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 Dream Web

Dream Web



The first thing to do is pick up your credit card which can be found in your 
wallet, lying on the left hand side of Eden's desk (bedroom). Leave to the right 
and pick up the red cartridge lying on a crate at the top of the room. Examine 
the microwave and you'll find a key which you need (I forgot it and it left me 
in a right state!!) Next, go through the door on the right, down the lift and 
into her garage. Pick up the screwdriver lying on the car. Leave her flat 

Go to your own flat, keying in 5106 at your door. Get the knife lying on your 
bed and while you're at it, pick up a cup. Take the cup to your kitchen (south) 
and use the tap (sink) with the cup to fill it with water. Go back to your 
bedroom. Examine the cartridge of Eden's with your network screen (put the card 
into the interface, click on screen etc.). You'll get the code for Sartain 
Industries (7833 needed later on). Get the red cartridge lying to left of the 
keyboard and examine this cartridge in a similar way. This time log on with 
"RYAN", password "BLACKDRAGON". Read the file "PRIVATE" which will give you your 
friend, Louis' address. 

Leave your flat and head towards Louis' house. Walk into the lobby and get 
mugged (would you normally go somewhere where you KNOW you're going to be 
mugged?!?). Once the thief goes away, go back into the lobby and head for the 
room to the south. This is Louis' room. Punch in 5238 at the keypad and in you 
go. First of all, walk to the unit on the left hand side (where the microwave 
is). Examine it and you'll find Louis' pool hall entrance card. Examine the card 
itself by clicking on it with your right mouse button, while in the inventory 
screen. This will give you the address of the pool hall. Go and have a chat with 
Louis who's sitting on the shitter. He'll tell you where to get a gun from. Take 
both of his trainers which are also in the toilet (nice friend you are!). Click 
on both trainers in the inventory screen with the right mouse button to wear 
both shoes. 

Leave Louis' flat and head towards Sparky's bar (Wehey! I've even got a bar 
named after me, cool, huh? I'm not the fat slob behind the bar though folks!). 
Go and talk to the bloke sitting at the bar. He'll tell you where Crane is. Then 
have a bit chat with Sparky (friendly me, as always!) who'll give you a loan 
providing you put your credit card through the scanner on the bar. Once you've 
got the loan, leave the bar and head towards the pool hall. 

Enter the pool hall and talk to the assistant behind the bars. If you moan on 
properly he'll let you use Louis' card to get in to the hall. So place your card 
in the card reader and go inside. Use the lift and when you leave go and talk to 
the barman who'll give you Mr. Silverman's door code (5222). Keep walking to the 
left until you get to his door, punch in the code and enter the room. Talk to 
Silverman and put your credit card through the reader. He'll the give you a gun. 
Take the gun and leave the pool hall the way you came in (unless you can find 
another way). 

Outside, make your way to the Regency Hotel. Walk over to the tart at the 
reception and book a room. She'll ask you for your credit card, so stick it in 
the scanner and out will pop a brown passcard. Pick it up and go to the door on 
the north wall. Press the switch on the control box and go into the lift. Use 
the lift control box with the passcard to take you up to your floor. Leave the 
lift, walk to the left and then down towards the fire point at the bottom of the 
screen. Open the fire point and get the axe. Then go back to the lift. Once 
inside the lift, use your knife on the control box to reveal a green wire. Again 
use your knife to cut the wire. This will disable the lift. Now, in the top 
right hand corner of the lift is a handle. Use it. You'll end up on top of the 
lift. Walk to the lift doors (south) and use your axe to prise the doors open. 
Now don't get too excited with your gun here when you see the two guards, 
through your axe first. Then you can use your gun to shoot the other guard. 
Hurry quickly to the left and down in the next room which contains a 
rockery/pond. Wehey you dirty git! Just shoot Crane on his bed, never mind the 
bimbo. This will take you to The Keepers. 

Have a little chat with The Keepers if you wish. Head down through two rooms 
until you get to the bottom where the purple crystal is. Pick it up. Go to the 
room on your right and use the first door on your right. Once inside use the key 
(which you got from the microwave!?!?) to destroy the plinth and return you to 
your world. 


I like this bit. Go home first of all and use your network screen to read the 
newsnet. Read the "TVSPECIAL" and you'll remember how to get to the Channel 6 
studios. Leave your flat and go there. Walk all the way around the building 
until you come to a road which has some brown numbered markings on it. Go left 
here and talk to the old bloke behind the desk. After having a nice friendly 
chat, kill him. Go to the control panel/desk and press some buttons. This will 
allow you access into the building if you walk to the left of the barrier. 

Once inside, walk to the desk. Pick up the leaflet and drop it immediately. This 
should reveal a green passcard on the desk. Take the passcard and walk to the 
room on the left. Use the passcard to get into the cleaning cupboard (bottom of 
this room). Walk over to the right of the cleaning cupboard and you'll find a 
fusebox. Use your screwdriver to open it and a brown fuse will fall out. Take 
the fuse and leave for the room where you got the green passcard. This time go 
to the room on the right. Go up the screen into the next room and use the 
ladders in the corner of the room. 

Now the fun starts. Walk to the control box for the crane and open it. Inside is 
a blown fuse. Throw it away and replace it with the new brown fuse you got from 
the cupboard. Now activate the controls and squash the poor sod below. 

This time when you visit The Keepers, go down two rooms and to the left, taking 
the first door. Put your key in the plinth etc as before. 


On returning to the real world go back to Eden's flat. Her door number is 2865 
as you should know. Go upstairs, back into her bedroom (let her get a bath in 
peace) and examine her personal organiser. This is just beneath the rotating 
fan. Press the "N" key (on the organiser) 5 times and you'll get the address of 
Sartain Industries. Leave her flat and head towards Sartain Inds. Use the code 
7833 at the doorway and in you go. A really hard part here just blow up the 
computer screen with your gun and walk to the left. Walk through the opening and 
closing doors, go up the lift and prepare for a nice welcoming comittee. 

Leave the lift and you'll see a couple of guards. Use your crystal here and 
watch their guts fly all over the place. Go to the room south of here and open 
the case. Get the document inside. Read it now if you want, or after you kill 
Sartain. I'd read it now and get it over and done with. Next go to the room on 
your right, up both flights of stairs and onto the roof. Go to the left on top 
of the roof and shoot the plane/craft with your gun. 

Once again you'll visit The Keepers. This time go south once and take the door 
on your right.. 


As you appear in the car park, go left past the Mini (don't skit I used to have 
one!!). Grab the wire cutters from the back of the truck and leave the carpark 
by walking upwards. 

After reading that document you'll know where her house is. Go there, walk 
towards the thick wall and climb over. Go south and.. oh dear, someone's done 
you a favour. She's already dead. Never mind, pick up the blue cartridge while 
you're here and leave (climb back over the wall and head to the left). 


Go to the boathouse. At the entrance to the beach, grab the piece of railing 
south of the entrance. Walk to the right, near the water. In this screen you'll 
see a junction box under the sand above you. Use the junction box and you'll 
wipe off the sand. Use it again with the piece of railing to prise off the 
covering panel. Now use it again with your cup of water, see things go bang and 
then climb through the hole in the window, to the right. You'll see what's left 
of Underwood (not much). Kill her and back to The Keepers where you want to go 
south two rooms and then left, taking the second door.. 


This is where I had to cheat (twice so if anyone knows how to do this bit 
properly, please let me know!). Go home and examine the blue network card you 
found at Chapel's house. What's the problem? Well, you'll have to log on as 
Beckett without properly knowing his password. Okay, its "SEPTIMUS" but I didn't 
find that out by actually playing the game or talking to anyone else!! Read the 
"BRIEF" file and you'll find out where the old church is. Leave your flat and go 
to the church. Use the wire cutters on the right hand gate to gain access to the 
church. Proceed through the doors and you'll see a skeleton. Get the hand lying 
next to it (to the right of the skeleton). Keep going south until you arrive at 
the altar. 

Remove the rubbish on the altar (two candlesticks and a white cloth). Just pick 
them up and drop them. On the top of the altar is a hole. Place that hand inside 
that hole (ooer!!). You'll hear a clunk. Now push the altar to reveal a bigger 
hole. Slide yourself down the hole. 

Now you'll find yourself in a tomb. There's a jar to the left. Examine it and 
take the red ball. Place the red ball into the centre floor tile with the three 
oblique holes. Now you can get the other two by moving the top off the tomb. 
Place them both in the remaining holes and be sure to collect the rock which is 
inside the tomb. Go through the open door to the right, collect the two rocks in 
this next room and walk upwards. You'll find a statue here which requires some 
thought to use properly. Again, I'm sure you must get the correct symbol from 
somewhere else but I don't know where so here's what to do: There are two parts 
of the statue which rotate. Each part contains six markings with matching 
markings on the other part. Start by keeping the top part still. Press the 
purple button and listen for a clunk. If you hear a clunk, you can stop this 
procedure here. If you don't hear a clunk, rotate the bottom piece by one and 
press the button again. Repeat this until the bottom piece has turned six times 
(the original marking will reappear). Now turn the top piece by one and repeat 
the process of rotating the lower part and pressing the button. Get the idea 
keep doing it until you hear that clunk. 

What a pain, eh? Okay, now you've heard that clunk move down south as far as you 
can go and then go into the room on your right which will contain a bed. In the 
upper right hand corner of the room hides a rock. Take it. Leave the room, and 
keep going left, picking up any rocks you see on the way. Then go up, picking up 
rocks if any. You'll see a room with a cart, go left here and get the remaing 
rocks. You should collect 8 rocks in total; load them all onto the cart and give 
it a push. It will move southwards and create a hole in the southern wall, two 
screens below. Go through the hole and then to your left. 

Go south down the steps and you'll see the priest who's entered Entropy. To the 
right hand side of this room is a hole. Go down this hole and walk to your left, 
taking you onto a railway platform. Go upwards here, and upwards on the next 
screen. You'll then see a hole in the wall on the left hand side. Go through 
this hole and there's Beckett who'll give you a boring lecture. Wait for him to 
shut up. Once he's shut his mouth, just LEAVE the room as soon as you can. Don't 
waste time or you'll have to listen to his crap all over again. If you manage to 
make it out of the room he'll get ran over by a train and that's it!

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