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1. Click the curtains twice to get an envelope containing the 
   first clue.
2. Open the cupboard to get a crowbar.
3. Click the middle of the two dolls ontop of the cupboard to get 
   a lighter.
4. Move to your right so you're facing the chest of drawers.
5. Open the bottom drawer to get a torch.
6. Open the middle drawer to get a knife.
7. Now you've probably noticed that the drawers can be completely 
   blanked out by clicking in certain places. I don't know what this 
   signifies but if you turn all 5 drawers blank you should see a 
   faint line running down all of them.
8. Drag the torch to shine on the cupboard and it will then show up a 
   ribbon that you can collect.
9. Move to your right again so you're facing the bells.
10. Ring the bells in the order of the rainbow colours, so red, orange, 
    yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You'll then get a pink bell 
    as a reward.
11. Drag the knife onto the sheet that's hanging up and rip it down.
12. Get the hammer from the hole in the wall.
13. Move back to the left and focus in on the wall hanging.
14. Click on it to pull it down and then drag the hammer onto the area 
    near the hook to break into the wall. You may need to do this several
    times. You should be rewarded with a red kimono.
15. Go right twice so you're facing the TV.
16. Take the crowbar and use it on the section of wall above the TV. You 
    should see it's a slightly different colour.
17. Focus in on the vase in the secret cupboard and then smash it with 
    the hammer. Collect the cat's paw.
18. Focus in on the statue of the cat and drag it's paw onto it. You can 
    then open the drawer under the statue to get an electric cable.
19. Drag the cable onto the TV. For some reason this always take several 
    attempts. Be patient and make sure you're dragging the cable onto the 
    TV itself and not the socket.
20. Move to the right and open the curtains.
21. Drag the torch onto the wall behind the curtain and then without 
    touching any buttons or the mouse, let the light finally get you 
    another clue.
22. Now this clue gives you the riddle to the TV. Go back to the TV and 
    focus in on it. Click the two left and right buttons as per the clue. 
    The answer is RLRRLLR (as you look at the buttons) Don't forget to 
    turn the TV on first! You should then get another clue.
23. Focus in on the calendar and click number 13 8 times for another clue.
24. Finally on the scene, click the area under the table between the middle 
    and left hand legs. Then use the hammer on this area. A broken block of 
    ice (?) should appear with a wig in it which you can collect.
25. Move left and focus in on the picture. Use the crowbar on the top right 
    hand pin, then drag the lighter onto the picture to burn it, this is the
    final clue.
26. OK, now take the hammer and smash the light bulb in the room. Everything 
    will go dark and then it will relight and you'll have the very final clue.
27. Ok, go to the secret cupboard again and focus in on the treasure chest. 
    The code for opening it are the numbers on the clues but apparently one 
    number needs to be reversed. Anyway the code is 09372.
28. Click the shadow of the doll and shee will ask you some questions.
29. The first question is what is her name. The answer is the following 
    symbols: 4th row down, first symbol from the left. 3rd row down second 
    symbol from the right. first row, 5th symbol from the left.
30. The next question is easy, it's the red ribbon.
31. The next question is apparently the colour of her hair. The answer is 
    chestnut which is the second answer from the top.
32. The next question is her clothes, the answer being Red Kimono, the top 
33. The final question is her accessories, which is small bell, the third 
    from the top answer.

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