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Duckman Walkthru
by Pepsi Lizard

This game contains what I call modes. If you right click the mouse the cursor
switches between two mode. Mode 1, the Normal mode shows the cursor as Duckman
w/question marks ober his head. Mode 2, Pisssed off mode, shows Duckman mad.

1. Use Normal Mode on Julio, then use Pissed off mode on him to get the TV
2. On the map click on the spa. Use Normal mode on the intercom, talk about
Julio and then about his green card.
3. Pick up the matches and goto Paramount.
4. Use Normal mode on the guard at the gate. Use Pissed off mode on the
5. Goto your house. Knock on the door and talk to Ajax about a jacket.
6. Click on the doorframe to go into your (former) room. Use Normal mode on
the crate.
7. Kill Fluffy and Uranus (not neccesary, but really funny, to kill them use
Pissed off mode on any of the following objects)
8. Go outside and pick up the garbage can lid and use the matches with the
9. Goto the Duckman Superstore.
10. Pick up the cardboard cutout of the new Duckman and enter the Superstore.
11. Talk to the reporters, then go into the back room. Use the cutout on the
markings on the floor. Pick up the tape recorder and go up to the room at the
top of the steps.
12. Go back to Fluffy and Uranus's house. Use the tape recorder with the
13. Go back to the Superstore, go into the back room, put the tape recorder
back, then use the doll with the new Duckman.
14. Go to the agent's office and get the fortune cookies. Read them and
remember the characters for "YOUR MOTHER SLEEPS WITH INFECTED MEN"
15. Use the opera lessons with the light bulbs on the billboard. Use Pissed
off mode on the phone. When the repairman comes use Pissed off mode on the
controls. Put the lever in the DOWN position. Engage the brake. Put the lever
in the UP position. When the screen says CAUTION! disengage the brake and get
the sparkplug and use Pissed off mode on the tool compartment of the truck and
get everything in it.
16. Go into the plumbing store and used Pissed off mode on the Chinese guy.
Talk about the Chinese glyph, when it comes your turn to speak Chinese just
say the glyphs for "YOUR MOTHER SLEEPS WITH INFECTED MEN" When he goes to kick
you use the can lid on him.
17. Goto Dante's Infernally Good Pizzeria. Use Pissed off mode on the plunger
at the sauce station, when it doesn't work, use the plunger on the mouth of
the 'demon' sauce dispenser.
Use Pissed off mode on the plunger at the cooking station, go into the back
room and get the glow~in~the~dark Elvis poster and exit the pizzeria to the
18. Go back to the back room at the pizzeria and put the Elvis poster back on
the wall. Use Pissed off mode on the deadbolt. Use the matches on the pilot
light and go back and push the plunger. Push the plunger at the chainsaw
station, use the spark plug on the chainsaw.
19. Goto your house and use the wrench on the faucet handle. Get the Guide To
Picking Up Women from the tool box.
20. Goto the Superstore and talk to the guy selling Wacky Putty. Talk to him
about money and then give him the Guide to Women.
21. Goto the Christmas Tree Museum. Get the ladder from the fire hall and use
it on the gas truck. Also use the red spray paint and the Discotronic hat on
the truck.
22. Go into the museum and use Normal mode on the old lady.
23. Goto Paramount. Use the Wacky Putty on the steps of King Chicken's
trailer. Use the Dante's Pizzeria business card on the payphone. In King
Chicken's trailer use Normal mode on the blueprints and click on the
blueprints and the script.
24. Use the TV remote on the Robot Duckman. Click power and then the button on
your right in quick succession.
25. Use the spray paint on the lower lefthand corner of the screen. Pick up
the bucket and squeegee and use them on the window.
26. Use the teleporter controls to locate and teleport in the repairman.
27. When falling thru space use the gum on the chair.


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