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 Doom Episode 1

Doom Episode 1

For the PC (DOS/Windows)
Written by peach freak or
Copyright 2003-2008 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
Version 1.15

Hello, this FAQ is a walkthrough for Episode 1. As this is an In-Depth FAQ, 
this FAQ will ONLY CONTAIN THE WALKTHROUGH, nothing more. If you have a 
question or if I make a mistake, email me at, or IM me
at sonicdoommario on AIM (closed list, email me if you want to be on it).

Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on 
your website without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law. 
You can, however, save this onto your computer like My Documents and print it 
out for LEGAL use for if you have a crappy internet connection. 

Table of Contents
1. Update History
2. Episode 1 Walkthrough
3. Credits

1. Update History

Version 1.00, July 14, 2003: Finished FAQ.

Version 1.10, December 19, 2003: No update here, but I changed my email address
since my other one wasn't working, and I fixed a few grammar mistakes. 

Version 1.15, February 23, 2005: Sorry I haven't updated this guide in over a 
year, but I overlooked it and saw outdated this was. I fixed up my credits 
section (yeah, I had all three Doom games in the summer of 2003), fixed a few 
grammar mistakes, and updated my copyright. 

2. Episode 1 Walkthrough

E1M1: Hangar
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun

You start in a big room with your Pistol. To the left and right of you are 
Health Bonuses. Grab them if you want, and then head straight. There's a room 
to your left with power ups in them if you want them. Kepp going straight (not 
from the power up room) and go into the alcove. From here, enter the door. Kill 
the zombiemen across from us and take ther ammo if you want. There's a bunch of 
Armor Bonuses in here, but the important part of this room is the northeast 
side of the room. Enter the passage in there, and kill the zombieman in front 
of you. Across from us on a platform is an Imp, and kill it. Get across the zig 
zag floor, but before you open the door, search the walls to your right. A 
secret door will open, and there are some goodies in there. Follow this little 
hallway and it will bring you outside with a Blue Armor on a slime pit. Get it, 
and rush back. Get back into the zig zag room, and open the door to our right. 
Kill the Imp and grab the goodies if you want to. GO to the exit door, but go 
back to the zig zag room. Remember the platform the Imp was on? Well now it's 
been lowered. Enter the passage it was blocking and take the Shotgun. No go 
back to the exit door, open it, and hit the switch to finish the level.

E1M2: Nuclear Plant
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chainsaw, Chaingun

From the start, exit your little alcove and go to your right and on this side 
of the room, turn left. Check the walls for a gray rectangle and search it. A 
door should open. In here is some armor, health, a backpack, and a switch. 
Collect the goodies and hit the switch. Exit this room. Now turn to your left 
or right and open the doors in the nearby alcove. Enter the left one (both ones 
lead to the same room, but this door leads to the secret faster). Go up the 
stairs and enter the opening which leads outside. On the other side of this 
room is a Chaingun, with a SoulSphere to get on the way. When you are done 
here, go back inside and head up the stairs we see in front of us. In this 
little room, go to the right and grab the Red Key. Now go to the other side of 
the room we haven't explored in the area we started in. Kill the enemies here, 
and enter the Red Door. Kill the enemies here and head striaght and go up the 
stairs. Go straight to skip the floor and if you get hurt from the slime, there 
are Medikits on the other side of the room. Head straight and you should be 
bringed down lower by an elevator. Kill the demons here, and flip the switch on 
the other side of the room. Passages will open, and enter them and head right 
down the stairs. Open the exit door, and kill all of the demons here. In the 
middle of the room, take the elevator down and hit the exit switch.

E1M3: Toxin Refinery
Weapons Availble Here: Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher

Start the level by opening the door and heading left. Kill all the enemies in 
your way and open the next door. Destroy the barrel and you sould kill some 
demons. Head right, and take the stairs up, and go left. When you are down 
there, kill the enemies to you left, and hit the switch. GO back where we 
destroyed the barrels. A new opening has appeared, and go up the stairs. Kill 
all the enemies, and then again go back where we destroyed the barrels. Run up 
the stairs into the room and when you get to the top, run right, and then left, 
and then straight. You will see a platform that was lowered if you were quick 
(the lowered platform is in front of a "door". Hurry up and get to the lowered 
platform and then open the "door". There will be this secret room, and kill the 
enemies. In this room is a green armor, and a Rocket Launcher (grab it now). 
Jump into the slime to our right and enter its tunnel. At the end of the 
tunnel, there will be a switch and a backpack to our left. Hit the switch, and 
search the wall for a secret that was next to the backpack. Once you do, grab 
the goodies in here, and ride the elevator up. The elevator will take you to a 
Chaingun and you will be in front of a wall. Search the wall in front of you 
and another room of goodies will be there. Get to the other side of the room 
and an elevator will bring you down to the room we flipped a switch in. Go 
upstairs and go right and open the door. This is the room where we started in, 
and now a walkway in the middle of the room has appeared. Cross the walkway and 
at the end of it, search the wall. In this room, keep going straight, and kill 
all of the soldiers when they appear. If you need to, kill the Imp and the 
Demon, and go where you killed the soldiers. The wall should open, and go where 
it did open. Go on the alcove and enter the door, and hit the exit switch in 

E1M9: Military Base
Weapons Available Here: Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher

You start in an alcove. Get out of it, and kill every last monster out there. 
One of the 4 staircases leads down to a cage that can be entered from the left 
or right. Enter it from either side and get the Yellow Key. Go back into the 
center room and take the staircase to the right of us. In that room, go down 
the staircase to the left and open the Yellow Door. In that room, kill all the 
enemies and take the Red Key. The wall will rise in front of you, and kill the 
enemies in there and grab the Medikit if you need it. Go back in the room we 
were just in, and take the staircase on the other side of the room. Open the 
Red Door, and kill the enemies in there. Go into the room, and go in the alcove 
on the NW, and hit the switch (destroy the barrels, but stay a safe distance 
away from them). A demon pen in the previous room will lower, and kill all of 
them and grab the Blue Key in the pen they were in. Go back in the center room, 
and take the staircase we haven't went down yet and open the Blue Door. Kill 
the enemies in that room to make life easier, and jump in the slime pit. Go 
through the tunnel, and look for a platform. Hit the switch and go back in the 
pit and a door should open. Go into it, and at the end, take the lift up. 
Search the wall in front of us, and we discover that a walkway has been made. 
Cross it, and hit the exit switch.

E1M4: Command Control
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher

At the beginning, search the wall to the left to find some goodies. Now open 
the door, and kill the enemies to our left. We now have 3 rooms to enter. Take 
any of the 3, because they both lead up to the central chamber. When you walk 
up to the doors, they will open, and go inside. Get the Blue Key in there, and 
rush out. If the doors shut on you, go to the floor piece the Key was on, and 
they should open. Now, look for an opening that has white lights on both sides. 
Go in there, and head left. Kill the enemies, and enter the Blue Door. We are 
now in a maze. Go right until you reach the wall, and take another right. Take 
two lefts in here, and go right in this room. Grab the Yellow Key, and go in 
the opening near us. Hit the switch next to the Yellow Door, and now enter the 
Yellow Door. Go up the stairs cross the walkway, and open the exit door, and 
hit the exit switch.

E1M5: Phobos Lab
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chainsaw, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher

Cross the slime pit and in this room, take a right down the hallway, and take a 
left. Go as far as you can and a walkway across from us should raise. GO back 
in the room after where we crossed the slime pit. Go upstairs, take a right, 
destroy the two barrels in front of the wall and check the wall. It should open 
containing useful goodies. Get out, go right, and cross the new walkway. Go in 
the room to the left, and follow it (killing demons), to get the Yellow Key. Go 
back where the walkway was, and jump off. Check the brown vertical wall across 
from us and the wall should raise. In here is a blue armor, a Rocket Launcher, 
a Box of Rockets, Shotgun Ammo, and 2 Medikits. Go in the hallway and as you're 
going, the wall should raise. In this familiar room, open the door, and kill 
the enemies in this room. Go into the Yellow Door in here, and take the lift 
down. Head right or left, but when you're halfway to getting to the other side 
of the room, two walls will raise, with enemies. Kill them to make life easier, 
and on the other side of the room, kill the enemies there. Check the alcove 
which contains a Medikit, and search the wall behind it. A door should open 
with a Radiation Suit, and check the wall to the left. It should open, 
containing a Chainsaw. Check the wall in front of us again and it should take 
us to the opening, and grab the Soul Sphere. Work your way back into the other 
room, and cross the slime pit. Hit the switch over there, and two pillars will 
lower, containing enemies, so kill them. Exit the Yellow Door, and go into the 
new opening across from us. Kill the enemies if you didn't earlier (when we got 
the Yellow Key), and go left, and then right up the stairs. Kill the soldiers 
in this room, and to the right of the alcove, search the wall. In this secret 
room, it has a Backpack, a Chaingun, an Automap, and much more stuff. Go back 
and enter the alcove, and hit the switch, which I seriously a door. In this 
dark and long hallway, kill all of the enemies, and at the end, it should bring 
up to a room with the Blue Key. Grab it, kill the soldiers, and hit the switch. 
Go downstairs, enter the Blue Door, and in this room, get to the other side. 
When you see it, open the exit door (Ultra Violence people watch out for the 
Demons), and hit the switch in there.

E1M6: Central Processing
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher

If you need it, grab the Shotgun to the left and go in the hallway we could see 
at the beginning. From the 4-way center, go right, and go in the big room. Grab 
the Red Key, and you're now trapped in here. Now kill all of the enemies that 
appear, and after that, the door that shut should now open, and now go to the 
side across from us. Enter either Red Door, and in the middle of this room, go 
right or left (depending on which door you came from) and get the Blue Key. 
Jump in the slime pit, and go left. Grab the goodies over here, go upstairs, 
grab the goodies there, and check the wall for it to open. Now we are in the 
starting area, and keep going straight down the hallway. In this room, kill the 
enemies, and enter down the right hallway. Run up to the Blue Door, but a tower 
behind you will lower. Kill the enemies, and then go where they were. Search 
the walls in here until a door opens. Go left and go up the 3 stairs, and a 
blue door will be there. Open it, kill the Imps and get the Yellow Key (if you 
took the other Blue Door, it would take a lot of work to get here). From the 
key, go right until you hear a door open. Go back and enter the Blue Door we 
came from, and go into the opposite slime pit. Go through the passage way to 
the right, killing enemies. Grab the goodies in front of the door, and enter 
it. You are outside with a Soul Sphere on a platform. Inspect the platform the 
Sphere its on, and the platform should lower. Get on it, ride it to the top, 
and check the wall we are in front of. It should open, and kill the enemies in 
front of us and head upstairs to the right. Up there, hit the switch, and go 
downstairs. Take thew right passage, and go to the door to the right in the 
slime pit. Kill the enemies in front of us, and there will be 3 staircases. 
Take the one on the right or the left and we will be in a big room. Kill any 
enemies, and go in the alcove to the right. Kill the Shotgun Guy guarding it 
and hit the switch. Walls will lower, with many enemies appearing. Kill every 
last one, and go to the NE part of the room. Enter the exit door, and hit the 
exit switch in there.

E1M7: Computer Station
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chainsaw, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher
Grab the ammo in this room, and open the door. Kill all enemies that come to 
you, and then when you think it's safe, get out of the room. Go left down the 
hall, and we should be in a room with a lift in the NW alcove. Take the lift, 
and use the walkway to get in the room across from us. In there, kill the 
Shotgun Guy, and grab the Yellow Key. Get back out, and drop down. Go right and 
then left, right again, and enter the Yellow Door. Go north from here, and then 
west. Keep going straight, killing any enemies in our way, and when we go up 
the stairs, kill the Shotgun Guys from the pillar that lowers. After the 
pillar, We have two paths to take. Take the path on the right, and get to the 
room after this one. In this room, kill the enemies, and take the lift. Follow 
yourself in the hallway, killing all enemies, and at the end is the Red Key. 
Backtrack to the start of the level (in the room we started in), and then go 
right. Follow this hallway to the Red Door, and open it. Kill the Imps, and at 
the end of the room is the Blue Key. Grab it, and go to the path we took to get 
to the Red Key, but instead, just before the staircase, there is a Blue Door. 
Open it, go up the stairs, kill all enemies here, and go into the only hallway 
we can enter, killing the enemies. Follow this room into a dark room, and at 
the other side of the room, hit the switch, and go back to the room where we 
entered the room before this one. The door on the other side has been opened, 
and kill the enemies. Enter the room behind this door, and then enter the exit 
door. Hit the exit switch in there.

E1M8: Phobos Anomaly
Weapons Available Here: Shotgun, Chaingun

Open the door in front of us, and destroy the barrels, which should kill all of 
the Demons. Get to the other side of the room, and take the lift up to grab 
health and an Automap. Jump down and go right, and while going down the stairs, 
check the walls to the right. Once it opens, grab the Soul Sphere and keep 
going the normal path. Open the door, and at the end of this hallway, take the 
lift up, and go a little straight. 2 doors should open, both containing 1 Baron 
of Hell. Use the Rocket Launcher to kill both of them (make sure you don't fire 
when you're too close to them or you could risk heavy damage). Dodge their 
slime balls while you're at it, and use other weapons if you need to. Once 
you've killed both of them, the walls will lower, and jump into the opening. 
Hit the switch which is on to a wall, and stairs will raise. Once they raise to 
the very top, take the teleporter, and let the demons kill you, because this is 
the end of the episode.

3. Credits

CJayC: The administrator of the best site in the world (GameFAQs) posted this 

ID Software: They made Doom, the best game ever.

Microsoft: They created Microsoft Windows operating systems, the best out 

Myself: I wrote the guide.

You: You read the guide, and liked it (hopefully).

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