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 Fifa 2002 World Cup

Fifa 2002 World Cup

Written by OHMCS110
18th May 2002
Version 2.0



 1. OHM's Introduction
 2. OHM's Disclaimer
 3. OHM's Version History
 4. OHM's Game Introduction
 5. OHM's Game Features
 6. OHM's System Requirement
 7. OHM's Basic In-Game Controls
 8. OHM's Other Recommended Movements (Refers to shooting power meter)
 9. OHM's 6 Common Questions and the Answers
10. OHM's Strategy
11. OHM's Teams Review
12. OHM's Recommended Team
13. OHM's Dramatic Moment
14. OHM's Tips
15. OHM's Credit


1. OHM's Introduction:

Hello, still remember me?! Hmm.. I'm OHMCS110, who wrote the Codename: Outbreak
FAQ (the simple FAQ). Now, I'm writing back with my second FAQ. Maybe this is 
another simple FAQ you've ever found on Internet. But for me, I want to make it
short and simple, not forgotten, I want to make it accurate too.. 

I started play the football (soccer in U.S) since 7 years old. I've interested 
to play the football in the computer when I bought FIFA World Cup 98. Start 
from that, I'd collect all EA SPORTS FIFA series from year 1999 till now. 

Overall, Electronic Arts successfully improve their game by year to year. The 
game play become more interesting and the graphic become more detailed and 
sleek. But, from the many reviews I've been read, it's true that FIFA 2001 is 
better than FIFA 2002? Hmm.. For me, both games have their own advantage and 
disadvantages. I don't want to discuss about it at here because I want to 
explain more about EA SPORTS 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP. All right, let's get started.     

I hope you enjoy reading this FAQ. If there is any grammatical mistake, please 
forgive me, and if you have any suggestion please not to shy to mail me. 
You will get a credit. This I promise you.


2. OHM's Disclaimer:

This document was written by OHMCS110, hmm.. So, if you want to publish it for 
commercial use, DON'T DO IT!! This document Copyright 2002 OHMCS110. Also note 
that this FAQ may not be used or distributed for commercial use.  It may not be
distributed at all without written permission from the writer. 


3. OHM's Version History:

Version 1.0 - First release
Version 2.0 - Minor correction at OHM's Tips
            - Add 2 new sections, OHM's Strategy and OHM's Teams Review
            - Add ASCII art
            - Maybe, this is FINAL version for this FAQ.


4. OHM's Game Introduction:

2002 FIFA World Cup is based around a seven-game series beginning with 
round-robin play, followed by playoffs leading to the final match with a 
progressive story line and a rising intensity as you advance; you'll find 
lifelike representations of all the star players, combined with the exceptional
individual skills and talents that characterize their style of play in real 


5. OHM's Game Features:

+ Features official FIFA World Cup insignia, mascots and the 20 new World Cup 
  stadiums in Japan and Korea.
+ Includes all the World Cup star players' looks and playing styles.
+ New stadium environments and player-to-player animations
+ New camera angles and replays; key dramatic moments highlighted.


6. OHM's Systems Requirement:

Hmm.. Better you check the game's homepage at UK.WORLDCUP.EUROPE.EA.COM for 
more details. I don't want to state it here. Please don't ask me...


7. OHM's Basic In-Game Controls:

Up, Down, Left and Right arrows - Movement
S - Pass
D - Shoot
W - Sprint
A - Lob

Air ball

D - Header Shot/Diving Header
S - Header Pass
A - Header Lob
D (2x) - Volley Shot/Bicycle Kick
S (2x) - Volley Pass
A (2x) - Volley Lob

Dead Ball - Attack/Defense

S - Kick or Throw Ball
Z - Add Ball spin Left
C - Add Ball spin Right

Advance Attack/Defense

Q - Player Runs/Keeper Charge
E - Special Moves 


8. OHM's Other Recommended Movements (Refers to shooting power meter):

A (Press until the maximum) - Long lob (the player who receive this ball maybe 
                              can make a special movement like bicycle kick, 
                              etc.), change side play
S (Press until the maximum) - Long Pass
D (Press until the maximum) - Long Shot (Recommended to goalkeeper or skilled 


9. OHM's 6 Common Questions and the Answers:

Q: How to trick opposite player when our player sprints with the ball?
A: When you sprint, watch out to the opposite player at the back, and then, 
   simply move to opposite direction before you try to shoot or pass the ball 
   to another player.

Q: How to score easily?
A: Hmm.. When you head the goalkeeper face-to-face, press E quickly and shoot 
   after the player makes a special movement. (Make sure you not do this skill 
   too close with the goalkeeper.)

Q: How to prevent ball out from the field?
A: Before the ball touch the line, make sure you press A quickly, see a great 
   skill that the player done by slide to the ball.

Q: How to prevent the opponent score the goal from the corner kick?
A: Make sure you select one player to stay at the goal line.

Q: How to make a perfect long throw?
A: Choose any of your team player, throw the ball in front of the player, and 
   refer to the cursor. (Note: Don't throw the ball over the player.)

Q: How to make a perfect short pass?
A: Choose the player that far from opponent's player, then by refer to the 
   shooting power meter, press S until the meter near to the middle.


10. OHM's Strategy:

a. 4-4-2 (4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, 2 Strikers)
Normal formation, many World Cup qualifiers use this formation and maybe this 
formation also suitable to you. :)

b. 4-5-1 (4 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 1 Striker)
This formation suitable for team that has many top-quality midfielders (e.g. 
England, Spain). This strategy very useful for gamers who like to attack from 
the middle of the field.

c. 5-3-2 (5 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 2 Strikers)
Suitable when you decide to secure your win. the defenders will try to block 
the strike from the opponents. I recommend you to place one last man and 4 

d. 5-4-1 (5 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, 1 Striker)
Hmm.. Use this strategy when you decide to secure your win and by the same 
time, you want to add more goals.. :)

e. 3-4-3 (3 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, 3 Strikers)
When the opponents lead you with 2 or 3 goals, hmm.. the best way to make sure
you can win the match or just want to equalize, try this formation. It's very
suitable for counter-attack strategy. But be careful, if the opponents can move
more than the middle of the field, maybe it can become a problem to you.

f. 3-5-2 (3 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 2 Strikers)
Hmm.. You want to make a counter-attack but you don't want to let opponent 
players move more than the middle of the field huh.. All right, try this 
formation, many midfielders will block the strike from the opponents.

g. 4-3-3 (4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 3 Strikers)
This formation suitable for the team that have many strikers and many 
midfielders (e.g. Spain). Have a similarity as 4-4-2 formations. 


11. OHM's Teams Review:

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 2
Star Players - P. Aimar           (LWM)
               J. Sebastian Veron (RAM)
               C. Lopez           (LF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 17
Star Players - M. Wilmots         (CAM)
               E. Mpenza          (CF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 3
Star Players - Cafu               (RWB)
               R. Carlos          (LWB)
               Ronaldo            (LM)
               Rivaldo            (CAM)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 30
Star Player  - S. Eto'o           (RF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 38
Star Player  - F. Zhiyi           (RCB)

Costa Rica
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 25
Star Player  - P. Wanchope        (CAM)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 16
Star Players - M. Stanic          (RM)
               D. Suker           (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 14
Star Player  - J. Gronkjaer       (RWM)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 31
Star Player  - A. Delgado         (RF)
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 9
Star Players - R. Ferdinand       (RCB)
               S. Gerrard         (CDM)
               D. Beckham         (RM)
               P. Scholes         (CAM)
               M. Owen            (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 1
Star Players - R. Pires           (CDM)
               Z. Zidane          (CAM)
               T. Henry           (CF)
               D. Trezeguet       (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 10
Star Player  - S. Deisler         (RWM)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 5
Star Players - P. Maldini         (LCB)
               A. Del Piero       (LDM)
               F. Totti           (CAM)
               F. Inzaghi         (LF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 29
Star Player  - H. Nakata          (CF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 8
Star Player  - C. Blanco          (LF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 32
Star Player  - N. Kanu            (RF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 11
Star Player  - R. Santa Cruz      (RF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 26
Star Player  - E. Olisadebe       (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 4
Star Players - L. Figo            (RCM)
               M. Rui Costa       (LCM)

Republic of Ireland
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 15
Star Players - Roy Keane          (RCM)
               Robbie Keane       (LF)

Republic of Korea
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 33
Star Player  - H. Sun-Hong        (CF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 18
Star Player  - V. Beschasnykh     (CF)

Saudi Arabia
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 27
Star Player  - N. Al Temyat       (LCM)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 42
Star Player  - E. Hadji Diouf     (ST)  

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 23
Star Player  - Z. Zahovic         (LCM)

South Africa
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 28
Star Player  - B. McCarthy        (RF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 6
Star Players - Sergi              (LB)
               G. Mendieta        (RM)
               Raul               (CF)
               D. Tristan         (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 13      
Star Players - F. Ljungberg       (LM)
               H. Larsson         (CF)
               Z. Ibrahimovic     (ST)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 24
Star Player  - H. Trabelsi        (RB)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 20
Star Player  - H. Sukur           (ST)

United States of America
World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 21
Star Player  - L. Donovan         (LF)

World Ranking (as on 2002FWC) - 19
Star Player  - A. Recoba          (LF)

12. OHM's Recommended Team:

I stated only the best two teams each region, I've test it and these teams have
their own advantages. I stated it by refer to my own experience. :)

UEFA: France, Portugal
CONCACAF: United States, Mexico
CONMEBOL: Argentina, Brazil
CAF: Nigeria, South Africa
AFC: Saudi Arabia, Japan


13. OHM's Dramatic Moment:

Dramatic Moment 1: France vs. Argentina

I've play using France team, on first half, huh... poor me, hmm.. I let the 
Argentinean lead by 4-0. But on second half, I try to back up by scoring 4 
goals - 2 from Henry and 2 from Trezeguet. On extra times, Zidane score to give 
me a dramatic win.  5-4 over Argentina... :D 

Dramatic Moment 2: Saudi Arabia vs. France

I've play using Saudi Arabia team, on first half, no goals by other side. On 
second half, Sami Al-Jaber and Al-Temyat score to make sure I win the game by 
2-0. Both of them scored by make a dramatically bicycle kick in front of the 

14. OHM's Tips:

a. If you want to unlock all European teams, make sure you win the World Cup 
   Competition by using any UEFA team.
b. To unlock all American teams, same as (a), but by using any CONMEBOL or 
   CONCACAF team.
c. To unlock all African teams, same as (b), but by using any CAF team.
d. To unlock all Asian teams, same as (c), but by using any AFC team.
e. To unlock all World teams, make sure you successfully unlock all (a), (b), 
   (c), and (d).  


15. OHM's Credit:

a. Electronic Arts - For creating this game.
b. GameFAQs - For Posting this FAQ.
c. My Computer - Successfully help me test the game. 
d. ABSOLUTELY YOU - For reading this FAQ.


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