D's Room Escape 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 D's Room Escape 3

D's Room Escape 3


Room 1
1-1. Move green man - get rope
1-2. Move spaceship around room until four green men are visible - 
     get coins (1, 2)
1-3. Go right.
1-4. Click green man; white man falls - get coin (2)
1-5. Click bottom-right of window, opening curtain - get coin (3)
1-6. Click window to open - get extension cord
1-7. Use cord in wall socket
1-8. Click white man (now pointing), and click center of ferris wheel.
1-9. As wheel rotates, get green figure that appears on white circle.
1-10. Go left, and insert green figure onto tall green man, which opens door.
1-11. Click doorknob

Room 2
2-1. Click left door, and use rope to make banana fall - get banana.
2-2. Put banana on plate - click monkey.
2-3. Close left door, and open middle door.
2-4. Get coin (5), and click star on roof.
2-5. Close middle door, and open right door - get star.
2-6. Go left, and get coins (6-10, 11, 12) on shelf.
2-7. Get coin (13) on floor, behind cabinet.
2-8. Use star on middle of poster - click handle to open cabinet.
2-9. Open top-left drawer - get coin (14)
2-10. Open bottom drawer - get spade.
2-11. Open right cabinet - get colored item.
2-12. Go right, and use spade on ground where monkey's tail is pointing.
2-13. Go down into hole

Room 3
3-1. Click button on bottom right of screen to open gate at end of tunnel.
3-2. Click dark opening to advance down tunnel one screen.
3-3. Get coin (15) on left floor.
3-4. Click dark opening (notice another door at top of screen).
3-5. Click opening two more times until you reach door.
3-6. Click white button - door turns red.
3-7. Open door, get coins (16-20), click doorknob to close door.
3-8. Click button twice (door now yellow).
3-9. Open door, get coins (21-25), close door.
3-10. Click button (door now green), open get screwdriver.
3-11. Click bottom of screen twice to go back down tunnel.
3-12. Go up through door to pink room.

Room 4
4-1. Notice small pink rectangles - move each to get coins (26, 27, 28).
4-2. Click on clock numbers (9, 12, 6, 3, 12) as it rotates.
4-3. After clock falls, click to find and get crowbar on back.
4-4. Go right and use screwdriver to remove screws to bottom-right panel.
4-5. Click to remove panel, and get coins (29-33) between figures.
4-6. Click removed panel to turn over get coins (34-38)
4-6. Move mouse to grey panel. 
4-7. Click and hold button on grey panel, while dragging mouse around.
4-8. Bar on right will increase until panel disappears - get coin (39).
4-9. Click pink square and drag panel to reveal "guess a number".
4-10. Guess number (<1000) and click "check" - arrow shows direction of 
      actual number
4-11. Keep guessing until grey figure appears - get figure, and go left.

---- OPTIONAL "Alien End"----
4-12. Move floor panel, and go back down into tunnel.
4-13. Click bottom of screen twice, and go up into Room 2.
4-14. Click doorknob on right to enter Room 1.
4-15. Go right, and use crowbar on grey line to open door.
4-16. Click alien, and get alien key.
4-17. Go left, and click doorknob to enter Room 2.
4-18. Click floor, and enter tunnel.
4-19. Click button on bottom right of screen to open gate.
4-20. Click dark opening twice, and go up to reenter pink room (room 4)
4-21. Insert figure into door. Click doorknob and enter next room.

Room 5
5-1. Get coins (40-44) in Brazil flag.
5-2. Select colored item in inventory, and click statue, opening door below.
5-3. Get honey, go right
5-4. Move Canada flag - get coins (45-49).
5-5. Use honey on middle bear - get bamboo.
5-6. Go left, and use bamboo with panda bear - get coin (50).
5-7. Go right, and move the sign about sphinx to reveal sheep - get sheep.
5-8. Use sheep on koala bear, and get camel.
5-9. Use camel with sphinx - get soccer ball.
5-10. Go left, and use soccer ball with question mark.
5-11. Click on soccer ball
5-12 (optional). Use alien key for "Alien End"
5-12. Get blue key on desk, and use key to open door.

END1 - Independent End

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