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 Dwarf Complete

Dwarf Complete

Part 1

1st room - pick up item, go south

2nd room - pick up both items. You may get 'trapped, but there's a hole in 
the wall on the right. There is another hole in the wall to the lower right. 
Use it to get a moon piece. Return to the room & go left

3rd room - Get the piece by approaching from the top, otherwise you fall down 
holes. When you have the piece, go to the bottom right corner of the room & 
fall in a hole to get another piece. Go north using the right hand exit

4th room - Stand on the button and some symbols appear. Exit and re-enter on 
the left hand exit. Stand on the buttons in order (1 to 8) to get the key. 
Open the lock to the north

5th room - Grab the item & go left

6th room - Open the chest to get a sack. Now go back to the 2nd room and use 
the key on the lower right lock. On your way, fall down a hole in room 3, and 
open the lock & treasure chest for a log.

7th room - Grab the two items, then return to the 2nd room & go right. 
(Make note of the room - you will be back much later)

8th room - Unlock the bronze lock, grab the item & go right.

9th room - There's a hole in a section of the wall. Go through it and grab 
both items, then go north back through the hole in the wall

10th room - Time stepping on the button so that the cannon shoots the 2 items 
& treasure chest. When all 3 targets are hit, grab the items & open the chest 
to get a rock. Now return to the 8th room & go down the stairs.

11th room (book room) - Very important room. If you get enough stuff from the 
treasure chests, you get useful items to help you solve puzzles. At the moment,
you have a rock & sack. You can get the magnet. Open the book and click the red
button. Now return to the 9th room and this time, go south.

12th room - this room has an ice rink. 1st item, go from the top right hand gap,
and go down, left, down left down left (easy!). For the 2nd item, go to the 
bottom right gap & use your magnet. Now go to the middle gap on the bottom row
& go up right down right up. Leave the ice rink, exit from the upper left exit 
for another item, then go to room 10 again.

10th room - Face the iron door & use your magnet. Go into this new room

13th room - Make note of the cannon's elevation & direction. The two buttons to 
change angle & direction are the top middle exit of the 10th room, and the right 
hand exit just east of the 15th room. For now, just leave it, return to the 10th 
room, and go through the upper left exit.

14th room - Grab the item hidden behind the brazier, go left.

15th room - Grab the one item you can reach. Go through the door that just opened, 
and stand on the button just once. Now, the cannon in room 13 has higher elevation.
Go back to it.

13th room. - Using the button to the central north exit of room 10 changes the 
direction. You want to fire the cannon once to the west, then twice to the north 
for the moment,(and pick up the moon piece too). When you're done and you hear 
the noises, return to room 15.

15th room - Grab the other item now that the cannon has destroyed the plinth. 
Go north.

16th room - Use the magnet on the iron wall. Grab the 2 items, go south, then 
north through the newly opened doors.

17th room - If you fired the cannon north twice, this puzzle should be easy. Push 
the left plinth into the recess in the middle of the room to get the item & access
to the right. Push the other plinth right over the crater. Now go back to room 13,
fire another cannon shot, return to this room & grab the other item. Go through 
the top left exit, & grab the bone from the treasure chest. 

Return to the treasure room. If you want a shortcut, use the white cloud in room 
15 to transport you there. Now claim your lovely new pickaxe! Before you go 
anywhere new, return now to all those rooms you've covered, and demolish any 
rockpiles you see. There is one just east of room 17 that has a moon piece. There
is another (visible) moon piece in Room 4 too. When you're done, return to room 
3 (The hole room), and dig your way left.

18th room - OK, get digging! First, dig a route to the item, then the treasure 
chest, then along the top row for a hidden moon piece, finally, make your way 

19th room - This is a devious room & timing is important! Don't rush, 1st, push 
the 1st iron block down. Quickly go left, breaking rocks with the pickaxe. Use 
your magnet to pull another block south, and get to the blue button. Retrace your 
steps but use the magnet to pull the block close to the red button. Press the 
red button (breaking the rocks on the way). Now go right & use the magnet to get 
to the purple button. Relax. You've done it! 

Grab the item & red potion from the chest. Now return to the treasure room to 
get the candle. Now go back to room 19 and go right.

Room 20 - Easy. Just use the magnet to get across to the item, & push the plinth 
in the hole to get back. Now trek all the way back to room 12 (the ice-rink rooM)
and go through the bottom left exit

Room 21 - Light the brazier. Now note the white vortexes. First, get the item, 
then go into the top leftmost vortex to get that pesky item from the 8th room. 
When you're done, go west & south to room 7 for a very complicated puzzle!

Room 7 puzzle - First, go right through a newly opened area. Down the stairs, & 
grab the item surrounded by rocks.Then go through the newly open door to the 
downstairs portion of the puzzle.

Step 1. Bring the top rightmost iron plinth down until it's level with the gap 
on the left. Go up the stairs, then down until you are to the left of the plinth 
you just moved. Use the magnet on it to make a bridge.

Step 2: Carry on through the maze going up & down steps. You'll get to an item. 
Grab it, then go through the set of stairs on the lower right. Upstairs, you 
should be next to an iron plinth. Move it as far right as you can, right into 
the corner. Now go back....a long way back....through the maze, until you are 
north of the plinth. Use the magnet again.

Step 3: Return to where the 2nd plinth was, now hunt around for a hole to drop 
through. When you've found it, dig the rock for a moon piece, and drag the plinth 
south & left to get back to the main area.

Step 4: Carry on through the maze until you get to the 2 plinths south of the 
treasure chest. Magnetize one to fall in, then magnetise the other so it is 
right on top of the first. 

Step 5: Backtrack just a little until you're standing east of the left-most 
plinth (It should be the only plinth you haven't moved yet!). Magnetise it. 
Now go down the next set of stairs. Follow the route, & you should be able to 
access the treasure chest. Open it up, and get a map! Hurrah!!

Part 2:
You should have the following stats if you've done part 1 correctly. 
31 items
6 moon pieces
You have the magnet, pick, candle & bronze key. 
You are in front of the treasure chest at E3

Go down the stairs into the basement, & go into the vortex on the right to be 
transported to the island on A3. Just grab the item, smash the rocks & teleport
back out to the basement of E4

Now go all the way back to the very start of the game. (C3) Smash those cursor 
keys up for a button & steps. Stand on the button * Go down the steps. Use the 
magnet to access the next item. Now backtrack to the basement at the beginning 
of the maze at E3/E4.

Make your way north to the basement of B3, picking up the item in D3 on the way. 
Light the brazier. Now take a long walk around to the 1st floor of B3. There 
should be anothe set of stairs to the basement, and access to another brazier. 
Light it, and leave again.

Go north to A3, and push the now exposed button to make the river flow. Go south 
again, and you should see an item in a tree. Burn the tree down, and press the 
next button to make some bridges. Cross the first bridge, break the rocks & fall
down the hole. Another brazier in the basement of B3 can now be lit.

Go to B2. Grab the item, smash the rocks, press the button & jump into the teleport.
Now go to the basement of B3 to claim your golden key! (You should also be able to 
get another item out of a tree at B2)

Return to D4 & D3 for a moon piece and another item. Then return to B2 and play 
the traintrack puzzle.

Traintrack puzzle - spans over 2 screens. Just guide your character by switching 
the tracks. You should be able to get a piece as well as get to the end. Now you 
should have all bridges in place, & 39 items.

Go to C1, and use the gold key to unlock the doors. Smash the rocks for a moonpiece.
Now move the lower left block into the teleport on the right (You will have to 
teleport out & return to the room a few times to do it). When you're done, you'll 
be in the basement of C3. Go right to grab a moonpiece.

Before you do the building puzzle, at B3, you should see an enclosur with a brown 
lump that resembles a fist. There is an iron block in the enclosure. Move it down 
and in front of the index finger (If you did this properly, the block will be in 
line with the part of the river that flows south)

Now return to the screen at B2 & go into the mouth of the's where
you could get stuck, so be careful. Head roughly to the northwest corner of the 
1st floor, then south & east. (If you do it right, you'll see yourself in the 
windows) - Go north to the top floor. Stand on the button - The block that you 
aligned will be flipped by the finger.

Now return to the start screen at C3. You should see the last piece of moonstone 
and the last item! However, how do you get it?

On the right of the 'Complete' sign is a bit of green. Burn it to reveal a lock. 
Use the key on the lock and the signs will change. Use the magnet on the iron 
sign to get across the river. Grab your final pieces, then magnetise the arrow 
to get back across. - You're nearly done!!

Make one more trip to the treasure room at the basement of D3, get the crystal, 
then go to the room at C4 and use the crystal to...well...

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