DooDoo Dog 2 - Saving Private Woodpecker Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 DooDoo Dog 2 - Saving Private Woodpecker

DooDoo Dog 2 - Saving Private Woodpecker

Submitted by: Cheats

How to save the bird:
-Get map #1 in the tree (left of the squirrel)
-Go right, to the bird. Get map #2 in the tree above the machine.
-Click the bird and note the colors and order of the protest signs.
-Click the heart machine and click the buttons in the same order as the 
 protest signs, then press the ON button.
-Go up! Get map #3, #4 and #5 from the hoodie, shed and jeans. Also get 
 the blue sock and the carrot (bottom of the right tree). Go right.
-Get the money behind the tree-trunk. The fishingpoles are a “simon says” 
 minigame, and quitte hard. Click the on that bobs, after that 2 poles will 
 bob, after that 3 etc. untill you have to get a sequence with 6 poles. 
 (you have to click each pole twice to be able to go to the next pole). 
 When you get it right the last one will have a fish (so click the last 
 one just once!)! Take it. Go back to the bird. Go right.
-Get map #6 and #7 from the guy in the chair. Give the money to the goat, 
 he will raise his paw revealing a bullet. Put it in the gun and shoot 
 anywhere. Get the two bugs from the tree on the right. Go right.
-Give the fish to the bear, take the number pad from the bear. Get the chalk 
 on top of the machine. Enter the tent.
-Get map #8 from the drawer. Get the key-like thing from the IV. Put the 
 broken gun in the drawer. Click the bed. Go back to the first sreen (the 
 van and the squirrel)
-Put the carrot in the exhaust, the squirrel will hop on the van, his eyes 
 will blink numbers in MORSE code (international morse NOT american). If 
 you really cant solve this….i’ll put two possible aswers in the bottom of 
 the post. Use the code to enter the van.
-Now put the key thing on the safe in the middle of the van (now it’s a lever!).
 Write down the numbers and the color of the numbers (starts with green i guess).
 Press the lever, write down the numbers and color. And again press the lever 
 and write down… Now the lever itself will be green! Take the green number you 
 got and pull down the brown slides in that order. NOTE: if the number is 31245 
 press the third slide first, then the first slide then the second, forth and 
 fifth. It can be a bit confusing but you will get it. Repeat this untill all 
 3 lights are green.
-Get map #9 from the shoe. Put all the map pieces on the wooden board. Use the 
 chalk on the bugs. No 3 and 5… You saw that somewhere else! Click the wooden 
 board and solve the puzzle. You can race the bugs against each other if you 
 put them on the bottom of the board, but first you will have to place your 
 bet! -Go back to the tent and enter it.
-Mark the first race on the blackboard with you chalk, pick your favorite bug. 
 But make sure there is only ONE check on the blackboard! And yes the big R 
 stands for the red or first race. Now go back to the van and do the first bug 
 race. If you bet correctly return to the frog and he/she/it will give you a 
 present! If not go back and guess again for the second race, you can use the 
 sock as an eraser if you made a mistake. Again ony ONE check on the blackboard!
-Go back to the bird.
-Put the number pad on the heart-machine, and click it. This is a weird puzzle, 
 so i’ll do my best to explain. Above some vertical rows there are roman numbers,
 these represent the number of circles in that row. An “8? has two circles, a “7? 
 or “5? has none, a “6? or “9? has one circle. The weird “a/c” sign counts as 
 two circles. Enter one number for each vertical row (the sum of all “circles” 
 in that vertical row), nine numbers in total. Unlock the red button and press 
-Enter the tent. Put the flowers in the gun. Go back to the bird and click the 
 bird. Get the printout from the heart-machine, give the print to the frog.

code for van: 1028 or 6590

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