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 Dive to the Titanic

Dive to the Titanic

Walkthrough for Dive to the Titanic by Astragon/TML currently available on 
Steam and elsewhere.

7 Jan 2011

This walkthrough is based on version 1.0 of the game. It is possible that 
some things will get fixed by the developers. (Such as mission three.) I 
don't plan to update this guide, though.

1)   Is the game worth buying?

It's a simulation, not a game, so "fun" is less of a priority in the design. 
It's very short (5 missions - you will have seen everything within four 
hours). There's not a lot to do - you drive around inside and outside the 
Titanic, use a mobile camera, use a claw and take pictures. If you were to 
compare it with a blockbuster game in terms of features and price alone, 
it doesn't compare at all. Even at a budget price, you might consider it a bit 

That said, I'm glad I bought it. The game is unique. For me, the price of a 
game is less of an issue, as long as I enjoy the time I spend with it. 
Since the game is aimed at a niche market, with lower sales, it probably 
has to sell at a higher price to justify development time. If you have an 
interest in the Titanic, or submarines, or simulation in general, it is 
certainly worth looking at. If you decide not to buy, but are intruigued, 
check later to see if the price has come down.  

2)   Technical issues

I'm aware of two technical problems that a few people have had problems with. 
Sometimes after installation, the games says it can't use sound (or possibly 
rendering) without DirectX 9. You may have DirectX 10 or better, but you 
still need DirectX 9. You can download this from the DirectX website. Don't 
worry - it won't downgrade your installation of DirectX 10.

The other technical issue is apparently with QuickTime. Some people have 
had to uninstall QuickTime and install an older version (7.6) from the 
Quicktime website.

These may of course be fixed by patches after I write this.

3)   Tweak

The video options did not include my monitor's native resolution. The 
configuration file can be manually altered to set the display width and 
display height that you want. It is called "variables.cfg" and can be found 
in your AppData/Local/Dive To The Titanic folder. AppData can be in various 
places, depending on OS. Mine is in C:Users/YourName. If you don't want to 
be bothered with this, it is not required.

3)   Controls

Cursor keys   Change direction
X             Switch to forwards motion
Y             Switch to backwards motion
Home          Accelerate
End           Decelerate
C             Change to external view
V             Toggle between mobile camera and submarine control
G             Grab arm camera
M             Report current location
Tab           PDA
N             Cockpit/window view
L mouse       Stop current dialogue
R mouse       Allow external panning
K             Release/dock mobile camera
Ins/Del       Zoom
Pg up/Down    Focus torch
P             Take photo
E             Sonar ping
Numpad        Control grabbing arm

4)   Missions

The main challenge in this game is searching, so I suggest you don't just 
use the walkthrough straight away - only if you get stuck are are not 
enjoying it.

Day 1

First follow instructions to learn the controls.

You then have to find the Titanic. Move slowly in a circle and make radar 
pings every few seconds. A radar ping sounds like two quick pings. If you 
are pointing in the right direction you will hear a very different sound 
coming back after a few seconds - a sort of watery wobble. You can't mistake 
it. Note that it takes time for the ping to come back, so if you are turning 
you may need to turn back a bit. I found it to the North East. Drive 
forwards and keeping pinging to make sure you are going the right way. 
Keep the ocean floor so it is just in sight.

At some point, your submarine gets spun around by a current. Once that's 
over find the Titanic again and keep going. If you go full speed at this 
point, you might crash into it.

You will then be told to drop four transponder buoys. Atlas should call 
out directions, but it is easy to miss the location, which can lead to you 
having to go backwards and forwards to try to hit it. The location looks 
like a blue shadow of a buoy. Just drive into it and you will drop the buoy 

The first one is to the South, then East, then North, then West. Don't go 
up over the Titanic - that's the wrong way. Go round it. If you keep 
missing the location, try going slower and using the external view. That
makes it easier to spot it if you go past on one side.

Once that is done, just point the submarine upwards and go.

Day 2

Atlas tells you to use the new camera as soon as the mission starts. You can 
do this, but you may find that the camera starts getting out of range for 
some tasks. When this happens it stops sending a colour signal. If you want, 
you can move the Nephron a little way N first. Remember where you parked it! 
A good place is the crow's nest (see below).

You start near the prow of the Titanic, on the starboard side. Disconnect 
the camera, switch control to it and head north. You can move up a bit, 
too, but keep the deck in sight. You should find a fallen mast. Follow it 
to the crow's nest. You can take a picture of the crow's nest. (Only take 
pictures after you see the P key flash. This tells you something is worth 

Follow the mast further to where it has hit the top deck. Go round the 
obstacles to the right. You should find yourself with the top deck, with 
windows on your left side. Follow these North until Atlas tells you to
go west. There should be a door on the left. Go through it, then right. 
This is the radio room. If your view has turned black and white, you are 
too far from the Nephron. Switch controls to it and move it closer, then 
switch back.

Photograph the plate on the north wall, then head back out of the ship.

Go over the top of the ship (west) to the other side and back down level 
with the top row of windows again. 
Head a bit south. Near the end of this deck, the wall has bent away from 
the ship a bit. Go through one of 
the windows here. The captain's bathtub is in a room here. (Near the fifth 
window back.) Photograph it and head back out.

Head west and go off the side of the ship and down one level. Go back in 
through a window to a corridor. You can take a picture here for some 
reason, or at a staircase nearby. The desk is in one of the rooms off 
this corridor. Photograph it.

Head back out. You can now go back to the Nephron, but if you want more 
photographs, you can go back to the top of the ship and head north. 
Look for a big square opening below you. This is the main stairwell. 
Go down it an photograph a chandelier. Or two if you have enough film.

Head back to the Nephron. From the Captain's cabin, the Nephron started to 
the South. Go down and follow the side of the ship. If you moved it to the 
crow's nest, then that should be to the South East.

Retrieve the camera (press K when you are close) and head up.

Buying stuff

Your photographs get sold. Usually for less than the valuation. 

You have to buy the two claws. If you have more money, you could buy 
increased range for the camera. Personally, I always just move the Nephron 
closer so I bought a better battery instead.

Day 3

Play with the arm as instructed.

Head NNW over the scrap metal to find the square opening in the floor below 
you. This is the Grand Staircase again. Park here. Atlas wants you to take 
the camera down the staircase to deck C. There is an alternative easier 
route, but it is less interesting. I'll discuss it later.

The formal route: Go down the staircase to deck C. (You can press M to tell 
you what deck you are on.) You can photograph any chandeliers you have not 
photographed before. Head west out of the stairway and then south. Take 
a corridor on the left past lots of very small rooms. Near the end of the 
corridor, turn south and go down to the end. The right room is near the end, 
but you have to fiddle around to find a way through. Personally, I ended 
up going out of a round window and back in to the next one, but I assume 
there is a more direct way.

The simple route: Ignore the staircase and just head south. Go off the 
edge of the deck and down to the circular windows looking towards the prow. 
The room you are after is the second window from the right. The plate is 
clearly visible on the floor. You can photographs the shelves.

Picking up the plate is not that hard. Just get the arm in roughly the 
right place, open it and close it again. I never managed to break it, but 
you can push it around. You may need to use short forward thrusts to get 
in the right position.
You will drop the plate if you accidentally open the arm again.

Atlas tells you to head for the watch, but you have to drop off the plate 
first. His instructions are useless for this stage, so ignore them.  
Head out of the window, go up then North over the scrap heap to the Nephron. 
Dock and undock the camera to get rid of the plate.

Without a guide, the only way I could see to get the watch was to explore all 
of the B deck. Follow these instructions instead. Head east off the side of 
the ship and down. B deck is the lowest deck to have square windows. Head 
north a little way and in through a window to a corridor. Ismay's room is to 
the west of this corridor. The watch is clearly visible on a desk. Grab it.

Head back out, then go up and South-west to the Nephron. Dock.

Take the Nephron north and down off the end of the ship. Atlas will lead 
you in circles again. If he keeps changing direction, slow down. Use the 
external view if you have to. You are looking for an intact white pot on 
the floor near a pile of junk. Grab it with the big arm, just like using 
the camera's arm. It's a bit of a pain because you have to be pointing 
down quite steeply to reach it.

Once you have grabbed it, just head upwards to end the mission.

Buying stuff
It doesn't really matter what you buy. I bought the improved 
manoeuvrability, but I'm not sure what difference it made.

Day 4

Again, park near the staircase. Take the camera down to deck E. Head north 
from the staircase, immediately turn west then south. Head down a long 

At the end of the corridor, go left and turn immediately south again. Keep 
going until the corridor seems to be partially blocked by stalactites and 
stalagmites. You can probably get through, but instead take the door
on the left just before the blockage. (A door, not a corridor.) There 
is another door in the south wall. Go through three more doors southwards 
until you can go no further. (The final door is a bit hidden behind some
shelves.) Turn around and you will see that there is a door to the left of 
the one you just came through. Go through it and left into the cargo area. 

Photograph the car.

Retrace your steps, if you can remember them. A trail of breadcrumbs 
would have been useful.

Go back up to deck D. There are more chandeliers that can be photographed 
here. Also, somewhere around here I found a coffin-shaped cabinet, much 
more intact than the other ones. It was photographable and worth more 
than anything else I ever found. I don't remember where it was, though. 
Probably deck D, but possibly E. Money at this stage doesn't really mean 
anything, though.

From the stairway head east, then south, then east then south. Continue 
south for a while. At the end, turn west then squeeze over the top of a 
bookcase. Head south and take the next east corridor. You will see the 
goblet on the floor in a room to your left. Pick it up and work your way 
back again.

Buying stuff
Again, it doesn't really matter what you buy. It may be that battery power 
helps for the final level. I'm not sure.

Day 5

Just head north. Follow the mast when you see it. Near the end you will 
see a blue rectangle. Use the arm to move the plaque to approximately the 
right place and let go.

The Nephron gets tossed around by currents and Atlas panics. Press the I 
key to let him know you are OK. Send out the camera and move it around to 
the front left of the Nephron. The submarine is caught on some wire. 
Use the camera's arm to pick up the wire.

Switch back to the Nephron (leave the camera behind) and head upwards. Save 
at this point. The power will fail and after Atlas panics some more, you 
get a minigame. Just push the enter key at the right rate - not too fast 
and not too slow. When the bar moves all the way to the right the game is 

Now you can use the submarine and the camera to explore wherever you want in 
Explore mode.

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