Disciples 2 - Servants of the Dark Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Disciples 2 - Servants of the Dark

Disciples 2 - Servants of the Dark

======   === =======  ======= === ======= ===      ======= =======     ========
¦     \  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦     ¦      ¦
¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ =====  ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ====  ¦ =====     =====  ¦
¦ ¦\   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦             ¦  ¦
¦ ¦ \  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ =====  ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ==    ¦ =====      ===   ¦
¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦===  ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦    ¦      ¦    ¦      ¦
¦ ¦ /  ¦ ¦ ¦ ====   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦      ¦ ==    ====   ¦    ¦  ====
¦ ¦/   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦         ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦
¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ===   ¦ ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ===== ¦ ====  ====   ¦    ¦  =====
¦     /  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦      ¦    ¦      ¦
======   === =======  ======= === ===     ======== ======= =======     ========

                      s e r v a n t s   o f   t h e   d a r k

¦ The aim of this file is to provide you with general information on         ¦
¦ Disciples 2 : Servants of the Dark in a clear and readable format.         ¦
¦ I hope it serves you well !!                           - Mister Sinister   ¦

                  Dedicated to my dear Friend Miguel, Prince of the Nosferat.

Table of Contents

      1.     Introduction and Overview of the Game
      2.     Basic Controls
      3.     The Two Races
      4.     Tact & Diplomacy
      5.     Types of Items
      6.     Undead Hordes Saga Walkthrough
      7.     Legions of the Damned Saga Walkthrough
      8.     Stats for Units
      9.     Rulers and Leaders
     10.     Comments on Units and Suggested Upgrade Routes
     11.     Tips and Tricks
     12.     Credits

¦                                SECTION ONE                                 ¦


Disciples 2 : Servants of the Dark is a turn-based strategy game where the 
player picks one of two major races and battles across either a pre-defined 
sequence of levels (the Sagas), one of a number of set individual missions 
(the Quests), plays in a Custom Saga, or with other human in multi-player 

Servants of the Dark is an official Expansion Pack for the Disciples 2 title.

It is a swords and sorcery type game, with a reasonably simple interface and 
gentle learning curve, but which boasts hours and hours of gameplay, and is 
quite honestly ?  HELLISHLY addictive ... I heartily recommend it.

I have written individual in-depth walkthroughs for the Sagas for the two main 
races in this expansion pack - the Undead Hordes and the Legions of the Damned,
and both of those can be found at

Helpful comments and so on are always welcome, and I can be reached at

                                                       - Mister Sinister, 2004

¦                                SECTION TWO                                 ¦


As with any strategy game, troop management skills are FUNDAMENTAL to your 
success.  In order to become a good Servants of the Dark player, you will need 
to learn which units function well together, which units complement each other,
and which units should definitely NEVER be placed together.

For example, sending nothing but Undead Troops to battle Undead Troops doesn't 
SOUND unreasonable until you consider that MOST undead troops are immune to 
death magic, so if YOUR set of troops comprises nothing but Undead Spellcasters 
they will do practically NO good whatsoever.

I have sub-divided this section of my FAQ into three parts :-

            A)   The World Map
            B)   Combat
            C)   City Management

=============================== THE WORLD MAP ================================

The World Map is where (not surprisingly) you move all your troops about.  Each
unit is led by one of the creatures in it, and this creature represents the 
entire unit's icon on the map.  For example, a unit led by a werewolf will be 
depicted as a werewolf on the map.

Each unit has a different number of movement points, and these are reduced at 
different speeds depending on which type of terrain you are crossing ... for 
example, you will travel MUCH slower by water than you will through forests ...

... some units can fly, and this helps get about the map a fair bit quicker ...
but if you put flying units with non-flying units, you are once again (by and 
large - there ARE a couple of exceptions) slowing down your troop movement 
as the unit must move together, as one.

Combat is initiated by moving to a square adjacent to a rival or enemy unit on 
the map, and combat is dealt with in a separate screen.

The world map begins by being totally covered in a fog of war, which disperses 
as you move your units about ... certain terrain cannot be traversed, and you 
will have to find ways around it ... examples include waterfalls, whirlpools 
and mountain ranges.

Obviously not all of the creatures you encounter on the world map will be 
hostile - some will give you sub-quests which you can complete to gain prizes 
should you wish ... others will be territorial, and will either attack you on 
sight or pursue you until you leave their area of the map.

You will encounter cities belonging to other players, as well as neutral 
cities, and various other structures dotted about the map, ALL of which can be 
explored and/or conquered.

BEAR IN MIND AT ALL TIMES that this is a TURN-BASED strategy game.  Therefore, 
whilst you have the luxury of time to think your moves through, as you would 
in a chess game, poor troop movement can lead to units becoming isolated at 
the end of a turn, and easy pickings for roaming creatures ...

                                                ... always watch your back ...

Each unit on the map can comprise up to SIX individual characters.  So, taking 
our earlier example of the unit being led by the Werewolf, this unit can 
comprise the Werewolf that leads them, and up to FIVE other characters ... if 
the leader dies, the unit will still be able to move, but will do so at a MUCH 
slower rate, and the unit's icon on the map will change.  It will still be the 
Werewolf, but you will see that the leader has died because a little skull 
shield will be displayed at the foot of the icon.  This allows you at a glance 
to see units which have had their leaders slain.

Provided at least ONE character in the unit is still alive, it is possible to 
heal and/or resurrect those characters in the unit which have died.  You can 
either do this via magic, CHEATING (tut tut), at any of your Cities (provided 
you have constructed a Temple in your Capital City), or using potions.

Your Capital City (each major race has one) is your seat of Power on the level 
BUT, unlike many OTHER turn-based strategy games where there is a REAL risk of 
losing your Capital, and thus losing the level, in Disciples 2 each player's 
Capital City is occupied by (not only a maximum of 11 "normal" troops but also)
an INCREDIBLY powerful Guardian, who CANNOT leave and who's SOLE purpose is to 
protect the Capital.

Sounds like you might still be vulnerable ?  In all practical reality you won't
be - the Guardians are WELL powerful, and it is EXCEEDINGLY unlikely that you 
will ever lose your Capital ;)

You will ALSO find shops on the world map ... there are several merchants in 
the game who have set up shop on the various levels, and with whom you can 
trade ... even if you can see no use for something you have picked up on a 
level, you can always sell it at a shop to gain extra gold ;)

The currencies of the game are five-fold.  You have gold (obviously), which 
you use to buy upgrades for your cities, to recruit new troops, to bribe the 
other players, and so on.

Then there are the four types of mana.  There is Death Mana, Runestone Mana, 
Life Mana and Infernal Mana.

Both gold AND mana are generated at resources on the map, and these resources 
can be bled off to give (effectively) unlimited resources to your race - I say 
*effectively* unlimited as, whilst there is only a certain amount of each type 
of energy that will be generated by each resource per turn, the supply from 
which this is drawn is infinite - i.e. you will never deplete a gold or mana 
resource on the map (which is KEWL !!)

One last thing.

When you look at the map you will be able to see the terrain that belongs to 
your race by looking at the ground.  Each turn, your race's terrain expands 
from every city in every direction, and whenever it touches an unclaimed 
resource, it seizes it for your race.

Since it would take an eternity to gain control over the ENTIRE map this way,
the game designers have very kindly provided each race with one type of unit 
that can be recruited who's sole purposes is to "plant rods".  Planting a rod 
is a very simple process which allows you to stake a claim to a very small 
parcel of land which is not already yours.

... I hope that makes sense ... I'll try to explain ...

Say this is the world, and you own the left-hand side of it. :-

¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦    YOUR                           ¦            MY                         ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦           LAND                    ¦                    LAND               ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
¦                                   ¦                        ¦======¦       ¦
¦                                   ¦                        ¦ GOLD ¦       ¦
¦                                   ¦                        ¦======¦       ¦
¦                                   ¦                                       ¦

If you want to take control over the GOLD resource I have labelled in MY land, 
you would either have to expand your terrain on a turn by turn basis until the 
Gold Resource was yours, OR you could send your "rod-planter" (the name for 
the character varies with each race) TO the Gold Resource, and then stake it.

If you plant a rod at the Gold Resource, and thereby stake it as being yours, 
the terrain around the resource changes to become yours.

Rods CAN, however, be destroyed by other rod-planters, and this dispute over 
resources forms a VERY important part of the game, naturally ...

... right !  I've bored you with that - now we can go onwards to the combat 
aspect of the game !!

=================================== COMBAT ===================================

As I stated in the previous section, combat occurs when one of your units 
enters a square on the map that is adjacent to a non-friendly unit (or, 
conversely, when a non-friendly unit enters a square that is adjacent to one 
of YOUR troops).

When this happens, the action switches to a 3-dimensional view of the square 
in question, and combat takes place.

Combat in Disciples 2 is a VERY very simple affair.  The unit that is 
attacking is highlighted at its feet in yellow, and the units you are 
presently opting to attack is highlighted at its feet in red ... just point 
the mouse at the unit you want to attack (or help, depending on your race), 
and click !


Combat is, however, not as DULL as that sounds.

You recall I mentioned earlier that a unit can comprise a maximum of SIX 
characters ??  Well, each unit is broken up into two RANKS as well.


Combat basically looks like this :-

              YOUR UNITS                                    THEIR UNITS

¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦        1         ¦        1          ¦        1          ¦         1        ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦        2         ¦        2          ¦        2          ¦         2        ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
¦        3         ¦        3          ¦        3          ¦         3        ¦
¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦

... geez ... I hope I haven't made that look more complicated than it needed 
to be.

BASICALLY your six units are on the left, and THEIR six units are on the right.
Melee units should be placed in the FRONT row, as they can only attack adjacent
units ... spellcasters, who are generally weaker, should be placed in the BACK 
row, as they can attack at range ...

... hope that makes sense :">

You will see from the Stats section that each character has its own method of 

With VERY rare exceptions, each character only has ONE way of attacking, so it 
really is just a very simple point-and-click routine ... but the variety comes 
in the sheer NUMBER of different creatures you can command and control, and 
the fun-factor and beauty of their attack animations :">

The order in which characters attack in the combat screen is determined by 
their initiative roll - each character has an initiative modifier, which 
swings initiative in their favour, but there are occasional upsets - as in, 
where a character with a higher initiative is pipped to the post by a 
character with a lower initiative ...

There are a number of different combat OPTIONS ... these include allowing the 
Computer to take over combat for you (although certainly on the easier 
difficulties it doesn't always attack the units you probably would).

There is also the option to end combat immediately (i.e. automatically resolve 
who wins and who loses) - good for those "AAAAAAAAAAARGH I can't be @rsed to 
fight you - let's just see who WINS" moments (which you WILL have).

Further options include retreat, where you really wanna get out with your life 
(but all attacking units get a free hit on units that are running away, so if 
you DO run you'd better do it en masse), and Defend - an instruction to a 
particular character to brace itself for an incoming attack.

The variety of options on the combat screen, coupled with the variety of units 
and attacks they have IN TOTAL, makes for a lot of strategy in the combat 
screen AS YOU WILL SEE ;)

Combat ends when either all six characters in your opponents unit are dead or 
have fled.

... there ... we've pretty much exhausted that section ... ONWARD !! =D

============================== CITY MANAGEMENT ===============================

This is VITAL to your success in Disciples 2.

Basically, when a creature levels up, it GENERALLY (although not always) 
changes its appearance to become tougher ... harder ... MORE kick@ss ...

What your creature becomes when it levels up will depend on the buildings you 
have erected in your Capital City.

For example, if you are playing the Undead Hordes, your bog-standard melee 
fighter is the "Fighter" character.  In your Capital you can build one of two 
different buildings that will alter the Fighter's Upgrade Route.  If you 
construct Unholy Ground, your Fighter will become a Zombie when he levels 
up ... if you choose instead to construct an Evil Monastery, your Fighter will 
become a Templar.

Both routes are mutually exclusive - this means that you cannot allow some of 
your Fighters to become Zombies, and some to become Templars - it's all or 
nothing ...

Fortunately, however, once you have completed a level, all the buildings in 
your Capital City are wiped out, so on the start of the NEXT level you can 
change the upgrade paths and, consequently, your units, should you wish.

Certain buildings do not affect the upgrade path of units ... these are the 
Mage Tower (which is necessary in order for you to research spells), the 
Thieves' Guild (which is required before you can recruit thieves, who can spy 
on enemy players to reveal the characters garrisoned in Cities, etc.), and the 
Temple (which you need before you can heal and/or resurrect creatures).

You can also conduct spell research in your capital, provided you have enough 
mana to learn the spell in question, and it is picked from your list of 
available spells.


You will also take over other cities, naturally ... these cities are NOT your 
capital, however, and whilst the majority of the rules apply, there are 
certain changes.  FOR EXAMPLE, you cannot build buildings in your other cities 
- this is because you only NEED one set, and for ease of administration those 
are all located in the Capital.  For example, once a Temple has been built in 
your Capital, you can heal and resurrect characters in ALL your cities.

Each NON-CAPITAL city can "grow" as well ... there are five levels of growth, 
and these affect the number of characters that can be housed in a city, the 
rate at which your terrain sprouts forth from the city, the speed with which 
characters that are in the city recover their Hit Points, and so on.

Each city can only grow ONCE per turn.

Finally, each city can house troops and hold items.  On the party screen, you 
will see two units of troops.  On the left is a list of troops that are just 
healing, etc., in the city.

To the right is a list of the troops which are garrisoned in the city ...

¦                               SECTION THREE                                ¦


The two races you can pick from are as follows :-

                  1)  The Undead Hordes
                  2)  The Legions of the Damned

THE UNDEAD HORDES, guided by their Dark Goddess Mortis, comprise Zombies, 
Skeleton Warriors, Liches, Wyverns, Vampires, Wraiths and loads of other nasty 
beasties ... the main thing that the Undead Hordes have going for them is 
their ability to paralyse their foes ... they have three units whose only 
attacks are to paralyse, and this can REALLY knock the stuffing out of an 
otherwise healthy unit of opponents ... we lurve the Undead Hordes :">

- and finally -

THE LEGIONS OF THE DAMNED, under the control of their God Bethrezen, comprise 
NOT surprisingly Devils, Demons, Succubus', Incubus', basically anything 
winged and horny (pardon the pun).  They are OBSESSED with fire, and boast 
the most heavy-hitters in the game ... they have several Giant-type units 
(moreso than the Mountain Clans I believe), and are quick and strong.

There are, of course, other "mini" races in the game, but you cannot play as 
these ... they include the Marshdwellers, the Greenskins, the Barbarian 
Tribes and the Occultists.  They help add variety and spice to the game, 
and to generally keep it interesting =)

¦                                SECTION FOUR                                ¦


Although not of PARAMOUNT importance - at least not on the easier difficulty 
settings, is the notion of tact and diplomacy.  You play against other races 
... those races have rulers ... those rulers can be spoken to, and negotiated 
with ...

The Disciples 2 Diplomacy interface is kinda limited ... but it's very much a 
secondary aspect of the game anyway, so it doesn't really DETRACT from it or 
anything ... basically you have options for Diplomacy ... you can offer gold 
to another player, you can offer to sell them a magic spell, you can propose 
an alliance with them, or you can even break an existing alliance with them 
and go to war with them ...

You will find that, as you attack another player's enemies, your popularity 
with that player will naturally increase and, over time, the other players may 
well offer to ally with you.

Alliances are NOT set in stone, however, so always make sure to watch your 
back at all times ;)

When you are allied with another race you cannot attack their troops or 
cities, or steal their resources unless the treaty is broken ... the treaty 
can be broken at any time, but whilst it is in place, you too can feel 
reasonably safe from attacks by that race ...

Similarly, you will find that your allies will, from time to time, attempt to 
sell YOU spells and other niceities, and they will frown upon you if you do 
not take them ... even though 99.9% of the time they inflate the price ;)

¦                                SECTION FIVE                                ¦


There are LOADS of different types of items that you can pick up ... these 
include :-

POTIONS                  Only good once, and can only affect one character for 
                         one turn.
SCROLLS                  Can only be used once, and only by a Magic User, but 
                         any spell can wind up being picked up as a scroll, so 
                         they are QUITE useful ;)
ORBS                     Only useable in combat, and only by a magic user - can
                         only be used once and then they disappear.
TALISMANS                Can be used several times before they wear out, but 
                         only once per combat session, and only in combat.
STAFFS                   Can be used like spells, and do not wear out ... no 
                         use in combat, however.
ARTIFACTS                Can be equipped by leaders (if they have the 
                         corresponding skill), and can bolster their power or 
                         give them new powers - VERY USEFUL !!
BANNERS                  Only one can be carried by your leader at a time (and 
                         even then only if your leader has the corresponding 
                         skill), but with effects like "Increase the damage of 
                         all characters in your unit by 20%" they are NOT to 
                         be sneezed at.
TOMES                    With VERY rare exception, tomes are exclusively used 
                         as wards.  You can only use one at a time but, whilst 
                         holding it, you are warded against that type of attack
                         - e.g. Tome of Air = Air Ward
TRAVEL ITEMS             Boots, basically ... they augment your movement points
                         and/or skills - e.g.  Boots of the Elements mean that
                         you suffer no movement penalty whilst travelling over 
                         water - WHICH IS GREAT !! =D

                        (I am sure there are more, but you can take these as a 

¦                                SECTION SIX                                 ¦

======= ===   === ======   ===   === ======== =======  =======\  ====== ======
¦     ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦       \ ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
==  ==  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ===    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ===  ¦ ===
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦       ¦ ¦  ==    ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ====   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==  ¦  ==
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  \     ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   \    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==   === ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦    \   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦\  \  ¦ ====  ¦ ¦  ==   ==  ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ \  \ ¦       / ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
  ===   ===   === =====    ===   === ======== ===  === =======/  ====== ======

                    (Dedicated to Mark Beecroft, qui me fait toujours sourire)


¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦


1)	Boons on Black Tongues
2)	A Voice Silenced
3)	The Fulcrum



This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-

In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
[squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be
Ashgan, who would be shown as [Ashgan] as he is IN the city and, in his case,
cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the
city (as in, healing there, etc.)

Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is
down and left.  West is up and left, and East is down and right.

One other thing ... if when mentioning any troops I refer to them like this :-

Phantom Warrior (10) or 2 Dwarves (10/12), then the numbers in brackets refer 
to their level/s of experience ... so BE WARNED !! ;)

Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a tricky task,
as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will
pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I
would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up -
basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you
play as the Undead Hordes in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ
both light-hearted, and informative.

Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at
MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other
players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your
computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their

Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at

Thanks for reading this !!


1)	Boons on Black Tongues


After a triumphant campaign in Disciples 2, and having succeeded in the
resurrection of her beloved husband Gallean, Mortis had expected ... at the
VERY least ... a thank you card ... but she didn't get one.  No roses, no
cards, not even a little box of choccies ... Gallean, having watched her sew
chaos and despair upon the world in her quest to revive him, scorned her for
what she had done, and what she had become, and left without even saying

How RUDE !!!!!!  Time to teach that punk a lesson methinks !!  I didn't just
fight that BIATCH Queen Taladrielle just to have Gallean shove it in my face !

Thus spurned, Mortis conceives a plan to strike back at her ungrateful mate.

Since Queen Taladrielle's death at the hands of the hordes, the remaining
Elves had been scattered about the lands ... Mortis could have sent her
ever-increasing horde of undead warriors across Nevendaar in a scourge to
simply wipe them out, but she had something FAR more sinister in mind ...

... and so we begin ...

The aim of this first level is to "seek allies to use against the Elves".  It
would appear that Mortis is not satisfied to merely cleanse Nevendaar of
their presence - she wants to enlist the support of others in this little

NOTE:  Your Capital City is located in the south-eastern corner of the map.

Our old friend Wraith Prusheen kicks off by saying that he has not heard from
Mortis in a long time, and that he is getting concerned because he fears that
she may have abandoned the hordes.  His concerns are answered by the vampire
Virimos - an impudent young upstart - who tells him that Mortis has, in fact,
started speaking to HIM instead of Wraith Prusheen, calling for the blood
of Gallean's children - the Elves.

Prusheen voices his concerns, saying that whilst the hordes are getting
progressively stronger, they would still have great difficulty in assailing
the entire Elven population of Nevendaar, to which Virimos tells him to have
faith; that one day Mortis may again choose to speak to Prusheen directly
again as she did in the past, but until that day comes, Wraith Prusheen -
that FANTABULOUS leader from our former Saga - is to obey the commands of
the Vampire Virimos.

... the ... NERVE !!!!!!!

Before a bitch-fight can ensue, a Fighter interrupts them to advise that their
Capital city is under siege by the Barbarian Tribes.  Virimos directs everyone
to the gates to ready for battle.

... and we're off !! =)

You will start off on the first level with a reasonable amount of gold and
death mana, which gets CONSIDERABLY less if you're playing on the higher
difficulty settings, PLUS all your level one spells have already been learned.

You will have, on all three of the Undead Levels in this Expansion Pack,
unfettered access to your entire spellbook for learning purposes, and the
ability to construct ALL your buildings on EVERY level.  Woohoo !!!!! :)

I would therefore suggest that you start off by building up a respectable army
to accompany the leader you will have had to import from your previous saga.

                               IMPORTANT NOTE
                         UNIT LEVELS AND LEVELLING-UP

You will see that there is a picture of a sword with a coloured blade above
your leader's portrait on the party screen.  This is a new addition to the
Disciples 2 Expansion Packs, and serves to give you a rough guideline as
to the approximate level of the units in an enemy's pack ... and your own ;)

A unit WITHOUT a sword               is   Level  1 -  4
A unit with a BLUE-bladed sword      is   Level  5 -  9
A unit with an ORANGE-bladed sword   is   Level 10 - 14
A unit witha RED-bladed sword        is   Level 15 or higher

I would HOPE for your sakes that you have imported a leader with a RED-bladed
sword, as your leader WILL NOT GAIN ANY EXPERIENCE during the ENTIRE campaign.

That's right !!  Your leader will NEVER level up again, so BE WARNED.


Once you are ready, and note that I would strongly suggest constructing a
building so as to level up some of your units ASAP before going out of the
capital ?  Leave your capital city.

You will find the following units in close proximity to your capital :-

1)  Spirit Wolf
2)  Wolf, Barbarian Chieftain, Barbarian Warrior
3)  Charfang (Barbarian Chieftain), Spirit Wolf
4)  Threescar (Barbarian Chieftain), Spirit Wolf
5)  2 x Wolves (one of which is Level 10, so WATCH OUT !!)
6)  Greypaw (Barbarian Chieftain), Barbarian Warrior, Wolf
7)  Spirit Wolf, 2 x Wolves

Before you are able to attack them, however, Greypaw speaks up and says with
shock, "It's true!  They've built a city upon our cemetery!  Forward brothers!
Drive these disgusting worms back into the ground!"

(FLATTERY young man, will get you absolutely NO-where.)

A Banshee by the name of Eledrene responds to him ... BASICALLY inviting him
for a bit of nookie (it would appear these two know each other) ;)

Threescar shouts out that it's a trick, and that "these are not your loved
ones", urging his troops to fight.

Threescar's troop (number 4 on my list) then rushes in to attack you.

IF you followed my advice and constructed a building before you left the
capital ?  Then by all rights you SHOULD find that after Threescar and his
Spirit Wolf have been slain, some of your units level up.  RESULT !! :)

ALSO note that as your leader will get no xp for any battles in this expansion
pack ?  This will ALSO help your units to level up faster ;)

Once Threescar's unit has been slain, the Spirit Wolf speaks to you, saying
"You've seen ..." and then polymorphing into a Barbarian Chieftain and
continuing "... nothing ...".

Prusheen remarks that these "Spirit Wolves" are actually NOT wolves at all -
they are illusions !  Virimos takes one for interrogation, and authorises you
to dispose of the rest.

LIKE we needed to be told eh !!!!!  *sigh*

In the chest just to the east of your Capital City is a Potion of Speed ;)

Next turn, a Barbarian Chieftain is being tortured by Virimos for information.
He begs for mercy, but Virimos hurts him a little more before allowing him
to speak.

Ok ok so maybe I was a bit hard on Virimos ... I'm kinda starting to like him!

The Barbarian Chieftain confirms that they wield talismans that grant them
the power to change their shape into Spirit Wolves.  The Barbarian Chieftain
tells Virimos that in exchange for the information he wishes to return home.

FAT CHANCE !!!!!!!!

Needless to say Virimos tortures him to death.

Next turn, Virimos tells Prusheen that he has a task for him ... one which
Mortis herself has called for.  Prusheen is to lead an expedition to the
north to deceive the Mountain Clans.  They are to disguise themselves as
representatives of Wotan, and to tell the dwarves that Wotan bids them enter
battle against the Elves.

Naturally poor Prusheen is a little confused.  I mean ... how is he ... a
walking corpse ... supposed to make himself look like a stunted little
Mountain Clan goody-two-shoes resource stealing Dwarf ????

Virimos responds by giving him a verbal smack-down, and telling him that
they will use the Barbarian's Talismans to disguise themselves as Spirit

FURTHERMORE, Virimos says that he will send his OWN party there to attack the
Dwarves, but that Prusheen will intercede (with his band of Spirit Wolves) and
drive them away before delivering their message to the Dwarves ... Virimos
believes that this will be sufficient to trick the Dwarves into believing
that Wotan's message is real.

NEW OBJECTIVE : Lead Prusheen's pack of wolves to meet with the Clans.

You are given control over three Spirit Wolves outside your capital city.
ONE is the polymorphed Wraith Prusheen, the other two are (presumably) two
of his aides.

Your new objective is to lead Pup Prusheen and the Woof-pack north-west of 
your capital city, to meet with the Mountain Clans.

BE WARNED that Spirit Wolves are NOT excessively powerful.  They have a sonic
bark that can hit 6 units, but they are still pups compared to the nasty
things that lurk around.

When you're given control over the pack, all three Spirit Wolves are in the
front - I would suggest moving Prusheen to the BACK so that if the going gets
tough, he can always retreat.  If Prusheen dies, you fail the level, so MY
technique was to hold him back and clear a path for him with my stronger
units - then just let him waltz on through, sniffing flowers and cocking his
leg against trees, until he meets with the Clans.

As you continue slaying the Barbarians, Lich Queen Sheggrah pops up to remark
that you've never encountered Barbarians that are this brave (read: stupid)
before ... it's as if they can predict your intentions !!

There is a Highfather's Potion in the very south-east of the map, in the
water just in front of the Sea Serpent.

If you conquer Sissathell, the Medusa squeals out in pain after your victory
... it's rather refreshing actually :)

If you take the City of Uslenore, an Initiate reports back to Lord Virimos 
(LORD ?? In all the time our poor little mate Prusheen was kickin @rse he was 
just "Wraith" !!  The CHEEK !!!!) to say that whilst you have taken the
city, you have only been able to slay a LESSER Chieftain in the Barbarian
Order, and that your sources have revealed that Chief Yorjagg is their
Leader (although you do not know where he resides).

Virimos is all "Yes yes WHATEVER ... now GET ON WITH YOUR MISSION"

Uslenore contains a Healing Ointment and 2 Life Potions ;)

BE WARNED that Barbarian Chieftains spawn periodically just outside the city
of Uslenore, and they WILL try and retake the city, so if you want to hold
it ?  You'd better heavily fortify it ;)

The Undead Spy Nith pops up periodically as you venture around the map - most
often when you're venturing near shops.  If you approach "The Mill" (a
merchant's shop to the west of your capital city), he pops up to tell you that
if you're looking for the outpost, there is an impassable mountainous wall
north of your present location, that has been sealed by Dwarven magic.  Nith
knows that there was once a key to bypass the seal, that was given to the
Elder Barbarian Tribes to open trade ... Hmmmmmmmmmm.  THANKS Nith :)  He's
a helpful little chappy.

Nith confirms that he will continue to scout out for the key, but that he
would SUPPOSE that Yorjagg - the Barbarian High Chief - would be guarding it.

For future reference, Nith may be helpful ?  But he's also a BIG time MOANER :(

NOTE : Barbarian High Chief Yorjagg resides in the City of Crawyk, in the
south-westernmost corner of the map

If you approach the City of Crawyk, Yorjagg calls out to mock you as you
approach.  Hahahahahaha little does he know it'll be US laughing when his head
is on a spike outside the soon-to-be UNDEAD City of Crawyk.  ONWARD !! =)

[Be warned before you enter the City of Crawyk, that Yorjagg is not only a
Level 12 Barbarian Chieftain, he is also warded -v- Mind Attacks ;)]

For your convenience, here are his stats :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Yorjagg       992 20+20  -   Mind  Great Claws    89   242  Wea   48  Adj  1

Yorjagg was holding a set of Skull Bracers, and once he is slain, Virimos
pops up to congratulate you, saying that without their Figurehead, the
Barbarians will be in a state of comparative shock, and unlikely to pose a
further threat to the Hordes.  UNFORTUNATELY, however, the location of the
key is still unknown.  One of the Barbarian Warriors in the city is
questioned, but he does not know anything about it.  Virimos threatens to
have him fed to the Zombies for his stupidity, whereupon he suddenly loses
his amnesia, and recalls that they DID have a key, but that it is inaccessible
as Dragons have nested in the city where it resides, and that they will not
let it go.

He ALSO tells you that the Tribes are no longer in trade with the Dwarves, so
it's actually of precious little use to you any way.

Virimos STILL has him fed to the Zombies.  GOD this Virimos guy is MEAN !!  :)

You will still have to stage another assault on the City of Crawyk if you
want to take it, as there are already units in the city ... and if you DO
take the City you will find a Life Potion, a Potion of Healing and a Potion
of Restoration sitting in it.

As you approach the Crippled Dome, Lich Queen Sheggrah pops up again to
warn you that whatever is INSIDE the Dome has been able to keep the Barbarians
away, so you should be prepared before you go in ... there are 2 Green Dragons
inside ;)  The Dragons are guarding the Runic Key ;)

Once taken, the Runic Key opens up a path through the Mountain Range that
occupies a vertical area to the north of your capital city, in between the
towers of Crossen and Omtus.  Virimos urges you to make haste ...

If you slay the small band of goblins outside the city of Bintonbrall,
the Ogre in the area sees you, screams at you and charges you !!  HIS unit
comprises :-

Ogre (5), 2 Orc Champions (5/5), 2 Goblin Archers (8/8)

Despatch these IMBECILES and move on.

If you take the City of Bintonbrall, an Orc Champion confirms (with his
dying breath I hope) that you are too ... strong ... *death sounds*.  BLESS !!

Bintonbrall contains 2 Life Potions and a Gold Ring.

The City of Tesqil about half-way up the map on the far western edge, is owned
by Count Crowley's Army, and is very well guarded by the Archmage Wermyn and
his cohorts ... Wermyn appears suitably shocked at your putting his army to
their deaths, and in the city you will find an Emerald and 2 Life Potions.

If you approach the Glinn Market, Nith will appear to tell you that it seems
odd to him that Demons are so close to the Empire ... he asks what you think.

He says he wouldn't stick around here too long, as he doesn't know what's
going on, but whatever it is, he doesn't like it (and then he disappears)

If you ransack Guttelbryk, Lich Queen Sheggrah pops up AGAIN to tell you that
she also thinks that it is strange that the Legions' Cohorts are not
attacking the Empire ... velly stllange ... =./

If you approach the City of Pickstall, the Wizard Tirumn calls out to you
begging you to stay away, saying that he has a curse to bear, and that any
interruption could unleash chaos ...

... well ... shall we leave him then ??

                                                    I ... think ... not !!

Once vanquished, Tirumn condemns you, saying that he can no longer control
"them", and that you are FOOLS ...

Buuuuuuuut he's dead, so who cares !! :)

"Them" are a bunch of Giant Black Spiders in the area that WILL go on a lil' 
rampage after  Tirumn dies, so we MIGHT have just made a rod for our own backs 
but HELLO ??  We're the Undead !!  WE CAN HANDLE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

The City of Pickstall contains a Healing Potion, a Life Potion and a Potion
of Restoration.

If you approach Swallow's Nest (the Merchants), our little friend Nith pops
up again to say that he's been waiting for you with the information Virimos
has requested.  He says that there is a small Clans outpost in the north,
and although it is close to the Dwarven Capital, it is nothing more than a
scouting point, with negligible defences.  THEN he starts to moan again.

Oh woe is meeeeeeee ... I'm deeeeeeeead ... and I smeeeeeeeell ... bla bla bla.

He does also intimate that you might able to bump into him at other places
of trade ... but you'd probably already noticed THAT little trend by now ??

Once you have stormed the Loriette, Lich Queen Sheggrah pipes up to ask why
it is that the undead warriors you have just encountered have seen fit to
disobey the will of Mortis ... this is all VERY strange =./  Of course, one 
MIGHT also ask why a corpse has the power to walk and talk, but hey !  Some 
things ya just accept, non ?? ;)

The City of Foreneth is ALSO owned by Count Crowley's Army.  It is protected
not only by the residents, but by a group of units that reside OUTSIDE the
city as well.  To conquer it you will have to fight through :-

1)  Defender of the Faith (1), 2 Man at Arms (12/12), Imperial Assassin (10)
2)  Defrym (Ranger - 14), Grand Inquisitor (10), 2 Inquisitors (3/3),
         Imperial Assassin (10)

Once it has fallen, Defrym calls out to you saying that he will die knowing
that he fought on the side of righteousness, and that Crowley will deal with
you soon enough.

Yeah ... right ......... WHATEVER !!!!!!!  BRING HIM ON is all I can say ...

The City of Foreneth contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Restoration.

The City of Wrenshire contains a Potion of Restoration and a Life Potion.

The City of Mullusbren (which you WILL be able to investigate after despatching
the LOSER Hollings and his followers) contains a Potion of Restoration, a
Potion of Protection and a Life Potion.

Unuo (the Level 12 Ranger) and his troops, who are just north-west of the City
of Mullusbren, are guarding a Diamond.

Juthrum (the Level 12 Archmage) and HIS troops, who are just to the north of
the City of Mullusbren, are guarding a Healing Ointment.

The City of Anubreyl (which you will find in the north-easternmost corner of
the map), contains a Healing Ointment, a Life Potion and a Fog of Death Scroll.

              ... Flicking across to the WEST of the map now ...

As you approach Fomdorr's Farm, Nith appears again to say that you are now
VERY close to your objective.  He tells you that you will travel through a
dense forest to the west, and then you will see the outpost.  He says that
it is a Tower, seated amidst the rubble of Mendros Mine.  Then he uses the
moment as ANOTHER opportunity to whine and bitch about himself ... poor lad.

As you begin to enter the Dwarven territory through the woods to the west of
Fomdorr's Farm, Virimos calls to you to hold back, saying that ONLY Prusheen's
Pack of Spirit Wolves must approach, or the plan will not succeed.  And
ONCE AGAIN he tells you to get your finger out and hurry up !

He's a bit ... impatient, isn't he !!

If you DON'T listen to him, and move a unit OTHER than Prusheen's Pack into
Dwarven turf ?  You will IMMEDIATELY lose the mission.

So !  Taking Prusheen's Pack ;) into the Dwarven Lands sparks off the
following little conversation :-

Prusheen's Pack   *pees on a bush and watches whilst the snow melts*
Outpost Scout     "OI!  Doggies a'comin !!  To yer stations boys"
Prusheen's Pack   "Oops !  Sorry 'bout that ... I'm not properly house-
                   trained yet ... but I bring a message !!  Your ... err ...
                   I mean OUR old boy Wotan has sent us here to ..."

[Enter Virimos, with train]

Virimos           "Ahahahaaaaar, you one-cal Dwarves will make a tasty snack,
                   Yarrrrrrrrr ..."
Prusheen's Pack   "Fear not, NOBLE Dwarves ... for we shall kick this cretan's
                   blubber butt for ye"


Now ... Virimos (who's ass I'm sure you've been just ITCHING to kick since he
took the place of our mate Prusheen and had him demoted to a DOG !!) and his
little pack is kinda a bit TOUGH for the poor pooches to tackle on their own.

Therefore I would suggest using spells to soften him up before you land the
killer blow ... or just use OTHER units to slay Virimos ;)

For your information, Virimos travels with 2 Initiates (1/1) and 2 Zombies
(2/2), and Virimos' Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Virimos (8)   325  0    Death  -   Drain Life     87    85  Dea   40  Any  6

ALSO please bear in mind that once you slay Virimos ?  The level ends.  So IF
you wanted to explore any further ?  You'll need to STAY running Virimos
through for now ;)

However ... PLEASE BE CAREFUL !!!  Even though you can walk units into
Dwarven Lands once you have received your new objective ?  Depending on which
squares they walk you CAN still lose the mission AND, given that there REALLY
isn't anything worth nabbing in the Dwarven area ?  I'd just kill Virimos and
be done with it ;)

Once Virimos has been slain, he blubs that he thought he was Mortis' chosen

Then the WHOOP-ASS Prusheen (still wearing his doggy costume) says ... you
were her chosen one !  Chosen to DIE like a little biatch ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAR

... woof woof woof ... bow wow wow ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

Virimos tries, with his dying breath, to warn the Dwarves that they are being
tricked, but Prusheen drop-kicks him in the nuts and he's out for the count.

Back to the conversation ;)

Outpost Captain   "Good lord !  It's true !  The spirits of Wotan are here !"
Prusheen's Pack   "YUP !  Zat's us matey !!  That PUNK Gallean and his elves
                   are musclin' in on yo' turf.  Wotan wanted that loser put
                   daaaaaaaaaan, but Mortis brought his butt back to life !!
                   Now it's PAYBACK time baby YEAH !!"

        ** Prusheen's Pack clears its throat and checks their paws **

Outpost Captain   "Goddammit !!  Well if that's what Wotan wants ?  That's
                   what Wotan's gonna git !!"
Prusheen's Pack   "Now listen very carefully, I shall say zees only once ..."

         Congratulations, you've just completed the first level !! =)


OPPONENTS	The Mountain Clans, Count Crowley's Forces



Name              Inhabitants

Uslenore          Tribe Leader (Barbarian Chieftain), 2 Barbarian Warriors,
                  Wolf, [2 Barbarian Warriors (1/5)]
Crawyk            Primitive Giant (10), Yorjagg (Barbarian Chieftain (12)),
                  Barbarian Chieftain (10), Barbarian Warrior (8), Spirit
                  Wolf (1), [2 Wolves, Barbarian Warrior (10)]
Bintonbrall       Orc Champion (10), Troll (7), Ogre (7), [2 Orc Champions
                  (6/5), Orc (6)]
Tesqil            Wermyn (Archmage (12)), White Wizard (10), Wizard (3),
                  2 Grand Inquisitors (4/4), Inquisitor (3), [2 Defenders
                  of the Faith (5/5), Imperial Priest (3)]
Pickstall         Tirumn (Wizard (1)), Giant Black Spider (1), [Giant Black
                  Spider (4)]
Wrenshire         Barbarian Chieftain, 2 Barbarian Warriors [2 Barbarian
Mullusbren        Hollings (Pegasus Knight (12)), 2 Holy Avengers (12/12),
                  Imperial Assassin (12), [2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Marksman (2)]
Anubreyl          White Wizard (12), 3 Paladins (4/4/4), [Knight (2),
                  Defender of the Faith (5)]


Name              Inhabitants

Triumous          [Dwarf, Tenderfoot, Axe Thrower, Mountaineer (3)]
Weschek           [Hill Giant]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Sissathell        3 Lizardmen (4/10/4), Medusa  430 Gp, Banner of Resistance.
Temple of
    Crawling Rot  2 Giant Spiders,
                      Giant Black Spider        320 Gp, Lizard Man Talisman
Glear's Crown     2 Giant Spiders (1/5)         224 Gp, Call to Arms Scroll
The Crippled
         Dome     2 Green Dragons (6/6)         499 Gp, Runic Key
Guttelbryk        Demon Lord (4), 2 Anti-
                      Paladins (3/3), 2
                      Succubii (4/4)            270 Gp, Tome of Sorcery
Loriette          3 Ghouls (6/8/6)              194 Gp, Boots of Speed
Fulcrus           Ogre (1), Orc (1)             347 Gp, Staff of Paralyzing
Crossen           Troll (1), Orc (1)            345 Gp, Runic Blade
Omtus             Hermit (10), 2 Veterans (3),
                      Flame Caster (10)         1,415 Gp, Vampire Orb
Mendros Mine      Peasant (1)                   100 Gp, Talisman of Healing


Event             Notes

ATTAAAAAACK !!    Your Capital City is surrounded by Barbarians !  DEFEND IT !!
POOCHYLICIOUS !   After learning that the Barbarians are able to transform
                  into Spirit Wolves through the Talismans they carry, Virimos
                  is directed by Mortis to transform Prusheen into a Spirit
                  Wolf and send him to meet with the Mountain Clans, where he
                  is to convince them that he has been sent from Wotan to lead
                  them against the Elves !!
KILL ZEM !!       Virimos arrives to set the scene for the Dwarves, and
                  Prusheen beats that bitch daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan =D

Potion of Speed, 2 x Diamonds, Highfather's Potion, Terror Scroll, Royal
Scepter, Potion of Might, 2 x Potion of Restoration, 5 x Life Potion, Potion
of Swiftness, Potion of Accuracy, Orb of Restoration, Imperial Crown, Potion
of Water Warding, Potion of Healing, Treebark Potion, Summon: Nightmare Scroll,
Ancient Relic, Potion of Protection, Healing Ointment, 2 x Rubies, Potion of
Invulnerability, Orb of Lycanthropy, 2 x Sapphires, Potion of Striking, Lich
Orb, Venerable Warrior Orb, Paraseus Scroll, Potion of Vigor, Quicksilver
Potion, Iron Skin Potion.

3 x Potion of Restoration, 5 x Potion of Healing, 5 x Life Potion.


Name                          Sells

The Mill (Merchant)           Life Potion x 15, Potion of Restoration x 15,
                              Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Vigor x 1,
                              Winds of Restoration Scroll x 1, Healing
                              Ointment x 13
Preldinn's Camp (Mercenary)   Imperial Assassin (Level 10 - 680 Gp), Man at
                              Arms (Level 10 - 95 Gp), Spearman (Level 10 -
                              570 Gp)
Glinn Market (Merchant)       Tome of Fire x 1, Life Potion x 3, Healing
                              Ointment x 1, Potion of Restoration x 3, Potion
                              of Healing x 1, Potion of Accuracy x 1,
                              Forestwalk Scroll x 1, Rust Scroll x 1, Weakness
                              Scroll x 1
Tower of Dark Arts (Magic)    Call Decay Dragon (600 Gp), Rot (800 Gp),
                              Damage Ward (1,000 Gp), Menta Potens (600 Gp),
                              Ignis Potens (1,200 Gp), Projicere Terra (800
Swallow's Nest (Merchant)     Potion of Protection x 1, Potion of Restoration
                              x 19, Highfather's Potion x 1, Life Potion x 8,
                              Zombie Orb x 1, Orc Talisman x 1, Banner of
                              Speed x 1, Healing Ointment x 10
The Ring (Trainer)                   --> Train your Units here !! <--
Glimmerspyre (Magic Shop)     Haste (400 Gp), Chain Lightning (900 Gp),
                              Tempest (600 Gp), Ice Spirits (1,200 Gp),
                              Maledicere (900 Gp), Chronos Major (1,200 Gp)
Fomdorr's Farm (Merchant)     Life Potion x 14, Potion of Restoration x 8,
                              Potion of Strength x 1, Orb of Poison x 1,
                              Staff of Celerity x 1, Healing Ointment x 14


Mortis' Pooch-patrol were a raging hit !  After having played upon the easy-
going nature of the Dwarves, Mortis had them touring Nevendaar doing small 
fetes, kids' shows and ... oh wait ... that's another story ... *blush*.

Basically Mortis revelled (there's that word again) in her having so easily
swayed the Dwarves to fight in her cause against the Elves, and can now move 
on to Phase 2 of her Master Plan ...


2)	A Voice Silenced


Mortis had shown the Dwarves how to use their Runic Magic to open a portal
directly to the Heavens for communion with the Gods.  The Clans, under the
mistaken impression that Wotan wished to commune with them directly, rapidly
set about preparing the ritual.

Mortis then turned her attention to stage 2 of her plan.  She had come to
hear of the Elven Prophet Lachla'an, who had arisen to spread the word of
Gallean since the God's return to Nevendaar.  Since Lachla'an was Gallean's
chosen avatar, Mortis immediately focused her attention on him as a key
target in her forthcoming schemes.

Despatching her Hordes to retrieve Lachla'an, Mortis prepared her OWN little
ceremony ... one that would strike at Gallean where it hurt the most ...

... and now we take you LIVE to the gamezone !!!!!!!!

Your objective on this SECOND mission is to find, and slay, Gallean's Prophet

Now ... let me remind you of something.  There are only THREE levels in total 
in the Undead Hordes Expansion Pack ... 'nuff said (this is going to be

The level begins with Wraith Prusheen (once again, the big boss man), saying
that Mortis has spoken with him (not that she had THAT much choice since
we just SLEW her new number one) *picks nails and wobbles head from side to
side a little*, but there we go !!

Apparently the Dwarves have fallen for your little scheme in the First Mission
hook, line and sinker, and are now busy preparing the ritual for communion
with Wotan.  However, as we are now aware, Gallean has sent an avatar to speak
with HIS people - the Elves - and Mortis wants this avatar for her own

Lich Queen Sheggrah pipes up "Look !  We're being watched !!"

Sure enough, a Rune Master named Grumdull and a Valkyrie called Jensina are
right outside your Capital City, WATCHING YOU !!  Grumdull calls out for the
Valkyrie to FLY like the clappers so they can tell their Queen about your new
plans ...

Before Sheggrah can say "Bugger !!", they have flown off !!  Grumdull and
Jensina heading due East, and a Mountain Clans Thief that I hadn't noticed
to begin with, scarpers off heading north-east.

FORTUNATELY a Deathdragon materialises in the path of the Thief, so we should
just focus our attentions on the Rune Master and Valkyrie, otherwise they
will surely go back to their capital and give us away !!

Well ... that's the IDEA anyway ... to be honest with you on my first try I
let them go ?  And they perished at the hands of units just outside Floriss,
having kept our location a secret ALL the way ... hahahahaha

NOTE : Your Capital City is in the south-western corner of the map.

If I were you, I would send out your leader and units to kill the Rune Warrior
and the Valkyrie ASAP, otherwise they'll scatter ...

... I would also slay the Thief with the Deathdragon IMMEDIATELY.

For your reference, Grumdull and Jensina have the following Stats :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Grumdull (5)  300  0     -     -   (2x)Axe        85    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
Jensina (1)   250  0     -     -   Ice Storm      80    55  Wat   60  Any  6

Sheggrah asks of Nith whether he has yet found out the location of this Elf
Messiah ... Nith replies that he wasn't able to reach Lachla'an, as whilst
he passed unnoticed through the Greenskins' Lands, he came upon a group of
Giants, circling some ... thing ... something that the Giants are possessed
by, but that they don't understand ... something that calls to our little
baby Nith !!

... and then he disappears ... no forwarding address, no phone number, no
nothing ... :(

     How rude !! :(

Prusheen points out that with Nith GONE, a new spy will need to be sent to
keep an eye on the Dwarves.  Silt steps out of the shadows, and offers to
go and take Nith's place.

If you sack the City of Platonne, Sheggrah appears to tell you that the
inhabitants were guarding an orb she has found, but obviously they did not
know how to use it (she is referring to an Orb of Life which is located in
the city, together with a Life Potion and a Potion of Restoration).

If you ransack Chuska, Sheggrah appears to ask what it was that you just
fought.  Prusheen advises that it was a Manticore - an abomination, and
remarks that he was unaware that there were still conjurers about that were
capable of summoning them ... =./  There are.  Trust me, there are ;)

Moving towards the north-west ...

As you approach the City of Nelom, Sheggrah appears to tell you that the
island upon which the City resides was recently captured by Orc Raiders ...
furthermore, it is said that a fierce Orc King led the assault, and it is
MOST likely that he still occupies the city ... therefore whilst it may be
dangerous, it is HIGHLY likely that there is something of value within the

Aaaaaaaaaaand she's KINDA right ... the Orc King and his cronies ARE a pain
in the bum to defeat, but to be honest ?  The spoils of war he's hiding are
kinda pap - an Emerald and a Gold Ring ??  Paleeeeeeeeze.

If you head up into the very north-westernmost corner of the map you will
start to engage the units of King Olbrett in combat and, if you choose to go
as far north as his city of Torkshire, you will engage King Olbrett HIMSELF
on the battlefield.  For your convenience, his stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Olbrett (15) 700 30+9   -     -    War Hammer     89   235  Wea   50  Adj  1

King Olbrett fights alongside 2 Ice Giants (3/3) and an Archdruidess (4)

As you occupy Olbrett's City of Torkshire, Prusheen smirks and remarks how
ironic it is that with every Dwarf that you slay, their resolve to serve
Mortis in the mistaken belief that they are approaching their ceremony with
Wotan, is strengthened !!  And THAT'S kickin your @ss !!  ;)

As you approach Fellsnor, Sheggrah appears to advise you that whilst the
ruins may be covered in ice, something is stirring inside, and it will take
your army quite a while to make it through.  Fellsnor houses a White Dragon.
Once the dragon has been slain, you are given Mjolnir's Crown ...

... Sheggrah points out that the etchings on the crown state that the wearer 
will lapse into fits of rage when enemies are near ... and that the Hordes CAN 
use it, even though it is a Dwarven artifact of legend ... hehehe

To the south-east of Fellsnor (or to the north of Cug Gurr, depending on
which way you look at it) is the "thing" that had transfixed our poor little
Nith ... it is a whirlpool guarded VERY well by a load of giants.  The units
"protecting" (for want of a better word) this whirlpool are as follows :-

1)  Elder One (16), Tempest Giant (3), Son of Ymir (4)
2)  Hill Giant (10), 2 Rock Giants (2/2)
3)  2 Rock Giants (15/2)

As you approach the whirlpool, a Grave Golem pops up and says (and I'm going
to quote this bit as it makes NO sense to me) :-

"... something up there ... something unliving, like us ... you can join us
... we need you ..."

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ... word of advice for ya bub ... ya
MIIIIIIIGHT like to work on the recruitment speech a bit there ..........
... 'COZ IT SUCKS !!!!!!

I mean HELLO ??  Anyhow ... our beloved Nith then appears and tells you to
back away ... to which Prusheen says "it's ok, let him go - Mortis has ok'd
it ... and Nith then disappears (I presume sacrificing himself to the Grave
Golem) who, thus appeased, says "... free ... I return soon ... I return to
serve my mother ..."

The City of Cuffold is also here, and it too houses giants, so BE CAREFUL !!

Once Cuffold has fallen, Sheggrah (who seems to have a LOT to say for herself
this time around doesn't she boys and girls), comments as to the fact that
whatever lies at the bottom of the pool must surely have GREAT power to have
bewitched the Giants into acting like savages ...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... *Sinister scratches his chin*

Cuffold contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Healing.

Flicking over to the far Eastern side of the map now (because the route I
travelled (as you can tell) brought me SOUTH through the whirlpool to the
southern edge of the map, then to the south-easternmost corner, and then
north [don't ask) ;)], as you approach Abumdus, Sheggrah, GUIDE to the Stars,
shows up YET AGAIN with her insightful insider information ... she says ...

"Aye !  Looks like there be DEMONS on these lands ..."


*bangs head into desk repeatedly in AMAZEMENT at her perceptive abilities*
   *Pauses for a moment to think about switching to play the Empire*
         *Goes back to playing his BELOVED Undead Hordes*

NOTE : Capture AND HOLD the City of Meriver - its importance will be understood

Ok ... NOW (sorry for @rsing you around on this level) I'm going to head
south-west of Abumdus to conquer the city of Drusslen ... WHICH, by the way,
holds two Life Potions.  Mmmmmmmm looooooovely.


As you approach the Halls of Skeld, Sheggrah gripes that the heat of the land
is singing her flesh, and that something powerful is DEFINITELY akip in the
Halls [it's a Level 6 Red Dragon] ;)

Once the Dragon has been despatched, Sheggrah marvels at the Wight Blade that
you find in the Halls, saying that she can't wait to test it on living flesh.

     Kinky !!!!!!!!!!!! =O

To the west of the Halls of Skeld is a little human enclave ... SMITE THEM !!

     :) :) :) :) :)

As you approach the Old Courthouse (which is actually a restaurant on my
island - just a bit of trivia there) *blush*, a Phantom Warrior speaks to you,
saying "Who approachessss?  Could it be that Crowley hasss sssent hisss
judgesss back to usss for their own trial?  Your victimsss are ready to judge

Q.  Just as a quick aside ... WHY oh WHY do ALL my undead warriors have really
BAD speech impediments ???  They've either got CHRONIC lisps or just love
talking like snakes or SOMETHING.  But I see NO tongues on ANY of their
portraits !!  This is MOST puzzling !!

Once you have levelled the Old Courthouse, Wraith Prusheen confirms that the
shoulds entrapped therein were too confused to join your army, as most of
them were innocents, slain by Crowley's Witch Hunters during trials he must
have staged ...

It would appear that an audience with this ... Crowley ... is in order !! :)

Once you have sacked the nearby city of Wesbent, Sheggrah comments that this
new sect of the Empire seem considerably more fanatical than the others ...
they seem to hurl themselves into combat without any REAL appreciation of
... tactics !!  Basically !!  :)

As you enter the area to the north of the Halls of Skeld, a nearby Elven
unit spots you, sounds the alarm for his Elven brothers, and then charges you.

His unit comprises :- Forest Elf (15), 2 Centaur Lancers (18/18), Oracle Elf
(18), 2 Elf Rangers (17/17)

If you claim the City of Umbens, Wraith Prusheen states that nobody has yet
confirmed the location of the Elven Prophet you seek ... and that the Elves
will not even tell you where he is when you slay their loved ones !

Must be a BIIIIIIIG secret then eh !! =(

It's ok - I'll tell you - he's in the north-eastern corner of the map ;)

Hokay ... so having cleansed the Elven area, I looped south and then west and
then north again - i.e. BACK to the whirlpool from which I travelled east.

The city of Hegrinsburg contains a pair of Boots of the Elements (my favourite
boots I have to say ...), and it's not FABULOUSLY well guarded, so you might
consider it worth looting ??

Yes ?  Maybe ??  *Dangles shiny objects in front of you* Preeeshusssssss ????

As you approach Yarlenn, Sheggrah says that the wind is becoming intolerable
in the area ... shapes are moving in the centre of the maelstrom, and she
has no idea what magic causing it ... she ALSO comments that the Empire seem
to be fighting amongst themselves, which is of course working to your
advantage ... they haven't a Scooby Doo what you're up to it would appear.

     Nyuk nyuk.

Once Yarlenn has been destroyed, Sheggrah confirms that the rather IRKSOME
Air Elementals that were spilling forth from it, will no longer be a problem.

     Yey !! :)

Now ... BEFORE you go to the Artisan's Circle on a shopping expedition, I
would personally suggest falling back to the city of Hegrinsburg, and then
venturing north and west past the Empire Capital City, to take the City of

NOTE : Capture AND HOLD the City of Greenbillows - all will become apparent ;)

Now that you've captured AND ARE HOLDING the Cities of Meriver and Greenbillows
you may venture due EAST of the Empire Capital City, and into the End Game for
this level ;)

As you approach the north-easternmost corner of the map, Lachla'an FINALLY
chooses to show himself ... he materialises in the north-eastern corner, and
starts the following dialogue :-

LACHLA'AN : "Bizarro dude !  I totally knew all this death was happenin' ?
             But I like ... TOOOOTALLY didn't think Mortis was behind it ...
             ... y'know ??"

(Enter Gulmuskae with additional heads)

GULMUSKAE : "You TIT !!  It's not Mortis that you need to worry about"
LACHLA'AN : "What the ..." *reaches for his glock in slo-mo, but is just tooo

(Gulmuskae kills Lachla'an with a Sinestra Ignis Spell)

SHEGGRAH :  "You IIIIIIDIOTS !  Mortis wanted US to kill Lachla'an !!!!!"
PRUSHEEN :  "You FOOL.  She doesn't give two hoots who KILLS him ... she just
             wants his bits for her broth !!"
SHEGGRAH :  "Then QUICKLY !!  Grab the bits !!!!"

NEW OBJECTIVE : Retrieve Lachla'an's Bits from Gulmuskae, Kremnimus and

HOKAY.  NOW it's time for me to explain.

I suggested that you hold the cities of Meriver and Greenbillows because ...
OH LOOK !!  Esremerios has materialised just south of Meriver, and Kremnimus
is RIGHT outside Greenbillows.  If you have held the cities, you will make
the battles against these Fiends considerably easier on yourselves, as you
can (ideally) retreat to the Cities for a quick heal before going back into
the fray ... because they are TOUGH little cookies ...

     ... kinda like the cookies I bake ... *ponders* ... lol

So ... you can kill the three warlords in whatever order you wish, but before
I did I went and finished exploring the level for you ...

(Skip this bit and go to "RECOVERING LACHLA'AN'S BITS" if you wanna end the
level asap)

Still with me eh ??  Ok !  ONWARD !! :)

The Lost Temple in the very north-easternmost corner of the map contains a
solitary peasant, and is therefore not really worth bothering about, but
for the sake of completeness ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND so we move toooooo ?

                         RECOVERING LACHLA'AN'S BITS

GULMUSKAE is located to the west of Lachla'an's torched butt ... his unit,
which WILL attack you if you move too close to it, comprises :-

Gulmuskae (Abyssal Demon - 18), 2 Beasts (4/4)

Gulmuskae's Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Gulmuskae   1,380  0     -     -   Inf Bl/Petr  89/49  300  We/Mi 40  Adj  1


     ... and Gulmuskae is holding Lachla'an's "still beating" Heart.

KREMNIMUS is located just outside of the City of Greenbillows.  NOW.  BE
VERY CAREFUL when you approach him as, like Gulmuskae and Esremerios, he WILL
attack you if you get too close ... and you DON'T want him to block your path
to the City of Greenbillows just in case you need to fall back now DO you
sunshine ?? ;)  Attack him from the south ;)

His unit comprises :-

Kremnimus (Onyx Gargoyle - 18), 2 Infernal Knights (16/16), 2 Succubii (16/16)

Kremnimus' Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Kremnimus     385 65+9   -   Mind  Onyx Shards    89   198   Wea  60  Any  1


     ... and Kremnimus is holding Lachla'an's Body.

Finally, ESREMERIOS is located to the south of the City of Meriver, and his
unit comprises :-

Esremerios (Tiamath - 18), Fiend (16), Overlord (15)

Esremerios' Stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Esremerios  1,145  0     -     -   Slash/Low Dm 89/89  230  We/Mi 20  Any  6


     ... Esremerios holds Lachla'an's Head

Just to recap, I have reproduced the stats of ALL THREE Warlords below :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Gulmuskae   1,380  0     -     -   Inf Bl/Petr  89/49  300  We/Mi 40  Adj  1
Kremnimus     385 65+9   -   Mind  Onyx Shards    89   198   Wea  60  Any  1
Esremerios  1,145  0     -     -   Slash/Low Dm 89/89  230  We/Mi 20  Any  6


Mortis reveals to Prusheen that he must bring the remnants of Lachla'an's
Body to her for the ritual.  A Warlock acts as an intermediary between them,
confirming that some of the other limbs have been lost from the body as the
Demons were not very careful with it ...

Prusheen says that won't be a problem, and offers the Warlock an Elf Lord to
serve as a replacement donor for the limbs that were lost.

NOTE : That's a Forest Elf portrait I believe, not an Elf Lord ... just FYI ...

Once the relevant bits have been removed from the Elf Lord and attached to
Lachla'an's Corpse, the ritual is ready to begin ...

... it goes SWIMMINGLY well, and our little Lachla'an LIIIIIIIIIIIIVES !!

   ... as ... DARK ELF LACHLA'AN ...

His first words are a cry to Mortis to help him "stop the pain" ...

... I know mate ... I know ... I too would have a SPLITTER of a headache after
all you've been through ... here ... have a couplea panadols ...

   ... theeeeeeeere ya go ...

      CONGRATULATIONS !!  You've just completed the second mission !! :)


OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Empire, Clan of Olbrett, Count Crowley's 



Name              Inhabitants

Platonne          3 Lizard Men (1/16/1), Medusa (1), [Lizard Man (10), Medusa]
Cug Gurr          Troll (15), 2 Orc Champions (10/10), 2 Goblin Archers
                  (15/10), [Ogre (15)]
Nelom             Orc King (10), 2 Ogres (9/10), Goblin Archer (10), [Orc (10),
                  Orc Champion (10)]
Cuffold           Elder One (10), 2 Tempest Giants (3/3), [2 Rock Giants (2/2)]
Meriver           White Wizard (1), 2 Man at Arms (5/5)
Wesbent           Holy Avenger (15), 2 Knights (2/2), White Wizard (10), 2
                  Wizards (3/3), [3 Imperial Assassins (3/3/3)]
Umbens            Forest Elf (10), Elf Lord (15), 2 Griffins (10/10), [2
                  Centaur Lancers (15/15), 2 Centaurs (15/15)]
Hegrinsburg       Barbarian Chieftain (10), 2 Barbarian Warriors (10/10),


Torkshire         Yeti (10), Dagaric (King's Guard (15)), Venerable Warrior
                  (4), [Son of Ymir (10), Ice Giant (3)]


Name              Inhabitants

Drusslen          [2 Ghouls (10/10)]


Name              Inhabitants

Greenbillows      [White Wizard (4), 2 Angels (4/4)]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Haellos           Troll (10)                    452 Gp, Psalm of Death Scroll
Chuska            Manticore (8)                 1,020 Gp, Winds of Travel
Fellsnor          White Dragon (15)             580 Gp, Mjolnir's Crown
St. Awmsly        2 Giant Spiders (10/13)       600 Gp, Potion of Accuracy
Kelbrilk          Angel (4), Holy Avenger (5)   440 Gp, Elder Vampire Orb
Abumdus           2 Fiends (12/15)              660 Gp, Staff of Tempest
Halls of Skeld    Red Dragon (6)                1,030 Gp, Wight Blade
Old Courthouse    Phantom Warrior (15),
                  2 Skeleton Warriors (3/3),
                  2 Ghosts (1/1)                753 Gp, Tome of Earth
Yarlenn           2 Elementalists (18/18)
                  4 Air Elementals (2x16, 2x15) 365 Gp, Sapphire
Floriss           3 Griffins (17/15/15)         220 Gp, Potion of Fortune
Lost Temple       Peasant (1)                   100 Gp


Event             Notes

TRICKSEY !!!      We're being spied upon by a Dwarf and a Valkyrie ! KILL 'EM !
Pwetty Swirls     Poor Nith succumbs to the temptation to go swimming :(
The Messiah       Lachla'an makes a grand entrance ... and exit ... in pieces.

Banner of Might, Potion of Swiftness, 5 x Life Potion, Major Healing Scroll,
Potion of Strength, 5 x Potion of Restoration, Talisman of Stone Rain, Emerald,
Haste Scroll, Potion of Invulnerability, Sybil's Vision Scroll, Talisman of
Nosferat, Potion of Protection, Orb of Lycanthropy, 2 x Healing Ointment,
Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Elf Lord Orb, Divis Nocte Scroll, Tormentio Scroll,
Potion of Air Warding, Orb of Regeneration, Ancient Relic, Royal Scepter,
Quicksilver Potion, Imperial Crown, Spirit Staff.



Name                          Sells

Lemn's Supplies (Merchant)    Life Potion x 16, Potion of Restoration x 14,
                              Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Vigor x 1,
                              Healing Ointment x 11, Potion of Healing x 13
Lair of Gillows (Magic Shop)  Sanctuera (600 Gp), Paraseus (600 Gp),
                              Maledicere (900 Gp), Ignis Carn (400 Gp),
                              Tortio Menta (800 Gp), Rot (800 Gp)
The Gauntlet (Trainer)               --> Train your Units here !! <--
Collswurth's Crook (Merchant) Orb of Icefall, Life Potion x 15, Healing
                              Ointment x 14, Incantare Hellhound Scroll x 1,
                              Summon Roc Scroll x 1, Summon Skeleton Scroll x
                              1, Ymir's Blessing Scroll x 1
Har's Goods (Merchant)        Skeleton Champion Talisman x 1, Talisman of
                              Thunder x 1, Talisman of Elder Vampires x 1,
                              Life Potion x 15, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion
                              of Restoration x 15
Gheldimir's Grounds (Merc)    Ghoul (Level 10 - 285 Gp)
Bregg's Grounds (Trainer)            --> Train your Units here !! <--
The Bazaar (Merchant)         Infernal Knight Orb x 1, Lich Orb x 1, Orc Orb
                              x 1, Orb of Poison x 1, Orb of Fire x 1, Life
                              Potion x 15, Potion of Restoration x 17, Potion
                              of Celerity x 4, Healing Ointment x 11
The Academy (Magic Shop)      Wrath of God (600 Gp), Highfather's Blessing
                              (1,200 Gp), Mind Ward (600 Gp), Chant of Hasting
                              (600 Gp - SINISTER RECOMMENDS !!), Hymn of the
                              Clans (400 Gp)
Artisan's Circle              Life Potion x 18, Potion of Healing x 17, Titan's
                              Might Potion x 1, Imp Talisman x 1, Incubus
                              Talisman x 1, Healing Ointment x 11


Even though Lachla'an had fallen to the warriors of the Legions and NOT the
Hordes, this was but a minor set-back for Mortis, who was able to pick up the
pieces (LITERALLY !!) and reconstruct Lachla'an into her OWN Dark Avatar.


3)	The Fulcrum


... and so the Dark Elf Lachla'an was born ... a corrupt and twisted mix of
his father's beautiful Elves, and his mother's Undead children, he was filled
with HATRED of Gallean, and Mortis chose him to lead her armies upon Gallean's
remaining forces, in mockery of Gallean's "Return" to Nevendaar.

Meanwhile, the Dwarves had almost completed preparations for their Ceremony
to contact the Gods ... whilst they were still of the belief that Wotan would
soon be speaking to them, the Hordes were preparing to bastardise the ritual
in THEIR favour.

   Soon Gallean would PAY for his treachery ...

      ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back !!

This third AND FINAL (sniff sniff) level in the Undead Hordes Expansion Pack
kicks off with an Elf Lord and a bunch of his cronies arriving at YOUR
Capital City to DEMAND ... yes that's right friends D-E-M-A-N-D the return of
Lachla'an's remains ...

       *six hours later Sinister stops laughing his butt off*

          *Claps his hands*

             Righty-ho ... who's first to die then ?

Ooh !  Dark Elf Lachla'an steps up to tell the Elven Lords not to worry, and
that he is perfectly fine, as they can see ...

He then casts a Mortis' Venom spell on the centre of the group, and wipes out
FIVE UNITS of Elf Lords (and GOD knows whoever else they were with !!)

OOOOOOOOOH yeah baby ... I like him ALREADY !! He's NAAAASTY :)

The two units of Elf Lords that Dark Elf Lachla'an failed to kill fleeeeeee
for their lives ... as well they should ... and Prusheen then speaks up,
saying that you must bring Lachla'an to the Dwarven Ceremony, there he will
speak with his Father Gallean.  Prusheen expects the results to be most ...
... interesting ...

For those of you that HAVEN'T quite got the gist yet ?  Sheggrah (bless her)
explains a bit further ... see, the Dwarven Ceremony WILL work ... so they
COULD communicate with Wotan if they really WANTED to ... but Mortis plans
to take over their ceremony, and use THEIR runic magic to draw upon Gallean
instead of Wotan ... thereby allowing his Son, Dark Elf Lachla'an, to have
a good old chinwag with his pops.

   WOOHOO !! :)

      I LOOOOOOVE family reunions.

There's just one SNAG to this plan, as Prusheen points out ... and that is
that the Dwarven Loremasters have already begun their rituals to ensure that
the Ceremony is NOT interrupted - i.e. they are trying to establish some sort
of forcefield to keep out unwanted intruders.  Therefore you must take
whatever forces you have, seek out the THREE points where the Loremasters
are establishing their forcefields, and WIPE THEM OUT.

NEW OBJECTIVE : Locate three druid rings and slay all of the Loremasters and
Hermits surrounding them.

Let's GO !! :) :)

Ok ok ok let's have a look here ...

*selects Dark Elf Lachla'an's Party and enters the Party Screen*
*right-clicks on Dark Elf Lachla'an to see what all the fuss is about*

                 Oh ...

                      My ...

                           GOD !!!!!!!!!!

                                2,000 Hit Points !!!!!!!!!!! =O =O =O

                                     Are they INSANE ?????

Hokay ... QUICK tips on how to play using Dark Elf Lachla'an.

1)  Keep him in the back row.
2)  DO NOT place any extra units in his party. He can MORE than cope on his own.

Now ... before we get REALLY stuck into this level ?  There are just TWO
things I don't like about Dark Elf Lachla'an ...

1)  He doesn't move very fast, and he doesn't have the ability to wear boots 
    to bump up his movement rate
2)  When he moves ?  Ok ... ever watched Back to the Future II ?  Remember 
    those little hoverboard things ?  When Dark Elf Lachla'an moves he looks 
    like he's either floating along on one of those hoverboards ... or he's 
    sliding along a trail of green ooze ... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW =(

But APART from those two things he's ABSOLUTELY nails.

As my best mate would say ?  "He's the boy !!"

So !  Marching El Diablo onward, we come upon the City of Felltrot.  Within
mere SECONDS it will fall to the might of Dark Elf Lachla'an (or your own
army should you prefer to send them in to do battle in his stead), and a
Centaur BOLDLY trots out to insult you, saying "Do you REALLY think that
taking our lives will save you from Gallean's Justice ?"

NO you IDIOT !  I think that it will ENTERTAIN me until he GETS here !!

BOYS !  KILL these fools.  Bwahahahahaaaaaaaar.

((( I like Dark Elf Lachla'an's Put-down ... nice one my son !! )))

Felltrot houses a Life Potion and 2 Potions of Restoration, should you need

Wraith Prusheen raises Eledrene and Grewpaw (remember him ?) to wreak further 
havok across the land.  They spawn in the cemetary near Ariens and, for your 
convenience, their stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Eledrene      190  0   Death   -   Paralyze       79     0  Mind  20  Any  1
Greypaw       170  0   Death   -   Slash          80    50  Wea   50  Adj  1


The City of Ariens lies to the east of Felltrot, along the northernmost edge
of the map, and is heavily guarded by Elves.  The City houses 2 Life Potions.

The City of Chellingvale (further east along the northern border of the map)
contains a Potion of Accuracy.

                                 THE FIRST RUNE

The FIRST of your THREE Dwarven Forcefield Runes is in the north-easternmost
corner of the map.  It is protected by the following units, ALL of whom you
must destroy in order to deactivate the forcefield :-

1)  Skymine (Loremaster - 20), Flame Caster (18), 2 Forge Guardians (18/18),
    2 Rune Masters (20/18)
2)  Sevendusk (Loremaster - 15), 2 Flame Casters (18/18), Mountaineer (3),
    2 Forge Guardians (18/18)
3)  Cragwell (Loremaster - 20), 2 Flame Casters (18/18), Dwarf King (16),
    2 Venerable Warriors (4/4)

Once they have all fallen, the forcefield rune will be deactivated.

Next, head back to the City of Chellingvale and turn south.

Wrenhollow is a Barbarian City that is quite well guarded ... and whilst it
DOES contain 2 Life Potions and 2 Potions of Restoration, the hassle-factor
involved in taking it might make it a bit of a waste of time ... I guess it 
all depends on your technique ;)

If you take Moldsend, one of the trolls that inhabits it barks out at you
"We only wanted food ... but our food fought back !!" ... how CUTE !!!!!!! :)

That's right !!  We MAY be boney, but we AREN'T toothpicks my boy !!!!!!!!

As you approach the Necromancer standing outside Dorbuss, he appears, then
eyes you up and says "So ... you've finally found us ... isn't is a kick in
the nuts to know that we've chosen NOT to serve your Goddess ??  Gallean
dumped her, and SO have we.  You're pathetic ... and now I shall show you
my Iron Claw Technique !  HWAAAAAA !!"

   Slay him and dump the body ;)

The City of Elgrimmis is HEAVILY surrounded by Greenskins, and not surprisingly
really, as it houses an Orc King and his boys ...

... taking this City WILL be a challenge, so be prepared ... and once it has
fallen you will only get the 2 Potions of Restoration and 1 Life Potion that
are contained within its walls ... =./

   Bummer ...

Head due WEST of the City of Elgrimmis, to reach the Dwarven Capital City.

                                THE SECOND RUNE

The SECOND runic forcefield generator is there, protected by the following :-

1)  Greyhelm (Loremaster - 16), Son of Ymir (4), Rune Master (5)
2)  Springfrost (Loremaster - 15), 2 Crossbowmen (2), Veteran (3), Warrior (2)
3)  Grimpeak (Hermit - 15), Alchemist (3), Warrior (2), 2 Spirits of Fenrir (1)

Once these units have all been despatched, you will have closed the SECOND
Runic Forcefield Generator.

TEARING off to the west through Frillocks (what a pretty name), the ENTIRE
army of the Undead Hordes flips the bird at the sole Primitive Giant that says
they "sting"

... sting ??  Excuse me ... STING ???  We are the FRICKIN UNDEAD Sonny Jim !


As you venture southwards from Frillocks, you will find the City of Hulcae,
and further south of that, the Halls of Solare - a VERY powerful Magical
Shop, protected by a trio of VERY powerful Mage Units that WILL attack you
if you venture too close, so BE CAREFUL !!!  Sheggrah will remind you of this
as you draw near ;)

For your information, the mega-mage units comprise :-

1)  White Wizard (16), 2 Wizards (3/3), Grand Inquisitor (17)
2)  Wizard (17), 2 Imperial Assassins (17/17), Defender of the Faith (15)
3)  3 White Wizards (16/4/4), Grand Inquisitor (17), Man at Arms (15)

As you enter the Halls, a White Wizard stops you to say that he doesn't know 
HOW you managed to get that far, but in accordance with their rules, he will 
serve you.

Now ... I would suggest that you stock up on the following spells :-

                      Armageddon and Ancestor's Call

You might like to purchase more, but I would place an emphasis on spells that 
damage, and do NOT do DEATH damage, AND spells that either improve YOUR combat 
abilities, or weaken those of your opponents.  You'll see why later ...

To the south of the Halls is the Whippery, and to the south of the Whippery is
the City of Iolle, which contains a Life Potion and a Titan's Might Potion.

On the southernmost edge of the map is the City of Serelii (which I'm sure
they DIDN'T mean to make sound like the desert range, but accidents do happen).
It contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Healing.

I then chose to move to the northernmost edge of the map and work my way 
down through the centre ... Ariens has already fallen to our MIGHT ... and 
we are familiar with the Ivybraid's shop ... so let's see what else we have 
here ... hmmmmmmmmm ... ah yes !!

Werminor houses some Lizard Man nasties and a Medusa, who attempts to turn 
you to stone as Werminor crumbles around her ears ... stupid moo ...

As you move further south and approach Croshweyn, Sheggrah comes up to tell 
you that something GIGANTIC is moving about inside the ruins ... sounds like 
the house might be a'rockin !! ;)  LET'S GATECRASH !!!!! =)  Sheggrah thinks 
this is a bad idea ... but what would SHE know ??

*opens the door*
   *sound of screeching brakes*
      *Note to Me : Next time ?  LISTEN TO SHEGGRAH*

There are two BLUE Dragons in Croshweyn ... and it contains 100 Gp and an 
Unholy Dagger =./  Which causes a Blue Dragon to snap at you, saying that in 
attacking them you are merely ensuring the downfall of your own race ...

   Yeah right ... but ... didn't we just KICK your BUTT ???????

      I thought so !! :)

The City of Brollinbrooks is home to several Manticores, and the Demonologist 
that summoned them ... once he has been slain and the City is in YOUR hands, 
he cries out to his "pet" manticores to save him, and is lauded by Sheggrah 
for his skill in being able to conjur up so many manticores - beasts so 
rarely SEEN in Nevendaar.  A Thanatos Blade and a Healing Ointment are yours 
for the taking if you control Brollinbrooks ...

                                 THE THIRD RUNE

The third and FINAL runic forcefield is located on the southernmost edge 
of the map, approximately 2/3 of the way to the east.  It is protected by 
the following units :-

1)  Fogfell (Loremaster - 15), 2 Archdruidesses (18/18), 2 Spirit of Fenrir's
    (18/18), Wolf Lord (18)
2)  Flinthide (Loremaster - 15), 2 Yetis (18/18), Rune Master (18)
3)  Hillrust (Hermit - 15), Son of Ymir (15), Ice Giant (3), Venerable Warrior 

Once all these adversaries have been slain, you destroy the final forcefield 
rune, and free up access to the Dwarven Ceremony.

NEW OBJECTIVE : Bring Dark Elf Lachla'an to the Final Druid Ring

Your next objective is to bring Dark Elf "The Boy" Lachla'an to the Final 
Druid Ring, which is located in a beautifully well maintained clearing, to the
north of the southernmost runic forcefield (i.e. to the north of the one you 
have just destroyed).

HOWEVER, before WE do that I'm going to finish exploring this level for you.

The City of Reskelm is located to the east of the third runic forcefield, and 
contains a Potion of Air Warding and a Life Potion, should you conquer it.

BE WARNED.  Once Dark Elf Lachla'an draws close to the Final Druid Ring, the 
end game will begin.  Fortunately it's not the be all and end all of the game 
for the Undead Hordes ... you'll see ...

So !  As he draws close, Dark Elf Lachla'an will encounter the following 
units :-

1)  Cloverhorn (Loremaster - 10)
2)  Greenflint (Hermit - 15)
3)  Cloverhorn (Loremaster - 1)

As he approaches the Druid Ring, he speaks, calling to his father Gallean and 
belittling him.

Gallean, enraged, casts lightning on units 2) and 3) above, and Dark Elf 
Lachla'an insults him some more ... which causes Gallean to unleash Gallean's 
Corruption upon the world.

Wraith Prusheen is DELIGHTED that Gallean has seen fit to lash out at his own 
Avatar, as this shows (to the Hordes) that he is JUST as capable of feeling 
what Mortis feels as the Goddess of Death herself.

NEW OBJECTIVE : Destroy Gallean's Corruption of Nature

This ISN'T going to be as easy as it sounds.  Sure, Gallean's Beast is just 
a single unit, accompanied by two Ghouls ... you might look at him and think 
"You're MINE !!" but you would be SO wrong !!!

Here are the stats of the unit :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Ghoul #1    1,165  0   Death   -   Slash/P'lyse 84/89  247  We/Mi 50  Adj  1
      Beast 2,800 40   Mind  DFWAE Gallean's
                                       Rage/Poi 95/45 300/60 Li   60  Any  6
Ghoul #2    1,135  0   Death   -   Slash/P'lyse 84/89  241  We/Mi 50  Adj  1


Furthermore, the Ghouls are levels 98 and 95 respectively !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO.  Here's what I would suggest to kick his BUTT.

1)  Take out the ghouls.  Use spells - to kill them you will need to have 
    built up a HUGE bank of mana.  Therefore try and claim and hold EVERY 
    resource you can get your hands on, and have them channel all their mana 
    into your reserves.  This will give you plenty to be getting on with.

2)  Once the Ghouls are down, focus your efforts on defeating Gallean's Beast.
    Obviously =./  Hit him with as many debilitating spells as you can, such as
    Rot and Curse of Nygrael ... and cast as many POSITIVE enchantments upon 
    your boys as you can - e.g. Wotan's Chant and so on ...

3)  KEEP AN EYE ON HIS EXPERIENCE ... he'll gain LOADS for slaying somebody 
    like Dark Elf Lachla'an ... and the LAST thing you want is to THINK you're 
    about to slay him, only to have him beat you and LEVEL UP through doing so!

Once Gallean's Beast has been slain ??  YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE UNDEAD HORDES 


Lerh Feng has come up with a suggestion for slaying Gallean's Beast that 
virtually blows my sixteen-hour approach out of the water !!  It goes a little 
something like this :-

Send Thanatoses against Gallean's Beast and the Ghouls.  Power them up and 
throw curses against the enemy, and you should find the Thanatoses manage 
to deal out about 400 points of damage to Gallean's Beast with each suicide 
attack, and Gallean only gains 400 experience for killing them !

Thanks Lerh Feng !! 


Whichever way you choose to do it, once Gallean's Beast has been slain you've 
completed the campaign !!

                         W-E-L-L   D-O-N-E   ! ! ! ! !


OPPONENTS	The Empire, The Mountain Clans, The Legions of the Damned



Name              Inhabitants

Felltrot          Centaur Lancer (12), Centaur (10), Elf Lord (10), Elf Ranger
                  (1), [Centaur Lancer (15), Centaur (4)]
Ariens            Elf Lord (10), 2 Griffins (10/10), [Elf Lord (10), Skylord
Chellingvale      [Skeleton Champion (4), 2 Skeleton Warriors (3/3)]
Wrenhollow        Barbarian Chieftain (18), 2 Barbarian Warriors (18/18),
                  [2 Barbarian Warriors (19/19)]
Elgrimmis         2 Goblin Archers (18/16), Orc (16), Orc Champion (18),
                  Ogre (19), [Orc King (18), Orc Champion (16), Ogre (18)]
Hulcae            Imperial Assassin (15), 3 Spearmen (10/10/10), [2 Man at
                  Arms (10/10)]
Iolle             Elf Lord (15), 2 Elf Rangers (19/19), 2 Centaur Lancers
                  (19/19), Centaur (19), [Elf Lord (19), Centaur Lancer (19)]
Serelii           Elf Lord (5), Centaur (1), 2 Centaur Lancers (1/1), [2
                  Centaur Lancers (1/1)]
Brollinbrooks     2 Manticores (1/1), [Manticore (5), Demonologist (3)]
Reskelm           Elf Lord (10), Centaur Lancer (1), Centaur (1)


Name              Inhabitants

Porchester        Duke (19), Pandemonius (4), 2 Dopplegangers (4/4) <-- lvl ??


Name              Inhabitants

Peelshire         [Yeti (1), Ice Giant (3)]


Name             Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?

Cremelos         Skylord (10)                   238 Gp, Potion of Vigor
Agrumvere        Necromancer (3), Ghoul (15),
                 2 Phantom Warriors (15/15)     1,100 Gp, Elven Boots
Moldsend         2 Trolls (10/20)               670 Gp, Talisman of Elder
Dorbuss          Lich (4), 2 Shades (15/15),
                 3 Ghouls (19/18/17)            100 Gp, Talisman of Fear
Frillocks        Primitive Giant (20)           345 Gp, Orb of Icefall
Diolvorg         3 Giant Black Spiders (6/7/10) 902 Gp, Orb of Regeneration
Westspens        2 Giant Spiders (18/18)        300 Gp, Talisman of Restoration
Colmly           Griffin (1)                    877 Gp, Nightfall Scroll
Werminor         Medusa (10), 3 Lizard Men (10) 354 Gp, Tome of Earth
Jennris Tower    2 Lizard Men (10/10), 
                         2 Medusas (10/10)      564 Gp, Boots of Seven Leagues
Croshweyn        2 Blue Dragons (8/8)           100 Gp, Unholy Dagger
Rennelwym        Manticore (15)                 425 Gp, Talisman of Thunder
The Drusen Halls Griffin (1), 2 Sky Lords (1/1) 302 Gp, Orb of Life
Inderdusk        Ogre (19), Orc Champion (18)   521 Gp


Event             Notes

TADA !!           The Elven Lords stage a DARING raid on your Capital. And die!
FELL THEM !!      You must eradicate the Dwarven SCUMBAGS setting up the runes.
TO THE END !!     March on the Final Druid Ring with ALL your Forces.
WHOOPS !!         Battle the SURPRISINGLY powerful Gallean's Beast to the END.

Staff of Holiness, Death Storm Scroll, Potion of Fire Warding, 2 x Rubies,
Potion of Restoration, 3 x Silver Ring, 2 x Diamond, Goblin Orb, 3 x Sapphires,
Menta Minoris Scroll, 3 x Gold Ring, Imperial Crown, Lizard Man Orb, Treebark
Potion, 2 x Bronze Ring, Infernal Knight Talisman, Staff of Protection, 2 x
Emerald, Potion of Celerity, 2 x Titan's Might Potion, Vampire Talisman,
Staff of Earth Elemental Control, Banner of Fortitude, Potion of Fortune,
2 x Healing Ointment, Holy Armour Scroll, Potion of Protection, Life Potion,
Tome of Sorcery, Talisman of Fire, Spirit Staff, Staff of Necromancy, Treebark
Potion, Imp Orb x 1, Staff of Tempest, Potion of Speed, Banner of Battle, 
Paraseus Scroll, Staff of Travelling, Air Ward Scroll, Ancient Relic, Banner 
of War, Tome of Arcanum, Highfather's Potion.

Tome of Water.


Name                          Sells

Ufrett's Goods (Merchant)     Skeleton Champion Orb x 1, Lich Orb x 1,
                              Vengeance of Ymir Scroll x 1, Chant of
                              Fortitude Scroll x 1, Tome of Air x 1, Potion of
                              Restoration x 2, Life Potion x 3
Enskerios' Spire (Magic Shop) Summon Living Armor (400 Gp), Summon Golem (800
                              Gp), Summon Nightmare (600 Gp), Summon Thanatos
                              (1,000 Gp), Summon Valkyrie (600 Gp), Summon Roc
                              (200 Gp), Summon Stone Ancestor (1,000 Gp),
                              Incantare Hellhound (200 Gp), Incantare Beliarh
                              (400 Gp), Incantare Avenger (1,000 Gp)
Gypsy Camp (Merchant)         Orb of Strength x 1, Incantare Hellhound
                              Illudere Scroll x 1, Forestwalk Scroll x 1,
                              Life Potion x 14, Potion of Healing x 15, Potion
                              of Swiftness x 1
Ivybraid's (Merchant)         Wotan's Blessing Scroll x 1, Wotan's Chant
                              Scroll x 1, Life Potion x 15, Healing Ointment x
                              10, Potion of Restoration x 14
Halls of Solare (Magic Shop)  Armageddon (1,000 Gp), Winds of Restoration
                              (2,000 Gp), Hecatomb (1,000 Gp), Ancestor's
                              Call (2,000 Gp), Wotan's Chant (1,000 Gp),
                              Deus Talonis (1,000 Gp), Illudere Terra (2,000
The Whippery                         --> Train your Units here !! <--
Dubbin Market (Merchant)      Angel Orb x 1, Elf Lord Orb x 1, True Sight
                              Scroll x 1, Healing Scroll x 1, Orc Talisman x 1,
                              Healing Ointment x 14, Life Potion x 15
Gormeir's Prison (Mercenary)  Orc (Level 15 - 645 Gp), Orc Champion (Level 15 -
                              1,840 Gp), Troll (Level 15 - 6,020 Gp)
Ruinwere's Fort (Merchant)    Life Potion x 15, Potion of Healing x 10, Healing 
                              Ointment x 11, Potion of Restoration x 10, Rust 
                              Scroll x 1, Psalm of Death Scroll x 1, Nightfall 
                              Scroll x 1
The Nest (Merchant)           Infernal Knight Orb x 1, Incubus Orb x 1, Ice 
                              Shield Scroll x 1, Life Potion x 15, Potion of 
                              Healing x 15, Potion of Restoration x 15, Potion 
                              of Vigor x 1
Morven's Gauntlet (Trainer)          --> Train your Units here !! <--


Dark Elf Lachla'an had provoked Gallean into lashing out at the world with
hatred, thus momentarily tasting the rage that infected Mortis eternally.
The goddess had undoubtedly taught her divine consort a valuable lesson.

Gallean's Beast had been destroyed, yet the forests around its lifeless
corpse lay in ruin.  Slaughtered Elves were scattered among the debris of the
fallen undead.  The two ancient races were reunited in death, their Gods
sharing the same rage but for a moment.

And then, some say, Gallean wept.  It rained in Nevendaar for weeks, and soon
the blood was washed away and the earth reclaimed the bodies.  Nature began to
resume its cycle; the flowers bloomed once again.  Yet horrible, unnatural
sounds still echoed faintly, deep in the forests at night.



Thanks to all the people at, especially the board users (with ONE 
exception (and you KNOW who you are, you little maggot), for being nothing but 
supportive and encouraging of me during the process of creating this 
walkthrough and its siblings.

As I mentioned at the top, this walkthrough is dedicate to my friend Mark 
Beecroft, who always makes me smile with his cheeky northern wit, and 
infectious sense of humour.  GO boy !!

¦                               SECTION SEVEN                                ¦

             ===      ======== ======== === ======== ======== ========
             ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===== ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦ === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦
             ¦ ====== ¦  ===== ¦  === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ======== ======== ======== === ======== ===  === ========

                         (Dedicated to Eug, pour qui j'ai beaucoup du respect)


¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦


1)	Beggar's Banquet
2)	Deals and Devils
3)	Breaking of the Three



This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-

In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
[squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be
Ashkael, who would be shown as [Ashkael] as he is IN the city and, in his case,
cannot leave) - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the
city (as in, healing there, etc.)

Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is
down and left.  West is up and left, and East is down and right.

One other thing ... if when mentioning any troops I refer to them like this :-

Phantom Warrior (10) or 2 Dwarves (10/12), then the numbers in brackets refer 
to their level/s of experience ... so BE WARNED !! ;)

Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a tricky task,
as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will
pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I
would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up -
basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you
play as the Undead Hordes in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ
both light-hearted, and informative.

Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at
MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other
players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your
computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their

Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at

Thanks for reading this !!


1)	Beggar's Banquet


Even though they got well and truly HAMMERED during the Disciples 2 Campaign, 
and Bethrezen had been imprisoned YET AGAIN, the Legions' PATIENCE would, it 
was anticipated, pay off ... for what goes around comes around, and they had 
confidence that in the fullness of time, Bethrezen would be reborn.

Bethrezen SCREAMED abuse at the Highfather and the other Factions of 
Nevendaar at his renewed imprisonment until he was blue in the face, but 
was ultimately forced to realise that there was nothing he could do to escape.

Therefore, he hatched a NEW plan ... if he couldn't bring Nevendaar into Hell, 
why not send Hell into Nevendaar ?  Thus inspired, the Legions set about 
putting Bethrezen's plan into motion.

Gallean had been reborn, and was infusing the forests with his life force, but 
the confusion surrounding his rebirth had left the elves vulnerable to assault.

Seeing the Elven Lands as being plentiful sources of energy, the Legions 
turned their attentions to reclaiming the Elven Cities of Amnaria, Elberonia 
and Jindona to serve as energy stations for their future war efforts.

HOKAY - we're LIVE !!  However, before we proceed, a little tidbit of 
information for you :-


I was recently approached by Setzer Gabbiani with this little snippit :-

"I noticed an odd little fact, and I think it was intentional.

The first Legion mission "Beggar's Banquet", is the name of a Rolling Stones 

Now, take a guess as to what song was on that album?

Yep, "Sympathy For The Devil".

Interesting stuff, eh !!  Thanks mon ami !!


Conversation begins by an Advisor (an Arch-Devil) popping up to say that 
Bethrezen has ordered you to spread his will across the lands, and that it is 
estimated that your power base may be DOUBLED by taking control of the lands 
of the Elves, who must surely have been weakened after their recent struggles, 
not in the LEAST with the Undead Hordes ...

A Baroness adds that the Elves (whom she calls "Forest Vermin", bless her), 
also often retain riches and relics in their towns that could be used to 
buy the allegiance of yet MORE mortals for your schemes.

The Advisor reiterates that you must move quickly, as the Elves are convinced 
that Gallean has returned to them, and if they are allowed to gain strength, 
the issue of dealing with them will become steadily more difficult to realise.

NOTE : Your Capital City is just inside the north-western corner of the map.

You start off this first level with a reasonable amount of GP and Infernal 
Mana (the initial starting level decreasing depending on the difficulty you 
have selected), and all your level one spells already learned.

You will have unfettered access to your ENTIRE spellbook during the three 
missions that make up the Legions' Expansion Pack, and can build ALL your 
buildings on EACH level.

                                  IMPORTANT NOTE
                            UNIT LEVELS AND LEVELLING-UP

You will see that there is a picture of a sword with a coloured blade above
your leader's portrait on the party screen.  This is a new addition to the
Disciples 2 Expansion Packs, and serves to give you a rough guideline as
to the approximate level of the units in an enemy's pack ... and your own ;)

A unit WITHOUT a sword               is   Level  1 -  4
A unit with a BLUE-bladed sword      is   Level  5 -  9
A unit with an ORANGE-bladed sword   is   Level 10 - 14
A unit witha RED-bladed sword        is   Level 15 or higher

I would HOPE for your sakes that you have imported a leader with a RED-bladed
sword, as your leader WILL NOT GAIN ANY EXPERIENCE during the ENTIRE campaign.

That's right !!  Your leader will NEVER level up again, so BE WARNED.


Once you are ready, and note that I would strongly suggest constructing a
building so as to level up some of your units ASAP before going out of the
capital ?  Leave your capital city.

The three Elven Cities you are looking for, are located just to the south-
east of your Capital City ... but it will take you a little while before 
you are strong enough to capture them, and I would also suggest you might 
like to venture around the map a bit ... but obviously it's entirely up to 
you !!

On the same little island as your Capital City are the Desecrated Ruins, 
which will fall easily to your initial armies, and Lergem's Shop (a Merchants).

As you approach the unit of Empire Spearmen on the eastern shores of your 
Island, he says "I have been sent by ..." to which your Advisor retorts 
"Is that FILTH addressing US ??" (nice one !!), causing the Spearman to spill 
his guts and tell you that he's been sent by Count Flamel Crowley, to tell 
you that your presence here is UNACCEPTABLE, and that the power of HIS 
Empire CANNOT be overthrown.

Erm ... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ... CHEERS for that mate ... now ... DIE !!

Although the Advisor QUITE RIGHTLY tells the Spearman he's got a DAMNED cheek 
to come all this way and deliver such a RUDE message, the Baroness says that 
she would like to meet with Crowley, as the Spearman delivering the message 
sounds as if he is possessed ... Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Before you can strike at him, the Spearman retreats back to the nearby city 
of Arphos.  FYI that unit comprised a Level 10 Spearman and a Level 2 

In the very north-western corner of the map lies Crowleyborough - a Level 5 
City surrounded by mountains, the only way in being guarded by a unit 
comprising :-  Defender of the Faith (1), Acolyte (1), Archer (1).

Once Crowleyborough has been converted to your cause, your Advisor confirms 
that there are scolls therein that suggest that the humans have plans to 
overthrow the Empire, and that their leaders are nothing more than religious 
fanatics, inquisitors and the like ...

He smirks "Who starts an Inquisition without inviting the demons ?"

I LIKE this guy !! ;)

Inside Crowleyborough is a Weakness Scroll, and a Damage Ward Scroll.

If you approach the Imperial Assassin to the east of Crowleyborough (and 
whilst I'm at it ... HOW ARROGANT ??  "Yes !  WELCOME to DAVESVILLE"), he 
will speak to you, saying "Whilst I hate your guys ?  And I'm sure you hate 
mine ?  I believe we BOTH hate the Elves yeeeeeeeees ??  Nooooooooo ??

Your Advisor turns around and gives him a RIGHT verbal, basically saying "LOOK
you PERVERT ... I'm SICK and tired of you people scrutinising our every move.
If you don't BUGGER off I'm calling the cops."

His unit, should you choose to rid yourself of it (which I believe you most 
likely will) comprises :- Imperial Assassin (1), Imperial Knight (3), Spearman 

If you move south of Crowleyborough (i.e. down the map along the western 
edge) then you will find the City of Konemus.  This is a neutral city, 
inhabited by the Dwarves.  If you sack it, then a Dwarf King will pop up and 
say that they weren't interested in fighting you until you just provoked them,
but that the Clans will NOT let your assault go unpunished.

Oooooooh !  I'm shaaaaking !!  BRING IT ON BIATCH !!!!!!!

Moving across to the east now, if you move on the Defender of Faith sitting 
outside the City of Arphos, he says "Stop !  Who the HELL are you ??  Men, 
to your posts !!", and he is then supported by a Hierophant who warns you 
that the Highfather himself protects the City of Arphos, and you WILL be 
punished ... you are then subjected to a Holy Wrath Spell.

Once Arphos has fallen, your Advisor pops up again to tell you that more 
scrolls have been found that document the commencement of a Holy Inquisition 
by Count Crawley's Faction of the Empire, with his primary targets being 
those seeking the Throne for themselves ... in short, there would APPEAR to be 
a Civil War taking place within the Empire !!

WOOHOO !!  R-E-S-U-L-T !!!!! :) :) :)

ALSO, your Advisor points out that the City's Vaults are REPLETE with gear 
that the humans were using in their war-preparations.  There's a Tome of War 
for dad, a Potion of Strength for little Johnny, a Potion of Striking for 
Caitlin, a Royal Scepter and a Diamond for meeeeee !! Yey !!

The Empire Capital City is in the northwesternmost corner of the map, and just 
above the physical Capital itself is a building called the Blacksmith's Forge.

If you take the Forge, your Advisor says there is nothing really of interest 
there, and that it ASTOUNDS him how much time mortals squander on worthless 
tasks such as smithing ...

Just to the south-west of the Empire Capital City is the Empire-owned City of 
Calloway.  If you take it, your Advisor pops up to say that the Empire was 
fortunate that this City is both close to their Capital, and easy to control, 
and that it did not succumb to Crowley's Troops ... then he adds "All the 
better for us, tonight we dine on mortal flesh."

Starting to like him ???  Me too !!!!! :)

South of the Empire's Capital City (on the next land mass down the eastern 
edge of the map to be more precise), there is a walled-in City, and the 
Gilden Monastery.  This Gilden Monastery IS worth taking, as you'll get a 
GRAND in GP, PLUS a Talisman of Life for your troubles ... and if you DO take 
it, the Advisor pops up to tell you that the Monks therein appeared to be 
researching the Elven Lord of the Land, and the Elven Gods ... this worries 
him, as he cannot decipher whether they were doing so for Count Crowley or 
the Empire ... =./

The City of Crowleysburg is ENTIRELY unoccupied - a fact which is commented 
on by your Advisor ... however, he ASTUTELY notes that an ambush may have 
been laid for you, as even the Empire aren't THIS stupid usually ... he also 
finds texts that show how Count Crowley rose against humans he had branded 
as heretics as they were willing to aid the Elves - however it is not quite 
clear whether the Elves have allied with the Empire or some faction thereof, 
and our poor Advisor is a bit perplexed by it all ...

... there there ... have a sit down for a moment ...

   ... and a scone with a cup of tea ... there you go ... :)

The City of Crowleysburg contains an Imperial Crown ;)

As for your Advisor's assumption about the forthcoming ambush ??  He's quite 
correct - the next turn two units from the Crowleysburg Garrison appear to 
try and take back the City - they comprise :-

1)  Inquisitor (3), Squire (10), Imperial Assassin (3); and
2)  Paladin (4), Spearman (5), 2 Marksmen (2/2)

Since it cost you nothing to get the city, you might consider it worth 
defending ... there are two resources nearby, plus a trainer, so it could be 
a VERY good ground to hold I reckon ...

There is an Unholy Dagger inside the Watchtower just to the west of the city, 
so if your leader is short on stabby weapons, this might be a good find for 
you ;)

Ignoring the Elven Cities in the CENTRE of the map for a moment and moving 
down to the south-easternmost corner, I can tell you that the Greenskin 
Watchtower (to the south-east of the Undead Hordes Capital City) houses a 
pair of Elven Boots and, if they are taken, your Advisor remarks that it is 
VERY strange that the Elves would just let such an artifact simply slip out 
of their grasp ... he also remarks that the Orcs in the area would seem ill-
equipped to battle the Elves ... =./

The nearby City of Delos houses an Orc King, so be careful ;)  Once Delos has 
been taken, an Orc tells you that the Elves MADE them fight the Undead Hordes 
and threatened to hurt them if they didn't ... He cannot understand why you 
are attacking them, as you are not of the Undead, and he says he is in fear 
of the reprisals of the Elves, who will surely be angry that they (the 
Greenskins) have been unable to fend off your attacks.  Understandably, your 
Advisor is LESS than impressed ... the Elves haven't even the decency to fight 
their own battles - they have forced the Greenskins to do it for them !!  
He is quite satisfied however, as you have driven the Greenskins away, meaning 
that the Undead Hordes will be able to stage counterstrikes against the Elves 
with greater ease.


The Greenskins' City of Tero is located to the West of the Undead Hordes 
Capital City, and serves kinda like a last bastion for the Greenskin Armies.

It is defended by two units - one an ogre, the other 2 orcs and 2 goblin 
archers ... none are very tough ... and the City itself contains (per your 
Advisor) the bones of the dead ... faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasands of 'em !!  It 
seems quite clear a war took place here, but the reasons for it are not at all 

The Dwarven Monastery is located to the west of the City of Tero (well ... 
technically it's east, north-west, west *blush*), and if it is taken, your 
Advisor confirms that it tells of Elven lands to the east of the Dwarven 
Monastery, and has details of various Elven Religious Practices, but he cannot 
work out why.

Once it has fallen, your Advisor comments that the Orc Camp to the west of 
the Dwarven Monastery (south of Johan's Tower) was used to train Orcs - no 
doubt in their campaign against the Elves.  His sentiments are echoed by a 
Duke, who confirms that you have now cut off the reinforcements that the 
Greenskins were sending, so they should pose NO further problem at all.

Once the City of Lunos in the south-westernmost corner of the map has fallen 
to your might, your Advisor says that now that this, the ABSOLUTE last 
stronghold of the Greenskins has fallen ?  They should be NO further trouble 
to you AT all.

   Can I get a whoop-whoop ?  *blush*

Right !!  :)

NOW that we've explored all around the edge of the map, let's polish off 
those rather irksome Elves ...

Moving into the centre (which I chose to do from the WESTERN side) I visited 
Yggar's Shop and then moved SOUTH to the City of Elberonia, which fell 
suitably quickly to the might of my armies *giggle*.

Once it falls, an Elf Lord pops up to tell you that you will now face their 
"Alliance", and that you will regret meddling in the affairs of Gallean's 

... erm ...

................... taps him on the shoulder ...

.................................... doinks him in the eyes ...

Your Advisor, who DOES seem to be on top form today I must admit, tells him 
that he'sa gonna diiiiiiiie ... and he says it fuuuuuuuuuuuuunny ... we 
liiiiiiiiike him ... :)

Elberonia contains a Death Ward Scroll.

Moving along in a counter-clockwise motion I assaulted Amnaria next, and a
after it falls your Advisor reports that Bethrezen will be pleased with the 
riches you have looted from it ... and he will !!  Amnaria contains an 
Ancient Relic and an Imperial Crown ... GREAT for melting down and using to 
partially fund your war effort .......... or just redecorate Bethrezen's 
Prison ... =./ :)

Now that two of the three Elven Cities have fallen to our Legions, only one 
remains ... but BEFORE you take it, you might like to attack the centrepiece 
in this little island - the Elven Temple.  What better a way to show your 
disdain for them than by pillaging their temple ???

Once THAT has been ransacked, I moved straight onto Jindona, where the Elf 
Lord Jarous patiently awaits your arrival.  As a Level 15 Elf Lord, he does 
quite a bit of damage (as you can see from his stats - below) :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Elf Lord
     Jarous   425 0+30   -    Air  Lightning      89   110  Air   50  Any  6


Once Lord Jarous and his PITIFUL band of Elves have fallen, your Advisor 
pops up to confirm that the day is won !!  However, before you can start to 
celebrate in TRUE Ewok style, your Baroness pops up to tell you that the 
scrolls you have recovered from the City show that the Elves had already 
secured a negotiator to finalise their alliance !!

This can only lead to one response from the Legions ... to find and slay 
this Elven Negotiator.

         CONGRATULATIONS !!  You have completed the First Level


OPPONENTS	The Empire, The Undead Hordes



Name              Inhabitants

Crowleyborough    Konrad (Pegasus Knight - 5), Grand Inquisitor (4), Priest 
                  (2), Acolyte (1)
Konemus           Calderic (Loremaster - 10), Hermit (4), Ice Giant (3)
Crowleyburg       -
Delos             Orc King (5), Orc Champion (1), Yeti (1)
Tero              Orc Champion (1), 2 Orcs (1/1)
Lunos             Orc King (1), Ogre (1), Rock Giant (2), Goblin Archer (15)


Name              Inhabitants

Arphos            [Hierophant (4), Mage (2), Grand Inquisitor (4)]
Calloway          [Imperial Assassin (3), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3)]


Name              Inhabitants

Elberonia         Skylord (1), Centaur Lancer (10), Elf Lord (1), 2 Oracle 
                  Elves (5/15)
Amnaria           Griffin (1), Centaur Lancer (1), Centaur (5), Elf Ranger 
                  (25), Oracle Elf (5)
Jindona           Elf Lord Jarous (15), Green Dragon (10), 2 Oracle Elves (1/1)


Name               Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it?

Desecrated Temple  Ghost (1), Initiate (1), 
                                     Zombie (2)  100 Gp, Silver Ring
Blacksmith's Forge Man at Arms (10)              300 Gp, Gold Ring
Gilden Monastery   Hierophant (5), 2 Priests 
                            (2/2), Spearman (1)  1,000 Gp, Talisman of Life
Watchtower         Imperial Assassin (3), 
                             3 Marksmen (2/2/2)  100 Gp, Unholy Dagger
Outcropping        Griffin (1), Oracle Elf (1)   450 Gp, Elf Lord Orb
       Watchtower  Ogre (1), Orc Champion (1)    500 Gp, Elven Boots
     Retreat Post  Troll (1), 2 Goblin 
                                  Archers (1/1)  300 Gp, Vampire Orb
Dwarven Monastery  Venerable Warrior (3), Yeti 
                       (10), 2 Druidesses (3/3)  850 Gp, Staff of Tempest
Orc Camp           Ogre (1), 2 Orc Champions (1/
                   1) 2 Goblin Archers (10/10)   600 Gp, Banner of Resistance
Elven Temple       Skylord (1), Elf Lord (1), 
                         3 Oracle Elves (1/3/5)  1,000 Gp, Ancient Relic


Event             Notes
You WHAT ????     Count Crowley's Troops consistently badger you - shut 'em up!
COWARDS !!        The Elves are using GREENSKINS to assault the Undead. Losers.
TO WAAAAAAAR !!   Stage your final assault against the 3 Elven Cities.

4 x Life Potion, Summon Evil Ent Scroll, 5 x Healing Ointment, Orb of 
Regeneration, Silver Ring, Diamond, 2 x Potion of Invulnerability, Staff of 
Holiness, Orb of Fear, Potion of Accuracy, Potion of Swiftness, Ymir's 
Blessing Scroll, Potion of Water Warding, Orb of Witches, Gold Ring, 
Potion of Earth Warding, Sapphire, Highfather's Blessing Scroll, Potion of 
Accuracy, Potion of Speed, Elf Lord Talisman, Orb of Elder Vampires.



Name                          Sells

Lergem's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10,
                              Healing Ointment x 10, Incantare Hellhound Scroll 
                              x 1, Pestilence Scroll x 1, Ice Storm Scroll x 1
Forcecus' Camp (Trainer)             --> Train your Units here !! <--
Fargrom's Tower (Magic Shop)  Strength (200 Gp), Call to Arms (800 Gp), Holy 
                              Strength (600 Gp), Healing (400 Gp)
Hergrim's Shop (Merchant)     Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10,
                              Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Swiftness x 3, 
                              Quicksilver Potion x 3, Potion of Striking x 3, 
                              Treebark Potion x 3
Gunner's Camp (Trainer)              --> Train your Units here !! <--
Redden's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10,
     Eastern Edge of the Map  Healing Ointment x 10, Treebark Potion x 4, 
                              Ironskin Potion x 2
Redden's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
     Western Edge of the Map  Healing Ointment x 10, Titan's Might Potion x 1
Johan's Tower (Magic Shop)    Chant of Hasting (600 Gp), Hymn of the Clans 
                              (400 Gp), Healing (400 Gp), Ice Shield (200 Gp)
Yggar's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Fortune x 10, 
                              Potion of Celerity x 1, Potion of Air Warding 
                              x 1


Now that Lord Jarous had been slain, the Elves in the area were without a 
leader.  Hell was starting to creep through the former capitals of the Elven 
Community, and whilst it was true that the Legions ALSO nicked the majority of 
the gold and other riches that were present in the Elven cities, the 
information they gleaned from the scrolls and other documents was a FAR 
greater find from their perspective.


2)	Deals and Devils


From studying the Elven texts they had found during the first mission, the 
Legions learned that the Elves controlled a trio of cities that encircled a 
mana well.  The supernatural power of this well could actually be strong 
enough to re-forge the link between Nevendaar and Hell, thus releasing an 
infernal plague upon Nevendaar, systematically exterminating all life, leaving 
the Legions to rule.  The land of the living would become a full reflection 
of the horror of Hell.

If the Empire and the Elves were to conclude their alliance, and DEFEND this 
trio of cities, the Legions would surely not be able to overthrow their 
combined forces.  Therefore, the finding and slaying of the Elven Avatar was 
now of PARAMOUNT importance to the Legions.

...... aaaaaand we'll be right back after THESE important messages.

Ok I'm kidding ... we're off !! :)

Your objective on this second level is to find and slay the Elven Avatar.

Your Duke kicks off by saying that the Elven Avatar Lachla'an must be slain.

WE ALREADY KNEW THAT !!!!!!!!!!  DAMN your eyes.

Anyhow ... he DOES tell you that a temporary alliance has been forged between 
the Elves and the Empire, which allows for Empire troops to occupy Elven land 
until the Avatar arrives to conclude their alliance.  He also explains that 
the lands MUST be brought under the control of the Legions, for the longer 
you boys remain on Nevendaar, the weaker you are becoming ...

... he says that you need your connection to Bethrezen, and that the mana 
well is the ONLY way of sustaining that ...

An Arch-Devil responds by saying that it's true ... and that they are sure 
that this Lachla'an cannot be THAT powerful ... he's touted as being a 
healer cum oracle cum educator ... what POSSIBLE threat can he be ...

*winks at the screen 'coz we ALL know he's gonna be NAILS*


AGAIN you begin with a reasonable amount of starting cash and infernal mana, 
with the harder difficulties giving you lesser amounts to start with ...

... AND AGAIN you start with all your level one spells ... so I would amass 
a resonable starting army and venture forth.

As soon as you set foot outside your Capital City, your Duke (now named your 
"War Advisor") tells you that the Greenskins are STILL protecting the Elves 
in this area ... GOD they're STOOPID ... and that they have established bases 
in the east and west of the land.  Therefore, brace yourself for surprise 

... 'coz they're ... green ... and they ... blend in ... =./  *blush*

To the west of your capital city, WHICH, by the way, is in the lower western 
portion of the map ... not the southwesternmost corner, but just above it ...
... there is an Orc Temple.  Once it has fallen, your Advisor points out that 
the Greenskins here are from the Northlands, and that they were expecting 
reinforcements SOON.  Caution is advised.

The City of Kalo Fort is located in the southwesternmost corner of the map, 
and ONCE it has fallen, an Ogre says "You killed our leader!  Revenge will 
be ours, and suffering yours!".  Remarkably ARTICULATE for a brute ...
... but it doesn't matter, because you STORMED into the City and slew them 
all ANYWAY !!

... or ... does ... it ...

Two units of reinforcements appear to the east of Kalo Fort - they comprise :-

1)  Orc Champion (10), Ogre (1), 2 Goblin Archers (15/15)
2)  Orc Champion (10), Ogre (1), 2 Goblin Archers (15/15)

No ... I didn't have a typing stutter - both units are the same ;)

The City of Kalo Fort contains a Banner of Celerity and an Ancient Relic, if 
you're interested (which I think you will be) ;)

I headed back to my Capital City to see the shop just to the south of it ... 
and then headed due north to attack the Greenskin unit that I'd just noticed 
on the same land as my Capital ?  And AS I was so doing, an Empire Thief, 
named a "Spy" for some reason, came legging it across the waves to speak to 
me ... he said "By the Highfather, then it's true!  I am unworthy of this 
honour, seek Crowley's Guards to the East."

WHATEVER little man ... WHAT-EVER.

The spy legs it and disappears, 

It would APPEAR that the Duke shares my sentiments, as he's spitting TEETH 
that he didn't get a chance to knife that little punk when he was closer ...

If you then move eastwards towards the next land mass, you will find on the 
southern edge a Greenskins Trainer which, if taken, causes your Advisor to 
comment as to the Greenskin Warriors being full of muscles, and rather 
tough on the teeth ...

... uh-huh ??? *raises eyebrow*

Moving on ...

If you take the City of Ungado, an Orc Champion snidely suggests that the 
Elves are gonna kick the cr@p out of you ...

WE'LL SEE !!  OFF with their heads ... AAAAAAALLLLLLLL of them ... =)

From THIS land mass, I followed the river east and then south to the Mountain 
Clans lands ... where I wreaked further havoc :)

You might stumble across Loremaster Calderic on the Clans turf ... he's quite 
feisty, so I have reproduced his stats here :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

    Calderic  185  0     -     -   Earth fall     89    75  Earth 30  Any  6


He travels with 2 Spirit Wolves (1/1) and a Mountaineer (3), and he carries 
an Ancient Relic.

Your Advisor says that never before has he seen anything like the Spirit 
Wolves, and that they are most DEFINITELY not of the mortal world.  He 
believes that they may be shapeshifters, or perhaps even illusions ... and 
that WHATEVER the Dwarves are up to magic-wise, something is DEFINITELY afoot.

Once you have sacked the Clans Watchtower your Advisor confirms that they 
were in the process of undertaking some kind of ritual there, and that the 
magic they were using was VERY powerful stuff ... he cannot say WHY they 
were preparing the ritual, but it COULD have been to launch an attack against 
your forces ...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Best slay them all JUST to be on the safe side !!

The City of Olanston (which is located in the south-western corner of the 
Mountain Clans' Land) contains plans detailing an elaborate attack the 
Dwarves are preparing against the ELVES !!!!!!!!!!!  R-E-S-U-L-T !!!  They 
DON'T hate us ... phew ... I was starting to get worried ... =./

         ((((( but perhaps still best to kill them all, non ??? )))))

The plans go on to state how the Elves are now apparently FULLY integrated 
with the Empire, and that you should expect both races to be standing 
side-by-side on the battlefield.

      ON !!

From the Mountain Clans lands I chose to move to the very southeast of the 
map, to the Old Church and the City of Pimbleton (both of which may well have 
fallen to the Clans by the time you get there)

Once the Old Church has been looted, your Advisor confirms that the nearby 
statue was erected by this city (which is loyal to neither Crowley NOR the 
Empire) to mark their freedom ... and that there is nothing really of great 
interest here.

Pimbleton contains a Bronze Ring and an Emerald, but your Baroness WILL 
chastise you for taking the City, saying that there's really nothing worthy 
of your attention there.

As you approach Wizard Thurin's Magic Shop, your Advisor pops up to tell 
you that he believes the Shop may have something of use to you - DEFFO a 
ward ... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... I wonder whether he's trying to tell us something ...

On the same land mass there are TWO walled-in cities - the Cities of Cannon 
Castle, and Suldon Peak - both owned by Count Crowley's Minions.  As you 
approach the set of three Titans waiting at the entrance to Cannon Castle, 
one of them calls out, calling you "Angels", and saying that Count Crawley 
not only told them to expect your arrival, but to offer you a proposal - he 
wants to ally with your armies to overthrow "the corrupt Emry of Abrissel".

Who the HELL is that ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

They want to know whether you will find and bring them a holy artifact - a key 
that is stored in two parts.  They say that IF you do this for them (and they 
only actually need ONE of the parts, as the other is already in their 
possession), they will show you a path through the mountain range, into the 
Elven Lands.

She says that she is ashamed to be asking this of you, as it isn't right that 
"spiritual beings" should do mortal work ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... and 
she intimates that she believes that the key is being held in an Elven 
Treasury to the north of your present location.

One of your Demon Lords rises to the occassion, saying (basically) "Angels ??
That's us ... we're proper HUNNIES we are ... We'll get you your key - you 
just sit here, eat cucumber sandwiches and pray for (a swift merciful death) 
when we return".

Your Advisor suggests that it is BETHREZEN's power that has caused the Titans 
to be blinded so ... but I personally am NOT convinced =./

Now ... there are TWO places where the key could be hiding ... there's an 
Elven Shrine to the north-west of the Titans, or there's like ... a LARGE 
set of baddies surrounding the Empire Capital City to the north-east of the 
Titans (please note where I've referred to "the Titans" in this paragraph ?  I 
mean the Titans that just spoke to you ... NOT the set of Titans that are 
guarding Suldon Peak).

To the north-east of the Titans that spoke to you is the City of Melbade, 
which was (when I visited it) poorly protected by a single Holy Avenger, whom 
I swiftly despatched to the Highfather *hee hee*.  However, there is a unit of 
bad boys outside the City which comprise :-

Arthur (Archmage - 10), 2 Defenders of the Faith (5/5), Prophetess (4)

If you take the Abandoned Farm in the northeasternmost corner of the map, your 
Duke states that the Werewolves therein must have been hiding from Crawley's 

The Key is NOT located in the north-eastern area (i.e. it is NOT near the 
Empire Capital) - it is located in the Elven Shrine to the north-west of the 

If you return the item to the Titans, they hand you the key ... the Titan 
tells you that the key opens a secret passage through the mountains, where 
you will find Lachla'an, the Elven Avatar.  She says that to find the 
SPECIFIC passage, you should go westwards towards the tower in the water, and 
make sure you have the key with you ...

Lachla'an is (apparently) in a library across the mountains, to the west of 
the Empire Capital.  The Empire BELIEVE that the location of the library is a 
secret, but Crowley's Armies are aware of it, and feel certain that the Elves 
will feel they have been betrayed when YOU arrive on their doorstep.

I then (of course) sacked both Cannon Castle and Suldon Peak.  When you take 
Cannon Castle, one of your Dukes tells you that he actually ADMIRES Count 
Crawley, as he overtaxes his peasants, and then has those that refuse to 
comply guillotined in the town square !!  What a STAND-UP guy eh !!!!!!! ;)

Cannon Castle contains an Imperial Crown.

One of your Counselors also says that the gold that Crowley has collected gets 
sent to his Capital City to build "opulent shrines", and that perhaps an 
alliance with him WOULD be a good idea, as he certainly has his priorities in 
order ...

... which WOULD have been fine ??  But we just SACKED one of this CITIES !!!

*tries frantically to put the pieces back together and scrub the red off the 

The Duke reassures us by saying that he's just a TIT who BELIEVES he is doing 
the Highfather's will, but who is actually inadvertantly working for us !!

As such, he should be EASY prey for our armies ... and that once you've won ?
You'll flambée his butt and have him for lunchy-munchies !!  WOOHOO !!!!!!

If and when you decide to take the City of Suldon Peak, your Advisor tells 
you that it has been noted that Crowley's Armies seem to comprise mostly 
inquisitors and religious fanatics, whilst Emry's armies are almost all 
knights and wizards ... he attributes this division in no small part to the 
worsening collapse of the Empire.

*rubs hands in glee*

Your Duke pokes fun at the humans, saying that it is in their nature to be so 
easily blinded by faith, as can be seen from their continuing to pray to the 
Highfather for mercy and guidance whilst they are being cut off at the knees 
by the Legions' Armies.

Bless them eh ...

Suldon Peak contains a Royal Scepter.

Just to the south of Suldon Peak is Crowley's Tax Collection which, if taken, 
causes your Advisor to say that Crowley's greed is noteworthy ... his peasants 
live in squalid conditions, subsisting on the most meagre of rations.  It is 
doubtful he will even notice that these two cities have fallen.

PHEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you are ready to enter the Elves' Lands, move your unit with the Runic 
Key to the west along the mountain range until you find the two towers that 
are standing in the water ... this will cause the section of mountain range 
between the two to be disintegrated, revealing a path into the Elven Lands.

Once you have been granted access, one of your Counsellors pops up to say 


FIRST on the hit list is Anyan City, which was (when I played the game) 
COMPLETELY empty, although the entrance was guarded by two units - and rather 
tough ones at that ...

As you approach, a Scout materialises in front of you, zips up to the City of 
Kahlin and pops back to tell you that there are Dragons on these lands, and 
they appear to be under the control of the Elves ... =./  After giving you 
these PEARLS of wisdom, he disappears again.

For your information, the two units guarding Anyan City were :-

1)  Centaur Lancer (10), Green Dragon (1), Oracle Elf (5)
2)  Elf Lord (10), Skylord (1), Oracle Elf (5)

Once Anyan City has fallen to your might, your Advisor attempts to extract 
the location of Lachla'an from one of the Elf Lords there, who just scoffs at 
your torture, saying that Lachla'an has the power of Gallean on his side, and 
that we're NEVER gonna be able to win ...

The Advisor has the Elf Lord's tongue cut out, and then chucks him in the 

If you take the West Temple, your Scout says that the Library is definitely 
NOT further north, and urges you to turn south ... but I'm going to venture 
north for you, and see what else is up there ...

The City of Kahlin is defended on the outside by an Elf Lord (15) and 2 
Skylords (1/1), and on the inside by a few nasties (see the breakdown at the 
end of this section).  Once it has fallen, your Advisor confirms that the 
Dwarven Scrolls you found earlier are accurate - the Elves and the Empire 
HAVE forged an alliance, and are pooling the resources of their air magic to 
rain death down upon the Legions !!  He says that you MUST find a way to defend
against it, lest the light chill your burning flesh.

*offers the Advisor one of those little Wile E. Coyote Umbrellas*

Hokay ... as there is nowt further north, I believe we can now safely venture 
east ... the path further into the mountains is guarded by a Green Dragon (1) 
and an Oracle Elf (10) ... once those have been despatched, you may move 
onward :)

Further east is Ishan Castle, which is protected on the outside by :-

Winfrid (Archmage - 12), Holy Avenger (5), Angel (4), Prophetess (4)

... and on the inside by the usual suspects ... once they have fallen, your 
Advisor once again takes over the interrogation :-

ADVISOR  : Where is he ??  TELL ME or I will TICKLE you to DEATH !!
ADVISOR  : FINE !!  Then I'll let my poochies LICK you to death instead !!  

If you sack the East Temple, you will gain a Talisman of Lightning ... NICE !!

Outside the nearby City of Fortune Peak are the following units :-

Godefroy (Archmage - 10), Holy Avenger (5), 2 White Wizard (4), Hierophant (4)

Once you have disposed of them and sacked the City, an Elf Lord says that he 
knows that you are here to stop their alliance with the Empire, but that 
as soon as the ritual has been completed, your attacks will no longer be of 
any consequence, for whenever a single warrior shall fall, two more shall 
take his place.

EXCELLENT !!  More bodies to play with   :) :) :) :) :)

The City of Fortune Peak contains a Tome of Air.

As soon as you enter the strait to the east of the City of Fortune Peak, a 
spy arrives and comes across to you, saying that he bears greetings from 
Count Crawley, who wishes to meet you after you slay Lachla'an (who is 
residing in a 'tree-dwelling' south of your present location).

The path to Lachla'an and the Library is blocked by the following units :-

Blue Dragon (1), Prophetess (10), White Dragon (5)

As you approach the Library, Lachla'an appears to say that he is NOT going to 
die THIS day ...

... erm ... I think you wiiiiiiiill sunshine ...

Even AFTER you have defeated him, Lachla'an STILL maintains that he has his 
visions of the future, and that he will NOT die today.

Your Advisor calls on your servants Gulmuskae, Esremerios and Kremnimus to 
ravage his corpse and scatter the remains ... THAT oughta do it !!! :)



OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans, Empire



Name              Inhabitants
Kalo Fort         Orc King (5), Ogre (2)
Ungado            Orc Champion (1), Orc (1), Troll (1}
Pimbleton         Defender of Faith (5), Paladin (4), Spearman (15), 
                  Marksman (2)
Cannon Castle     Titan (5), Defender of the Faith (10), Grand Inquisitor (4),
                  Imperial Assassin (5), Prophetess (4)
Suldon Peak       Titan (10), Defender of the Faith (1), Grand Inquisitor (8),
                  Imperial Assassin (5), Prophetess (4)
Anyan City        -
Kahlin            Green Dragon (2), White Wizard (1), Elf Lord (10), Centaur 
                  (10), Forest Elf (15)
Ishan Castle      [Skylord (1), Elf Lord (5), Angel (4), Oracle Elf (5)]
Fortune Peak      [Centaur Lancer (15), Elf Lord (20), Skylord (1), Oracle 
                  Elf (15)]


Name              Inhabitants

Olanston          [Rune Master (5), Hermit (4)]


Name              Inhabitants

Melbade           [Holy Avenger (5)]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Orc Temple        Orc King (5), Ogre (1), 
                                     Troll (1)  400 Gp, Treebark Potion
        Trainer   2 Orc Champions (5/7)         500 Gp, Potion of Fire Warding
Clans Watchtower  Wolf Lord (4), 2 Rune 
                   Masters (5/5) Dwarf King (5) 250 Gp, Forestwalk Scroll
Old Church        3 Angels (8), Prophetess (4)  350 Gp, Royal Scepter
Abandoned Farm    2 Werewolves (1/1)            75 Gp, Gold Ring
Elven Shrine      Green Dragon (1), Elf Lord 
                        (1), White Wizard (4), 
                        Centaur (10)            260 Gp, Holy Artifact
Crowley's Tax 
      Collection  Holy Avenger (5), 2 Defenders 
                    of the Faith (5/5), 
                    Imperial Assassin (3)       1,000 Gp, Silver Ring
West Temple       Blue Dragon (1)               500 Gp, Talisman of Restoration
East Temple       2 Green Dragons (1/1)         460 Gp, Talisman of Lightning
Elven Library     Blue Dragon (10), 2 Centaurs 
                    (50/50), Oracle Elf (30), 
                    Lachla'an (1)               Tiara of Purity


Event             Notes

Aid us ???        Crowley's Minions ask you to find them an artifact.
STORM THEIR LANDS It's time to kick the Elves' asses as you gain the key !!

2 x Sapphires, 3 x Diamonds, Healing Scroll, Potion of Vigor, Staff of Light, 
2 x Emeralds, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Orb of Witches, 2 x Life Potions, 
Potion of Air Warding, Potion of Swiftness, Orb of Lightning, 2 x Potions of 
Striking, Angel Orb, Elf Lord Orb, Healing Ointment, Lightning Scroll, Potion 
of Strength, Air Ward Scroll, Staff of Demonology, Silver Ring, 2 x Potions of 
Speed, Potion of Invulnerability, Armageddon Scroll, Orb of Witches.



Name                            Sells
Ygar's Hospital Shop (Merchant) Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                Potion of Healing x 10, Healing Ointment x 10
Nibor's Tower (Magic Shop)      Fire Ward (800 Gp), Summon Nightmare (600 Gp),
                                Winds of Travel (1,600 Gp), Fog of Death (600 
                                Gp), Air Ward (200 Gp), Shadow (400 Gp), 
                                Divis Nocte (600 Gp), Sanctuera (600 Gp), 
                                Nightfall (1,600 Gp)
Dennar's Camp (Mercenary)       Barbarian Chieftain (Level 5 - 2,520 Gp), 
                                Barbarian Warrior (Level 5 - 1,190 Gp), 
                                Lizard Man (Level 5 - 1,190 Gp), Medusa (Level 
                                5 - 1,830 Gp), Ogre (Level 3 - 3,360 Gp)
Wizard Thurin (Magic Shop)      Air Ward (200 Gp), Lightning (200 Gp), True 
                                Sight (400 Gp), Blizzard (200 Gp), Seafaring 
                                (400 Gp), Tempest (600 Gp), Water Ward (200 
                                Gp), Earth Ward (400 Gp), Nightfall (1,600 Gp),
                                Illudere Terra (2,000 Gp)
Anielle's Auberge (Merchant)    Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Vigor x 1, 
                                Potion of Strength x 1, Titan's Might Potion x 
                                1, Treebark Potion x 1
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)        Life Potion x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                                Potion of Restoration x 10, Potion of 
                                Swiftness x 1, Potion of Speed x 1, Potion of 
                                Accuracy x 1, Potion of Might x 3, Treebark 
                                Potion x 2
Ebhon's Camp (Trainer)                 -->  Train your Units here !!  <--
Zulfi's Goods (Merchant)        Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Might x 3, 
                                Potion of Healing x 5, Treebark Potion x 4, 
                                Venerable Warrior Orb x 1, Orb of Vigor x 1, 
                                Potion of Invulnerability x 2
Ander's Shop (Merchant)         Life Potion x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                                Potion of Restoration x 10, Treebark Potion x 1
                                Potion of Accuracy x 1, Potion of Swiftness x 1
                                Potion of Celerity x 1, Tormentio Scroll x 1, 
                                Water Ward Scroll x 1, Vithar's Might Scroll x1


Lachla'an's remains were taken to remote locations by the most trusted of the 
demons.  The Legions' collaboration with Crowley's Armies had worked really 
well - they had been able to locate the Avatar AND make the Elves believe that 
the Empire was responsible for his death.

With Lachla'an dead, war between the Empire and the Elves was inevitable.  The 
prospect of alliance between those two races had been RUINED by the 
intervention of the Hordes, and the Legions had EVERY right to be happy with 
their performance thusfar.

BUT more important matters called to them ... they would continue to 
manipulate this IMBECILE Crowley and search for the mystic well ... with just 
enough time to pause and reflect on whether the Elves could feel the rising 
darkness approaching their trio of cities ...


3)	Breaking of the Three


Access to the trio of cities had FINALLY been secured.  Credit to Count 
Crowley for giving the Legions assistance in thwarting the alliance between 
the Elves and the Empire, thus ensuring that ONLY the Elves would be protecting
the divine triad of cities.

The Legions expected to collaborate with Crowley further, and perhaps even 
rule Nevendaar with him.  Once the three cities had fallen, the Elves' Magic 
would surely be corrupted, and the Plague of Hell would pour forth from the 
centre of the well to poison the whole of Nevendaar.

The Legions prepared for their last great march upon the Elves.


Let's go !!

Your first objective on this final (sniff sniff) level with the Legions of 
the Damned is to meet with Count Crowley and his cohorts, and instruct them 

The level begins with one of your Counselors telling you that Count Crowley 
has once again requested your assistance, wishing you to escort his troops to 
a specified meeting place nearby (just south of your island)

Your Duke understandably questions why Crowley has not had the courage to 
venture to your Capital City himself, to which the Counselor replies that 
caution is advised, and that in order to maintain this advantage which has 
been given to them by Bethrezen, the Legions would have to continue to play 
the role of the Highfather's Servants for just a LITTLE while longer.

The Counselor is confident that, as Crowley's Armies have already led them to 
Lachla'an, so too would they lead them to the Well.

On this third level you begin with all level 1 and 2 spells, and (again) a 
reasonable amount of gold and mana (less so if you're playing on a higher 
difficulty setting).

NOTE : Your Capital City is in the centre of the map

ALSO it would appear that your Leader gains experience on this level !!

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

... well ... he/she can up to Level 18 at any rate =./

To the NORTH of your Capital City is the Caliginous Pit protected by two 
Red Dragons (one outside, one inside).  Your Advisor comes up after your 
victory to tell you that the Red Dragon is a FASCINATING beast that enjoys 
the lava almost as must as you guys ... ((( but that he's a bit smelly ))).

As you are about to leave your island (and fortunately there's only one way 
off - via the western shore), your Counselor shows up to say that according 
to HIS map, the meeting spot is south, then east when the mountains come to 
an end ... then just keep going east until you see the big pink house with the 
inflatable slide outside.

... oh no wait !  That's how to get to MY house !!  Heh ... then just keep 
going east until you find the great falls in a small valley ... hmmmmmmmmm.

So !  Let's go !!

Oh ... that's handy ... it actually shows you the way ... yey !! :)

Now ... BEFORE I go to meet Count Crawley, I'm going to venture about a bit.

The Undead Hordes' Capital City is in the north-westernmost corner of the map 
so I'm going to go up there first ...

So venturing due WEST from my island, I came across the City of Point Hope, 
which contains an Orb of Life.

As you approach, one of your scouts (a thief) pops up to tell you that Count 
Crowley does NOT own the City as you had thought he might ... perhaps he has 
been driven away ?

Also ... what the HELL has he asked us to meet him at a whirlpool ??  Sounds 
a WEE bit dodgy to ME ...

Point Hope is defended on the outside by :-

White Wizard (5), Defender of the Faith (5), Holy Avenger (10)

and once it has been taken, a peasant pops up to say that they have survived 
Crowley's Inquisition, and he's sure they'll survive worse (well ... in his 
defence they've never met us have they ... hehehe) ... however, your 
Counselor DOES note that it is strange that Crowley would just ABANDON a 
place like this ...

... something strange is going on around here ... =./

As you move northwards towards the Undead Hordes' Lands, the Duke shows up 
again to tell you that the Humans have set watch on the shores of the Undead 
Hordes' Territory, and that as they are mere scouts really speaking, they 
should not pose much of a problem.

The human "scout" that he is referring to is a unit comprising :-

Titan (5), Grand Inquisitor (6), Defender of the Faith (5)

A Level 1 Black Dragon blocks your path into the Undead Hordes' Territory.
Once he has been despatched you may enter !  The nearby city of Tormenta is 
protected on the outside by :-

Shiindal (Lich Queen - 15), Phantom Warrior (5), Dreadwyrm (4)

... and by some HARDCORE undead units on the inside.  Once you have taken the 
city, your Duke tells you that he thinks you have taken a wrong turn, as 
instead of Elves, all he can see are rotting bodies and dead trees !

YES !  OK !  We took a wrong turn ... but this is all part of the fun !!



Misery Castle (nice name !!) on the same island is protected on the outside 
by :-

Geniallish (Death's Knight - Level 10), Elder Vampire (5), Archlich (5)

... and AGAIN by some hardcore units on the inside.  Once it has fallen, your 
Duke says that the STINK of the undead's rotting flesh is nearly intolerable 
there, and WHY do we need to be there ?

OK Kevin ... 

* honestly I swear if he b!tches ONE MORE TIME I'm gonna SHOOT him !!*

ONCE I had done exploring the Undead Lands, I then moved southwards, along 
the western edge of the map, past the blue dragon and onward ...

Once the Deserted Church has fallen, your Counselor remarks that Mortis' 
Undead Children are spreading beyond the reach of their homeland, which is 
puzzling as Mortis would not ordinarily free them from their servitude ...

Keep venturing further south and you will come across the Empire's Capital 
City.  As you approach the walled-in Capital City, an Angel stops you, 
accusing you of being heretics and saying that these gates are protected by 
the Highfather himself ... you are ordered to go back.

FAT ... CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!  ONWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD !!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

UNfortunately, before we can charge them, somebody casts an Armageddon spell 
on your units, after which the Angel says that you will get the same 
treatment if you come back again ... I just ignored them and charged in ;)

Once the nearby Garrison Tower has fallen, one of your Dukes says that you 
have done well to destroy it, as it was creating troops for the Empire.

*spit spit spit*

The Empire City of Confidence, in the southwesternmost corner of the map, is 
protected on its outside by :-

3 Imperial Assassins (10/10/10), 2 Defenders of the Faith (15/15), Angel (20)

If you take the City of Confidence, a Knight tells you that you may have won 
THIS battle, but you would be VERY much mistaken if you believed that you had 
gained the upper hand in the overall conflict ...

... hahahaha ... what a twit ...

Your Duke puts him down appropriately, telling him that his wit will not help 
him whilst he's suffering an ETERNITY of pain.  Nyuk nyuk.

Once the Heretic's Temple on the OTHER side of the Empire Capital City has 
fallen, your Advisor comments that he thinks it rather strange that the Empire 
allowed Heretics to continue to practice there, as ordinarily the Empire would 
stamp out any such behaviour asap ... =./

Intriguing !! :)

Hokay !  Now that we've purged the EMPIRE Lands I think it's time to go and 
see what all the fuss is about with this Crowley Cretan ... so let's RIIIDE !!

Head back to the river to the east of the Deserted Church and head due SOUTH 
until you hit the twin Blue Dragons.  Despatch them, and then take the path 
that leads to the east in between the mountain ranges.  When you have picked 
up the Potion of Celerity, head north-west towards the whirlpool and your 
meeting with Crowley's Forces.

As you approach the whirlpool, two Empire units appear before you.  They are 
Knights of the Empire, and the following dialogue ensues :-

KNIGHTS : We've captured Crawley and tortured them to get your plans.  We 
          know about your supposed meeting, and we are hiar to make sure that 
          it is not carried out.  Pweepare to DIE, on the orders of Emry of 
          Abrissel !!


*The action pans to the northeasternmost corner of the map, where a section of 
mountain range is removed*

PEASANT : (who appears to be on re-run from the last time we saw him) We 
          have survived Crowley's inquisition, bla bla bla

*whilst he's talking Sinister draws a moustache on his face and smiles at him*

YOU     : You IMPUDENT little maggots !!  We'll have your guts for garters.
          ONWARD LADS !!!!!

The two units before you comprise :-

1)  Fendright (Ranger - 15), Defender of the Faith (5), 2 Imperial Assassins 
2)  Jagare (Pegasus Knight - 13), Grand Inquisitor (4), Holy Avenger (5), 
    White Wizard (4)

Once Jagare has fallen, your Counselor comments that the Empire must have 
overthrown Crowley ...

... gee thanks !!  We hadn't figured THAT out for ourselves ... *slams his 
head into the desk*

Now then ... we NOW know where we need to go ... so I am going to finish 
exploring the rest of the map ... JUST for you ... :)

Continuing south-east of the whirlpool you will come across the City of Gando,
which is occupied by the Greenskins.  Once it has fallen it prompts your 
Advisor to comment that the presence of the Greenskins is persistant ... like 
maggots on rancid meat.

... niiiiiiiiiiiiiice ...

Due south of Gando is Krub City - another Greenskin city WHICH, when felled, 
causes your Duke to pop up and say that the riches you have stolen from the 
City will help you in your task.  He also chastises Crawley for having failed 
in his task ...

Krub City holds an Ancient Relic, a Bronze Ring, and an Imperial Crown.

If you venture east along the southernmost border of the map you will enter 
Dwarf-occupied land ... as you approach Under's Shop, an Elder One beseeches 
you to leave them alone, saying he knows who you are looking for, and that 
these are DWARF-owned lands ... the Elves YOU are looking for are to the north.

Thanks mate !


In the southeasternmost corner of the map lies Fort Kjell - a Dwarf-owner city 
protected on the outside by the following :-

2 Dwarf Kings (wearing different armour) (1/5), Tempest Giant (3), Forge 
Guardian (3)

Once the City has fallen, a Dwarf King tells you that you should leave, as he 
has just sent word to his Dwarven cousins to come kick your butt !!

Oooooooooooooh stop me ... I'm shaaaaaaking ...

Fort Kjell contains an Orb of Icefall.

Your Counselor reports back to say that whilst the Mountain Clans DO live 
nearby, they do not appear to pose a very tangible threat.

If you approach the Valkyrie just outside Fort Kjell, she calls for you to 
leave and casts a ****-** spell on you !!  The bitch !!!!!!  SLAY HURRRRRR.

If you storm the Guard Tower the Valkyrie and her allies are guarding, your 
Advisor critices the Dwarves, commenting that their persistence in remaining 
divided is CLEARLY folly, as strength lies in Unity.

As you approach the Dwarven Capital City you will find another Guard Tower.  
If you sack it, your Counselor will sarcastically comment that for all their 
logic, these Guard Towers haven't really benefited the Dwarves AT ALL ... have 
they !! ;)

If you take the Ruined Lochouse, which is on the far easternmost edge of the 
map (east of the Mountain Clans Capital City), a Goblin tells you that the 
Elves are to the North.

*look of shock*

REALLY ??  You mean I'm going in the wrong direction ??

*slaps himself in the face*

Well BLOOOOOOOOOW me down ... I'd NEVER have thought THAT ...

*shoots the goblin between the eyes and marches onward*

Once you begin to move northwards, you will encounter the Town Hall.  If you 
choose to loot it, your Counselor will confirm that even after HOURS of 
mutilating the humans there, the whereabouts of the Elves was no closer to 
your understanding - HOWEVER, you have just found an Elven text that suggests 
that their hiding place is not far !! :)

As you approach the lizardmen on the land mass to the NORTH of your Capital 
City, they (the "Snakeskins") interrupt you to tell you that the Elves you 
are looking for are to the East - i.e. NOT here ... so BUZZ OFF like ... heh.

If you continue to venture directly to the north you will encounter the Medusa 
Lair (which, unsurprisingly) has Medusa in it ... and once it has been 
trashed, your Counselor tells you that it's REALLY smelly up there, and that 
perhaps you SHOULDN'T have ventured this far north.

GOD who would have thought it eh ... the LEGIONS OF THE DAMNED ... complaining 
about a SMELL.



Venture south and east of this location towards the break in the mountain 
range, and you will encounter the Lair (just prior to which your Duke will 
say that you are venturing near the Elven Lair, and that the air (which is 
pure) is OFFENSIVE to him).  BOTHERED ???????

After the Lair has fallen to your MIGHT, he (the same Duke) confirms that 
you are approaching the domain of Elgrid - the famed Elven Tamer of Monsters.
THAT is the reason for your encountering consistantly more and more exotic 
baddies in the area ;)

As you approach the City of Stunnart Point (which is JUST before you get 
into the Elven Territory proper, on the northernmost edge of the map), your 
Counselor pops up to tell you that the Elves have constructed a series of 
Castles along the route you must travel, to better police access to the area.
Therefore, you should not be at ALL surprised if you get ambushed.

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

    the Tamer 195 0+25   -    Air  Lightning      80    50  Air   50  Any  6


Once his City has fallen, your Counselor tells you that FINALLY you have 
found the domain of the Elves, and that the beasts that guard the entrance to 
the area are most DEFINITELY a sign of the enemies that will dwell within.

... and that's NOT a good thing ... 'coz they're NAILS !! =(

Stunnart Point contains a Staff of Celerity, by the way.

To the south-east of Stunnart Point lies the City of High Point.
This is the City of Lanar the Wise, who's stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

     the Wise 375 0+30   -    Air  Lightning      89    95  Air   50  Any  6


Lanar the Wise says (with his dying breath) "You may continue on your path 
destruction, fiends, ..." (shouldn't that be path OF destruction ?  Wise YES, 
Literate NO ...) "... but it will not lead you where you expect."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... y'know ?  I think it might ;)

Your path FURTHER into the Elven Lands is blocked by a trio of MASSIVE muthas :

Blue Dragon (1), Skylord (1), White Dragon (1)

Once THEY have been despatched, you may begin your final stretch to VICTORY !!

As you approach the Elven Temple, the Elves cast a spell to shroud the land 
in Darkness, to which your Counselor responds suggesting that they are trying 
to keep their location hidden from you, so you should be on the look out for 
a secret passage or similar.

As you move to the south of the Elven Temple you will encounter your NEXT 
trap, as a unit of Dreadwrym (4), Deathdragon (15) and Dracolich (4) appear 
in front of you !!

Despatch them and venture further.

A few paces further a unit comprising a Dreadwyrm (10) and Dracolich (4) 
appear ahead of you ... again, slay them and move on.

A few paces on again, and a Succubus PLEADS with you to hurry and find the 
well, saying that Bethrezen's cries are shattering her ears !  He is 
DESPERATE for you to unleash his plague upon Nevendaar.  Her pleas are echoed 
by a Doppleganger, an Abyssal Demon AND your very own Counselor, who warns 
that, before long, it will no longer be possible for you to control your own 
troops as passions rise !!


To gain access to the Elven Holy Triad of Cities you will need to slay the 
unit on the easternmost border of the map, which comprises a Blue Dragon (1),
and 4 Oracle Elves (15/15/15/20).  Once you have marched through this unit, 
you will be on the path that leads to the Holy Triad of Cities ;)


Your access to the final clearing is blocked by THREE Green Dragons (1/1/1).

Destroy them and then WREAK HAVOC =)


Before I assaulted the three Elven Cities, I disposed of all the troops in 
the clearing itself.  These are :-

1)  2 White Dragons (1/1), Green Dragon (1)
2)  3 White Dragons (1/1/1)
3)  2 Blue Dragons (1/10), White Dragon (1)

As you approach unit 3, Drullia'an appears to tell you that you shall not pass,
that nobody has EVER penetrated the hidden city of ****-**, and that 
she would rather DIE defending it than see it fall to your might.  Your 
Duke simply tells her that she will !! :)

                           THE THREE ELVEN CITIES

1)  Khan'naan

After Khan'naan has fallen, your Counselor speaks to tell you that it's not 
even a real city !  It's TOTALLY not fit for your boys to stay in ... you will 
also be given a Titan's Might Potion.

2)  Andara'an

After Andara'an has fallen you are given a potion of invulnerability, and 
one of your Infernal Knights says "We have them cornered!  We must press on!
For the glory of Bethrezen !".

3)  Zhilovers

Zhilovers is the residence of Drullia'an - heiress to Queen Taladrielle.  She 
is very powerful, and her stats are as follows :-

              HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Drullia'an   2000 20+30 Mi,Ea  -   Dragon Blade/
                                     Frostbite 95/30 175/30 Li/Wa 60  Any  6


Drullia'an is TOUGH because she hits for six, and because she has a PAIN IN 
THE @RSE Oracle Elf behind her healing her VERY very well ... focus your 
attacks on one unit at a time and keep falling back to heal ... my technique 
was to go in strong, fire off ONE blast with my leader and then have him 
retreat so that I could reforge my party and go in again a few turns later.

Provided you have slain one enemy, you will progressively weaken her forces.

Once she has died, you pervert the Elven Well into a throbbing, pulsating 
organ of HELL ... Drullia'an calls for her Elven children to fleeeeeeeeee, 
but it is too late.  Bethrezen's FURY pours forth into Nevendaar, corrupting 
the once beautiful world.

                          W-E-L-L   D-O-N-E   ! ! ! ! !


OPPONENTS	The Empire, The Mountain Clans, The Undead Hordes, The Elves.



Name              Inhabitants
Point Hope        Ardobert (Pegasus Knight - 15), Defender of the Faith (5), 
                  Holy Avenger (5), Archer (1)
Gando             Ogre (1), 2 Orc Champions (1/15), 2 Goblin Archers (20/20)
Krub City         Ogre (1), Troll (5), Orc Champion (5), Goblin Archer (20)
Stunnart Point    Elgrid the Tamer (Elf Lord - 1) Manticore (5), Dreadwyrm (25)
High Point        Death (4), Skylord (5), 2 Elf Lords (10/20), Oracle Elf (20)


Name              Inhabitants

Confidence        Imperial Assassin (3), 2 Prophetesses (4/4), Holy Avenger (5)


Name              Inhabitants

Tormenta          [Death (4), Archlich (5), Doomdrake (2), Spectre (2)]
Misery Castle     [Dracolich (4), 2 Elder Vampires (5/5), Dark Lord (3)]


Name              Inhabitants

Fort Kjell        Son of Ymir (4), Dwarf King (10), Rune Master (5), 
                  Dwarf Lord (Hermit - 1), Archdruidess (4)


Name              Inhabitants

Khan'naan         White Dragon (10) Elf Lord (25) Skylord (1) Oracle Elf (20)
Andara'an         Centaur (25), Forest Elf (25), Centaur Lancer (15),
                  Elf Ranger (25), Elf Lord (25), Oracle Elf (25)
Zhilovers         Drullia'an (1), Centaur Lancer (96), White Dragon (10),
                  Oracle Elf (20), Elf Ranger (94)


Name             Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?
Caliginous Pit   Red Dragon (1)                 500 Gp, Orb of Thanatos
Library          Elementalist (15), 
                   Holy Avenger (15),           800 Gp, Winds of Restoration 
                     2 Prophetesses (8/15)                              Scroll
Crumbled Castle  Brown Bear (1), Imp (1)        100 Gp, Imperial Crown
Ruined Farm      2 Ghouls (1/1), Occultist (1)  500 Gp, Mind Ward Scroll
Deserted Church  Master Occultist (1), Ghoul 
                        (1), Elder Vampire (5)  600 Gp, Hag's Ring
Garrison Tower   3 Imperial Assassins (3/3/3), 
                    Imperial Knight (3), 
                     Defender of the Faith (5)  100 Gp, Damage Ward Scroll
Heretic's Temple Barbarian Warrior (1) Wolf (1) 100 Gp, Orb of Lycanthropy
Armory           Orc King (3), Troll (1)
                         Ogre (1), Medusa (1)   500 Gp, Banner of Fortitude
Razed Shop       Orc (10), Ogre (3),
                         Goblin Archer (20)     750 Gp, Emerald
Guard Tower      Son of Ymir (4) Wolf Lord (4),
(Southwest)          Dwarf King (5), Forge 
                         Guardian (3)           700 Gp, Orb of Freezing
Guard Tower      Ice Giant (3), Hermit (4), 
(Capital)                         Wolf Lord (4) 400 Gp, Tome of War
Ruined Lochouse  Troll (1), 3 Medusas (1/3/5), 
                              Goblin Archer (1) 500 Gp, Lizard Man Orb
Town Hall        Defender of the Faith (15), 
                   Spearman (15), White Wizard 
                     (10), Hierophant (10)      500 Gp, Royal Scepter
Medusa Lair      3 Lizard Men (5/10/20), 
                            2 Medusas (10/15)   700 Gp, Winds of Travel Scroll
Lair             Primitive Giant (1), 
                      Manticore (1), Yeti (10)  500 Gp Incantare Avenger Scroll
Elven Temple     2 Elf Lords (10/12) Skylord(1) 300 Gp, Staff of Protection
Elven Guard 
          Tower  2 Centaur Lancers (10/10), 
                    Elf Lord (12), Oracle Elf 
                       (10), White Dragon (1)   Quicksilver Potion


Event             Notes

2 x Potions of Protection, 6 x Potions of Restoration, Skeleton Champion Orb, 
Elder Vampire Orb, Ice Spirits Scroll, 6 x Life Potion, Treebark Potion, 
5 x Healing Ointments, Potion of Vigor, Potion of Accuracy, Orb of Strength, 
Potion of Celerity, Boots of the Elements, Gold Ring, Bronze Ring, Talisman 
of Thanatos, Blizzard Scroll, Ancestor's Call Scroll, Forestwalk Scroll, 
Emerald, 2 x Orbs of Regeneration, 3 x Iron Skin Potions, Orb of Elder 
Vampires, Talisman of Regeneration, Orb of Stone Rain, 2 x Treebark Potion, 
Ymir's Blessing Scroll, Wotan's Blessing Scroll, 2 x Call to Arms Scrolls, 
Potion of Air Warding, Titan's Might Potion.

2 x Life Potions, Potion of Restoration, 2 x Healing Ointments, Potion of 


Name                          Sells
Gareth's Laboratory (Magic)   Sanctuera (600 Gp), Ignis Potens (1,200 Gp), 
                              Sinestra Ignis (800 Gp), Terror (800 Gp), Call 
                              Red Dragon (800 Gp)
Nazhara's Shop (Merchant)     Life Potion x 15, Potion of Restoration x 15, 
                              Potion of Healing x 15, Potion of Invulnerability
                              x 1, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Swiftness 
                              x 1, Potion of Fortune x 1
Allar's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                              Potion of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 
                              10, Treebark Potion x 6, Potion of Striking x 4,
                              Potion of Vigor x 5, Potion of Strength x 6, 
                              Potion of Might x 1, 
Metaca's Camp (Trainer)              --> Train your Units here !! <--
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Healing Ointment x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                              Staff of Holiness x 1, Talisman of Healing x 1
Righon's Camp (Mercenary)     Barbarian Chieftain (Level 1 - 1800 Gp), 
                              Dark Lord (Level 3 - 850 Gp), Elder One (Level 
                              4 - 2800 Gp), Medusa (Level 1 - 1310 Gp), Ogre 
                              (Level 1 - 2800 Gp), Onyx Gargoyle (Level 3 - 
                              1000 Gp), Skylord (Level 1 - 3000 Gp), Son of 
                              Ymir (Level 4 - 2600 Gp), Troll (Level 1 - 2800 
                              Gp), Venerable Warrior (Level 4 - 1800 Gp)
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 14, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Healing x 7, Healing Ointment x 11, 
                              Treebark Potion x 4, Potion of Strength x 8, 
                              Potion of Celerity x 3
Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Earth Ward (400 Gp), Rust (200 Gp), Shadow 
                              (400 Gp), Rot (800 Gp), Forestwalk (200 Gp), 
                              Seafaring (400 Gp), Tempest (600 Gp), Ice 
                              Spirits (1200 Gp), Nightfall (1600 Gp)
Allar's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, Potion 
                              of Healing x 10, Potion of Invulnerability x 1, 
                              Potion of Vigor x 1, Potion of Strength x 1, 
                              Potion of Might x 1, Potion of Celerity x 1, 
                              Potion of Air Warding x 1
Purthen's Camp (Mercenary)    Brown Bear (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Green Dragon 
                              (Level 1 - 4500 Gp), Griffin (Level 1 - 1250 Gp),
                              Manticore (Level 1 - 5600 Gp), Medusa (Level 1 - 
                              1310 Gp), Ogre (Level 3 - 3360 Gp), Polar Bear 
                              (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Skylord (Level 1 - 3000 Gp),
                              Spirit of Fenrir (Level 1 - 2300 Gp), Titan 
                              (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Titan (Level 5 - 420 Gp), 
                              Wolf (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Yeti (Level 6 - 600 Gp)
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10,
                              Potion of Healing x 10, Healing Ointment x 10, 
                              Potion of Vigor x 2, Potion of Striking x 1, 
                              Treebark Potion x 5, Potion of Air Warding x 1, 
                              Ancestor's Call Scroll x 1
Anjalin's Camp (Trainer)             -->  Train your Units here !!  <--


With the last city taken, the demonologists began chanting in unholy tongues.
The entranced demon masses circled the well, caught in an insatiable blood 
lust.  They tore at one another, and legends say more demons were lost in this 
one 'celebration' than any other single day in the war.

The well began to emit a horrible noise, the sound of thousands of suffering 
sould drowned out the demonic cacophany.  The Legions backed away from the 
source, knowing direct contact with Bethrezen's power would obliterate even 
the strongest of their kind.

Suddenly, the well erupted and Bethrezen's plague stained the land around it.
The blistering wave of molten energy shot through the forests, felling trees 
and animals.  The Elves who had sought sanctuary high in their forest homes 
had no escape.  They fell into the bubbling tide and perished.

Bethrezen's will now wound its way through Nevendaar with tremendous power.
Soon it would reach Human lands.  Whether due to the energy itself or due to 
the unholy religious fervour brough about by their god's triumph, the Legions 
were infused with new hatred and unfathomable strength.  Soon Nevendaar and 
Hell would be one.


Thanks to all the people at with ONE exception (and you KNOW who
you are, you little maggot), for being nothing but supportive and encouraging
of me during the process of creating this walkthrough and its siblings.

As I mentioned at the top, this walkthrough is dedicate to my friend Eug, for 
whom I have great respect.  His wisdom and counsel are always appreciated, 
and I have ABSOLUTE faith that he will succeed at anything he turns his hand 
to !! :)

When asked to comment, Eug released the following statement :-

"We, mortal people, are the real legions of the damned, no matter race, 
religion or social stature.

No matter what category we fall in, we are all damned to death, from birth.  
This is as certain as a candle is sure to burn out once it has vaporised its 
waxen base.  This does not hail badly for us though, as our actions will be 
echoed in the lives of others and, if we have lived by a fair and just code, 
our contribution will have advanced the world we share with our fellow man.  
No action goes unnoticed, that is part of the grand design.  One voice may 
merely represent a whisper, uttered in a tumultuous wind.  But add to that the 
voices of your fellow man and you have a chorus that will overpower even the 
most ferocius storm ..."

¦                               SECTION EIGHT                                ¦

     ============ =============        ==        ============ ============
     ¦          ¦ ¦           ¦       ¦  ¦       ¦          ¦ ¦          ¦
     ¦    ======= ¦           ¦       ¦  ¦       ¦          ¦ ¦    =======
     ¦    ¦       ====     ====      ¦    ¦      ====    ==== ¦    ¦
     ¦    =======     ¦   ¦          ¦    ¦          ¦   ¦    ¦    =======
     ¦          ¦     ¦   ¦         ¦      ¦         ¦   ¦    ¦          ¦
     =======    ¦     ¦   ¦        ¦   ==   ¦        ¦   ¦    =======    ¦
           ¦    ¦     ¦   ¦        ¦   ¦¦   ¦        ¦   ¦          ¦    ¦
     =======    ¦     ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦    =======    ¦
     ¦          ¦     ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦    ¦          ¦
     ============     =====       ====    ====       =====    ============

¦ The aim of this part is to provide you with the stats for as many races    ¦
¦ (hopefully all of them) as I could fine, and to present these stats in a   ¦
¦ clear and readable format.  Obviously in order to make it readable, space  ¦
¦ is very important, and I have therefore had to abbreviate in certain areas ¦
¦ For your ease of reference, I have reproduced a key below, which I hope    ¦
¦ will make sense - it's pretty obvious ;)               - Mister Sinister   ¦

KEY :-

In the event that I haven't had enough space to put a FULL text explanation of
what something means, I have abbreviated.  Here is a list of the abbreviations
I have used throughout this document :-

          % HIT    =  Percentage Chance to Hit
          A        =  Air
          ADJ      =  Adjacent only
          Ai       =  Air
          AR       =  Armour Rating
          ATT      =  Attacks (methods of attacking)
          Br       =  Breath (usually of Dragon's)
          Brth     =  Breath (usually of Dragon's)
          CHIEFTN  =  Chieftain [Barbarian Chieftn = Barbarian Chieftain]
          Cur      =  Cure
          D        =  Death
          DAM      =  Damage inflicted
          De       =  Death
          De.      =  Death (usually "Death Touch")
          Dm       =  Damage
          Drn      =  Drain
          E        =  Earth
          Ea       =  Earth
          F        =  Fire
          Fi       =  Fire
          Frstbt   =  Frostbite
          HP       =  Hit Points
          IMM      =  Immunities
          In-B     =  Infernal Blade
          INIT     =  Initiative
          Li       =  Life
          Low      =  Lower [Low Init = Lower Initiative]
          Lvl      =  Level
          Lwr      =  Lower [Lwr Dam  = Lower Damage]
          M        =  Mind
          Mi       =  Mind
          Overflw  =  Overflow (as in, Drain Life Overflow) ;)
          P'lyse   =  Paralyse
          Para     =  Paralyse
          Pet      =  Petrify
          Po       =  Poison
          Poi      =  Poison
          REA      =  Reach
          Shr      =  Shower (as in, Ice Shower) ;)
          Sp       =  Swipe, when used with Tree - i.e. Tree Sp = Tree Swipe
          SRC      =  Source of the Attack(s)
          Swd      =  Sword
          TAR      =  Targets
          Tch      =  Touch (e.g. De. Tch = Death's Touch)
          Un.      =  Undead [usually "Undead Blade" (Un.Blade)]
          W        =  Water
          Wa       =  Water
          WARD     =  Warded Against
          We       =  Weapon

Nb - if an attack type is listed in brackets it means the unit has TWO of this


              ======== ===      === ========  === ========  ========
              ¦      ¦ ¦  \    /  ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦      ¦
              ¦   ===  ¦   \  /   ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ===
              ¦   ¦    ¦    \/    ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ¦
              ¦   ==   ¦          ¦ ¦  =====  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====  ¦   ==
              ¦     ¦  ¦          ¦ ¦ /       ¦ ¦ ¦   \     ¦     ¦
              ¦   ==   ¦  ¦\  /¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦    \    ¦   ==
              ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦ \/ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦     \   ¦   ¦
              ¦   ===  ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦\  \  ¦   ===
              ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ \  \ ¦      ¦
              ======== ===     ===  ===       === ===   === ========


                             THE UNITS OF THE EMPIRE

                        LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

MYZRAEL      900 50+40 -    -    Holy Wrath       95  250   Life  90  Any  6
   KNIGHT    150  0   -     -    Long Sword       80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
RANGER        90  0   -     -    Falcon Arrow     80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
ARCHMAGE      65  0   -     -    Lightning        80   30   Air   40  Any  6
ARCHANGEL    100  0   -     -    Healing         100   40   Life  10  Any  1
THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1

                           SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

ACOLYTE       50  0   -     -    Heal            100   20   Life  10  Any  1
ANGEL        225  0   -     -    Holy Lance       80  125   Wea   50  Adj  1
APPRENTICE    35  0   -     -    Lightning        80   15   Air   40  Any  6
ARCHER        45  0   -     -    Arrow            80   25   Wea   60  Any  1
CLERIC        75  0   -     -    Healing         100   20   Life  10  Any  6
    OF FAITH 225 30   -     -    Sword            80  125   Wea   70  Adj  1
ELEMENTALIST  95  0   -     Air  Summon          100    0   Air   40  Any  1
 INQUISITOR  210  0  Mind   Fire Holy Mace        80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
HIEROPHANT   125  0   -     -    Heal/Revive  100/100 120   Li/Li 10  Any  1
HOLY AVENGER 250  0   -     -    2 x Long Sword   80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
    ASSASSIN 135  0   -     -    Dagger/Poison  85/75  60   We/De 60  Any  1
    KNIGHT   200  0   -     -    Lance            80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
    PRIEST   100  0   -     -    Healing         100   80   Life  10  Any  1
INQUISITOR   180  0 Mind    -    Mace             80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
KNIGHT       150  0   -     -    Sword            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
MAGE          65  0   -     -    Lightning        80   30   Air   40  Any  6
MARKSMAN      90  0   -     -    Arrow            85   40   Wea   60  Any  1
MATRIARCH    100  0   -     -    Heal/Cure     100/100 40   Li/Li 10  Any  6
PALADIN      175 30   -     -    Long Sword       80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
PRIEST        75  0   -     -    Healing         100   40   Life  10  Any  1
PROPHETESS   125  0   -     -    Heal/Cure     100/100 70   Li/Li 10  Any  6
SQUIRE       100  0   -     -    Sword            80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
TITAN        250  0   -     -    Smash            80   60   Wea   50  Adj  1
WHITE WIZARD 125  0   -     -    Lightning        80   60   Air   40  Any  6
WITCH-HUNTER 140  0 Mind    -    Sword            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
WIZARD        95  0   -     -    Lightning        80   45   Air   40  Any  6


           ===    === ======== ========  =======\    ======== ========
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦       ¦   ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦  ¦\    ¦  ¦   ===  ¦   ====
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦  ¦ \   ¦  ¦   ¦    ¦   ¦
           ¦ ====== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====  ¦  ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦   ==   ¦   ====
           ¦        ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   \     ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦
           ¦ ====== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦    \    ¦  ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦   ==   =====   ¦
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦\  \   ¦  ¦ /   ¦  ¦   ¦         ¦  ¦
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦ \  \  ¦  ¦/    ¦  ¦   ===  =====   ¦
           ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  \  \ ¦       ¦   ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦
           ===    === ======== ===   === =======/    ======== ========


                            THE UNITS OF THE UNDEAD HORDES

                          LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

DEATH KNIGHT 150  0 Death   -    Undead Blade     80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
NOSFERAT      90  0 Death   -    Drain Life       80   10   Dea   50  Any  6
LICH QUEEN    65  0 Death   -    Fire Storm       80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
BANSHEE      100  0 Death   -    Paralyze         70    0   Mind  20  Any  1
THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1

                       SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

ARCHLICH     170  0 Death   -    Plague           80   90   Dea   40  Any  6
DARK LORD    200  0   -  F,W,A,E Undead Blade     80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
DEATH        125  0 Wea,De  -    Death Touch/Poi 80/50 100  De/De 60  Any  1
DEATHDRAGON  375  0 Death   -    Breath           80   55   Dea   35  Any  6
DOOMDRAKE    300  0   -     -    Breath           80   40   Dea   35  Any  6
DRACOLICH    525  0 Death   -    Pestilence Br    80   75   Dea   35  Any  6
DREADWYRM    450  0 Death   -    Plague Br/Poi   80/40 65   De/De 35  Any  6
ELDER VAMP   210  0 Death   -    Drain Li Overflw 80   60   Dea   40  Any  6
FIGHTER      120  0   -     -    Sword            80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
GHOST         45  0 Death   -    Paralyze         65    0   Mind  20  Any  1
INITIATE      45  0   -     -    Pestilence       80   15   Dea   40  Any  6
LICH         140  0 Death   -    Plague           80   70   Dea   40  Any  6
NECROMANCER  105  0   -   Death  Pestilence       80   45   Dea   40  Any  6
PHANTOM WARR 320  0 Death   -    Un.Blade/Para   80/50 125  We,Mn 50  Adj  1
SHADE        135  0 Death   -    Paralyse         50    0   Mind  20  Any  6
    CHAMPION 270  0 Death   -    Long Sword       80   100  Wea   50  Adj  1
    WARRIOR  220  0 Death   -    Long Sword       80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
SPECTER       90  0 Death   -    Paralyse         70    0   Mind  20  Any  1
TEMPLAR      160  0   -  F,W,A,E Lance            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
VAMPIRE      185  0 Death   -    Drain Life       80   50   Dea   40  Any  6
WARLOCK       75  0   -     -    Pestilence       80   30   Dea   40  Any  6
WEREWOLF     100  0 Weapon  -    Slash            80   40   Wea   50  Adj  1
WIGHT        105  0 We,De   -    De.Tch/Drn Lvl 80/80  75   De/De 50  Any  1
WRAITH        75  0 We,De   -    Pestilence       80   60   Dea   60  Any  1
WYVERN       225  0   -     -    Breath           80   25   Dea   35  Any  6
ZOMBIE       170  0 Death   -    Slash            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1


             ===      ======== ======== === ======== ======== ========
             ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===== ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
             ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦ === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦
             ¦ ====== ¦  ===== ¦  === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
             ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ======== ======== ======== === ======== ===  === ========


                        THE UNITS OF THE LEGIONS OF THE DAMNED

                          LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

DUKE         150  0   -     -    Infernal Sword   80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
COUNSELOR     90  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
ARCH-DEVIL    65  0   -     -    Flame Burst      80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
BARONESS     100  0   -     -    Fear             80    0   Mind  20  Any  1
THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1

                             SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

ANTI-PALADIN 220  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
     DEMON   600  0   -     -    In-B/Pet       80/40 140   We/Mn 40  Adj  1
BEAST        420  0   -     -    Slash            80   70   Wea   20  Any  6
BERZERKER    170  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
CULTIST       45  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   15   Fire  40  Any  6
DEMON        270  0   -     -    Slash            80   80   Wea   35  Adj  1
DEMONOLOGIST 105  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   45   Fire  40  Any  6
DEMON LORD   470  0   -     -    Axe              80  140   Wea   40  Adj  1
DEVIL        170  0   -     -    Slash            80   50   Wea   35  Adj  1
DOPPLEGANGER 120  0   -     -    Morph/Slash      80   30   Wea   80  Adj  1
FIEND        250  0   -     -    Slash/Poison   80/40  60   We/De 50  Adj  1
GARGOYLE      90 40 Poison Mind  Rock Shards      80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
HAG          115  0   -     -    Polymorph        80    0   Mind  20  Any  1
INCUBUS      135  0   -     -    Petrify          65    0   Earth 20  Any  6
     KNIGHT  270  0   -     -    Infernal Sword   80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
    GARGOYLE 150 60 Poison Mind  Rock Shards      80   65   Wea   60  Any  1
MODEUS       170  0   -    Fire  Fire Storm       80   75   Fire  40  Any  6
MOLOCH       370  0   -     -    Slash            80  110   Wea   35  Adj  1
    GARGOYLE 170 65 Poison Mind  Onyx Shards      80   85   Wea   60  Any  1
OVERLORD     570  0   -     -    Infernal Blade   80  170   Wea   40  Adj  1
PANDEMONEUS  135  0   -     -    Fire Storm       80   60   Fire  40  Any  6
POSSESSED    120  0   -     -    Short Sword      80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
SORCEROR      75  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
SUCCUBUS     145  0   -     -    Polymorph        40    0   Mind  20  Any  6
TIAMATH      495  0   -     -    Slash/Lwr Dam  80/80 100   We/Mn 20  Any  6
WITCH         75  0   -     -    Polymorph        80    0   Mind  20  Any  1


                ======== ====         ===     ========== ========
                ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦         ¦ ¦     ¦        ¦ ¦       ¦
                ¦  ====  ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ===   ¦ ¦  =====
                ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦
                ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  =====
                ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦   ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ======  ¦
                ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦
                ¦  ====  ¦  ====  ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ =====   ¦
                ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                ======== =======  ===     === ====  ==== ========


                          THE UNITS OF THE MOUNTAIN CLANS

                         LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

VITHAR       900 50+40 -    -    Vithar's Thunder 95  250   Life  90  Any  6
KING'S GUARD 225  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   60   Wea   40  Adj  1
ENGINEER     135  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   50  Any  1
LOREMASTER    95  0   -     -    Earth Fall       80   30   Earth 30  Any  6
    CHAMPION 150  0   -     -    Axe              80   40   Wea   30  Adj  1
THIEF        150  0   -     -    Daggers          80   40   Wea   50  Adj  1

                          SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)

             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

ALCHEMIST    120  0   -     -    Give Attack     100    0   Life  10  Any  1
ARCHDRUIDESS 150  0   -     -    Boost Dmg/Cur 100/100 +100 Li/Li 70  Any  1
AXE THROWER   65  0   -     -    Throwing Axe     80   25   Wea   40  Any  1
CROSSBOWMAN  110  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   40  Any  1
DRUIDESS     120  0   -     -    Boost Dmg/Cur 100/100 +75  Li/Li 70  Any  1
DWARF        150  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   30   Wea   40  Adj  1
DWARF KING   250 30   -   Mi,Wa  Great Mace       80  100   Wea   20  Adj  1
ELDER ONE    400  0   -     -    Lightning        80   80   Air   20  Any  6
FLAME CASTER 130  0   -   Fire   Flame Burst      80   35   Fire  40  Any  6
    GUARDIAN 155  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   70   Wea   40  Any  1
HERMIT       250  0   -     -    Ice Shr/Lw Int 80/33  55   Wa/Wa 40  Any  6
HILL GIANT   210  0   -     -    Tree Sp          80   60   Earth 30  Adj  1
ICE GIANT    400  0  Water  -    Ice Shard        80  120   Water 30  Adj  1
MOUNTAINEER  225  0   -     -    Ice Shards       80   30   Water 40  Any  6
NOVICE        90  0   -     -    Boost Damage    100   +50  Life  70  Any  1
ROCK GIANT   310  0   -     -    Punch            80   90   Earth 30  Adj  1
RUNE MASTER  300  0   -     -    2 x Axe          80   65   Wea   40  Adj  1
SON OF YMIR  500  0  Water  -    Ice Swd/Frstbt 80/85 150   Wa/Wa 50  Adj  1
      GIANT  350  0   -     -    Call Lightning   80   50   Air   20  Any  6
TENDERFOOT    60  0   -     -    Boost Damage    100   +25  Life  70  Any  1
     WARRIOR 275  0   -     -    Great Axe        80  100   Wea   40  Adj  1
VETERAN      250  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   80   Wea   40  Adj  1
WARRIOR      200  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   55   Wean  40  Adj  1
WOLF LORD    225  0   -     -    Morph/Frost Brth 80   40   Water 40  Any  6
YETI         230  0   -   Water  Ice Breath       80   30   Water 40  Any  6


         ======== ======== ===  === ======== ========   ====   ===
         ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦
         ¦      ¦ ¦  ====  ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦
         ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ===  === ¦      ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ====   ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  \      ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦   \    ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦    \   ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====  ¦ ==== ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦\  \  ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====
         ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦ \  \ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
         ===  === ======== ========   ====   ===  === ===  === ========


                                 THE NEUTRAL UNITS

                         LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)


             HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

AIR ELEMENTL 100  0  Air    -    Slash            80    30  Air   40  Any  1
     CHIEFTN 275  0   -     -    Great Claws      80   100  Wea   40  Adj  1
     WARRIOR 250  0   -     -    Axe              80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
BLACK DRAGON 800  0  Death  -    Acid Breath      75    125 Death 40  Any  6
BLUE DRAGON  700  0  Water  -    Steam Breath     75    100 Water 40  Any  6
BROWN BEAR   270  0   -     -    Claw             80    60  Wea   65  Adj  1
CENTAUR      140  0   -     -    Arrow            80    40  Wea   60  Any  1
   LANCER    225  0   -     -    Lance            84    89  Wea   55  Adj  1
ELF LORD     195  0   -    Air   Lightning        80    50  Air   50  Any  6
ELF RANGER    45  0   -     -    Arrow            80    25  Wea   65  Any  1
FAT IMP      100  0   -     -    Slash            70    30  Wea   50  Adj  1
FOREST ELF   100  0   -     -    Spear            80    40  Wea   65  Adj  1
      SPIDER 370  0   -     -    Pincer/Paralyse 80/90 120  We/De 35  Adj  1
GIANT SPIDER 420  0   -     -    Pincer/Paralyse 80/80 130  We/Mi 35  Adj  1
GOBLIN        50  0   -     -    Spear            80    15  Wea   30  Adj  1
GOBLIN ARCHER 40  0   -     -    Arrow            80    15  Wea   50  Any  1
GOLEM        150 50  Ea,Po  -    Earthquake       80    70  Earth 70  Any  6
GREEN DRAGON 600  0  Fire   -    Fire Breath      75    60  Fire  40  Any  6
IMP           50  0   -     -    Tail Whip        80    20  Wea   30  Adj  1
KRAKEN       350  0   -     -    Tentacle         80   120  Wea   40  Adj  1
     ARMOUR  175  0  Mi,Po  -    Great Sword      80    65  Wea   55  Adj  1
LIZARD MAN   200  0   -     -    Swords           80    75  Wea   50  Adj  1
MAN AT ARMS   95  0   -     -    Axe              80    25  Wea   50  Adj  1
MASTER THUG  110  0   -     -    Shrt Sw/P'lyse 80/80   35  We/De 75  Adj  1
MEDUSA       115  0   -     -    Petrify          60     0  Earth 20  Any  6
MERMAID       75  0   -     -    Maelstrm,P'lyse 60/50  20  Wa/Mi 20  Any  6
MERMAN       140  0   -     -    Trident          80    40  Wea   50  Adj  1
OCCULTIST     75  0   -     -    Summon           100    0  Death 40  Any  1
OGRE         300  0   -     -    Giant Club       80   130  Wea   20  Adj  1
ORACLE ELF   125  0   -    Air   Healing          100   60  Life  10  Any  6
ORC          200  0   -     -    Axe              80    55  Wea   40  Adj  1
ORC CHAMPION 220 20   -     -    Flail            80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
ORC KING     295 30   -     -    Mace             80   115  Wea   55  Adj  1
PEASANT       40  0   -     -    Pitchfork        75    15  Wea   30  Adj  1
POLAR BEAR   300  0   -   Water  Claw             80    80  Wea   70  Adj  1
     GIANT   310  0   -     -    Giant Mace       80   100  Wea   30  Adj  1
RED DRAGON   800  0  Fire   -    Fire Breath      75   125  Fire  40  Any  6
SEA SERPENT  400  0   -     -    Bite             80   125  Wea   70  Adj  1
SKELETON     100  0  Death  -    Bone             80    40  Wea   60  Adj  1
SPEARMAN     140  0   -     -    Spear            80    50  Wea   50  Adj  1
SPIRIT WOLF  200  0   -     -    Spirit Howl      90    50  Air   40  Any  6
THUG          65  0   -     -    Daggers          80    25  Wea   65  Adj  1
TROLL        350  0   -     -    Slash            80   120  Wea   40  Adj  1
VALKYRIE     250  0   -     -    Ice Storm        80    55  Water 60  Any  6
WHITE DRAGON 700  0  Air    -    Vapor Breath     75   100  Air   40  Any  6
WOLF         180  0   -     -    Bite             80    55  Wea   50  Adj  1


              ====  ==== ======== ===== ======== ===  === ========
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==
              ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦
              ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦    \\¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ====
              ¦        ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦     \\ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
              ========== ===  === ===== =======\ ======== ========


                                  UNIQUE UNITS

                 HP  AR   IMM  WARD   ATT         % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

Dark Lachla'an 2000  0   Mind  DFWAE Summon        100     0  Dea   90  Any  6
Drullia'an     2000 20+30 Mi,Ea  -   Dragon Blade   95   175  Li    60  Any  6
                                     Frostbite      30    30  Wa    60  Any  6
Eledrene        190  0   Death   -   Paralyze       79     0  Mind  20  Any  1
Elf Lord Jarous 425 0+30   -    Air  Lightning      89   110  Air   50  Any  6
Elgrid t. Tamer 195 0+25   -    Air  Lightning      80    50  Air   50  Any  6
Esremerios     1145  0     -     -   Slash/Low Dm   89   230  Wea   20  Any  6
                                     Lower Damage   89     0  Mind  20  Any  6
Galleans Beast 2800 40   Mind  DFWAE Galleans Rage  95   300  Life  60  Any  6
                                     Poison         45    60  Life  60  Any  6
Galleans Ghoul 1165  0   Death   -   Slash          84   247  Wea   50  Adj  1
                                     Paralyse       89     0  Mind  50  Adj  1
Galleans Ghoul 1135  0   Death   -   Slash          84   241  Wea   50  Adj  1
                                     Paralyse       89     0  Mind  50  Adj  1
Greypaw         170  0   Death   -   Slash          80    50  Wea   50  Adj  1
Grumdull (5)    300  0     -     -   (2x) Axe       85    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
Gulmuskae      1380  0     -     -   Infernal Blade 89   300  Wea   40  Adj  1
                                     Petrify        49     0  Mind  40  Adj  1
Jensina  (1)    250  0     -     -   Ice Storm      80    55  Wat   60  Any  6
King Olbrett    700 30+9   -     -   War Hammer     89   235  Wea   50  Adj  1
Kremnimus       385 65+9   -   Mind  Onyx Shards    89   198  Wea   60  Any  1
Lachla'an (1)   800  20  Mind Death  Tempest       125    90  Life  60  Any  6
Virimos  (8)    325  0   Death   -   Drain Life     87    85  Dea   40  Any  6
Yorjagg         992 20+20  -   Mind  Great Claws    89   242  Wea   48  Adj  1

¦                               SECTION NINE                                 ¦


The first decision you really have to make insofar as your RULER is concerned 
is whether he (or she) is going to be a Fighter/Magic User/Thief ... this is 
your RULER we are talking about - i.e. you.

If you choose to make your Ruler a FIGHTER, your units will heal a percentage 
of their Hit Points at the end of each turn ... that's ... ALL your units ... 
so that's quite a natty power.  To counter this, there is an upper limit on 
the level of spells you can research and cast.

If you choose to make your Ruler a MAGE LORD, your Capital City will 
automatically have the Magic Tower constructed at the beginning of each level, 
you will be able to research all spells at HALF their original cost, AND you 
can (provided you have the mana) cast each spell TWICE per turn ... MAGE LORDS 

If you choose to make your Ruler a GUILDMASTER (aka Thief), your Capital City 
will automatically have the Thieves' Guild constructed at the beginning of 
each level, you will be able to make your cities grow at half the normal cost, 
and your thieves will have LOADS more options available to them than the 
thieves of a Fighter or Mage Lord.  Options like changing the orders of your 
opponents, so as to confuse them ... things like that :">

If you click on the portrait for your Ruler, you can change your Ruler's face 
if you like.

From this screen you also pick the difficulty setting (and, if you are playing 
in a Quest rather than a Saga, you can also import a previously exported hero 
to assist you should you wish).

Switching now to your leaders ...

You have to have a leader that is already at at LEAST level 10 to IMPORT into 
a saga in the Servants of the Dark Expansion Pack, and that leader will only  
be able to gain experience during the THIRD level of the Expansion Pack, and
even then ONLY up to level 18.

Since I always play magic-users, mine are centered around a) keeping them 
alive longer, and b) making the stronger ... other types of players will have 
other preferences, obviously ;)

ALSO bear in mind that you can only take ONE leader with you to the next level,
so I would *STRONGLY* suggest that you focus on building on just ONE leader ...
just use the others as cannon-fodder and scouts basically ;)

¦                                SECTION TEN                                 ¦


A VERY brief section with my comments on units I really like and which upgrade 
paths I choose whilst I am playing :-

[NOTE:  Where I say "hit for six" I mean hit all the units in your opponent's 
team at once]



F I G H T E R   U N I T S


Unholy Ground --> Graveyard        --> Vault of Souls    --> Crematorium
Zombie        --> Skeleton Warrior --> Skeleton Champion --> Phantom Warrior

Phantom Warriors are FANTASTIC fighters that have a HIGH chance of paralysing 
their opponents with a successful strike.  I strongly suggest incorporating 
them into your armies if at all possible.

M A G E   U N I T S

Dark Temple --> Occult Temple --> Crypt   --> Stronghold
Warlock     --> Necromancer   --> Vampire --> Elder Vampire

Elder Vampires are GREAT spellcasters who have Drain Life Overflow as their 
sole attack - it's a life-stealing attack that heals characters in your unit 
where needed - it's a GREAT troop-management unit to have ;)

R A N G E   A T T A C K   U N I T S

Sepulchre --> Catacomb
Specter   --> Shade

No alternative, but Shades ROCK 'coz they have a six-hit paralysis attack !! =)

S U P P O R T   U N I T S

Cavern    --> Boneyard     --> Cursed Cemetery
Doomdrake --> Death Dragon --> Dreadwyrm

Dreadwyrms have a two-tier attack that can leave an opponent poisoned ... 
KILLER ;)  I wouldn't ordinarily include them in my units though, as they take 
up 2 squares and you can do better ;)


               Lich Queen, Shade, Elder Vampire, 3 Phantom Warriors



F I G H T E R   U N I T S


Unholy Portal --> Tower of Souls --> Bethrezen's Idol
Berzerker     --> Anti-Paladin   --> Infernal Knight

Infernal Knights are the mainstay of your melee fighters ... there is no other
way to go, and it's probably just as well, as the Infernal Knights are KICK@SS
fighters ;)

M A G E   U N I T S

Occult Abbey --> Soul Keep
Sorcerer     --> Doppelganger

Doppelgangers are THE coolest units in the game in my humble opinion, as at 
the start of each combat session they can assume the form of any other single-
square (i.e. no Giants, etc.) character on the field ... the only thing they 
CANNOT mimic is experience ... but using a Doppelganger to mimic an Empire's 
Hierophant or similar is HILARIOUS !! =">

Doppelgangers are SUPAFLY =D

R A N G E   A T T A C K   U N I T S

Spire           --> Onyx Spire
Marble Gargoyle --> Onyx Gargoyle

You don't have a choice on the upgrade path here - there's only one ;)

S U P P O R T   U N I T S

Unholy Gate --> Torment Chapel --> Unholy Altar --> Slave Dungeon
Demon       --> Moloch         --> Beast        --> Tiamath

I would opt for the Beast and the Tiamath, because they hit for six and, as 
stated above, that is something I DEFINITELY look for ;)  It can EASILY help 
turn the tide in battle ... six-hitters are SO COOL !! =D


              Arch-Devil, 2 Doppelgangers, 3 Infernal Knights

¦                               SECTION ELEVEN                               ¦


Here are a couple of tricks that I have picked up ... I don't feel the need to
give credit to anybody for these, as I honestly came up with them myself !!  It
MAY be that they are printed elsewhere - I really don't know ... (God how 
bolschy eh !!)


     If you are playing as the Empire, and you have destroyed all but one unit
     in your opponent's army ... IF that unit does less damage when it attacks
     than your healer would do when he/she heals, then have all your units 
     EXCEPT the healer defend, and tend to their wounds during combat ... then
     slay the remaining unit when all your characters are back to 100% 
     health !!  This trick works ESPECIALLY well if you are using a six-hit-
     healer ;)


     Whilst I have been reasonably criticised for mentioning this before, I 
     HONESTLY believe that, if you click the mouse at a certain point during 
     the computer opponent's attacking animation, you can increase their 
     chances of missing you.  I might be talking UTTER cack, but I'll settle 
     for that ... if I'm onto something it would be remiss of me not to mention
     it :">

¦                               SECTION TWELVE                                ¦


This FAQ is dedicated entirely to my dear friend Miguel, who made contact with
me after reading my first set of Disciples 2 guides, and who has since become
one of my closest friends.

Special thanks to Lerh Feng for the Gallean's Beast contribution - cheers mate.

Cheers also to Setzer Gabbiani for the snippit of information about the 
Beggar's Banquet !! =)

I dedicate this guide to Miguel, PRINCE of the Nosferat, with MUCH respect :)

                                                       - Mister Sinister, 2005


                                                 Copyright David Booth, 2004-5


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