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+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = DREAMSCAPE + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +

                   Walkthrough, and Gameplay Mechanics Guide
                                Version 1.01
                               By Obludagengs

+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +

NOTE: This walkthrough employs the QuickFind system!  To locate data
about a particular part of the game, simply search for the QuickFind
code listed in the table of contents, found in brackets at the end of
each entry!

+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +

Table of Contents
=============================                         QuickFind Code

I. Preface
 Foreword                                              [PFOREWORD]
 Legal Spiel                                           [PLEGAL]
 Revision History & Contact Information                [PREVISION]
 Important Notice                                      [PIMPORTNT]
 Synopsis                                              [PSYNOPSIS]

II. General Game Rules                                 [GGR]

III. Walkthrough Proper
  A. Lostham                                           [WLOST1]
  B. Spring Woods                                      [WSPRING1]
  C. Lostham Again                                     [WLOST2]
  D. Cheese Cave                                       [WCHEESE1]
  E. Spring Woods                                      [WSPRING2]
  F. El Cairo                                          [WELCAIRO1]
    F1. Pyramid Crypt                                  [WPYRAMID1]
    F2. El Cairo Again                                 [WELCAIRO2]
    F3. Egyptian Throne Room                           [WTHRONE1]
  G. Prosper Lakes                                     [WPROSPER]
  H. Egyptian Throne Room Again                        [WTHRONE2]
    H1. Secret Place                                   [WSECRET1]
    H1-1. God's Territory                              [WGODST1]
    H2. Secret Place Again                             [WSECRET2]
  I1. El Cairo for Gray Rocks                          [WELCAIRO3]
  I2. Spring Woods for Gray Rocks                      [WSPRING3]
  I3. Cheese Cave for Gray Rocks                       [WCHEESE2]
  J. El Cairo Once More                                [WELCAIRO4]
    J1. Elevator                                       [WELEVATOR]
  K. Lostham Once More                                 [WLOST3]
  L. White Chapel (London) 1888                        [WLONDON1]
  M. New York                                          [WNEWYORK]
  N. London Again                                      [WLONDON2]
    N1. Snowy Scape - Village of Infinity              [WSNOWY]
    N2. Toy Shop                                       [WTOY]
    N3. Count Vassili Manor                            [WCVMANOR]
  O. Egyptian Throne Room Once More                    [WTHRONE3]
  P. Count Vassili Manor - Room of Illusion            [WCVM-RI]
  Q. Elevator Again                                    [WELEVATOR2]
    Q1. Evil Crypt                                     [WEVIL]
  R. God's Territory                                   [WGODST2]
  S1. Spring Woods Completion                          [WSPRING4]
  S2. Cheese Cave JS                                   [WCHEESE3]
  T. Chasm                                             [WCHASM]
    T1. Dreamscape Jailhouse                           [WJAIL1]
  U. Count Vassili's Manor - Edna's                    [WEDNAS]
  V. Dreamscape Jailhouse Again                        [WJAIL2]
  W. Cheese Cave Once More                             [WCHEESE4]
  X. Dreamscape Jailhouse For The Last Time            [WJAIL3]

IV. Main Characters                                    [MCHARS]
  A. Erin                                              [MCERIN]
  B. Terry                                             [MCTERRY]
  C. Athena                                            [MCATHENA]
  D. Peebo                                             [MCPEEBO]
  E. Clochette                                         [MCCLOCH]
  F. Marine                                            [MCMARINE]
  G. Saehral                                           [MCSAEHRAL]

V. Game Modes                                          [GMODES]

VI. Conclusion
 Special Thanks To                                     [CTHANKSTO]
 Afterword                                             [CAFTERWRD]

+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +

I. Preface

=+=> Foreword                                          [PFOREWORD]

i just learned about Dreamscape from the net while i was surfing for a
decent,newly-released rpg; that was around late September 2010. adventure
really gets the better of me, so i gave it a try, and i found it
addicting - it's somehow a merge of the cool features and gaming modes
of Pokemon and CV-SotN, two of my classical favorites. as of 15Oct10,
there is no existing full walkthrough in public domain, so i had to rely
on Aldorlea's official forums to pick up hints whenever i got desperately
stuck in the game. after about a week of dedicated playing, i finally made
it to the end; and i resolved to, somehow, write at least a crude

this is, in no wise, an extensive walkthrough; if you're curious about the
exact values of damage/HP-MP restoration/etc., or the in-depth details of a
character's spells, history, etc., you won't find it here.
(search the official forums. as we say it in our place, i-google mo!)
this, however, was meant to help the player find his/her way through the
game. aldorlea did its job so well, that players can find themselves not
knowing what to do in several instances. i've been there. B)

=+=> Legal Stuff                                        [PLEGAL]

i borrowed the template of this guide from another netizen who wrote a
prolific and extensive walkthrough of Harvest Moon - Back to Nature: the
great SKY RENDER. his quickfind system and systematic writing was of
immense help to me.

since i wrote this walkthrough, this is, hence, MY PROPERTY. reposting of
this guide in any form without my consent is forbidden. never modify this
guide or repost it in modified form WITHOUT PROPER CONSENT FROM ME.

I did not make the game that this guide pertains to, and as such, all
credit for this title is given to the company that made it (ALDORLEA
GAMES; check out their site:

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

=+=> Revision History & Contact Information             [PREVISION]

Version Beta (15Oct10)
* original, archaic form of this guide
* nothing but the normal walkthrough and a few of the more basic
  sections existed
* never released

Version 1.00 (24Oct10)
* finished the walkthrough proper
* added skills to the main characters
* was submitted, but was rejected due to formatting guidelines

Version 1.01 (28Oct10)
* put a slight update to Saehral
* proofread and reformatted the entire walkthrough
* put a "spoiler"-warning somewhere down there.


contact me through or at,
however, do add DREAMSCAPE in the subject line if you're asking about (or
offering up information and/or corrections to) the guide. please don't ask
me about anything this guide already dishes out. i assume that the readers
make very good use of their common senses. B)

=+=> Important Notice                                    [PIMPORTNT]

i'll try my best to note if there are some revisions to this guide, as
Aldorlea may release a later version of game. this guide was written after
the release of the game's latest revision, probably on or before Oct2010.

=+=>  Synopsis                                           [PSYNOPSIS]

the protagonist of this game is Erin, a young biology student, who had a
relationship with a guy named Terry. one evening, she went over to his
place to enjoy one another's company, and he offered her his headphones.
after giving in, she teleported to a nowhere place (that the game calls
Lostham), and saw Terry walking away from her. she, then, made a personal
quest to find him at all cost.

II. General Game Rules & Notes                           [GGR]

these rules apply in every dream, and are expected to be followed by the
player if he/she wants the best survival circumstances (especially in
higher difficulty modes) and the best outcomes possible.

* as in any rpg, explore any and every map according to your capability.
  note any off-limits area, so that when you acquire an item that opens up
  locks or removes barriers, you know where to go.
* there are some parts in the dream that i'll call "jumping spots", or a js,
  for obvious reasons. note them. you'll need them later in the game.
* dreamscape's "item pick-up" mode is very much different from those of
  other rpg games. you use an item immediately upon running across it,
  whether or not it was intentional. thus, take extra care not to run across
  food, unless you really, really need it. an EXCEPTION to the rule is gold.
  pick them up as soon as you find them, since you'll need them. i will
  carefully note if you are to beware picking up gold in a hurry.
* light blue squares with letters on them are permanent stat boosters. pick
  them up asap. red squares with letters on them are equippable stat
  boosters (for example, +### [stat] ENERGYZER; ### varies; stat may be any
  of the four (or six?): attack, defense, intellegence, or spirit, etc.).
  pick them asap, as well. items that don't look like food are either armor,
  weapons or character enhancements (temporary or permanent). pick them up
  asap too. the book (int booster), the sword (strength booster) and the
  white boxing glove (agility booster) temporarily and greatly ups your
  party's attributes until your next battle is over.
* not everything on the floor is useful, though. as much as possible, avoid
  skulls in red squares, and green mushrooms. green mushrooms, however,
  become of good use after you finish utopia mode; so for the mean time,
  stay away from them, and you'll be good.
* this tip is a no-brainer: if you've got better weapons or armor that a
  party member can use, then equip it asap!
* kill off all yellow or red glitches (in other words, enemies) in sight,
  if you can. the experience you earn from these petty skirmishes will be
  needful when you have to battle purple respectable glitches -- dreamlords.
  purple glitches usually guard items or areas that allow you to progress in
  the game.
* save as often as possible. you can make stupid decisions even with this
  guide around, so better make multiple saves. i used three slots for my
  first game, just to be sure.

III. Walkthrough Proper

this walkthrough simply leads the reader where to go and/or what to find
and/or what to do, so that getting stuck won't be an option. for further
details, see [GGR].

A. Lostham                                              [WLOST1]

explore the whole area. it's not so big, so it shouldn't take you too long.
leave the rocks as is; you can't do anything about them yet. after picking
up all the gold you can find, go to the center of this area where you find
a pink crystal. behind it is a door. enter it. you've seen a dog, right? he
is Terry's dog. leave him for now; his dream is the last area you'll explore
in the game. i mentioned the door behind the crystal because for a long
time, i thought that the part behind the crystal was a wall, and there may
be others who might think the same. now, leave this area, and head to the
upper left corner of Lostham. talk to the old man, then head to the upper
right area to pick up his long-sought butterfly. return to the old man and
you get your first item and your primary ticket to all dreams: the
HEADPHONES. i'm sure you found a white cat nearby the pink crystal; now's
the time to talk to Athena, Terry's cat. after a long chatter, use the
headphones on the cat, to enter the first expansive dream...

B. Spring Woods                                         [WSPRING1]

alea jacta est. welcome. u'll find a defense boost. get it; you'll need it.
pick up your first weapon: the SLING. equip it immediately on Erin; you'll
need it to dispose your first glitch. after the skirmish, pick up the
goodies. head up. there's a cave straight ahead; enter it and pick up the
IRON GAUNTLET. equip this to any member of your party to smash normal brown
rocks. walk down and smash the two brown rocks, and you'll get another SLING.
equip this to your other party members to have a better fighting chance.
then walk up again and turn left. after a series of fighting and smashing
brown rocks, you'll find ATCHOOM LEAVES. give them later to a party member
to stun your enemies. soon, you'll see a sheep. talk to him and BE NICE.
from him, you'll learn not to head north, unless you've got something that
GIGGLES. so for now, let's head south.

you'll reach a branching road: westward and southward. head south first.
explore, fight off glitches, then you'll see a small room with a gray rock
in it. pick up your first spell for your cat: FIRE LAUNCHER. follow the road
and clear the last room of the glitches and brown rocks. leave the gray
rocks; you can't do anything about them yet. trace your path back to the
branching road, and this time, head west. follow the road studded with torii
gates and soon, you're turning north. keep walking, and you'll see Peebo
the Viking. you can choose to include him in your party and decrease the
experience points everyone gets after battle; or choose to leave him and
monopolize the experience points between you and your cat, and NOT PROGRESS
in the game. thus, inviting him is the wiser option (unless you want more
challenge). fyi, the cliff up north is NOT a js.

retrace your steps to the cross roads where you see the northern cave,
where you picked up the iron gauntlet. this time, turn right. keep
exploring east and you'll pick up two IRON CIRCLEs from brown rocks. you'll
reach a branching road (#1) eastward and southward. turn south. at the
end of the road, there's another branching road (#2) westward and eastward.
turn east. clear up the small room, retrace path and follow the west road.
clear up the small room, then retrace path to (#1). this time, turn east.
there's another branching road (#3) northward and eastward. head north.
clear up the room, and note the cave across the cliff. this is a js. back
track to (#3) and turn east. that's a dead end.

if you wish, you can walk the path the sheep forbade you to go, but be
careful not to get too close to the twin oaks, lest you die untimely. pick
up the good stuff, and note the narrow paths there. there might be hidden
gold! if you also wish, use the headphones on the sheep, and you'll find
yourself in a small field with supplies, gold and attribute boosts. take
what you need, then use the exit on the south.

C. Lostham Again                                        [WLOST2]

now that you can smash brown rocks, return to Lostham to pick up some items
previously unaccessible, like gold, and the spell PARTICLE BLAST. now,
Athena has two choices for a spell. btw, you are now informed that you can
use the pink crystal in case you've lost all hope and eaten all food to
stay alive. but it is highly recommended that you do all that's in your
power NOT to use this crystal. using this would affect your rewards in the
next game mode.

since you've got nowhere to go now, time to use the headphones on Peebo...

D. Cheese Cave                                          [WCHEESE1]

shocks. mabusisi pala 'to... anyways, walk ahead and you reach a crossroad
(#4). up north is a js. pick up the skill CARROT TRANSFORMATION for Peebo.
use this to collect carrots for health reasons. we then head east. you
reach another crossroad (#5) and turn north. this road is blocked with
gray rocks - note that. back to (#5), turn east. this road is barred with
a steel gate - note that too. back to (#5), turn south. you'll reach a
branching road eastward and southward (#6). turn east and you'll see a
cave. inside is the SHURIKEN. save this for a party member. return to (#6)
then turn south. the first four-leaf clover you see as you descend will
be your next party member, the 732-year-old CLOCHETTE. invite her in.
explore the big chamber you're in, and note that the passage to the right
is a js. retrace the path to (#4).

we only have one option for now: head west. there's another branching road
westward and southward (#7). turn south. you'll see another branching road
westward and southward (#8). go straight south. at the end of the road is
a cave. pick up the STEEL SHIELD. return to (#8), head west and pick up
supplies, if you wish. retrace to (#7) and turn west. another branching
road - northward and southward (#9). turn south. on the right side of this
road is a cave. pick up the SAPIENS MACE and equip it to Peebo. exit the
cave and continue walking south. pick up supplies, especially the onion.
onions raise experience, so make an effort to pick them up asap. now walk
back to (#9) and head north. on the right side of this road is a cave.
this cave ramifies to three paths, the middle one being blocked by a gray
rock - note that. pick up whatever you need. exit the cave and continue
walking north. at the end of the road is a cave. get inside and pick up
the GIGGLE BELL... does the name ring a bell? :) well, since we've already
scoured the map with our existing capabilities, time to make good use
of that bell...

E. Spring Woods                                         [WSPRING2]

head east, to the crossroad where you found the sheep. now, walk the
forbidden path, making sure that you've equipped the GIGGLE BELL. along
the way, you'll pick up an HOURGLASS. it allows you to skip a battle with
a non-moving glitch, but note that the glitches return upon changing
screen. one tip: save them for purple non-moving glitches. moving on...
pass through the twin oaks safely, and gather your loot. the cave on the
right? nah, it doesn't take you anywhere. keep walking and you'll pick
up the EL CAIRO KEY. you'll need this for the next dream. note the gray
rock on the left. since we've explored this map with all that we could,
it really is time for the next dream. use the headphones on Erin.

F. El Cairo                                             [WELCAIRO1]

on the left of the oasis is a house (El Cairo's Adventurer Counter).
enter it. there's a cool glitch on the top right (i.e., merchant)
named Gigi (80... a fireball has a name?!) from which you can buy IRISH
BREAKFAST and BRITISH FAVORITE, both boost defense permanently.
moonwalking on the bottom left of the house is Rick, the adventurer.
enter his dream.

F1. Pyramid Crypt (c/o Rick)                            [WPYRAMID1]

you're in the middle of a branching road northward, eastward and
southward (#10). turn south; you need to be noted of something for future
reference. another branching road westward and southward (#11); turn west
then follow the road. you'll end up in the elevator room blocked by a
gray rock - note bene. the south exit in (#11) teleports you back to the
Rick's house; thus, retrace your path back to (#10) and head north to
pick up experience and supplies. back to (#10), then turn east. another
crossroad northward, eastward and southward (#12). turn north. keep
exploring the north wing and you'll find a BRIGHT CANDLE. btw, the north
wing is connected to the east wing. top right of the north (or east) wing
is the doorway to the Royal Crypt. inside, you'll find the IRON MAIL and
the first PARCHMENT BIT (1 of 4). if you dare, you may also want to pick
up the HOURGLASS for future use. just be prepared to negate any negative
consequences. the south wing in (#12) has some hidden gold. now, use the
exit in (#11).

F2. El Cairo Again                                      [WELCAIRO2]

survey the outskirts of the city for goodies. one reminder: don't
stray too far from the city proper, or you'll automatically teleport
back to Lostham. in front of the city gate is an EGYPTIAN TOGA. the room
on the left of the city outskirts is the El Cairo Tower (looks more like
a room to me...). sweep the gold; you'll need it. northwestern part of
the city, you'll pick up another EGYPTIAN TOGA. there's also a treasure
room nearby, containing a BOOMERANG. equip it asap. this is the only
unlocked door within this part of the city. northeastern part of the
city is another merchant, a scaredly girl, who sells EGYPTIAN BALM
(+40HP), EGYPTIAN LEAF (cures venom; you might want to hoard this while
Clochette hasn't learned Detox yet), GEM OF THE NILE (+5HP permanently),
TEA OF THE NILE, & PHARAOH'S BEST (both +1SP permanently).

you can also use the headphones on this girl, and you'll be taken to a
Crypt full of supplies. head south to get back to the city. there's an
old man named Hamed, standing on the next gate. talk to him, and he'll
address Erin as queen. he'll report to you about the king who locked
himself up in his father's sacred room. after Hamed vaporizes, enter
the inner city.

check every house. not every door is unlocked, though, but survey every
house so that you'll know where to go when you need supplies. there's a
gate on the top right of the inner city, with two gray rocks. left to
that door is a room with a BRIGHT CANDLE and supplies. there's an
archway on the left of this inner city, guarded by glitches. the house
closest to this archway contains another PARCHMENT BIT (2 of 4). this
same archway leads to the Pharaoh's room, which is locked, as Hamed
told us, so head to the door to the right of this city. equip the El
Cairo Key. you now enter the El Cairo Church (church in Egypt. okay...)
where you'll find the spell WHITE NUKE for the cat, and the PHARAOH
KEY. you can now barge in the Pharaoh's chambers. talk to Pharaoh
Ramsis. of course, use the headphones on him.

F3. Egyptian Throne Room                                [WTHRONE1]

the blue haired lady beside you is Isis, Ramsis' mother. you can use the
headphones on her to get to a room full of supplies. walk down and grab
the onion, then use the door on the right to get back to the throne room
(i don't know yet how to loot the gold-laden barred room on the left).
Isis said she's looking for her sister Irene, and her son. so, let's
start roving!

you see a small room on the left with falls? head there and get the
spell HEAL for Erin. you'll use this a lot. note this room. walk down,
and you'll pick up the FAN FARE DRUM (gives a chance to anger and/or
dazzle the enemy). on the left is a girl who sells nothing, and is
stupid enough to bluff that the headphones won't touch her unless you
buy a billion of her precious nothing. enough folly. the room on the
right is a stele that calls the fountain behind the "Ancient Water of
Vision". apparently, there's an item that, when dipped in that fountain,
will reveal something. that item will be found much much later in the
game, so let's return to that spot later.

right now, i'd recommend that you use the headphones on Clochette...
for a very good reason. Clochette's dream is decked with stat and exp
boosters, and now is a good time for that, because the ancient guards
(and some nasty dreamlords) really hit hard. you can enter Clochette's
dream anytime, and complete the map without dealing with gray rocks and
other advanced blockages, so feel free to skip the next section if you've
been there before, or if you want to postpone this trip.

G. Prosper Lakes                                        [WPROSPER]

explore these lands, and soon enough, you'll run across the BULL WHIP.
equip on Clochette immediately. make sure you mop up all stat boosters and
onions. if you followed this guide faithfully, you should be "rushing"
through the glitches very often. make sure that you leave enough supplies
for future emergency. now, let's get back to the throne room.

H. Egyptian Throne Room Again                           [WTHRONE2]

this area is lined up with spark lines. make sure you have party has
enough health to pass through spark lines, and still survive impending
attacks. Erin's HEAL will be very handy here. keep walking down until
you come across Amenofis. try the headphones on him; if you think your
friend has the narrowest mind in the world, you're wrong. enough of
this smartness... turn right, and enter the Egyptian Gardens. if you
stuck to this walkthrough, you can find yourself "rushing" through the
ancient guards. you might also get some EGYPTIAN BALM after defeating
'em! ...ah, so many twists and turns... just explore the area. it's
not too big; you won't get lost. soon enough, you'll find RAMSIS' HARP,
a STEEL SHIELD, a PARCHMENT BIT (3 of 4), the NUN-CHA-KU, and the
ENCHANTER'S HAT. you've got something that belongs to Ramsis, so give
that to Ramsis (fyi, this dream doesn't have a tangible exit, so use
the headphones on Erin and zoom to Ramsis) and return to the throne
room asap. remember the room on the left of Isis that contained HEAL?
get back there; there's a new area waiting for you!

H1. Secret Place                                        [WSECRET1]

work your way north and northward still. you'll enter a room with a
brown rock. smash it, and you'll get a WARRIOR HELMET. exit. work your
way westward, then turn to the first path that goes north. brace
yourself: you'll zoom through spark lines and face a company of ancient
guards. focus your melee on one target at a time, and use Athena's
spells in large mode to cut off their HP fast. the lady at the end of
the room is Isis' sister, Irene. talk to her, use the headphones on
her asap... some people just have unfathomable dreams.

H1-1. God's Territory                                   [WGODST1]

you might be wondering: why am i rushing you to get to Irene's head?

for now, notice that there you'll pass by four arches: the first one
is a window; the other three are doors, so treat the other three like
doors. the area's name implies that the residents here are not human;
the first room belongs to Hermes (God of Travelers?! if my mythology
serves me right, he's a messenger god, not a travelling god...), the
second room to Zeus (Lord of Gods), and the third one to Ares (God of
War... Kratos, anyone??). enter Hermes' pad. what you're about to
offer to him is the least of our concerns now; there's another room
due north. get in and pick up the HAMMER OF JUSTICE - equip it, and
you can now smash gray rocks! (i hope i answered the question...)
of course, don't forget to mop the pads of the gods before you go
smashing all the white rocks you came across earlier. btw, the room
inside Ares' pad has the GALANT MASK in it (beware: once you put
this on a party member, you can't pull it off!). at the edge of God's
Territory, there's an item you might miss. okay, back to the Secret

H2. Secret Place Again                                  [WSECRET2]

work your way northwest through the secret place, and you'll find the
spell TALISMAN for Athena. don't forget that you can now pulverize
gray rocks standing in your way. soon enough, you'll pick up the GIFT
OF FATE. Athena can equip this, giving a random beneficial effect to
the holder or the party during battle. now, it's time to make a rerun
of all the dreams - it's gray-rock-smashing season!

I1. El Cairo for Gray Rocks                              [WELCAIRO3]

start off with Rick's house. then those in front of the gate of El
Cairo Church. use the headphones now...

I2. Spring Woods for Gray Rocks                          [WSPRING3]

this will take you time, so take your time searching every area for a
gray rock. as you will notice, most gray rocks contain highly valuable
finds like onions. the white rock on the area where you found Peebo
contains a BROKEN THING (1 of 2).

I3. Cheese Cave for Gray Rocks                           [WCHEESE2]

same procedure. go back to (#5). the path ramifies to three paths the
leftmost path ends in a js; the middle path is decked with supplies;
the rightmost path ends in a small room with supplies too. there's one
more gray rock to smash. it's in a room with a path that ramifies to
three... go figure. too easy.

J. El Cairo Once More                                    [WELCAIRO4]

why all the fuss of having a trip around the world, when we can already
smash the gray rock in Rick's dream during our previous stay in El Cairo?
firstly, we might forget the other gray rocks elsewhere. secondly, you'll
need all the boosts you can get your hands on to survive what lies
beyond... oh well, let's cut the chase...

J1. Elevator                                             [WELEVATOR1]

be careful not to zoom through green basidiocarps and skulls, unless you
really need to. enter the elevator and start off with the Top Room.

Main Crypt. hmm... black rocks... we'll deal with them later. moving on,
...hahay! the next room's locked! time to try Crypt #1.

explore Crypt #1, and soon enough, you'll get a BRIGHT CANDLE and an AXE.
time to try Crypt #2.

explore Crypt #2, and soon enough, you'll find 2 BRIGHT CANDLES and
supplies. time to try Crypt #3.

explore Crypt #3. seems like the crypts keep getting darker as you go
deeper... you'll come across locked doors. keep walking, and you'll find
the SANATORIUM KEY, 2 BRIGHT CANDLES. this key is not for these doors,
though (and they can't be opened). don't worry, you'll run across the
right lock along the way. next floor...

explore Crypt #4. you'll find 2 BRIGHT CANDLES and a MAGICAL MIRROR (this
is for Athena). next floor...

explore Crypt #5. by this time, more or less, Erin should've learned the
skill COUNTER. this is very valuable, especially for pesky dreamlords.
as though you're preparing for a brown out, pick up the 2 BRIGHT CANDLES.
walk down, and pick up the ILLUSIONIST MANTLE. equip this to anyone in
the party with low HP to survive the spark lines. you'll find an
HOURGLASS. save it for the future.

finally, the Basement. explore Crypt #6. WARNING: don't use yet the
headphones on the blue Evil Man! (1 of 2) well, if you had a mishap of
doing so, just use the headphones to get away, then just run, run, run
to your last pit stop. DO NOT use the door to get out of the Evil Man's
dream; you don't have yet the proper materials for exorcism. for now,
note that the blue Evil Man (like i really have to stress that his skin
is blue...) runs like crazy - and there's a gate in the middle of the
crypt! guess which key opens that door... yep, the SANATORIUM KEY. then
go get the ROYAL KEY.

note how the Main Crypt looks like a mausoleum for kings... so head to
the top floor and use the ROYAL KEY. pick up the WHITE CROSS. this allows
you to smash black (evil?) rocks. test it on the rocks by the entrance.
remember also, that Lostham has a black rock somewhere, so you might want
to visit Lostham for a while. going back, pick up the BRIGHT CANDLE.

K. Lostham Once More                                    [WLOST3]

we return to Lostham for two reasons. first, we smash that black rock to
get the SNOW GLOVES. this allows you to smash white (snow) rocks. there's
a white rock in the beach of El Cairo, right? if you wish, you can visit
shortly and deal with it (and grab a defense booster). second, we talk
to the butterfly man and enter his grim dream. by this time, you should
have 12 BRIGHT CANDLES. that preps you up for what lies ahead.

L. White Chapel (London) 1888                           [WLONDON1]

now you're in London, you are to obey one imperative rule: never walk in
dark places, or you'll see the red screen of death. thus, equip a BRIGHT
CANDLE on your left hand. if there's an unlighted lamp, use the candle to
light it up, then immediately equip another candle on your left hand. one
useful tip would be to use the arrow keys instead of the mouse. this saves
you from getting ripped by the ripper.

there's a bar on the left. you can use the headphones on the innkeeper,
and you'll be taken to a room filled with supplies... and a sala filled
with glitches. don't worry, rush them all. they're exp points too. use the
door to return to the bar.

walk down until you see a lawn on the right. collect the boosters - you'll
need 'em. work your way down, down, down, then west. there's a street
turning north; at the end of the street is a house with an unlocked door.
it contains supplies (it has a picture of a purple-haired girl named
Wendala Diroslav - the Early Years). there's a back door. follow the alley,
and there are two black rocks; smash 'em and grab the gold grains.
return to the westward road, and you'll reach a branching road
northward, eastward and southward (#13). first, pick up the GRAVEYARD
SHOVEL from the big lawn... fyi, it's a weapon 8). the road south
leads to a little plaza with a bald man named Sampote. he sells
DARJEELING TEA and DARJEELING INFUSION (permanently boosts agility
and spirit, respectively). i wonder why the merchants have a slight
inclination with tea... anyways, if you try using the headphones
on him, he'll think you're one of the police, and he'll vaporize.
anyway, the better stuff is with other merchants...

next, turn east, where you see a beggar. use the headphones on him to
take a trip to...

M. New York                                             [WNEWYORK]

talk to the old man. he thinks you're Gina and that you disposed of
Sylvio (?!). he'll take you outside the streets, passing throught the
backdoor of the church. head right. at the end of the street is Laura.
she sells MUSCLE POWDER and BRAZILIAN COFFEE (boosts attack and agility,
respectively). now this lady's got a very brief and grotesque dream, and
you only have a very short time to stay in her dream. so if you think
you've got enough money and guts, use the headphones on her.

in her dream, meteors are about to burn New York, but she's still on the
leftmost end of the street, faithfully selling INDIAN SPICE and ASIAN
ROOT (boosts attack and HP, respectively). as i told you awhile ago,
you only have a very short time to hang around here (roughly five minutes).
with the limited time you have, you can only do one of two things: head to
Laura on the left and buy her stuff, or head right, killing off assassins,
and picking up gold bars and onions and other good finds. (for me, the
latter seems to be the better option.) then while the sky doesn't turn red
yet, use the headphones and immediately teleport elsewhere, then run, run,
run back to the streets of NY.

moving onward, nearby Laura is the door to the apartments. scour the rooms.
the northernmost room has a locked gate; it can't be opened (in a previous
save, i've tried every key in the game and nothing works; trust me. and
besides, the game can be finished with flying colors without opening that
gate). there's a wide set of stairs going up; head there, and you'll reach
Al Capone's Building. you'll see a large room on the right studded with
gold, and a circular stuff in the middle (that's the main reason why we
segued to NY before progressing in London). well, it's locked - note that.

anyways, keep working up until you reach the Hall of Glory. there are
spikes on a portion on the floor, right? if you think you're ready for a
real encounter, jump across those spikes (you cannot jump back until
someone is dealt with) and go meet the "godfather". after disposing of
Al Capone (the whole party should've leveled up by then), get the AL
CAPONE KEY on the couch. use this to unlock the large room with the
circular thing in the middle. it's the CHINESE GONG; pick it up.

now, how do we go back to London without having to run? talk to the old
man on the leftmost part of the street and tell him you're fed up.

N. London Again                                         [WLONDON2]

retrace your path to (#13). don't forget to hold those candles!! moving
on, we go north. keep walking until you reach a branching road northward
and eastward (#14). head north; at the end of the streat is the Toy Shop.
walk right in and pick up the CROSSBOW. oops... the next hall's locked -
note that. exit the shop...

back to (#14), we go east. you'll pass on a road with lots of fish and
meat; at the end of that road is a unlighted lamp that you can't light.
don't worry, you'll still move onto the next screen alive. scour the
alleys. in the second alley (i think) is a woman from India. she sells
CHANDERNAGOR ROOT (permanently boosts attack). use the headphones on
her to teleport to a room filled with boosters and supplies (and a
remarkable amount of oranges). use the door to return to the gloom.

follow the road; you walk onto a long bridge (London Bridge?) ending in
another unlighted lamp that you can't light. again, it's safe to ignore
that lamp. there's a house beside that lamp; ignore that for now. walk
straight ahead. finally, at the end of the road is the TOY KEY. the
house just in behind the TOY KEY is unlocked; enter it. there's a
replica of Erin in this house; use the headphones on her.

N1. Snowy Scape - Village of Infinity                    [WSNOWY]

if you keep walking south, you'll exit back to The Goat and The Duke
(the previous house). anyway, scour the southern area. keep your eyes
peeled for hidden spirit boosters. next, walk westward. there's a small
gap -  you can jump on that. you'll reach a branching road southward
and eastward (#15); go south. put your SNOW GLOVES and HAMMER OF
JUSTICE to good use, and pick up the ENCHANTER'S HAT. don't deal with
that purple glitch yet; return to (#15) to strengthen yourself. pick up
the HOURGLASS on the easternmost part of the place. talk to Damien and
use the headphones on him.

you'll teleport to a place called ???. there, you'll regain all the
stats you lost to those werewolves when they made you ill. you'll also
view several ads of the other games proudly made by Aldorlea. along the
way, you'll see a computer...

" this is the story of a man who had a dream.
  he knew stories and he wanted to tell them to people.
  he knew in his heart and soul that those stories could move
     and thrill people, and make them experience countless adventures.
  dreams are beautiful. believe in yours."

hmm.. inspiring. anyways, if you wish to see Damien again (and see him
vaporize again), dare to step on the skulls up north. use the stairs to
exit his dream.

if you think you're ready, kill off the purple glitch - your first
dreamlord, Repellin; he's a big chunk of experience, so try not to
ignore him. one hint: he loves to counter physical attacks; give Erin
something that deals heavy damage and an item that gives her a good
dodging chance. he'll be dead in one round. progressing in the game,
we head to the Toy Shop.

N2. Toy Shop                                             [WTOY]

run, run, run, back to the Toy Shop, but make sure you're well and
good before you attempt to get in the shop. the ripper awaits, and he
likes to counter. once Jack the Ripper is dead, head to the locked gate
and use the TOY KEY. clean up the room, then talk to the green teddy
bear. you need to awaken the toys, so the CHINESE GONG becomes handy
here. kill off the appearing glitches, then enter the hole opened in
front of the green teddy bear.

you're underground. the small room just to your right is the SUPER
LANTERN. equip it, and London brightens up! anyway, explore the chambers.
you'll find an HOURGLASS. keep working your way south through the gray
rocks, and you'll get another HOURGLASS. there's a door, enter it and
you'll find yourself in the Fun Store. talk to James. buy at least one
SOUVENIR CARD from him. you'll need it soon. back to the big room with
gears, then work your way east. at the end of the corridor is a treasure
room. pick up the GREATEST MIRROR. you'll need it shortly.

remember the house by London Bridge that i told you earlier to ignore?
it's time. on your way there, you may use the SUPER LANTERN; see how
much brighter the world could be!

the house is Baron Sylvania's residence (as in Transylvania >BD) notice
how much meat lurks in his house. talk to him, then use the headphones
on him.

N3. Count Vassili Manor                                  [WCVMANOR]

hm... CV... a hall filled with zombies and vampires...
and that background music... so where's the Leap Stone?? 8D
hehe, going back... you'll see two purple glitches. make sure you kill off
the other weaklings before letting the purples out. for now, try going
outside. if you want to go back to Baron Sylvania's house, walk to the big
square with a symbol. but i'm sure you want more adventure than that...

return to the manor and keep walking up north. get the DUKE'S HAT. work
your way up, and you'll enter the Room of Mirrors. as soon as you can,
equip the GREATEST MIRROR, lest the ghosts bring you back to the title
screen. keep holding this item until you exit the Room of Mirrors.

past this room is the Hall of So Many Doors. the name says it all.

the first pair of doors: Room of Dynasties & Room of Corpses.
in the Room of Dynasties... go get the ARCHIMAGE ROBE and the SAINT CROSS.
the latter will be useful for future exorcisms. of course, sweep the room.
in the Room of Corpses... dare through the green shrooms and the skulls,
and go get the SAINT CROSS.

the second pair of doors: Room of Confusion & Room of Lone.
in the Room of Confusion... well, just sweep the supplies; be careful while
doing so. the corridor due north? did you try to get through? and you heard
some otherworldly sound, and you can't pass? yep, it's a dead end. take it
from the name of the room.
in the Room of Lone... go get the SAINT CROSS.

before you explore the last two doors, go get the SAINT CROSS just up ahead.
the last pair of doors: Room of Vassilius & Room of Illusion.
in the Room of Vassilius, dare to get the SAINT CROSS. pick up supplies if
you need to.
in the Room of Illusion, you'll see an odd-colored wall tiling that looks
like... a passage to somewhere. keep walking, and pick up the MAGICAL
SCROLL right behind the three pillars. it's blank. and you've nowhere to
go. and it's gothic-dark. for a change, let's go somewhere sunny...

O. Egyptian Throne Room Once More                       [WTHRONE3]

equip the MAGICAL SCROLL and dip it in the Ancient Water of Vision. it will
reveal the code for the three pillars we've been earlier. now run, run, run
back to the Room of Illusion...

P. Count Vassili Manor - Room of Illusion               [WCVM-RI]

be back on the three pillars where you found the MAGICAL SCROLL, then
do as the scroll says (red for love, yellow for infidelity, violet for
friendship) to open the doorway on the right. welcome to Edna's - a smart
break from the gothic gloom of the manor. enter El Jacuzzi on the left
and get the BUTTERFLY RIBBON. equip it immediately on Erin to give you a
good dodging chance for the next episode. sweep the floor, if you need to.

get in the living room and turn left. you'll enter the Walker Hall. keep
walking and collecting boosters and go get the SAINT CROSS and the WARRIOR
MAIL. keep walking forward past the wall... you'll enter the Grand Room.
kill off the purple glitch, and pick up the MORNING STAR and the SAINT
CROSS. then sweep off the gold, then go back to the living room. before
talking to Edna, visit first her factory on the right and get the boosters
and the HOURGLASS. now talk to Edna and she'll tell you about the
odd-colored wall tiling - the entrance to her cellar. she won't show
you how to get in there until you get her heirloom back. go buy at
least one EDNA'S CARD. it'll save you from all the troubles of running
back to her once you find her precious... don't worry, you won't miss
it. definitely, that item's got the word EDNA on its name.

by this time, you should have seven SAINT CROSS. this allows us to safely
explore the mind of a lunatic...

Q. Elevator Again                                      [WELEVATOR2]

head straightway to Crypt #6 and rub shoulders with the blue Evil Man. use
your headphones on him...

Q1. Evil Crypt                                         [WEVIL]

we employ the "London Rule" here: equip a SAINT CROSS at all times! after
a poltergeist consumes a SAINT CROSS, equip another one immediately, even
before you plan to leave this place. pick up the last PARCHMENT BIT
(4 of 4) on the left of the doorway before straying further. if you wish,
you can follow the advice on the four PARCHMENT BITS for some good finds.
one important battle tip: if the glitch you came across had a "Fingers
of the Dead" in their party, kill it first! that'll save you a lot of HP
and replenishing supplies.

there's a doorway in the northern part of the area, with a brown
mushroom on the left. note the stringed instrument at the end of the
corridor barred by some blue wall; we'll get back to that. be careful
in picking up gold, some transform to skulls. some areas are barred by
more blue walls, so there's no option right now but to explore eastward.
keep moving eastward until you walk on a dark corridor. get EXCALIBUR
and equip it immediately on Erin. back to the cross-tiled floor, walk up
north and pick up supplies. then head south. work your way west, then
east. head northeast to a treasure room and go get the TOWER SHIELD.
now, go southeast and touch the blue crystal. get ready for purples -
dream catchers, to be exact. now go explore the areas previously blocked
by blue walls. keep exploring and you'll find the WARRIOR'S HELMET.
remember the stringed instrument? go get it - the BANJO OF THE GODS.
now, you've something to offer to a god...

R. God's Territory                                     [WGODST2]

run, run, run to Irene to enter her dream. equip the BANJO and enter the
second door to enter Zeus' realm. sweep the floor, and explore his crib.
you'll find a purple glitch - his name is Theo. buy good supplies from him.
keep exploring and you'll find an ANGRY TEDDY BEAR. keep walking until you
reach a gear portal and enter...

the Hall of the Great. walk around until you turn left, pick up supplies &
experience, and walk into the... the Hall of the Greater. pick up the
PALADIN ARMOR right ahead. turn left and get the HOURGLASS. walk right,
then up, and finish off the Big Foot and the Cyclop. turn right and enter
the room that leads to the Hall of the Greatest, which finally leads to
the Hall of the Small. at the end of this mini-maze is the LOVELY ROSES.
now you've something to offer to another god...

exit Zeus' realm then equip the ROSES and head to the first door, in
Hermes' realm. walk down, then left, to sweep the floor of gold and
boosters. then go to the first path that runs north and keep walking
until you pick up HERMES' SHOES. this finally allows you to jump through
all jumping spots! work your way south to get the MINOTAUR AXE. then past
the gear portal and enter through to get the BROKEN THING (2 of 2).
pieced together, you now have the ULTIMATE ENERGYZER! equip as soon as
you can!

now, exit Hermes' realm then equip the ANGRY TEDDY BEAR and head to the
third door, in Ares' realm. pick up the power ups and supplies. having
the shoes is truly swell; you can now span entire dreams with 'em. let's
start off with...

S1. Spring Woods Completion                             [WSPRING4]

there's a lone js in the Spring Woods. head there. you meet Bokden,
another vaporizer. sweep the floor and dig in onion soup. next,
the js's in Cheese Cave...

S2. Cheese Cave JS                                      [WCHEESE3]

jump straight up north then sweep the floor. then head to (#5) then walk
to the leftmost path and kill off the second dreamlord - Confusium. don't
worry, he's easy. clean off the room, if you need to. then head to the js
on the left of Clochette's chamber. follow the path, and oh, it stops on
a gate... note that. remember what the granny said: she lost her heirloom
along that path, and you're gonna get it back soon, in that same path.

we have now gone towards the last stretch of the storyline.
it's time to visit an old friend.

return to Lostham, enter the windows to get  some gold and an onion, then go
meet Pimpon, Terry's dog. enter his dream.

T. Chasm                                                [WCHASM]

simple. wear Hermes' Shoes and follow the dog! kill off King Kong, and keep
following Pimpon. at the end of the road is the Dreamscape Jailhouse. muster
enough courage to enter it.

T1. Dreamscape Jailhouse                                [WJAIL1]

dare to suffer two skulls, then set free the purple glitch caged by four
skulls. don't worry, they're just dream catchers. when they're disposed of,
head west. kill off your third dreamlord, Shya, and carefully clean up the
treasure room behind him. next, head north, and kill off your fourth
dreamlord, Tidus (he stuns and mutes, but brute force finishes him off).
then pick up the ANTHRACYTE right behind him. walk up ahead, and pick up
supplies. head east and dispose of the dream catchers (get used to them;
there's plenty of 'em inside waiting for you!) to enter the treasure room
with NATURE'S BLESSING (this makes Clochette hit twice; i'm not sure about
its effects on others).

now, enter the narrow corridor northward to grab some onion soup. follow
the corridor through the next jail area and go explore. if you wish to
dare, pick up the HOURGLASS through a skull-barred doorway. then grab more
onions. there are three locked gates - note that. there's a purple glitch
trapped in four black rocks - dreamlords Shya and Exafract (Shya again??
he's supposed to be plant food already!). anyways, if you think you're
strong enough, set it free and cook 'em up for dinner.

there are also three outlets: going north, west and east (#16). head west
and into the treasure room to pick up the BOMB for Clochette. equip
immediately!  westward is a dead end; don't worry, you'll get there soon.
walk back to (#16) and head north.

on the eastern part of the dungeon is a locked gate with a blue man inside
(is he evil again? you bet). work your way through this dungeon and pick up
any ANTHRACYTES you can find; you'll need it soon. there are two tau-like
pathways leading north (#17) and you can enter either corridor.

you now enter a region called "Our Dear Skull". simply trace the skull path
and follow the dazzling spots; they lead somewhere. just play around with
the arrow keys and you won't miss the hidden paths. see the teeth dotted
with boosters? there's a hidden entry by the right jaw; just test your up
and left arrow keys along the walls of the right jaw, and you won't miss it.
on the cranium, there's Bokden again. see him vaporize again. keep exploring
this skull and you'll pick up 2 ANTHRACYTES, and finally, the JAILHOUSE
KEYPASS in the nose. use this key to open the doors in this grim dungeon.
most importantly, remember this skull spot.

use the key to access the blue Evil Man (2 of 2) then enter his dream. no
need for SAINT CROSSES (phew!). you'll teleport to a Nuclear Factory. pick
up supplies and boosters. and oh, there's Bokden again. see him vaporize
again. the purpose of vaporizing people? dunno yet. there's a purple glitch
on the northeast area - Dreamlord Exafract (hey, i've killed this before
along with Shya; don't they tired of dying??) warning: his fractals may
kill in one shot; dispose of him as soon as you can. he's worth the efforts,
though - a heck of a lot of experience points. use the computer to exit
this dream.

by this time, you should have five ANTHRACYTES, so we return to (#16)
and finally head west. we now follow the "London Rule" using ANTHRACYTES
and pass through the fire-spewing dragon gargoyles. now, have the HERMES'
SHOES equipped and jump, jump, jump. you'll finally reach the Living Door,
who was a spirit of a powerful "skeleton", so powerful that they even made
a "room" for her, and that her key was just in her "mind". so go back to
"her room" and scour her "mind" - the Dear Skull! i told you to remember
this place, right? the SKULL KEY is on the "cranium". get it, then hop
back to the Living Door and use the SKULL KEY. then go meet Renegate Gizna
(he claims to be the best dreamlord... he's one sick liar; squish him off).

the next door leaves a puzzle: started out low, went so high, remained
very high, then went so low... using numbers 1 to 9, the only possibility
would be 1991... door unlocked!

we have now reached one of the most intriguing and mind-boggling sections
of the game...

T2. Jailhouse Amazing Game                              [WJAG]

a.k.a. JAG, this is a short relief from the lengthy gloom of the
Jailhouse. go meet Gigi again 'cause it's time to play!!!

(most of the credit for the solutions of these JAGs belong to the
kindly people in Aldorlea forums; you know who you are. thank you very

JAG#01: touch the red post then press ENTER.
JAG#02: walk upon the only lonely tile in the chain first.
JAG#03: step on the non-gear tile closest to the entryway.
JAG#04: step on the second to the last tile in the row then press ENTER.
JAG#05: the middle of the tile on row 2, column 2, then press ENTER.
JAG#06: touch the lonely broken stone door, then press ENTER.
JAG#07: this takes a little while. observe the glitches and press ENTER
        on the only stationary glitch.
JAG#08: consider each square with a complete design as a 4x4 tile. press
        ENTER on the only 1x1 tile.
JAG#09: 3 right, 2 down, 6 right, 1 up, 3 right. exit through the door.
JAG#10: 11 right, 4 down, 4 left, 1 up, 2 left, 5 down, 1 right, 1 down,
        1 right, 1 down (as you would notice, follow the coins. a gold
        coin means one step).
JAG#11: 2 right, 2 down, 3 right, 1 up, 2 right, 6 down, 4 left, 1 up
        (a pile of gold grains equates to two steps)
JAG#12: 1 down, 2 right, 3 down, 2 right, 1 up, 6 right, 3 down
        (i couldn't follow the logic on this one. i guess it's got
        something to do with the honey for Winnie, the meat for Tigger,
        and the carrot for Rabbit...)

after accomplishing those twelve puzzles, pick your prize. the first
one's a PALADIN ARMOR; the second one's the CHEESE POWDER; and the third
one is EDNA'S RIBBON. go pick the ribbon. if you want to have the other
prizes, use the JAG card by the doorway (pick it up, of course) to redo
the games. moving on, time to use Edna's card...

U. Count Vassili's Manor - Edna's                       [WEDNAS]

give Edna's ribbon to Edna, and she'll tell you to say "sesame,
ouvre-toi" to the odd-colored tile to open up her cellar. walk out of
her room and head to that same tile, and walk right in her cellar. go
get the SESAME KEY. then use the JAG card to teleport back to the
Jailhouse. no sweat.

V. Dreamscape Jailhouse Again                           [WJAIL2]

the JAG rooms exit in the area where we found a dead end in (#16).
save the power ups for purple glitch battles. along the way, the floor
will break under your feet, and you'll fall into the Pit of Amnesia.
interestingly, this pit keeps a key; pick up the CHEESE FLOWER KEY. as
you will notice, no one in your party remembers a thing, so use
something that can make them remember; the one they'll never forget:
the SOUVENIR CARD you bought from James in the Toy Shop. you'll be
teleported back to the Jailhouse area right after the JAG rooms.

why not use the headphones to visit the Cheese Cave for a minute?

W. Cheese Cave Once More                                [WCHEESE4]

retrace your path to (#5) and turn east. remember the steel gate?
use the most unlikely key for it: the JAILHOUSE KEYPASS. clear the
room if you need to, and pick up the HOURGLASS.

now, go back to Clochette's chamber, to the js that was blocked by
a gate. equip the Cheese Flower Key on Clochette and open the door.
walk straight up, dispose of the never-dying dreamlords Shya &
Exafract, and go get the FLORAL SEAL. again, use the JAG card to
teleport back to the Jailhouse. chill.

X. Dreamscape Jailhouse For The Last Time                [WJAIL3]

this time, skip the JAG games to pursue the end. past the hole where
lies the Pit of Amnesia, dispose of Renegate Arzueder (he's another
creep who loves to counter attacks; make sure Erin is well-equipped).
keep walking 'til you reach a brown door, and use the SESAME KEY on
it. dispose of the last two glitches (or use an HOURGLASS; anyway,
they're stationary), the purple one being Renegate Bode. use all the
power ups in the other room for this one, and he'll be cheap. as you
move toward the stairs, another glitch shows up from nowhere. it's
just a bunch of pythons; you've killed Bode and Exafract, so what's
left to worry about? afterwards, descend the stairs.

for the first gate, use the JAILHOUSE KEYPASS. for the second door,
equip the FLORAL SEAL onto Clochette and allow her to twist the bars
for "smart" Terry. now go, free Erin's man...

enjoy the ending. i wonder if i did.
but i enjoyed the whole trip, though.

IV. Main Characters                                     [MCHARS]

below are brief summaries of the main characters of the game,
including those that can be included in your party. every party
member learn a new skill whenever they reach a certain level, except
for Athena.

  A. Erin                                               [MCERIN]
     the protagonist of this game. she is also your main offense in
battle. when equipped with the right items, she's a tank. soon enough,
she'll learn passive and defensive spells.
=+=> Skills: Heal, Scream, Divert

  B. Terry (Terry Nash, according to Athena)            [MCTERRY]
     Erin's boyfriend. the game's duke-in-distress. when you've
finished the game, you'll wish that Erin would find a better boyfriend
than him.
=+=> Skills: None. Haha.

  C. Athena                                             [MCATHENA]
     she's the main spellcaster of your party. equip her with spell/
spirit/int-enhancing items. most of her usable spells are picked up, not
learned. she can cast two modes of each spell: either in a single-
targeted powerful shot, or in a less-powered, en masse blast. she's also
the sarcastic blabbermouth in the party, aside from Erin.
=+=> Skills: Particle Blast, Fire Launcher, White Nuke, Talisman,

  D. Peebo                                              [MCPEEBO]
     he's the Viking mouse you will meet in Athena's dream. you can
choose to include him in your party. at first, he doesn't seem to deal
much damage to the enemy, but equip him properly, and you have another
tank in your party. he is also valued by many because of his ability to
generate carrots, which are not to be underestimated in higher
difficulty modes.
=+=> Skills: Carrot Transformation, Might, Bad Smell

  E. Clochette                                          [MCCLOCH]
     she's the 732-year-old granny flower you will meet in Peebo's
dream. you can also choose to include her in your party. she is another
spellcaster, mainly boosting the party's stats and altering the enemy
party's status during battles. at first, her damage also seems
insignificant, but near the end of the game, she has an ultimate weapon
that, when equipped, makes her a killer flower.
=+=> Skills: Stun, Chlorophyll, Energy Boost, Encompassing Boost, Detox

                              SPOILERS ALERT!!!
+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +

  F. Marine                                             [MCMARINE]
     she's an unlockable character; you get her once you've restarted the
game after finishing Ataraxia mode without using the pink crystal. she
always strikes twice, counters when hit, and she's one violet tank.
=+=> Skills: Caring Aid, Courage, More Courage

  G. Saehral                                            [MCSAEHRAL]
     she's another unlockable character; you get her once you've restarted
the game after finishing Utopia mode without using the pink crystal.
=+=> Skills: Evil Radiations, Wild Bite, Curing Bite, Aura

     (To be updated...)

V. Game Modes                                           [GMODES]

Ataraxia - health of the party is increased by 200%.
Reward upon Completion: Crunch (improves health replenishment from apples)
                        Marine joins your party

Utopia - health of the party is increased by 150%.
Reward upon Completion: Crunch
                        Health Catalyst (heals more HP after every fight)
                        Saehral joins your party

Dream - health of the party is in normal amount.
Reward upon Completion:

Nightmare - health of the party is shrunk by 70%.
Reward upon Completion:

(To be updated...)

+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +
                               END OF SPOILERS

VI. Conclusion

=+=> Special Thanks                                     [CTHANKSTO]

this guide was written not from my discoveries alone. below is a list
of everybody i'd like to thank for their involuntary contributions
in making this guide what it is today, whether they know me or not.

* Aldorlea Games - the people who made and published this brain-teasing
game. without their efforts, naturally, this guide would not exist.
* Aldorlea Forums - to all who contributed in these forums, for helping
me find my way amidst the absence of a full walkthrough
* Sky Render - for providing a very good template for a walkthrough.
sorry, though, if i wasn't able to ask permission asap, to borrow your
template.  {:D

=+=> Afterword						 [CAFTERWRD]

i enjoyed the process of writing this guide, and I hope that somebody
finds it helpful.

+ = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = + = +
Copyright 2010, Obludagengs

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