Dismantlement - Japanese Tea Cannister Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dismantlement - Japanese Tea Cannister

Dismantlement - Japanese Tea Cannister

* Your screwdriver is already provided.
* Try not to blow up too much.
* If you do blow up, you will go back to the Danger! Layer rather than the beginning 
  of the game.
* Try not to blow up again.

-=Layer 1: Clock Face=-
* Click on the Tea Cannister to begin.
* There are three hands on this clock, each with a shape at the end.
* There are three white buttons at the edge of the clock, each controls one hand.
* The upper right control moves the hand with a square at the end.
* The bottom control moves the hand with a hexagon.
* The upper left control moves the hand with a triangle.
* Start by observing the shapes.
* I wonder if the positions the hands need to be have something to do with the shapes?
*Count the number of sides on each shape.
* Place the hands on the number that corresponds to the number of sides: Triangle on 3, 
  square on 4, and hexagon on 6
* Once the hands are placed correctly the little lock symbol will show unlocked.
* Click on the face of the clock and it will raise up.
* Remove the three screws that are revealed.
* Click to remove the layer.

-=Layer 2: Music Theory=-
* First remove the three screws holding the metal separator.
* Click on the separator to remove it.
* This one needs the sound turned on.
* Click on music note 1 and listen to the lovely tune.
* Click on music note 2 and listen again. Notice the extra notes.
* You probably need to make the tune from music note 2 match the one from music note 1.
* Perhaps if you turned off some of the chimes?
* You need to turn off the extra notes so that music note 2 tune matches music note 1.

* Counting from the left, turn off the number 2 chime, the number 3 chime, and the number 
  7 chime.
* Once the proper chimes are turned off play music note 2 again.
* If done correctly, the three plastic protectors will pop open, revealing three more screws.
* Remove the screws and click on the layer to remove it.

-=Layer 3: Alphabet Soup=-
* Oh look, spinning gears preventing us from removing the screws.
* Let's take a closer look at the dials below the gears.
* Hmmm, A, B, and C.
* And what's this lettering around the outside of the circle?
* Does the lettering have something to do with the dials?
* Certain letters have arrows above them, does that mean something?
* Notice that each of the alphabet dials has 12 settings, like a clock.
* Notice that one A, one B, and one C on the outside lettering have an arrow pointing 
  to them.
* Perhaps their positions should be mirrored in the dials?
* The setting of the dials should mirror the clock position of the letters on the outside 
  rim that have arrows.
* Set the A dial to 5 o'clock, set the B dial to 3 o'clock, and set the C dial to 9 o'clock.
* If you set the dials correctly the gears should stop spinning.
* Click on the large gear to remove it.
* Remove the 4 screws revealed by removing the large gear.
* Click on the inner face to remove it.
* Remove the three revealed screws.
* Click on the layer to remove it.

-=Layer 4: Rollin', rollin', rollin'...=-
* Okay, this one will take a little dexterity. There is also no one "right" solution.
* The ball is at the top of the circle. You want to get the ball to the grey hole at the bottom.

* Yes, this is miniature golf played with a metal ball and magnets.
* The white and red things around the outside are magnets, and each will pull the ball in their 
* Start with the magnet on the upper right and click it. The ball will begin to roll towards it.
* Continue around clicking the magnets to change the course of the ball until it is near the bottom.
* Continue to manipulate the ball with the magnets until it hits the gray hole at the bottom. 
  Do not let the ball hit the outer gray rim or you will have to start over.
* Once the ball makes it into the hole, three plastic protectors will pop up revealing three screws.
* Remove the three screws and click on the layer to remove it.

-=Layer 5: Danger!=-
* From here on out, you are working against the clock.
* Remove the two screws for the danger plate.
* Remove the danger plate.
* Oh look, a turtle!
* Notice that the countdown to explosion has begun.
* Watch the turtle as he rotates counter clockwise.
* Notice that he twitches at some screws but not at others.
* Perhaps we should remove the screws in the order that he twitches at them?
* Remove the screws in this order: Upper left, lower left, lower right, top, bottom, upper right.
* Once the screws are removed in the correct order the turtle will stop rotating.
* Click on the turtle to remove him and go to the next layer.

-=Layer 6: Color Theory=-
* The clock is still ticking!
* This layer will take a quick eye and quick hand.
* This layer is random, so there is no one "right" answer as to the order to remove the screws.
* There is a center button and eight screws which keep changing colors from red to blue.
* There are two clues on the outer rim, examine them closely.
* The clues on the outer rim explain how to safely remove the screws. Remove one screw wrong and 
  you will explode and go back to the danger plate.
* According to the clues, opposite colors are wrong and the same colors are right.
* Watch closely and remove a screw when that screw and the center button are the same color, either
  blue or red. Removing a red screw while the button is blue will blow you up, and vice versa.
* When all the screws are removed click on the center button to remove it.
* Look, another screw! Remove the screw.
* Click on the center plate to remove it. Yay, four more screws.
* Remove the four screws and click to remove the layer.

-=Layer 7: It's A-Mazing!=-
* You have made it to the bomb itself.
* There's a small plate in the center, held down with two screws. Remove the screws.
* There's a maze game in the middle. Click on it for a close up.
* The object is simple: Get the blue ball from the top of the maze to the bottom without touching 
  the sides or the whirling fan thing.
* Click and drag until you have reached the bottom.
* Luckily if your hand gets tired you can "set down" the ball and rest for a second before picking 
  it back up and continuing.
* Once the maze is completed the timer should stop.
* Click on the face of the timer to flip it up and remove the screw underneath.
* Click on the timer to remove it. This reveals a screw underneath, towards the bottom. Remove it.
* Click on the maze to remove it.

-=Layer 8: This is the End=-
* There is a screw in the middle, remove it.
* Click on the layer to remove it. You have reached the bottom!
* Congratulations on not blowing up (much).

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