Dungeon Siege II Secondary Quests Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Dungeon Siege II Secondary Quests Guide

Dungeon Siege II Secondary Quests Guide


                               DUNGEON SIEGE II

                        SECONDARY (SIDE) QUESTS GUIDE

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE)






        AD03 -- KNOW YOUR ENEMY!
        AD08 -- THE MAN-EATER TREASURE CHEST (or MIMIC) and the LEVEL 100 ???

00AE -- [Q & A]



        AF01 -- The Armorer's Apprentice
        AF02 -- Lumilla's Salve
        AF03 -- Lelani's Sorrow
        AF04 -- Secrets of the Elven Shrine
        AF05 -- The Kithraya Hive
        AF06 -- The Hak'u
        AF07 -- The Hak'u - PART II
        AF08 -- The Dire Wolf
        AF09 -- Taar's Investigation
        AF10 -- Feldwyr the Blacksmith
        AF11 -- A Family Heirloom
        AF12 -- The Imprisoned Half-Giant
        AF13 -- The Missing Squadron
        AF14 -- Secrets of Xeria's Temple


        AG01 -- Tywlis' Broken Staff
        AG02 -- A Dark Ohm
        AG03 -- Spirits of Aranna
        AG04 -- Viperclaw
        AG05 -- Arinth's Legendary Staff
        AG06 -- Arinth the Mad
        AG07 -- Mythrilhorn
        AG08 -- A Family Heirloom - Part II
        AG09 -- Lothar's Innocence
        AG10 -- Deru's Treasure Hunt
        AG11 -- Mark of the Assassin
        AG12 -- The Aman'lu Arena
        AG13 -- A Servant's Haunt
        AG14 -- A Servant's Haunt - PART II
        AG15 -- Amren's Vision
        AG16 -- Finala's Contempt
        AG17 -- Rahvan's Curse
        AG18 -- Evangeline's Folly


        AH01 -- Dwarven Song of Ore
        AH02 -- The Lore of Aranna
        AH03 -- The Lost Jewels of Soranith
        AH04 -- The Legendary Mace of Agarrus
        AH05 -- The Mage's Apprentice
        AH06 -- The Kalrathian Nexus
        AH07 -- Sartan's Suspicion
        AH08 -- The Morden Riders
        AH09-- Vix's Vengeance


        AI01 -- WHAT YOU NEED
        AI02 -- WHAT TO DO
        AI03 -- The Mysterious Mystery Cave


V1.0 -- Finished main guide (8:53 AM 1/27/2007)


  This document is copyrighted to me, VhaysteŽ. It is intended for ~PRIVATE~
use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape,
or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes,
regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct
violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective


Welcome reader to my Secondary Quests Guide for Dungeon Siege II for the PC.
Although I havent played the first one, this sequel is definitely one of the
great titles ever to come for PC gamers. Everything on this guide is made
entirely from my experience while playing the game. And I dont expect
anything to be perfect. If you have any tactics or strategies that works for
you better, then do it.

Another thing is that this is just a GUIDE. Its not a mandate or anything to
dictate what you need to do. But rather, this is made to help you decide
what you really want.

If you have questions and suggestions, kindly email me. I will gladly reply
to them whenever I can. But if the question has been answered or can be
found within this guide, your email will be humbly ignored. Mindless insults
or unconstructive criticisms will be posted in the next updates with similar



      -->There are four classes in the game. We have Fighters, Rangers,
         Combat and Nature Mages. Though specific skill sets and weapons
         can also create specific sub-classes. If you need more info, you
         can check my Character Classes guide, that can be found probably
         on the same gaming site you found this guide.

         Sticking to one class will make your character more efficient by
         specializing in one or more fields, defining the character's role.
         Also, changing weapons or skills will greatly affect your
         character's growth.


      -->This is invaluable, specially in the early parts of the game where
         money is scarce and you need to increase your chances of survival.
         Having a ranger and/or a mage that can harvest potions from certain
         bushes is a great help. Also, increasing the specific skills for
         harvesting yields larger potions for your perusal.


      -->Before you jump into battle, take some moment to mouse over your
         target. This is will give you at least ample time to check what are
         the strengths and the weaknesses of your enemy; this will give you
         the chance to adjust your spells and attacks as needed.


      -->I think this is a given knowledge already. All gamers know the
         importance of upgrading your party's equipments. Just take note of
         the attribute bonuses the equipment gives and to what character
         class is it more beneficial. (ex: A fighter does not need
         +intelligence bonuses but mages do.)


      -->Well this basically means avoid getting mobbed or attacked from all
         sides. This can mean quick and sudden death to your party,
         specially for mages and rangers. You need to have a "pincer" or
         something like that when fighting a huge crowd. You would want to
         have your fighters hold the opposition at a distance while your
         rangers support fires and your mages cast thier spells.


      -->Taking note of strange places helps a lot specially when doing
         sidequests. This will save you time finding them when you need them
         later on.


      -->This is a invaluable spell. It allows you to return to town and
         return to the same place where you summoned the portal. This is
         good when fighting bosses and looting. The portal stays until you
         restart the game or summon another portal in a diffrent location.
         Only one portal can be active at a time.


      -->In several occasions, when you try to open an innocent looking
         treasure chest, it will start to move and start attacking your
         party. You need to dispose of it immediately or you will be dead
         before you know it. It is tough and annoyingly powerful. Special
         attacks and ranged attacks are your best bet here. Just let your
         fighters get beaten or knocked unconscious. Dont bother healing
         them. they'll just die in an instant anyways.

         Dont worry, this monster drops a large amount of loot in all types
         and sizes.

      -->Time to time, when you have acquired several magical items, a
         Level 100 Hak'u witch Doctor-like monster with the name ??? will
         pop up from nowhere and will attempt to steal your items, lying in
         the ground. You can make him drop good rare items by attacking him
         or better, pummeling him with high powered spells or special
         attacks. You cannot kill him though. He's just there you drop items
         for you. Dont miss the opportunity when you encounter him.


        Most dungeons have secret buttons or levels cleverly hidden from
        view. Fortunately, the map shows these buttons as blue dots in the
        walls. Make sure to navigate dungeons thoroughly as most of the time,
        secret areas have hidden treasures in them.

00AE -- [Q & A]


       -->Items and experience, my friend. Rewards from completing secondary
          quests are oftentimes rare and set items. Not to mention a good
          amount of gold, skill points and the like.


       -->Yes you can. If you are just 2-5 levels lower than the recommended
          level, then you can set out with medium difficulty. However,
          attempting to complete a mission that is 6+ levels higher than
          you, expect a tough time to complete it. And the faq the game's
          balancing system nets you small exp even if your worked hard
          defeating high level enemies.


       -->Fortunately, NO. There are quests that you can initiate in ACT I
          but you wont be able to complete it until ACT III. You can
          initiate a quest then just comeback when you're levelled up or
          you have the specific items.


       -->Yes, you need to. However, training them is optional. Every
          character has their own quests and you need to have them in your
          party to initiate the needed events. Well, there are certain
          character sidequests that starts in ACT II but doesnt complete
          until deep later in the game. (ex. VIX's quest in ACT III)

          If you are done with the quest, you can disband the required
          character and use your previous party member if you want to.


        -->On rare circumstances that you lost a unique item (ex.Lelani's
           Sorrow trade items) and cant find it anymore, you are definitely


       -->Remember, if you are doing a character sidequest, you need to
          have that character in your party, that character to touch the
          lever, chest or talk to the NPC's. Also take note that if its not
          happening, check the order of events as described in this guide.
          the steps needs to be done IN ORDER.


       -->I encountered that myself. Im sure I did everything right but
          still the star just stays there, and I cant complete the quest.
          I dont know what is the cause of this, but it is possible that
          this is a bug. The dragon boss in ACT II, CH8 never appeared and
          I almost didnt finish my game. It has happened to me twice on
          separate files. I just exited and tried again several times.

          If you have mods or other .res files in your resources folder,
          make sure to remove them and try relaunching the game again.

          I dont have a solution for this unfortunately.


AF01 -- The Armorer's Apprentice

        * Intended level: 3
        * Read the Tome of Smithing and tell Telinu the correct material
          list for the Dryad armor

Details: When you have the mission to get the sharpening stones from Telinu,
         agree to help her get the proper recipe for creating a dryad armor.
         Once you have access to the Great Hall (After the Morden Towers
         main quest) look for a book called "Tome of Smithing". Get it and
         return to Telinu. Just choose option 3 and you're done. You will
         get the armor she had made.

AF02 -- Lumilla's Salve

        * Intended level: 3
        * Collect four nettle clusters and give them to enchantress Lumilla

Details: Talk to Lumilla the enchantress, just beside the magic shop in the
         center part of Eirulan. You need to find four needle clusters for
         her. You can buy them also from the reagents shop in the same area
         as well for 100g a piece. You will get Lumilla's salve (reagent)
         as a reward.

AF03 -- Lelani's Sorrow

        * Intended level: 3 (this is just the starting level)
        * Talk to Lelani (to start the quest)
        * Bring Fenella a toy to cheer up her child
        * Bring soldier Balamar something special to quench his thirst
        * Bring soldier Jordhan some fresh meat
        * Bring soldier Kiernan something to change his luck
        * Bring Alar'ithil a trophy of the enemy that he can display
        * Bring Prospector Gareth some supplies
        * Bring Nalus something ancient and interesting he can study
        * Bring Ithir'renne the fletcher a new material to use for crafting
        * Bring Lelani a keepsake from Aman'lu

Details: You wont be able to complete this quest until you reach ACT III.
         And also, there's always a risk of screwing this one especially
         if you're not careful when selling/ dropping items. Once any of
         the trade items are lost, you wont be able to complete this quest.

         1.Start the quest by talking to Lelani inside the house next to the
         Eirulan pet shop. She will then give you a DOLL.

         2. Go to the Falls (take the lift beside the Inn) and visit the
         first cottage. Talk to Fenella and give the doll. You will then get
         a FLASK OF ELVEN ALE.

         3. After you arrive in Azunite Desert (ACT I, CH7) enter the room
         and talk to soldier Baramar. He will tell you that he needs
         something to quench his thirst. Trade him the Elven Ale and get a
         SKATH CAT RIBS.

         4. Go back to Eirulan and go to the Inn. Go upstairs and talk to
         soldier Jordhan. He will take the Skath Cat Ribs and will give you
         a LUCKY STATUETTE OF XERIA in return.

         5. When you reach Snowbrook Haven's Courtyard in ACT II, CH7, go
         inside the dining hall and talk to Soldier Kiernan. Trade the
         statuette for a MORDEN HEAD ON A PIKE.

         6. Return to Aman'lu and go accross the south bridge. Enter the
         ruined house in the westside and talk to Alar'ithil. Trade the
         Morden head for his ELVEN WATER.

         7. In ACT III, CH1, exit through the North Gate of Kalrathia. Look
         for some tower ruins and for the lever that leads down. Find
         Prospector Gareth and learn that he needs supplies. Give him the
         Elven water and you will get an AGALLAN RELIC in exchange.

         8. Return to Kalrathia and head to the north wall. Talk to the
         half-giant Nalus and he will show interest in the Agallan Relic you
         have. Trade it for some HARPY FEATHERS.

         9. Go back to Aman'lu and head to the northernmost part of the
         town. Find Ithir'renne in one of the ruined houses there and trade
         the Feathers for an AMANLU ORCHID.

         10. Return the orchid to Lelani in Eirulan to complete the quest.

AF04 -- Secrets of the Elven Shrine

        * Intended level: 8
        * Find the secret rooms rumored to be in the Elven Shrine
        * Find the Lost Sapphire of the Elves
        * Take the Lost Sapphire of the Elves to Laenne in the town of

Details: Talk to Laenne above the Eirulan Pet shop. Take the spiral path

        Teleport to the Elven Shrine and make your way to the first part of
        it (where you first took the platform down) and look for a secret
        button in the west wall.

        You just need to put colored stones to the appropriate sockets.
        Put a green stone on the green socket and go down. Push the button
        on the wall to open the other side of the room. Put the yellow stone
        to the yellow socket. Pick another yellow stone and two red stones.
        Go down.

        Locate a button in the wall to open yet another side of the room. Put
        a red stone in the socket and get two purple stones. Put one purple
        stone on the socket to open another secret area in the room. Then
        put the stones in the the following order; YELLOW, RED , PURPLE.

        Take the lift up and grab the Lost Sapphire. Teleport back to
        Eirulan and return the Sapphire to Laenne to complete the quest.

AF05 -- The Kithraya Hive

        * Intended level: 13
        * Destroy the Kithraya hive queen

Details: When you first visit the Falls, go past Fenella's house and take the
        lift down. Go across the bridge (the spirit there is part of another
        sidequest) and take the lift up in the other end.

        Enter the house and talk to Tamari to initiate the quest. Lower the
        bridge so that you can return to her easily later on.

        When you're near the exit of the Lower Kithraya Caverns, you'll find
        a path splitting south. Take the path and fight your way to the
        Queen's Hive. Defeat it to get its severed head.

        Return to Tamari, give her the queen's head to end the quest.

AF06 -- The Hak'u

        * Intended level: 7
        * Find the hidden rear entrance to the Hak'u caves
        * Rescue Hesla's daughter Tanzi
        * Speak with Hesla in the Eirulan infirmary

Details: During the Morden Towers main quest, you will stumble upon Morain
         fighting a Hak'u. Talk to her to get her request to save her niece,
         Tanzi from the clutches of the Hak'u and activate the quest.

         Past the 3rd Morden Tower, head west to find the hidden entrance
         to the Hak'u caves and fight your way to free Tanzi.

         After completing the Morden Towers quest and gaining access to the
         Eirulan's Infirmary, talk to Hesla, Morain and Tanzi to end the
         current quest and activate the second part.

AF07 -- The Hak'u - PART II

        * Intended level: 10
        * Find Hrawn the Hak'u
        * Kill the Hak'u leader who stands against your allies
        * Return to Hesla in the Eirulan infirmary

Details: This is the continuation of the last Haku quest. After completing
CH5, leave the Dryad camp and take the west gate. Find a small cave
         near the incantation shrine. Enter it and talk to Hrawn.

         Go back to the Dryad camp and go east to the Eastern Greilyn
         Teleporter. Teleport to Western Greilyn Jungle and go west to find
         the house with the Hak'u usurper. Knock the door and you will be
         allowed to go inside. Kill everything inside, collect your loot,
         then head back to the teleporter.

         Go back to Hrawn's cave and get your reward. Then go back to Eirulan
         and talk to the same persons again in the infirmary to end the

AF08 -- The Dire Wolf

        * Intended level: 10
        * Speak to Rokhar the nature mage in the town of Eirulan
        * Go to Rokhar's Rift Site
        * Kill all the nawl beasts that come through the rift
        * Remind Rokhar to send the dire wolf back to pet seller Neda in
          the Eirulan pet shop
        * Return to pet seller Neda in the Eirulan pet shop

Details: In the beginning to CH5, talk to the pet shop owner and ask about
         something that is more powerful. She will then inform about a dire
         wolf. Go to the great hall and talk to Rokhar.

         Go to the Southern Greilyn Jungle, past Razka's Ruins. Go north,
         cross the river and fight your way to the caves. Enter Rokhar's
         Rift Site and talk to him.

         Defeat all the beasts that will appear until the dire wolf is tamed.
         Talk to him again.

         Head back to Eirulan and talk to the pet merchant. The dire wolf is
         now available for purchase.

AF09 -- Taar's Investigation

         * Intended level: 10
         * Confirm or deny the existence of the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade
         * Investigate the rumors of the Hak'u beast
         * Slay the garganturax
         * Take proof of the beast's death to Arianne in Eirulan

Details: If you have Taar in your party, make her the active character and
         talk to Arianne in the house just beside the Great Hall. Learn
         about the beast that haunts her. You need to have special blade to
         be able to damage the beast.

         Teleport to the Northern Greilyn Jungle. Head northwest and across
         the bridge to reach the Hak'u ritual camp. Kill everything and
         grab the unique Hak'u blade stuck in the altar.

         Return to Eiruland and exit to the South Gate. Look for the path
         that goes south and find a Bone-Filled cave. Look deeper to find
         the garganturax inside. You should equip the blade you got from the
         ritual camp to be able to damage and kill the beast.

         Go back to Eirulan and talk to Arianne to get your reward and
         complete the quest.

AF10 -- Feldwyr the Blacksmith

        * Intended level: 12
        * Find Feldwyr's anvil
        * Find Feldwyr's mythril ore
        * Return the anvil and mythril ore to Feldwyr
        * Find Feldwyr's hammer
        * Return Feldwyr's hammer to Feldwyr
        * Speak to blacksmith apprentice Fyrndolf in the town of Aman'lu

Details: This quest requires fighting several enemies between 22-24. If
         you have difficulties, you can just return back once you are
         at least 20+. And the fact that even if you kill a bunch of level
         22's, you wont gain that much experience. So it is recommended to
         just come back if you are in an appropriate level. You can however,
         initiate the quest and get the anvil as he requests. The mithril ore
         may need to wait.

         In the easternmost part of East Grielyn Jungle, there should be a
         bridge and another path heading north. Go north and find a cave
         past the ruins.

         Make your way inside, clearing enemies as you move along. Talk to
         Feldwyr and he will ask you to retrieve his anvil and mitril ore.

         There is no general direction of the area. Its very straightforward
         so just navigate the area until you find the LV16 Hak'u mini boss
         carrying the anvil. The are secret rooms in the area so make sure
         to look for hidden buttons and levers along the wall.

         If you have noticed, the path leading south has a LV.24 boss
         guarding the entrance. Even if you defeat it, the next area is
         littered with several level 22's. Just like what I noted earlier,
         it would be best to return to the area once you reached lvl 20 at

         Once ready, clear the area and all its rooms. Once you obtain the
         anvil and the ore, go back to Feldwyr and have a short scene where
         his hammer is stolen and the enemy breaking through the wall.

         Follow the new path and eliminate every single enemy. After getting
         the hammer, return it to Feldwyr. You wont get your reward yet, not
         until you reach the ACT II town of Amanlu.

         Talk to Fyrndolf, just inside the house behind the weapons and armor
         dealers, to get your reward and complete the quest.

AF11 -- A Family Heirloom

         * Intended level: 14
         * Enter the crypt described by Master Thestrin
         * Solve the Guardian of the Crypt's riddle

Details: As soon as your quest to find the four stelae of the Azunites begin,
         head down the camp and defeat the first guardian. Just above the
         stairs is a tower with a lift heading down. Take it and talk to
         Master Thestrin to get this quest initiated.

         He will ask you to visit the crypt and solve the puzzle. It is
         located southeast of the camp. If you want to, you can head back
         and find the crypt. Dont open the doors however. It contains a lot
         of Azunite undeads, levelled 28.

         Speak to the statue and quess the proper order of the gods
         mentioned. If you guessed incorrectly, level 16 monsters will
         appear. ITs a good way to farm EXP, gold and items. You even have
         the chance to get rare items.

         I think you can do this 4-5 times. If nothing appears even if you
         intentionally answered incorrectly, that means its enough.
         Answer the statue in this order. (3-3-1-1)

         The backdoor containing the sword will open, guarded level 28 undeads.
         You can rush in, grab the treasure and run away.

         Return to Threstin and get your reward. You need however, to keep the
         sword if you want to finish the second part of the sidequest. You
         will get some chants as reward but keeping the sword will net you
         insults from him. Just ignore his babblings and keep the sword.

AF12 -- The Imprisoned Half-Giant

        * Intended level: 19
        * Talk to the soldiers about releasing Sartan once Windstone Fortress
          is safe
        * Talk to the newly freed Sartan

Details: Upon entering Windstone Fortress, you will find Sartan imprisoned in
         a pit. Talk to him to get this quest started. After you successfully
         activated the Azunite artifact you have acquired and finished the
         scene where the blocked path in the north, talk to soldier Orayne to
         get Sartan released. If you still have space in your party, you can
         recruit him now. If not, just choose option 3 and he will just go
         to the Eirulan Inn, ready to be hired until you change your mind.

AF13 -- The Missing Squadron

        * Intended level: 18
        * Find Private Nolan
        * Find Private Banos
        * Find Private Caiden
        * Speak to Squadron Leader Taarth

Details: You can talk to any of the missing soldiers to get this mission
         started. Make sure that you tell them you to follow you.

         1. The soldier Banos is located in the Eastern Gatehouse, inside
            the room in the first hallway.

         2. Soldier Nolan is in the westernmost room of Windstone Barracks,
            directly accross the  Windstone teleporter.

         3. Soldier Caiden is in the southwest corner of the West Gatehouse.

         After finding all of them, talk to thier squadron leader, Taarth.
         He is located near the pit where Sartan is held.

AF14 -- Secrets of Xeria's Temple

        * Intended level: 19
        * Enter the Temple of Xeria and place the Stone of Life within its
        * Finish exploring the Temple of Xeria
        * Return to the grizzled bar patron in the Eirulan tavern

Details: You can start the mission as soon as you gain access to the bar/inn.
         Talk to the obviously marked guy called Grizzled bar patron. Have
         him tell you his story and you will get the mission started. But
         you wont be able to complete it until you reach the Temple itself
         in ACT I, CH10.

         Once inside the temple of Xeria, navigate it until you find a room
         similar to the rooms in the Secrets of the Elven Shrine quest. You
         need to put the proper activation stones in the correct sockets.

         To prevent running back and forth, just collect 4 stones for each
         color. You can just throw away the extras later on.

         1. Place one green stone to the socket. A door opens in the west

         2. Get yellow stones, then put one stone in the yellow socket.
            Southern door opens.

         3. Place yellow and green stone. Two doors will open. Enter the room
            that contains red stones and get them. Go to the room with red
            sockets. Put the stones on the sockets.

         4. Get three purple stones from the other side of the room and
            place it on its socket on the other side.

         5. Another room opens with a single purple socket. This opens the
            path to the main room that has all four colored sockets. Put a
            stone on each of them to open the door.

         Get the loot and the chant inside. Go back to the bar and talk to
         bar patron to earn your reward.


AG01 -- Tywlis' Broken Staff

        * Intended level: 30
        * Find the reagent Tywlis needs to repair her grandfather's staff

Details: Find Tywlis inside the house in the northern part of Amanlu. This
         could be the easiest mission in ACT II, depending if you have a
         RAINBOW TRINKET stored. It is a regeant that can be dropped by
         monsters even in ACT I.

         If you dont have it, this mission may have to wait until you get
         to Snowbrook Valley. A rainbow trinket can be found in the Frigid
         Cave, just past the first bridge.

         Just give her the regeant and claim your reward.

AG02 -- A Dark Ohm

        * Intended level: 26
        * Observe the Vai'kesh during one of their rituals
        * Return to mage Lyssanore in Aman'lu

Details: Visit Amanlu's magic shop and talk to Lyssanore. She needs you to
         observe Vaikesh rituals. Doing this quest is necessary if you want
         to gain access to another sidequest.

         When you reach the part when you are pursuing the Vai'kesh Prophet,
         wait till you get the scene where his minions emerges from the
         Large Vai'kesh cavern. Go inside and the door there. Watch another
         scene where a large group of Vai'kesh is performing thier ritual.

         Teleport back to Amanlu, talk to Lyssanore to complete the quest.
         You will learn the Chant of the Dead, which will allow you to talk
         with the spirits you have encountered along the way. You can go
         back and slay the Vai'kesh performing the ritual.

AG03 -- Spirits of Aranna

        * Intended level: 26
        * Find the restless spirit in the Lost Valley of the Azunites
        * Find the restless spirit in the Northern Greilyn Jungle
        * Find the restless spirit in the Western Greilyn Jungle
        * Find the restless spirit near the Eastern Greilyn Beach
        * Find the restless spirit in the town of Eirulan
        * Find the restless spirit in the Temple of Xeria
        * Find the restless spirit in the Tranquil Cave
        * Find the restless spirit in Snowbrook Haven
        * Find the restless spirit in Arinth's Ravine
        * Find the restless spirit in the Aman'lu Inn
        * Find the restless spirit in the town of Aman'lu
        * Find the restless spirit in the Garden of the Ancients
        * Find the restless spirit in the Eastern Plain of Tears
        * Find the restless spirit in the town of Kalrathia
        * Find the restless spirit in the Mines of Kaderak
        * Find the restless spirit in the Morden City of Darthrul
        * Find the restless spirit below the town of Kalrathia
        * Find the restless spirit in Zaramoth's Horns

Details: Once you have the Chant of the Dead learned, you can now talk to
         the spirits, after chanting the Chant in an incantation shrine.
         There are always shrines conviniently located near the spirits.
         Not to mention that the effects of the chant (Vox Mortem) lasts
         300 seconds or 5 minutes.

         You can actually start this mission once you get the Amulet of the
         Dead with you. This is a unique amulet. You can talk to the spirits
         in any order you want. There are 18 of them and wont be completed
         until you're late in ACT III.

         1. The spirit in the Lost Valley of Azunites is near the incantation
            shrine, within the ruins. He should be near a wall.

         2. The Northern Greilyn Jungle spirit can be found inside the Haku
            caves, just beside the broken bridge. The caves are just
            northwest of the North Gate.

         3. The Western Greilyn Jungle spirit can be found just west of the
            teleporter. It is near the Hak'u Usurper's house.

         4. To reach the Greilyn Beach spirit, you need to teleport to
            Azunite Desert camp and take the portal there. There is a shrine
            near the spirit.

         5. You probably saw the Eirulan spirit when doing the Hive Queen
            sidequest. It is located by the bridge, facing the falls.

         6. In the extreme north of Xeria's Temple, there should be secret
            button next to the incantation shrine. The path leads to the
            cavern of Earth and by the south hallway, the spirit.

         7. To reach the Tranquil cave, take the North Greilyn Teleporter
            and go west. Near the incantation shrine, there should be
            waterfall in the southwest. Just run through it.

         8. The spirit in the Snowbrook Haven Servant's Quarters is located
            inside a closed room, just before the bridge/ walkway. The
            incantation shrine is near it.

         9. The Arinth's ravine spirit is in the same cave where you fought
            the Knotted Shambler (guardian of the first aegis part.) The
            incantation shrine is just inside the large Vai'kesh Cavern
            beside the cave the spirit is in.

        10. The Amanlu Inn spirit is in the broken balcony of the Amanlu Inn.
            The shrine is in the northeastern part of the town.

        11. The other Amanlu spirit is just under Twylis house. Find the
            secret buttons to open the area and the lift leading down. The
            incantation shrine is conviniently located the spirit.

        12. Inside the Azunite Burial grounds, there is a path west heading
            upwards. Take that to enter the other part of the Garden of the
            Acients. The spirit should be above the hill. An incantation
            shrine is also nearby.

        13. The spirit in the Eastern Plain of Tears is just a bit past the
            teleporter. The incantation shrine is a bit further in the
            northeastern path.

        14. The Kalrathian spirit is in the southwestern wall. The nearest
            shrine is the one just outside the North Gate.

        15. Past the Upper mines of Kaderak East teleporter, go upstairs and
            find the room with the spirit. This room also contains the last
            Dwarven verse needed for another sidequest. The Shrine is just
            across the bridge.

        16. The spirit in the city of Darthul is just behind the spiked cone
            boulders, just outside the District of Shield. the shrine is
            inside the District of Crossbow, once you have access to it.

        17. The spirit below Kalrathia is located in the southern waterway of
            the Agallan trial. The shrine nearby to the east.

        18. Far in Zaramoth's Horns, you'll find a large ruined area. The
            incantation shrine is on a nearby platform. The spirit is in
            the southeasternmost corner of the area.

AG04 -- Viperclaw

        * Intended level: 19
        * Find a jagged arrowhead reagent and return it to Eumenidie in
        * Find a griffon feather reagent and return it to Eumenidie in
        * Find an onyx fragment reagent and return it to Eumenidie in

Details: You can return the regeants one by one or all at once. Take note
         that these regeants can be acquired late in ACT I as monster drops
         or loots. In any case you dont have them, you can find these
         regeants scattered along the way.

         Jagged Arrowhead -- can be found in the swamp north of Amanlu. Its
                             in the southern part of the swamp.

         Griffon Feather  -- can be found inside the flooded chambers in
                             Elen'lu Isles

         Onyx Fragment    -- can be found in many Vai'kesh caverns.

         upon surrendering all needed regeants, you'll get a 6-slot
         Viperclaw regeant.

AG05 -- Arinth's Legendary Staff

        * Intended level: 26
        * Find the Focusing Stone
        * Find the Jeweled Shaft
        * Find the Carved Rod
        * Return to Eolanda in the town of Aman'lu with the pieces of
          Arinth's Legendary Staff

Details: Find Eolanda in the Northeastern part of Amanlu, just near
         Eumenidie's archery range. You need to have the Chant of the Dead
         first since the chest containing the staff's parts are guarded by
         spirits. (These spirits are not part of the Spirits of Aranna quest)

         1. Focusing Stone -- Teleport to the Western Cliffs of Azunai. Go
                              east then south inside the caverns and go to
                             the ruin's entrance in the southwest corner. Go
                              up the stairs to the next room. The shrine is
                              just in northern room. Take the lift down by
                              pressing the hidden button, near the steps.
                              Talk to the spirit guardian to get the Stone.

        2. Carved Rod     --  From the Amanlu Hills, head north till you find
                              an incantation shrine. Incant then continue
                              north and look for path leading down. Go down
                              and find the lift going down.

        3. Jeweled Shaft  --  From the Snowbrook valley teleporter, go
                              across the bridge and north. There should be
                              stairs leading down. Make sure that you incant
                              then go down the stairs. Take the lift down
                              and talk to the spirit.

         Once you got all the 3 pieces of the rod, return to Eolanda in
         Amanlu to finish the quest (and get the Rod.)

AG06 -- Arinth the Mad

        * Intended level: 26
        * Track down Arinth
        * Defeat Arinth

Details: After repairing Arinth's Legendary Staff, teleport back to Eirulan,
         then teleport to the Lost Valley of the Azunites. Go east of the
         teleporter, and search for a lift. The button to activate it
         should be located in the ruined wall. Take the lift down.

         You need to open a series of hidden doors by pressing secret
         switches. They are obviously marked in the map and you shouldnt
         have problems finding them.

         Go down the spiral staircase until you reach the Elven Prison.
         Use Arinth's Staff to break the door and set him free.

         Go back to Amanlu then take the teleporter to the Elen'lu Isles.
         Arinth should be waiting inside Isteru and Isheru's temple. Defeat
         him to get your loot and 2 skill points for all your party members.
         (Except pets).

         Return to Eolanda to complete the quest and obtain your reward.

AG07 -- Mythrilhorn

        * Intended level: 33
        * Find Khartos the Wise
        * Defeat Khartos the Wise in a duel
        * Go to the rift site
        * Cover Khartos while he captures the mythrilhorn
        * Remind Khartos to send the mythrilhorn back to pet seller Galeron
          in Aman'lu
        * Speak to pet seller Galeron in Aman'lu

Details: You wont be able complete this quest until you reach ACT III. Talk
         to the pet shop order. As him about the special beasts.

         Go to the Kilrathian bar and talk to Khartos. He will then
         challenge you to a duel. Land a few hits on him and he will stop.
         Go to his Rift side to summon a mythrilhorn.

         To reach Khartos' rift side, use the teleporter to the Northern
         Plain of Tears. There should be a path going going down to the
         northeast. Follow it to reach the rift site.

         Talk to Khartos to begin the summoning. You need to defeat all the
         giant bugs that'll appear and after that, the summoning will be

         Once done, talk to Khartos and talk to the pet seller in Amanlu to
         complete the quest.

AG08 -- A Family Heirloom - Part II

        * Intended level: 26
        * Locate the demon
        * Destroy the demon
        * Speak with Athelas

Details: This is the continuation of the first quest with the same name. If
         you have been referring to his faq when you do your sidequests,
         you should still have the Heirloom Sword with you.

         Start the mission by talking to Athelas in Amanlu Inn. You need to
         find the Vaikesh prison. You can do this while pursuing the
         Vaikesh Prophet. The prison should be between the First Large
         Vaikesh cavern and bridge. The entrance to the prison is not
         obvious in the map, unlike ordinary caves or cavern entrances.

         The prison is in the middle of the large part of the area
         mentioned. Just head south of the first large Vaikesh cavern, the
         entrance should be a small brown rectangle in the map.

         Upon entering, you should use the Heirloom sword to break the
         prison bars and release the demon. Unlike the Garganturax, you
         dont need to have the Heirloom sword equipped; You can switch to
         a powerful weapon after that. Talk to Athelas afterward for
         your reward.

AG09 -- Lothar's Innocence

        * Intended level: 24
        * Find Roland's golden cloak
        * Find Magrus
        * Defeat Magrus
        * Return to Roland in Aman'lu

Details: Make Lothar your active leader and talk to Roland, the one sitting
         on the table. Lothar will need to prove his innocence and find the
         real thief back.

         Just a little distance past the teleporter in the Southern Vailutra
         forest, find the Watery Cave on the western side of the path.
         Navigate inside and locate a half-giant farming mushrooms in the
         upper part of the caves.

         After talking to Magus, he will teleport leaving his house key
         behind. Exit the cave and go north of the Watery Cave. There should
         be a tiny path leading eastward then to Magus' house.

         Use the key to enter the house and confront him. He will then
         become hostile and you need to defeat him. After that, he will
         agree to return to Aman'lu and confess for his sins.

         Talk to Roland again to get your reward and complete the quest.

AG10 -- Deru's Treasure Hunt

        * Intended level: 19
        * Find the explore the location identified on the map given to Deru
          by the Elven prospector
        * Find and explore the location identified by Razka's Riddle
        * Find and explore the location identified by Razka's Second Riddle

Details: In Amanlu, go to the southeastern corner of the town. Find a lone
         old prospector and talk to him using Deru. You will recieve a map
         leading to some sort of site. Obviously, it is the map for Razka's

         Go to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and towards Razka's ruins. A
         lever will be there, allowing you to ride the platform down.
         Navigate the area and have Deru open the chest in the central room.
         Learn the next riddle.

         Take the teleporter to Arinth's Ravine and look for the Frozen
         Cave. (You should see a marker there since the mission is active)
         Go inside and have Deru open the chest for yet another clue.

         As soon as you reach Kalrathia, you can take the north gate and
         look for the lower lands in the east. Continue heading east until
         you find an oasis. Just continue walking until the illusion fades,
         and you'll be inside the Magical Oasis. Just enter and have Deru
         open the chest to complete her character quest.

AG11 -- Mark of the Assassin

        * Intended level: 35
        * Pick up the intriguing stone
        * Encounter the assassin
        * Speak to Danadel
        * Investigate the Liantir Stone in the town of Kalrathia
        * Bring a Dwarven mythril ring to Enchantress Valeria in Kalrathia
        * Find Merchant Kendril
        * Defeat the assassin

Details: In south Amanlu, enter the abandoned house and find a peculiar
         stone on the table. Pick it up and watch the following scenes.
         After that, talk to Danadel to learn more about what to do next.

         Upon reaching Kalrathia, enter the magic shop and talk to
         enchantress Valeria. She will then tell you to acquire a Dwarven
         mythril ring to enchant and will enable you to see the assassin
         that marked you as target.

         As soon as you enter the Upper Mines of Kaderak, after the scene
         with the miners, go upstairs in the south and check all the rooms
         there. The room containing the mythril ring is hidden and you need
         to push a secret button to open it.

         When you already acquired the ring, go back to Valeria in Kalrathia
         and she will imbue it. Equip the new ring she has created and go
         to the room just beside the Innkeeper. Talk to the merchant Kendril
         and the assassin will appear. Defeat him and obtain some assassin
         loot. (Great set for berserkers). You can also talk to Kendril for
         some additional reward.

AG12 -- The Aman'lu Arena

        * Intended level: 19
        * Defeat the first wave of combatants
        * Defeat the second wave of combatants
        * Defeat the third wave of combatants
        * Defeat the fourth wave of combatants
        * Defeat the fifth wave of combatants
        * Defeat the sixth wave of combatants
        * Defeat the seventh wave of combatants
        * Defeat the eighth wave of combatants
        * Defeat the ninth wave of combatants
        * Defeat the Arena Masters

Details: Talk to the barkeep and agree to have a drink with him. When he
         asks you to tell the tale of your mighty deeds, Just deny all of
         it. He will then offer you to try the Aman'lu underground arena.

         Take the elevator behind him and talk to the assistant in the
         cellar. A door will open; just follow the staircase to the next

         Talk to Daesthai to open the quest. He will sell you tokens needed
         to start the challenges. There are colored doors around the room,
         which contains magnificent rewards. Thier corresponding keys are
         dropped when you defeat a whole wave of enemies.

         I do recommend just trying this when you are around level 38+. In
         that way, you can finish all the rounds and keep the keys. Not to
         mention that rare item drops are better in higher levels.

         You can keep the keys you've won and decide to open the doors any
         time you like.

         Since the enemies will swarm you like insects, it is recommended to
         have your party ready with area targetting special attacks. Also
         avoid getting cornered. Even the toughest character can go down
         easily against a mob. The enemies levels progress on each round,
         the last round being the toughest (around level 38-40)

         After defeating the arena masters, talk to Daesthi and you can now
         buy a Light Naiad as a pet, get two skills points for all your
         characters and the Mysterious token (needed for the Mysterious
         Mystery Quest)

         Round    Cost
         ===== ||=====
          1      1,000
          2      1,500
          3      2,000
          4      3,000
          5      4,000
          6      6,000
          7      8,000
          8     12,000
          9     16,000
         10     25,000

AG13 -- A Servant's Haunt

        * Intended level: 26
        * Enter the Levreth Estate
        * Learn the Chant of the Dead
        * Speak with the ghost of Threnith Wilwarin
        * Follow the ghost of Threnith Wilwarin and look for clues
        * Find the jewels of the Levreth Estate
* Bring the proof of Threnith's Innocence back to Eldoriath Wilwarin in
          town of Aman'lu

Details: Exit Amanlu from the south bridge and enter the house on the east
         side. Talk to Eldoriath to start the quest. (You need to have
         the Chant of the Dead for this quest.)

         Go to the South Vai'lutra Forest (south) teleporter, just next the
         destroyed caravan. Incant with the chant of the dead, then go east
         and use the elevator down to the estate.

         After reaching the bottom, speak to the ghost of Threnith. He'll
         unlock doors as you go. Just pickup the items laying on the floor
         to continue. After collecting all clues, you should head back to
         Eldoriath to complete this quest.

AG14 -- A Servant's Haunt - PART II

        * Intended level: 26
        * Confront Lady Levreth in the town of Eirulan
        * Confront Wethril the Guardian Commander in the town of Aman'lu
        * Defeat Wethril the Guardian Commander
        * Speak to Celeb'hel the Elder in Aman'lu's Alt'orn Hall about
          Wehtril's deception

Details: After completing the first part of the quest, talk to the spirit
         of Threnith again to activate this quest.

         Return to Eirulan and talk to Lady Levreth inside the inn. After her
         confession, return to Amanlu and confront Guardian Commander
         Wethril, just inside the town hall. You need to fight kill the
         murderer and then talk to Celeb'hel to end the quest.

AG15 -- Amren's Vision

        * Intended level: 19
        * Find and explore the first location in Amren's vision
        * Find and explore the second location in Amren's vision
        * Find and explore the third location in Amren's vision
        * Find and explore the fourth location in Amren's vision
        * Investigate the portal in Amren's vision

Details: During your travels, you will encounter strange mushroom formations,
         bringing Amren in any of these will trigger his visions. Talk to
         him again to start his character quest.

         Visit the mushroom formations with Amren in your party. One
         mushroom actually serves as a level heading down the hidden shrines
         in Amren's vision.

         Their locations are:

         1. Eastern Greilyn Jungle (Shrine Of Life)
            -- East of Razka's ruins, just above the mall northern cliff. It
               also has the book, Vol.17, THE PATH OF LIFE

         2. Southern Vai'lutra Forest (Shrine of Sight)
            -- west of the North teleporter. Contains the book Vol.18, THE
               PATH OF SIGHT.

         3. Garden of the Ancients - South (Shrine of Death)
            --just north of the teleporter. Contains the boo k Vol.19, THE
              PATH OF DEATH

         4. Ruins of Okaym (Shrine of Blindness)
            -- West of the teleporter, off from the main path. Contains the
               book Vol.20, THE PATH OF BLINDNESS.

         After accessing all the four shrine, a portal will appear to open
         the final shrine. Amren must open the final chest and you will
         gain a very sumptous reward.

AG16 -- Finala's Contempt

        * Intended level: 22
        * Explore the hidden Morden intelligence camp
        * Find and burn down the first hidden Morden tower
        * Find and burn down the second hidden Morden tower
        * Find and burn down the third hidden Morden tower
        * Find and burn down the fourth hidden Morden tower
        * Locate and destroy the hidden Durvla hatchery
        * Find and explore the second Morden intelligence camp

Details: If you have Finala in your party, take the portal to Kithraya
         Valley. Enter the Upper Kithraya Caverns and Finala as your active
         character, touch the broken lever. She will repair it and you
         should be able to go down and discover a hidden Morden intelligence
         camp. Let Finala open the chest and obtain the Map for the 4 hidden
         Morden Towers.

         Teleport to south Greilyn and head west to the Abandoned Ruins. As
         soon as you enter, Finala will find and open a secret door. Follow
         the very straightforward path and burn the first hidden morden
         tower just like what you did in ACT I.

         Teleport to the Northern Greilyn Jungle and take Finala near the
         blocking wall. She will open it for you, giving you access to the
         remaining hidden Morden towers. Take the path up and burn
         everything you can find.

         Once you reach the Morden City of Darthrul in ACT III, CH2, take
         Finala to the easternmost part of the city. She will then discover
         a hidden door leading to the Durvla Hatchery. Kill everything
         inside and after clearing, destroy the explosive beside the wooden
         gate to open it. Open the chest and obtain the final piece of the
         mission. A morden wrench.

         When you recieve the quest into the Southern Kaderak desert, take
         the north path past the entrance to the mines and follow it until
         you find a broken elevator on top of the hill. Have Finala fix
         the elevator and clear the intelligence camp. Open the golden chest
         to end the quest.

AG17 -- Rahvan's Curse

        * Intended level: 28
        * Find Letiso the lich
        * Defeat Letiso the lich
        * Return Champion Rahvan's soulstone

Details: After showing Rahvan the four death masks found in four tombs and
         getting part of his memory back, he will give you a chant, Letiso.
         You need to say this above the glyph of death to face the Lich King
         that killed him and enslaved his spirit.

         As you travel clear the lower Azunite Catacombs, you will then
         see a forked path. The shrine is located in the south. Then stand
         on the purple death symbol on the east side of the room. Incant
         using 'Letiso' and the hidden door should open. Defeat the Lich
         King and deliver the soulstone back to Rahvan to complete this

AG18 -- Evangeline's Folly

        * Intended level: 28
        * Seek Jessic and the soldiers in the Vai'kesh stronghold
        * Seek Jessic in the second Vai'kesh stronghold
        * Seek Jessic in the third Vai'kesh stronghold

Details: With princess Eva as your active character, teleport to Southern
         Vai'lutra Forest (South) and talk to the wounded caravan guard to
         initiate the quest.

         1. Teleport to the Western End of Arinth's Ravine. Follow the
            western main path until you reach a bridge. Before the bridge,
            turn left and go along the tight pathway to reach a small cave.
            Just talk to the mana ostar behind the door to trick them into
            allowing you inside. Then kill every last of them.

            Furher in the room, you need to kill the jailor minibosses to
            obtain the keys to free the prisoner. You need to have Eva
            selected when you talk to them.

         2. The second stronghold is located north of Arinth's Ravine.
            Backtrack a bit and fight your way till you reach the large
            cavern on the north. Just do the same process of slaughtering
            the enemies and freeing the soldier.

         3. The last stronghold is located in a cave further east. When you
            see the 2nd bridge, do not cross, instead, continue east to
            find the cave's entrance. Kill the jailors. Talk to Jeric to
            end the quest.


AH01 -- Dwarven Song of Ore

        * Intended level: 35
        * Find the Silver stanza
        * Find the Iron stanza
        * Find the Gold stanza
        * Find the Mythril stanza
        * Return the stanzas to Historian Leontia
        * Return with the fourth stanza to Historian Leontia

Details: Talk to Historian Leontia in the Great Hall of Kalrathia to
         initiate this quest. The stanzas can be found in the Mines of

         1. Silver Stanza -- room on the side, past by the 3rd lever.

         2. Iron Stanza   -- room on the side past by the East teleporter.
                             go up using western stairs. You can find it
                             inside the same room with one of the spirits.
         3. Gold Stanza   -- inside the hidden room east of the lift to the
                             lower mines. There are three rooms. The west
                             room has the lever to open the location of the
         4. Mythril Stanza - located in the chest south of the Lower Mines

         It doesnt matter if you're only able to bring the stanzas one by
         one or all at once. Just talk to her to complete the quest.

AH02 -- The Lore of Aranna

        * Intended level: 33
        * Find the Lore of Aranna collection and return to Telgrey the

Details: You need to collect all the books scattered around Aranna to
         complete this quest. The scholar lives on the northeastern part
         of Kalrathia, just near the ledges that gives you access to the
         walls. There are 20 volumes in the collection.

                    Quarters, near the war pedestal accross the fly bridge.

2. THE DARK WIZARDS -- Vai'kesh Sanctuary, one the table, just beside the
                    stairway on your way out of the sanctuary

3. DOWNFALL OF THE MANY OSTAR -- In Alar'ithil's house; The house on the
                    south bridge of Aman'lu

4. VALDIS AND HIS ARMIES -- Inside Twylis' house in Amanlu

5. TURMANAR AND ITS AFTERMATH -- In Alt'irn Hall, Amanlu

6. THE SKATH -- In the tower where you first meet Vix, near the upper
                kithraya Caverns

7. THE DEEDS OF XERIA -- Windstone Fortress' Western Gatehouse

8. THE DEATH OF XERIA -- Xeria's temple, north room

9. THE WAR OF LEGIONS -- Xeria's temple, north room

10. THE LEGEND OF ARINTH THE MAD -- Given by Eoland when starting Arinth's
                         legendary Staff quest.

11. THE DRYADS AND THIER CUSTOMS -- Amanlu, Eolanda's house (table)

12. ZARAMOTH'S ASCENDANCE AND DOWNFALL -- 2f of Amanlu's magic shop (room)


14. FABLES OF ANCIENT ARTIFACTS -- Amanlu, Eolanda's house (floor)

15. SYMBOLOGY OF THE AZUNITES -- 2F Amanlu Magic Shop (Balcony)

16. LEGACY OF AZUNAI -- Room near the north wall and gate of Kalrathia.

17. PATH OF LIFE: SHRINE OF LIFE (Amren's Vision character quest)

18. PATH OF SIGHT: SHRINE OF SIGHT (Amren's Vision character quest)

19. PATH OF DEATH: SHRINE OF DEATH (Amren's Vision character quest)

20. PATH OF BLINDNESS: SHRINE OF BLINDNESS (Amren's Vision character quest)

         After completing all the 20 books, talk to Telgrey twice to get
         a Mysterious Book, part of the Mysterious Mystery quest.

AH03 -- The Lost Jewels of Soranith

        * Intended level: 33
        * Enter the Ancient Vault
        * Solve the second puzzle within the vault and see if there are any
          jewels locked within
        * Solve the third puzzle within the vault and investigate the area
          for more jewels
        * Return to Kevarre the Explorer in the Kalrathia tavern

Details: Enter the Kalrathia Tavern and talk to Kevarre the explorer to get
         the quest stareted. If you have done Deru's treasure hunt, the
         ruins is near the magical oasis. If not, just teleport to the
         Northern ruins and take the other path heading to the east.

         Enter the tower and descend to the Mysterious vault. Fight you way
         inside and solve the puzzles. You need to actually avoid "closing"
         the loop. You need to connect the obelisks. Here is a diagram.
         (Facing North)

              |         |
   .---------[1]---.    .-----.
   |          |    |          |
   |          |    .----.     |
   |          |         |     |
   |          |         |     |
   |    .----[2]-------[3]    |
   |    |     |         |     |
   |    |     .----.    [4]---.
   |    |          |    |
   [5]__|          .----.

          The fastest solution is by selecting the obelisks in this order:
          4 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 5 - 2- 3

          This solution is the one I used for my two saved game files. If
          you have other solutions for this, you can email me if you want
          and we can add it to this faq.

          On the second room, there are another set of obelisks you need to
          interconnect. Here is one of the obvious solutions. (facing north)

          8 - 6 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 1 - 4- 7 - 5 - 6 - 3 - 5 - 2 - 1

   .---[1]-------------[2]   [3]----.
  |     |               |     |     |
  |     |    .----------.     |     |
  |     |    |                |     |
  |     |    |    .-----------.     |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |     |    |    |                 |
  |    [4]   .---[5]----------.     |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |           |     |
  |     |         |     .----[6]----.
  |     |         |     |     |
  |     |         |     |     |
  .----[7]--------.     |     |-----.
        |               |           |
        |               |           |

          Go to the next area and get a Mysterious Chant and Soranith's Gold
          Ring. Go back to Kalrathia tavern and talk to Kevarre. You will
          recieve Soranith's Amulet, completing your quest and set.

AH04 -- The Legendary Mace of Agarrus

        * Intended level: 33
        * Talk to Explorer Tai'esse in Aman'lu
        * Find the stone tablet fragment
        * Return the stone tablet fragment to Explorer Tai'esse in Aman'lu
        * Enter the tomb of Agarrus and locate the mage

Details: In the Northern part of the city, just between the storage room
         and the fountain, find a soldier named Berseba to start this quest.
         Head to Amanlu and talk to Tai'esse inside the inn. Talk to her
         and recieve a stone key lore item. It is needed to open a specific
         door you havent opened before.

         Go to the Snowbrook Foothills. If you took time to navigate the
         Snowbrook Grotto inside, you should know the location already.
         If not, just head a bit north from the teleporter then go southeast
         to find the entrance to Snowbrook Grotto. There are a lot of exits
         and entrances to the Grotto though.

         Just look for series of steps heading down (the location should
         be obvious in the map). Grab the Chants and use the Stone Key to
         open the door. Grab the Stone Fragment inside.

         Return the Stone Fragment to Tai'esse in Amanlu Inn. She will repair
         it and you will recieve a Stone Tablet. Teleport to Eirulan then go
         to the Western Cliffs of Azunai. Go south into the Azunite Cavern
         (where the first light puzzle is encountered), then cross the bridge
         and locate a hidden button that will extend the bridges towards a
         new area. Use the platform and head down.

         Use the Tablet to open the door and speak to Guardian Magentus.
         You will recieve the legendary mace as one of the rewards. Quest

AH05 -- The Mage's Apprentice

        * Intended level: 34
        * Find Apprentice Darek and Mage Boden's research journal
        * Return to Mage Boden with his journal
        * Defeat Mage Boden
        * Speak with Apprentice Darek

Details: Talk to Mage Boden inside the Kalrathia Magic Shop to initiate this
         quest. You'll recieve a Golden Mirror and some clue on where his
         apprentice might be located.

         As soon as you reach Darthul in ACT III, CH2, go west and down to
         the dry moat or canal before heading entering the main gates. There
         should be some stairs heading up in the other end of the canal.

         Enter the Ancient Ruins. The light puzzles are just the same as
         one you solved before getting the Azunite Artifact in ACT I. Use
         the golden mirror to have the statue where the light is beaming to,
         to have the light reflected to the nearby statues. There are two
         doors. One leads to the apprentice and the other one leads to this
         Ruins' golden treasure chest.

         The first one is simple. You just need to make sure that the light
         reflects the statues in this diagram. "S" is the source, the main
         statue where the will come from. The arrows indicate the direction
         of the beamed/reflected light should be. After opening the door,
         you should find apprentice Darek inside. You'll get an update and
         will want to return to Kalrathia. But... if you want to get the
         most out of  your visit here, proceed and try to open the western

                             |  |
                  |          |
                  |          |
                  |          |
                  |          |
                  |          |
                  |          |

          The second puzzle is a little challenging if you dont know the
          trick. It took me several times before I found out this simple
          solution. "X" are the statues that must be rotated so that the
          light will not get blocked by them.

                           X         |X
                        |            |   ^
                                     |X  |              |
                                     |   |              |
                                     |   |              |
                        X  X        X|   |           X
                                     |   |
                                     |   |

          Grab your treasure and return to Kalrathia magic shop. Talk to
          Boden but he will turn hostile and you need to kill him. Just
          pummel him dead and talk to Darek to end the quest and claim your

          Dont worry about where you'll buy magic supplies. Darek will take
          the shop as his own.

AH06 -- The Kalrathian Nexus

        * Intended level: 33
        * Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of Earth
        * Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of Frost
        * Imbue the Soul Staff at the Node of the Phoenix
        * Return to Nora

Details: Near the North gate is a Nature Mage named Nora. Talk to her to
         start this quest and obtain a unique staff called "SOULSTAFF".
         The weapon itself is not that great as of this time and you cant
         sell it. If you managed to navigate the previous dungeons and caves,
         you should know what specific caverns are you looking for.

         1. Cavern of Earth is located inside Xeria's Temple, beyond the
         secret area (one of the spirits is located also in the other side)
         Equip the staff and stand above the Node of Earth symbol. Then type
         the chant "Arcesso Arcanum". This will imbue the staff with the
         power of Earth.

         2. Cavern of Frost is inside Snowbrook Haven's Servant Quarters.
            It is just across the Shrine and the Snowbrook Haven spirit.
            Repeat the same process as before

         3. Cavern of Phoenix is located in the southernmost end of the
            Lost valley of the Azunites. Repeat the same process.

         Once you start off your journey to the Eastern Plain of Tears, look
         for a cave in the north side of the trail. Upon entering the
         Kalrathian Nexus, equip the imbued staff and break the seal. Return
         to Nora to recieve the complete form of the staff named "Soulstaff
         of the Nexus" and to complete this quest as well.

AH07 -- Sartan's Suspicion

        * Intended level: 33
        * Find Osric, a suspected spy working for the Morden
        * Find the Morden arsenal
        * Free the prisoners
        * Return to Soldier Orayne

Details: With Sartan as your active character, go to the Kalrathia tavern
         and talk to a drunk man named Feltan. You'll learn about the
         location of the spy hiding in the East Plain of Tears. When you
         reach the area, keep on heading east to reach the hideout.

         With Sartan in your party, open the door and watch the following
         scenes. To redeem himself for the deadly mistake, Sartan must find
         the Morden Arsenal and save the prisoners.

         Upon reaching the Ruins of Okaym Teleporter, head west up to the
         hills to find the Morden Arsenal. Just fight your way inside till
         you reach the prisoners. Blow their cages open by targetting the
         explosives beside the doors.

         After all the prisoners are rescued, go back to the Mysterious
         Cavern and speak to Orayne to end the quest.

AH08 -- The Morden Riders

        * Intended level: 35
        * Find a Morden tent
        * Find a sack of Morden rations
        * Find a pack of Klask rations
        * Bring the supplies to Nordax and Neillibok

Details: While clearing the City of Darthul, in the Disctrict of Lance, look
         for a hidden switch for an elevator heading down to the cellar.
         Defeat the hiding lieutenant there to get the key to the District of

         Clear the District of Shield and look for a small pit that has a
         hidden button to use the elevator. You will now have access to the
         east side of the dried moat. Fight your way to the east till you
         meet two Morden riders and thier pet Klask, Bruno. Agree to help
         them and head back to Darthul.

         While clearing the Districts, you should've noticed the locked
         rooms with golden chests inside. Those are your target. Open them
         all. (There should be 3 of them) and return back to Riders.

         They won't give you any reward but they will open a new path leading
         to a Ancient Vault. Investigate it and claim your loot.

AH09-- Vix's Vengeance

        * Investigate the additional mine caverns Vix discovered
        * Destroy the first cluster of shards
        * Destroy the second cluster of shards
        * Destroy the third cluster of shards

Details: With Vix in your party, look for the eastern path in the Lower Mines
         of Kaderak. He will break down the large door and you will gain
         access to the additional series of caverns.

         Investigate the area, just use the explosive-laden carts to destroy
         the shards. After destroying the last shard, go inside the room
         behind it and have Vix open the treasure chest


*NOTE: The complete solution of this quest can be found @


and I humbly give credit to Gulnaga, Negorath, ebator and dknyc of Gamefaqs
for solving this mystery completely. I have gone as far collecting the items
and figuring out the reverse worded chant. The solutions to the puzzles
and quizzes are completed by them. Kudos!


As mentioned earlier, there is a level 100 ??? monster that will appear
whenever you acquire a number of magical items. You need to drain his health
completely, which will cause him to drop a Mysterious Stone lore item. It
has the word  "surotces suiranmuloc" engraved on it.

To start this optional subquest, you need three set items in addition to
the Mysterious Stone:

1. Mysterious Book -- This is rewarded after completing "Lore of Aranna"
   secondary quest. (Refer to the guide above)

2. Mysterious Token -- Reward for completing the "Amanlu Arena" secondary
   quest. (Refer to the guide above)

3. Mysterious Bucket -- Inside the Elven Prison (Arinth The Mad). Touch the
   lamp on the other side of the door once you opened the stairway.

Also, you may bring the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade. (optional)


Visit any incantation shrine and type the chant:

COLUMNARIUS SECTORUS (reverse of surotces suiranmuloc)

You will be transported to the secret area.

!! Note that you can only visit this place once after you cleared it.
!! You must be at least level 40 before trying this place

AI03 -- The Mysterious Mystery Cave

Head west and use the Mysterious Bucket to gain entrance. Proceed.

The hallways here are occupied with LVL40 Prairie Dogs. They hit hard so
avoid getting mobbed. Dispose them quickly using area-affecting Special

Open the Next Door using the Mysterious Book. Prepare for a tough battle.
You will face dark versions of all DSII characters, including Drevin. They
are high levelled and have high HP. Concentrating all attacks on one enemy
at the time will increase your chance of survival. You can also lure each
one of them at a time. Curses and buffs will be your best bet here so
use them in this battle.

After defeating them, the western door opens. You'll pass rooms filled with
the electronic versions of the people behind the game. Some of them gives
you quizzes and answering them gives you goodies.

I was only able to answer Andres Mendez's quiz. (Asnwers coutesy of Google)

1. Bogota
2. Yellow, blue and red
3. 8600 ft above sea level
4. 55%
5. Simon Bolivar

Brian Fricks will upgrade your little Hak'u blade.

Hak'UBER Ceremonial Blade

- Fast Attack Speed
- Damage 26 to 44
- Requires Melee 38
- +30 Dancing
- 30% Noise Antipathy

On the door leading to the Treasure room, stand in front of it with all
the 3 mysterious items equipped and chant:


The Door should open. Enjoy the treasures inside. Whew!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  CREDITS  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


....primarily to all the gaming sites that hosted my authored faqs. I really
appreciate it. Specially to the people of

....also to all the Filipino gamers that are actively participating and
contributing, helping their fellow gamers alike. my friends and family.

and to you for reading!

Please visit my site and checkout my other faqs.


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