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 Dream Prisoner

Dream Prisoner

A Procurion 9 Game
What's happened
Somehow, while you were walking along the street, you suddenly fell asleep
and awoke in the dining room of a great castle.  The object of the game is to
escape from the castle and return to reality. 

The walk-thru
First of all, while you are in the dining room, you need to take the pamphlet
lying on the wooden table and read it.  It states that you need four
ingredients in order to make a magic stone which will allow escape from the
castle: a spider, a shoe, a rat and a purple leaf.  Look under the rug on the
floor to discover a pot of jelly, and take it.  Go to the living room to the
east, and look at the skeleton.  There is a worm in its eye, which you take.
Go to the closet to the east and take cage and the vial.  Don't pull the lever.
Open the cage and put the worm you found in it.  Now, go to the west and to
the south.  You are now in the patio.  If John shows up, watch him closely.
As he shouts, a bird flies down from the branches of the big tree and goes up
again.  Take John's hat.  Make sure your cage is opened and shout.  As there is
a worm in the cage you are able to catch the bird.  John takes the cage with
the bird from you.  Now you can safely pass the patio without losing the silver
spoon which you will find later to the bird.  Go to the east to the garden
shed and take the shovel.  Go to the west and to the south.  You are now on the
ground floor of the castle's tower.  Take some money out of your wallet.  Put
it in the ticket machine.  Take the ticket.  Go up to the first floor of the
tower.  Take the hammer off the cabinet.  Look under the bed and take the
paperclip.  Hit the cabinet with the hammer.  Open the cabinet.  Take the shoe
out of the cabinet.  Go up to the second floor of the tower.  You will find the
hermit on the first or second floor of the tower.  Talk to him and he will tell
you that you need to pay him in silver to get him to help you.  Go down to the
tower's ground floor, and north back to the patio.  Go north to the living
room.  Go west and south to the kitchen.  Open the cupboard.  Get the silver
spoon and the egg out of the cupboard.  Go back to the hermit.  Give the spoon
to the hermit.  The hermit will hand you a map, showing the location of a
treasure in a cave near a yellow river.  Go back to the dining room.  Go to
the north. You are now in a hallway.  Take the engraved sword.  As its
engraving states, it can only be wielded by an ace.  Go down to the wine
cellar.  You will see a wine rack with seven bottles of wine in it.  Note
their positions in the wine rack, the bottle in the top row is n spaces to the
right, the bottle in the second rom from the top is m spaces to the right, and
so on.  You will now have a seven digit combination.  Go down to the crypt.  A
mummy is walking around here.  If you give the jelly to him, he will show some
interest. Open the coffin and put the jelly in it.  The mummy will jump in it
and disappear.  Open the grave.  A ghost appears and hands you a box, the
Farcaster 2000.  Go to the north, to the cave with the yellow river.  Dig with
the shovel.  You will uncover a treasure chest.  Open it and take the false
teeth, the cloak and the boots.  Wear the boots, hat, teeth and cloak.  Go
back to the hallway.  Give the ticket to Joey.  Go to the north.  You are now
in a room where there is a party.  Give the sword to Sir Ace.  He will chop
a painting.  There is a safe behind this painting.  Go to the south and to
the east.  Set all dials on the machine to the numbers of the seven digit
combination you noted.  A mechanic will show up and place a toolbox on the
floor, and start banging away at the machine.  Take the screwdriver and put
it in the Farcaster 2000.  Go to the kitchen, open the cupboard and take out
the screwdriver.  Go back to the yellow river and unscrew the cylinder in the
wall.  Open it and take the key.  Fill the vial.  Go to the party and unlock
and open the safe with the key.  Take the purple leaf.  Go to the wine cellar
and take the rat.  Go the the tower's ground floor and empty the vial.  A
spider will fall out of the plant.  Take the spider.  Go to the kitchen and
put the rat, the purple leaf, the shoe and the spider in the cauldron. 
Light the wood under the cauldron with your zippo.  Take the stone out of the
cauldron.  Go to the patio and go up.  You are now in a balloon.  All the
conditions stated by the pamphlet have been fulfilled.  You have the stone
and you are in a high place.  Rub the stone.
good adventuring,
the guys from Procurion 9
   -= Alex "Lucas" Lentjes =-
   -= Alex "Atrox" van Oostenrijk =-

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