Dracula - The Last Sanctuary (PC) Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dracula - The Last Sanctuary (PC)

Dracula - The Last Sanctuary (PC)

Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2002-2006 by OutRider

This is the final version of this guide, meaning that this guide will no longer
continue to be updated.

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WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

Copyright notice:

Don't plagiarize this guide or add this guide to your site without my
permission, as legal action will be taken against you. Please don't reproduce
this guide for profit. Please do not distribute this guide, and please don't
email me requesting permission to add my guides to your site, as enough places
already have them on their pages.  Please do not make an HTML version of any of
my guides. Other than that, have fun and I hope this guide helps you out. 

People have constantly emailed me because they were having technical
difficulties with a game for which they are using one of my walkthroughs.
I am not tech support, nor am I affiliated with any of the different companies
that made the games for which my walkthroughs are based upon. If you do
email me with a technical problem, the only answer I can and will give you
is to check the developer's website and read the FAQs. The reason for this is
because I do not want to be held liable for any damages done to your system.

NOTE: I highly recommend playing Dracula Resurrection first if you haven't done
so already. While there is a clip that recaps the ending of the first game,
playing the first game will help you to better understand the story.

Disc 1 – The Carfax House:

As the opening sequence opens up, you'll be shown as to what happened at the
end of Dracula Resurrection. After it's done playing, it'll go ahead a week
later to start the story of this game.

When you have control of Jonathan Harker, you'll find yourself in front of the
Carfax house. Go to the right until you get to the wall. Move the bushes out of
the way to find a bas-relief, and take the object that's in the center of it.
Go back towards the house, and look at the tree to your right. You'll notice an
oil can next to it, so pick it up. Go to the other side of the house and in the
hole near the steps, there's another bas-relief. Take the object out of it and
then go up to the front door of the house. Unlock the door and head inside.

Go upstairs and enter the first door on your left to enter the study. Go over
to the desk on your right and open up the drawer. Take the items you find
inside and then go over to the chest. Open it up and take the telescope and
candlestick that you find inside. Walk over to the cabinet and open up the Styx
film box. Take the items you find inside and then look at the picture above it.
Turn it over and take the paper from the other side and then go over to the
changing screen. Use the candlestick on the small cabinet and then go into your
inventory and use the matches to light the candle. Put the candle on the
candlestick to light up the area and on the wall to the right you can see a
small key hanging. Take the key and unlock the nearby door.

I would recommend saving your game here because the next part can result in
Harker's death. Examine the corpse and take the key from his pocket. Watch as a
bat-like monster crashes through the door and a timer bar appears at the top of
the screen. When the timer bar runs empty, you're dead, so follow my
instructions closely to prevent Harker's death.

Go into your inventory and load Harker's revolver with the bullets. Double
click on the revolver to unholster it and use it to shoot the lock off the door
behind you. Go through the door and into the middle of the room. Turn around
and move the dresser in front of the door to keep the monster from coming in.
This will cause the timer bar to disappear, and you're safe for the time being.

Go over to the chair near the fireplace and move it so it's underneath the
skylight. Look inside the fireplace and take the object out of the bas-relief
and take the fire poker to the right of it. Climb up on the chair that you
moved and use the poker to break the boards on the skylight. Near the right
side of the door, there are two mirrors. Take one and put it in the light that
is shining through the skylight. Move the furniture away from the door to let
the monster in and watch as the light destroys the monster. Before you leave,
take the other mirror with you.

Go out into the study and you'll see that a second monster has appeared in the
doorway to your right. As long as you don't move out of the light, you're safe.
Move forward and put the mirror on the floor near Harker's feet to destroy the
second monster. Leave the study and you'll notice three monsters have now
appeared, two being on the ground floor and the third blocking your path

Turn to your left and move to the end of the banister. Jump onto the chandelier
to destroy the remaining three monsters and afterwards, you will no longer have
to deal with them. Go over to the boarded up door near the stairs and use the
poker on the boards to break them. Enter the cellar and move the boxes that are
on your right as you first enter. Take the bolt cutters off of the ground and
then put the boxes back. In between the two boxes, there is another bas-relief.
Take the object out of it and then go outside to the garden.

Near the pond is a sluice table, so go over to it and get ready to solve an
easy puzzle. Use the bolt cutters on the chain and then use the oil can on the
hinges. Open the gate and put the paper you got from behind the picture on the
table. Use the oil can on the paper to reveal the solution to the puzzle. All
you have to do is match the objects you took out of the bas-reliefs to the
pictures shown on the table. Once you've done that, turn the dial next to them
to match the symbol next to the picture. You should hear something unlock once
you've successfully solved the puzzle, so turn the wheel on the side of the
table and the pond will fill up. Go back into the cellar and go through the
door on the left side of the room to enter the sewers.

The Sewers:

Go to your left and near the end of the path, you'll see a ladder leading up to
your left. Climb up and you'll find yourself outside the asylum.

The Asylum:

Go over and knock on the door and a man named Bill will let you in. Go through
the door across from you to see a sequence between Harker, Mina, and Dr.
Seward. Talk to Dr. Seward about both topics and then he'll have you
investigate a place called Highgate, but not before giving you a key. When you
find yourself back out in the main room, go behind the counter and unlock the
door using the key Dr. Seward gave you and you'll be in another set of sewers.

The Sewers:

Go down the second tunnel on the right and on the right wall, you'll see a
rope. Take it and then go further down the tunnel. You'll eventually come to a
control box on the left and a couple of pipes on the right. Take the broken
wheel off of the ground next to the pipes and continue further down the tunnel.
You'll eventually come to a flooded section of the sewers, and in order to
cross, go into your inventory and combine the rope with the wheel and use the
combination on the ladder across from you to knock it over.

Cross the ladder to get to the other side and open up the tool box that's lying
on the ground. Take the large wrench out of it and go back across the ladder.
Go back to the pipes and use the wrench on the wheel you find there to loosen
it. Take the wheel with you and go back to the well. Head towards the middle of
the ladder and on your right, you'll see a spot to put the wheel. Use the
wrench to tighten it and then turn it to drain the well. Finish crossing the
ladder and then turn around and take the ladder with you. Use the ladder on the
right side of the well, climb down, and take the ladder with you again.

Go down the passageway and use the ladder on the right wall. Climb up and use
the revolver to shoot the lock off of the gate above you. Get out of the sewers
to find yourself inside the Highgate Cemetery.

The Highgate Cemetery:

Proceed straight ahead to the large gates and then turn to your right. Take a
look at the wall to the right of you to see a ladder. Upon closer examination,
you'll see that it's locked up tight. Use the key you found on the corpse back
at the Carfax house to remove the lock and take the ladder with you.

Turn around and go back to where you originally started. Turn right at the fork
and you will see a vault on the left side of the path. Use the ladder on it and
climb up to the top. You'll find a small suitcase here, so open it and take the
stake and cross you find inside. Save your game, prepare the cross, and climb
back down.

You'll encounter Pibody, the man you thought was dead inside the Carfax house.
Well, he's now undead and he's ready to kill you. When you have control, use
the cross on Pibody and he'll fall into a grave and the tombstone will fall on
top of him. Go up the steps and into the grave and use the stake on Pibody to
finish him off. Examine the clothes he left behind to find a pocket watch and

Go into your inventory and read the notebook. Go back up on top of the vault
where you found the stake and cross and use the compass on the sky to have the
points show up around you. Look towards the northwest point of the compass to
find Dracula's tomb. Use the watch on the site to advance the time to 6 am.
Look at the site through the telescope to see Dracula entering. Climb down off
the vault and go over to Dracula's tomb. It's on the corner of the left path
near where you had originally started.

Once there, push in the statue's eyes to the right of the entrance and then
attempt to enter. Three gargoyles will light up and emit a strange sound.
Harker will pass out and then wake up later in the day. He'll get up, albeit
still somewhat dizzy, and go back to the asylum.

The Asylum:

Go into Seward's office and go behind his desk. Open the left drawer and take
the stethoscope. Play the recorder on the left side of his desk and listen to
Seward's journal entry to learn that both Mina and Dr. Seward have been
kidnapped by Dracula. Go over to the fireplace and examine the floor near the
window to find a ring. Pick it up and then turn over the picture hanging above
the fireplace to uncover a safe. First, click on the upper left dial and then
use the stethoscope on the lower left corner of the screen and turn the dial to
8. You'll hear a click and then you can go back and click on the upper right
dial. Turn that to 3 and continue to use the stethoscope with each dial as you
turn the lower right dial to 6 and the lower left dial to 4. Click on the safe
handle to open it up. Read the notebook (take the key you find inside as well),
open up the suitcase and take the contents, as well as the dragon ring.

Go back over to the desk and open up the case near the recorder. Put the
cylinder inside the case and then put the cylinder you took out of the safe on
the recorder. As you listen to it, the needle will get stuck halfway through,
so just move the needle and playback will continue. When you're finished, leave
the office and go back to the main room.

Go through the door on the right wall to enter the asylum. Follow the walkway
and go down the stairs. Walk over to the desk and take the sugar cube. Go into
your inventory and put the sugar cube inside the match box. Set the match box
on the desk and soon a fly will land inside. Take the box with the fly inside
and then go up the stairs to the cells. Stop at the third door on the right and
use the key you got from the notebook to unlock it and enter.

This is Hopkins' cell. Give Hopkins the trapped fly and listen to the
conversation. When you're done, leave and enter the door at the end of the
hall. You'll see that Bill has been turned into a vampire, so use the cross on
him to make him back off and fall into a wheelchair. Use the cross again on his
forehead to render him unconscious, then look at his belt and take the key you

Go back out into the asylum and over to the desk. Unlock the drawer using the
key you took off of Bill and take the syringe you find inside. Go back into the
room with Bill and use the syringe on his right arm to draw some blood. Turn
around and open the desk to your right. Use the green bottle on the distilling
flask to fill it up and then use the vampire blood on it. Put the green bottle
underneath the spiral tube and then light the burner using the + sign that
shows when you put your cursor to the right of the burner and do so twice.
Watch the temperature and when it reaches 35 degrees, turn the burner down one
and let it set. The mixture will start to boil and will eventually fill the
bottle. When it's done, take the bottle and go into your inventory and combine
it with the revolver. Go back to Hopkins' cell and talk to him about all
topics. He'll give you his glasses in exchange for the dragon ring and
afterwards, you'll hear a phone ringing. Go to Dr. Seward's office and answer
it to hear a conversation with Dracula.

Go back to Bill's room to notice that he has disappeared, along with the
wheelchair. Go to where the wheelchair used to be and open the metal door to
climb down into the sewers.

The Sewers:

Follow the passage and when there's a section that is almost pitch black, use
Hopkins' glasses to see some footprints on the ground. Follow these until they
stop and save your game. Go forward onto the walkway and flip the control panel
switch on your left. The room will light up a little bit, but you'll also
notice that Bill has reappeared on your right. Use the glasses on him and then
use the revolver to shoot him in the heart (the red spot that you see on Bill).
Now that he's dead for good, continue to follow the path and when you see a
panel on the wall to your right, examine it to find a weird lock.

Press the pin above the lock and make a note of the symbol that appears in the
lower right. Use the cylindrical key on the lower left and some numbers will
appear. Take out the key and go into your inventory. Combine the pull cord from
the cylindrical key with the red notebook and then use Hopkins' glasses to see
the rest of the pages. Place the point of the cord on the symbol you saw in the
lower right of the lock and make a note of the numbers that appear in the columns.

Go into your inventory and click on the cylindrical key. Set the numbers to the
ones you found in the book (3582) and then recombine the pull cord with the
key. Use the key on the lock to unlock the door. Take the key back and then
open the door. Go through the door at the end of the hallway to enter a cinema.

The Cinema:

Go down the stairs and go over to the projector at the far end of the room. Use
the slot token on the projector to see a short video with Dracula taking Mina
(from the first game). Go to the other end of the room and up the stairs to
your left. Look at the organ to your right and use the perforated music cards
on the spot to the right. Harker will inhale some gas let off by the organ and
pass out. When he comes to, Dracula is looming over him and he'll realize that
he's tied to his bed. When Dracula leaves, Hopkins will sneak in and free
Jonathan. Before you leave the room, go to the foot of the bed and retrieve
your revolver, which has fallen underneath it.

Leave the room through the door to your right and get ready as another vampire
is waiting for you. Use the glasses on him and shoot him in the heart with the
revolver. Continue forward to enter the studio.

The Studio:

Climb up onto the platform to your left and open the control box. Flip the
switch and Dracula will soon arrive...well, a robotic replica of Dracula anyway
(I had you going there, didn't I?). Take the sword out of the dragon to your
left and use it on the robot to damage its head. Harker will run to the other
side of the platform, so cut the rope with the sword and Harker will ride on up
to the risers.

When you're on the riser platform, go to your left and pick up the grappling
hook and the crank that lies underneath it. Climb the ladder on the wall, and
then look down to notice a small device. Examine it and use the crank on the
slot. Turn the crank to have the platform move forward, but the Dracula
automaton will come out from the other side and shoot something that knocks the
crank out, preventing Harker from going any further.

Go to the end of the bridge and use the sword to cut a rope to your right that
knocks a projector unit down. Climb onto the unit and follow it up into the
vent shafts. Inside the shaft, follow it along until you see a big fan to your
right. Use the sword to jam the blades and go to the other side of the fan.
Crawl to your left and eventually you'll see a grate with a key still in the
lock. Take the key and the grate will open.
Turn around and follow the shaft to the opposite side. You'll see another grate
similar to the one you just saw. Unlock it using the key and look down to see
the Dracula robot below you. Use the grappling hook on it to have Harker haul
it up and destroy it once and for all. Climb down and look at the robotic
remains. Open up the torso and take the tuning fork and then look at its right
arm and open up the hand. Turn it around and operate the mechanism on the wrist
to have a weird key come out of one of its fingers. Take the key and go into
the elevator. Put the key in the lock and the elevator will go back down to the

The Cinema:

Go down the stairs to the right to find Dr. Seward, who's losing his humanity.
He'll have Harker give him his pistol so that he can destroy the place while he
still can. He'll give you a key in return that will unlock his secret lab at
the asylum. Go over to the organ and examine it. Use Hopkins' glasses and push
the lit up button. The organ will lower, uncovering a secret door. Go through
the door and watch as Dr. Seward sacrifices his life by shooting at a gas
barrel, which explodes and destroys the place. Continue on to enter the sewers.

The Sewers:

Hop into the boat here and row on down until Harker gets off. When you get off,
follow the path and examine the lock on the wall to your left and notice it's
similar to the lock that you played with when entering the Styx. Follow the
same procedure as last time and go through the door to re-enter Carfax.

The Carfax House:

Since you're here to destroy Carfax, let's get started. Take the three cases
that are covered in a cloth and then go out into the hall. Put the cases
underneath the stairs and take the object that you find in each one (a
sledgehammer, an ax, and a pair of shears). Go upstairs and go into the study.
Go over to the desk and use the sledgehammer to smash it to pieces. Take the
boards that are left behind and go behind the screen and take the candle. Go
into the room where you first found Pibody's body. Go over to the window and
use the shears to cut up the curtains. Pick up the curtains off of the floor
and then go downstairs to the cellar.

To your right, you'll see a coffin. Use the ax to tear it apart and take the
boards that have been left over. Go back out into the hall and put all of the
boards and the curtains in each of the boxes. Go into your inventory and light
the candle with the matches. Use the candle with the cases to set them on fire
and you'll find yourself back in the cellar, where Dracula is waiting for you.
He'll condemn you to die in Carfax and he'll then leave. Notice that the light
from the fire has revealed a niche next to the door on the opposite end of the
room. Take the key you find there and use it to unlock the door. Go through it
to enter the reservoir. Go down the stairs and turn the wheel behind you. The
water will raise a little, and save your game before jumping in.

Jump into the water and dive under. Go over to the debris pile to your left and
move it out of the way. Turn the wheel you uncover and then resurface to catch
your breath. Dive again and go through the small passageway to find yourself
back in the sewers.

The Sewers:

Go to the end of the path and climb the ladder to go back to the asylum.

The Asylum:

Go to the technical room where you first encountered the vampiric Bill and open
the cupboard to your right by using the key that was given to you by Dr.
Seward. Click on the curtain to uncover a photo lab and put the photo negative
into the enlarger on the left. Turn off the light by clicking on the small
switch on the other side of the lab. Click on the large envelope next to the
switch to put a piece of photo paper under the enlarger.

Turn on the enlarger light and click on the paper under it to move it to the
right tray. The image will appear and examine it to learn the solution on how
to build what will be known as a Vampire Localization System (or VLS...more on
that in a bit). Look at the shelf above the lab and let's get started building
the device.

Look at Seward's note underneath the machine and then put the horseshoe-looking
thing near the top of the machine. Look at the dial and turn it to 8. Take the
syringe-looking object and put that in between the two horseshoe prongs and
examine it. Set it to 4 and then put the last two parts underneath the syringe.
Take a look at the setup and adjust the setting until the ammeter reads 7.

When you're finished, take the star thing off of the horseshoe object and put
the tuning fork in its place. Close the VLS and take the crank off of the side.
Take the completed VLS with you and then go down into the sewers through the
metal trap door.

The Sewers:

Go towards the tunnel you took to get to Highgate to find your path blocked off
by rats. It's here that you'll learn how to use the VLS for the first time. Go
into your inventory and combine the crank with the VLS to power it up. Look at
it more closely and click on the left rectangular button on the bottom to put
the VLS into reception mode. When you have the star cursor showing, wave it
over the rats and leave the cursor sitting there. Go into your inventory and
look at the VLS. The left meter shows the frequency of the sound waves the rats
were giving off, so turn the dial underneath the right meter to match that of
the left meter and then click on the right rectangular button to put the VLS
into transmission mode. When the star icon is showing again, use it on the rats
to scare them off.

Follow the passage until you reach the part where you encountered Bill the
second time and look at the switch box. Use the key with the square ending on
the notch at the bottom of the box and then flip the second lever. Follow the
path until reach the well and use the planks that are on the floor behind you
on the gap to cross it. Climb out to find yourself back inside the cemetery.

The Highgate Cemetery:

Go to the large gates and then go to your left. On the right wall, you should
see some black plaques. Look at them and notice the one that Bram Stoker left.
Turn the plaque over to find a note as well as the dragon ring. We now want to
enter Dracula's tomb, but remember what happened the last time we tried? In
order to enter safely, we'll have to destroy the gargoyles that prevented us
from entering last time.

A gargoyle can be found in the corner of the cemetery when you turn right at
the large gates. It's hard to see, but it's hiding in the corner of the wall.
Power up the VLS and put it into reception mode. Wave the star wand until you
see the VLS icon light up and then change the frequency to match that of the
gargoyle's before putting it into transmission mode and using the frequency to
destroy the gargoyle.

Do the same thing with the gargoyle on the vault in the northeastern part of
the cemetery (turn right and go straight from that corner you're at now) as
well as the gargoyle in the southwestern section of the cemetery (turn around,
go straight, and then turn left and follow the path to the end). When you've
found and destroyed all three gargoyles, go to Dracula's tomb and enter.

Look at the panel on the end of the tomb to find that it's some sort of lock.
Look at Hopkins' note to get the correct combination. Set the upper left dial
to 9, the upper right dial to 2, the lower left dial to 7, and the lower right
dial to 8. Click on the mechanism at the bottom and a secret passage will be
uncovered. Head into the passageway and you'll be asked to insert Disc 2.

Disc 2 – The Mines:

You'll see a sequence between Harker and Dracula, and then you'll hear Harker
thinking about his trip to Transylvania. When it's done, you'll find yourself
in the mines.

Go down the stairs and you'll see a door. Looking at the door closely will
reveal a lock similar to the one you saw in the tomb. Open up Dracula's
notebook and go to the page with the different lunar cycles and look at the one
you saw on the bottom of the lock. Use Hopkins' glasses to reveal the
combination, which is 9462 (starting at the upper left and moving in a Z
pattern). Click on the mechanism at the bottom to open the door. Follow the
passage to the end and uncover the box on the ground. Take the bar and shovel
you find inside and then head back out.

Go down the stairs and go to the left of the stone pile. The stone that you're
on can be moved, so use the bar to move a stone and yank on the cord to pull
out a detonator. Take it with you and go back and climb around on the stone
pile until you find a hammer and chisel. Take those and go over to the table.
Use the hammer and chisel to open up the drawer in front of the table and take
the cable reel. Break the tab on the back of the drawer with the hammer and
chisel and pull the drawer out completely. Take the key and then go behind the
table. Use the key to unlock the chest and take the bundle of dynamite you find

Go back to the blocked passageway where you found the bar and shovel and place
the dynamite inside the figure's mouth. Use the cable reel on its mouth as well
and follow the cable to the end. Use the detonator on the end of the cable and
then push the plunger. The explosion will obliterate the figure, but it will
also create a hole large enough for you to enter. Before going through the
hole, take the red jewel off of the ground nearby and then journey forth into
the prison.

The Prison:

Go near the checkered door and turn right to face a demon's head on the wall.
Use the red jewel on its left eye to have the checkered door move and you'll
find yourself in a passageway leading to the cells. Go along the passageway
until you see an opening to your left. Go through the opening and near the
first corner you'll see a skeleton lying on the ground. Move it out of the way
and use the shovel in that spot to dig and you'll find a bone.

Take the bone and then continue to the next corner. Move the skeleton out of
the way and dig to find a skull and a note. Take them both and exit the cells.
Backtrack through the passageway until you see a path to your left leading to a
couple of doorways.

Go through the door on your right and take the crossbow and lantern you see
lying on the table. Climb onto the table and take the crossbow bolts off of the
shelf and then climb back down. Open the drawer on the table and take the
necklace you find inside.

Exit the room and then turn around and inspect the ground. Go into your
inventory and combine the necklace with the bone. Put the skull on the ground
and then use the necklace/bone thing on it. Light the lantern with the matches
and put it behind the skull to unlock the skull door.

Go through the corridor until you hear a monster, which will be above you and
to the right. Kill it by loading the crossbow with a bolt and then using the
green bottle on it. Shoot it with the crossbow and it'll be gone for good. Now
that he's gone, go down the stairs and continue on until you find a skeleton in
a metal cage. Open the mask and you'll have a found a missing piece of the
dragon ring. Harker will end up falling into a pit, but he'll also be in good

Follow the path to find yourself back in the Borgo Cemetery.

The Borgo Cemetery:

Those who've played Dracula Resurrection will remember this place. It's where
you found the dragon ring for the very first time. Go around the cemetery until
you're behind the huge tomb and dig near the gate to find a piece of a picture.
Turn around and behind the grave in the corner of the cemetery, you'll find a
hand holding a cross. Take it and then go over to the dragon's pit.

Put the missing picture piece where it belongs and then go over to the vampire
tomb from which you emerged. Turn around to face the gate and use Hopkins'
glasses on it to see good and evil battling each other. Use the hand holding
the cross on the built-up energy to destroy the chain locking Dracula's tomb
and then afterwards, enter the tomb and click on the bottom right of it to
teleport to the castle.

Dracula's Castle:

Head into the courtyard and go down the spiral staircase located at the far
end. You'll see Dorko again in the same old room from the first game, but
instead of having to go around the fence, you can go straight to her. Talk to
her, but she won't have too much to say right now. Look at the note you found
in the prison and turn it over. Talk to Dorko about it and she'll translate it
for you. After that, show her Radu's stone and she'll explain to you what needs
to be done. Before she can finish, a female vampire will sneak up behind her
and impale her with a spike. She'll infuse her gold ring with some of her power
and give it to Harker before she finally succumbs to her injuries.

Go back upstairs and watch as the vampire erects a magical barrier around the
graveyard, preventing you from entering. Go to the right and climb up the
stairs that has the two wolf statues at the bottom. Look at the door lock and
use Hopkins' glasses on them. You'll see a pentagram, and to get rid of it, use
Dorko's ring on it. Enter and go to the end of the hall and pick up the
grappling hook on the ground near the rock pile.

Combine the grappling hook with the crossbow and then leave the corridor. Use
the crossbow to shoot the grappling hook to the other balcony. Go across the
rope to the other side (ignore the fact you can drop down into the graveyard
for now) and enter the door to find yourself in a small library.

Go to the opposite end of the room and open the desk. Take the chessboard note
and use the bar to open a small hatch on the left side of the desk. Unroll the
document and get a close-up shot of it. Use the note with the two holes in it
on the document and click on each geometric shape and make a note of the ones
that have numbers showing up in one of the holes. Flip the note over and do the
same thing and after you're done, you should have four shapes jotted down along
with their respective numbers.

In the middle of the hallway is another door, which separates the library. With
your back to the door, look at the panel between the bookshelves and remove it.
Using the notes you made, push the buttons in order from I to IV and if you
were correct, the panel will turn around to reveal a golden cross. Take the
cross and leave the library.

Climb on the rope and drop down from the middle. There is a tomb you can open
on your left. Take the medallion that the skeleton is holding and combine it
with the golden cross. Around the center of the area you'll see a spot that you
can magnify. Use Hopkins' glasses to reveal a pentagram and then use the golden
cross on it to remove the barrier.

Go back to the small library by going to the left of the covered tomb and going
through the door. When you're on the balcony, go to the right and through the
next door to find the library. Go to the door near where you got the gold cross
and examine the lock. Use Hopkins' glasses on it to find a pentagram and then
use the cross to remove it and then go through the door. Use the chessboard
document on the chessboard and open up Dracula's notebook to he chessboard
page. Wearing the glasses will reveal the solution to the puzzle. The answer to
the puzzle is F B H E A C G D. Take the paper out from underneath the
chessboard after solving the puzzle. Leave the room and go downstairs to see
the real thing.

Go into your inventory and in order to navigate the chessboard, just follow the
path left on the document. The colors will be different, but the solution will
still work. When you're about half way through, the surrounding tiles will drop
and Dracula will appear in order to taunt Harker. To get across, use the
telescope on the door at the far end and use Hopkins' glasses on it to reveal
another pentagram. Use Dorko's ring on it to have a red mass appear in the gap
between Harker's position and the opposite end of the room. Go forward and
you'll find yourself on the other end of the room. Use Hopkins' glasses on the
door again and use the cross to remove the pentagram. Go through the door to
enter the cable car room.

Pull the lever to your right to bring the cable car down and then go to your
left and pull another lever. This will make a bridge slide out so that Harker
can get into the car. Go onto the bridge and pull the lever on the control
panel to open the cable car. Go in and pull the lever on the side of the car to
close the doors and then push the red button. The car will go up to Dracula's Keep.

Dracula's Keep:

When you arrive, open the door to find Hopkins standing there. As Hopkins talks
to Harker, a man named Viorel will try to kill Harker, but instead Hopkins will
take the blow. Before he dies, he gives you a key. Go back into the cable car
and take the ladder. Prop it up against the other wall and climb up. Open up
the hatch and get out onto the cable car roof. Climb up onto the beam just
above it and crawl to the other end. There's a circular hatch on the ceiling to
your right, so when you find it, open it and climb out.

Viorel will send his flunkies, Goran and Iorga, after you, so you must hurry to
the other end of the keep before time runs out. When you get to the other end,
you'll see a statue head at the top of the stairs. Use the bar on it to send it
rolling down after Goran and Iorga, crushing them. Go down the stairs and take
one of the beams you see lying on the ground.

Go into the cannon tower to your left and take the bucket near the cannon. Go
back up onto the roof and behind the statue, use the bucket to get some snow.
Take the bucket with you and go to where the floor has caved in behind a
cannon. Go down into the hole and find a spot that you can magnify. Once you
find it, take the flag and the pieces of wood underneath it. Climb back out and
put the beam over the hole. Cross it and move the cannon out of the way to
uncover a cannonball, which you should take with you. Go back across the hole
and take the beam with you before returning to the cannon tower.

Get a close-up shot of the cannon and you'll see three slots in which you can
place three items. Place the bucket of snow in the slot closest to you,
followed by the cannonball and the flag. In your inventory, light the pieces of
wood with the matches to create a brazier. Place the brazier underneath the
cannon and watch as the cannon fires at Viorel, splattering through his torso
and killing him. Leave the cannon tower and go to your left. You'll see a
shattered bridge, and to cross, put the beam down and go back to get the other one.

Once you've got it, go out onto the first beam and put the second beam down.
Turn around and take the first beam and put it down in front of you. Finish
crossing the bridge and go into the tower where Viorel had been hiding. Examine
his corpse and take the flat key hanging on his right side. Use Hopkins' key on
the door just outside the tower to enter the keep.

Get onto the gondola and push the Down button. Once the gondola stops, use the
flat key on the slot and then push the Up button. Get out of the gondola before
it rises again. Go to the opening and notice there is a gap preventing Harker
from going any further. Combine the bolts with the crossbow and use the
crossbow to shoot a rope that will cause the drawbridge to drop down. Go across
the drawbridge and go to the central area.

Here, you'll see three staircases and a lectern. Open the lectern and notice
the various holes. We'll worry about these later, so choose a staircase and
follow it to enter Satan's Claws.

Satan's Claws:

When you're there, go to your left and look at the pile of bones. Take the
skull and go over to the stairs. To successfully get to the bottom, you have to
go down the stairs in a certain order. Go down the first step, then the third,
then the sixth, seventh, ninth, and then the last one. You should hear
something unlock if done successfully, so proceed through the arch and go to
the left.

You'll see a hand holding a handle, and notice that the hand closes when you
try to take the handle. Put the skull on the hand and then use the bar to smash
the top of the skull. Take the handle and leave Satan's Claws. Take one of the
staircases (besides the one you came from) to enter the Hall of the Dragons.

Hall of the Dragons:

When you enter, pull the chain to your left to have a bridge appear. Save your
game and go across to have the dragon heads spit fire at you. Pull on the
chains in the following order (the solution is being borrowed from DreamCatcher
in order to better explain it):

				Exit (Dragon’s Head)
	4						6
2								3
	5						1

Once you've pulled the chains in the correct order, the dragon heads will stop
spitting fire at you and another bridge will appear. Go across the bridge and
look at the dragon head. Take the handle out of its mouth and it'll reveal the
exit. Go through the door to find yourself back at the central area. Take the
staircase you haven't used yet to enter the Alien Room.

The Alien Room:

Go over to the egg at the other end of the room and try to take the handle
that's inside. Watch as a Jonathan Harker clone appears, preventing you from
taking the handle. Go to the center of the room and use the glasses on the
thing to the right. Load the crossbow and use the green bottle on it. Shoot the
thing spitting green stuff out at the clone to kill it. Watch as another thing
appears. Use the glasses on the thing to the left and use the crossbow to shoot
the metal shield to paralyze it.

Use the crossbow to shoot the thing spitting green stuff to kill it. Go over to
it and use the green bottle on the syringe to fill it up. Use the syringe on
the thing to destroy the clone. Take the handle and go through the door to
enter the central area.

Open the lectern and put the handles in the right spots to unlock the drawers
underneath. Open the last three drawers to find parts of a mold. Return to the
Hall of the Dragons and go to the center of the room. Look to your right to
find a stove. Open the lower part and put the three mold parts in it. Open the
upper part and notice the holes. Go back to the central area to retrieve the
handles and then re-enter the Hall.

Put the handles in the upper part of the stove and then close it. Turn the
right mechanism to fire up the stove and two dragon heads will appear to heat
it up. They'll melt the three handles to create a fourth one. Look at the oven
and take the handle that was created. Go back to the central area and use the
handle on the holes in the lectern to have it summon a gondola. Go through the
Alien Room and go up to the central area with the gondola. Hop in and you'll be
brought to Dracula's Last Sanctuary.

Dracula's Last Sanctuary:

Watch the sequence and when you regain control, use Mina's wedding ring on her
right hand to have her snap out of the trance. Watch the next sequence and then
use Radu's stone on the circular hole near where Mina was standing. Watch the
ending sequence as Count Dracula is finally destroyed. You have completed
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary. Congratulations!!


DreamCatcher Games – for deciding to continue on with the story from Dracula
Resurrection. I 
enjoyed playing this game and I thought it was a lot scarier than the last
game. I still don’t agree with 
the continuous clicking you had to do to get where you needed to go and I don’t
like how when 
you’re on Disc 2 and quit the game and then play again later, you have to
insert Disc 1 to get to the 
menu and then insert Disc 2 again to load your game. I also would like to thank
you for providing a 
solution for the game for me to use to help make this walkthrough.

To the many FAQ sites – I appreciate you guys supporting me in making my guides
and adding them 
to your website. I enjoy helping out the many gamers and I look forward to
making many more 

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