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 Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D

Secret Places List v1.1 |

I. Some routine mumbo-jumbo

After hours of exploration, I've finally completed
this list of secret
places for Episode 2 and 3.  If I have the time, I may
include the
unofficial secrets in future versions.

This latest version also fixes a few location errors.

If you find any inaccuracy in my list, please feel
free to inform me.

Please distribute this list to whoever you want!

Thanks and enjoy!

II. List of secrets for Episode 2

+ The number in parenthesis beside the name of the
level denotes the
  total secrets in that specific map.

E2L1 - Spaceport (6)

1. Check the column of broken screens in the room with
   lots of monitors showing the Earth and Moon.
2. Walk to the monitor in the dead end near starting
   point, a niche will open to your back.
3. Jump into the vent in the room with a blue key.
4. Solve puzzle with 4 switches by turning the third
   switch from left.
   Enter door and go down through the elevator.
5. In the central column area on second floor, fly and
   pick up the atomic health near the ceiling, you'll hear a 
   door opened. Now quickly jump down through the column, 
   go back to the first floor, and look for an opened door at a corner.
6. Fly up from central column.

E2L2 - Incubator (5)

1-2. In the opposite direction of the yellow switch,
open up the little niche, get into it and search the inside wall
3. Jump into the Earth Defense emblem.
4. Search for a door left of the rising console in the
lower dark area.
5. Open a panel in the upper dark area.

E2L3 - Warp Factor (2)

1. After the entering the yellow door, find a niche
   with steroid in it, look up and shoot the switch. Quickly run to the
   other side of the room and enter the now lowered column. Welcome to
   the Bridge of Starship Enterprise! :)
2. Operate "Picard's console" for yet another little surprise.

E2L4 - Fusion Station (7)

1. In the squishing lightning columns area, search the wall facing the
   columns on the other side of the entrance.
2. Turn left from the secret area described above and fly up for another
3. Get down one of the lightning columns and search the wall facing the
   narrow tunnel.
4. In the rotating water driven motor area, walk in front of the monitor.
   You'll then hear a door open, quickly rush across the water to the
   other side of the room, a secret room is opened.
5. On the third level in the central complex, enter the left room upon
   entrance.  Search the column at a corner.
6. On the third level in the central complex, enter the double door and
   fly up to the ledge, there is a crack in the cave to your right.
7. On the same ledge, go to the secret place to your left.

E2L5 - Occupied Territory (4)

1. After opening the huge gate near the emblem, crouch and walk into the
   gate's right end.
2. After you walk deep into the moonlight corridor, a door will open
   near the entrance.
3. In same moonlight corridor, there are two vents facing the holoduke
4. In the red door room, go straight ahead and check the lower right

E2L6 - Tiberius Station (8)

1. Get into the armory, there is another small door directly ahead of you.
2. Bomb a crack after you enter the door with a Tiberius Station sign.
3. Enter an invisible wall opposite the drinking fountain in the dark
   corridor with 2 elevators.
4. Search the wall beside the door with a Danger: Radioactive Material
5. In the toxin pool, float on top of the toxin and swim to your left,
   search the wall for a room.
6. Do the above to the right wall.
7. Bomb another crack after the elevator near the toxin pool.
8. After killing the mini boss in the red key room, turn left and get
   into the vent.  Quickly move toward the other end of vent and fly into
   the now opened door.

E2L7 - Lunar Reactor (7)

1. After dropping through the vent in Crew Quarters, hit the switch
   and quickly run to the right niche.  Now search for a secret room in 
   a corner in the toxin pool.
2. In the open area where a turret is shooting at you, turn to your left
   and search the panel.
3. In the same open area, there is a cave straight below the turret.
   Jump into it and May The Force Be With You.
4. Shoot the hanging vent and jump on top of it, there is a cave to your
5. Follow the yellow turbine to where the red card is, search the panel
   to the right of the card.
6. Jump into the room to the left of the reactor.
7. Jump into the room to the right in the same area.

E2L8 - Darkside (7)

1. Check the map in the central room overseeing the Alpha and Beta signs.
2. Bomb a crack in the Alpha train waiting area.
3. After passing the collapsing cave in Alpha, go through the door and
   enter the area to your right.  Check the wall to the right of the
   tubes.  You can do the above to the left area also.
4. In the train waiting area after the blue key elevator in Gamma
   Transport, check the map for a niche.
5. In Gamma, enter the vent after the elevator. Follow the tunnel and
   enter the room to your left.  Bomb a crack high up.
6. In the Beta train waiting area, fly up through a vent.
7. After jumping out of the monolith, turn to your left and bomb the
   crack.  The passage will lead you to the secret area "Lunatic Fringe".

E2L9 - Overlord (4)

1. After you swim out of the beginning passage, swim up to the water
   surface and search for an invisible wall nearby.
2. Jump to the central lightning column after it comes down, quickly
   rush to a now opened column by the side of the water.
3. Bomb a crack mid way up a path near the waterfall after killing the
   mini boss.
4. While you're fighting the boss, quickly slip into his control room,
   a wall facing the huge door will now open.

E2L10 - SpinCycle (0)

E2L11 - Lunatic Fringe (0)

III. List of secrets for Episode 3

E3L1 - Raw Meat (7)

1. After you enter the Japanese restaurant, jump into the invisible
   wall beside the first ceramic doll.
2. Search the Exotic girl poster.
3. Blow up the crack in the last room down the corridor.
4. Search the price list left of the BAR flourescent light.
5. In the sushi bar area, touch the bloody handprint and a room around
   the corner will open.
6. Opposite of the bloody handprint, open the ground cupboard.
   Crouch and walk into it, turn to your left search the wall.
7. In the kitchen, search the cupboard next to the
entrance door.

E3L2 - Bank Roll (5)

1. Open the ATM machine in front of the bank.
2. In the blue key area, click the button behind the desk, the painting
   in the room will open.
3. Just after you enter the bank, turn right and look up the wall, shoot
   the button and the telephone will open behind you.
4. Outside the secured area, search the painting behind the desk.
5. Get into the Gamma turbine, blow up the red colored crack in a corner.

E3L3 - Flood Zone (5)

1. Shoot the vines underwater near the waterfall, enter the cave and
   swim up.
2. On the platform with the blue key, jump into the invisible wall to
   your left.
3. After exiting the yellow door, turn right and jump up to the small
   cave, search the wall at the end.
4. Fly up to the end of the building facing the Alley Cat Lounge sign,
   check the last window to your right.
5. Push the yellow Hard Hat Area sign inside red door, a crate will open
   around the left corner.

E3L4 - L.A. Rumble (3)

1. Bomb the crack to your right after you leave the sewer in the
2. In the kitchen area with a blue key, check the cupboard "under the
3. In the CEO room, check the painting to the right of the red key.

E3L5 - Movie Set (4)

1. Push the register in the beginning area, rush to the snack vending
   machine near the blue key.
2. Jump into the Earth screen facing the spaceship set.
3. Search the stack of boxes facing the Stage 17B sign.
4. Jump into the Duke Nukem poster in the open area.
*  Push the USA sign near the yellow key.  It'll open up the room to the
   secret level "Tier Drops".

E3L6 - Rabid Transit (6)

1. At the first station, search the Lunar Apocalypse poster.
2. Jump onto the left condom vending machine facing the train.
3. While you're walking on the track toward the second station,
   blow up a crack to the right of the box with a Devastator.
4. At the second station, search the "No Loitering" sign on top of a
5. Search the wall in the dark area beside the mailbox.
6. Lower the left shelf in the red door room by jumping from the top of
   the left shelf to the right one.

E3L7 - Fahrenheit (4)

1. In the house near the "Guilty" sign, search the painting.
2. Blast all the bottles in the same area and jump into the shelf.
3. Rush into the invisible curtain in KTIT broadcasting station.
4. Open the door in the monitors area in KTIT.  It's a secret place but
   the red key is in there also.

E3L8 - Hotel Hell (3)

1. Search the wooden wall on the 2nd floor bar.
2. In the same area, search the wine cupboard.
3. Rush into the fountain near the swimming pool. You'll then be
   teleported to a jungle.  Touch the bloody handprint and go meet
   Doctor Jones!
*  The entrace to the secret level "Freeway" is in the above jungle area

E3L9 - Stadium (0)

*  Shoot the Duf Beer air balloon for lotsa goodies!

E3L10 - Tier Drops (4)

1-4. Open the walls between the smaller niches in Alpha, Beta, Gamma and
     Delta areas.

E3L11 - Freeway (5)

1. Go to the right end of the freeway (relative to your starting position),
   jump up to the left ledge and search the leftmost window.
2. On the "upper" freeway, search the window opposite the blue key console.
3. Blow up the crack near the blue key.
4. Search the shelf near the blue key.
5. In the conveyor belt building, jump into the yellow and black strip 
   sign facing the Terminator.


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