Doom 2 - Walkthrough 1 of 1 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Doom 2 - Walkthrough 1 of 1

Doom 2 - Walkthrough 1 of 1

There are 2 cheats and 1 walkthrough for this game. 
We recommend that you check out each one of them.

Walkthrough #1

*** Level 1  *** 
     1. Head to the most northern room. 
     2. Hit the switch on the right first. 
     3. Go south to the center room and to the lift just west of this 
     4. Hit the lift switch for a door in the center room's southeast 
        corner to appear. 
     5. Use the switch at the top of the lift and jump east onto the 
     6. Go to the room north and east of here to find a rocket launcher. 
     *** Level 2 *** 
     Head southwest of the red keycard. 
     Go up the steps there to a room with blue armor. 
     Discover a teleporter that takes you back to the beginning. 
     *** Level 3 *** 
     1. Go to the main room. 
     2. Head south of the two sets of stairs and the rocket launcher to a 
        an outcropping that has a ledge. 
     3. Go to b8cf79f, e2495ca at an angle of dbf00000. 
     4. Run forward. 
     5. Head through the south wall into a small room which has a 
        supercharger and partial invisibility. 
     6. Also find a teleporter that takes you to a tower inside of which 
     is the rocket launcher. 

     *** Level 4 *** 
     1. Head to the east end of the corridor. 
     2. Look for a hidden door on the north wall, to the right of the 
        window; it lets you into the windowed rooms. 
     3. While going to the blue key room, head to the room with the lava 
        pool in the northwest. 
     4. Jump into the pool. 
     5. Find a secret door to the north that leads to a room with a 
     6. After getting the red key, head east off the platform. 
     7. Find the teleporter here. 
     *** Level 5 *** 
     1. Just behind the supercharger in the north area of the map is a 
        small room with a beserk mode sphere. 
     2. In the room with the blue key, walk north through the window
        and press space on the north wall. 
     3. Then run north until you are in the room with the plasma gun. 
     4. On either side of the exit are doors to a room containing some 
     5. Jump down from one of the ledges on the west or east sides of
        the room. 
     *** Level 6 *** 
     1. Head west of the start area to the room's two southernmost 
     2. A megasphere is in the eastern one. 
     3. Follow the poison river in the blue keycard room southeast to 
        teleporter room that takes you to the staircase east of the plasma 
     4. The northwest corner of the spiral staircase room is an 
        outcropping having some chaingun Sergeants. 
     5. Jump into it from the staircase, but do not jump west; jump north 
     6. Run from 1698256, 70dce25 at angle of 6d480000. 
     7. Go to the middle of the west wall to a door that leads to a secret 
     8. Go north of the starting point to a blue door leading to a lift.    
     9. Lower the lift and you'll discover a room south of the lift that 
        has armor. 
     *** Level 7 *** 
     There is a platform around the end-level switch in the center. 
     Should you be playing deathmatch, there is another end-level
     switch in the map's northwest corner. 
     *** Level 8 *** 
     1. Enter the door east of the starting point, to find a room 
        containing three teleporters. 
     2. The third one that is in the center is accessible once you shoot 
        the lion. 
     3. Take one of the three teleporters to the same room. 
     4. Fire at the north and south sides of the pillar and secret doors 
        will open up behind the teleport exits. 
     5. Take the ammo and chaingun. 
     6. Head to the east end of the room and jump west over the slime to
        arrive at the center of the room. 
     7. Go to the door that opens up in the room's northeast corner. 
     8. Take the radiation suit, ammo, partial invisibility and use the 
        teleporter to return to the octagonal room. 
     9. Head to the door southwest of the starting point and find a 
        cacodemon and a chainsaw. 
     10. Taking  the chainsaw will reveal a door to ammo and green
         armor, as well as a baron who tries to block your exit. 
     11. The west switch on the room's south side opens a door on the 
         north wall which takes you to another door. 
     12. To open this latter door you must use the switch in the room
         with the cacodemons. 
     13. The door leads to a room with demons and other doors. 
     14. Shoot the candle on the east side and the door to open bfg9000. 
     *** Level 9 *** 
     1. Head west of the starting area to a corridor leading to a 
     2. Take it one a wall of the corridor walls opens. 
     3. Go there and take a rocket launcher and two rockets. 
     4. Go to the southwest corner of the room and walk off the
        northeast edge of the platform and the floor will rise up. 
     5. Take the launcher. 
     6. Should you attempt to go on the rocket platform, doors will open 
        up behind you having a wall of chaingunners and this defeats the 
        purpose of retrieving the supercharger. 
     7. On the map's east side is a room with a hexagonally shaped 
     8. Go to the bottom of the structure and the ledge that the guys 
        firing at are standing on will lower. 
     9. Go to the north side of the structure to a door allowing you to 
        enter the structure, but it is full of imps and lost souls. 
     10. Opposite to this  door and a slightly right you'll discover a 
         hidden door that goes to the bfg9000. 
     11. Go to the spiral staircase on the map's northeast corner. 
     12. Head up the staircase clockwise. 
     13. Jump to the place with ammo and a few other things. 
     14. Use the teleporter to return to where you began. 
     *** Level 10 *** 
     1. Head south to the round room that with four large brown pillars. 
     2. Go into the center and south pillars to find health and monsters. 
     3. Take the radiation suit from the south pillar. 
     4. Go into the east pillar from the west and get health and ammo
        and fight the creatures there. 
     5. You can also enter the west pillar from the east. 
     6. Go to the map's northeast corner to a room with plenty of 
        sergeants and ex-humans.     
     7. There are a lot of niches here behind which secret doors can be 
        found if you shoot them open. 
     8. Find five secret doors with the white UAC logo; behind them are
        a large variety of items. 
     9. You can use the teleporter behind one of these doors. 
     10. Should you hit the switch in the room's southeast corner, a door
         to a hidden hallway opens leading to a room with arachnotrons. 
     11. In this room's southeast corner is a secret door to a hallway 
         that goes south and has light amplification goggles. 
     12. Coming out the door with green pillars, head up the steps to the 
         north and locate a different secret door, also with green pillars. 
     13. Enter it. 
     14. Go to the room with the rocket launcher on the pedestal. 
     15. Run past the rocket launcher and go onto the north ledge. 
     16. Take the health and the green armor. 
     17. Go to the ledge on the room's south side. 
     18. Hit the spacebar. 
     19. Take the rockets. 
     20. Head to the room with acid on the floor. 
     21. Take the items behind the pillars in the northwest. 
     22. Go to the southwest wall. 
     23. Locate a section of wall that looks mismatched. 
     24. Walk near that section of  the wall. 
     25. Go northwest to the acid pool. 
     26. Take the megasphere. 
     27. Southeast of the starting point is another secret door that is 
         not as difficult to find. 
     *** Level 11 *** 
     1. Go to the map's east side of the map to a small room with a 
        chaingun having green torches. 
     2. Use the lift that is activated when you come down a set of stairs. 
     3. Got to room's south side and locate a secret door. 
     4. Go down the hallway and find partial invisibility. 
     5. Go to outer circle's east side and locate a hidden door in the 
     6. Cross the trigger revealing the arch-vile and opening the secret 
     7. Enter the door and take the rockets from the boxes. 
     8. Use the teleporter to get energy packs. 
     9. Go to the map's northwest corner to the bars. 
     10. Go north of the bars to a secret door that goes west to the hell 
         knight and invulnerability. 
     *** Level 12 *** 
     1. Go to the room  in the main building's northwest corner having a 
        BFG900 and chaingunners. 
     2. Use the switch in the room with a blue facing northwest to open
        a door that gets you there. 
     3. Take the radiation suit in the room's southwest corner. 
     4. Go to the room with a blue door facing northeast. 
     5. The platforms that lower as you come to them. 
     6. Use the teleporter. 
     7. Jump down to the southwest and take the ammunition. 
     8. Hit the switch here. 
     9. Go to the room on the map's southwest corner  and find some 
     10. On the east wall is a chaingun and ammo. 
     11. Go from crate to crate until you get to the lift and hit the 
     12. The teleporter in the room's southwest corner takes you to the 
         structure in the center of the main building. 
     13. Hitting the switch raises the center of this structure to a 
     *** Level 13 ***     
     1. Head to the building in the southeast that has
        a switch next by a lift. 
     2. Use the switch. 
     3. Enter the left door and jump across the slime pit. 
     4. Locate the computer map and the chaingun. 
     5. Go to the southwest corner of the building in the map's
        southwest corner. 
     6. Use the switch. 
     7. Go outside and find a medikit and some ammo. 
     8. Go east of the switch to a stack of crates. 
     9. Lower them by use the space bar. 
     10. Hit the new switch. 
     11. Go around the crates north and locate a set of stairs going up to 
         a teleporter. 
     12. Use teleporter. 
     13. Go north into the building having a supercharger. 
     14. Go to the building in the map's southwest corner having a pit in 
         the northwest corner. 
     15. Use the lift. 
     16. Use the switch east of the lift. 
     17. Enter the new door  and take the shotgun shells. 
     18. Go to the building with the revenants guarding it, with a blue 
     19. Locate a crate with a switch on the north side. 
     20. Hit the switch. 
     21. Take the chainsaw. 
     22. Go to the structure with the red keycard on top of it. 
     23. Locate a hidden door in north wall's middle. 
     24. Open the door and take the blue armor. 
     25. Go to the map's northeast corner. 
     26. Use the teleporter. 
     27. Jump over to the ledge of the building on the west. 
     28. Use the door there leading to a teleporter. 
     29. Take the ammo. 
     30. Hit the spacebar on the inner wall to exit. 
     31. Head to the building southeast of the crusher with the plasma 
     32. Enter the door in the south wall that has a stairway going up to 
         a blue door. 
     33. Take the blue key. 
     34. Go out and take the ammo and rockets. 
     *** Level 14 *** 
     1. To obtain the supercharger, head to the building east of the 
        starting building using the bridge. 
     2. Go in using the south door. 
     3. Head out one of the windows that faces west into the moat. 
     4. Lower the lift that is in the southwest corner. 
     5. Go through. 
     6. Head east, slay the arachnotron, and take the supercharger. 
     *** Level 15 *** 
     1. Take the red card key. 
     2. Jump down to the ground, to the east of the red key platform. 
     3. Locate the beserk box. 
     4. Use the space bar on the crate to the east. 
     5. Take the stimpack. 
     6. Use the teleporter in the red card key building's southeast 
     7. Head out onto the ledge. 
     8. Head north end and fall into the west opening to the building's 
        main floor. 
     9. Head out the west exit. 
     10. Return and take the teleporter in the red card key building once 
     11. Head north and west.      
     12. Jump south onto the platform with
         ammo and a chaingun. 
     13. Head to the top of the building that is northeast of the building 
         that is diamond-shaped. 
     14. Go north of the teleporter to a secret door on the east wall. 
     15. Head down onto the acid pool. 
     16. Head north and take the backpack rockets. 
     17. Head to the top of the diamond-shaped building. 
     18. Go to the building's south ledge. 
     19. Jump south down onto the small island. 
     20. Take the radiation suit and energy cells. 
     21. Use the switch, jump off and head northeast to the lake's east 
     22. Enter the door. 
     23. Locate a platform with an invulnerability sphere. 
     24. Head to the map's southeast corner to a building having a spiral 
     25. Use the staircase. 
     26. While turning, head south and a door will open to the east. 
     27. Run south across the lift, east, north and jump across the lower 
     28. Enter the open door and take the megasphere. 
     29. Head up the stairway once more. 
     30. Head south over the lift. 
     31. Enter the door on the wall behind you. 
     32. Take the energy cells. 
     33. Head east to an opening with a switch. 
     34. Use the switch. 
     35. Go to the hallway to the west. 
     36. Enter the teleporter. 
     37. Take the chainsaw. 
     38. Head to the building on the map's southwest corner. 
     39. Head to the south end to stairs going east. 
     40. Go up the stairs. 
     41. Locate a secret door to the east. 
     42. Head to the top of the building to the ledge looking north. 
     43. Use the switch on the west wall. 
     44. Jump down to the ground and enter the front door of the
     45. Head into the acid river, and follow it north to the lift. 
     46. Head up to another ledge. 
     47. Take the plasma gun and ammo. 
     48. Return to the south end of the building. 
     49. Head south through the acid river tunnel. 
     50. See if you see a secret door going south in the tunnel which
         goes to a teleporter to the secret level. 
     *** Level 16 *** 
     1. Go into the south building. 
     2. Go to the building's south part to platform. 
     3. Take the shotgun shells. 
     4. Use the spacebar to lower the platform and get on. 
     5. At the top, fire at the niche on the east wall. 
     6. Take the megasphere in the southeast corner. 
     7. Head slowly into and out of that corner, being sure you go into 
        the depression there. 
     8. Head northwest and fire at the eyes in the wall. 
     9. Should you hit it, a door will open behind the wall to your north. 
     10. Take the ammo there. 
     11. Take the east door and go into the building. 
     12. Use the spacebar on the northwest platform and get on. 
     13. As it rises back up, go south into the acid pool inside the 
         southwest platform. 
     14. Use the switch. 
     15. Go to the room in the northwest. 
     16. Take the items inside. 
          *** Level 17 *** 
     1. Head to the map's center. 
     2. Head east to two staircases going north and south. 
     3. Jump down in the slime to the west of  the switch and use it. 
     4. Head south of the lift to a hidden room and take the armor. 
     5. On the room's west wall locate a lift going to a chaingun. 
     6. Find on the map's northern part an M-shaped building. 
     7. Go north in the middle of the M into the acid lake. 
     8. Turn around and use the spacebar at the wall. 
     9. Run south and use the switch. 
     10. Jump into the door on the east and take the armor and a
     11. When exiting, find a lift to the southwest. 
     12. Go up the lift and note the opening to the south. 
     13. As the lift is moving, run into the opening and into the hallway 
         going east. 
     14. Take the megasphere. 
     *** Level 18 *** 
     1. Go around the pillar in the main area's center. 
     2. Go to the two doors on the wall west of the center pillar. 
     3. The north one leads to a BFG9000 and monsters. 
     4. The south one contains a hall of mirrors. 
     5. Walk counterclockwise around the pillar in the main area's
     6. Enter the door northeast of the pillar. 
     7. Hit the switch on the northeast corner of the building shaped like 
        a plus 
     8. Use the teleporter. 
     9. Take the rockets, health, and blue armor. 
     10. Go to the map's northwest corner. 
     11. Go between the buildings on the north and west walls, to the 
     12. Step on the grass. 
     13. Take the medikit and computer map. 
     14. Look at the building east of the grass to an unclosed sector. 
     15. Head to the map's eastern area to a hallway that stops at a blue
         wall with a skull switch. 
     16. Use the switch and you'll find a chaingun. 
     *** Level 19 *** 
     1. Go to the main building's southwest corner to a room with a 
     2. Use the switch and head north. 
     3. Head west at the intersection, and north into the door. 
     4. Take the health and partial invisibility. 
     5. Return to the intersection and head north. 
     6. When you get to the hallway leading off to the northwest, go
         south of the hallway and locate a secret door on the west wall. Enter it. 
     7. Go through the short hallway to the lift. 
     8. Use it to get a hall going northwest. 
     9. Jump out northwest when you reach the window. 
     10. Head to the steps of the building in the northwest. 
     11. Use the south opening to get in and when you are done there,
         an place opens up to the northeast with a computer map and plenty of 
     12. Find the five teleporters. 
     13. Use the middle one and take the rocket launcher. 
     14. Use the northeastern one. 
     15. Locate the BFG9000 and take the blue key. 
     16. Take the southwest teleporter and take the chainsaw and
         yellow key. 
     17. From here head to the castle's southwest room. 
     18. Enter the south door, and head down the corridor until you hear
         a door open. 
     19. Run back and enter the door to the left.     
     20. Go to the map's southeast corner to an area at the top of  the 
     21. To the north, find switch-like things. 
     22. Locate a hidden door between them. 
     23. Enter the door and go up the steps. 
     24. Use the switch on the wall's east side three times. 
     25. Jump down to the north onto the platform you have activated. 
     26. Jump onto the platform in the room's northeast corner. 
     27. Use the teleporter. 
     28. Take the supercharger. 
     29. Head south a little and then north. 
     30. Jump to the northwest to the platform that shows up when you 
         shoot at the imps in the southwest corner. Enter the door. 
     31. Head down the steps. 
     32. Take the red skull key and the rockets. 
     *** Level 20 *** 
     1. Head south from the starting point. 
     2. Go southwest part of the  ditch, between the walkway and the 
     building to a small opening. 
     3. Take the energy cell pack and the radiation suit. 
     4. With the suit on, head around the other side of the ditch. 
     5. The teleporter here returns you to the starting point. 
     6. Jump down into the slime east of the starting point. 
     7. Head north into the door. 
     8. Go up the steps and fire at the wall in your way. 
     9. Jump down from the window. 
     10. Use the switch on lower the lift to the entrance of the building. 
     11. Work your way up to the top. 
     12. This teleporter returns you to the starting point. 
     13. Go to the left of the teleporter and locate a hidden door taking 
     you to a small room that has another teleporter. 
     14. This one take you to a tower on the building's north side. 
     15. Kill the pain elemental you teleport on before it fires skulls at 
     16. Go to the west tower by using the big demon teleporter in the 
     circular area. 
     17. Go down the stairs and kill the enemies. 
     18. Head south of the stairs and in the slime is a teleporter. 
     19. Take the blue armor health. 
     20. Jump across east of the stairs to the dark area. 
     21. Locate the hidden path going northeast in the dark to the 
     22. It takes you to a megasphere. 
     23. Get a radiation suit head northeast through the slime to the 
     24. Go around the southeast corner of the building and look for a 
     25. Go up the stairs to the teleporter and use it. 
     26. Use the switch, raising the platform, and kill your enemies. 
     27. Should you not see the BFG9000, fire the pistol out of the east 
     window at the demon teleporter. 
     28. Use the door behind you and take the BFG9000 and ammo. 
     29. Locate the two secret doors left and right of the teleporter 
     taking you to the supercharger. 
     30. Use the right door. 
     31. Head to the room having a staircase going to a plasma gun. 
     32. Locate a secret door on the south wall and take the
         supercharger in the room. 
     *** Level 21 *** 
     Use the switch by to the teleporter. 
     Jump in the teleporter. 
     Run and take the megasphere. 
          *** Level 22 *** 
     1. Go to the northwest corner of the starting room. 
     2. Find a hidden door. 
     3. Take the rockets,  supercharger, armor, spectre from the room. 
     4. Use the spacebar by the green torch and then head to the
        southwest corner of the starting room to a hidden door. 
     5. Go down the hallway to the room to your south. 
     6. Take the plasma gun and chaingunners. 
     7. Go a little northeast of the red skull key to the secret door 
        going to a small opening having a teleporter. 
     8. Take the plasma gun you find. 
     *** Level 23 *** 
     Go between the two north-south hallways heading outside to
     another third hallway with a megasphere and rockets. 
     On the map's northeast are two hallways containing boxes rockets.
     The south hallway has a door north. 
     Take the supercharger there. 
     *** Level 24 *** 
     1. Drop into one of the teleporters in the slime on the floor of the 
        map's southeast corner and you should show up south of a bunch
        of towers. 
     2. Jump from tower to tower and make your way east to an area
        with a teleporter that takes you to another teleporter.. 
     3. Head east and hit all the switches in that area. 
     4. Return to the main entrance of the building by returning to the 
        teleporter and heading through it to the teleporter located at the 
        base of the towers. 
     5. Run west to the teleporter on the acid floor. 
     6. Run northwest to return to the building by the starting point. 
     7. Use spacebar on the first thing protruding from the wall you
        come to. 
     8. Use the lift and take the ammo. 
     9. To go down the thin walkway going west, get off the platform
        and wait for the floor to come up. 
     10. Go to one of the surrounding walls, and hit the spacebar until 
         you return up to the walkway level. 
     11. Or you can get a radiation suit and jump down into the ditch, hit 
         the spacebar on the surrounding walls and until it goes to the level 
         of the platform that the sphere is on and take it. 
     12. Go to the map's south area to a shotgun having a small
         walkway on the south side. 
     13. Kill the monsters and jump down into the opening. 
     14. Take the ammo and health. 
     15. Jumping back makes the floor around the shotgun rise up and it
         is now non-toxic. 
     *** Level 25 *** 
     1. Head to the north-south hallway having two windows on each
        side on the map's northern part. 
     2. Find a secret door between the two windows on the east side. 
     3. Take the rocket launcher ammo. 
     4. On the map's southern part is a room with steps going south 
        between two windows. 
     5. Find a hidden room on the northeast having a BFG9000. 
     *** Level 26 *** 
     1. Head to the secret door behind you, kill the enemies and take the 
     2. The teleporter on the acid floor in the room's west part brings 
        you to a platform form where you can jump and take the plasma
     3. At the start go to the secret door right east of you. 
     4. Use the switch to lower the room and hit spacebar on the
        southern part of the east wall. 
     5. The door leads to a bunch of tunnels having many acid floors.    
     6. Locate a secret door behind the blue keycard room with a switch 
        lowering two lifts. 
     7. They take you to two areas to the acid pool's north and south
        and has cacodemons. 
     8. The south area has a trigger which raises the floor by the east 
        door, and a switch opening this door. 
     9. The north area has the blue armor, and a secret door on the east 
        wall with health potions a supercharger. 
     *** Level 27 *** 
     1. Enter the door in the northwest corner of the room and head
        west and take the ammo. 
     2. Head east of the acid pool with the rocket launcher to a
        west-east dividing wall. 
     3. North of the dividing wall, on the east wall, is a lit area. Go to 
     4. Enter the door open to the east and take the partial invisibility, 
        light amplification, energy cells, and kill the monsters. 
     5. Go south of the dividing wall to the lit area on it's east wall. 
     6. Go to the east to a door and take the ammo, health, shotgun 
        shells, and arachnotrons. 
     7. Go to the northeast room having impaled bodies and find the two 
        switches to the north. 
     8. The east switch lowers a lift leading to a corridor with health 
        potions, and a teleporter taking  you up to the ledge in the room's 
        northeast corner where there is more health, armor, ammo, and a 
     9. Find two long north-south rooms having large teleporters with 
        pictures of a demon on the north wall. 
     10. The rooms have a switch on the east wall that open up the west
         wall in both rooms. 
     11. Take the items you find here. 
     *** Level 28 *** 
     1. On the map's south part is a room with five columns and a
     2. Go up to the throne to lower the middle column, and stand on it. 
     3. As the column goes up again find two switches to the north and 
     4. From the south one you get the yellow key. 
     5. The north switch takes you to a passage to four hell knights, an 
        arch-vile, and an invulnerability sphere, rockets, and a teleporter 
        taking you to the ledge on the room's east side where you can
        obtain another invulnerability sphere and a megasphere. 
     6. On the map's southwest part is a hallway leading  west and then 
     7. Go to the bend in the hallway to a small niche to the south with 
        an arachnotron. 
     8. To go into the niche go through the south wall. 
     9. Further north is another niche that has chaingunners, troopers, 
        ammo and health. 
     10. Go to the map's northeast part to a room with five columns. 
     11. Enter, kill the monsters, look on the automap, and find three 
         secret doors in the niches. 
     12. Each niche has a secret door, the southwest one leading to a 
         supercharger, the southeast one having four backpacks, a medikit,
         and a revenant and the northeast one going to a mancubus and a
     *** Level 29 *** 
     Go northwest to a path leading west to a teleporter. 
     Head north off the ledge and go west around the thing the 
     chaingunners are in to find an opening leading to a teleporter. 
     Use the teleporter to get to the chaingunners and get a plasma gun. 
     *** Level 30 *** 
     1. To finish the level go to the south end of the last room to a 
        switch which raising the platform in the lava to the north     
     2. Take he rockets. 
     3. Use the switch and the platform will go up. 
     4. Head to the platform, hit the spacebar and get on it. 
     5. Before getting to the top, shoot a rocket at the exposed brain of 
        the demon. 
     6. Jump down and lower the platform again. 
     7. Repeat three times. 
     *** Level 31 *** 
     The room before the exit door contains a secret door in the
     southwest corner, leading to a small niche having a medikit. 
     The niche's west wall has another secret door leading to another
     exit door, going to a secret level 
     South and a little east of the second exit door is another secret 
     door having a supercharger. 
     *** Level 32 *** 
     In the east wall's middle is a hidden door with an invulnerability 
     There is a hidden door in the west wall taking you to medikits, and
     a plasma gun. 
     Go up to the northernmost and southernmost pillars and hit the
     space bar. 
from Martin


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