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 Dracula - Resurrection

Dracula - Resurrection

Submitted by: Dj Simo

text: Dracula Resurrection Walkthrough
by N.Kuderna and Ozma38

This  is a complete walkthrough, but only use it if you  are
absolutely stuck! There is a lot to explore in the game  and
you should take your time playing and enjoying it.

After  the  prologue, you will be standing in front  of  the
Golden Crown Inn. Enter and talk with the Innkeeper (Barina)
and  the  old man at the table (Micha). Ask them  about  the
Leave  the Inn and follow the sign for the bridge (Pons)  [F
x3,  L  x1]  to the sign for the cemetery. Follow  the  path
forward  once  to the signs of the cemetery and  the  cross.
Doesn't  matter where you go first but you need to  pick  up
objects  at  both  locations. For the cemetery,  go  forward
through  the  gate to the back and turn right  and  then  go
forward  to the shed and pick up the ax. Go back toward  the
gate  and  turn  left  to  go to the swirling  bluish  white
lights.  Use  the pick ax on those lights and  pick  up  the
dragon ring.
Leave  the cemetery and go to the Cross. [F x2, then R]  You
need  to go around the other side of the cross and look down
at  the base to find a sling shot. Return to the Inn and ask
Barina  and Micha about the ring and sling shot. Micha  will
tell you it is practical to use the sling shot to hunt birds
by the big oak tree at the lake.
Time to check out the LAKE.
From the Inn, follow the sign to the lake (Lacus)
Go  up to the man in front of the cabin and he will tell you
to get away! He is one of Dracula's henchman that you saw in
the  prologue and at the Inn earlier. Turn around and go  to
the  oak  tree [F, L, L], Go up on to the tree and  use  the
sling  shot on the birds. The man will run out and you  will
be  able  to  get  to the cabin. Pick up the  club  that  is
leaning against the front of the cabin. Use the club on  the
man.  Turn to your right and pick up the reed flute  in  the
open  barrel. Go out on the pier and pick up the knife stuck
in the other barrel.
Return  to  the  Inn. Talk with Micha and Barina  about  the
flute. You will find out what it is used for and the code.
You  can check out the Basement and the Bedroom upstairs  in
the  Inn  now.  Go  down to the basement  and  pick  up  the
telescope that is in the closet. Go up stairs to the bedroom
and move the chest. Climb up the chest and get the knob that
is hidden on the beam near the ceiling. Turn to the left and
use  that knob on the handle. Go up to the loft and you will
see  a  large black crown supported by a heavy  rope  and  a
tripod.  Use  the telescope on the tripod. Look through  the
telescope  and  you  will see another henchman  warming  his
hands near the bridge. Use the flute on the henchman. He  is
runs  over to the Inn and stands right below that big  black
crown.  Use your knife on the rope and the crown will  knock
him  out. Go back to the bedroom and Barina will come up and
talk  with you. You can't go out the front door so you  must
go  out the door that is now available in the bedroom. Go to
the  knocked out henchman (Iorga) and pick up the keys  that
are on his belt. Now go to the unguarded Bridge !
 and on your way notice the well.
You  can get to the bridge by going right after getting  the
keys  from Iorga. You try to get over the bridge but  it  is
old and collapses! Can't get out that way!
Go to the WELL.
Use your small key on the well. Go up the stairs and pick up
the  lamp.  Go  back down the stairs and turn  right  to  go
toward the darkened corner. You will get a magnifying cursor
near  the left of that dark area. Use the lamp on that hook.
Pick  up the grappling hook. Go back to the Inn and use that
grappling  hook  to  get back up through  the  hole  in  the
Go  back downstairs and question Micha and Barina about  the
bridge  and  the lake cabin. Barina will tell  you  about  a
passage in the cellar and give you a key for the hutch. Open
the drawer and pick up the lighter, key and read the diary.
Go  down into the basement again and use the lighter on  the
candle. Use the rusty key from the drawer on the barrel. Use
the  dragon ring on the mechanism. Go through the tunnel and
you will end up at the mine. It is sealed up with rocks, but
there is a door at the other end that you can get out of  by
using your dragon ring again.
Go  to  the  cabin by the lake. Micha said  that  the  cabin
conceals  an access to the Castle and you must  get  to  the
Castle  to save Mina. At the Cabin, use the key to open  the
door. Go toward the barrels and grab the crowbar holding the
barrels in place. Enter the small elevator. Turn around  and
click  on  the  switch, the elevator starts to move.  Viorel
cuts the cable and you will be at the bottom of the MINE.

At  the  MINE go toward the left and use the crowbar on  the
chain.  The wooden support beams will fall and you can  pick
one  of  them  up  to use as a plank to get  across  to  the
opening  in the rock wall. Go forward as far as you can  and
use  the plank on that opening. Walk across and you will see
a  large  pile of rocks in front of you blocking a  doorway.
Use  the  crowbar again on those rocks. Pick up the skeleton
arm. Use the lighter on the rugged oil lamp hanging from the
bars.  Use  the skeleton arm to reach the bar with  handles.
Turn  around  and go down farther into the mines.  You  will
come to another broken bridge. Go forward as far as you  can
go  and use the bar with handles on the chain to get across.
The  gates don't open but you can go along the path down  to
the bottom of the mine.
Find  the  working cart that is on the top of the  track  to
your right. Go forward all the way to the other side of  the
cart,  turn  around and use the lever that is on  the  lower
left side.

After  your ride, go forward out of the cart and look up  at
the pulley. Take the S shaped hook. Go back down to the cart
room  by turning left at the table again. Go forward to  the
cart that is off the track. You will see a lever next to it.
Use  the  S shaped hook on that mechanism and then pull  the
lever to move the tracks. Go back to the cart that you  were
just  in.  Pull  that lever to make it go  again  and  enjoy
another ride! Toward the end of your ride you will jump  out
just  before  the cart crashes to the bottom of  a  pit  and
breaks with the oil drum that was in there with you.
Go forward and find the lamp on the left side of the tracks.
Use  your lighter to light it, then pick it up. Since  there
is  no way to get across you need to find another way.  Turn
around and move the door leaning against the right wall.  In
that room you will find a gear to raise the tracks. Open the
mechanism and use your ring. Now you can cross that  bridge,
but  UH OH, Bats! Go back one step and turn around. Use your
lantern on the oil spill at lower left side of the pit.  Now
you  can  cross  the  tracks. Go to the  right  through  the
archway  and up the small stairs. Pull the lever.  You  will
get in the small gondola and go for another exciting ride to

Go  forward through the graveyard to the entry on the right.
Go  down the spiral stairway and use the ring on the lock to
the  left of the cell door. Enter the room, going around  as
far as you can and light the oil lamp on your left. You will
meet  Dorko. Ask her about Mina. She will tell you to  bring
her  the  amulet, but before that you need to bring her  the
Medal  of  the  Dragon Brotherhood, which is  the  key  that
unlocks  the system. She knows how to make it work! Go  back
to  the  spiral  steps and go up this time.  You  can't  get
through  the  door so turn and try to go toward  Dorko.  She
will  open  the  door for you but won't be able  to  go  any
You will be in the GREAT HALL. Go across the center area  to
the arched foyer just to the left of the main staircase. Get
the key from that door. Go back out and up the main stairway
through the door at the top of the stairs. Turn to the right
down  a small corridor and then through a door to your  left
that leads to DRACULA'S BEDROOM!
Look  at  the  ball  on the pedestal and take  it.  Get  the
picture  and  gem from the trunk. Place the picture  on  the
wall to the right of the door you entered from. Look at  the
picture  and then leave the room through the other door  (to
the  left of the one you came in). This will take you to the
Turn to right and go into the room at the end of the row  of
bookshelves.  Move  the handle on that device  and  it  will
raise the Chandelier in the Great Hall.
Leave  the  room, turn left, go forward, turn right  and  go
forward through the door which takes you to the main part of
the  LIBRARY. Turn to your right and look at the top of  the
ladder.  A letter will fall and you will read it.  Climb  up
the ladder and move the lever. You can click on the ball  in
front  of you but it will not stay open. Go down the  ladder
and  to  the  left  of it as far as you  can  then  pan  the
bookcase to your right until you get the Look cursor.

Look and open the little oval panel and place the gem in  it
that you got from the trunk. Go back up the ladder and click
on that ball that wouldn't stay open before. A light will be
directed  toward the big carved wooden desk.  Go  there  and
click  on  the  look cursor in the center of the  desk.  The
middle   panel   will  open  showing  many   pictures   (the
Brotherhood  of the Dragon). Back out of that close  up  and
look  just below at the roll top part of the desk above  the
red  blotter.  Open  that roll top panel  and  pick  up  the
plaque,  the medal of the dragon, the key and the  cross  in
the circle. Now it is time to see Dorko! (To find Dorko,  go
out the large door at the far end of the library. Turn right
and  walk over where the chandelier was raised. Go out  that
corner  door, through a dark corridor and then use  the  key
that  broke  off the door in the arched foyer  to  open  the
locked door leading to the cemetery. Go down the stairs  and
across  to  the  entry on the right. Take the spiral  stairs
  to Dorko's cell.)
After  talking  with Dorko you need to  get  back  into  the
castle. Go back up the stairs with the stone wolves.
There  is one thing that you need to pick up that will  come
in  handy  later. Go down to the great central room  of  the
castle. There is some rubble next to the pillars. Look there
for a shield and you will pick up a gauntlet. Go up the main
stairs  to  get to Dracula's bedroom again. Put the  crystal
ball  on  the  pedestal and you will  see  the  picture  and
mirror.  Go to the right and then turn towards the pedestal.
You  will get a look cursor. Open the drawer and look at the
cards  which give you clues to the mirror puzzle.  Back  out
and  turn around to look at the broken mirror. Click on  the
corresponding signs of the zodiac that were on the  3  cards
that you saw through the crystal ball. LEO, ARIES, and VIRGO

A  door  will  open. Turn around and go through  that  newly
opened   passage.  Use  the  dragon  ring  on  the   locking
mechanism.  A  hidden  drawer opens beneath  the  dragon  to
reveal a sword. Pick it up. Go back to the lock and use  the
sword  in the locking device. Pull down on the sword handle,
Use  your gauntlet on the mouth that opened. Pull the  ring.
Put  the painted plaque of St. George in the spot above  the
desk.  A  golden ornate case will rise to reveal  a  Faberge
egg.  Use the Jeweled Key on Dracula's picture. Get the  gem
and the key. Time to get back to the main Library room. Grab
your sword before you leave! You will need it!
Go  to  the writing table and move the miniature globe.  Use
the  ring  on  the map and move it so that the feet  of  the
dragon ring circle 40N. and 25 E. Note those numbers and the
color blue for North and red for East.

Use  the  small  key on the clock. That will open  Dracula's
picture  on the desk panel. Use the Medal of the  Dragon  on
that  picture. The markers on the globe will move. Go around
the  side  of the globe and get a close up view. Adjust  the
coordinates and then move the top of the globe.

Use  your sword on the dragon and use the gem on the tip  of
the  sword handle where you see the claws open. The beam  of
light opens another secret passage.
Go through the passage and look to your left to see a recess
in  the wall. Turn to your right and go up the stairs.  Read
the  letter on the table to your left, then go to the  table
on the right side of the lectern. Move the book which knocks
over a bottle of acid. Take the bottle of acid. Turn back to
the  lectern.  Place the cross medallion on the  carved  out
spot  above  the book. The pedestal turns to reveal  another
Medallion, take it. Move your cursor toward the top to  open
the panel.

The  Ball Puzzle ~ Place the balls in the top area to  spell
out  SATOR  across the top row. The balls should  spell  out
ROTAS across the very bottom row. Take the Cross. Leave this
room  and  go  down  the stairs to the recess  in  the  wall
straight ahead.
Go  into the new opening in the CRYPT. Go left to the Alter,
use the acid on the chain. Take the Amulet, UH OH! Vampires!
After  the  vampires talk to you , turn to the left  of  the
Altar,  go to the handle/switch on the wall and pull  it.  A
window opens and the light scares away the vampires.  Go  to
the  opposite  side of the room and place the Cross  in  the
recess. Go through the new opening and up the stairs.  Dorco
appears and takes the Amulet. Dorco leaves you locked in the
room  with  Mina. Go toward Mina, pan with your  cursor  and
follow  the arrows to the far right side of the room.  Place
the Angel Medallion on the wall. Turn the ring. A portal  to
the  outside  will open. Turn around and follow  the  arrows
back to Mina. Pick her up and ENJOY THE FINALE!


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