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 Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project FAQ

Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project FAQ

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Walkthrough\FAQ version 1.0

By:     LlamaGuy
Date:   12/23/02

Please email if you have ANY questions, if you find a typo, if you have
any requests or just want to thank me :). If you're going to email,
please put 'Duke Nukem', or 'FAQ', or something like that in the
subject. People send me emails with subjects like '(none)', 'hi',
etc. expecting a response. From now on these will be deleted as spam.

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0) Table of Contents
1) Update History
2) Introduction
3) The Game and Weapons
4) Walkthrough
   4.1) Rooftop Rebellion
   4.2) Chinatown Chiller
   4.3) Metro Mayhem
   4.4) Unholy Underworld
   4.5) Fearsome Factory
   4.6) Tanker Trouble
   4.7) Deviant Drilling
   4.8) Orbital Oblivion
5) Legal

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v1.0 - 12/23/02
   The Game and Weapons
   Done with everything

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 / / / / / / / / / / / / / *2) Introduction* / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
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        Ah, classic Duke. A lot of people thought Duke Nukem 3d was the
first Duke Nukem, but it wasn't. The first Duke was a 2d side scroller
without the Duke Nukem attitude we've come to love. Then came Duke Nukem
3d, the first memorable game in the series, mostly because of his new
bad-ass attitude. "Babes, bullets, bombs, damn I love this job". Now
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project brings us back to the side scrolling
adventure, but now with music and stuff. Everything is now rendered in
3d, this game is certainly worth it's dollar.

        In this walkthrough I'll take you through every level of Duke
Nukem: Manhattan Project. I'll show you where all the nukes are, the
babe, and the keycards are. I'll even guide you through the tricky spots
of each level! Have fun with the game, I know I did! I won't, however,
point out all the secrets in every level, or guide you through all the
kills. Both of those don't have any rewards, only all nukes has a

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 / / / / / / / / / / / *3) The Game and Weapons* / / / / / / / / / / / /
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        Duke Nukem is a side scroller, very fun. You'll scale buildings,
kill mutants, dodge trains, and even go into outer space. Here are some
basic tips to help you out:

-Killing anything gives you back ego (or health).
-Killing a mutant with your foot gives you back 2x ego.
-You can also kill thing by jumping on them, but it's slow.
-Just about everything gives back ammo, so you shouldn't worry too much.
-Double jumping let's you jump farther than normal, use it often.
-Be sure to do the double part of the jump in MID JUMP!!!
-Crouching is a great way to avoid fire.
-There are 10 nukes in each level, get them all.
-Look for cracks in walls, blow these down with bombs.
-Use 'L' and the arrow keys to look before you leap.

        There are 8 weapons in Duke Nukem, and a 9th secret weapon, but
I haven't gotten that one yet. Check the other FAQs to find out how to
get it.

-Weapon 0 (Press 1 to use it)
The Might Boot: Kicks an enemy. Use this when your out of ammo, or just
want to be cocky. It does more damage than the pistol, and when you kill
something with it you get back 2x ego. Get all the nukes on easy for
twice the damage with your boot.

-Weapon 1
Pistol: Your basic weapon. I never used it at all since you can get the
shotgun before you even fight anything. It only uses 1 ammo per shot,
and can fire very rapidly.

-Weapon 2
Pipe bombs: You toss them and blow them up, these are much fun. Hold up
and press two to throw them in the air, hold down to set them on them on
the ground, or don't hold anything to throw them left or right. After
throwing a pipe bomb press 2 again to detonate it. Also, you can hold
down 2 to throw out up to 8 at a time for massive wide spread damage, be
careful though; they hurt you too.

-Weapon 3
Shotgun: My favorite gun for most of the game, no, scratch that, all of
it. It only uses 5 ammo per shot, and packs a punch. You can't fire as
fast as the pistol, but you won't need to.

-Weapon 4
Assault Rifle: Rapid fire gun. Wastes ammo like you wouldn't believe. I
prefer the shotgun, so you can get more in one hit, and not need to stay
still to get your damage in.

-Weapon 5
GLOPP Ray: De-mutates enemies back into their normal state, press 1 over
them to smash them. I found this weapon VERY VERY useless. GLOPP is a
common sight in most levels, and if a de-mutated mutant touches the
GLOPP, it'll just come right back. Hmmm, if GLOPP mutates, why does it
de-mutate too?

-Weapon 6
RPG: WOOO FUN FUN! Rocket Propelled Grenade. Uses pipe bombs as ammo,
but shoots them instead.

-Weapon 7
Pulse Cannon: Charge up one massive shot, or a lot of small shots. I
only used this one on bosses. Tap the fire button to shoot small bursts,
or hold it down to charge and fire a huge blast. It looks really cool
fully charged.

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 / / / / / / / / / / / / / *4) Walkthrough* / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 
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                   *Episode 1: Rooftop Rebellion*
4.1.1) Rooftop Rebellion Part 1*
        Start a game, I recommend easy first, that way you when you beat
it you'll get the secret stuff for easy. Then you can beat normal and
hard for more cool stuff. You'll see some story, read it if you want,
but come on... who plays Duke Nukem for the story? Skip it you wuss and
get to the killing! When the level starts go to your LEFT and jump on
building thing you just came out of. Jump off, and stay close to the
wall, look at that! A secret area already! Now you start off with the
shotgun... Climb back up the ladder now and go right. Shoot some pigs,
and you'll run into a nuke -- collect it. Next building you hop onto
will have a climbable antenna, climb up it almost as high as you can.
Jump right onto the next, repeat (hint: double jump). Grab the nuke.
Keep going until you see a spot you can walk into. Press up and you'll
run into a new room. Take out your pistol and shoot the barrels to your
left (try to be a little ways away). They'll blow up, collect a nuke.
Go to your left, kill a pig and climb up the ladder. You'll see some
health, get it then turn off the switch (press up). Now go down the
ladder and get the nuke to the very left, past the generator. Climb
back up and out (this can be tricky, just keep moving left and right
while in air). Now keep going right until you get the prompt about
double jumping. Jump over, and look for a spot to go down. You'll find
2 pipe bombs sitting there, use 1 on the wall. Collect the nuke
inside... you should have 5 now. Keep going, and you'll find a stream
of air shooting up, take this and get your 6th nuke. Go down to the
base of the air and right, shoot the barrels and get a 7th nuke. Ride
the stream up again, and right. You'll find a babe and a switch. Hit
both of them (get it... get it... never mind). The switch will unlock a
door, go left past the stream again to find it. Once inside, left,
nuke, yatta yatta. Mind the flames and pigs. Kill anything on a
platform BEFORE jumping. Once you get all the way over, climb up the
ladder and onto the pipe. Collect some stuff along the way. Note: The
fire still hurts up here, watch out. Find your 9th nuke, drop down and
get the yellow key. Bust the barrel and exit this room. Now climb up
the ladder you see and jump left over that obstacle thing. You'll find
a bomb, use it on the left wall to find the 10th nuke, and raise your
stats. Now just go all the way right, use your card and exit this level!

4.1.2) Rooftop Rebellion Part 2*
        Start out this level, go left, and fall down. Kill some pigs and
then blow up the wall to your left, nuke numero uno. Now go right, and
the wall will blow up, go inside and get some health, then climb the
ladder outside. Keep going across the level blowing up stuff. It's
pretty straight-forward, you'll find a nuke over a gap you need to jump.
Go up the ladder, and left on the first spot you can go. Flip the switch
and you'll fight a new enemy! It's chick, 2 shots kills her. Jump up
from where she came out of. A very well hidden nuke here! Go left back
to the entrance and a new door will blow up, kill the pig, get some
health. Head out and keep going right. There's a wall along the way you
can blow up for double damage, not worth it if you ask me. Now you'll
run into an area with window washing thingies. Jump down and blow up
the wall to the left, you'll get more pipe bombs. Make your way back up,
and the next nuke is in plain sight. Just kill the pig and double jump
on over. Be sure to kill the pig first! It's a tricky jump, just make
sure to time the double part of the jump so that it's in the middle of
your jump. When you get to the last washing thing, fall down. You'll
land on a platform with some boxes, blow them up for a nuke and some
ego. Now ride the platform back up and continue right. Now you'll go
some ladders, and blow more boxes to your to reveal another nuke. Now
go right, and up the ladders. You'll fight another girl and she'll drop
a nuke for you (6th one). Now you get to the second part of the level.
Very soon you'll see a tight spot you can go to your left (hold left and
hit kick). Get some bombs, and blow up the barrel to the right. Now jump
off the next ledge you see (stay left). You'll get a jetpack (WOOO). Fly
back up and get the stuff on the way. Too bad you can't save the jetpack
for later :(, it respawns though. Go back down and left the pack come
back. Then take it and zoom up as high as you can, then right. You'll
see a nuke. This way is a lot easier than jumping! Kill the pig guarding
it. Go back left and you'll see a big stack of boxes, blow them up for
a pipe bomb. Then go down past the air stream and get the nuke and the
girl. Keep heading right, and you'll eventually come to another air
stream. Kill the cop here and take his nuke too. Then go left and kill
that cop, he drops the blue key. Now go to the area exit (you should
have seen it) and exit this level! Ok ok, this is a guide... the exit
is to the left of the first stream you saw. When I first beat this level
I only got 9 nukes, so I tried again then next time I got 11! You only
need 10 though to get the stat bonus.

4.1.3) Rooftop Rebellion Part 3*
        This level is pretty short, and all the nukes are VERY easy to
find. First thing you do, is jump left and pick up a pipe bomb. Then go
right. The level is straight forward. A pig will bust through a wall,
and you'll get your first taste of the force field. Just ride the air
stream up and jump from the balcony to the next building. Keep going
until the camera turns. The babe in this level is below you, shoot the
barrels to blow up the wall. Now there are 3 nukes all lined up and an air
stream next to them, guess what you do... Ride up the stream and get all
the nukes. Falling from a height doesn't hurt you so don't worry. Now
take the stream again and climb on to the ladder. Grab the jetpack and
get the 3 nukes along the way (6 so far). Now go inside the building and
blow up the wall to your left, assault rifle and a force field. Now that
your immune to everything, don't worry about the incinerators. Each pig
you kill drops a nuke. The last nuke is in the top left corner of the
building, but don't forget the red key card all the way right. Now leave
the building and keep going right to find another jetpack. Fly all the
way left and exit via the key card door. Watch a pretty cool cut-scene
and you'll fight...

Boss: Chopper*
        This boss is in 3 different parts, the first he just shoots
bombs at you. They aren't that hard to avoid. Hint: Get the health packs
on either side for 250+ ego. That gives you double damage. Then just
shoot the flashing red part a few times. Now the chopper starts aiming
at you with its machine gun, and pig start jumping out. Kill about 4
pigs and then they run away. Duke will jump on the ladder, and the final
part takes place. The best way to do this part is to climb up the ladder
all the way, aim left and throw a pipe bomb. Detonate it as soon as
possible so it hits the red part. 2-3 bombs and this fight is over.

                   *Episode 2: Chinatown Chiller*
4.2.1) Chinatown Chiller Part 1*
        A pig flies out of the sky and dies... nuke number 1! Go right
and climb up the ladders. Now jump off the top left end and grab hold
of the flag pole (rhyme). Jump off of that and get the nuke. Now go back
and climb the ladders again. This time jump off right, right after you
get off the first ladder. Kill a pig, get some bombs. Now climb the
ladders again, and jump off the top right. Keep going until you come to
another nuke, get it. Now jump down and keep going right. Just keep
going, use the board to go from building to building. One will break,
fall down. Keep going right, avoid the radioactive waste, and continue
to the next part of this level. As soon as the screen fades back in, go
left. Secret area - nuke, assault rifle (you already have it). Now right
of the entrance, you'll see an overhang, jump on top. Kill the pig and
jump where he was. Now jump on the next ledge and the on the AC hanging
out the window (the platform you were on will break). The jump to the
next AC to get a nuke (4). Do the same thing on the next building, just
no nuke reward. Now go until the camera turns again and head into the
elevator. Climb the steps to receive yet another assault rifle, and the
next nuke. Mind the cars, and keep going. You'll see a waste barrel and
some boxes. Use the boxes to jump on the flag pole, and up the building,
watch out for the floating bomb things though. Anyway, go right and
scale another building. Go right and climb up the next one too. You'll
get a key card from the pig up here. Now exit through the gate. Climb
the building right next to you and get a nuke. Now it gets tricky, the
cars can kill you in one hit, so avoid them. The second building with a
pig on either side doesn't have anything worth while on it, so don't
bother. Keep going right until you see a gate, go down into it. There
are two alligator things here, each one drops a nuke. Now exit this part
and keep going right, under the tunnel and you beat this level!

4.2.2) Chinatown Chiller Part 2*
        The first part of this level is VERY tricky. There is traffic in
both lanes and they all hurt. There aren't any mutants to avoid though.
Be sure to get the single nuke at the beginning of the level (you need
to go into the garage). Keep going until you find the jetpack, and fly
over the river of toxic waste, and shoot the pigs. Jump down into the
green and get the nuke. Don't stay here too long though. Now climb back
out and keep going like normal. Go through the pipe into a new area. Get
that jetpack and go pack into the previous area, and up the pipe. Now
head right into the next pipe. You'll find a total of 3 nukes in this
area (kill the guys). Now grab the jetpack once more and fly up the
sewer back onto the street. Climb the building to rescue the babe. Keep
going past the burning car. Now go into a warehouse, two nukes here. The
first nuke can be tricky if you blow up the boxes that you're supposed
to use, but it can still be reached. Now exit out and watch the car zoom
by and fly off. Now go left, kill a Chinese mutant thing and take his
nuke, and the blue keycard. Now go right and climb up the ladder, you
fall back down into the warehouse (how that works, I don't know). Shoot
the barrel near the keycard exit, and then exit.

4.2.3) Chinatown Chiller Part 3*
        Ignore a lot of the mutants in this level. Most of them are just
in the background dancing. When you get to the part with 3 platforms,
jump on the right one, then jump left onto the ladder. Get that nuke.
From that last platform jump right and then jump off the end of this
platform onto another ladder, grab that nuke too. Ignore that nuke in
the background, you'll get it later. Keep going and at the end of this
area, blow up the barrel, and the box with it. Grab that nuke before
the waste gets to the alligator. Now go left, and go up to the door.
Keep going until you can exit, then run out, kill the mutant, and hit
the switch. Now go left, and through the elevator. Keep going left,
past the stairs. Climb up the ladder and kill the chicks. Now drop down,
and go left kill the Chinese mutant, and blow a hole in the wall. Now
go BACK all the way right and jump up where you see the red light for
another nuke. Now go back to the stairs, and blow up the barrels for
another nuke. Then go up the stairs and right to find the babe. Now go
left and jump over the balcony to find your 7th nuke. Now go to the
keycard, and kill the mutant here. Now you run into...

Boss: Chinese Mutant Thingy*
        This is a very simple fight, whip out your assault rifle,
crouch and shoot. He'll kick every now and then, just re-aim and shoot
him some more. As you damage him he'll drop nukes, gotta catch em all.
Jump down where he blew up and you'll exit to the next episode.

                     *Episode 3: Metro Madness*
4.3.1) Metro Madness Part 1*
        Now the levels start getting more complex. When you enter the
level, turn left and blow down the gate for a GLOPP ray. I don't like
the ray though, I still prefer shotgun. Just keep going left until you
run into 2 barrels, when you blow them up you take a part of the ground
with them. Jump over the hole and go right for 50 ammo if you want it.
Now just go down the hole and keep going right. You'll come across two
more barrels, they make a hole too. To the left of the barrels though,
you'll see some bars up top. If you climb the bars up you'll get some
ammo, GLOPP, and double damage. Now keep going like normal until you
pass through a door it fades out and in. Go until you see a ladder, and
climb up it, get off the first place you can. Go left and climb up the
next ladder, and blow up the wall for the 1st nuke. Now go back down
and jump off the ledge for a second nuke. Now go up a little bit more.
You'll get the GLOOP ray, if you havenít already go it. Blow up the fans
to your right for goodies. The middle one leads to a path. Enter the
door to find a nuke, then exit. Now blow up the wall and go through it.
You'll find another nuke, but be way to far ahead in the level. Go LEFT
until you come to a part with a broken bridge and a bunch of rats. Go
right some more, and up a little, until you find some bars hanging over
you. Jump up on the bars. Keep jumping from bar to bar until you
find a switch. Hit the switch then go back left (do this fast a you can
without falling). If you made it in time you will land on a platform
that will bring you to a nuke. Now exit stage right (where you came in
from). Keep going right until you have a choice of exiting up or right.
Take the up door. Dodge all the trains and don't fall on the tracks.
You'll find a nuke up top, and a health pack behind a wall. Now go back
to the 2 doors, and go through the other one. Go all the way right (past
the first ladder) until the camera turns. Take that ladder up. Now fall
down the crack in the bridge, and jump right to find a nuke. Jump
through the second crack to find the 8th nuke and a jetpack, fly back up
and go out the door. You should see one of those chick enemies above
you... that means you're in the right place! Go right and look up the
shaft above you. Throw a pipe bomb and detonate it before it falls back
down. Go through the hole you made and blow up the barrels for another
nuke. Now just keep going left, you'll find a spot that you need to
climb a pipe over, just a heads up. Go left until you can't anymore,
then go down for the 10th nuke. Find the tall ladder around this area
and climb all the way up. Drop down when you get to the moving platforms
and then jump left to rescue the babe. Back up to the moving platforms,
take the first one across then climb down the ladder to find the key.
Go back to the lock thingy and exit this level!

4.3.2) Metro Madness Part 2*
        Look! A nuke! Get it boy! Get the force field up high, very
handy. I'm sure you can figure out this part of the level, you'll end
up in the bottom left corner when you exit. The nuke in this area can
be pretty hard to get to, you gotta double jump to it from underneath.
Anyway, just go left now. You'll end up at a switch, this can be hard.
You have to stop the train so that you can jump on it to the next ledge.
Once there hit the 2nd switch, the 1st will restart the train. Now go
all the way back right and go all the way up the ladder for a 3rd nuke.
Now go back to the first area, and up. You'll notice a new ladder, take
it. In this area go up the first ladder, to your right you'll see 2
barrels you can blow up. If you go down there you can fight a red chick,
you donít have to though. Anyway the next ladder you run into (going
left) will have a nuke above and below it. Just throw a pipe bomb to get
the one below. To get the one above it, climb up the boxes and across
the pipe. Continue across the pipe and hit the switch. Now go back to
where the chick was (you need to kill her now if you didn't earlier).
Jump over the keycard thingy, it hurts you. Ride the big rock thing to
the right, then go up and back left to rescue the babe. Now go BACK
right and through the door. Grab the force field and run all the way
past the tracks. Now you get to a part where you gotta ride a small
platform over some toxic waste. At the beginning you'll see some bars
over you, jump up on these for a nuke. Watch out for the floating bomb
thing though. The next part you get to where you HAVE TO jump off, take
the high road and climb down the ladder for another nuke. Now keep going
until the next platform with a ladder. Kill the nearby mutant first.
Now get on top of that pipe and jump, thereís no roof. Jump right and
grab hold of the edge for 2 nukes. Keep going and drop down into the
waste stuff again, find your platform and keep riding, or just walk the
rest of the way. In the next area jump right and blow up the wall to
find the last nuke. Now just hit the switch and fight your way back to
the keycard slot. Fall down (donít climb it takes too long) this shaft
and exit the level!

4.3.2) Metro Madness Part 3*
        This part is fun, you gotta make your way to the front of the
train, and duck or dodge the bars along the way. The train is 25 cars
long if you care. After your joy ride go left and jump on top of the
first sign you see, climb the ladder for a nuke. Now keep heading right,
past another area until you come into a tunnel. Blow up the left wall
for a nuke. Now go right across the waste and all the way down. Jump the
trains for another nuke. Now go back to the ladder, and chuck a pipe
bomb at the wall. It blows up for double damage. Now go right, and out
of this area. Now go right and use the signs to jump over the waste, get
the nuke while your at it. In the next part you have to jump over the
waste, but the platforms go down as you do so. Grab the keycard, save
the babe. For some reason this part really lagged my computer, it might
to it to you making this VERY hard. Now that you have the card backtrack
until you find the door again. Go through it, down the ladder, grab the
nuke. Now go up the ladder, grab the 100 health pack, and down the long
ladder. Remember what happened last time you went down a ladder that
long? TRAIN RIDE! This ones different though, no dodging. Throw a bomb
on the 3rd to enter it. Throw a bomb on the 2nd car that's not attached
to the one you were just in to enter it too, nuke. The next car has a
whole lot of pipe bombs and ammo in it (4th car to get in). Keep going
and you'll face the 3rd boss.

Boss: Waste shooting bug guy*
        If you havenít noticed by now, I don't know the bosses real
names, or the regular monsters for that matter. Anyway, there's
health in the train, get it. My weapon of choice for this boss is the
assault rifle, definitely. When he rolls up into a ball you can't hurt
him. He only unrolls to shoot at you. Hereís a trick, position yourself
right past one of the crack in between cars. When he shoots at you the
waste will just fall through the crack! When you kill him he drops 2

                   *Episode 4: Unholy Underworld*
4.4.1) Unholy Underworld Part 1*
        "I love the smell of sewage in the morning, I bet Morpix is
hiding under a turd somewhere" LOL! But anyways, you know the drill, go
right. When you get to a barrel blow it up and walk through the wall
SLOWLY, so you don't fall off. Grab the pipe up top and get the nuke.
Now fall down and exit. Now go right and through the pipe, your see two
walkways now. Go all the way right until you can get on the top walkway.
Kill a bug for a nuke. Hit the switch on the left and go back to the
thing it opened, and go down. Double damage to your right! Get on the
top walkway here (go left first) and go all the way right and jump on
top of that doorway for a nuke. Now exit left. In this next area kill
the kung fu alligator for another nuke. Now get through this area, it's
another jump-before-the-platform-falls-into-the-waste scenario. Now in
this next area there are 3 walkways, you start on the middle one. Go
right to get to the top walkway, grab a nuke then go down to get to the
first walkway. Jump left, then go up. Climb the ladder and go right. Be
sure to get the 2 nukes floating above you. Hit the switch and go back
to the ladder. Go left this time, and fall down at the gap. Now go onto
the first walkway, right, and onto the distant walkway. Hit the switch
then go back into the water, and out the gate you just opened. Go onto
the next walkway, and right into the next area. Now it doesn't take an
genius to figure out how to get the babe in this level, get her. Then
go right into the next area (ignore the nuke for now). In this area go
left and climb the ladder into the previous area. Now you can grab onto
the pipe and get that nuke. Jumping on the pipe makes it go faster. Go
back to the other area and do the same thing with the pipe for your 9th
nuke. Now make sure your in the water and go ALL the way back left.
You'll find the 10th nuke. Now just use the keycard and your done!

4.4.2) Unholy Underworld Part 2*
        More Duke, my cable modem is out so I got nothin better to do.
Go right and up the stairs. Blow up the barrels to go into a secret area
(although it's IMPOSSIBLE to miss). You get 4 nukes in here. Now exit
the secret area, and go right. Exit this part of the level. In this part
of the level there's a bunch of trains stuck on the tracks. Jump over
them. There are 2 nukes in plain sight, right next to each other. In the
next area go all the way right, jump on the stairs, then jump right for
the 7th nuke (already!). Go back up the stairs, and up the stairs to
your right. Go right and blow up the barrel for the 8th nuke, hit the
switch too. The babe is all the way left on this path. All the way
right, on the path closest to the camera is the exit to this area, take
it now! Keep going right until there aren't any trains left. You need
to climb on the bars on the ceiling to get the 9th nuke. This will take
a few tries. When you drop down from that nuke go up to the next path.
An alligator will drop the last nuke. While your making your way left,
be sure to kill off the pigs sitting on the bars over you. When you get
all the way left there a some boxes you can jump on. You need to jump
ALL THE WAY ACROSS. This might take while. Anyway once you finally get
the keycard go use it. Be careful though thereís a robot thing waiting
for you. You might wanna drop some pipe bombs here before you get the
keycard, so you can just detonate them to kill the bot.

4.4.3) Unholy Underworld Part 3*
        In first part of this level you need to walk across a bridge
that falls as you stand on it. At the end double jump off for 3 nukes
at once! Keep heading right and you'll come across a wooden ramp, jump
on it, then jump off left for 2 more nukes (they're getting lazy with
the nuke placement eh?) Continue right and kill everything on this path.
The mutants drop nukes. Head up a path, grab the double damage and kill
more mutants until you get all 10 nukes. Be sure to rescue the babe, and
then you get to fight...

Boss: Subway mutant*
        This boss is easy if you know how to beat him, just make sure
you have a lot of pipe bombs. The first part just jump on top of the
wooden thing and shoot at him with the assault rifle. Then you go to the
subway chase thing. The trick to this is use pipe bombs... When he's not
latched on to the train hitting you just couch down and hold down the
pipe bomb button. Lay about 3-4 then run off. When he latches on just
detonate them. Repeat a couple of times and he's dead. Be sure to avoid
his attack, and your bombs (they really hurt)

                    *Episode 5: Fearsome Factory*
4.5.1) Fearsome Factory Part 1*
        I got tired of the annoying subway background, this is much
better. Ok, now the walkthrough. Go right and take the first ladder
down. Climb up on top of that pipe and go across, see if you can't get
that nuke. Go right and climb up the ladder. Watch out for the monster
guarding this switch, his attack is insane. Hit the switch to turn on
the lights and open the force field. In this area look for a ladder, and
jump up on it. Go right and jump off for your 2nd nuke. Go left, and
down the ladder. Look left and a new weapon! The pulse cannon! I still
like my shotgun though. Go down the big pit to find some moving
platforms. 2 nukes here. Hit the switch and head back to where there was
a force field. This area is fun, jump from platform to platform, I wonder
whatís holding those things up. And why would Morphix put them there? And
why do those spikes make your body explode? And... Well you'll come to
a part that says "follow the blue lights," so follow them. After the
ladder go right and look for 3 boxes. Throw a bomb to the left of them
and drop down for a nuke. Go left to the moving platform and hit the
switch to let down the force fields. Watch out though, that platform next
to the switch falls. Go back to where the elevator and go down the next
one too. From here go down and take the right path. Now go left and
jump off the ledge for a nuke. Right and down to the next area, there's
a nuke on a bar hanging over you. Continue right and pick up two more
nukes before you find the keycard. Go back to where you had a choice
between paths and take the left to find your final nuke and the babe.
Go back to that lift that said it would take you to the yellow keycard
exit. If the lift isn't there hit the switch and wait, it takes a while.

4.5.2) Fearsome Factory Part 2*
        Yay! You're on episode 5 part 2! Wow I need sleep! Go right, and
jump onto the bar right before the ramp. Jump left twice for the 1st
nuke. Go right and down a ladder, then up another. Hit the switch and
go across the bridge you just made. Hit this switch and jump back onto
the bridge for a secret area with a double damage. Go all the way right
into the next area, then down the ladder and left. You'll see 3 switches.
Hit them like green, blue, red. Now jump over the spikes this must've
taken me 20 tries, but I got over. Be sure not to hit jump to fast, you
need to wait a little while before hitting jump again to double jump.
Once you get over, go left and down the ladder, thereís a nuke right
there. Go right and grab that double damage for a killing spree. One of
the red chick enemies drops a nuke to your left. Hit that switch, and
climb the right ladder to hit another switch. How good is your aim? Jump
right from here on to one of those moving platforms. It takes you to a
new area. Go left and jump back onto the moving platforms, then jump off
right for another secret area. Now go back down and into the doorway.
Here your on a round platform with hole in it. Just drop down and down.
Be sure to pick up the 3 nukes. Hit the switch and take the teleporter.
Now go left and down the ladder to hit the final switch. Note: This last
switch isn't required, you can make the jump without it but you need the
nukes, so I would recommend getting it. Head back to the switch you hit
earlier in the level to lower the bridge. Instead of going up the ladder
though, go left, then down, then right again. Your now on the bridge
you've been extending. If you think about how the level is set up
though... this path should actually take you somewhere completely
different... anyways, run across. Keep going right, then up on the
elevator. Follow the path right and pick up the nuke on top of the
hallway. Go down at the next elevator and hop on to a moving platform.
When the they fall off, keep jumping left so you don't fall too. Wait
for the next platform to come down and jump on it. Now head up the
ladder and jump onto the conveyor belt. Jump across and save the babe.
Go into the door and use the teleporter. Use the next one too. Jump down
from here and try to collect the ammo while falling. Go back to the
part with the falling platforms, but this time instead of taking the one
that goes up, just go right. Fall down this gap. Now travel through this
area until you come to a ladder with a bunch of spikes going in and out.
MIND THE SPIKES. Once you get past them (still on the ladder) jump right
to that opening. Find the nuke in here. Climb the ladders to get out,
and head through the door. Grab the keycard and jump off the boxes left,
get the nuke here. Now get back on the main path go all the way right
to find the exit. Watch out though, a big robot guy teleports here.

4.5.3) Fearsome Factory Part 3*
        Start out by going right, ignore the elevator, and teleport to a
new area. 5 nukes in one spot. Go right and hit that switch. Then go
back left and jump on top of the doorway thing. Jump on the bars and
climb up the ladder, 2 nukes in plain sight. Now jump right on to the
platform for another nuke and kill a rat for the 5th nuke already (I
love part 3 of all episodes). Hit that switch and go back down and cross
the waste. This next part is tricky, the platforms move but not all at
the same speed. And it's hard to tell where they change directions. And
you have to land ON them not hanging off the edge or else the spikes
will kill you. Once past here kill the robot for a nuke. Now go right
and down the ladder. Blow up the wall for a nuke, go left and jump
across the gap. Jump on the platform and kill the rat for another nuke.
Now go back and hit the switch above the ladder, grab 2 more nukes. Now
go back to the teleporter and use it. Go right and kill a robot for the
keycard, and save the girl. Just take the elevator up and you run into
another boss!

Boss: Pipe bomb rat*
        This is just a buffed up version of the enemy that you've
already fought a few times. Just whip out the assault rifle (ultimate
boss killing weapon) and shoot at him. When he throws a pipe bomb just
double jump to avoid it. Watch out the top of the elevator does a little
bit of damage, though it's not much to worry about.

                     *Episode 6: Tanker Trouble*
4.6.1) Tanker Trouble Part 1*
        There's some ammo left, go get it if you need to. Otherwise go
right. Use the platforms to get over the water. You drown pretty fast so
be careful. Jump up via the hole in the pier, then head right. Shoot
that box and take the low road. Then jump up, go left and walk up the
stairs. Jump on the overhang and you'll see a nuke. Jump off this roof
onto the next one for another nuke. Hit the switch at the end and make
your way back down the stairs you came up. Now go right over the new
bridge. Keep going until you come to a pier on top of a pier. Get on the
lower one from the right. Get the nuke all the way left, one of the bugs
drops another nuke too. Keep going right until you get to a big crane,
climb the ladder and press the button to clear the way. Now your on two
more piers. Look for a box that will explode and drop a pipe bomb on it.
Go down, then run all the way right and jump on the upper pier. There's
another nuke left. When you get to a ship go right for some ammo, bombs,
and health or just get on the ship. Once on the ship go all the way
right for another nuke (6 so far). Now go left and down the ladder. Make
your way all the way down and right to hit a switch then go back up. Go
through the door that just opened. Blast your way all the way right,
then go down then all the way back left to rescue the babe. Be sure to
hit the switch on your way there. Take the path and go right for the 7th
nuke. Keep going right jumping over all the boxes until you get to the
dead end. You'll find the next nuke down and left here. To get out of
this area jump right off a box onto the walkway. Go through the door and
you'll enter the freezer, the floors are iced up... won't this be fun?
Make your way right and then down (towards the camera, not towards the
floor) for the next path. Now left. There's this spot where you can drop
down and get a nuke, shoot the icicles to get the nuke. At the end of
the path you also get a nuke. Head up to the keycard. Then go back to
the exit and leave.

4.6.2) Tanker Trouble Part 2*
        Just like most levels, it's obvious what to do. Go right, climb
up the ladder then turn left. Blow up a barrel for a nuke, then continue
left for another. Hit the switch to open a door, and head right to get
to the door. When you climb up the ladder, blow up the wall right for a
nuke. Then left to open up another door. Go through it and follow the
path. A pig on this path will drop a 4th nuke. Open the door and go
through it. Use a pipe bomb to get the nuke in the box. When you start to
turn, head back left into a crate for another nuke. Keep going right
until you have to go up onto another path. Blow up the boxes for a nuke.
Go past the babe, and use the chain as a ladder to get to her. Then go
right through the door. Climb up the ladder onto the bars for another
nuke. Jump from chain to chain and you find another nuke, and the key.
In this next area mind the fork lifts. Jump on the first one, and on the
chain to get a nuke. Nothing too tricky from here to the exit. Wow, that
seems like a pretty short guide... meh.

4.6.3) Tanker Trouble Part 3*
        Make your way down and left to get the switch. You should pick
up 3 nukes on your way, 1 is in a barrel. Hit the switch and go back to
the previous ladder and climb all the way up. Blow up the barrels and
jump up to the babe, collect the nuke in the barrel. Now go right up the
first ladder. Another nuke in a box. Right, nuke, same same. Keep
heading right and there's two nukes in two boxes. Go up again and all
the way left, blow up the wall for the next nuke. Go right and hit the
switch. Now you gotta go all the way back left to get to the door that
just opened. Get the keycard and the last nuke. Now any idiot can figure
out to do now, but I'm not so sure about you ;).

Boss: Mutant fly*
        Again, just a buffed up version of a regular enemy. He's pretty
fast you'll have to be faster. Try the pulse cannon, charge it up all
the way and shoot him for massive damage. Sometime during the fight a
BIG explosion will blow up the floor. Your on a boat though... uh oh. It
starts to fill up with water that takes away 48 ego every .5 seconds!
Ouch! When the floor blows up take the health packs for +200 ego which
will probably give you double damage. Just kill the bug real fast.

                    *Episode 7: Deviant Drilling*
4.7.1) Tanker Trouble Part 1*
        Rain rain go away, come again another day! But seriously folks,
go right. Watch out because you can fall off and that's not good. Keep
going till you find a switch, hit it to move a box. Go to the path you
just opened, and jump up. Then jump left, go left until you can change
paths. Jump up and left for a nuke. Then continue left on the main path,
up a ladder for another nuke. Now go right until you get to a pulley. Be
very careful around here too. When you get off the pulley drop a bomb
down to that pig to kill it, then jump down for a nuke. Jump back up
and go up 2 ladders. The next girl you kill drops a nuke, then go in the
next door for another nuke. Go through the next door, and jump down. The
barrels on either side have nukes inside. Climb up the ladder to get
outside again. Use the boxes left to jump to a new walkway, kill the
girl here for another nuke. Now continue right until you get to a
ladder. Don't climb it, instead jump right. Climb up the next ladder to
kill a pig and hit a switch. The pig drops a nuke. Jump off the ladder
left to rescue the babe, now go back to the 1st ladder and climb up. Now
head right some more into the next area. Go up the 1st ladder for the
last nuke. Keep heading right, you should be familiar with what to do by
now. After climbing a ladder one of the girls will drop a keycard. Then
just backtrack a bit to use it. You end this level with a double damage
killing spree (woot).

4.7.2) Tanker Trouble Part 2*
        Listen to the game "wait for the drill to stop moving then make
your move." I shouldn't have to point out this next nuke but I will
anyway, left of the ladder. Go right past another drill and up the
ladder. Jump on the railing, then on the pipes for 2 nukes. Jump off the
pipe onto the high balcony. You need to wait for the drill again to get
across. And wait for another too. Continue left until you get to a part
of the level that slants down, in the room with the fire. Jump up into
the roof for 2 nukes. Then keep going left and go into the background
for another nuke. After you walk left for a while you'll run into 2
girls, each one drops a nuke. In the next area there's a bunch of pipes.
Instead of climbing them, go left to find the keycard. Then go back and
climb up as high as you can go to rescue the babe. Kill the nearby pigs
for nukes. Then exit this level to the right.

4.7.3) Tanker Trouble Part 3*
        Follow the path right and grab this nuke. Now continue following
the path to find a switch, hit it and jump across to get both of the
nukes and the keycard already. Now go up onto the other path, and climb
the ladder. Jump on the railing then jump right, onto the box. Save the
babe. Now take the lower path and go right. Eventually you'll come up t
some switches, I hate these switches. I systematically tried every combo
(only 6 possible) but they take a long time to input. The first switch
you see resets the puzzle. Hit the top one first, then the bottom one,
then the middle one. Now take the path you just made up, and use the
keycard. Now jump at the end on to a box (get the nuke during the jump)
and then jump again for another nuke. Now make your way down and get
THE JETPACK!!! WOO!!! *confetti and balloons fall from out of nowhere*.
Fly over right and enter the elevator. Now exit the elevator and kill
the stuff on your way up to get all the nukes.

Boss: Cyber-slut*
        Woo I got a boss's name right for once! (It says so in the story
that follows the fight). She's pretty deadly, though she only has one
slow attack. She whips you for 40 damage. What you do is crouch down
with your assault rifle so you can hit her when she rolls. When sheís
about to get to you, double jump on to her head and bounce off. Repeat
from the other side. Watch out for the edge though because you can fall
off very easily.

                    *Episode 8: Orbital Oblivion*
4.8.1) Orbital Oblivion Part 1*
        Look how far and high you can jump! WEEEEEE! Once you finish
jumping like a madman head right. Jump on top of the box and crouch so
the laser won't hit you. Go left and wait for the big box to come pick
you up. Go right until you find a spot where the floor isn't turned on.
Jump on the small box under it, then to the next side. Now in this spot
you gotta do more laser avoiding, the blue lasers only calls monsters
to attack you. Ride down and left all the way for a nuke, then all the
way up for a second nuke. Now all the way right, ride up the boxes to
the second level. Jump up from the box through the floor that's off for
a nuke and to deactivate that force field. In here all your weapons
except the pistol will be taken away, funny, this is the first time I've
used it. Jump on the platform and jump up while riding for 2 nukes. Jump
down to the second to last platform and ride that one for 2 more nukes.
There's another nuke on top of the keycard, but you might wanna wait
until the force field is gone, lest ye be shocked. Too take it down, use
your pistol. Rescue the babe to your left. Now why the hell would Morpix
put a nuclear bomb in outer space on his own ship? That's pretty dumb.
This next part is VERY hard. You have to fight your way back to your
weapons, with only a pistol. Where the babe is there is a ladder, it's
kinda hard to see. Well maybe only for me because video card sucks, and
that ladder looks like a couple of pipes... Anyways, take it and go
left. Climb all the way up for 2 nukes and your weapons back. Even you
missed a weapon somewhere during the game here's your chance to get it
back (I never got the RPG, though I saw it in Unholy Underworld I
think). Now exit this area and use the key card to leave here.

4.8.2) Orbital Oblivion Part 2*
        Almost done! This level is pretty big. First things first, Fall
all the way down and destroy a robot on platform for a nuke. Now go left
into lab number 1. De-mutate the guys in here, and two pigs will spawn,
each one drops a nuke. To get to lab number 2, go to the middle of the
room and jump on the platform moving up and down. Then jump on the
platform to your left moving sideways. There are two moving sideways
though, take the highest one. Lab 2 is the exact same as lab number 1,
you even get 2 nukes. Now wait for the platform to come pick you up and
ride it left. Jump to another platform, then to one moving up and down
for lab 3. Just like the rest of the labs, except this time a walking
robot thing spawns instead of pigs, it still drops a nuke however. Jump
on the platform going up from lab 3, then jump right on to the keycard
platform. Wait for another platform to come, jump on it and then let it
take you to lab 4 (the one with the babe). Kill the pig here for a nuke.
De-Mutate lab 4, then take a double-jump\leap of faith of this platform
to land on the keycard platform. Then jump onto the platform going up,
then another, then lab 5. In lab 5 you get a nuke and a keycard. Now,
jump on the platform moving sideways, then when your about in the middle
of the room, jump down. Hopefully you'll land on a platform with a big
robot. Kill it for a nuke. Now drop down to the keycard platform, and
run in. This area can be tricky, first kill the big robot, then move to
the end of the room, and get by that switch. Wait for the laser thing to
get to the door, then press the switch and RUN to the door. The moving
laser thing kills you in one hit, but the laser guarding the switch only
does 2 damage, take your pick. Repeat for the next 2 rooms, the last
robot you kill drops the final nuke.

4.8.3) Orbital Oblivion Part 3*
        Last level, almost done! Ok just walk by this first hallway and
kill some robots. Now the tricky part, in this room wait for a blue
laser to come down, and run through it. Then go forward and kill
whatever is there. Then go forward again and hit the blue laser again,
go back and kill again. You'll end up with 3 nukes, I only SAW 2 of them
though : ). Jump up and look for a platform with a laser spinning around
it, jump on it and mind the laser. Then jump left or right (towards the
center of the room) on to another platform, kill the robot and hit the
switch. Then exit right. Now hop on the platform and move towards the
right. When it starts going up, get on the center to avoid the lasers,
then jump off left. Kill the robot girl for a nuke. Now go right and
look on the small platform. Jump from platform to platform and kill all
the robots. You'll get a keycard, and a total of 3 nukes. Now go right,
back to where you jumped off the platform and keep going right. Use the
keycard, and ride this platform. DO NOT FALL OFF! That would be bad.
Well get off and your in a room with A LOT OF AMMO. Refill on all your
weapons. Now you run into the last boss!

Boss: Robo-Duke*
        Wow, a robotic version of the hero, how horrifyingly corny. There
are 3 tiny platforms that you must stay on, very easy to fall off. The
head floats around and shocks you periodically, for a small chunk of life.
Just jump up and shoot him with your RPG or assault rifle. You can also
aim up and shoot him. Eventually you blow up the head, but it come back
stronger. Now he shoots explosive missiles, and moves slightly faster.
Same thing as last except a bit trickier. After you blow this part up,
the Robo-Duke stands up, and your 3 platforms follow (why is that?). Now
you need to jump to the platform closest to Robo-Duke when it flies up
and shoot him in the face. Use the RPG, as it backs the strongest punch,
or you can charge up the pulse cannon while dodging fire then shoot it
for big damage. His moves are VERY predictable so just figure out what
he's gonna do, and avoid it. Congratulations! You beat Duke Nukem:
Manhattan Project all by yourself, well not really... but you can tell
yourself that!

 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /********** / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / *5) Legal*/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /********** / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2002 to Marcel Laverdet aka 'LlamaGuy'. I get
too much email for permissions to post my text, so I just don't care any
more. You can post this FAQ without any permission from me, as long as
you follow these rules:

1) The FAQ will not be altered in ANY WAY (not even a space!)
2) It will be displayed in its original format (.txt)
3) It will not be accompanied by any pop-up ads
4) It will only be accompanied by at most 1 banner ad
5) You must first email me and tell me your going to use it (don't
   expect a response, just tell me)
6) You MAY NOT sell this FAQ
7) You will abide all future updates to this section

If you have any questions about this legal section, read it again. It's
very clear. No exceptions will be made. This section may be changed at
any time, but I will notify you if it effects your website (that's why
you email me.)

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