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 Faces of War

Faces of War

 * * * * * * * It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. * * * * * * *
 ______        ____  _____   _____           __   __          __        _____
|  ____|/\    / ___||  ___| / ____|         / _|  \ \        / / /\    |  __ \
| |__  /  \  | |    | |__  | (___      ___ | |_    \ \  /\  / / /  \   | |__) |
|  __|/ /\ \ | |    |  __|  \___ \    / _ \|  _|    \ \/  \/ / / /\ \  |  _  /
| |  / ____ \| |___ | |___  ____) |  | (_) | |       \  /\  / / ____ \ | | \ \
|_| /_/    \_\\____||_____||_____/    \___/|_|        \/  \/ /_/    \_\|_|  \_\

 * * * * * * * * Rather, we should thank God that such men lived. * * * * * * *

Copyright 2006-2009 - Staley, Deuce ex Defcon.  Any site that wishes to host
any of my guides is free to do so, provided you contact me prior to posting the
guide(s), as I like to know where they're being used.

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current form of my guides, so if there's ever any doubt, always check GameFAQs.
If you find an outdated form of any of my guides on any site, please contact
me, and I will contact the site to get it updated.

All questions, comments, and so forth concerning this guide can be posted on my
site here:

Or if you're not fond of message boards, please feel free to email at or try me on AIM (Deuce ex Defcon).

                          |        Contents        |

0.00)  General Notes
0.10)  Important Controls

1.00)  Walkthrough
    1.10)  German Campaign
        1.11)  Nijmegen Bridge
        1.12)  Wiltz
        1.13)  Stoumont
        1.14)  Clerf
        1.15)  Marvie
        1.16)  Dinant
        1.17)  Rochefort
        1.18)  Louvain

    1.20)  Allies Campaign
        1.11)  Radar
        1.12)  Falaise
        1.13)  Walcheren Isle

6.00)  End
    6.01)  Version History
    6.02)  Closing

                      |                                |
                      |      0.00)  General Notes      |
                      |                                |

In this section, I'll list some notes about various things you should keep in
mind while playing, in no particular order:

I)  Helmets and body armor.

 - Body armor is a huge help for your soldiers.  If you find some, make sure
you take it and equip it.  Helmets are also a very important piece of
equipment.  If your helmet gets blown off, make sure you replace it immediately
with a helmet from a downed soldier (sometimes you can pick the same helmet
back up, too).

II)  Double clicking items in your inventory.

 - When you're examining another inventory, double clicking an item from your
inventory will move it to the other inventory, and double clicking on an item
in the other inventory will move it to yours.  Double clicking on an item that
has a lot more than can fit in one spot in your inventory will fill all of your
available slots with that item (unless there isn't enough of the item to do
that).  This is helpful for quickly moving items in your inventory.

If you only have a single unit's inventory open, double clicking on ammo will
reload your gun.

III)  Equipping things from your inventory.

 - To equip helmets, body armor, or weapons from your inventory, simply double
click on the item.  You'll be able to tell if it's equiped by the change in
background shading (it'll change to a light blue).

IV)  Using landmines, repair kits, and other things.

 - In Soldiers:  Heroes of World War II, the U key was your "use" command that
let you use matches, mines, et cetera.  In Faces of War, though, if you want to
use landmines or a repair kit, you'll need to open the second gray tab on the
right side of a soldier's control panel, then click on the landmine icon
(it'll only be lit up if you have mines in your inventory).  Select where you
want the soldier to set the mines, and he'll set them all in a group near that
spot.  You'll have to stop him after each one if you want him to spread them
out a little.  The same procedure needs to be done for repair kits and some
other objects.

                       |                               |
                       |   0.10)  Important Controls   |
                       |                               |

If you never played Soldiers:  Heroes of World War II or if it's just been a
long time since you played it, I highly suggest you play through the training
missions.  I'll also list some of the most important control features in this

I)  Direct Control.

There are three ways to enter the "Direct Control" feature.  The first is by
pressing the End key to turn the feature on, and then pressing it again to turn
it off.  The second way (which is the way I recommend you always do it) is by
holding down the Control key for the duration of the time you want to stay in
Direct Control mode.  The third method is to click the Direct Control button
when you have a unit selected (it's on the vertical bar on the right side of
the minimap).  You'll have to click the icon again to release direct control.

Direct control is useful for making very quick, precise attacks.  Units are a
lot more accurate in Direct Control, and you can pick your targets much easier.
Direct Control is also extremely useful for driving vehicles into tight spots,
or escaping quickly from heated battles.  It's also wonderful for controlling
the fuses on grenades (commonly known as "cooking").

II)  Free Fire, Back Fire, and Hold Fire.

You can set a unit to any one of these three basic commands when the unit is
not being Directly Controlled.  To set these, simply click on one of the
corresponding icons on the box on the right side of your command bar (they're
on the left tab, middle row).

Hold Fire means that the unit will absolutely not fire at anything, no matter
what, until you tell it to.  This is almost always the safest way to go,
simply because your units are not exactly smart, and can easily get themselves
killed for stupid reasons if they fire at something you didn't want them to
fire at, or if they throw a grenade while standing in front of a wall or
another one of your units.

Back Fire means that your unit will fire back if it is fired upon.  This is
fairly safe, but you won't want to use it most of the time.  Your units tend to
waste their ammo shooting at things they can't hit, or they return fire with
grenades and kill themselves or your other units.

Free Fire means the unit will fire at anything that gets too close.  This is
rarely a good idea for several of the reasons listed above.  The only time I
recommend using this is when you need to slaughter a lot of troops at one time.
You can set one or more men to Free Fire, and then take Direct Control of
another unit.  This also works great for setting up a cover line to retreat the
unit you're direct-controlling if it gets into serious trouble.

III)  Hotkeys.

Several actions have keys assigned to them so you can perform them quickly
without using your mouse.  I'll list the most important ones here, in no
particular order.  Note that most of these features can also be opened with
various icons on your display.

E)  Exits a vehicle/gun.  Depending on what you're exiting, you'll be given a
cursor, and you must then click on where you want your unit(s) to exit to.

+)  Reloads your current weapon.  This is one of the more valuable hotkeys.

O)  Opens the mission objectives list.

F6)  This puts your unit in the Melee attack mode when applicable.  You can use
a troop to run up to an enemy troop and smack them, causing the enemy to fall
down for a while.  Note that this DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE THE UNIT STAY DOWN.
They will sometimes get back up when you least expect it.  On the plus side,
it's quite amusing when you can get a good multi-unit fist fight going inside a
building or something.  (Note that you can also use the icon on the top of your
command bar to activate and deactivate this feature.)

X)  This examines the target.  Use this to have a soldier check a vehicle's
inventory or check the contents of some crates.  Very useful, especially for
transfering equipment from one soldier to another.

D)  Drops the item you have in your hand.  This is used a lot when you're
carrying barrels, boxes, and so on.

I)  This will open the selected unit's inventory.

Space)  This will make a selected soldier go into the Prone position, which is
useful when you need to sneak around or take cover quickly.

Backspace)  This will allow you to adjust the speed of the game.  Beginners
will probably want to stick with the default speed, but as you get used to the
game, you'll find that fast-forward is very useful when you're moving long
distances or waiting for patrols to cycle.

Tab)  This will make items and objects on the ground light up in red, so you'll
be able to see them.  Hovering over them will also tell you what they are.


                              1.00)  Walkthrough

                            1.10)  German Campaign

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         | 1.11)  Nijmegen Bridge  |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                       Support of the "K"-Unit Commandos
Primary Objectives                                           September 29, 1944

1)  Attack the British defenses on the left bank.  Neutralize the guards and
    consolidate your positions.

 - The left bank is technically the south bank, but you get the idea.  You
basically just need to assault the British bunkers and wipe them out.  Sieze
the mounted anti-aircraft guns to inflict some heavy damage.

2)  Hold the bridge.  Let underwater swimmers plant mines.

 - Continue slaughtering the British on the south bank until they're all dead,
then get ready to move north over the bridge.  A huge British counter-attack
will hit shortly after that, and you'll need to hold them off for a little

3)  Take your positions on the right bank.

 - Eventually so much British stuff arrives that your soldiers decide to
retreat to the north side of the river.  Make sure everyone gets to the other
side of the bridge before the timer runs out, or they'll be blown to bits when
the charges detonate under the bridge.

4)  Neutralize the enemy in the park.

 - Farther to the north, there's a park full of hedges.  Move in and gun down
the British soldiers as you make your way to the very northern edge of the map.
There's a mortar crew up there - take it out to secure the park.

5)  Force your way to the British maintenance base.

 - Move east towards the two mounted guns and deal with them.  There're British
soldiers everywhere (including in the windows of houses), so don't stand still
for too long.  Also, don't damage the guns - you'll want them intact later.

6)  Hold your positions, until the M4A3 "Calliope" is repaired.

 - When you reach the maintenance base, your men will need a few minutes to get
the Calliope running.  Man the northern gun with your troops and get ready to
hit the incoming tanks with armor-piercing shells.  You can also make use of
the crates between the two guns - one of them has several bazookas in it, and
the other has rockets for them.

7)  Destroy the barge using the captured tank.

 - Take the Calliope to the river once it's running.  A British tank and some
infantry will move between you and the barge, so use the Calliope's rockets to
blast them from a distance.  Once it's clear, move the Calliope to the ramp
near the motorboats and hit the barge with some rockets.

8)  Reach the boats and leave the place.

 - Immediately eject your crew from the Calliope and send them to the motorboat
in the water.  British reinforcements will reach your position shortly after
you destroy the barge, so there's not much time to waste.


3 Soldiers  (Erhard Mehler, Tomas Volker, and Elmar Lichtman)

You'll also have the aid of several AI-controlled soldiers.


Start the mission by selecting one of your soldiers that's armed with a light
machine gun.  Transfer the other light machine gunner's ammunition and grenades
to the first soldier, then proceed to the British positions to the north-west.
(I suggest fighting with a single soldier pretty much all the time.  Partially
because it's just my preferred style, but mostly because it's easier to prevent
your soldiers from getting killed due to the poor group mechanics in this game.
Just leave your other two men right where they start, you can collect them

Begin your assault on the British positions by tossing an anti-tank grenade on
the vehicle near the trees on the eastern side of the northern position.  Use
the vehicle and the nearby metal crates as cover, then start taking out British
soldiers around the sandbags and crumbled buildings.  Hand grenades will work
wonders if you time them to explode in the air, but you'll need to move in
close and use your gun for some of them.  If you can take control of one of the
anti-aircraft guns on the western edge of the sandbags, use it to slaughter the
forces on the other side of the road.

Eventually the British will try to send some reinforcements over the bridge at
you.  Stop both of the troop crawlers at the southern edge of the bridge with
your anti-aircraft gun (or a heavy machine gun if you didn't capture one of the
anti-aircraft guns).  Having those two vehicles disabled at the entrance of the
bridge will provide excellent cover when you need to defend the bridge later.

If there're any survivors left on the west side of the road, abandon your
anti-aircraft gun and go deal with them with your regular weaponry.  If you
happen to see a British soldier with a bazooka, take it (and some rockets).
You'll be glad you did when the British send a tank towards the bridge later.
Anyway, once the south side of the bridge is clear, move onto the bridge and
assault the two bunkers on the north side.

As you're assaulting them, some motorboats will approach the bridge from the
eastern side.  The bridge is lined with machine gun bunkers, so have your
soldier jump in one of them and stop the boats before they can reach the divers
under the bridge.  Shortly after you take control of the northern side of the
bridge, the British will launche a massive counter-attack from the southern

Your other two soldiers will automatically be brought to the crumbled buildings
on the south side of the bridge, so I suggest you send them to the northern
side immediately to keep them from getting killed in the chaos of the counter
attack.  Meanwhile, plant your third soldier in the wreckage of the two
vehicles you should've disabled on the southern end of the bridge earlier.
From here, you'll be able to slaughter tons of British soldiers to your left,
right, or directly in front of you.  If you run out of ammo, either raid some
dead soldiers or take a heavy machine gun and its ammo from one of the disabled
vehicles or one of the machine gun nests on the bridge.

Eventually a tank will come down the road.  If you found a bazooka earlier,
wait until the tank gets close, then jump out from behind your cover and hit it
with a rocket.  If you don't have a bazooka, you'll have to use anti-tank
grenades.  They'll do the job, but it's a lot harder to hit a moving target
with a grenade than it is with a rocket.  Either way, shortly after the tank is
destroyed, even more British units will arrive and you'll be told to retreat to
the northern side of the bridge.  Get over there before the countdown reaches

Some light forces will attack you on the northern side of the bridge once it
blows up, so deal with them as you move towards the park in the northern part
of the map.  The park is crawling with British soldiers, including guys with
bazookas and plenty of grenades.  Quickly move your soldier all the way to the
northern edge of the park and take out the mortar crew there, then mop up the
rest of the British soldiers as they retreat to the east towards the two heavy
guns mounted on the upper level of the square.

These guns will be invaluable to you later, so try your hardest to eliminate
their crews without actually harming the guns.  Watch out for soldiers in the
windows of nearby buildings, and slaughter everything on your way to the
maintenance base.  Clear out the British soldiers in there, too, then turn
around and prepare to defend against another huge British counter-attack from
the park.  If your other soldiers weren't with you already, send them to the
maintenance base for their own safety.

Your AI controlled guys will take control of one of the mounted guns - follow
their lead and take control of the other one.  Make sure it's armed with armor
piercing shells, then point it due west towards the end of the park.  Wait
until the first British tank is in range, then start firing at it until it's
disabled.  If it moves its barrel to take a shot at you, eject your soldier and
run like hell - there's no reason to risk getting anyone killed when there're
plenty of bazookas and rockets in the crates between the two mounted guns.
Grab a bazooka and some rockets if you don't already have some, then enter the
shrubs and take care of the tanks from down there.

Eventually the British will retreat, and your Calliope will be ready.  Send all
of your men into it, then turn towards the river.  A British tank and some
infantry will be waiting between the maintenance base and the barge, so use the
Calliope's rockets to pulverize them, then mop up any survivors with your
machine gun.  Get to the river and launch some rockets at the center of the
barge, then immediately eject your men from the Calliope and send them to the
motorboat on the river bank.  You won't have much time before more British
reinforcements catch up to you.

[If you're wondering how to fire rockets, they're set up the same way as the
 various machine guns are.  Click on the secondary weapon thing when you've got
 the Calliope selected, then choose the rockets instead of a machien gun.]

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |      1.12)  Wiltz       |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                            December 17, 1944

1)  Attention!  We have to capture the central square and settle down on it.

 - First things first, deal with the tank and infantry group right in front of
your starting position.  Once they're under control, follow the German tank to
the north (which is to your right if you haven't adjusted your screen yet).
The square you're after is the area directly west (above) of the line of houses
the tank drives past.  Take out the mounted artillery piece in the square
first, then pick off the American troops.

2)  Hold the square until reinforcements arrive.

 - Americans will poor into the square from the west side in an attempt to push
you back out.  Grab a bazooka off of a dead soldier to deal with the tanks, or
just use the artillery piece if you didn't destroy it earlier.

3)  Dislodge the enemy off the last block.

 - You'll be given a ton of infantry and a Jadgtiger.  Take the Jadgtiger to
the block in the south-west (check the icon on your mission objective screen if
you don't know which block I'm talking about) and destroy everything there,
including the infantry, to finish the mission.


4 Soldiers  (Urban Lehrer, Oswin Schluter, Ulrich Cullen, and Gerhard Lichtman)

You'll also have the aid of a slew of AI-controlled soldiers, and later in the
mission, you'll gain control of the following:

1 Jadgtiger (with five crewmen - Erhard Lichtermann, Franz Kessler, Ralph
             Krieg, Reinhard Scherer, and Udo Kaiser)

11 Soldiers (Wilhelm Schlesinger, Peter Metzger, Emmerich Reiter, Stefan
             Breuer, Vinzenz Lederer, Marko Schlosser, Benjamin Mever, Kaspar
             Mehlmann, Peter Meltzer, Torsten Eisenhauer, Vinzenz Ledermann)


Move your soldiers north to help your allies deal with the American roadblock,
then follow the German tank to the north when it arrives (north will be to your
right if you didn't adjust your camera yet).  As the tank moves north, the area
west of the row of houses is the square you're trying to capture.  The primary
threat is an artillery piece in one of the houses on the western edge.  Use
grenades or heavy machine gun fire to take it out.

With the artillery piece eliminated, concentrate on slaughtering the troops in
and around the square.  Eventually, they'll retreat to the church on the north
side of the square.  If the artillery piece is still intact, use it to blast
one of the corners off of the church.  If not, pick up a bazooka from one of
the dead Americans and use it instead.  Either way, wipe out the Americans that
ran in the church, then prepare to defend against a counter-attack from the
western side of the square.

If you have more bazooka rockets, use them to deal with the American tanks.
Otherwise, use the artillery piece if it's still operational or toss some
anti-tank grenades at them, or just pray that your AI-controlled buddies manage
to take them out on their own.  After a while, the counter-attack will be
halted, and you'll receive some heavy reinforcements (tons of soldiers and a
Jadgtiger complete with its own repair kit).

Use the Jadgtiger to help your allies topple the big house on the corner where
the Americans are hiding, then move towards the well-defended block not far
from your original starting position (check the location using the icon next to
the objective on your objectives screen if you don't know where you're supposed
to be).  Use armor-piercing shells from the Jadgtiger to eliminate the American
tanks in the area, and use high explosive shells to deal with the guns and
troop concentrations.  Once the Americans have been completely removed from the
block, the mission will be over.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |     1.13)  Stoumont     |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                            December 19, 1944

1)  Storm through the block.

 - This particular block isn't even that well-defended, or at least not until a
Sherman blasts its way in through a house.  Use your bazooka to crush it, then
finish off any survivors to clear the block.

2)  Entrench on the square in front of the church.

 - All you really need to do is wipe out the Americans in the area, which will
be a lot easier if you do the secondary objective and take command of the
Panther.  Follow the rest of the column with your Panther, then turn towards
the church and finish off the American forces.  Watch out for attacks from the
rear, though.

3)  Free the prisoned officers.

 - They're in the far north-western corner of the map.  Take the Panther up
there if you'd like, but it's not really necessary.  Cut down the light
American resistence up to the house where the prisoners are being held, and
they'll come out of the house once you get close enough.

4)  Officers must reach the evac point.

 - Return to your entrenched allies by the church, but be very careful that you
don't get any of the escapees killed.  Get them to the SDK behind the German
tanks to make them evacuate the area.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Get into the command tank and head the attack on.

 - Once you clear the first block, you'll be told that the major was killed.
The command tank is now unoccupied - head to the northern edge of the map and
get your soldiers inside it.


3 Soldiers  (Helger Gebauer, Tomas Volker, and Hans Huber)

1 Panther  (will be added to your command later in the mission, no crew)

5 Soldiers  (Max Koehler, Arnold Schroeder, Vinzenz Hoffmann, Ulf Kriea, and
             Karl Lederer will be under your control after you free them from
             captivity in the third objective)


Move your three soldiers along the road with the rest of the German column and
attack the block the Americans are occupying.  It's not very well-defended, but
have your bazooka guy ready - a Sherman will blast its way through one of the
buildings eventually, and you'll want to be ready to take it out before it
slaughters your men.

Once the Sherman's destroyed and the block's clear, you'll be told that the
major was killed, and that you need to take command of the assault.  Head north
to the edge of town and get your three soldiers into the empty Panther on the
road, then follow the rest of your column up the street.  The American guns and
tanks in the area aren't much of an issue for your Panther, but watch out for
attacks from the rear.

Turn and make your way towards the square with the church, and be ready to take
out a few more vehicles and some infantry.  Once the Americans are gone, you'll
be told that some officers are being held nearby.  They're actually in a house
in the very north-western corner of the map (use the icon next to this
objective on your objectives screen if you can't find it).  Take the Panther up
there if it's still in working condition, or just leave it behind - it's not
really necessary.

There's not much in the way of resistence on your way to the house, but be
prepared to deal with another Sherman about half way there.  If you didn't
bring the Panther and you don't have any bazooka rockets left, take it down
with anti-tank grenades.  Continue on towards the house, and when you get close
enough, the prisoners will exit on their own.  Help them finish off their
guards, then proceed back to the church where your allied-AI guys are holding
a car for the prisoners.

Some light American troops will try to keep you from making it down there, but
there shouldn't be anything too heavy in your way.  Get all five of the
prisoners down to the SDK behind the German tanks to end the mission.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |      1.14)  Clerf       |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                              Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                            December 17, 1944

1)  Destroy the North base.

 - North is misleading, but you get the idea (use the icon next to this
objective on the objectives list if you don't know where the base is).  Remove
the Americans from the supply base, and be careful not to destroy the Sherman
Firefly in the back of the base.

2)  Destroy the post.

 - This will actually come before the first objective - you'll encounter a
small outpost on the road towards the base.  Clear out the Americans near it to
complete this objective.

3)  Clean the grade-crossing and destroy the bridge.

 - The crossing will be marked on your objectives list if you click on the icon
next to it.  The crossing is very well-defended, so you'll want to capture and
repair the Firefly in the American depot.  I suggest you take the road right in
front of the depot to get to the tracks, then follow the tracks towards the
crossing.  Once you clear a path to the bridge, the paratroopers will arrive
and plant dynamite on it.  Defend them until the detonation happens.

4)  Blow up the bridge using the aircraft bombs!

 - The detonation will prove inadequate - wait for a train to arrive, disable
it, and then raid the cargo for some aircraft bombs.  Drop three of them on the
bridge to end the mission.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Prevent the passing of the column.

 - Shortly after you clear out the outpost, three American vehicles will come
down the road from the depot and turn towards the train tracks.  I suggest you
have your soldiers standing on the road between the vehicles and the tracks,
then gun down the jeep as soon as it turns the corner.  Have an anti-tank
grenade ready for the other vehicles, or just slaughter the drivers with a
machine gun.

2)  Destroy the American depots!

 - After you've captured and reloaded the Firefly, use it to run over the
various buildings in the depot.  Once you've caused enough damage to their
supply piles, this objective will be complete.


3 Soldiers  (Vinzenz Schreiner, Peter Knopf, and Georg Schuhmann)

You'll also have the aid of three AI-controlled infantry

2 Soldiers  (Ulrich Stump and Adolf Steinhauer) will be under your command once
             you complete the second main objective

5 Soldiers  (Udo Kaiser, Hartmut Werner, Wolfram Hoffmann, Rene Werner, and
             Erhard Lichtermann) will be added to your command when the
             paratroopers blow the bridge


Head to the right as soon as the mission starts and take up a defensive
position on the road.  A jeep will approach from below you, so hose it with
your heavy machine gunner before it has a chance to fire back.  Now turn your
attention up the road to the small outpost there.  Assault the soldiers behind
the sandbags and above the outpost until you either kill them all or they

Three American vehicles will come down the road from the direction of the
supply base shortly after you finish off the Americans at the outpost.  Get
your men to the road between the American vehicles and the train tracks, and
have your heavy machine gunner ready to take down the jeep as soon as it comes
around the corner.  The other two vehicles are a little harder to take out with
machine gun fire, but you can do it if you pick off the drivers fast enough.  I
suggest you just toss an anti-tank grenade or two at them, though.

With the vehicles destroyed, follow your AI-controlled companions up the road
and stop at the crates to stock up on supplies.  The American base is right in
front of you - take out the machine gun nest accross from your position, then
get your men into the base to start wiping out the Americans inside.  Catch the
second machine gun and light tank by surprise by moving your men around to the
other side of the base and capturing the Sherman Firefly sitting there.  Use it
to finish off the American troops, and you'll be given a new objective.

There's a repair kit on the ground near the MK IV with the broken treads, so
put it in your Firefly.  The truck at the entrance of the base has ammunition
for the Firefly, so start transfering it to the tank's inventory.  When you're
ready, use the Firefly to run over the various buildings in the base.  Crush
enough of the American supplies, and you'll accomplish the second secondary

Have an armor-piercing shell ready in the Firefly, then move towards the
railroad tracks on the road right in front of the American supply depot.  A MK
IV will be waiting for you on the other side of the tracks, and so will a pair
of field guns and a hoard of infantry.  Take out the MK IV first, then worry
about the guns and infantry (especially infantry with bazookas).  Once this
first section of track is clear, turn towards the bridge and continue.

Another tank will be the first thing that greets you, so be prepared to fire at
it once it's clear of the small building.  Since you have a clear shot at its
side, you should be able to take it out with your first shot, assuming you
actually hit it.  Take out the field guns and infantry after that, and your
paratroopers will arrive to blow the bridge once the area's clear.

Of course, some American reinforcements will also arrive from the opposite
direction of the paratroopers, so have your Firefly ready to deal with even
more vehicles and tons of bazookas.  Concentrate on taking out the vehicles
first, because your Firefly isn't likely to last very long against so many
bazooka troops.  Eventually the paratroopers will detonate some dynamite on the
bridge, but it won't be very effective.  You'll gain control of them, and then
you'll be told to find another way to destroy the bridge.

Defend the grade-crossing for a while, and another train will come through.
Stop it with an anti-tank grenade, bazooka, or a shell from a nearby vehicle
if there are any.  You need to take three aircraft bombs from one of the
train's cargo cars and drop them on the bridge to finish the mission.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |      1.15)  Marvie      |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                            December 19, 1944

1)  Capture and hold the crossroads on the way to Bastogne.  Don't let the
    enemy to send reinforcements.

 - Poorly translated objective, but you get the idea.  Reach the crossroads to
complete this objective, but make sure you're prepared first (check the
walkthrough section for more information).

2)  Intercept and destroy the collumn of enemy vehicles that is heading to
    Bastogne.  We can't let it escape!

 - What's with these errors in the objectives...?  Jeez.  Anyway, two columns
of vehicles (mostly tanks) will be coming over the bridge and trying to make it
past the crossroads.  Stop them any way you can - I personally suggest you rely
on landmines and bazookas, your tanks won't really stand a chance.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Clean the village off the enemy.

 - Typo in it, but whatever.  Slaughter the Americans that're entrenched in the
houses to complete this objective.  Note that the two houses closest to the
field gun by the crossroads don't need to be cleared for this objective to be
completed, which is good - otherwise you're likely to accidentally trigger an
event when you try to attack them.

2)  The enemy is sending reinforcements and ammunition to Bastogne.  We have to
    destroy the column!

 - A small group of American units will attempt to make it past the crossroads.
Slaughter them as fast as you can, and try to clog up the roads with the hulls
of the vehicles if possible - it'll make it a lot easier to stop the tank
columns later if you do.


4 Soldiers  (Tobias Hellmann, Dirk Saltz, Jorg Schubert, and Johannes

1 Panzer IV  (and five crewmen - Adolf Steinhauer, Wilfried Eisenhauer, Peter
              Knopf, Georg Schuhmann, and Emmerich Schneider)

1 Pz V Panther (and five crewmen - Benjamin Koenig, Torsten Schafer, Vinzenz
                Schreiner, Kaspar Stahl, and Ulrich Studebaker)


Move your Panther up the road and turn the corner just barely.  There'll be a
field gun on each side of the road, and they should be your first targets.
Take out the one on the left first, then the one on the right, and while you're
waiting between shots, send your four footsoldiers to the small pile of rocks
near the bend in the road.  American soldiers will try to fire bazooka shots at
your Panther from right there, and if you get hit, it usually destroys or at
least damages your tank.

Once the two field guns are eliminated, back your Panther up and make use of
its machine guns to start slaughtering the American troops in the area.  A few
vehicles will appear eventually, but only one of them is heavy enough to
threaten your Panther.  In fact, it's a huge threat to your Panther - you
should have your bazooka soldier ready to take a shot at it when it shows up.

Sit tight and defend the bend in the road until it's clear, then head to the
big pile of crates (next to two cargo trucks) on the south side of the road
(check your compass if you moved your screen around - south is the blue
direction on the compass rose).  Lots of good stuff in these crates and trucks,
including some anti-tank mines.  More importantly, though, move towards the
building between you in the church and check the crates there.

Mmmm, a flamethrower!  This baby will make your life a lot easier.  Grab it and
the big tank thing (labled "balloon" if you hover over it), then equip the
balloon and use it to siphon some fuel from one of the nearby trucks.  Unequip
the balloon and equip the actual flamethrower now.  You don't have much range,
but you don't really need it - get close to the church and light it up for a
few seconds, then simply walk away and let it burn.

You'll want to do the exact same thing with most of the buildings around the
church, too, since most of them are crawling with American troops.  Clear out
this side of the road first, but once you reach the mortar crew, don't get any
closer to the crossroads.  Instead, head to the other side of the road and work
on clearing out those buildings with your flamethrower.  You'll notice that
there's an American M26 Pershing tank in the corner.  Those barrels and crates
next to it are very valuable, so try to avoid blowing them up on accident.

Once the area around the Pershing is under control, dump the crew from your
Panzer IV and put them in the Pershing.  Steal all of the leftover machine gun
ammo from the Panzer IV (and maybe a few disabled vehicles), then take the 90mm
shells from the crates next to the Pershing.  Use some of the barrels to fuel
it, and you're ready to go (if you blew up the barrels, just use the gas can
from one of your tanks to siphon gas from damaged vehicles eslewhere on the

If the first secondary objective is still incomplete, search this part of the
city again for survivors (you shouldn't have to empty out the two buildings
closest to the sandbag bunkers near the crossroads).  Once you've managed to
complete it, go ahead and move towards the crossroads, slaughtering the
occupants of those two buildings as you go.  Some American reinforcements will
appear behind you, but there's not really anything too heavy.  Use your Panther
and the Pershing to stop them, but watch out for bazooka troops that come off
of the American transports.  If you stop all of the vehicles, the second
secondary objective will be complete (some will come from the south-west road,
too, so be prepared).

A timer will show up on the screen eventually to let you know how much time
you have before American armored columns try to make it past the crossroads.
Send your footsoldiers up to the crossroads with the anti-tank mines I
mentioned earlier and arm them on the road leading towards the bridge,
preferably as close to the crossroads as possible (but still in the narrow part
of the road).  The first few tanks should be disabled on the mines, so leave
your Panther and Pershing way up by the exit on the west side of the screen
that leads to Bastogne.  They'll be able to take shots at the crossroads from

Meanwhile, you'll be inflicting the majority of your damage with your bazooka
guys.  The Amerians had tons of rockets on them, so you should've had no
problem at all finding ammo.  Hide in the bushes near the crossroads, and as
soon as something makes its way through, take a shot at it with a bazooka
rocket (or several).  The more tanks you can disable in the narrow spot right
in front of the crossroads, the better.

Why?  Because a second group will arrive a few minutes after the first group,
and it's a lot easier to stop them if they're having trouble getting through
the debris field.  Use the exact same tactics you used earlier to stop the
second wave, though you might want to consider firing rockets (or throwing
grenades if absolutely necessary) from the hill on the east side of the road.
It's a little safer that way.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |      1.16)  Dinant      |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                            December 25, 1944

1)  With the tanks, force your way to the other bank.

 - This will be the last objective you complete.  Basically, you need to reach
the other side of the bridge with the three tanks you're given near the end of
the mission.  (If you get one damaged or destroyed, you still need to send the
surviving crew over the bridge to complete the objective.)

2)  Find and kill the spotter.

 - He's in the middle of that trenchline right in front of your starting
position.  I suggest you move up the road to the right of the trench, disable
the small tank with a bazooka shot, and use the crumpled hull as cover to take
out the machine gun bunker.  From there, move towards the small town, take out
the guns there, and then attack the trench from the rear.

3)  Find the detonator and prevent the enemy to destroy the bridge.

 - The building with the detonator will be marked for you with a red arrow (and
you can also click on the icon next to the objective on your objectives screen
to see it).  Get your guys inside the building to complete this part of the

4)  Give attack call.

 - When you talk to the guy that tells you about the house with the detonator,
he'll give one of your soldiers a radio (or if none of your soldiers have room
for it in their inventory, he'll just drop it on the ground).  Make sure you
have this radio with you when you enter the detonator house.

5)  Eliminate the guards at the bridge.

 - All you have to do for this objective is wipe out the defensive guns and
troops around the bridge on the side that has the detonator house.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Capture or destroy the rocket-launchers.

 - This is the trickiest part of the mission if you don't want to get anyone
killed.  The rockets these things launch are devastating, and they'll be firing
at you from close range once you get to the other side of the river.  You'll
want to attack them from underneath (the river side) with a soldier with some
bazooka rounds.  Take a shot at the one closer to the road with the bridge
first, then pick off the second one (they'll try to escape towards the road
with the bridge as soon as you threaten them).


6 Soldiers  (Ulrich Studebaker, Emmerich Schneider, Georg Schuhmann, Torsten
             Schenker, Adolf Steinhauer, and Benjamin Krauss)

1 Pz III  (will be added later in the mission, comes with four crewmen -
           Emmerich Schreiber, Jorg Schuhmann, Georg Schulmann, and Torsten

1 Pz IV  (will be added later in the mission, comes with four crewmen -
          Benjamin Krieger, Vinzenz Schuhmann, Torsten Schlesinger, and Peter

1 Pz V Panther  (will be added later in the mission, comes with four crewmen -
                 Vinzenz Schroeder, Benjamin Kramer, Adolf Sternberg, and
                 Ulrich Stump)


The Calliope rockets are devastating to everything, especially your foot
soldiers.  You'll want to time your assaults right after a series of rockets
falls - run in, do some damage, and retreat to your starting position as fast
as possible.  Otherwise, the rockets are going to slaughter you before you even
get close to the trenches.

A small tank will come down the road from the right side shortly after the
mission starts.  If you can stop it on the road near the hill that leads up to
the area behind the trenches, its hull will serve as great cover.  Try to smack
it with a bazooka rocket, but make sure you retreat before the Calliope rockets
shred the remains.

From the safety of the tank's hull, you should be able to hit the machine gun
bunker on the hill that leads behind the trenches.  Use a bazooka rocket on it,
then toss a handgrenade in the hole if the guy manning the guy survived the
rocket.  After that, run like hell before a barrage of Calliope rockets come
raining down on you.

Return with your full group and assault the gun at the top of the hill next.
The bushes and the bunker you just attacked should provide cover for you, so
just jump behind them and toss a few grenades at the gun until you either
disable it or kill the crew.  Immediately turn your attention to the next gun
on the other side of the trench, then move above the trench and slaughter
everyone inside.  The artillery spotter is near the middle.  Kill him, and you
won't have to worry about the Calliope rockets for a while.

Continue up the road towards the river now, working your way through the small
village between the trenches and the iced-over section of the river.  You'll
want to continuously check corpses for ammunition and supplies - there're tons
of American soldiers on this map, and you'll need tons of ammo to deal with
them.  You'll also want to make sure you have at least one soldier with a
bazooka and several rockets.  You'll have a much easier time dealing with the
two Calliopes if you do.

When you're ready, cross the frozen section of the river above the small
section of town you were just in.  A small American tank will try to attack you
from the other side of the river, but don't worry about it - the ice won't be
able to support its weight, and it'll sink on its own.  Stay near the edge of
the map and use the farm houses on this side of the river as cover while you
deal with the American soldiers in the area.  Keep your eyes out for crates,
too.  Some of them have tons of good equipment that you might find useful.
Keep in mind that some of them can be rather exposive, though, so don't try to
use them as cover.

Eventually a cutscene will show a soldier back down by the small village that
you're supposed to go talk to.  Send a soldier down there and get close to the
guy to talk to him.  He'll give you a radio, which you'll need later in the
mission.  If you don't have room to hold it in that soldier's inventory, the
guy just drops it on the ground make absolutely sure you have it in the
soldier's inventory, then send him back to join the rest of your group.

Work your way closer to the middle of the town until you're in the square of
buildings directly under the two Calliopes.  Thoroughly clean the American
troops out of the area without getting near the Calliopes, then rush to the gap
between them with your bazooka soldier when it's clear.  Take out the one
closest to the road with the bridge first, then take out the second one (both
of them will try to run that direction as soon as they're threatened, so you'll
want to take them out as quickly as possible).

With the Calliopes removed, you can continue towards the road with the bridge
on it.  Follow the road towards the bridge, clearing out the Americans along
the way.  To complete the fifth primary objective, make sure you take out the
mounted guns on the sides of the road right next to the bridge.  When you're
ready, send your soldiers into the house with the flashing red indicator on it
to deactivate the detonators.

Assuming you've still got the radio you received earlier, you'll automatically
complete the fourth primary objective.  After that, you'll gain control of
three tanks on the other side of the river.  Move them towards the river, then
turn towards the big houses between the bridge and your position.  Make sure
all three of them are set to Free Fire, then move towards the houses.  Pound
away at their defensive positions with high explosive shells, but keep your
eyes peeled for bazooka troops.  The area's crawling with them, and your Pz III
and Pz IV won't be able to take hits from them.

A cluster of American tanks will come from the road near the bridge, so have
your Panther ready to fire armor piercing shells at them.  The Pz IV and Pz III
can help too, but make sure you keep one of them ready to defend against
bazooka troops if necessary.  When the tanks are all disabled or destroyed,
move your tanks towards the bridge.  The guns mounted on the sides of the road
are no threat to you, but feel free to run them over if you'd like.  Cross the
bridge with the tanks to finish the mission.

(Note:  In the event that one of your tanks gets damaged on the wrong side of
        the river and can't finish the trip, you'll need to dump its crew and
        run them to the other side to complete the first primary objective.)

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |    1.17)  Rochefort     |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                           Operation on Fuel Capture
Primary Objectives                                            December 27, 1944

1)  Capture the fuel base.

 - After your reinforcements arrive after you've detonated the radio mines,
you'll have to fight most of what's left in the base.  Try to pick as many of
the soldiers off with your Greyhound as you can, and try to save as many of
your soldiers as possible so you can use them to man vehicles later in the
mission.  Taking your forces away from the base's entrance and assaulting the
base near the repair shed instead is a good strategy, as it allows you to stop
the American vehicles there before they have a chance to attack you with them.

2)  Conduct a recon on the base.

 - You'll need to familiarize yourself with the base before you can get the
second set of objectives to appear.  Basically, this objective will be complete
once you've completed the rest of the initial objectives that tell you to find
things around the base.

3)  We need to find where the ammo's stored.  We'll need it when we start our

 - It's near your starting position, just on the other side of that long
building.  It's also swarming with soldiers, so you're better off scouting it
from the other side of the trains where the tanks are.

4)  Find out where the fuel trucks are parked.  They'll provide our
    reinforcements with fuel.

 - The trucks are parked in the middle of the base, surrounding by a fence and
a few buildings.

5)  Find the armoured vehicles and artillery.

 - They're in the far corner of the base on the same side that you start on,
just past the ammo pile by the train tracks.

6)  Find and capture the radio station.

 - This is in the middle of the base at the far side opposite of where you
entered.  It's a two story building - use the stairs to get up to it.

7)  Find out where the barracks are located.

 - The barracks is on the far side of the base opposite of the side where you
started, across from the area where the trucks are stored.

8)  Destroy the radio center staff unnoticed.

 - This isn't easy.  There're five soldiers in the radio center, and you'll
have to kill them all within two or three seconds to keep the alarm from going
off.  Stand just inside the doorway and use your handgun to pick off the two
closest to the entrance, then the one in the middle as he goes for his gun, and
then the other two.

9)  Blow up radio mines with the help of the detonator.

 - First you'll need to place the mines (see secondary objective 2 below).
Once they're in place and you have your disguised soldier in place by the fuel
trucks to stop the drivers from taking them, use your other soldier to push the
detonator switch near the truck you used to enter the base.

10)  Protect the base.

 - The Allies will counter-attack from the corner with the armor and ammo
storage area.  If you captured the fuel truck successfully, you should receive
a truck full of troops that will automatically man the defenses in the area.
They can deal out some major damage, especially with the field guns.  If you
can get your remaining troops to put some ammo in the two abandoned American
tanks, man them and let them defend along with the rest of the forces.
Finally, raid the storage crates by your original starting position to get a
bazooka and plenty of rockets, which you can use to deal with any of the major
vehicles that get past the rest of your forces.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Capture and drive away the fuel truck to provide some fuel for the assault

 - After you've placed the four radio mines (but before you've detonated them),
you'll need to capture one of the fuel trucks in the middle of the map and move
it into the arch near it.  The tricky part is taking the truck without being
seen, though...  so far the only way I've found to do it is really stupid and
cheap, but hey, it works.  The two soldiers near the arch that're watching the
two trucks have to be eliminated, but killing them isn't an option.  Instead,
use your soldier to "push" them into the nearby open door.  If you take direct
control and just walk into them, they'll move a little bit.  You can abuse that
to force them both into the building, allowing you to get into the fuel truck
without causing the alarm to be sounded.  Once you're in the truck, drive it
under the arch and immediately use your other soldier to detonate the mines.

2)  Plant the radio-mines at the marked points.

 - One will have to go in the barracks - knock the cook out behind the barracks
in a spot where he won't be seen, then use the crowbar on the ground to smack
the metal thing near it.  That will make the soldiers leave the barracks,
allowing you to run in and place the mine.  The next mine needs to be in the
repair facility - steal the mechanic's tools to make him leave, then plant the
mine and get out.  The final two need to be placed near the entrance of the
base, but they are far easier to plant than the first two.

3)  Talk to train driver.

 - When the train arrives at the back of the base by the fuel storage units,
the driver will be waiting in the small brick building by the train's entrance
(where the officer is standing guard).  Wait until the officer is looking away,
then get in the building and talk to the train driver.

4)  Drive away the train with fuel for our tanks.  Without that fuel we'll be
    unable to hold the base.

 - After you've detonated the radio mines and cleared out most of the base, you
can return to the train tracks and use the switch to change them, allowing the
engineer to drive it away.


2 Soldiers  (Torsten Schafer and Peter Hermann)

Later in the mission, a hoard of soldiers and an M8 Greyhound will be added to
your command.

Even later in the mission, a truck full of soldiers will be added to your

And finally, near the end of the mission, more troops and to heavy vehicles
will be added to your command.


Take your disguised soldier south through the middle of the base, but stop as
soon as the game warns you about the officer standing near the small building
by the train tracks.  Get too close to an officer when they're looking your
direction, and you'll lose instantly.  Instead of messing with him, head to the
corner of the base to find some tanks and artillery pieces.  The ammo is also
in that same general area.  Once you've seen them both, head to the back wall
of the base and cross behind the officer to reach the two-story building behind
him, which is the radio station.

You need to eliminate the five guards in the radio station without being
detected, which isn't an easy task.  Stand just inside the doorway and pull out
your hand gun, then pick off the two guards closest to the entry.  Get the guy
in the middle next, then deal with the other two.  If you're lucky, you should
get away with it without causing any alarms to go off.  Exit the radio station
and get behind the building near where the officer is standing.

Note:  When you kill the guard sitting at the desk near the entrance of the
       radio station, he tends to fall out the window and alert the troops
       outside.  It's best to wait until he stands up before you kill him.

Your next stop is the barracks, which is on the opposite side of the base as
the tanks.  You'll have to avoid the snipers that're on top of the fuel storage
bins, though, or you'll lose instantly.  Head through the gap in the fence by
the train tracks, then cross the tracks and head for the brick building with a
guard and some vehicles in front of it.  Continue past the barracks once you've
seen it, and you'll find a repair shed and the area where they store fuel
trucks.  There's another officer between the repair shed and the trucks though,
so you'll have to be careful.

Once you've seen everything, you'll receive a new set of mission objectives.
First, you'll need to place the radio mines in four spots, two of which require
some trickery.  Head behind the barracks and wait for the cook to head into the
corner with the wood pile, then run up behind him and use a melee attack to
knock him down.  Nearby, you'll see a crowbar on the ground by a metal thing
(use the feature to highlight items if you can't find it on your own).  Equip
the crowbar as a weapon and use it to smack the metal thing, which will bring
the soldiers out of the barracks for their meal.  Drop the crowbar and run to
the entrance of the barracks.  Once you're inside, get on the flashing red spot
and deploy one of the mines there, then immediately exit the barracks.

Head for the side entrance to the repair shed now.  There's a mechanic in there
that needs to be distracted, so wait until he walks away from his tool box near
the vehicle, then immediately pick it up and put it inside the vehicle.  Run to
the flashing red spot where you're supposed to place the radio mine, then wait
for the mechanic to wander off in search of his tools.  Carefully place the
mine in a spot that won't get you seen, then carefully exit the shed through
the same spot you used to enter it.

Sneak your way into the area with the fuel trucks now and work your way over to
the tower thing with the flashing red indicator.  A guard routinely walks in
here on his patrol, so make sure you wait until he's started to walk away
before you try to plant the mine in there.  Once that one's placed, cross over
to the other side of the base's entrance and plant the final one in the corner.
Before you use your second soldier to set off the mines, get your disguised
soldier back to the train area and enter the building near the officer to get
the train driver to join your cause.  Don't try to flip the tracks yet, though.

Instead, return to where the fuel trucks are waiting.  There're two guards
standing near the trucks, and they'll raise the alarm if you try to get into
the trucks.  Killing them will pretty much guarantee the alarm will go off as
well.  The best option I've come up with, as stupid as it sounds, is to use
your soldier to bump into the guards.  If you take direct control and bump into
them, they'll move a little bit, and you can keep doing that until you force
them both into the open door of the building right next to them.  When they're
in the building, they won't raise the alarm when you take the truck, so go
ahead and get in the one closest to the building.  Drive it under the arch,
then immediately use your other soldier to detonate the mines using the plunger
thingy near your original starting position.

Reinforcements should arrive, and the fuel truck will retreat past them.  Once
you have control of the reinforcements, back the vehicle away from the base and
send your troops behind it, then use them to fend off the hoard of American
troops.  If you start running out of heavy machine gun ammo, you can use a
soldier to raid the pile of corpses, the gun emplacements, or the vehicle that

When things have calmed down, send your forces to the entrance on the other
side of the base near the repair shed.  Elimate the soldiers here in the exact
same manner, and you'll eventually complete the objective of securing the base.
A truck full of soldiers should arrive and automatically man the defenses down
by the tank and ammo storage areas in the far corner of the base.  Follow them
with your remaining forces, stopping to flip the switch on the train tracks on
your way (which will allow the train to escape, completing that secondary
objective).  Send one soldier back to the truck where you originally started
and raid the crates there for a bazooka and a bunch of rockets.

Meanwhile, try to put some ammo in the two abandoned American tanks near the
corner of the base, then man them and set them to fire at will so they can aid
the rest of your forces in the defense of the base.  The Americans will counter
attack with vehicles, tanks, and hoards of infantry, but the machine gun nests
and field guns that your reinforcements are manning should be able to dish out
some serious damage.  Try to take direct control of one of the field guns to
make sure you can take out as many vehicles as possible, then use your tank and
anti-tank gun reinforcements to take out as much stuff as you can.

If necessary, send your bazooka soldier down there to deal with any vehicles
that slip through your defenses.  Once you've stopped the vehicles and most of
the infantry, the battle will be over.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |     1.18)  Louvain      |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Ardennes Offensive
Primary Objectives                                             January 16, 1945

1)  Seize Height 152 and destroy the enemy's gunnery positions there.

 - Major gun emplacements are heavily guarded by hoards of infantry and mounted
guns.  To make matters worse, you can't possibly get vehicles close enough to
do significant damage due to a mine field and the fact that the heavy guns will
pulverize you before you can even get close.  You'll have to make hit and run
missions over and over again with individual soldiers until you can free the
place.  My suggestion is that you take care of the second and third objectives
first though, which will allow you to bring a tank in behind the self-propelled
artillery units here.  You should also be given a Nerbelwerfer later in the
mission which will make short work of a lot of the defenses, although it only
has a few rounds.

2)  Break through the enemy's defense in the center, capture the farm and
    retain the positions.

 - This is probably the easiest of the three objectives, but you should still
probably do it second (after you've finished the third objective).  When you
clear the middle area, your AI-controlled troops will entrench themselves and
defend it.

3)  Knock out the enemy's defense at the left flank.

 - This should probably be your first objective.  Use your tanks and initial
infantry to wipe out the first chunk of Allied troops, then move all the way to
the edge of the screen with infantry and make hit-and-run attacks on the
defenses.  The best option is to attack the gun emplacements from the rear,
destroying them one at a time.  If you can manage to trick one into firing a
shot while pointing towards the wall of its own hole, you can sometimes get
them to blow themselves up.  Anyway, pick away at the forces here until your
AI-controlled troops are able to move in and defend the area.

4)  Destroy the enemy's gunnery at the opposite bank of the lake.

 - After completing the first three objectives, you'll be given this one, and
the map will expand one way and shrink the opposite way (your forces will be
moved accordingly).  Your tanks won't be of any use here, so just leave them
behind.  Instead, use your infantry to make an assault on the guns in the same
manner that you did before - starting at the lone gun off to the side, then
entering the city from the corner of the map and sweeping your way across.
Using the abandoned Allied field guns near your side of the water is the most
effective way to deal with the enemy forces.  Carefully wheel one of the guns
to the fringe of the battle, then lob shells at whatever you can.  If you're
careful, you can virtually decimate the entire Allied force in this manner,
including the guns you're trying to destroy.

5)  Break through the last defense line of Allies and quell all resistance.

 - After completing the fourth objective and driving the Allies from the
waterfront, you'll have to make one more assault on the city (the map will
expand and contract again, and your forces will be moved accordingly).  This
time you'll be able to make use of your tanks though, which will speed this
part up a little.  I suggest starting by clearing out the center of the map,
then using the center as a staging area to make assaults on the flanks.  Make
sure you keep your tanks far away from the city as long as you can though, or
soldiers with rockets will shred you.  If your mortar units are still intact,
try to use them as effectively as possible to deal with a lot of the gun
emplacements on the edges of the defended areas.

Secondary Objectives

 - None!


4 Soldiers (Vinzenz Lesser, Torsten Eisenhower, Peter Nagel, Kaspar Krieger)

1 Pz VI Tiger (and 5 crewmen - Vinzenz Kuster, Benjamin Metzger, Torsten Eisen,
               Tomas Volker, and Peter Meltzer)

1 SdKfz 251/1 (and 5 crewmen - Georg Werner, Jorg Hartmann, Emmerich
               Pattkammer, Adolf Schatz)

A seemingly endless stream of AI controlled units will join you throughout the
mission, many of which will be turned over to your control.  When the initial
timer is still active, you will usually receive a new tank and some soldiers
every time you get your current tank destroyed.  After completing the first
three objectives and the fourth objective, even more units will be added to
your command, and even more AI-controlled units will flood the battlefield.


This mission is going to take you a while, so don't count on being able to
finish it in a single sitting unless you have an awful lot of time to dedicate
to it.

While the initial counter is going, you'll be given a new tank every time your
current tank is destroyed.  You should use this time to your advantage, using
the tanks to wipe out the small defenses in the corner by your starting spot.
Bazooka soldiers will be devastating though, so you'll want to try to take out
as much from a distance as you can before trying to move closer.  With this
small area cleared out, your AI-controlled troops should move in to defend it.
You'll then be able to use it as a staging ground for hit-and-run assaults up
the edge of the screen to attack the gun entrenchments from the rear.

Tossing grenades at the guns is your best bet, and you can sometimes trick them
into blowing themselves up by attacking them from the side.  When they turn to
attack you, they'll often wind up blasting the side of their entrenchment,
killing or at least stunning the guys that were manning it.  You'll likely have
to send quite a few guys up here to deal with these guns, and if you're tricky
about it, you can sometimes get away with positioning several guys at once and
attacking all of the guns at the same time.  Either way though, you'll have to
fight your way through here.  Once the guns are dealt with and the majority of
the Allied troops have been eliminated, your AI-controlled soldiers should move
in to defend the area.

Next, assault the area in the middle of the map from the side and the rear,
clearing it out to allow your AI-controlled guys to move in.  From here, you'll
have a much easier time assaulting the entrenched self-propelled artillery
units on the hill (attacking them from the rear is ideal, seeing as there's a
mine field pretty much everywhere else).

If you've been given a Nerbelwerfer already, use its rockets to decimate as
much of the defenses here as you can (preferably the artillery itself).
Otherwise, you'll have to do the same thing as before, moving infantry in and
picking away at the Allied forces slowly.  Once the artillery is destroyed and
most of the troops have been dealt with, the Allies will retreat, and you'll be
given another objective.

The ice won't support your tanks, but they're pretty useless anyway considering
how many heavy guns and bazooka troops are waiting for you in the city.  I
suggest beginning your assault in a similar fashion to how you handled the
previous assault - start on the left side where the single artillery piece is
mounted outside of the city.  Your biggest asset in this part of the mission
will be the abandoned Allied field guns next to the water, which you can take
(after repairing, if necessary) and use against them.  Carefully move one of
them over the ice and lob shells at that solitary gun to keep the Allies from
using it.

Your AI-controlled guys should be able to distract the remaining Allied troops
while you continue lobbing shells.  Move some of your infantry over there (be
sure to dodge holes in the ice, or your men will die instantly) and deal with
the remaining Allied troops.  Reinforcements will come in from the side of the
screen in an attempt to stop you, but if you take control of one of the mounted
machine guns, you should be able to hold the position with the help of your
AI-controlled soldiers.

Meanwhile, move your field gun closer to your new position and use it to dish
out some damage to the edge of the city's defenses in the clearing.  It should
be comparatively easy to sieze that area, and once you have control of it, you
can use the clearing to assault the side of the city.  If you run out of shells
or anything, you'll have to either transport some from another field gun or
just move another gun all the way over there.

Gutting the rest of the city will be hard, but if you use a single soldier to
execute hit and run attacks, you'll be able to make progress eventually.  Make
sure you keep other soldiers handy at all times, though - Allied reinforcements
will arrive periodically from the edge of the screen, and you can't afford to
have them destroy your field gun(s).

With the guns destroyed and most of the Allied soldiers in the city eliminated,
the map will again adjust itself, and you'll be given a new mission objective
that will require you to make a final assault on the Allied defenses on the
other side of the city.  You'll be able to use your tanks this time though,
which is helpful.  If you still have your mortar soldiers as well, you can use
them to pick off a bunch of the Allied soldiers on the fringes of their

I suggest clearing out the center of the Allied defenses first, which will
allow your AI-controlled units to move in and act as a distraction while you
continue using your units to pick away at the defenses on the sides of the
city.  I suggest focusing on the side without the hoards of mortar soldiers
first - if you can get a soldier around to the rear of that area and eliminate
the tank there, it'll make it much easier to eliminate the rest of the stuff.
Destroy the windmill to make sure the guys on it don't cause you any trouble,
and remember not to get too close to Allied soldiers with your tanks - those
bazookas are devastating, and a single rocket will usually destroy your tanks.

With the center and right side cleared out, you can focus on the final area
with all of the mortar units.  Some of the buildings around there also have
guns mounted in them, so you'll want to assault the area with your tanks from
the side and try to destroy as many of them as you can without getting too
close to the bazooka soldiers.  Eventually you'll have to just rush into the
middle of the buildings with as many soldiers as you can and try to wipe out
the remaining Allied troops.  Eventually they'll all retreat, and the mission
will be complete.


                              1.00)  Walkthrough

                            1.20)  Allies Campaign

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |      1.21)  Radar       |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                   Preparations for the "Overlord" Operation
Primary Objectives                                                 May 12, 1944

1)  The US Engineer must not die.

 - Pretty self-explanatory.  Fred Cooper is the engineer, and if he dies, you
fail.  Keep him out of combat, and make sure you guard him when he's disabling
the power station.

2)  Eliminate the guards and escort the engineer to the radar.

 - After you've scouted the farm, use your men to slaughter the pile of guards
by the radar station as quickly as possible.  The engineer should move there on
his own once all the guards are cleared out of the way.

3)  We need to get rid of the guards quickly, gentlemen.  No one should raise
    the alarm - we don't need guests here.

 - Letting any of the guards escape will cause you to lose.  Also note that the
AI-controlled Allied troops will attack the radar station as soon as you make
an offensive move of any kind, whether it's by opening fire on something or
even just deploying a landmine.  Make sure you're ready to take care of the
guards - the AI troops can't be trusted to do it on their own fast enough.

4)  The US Engineer needs an escort to the power station.  We need to provide
    for his safety while he's working.

 - After detonating the radar station, attack the farm and man the
anti-aircraft gun there.  Once most of the troops have been eliminated, move
the engineer into the big building there and protect him while he works.  Be
prepared to deal with trucks full of troops coming from behind the farm, and
also be ready to deal with a tank that sometimes shows up (your bazooka soldier
will make short work of it).

5)  We need to reach the coast.

 - Once the power station is destroyed, you'll need to retreat your remaining
soldiers and the engineer back to the secondary beach landing (check your map
by clicking on the binocular icon next to the objective if necessary).  Take
out the troops at the beach, then get everyone into the transport that arrives.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Investigate the farm.  It looks too suspicious...

 - This should be your very first stop after starting the mission.  Simply
approach the farm and get close enough until your men comment on its contents.


6 Soldiers (Fred Cooper, Roger Bailey, Lesley Allen, Fred Cox, Chris Robinson,
            and Roger Stewart)

A dozen AI-controlled soldiers will also aid you.


Leave Fred Cooper (the engineer) at the beach, then take the rest of your men
to the outskirts of the farm until they comment on the farm's contents, which
will accomplish the secondary objective.  Backtrack to the radar station now
and open fire on the guards, wiping them out as fast as you can to ensure none
of them are able to escape.  The engineer will come to the radar station and
begin working on it as soon as all of the guards are eliminated.

Meanwhile, send the rest of your men over to the farm and take control of the
anti-aircraft gun there.  Slaughter as many of the troops there as you can, but
make sure you're prepared to deal with trucks full of troops coming from the
other side of the farm, and possibly a tank at some point as well (your bazooka
soldier can easily handle that from the safety of the trees).

Once the farm is relatively clear, send the engineer into the big building
there and cover him while he's working.  When he's done, backtrack to the beach
near the one you originally started on and get all of your men into the
transport that arrives there.

Note:  The truck that starts in the farm is loaded with landmines if you'd like
       to amuse yourself with them, but note that arming one usually counts as
       opening fire, which will make your AI soldiers attack the radar station.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |     1.22)  Falaise      |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                             Operation "Tracktable"
Primary Objectives                                              August 17, 1944

1)  Secure the first block.

 - The block right in front of your starting position is crawling with infantry
units.  Use your rifle soldier to pick off as many as you can from the hill,
then use well-timed grenades to eliminate the soldiers that're manning the
machine guns.  Clear out the rest of the defenses in the middle of the block to
secure it.

2)  Destroy the "Pak-40" cannons.

 - There're two of these sitting on the other exit to the first block.  If you
can kill the crew of the far one with a grenade without damaging the gun, it'll
be a huge asset to you later in the mission.  If you can't, don't worry about
it - just destroy them both with anti-tank grenades if you have to.

3)  Knock out the Germans from the market square.

 - German forces are all over this area.  If you managed to capture an intact
Pak-40, this will be the easiest part of the mission since you'll be able to
simply blast the crap out of almost everything with it.  If you weren't able to
snag a Pak-40, you'll have to raid the place with a soldier.  Luckily, there's
no shortage of rockets and grenades to be picked up from dead soldiers.  When
you've cleared everyone from the square and the surrounding area, the Germans
should counter-attack.  If they don't, it's probably because there's still a
guy hiding under the manhole in the square.

4)  Repel the counter-attack.

 - This will be easy if you captured the Pak-40, and even if you didn't, the
counter-attack doesn't have a whole lot of power to it.  Slaughter the infantry
and use the Sherman to stop the train gun before it causes too much damage.

5)  Destroy the "Tiger" tanks.

 - The nearby buildings provide great cover for taking out the two entrenched
tanks.  Simply toss anti-tank grenades from the safety of the buildings or get
close and tag them in the back with a rocket.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Destroy the "Wirbelwind" anti-aircraft unit.

 - This is the mobile anti-aircraft vehicles near your starting position,
surrounded by infantry defenses.  The easiest way to deal with it is to
distract it with one guy while you crawl another one close enough to hit the
top of it with an anti-tank grenade.


6 Soldiers (Lawrence Sanchez, Justin Barnes, Donald Martin, Dennis Reed, Larry
            Turner, and Troy Taylor)

A hoard of AI-controlled units will also aid you.

Later in the mission, you'll gain control of a Sherman tank and its crew.


Take control of your men and tell them to hold their fire, then send them all
to a low spot on the hill to keep them safe.  Grab your rifleman and use him to
pick off as many Germans as you can, then toss grenades at the machine gun
emplacements to clear them out.  Some AI-Controlled soldiers should arrive to
aid you after that, so find a machine gun and start clearing out the rest of
the block.  Once the soldiers in the middle of the block are eliminated along
with most of the ones in the buildings, you'll be told to silence the Pak-40
guns in preparation for your tanks arriving.

If at all possible, use a regular grenade to kill the crew of the far Pak-40
without damaging the gun.  Capturing it intact will be a huge benefit for the
rest of the mission.  Don't try manning it until you've destroyed the other one
though, or you risk having it blast you to pieces.  Instead, toss grenades at
the second one and mount an assault on the fortified building behind it.  The
anti-aircraft vehicle on the other side of that building is the Wirbelwind,
which you'll need to empty out to complete the secondary objective.

Once the building around it is fairly clear, use one soldier to distract it
while you crawl a second soldier up close enough to toss an anti-tank grenade
into the top of it.  Deal with the rest of the Germans around it as fast as you
can, then regroup and hunt for more grenades, ammo, and rockets if necessary.

The assault on the market square is fairly straight-forward, especially if you
managed to take that Pak-40 intact.  Simply clear out all of the Germans in the
area, including the guy that hides in the manhole.  Once enough of it is clear,
the Germans should counter-attack.  The Pak-40 will again make this part a
breeze if you have it, but otherwise, try to find some cover with a soldier
armed with a heavy machine gun and just unload on them.

The armored train with the huge gun should be dealt with by your Sherman, but
it has a nasty habit of making shells just bounce off of it.  Try to aim for
the hole where the barrel comes out of it.  When it moves out of the way, get a
soldier with some rockets or anti-tank grenades to deal with the two entrenched
Tiger tanks.  The buildings in the area provide excellent cover, and the
distraction caused by the approaching Canadian tanks will also help.  Once both
of the Tigers are disabled, the mission will be complete.

Note:  I've searched all over the place trying to find a repair kit somewhere
       in this mission to fix the broken tread on your Sherman, but I haven't
       had any luck.  If you happen to know where one is, I'd love a screenshot
       of its location.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |  1.23)  Walcheren Isle  |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                             Operation "Infatuate"
Primary Objectives                                             November 1, 1944

1)  Disembark and consolidate your positions at the lowland.

 - Your AI-controlled units will move into the middle of the fight and take
most of the fire for you, so just hide behind the buildings for now.  When the
German tank comes by though, jump out and toast it with an anti-tank grenade to
help your allies out.

2)  Supress the resistance at lowlands and reach the passage to the second

 - Your AI-controlled units will again do most of the work for you.  Just
follow them through the town, helping them deal with vehicles and gun
emplacements when necessary.  The biggest help you can be for them is near the
entrance to the second tier, where the tank is sitting behind some trenches.
Sneak a soldier around behind it and destroy it, then clear out the trenches
with some grenades.  Toss a grenade behind the machine gun next on the stairs
to clear it out, and the AI troops will take care of the rest.

3)  Provide the clear passage for the sappers so they can plant the explosives.

 - Your AI troops will pretty much do this on their own as they move through
the city, but you can help them by eliminating vehicles and gun emplacements
whenever you can.

4)  Neutralize the pillbox WN36.

 - Your AI-controlled allies will do most of the work, but you can support them
by taking out any machine gun nests and other defenses that they run into.

5)  Neutralize the pillbox WN35.

 - Your AI-controlled allies will do most of the work, but you can support them
by taking out any machine gun nests and other defenses that they run into.

6)  Neutralize the pillbox WK7.

 - Your AI-controlled allies will do most of the work, but you can support them
by taking out any machine gun nests and other defenses that they run into.

7)  Neutralize the pillbox WN25.

 - Your AI-controlled allies will do most of the work, but you can support them
by taking out any machine gun nests and other defenses that they run into.

8)  Neutralize the pillbox WK03.

 - This is one of three located near the lighthouse.  Raid the map for grenades
and stand outside of the bunker compound's walls, lobbing them in to deal with
the hoard of German troops inside.  Once you've cleaned them out, dealing with
the actual guns will be simple.

9)  Neutralize the pillbox WC02.

 - This is one of three located near the lighthouse.  Raid the map for grenades
and stand outside of the bunker compound's walls, lobbing them in to deal with
the hoard of German troops inside.  Once you've cleaned them out, dealing with
the actual guns will be simple.

10)  Neutralize the pillbox WK05.

 - This is one of three located near the lighthouse.  Raid the map for grenades
and stand outside of the bunker compound's walls, lobbing them in to deal with
the hoard of German troops inside.  Once you've cleaned them out, dealing with
the actual guns will be simple.

Secondary Objectives

 - None!


5 Soldiers (Leonard White, Luis Brown, Kevin Crosby, and Steven Johnson)

A slew of AI-controlled units will also aid you.


This is another mission where your AI-controlled allies will do most of the
work for you.  Sit back and wait for them to secure the first rendezvous
location at the lowlands, dealing with the tank when it arrives.  As your
forces move through the city, your goal should be to aid your AI allies by
dealing with vehicles and gun emplacements whenever you encounter them, since
they tend to be quite ineffective in dealing with them on their own.

When you get near the stairway to the second tier, there will be an entrenched
tank and some other stuff guarding it.  Sneak a soldier behind this area and
destroy the tank from the rear, then clear out the trenches and raid the nearby
crates for an anti-tank grenade supply.  Toss one up to the stairway to take
out the machine gun nest there, then move up to the second tier.

Help your AI allies clear out the soldiers in the open up here, then move
behind the huge bunkers and aid them in their assault on them by tossing
grenades at defending soldiers.  As you proceed from bunker to bunker, keep
your eyes peeled for crates that have molotovs in them - they'll be very useful
later.  Also try to collect as many grenades as you can, since they'll be
necessary to clear out the defenses around the lighthouse later.

When you reach the center of the first bunker area and the defenses seem to
strong to risk your soldiers, you should find a building on the outskirts of
the town that you can run through to get to the other side of the town's wall.
If you crouch, you'll be able to toss grenades on the defending soldiers from
the safety of this area, allowing your AI allies to continue moving.  Once the
fourth bunker in this area is dealt with, you'll be told to assault the area
around the lighthouse so you can take out the remaining three guns there.

Your AI troops should break a hole in the wall of the compound, but don't run
into it until you've taken plenty of time to toss grenades over the walls to
clear out as many of the Germans as you can.  Don't hesitate to backtrack into
previous parts of the map if you need more grenades (...which you will).  The
bunker closest to the edge of the map is the easiest one to get rid of, but be
prepared to deal with a light vehicle that'll show up from the side of the
screen when you start getting close to the gun.

Once you've cleared out that first gun emplacement, raid the hoard of corpses
to stock back up on grenades, then repeat the same process to deal with the
other two guns.  When you assault the one in the middle, a tank will show up,
so be ready to nail it with an anti-tank grenade from the safety of the trench.

|                          -------------------------                          |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                         |    1.24)  Maastricht    |                         |
|                         |                         |                         |
|                          -------------------------                          |
                               Operation "Cobra"

                                                                  July 29, 1944

[Sorry everyone, but this is where I stopped this time.  Can't say for sure
 when I'll get around to working on this again, but it might be quite a while.]

|                         --------------------------                          |
|                        |        6.00)  End        |                         |
|                         --------------------------                          |
                            6.01)  Version History

October 30th, 2006
 - Version 0.30 - Finished the walkthroughs for the first six German missions
as well as the beginning sections.  More to come in the next few weeks, or at
least I hope so.
January 12th, 2009
 - Version 0.45 - Finished the German campaign and completed the first few
Allied missions.  Can't guarantee when I'll get around to working on this guide
again, so it could be quite a while before you see any information for the rest
of the missions.

                                6.02)  Closing

As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
feel free to contact me on The Brink, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with
a quick screenshot or something to help out.


Or if you're not fond of message boards, you can drop me an email at or try me on AIM at "Deuce ex Defcon".  Enjoy the game,
and thanks for taking a look at the guide.

        Deuce                         ex                         Defcon

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