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 Discworld II - Mortality Bytes Walk

Discworld II - Mortality Bytes Walk

(PC/PlayStation) Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 by OutRider

This is the final version of this guide. Please don't email me about any minor 
mistakes or omissions I may have made, because I'm not going to fix them.

WARNING: This walkthrough (like the others) contains spoilers. Please use at 
your own risk, and don't say I didn't warn you.

The following are the rules for using this guide, as well as any other guides 
that I have written 
(translated guides included):

- Do not plagiarize this guide. If it ever comes to my attention that a guide 
has been plagiarized, I 
will take legal action against you. You will pay for any damages, legal fees, 
airfare, etc.

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taken against you.

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- Do not flame me or make idle threats. I do not make these guides for profit. 
This is just a little 
hobby of mine and I enjoy doing it. I don't have to do this; I do this for the 
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If you have a problem with something, please criticize constructively. Do not 
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don't always know 
what you're talking about, and so doing this will be greatly appreciated.

- Please contact me using coherent English, I don't understand anything else.

With all that being said, here's the walkthrough:

ACT I: The Rite Stuff

After the glorious, yet long introduction into the game, you'll soon find 
yourself in control of 
Rincewind, the main character from the first Discworld game. You'll see that 
he's currently in the 
Unseen University. Go to the High Energy Facility and inside, take the bellows 
and the test tube off 
of the shelf near Skazz and take the magnet just behind her. Rincewind only has 
enough room in his 
pockets for two items, so put everything you get into the Luggage unless I state 

Leave the Facility and go to the Garden. To the far right, you'll see an imp 
sitting up in a birdhouse. 
Use the magnet on him and you'll get his boots. Leave the University and go to 
the Wandering Shop. 
As soon as you arrive, you'll get a little lecture on wandering shops and then 
you'll find Rincewind 
inside. Take the flamingo near the door, the incense off the counter, the fish 
inside the counter, and 
finally, try taking the candles. Rincewind can't reach them, so talk to the 
woman behind the counter 
and ask her about them. After you're done listening to her, leave the shop and 
go to the Plaza (the 
upper right corner of the map). Talk to the Dibbler using the sarcasm icon (the 
joker icon), and then 
question him and then ask him about the popcorn. Leave the Plaza and let's go 
check out the 

Go over to the beggars to the right and take the saw and clay pot that are 
sitting nearby. Go over to 
the other side of the Shades and go into the mortuary (the door next to the 
Troll's Head pub). Look at 
Granny Weatherwax (the witch on the slab). Take the knife from the sink and 
leave this part of the 
Shades. Go to the far-left part of the Shades and enter Mrs. Cake's. Take the 
scissors, the 
mannequin's petticoat, and the ironing board that's inside the closet. Use the 
saw on the mannequin 
to have Rincewind cut off one of its arms and then look at the genie bottle near 
the door. Talk to Mrs. 
Cake by using the sarcasm icon, then the question icon, the thought icon, and 
lastly, the smile icon. 
Ask her about the genie bottle and then the ectoplasm.

Leave the Shades and go to the Fool's Guild. Get the hooter off the ground and 
talk to the Fool's 
ghost by using the question icon. Get the brick sitting near the rubble on the 
left side and then use it 
on the Fool to get a haunted brick. Go down the hole in the ground and go down 
the plank and exit 
off the left side of the screen. Use the bellows on the grate and you'll get 
some glitter dust. Leave the 
sewers and go to the High Energy Facility.

Use the brick on the accelerator and Rincewind will get some ectoplasm. Go back 
to Mrs. Cake's and 
give her the ectoplasm to get the genie bottle. Leave her place and go see the 
beggars. Use the imp 
boots on the bottle and then use the bottle on the vile smell hovering over Foul 
Ole Ron. Go to 
Gimlet's restaurant and take the chili off of the table. Pick up the menu and 
Rincewind will take a 
look. Summon Gimlet and he'll come over to your table to take your order. Talk 
to him using the 
smile icon and then ask him about the mouseburger. Afterwards, leave Gimlet's 
and go over to the 
Troll's Head pub. Talk to Casanunda, the world's SECOND greatest lover by using 
the question icon, 
the ladder icon, and then the witch icon. Get the matches off the shelf to the 
left of the bar and then 
talk to the troll. Leave the Shades and go to the docks. Use the knife on the 
net and then pick up the 
hammerhead shark. Use the stuffed fish on the bird and then take the stunned 
bird as well. Leave 
here and go to the University Garden.

Use the tankard on the corn in your inventory and then used the drugged corn on 
the rooster, who's 
perched on the maze. Rincewind will catch the rooster, so when he's finished, 
use the flamingo on 
the Dean, the hammerhead on the Bursar, and the stunned bird on the simian 
Librarian. Go over to 
the beehives and use the chili on the flowers. Give the clickie brochure to the 
beekeeper and then 
use the petticoat on Rincewind. Light the incense with the matches and use it on 
the bees. Now that 
the hive is smoking, use the clay pot on it and then double-click on the hive to 
get some dribbly 
beeswax. Leave the University and go to the Shop.

Give the dribbly beeswax to the woman and go to the beggars in the Shades. Use 
the rooster on the 
coffee can behind the fire and then go to the pub. Use the rooster on the 
vampire and then leave the 
Shades and go to the Cemetery. Take the pick and go down into the crypt to the 
far right. Before 
entering, you'll encounter the Windle Poons zombie. Listen to their conversation 
and then 
Rincewind will continue into the crypt. Use the ladder on the coffin and 
Rincewind will climb up. 
Take the false teeth and use them on the mouse. Use the bloody teeth on the test 
tube and then you 
can go to the University Dining Hall. Give the Arch-Chancellor the test tube 
full of mouse blood, the 
three mallets, the vile smell, the glitter dust, and finally the candles. After 
giving him all the 
ingredients, you'll be rewarded with the next Act.

ACT II: Come Die With Me

First thing to do in this Act is to go to the Fool's Guild. Go down the hole and 
take the path to the 
right. Climb up the ladder to enter the warehouse and use the pick on the ice on 
the left side. Leave 
the Guild and go to the Shades. Talk to the dead collector using the question 
icon. Go to the 
Mortuary and talk to the mortician about a death certificate. Take the mirror 
and use it on the Bunsen 
burner. Put the mirror back down on the bench and lie down on the slab. Use the 
wooden arm on 
Rincewind and then use the ice on him as well. Talk to the mortician and watch 
the sequence. You'll 
end up getting a death certificate. Leave here and show the certificate to the 
dead collector. Watch 
the rather long sequence and when you regain control, you'll be on the world 

Go to Djelibeybi, the place to the south, and go to the camel park. Talk to the 
salesman using the 
smile icon and then the camel icon. Leave Djelibeybi and go over to the Hill, 
the place to the 
northwest. Talk to Bone Idle using the musical icon and then use the knife on 
him to cut him and his 
buddies down. Leave the Hill and go to the Pyramid. Get the glue pot from near 
the sarcophagus and 
then use the scissors on the bandage. Use the bandage on the wooden arm and then 
go to the 
Oasis. Use the now bandaged wooden arm on the rotting arm. Leave the Pyramid and 
go to Holy 

Go into the castle and try to take the horse suit and then talk to the dwarf 
using the horse suit icon. 
Go into the Luggage and double-click on the rotting arm to get the ring. Give 
the ring to the dwarf. 
Head outside the castle and walk to the right. Take the weight and then take the 
10 off the mailbox. 
Use the 10 sticker on the weight and go into the makeup room, which is the door 
to the left of the 
piano. Go over to the imp trainer and take the camera off of the table. Ask the 
trainer about getting 
an imp and then go to XXXX, which is located off the map.

Look at the boomerangs on the counter and then talk to Point-Me-Own-Bone. Look 
at the baskets 
and talk to him again, but ask him about the baskets. Leave XXXX and go back to 
Once there, go to the University Garden and take the croquet hoops. Go to the 
Dining Hall and talk to 
the Librarian using the horse suit icon. Use the picnic basket on the food 
that's on the right table 
and then go back to Djelibeybi.

Go into the Shop and take the poster off the wall. Exit the Shop and go further 
into town. Talk to Uri 
Djeller, the guy floating on the carpet about the music. Give him the hoops to 
have him straighten 
them out into wire. Look at the candy rock and talk to the rock seller about it. 
Walk up the streets 
into the next area to find yourself in a stoning area. Take the stake and then 
leave Djelibeybi to go to 
the Cartwheel.

Talk to the man about the music and then go back to the University Gardens in 
Ankh-Morpork. Go 
over to the compost heap and use the stake on it to get the Suffrajester. Go to 
the mortuary and talk 
to the all-familiar Casanunda and then talk to Granny Weatherwax about the 
elves. Leave the 
mortuary and go to the docks. Use the weight on the hook and then use the weight 
to have 
Rincewind swing it into the novelty store. Take the snowstorm novelty that falls 
out and go back to 
Djelibeybi. Go to the stoning area and use the Suffrajester on the hole and 
watch the 'gratuitous 
Python scene' that follows afterwards. Take the rope and then go back to Holy 
Wood. Head over to 
the imp area and use the boomerang on the paint, and then use it on the imp 
that's hiding in the set. 
Enter the next screen where you see the security troll and give him the candy 
rock. Try opening the 
trailer door, to find out that it's locked. Talk to the troll about the key to 
the door, and then use the 
key that you get on the door to unlock it. Use the rope on the troll and then go 
inside the trailer.

Talk to the milkmaid and then give her the diamond tooth. Go to XXXX and head 
right until you reach 
the next screen. Use the picnic basket on the nearby anthill. Go back down to 
the beach and use the 
saw on the ironing board. Put some glue on the ironing board and then use the 
ironing board on the 
surf. Surf's up, Rincewind! When he's done surfing, you'll find yourself in a 
cave. Put the imp in the 
camera and take a picture of the cave paintings. Leave XXXX and go to the 
Forest. Follow the path 
until you reach the stone circle, but don't enter it yet. Put the camera into 
Rincewind's inventory and 
put his money pouch into the luggage. Put some glue on the hooter and then 
combine it with the 
horse suit. Combine the Librarian with the horse suit and put the horse suit 
into Rincewind's 
inventory as well. Enter the stone circle to find yourself outside the Elven 
Queen's castle. Use the 
horse suit on Rincewind and then go up into the castle. When you regain control, 
use the camera on 
the Elven Queen and go to the High Energy Facility in Ankh-Morpork.

Use the ant filled basket on Hex, the machine next to Skazz and then combine the 
wire with the plans 
to get a pyramid shape. Use the honey and then the pyramid on Hex and talk to 
Skazz using the 
universe icon. Afterwards, go to the Cartwheel and give the old man the answer. 
You'll get the jingle 
from him, so go visit Dibbler in Holy Wood (go north from where the security 
troll is to find him) and 
give him the band, the jingle, the snow globe, and the babe. You still need the 
lead actor, so go to 
the make-up room and give the hairdresser the photos of the Elven Queen.

Go back and talk to Dibbler again and watch the sequences. When you regain 
control, go to the far-
left end of the Shades in Ankh-Morpork. Use the death certificate on the door at 
the top of the steps 
near Rincewind and you'll get to participate in an undead meeting. Open up the 
closet and talk to the 
black sheep by using the stunt icon and then give him the photos of the cave 
paintings. Watch the 
next sequences and when you next see Rincewind, he'll be in the projection room 
of the Odium 
Theater. Take the reel off of the projector and use it on the splicing device. 
Use the leftover Elven 
Queen film on the splicing device and you'll get to witness the end of the 
second Act.

ACT III: The Grim Rincewind

Welcome to the Isle of Death, as I'd like to call it. When you first start off, 
head over to the House of 
Death. Grab the key that's underneath the mat and then go through the door. Go 
upstairs and into 
Death's study. Walk over to his desk and take the inkwell and pull on the cord 
to summon Death's 
servant. Leave the study and go downstairs and through the left door to enter 
the kitchen.

Take the sugar cubes off of the table and the oily rag hanging above the stove. 
Open up the small 
stove next to it and leave the kitchen. Take the curtains off the window and 
take the scythe out of the 
umbrella stand near the main door. Go upstairs and into Susan's room. Take the 
rabbit out of her 
bed and then open it up to find the pajamas. Grab the ball of string off of her 
dresser and go back 
downstairs again. Take the right door to enter the library. Take Rincewind's 
book, which is a book 
still being written. It's in the middle for those who want to know. Go back into 
the kitchen and talk to 
Albert, Death's servant. Leave the house and go into the stable.

Take the rope that's hanging in the rafters and then give the sugar cubes to 
Binky. Use the glue on 
the saddle and then use the saddle to have Rincewind put it on Binky. Finally, 
get on the horse. After 
that sequence is finished, go into the gardens behind the stable. Light the oily 
rag with the matches 
and then have Rincewind use the pajamas. Use the oily rag on the beehive and 
then take some wax. 
Use the empty sugar pot on the hive to get some honey, and then use the string 
on the wax to make 
a candle. Go to the right and you'll see a pond. Take the fishing rod from the 
gnome and then use 
the rod on the honey. Use the combination on the dots in the soul pool to the 
right of the swing set. 
Look at the cart and then ask Susan about it. Give her your book and then use 
the inkwell on the 
pond. Put the curtains into the pond to have Rincewind make a cloak.

Go into the library and light the candle. Put the lit candle into Rincewind's 
inventory and then go into 
the alcove at the back of the library. Unlock it using the skeleton key and then 
go inside. Use the lit 
candle on Rincewind and he'll light up the area. Take the tablet off the shelf 
and go back to the 
garden. Give the tablet to the girl and you'll get her cart. Go to the house, 
but don't go inside just 
yet. Combine the boomerang with the rope to create a makeshift grappling hook. 
Use the hook on 
the chimney and then climb on up. Use the chimney and watch the sequence. Climb 
back down and 
go into the house. Show Al your new robe and scythe. Combine the cart with the 
scythe to make a 
thresher contraption and then go outside. Go to the lower right of the isle and 
use the thresher on 
the cornfield. Go and see Al, and when you can, show him the ant souls. This is 
the end of the third 

ACT IV: Till Death Us Do Part

Welcome to the final act. First thing to do is to go to Bonestock. Get the cork 
and then go to 
Djelibeybi. Stick around until the prospector shows up on his camel and while 
he's gone, take the 
canteen out of his saddlebags and put the rotting arm in its place. The 
prospector will come back 
and leave. Watch to see where he goes and follow him. You'll arrive at the 
Fountain of Youth. Use 
the cork on the fountain and then use Death's hourglass on the fountain sand. 
Yes, this was short, 
but the Act ends here.

EPILOGUE: Queen Kong

Take a gander at the raven and ask Granny Weatherwax about it. Pick up her 
broomstick and then 
talk to Dibbler using the smile icon. Ask him about the bladders and then fill 
the bladders up using 
the canteen. Put the bladders in Rincewind's inventory and use the broomstick on 
the tower to end 
the game.

This concludes Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!. If you want to experience more 
Discworld fun, I suggest playing Discworld Noir. While it isn't a Rincewind adventure 
like the first two Discworld games, it's still a fun game to play.


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