |
                       |                              |

D: Legions of the Damned capital
E: Empire capital
A: Vattern city
H: Henzador city
R: Rock castle city
S: Sthlanken Village city
L: Lalinda city
U: Undead capital
V: Venusi city
C: Cannon city
I: Irkutsk city


Using the Empire/Undead Hordes/Legions of the Damned

This map is pretty large, so converting 60% of it to your race's suiting 
isn't that easy, be prepared to spend hours on this quest. When you have
managed to convert 40% under your rule, there'll be a message popping up to
inform you, I guess to comfort you as well :) Now the enemies are pretty
easy to clear, except some Krakens. Upgrading your troops shouldn't be too
much of a problem. However, enemy units do move around quite a bit,
especially the Merfolk. Elves are located north of Lalinda city, and Merfolk
occupy almost all the sea area. Babarians and Marshdwellers come in smaller
groups though most of the cities are owned by them. You'll have no choice but
to fight them all because you must OWN these lands by making them yours. 
One event to note: southeast of Cannon city stands a solo Barbarian. When
you approach him, he will tell you of how his family was killed by a Kraken
and asks for your help in avenging them, he's too sick and weak to fight it.
Okay, he's right. When you've killed the Kraken just a little east of him,
talk to him again, he will join your cause. He has only 176 HP( nearly 100
less than that of a normal Barbarian Chieftain) but you can still use him for
killing weaker enemies. Even though this quest is not really that hard to
complete, still I think I'd provide you with some recommendations.

Points to note so you know what I'm talking about.
1) Converter units are units that convert the land. So, it's Archangels for
the Empire, Baronesses for the Legions and Banshees for the Undead.
2) fighter(notice the small 'f') units. Squires for Empire, Possessed for
Legions, and Fighters for Undead.
3) Knight units. Pegasus Knights for Empire, Dukes for Legions, and Death
Knights for Undead.
-The game will start off with your Knight telling you to take over the 
land in the name of your master(Highfather for Empire, Brethrezen for Legions,
and Mortis for Undead). Right, you'll need your Converter units to help you
isn't it? Assign fighter units to them because Converter units are always the
FIRST units to get attacked, and you don't want to lose $$ when they get
killed one after another. It's hard to win battles with them anyway, but you
have to use them, but they've only leadership 1, and you can't avoid battles
along the way. So how? My suggestion is to assign another unit to 'escort'
them. Okay in the case where you get attacked/ambushed, you can choose to
retreat. Well, retreating is only for when you KNOW FOR SURE you can't win the
fight. Don't tell me you are going to retreat when your enemy is just a wolf,
but of course you know :)
One way to retreat in this case is selecting retreat for your fighter unit
the enemy will most likely attack him , depleting his HP but unlikely to be
able to kill him(since I presume your Converter unit is placed at the back
row), then by the next turn he should be able to retreat fully from the fight,
leaving only the Converter unit. Well she will most certainly get killed, but
still, it's better than fighting your way out and getting both slaughtered.

Another way of successful retreating is by placing your fighter unit at the
back row and Converter unit in the front. Select retreat for fighter unit,
since his initiative is rated at 50, you should be able to do so as soon as
the fight starts. Enemy can only attack Converter unit(well besides those that
can attack back row as well), and she should be able to take some damage for
some time and by the start of the second turn, the fighter unit will retreat
fully. Yup, your Converter unit will get killed again, but I'm sure you know
the reason why I don't suggest choosing her to retreat instead. She has way
too low an initiative, way man. As you can see, this way seems more
effective than that of above, but still it depends on quite a bit of luck
here and there. So it's your call =) 

A) For the Empire: 
Cost of hiring an Archangel and a Squire: 350 GP
Reviving an Archangel+Healing her completely: 299 GP

B) For the Legions:
Cost of hiring a Baroness and a Possessed: 350 GP
Reviving a Baroness+Healing her completely: 299 GP

C) For the Undead:
Cost of hiring a Banshee and a Fighter: 350 GP
Reviving a Banshee+Healing her completely: 299 GP

As you can see, a difference of 50 GP may not be much, but it's considered
quite crucial at the start of the game because it's usually then that you
have problems gaining GP(only 25 GP per turn is pretty miserable)
Alright, it's still really up to you, I'm just providing the analysis for you
to make your decision.
The Empire is at a great disadvantage because the Archangel can only heal 40HP
and most enemies won't deal just 40 HP of damage.
However, the Baroness's fear attack can cause the enemy to retreat on their
own and that helps a bit.
Banshee petrifies and may help too, especially if the enemy is just a solo
Fine, about the 'escort' thing, one thing I've noticed about playing against 
the computer is that whenever I had a Knight unit very close to my
Converter unit, it will TEND to ignore the latter, when I say tend to
I mean in most cases, of course there are still times when they would attack
especially if they realized that you are eyeing at their resources. So you can
try if this method worked for you, if it doesn't, I'm sorry but don't come
arguing with me because all these are based on my opinion and experience in
playing the game okay?

Right, I tried two different methods in completing the quest.
1) Clear the map and convert land simultaneously.
2) Finish clearing the map, only then convert the land.

Both have pros and cons. Using method 1 will help you finish the game in a
less tedious way, and faster as well. But you'll meet with problems like what
I have said so much about above. Converter units are constantly being attacked
and it's tiring to retreat, revive, heal or hire. Quite a waste of money.
Method 2 will make you take a whole lot more time to complete the quest, but
you don't have to worry about wasting too much money as in method 1. But you
may fall asleep waiting for those lands to transform while you end turns after

Having said so much, let me end off with: Once 60% of the land is yours, the
quest is completed. Congratulations!



Jungfru-Lv 1
1 Barbarian Warrior, 1 Barbarian Chieftain
Gives: 1 Paraseus Scroll

Sthlanken Village-Lv 1
1 Barbarian Chieftain, 1 LizardMan
Gives: 1 Angel Orb(use it as and when you can!)

Vattern-Lv 1
1 Squire
Gives: 1 Icestorm Scroll

Rock Castle-Lv 1
Moving Party unit: 2 Centaur Lancer, 1 Centaur
City Defense unit: 1 Centaur Lancer
Gives: 1 Haste Scroll

Lalinda-Lv 4
2 Oracle Elf, 1 Griffin
Gives: 1 Illudere Terra Scroll, 1 Orb of Healing

2 Barbarian Chieftain
Gives: 1 Tome of War

Irkutsk-Lv 1
1 Barbarian Chieftain, 1 Barbarian Warrior
Gives: Summon II: Valkyrie Scroll

Henzador-Lv 2
1 Possessed
Gives: 1 Cursa Demoneus Scroll

Venusi-Lv 1
1 Fighter
Gives: 1 Nightfall Scroll

Unexplored Ruins:

Barbarian Safehouse
1 LizardMan
Loot: 1 Orb of Vampire

Vampire's Tower
1 Vampire, 1 Imp
Loot: 1 Unholy Dagger

Wolves Den(east of Legions capital)
2 Wolves
Loot: 1 Potion of Speed

Wolves Den(west of Legions capital)
3 Wolves
Loot: Orb of Witches

Griffin Nesting Spot
1 Griffin
Loot: 1 Mindward Scroll

Dragon's Crypt
1 DeathDragon
Loot: 1 Skull Bracers

Barbarian Hut
2 Barbarian Warriors
Loot: 1 Potion of Celerity

Enemies on map:
Master Thug, Thug, Wolf, Mermaid, Merman, LizardMan, Peasant, Man at Arms,
Spearman, Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Chieftain, Specter, Ghouls, Kraken,
Centaur, Centaur Lancer, Forest Elf, Archer, Marksman, Oracle Elf, Griffin,
Elf Ranger


Leaf Bigfoot's camp(hiring):

Gerbert's Factory:
Life Potion
Treebark Potion
Potion of Protection
Potion of Healing
Potion of Strength
Potion of Restoration
Orb of Regeneration

Kaa'rath's Supplies:
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Vigor
Potion of Water Warding

Elphina's Shop:
Potion of Protection
Potion of Fire Warding
Treebark Potion
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Invulnerability
Potion of Restoration

Jevell's Wares(You must visit it or else a LizardMan is gonna chop you
to pieces!):
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Strength
Thanatos Blade

Galrifius's Magiks:
Chant of Hasting
Winds of travel

Hannah's Sanctuary
Holy Armor
Ice Shield
Chant of Fortitude
Holy Strength

Metaca's Camp(Provides training for your troops)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
4 Potion of Striking
1 Potion of Accuracy
3 Silver Ring
1 Potion of Speed
2 Potion of Protection
7 Potion of Healing
1 Banner of Might
1 Boots of Speed
2 Treebark Potion
1 Shadow Scroll
1 Highfather Staff
1 Staff of Travelling
1 Chant of Hasting Scroll
4 Bronze Ring
2 Ancient Relic
1 Incubus Orb
1 Squire Talisman
1 Banner of Battle
1 Seafaring Scroll
1 Potion of Strength
1 Tome of Water
1 Talisman of Freezing
1 Emerald
2 Life Potion
1 Boots of the Elements
2 Gold Ring
1 Royal Scepter
1 QuickSilver Potion
2 Sapphire
1 Boots of Travelling
1 Banner of Resistance
1 Ruby
1 Lightning Scroll
1 IronSkin Potion


11)   Power to Corrupt   &&&&&

-The four races have lived in their lands for many years. This includes the
Elves and the Dragons as well. However, there are always things happening,
such as a Duke being kidnapped(why would anyone want to kidnap a Duke??),
a Warrior being poisoned, and all these aren't just coincidence. It's
just so mystical...

Your Objective: Capture 2 items: The Corrupted Rune and the Wotan's Scroll.
(Alright you don't understand what's the connection, I don't either, but
nevermind let's continue)

You can choose to use one of the four races.

Map Size: 96 x 96


Using the Empire/Legions/Clans/Undead

                    |  D       B          H            E  |
                    |                                     |
                    |                                     |    
                    |                   T              K  |
                    |                                     |
                    |              W                      |
               West |                                     | East
                    |                Y      L    M        |
                    |                                     |
                    |                                     |
                    |    U                                |
                    |                          N      A   |
                    |                                     |

D: Legions of the Damned capital
B: Burnt city
H: Thief Hall city
E: Empire capital
T: Timoria city
K: Khu'brah city
W: West Eye city
Y: East Eye city
L: Lulea city
M: Mountain Clans capital
U: Undead Hordes capital
N: Nepheris city
A: Aragonia city

Okay, this main purpose of this quest is to get the Corrupted Rune and Wotan's
Scroll, and it so happens that there are no individual events for the four
races except for the starting. 
Basically, the difference at the start of each quest for the four races lies
in the enemies surrounding the capitals.
Empire: Unfaithful humans teaming up with thugs.
Legions: Unchained demons that are driven out from the Undead territory.
Undead: Persistent weak humans who constantly put up a futile struggle.
Clans: Hermits and Giants launching offensive attacks.
Alright, HUGE map indeed. I took hours and hours to complete the quest on my
first attempt, so if you want to finish it at one go, one personal advice from
me: please let your eyes rest every 45 minutes. ;P 
This quest is tough, but it's a great opportunity to level up your troops.
There are quite a number of Defender of Faiths spread around the map. Besides
having Armor rating, they shouldn't be a problem for you.
Enemies around capitals are pretty weak and so I won't talk about them. Let me
elaborate more on those tough ones, their locations, as well as my way of
fighting them.

1) Primitive Giants(P.Giants)
-Okay, there are 5 of them all squeezed in the area where Khu'brah city is
located(2 are in the city itself). There are P.Giants with 248 HP that deals
81HP damage as well as those with 310 HP dealing 100HP damage. Magicians or
related units are not that useful in this case because they don't cause too
much damage and at the same time these P.Giants fight individually so no
point. Use units that do more damage on a single unit. Use potions when
necessary but don't overdo it because P.Giants don't require you to waste too
much resources on them. They have only initiative 30 anyway.

2) Elves
-Yeah, I know what you wanna say, indeed elves are not really that strong, but
some of them can be a little problematic. Elf Lords as well as Oracle Elves,
you need to take them out first whenever you see them in any battle. Okay,
the main problem is still the Griffins and Skylords. Griffins has only 200HP
and damage is rated at 95, and there is only 1 Griffin on the map. Two
Skylords though, 420HP, damage 140. Hmm use Summons to deplete their HP, some
spells may help too. Increase your units' Armor rating and Damage value if
you want to. They are located at the Aragonia city area.

3) Spiders: Giant Spider and Giant Black Spider
-I hated them ever since they gave me problems during the Empire saga(the
mission on Hubert De Layle), but put aside that, they are really hard to beat.
Reason being they have high HP, high damage, and can paralyze too. Argh!!! And
there are five of them on this map!!! Good thing is: they don't move around, 
they just stayed at their spider lair, yup and don't worry, this time no one
is gonna set their lair on fire until they come chasing after you. I used
Summons, spells, as well as some potions here and there. You need to heal of
course so bring along some potions of restoration(please don't use potions of
healing, they heal too little), or equip talisman/orbs that heals provided
your leader has the Use Talisman/Use Orbs ability.
Giant Spider: 420 HP, 130 damage, can paralyze.
Giant Black Spider: 370HP, 120 damage, can poison.
Both have rather low initiative: 35.
Their lair is located just a little south of Burnt city.

4) Dragons
-Ah-har! Our lovely and beautiful Dragons. 5 of them on the map. Two are in
cities(look under Cities section for their info) another two are standing
guard in the area(West Eye city and East Eye city). 1 more in one of the
unexplored Ruin. The two guarding the way to the cities are both Green
Dragons. 600HP, dealing 60 damage to all 6 units plus are immune to fire
attacks. In my opinion, Spiders are a little harder, but Dragons can attack
all 6 units so that's the bad thing. Nevertheless, you can use Summons(again),
spells as well as some potions of strength and potions of protection, and the
job should be done quickly. As for the city Dragons, they are much harder,
the Red Dragon is guarding the Corrupted Rune anyway so it's expected. I
suggest equipping orbs/talismans that heals, or whatever you can find that
heals all your party members at one go. Equip artifacts that boosts attack
and protection, if not, use potions of strength and potions of protection. You
can't use spells on them but you can use Summons. There are some really good
Summons available here on this quest at the shop Leia's Sanctuary. 1000 GP to
buy one Summon(not to say you need all four mana resources to use it) but in
my opinion, really worth it. The Stone Ancestor and Thanatos can give 150HP
damage per attack, they have 350 HP too, so who knows, you can wait for turns
to pass to earn mana and use Summons to kill the Dragons. Yes, it's possible! 
If you are really desperate, then try taking over East Eye first, you will
get the Soul Crystal Artifact which can paralyze the enemy.(not 100% though)

5)Capital Guardians
-Nope, no mistake here. You CAN take over the Capitals in this quest. I 
believe the reason is because you need to really level up your troops all
because the enemies are really tough, especially since the Dragons are not
random and you'll NEED to fight them to get the Rune. So even though your
objective is not to take over Capitals, and usually in such cases the Capital
Guardian has very high stats like 900 Hp, causes 250 damage and a lot more.
But this time, all the Guardians are weakened, until they are easier to beat
as compared to the Dragons. All the Guardians have the same stats.

HP        : 190
Damage    : 110
Armor     : 0+50
Initiative: 90

Yes, they have high initiative and Armor rating, but still if you increase
the attack rating of your troops, you can take them down pretty easily.
One thing to remember though if you are fighting against Vithar(Clans), they
may include a tenderfoot which boosts the attack rating of Vithar.
Again, why not use those strong Summons if you can? They will help a LOT.
You will get very high XP when you defeat a Capital Guardian, and that means
about 3 levels of upgrade when you take all three Capitals! ;o WOW! so use
Summons to deplete their HP, then use your troops to deal the final blow and
get those XP!

Well that pretty much round things up. The Wotan's Scroll is with the Elves
at city Aragonia. Oh yeah, 1 last thing, near Lulea city, there's a Defender
of Faith by the name of Unfaithful. Talk to him and he will be yours to use.
Once you have collected both the Rune and the Scroll, the quest comes to an 
end. Good job, buddy :)



Thief Hall-Lv 1
1 Rogue Assassin(Imperial Assassin)
Gives: 1 Orb of Poison, 1 Orb of Bane

Burnt-Lv 1
2 Marksman, 1 Master Thug
Gives: 1 Incorruptible Scroll, 1 Talisman of Thanatos

Note: if the fog over these two cities have not been cleared, and if you
explore the Crumbled Tower ruin first, a map will be found, then the fog over
these two cities will be cleared, showing their location.

Timoria-Lv 3
1 Defender of Faith, 1 Witch-Hunter
Gives: 1 Orb of Witches, 1 Banner of Speed

West Eye-Lv 5
1 Red Dragon
HP: 800
Armor: 0+30
Damage: 125 to all 6 units
Immune to Fire
Gives: 1 Orb of Thunder, 1 Life Potion, 1 Potion of Restoration,
       Corrupted Rune

East Eye-Lv 4
1 White Dragon
HP: 700
Armor: 0+25
Damage: 100 to all 6 units
Immune to Air
Gives: 1 Summon II: Valkyrie Scroll, 1 Soul Crystal

Lulea-Lv 3
3 Spearman, 1 Imperial Assassin, 1 Marksman
Gives: Banner of Resistance

Nepheris-Lv 3
Moving Party unit: 1 Spearman, 1 Marksman, 1 Peasant
City Defense unit: 1 Marksman
Gives: 1 Talisman of Restoration, 2 Potion of Restoration

Khu'brah-Lv 2
2 Primitive Giants
Gives: 1 Banner of War, 2 Life Potion, 2 Potion of Healing

Aragonia-Lv 4
Moving Party unit: 2 Centaur, 1 Centaur Lancer
City Defense unit: 2 Centaur Lancer, 1 Oracle Elf, 1 Elf Lord
Gives: Wotan's Scroll

Unexplored Ruins

Human Hideout
3 Spearman
Loot: 1 Staff of Protection

Crumbled Tower
1 Master Thug, 2 Thugs
Loot: 1 Dwarven Bracer

Thieves Hideout
2 Master Thugs, 1 Thug
Loot: Treebark Potion

1 Inquisitor, 1 Witch-Hunter
Loot: 1 Staff of Holiness

Haunted Tower
1 Werewolf
Loot: Banner of Speed

Dragon's Spire
1 Black Dragon
HP: 800
Armor: 0
Damage: 125 to all 6 units
Immune to Death
Loot: 1 Ring of the Ages

1 Werewolf
Loot: 1 Unholy Chalice

North Human Outpost
1 Squire, 1 Archer, 1 Spearman, 1 Witch-Hunter
Loot: No loot, just 100 GP

Ruined Prison Tower
3 Fighters, 2 Witches
Loot: 1 Tome of Sorcery

Howling Tower
1 Werewolf
Loot: 1 Potion of Swiftness

Old Farmhouse
6 Peasants
Loot: 1 Bronze Ring

Hermit's home
1 Wolf, 1 Hermit
Loot: 1 Talisman of Freezing

Elven Temple(north of Aragonia)
1 Centaur, 1 Elf Ranger
Loot: Potion of Speed

Elven Temple(east of Aragonia)
1 Forest Elf, 1 Elf Ranger, 1 Centaur, 1 Oracle Elf
Loot: 1 Runic Blade

Enemies on map:
Specter, Imp, Cultist, Witch, Wolf, Lich Queen, Skeleton Champion, Fighter,
Defender of Faith, Zombie, Ghouls, Initiate, Squire, Spearman, Titan, Angel,
Witch-Hunter, Kraken, Giant Spider, Giant Black Spider, Master Thug, Thug,
Archer, Marksman, Imperial Assassin, Dwarf, Axethrower, Tenderfoot,
Apprentice, Peasant, Hermit, Orc, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Primitive Giant,
Merman, Mermaid, Elf Ranger, Forest Elf, Griffin, Centaur, Centaur Lancer,
SkyLord, Elf Lord


Furren's Shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Strength
Potion of Protection
Death Ward Scroll
Banner of Resistance

Leia's Sanctuary(Buy all the Summons!):
Summon III: Stone Ancestor
Summon IV: Thanatos
Summon II: Golem
Incantare Avenger

Thurin's Shop(near Inquisitorium ruin):
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Paraseus Scroll
Staff of Invisibility

Thurin's Shop(near North Human Outpost ruin)
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing
Staff of Paralyzing
Potion of Protection
Summon II: Golem Scroll

Laetes Tavern:
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration

Leif's Magic Shoppe:
Water Ward
Fire Ward
Death Ward
Air Ward
Earth Ward
Mind Ward
Damage Ward

Chrulen's Shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Accuracy
Zombie Orb
Potion of Fortune
Potion of Vigor

Dennar's Camp(hiring):
Man at Arms

Draco Training Camp(Provides training for your troops)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
1 Ruby
1 Sapphire
1 Potion of Vigor
15 Potion of Healing
1 Potion of Protection
1 Airward Scroll
12 Life Potion
2 Silver Ring
1 Potion of Accuracy
1 Diamond
1 Gold Ring
1 Bronze Ring
9 Potion of Restoration
1 Winds of travel Scroll
1 Boots of the Elements
1 Tome of Air
4 Treebark Potion
1 Ring of Strength
1 Orb of Healing
1 Orb of Restoration
2 Summon I: Roc Scroll
1 Orb of Venom
1 Banner of Strength
1 Celerity Scroll
1 Boots of Speed
3 Potion of Striking
1 Summon I: Living Armor Scroll
1 Orb of Freezing
1 Orb of Life
1 Orb of Strength
1 Orb of Fear
1 Incantare Hellhound Scroll
1 Summon I: Skeleton Scroll
1 Potion of Speed
1 Potion of Strength
1 Banner of Celerity
1 Elven Boots


12)   Terror in Moonsong   &&

-In the 4th month of the year, a group of inhabitants(Undead) entered the
Valley of Moonsong and the people lived in fear as many family and friends
have fallen victim. The Clans and the Empire desire to seek out and free the
land from the dark menace.

Your objective: Destroy the Vampire Bastel Royas

In this quest, choose to use either the Empire or the Clans.

Map Size: 72 x 72


Using the Empire/Clans

                         |              T     K    M    |
                         |   L                          |
                         |                              |
                         |   R                   D      |
                         |              C               |
                    West |     S                      A | East
                         |                              |
                         |                              |
                         |                       N  E   |
                         |                              |
                         |          I                   |

L: Koularia city
T: Tesley city
K: Kwelia city
M: Mountain Clans capital
R: Manris city
D: Dimmel city
C: Confluence city
S: Sangelton city
A: Canouria city
N: Enthras city
E: Empire capital
I: Ithla city seems that after playing the Power to Corrupt quest, this quest
becomes a little too simple for me... anyway let's get started.
Your ultimate aim is to kill Bastel Royas, and for your information, he is
located in the city Sangelton. You will be fighting against Undead units that
are mostly immune to death attacks and some are immune to weapon attacks as 
well so take note of that. Be sure to include magicians or the like in your
troops, you will need them a lot. The rest of the enemy units are basically
human units, Barbarians, Elves and Clan Argihos(mountain clans) units and they
WILL prove to be EASY to get rid of. When you take over Manris city, you will
be given information on where Sangelton is located, but since you have my map
to refer to, you don't really need that information. ;P Near Ithla city is an
Elven unit called Gregon Centaur Lancer, he will ask you to free Ithla from 
those Undead creatures and if you do so, he will repay you. Yup, you will be
able to use his unit which includes a Elf Ranger and a Forest Elf when you
took over Ithla. Quite weak so you can't really use them for big fights.
The rest is all up to you, just continue clearing your way and upgrading your
troops by going to the training camp. Remember though that the enemy units 
can move around and attack you. Every now and then, units will warp in on the
map so your cities should be guarded to avoid being taken over by them without
even putting up a fight. Once you are ready, you can go ahead and
take on Bastel Royas. There is a Vampire unit guarding his castle that
consists of 2 Vampires and 1 Doomdrake. Attack again after you have killed
them and Bastel Royas will introduce himself to you. For the Mountain Clans,
he will add a -30 HP damage spell after that. Well I guess this Vampire hates
Wotan more than the Highfather hoho =) Even though the map is quite big, 
the quest itself is pretty short. Quest is completed once Bastel Royas is
killed. Congrats.

Sangelton-Lv 5
Bastel Royas(a Vampire)
HP: 185
Armor: 0+30
Damage: 50 to all 6 units
Initiative: 40
Drain Life
Immune to Death

Phantom Warrior
HP: 320
Armor: 0+30
Damage: 125 (may paralyze as well) 
Initiative: 50
Immune to Death

HP: 525
Armor: 0+30
Damage: 75 to all 6 units
Initiative: 35
Immune to Death

P/S: Werewolves and Wight are immune to Weapon attacks


Canouria-Lv 1
Moving Party unit: Goblin, Orc, Goblin Archer
City Defense unit: Goblin

Dimmel-Lv 2
Moving Party unit: 1 Master Thug, 1 Thug, 1 Archer
City Defense unit: 1 Master Thug, 1 Marksman
Gives: 1 Orb of Poison

Enthras-Lv 1
Moving Party unit: 2 Squires, 1 Apprentice
City Defense unit: Spearman
Gives: Boots of Speed

Ithla-Lv 4
1 Vampire, 2 Phantom Warrior
Gives: 1 Tome of War

Kwelia-Lv 1
Moving Party unit: 1 Dwarf, 1 Axethrower
City Defense unit: 1 Warrior
Gives: 1 Summon I: Living Armor Scroll

Tesley- Lv 3
1 Barbarian Chieftain, 2 Barbarian Warriors
Gives: 1 Staff of Tempest

Koularia-Lv 3
Moving Party unit: 1 Skeleton Warrior, 1 Specter, 1 Werewolf
City Defense unit: 1 Archlich, 1 Darklord

Manris-Lv 4
2 Vampire, 1 Phantom Warrior
Gives: 1 Talisman of Vigor

Confluence-Lv 3
Moving Party unit: 1 Werewolf, 
City Defense unit: 1 Fighter, 1 Skeleton Warrior, 1 Shade
Gives: 1 Gold Ring

Unexplored Ruins

Western Gate
1 Spearman, 1 Peasant
Loot: 1 Orc Orb

Opanic Temple
1 Centaur Lancer, 1 Forest Elf, 1 Elf Ranger
Loot: 1 Holy Chalice

Norst Gate
1 Brown Bear
Loot: 1 Orc Orb

Terlon's Tower
1 Witch-Hunter, 1 Acolyte, 1 Elementalist
Loot: Incubus Orb

1 Orc, 1 Orc Champion
Loot: 1 Tome of Sorcery

1 Werewolf, 1 Darklord, 1 Archlich
Loot: 1 Potion of Speed

Kreeg's Temple
1 Werewolf, 1 Vampire, 1 Wight
Loot: 1 Orb of Vampire

1 Orc, 3 Goblin Archers
Loot: 1 Talisman of Vigor

2 Barbarian Warriors
Loot: 1 Potion of Accuracy

1 Specter, 1 Dreadwyrm
Loot: 1 Banner of Resistance

Enemies on map:
Peasant, Man at Arms, Spearman, Squire, Archer, Master Thug, Thug, Orc, Orc
Champion, Acolyte, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Dwarf, Flame Caster, Wolf,
Axethrower, Hill Giant, Tenderfrost, Engineer, Warrior, Babarian Warrior,
Barbarian Chieftain, Rock Giant, Ogre, King's Guard, Marksman, Cleric, Mage,
Apprentice, Centaur, Elf LOrd, Forest Elf, Bone Lord, Elf Ranger, Centaur
Lancer, Wizard, Totan, Orc Champion, Specter, Zombie, Darklord, Troll, Lich,
ArchLich, Werewolf, Polar Bear, Skeleton Warrior, Vampire, Phantom Warrior,
Ghost, Initiate, Wraith, Doomdrake, Ghouls, Wyvern, Lich, Templar, Fighter,
Dracolich, Deathdragon, Shade, Archmage, Dwarf Champion, Loremaster


Neffin's Shop:
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Life
Life Potion
Potion of Striking
Potion of Speed
Chronos Scroll

Ralar's Shop:
Potion of Healing
Potion of Restoration
Life Potion

Ilan's Tower:
Call Decay Dragon
Summon II: Evil Ent

Han's Tower:
Call Decay Dragon
Summon II: Evil Ent

Renman's camp(hiring):

Metars' Camp(Provides training for your troops)

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
6 Potion of Healing
7 Life Potion
1 Bronze Ring
1 Sapphire
1 Gold Ring
5 Potion of Restoration
1 Wotan's blessing Scroll
1 Boots of Seven Leagues
1 Silver Ring
1 Staff of Travelling
1 Banner of Strength
1 Runestone Artifact
1 Quicksilver Potion
1 Talisman of Thanatos
1 Boots of the Elements
1 Diamond
1 Ancient Relic
1 Horn of Awareness
1 Rust Scroll
1 Banner of Speed


13)   Vaglan 1-The Highlands   &

-The Empire has long been wanting to expand its territory into the Highlands
where the Legions reside. The Legions had many cities of which their location
remains unknown to the Empire. In order for the Empire to find out the exact
location of these cities, they need the help of Vaglan. But Vaglan seeks the
Doragon's Eye and unless it is brought to him, he will not help anyone.

Your Objective: The item Doragon's Eye must be brought to Vaglan's cave near
the Legions capital. The race who delivers it and leads Vaglan to their 
capital wins.

You can choose to use either the Legions or the Empire.

Map Size: 48 x 48

                        |  G        T         L |
                        |                K      |
                        |                       |
                        |          N     V      |
                   West |                       | East
                        |                     D |
                        |                       |
                        |        E              |
                        |                       |

G: Grubbery ruin
T: Taura city
L: Legions of the Damned capital
K: Kanna city
N: Nisseland city
V: Vaglan's sanctuary
D: Dullahan city
E: Empire capital


PART A: Using the Empire

-Small map, and not too much enemies. Get ready your troops and off we go.
The Elf High Council messenger will inform you of how the ELves won't help
you and stuff and your advisor will assure you of the plans to take over
their cities.
Your purpose is to obtain the Doragon's Eye and deliver it to Vaglan. The
bad point is that both the Doragon's Eye and Vaglan are so much more nearer
to the Legions capital. Since you are playing against the time(in the sense
that you need to get the Eye before the Legions) I suggest you go up north
from your capital to Grubbery ruin. Along the way, kill some Elf units for
experience but do not detour. The Doragon's Eye is inside Grubbery ruin and
it is considered quite heavily guarded by the Elves, but if your troops are
not too weak, they should prove to be quite easy to kill.
After you've obtained the Eye, then you can choose to go clear off the whole
map, or go directly to Vaglan's sanctuary to give him the Eye. It's your
choice. There are only Elf and Greenskin units spread throughout the map, and
you can be sure that they aren't hard to beat but don't give too much XP, so
in my opinion, you can do without killing all of them, unless of course you
can't stand their arrogance and so on, but it's all up to you. Just make sure
you have the Eye with your strongest unit, since the Legions can't get their
hands on the Eye, they can't get to Vaglan and the victory is already yours.
When you are ready, you can take the Eye to Vaglan at his sanctuary, but be
sure to bring a few units along with you, Vaglan will agree to help you after
you gave him the Eye. Now you've to escort Vaglan to your capital so use those
troops of yours to protect him and lead him all the way back to the capital
and the quest is completed.


PART B: Using the Legions of the Damned

-Alright, be glad you have an advantage over the Empire: Doragon's Eye is
quite near to your capital, at Grubbery ruin and Vaglan's sanctuary-as you
probably would have known when he appeared to you and tell you about his
plans to help the Empire unless you bring him the Eye-is just a little south.
Once you've formed your troops with whatever miserable GP you've got, go
straight to Grubbery ruin to get the Eye. Leave exploring for later, the most
important thing is to obtain the Eye so the Empire can't win. Grubbery ruin is
guarded by Elves who will warn you when you approach them. Once you have taken
the Eye, you can either go to Vaglan's sanctuary and give him the Eye or you
can go off exploring. This is an exceptionally short quest if you are playing
as the Legions. Once you have given the Eye to Vaglan, all you have to do is
just use him and click on the way inside your capital and that's it. You don't
even need to wait for another turn for his move points to recover. He's just
too near to your capital :D But just in case you want to go clear the map, 
all of the enemies are Elves and Greenskins and you will still finish the
quest in no time at all.



Kanna-Lv 2
Orc Champion, Orc, Goblin Archer
Gives: Orb of Fire

Taura-Lv 2
2 Forest Elves, 2 Elf Rangers, 1 Griffin
Gives: 1 Spirit Staff

Nisseland- Lv 2
Moving Party unit: 1 Centaur Lancer, 1 Elf Ranger 
City Defense unit: Centaur Lancer, Centaur
Gives: Ring of Strength

Dullahan-Lv 4
Moving Party unit: 2 Centaur, 1 Centaur Lancer, 1 Elf Ranger
City Defense unit: Griffin
Gives: 1 Skull Bracers

Unexplored Ruins

Watch Tower(Go near it and the Elves will blast a -15 HP spell at you)
1 Centaur, 2 Elf Ranger
Loot: 1 Tome of Air

1 Elf Lord, 2 Centaur Lancer
Loot: Doragon's Eye

Cultists Temple
2 Orcs, 1 Goblin Archer
Loot: 1 Tome of War

Enemies on map: 
Elf Ranger, Forest Elf, Centaur, Centaur Lancer, Wolf, Griffin, Orc, Goblin
Archer, Orc Champion, Goblin


Kammilar's Factory:
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Healing
Life Potion
Potion of Accuracy
Potion of Swiftness
Ironskin Potion
Potion of Air Warding

Reggen's Camp(Provides training for your troops)

Nelly's Wares:
Potion of Healing
Potion of Striking
Quicksilver Potion
Wight Blade

Items found in money bags/treasure chest, from enemies:
3 Potion of Protection
1 Potion of Celerity
3 Potion of Healing
1 Summon I: Roc Scroll
1 Talisman of Fear
1 Chant of Hasting Scroll
1 Treebark Potion
1 Orb of Earth
1 Potion of Striking
1 Psalm of Death Scroll
5 Life Potion
3 Potion of Restoration
1 Boots of Speed
1 Tome of Arcanum
1 Titan's Might Potion
1 Potion of Invulnerability


14)   Vaglan 2- The Betrayal   &&&&

- After Vaglan has given out on the locations of the Legions' cities to the
Empire, the Legions fell into deep contemplation and argued on how to punish
Vaglan should he be caught. The Empire are starting to build up their troops
to expand their territory. Meanwhile the quiet Undead waited for the chance
to strike.
Control the cities that'll bring your race the greatest control

Map Size: 72 x 72
                       |  A    C               T      |
                       |                              |
                       |        N                     |
                       |                            D |
                       |       R        O             |
                  West |                L             | East
                       |       J                      |
                       |            K                 |
                       |                        I     |
                       |      E                     U |
                       |                              |

A: Allantyr city
C: Dwarf city
T: Troya city
N: Khyllad city
D: Dragon Vale city
R: Turania city
O: Ochsunder city
L: Legions of the Damned 
J: Jerling city
K: Kanna city
I: Indrus Keep city
E: Empire capital
U: Undead Hordes capital 


PART A: Using the Empire

Your Objective: Take over Indrus Keep, Jerling city, Kanna, Khyllad,
Ochsunder, Turania.

-Wow, you sure had it easy on this quest. You have four trained soldiers on
the front lines, all ready to take over the cities. Your four Pegasus Knights
are placed near Jerling city, Khyllad, Turania and Indrus keep respectively.
You will be pleased to see that their troops are pretty strong and there will
be ABSOLUTELY no problems taking over the four cities mentioned above.
As for Kanna city, it's near to Jerling city, and you will need just at most
two turns to reach it and finish it off. Ochsunder is near Turania too, and
after you have taken over Turania, you can go ahead and take over Ochsunder
and that will complete the quest. So simple and fast isn't it? Yup! Of course,
in the case whereby you want to make sure there are enough troops guarding
the cities that you have taken over, you might want to hire some units as city
defense units, but that's about all for playing as the Empire, you don't NEED
to build up your troops or have a hard time building your capital. But if you
WANT, go ahead. If you decided to clear off the whole map, then you had better
be sure you build your troops well because the enemies are tough. 


PART B: Using the Legions of the Damned

Your Objective: Take over Dragon Vale and Troya.

-Hmm only two cities you think, but don't you smell something fishy about
this objective as compared to the Empire's?
Yeah, the enemies in these two cities are the HARDEST. Oh well, you have no
choice but to go explore the map and level up your troops as well as get
some items you can use or equip. There are all sorts of enemy units here on
this map, as usual the human neutral units and some other weak ones. However,
because of the internal dispute of the Legions, there are demons that no
longer trust in the protection of the Legions and chose to segregate
themselves and form their own Lesser Demons group. So you will be fighting
against units similar to your own but with higher levels. Duh! Dwarves
are on the map as well, but their cities(Allantyr and Dwarf city) need not
be captured, so unless you want to gain more XP, otherwise just do them no
harm, coz theirs already a hard lot(does that sounds familiar too? hoho)
Two Spiders are located near Dragon Vale at their lair and they will
ambush you when you attack them, so do not go near until you are ready to
take them on. Once you have finished with your exploring, you can
prepare your troops to attack Dragon Vale and Troya. Dragon Vale is guarded
by four separate units of Deathdragons and that's a great opportunity to gain
more XP. Once these two cities are yours, the quest is completed.


PART C: Using the Undead Hordes

Your Objective: Take over Dragon Vale, Troya, Indrus Keep and Ochsunder.

-Yeah, it's gonna be hard to play as the Undead, first thing is: your capital
is too far away from most of the cities. Second: by the time you managed to
reach those cities, they will be occupied by either the Empire or the Legions.
And you can be sure their units are strong. So you have only one choice and 
that's to kill every single enemy and get as much XP as you can. You start off
with an extra Lich Queen unit and 5 Thieves. Your thieves will most likely die
if you leave them the way they are, somehow they will get attacked by either
the Empire or the Legions troops, so try to let them stay away. The neutral
units tend to leave your thieves alone but don't go too near them anyway.
Did I forget to tell you that Thieves remain at level 1? so no matter how hard
you try using potions on them to strengthen them and fight solo enemies for
the hope that they will become stronger, it's no use at all, well forget it.
They won't level up. Basically the only use for them is finding out the stats
of enemies and clear the fog of war so you know what is going on between the
Empire and Legions. 
My suggestion to you is that you go capture the cities you need to take over
as soon as you can, enemies are easier to beat at the start, don't wait for
them to level up, and by then it will be tough for you.
Now, if you are really that desperate, use Werewolves then. I know you need
a lot of GP to build their keep as well as hire them(1000 GP per Werewolf...
what the -!) but it will be worth the time and effort to get them in your
troops, put them in the front line and go after strong enemies with weapon
based attacks, kill them and get those XP!
Dragon Vale is surrounded by four units of Deathdragons, so make sure you are
prepared because if you don't kill them all in one turn, they will come after
you the next turn. Use spells on them, and if you have, Summons as well.
When you've taken over the four cities, it is finished. -gives you a pat on
shoulders- Congratulations, you did well. 


P/S: The defenses in some of the cities may change due to it being taken 
over by other races.


Troya-Lv 4
Moving Party unit: 1 Abyssal Devil
                   HP        : 600
                   Damage    : 140(may petrify as well)
                   Armor     : 0+25
                   Initiative: 40
City defense unit: 1 Moloch
                   HP        : 370
                   Damage    : 110
                   Armor     : 0+25
                   Initiative: 35

                   1 Marble Gargoyle
                   HP        : 150
                   Damage    : 65
                   Armor     : 60+25 
                   Initiative: 60
                   Immune to poison, Ward Mind
Gives: Orb of Lychanthropy

Dragon Vale-Lv 4
1 Demon Lord
HP        : 470
Damage    : 140
Armor     : 0+25
Initiative: 40

1 Modeus
HP        : 170
Damage    : 75 to all 6 units
Armor     : 0+25
Initiative: 40
Ward Fire

Dwarf city-Lv 3
Moving Party unit: 1 Warrior, 1 Hill Giant, 1 Archdruidress
City Defense unit: 1 Rock Giant, 1 Archdruidress
Gives: Etched Circlet

Allantyr-Lv 2
Moving Party unit: Hill Giant
City Defense unit: 1 Warrior, 1 Forge Guardian
Gives: 1 Wight Blade

Indrus Keep- Lv 1
1 Devil

Turania-Lv 1
1 Possessed

Kanna-Lv 3
1 Possessed, 1 Devil

Ochsunder-Lv 4
1 Doppleganger, 1 Devil, 1 Sorcerer

Khyllad-Lv 3
Moving Party unit: 1 Devil, 1 Archdevil, 1 Demonologist
City Defense unit: 1 Possessed, 1 Witch, 1 Berzerker

Jerling city- Lv 1
2 Possessed, 1 Cultist

Unexplored Ruins

Lord Kyn's Manor
1 Mage, 1 Spearman
Loot: 1 Ancient Relic

Dwarf House
1 Veteran, 1 Warrior, 1 Alchemist
Loot: 1 Elven Boots

Alchemist's Lab
1 Warrior, 3 Alchemists
Loot: 1 Venerable Warrior Orb

Human Outpost
2 Man at Arms, 1 Spearman, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer, 1 Marksman
Loot: 1 Healing Ointment

Demon Den
2 Devils
Loot: 1 Tome of Fire

Infernal Dominion
1 Berzerker, 1 Incubus, 1 Succubus
Loot: 1 Incubus Orb

Dwarven Temple
1 Warrior, 1 Novice, 1 Tenderfoot, 1 Alchemist
Loot: 1 Royal Scepter

Tower of Occultism
1 Fighter, 1 Occultist
Loot: 1 Life Potion

Crossbowmens Hut
6 Crossbowman
Loot: 1 Boots of Seven Leagues

Werewolf Den
2 Werewolves
Loot: 1 Potion of Restoration

Enemies on map:
Wolf, Peasant, Man at Arms, Archerm Spearman, Squire, Imp, Fat Imp, Cultist,
Berzerker, Demon, Devil, Witch, Imperial Assassin, Master Thug, Thug, Zombie,
Werewolf, Warlock, Fighter, Giant Black Spider, Mage, Titan, Deathdragon, 
Modeus, Demon Lord, Dwarf, Veteran, Yeti, Demonologist, Archdevil, Moloch,
Incubus, Abyssal Devil, Marble Gargoyle, Sorcerer, Warrior, Crossbowman,
Flame Caster, Rock Giant, Alchemist, Archdruidress, Hill Giant, Druidress,
Wolflord, Forge Guardian, Hermit, Fiend, Hag, Mountaineer


Gunner's Tower:
Ice Pillar
Sybil's Vision
Chant of Arms
Chant of Hasting
Chant of Fortitude
Vengeance of Ymir
Ancestor's call

Yggar's Shop:
Quicksilver Potion
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Orb of Life
Potion of Fire Warding
Soul Crystal

Lord Kyn's Supplies:
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Highfather's Potion
Potion of Fortune
Treebark Potion
Potion of Air Warding

Luggen's Camp(hiring):
Hill Giant

Guther's Camp(hiring):
Man at Arms

Lord Kyn's Camp(provides training for your troops)

Reggen's Shop:
Life Potion
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Strength
Potion of Striking
Potion of Fire Warding

Allar's Shop:
Potion of Striking
Potion of Restoration
Life Potion
Potion of Invulnerability
Ice Shield Scroll

Items found in money bags/treasure chests, from enemies:
1 Highfather's blessing Scroll
1 Potion of Swiftness
1 Incantare Hellhound Illudere Scroll
1 Bronze Ring
3 Potion of Restoration
11 Life Potion
1 Potion of Celerity
1 Tormentio Scroll
1 Potion of Fortune
1 Orb of Healing
1 Potion of Strength
1 Tome of war
1 Banner of Might
1 Sapphire
1 Titan's Might Potion
2 Potion of Healing
1 Talisman of Regeneration
1 Stone Rain Scroll
1 Daylight Scroll
1 Zombie Orb
1 Ruby
1 Mjolnir's Crown
1 Banner of Battle
1 Boots of Speed
1 Banner of Celerity
1 Gold Ring



This section is a rather small section on miscellaneous stuff of Disciples II
races and units.

1) The best race to use: Undead Hordes. Basically, they have really powerful
units such as Death, Werewolves etc who/which are immune to weapon attacks.
So in facing them it's almost impossible to beat them with low level units.
Not to mention you can have strong fighters but it's of no use, units that
uses magic attacks are the only ones who can hurt them and yeah we all know
that magic attacks is around 35-45 HP damage range for the average unit level.
And the bad thing is you need around three turns to kill them if you only have
one magic using unit in your group. And Death, as everyone knows, gives the
death attack to any unit of around 50HP, which is great because your magic
unit can die immediately from that one attack, or at most last till the next

So just in case you want to know how to beat Death, actually there's no sure
way, but try using potions that increase the attack and armor rating of your
magic units... and because magic units usually have very low initiative and
so potions that increase a certain percentage of their initiative are of
little use because Death has very high initiative, much higher than your
normal fighter unit. Obviously, if you can increase the number of magic units
in your group, it will be better, but not too much of them, 2, at most 3 is
enough. Then make sure your front row fighters are strong enough as well,
the Undead enemy will usually group Death up with Werewolves as well as
Lich Queen, so your front units must be powerful enough to protect your back
magic units from further attacks. Lastly, if you get the chance and have the
mana, try casting one spell on their unit before you attack them straight on.

2) The worst race to use: Do you even need me to tell you? The Mountain Clans of
course. By worst, I don't mean their units aren't strong, but it all goes
down to their low initiative value... The highest it can get it... 50. Great
huh? And one thing I really dislike about playing as the Mountain Clans, or
should I say find it so infuriating is that the order gets reverted. This
means that I can have a Flame Caster cast his fire attack before my King's
Guard weapon attack when the King's Guard has a higher initiative. I only met
with this problem using the Mountain Clans... and it made me so furious
because I had to heal and heal and heal which wastes time and resources.

Now you don't need me to advise you on how to beat them do you?

3) Best magic user: In my opinion, is the ArchMage of the Empire. He can deal
quite a fair deal of damage even at a low level, and I don't know why, but his
magic attack is the magic attack that gives the best -wow, looks so powerful
and very damaging- effect.

4) Best rod-planter: Baroness/Banshee. Reason: they can cast petrify and fear
which is more useful than an Archangel that can only heal 40HP and a Dwarf
Champion who doesn't even have the skills of a champion anyway.

5) Best thief: Okay this is a trick comparison, because all thieves are the
same. But the Undead thief looks cooler, so he should be given credit for

6) Best leader: Death Knight from Undead. Flying ability is always a plus
point, because there's no penalty on sea etc. Once he is of a considerable
level, he can be devastating. He's very polite as well, which is an
added bonus.

7) Most interesting quest: That will have to be Drega Zul. It is because
Drega Zul is a character made especially for the Quests section...and it
provided a lot more excitement playing using her. Almost like the feeling
of being able to use Uther as in the Sagas.



Q: So is this game worth playing?
A: Sure, look over the reviews on for more details.

Q: What will you add in to this FAQ in the future?
A: Most likely this will be the final version. I think I have put in enough
stuff, I don't want to add in stuff which is already in other D2 FAQS because
that would be unnecessary. But I may make changes should they be required.

Q: How did you manage to complete these quests? They are hard!
A: Yeah, but that's what makes this game challenging and interesting. No game
is unbeatable, that's what I always say.

Q: So is the Hierophant better than the Prophetess?
A: It depends really, though many people say of how good and useful the 
Prophetess is, I almost always uses the Hierophant. In my opinion, both are
as powerful as each other.

Q: Why do you choose to use the Hierophant instead?
A: I said almost always, I didn't say always, get it right. The reason being,
Hierophant heals way more than Prophetess even though he only heals one unit
at a time. Unless I'm facing an enemy that deals more than 100 HP damage to
all six of my units at one go, I'll have to go with the Hierophant. But that's
just my opinion.

Q: I can't beat this quest! Should I use the cheat codes?
A: Up to you, personally I'd say no. Why? Cheat codes helped you but doesn't
satisfy you. You want the real challenge, do without cheats. Cheats aren't
called cheats if they ain't cheats, got what I meant? Yup, beat the game with
your own strategies!

Q: Can I post your FAQ on my site?
A: Is this even a question? OF COURSE NOT! You'll have to ask for my
permission first.

Q: So if I asked for your permission, you'll let me post it then?
A: Since when did I say that? Asking doesn't mean having. Most likely no. I
want to limit my contributions to as few hosts as possible.

Q: So can I trust your FAQ to help me with any difficulties? 
A: I'm just trying to help. Don't pis* me off with such questions.

Q: You sounded rude in the Q&A section, why is that so?
A: It's not being rude, it's being serious because I hate it when people don't
treat what I've said seriously and started asking me stupid questions.

Q: So why do you like Myzrael?
A: He's a he, I'm a she, got it?

Q: So can I email you to ask you any questions about the game?
A: Only if you really need help. No irrelevant questions please.

Q: So that means you can give absolute answers then?
A: If only isn't it? Then not exactly so. I can't give any promises, only that
I'll try my best to help.

Q: There are some stuff that you did not put a note about, can I email you?
A: Aye, Sir. Actually I must admit, this FAQ is my first and I do try my best,
but I may have missed way more things than you and I could have imagined.

Q: I really liked Disciples 2, should I get the expansions?
A: Look up reviews or discussions before buying them.



In this section, I will put up emails on points that I missed in the quests.
Take note that I just cut and paste the emails so no part is being amended.

I) From MagicMan:

In the Last Stand quest, the characters Lord Tace and Prince Bjorn both have
+20% health, +10% attack and +10 armour over other leaders of their type, and
so these two can be exported into other quests, so anyone can raise a nicely
boosted hero. Similarly, Sir Glorcliff in some other quest is also boosted
over others of his type, if anyone wants to raise a boosted Empire leader in
the quests.


Thanks to Strategy First for making this great game.
Thanks to Strategy First Technical Support for their patience and politeness
in helping me when I met with installation problems.
Thanks to Mister Sinister for his wonderful and detailed FAQS on the sagas
which has helped me so much while I was having a hard time with them.
Thanks to CjayC for his GameFAQs website that has given help to so many gamers
out there.                 

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