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 Dungeons of the Unforgiven

Dungeons of the Unforgiven

Dungeons of the Unforgiven FAQ by Scared Rabbit

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

#      Topic                            Status                    Quick Ref ID
1.  Using this FAQ                    ***100%***                        [UFAQ]
2.  Version History                   ***100%***                        [VERH]
3.  About the Game                    ***100%***                        [ABGM]
4.  Object                            ***100%***                        [OBJC]
5.  Controls                          ***100%***                        [CNTR]
6.  Setup                             ***95%***                         [SETP]
7.  General Tips                      ***95%***                         [GTPS]
8.  Building your Character           ***95%***                         [CBLD]
9.  Getting Started                   ***100%***                        [STRT]
10. Sections of the Game              ***100%***                        [SCTN]
---A. Module I                        ***100%***                        [MOD1]
---B. Module II                       ***100%***                        [MOD2]
---C. Module III                      ***100%***                        [MOD3]
---D. Module IV                       ***100%***                        [MOD4]
---E. Module V                        ***100%***                        [MOD5]
11. Quick Reference                   ***99%***                         [QREF]
---A. Puffballs                       ***100%***                        [PFFB]
---B. Potions                         ***100%***                        [POTN]
---C. Spells                          ***100%***                        [SPLL]
---D. Magic Items                     ***100%***                        [MITM]
---E. Boss Rewards                    ***100%***                        [BSSR]
---F. Experience Tables               ***95%***                         [EXPT]
12. How to Cheat                      ***99%***                         [CHET]
13. Contact Info                      ***100%***                        [CINF]

[UFAQ]***1. Using this FAQ***  ***COMPLETED***

This FAQ is setup in such a way that the sequence of characters in the
brackets after each topic should only be used in 2 places in the whole FAQ,
the table of contents and the heading for that section.  If there's a specific
place you want to go in the FAQ you can do a search for the sequence of
letters after the topic in the table of contents and go straight there.

This FAQ is not a walkthrough.  This is more of a guide on how to survive and
thrive in the dungeon as most of the game is very random.  Hopefully you, the
reader, will find this helpful.

[VERH]***2. Version History***
1.06 02/15/2009 Received some information has been contributed to the
experience section.  I've added the first four level experience requirements
for the I can handle anything difficulty and the first 7 levels of normal
difficulty.  This is a minor update.

1.05 01/06/2009 I received some clarifications and comments from Porticulo so
I'm including them in this update.  Other than that, there have been no
significant changes in the contents or layout of this version.

1.0 01/03/2009 Well this is likely my last update unless someone else sends me
something to update.  I've added some information to the cheats for use with
Cheat Engine.  This update will have the spell information.  It's been fun,
this was my first FAQ, and it's certainly been a learning experience.  Thank
you to everyone who's read this, all 67 of you at this point lol!

.85 12/22/2008 It seems you can get this running fairly decently in dos box.
Read more about it in the setup section.  This version is going to be
uploaded.  Assuming no one sends me any contributions this will be my second
to last update.

.81 - 12/22/2008 This is an even more minor update detailing how windows xp
won't let you use cheat engine with this game.  Version .82 will likely 
concentrate on getting this game running better in dos box, with my last
update sometime after that to do spell tables.  I will most likely not choose
to upload this revision to gamefaqs.

.80 - 12/22/2008 This is a minor update.  The only change is the announcement
that I've figured out how to get Cheat Engine running with this game.  I've
made a trainer using cheat engine that I can provide through email if anyone
wants it (I can also provide the cheat tables).  Keep in mind this will only
work when running the game in dos box (mega slow), but it's progress at least.
The next update will have my last attempt at getting cheat engine working with
the built in dos emulator in windows xp and/or the spell tables.

.75 - 12/21/2008 WOW, talk about a big update!  Basically the game is done.
What's left is to fill in the spell tables (which will be a chore).  Anything
else that gets contributed to this FAQ will probably have to come from outside
sources, because I'm not going to do the whole Exp chart, I have no more tips,
I don't know any other methods to cheat, I've told the best way to build a
character in my opinion, and I don't know how to get this game running in SVGA
mode on a modern computer.  I will of course include and credit anyone who
sends me anything I've missed in this FAQ.  This version will be uploaded very
late at night, with the final version with the spells to come sometime over
the weekend.

.25 - 12/20/2008 Module 3 completed.  Module 4 started.  

.20 - 12/19/2008 Module 2 complete.  Module 3 started. added as
an authorized host.  More magic items and boss rewards added to the list.
Gamefaqs will be sent this update.

.12 - 12/18/2008 Module 1 complete.  Module 2 started information.   Started
adding the magic items.

.11 - 12/17/2008 Potions and Puffballs sections are now completed.  Basic data
for all sections of module 1 are in place, with some text from game added.
Boss details for all module 1 bosses are complete.  Module 2 data will begin
to be added in the next update as well as the completion of module 1 data.

.10 - 12/15/2008 Format changed to reflect the changes requires.
Added various bits of information throughout the whole FAQ.  started an
Experience chart section.  Update number changed to reflect a major release
(in that it's been accepted by Gamefaqs).

.002 - The first version of this file that is being made public.  Some errors
fixed, some formatting done.  Some additional sections partially filled in.

.001 - The first Version of this file.  This is a rather ambitious FAQ, and in
this first release it will be nowhere near complete.  Currently the only
sections with data are the contents (subject to change), Using this FAQ,
Contact Info, and How to Cheat.  I will be updating this guide as I explore
the game more fully.  This version will likely not be released as I'm going to
confirm a few pieces of data before releasing it in the next version.

[ABGM]***3. About the Game***  ***COMPLETED***

Dungeons of the Unforgiven is the third game in a trilogy of dungeon crawlers
by the company Moraffware.  The game was released in 1993, and much like the
name suggests this game is rather unforgiving.  Dungeons of the Unforgiven is
much more difficult than the previous two games in the series and can be
incredibly frustrating.

Essentially there is no story in this game.  After creating your character you
pop into existence on the first floor of the dungeon with a brief blurb about
whatever class you've chosen.  That's about it.  As you wander the dungeon you
will get messages from the boss of whatever section you're in taunting you,
and when you enter town you'll get a message about how your level compares to
the rest of society (or the lack thereof in this game).

Additionally there is no sound or music in this game.  The graphics are very
dated, even for when the game was released.  Despite that, it's still a good
way to kill time and challenge yourself to a good old fashioned dungeon crawl.

I originally played this game back in 1993 as a shareware title I had
downloaded from a BBS.  I assume if you're reading this FAQ, then you've got
some familiarity with DOS games, and therefore probably with shareware.  I've
played it off and on that whole time, and never once finished it!  So
hopefully with this FAQ as something to help drive me, I'll finally finish
this game.

[OBJC]***4. Object***  ***COMPLETED***

While the true object of the game is to beat the final shadow monster on the
final level of the final module, the game doesn't really end there.  Therefore
I consider the object of the game to be to explore and to get unbelievably
rich and powerful through the slaying of countless monsters, and rainbow
colored trashcans with legs.

[CNTR]***5. Controls***  ***COMPLETED***

This game can be played with the mouse or the keyboard.  I'd highly suggest
learning the keyboard controls because it will be much easier to play, and
quicker to get around.

I believe these are all the keys that do something, but if they aren't please
feel free to let me know and I'll update the FAQ.


Forward:                            Up arrow key
Turn Left:                          Left arrow key
Turn Right:                         Right arrow key
Turn Around:                        Down arrow key
Up Ladder:                          U
Down Ladder:                        D
Dig Tunnel:                         T

Interacting with Monsters:
Fight:                              F
Auto-Fight:                         Ctrl-F
Wait:                               Enter

Using Items and Magic (in and out of battle):
Cast Spell:                         C
Use Item:                           I
Select Armor:                       A
Select Weapon:                      W
Lose Item:                          L

Viewing status screens:
View Prep Spells in Effect:         1
View Money:                         M
View Stats:                         V
Experience Needed:                  E
View items (Pockets):               P
Expanded Map:                       X

Help Screens:
Help:                               H
Section Info:                       S

Options Menus:
Options:                            O
Graphics:                           G

Misc Stuff:
Zoom view:                          Z
Enable/Disable Mouse:               Escape

[SETP]***6. Setup***

When you first run the game you're asked to choose a graphics mode.  On a
modern computer, it's likely that only modes 2-7 will work.  I typically
choose 5, because any of the higher resolution lower color options tend to
look terrible.  Back in 1993 when I played this on my 486, I had a graphics
card that had one of the supported chipsets so I could play this game in SVGA
mode.  If you're using a modern computer the best looking option will probably
be 5.  If you know how to get this game running with one of the SVGA settings
on a modern computer I'd love to hear how you did it.

You are then presented with the option of selecting a character (or making a
new character in one of the empty slots).  On the screen where you select your
character if you have a mouse plugged in and a driver installed (or you're
using a modern computer) you have the option of clicking on a box at the
bottom of the screen to disable the mouse.  If you choose not to, you can
always disable and re-enable it in game by hitting the escape key.

Now that I've finished the game I've started experimenting with running it in
dos box.  Running it in dos box require a little work, but nothing that an old
dos user couldn't figure out, which I assume you are if you're playing this
game and reading this FAQ.  One thing that's worth noting is that it appears
that dos box by default throttles your cpu way down.  I've found it helps
immensely to go into it's config file and set the cpu cycles to 25000 or
higher.  The game really becomes playable on my system at 25000 and starts
to approach the native dos support in terms of speed at 35000-40000.  Of
course, by that point you are going to be using a good chunk of your cpu time,
so it does have it's draw backs.  If you're not planning on cheating, or are
fine with using the cheats that are done by moving files around, and don't
care about being able to run the game in window mode, then do yourself a
favor and stick with the normal dos support your windows machine has if you're
running windows.

[GTPS]***7. General Tips***

While playing the game you'll encounter several different events after killing
a monster.  The 3 most common events are finding a cup of health (which
restores some random amount of health), finding a shimmering ball of thought
(which restores 1 SP), and/or finding Greater American Dollars (which is
money).  Sometimes you do find weapons or armor, or even more rarely you find
a magic item.

Cups of health are what will keep you alive until you find a ring of
regeneration.  If you find that you're getting low on health, it's best to go
up a few levels and fight weak enemies to find the cups of health and
shimmering balls of thought.  Then you can come back down and fight harder

Money comes in 2 forms in this game: Greater American Dollars and Rubles.  GAD
can't be spent on anything and must be converted to Rubles.  This can be
accomplished at any bank (the orange squares in towns) by selecting option 1.
GAD is converted to Rubles in a 100:1 ratio.  For most of the game you will
essentially be broke, get used to it.  On the plus side, all the weapons and
armor are fairly cheap by comparison.  It's worth noting that the amount of
GAD you get from killing things is tied to the level of the dungeon you're on,
the lower down you go the more you get.  You're first big jump in the amount
you get is going down from section 1 to section 2.

When you gain enough experience to level up in this game you don't
automatically level up.  You have to go sleep at an inn to level up.  Choosing
when to level up can be a very serious decision.  There are three things that
go up exponentially in price as you go up in levels: Cost of staying at the
Inn, Culture Stock, and Magic Crystals.  When you stay at an inn you need
a certain number of culture stock to not age.  Aging in this game causes
a lowering of stats.  Additionally, for every SP you are missing you need
a magic crystal for it to be refilled over night.  Most people suggest buying
up as many magic crystals and as much culture stock as you can as early as
possible, because it's going to get ridiculously expensive to buy as you go

It's worth noting that the levels don't all line up.  As a result, if you go
up or down a ladder there's no guarantee you're only going up or down 1 level.
Sometimes ladders are only 1 way also, so keep that in mind when changing
floors.  Pitfalls and digging work the same way, and you can find yourself
falling several levels at a time.  Monsters don't seem to be affected in the
last by pitfalls.

Helping children is important.  You can help children at the temples in town
(green squares). The benefits for helping children maxes out at 100 children,
giving you a significant discount to items and staying at the inn.

In a pinch, if you're playing the full version of the game, you can hop into a
teleporter for another module and it will teleport you to another module's
town.  This can be a good way to get back up to the top if you need to in
a hurry.  I've only experimented with Modules I and II, but there always
appears to be at least 1 portal to other modules from within town, so you can
use that to get back to the previous module if you weren't ready for the next
module yet.

If you are near an enemy always 'wait' for the enemy to come to you by hitting
enter.  If you come to the enemy than it gets a first strike in.  This is
especially true if you have a ring of regeneration (or more than 1).  The game
seems to only check to make sure you don't have more than the max amount of
health when you move or when you get healed.  As a result, it's possible to
start a fight with more health than the max leading to a faster recovery

If you have too many items for your strength enemies may be able to hit you
multiple times per your turn.  It's usually best to keep no morethan 1 armor
and 1 weapon around at a time.  Extras can be dropped by using the Lose Item

Once you get the spell power weapon 3, most of the enemies can be taken down
ridiculously easy.

Ascend spells don't work below the 64th level.

I pretty much find it a waste of perfectly good SP to cast an attack magic
spell.  If you've got a power weapon spell you're going to get a lot more bang
for your buck out of that than casting a direct damage spell.  Because of this
I like to pick a character that gets priest spells.  The priest spell book
gets the power weapon spells sooner and has many more spells that aren't
direct damage than the mage spell book.

[CBLD]***8. Building your Character***

There are two difficulty settings.  Only the I can handle anything difficulty
lets you into the last module.  If you're playing the shareware version of the
game, you only have access to module 1, so just choose normal.  Essentially
I can handle anything is really only more noticeably difficult right at the
beginning in my opinion.  After you get a few levels under your belt, and some
decent equipment you should be fine, so I usually pick this difficulty.

There are essentially only 4 different classes to choose from when starting
a new character that aren't so ridiculously hard that it's pointless to play.
I can only really name 3 off the top of my head because they are the most
common: Wizard, Mage, and Priest.  Mage and Priest are probably the easiest to
play because they've got some combat skills and can use decent armor.  In the
past I've primarily played a mage, but have recently jumped to playing a
priest because of the availability of the resist disease spell and how early
you can get resist poison.  For a first time player, I would suggest a priest.

You also get to pick from several races.  Each race has it's own "base" stats.
I typically pick the midget because I like those stats the best.  Many others
prefer the childman, but if you make it past the point where every single
fight is a life or death struggle it doesn't much matter in the grand scheme
of things which you choose to start with.

Porticulo contributes:
"The biggest difference I notice between the races is the height you view the
dungeon scenes and monsters from, although they all mysteriously see a wall
the same improbable way when beside one. I always think it's funny being a
giant and seeing the foes suddenly dip down when you get near them. Especially
when they have neighbors who continue standing normally."

Re-rolling your character really only has 1 advantage: you can change the sex
of your character.  Really, it doesn't matter, but that way at least you can
choose whether you're favorite name, say Fred for instance, will be male or

I always design my own character.  The general consensus seems to be that you
want 22 strength or so, and then the rest into intelligence and wisdom.
I tend to disagree, I think Dexterity (or Agility as it's called in other
portions of the game) is extremely important.  Dexterity affects how often you
get hit and how often you can hit things.  Despite being a magic casting
class, I tend to pick strength and dexterity over intelligence and wisdom when

It's worth noting that when picking a character, the Sage class is presented
in such a way that it looks like you gain experience just for exploring.
This is not the case.  Also, it's worth noting that the Monk is probably
the hardest class due to the lack of items (including the rings of
regeneration), armor, and weapons.  The fighter may be the second hardest
class due to the total lack of magic (except from items).

[STRT]***9. Getting Started***  ***COMPLETED***

As soon as you start playing it's best to pop up the nearest up ladder and
look for a store  (blue square).  I typically buy a knife and then if I can
afford it some leather armor.  After that I typically don't ever buy any more
armor or weapons.  You'll find the short sword, long sword, and great sword
(only useable by fighters) from killing things before too long.  The same can
be said for armor.  There are no monsters in town so head on down a ladder.

Once you've got that, it's time to head out and try not to get killed.  Until
you're confident about your ability to stay alive (through practice or
leveling) you should stick to this first level of the dungeon.  It's probably
best to try and avoid any diseased or poisoned monsters until you have at
least enough money to pay to be cured at the temple (yellow squares in town).
This costs 300 or 500 depending on if you are poisoned or diseased.  At such
a low level it's probably also a bit dangerous to be taking on any of the
enemies with super HP like the Garbage Cans and Giant Balls.

I typically wander around the first 2 levels of the dungeon until I've got
enough experience to hit level 5 before staying at the inn.  During that time
I try and buy as many magic crystals and culture stock as I can afford.  Your
first night at the inn does not require any culture stock.

[SCTN]***10. Sections of the Game***

This will be broken down into modules.  Since I'm just starting out again,
I will only have Module I information for a while.

[MOD1]---A. Module I--- ***COMPLETED***

Section 1 of Module I is made up entirely of female warriors (besides the
generic enemies that are everywhere).  The boss, despite some typos that
indicate otherwise, is the Shadow Gargalon.  The Shadow Gargalon can be found
on the 5th level of the dungeon and defeating her rewards you with an item
that permanently increases your max HP by 30!  This section is by far the
easiest section.  Every section of the game has at least 1 level draining
monster type in it.  In this section, the level draining monster only drains
30 experience and not a whole level.  Once you get beyond section 1 of Module
I all level draining monsters drain whole levels.

The in game description is as follows: "You've reached the Gargonian portion
of this dungeon... This area is dominated by tough, evil, part human, part
beast monsters which will try to defeat you!

Enemies unique to this section:
Gargalon: Part human part snake and all evil.  This creature line in dark
 corners of the dungeoun [sic] awaits for its prey.  Related to the harpey.

Lesdidian Warrior: This ferocious woman comes from a race of all women
warriors that live in the dungeoun [sic].  She is a quick, agile, and deadly

Harpey: This psychotic creature hails from an ancient race of a magical
inbreed of human-bird-animal.  Harpeys are often found near Lesdidians.

Sustrontima (Experience Drainer): This nasty person thrives on other
creature's life force.  Come to think of it, your life force will do nicely!

Shadow Gargalon (Boss): She is the leader of Section I.  She commands all
other local inhabitants, and will be a worthy opponent if you succeed in
finding her.


Section 2 is made up of elemental type enemies.  The fire elementals have
a weapon that can REALLY hurt so watch out.  Also, the water elemental is
a level drainer and will drain a whole level from you if they hit you.  How
level draining works is that it knocks you back to the previous level AND sets
your experience back to the base experience for that level.  If you're level
10, but have enough experience to get to level 15, then you're hit not only
will you then be level 9, but you'll only have the experience necessary to be
level 9, OUCH!  

The in game description is as follows: "You are entering Elemental Section.
The monsters in this area are related to the old planet Eart [sic].  They were
born from Eart[sic], Wind, water, and fire.

Enemies unique to this section:
Fire Elemental: This flaming monster emits so much heat it is hard to get NEAR
it!  Its flaming sword is very harmful to humans like yourself.

Stone Elemental: This creature is slow and overbearing, and its blows are
extremely powerful.  It is at home in stone corridors and rooms.

Wind Elemental: It is believed that this creature evolved from a thing called
a 'storm' on the old planet Eart[sic].  No one knows how it got here.

Water Elemental (Level Drainer): Quite simply, your worst nightmare.  This
evil being is strong, powerful, intelligent and worst of all, already dead.
Good luck.

Shadow Elemental (Boss): This is the leader of the Elementals.  This nasty
creature is capable of defeating even the most powerful adventurers, so be


Section 3 is made up of "Evil Flying Creatures".  The default colors in this
section are kind of hard on the eyes.  This area is basically the same as the
previous section with different graphics and harder enemies.  

The in game description is as follows: "Welcome to section III of Dungeons of
the Unforgiven!  This area is inhabited by evil flying creatures which hope to
carve you up and dispose of you!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Vulture of Death: This is a skillfull fighter, who will fly around at high
Speed, hacking away at its enemies.  It is often found near were rat-bats.

Flying Spectra: These monsters gain their magical flying abilities by the
Grace of the shadow vulture.  This helps create loyalty in this section.

Striker: This monster is called a Striker because of it's highly accurate
Striking ability.  You should not let it gets it's claws into you!

Were Rat-Bat(Level Drainer): This undead bird will make your skin crawl just
by its mere presence.  When it is near, the temperature seems to drop about 20

Shadow Vulture (Boss): The leader of the flying creatures, this evil beast
Uses it's magical powers to control it's followers.


Section 4 is more of the same in most ways, except that everything has
evolved to survive in a watery environment.  It's worth noting that at some
point in this section it becomes impossible to dig a tunnel to a floor below
or to use the floor slosher.  This can lead to you becoming very stuck if you
don't have a spell or spell item to cast an ascend, descend, or relocate
spell.  This is the last section in module 1 and in the shareware version of
the game.  The Shadow Demon Queen is on level 20, however there are 4 or 5
levels below her as well, making it slightly more difficult to find her.
Interestingly enough, it seems there are few to no pitfalls in this section,
possibly because of the watery floors or the very hard ground (quite the
contradiction) that prevents tunneling.

The in game description is as follows: "Section IV was flooded many ages
ago.  Since that time, creatures have evolved to thrive in the watery
corridors.  Be ready to do some wading and swimming."

Enemies unique to this section:
She-Demon: These creatures are servants of the Shadow She-Demon.  They serve
her by providing the bodies of foolish adventurers.  They do their job well!

Couple from Hell: This fine married couple are generally found drifting in a
small wooden boat.  They are friends with little birds.  They don't like you

Watery Graverd: When the rivers got really angry with the pollution back on
Eart [sic], this creature evolved directly from the water to protect the

Water Trogladyte [sic] (Level Drainer): Yet another water loving creature,
this one can breath both air and water!  Also watch out for it's very sharp
axe.  Eats life too.

Shadow Demon Queen (Boss): This unfriendly characters four hands would each
like to remove one of your limbs at the same time.  Don't let her!

[MOD2]---A. Module II--- ***COMPLETED***

Section 5 is the first section of the registered version of the game.  There
isn't really anything special to note about this section besides that you can
dig tunnels again if you need to.

The in game description is as follows: "Section V is controlled by lizard-like
people who once were peace-loving nice folks, just enjoying civilization.
Then they met the Eartlings.[sic]

Enemies unique to this section:
Troggisher: This overgrown lizard loves the taste of flesh and will go through
your armor to get it.  It is very quick with its weapon.

Torman: This critter is cross-bred by an evil scientist who wanted to know
what a part-human, part-lizard, part-turtle would look like!  Now we know!

Dozard: This almost humanoid lizard is feared far and wide.  It has great
strength, and very thick skin.  It is very loyal to the Shadow Troggisher.

Crorder (Level Drainer): This is possibly the wierdest[sic] creature of all.
The Crorder (Crab-Horse-Spider) proves that everything is just a bit strange
in the dungeoun.[sic]

Shadow Troggisher (Boss): This is the leader of the evil lizard creatures.
All lizardoids are totally loyal to it, and will give their lives happily for


Section 6 is the last 'easy' sections where there are enemies that
don't disease or poison you.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

The in game description is as follows: "Section VI is littered with squishy
and slimy critters, who often slurp up nice people like you!  Note the body
parts protruding from their squishy figures.

Enemies unique to this section:
Giant Worm: These creatures are always looking for small creatures to use as
bait.  Your lifeless body will serve that need perfectly.

Oozing Blob: Blobs form from the slime and gunk on the dungeon walls.
Although they move very slowly, you could become part of the blob should
it catch you.

Squishy Cube: There are not yet enough creatures stuck in this monsters oozing
jello-like cubes.  All it needs is one more just like you!

Shape Shifter (Level Drainer): This guy rises from the floor and attacks all
foreigners.  The dungeon walls then absorb victim's life force.

Shadow Giant Worm (Boss): Worms aren't fish bait any more!  Now they have
their own sovereign territory, and the Shadow Giant Worm is their leader!


Section 7 is where the fun really begins.  In this area you may find yourself
looking forward to the giant Giant Balls and trash cans, as they're pretty
much the only thing that isn't going to steal a level, poison you, or disease
you.  I haven't challenged the boss yet, so I cannot say if he has a status
effect yet, but it wouldn't surprise me!  Here's where you should be hoping
you picked priest as your class for all those protection spells.  When I play
I usually pick about this time to level up past around level 8 or so for the
extra spell points I get.  Being able to cast those protection spells are a
huge help, and having a higher level makes it easier to sleep enemies.

Porticulo contributes this tidbit of advice:
"Both the facks emphasize the need to resist poison and disease in section 7,
but I still think it's cheaper to just cure them when they're about to steal
your points. Especially so since it may be a while before one hits you. If
only the level draining worked the same way, ehhhh."

Another method that may get some traction for you is to sleep enemies, but you
have to be of a high enough level to pull it off often.  I pretty much tried
to rush through this section to avoid the enemies.

The in game description is as follows: "Section VII is populated by huge
insect creatures from planet Eart[sic].  As hard as the Humanoids tried to
destroy all the insects, now they have their own land!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Giant Scorpian[sic] (Disease): All of the black scorpians are children of the
Shadow Scoprian[sic].  They will do anything to portect[sic] their mother.

Giant Spider (Disease): The Giant Black Spiders are good friends with the
scorpians[sic], who liberated them during the race-wars of the past.

Giant Rat (Poison): Giant Rats were created by mistake by a cosmetology
company.  The Rats declared war on the Humans, confusing animal rights groups.

Giant Bat (Level Drainer): These were the first bats to adapt to space.  They
were actually able to fly between colonies using lifeforce as propulsion.
Thus they drain levels.

Shadow Scorpian[sic] (Boss): The great leader of the insects communicates
telepathically with all of the other insects in her section.  Watch out for
her tail.


Section 8 is a welcome sight.  While the enemies are definitely harder than in
section 7, at least they won't all poison and disease you.  This place has
watery floors just like section 4 found in module 1.  The Hydra breathes a
fire attack at you that you cannot dodge and the Water Dragon breathes an ice
attack at you that you cannot dodge.  Just like the last time we were in a
water section, there do not appear to be any pitfalls here.  Also just like
before, at some point you lose the ability to tunnel!

The in game description is as follows: "Section VIII is another flooded
section of the dungoen[sic].  It's inhabitants have learned to use the water
to it's fullest potential."

Enemies unique to this section:
Water Seeker: Each of these monsters wants to become the Shadow Skeeter.  The
one who kills the most adventurers will have that honor.

Hydra: This fire breathing monster will burn you if you let it.  It is close
friends with the Water Dragons who breathe ice.

Water Dragon: This sly monster quietly drifts through the water in search of
warm blooded victims like you!  It likes to breathe ice storms onto it's

Animated Waterling (Level Drainer): This monster's evil weapon thrives on
draining the life from its enemies.  If it hits you, it will drain some of 

Shadow Skeeter (Boss): And you thought only the messiah could walk on water!
This creature is no messiah (don't tell him that), but he is quite powerful.

[MOD3]---A. Module III--- ***COMPLETED***

Section 9 is the first section of module III.  This section, just like section
5 was, is easier than the end of the previous module.  I tend to spend little
time here due to the very minor amount of money you get here.  Tear through
this section, beat the boss, and move on.

In game description is as follows: "Section IX is populated by strong
body-builder types, who tend to look alike.  They are all searching for a head
for their leader.  Hmm, what about yours?"

Enemies unique to this section:
Head Hunter: These followers of the Shadow Head Hunter all cut off their own
heads in order to be accepted by their leader!

Pogerstead: These monsters were not quite brave enough to cut off their own
head like the Head Hunters, but they still serve their leader's cause.

Grobler: Groblers are distant relatives of the Pogersteads.  They also serve
the shadow Head Hunter, but not by choice.  They are killed when they disobey.

Wraith (Level Drainer): Wraiths are dead adventurers who were killed by Head
Hunters.  They still wander the halls of this section in search of life.

Shadow Head Hunter (Boss): Ever think you might lose your head?  This fellow
did!  Don't let that mislead you, however, he is still a very tough monster!


Section 10 is a fairly normal section once again, with the exception of one
fire breathing enemy.

In game description is as follows: "Section X is populated by more pseudo-
humanoid mutants.  They are purely evil, and they are always looking for more
adventurers to kill."

Enemies unique to this section:
Khagistoll: These followers of the Shadow Khagistoll, are able to attack you
with four weapons at once!  Running away is highly recommended!

Flaming Idiot (Fire): While this monster can attack you with it's arms, it can
also lean forward and spurt flames at you!  Be prepared to be cooked.

Triop: These guys also too the 'two heads are better than one' saying to
heart.  They have three heads!  Note the middle one makes most of the

Mummy (Level Drainer): The inhabitants of this section sometimes go to
cemetaries[sic] and unearth dead humanoids and wrap them up and bring them
back to life.

Shadow Khagistoll (Boss): These folks took the saying 'Two heads are better
than one' to its extreme as they have two bodies!  They work together well.


Well by the time you've reached this point you've committed too much time to
quit!  So now when you see the enemy graphics of section 11 you won't be able
to stop, HA!  Seriously, the graphics take a serious turn for the worst in
this section.  Otherwise, this area isn't much harder than the last.

In game description is as follows: "Section XI is ruled by strange critters
like Eyeballs, Flesh Eaters, and others.  These strangers can not be trusted.
Do not be their friend!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Eyeball: These are the children of the Shadow Eyeball.  If they see you, you
can assume that the Shadow Eyeball sees you too.

Flesh Eater: Flesh is the only food for this hungry monster.  This adds a new
and special meaning to the words, 'Don't feed the animals'!

Foot Stomper: Ever wonder what an ant feels like when you crush it under your
heel?  This monster will help you to know exactly how that feels.

Face of Death (Level Drainer): Death is a hobby for this nice-looking monster.
Your death is a particular focus of its hobby.  Everyone has to have a hobby.

Shadow Eyeball (Boss): Try not to look at this fellow any more than necessary.
The shadow eyeball is very shy and tends to attack anyone it catches staring!


The graphics haven't really become any better in this section, but the enemy
design appears somewhat better.  Section 12 actually doesn't have water for a
floor, or does it?

In game description is as follows: "Section XII is awash in filthy slimy
sludge water.  The inhabitants love to drink it!  They gain their evil power
from this special sludge.

Enemies unique to this section: Mr. Fang: The Shadow Mr. Fang learned to clone
itself, and these critters are the result.  They all think alike, but are less
powerful than their creator.

Orc: Cross-breeding experiments between humans and pigs created this monster.
At first, the scientists tried to kill them all, but they failed.

Gargoyle: A student of the occult found out that statues at the entrances of
buildings could be animated.  Now they breed like rabbits!

Vampire: These once proud but secret members of the Human race are now the
slaves of the Shadow Blood Sucker.  They still drink blood and life for food!

Shadow Mr. Fang: This evil leader controls all of the vampires, orcs, and
Gargoyals[sic].  It is a very dangerous monster, and is very hard to kill.

[MOD4]---A. Module IV--- ***COMPLETED***

Well at this point I think we can determine that the graphics are going to be
bad for the rest of the game lol.  In any case, just like last time, things
get easy again when you start a new module.  Section XIII is host to many
medieval looking monsters... and a zombie in a Hawaiian shirt...?

In game description is as follows: "Section XIII is run by armored warriors
and other human-like creatures.  Don't let that deceive you though, they would
knock off your head with no regrets.

Enemies unique to this section:
Armored Warrior: Plates of white steel guard this warrior's body.  If you plan
to attack it, be prepared for a very tough battle to get through the armor.

Very Mean Human: This friendly-looking creature is only interested in killing
its enemies.  These monsters have no friends.

Dwarf: Don't let this little guy's height deceive you!  He can fight just as
well as the next guy.  Or Girl.  Or it.

Zombie (Level Drainer): These undead creatures are dangerous, even if they are
a few pieces of their bodies.  The pieces that are left still work fine.

Shadow Warrior (Boss): This tough monster is protected by invisible armor,
which makes it extremely hard to hit.  Spells are highly recommended.


So to get 1 step closer to being lazy, it looks to me like the demon monster
in this section is basically Mr. Fang from Module 3.  Aside from this, section
XIV is basically more of the same.

In game description is as follows: "Section XIV is a veritable zoo!  Apes,
Werewolves, and Unicorns, wander about in search of food!  There are signs
everywhere that say 'feed the animals'!

Enemies unique to this section:
Ape-Man: Humans once thought the ape-man was an inferior creature.  The ape-
men taught the humans a lesson in the battle of the moon.

Werewolf: This powerful enemy is a good monster to run away from.  It has
powerful attacks, fast strikes, and tough armor!

Unicorn: Have you ever eaten a shish-kabob.  Try to picture yourself with that
horn poking through your body and you will see your future!

Demon (Level Drainer): This good friend of the devil been[sic] sent to the
land of the living to bring back souls.  If it hits you, you will lose a level
and some strength.

Shadow Ape-Man (Boss): Just think of this one as the leader of the 'section of
the apes'.  The Shadow Ape-Man is followed by various animal-types.


Section 15 is the dragon section.  What do dragons imply?  That's right, more
fire breathing enemies.  These enemies are high level and breath fire, so
don't be surprised to see yourself get hit for well over 100 damage when they
decide to breath fire on you!

In game description is as follows: "Section XV is stuffed with dragons of
various sorts.  Be prepared to be burned by fire breathing monsters if you
adventure in this section."

Enemies unique to this section:
Dragon Prince: Like politicians, all of the Dragon Princes aspire to be the
Dragon King.  Watch out for their fangs and their bad breathe.

Dragon: All of the dragons, of course, aspire to become Dragon Princes
(or princesses).  They also breathe fire as well as their conventional attack.

Dragonfly: Like the other inhabitants of this section, the dragonflies all
want to become dragons.  But don't underestimate the Dragonflies!

Chimera (Level Drainer): These evil creatures not only drain life from their
victims, They also breathe fire.  They learned this trick from the dragons.

Shadow Dragon King (Boss): The leader of the dragons, the Shadow Dragon King
has evil powers, including it's ability to breathe fire.


Well Section 16 is the end of the road for you if you are playing on normal
difficulty.  If you're playing on normal then the Shadow Evil God will be your
last boss.  Otherwise, if you picked ICHA difficulty, it's the last step
before you get to the last module.

In game description is as follows: "Section XVI is a sort of heaven in which
you feel very uncomfortable.  The demi-gods that live here just don't seem to
like you much!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Zeus: Once upon a time Zeus was a very powerful god in his own right, but when
Zues's[sic] multiplied, they lost their power and now they follow the Evil God.

Troll: Trolls are loyal followers of the Shadow Evil God.  Their only purpose
in life is to destroy enemy adventurers who threaten their god.

Titan: Close friends with the other residents of this section, Titans were
persuaded to turn evil by the Shadow Evil God.

Devil (Level Drainer): And you thought the Devil was the most evil creature in
the universe.  Actually, there are numerous devils who follow the Shadow Evil

Shadow Evil God (Boss): This is the god of all the demi-gods.  Don't let that
scare you though.  The Shadow Evil God drains strength and breathes ice.

[MOD5]---A. Module V--- ***COMPLETED***

Well you made it, here's the final module.  You're almost there if you've made
it this far.  Section XVII is the beginning of the end.  The boss will drop
potions and trap door keys, which leads me to believe he can level drain you.
Be wary!

In game description is as follows: "Section XVII is another section that is
overrun with mutant humanoids.  If they succeed in killing you, you can be
sure you will be experimented on!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Ogre: This powerful monster is very difficult to kill.  It has powerful
attacks, and tough skin as well.  Be ready for heavy battle with this one!

Kobald[sic]: These are the little brothers of the Ogres.  You may find it
possible to dispence[sic] these creatures easily, but do not expect the ogres
to just sit by.

Goblin: Goblins are mischievous little critters who are often found near
kobalds[sic].  Their friendship goes back to the race-wars.

Ghoul (Level Drainer): The ghouls gather life force for all the other folks in
this section.  They drain your levels and pass them on the Ogres,
Kobalds[sic], and Goblins.

Shadow Ogres (Boss) (Level Drainer?): The Shadow Ogre welcomes you to Module V
of the Dungeons of the Unforgiven.  Do not be deceived by this friendly
welcome, though.


This section, section XVIII, appears to be more dangerous than the previous
area, some enemies say they drain experience.  I always take are to avoid them
and not get hit, so I can't confirm if this is true currently.  If one manages
to hit me, I'll update this.  Just like the previous section, this section has
a boss that drains levels.

In game description is as follows: "Section XVIII is a strange alliance of
creatures who hate everything.  If you can kill everything here, the universe
will be a better place."

Enemies unique to this section:
Stone Giant: The Stone Giants broke ranks with Eart[sic] elementals way back
during the ancient Race-Wars.  Now the Stone Giants have their own territory.

Walking Sword: Warriors have always believed that swords had their own
personality.  This one walks around and attacks on it's own too!

Pit Bull (Strength Drainer): Taking a cue from the humans, Pit Bulls killed
off all the other species of dogs.  They are all extremely evil creatures!

Skeleton (Level Drainer): These are dead people who never quite got properly
buried.  They really want to be alive again, and they are sure draining you
will help.

Shadow Stone Giant (Boss) (Level Drainer): This horrible evil monster is very
strong, very powerful, and also drains levels!  Don't let this one hit you!


You remember section 7 right, the one with all the poisoned and diseased
enemies?  Well, guess what, we're doing it again.  Get those protection spells
ready, because you're going to need them!  (Of course by this point if you're
a priest, you may have the cure spells meaning this isn't a big deal really at

In game description is as follows: "Creepy clawly[sic] critters live in
section XIX.  Watch out for poison, which seems to be everywhere!  Casting a
resist poison might be a wise idea!"

Enemies unique to this section:
Centipede (Poison): Oh boy! Another poisonous monster!  If this monster hits
you, you will have to deal with poison.  Being poisoned is an unpleasant

Giant Ant (Poison): These giant worker ants are controlled not by a queen ant,
but by the Shadow Centipede.  Try not to get in their way.

Giant Toad (Poison): The Giant Toads are often found near the Giant Ants and
the Centipedes.  Watch out for the Giant Toads' poison tongues.

Specter (Level Drainer) (Strength Drainer): Specters drain both levels and
strength.  You must decide whether keys and potions justify the losses these
promise to inflict on you.

Shadow Centipede (Boss) (Level Drainer): Another leader of an insect infested
section, the Shadow Centipede is a serious foe indeed!  It drains life among
other powers.


Well this is it, the last section.  This section actually seems to have pretty
decent graphics, especially considering many of the most recent sections
you've been to.  Good luck, you're almost done!

In game description is as follows: "Section XX is the deepest section of
Dungeons of the Unforgiven!  Take this piece of advice: go home, stay there,
and never come come back to this section!

Enemies unique to this section:
Ogeroth: That gigantic fist is very very painful when it hits you!  And at
that size, how can it miss?  Be prepared for some serious battle!

Water Rat (Disease): Your heard of rats in sewer pipes, well, this is the
sewer rat from hell!  These rats always carry diseases, so don't let them hit

Elf Surfer: This fellow descended from the beach bums of Eart[sic].  They can
do some amazing tricks with their surfboards.

Rotting Swamp Plant (Level Drainer) (Intelligence Drainer): This evil plant
would like to invite you to rot with it.  If it hits you, you will lose two
levels, and some

Shadow Ogeroth (Boss): This is the commander of all the Dungeons of the
Unforgiven!  It drains lots of things, so be extremely careful!

[QREF]***11. Quick Reference***

This will be filled with some charts that are handy to have around for your
dungeon crawl.

[PFFB]---A. Puffballs--- ***COMPLETED***

Puffballs are both a blessing and a curse.  Some puffballs (typically the
light colored ones) raise a stat by 1 point, while the others (the dark
colored ones) typicaly lower a stat by 1 point.  This change in your stats
only occurs if you get hit by a puffball though.  Once a puffball hits you, it
then dies giving you experience and sometimes money or an item just like
a normal enemy.

Good Puffballs
Color:    |      Effect:
Yellow    |      Raises Con by 1 Point
White     |      Raises Dex by 1 Point
L. Blue   |      Raises Str by 1 Point
L. Red    |      Raises Int by 1 Point
L. Green  |      Raises Wis by 1 point
Gray      |      Raises Luck by 1 point

Bad Puffballs
Color:    |      Effect:
D. Green  |      Lower Wis by 1 Point
Sky Blue  |      Lower Str by 1 Point
Brown     |      Lower Con by 1 Point
Black     |      Lower Dex by 1 Point
D. Red    |      Lower Int by 1 Point
D. Gray   |      Lower Luck by 1 Point

[POTN]---B. Potions--- ***COMPLETED***

Potions raise one of your stats by 6 and lowers another 3.  Because of this,
it's best to use potions in pairs to have a net effect of raising two of your
stats by 3 each.  The pairs are as follows:  Green & White, Orange & Yellow,
Red & Blue

Potion Color:     |Stat Raised By 6|Stat Lowered By 3
Green             |Intelligence    |Dexterity
Orange            |Strength        |Luck
Yellow            |Luck            |Strength
Red               |Constitution    |Wisdom
Blue              |Wisdom          |Constitution
White             |Dexterity       |Intelligence

[SPLL]---C. Spells--- ***COMPLETED***

Spells come in 4 flavors: Permanent, Preparation, Wizard, and Priest.
Permanent spells can only be cast in town and permanently reduce your maximum
spell points and last forever.  Preparation spells can only be cast when there
is at least one space between you and any monster and will last until you next
sleep at an inn.  Wizard and Priest battle spells can be used any time, but
will only last for a certain number of turns.  If you have a choice between
casting a battle spell and a preparation spell, it's always better to cast the
preparation version.

This section will only contain spell lists not descriptions.  There's entirely
too many descriptions to type, and if you can cast the spell you can see the
description in game.  If I had completed this section before I had completed
the game I might have some motivation to type up all of the descriptions.  If
someone else wants to trype all of it up and email it to me I'll include it
and give you credit.

***Permanent Spells List*** 
A)Enchant Weapon Level 1 |B)Extra Health Point      |C)Write Scroll to Level 3
D)Enchant Armor Level 1  |E)Extra 3 Health Points   |F)Enchant Wand Level 3
G)Enchant Weapon Level 2 |H)Extra 5 Health Points   |I)Enchant Ring Level 1
J)Enchant Armor Level 2  |K)Anti-Magic Ring Level 1 |L)Write Scroll - Level 10
M)Enchant Weapon Level 3 |N)Enchant Ring Level 2    |Q)Body Armor Level 1
P)Enchant Armor Level 3  |Q)Anti-Magic Ring Level 2 |R)Enchant Wand Level 8
S)Enchant Ring Level 3   |T)Anti-Magic Ring Level 3 |U)Body Armor Level 2
V)Enchant Weapon Level 4 |W)Enchant Armor Level 4   |X)Enchant Wand Any Level
Y)Permanent Feather      |Anti-Magic Ring Level 5   |1)Extra 25 Health Points
2)Permanent Invisibility |3)Youth                   |4)Body Armor Level 4

***Preparation Spells***
A)Enchant Armor Level 1  |B)Enchant Weapon Level 1  |C)Little Cure
D)Enchant Weapon Level 2 |E)Relocate                |F)Detect Level
G)Cure                   |H)Enchant Armor Level 2   |I)Strength
J)Enchant Weapon Level 3 |K)Agility                 |L)Descend
M)Ascend                 |N)Detect Position         |Q)Feather
P)Big Cure               |Q)Double Ascend           |R)Enchant Weapon Level 4
S)Invisibility           |T)Enchant Armor Level 3   |U)Fast Move
V)Super Strength         |W)Enchant Weapon Level 5  |X)Major Descend
Y)Super Agility          |Z)Cure Poison             |1)Heal All Wounds
2)Major Ascend           |3)Cure Disease            |4)Enchant Armor Level 4

***Wizard Battle Spells***
A)Sleep                  |B)Magic Zap               |C)Minor Protection
D)Slow Enemies           |E)Strength                |F)Minor Shock
G)Lightning              |H)Magic Missile           |I)Speed
J)Go Away                |K)Relocate                |L)Power Weapon I
M)Minor Explosion        |N)Protection              |Q)Resist Poison
P)Magic Zot              |Q)Shock                   |R)Anti-Cold
S)Explosion              |T)Pass Wall               |U)Anti-Fire
V)Magic Bolt             |W)Resist Level Drain      |X)Power Weapon II
Y)Hold Monster           |Z)Drain Monster           |1)Major Shock
2)Major Explosion        |3)Autokill                |4)Power Weapon III

***Priest Battle Spells***
A)Sleep                  |B)Minor Protection        |C)Strength
D)Resist Poison          |E)Speed                   |F)Fast Cure
G)Resist Disease         |H)Relocate                |I)Slow Enemies
J)Anti-Cold              |K)Go Away                 |L)Power Weapon I
M)Protection             |N)Anti-Fire               |Q)Pass Wall
P)Resist Level Drain     |Q)Drain Monster           |R)Fast Big Cure
S)Hold Monster           |T)Power Weapon II         |U)Shock
V)Major Protection       |W)Explosion               |X)Magic Zot
Y)Autokill               |Z)Power Weapon III        |1)Strength and Speed
2)Ultra Protection       |3)Fast Heal               |4)Major Shock

[MITM]---D. Magic Items--- ***COMPLETED***

There are several different magic items you can find when you kill any enemy.
These come in the form of either an immediate use item to raise a stat, an
item you can save and use later, or a passively used item.

Instant Use (add 2 points to the named stat):
Book of Wisdom
Book of Dexterity
Book of Strength
Book of Constitution
Book of Intelligence
Book of Luck

Passive Use (gets used every time you move or hit enter):
Ring of Regeneration - As time passes you will regenerate 1 health point per
ring of regen.  These rings are left over from the post national-times of

Active Use (Use through the items menu):
Nuclear Hand Grenade (Doesn't work on bosses) - Nuclear hand grenades are the
most powerful attack device in existence.  Use it by hitting 'I' then select
-Other'.  It will kill the monster period.

Potion of Healing - This potion will heal all of your wounds instantly.  You
may drink this potion so quickly that monsters will not get any extra strikes.

Stone of Teleportation - This stone will probably save your life!  Use it when
you are absolutely desperate and it will raise you to level zero.

Floor Slosher - The Famous Floor Slosher!  Each time you use this item, 
the floor turns to mush, and you slip down at least one level.  This item
may [used] limitlessly.

Stone of Seeing - Use this item to map an entire level of the dungeon.  This
item is only good for one single use.

[BSSR]---E. Boss Rewards---
Module I:

Section 1: 
Floor Number: 5
Boss Name: Shadow Gargalon
Item: Bio-Fluid from a mythical planet.
Effect: Increases health by 30 permanently.

Section 2:
Floor Number: 10
Boss Name: Shadow Elemental
Item: Moraff's Ring of Wisdom
Effect: Increases Wisdom by 12 permanently.

Section 3:
Floor Number: 15
Boss Name: Shadow Vulture
Item: Very Rare Bottle of Pogerstead's Milk
Effect: Increase Strength by 12 permanently.

Section 4:
Floor Number: 20
Boss Name: Shadow Demon Queen
Item: Wimpy Orb of Armor Enhancement
Effect: Turn any armor into plus 25 magic armor.

Module II:

Section 5:
Floor Number: 10
Boss Name: Shadow Troggisher
Item: Plus 9 Body Armor
Effect: Makes it harder for enemies to hit you

Section 6:
Floor Number: 20
Boss Name: Shadow Giant Worm
Item: Plus 12 Gauntlets
Effect: Your hand seems much stronger and more accurate.

Section 7:
Floor Number: 30
Boss Name: Shadow Scorpian[sic]
Item: Plus 15 Ring of Protection
Effect: Makes you feel like you can dodge attacks more easily.

Section 8:
Floor Number: 40
Boss Name: Shadow Skeeter
Item: Great Orb of Weapon Enhancement
Effect: Turns any weapon into a plus 25 attack weapon

Module III:

Section 9:
Floor Number 15
Boss Name: Shadow Head Hunter
Item: Rabbit's Foot from an old planet whose name I've forgotten.
Effect: Increases Luck by 10 permanently.

Section 10:
Floord Number: 30
Boss Name: Shadow Khagistoll
Item: Book titled 'Secrets of Vegetarian Health'
Effect: Increases Constitution by 10 permanently.

Section 11:
Floord Number: 45
Boss Name: Shadow Eyeball
Item: Bottle of Essen Liquid
Effect: Increases Intelligence by 10 permanently. 

Section 12:
Floord Number: 60
Boss Name: Shadow Mr. Fang
Item: Pile of 10 Stones of Seeing
Effect: Each one lets you map a whole level.

Module IV:

Section 13:
Floord Number: 20
Boss Name: Shadow Warrior
Item: Plus 25 Body Armor.
Effect: Makes it much harder for enemies to hit you.

Section 14:
Floord Number: 40
Boss Name: Shadow Ape-Man
Item: Plus 50 Gauntlet
Effect: Your hand seems much stronger and more accurate.

Section 15:
Floord Number: 60
Boss Name: Shadow Dragon King
Item: Plus 50 Ring of Protection.
Effect: Makes you feel like you can dodge attacks much more easily.

Section 16:
Floord Number: 80
Boss Name: Shadow Evil God
Item: Mighty Orb of Armor Enhancement.
Effect: Turn any armor into plus 50 magic armor

Module V:

Section 17:
Floord Number: 25
Boss Name: Shadow Ogre
Item: Bio-Tech Fluid from the mythical planet.
Effect: Increases Health by 300 permanently.

Section 18:
Floord Number: 50
Boss Name: Shadow Stone Giant
Item: Soran's Ring of Speed
Effect: Increases Agility by 20 permanently.

Section 19:
Floord Number: 75
Boss Name: Shadow Centipede
Item: Popear's Spinach Juice
Effect: Increases Strength by 25 permanently.

Section 20:
Floord Number: 100
Boss Name: Shadow Ogreth
Item: Mighty Orb of Explosive Weapon Enhancement
Effect: Turns any weapon into a plus 101 attack weapon.

[EXPT]---F. Experience Tables---

This is where the necessary experience to reach a specific level list will be.
You can only see portions of the list in game at a time, so it will be
populated as I go.  From the looks of it early on it game though, it appears
that each level requires twice as much experience as the last, though I'm not
sure if that trend continues.

I Can Handle Anything Difficulty:
Level:          |          Experience Required:
1               |          125
2               |          250
3               |          500
4               |          1000
5               |          2,000
6               |          4,000
7               |          8,000
8               |          16,000
9               |          32,000
10              |          64,000
11              |          128,000
12              |          256,000
13              |          512,000
14              |          1,024,000
15              |          2,048,000
16                         4,096,000
17                         8,192,000
18                         16,384,000
19                         32,768,000
20                         65,536,000
21                         131,072,000
22                         262,144,000
23                         524,288,000
24                         1,048,576,000
25                         2,097,152,000
26                         4,194,304,000
27                         8,388,608,000
28                         16,777,216,000
29                         33,554,432,000
30                         67,108,864,000
31                         134,217,728,000
32                         268,435,456,000
33                         536,870,912,000
34                         1,073,741,824,000
35                         2,147,483,648,000
36                         4,294,967,296,000
37                         8,589,934,592,000

Normal Difficulty:
Level:                     Experience Required
1                          99
2                          170
3                          270
4                          410
5                          606
6                          880
7                          1,265

I'm going to stop here because I have no idea how far this goes to, but the
pattern seems to continue.  I beat the game at level 37, though I had cheated
to gain stats, very easily.  With care you could probably beat the game at or
near that level without cheating.  If someone else wants to send me an
experience chart with all or at least way more levels filled in I'll add it
and credit you in the FAQ.  I just started a new character to determine the
first few levels worth of experience and add them to the table.

It looks like Normal difficulty follows a different experience curve, but
I'm probably too lazy to fill out the table beyond the first few levels.
In this case also, I'd be willing to post someone else's table and give them
credit if they want to send it to me.  I'd also be willing to post up the
formula for the curve if someone wants to send it to me and I'll give them
credit.  I have no idea if this curve is constant either, so I could use
verification of that as well.

Omeganian contributes: "BTW, I can confirm that the experience doubling
progression works at least until level 51 (including those level requirements
visible when I press E)."

I would suspect that the experience doubling goes until whatever the max level
is.  It is possible that max level is determined by the maximum amount of
experience you can have, and not by any set limit to level itself.  I would
not be surprised to see that experience just stops going up at some point in
the middle of a level and stops going up, or maybe even crashes the game
depending on how it was programmed.
[CHET]***12. How to Cheat***

While I have heard rumors of people getting Cheat Engine to work with this
game, I haven't had any luck myself.  Also, unlike the previous games by
Moraffware, hex editing your save doesn't seem to work either.  Despite this
there are a few methods you can use to cheat at this game anyway.

The first method will defeat the permanent character death thing.  It's as
simple as keeping two copies of your character around.  The easiest and safest
way of course is to just keep a second copy of the whole directory laying
around.  It's then trivial to create a batch file to copy the contents of
unforg to unback whenever I want, and another to restore from unback to unford
if something terrible happens, but it's not necessary to create batch files.
If you're playing a DOS game I assume you know how to make them, but ifthere's
any demand for it I'll post some examples in this FAQ.  I've used this method
many times as it doesn't make the game any easier, it just makes it so you
don't throw your keyboard through the wall when the character you've spent
dozens of hours on dies.

Porticulo clarifies:
"Also, to preserve a character, a player need only copy its own file, which
will be its number preceded by a 2 with no extension; the one who uses is "20," for example. Neither of these are important. It's nice
enough to see it acknowledged that tricking the game is so simple."

The second method allows you to kill something multiple times (like a boss) OR
something that you want to hit you multiple times (like a good puffball).
This is actually fairly simple to do as well.  First you want to find the
monster you're looking for and stand right next to it.  Quit (and save at the
same time).  Go into your game directory and make a copy of  Start
the game back up, kill the monster (or let it hit you if it's a good
puffball).  Quit (and save again).  Then erase your file and then
rename your old copy of the file to be  Next time you start
the game up again you'll find your character in whatever state it was in last
time you saved, but the monster that you killed (or the puffball that killed
itself after hitting you) will be there again.  This can be practically game
breaking if abused though, if you're playing this game for the challenge and
not the nostalgia, I would not do this.  It's also trivial to create a batch
file to make this quick and easy.  Something I haven't tested is whether you
can come back to a map you've already killed something on and cause the
monster to re-spawn.  I do know that when you come back to a level, even if
you reload the map, it won't give you directions to get to the boss.

Porticulo pointed out something to me that is obvious now that it's been
mentioned to me.  Every character has it's own monster map, so the
trick only applies to the character in slot 0.  The character in slot 1's map
is, slot 2 is, etc.  This goes all the way up to

Okay, I got Cheat Engine working through Dos Box (still don't have it running
under the command prompt).  Dos box makes the game run incredibly slow, but I
was able to find most of the cheats you could ever want.  I'm sure there are
others if I spent the time looking but I don't think I'll bother.  If you want
to cheat, the new, best, and fastest method is to load the game up in dos box
and use cheat engine then save your character and return to playing normally
so that you can have it running at a decent speed.  I have a cheat table that
will get uploaded to the cheat engine website as soon as they approve my
account, and I have also made a trainer, but I'm not sure where to upload it
to for others to download.  In the mean time, if you want the table or the
trainer you can email me and I will send it to you.  I'll probably take
another crack at getting cheat engine working with it through the command
prompt, but don't hold your breath, in fact the only reason I've come back and
looked for these codes in dos box was for practice.

The following codes all work for sure in game.  They share an address and have
different offsets.  It is likely these codes only work with Dos Box 0.72.
Address: 006D16A0
|Effect                          |Offset|Data Type|
|Max Health                      |3D633 |2 Bytes  |
|Current Health                  |3D631 |2 Bytes  |
|Max Spell Points                |3D639 |Float    |
|Current Spell Points            |3D635 |Float    |
|Current Experience              |3DDA4 |Double   |
|Rubles in Pocket                |3DA54 |4 Bytes  |
|Dexterity                       |3DE1E |2 Bytes  |
|Strength                        |3DE16 |2 Bytes  |
|Intelligence                    |3DE18 |2 Bytes  |
|Wisdom                          |3DE1A |2 Bytes  |
|Constitution                    |3DE1C |2 Bytes  |
|Luck                            |3DE20 |2 Bytes  |

These codes are somewhat experimental.  I got them to work, but leaving them
on during gameplay may cause some funkyness and possible crashing.  They're
for use during character creation.  Again it is likely these codes will most
likely only work with Dos Box 0.72.
Address: 006D16A0
|Effect                          |Offset|Data Type|
|Age                             |3DDDA |8 Bytes  |
|Status Points                   |41C9A |2 Bytes  |

Further experimenting with cheat engine and NTVDM (dos built into windows xp
has lead me to believe that it does some funky stuff with memory.  I can't get
any addresses to show up for things that I now know for a fact should be
showing up.  That means windows xp is messing with the memory or isn't letting
me have access to it.  I've also looked at other games in Dos Box at this
point as well, and it appears that most if not all games run in dos box will
have a pointer address of 006D16A0 with different offsets to different spots.
I include that note mostly to help out anyone that may be looking to hack an
old dos game other than this one.

On that note, I think I'm done trying to find cheats for this game.  I'll call
this section 99% complete, if someone finds a new cheat or has a method for
getting memory scanners to work with NTVDM (or wants to describe how to do
this for other operating systems) I'll add it and give credit, but I'm done.
As I mentioned above, running this game in dos box is rather painful, as it
runs worst than it did on my computer back when this game came out.  I will
work on getting it running faster in dos box and put my findings in the setup
section, but this is most likely my final update to this section, as I don't
expect to get any contributions sent my way.

[CINF]***13. Contact Info***

I can be reached at my email address  If you're
emailing me, please put the title of the game in the subject line.  My myspace
can be found at and if you've read this guide and
have a myspace I'd love to hear from you. I can also be found on the gamefaqs
boards under the name Scared0o0Rabbit.

Feel free to repost this anywhere as long as it's posted intact and in it's
entirety with my name attached to it.

This guide will originally be posted at Gamefaqs, but I may end up sending it
elsewhere too.  The websites that this have been uploaded to me at OR who have
asked for permission to use this website include: and  Any other website currently using the FAQ has not sought
authorization for using it.  The most up to date version of this FAQ can
always be found at Gamefaqs.

Copyright 2008, 2009 Nicholas Hunsicker

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