Dragon's Lair III Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dragon's Lair III

Dragon's Lair III
First off, you're going to have to get the timing of these moves on your     
own, it's just too hard to explain the precise moments to do some of them.
This, however, will give you all the moves necessary...
Scene 1:Dirk's backyard
1. As Mordroc gets all happy with his wand, go UP to avoid his laser fire.
2. Hit BUTTON to kill bats.
3. On the pathway, hit BUTTON again to kill another bat.
4. As Mordroc splits to go to the time machine, go RIGHT to follow him.
5. Hit BUTTON to avoid Mordroc on the time machine.
Scene 2:The Courtyard
1. Hit BUTTON to grab the sword from the machine.
2. Go LEFT to go through the mirror.
3. Here Dirk will swing at the Jesters (or whatever the hell they are) 
   automatically. When the Jesters wind up to swing, go LEFT.
4. On the overhead view, go LEFT to avoid being hit again.
5. When the Queen starts her bitching, go UP to avoid her.
6. Jump back DOWN to get up in the Queen's face.
7. Hit BUTTON to avoid the Queen's scream. (Blows you back about 50 yards)
8. When the cards wind up to nail you, go RIGHT to jump on the Knight. 
9. Hit BUTTON to swing at the cards.
10. Here's the King, and he's pissed. Go LEFT to avoid him.
11. Again, hit the BUTTON to swing at the cards.
12. Now you're on a chessboard of sorts, when the Mad Hatter pops out, go UP
    to avoid him.
13. This time go LEFT to avoid the Mad Hatter.
14. Go RIGHT to jump off the table.
15. Hit BUTTON to block the dragon's breath.
16. Go LEFT to avoid the dragon.
17. Go UP to grab your sword.
18. Go RIGHT to jump onto the dragon's back.
19. When you're flying through the maze of cards, jump LEFT to jump onto one.
20. As Dirk gets 7 years bad luck, hit BUTTON to use the time machine.

Scene 3:Beethoven's Ninth
 1. As Mordroc shows up and torches the floor, go UP to avoid a hotfoot.
 2. Now the cat's pissed. Go LEFT to avoid his paw and the candlestick.
 3. Go DOWN to jump off the mug and avoid the cat.
 4. Again, to avoid the cat go RIGHT.
 5. Go RIGHT along the piano.
 6. Jump DOWN off the piano, and avoid the cat.
 7. Hit BUTTON to block Mordroc's attack.
 8. UP to avoid the cat. (yet again)
 9. LEFT to (possibly to avoid the cat??) avoid the cat. (Yeah, I knew it.)
10. DOWN to jump into the barrel.
11. RIGHT to avoid the (Guess the mystery word!)
12. Hit BUTTON to break through the glass. 
13. Hit BUTTON to avoid becoming cat chow.
14. Hit BUTTON to activate the time machine. 
Scene 4:The Pirate Ship
 1. As Dirk and the time machine appear, go LEFT to avoid Mordroc.
 2. When the captain yells "Stowaway", hit BUTTON to slow your descent down
    the sail.
 3. The pirates will shoot at you. Hit DOWN to duck into the barrel.
 4. Well, that didn't work so good. Go RIGHT to grab the rope.
 5. Go RIGHT to walk the plank.
 6. Jump UP to avoid meeting Jaws.
 7. Hit BUTTON to swing at the pirate.
 8. Go UP to go into the crow's nest.
 9. Hit BUTTON to activate the time machine.
Scene 5:Clockland/Finale
 1. As Mordroc takes off, hit the BUTTON to swing at the clocks.
 2. Again, hit the BUTTON to swing at the clocks.
 3. Go DOWN to duck under the clock.
 4. Hit BUTTON to swing at the clocks.
 5. Again, hit the BUTTON to take out a clock. (Must be made by Timex) 
 6. Go LEFT to avoid the clock guards.
 7. Jump UP to grab onto the clock weight.
 8. Go UP to enter the cuckoo clock.
 9. Jump RIGHT to jump onto the gear.
10. Go UP to avoid being hit by the counterweight.
11. Go RIGHT to kick in the door.
12. Now you're in a room full of clocks, with a sundial in the center. Go
    RIGHT to avoid the blast.
13. This time UP to avoid the blast.
14. Go RIGHT down the hallway to avoid the clock.
15. Dirk screams. (fairy) Go RIGHT when he does.
16. Now Mordroc tries to toast you. When he's holding the orb, go DOWN.
17. Go LEFT to grab the clock from the wall, and block his fire.
18. Well, Mordroc's found the fountain of youth, eh? Go DOWN to jump towards
    the orb.
19. Go RIGHT to catch the orb.
20. I have NO clue what's firing at you still, but go RIGHT to avoid it.
21. Hit BUTTON to use time machine
22. Sit back and yawn.
And now here I'll simplify the whole thing for you guys who don't want to 
read all my ramblings:
 1. U, B, B, R, B
 2. B, L, L, L, U, D, B, R, B, L, B, U, L, R, B, L, U, R, L, B
 3. U, L, D, R, R, D, B, U, L, D, R, B, B, B
 4. L, B, D, R, R, U, B, U, B
 5. B, B, D, B, B, L, U, U, R, U, R, R, U, R, R, D, L, D, R, R, B
 You know, Daphne keeps getting uglier every game...
Anyways, that's the long and short of it. Pretty much a yawner..

Thanks to TDT for fixing THG's crack, although it DOES work using TDT's
disk 1, and THG's 2-5 contrary to what TDT says..  the files are not "mixed
up" as they claim...
                                  (>Remo Williams
Some greets: Mr. Wyzard, Phil Stanway, Network, Dorian Hawkmoon, Freebird, 
             Hannibal Lektor (if you're even still ALIVE Skawt), Dirty Frank,
             Empedocles and everyone else who's not in some assinine group 
             ragwar at the present time...         


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