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 Dreams To Reality

Dreams To Reality

Angkor Island :

. Speak to the blue gnome and full up your mana bar adn fly to the Hamman Isle.
. Once you have landed on the isle, catch the red gnome and pick up the magic bow that
  he gives you.
. Speak to the blue gnome standing in the corner of the door and activate the door
  with the "CTRL" key to open it and gain acces to the next level.
. Once you are inside the Hamman, kill the 2 monsters and pull the lever on the wall
  which opens a secret stone door on Angkhor isle.TIP: Try to avoid the fight
  whenever you can, just pull the lever and go out from this level.
. Pick up some blue mana and fly to Angkhor Isle: slip in the mouth of the statue.
  Once inside, kill the monsters that you see and jump over all the pits until
  you reach the point where a green gnome is standing still :turn back, go down
  the pit, fight the monsters and run always straight on.
. In the cavern, jump from a platform to one another and go on the left to pick
  up the key, and go to the green gnome to exit this level. TIP: When you first
  appear in this level, there is another way of getting out of this level: go straight on
  and you will see a golden statue standing on a column: if you stare at it, you will see
  that "packs" of mana are appearing all around him: jump to catch a pack of mana, and
  fly to pick up as much as you can.Then fly to the key and to the gnome to exit the level.
. The tunnel under the water: go always straight on and get sticked to the wall to your 

Magic Lake :
. You have to pick up 4 paintings:one on the earth, the 2nd one in the water, the 3rd one
  floating in the air and the last one, just inside a hole on the ceiling of the cavern.
  TIP: if you lack of mana, pick up some in the pool of water.
. Once this sequence completed, land on the ground and get through a kind of blue
  "crack" on the wall (with the "CTRL" key): there are many of them, just choose the good one!
. On Hamman Island: Get into Hamman, avoid all the monster and jump into the water pool:
  pick up the magic horn lying in one of the corners of the pool and exit the Hamman.
. Once outside: jump towards the flying whale floating in the air.
  Arcade sequence: You have to follow the whale and pick up all the mana that it
  is leaving behind, (try to be close to it whenever you can). 

˙ On the Island of the two rocks, fly and catch the flying red gnome
  whenever you see him and pick up the "healing spell" (which looks like a suitcase)
  that he is leaving behind in the air.NOTE: he is very swift and quick, but
  with a little bit of training, you will be able to catch him. Do not forget to
  use the "CTRL" key to pick up the healing spell.

Island of the statue

. Go and see the sorcerer standing near a statue: fly and climb on the top of the wall 
  (just behind the statue) surrounding the island and touch the red gnome, then pick
  up the "drum": you all this as fast as you can because the mana is fading away
  very quickly.If you find this sequence a little bit to hard, just try to pick up the 
  mana appearing in front of the statue, fill up your health and pick up some more mana to
  fly to the the red gnome.
  Once done, fly to the the island of the two rock, and then, to the Island of Africa.
. Give the drum to the priest, get the bow on the altar and get back to the Island of the
  statue: Go in front of the statue and use the "CTRL" key to gain access to the next
. In the torture room: speak to the green gnome locked inside a cage: seek and activate
  a lever on a wall in a dead end of a corridor and return to see the gnome.Jump onto
  towards the cage to free him.TIP: use the bow to kill the monsters, and heal your
  wounds whenever you are hurt, because the mana is always keeping on increasing.
  Just before exiting this level, heal all your wounds and full up your mana bar.
. In the room of the tiger: find the green gnome (who is at the end of this level)
  and lead him to the monster which stands still near a bed.TIP: Try to avoid the
  fight whenever you can for the monsters are very powerful.The best way to fight
  is to jump and kick at the same time.
. Island of the statue:pick up the bonus on the ground (white rabit in a hat), jump
  onto the white whale on the right and grab all the mana it is leaving behind.

Island of the columns :

. Once you have landed on the ground, on the temple floor, enter the temple from the
  left door, explore and take the invisibility spell given to you by a gnome.
  Go out and fly to the Island of the Canyon, on your right when you go out of the
  temple.TIP: you lack of mana? Just wait near the columns, some packs of mana should 
. On the Island of the Canyon: speak to the green gnome, and fly to the Balloon which
  looks like a red-white flying mushroom, and lead it to the green gnome standing
  still on the ground: be careful try to run around the gnome on the ground and guide 
  the balloon so it must be on the top of the head of the gnome.Pick up the item
  that he gives you.Once done, fly to the Island of the Column.
. Island of the Column: Enter the door on the left, and stay in the middle on the
  pentacle on the ground.Pick up the SURF.
  Go out of the temple and fly to the Island of the Wind Blower appearing in front of you.
  TIP: pick up some mana just before flying there.

Island of the Wind Blower:

. When you appear, turn back, fly round the left border of the Island until you reach
  the 1st door.Once inside, find the gnome: he will give you the key which opens
  the door to the musical room.Go out.
˙ When you appear outside, on the Island of the Wind Blower: restart the same sequence:
  turn back, fly round the left border of the island until you reach the 2nd door
  on the complete opposite side from where you are when you appeared on the isle.
  Once inside, jump onto the pit and speak to the gnome: he will give you the 1st
  magical note.Exit the level.
. On the Island: stay in front of the door and use the "CTRL" key to unlock it.
  Jump onto platforms from one to another until you reach the opposite side.
. Surf ride: accelerate and do not stop or slow down to get through this level,
  even if you get hurt when touching the walls.
. Once back on the Island of the Columns: get through the door on the right,
  kill the boss monster and blue gnomes.Speak to the green gnome, get the
  item that appears.TIP:The fastest way to get through all this: use the invisibility 
  spell to avoid all the monsters, speak to the green gnome, take the item and go out.
. Once gone out from the temple, fly to the isle of the wind blower.
. On Island of the Wind Blower: turn back, fly round the left border of the Island to 
  the 2nd door from the opposite side from where you are: speak to the 2nd gnome
  just to your left, after the pit: take the 2nd note. Go out.
. Enter the musical room: jump on the platforms from one to another until you reach 
  the opposite side.Ride the surf for a 2nd time:now, no need speeding, just 
  try not to crash on the walls.
. Take the bow, go towards the flying whale and jump onto it.
. Surf in the canyon: Do it AS FAST AS YOU CAN, even if you crash on the canyon


Arena :
. Speak to the shaman.
. Kill the moving brown gnome with the bow, get the "item" after his death:
  you must take in account the distance from you to the gnome and his speed, until
  the arrow that you have fired can reach and kill him.
. Stay in the middle of the arena, kill the appearing boss monster:
  kill him with the bow from a distance, or jump and kick at the same time.
. Go to the corridor just behind the white gnomes.
. In the corridor of birth, find the way out.

The Cascade:

. Fly to the red gnome and catch him .Pick up the "possession" spell with the "CTRL" key which
  appear in the air.
. Land on the ground and cast the "possession" spell. Swim underwater and speak to the
  mermaid.Once you have the mermaid's shape, seek a key near a dark hole on a wallnext to 4
. In the labyrinth underwater, always go straight and just get sticked to the wall on your
  right.Grab some packs of mana whenever you feel out of breath.Take the key on the floor,
  just inside a kind of triangle.Go straight on ,get sticked to the right wall until you 
  reach the exit just after a dark corridor.
. Fly to the green turtles: they are three.Just take one of them to the opposite side
  where 2 bosses monsters stand, but just try not to be too close to them or they will
  attack you. Just avoid the fight because you are too weak, and let the turtles do the
. Wait for the coming of your dark twin "clone" and let him hit you without moving.
. You will then fall in the pit of knowledge: kill the boss monster with the sword, because
  it is the easiest way.Invisibility spell is useless.
Arena of Maturity:
. Go to the passage just behind the white gnome who stands alone, 
. In the corridor, you have to pick up the "item" given to you by Ray, the scientist.
  Go out from the level once done.
. Go back to the arena, go and see the purple gnome standing on one of the statues,
  follow him and talk to him.

The Spider -1 st floor-:
. Wait until a red character appears and he will send you to the next level.
. In the Nightmare of Angkhor: you have to enter the cave and meet the red gnome who will
  give you your first "Spider".
. In the underground inside the spider: a new character appears and send you to the island
  of Haman.
. On the isle, you have to catch the red flying gnome, over you, to pick up the 2nd
  "Spider".TIP: avoid the fight with the monsters.
. Back in the underground inside the spider: wait for the coming of a character who will 
  send you to the next stage.
. In the nightmare of the shaman: go and see the purple gnome, wait until your mana
  is full, go to the center of the pentacle surrounded by tiny head statues:
  Kill the 3 red devils: fists blows or swords, you have the choice.But if your
  health is decreasing to quickly, just run away far away enough, so you can have time
  to cast the healing spell and once back on your feet, return to fight.At the end
  of the battle, go to see the shaman, follow him to pick up what he is dropping on the
  ground (another "Spider").
. In the underground from the Spider: a spider will follow you and it must fight the
  captain and the black crawling spider.

Outside the Spider: 

. Find the 2 characters and lead both of them near the green gnome by the giant spider.
. In the body of the spider filled by water, you have to swim to the yellow sphere, then
  go and meet the 2 characters.
. Once you can control the spider, fight all other enemy giant spiders (use the "Alt"
  key to fire), then go to the statue which has the shape of a head to exit the level.
  TIP: Use the invisibility spell whenever you want to fight the enemy spiders much more
Arena of Death:

. Back in the arena: kill the 3 tiny creatures who stands in front of the door.
. In the Corridor of Death, get the 1st letter when killing one of the red monsters
  near the way out leading to the Mountain of Evil.
. Go to the Moutain Of Evil and exit this main level to the Corridor Of Death: A
  foutain of mana appears: pick up as much mana as you can take.
. Get the 2nd letter when flying towards a gnome standing on one of the platforms, far away
  to your left when you enter the Mountain of evil.The 3rd letter is to be picked up inside
  the jaws of one of the huge stone statues just high above you.
  TIP: Get all the keys, only one at a time, for each, refull your mana at the fountain
  in the corridor of death.For the key which is in the jaws of one of the stone statues,
  high above you in the Moutain of Evil: once you have picked it up, land on the ground
  very quickly, before the mana fades away in this level.
. Back in the cavern (Corridor of death): jump onto the mana well to exit the level.
. In the arena: speak to the shaman.

The Fabric :

. Once you have spoken with the gnomes, go to the opposite side of the fabric, just in front
  of you, from the right or left sides, and activate the lever which is on a kind of
  pipeline bronze head.
. get back to where stand the 2 gnomes and jump onto the steer wheel.<**************
. In the labyrinth of the fabric, follow the narrow path to your left, until you
  reach the moving platforms.
. You will have to find a purple gnome who will give you the "omega" item, and then,
  keep on going until you reach the way out. This is a hard sequence: each time you die,
  you have to start it all over again !
. Back in the Regeneration Fabric: chose the path on your right and go to the right side of
  the metallic structure.
. In the fabric: Full up your mana and cast the "possession" spell on the minotaur and lead
  him to the generator in front of the platform from where you have appeared onto when the
  level started. TIP: In the beginning, wait for packs of mana to appear just in front of you.
  If they donnot come to you close enough for you to catch them, jump and catch them and
  then fly to grab another packs .
. Fly towards the character who appears.

The Tree:

. Fly towards the blue gnome.
. Lead him to the chair, pick up the camera.
. Inside the shark: Cast the "possession" spell on the green gnome and go outside.
. Go to speak to the mermaids: they give you an "item", then, go to speak to the guards.
. Go inside the shark's jaws.
. Once inside, go outside (once again!) and go to the green gnome who appear in front
  of you, far away.
. In the labyrinth underwater: the path to be followed is:go straight on, go to 2nd path 
  on your left,go straight on,go to 1st path to your left: take the key.
. Once you have the key, turn back, go to the 1st path to your right, and then the 1st
  on your left.Go straight on to the exit.
  Get back to the shark, once inside, go to the way out and the shark will leave.
. When you can take control of the shark and "pilot" it, you have to go out from the
  labyrinth very quickly .
. In the arena : kill the 2 sharks with the "CTRL" fire key. 

Outside the building, in the level of the Snake:

. Shoot the Snake and the Fish with the "CTRL" key.Be careful: the missiles that you fire,
  are invisible.
. Pick up the life (health points) bonus and touch the blue pentacle on the top of the
. Inside the building: once in front of the gnome, take the passage on your left.
. You have to destroy the tank and pick up the little red hood .
. Back in the level of the gnome, take the pasage on your right.
. You are attacked by robots: Go near the were wolf and it will transform into a child.
. Go back to the level where a gnome stands with the child.
. Take the passage which is in front of the gnome with the child.

Bill's Room:

. Once in this room, you have ot cast the possession spell on Ray and go near Bill.
. A lever will appear on the edge of the console. Cast the invisibility spell and pull
  the lever : at last, jump through the screen.
. In the cinema: kill the monsters and get into the room, on the top of the stairs.
. In that room, the guy has become evil and attacks you: go out quickly from this room and
  jump through the screen.
. In the 'Africa' Tunnel: Find the way out of it: take the 1st corridor on your left, then
  the 1st one on your right and at last the 1st one on your right.
. On the isle: kill the 3 monsters.
. Go back to where you came from and go inside the room on top of the stairs.
. Draw your sword, take the door on your right: kill the 2 red Devils and go out
  from the room immediately once the fight ends.

Bill's Room:

. Kill the monsters and go and speak with the "real" Bill.
. In the teleportation pod, run and avoid the guards until the given orders are CANCELED,
  then, go to the pod.
. In the "GAUDI" Level: kill the 2 ennemys and at last the Giant Scorpion.
. In the cave of "shiver":Find the way out from it.
. Speak to the priests, and jump from the high column.
. AVOID the fight against the boos: run without slowing down .
. In the "whale"'s Ride: follow it and pick up the mana.

Well of Dreams:

. In the well of dreams, fly to the other side of the well.
. in the lutin's nightmare: kill the other gnomes and you will be sent through a whirlpool.
. Fly to the other side of the well.
. In the servant's nightmare: kill the monsters and you will slip through another whirlpool.
. Fly to the other side of the well.
. In this nightmare, kill the gargoyles and you will be sent through the last whirlpool.

Back On Earth:

. Pick up the gun and look for the motor bicycle.
. On your bike now, look for the soldier and get rid of him.
. Look for the tiny green gnome near the way out: explore this level until you find him.
. In the Techno-military maze: kill the soldiers that you will find on your path and you will
  be caught at last.
. In the prison: wait until the shaman disappear and go to the bed.
. Outside: go straight on until you reach the wait out.
. In the room, let the tiny green gnome follow you, take the corridor in front of you
  and enter the door that you will find at last.
. Jump through the hole (or window) that you see on the upper platform and open the door
  that you will find. TIP: You'd better cast an invisibility spell.
. In this new level: kill the soldiers and find the bike.
. Once outside: look for the owner of the bike.

Way to the pyramid:

. Speak to the blue gnome, go always straight on and keep on shooting the ennemies until
  you reach the way out.
. Fly on the top to gain access to the fire world and find the fire priest.
. Cast possession spell on him, go out from the fire world and let yourself slide
  into the hole until you gain access to the world of water.
. Wait for a while until the water disappears and look for the water priest.
. Cast possession spell on him and lead him to the fire world.
. You are Duncan from now on, get out from the water world.Kill the 4 Guardians and
  you will be in front of the "Dark One". Tip: bear in mind to find some mana
  to heal your wounds. The best way to kill them all is for you to be found (spells...).
. Cast "possession spell" on the body of the child and lead him to the "Dark One" to
  vanquish him for the last time.

By Jean-Luc, Dominique and Minh Nhat Christophe

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