Doctor Who - The Adventure Games Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Doctor Who - The Adventure Games

Doctor Who - The Adventure Games



1. Introduction [ITR]
 a. Controls [CON]
2. City of the Daleks [COTD]
 a. Act One [CD1]
 b. Act Two [CD2]
 c. Act Three [CD3]
3. Blood of the Cybermen [BOTC]
 a. Act One [BC1]
 b. Act Two [BC2]
 c. Act Three [BC3]
 a. Act One [TR1]
 b. Act Two [TR2]
 c. Act Three [TR3]
5. Shadows of the Deep [SOTD]
6. Collectables [COL]
7. Minigames [MNGM]
8. Credits [CRED]


Hello and welcome to my first guide to any game. This particular guide
focuses on the four releases of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and notes
all the Facts and Cards you can pick up on the way along with a walkthrough
for the games themselves.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are four games released in 2010 to tie-in
with series 5 of the revived series. 3 of them were written by Phil Ford
and the other by James Moran, both who have written for Doctor Who and the
spin-off shows before. They were created by Sumo Digital with the creative
direction of Charles Cecil.

So allow me to explain how this is going to work - each game will get it's
own walkthrough section which will tell you how to complete them. Also
included in the walkthroughs are the locations of the collectables. A list
of the collectables and a brief note of their location will be in a
seperate section.

Controls [CON]
(This is for the PC Version, buttons may alter for the Mac).

To walk you may use either:
	WASD - W for Up, A for Left, S for Down and D for Right
	Arrow Keys - Each arrow for their respective direction.

To move the camera you use the mouse to look around.

To access the inventory you use Space. The inventory normally consists of a
Sonic Screwdriver plus anything else you've collected along the way. To use
an item from the inventory, highlight an object by walking near it and then
bring up the inventory and click on an item to use it.

Interaction with objects is done by the click of the mouse. Such
interactions include:
	- Using objects
	- Examining objects
	- Checking for a Fact
	- Collecting a collectable
	- Talking to other characters



City of the Daleks sees the Doctor and Amy arrive in a destroyed London
in 1963. The Daleks are behind this which takes the two of them to the city
of Kalaann on the planet Skaro to thwart their plans.

Act One [CD1]
Collectabes: 5 Cards, 3 Facts.
Difficulty: 6/10 (Patrols at the end of the Act)

City of the Daleks starts off with some cutscenes. First will be inside
the TARDIS with the Doctor and Amy talking about 1963 and the Doctor
says how it's a good year. Doctor Who began in 1963 but of course he
can't mention that. After that they step outside into a destroyed London.
The last human survivor, Sylvia, is about to be exterminated. Cue titles.
Sylvia then runs to a manhole and heads underground. The TARDIS duo
then have to get after her and so you are given the honour of doing so.

Straight in front of you is a Fact in the form of a fallen statue's head.
This is what remains of Nelson's Column. If you follow to path to the edge
then you'll come across another Fact for the London Bus and you'll also
find Card #1 - The Smiler. Turn around and walk to the taxi which just so
happens to be another Fact for Hackney Carriages and near it you should
see Card #2 - Sisters of the Water, or as they are better known, the
Vampires. Walk forwards across a car creating a bridge where you'll enter
stealth mode. Head right, avoiding the Daleks to come across Card #3 - The
Sixth Doctor. Now head up the ramp and push the taxi.

Now you're underground you need to get to the tracks. Press Space for an
inventory screen to pop up and use the Sonic Screwdriver on the gates.
Now you'll see a cutscene followed by a prompt to as Sylvia 3 questions.
The Daleks will come and she'll run off. Once you have control again, head
straight forward. You'll get Card #4 - The Hath. Now turn around and follow
the rails all the way down, avoiding the moving patrol Dalek. Behind the
final bunker is Card #5 - Liz 10. Keep going towards Sylvia. You're now
stuck because the tracks are electrified. Just interact with the fusebox
for a little mini-game. Join up the coloured dots and you'll be done. Now
move along the corridor and turn into the room on the right. Climb the
stairs and you're done.

This is now the hardest part of Act One. Many people have got stuck at this
point which is why the difficulty rating I have put is 6. The Daleks have 
moved and the patrols are a little trickier. Move to the right and over the
car-bridge and run right up to the taxi. Now keep an eye on the Dalek to the
far-most left of the area. When his patrol light moves away from the taxi
run forwards and turn left to get back to the TARDIS.

Act Two [CD2]
Collectables: 5 Cards, 1 Fact
Difficulty: 5/10 (Beware of Patrols)

Now you have arrived on Skaro at the Dalek city of Kaalann. In this room
use the Sonic Screwdriver on the Dalek helmet. My tip for this minigame is
to keep steady. There are a few more like this later on. Once this minigame
is done you will be able to walk through locked doors. Leave Amy and head
out of the room, turning left into a larger room. On the left side of this
room wait for the Dalek to return and then run up. Half-way will be a door
to the left. Go inside. To the right of this room is Card #6 - Adipose. Now
go to the blocks on the other side of the room and push them before
climbing up. Once in the other room collect Card #7 - K9 and check the Fact
about the Daleks. Pick up the Kontron Crystal and then Sonic the door open,
moving forwards into the big room from before. We still need the Dalekanium
Coil so turn left and when the Dalek turns his back to you, follow it. Head
through the door at the end. In the room with the Dalekanium Coil is Card
#8 - Daleks. Head back out and once you are in the big room straight ahead
there is Card #9 - the Blackcurrant Jelly Baby (one of the Doctor's
favourite sweets). Navigate back through this room so you eventually reach
the beginning and as such Amy.

Talk to Amy and you'll have to do another of the mini-games fetching the 
components through the maze. This time there is two of them. Once done, Amy
will stop fading out of existence. Exit the room and turn right this time.
Avoiding this Dalek, you'll end up in the Visualiser Room. There are 3
consoles in here which need deactivating. The first is straight ahead.
Sonic it for a minigame where you have to match the symbols. Once this is
done, run right over to the other side of the room avoiding the sight of
the "Dalek Librarian". Sonic this  console but before heading to the third,
Card #10 - Adelaide Brooke is located near the wall. Now you can run over
to the third which is underneath the eye. Once this is done walk out the
room and get into a lift.

This bit is mainly all cutscenes now but you will have a total of 4 choices
of things to say to the Emperor. Once you ask him to show you power the Eye
of Time will show up. The Doctor and Amy will then jump into it and travel
into the past to stop the Daleks wiping out Earth in 1963.

Act Three [CD3]
Collectables: 4 Cards
Difficulty: 8/10 (The end can be difficult for some)

The Doctor says they need to set up a trap. Not just yet however. Head
upstairs and behind the Emperor's base is Card #11 - Chocolate Jelly Baby.
Then on the ring is Card #12 - The Fifth Doctor. Head back down and pick up
the Dalekanium wire from the floor and attach it to the fallen pillar. Use
the console at the bottom and then some Daleks will try to stop you but
will be blown up by the little trap you set. However Amy will start fading.
Now you need to get to the Visualiser Room. Go forwards then left, avoiding
the Varga Plants. Go down the debris stairway and at the bottom of it is
Card #13 - The Tenth Doctor. Now go to the center of the Visualiser Room
and activate the console. Pick up the object which fell out and you'll be
given control of Amy.

Before walking out, turn around and you'll see Card #14 - Amy Pond near
some Varga Plants. Now move down the corridor and go to where you found
the Kontron Crystal (the room on the left of the big room). In the room
before that with the boxes is a Dalek Eye Stalk. Pick that up then head
back out. Turn as if you were going to get the Dalekanium Coil and you'll
see that the door is blocked. Behind you is a Varga Plant and a Dalek Gun.
Pick that up and return to the Doctor. Now it's that mini-game again only
with 3 components this time. Take your time on this one and if you need to
you can drop a component to steady yourself.

This is now the hardest part of the game. Avoid the lines of sight from the
Daleks and move up towards the Emperor. If you get into the yellow zone of
stealth just run and hopefully you'll make it. Now Amy is at the top with
the weapon in place, the Doctor needs to get up. But with Daleks firing
everywhere it seems impossible. Move left and circle around 3 Daleks' line
of fire. Once in the center activate the console. Now you are timed. Turn
around and move left. Once on the ramp just run up to Amy and talk to her.

Enjoy the cutscenes and then the credits will roll.



Blood of the Cybermen sees the Doctor and Amy arrive at an excavation in
the Arctic Circle. However the excavation has uncovered a crashed ship
which belonged to the Cybermen and slowly they are waking up.

Act One [BC1]
Collectables: 4 Cards, 1 Fact
Difficulty: 3/10 (Only hard part is moving ice platforms)

An excavation into some ice has been taking place and a man called Chisholm
is running away from it. He falls and we see a flashback to him lifting up
to arm to reveal it belonged to a Cyberman. The TARDIS lands after getting
an SOS and out step the Doctor and Amy.

Straight in front of you is Card #15 - Sontaran. Next to that is a Skiddoo
which you can interact with to get a Sat Nav for use later. Head down the
ice stairs. Underneath them is Card #16 - Lime Jelly Baby. Near this is a
bag which contains Chisholm's Mess Caddie. Pick up the rope and use Amy to
attach it to the Skiddoo. Now as the Doctor, use the Mess Caddie on the
flow of trickling water. The Doctor will heat it so all you have to do is
give it to Chisholm. Interact with the rope and the Skiddoo will fall,
breaking another path open.

Check the Skiddoo again for a Fact on Skiddoos and pick up Card #17 - Sarah
Jane Smith. Follow the path and climb up to the block of ice. Push it down
twice so  Chisholm can follow you up. Go across the moving ice platforms,
which are the only part of this Act which can cause any trouble, and on the
final one collect Card  #18 - River Song. Climb up to a massive pillar of
ice and use the Sonic on it then push it. Now walk over to Amy and you'll
end up inside the TARDIS with the task of fixing the Sat Nav. Easy.

Act Two [BC2]
Collectables: 6 Cards, 3 Facts
Difficulty: 5/10 (Careful of the Cybermats and Cyberslaves)

Once you're given control of the Doctor after Chisholm runs off, go
straight forward and turn right to go behind a building. There is Card #19
- The Fourth Doctor. Now head back to the TARDIS and next to that is a Fact
about Geology. If you now head towards the entrance of the GSO building, to
the left of that underneath some piping is Card #20 - Rose Tyler. Now at
the door of the GSO building examine the panel and a Cyberslave will come
out. The Doctor will distract it so provided you don't run in front of it
you should be safe. There are two steam vents you can use for this. On any
of the two first turn the valve sticking out of it next to the vent. Then
when the Cyberslave is about to walk past the vent turn the other valve.
Check the Cyberslave to get the keycard but before you go in,  check on
Chisholm for more information about the excavation.

Once inside turn left to a door that opens. Inside here is Card #21 -
Vanilla Jelly Baby along with a Cybermat. Slowly creep towards the Cybermat
and when it's highlighted with a blue light, use the Sonic on it. Now check
the laptop for all the information. Head out and on the next door along use
the password to find Meadows. In here check the equipment for a Fact on
Nanotechnology then head to the room at the top and pickup the radio. Here
you have a minigame where you have to move the two dials to get the wave at
the same length and width as the other before sliding the slider to match
the speed. Once done get Card #22 - The Eighth Doctor from the chair and
walk to the room the Cyberslave was guarding.  In the room next door to
this are Card #23 - Raspberry Jelly Baby and Card #24 - Cybermen. Now go
back to the room before and check the vents.

After the cutscene you'll have a Cyberslave chasing you. Pull down the
wires from the ceiling then activate the switch by the door. Check the
Cyberslave for a Fact on Cyber Biology and pick up the synthesizer next to
it. Go back to Chisholm and ask him for the capacitor. Now go back to his
locker in the room with the two cards before and get it out. Plug it into
the radio and then Amy will go and find the Doctor. Meadows has disappeared
but the Doctor needs an antidote so use the microscope for two parts of a
minigame. This minigame has instructions to the top left. By turning a
colour wheel on the right you have to follow these instructions. So if the
instructions state More Green Than Blue then you have to make more of the
rotating balls green than those that are blue. Once you get the hang of it,
it is quite simple. Once you have the antidote go and see Chisholm to give
it to him. Now it's time to go and see what waits below.

Act Three [BC3]
Collectables: 5 Cards, 2 Facts.
Difficulty: 7/10 (Stealth mode can be tricky)

Move forward and then turn left. Run up behind the Cyberslave and hide in
the alcove. There's a Fact here about Absolute Zero. Turn around and when
the Cyberslave walks past, run up the corridor. To the left is Card #25 -
Donna Noble and to the right are some stairs at the end of the corridor. Go
down these. Now go forward and it's stealth mode again. When the Cyberslave
turns run up behind him and hide in the alcove. When he walks past, run out
and up the corridor, turning left. Run forward and go down the stairs at
the end. Once down here turn right for Card #26 - The Seventh Doctor then
turn back and into the open space. Run straight across the map for Card #27
- Martha Jones. Go back a bit and activate a lift. Amy will go up where
you'll find Card #28 - Blueberry Jelly Baby. With Amy walk around and use a
control panel to let the Doctor get up. Once he's up, use the same panel to
let Amy up again. Whoops! The Cybermen have got hold of her.

Turn right and step onto the lift then activate the control panel with the
Sonic. Once up walk around and activate the controls so a bridge turns
around. Run across the bridge and go up another level. Once up walk into
the control room by going up the stairs. Here you'll have to do another of
the colours minigames. The Cybermen are now awake and the Doctor will run
out. Head into the lift behind you and then walk straight forwards,
following this corridor round. In an alcove is Card #29 - Jackie Tyler.
Once you're in the room with Amy, sonic her free. The chair she was in is
now a Fact on Cyber Conversion. Now you need to get to work on the control
panel. Turn the mirrors so they point into the middle and then turn the
lasers to point at the sides. Activate the controls and the doors will
blow open. Now run out.

Avoiding this Cyberman, run along the path and eventually you'll be back at
the control room. After doing the colours mini-game again you'll need to
escape but there's a time limit. Get on the lift and activate the controls
to go down. To the right activate a panel and run over this platform and
you'll reach a lift on the wall to the right. Open it up and you'll escape.

That's it. Blood of the Cybermen is complete!


Act One [TR1]
Collectables: 5 Cards, 16 Facts
Difficulty: 2/10 (Not hard at all)

After the cutscenes, before you go about saving the Doctor there are 3
cards. The first is straight ahead in a roundel on the right. This is Card
#30 - The Master. Round the other side of the console is Card #31 - The
First Doctor. Now if you run across the console room and go down the stairs
underneath the console is Card #32 - Liquorice Jelly Baby. Now go up to the
console and you'll be able to examine it. Pull both the red levers and the
TARDIS will extend it's airshell to allow the Doctor to breathe. Now you
need to activate a tractor beam. If you try walking out you'll notice you
keep looping back into the same room. Talk to the Doctor using the TV and
then examine the console. Pull a few levers and head out to the Drawing

In here are 2 cards. The first of these is to the right of the door and is
Card #33 - Nasreen Chaudry. The other is at the other side of the room in
the corner, Card #34 - Captain Jack Harkness. There are a total of 16 Facts
in this room. If you don't know much about Doctor Who (including the
Classic Series) then I advise you read every one of them as you'll be
quizzed on them later. The Facts are: Cyberman Chestpiece, Ood Translator,
Liz Ten's Facemask, Map of Medieval Venice, Chronon Blocker, Recorder,
Book of Weeping Angels, Dalek Eye Stalk, The Fourth Doctor's Scarf,
Gramophone, Cricket Ball, Sonic Blaster, Journal of Impossible Things,
Sycorax Staff, Time Lord Staff, Fob Watch and Time.

After a short while of exploring this room a small cutscene will occur.
This is where the Time fact is so walk over to the clock and look inside.
Take the Laser Screwdriver. Return to the console room and pop it into the
console. You now have a minigame whereby you must connect two colours by a
wire. Once you've done move the gearbox thing to the left and down. Hit
the lever to the left and you'll activate the tractor beam. Now the Doctor
and Amy are reunited but not for long.

Act Two [TR2]
Collectables: Same as Act One.
Difficulty: 2/10 (Not much to do)

Check the console to find out where you are. Now go to the Drawing Room and
sonic the Chronon Blocker to get the Kontron Crystal out. Keep your hand
steady during this minigame. Now you can stabilise time you need to check
it. Walk to the fire for a small cutscene. Now pick up the Fob Watch. Go
back to the console and put the newly created loop where the Laser
Screwdriver is placed. Go back to the Drawing Room and pick up the distress
beacon. Use it on the console at a place with 4 moving dials, underneath a
gramophone. Now Amy will be faced with a quiz. The questions differ each
time but provided you know your Doctor Who history and you checked the
Facts earlier you should be fine. If not just guess.

Act Three [TR3]
Collectables: Same as Act One.
Difficulty: 6/10 (Timed at the end)

This is even shorter than Act Two. Once you've finished your exploring,
talk to either the Doctor or Amy (depending on which one you are) and opt
to Launch the TARDIS. Once you finish the first thing you'll then have 60
seconds to do the rest. This is easily the trickiest part of the whole game
because of the camera and controls. In order here is what you need to
press: a lever, the spinny thing, a red lever, another red lever, a thing
with lights on it.

Now you've done and you get a little lead into the next title...



Not Yet Released.

Features 16 Cards.


In Doctor Who: The Adventure Games there are a total of 50 Cards spread
across 4 games. 14 are in City of the Daleks, 15 in Blood of the Cybermen,
5 in TARDIS and 16 in Shadows of the Deep. There are five types - Doctors,
Companions, Friends, Enemies and Jelly Babies.

Layout of the Collectables Guide:
#. NAME - Name and number of the card in the Walkthrough.
GAME - Name of the game the card is located in.
TYPE - Type of the card.
LOCATION - Where the card is.

1. Smiler
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Enemy
Location: Near a fallen Bus Stop sign which comes with a fact.

2. Sisters of the Water
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Enemy
Location: Near a taxi that comes with a fact. Very obvious to find.

3. Sixth Doctor
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Doctor
Location: Just before you climb up to push the taxi, it's to the left of
the bunker.

4. Hath
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Friend
Location: When you first get control Underground it is near the stationary
Dalek at the top.

5. Liz 10
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Friend
Location: Near Sylvia before you reroute the circuits for the electrical

6. Adipose
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Friend
Location: In the big room with the pushable blocks before you turn left for
the Kontron Crystal, it's to the right. You can get it on the way out of
getting the crystal too.

7. K9
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Companion
Location: In the room with the Kontron Crystal.

8. Daleks
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Enemy
Location: In the room with the Dalekanium Coil.

9. Blackcurrant Jelly Baby
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: On the left hand wall of the first stationary Dalek patrol after
getting the Dalekanium Coil.

10. Captain Adelaide Brooke
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Friend
Location: In the Visualiser Room near the second console.

11. Chocolate Jelly Baby
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: Behind where the Emperor would stand.

12. Fifth Doctor
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Doctor
Location: On the ring near the Emperor.

13. Tenth Doctor
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Doctor
Location: When going back to the Visualiser Room it is at the bottom of
some stairs made out of debris.

14. Amy Pond
Game: City of the Daleks
Type: Companion
Location: When given control of Amy, before leaving the Visualiser Room
turn around and it's near two plants.

15. Sontaran
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Enemy
Location: Right in front of you at the beginning.

16. Lime Jelly Baby
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Enemy
Location: Behind the ice stairs at the beginning.

17. Sarah Jane Smith
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Companion
Location: After the Skidoo falls, it's at the start of the new path.

18 River Song
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Companion
Location: On the moving ice platforms.

19. Fourth Doctor
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Doctor
Location: When given control, move forward and right then turn and it's
behind a slanted black pillar.

20. Rose Tyler
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Companion
Location: Near a entrance you use later, under two pipes.

21. Vanilla Jelly Baby
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: In the room with the Cybermat.

22. Eighth Doctor
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Doctor
Location: After finding Meadows it's in the big room on a chair. Can be
seen in Stealth mode earlier.

23. Raspberry Jelly Baby
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: In a drawer in the room with Chisholm's locker.

24. Cybermen
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Enemy
Location: In a locker in the room with Chisholm's locker.

25. Donna Noble
Game: Blood of they Cybermen
Type: Companion
Location: After the first stealth Cyberslave has any.

26. Seventh Doctor
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Doctor
Location: The third 'layer' of the stealth Cyberslaves.

27. Martha Jones
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Companion
Location: At the bottom of the scaffolding-like platforms.

28. Blueberry Jelly Baby
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: When given control of Amy at the top of the first lift.

29. Jackie Tyler
Game: Blood of the Cybermen
Type: Friend
Location: When rescuing Amy you will find it in stealth.

30. The Master
Type: Enemy
Location: In a roundel on the right side of the TARDIS console room.

31. First Doctor
Type: Doctor
Location: On the left side of the TARDIS console.

32. Liquorice Jelly Baby
Type: Jelly Baby
Location: Underneath the TARDIS console.

33. Nasreen Chaudry
Type: Friend
Location: Drawing Room on the right at the entrance.

34. Captain Jack Harkness
Type: Companion
Location: Drawing Room at the top left.

Remaining 16 Cards have yet to be released. They include:
3 Doctors
3 Companions
3 Friends
4 Enemies
3 Jelly Babies

xx. Second Doctor
Game: Shadows of the Deep
Type: Doctor
Location: n/a

xx. Third Doctor
Game: Shadows of the Deep
Type: Doctor
Location: n/a

xx. Ninth Doctor
Game: Shadows of the Deep
Type: Doctor
Location: n/a


Minigames [MNGM]

Across each of the Adventure Games are minigames. These are little
challenges which, when completed, advance the player further into the game.

Connect the Wires
Appears in: City of the Daleks, Blood of the Cybermen, TARDIS
This minigame requires you to connect two of the same colour with one wire.
There are multiple colours and each wire cannot cross another. Some wires
have to go around the outside for the puzzle to be completed.
Tips: Think logically and when attempting one wire think of how another may
use part of that path.

Electric Maze
Appears in: City of the Daleks, TARDIS
This minigame requires one or more components to be dragged around a maze
with electric barriers. Should any component touch the barriers then the
puzzle is failed and the player must start all over.
Tips: Take your time. You can drop the component at any time if you want.

Appears in: City of the Daleks
Here you have to match the symbols scrolling across the screen with the
one selected, as seen on the left of the scroller. You change this by
clicking the symbols at the bottom. Not only will pressing the buttons
change the symbol, it will also rotate it if it's the same symbol.
Tips: Think clearly and make sure you match exactly.

Appears in: Blood of the Cybermen, TARDIS
There is a frequency which needs to be matched. Turn the right and left
dials until there are 5 green lights between them. Then alter them to
match the width and height of the other frequency displayed. Then move
the slider to get it at the right speed.
Tips: Keep turning the dials just a fraction for the right frequency.

Appears in: Blood of the Cybermen
There are two rings of colours rotating around. To the left are some
instructions saying MORE --- THAN ---, AS MANY --- AS --- or LESS --- THAN
---. Using the rotating discs to the right you have to match these rules.
If it says more then you can just eliminate the colour it wants less of.
Tips: You can randomly turn the disc and eventually you'll do it.


Credits [CRED]

Guide written by frogmyster3 (or as known on GameFAQs, frogmyster2).

Thanks to the BBC for reviving such a wonderful show and of course for
allowing Sumo Digital to create these games. Of course the BBC are to thank
for creating the show too. Also thanks to those members on Gallifrey Base
for compiling the initial list of cards for City of the Daleks and that one
card I missed first time around on Blood of the Cybermen.

This guide may not be reproduced or copied unless its for personal use. If
there are any questions you wish to ask regarding this guide please feel
free to email me at with the subject of Doctor
Who: The Adventure Games.

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CheatBook-DataBase 2023 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Wii U, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 26.800 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.  - Release date january 8, 2023. Download CheatBook-DataBase 2023

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