Dream Train 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dream Train 2

Dream Train 2

View the flyer on the upper left rack. Take note of the letters 
(screenshot, or write them down somewhere). Turn to the right and 
do the butterfly puzzle.

Start the bugs and stop them when they are facing the line. You only 
need to move the top four.
Back out of the screen. Do the apple puzzle. Itís similar to Red Light, 
Green Light. You can only take apples when the girl is NOT looking. When 
she turns, do NOT move at all. Take the prize and back out of the screen.
Turn to the left. Step forward and click the window on the right. Do the 
turtle game.
Just click the turtle when you want it to move up. Collect the oncoming bubbles.
You should end up with the following 42524.
Back out of the screen. Click the window on the left (this is optional, as 
there are multiple endings). Click the piano as it flies by. Each key is 
assigned to a letter of the alphabet. a-n on the white keys, o-x on the 
black keys.

The hammer:
Click on the window directly to the left of the conductor. Do the planet puzzle.
In case you didnít know, the order of the objects is sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, 
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Select the object as they are listed. You will get a key.
Now go click the window directly to the right of the conductor. Do the puzzle.

Itís a matching game. Infinite tries. Get the key when youíre done.
Back out of the screen, and turn back to the phone.
Click near the ground below the phone. Open the box and get the stool.
Back out of the screen and turn right twice.

Put the stool down. You can peek inside, but you canít do anything with the 
machine yet. Face the conductor, turn around, go all the way forward, and turn 
to the right. You should see an egg.
Hatch the egg. Now you must click the chick repeatedly until it turns white. 
This may take a few tries. It will get the key for you.
In the same area, click the window (the one that doesnít show you the tracks, 
but the whales.)
Note the shapes on the whale. They look like numbers, donít they?

You should see 7777777 (seven 7s).
Go back to the phone.
Enter the value you found from the whales.
This should trigger another event.

The door unlocks. Click on the door and youíll see the conductor. 
You may click on it and it will trigger less annoying music. 
Make sure heís got the apple.
Go back to the window where the whales were.
The girl should be there. Go forward.
You are now off the train. Turn left.

You can select any of the shapes. If you want the God end, you have to pick 
either the club or diamond. I have not yet gone through all the choices, but 
for the purpose of this (incomplete!) walkthrough, I will select the heart 
since I already did the God ending earlier. Back out of the screen, then turn 
right. Approach the mirror for some information. 
Back out of that screen and go forward.

Click the symbol. Get back on the train. Return to the conductor and turn right.

Go ahead and view the machine in cubby hole. Put the key in and itíll say ďokĒ.
Go back to the conductorís door.

He should be gone. Go forward.
The rest is self-explanatory.

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