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 Doom 1

Doom 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

#1 - From the start of the level: Enter one of the difficulty selection
slipgates. Walk towards episode 4. There will be a pool of water. Jump into
the pool and duck underneath the platform you were just standing on. Drop
through the water. You will land on a beam of wood. Walk along it and into
an archway (on your left, looking towards the entrance of episode 4). Walk
through the archway and through another slipgate to reach Nightmare mode.

E1M1 - The Slipgate Complex:

#1 - Forward and to the right of the start is a ledge with flashing lights.
Shoot the wall facing away from the start on that ledge (the wall has a red
design on it). There will be a box of shells behind it.

#2 - Underneath the first bridge you come to is a river. It flows into a
cavern. Enter this cavern and walk through it. As you pass by a set of
steps containing a 100 health item and a door to the end of the level
(which cannot be opened from this side), the game will register a secret.
At the end of the cavern is a lift taking you back up to the blue armor at
the start.

This secret can also be accessed at the end of the level. Climb up the ramp
to the room right before the slipgate out of the complex. Turn to the
right. There should be a column on the wall. Shoot the wall to the right of
the column. It will open the door which was previously closed, revealing
the river and 100 health box.

#3 - Past the first bridge is a door. Enter the door and kill the monsters.
To the right of the entrance is a column and a ledge. Go to the corner
between the ledge and the column. Shoot the globe texture high up on the
column. A platform will rise and you will be on the ledge. Turn to your
right and shoot the globe texture on the ledge. The wall behind the globe
will open, leading to a quad damage item.

This secret can also be accessed by the area right before the walkway over
the pool of slime. Before walking out onto the walkway, turn to your right.
There should be a red wall between two columns. Shoot it, allowing access
to the quad damage.

#4 - To the left of the door past the bridge is a large hall. Follow it to
the right. You will come to a large, shallow pool of slime. There will be a
button on the wall. Push the button and a platform will slide out from the
wall. Halfway across the platform, turn to your left. There will be a red
target in a depression slightly above your the level of your head. Shoot it
and turn to your left. A door in a wall will open, revealing a double
barreled shotgun.

#5 - Past the platform over the pool is a hall. Walk down the hall. You
will reach a walkway. Go down the walkway and turn left. Go down the
walkway again and turn left. There will be a button and a light in front of
you. Jump onto the bannister. Jump onto the light. Step onto the top of the
button. Look at the wall in front of you. There will be a ledge and two
blocks jutting out. Run and jump to the lowest block. Jump up to the next
block and to the ledge. Inside is a 100 health item.

#6 - Go all the way down the walkway. There will be a door. To the right
and behind a column will be a biosuit. Take it. Jump into the slime. Swim
underneath the door. Follow the tunnel to where it opens into a slightly
larger area. There will be a platform overhead. You won't be able to see it
unless you try to surface. There will be a boxed in area of the platform
that you can see, however. Swim up that opening. If you are running low on
air, you can swim up to the platform from the tunnel, but you must step
over the opening before the game registers the secret. There is yellow
armor and some health on the platform. There is also a slipgate to the area
over the door past the bridge (back near secret #3)

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned:

#1 - At the start, walk down the stairs and jump off to the right into the
water. There should be a green, lit wall in front of you. Shoot it and it
will open. Walk along the passage until you surface.

This secret can also be accessed by the area near the bridge with the big
red symbol over it (See secret #2). Jump off the bridge and swim underneath
it, going away from the symbol. You will swim under an arch and come into a
small room. There will be a ramp on the left. Walk up the ramp.

#2 - From the start, go forward until you reach the wall. Turn right.
Forward again. Turn left. There will be a bridge over a pool of water.
There will also be a large red symbol on an archway over the bridge. Go
onto the bridge. To the left, there will be a double barrelled shotgun.
Jump off and swim underneath the area of the gun. Swim under an arch and to
the right. Follow the passage. There will be a bridge above you all the
way. You will eventually reach a pool. As you enter the pool, the wall to
the left of you will open up. There will be 25 health, a box of nails, and
a slipgate to the ledge opposite the one containing the double barreled

#3 - Cross the bridge with the red symbol. Turn to the right and walk
through the door. Turn to the left. Climb the staircase. There will be a
column midway across the room on your right. Go to the side of the column
facing outward, towards the windows. A small plate of stone will be the
column. Push it. A door to the right will open to give you a quad damage

E1M3 - The Necropolis:

#1 - From the start: Forward and to the left. Get the grenade launcher.
Turn to the left. There will be an ogre behind a set of bars and a couple
of other monsters. There will be two paths: one through the door to the
left and a set of steps leading down and to the right. Take the steps. Go
along the passage until you reach a bridge. Jump down. To the left of the
bridge and behind where you came from is an alcove. Shoot the back of the
alcove and the wall will open. There will be rockets and health inside.

#2 - Starting from the same bridge from which you jumped down in #1, cross
the bridge and turn right. There will be a short passage, two sets of
stairs, and a platform down. Go down and turn to face the left wall of the
passage you just went down. There will be a short corridor there. Go down
the corridor until you reach a shallow lake. To your left will be the gold
key. Take it. Turn slightly to the left. There will be an area of the wall
darker and with a slightly different texture from the rest. Go right up to
it. You will fall beneath the water. Ahead is a short passage. Swim through
it and up to land. There will be a ring of the shadows there.

#3 - From the area with the ogre behind bars (described in secret #1), take
the door. Get the nailgun and shoot the symbol. Go down the steps and
follow the passage. There will be a series of platforms. Go across the
platforms. You will reach a locked door. Open it (it uses the gold key
whose location is described in secret #2). Follow the passage. Jump down to
a set of tunnels filled with slime. Go forward, turn left, forward again,
left, take the first tunnel on the right, and up the ramp. Open the door.
Above you will be two ogres on platforms. To your right is a yellow armor
blocked by two sets of two bars each. Killing the ogres above removes the
bars. Shoot the wall behind the armor. The wall will open, revealing a
slipgate. Go through the slipgate. You will be on the platforms that the
ogres were standing on. There are rockets here.

E1M4 - The Grisly Grotto:

#1 - Through the door at the start there is a set of spiral stairs. On the
left and right at the top are two red symbols. Shoot them. The ceiling will
fall, revealing a yellow suit of armor.

#2 - From the bottom of the stairs, go through the passage. You will come
upon a deep lake. Get the biosuit. Dive into the water. Directly to your
right should be a small ledge where you can surface. Go up and you will get
a box of rockets.

#3 - From the pier with the silver key: Jump off and swim in the direction
of the pier. Surface on the other side. Go through the silver key door and
to the left. Follow the passage. You should reach a small body of blue
slime with a bridge over it. Go to the end of the bridge and ride the
platform up. Step on all the touchplates. Two doors will open in the walls.
Enter both and press the buttons. The game should tell you that a secret
cave has opened. Jump onto the bridge and head back out to the deep pool
where you got the silver key. Along the right wall of the cave will be a
large, bright circular opening. Enter it. Swim up. Inside a little room is
a grenade launcher, health, and a slipgate to the secret level.

E1M5 - Gloom Keep:

#1 - Jump to the right and off the bridge you start on. There will be an
area sticking out of the wall, almost like a column. Beneath the water is
an opening to a ledge with a box of nails and 100 health.

#2 - Cross the bridge at the start and turn right. Follow the walkway and
pass through the gate. There should be a stairway down the passage. Jump
onto the bannister of the stairway. Jump across to a ledge that juts out
from the wall. Run along the ledge and jump across to a platform with an
ogre. There are rockets and armor on the platform.

#3 - Cross the bridge at the start and go through the gate. Walk along the
passageway until you reach a room where you are standing on a Y-shaped
platform. From there, take the right fork. Follow the passage and you will
come into a large room. Forward and to the left is a staircase. On the
right will be a square area with a column in the center. Walk up to the
column. Jump up and hit the torch with your head. Behind the column, a door
will open in the wall, revealing yellow armor and a touchplate to open the
wall if it closes before you leave.

#4 - From the same large room described in secret #3, climb the staircase.
To the right is another set of stairs and an octogonal room with a slipgate
to the gold key. Go behind the slipgate and step or You will end up near
the start on top of the building you enter. There is a quad damage nearby.

#5 - When you fall down the passage to the exit slipgate, turn around. The
wall will look turned --- it has roll added to it. Shoot the wall. It will
open, leading to a slipgate back to the gold key doors.

E1M6 - The Door to Chthon:

#1 - From the start, jump down. To the left will be a corridor. At the end
is a design suspended over lava. Ahead of that is a door which opens as you
walk down the corridor, and to the left is another door. Enter the door
ahead of you. Turn to the right. There should be an obvious, but still
hidden door ahead and a room forward and to the right. Walk in front of
that room. Turn to face away from the room and look up. There will be a red
Q symbol and a system of air ducts. Shoot it. The hidden door, now to your
right, will open. Ride the lift up onto the air ducts. Walk to the edge and
look down and to your left. You should see the celing of the room below.
Jump onto the celing. There will be a quad damage powerup there.

#2 - Go to the room to the left of the design suspended over lava. Push the
button with the Q. Fall into the pit that opens behind you. Wait for the
stairs to form and then walk down them. There is a passage with a 100
health item at one end and a spiked wall at the other. As you walk down the
hall, bars come down and block your exit, a wall opens, revealing several
ogres, and the spiked wall begins to come towards you. Kill the ogres and
escape using a lift that becomes unbarred with their death. Jump down onto
the stairs into the middle of the lava. These are the same stairs you just
went down. The bars will go up at some point and you will be able to enter.
This time when you enter, the bars will not go down, and if the spiked wall
has returned to it's original position, it will move as soon as you enter
(If it has not, simply go behind it and through the slipgate). Trigger the
wall and go back. Wait for the wall to pass and go behind it. There will be
a slipgate which leads to a super nailgun and a box of nails. You will also
be able to jump to a landing with a 100 health box.

#3 - Below the start is a completely dark room. Once you get the silver
key, this room lights up. Cross the pit in this room and go to the end of
the passage. Turn left. You should be facing a set of stairs with a closed
door at the top. To the right of the stairs is a column and a large chamber
with a Q switch in it. Hit the switch. Go to the side of the column that
points away from the chamber. A red symbol will have been uncovered. Shoot
it. The stairs with the closed door will lower. At the bottom is a box of

#4 - Stay at the bottom of the stairs in #3 until they rise again. There
will be a slipgate down a small flight of stairs. Walk through. You will be
on a ledge above the room you were just in. On another ledge across from
the one you are on is a 100 health box.

E1M7 - The House of Chthon:

There are no secrets on this level.

E1M8 - Ziggurat Vertigo:

#1 - At the start, you should see a Pentagram of Protection. Get the
pentagram and dive into the lava by the bridge. Swim beneath the bridge
away from the ziggurat and you will emerge in a small room. There is a quad
damage powerup, health, and a slipgate to the bridge in front of the

#2 - Behind the silver key door, there is a passage to the left and one to
the right. Take the one on the left. Follow it to the end. On your right
should be a wall with a dark border on one section. Shoot that section. A
door in the wall will open, leading to two boxes of nails.

E2M1 - The Installation:

#1 - From the start, leave the hall and enter the large room. Walk out onto
the bridge and jump off to the left and swim underneath the large
structure. In the corner will be a small tunnel leading up. Swim up the
tunnel and take the red armor.

#2 - Go to the gold key room. There are two large, slanted sets of bars on
each side of the room. At the side of one is a set of steps. Jump up the
steps and onto the tiny platform. Walk through the wall and get the 100
health box.

#3 - Jump into the pool of water in the gold key room. Swim into either
tunnel. At the end is a small room with ammo, health, and a slipgate to the
bridge near the gold key room.

#4 - By the gold key door is a room which looks out onto a pool. Jump into
the pool and swim to the right. Shoot the grate at the bottom and it will
open. Swim down the tunnel and get the biosuit. Follow the tunnel and
surface. There is a grenade launcher, health, and a slipgate to the
location of the silver key on hard and nightmare.

#5 - In the tunnel mentioned in secret #4, there is a grate opposite the
biosuit. Shoot the grate three times and enter secret #4. You will find a
pentagram of protection in a newly opened room.

#6 - Near the end of the level is a tall structure made of crisscrossing
metal bars. There is a set of lifts to get to the top. Run over the bottom
lift and you will enter a hidden room. Shoot the left wall to get a quad

#7 - At the top of the structure by a staircase leading down is an opening
in the structure. Jump though the opening and down. Get the yellow armor
and jump through another opening to exit.

E2M2 - Ogre Citadel:

#1 - Walk down the stairs at the start and jump off the ledge and into the
moat. On the left will be a small room. Walk to the back wall and ride the
lift up to a 100 health.

#2 - From the area you reached in secret #1, walk down the river. At the
far end of it you will find a dark area with a low ceiling. Walk up the
stairs and take the grenade launcher. Be warned, this opens a door to your
left which leads late into the level.

#3 - Along the path to the gold key, you will walk along a series of
platforms. One of these will have a quad damage on it and a jump to another
platform. Below, between, and to the right of the quad damage platform is a
window. (After getting the gold key and exiting the room it is in, this
window is on your left.) Jump through this window and out onto a ledge
where you can reach a yellow armor, a 100 health, and a slipgate to the
hall near the window.

E2M3 - The Crypt of Decay:

#1 - At the start of the level, ride the lift up. Walk to the bridge and
jump off. Swim into the tunnel beneath the green armor. Turn left and swim
through the arch. Swim forward and take the passage on your right. There
will be a red armor and a slipgate.

#2 - When you pick up the gold key, three small chambers will be revealed.
One of these has a torch. Shoot the back wall of the chamber and it will
open. There will be a 100 health box, a yellow armor in the water, and the
path to the secret level (blocked until secret #4).

#3 - Go to the walkway by the gold key door. Facing away from the gold key
door, there is a platform in the distance with several zombies on it. Kill
the zombies and a corridor on the right will open up. Walk through the
corridor and take the box of rockets at the end.

#4 - Past the hall filled with spike shooters there is a bridge and a
tower. Cross the bridge and turn left. Walk up the stairs and to the boxes.
Look up and shoot the red target. A small step will be raised. Jump up the
step and onto the boxes. The wall in front of you will have opened. Go
inside for a 100 health and a button which opens the path to the secret
level (described in #2).

The Dopefish secret - Walk through the hall filled with spike shooters.
Midway to the tower, stop and turn left. There is an extremely tiny ledge
on the wall. It's almost invisible due to the lighting. Run to the edge of
the bridge and jump to the ledge. Following the ledge to the left leads to
a quad damage. Following the ledge to the right leads to a small tunnel.
Jump into the tunnel and take the health. Jump down and into the Well of
Wishes. Swim down. Take the Pentagram and the biosuit. Admire the dopefish.
When you are ready to leave, walk up to the wall in the small passage
opposite the entrance. The wall will open, leading to the underwater area
in secret #2.

E2M4 - The Ebon Fortress:

#1 - From the start, jump down the ledge and enter the water. Swim to the
right and into shallow water. In the corner is a hole leading to a quad
damage, a yellow armor, and ammo.

#2 - On the outside of the fortress is a platform with several ogres. Walk
across the platform and down the stairs on the other end. Turn and face the
stairs. To the right is a small path. Shoot the back wall and it will open,
leading to a 100 health box.

#3 - From secret #2, go back up the path and up the stairs in front of you.
You will be facing a slanted wooden wall. Turn right and look at the wall
in front of you. On the right is a small wooden area. Shoot it and it will
open. Walk up the slanted area and onto a ledge. Walk along the ledge to
the area that was opened. There is a pentagram inside.

#4 - At the area with the silver key, there is a small river of slime
inside the structure. Jump into the river, swim to the end, and climb up.
Get the red armor and the biosuit and swim back.

E2M5 - The Wizard's Manse:

#1 - From the start, walk out onto the bridge. Jump off and swim to the far
side of the raised area in the middle. Ride the lift up. Take the ammo.

#2 - Walk up the stairway to the gold key. Walk to the start of the walkway
with the gold key. Turn left. There will be a section of the wall in front
of you which doesn't have the metal decoration on it. Shoot it and it will
open. Get the red armor and jump down the shaft. Turn around. Take the quad
damage and jump into the water.

E2M6 - The Dismal Ouiblette:

#1 - In the area accessible via the first bridge, go to the area past the
first bar. You will be standing on a platform over a pool of water. Jump
into the pool and turn around. Swim forward and to the left and take the
quad damage.

#2 - Near the gold key door is an elevator leading to three different
floors. Near the start of the second floor is a split in the hallway. The
path forward will be blocked with a bar, while the path to the left leads
to a button that draws the bar. Shoot the wall to the right. There is a
pentagram and a 100 health inside.

E2M6 - The Dismal Ouiblette:

#1 - To the left of the gold key door is a small plate of stone on the
wall. Push it and a small room to the left with a quad damage will open up.

#2 - Just past the gold key door is a long bridge. Jump off the bridge and
into the slime. Behind you is a biosuit. Take it. Walk to the end of the
bridge and swim down. Get the red armor. Swim back up. Push the button on
the wall near where the biosuit was. Two steps to your left will raise.
Jump up them to escape the slime.

E2M7 - The Underearth:

Super secret - Spread throughout the level are small areas with a texture
of a blue gargoyle on them. The first time you shoot each of them, it
bleeds. If you shoot all of them in the level, a super secret is
accessible. Go past the room with the large spike shooting torch holder.
Enter the hallway with the two green lights. There will be small
indentations on the left and right. Go to the one on the right. Shoot the
wall at the back and it opens. Inside is a strange texture, named RAVEN,
and two sets of initials, TC and TW, set in stone. If you can figure out
what these mean, mail me at Contributors

Author: Kyle R. Hofmann


* E1M1 #3
o Mike Simpson
o Matt Hudson
o Bryce E. Maryot
* E1M1 #4
o Bryce Maryot
* E1M2 #1
o Enigma from the Adrenaline Vault
* E1M2 #3
o Greg Wood
o Aftershock
* E1M5 #3
o Jim Bucher
* E1M5 #4
o Jim Bucher
* E1M6 #1
o Jim Bucher
* E1M6 #3
o Jim Bucher
* E2M1 #5
o Kenneth R. Halman
* E1M6 #4
o Jim Bucher
* E2M4 #3
o Matt McClure
* E2M5 #2
o Brandon Fish


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