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 Fallout 3

Fallout 3

 FALLOUT3    AL     LL        LL         OUT3    UT    3F  T3FALLOU   3FALLO
 LLOUT3FA   T3FA    OU        OU        FA  LL   AL    LO  LOUT3FAL  UT    3F
 OU         OUT3    T3        T3       OU    T3  UT    3F     LO          AL
 T3FALL    FA  LL   FA        FA       FA    LL  AL    LO     UT        LOUT
 ALLOUT    LLOUT3   LL        LL       OU    T3  UT    3F     3F          3F
 3F        UT  3F   OU        OU       FA    LL  AL    LO     AL           AL
 FA       AL    LO  T3FALLOU  T3FALLOU  OU  T3    UT  3F      LO     LO   UT
 LO       UT    3F  LLOUT3FA  LLOUT3FA   FALL      ALLO       UT      3FALL


Fallout 3 Walkthrough v1.05

Copyright 2008 Brian C. Jenkins (

Updated 12/9/08

This guide can be found on the following websites:

If you got it somewhere else, please let me know.

- A Note About the Game -

  I think it's safe to say that any fan of Oblivion will absolutely love this
game.  While the two games made by Bethesda are structured virtually the same,
you won't get the feeling that you're playing the same game over again. Take
the game mechanics from Oblivion and add some strategy to it (think old Jagged
Alliance) and you've got a mesmerizing game experience; one that I enjoyed
even more than Oblivion.  To be fair, Fallout 3 is rather short, taking me
only 27 hours on the first run-through, but I probably missed a good amount of
content that is scattered around the Capital Wasteland territory.   The game
map is roughly the same size as that of Oblivion, except with vastly more
detail and character.   I can't wait to go back in and see what I missed.  My
advice is to take your time with it and enjoy the humor in the game.

*** Side Quests ***

 1.The Power of the Atom

  Sheriff Simms offers up this quest when you enter Megaton.  You'll need an
explosives skill of 25 to mess with the bomb.  Once you're at 25, disarming it
 is a guaranteed success.  It's also well worth it.  Tell sheriff Simms
afterwards and he'll reward you with a deed to a house in Megaton and you'll
pick up 300 xp.  The house is located above and behind the Brass Lantern cafe,
 which is right in front of the bomb.  Inside you'll find a bobblehead stand
in case you find any.  You'll also be able to sleep there to regain health.
The robotic butler will supply you with purified water also.
* Update *
  Alternatively, you could go with the negative karma route and talk to Mr.
Burke at Moriarty's saloon.  He proposes a wild plan to detonate the atomic
bomb in the center of town.  He'll give you a couple hundred caps if you agree;
500 if you have a high speech score.  You'll still need an explosives skill of
25 to arm the bomb.  Then attach the device Mr. Burke gave you.  Next travel to
the deep south of the map to Tenpenny Tower and report to Mr. Burke.  You'll
receive a suite in the tower to replace the house you would've had in Megaton.
  A third option would be to accept Mr. Burke's proposal and then turn him in
to sheriff Simms.  The sheriff will run straight to Moriarty's.  Follow him
and stand next to him as he confronts Burke.  As soon as the sheriff turns his
back Burke will pull out a silenced 10mm and kill him.  That is, if you don't
step in and blow Burke's head off.  You'll have to act fast.  Kill him and
take the silenced pistol from him if you want it.  If you haven't yet disarmed
the bomb, all you'll get from the sheriff is a thanks.  Make sure to disarm
it when you can to get your house.
-Thanks to Ahriman Eye for help on this part

 2.Blood Ties

  Lucy needs a letter delivered to her family in Arefu, to the northwest.  Run
northwest until you see a large bridge over the river.  Talk to the town's
defender to get a small sidequest.  Knock at each of the three houses in town
and talk to the residents to finish this one.  Next you can offer to help him
get rid of "The Family", a group of raiders that have been threatening the town.
* Update *
Travel northeast to the Northwest Seneca Metro station.  It's not too far
of the river.  Inside you'll soon find two ghouls who operate a clandestine jet
factory.  If you are friendly to them, they will offer to pay you 15 caps for
each box of Sugar Bombs you bring back.
  Anyway, go through a side door and down into the sewer.  Go left once you
reach the subway and you'll soon come upon a guard.  Go where he directs and
you'll have no problem finding The Family.
-Thanks to Liam Thompson and others for helping me find the Family

 3.Wasteland Survival Guide

  Talk to Moira at the Megaton supply store and agree to do research for her
to begin this quest.  I did the three quest items in order.  First off, head
northeast to Super Duper Mart for food and medicine.
  You'll likely encounter a couple mole rats and a fly on the way.  I had to
kill two armed raiders before entering the building.  Inside I faced five more
of the thugs.  You can find food in the northeast corner room, inside the
Some ammo and frag mines are in canisters behind the counter on the west side.
Sleep in the bed in the south restroom after all the raiders are dead.  This
will restore your health to full.
  Behind the northwest counter you'll find the pharmacy key in a metal box on
the table.  Go a little south to the pharmacy and loot the tons of ammo and
medicine from the room, including a mini-nuke!  After exiting the room, five
more raiders stormed in.  After this battle I found myself with plenty of
weapons and ammo.
 Now head back to Moira at the supply store.  If you found both food and
medicine, she'll let you keep everything and also gives you a food sanitizer
which will prove very useful for removing radiation.
  The next chapter involves irradiating yourself temporarily.  The easiest way
is to stand next to the atom bomb in the center of town.  No matter how much
radiation you take, Moira will cure it with her special concoction afterwards.
If you reached 600 rads, you'll receive a slight mutation that allows you to
regenerate crippled limbs as long as you have radiation sickness.  Either way
your rad sickness will be completely cured by her potion.  Last is the town of
  Head northwest a good distance and you'll find a town with a few buildings
not completely demolished.  You'll immediately notice all the landmines
scattered around.  They are proximity triggered, so don't get too close.  The
destroyed three-story building on the north side of town has a sniper on the
top level.
This seems to be the only enemy in town.  Simply reach the playground in the
center of town and get the heck out of there.  Upon returning to Moira, she'll
give you a bottlecap mine and 200 xp for finishing up chapter one.  If you
have any frag mines in your inventory, you don't actually have to disarm one
in Minefield.  Two more chapters to go.

  For chapter two, I chose to test the mole rat repellant first.  Fast travel
to Dukov's Place or Anchorage Memorial and go a little west to the Tepid Sewer.
Inside, equip the repellent stick and use it to slaughter some mole rats.
Return to Moira when you've killed enough and start the next segment.
  Travel to the Anchorage War Memorial near the tepid sewer entrance and enter
through the north door.  If you want the optional reward, run/jump to the water
in the bottom and place the observer in one of the egg pods.  Escape back out
the way you came.  I ran up the steps all the way to the top where I found an
average locked exit door.  Pick the lock and make your escape.  Return to Moira
and start the last segment of this chapter.
  She now wants you to return when you have grave injuries, including a
crippling injury for the optional reward.  I fast traveled to Minefield, blew
off a couple legs and returned to her, making sure my health dipped below 50%.
For this you'll get 100 xp and some .32 ammo.  On to the last chapter!

  I chose next to research the history of Rivet City.  Persons of interest in
Rivet City include Vera Weatherly, Seagrave Holmes, Bannon and Belle Bonny in
the bar downstairs.  Talk to them and you get a lead to find Pinkerton in the
separated bow section.
  Next, save the game and exit the city.  Go down to the waterline and use a
Rad-X, as you'll be doing some swimming.  Enter through the underwater door on
the closest part of the break.  Immediately surface on the other side of the
door.  Go through the next door and surface again.  Make your way to the stairs
leading up and you'll face a couple mirelurks.  When you come to a door that is
inaccessible, there is a switch directly behind you that opens it.  On the
other side of the door is Pinkerton.  I updated the research quest here as well
 as the Replicated Man sidequest.
  Next, Moira would have you explore the old Robco factory to the southwest of
Megaton.  She is doing a section on old technology.  On the way there, you'll
likely meet up with some vicious dogs and maybe a Protectron robot.
  Inside the Robco building you'll find many mole rats and bloatflies.  Follow
the catwalks and make your way to the upper level.  On the upper east side of
the first large room you'll find a door leading to the offices and cafeteria.
Keep making your way up and you'll come upon the mainframe room.  Install the
widget in the mainframe computer and the Protectron in the room will activate,
along with all the others in the building.  On the way back out I scrapped
probably five Protectrons.  Return to Moira for some xp and a couple pulse
  Lastly, I headed southest from Megaton for the library in Arlington.  Make
sure your health is full and take plenty of ammo with you.  You'll have to
fight at least 8-10 raiders on the way there.
  Inside the library you'll meet Scribe Yearling.  You can accept her quest if
you like, but either way make sure to ask for help accessing the library's
archives.  She gives you the terminal password.  Use the nearby computer to
access the card catalogue.  This completes half of the quest.  To finish it
properly you'll have to access the archives as well.
  To get to the media archive, go through the ground floor door and go right
when you get to a large room with a loft.  You'll see a door to the media
archive.  At the top of the stairs go right and wind your way around to a
room with two computers guarded by three raiders, one with a missile
launcher.  Use the archive
 terminal to transfer the archive and you're done.  Back at Moira's you'll get
200 caps and 100 xp, plus the Wasteland Survival Guide!  Your survival skills
will be increased as a final bonus for this long sidequest.

 4.The Replicated Man

  Dr. Zimmer in the Rivet City science lab wants you to track down a missing
android of his.  Go to the upper deck and you'll soon find Dr. Preston.  I
found him in the clinic across from his personal quarters.  He will give you
two holotapes but he thinks the entire thing is a hoax.
  Moira in Megaton has another holotape that she will give you for a 100 cap
"research fee" or a successful Speech check, although it's not necessary to
complete the quest.  It is necessary to find Pinkerton to get to the bottom
of this one.  Next, save the game and exit the city.  Go down to the waterline
and use a Rad-X, as you'll be doing some swimming.  Enter through the
underwater door on the closest part of the break.  Immediately surface on the
other side of the door.  Go through the next door and surface again.  Make
your way to the stairs leading up and you'll face a couple mirelurks.  When
you come to a door that is inaccessible, there is a switch directly behind
you that opens it.  On the other side of the door is Pinkerton. Ask him about
the android and keep on him.  He'll soon tell you the truth.  Now you can
choose whether to help the android or help Zimmer.  I chose Zimmer.  The
reward was "a higher chance to hit in V.A.T.S. mode".  Not bad for a snitch.
 If you choose to help the android Harkness, he will give you his special
laser rifle for the task.  I found him in the Rivet City marketplace.  Use the
code that Pinkerton gave you to make Harkness remember his past.  Agree to take
care of Zimmer for him and you'll receive the rifle.
  Return to Zimmer in Dr. Li's lab, but don't kill him right away.  Tell him
you've found Harkness and give him the location.  After receiving his reward,
shoot him and his bodyguard.
- Thanks to Maynard Lumhod for this info

 5.Plumber for a Day

  Talk to Walter at the Megaton water processing plant and offer to fix the
leaky pipes around town.  You'll need a repair skill of 30 to do this.  The
first two pipes are at ground level and easy to find.  Just look for the water
spraying out of them.  The last one is a bit trickier.  Walk outwards from the
door of Moira's supply store and look down.  You'll have to jump over the rail
and fix the pipe.  When you return to Walter he'll be impressed and he'll offer
to buy any scrap metal you find for 10 caps per unit.  You'll also receive 200
caps on the spot and 110 xp.


  If you travel through Wilhelm's Warf, just southeast of super duper mart,
you'll probably come across Brian Wilks.  He wants you to locate his father.
He can be found in his house in Grayditch, just to the southwest.  Grayditch is
 a small destroyed town in the midst of an even more destroyed urban area.  His
father's body can be found inside the house.  Return to Brian to deliver the
bad news.  He can now be found just to the west in a "preservation shelter"
which looks a little like a port-a-potty.  He'll give you your next task, if
you choose to accept it.  You need to find the source of the fire ant
infestation in Grayditch.
  Head to the south until you come to Marigold Station.  Go down and follow the
tunnels until you come to Dr. Lesko's office.  After he explains his
experiment, you need to head for the hatchery chamber.  Go out the other door
in his office and then down into the hole in the tunnel.  Despite Dr. Lesko's
instructions, I decided it would be better to kill the queen along with
anything else I find.  Doing this will give you the positive karma ending for
the quest.  Make sure you kill all five Nest Guardians before leaving.  One
is located past the queen's chamber.
  Return to Lesko with the bad news and then leave his office and go through
the door nearby.  This is the quickest way back to the surface.  You need to
report back to Brian Wilks.  For the best karma ending you can find a new
place for Brian to live.  You need to speak with Vera Weatherly in Rivet City.
She is wearing a blue dress if that helps you.  Afterwards, return to Brian
Wilks inside his father's house and give him some good news this time.
You'll get 300 xp for completing the quest.

 7.The Superhuman Gambit

  In the town of Canterbury Commons, to the east of Minefield, you'll meet a
character named Uncle Roe.  He complains of two "super-heroes" that have been
battling it out in his town.  He wants you to get rid of one of them to stop
the fighting.
  Just to the northwest of town, go down the hill a little and you'll find a
door nestled in the rocks.  Make your way down through the tunnels and hit the
switch on the wall when you come to a dead end.  This opens a stairwell heading
  When you reach the AntAgonizer's lair, you have the option of killing her or
working with her against The Mechanist.  I chose to do away with her.  Step
back towards the door when the fight starts so you don't get surrounded by
ants.  Return to Uncle Roe afterwards for 200 caps and 300 xp.

*** Main Walkthrough ***

 Prologue: Baby Steps

  After the birth/character creation segment you will briefly play the role of
a toddler.  Walk forward to dad and he'll close you into your playpen.  Open
the door when he leaves and go read the book on the floor in front of the toy
box to customize your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes.
  When your dad returns, follow him to the other room and the scene changes and
you are now at your ninth birthday party.  You can talk to the partygoers or
just wait if you like.  Soon your dad will tell you that Jonas is waiting for
you on the reactor level.  Exit the room and turn right.  Make an immediate
left and then follow the sign for the reactor.
  Once you have the BB gun, follow them into the next room and take out the
three targets.  Kill the Radroach when it shows up.  This will give you an
opportunity to use the V.A.T.S. system.  Press V and then select the body part
you are aiming for.  Since it's only a BB gun, you'll need to hit it two or
three times.  Afterwards, pose for a picture and it's on to your 16th year.
  Leave your room and turn right for the classroom.  Choose a desk and the
personality test begins.  Don't worry too much about your answers; if your
assigned skills are not to your liking, you can tell the teacher the test was
wrong, and he'll let you choose your three major skills manually.  Having
already played the game once, this time I chose Lockpick, Repair and Small
Guns.  Leave the classroom and three more years pass, bringing us to present

 Escape from Vault 101

  Now you are in the middle of an impending crisis.  It seems the Vault 101
security forces are looking for you. Amata gives you her father's 10mm pistol
and warns you of the situation.  Before you leave, take the Stimpaks from the
first aid kit on the wall near the door.  Make sure to equip your new pistol.
Very soon you'll run into the first security goon.  He's armed only with a
baton, but don't feel bad about putting a few rounds into his face.  Take his
armor and equip it also.  Head NW and you'll run into Butch.  You can help his
mother with a few Radroaches for some positive karma.
  Follow the sign for the Atrium and you'll have to take out a couple more
guards once you reach it.  Take their guns to make repairs on your own at a
later time.  Go upstairs, kill the security chief, and make your way to the
Admin office to the west. On the way you'll see a body on the floor.  He's
wearing a useful Utility Jumpsuit if you'd like one (good for making repairs).
  I saw the overseer and a security goon in a side room interrogating Amata on
the way and I killed both of them with a little negative karma involved (I'm a
 vengeful person).   Amata will be mad at you for killing her father, but not
to worry, you'll never see her again after you leave the vault.
  Continue on your way and go left to the Overseer's quarters.  Loot the room
for his office key and now take the right fork to his office and use the key.
Loot the room for his terminal password and activate the terminal.  Use the
terminal to open the Overseer's tunnel and descend.
  In the large empty room, activate the switch on the south wall.  Activate
the switch on the panel in front of the door mechanism and you're almost free.
At this point Amata showed up to complain about me killing her father.  Soon
after came a couple more baton-wielding guards.  Dispatch them and make your

 Following in His Footsteps

  Head southeast unopposed to the town of Megaton.  The main attraction here
is Moriarty's Saloon.  As soon as you arrive, sheriff Simms will talk to you.
  For a sidequest, tell him you can defuse the bomb (see sidequest 1).  Head
 to the saloon next.  Here talk to Colin Moriarty and he'll demand a favor
in return for information about your father; unless of course you have the
100 caps he asks for.  Agree to his terms and leave Megaton.  Go a short
distance north to Springvale.  Silver's ranch house is the only intact
building in town. Agree to hear her side of the story and then offer to take
some caps and tell Moriarty that she is gone.  You'll receive a hefty 300
caps.  Return to Moriarty for info about dad.  Looks like you'll head for the
 Galaxy News Radio building downtown.  It'll be a long bloody road to get
  Talk to Lucy West sitting at a table to start sidequest 2, if desired.
Next head east and cross to the north side of the river on the bridge next
to the Super Duper Mart.  You'll likely encounter Mirelurks, Centaurs and
Super Mutants on the north side of the river.  I also encountered two or
three raiders as well.  Make your way east to the GNR building.  After going
 under an overpass, you'll see a super mutant encampment.  You'll have to
kill two of them, but one is packing a minigun, so fight from cover.  Make
sure to loot their camp before you move on.  Scramble over the barrier and
keep heading east.  You'll soon find a captive wastelander guarded by a super
 mutant.  You can free her for karma after the mutant is dead.  Still going
east, sneak down into Friendship Station to avoid the raiders just above.
I recommend running in if you have to, one of the raiders is packing a
missile launcher.
  Inside, there's a ghoul in the right room and radroaches in the left.
Continue straight ahead and take out a couple more ghouls near the fire.
Go down the escalator and down the south tunnel.  You'll immediately find
two more ghouls on the left.  Loot the shelves and continue down the tunnel.
You'll have to cut over to the other tunnel on the left and keep going south
until you run into a super mutant with a club.  Just a little further and
you're at another station.  Kill the ghoul, go up the escalator and outside.
  Now it's just a little ways south to the GNR building.  When you come upon
two mutants, three Brotherhood of Steel soldiers show up and waste them.
You can tag along with them to GNR.  Once there, take cover in front of the
entrance and keep out of the battle with the giant mutant!  You can recover
the Fat Man weapon from the dead Brotherhood soldier afterwards.
  Use the intercom next to the door when you're ready to enter.  Go upstairs
and find Three Dog.  Accept his quest and the current one is complete.

 Galaxy News Radio

  Leave out the front door and go back through the ruined elementary school.
Head east from where the Brotherhood first helped you and go down into the
Metro Station.  Kill two ghouls near the tunnel entrance and head south down
the tunnel.  Go down the left fork and make your way up to the exit. Head
outside to Dupont Circle.
  Take out four or five raiders here and go west.  Follow the path around to
Dupont West and go down into Foggy Bottom Station.  Go through the first door,
kill the raider, and proceed down to the next level.  At the next station, go
up the escalator, kill another raider, and exit to Georgetown.
  You'll find an abandoned townhome on the left where you can sleep if needed.
You'll likely encounter a mutant and a centaur near it.
  Continue south and go down into the Georgetown/The Mall Metro.  The tunnels
are all blocked.  Just exit out the opposite side and head east down the mall.
Head towards the Washington monument and four or five dogs will greet you.
You need to keep fighting your way east to the museum.  Some super mutants
have taken up positions in and above a trench system on the other side of the
 Washington monument, so proceed slowly.  I came across six mutants on my
way to the museum entrance (on the south side).
  Inside the museum, two mutants with rifles meet you right away.  The columns
 make for nice cover, so take them out and then go upstairs and through the
south door, into a vault exhibit.  Make your way through the linear path and
back out onto a balcony (no enemies).  Go through the double doors to the west
 wing.  Next go through the upstairs door and into the room with the huge
missile.  Take out the two mutants and go downstairs.  On the ground floor
you'll find the lunar lander you're looking for.  Snatch the dish off of it
and make your way out of the museum.
  Backtrack to the monument and use the terminal at the gate to open it up.
 Go up to the top and replace the broken dish.  Now fast travel back to GNR
 and talk to Three Dog to finish the quest.  He gives you your next lead on
finding your dad.  Off to Rivet City!

 Scientific Pursuits

  Fast travel to Dukov's Place and head south from there along the river to
reach Rivet City.  After passing the scavenger's hut you'll see two Centaurs.
Just past them are three mutants staked out up in a ruined building, one with
a minigun.  I took them out by running to cover at the base of the stairs and
fighting them one at a time as they came down.  Pick up the minigun when you
 can so the other mutants don't grab it and use it!  Loot the ammo and first
aid kit upstairs and continue south.
  Stay along the riverbank and soon after passing the Jefferson memorial
you'll see the aircraft carrier in the distance.  Be careful near the
barricaded encampment, there're three or four mutants hanging around it.
  Continue until you're directly across from the carrier.  Go up the ramps in
 the building to the top level and use the intercom on the pole.  Go across
the bridge after it extends and enter the left door to the stairwell.  Don't
 go up or down, just enter the door to the midship deck.  At the end of the
hall go right and then make a left.  In front of you is the science lab where
 Doctor Li is located.  After talking to her for the next lead, you can talk
to Dr. Zimmer to start sidequest 4.
  Make your way back to the Jefferson memorial and you'll have to kill three
 mutants to gain entrance.  Just go up onto the metal walkway and the
entrance is at the other side.
  Inside, there is a mutant near the hall intersection.  A turret on the
ceiling of the next room can be taken out with two or three shots.  Go
straight into the next room and then left and through the door into the
rotunda/control room.  Two more mutants will try to stop you.
  Another couple of mutants inside the rotunda would love to stop you as well.
One carries an assault rifle.  There are three holotapes near the top of the
control room steps.  Listen to them for your next lead.  Looks like your dad
traveled all the way out west to vault 112.  Fast travel back to Megaton and
get some sleep in your own bed before continuing.
  I fast traveled to the Jury Street Metro station and went southwest from
there.  Not too much in the way of opposition between there and vault 112.
At the map marker is Smith Casey's garage.  Go inside and activate the switch
 next to the metal floor to open the secret entrance.  Activate the switch
next to the vault door and enter.  You'll soon be greeted by a robot and
prompted to change clothes.  Equip the Vault 112 jumpsuit and go out into the
 hallway and to the right.  Take the first left and jump down onto the
groundfloor.  Enter the vacant Tranquility Lounger to finish up this quest.

 Tranquility Lane

  You now find yourself in "the matrix".  Well, almost.  You're in a computer
simulation seemingly set in the 1950's.  The quickest way to make it out of the
simulation is to go into the abandoned house and activate the items in the
living room in the following order: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder
block, gnome and nuka-cola bottle.  A computer terminal now appears in one wall.
 Despite the warnings you get, you need to activate the Chinese Invasion
Failsafe.  It's exactly like it sounds.  After the soldiers mop up the
townspeople, just use the exit in the playground.  You can talk to Betty
(actually Dr. Braun) to rub it in his face before you exit, if you like.
After exiting your tranquility lounger your dad approaches you and thanks you.
You've rescued him!  He was actually the dog in the simulation.

 The Waters of Life

  Unless you really want to follow your dad all the way to Rivet City, you can
fast travel there and meet him in the science lab.
  Next we go back to Project Purity in the Jefferson memorial.  Your dad and
the other scientists will wait outside while you clear out the building of
mutants, including the sub-basement.
  Next tell your dad the place is clear and follow him to the rotunda.  Talk to
him some more, then ask what you need to do.  He'll have you go down to the
sub-basement to activate the flood control pumps.  Just follow the signs and
you can't miss it.  Return to your dad for some fuses then follow the signs for
fuse access.  Replace them and head for the mainframe computer on the other
side of the door you just powered up.  Turn on the mainframe, then talk to your
dad over the intercom.  He needs you to fix a pipe blockage.  Go back to the
small room directly across from the exit leading out to the wasteland.  The
one at the end of the hall.  Enter the pipe from there.  In the section of pipe
with the large hole, just turn the red valve.  Shockingly, enclave soldiers
storm the place while you watch from your hidden vantage!  Go through the newly
unlocked door and follow the pipe back into the sub-basement.  Drop down into
the lowermost level and make your way back to the control room.  A total of
four enclave soldiers will try to stop you.  Back at the control room, just
stand by the emergency door and watch the proceedings.  Make your escape with
Dr. Li when the time is right.
  While underground, you'll have to defend the escapees from several feral
ghouls.  I encountered a total of maybe 10.  The path through the tunnels is
mostly linear.  Just make your way to the end and you'll end up at the
Brotherhood of Steel citadel.  Along the way, I had to donate 5 stimpaks to
keep Garza's heart condition under control.
  When you get to the citadel, simply walk through the first gate to finish
the quest.

 Picking Up the Trail

  Before Elder Lyons walks away, start a conversation with him and ask if you
can receive power armor training.  Paladin Gunny, walking around the
courtyard, will be the one to train you.
  Follow the group to the laboratory and talk to Scribe Rothchild once you
reach it.  He directs you to the archives in the "A" ring, across the
courtyard.  Go in the door to the left of the one you first entered the
courtyard.  At the bottom of the stairs go right and you'll find yourself
at the archives.  Use the first terminal you see and it should be the
Vault-Tec one.  Access the records for vault 87 and the quest will update.
Return to Rothchild.  Next stop: vault 87.  You'll need to visit Lamplight
Caverns, north of Smith Casey's garage.
  Go into the cavern and talk to the kid at the gate.  Ask about Sammy and
Squirrel and you'll get the next main quest.

 Rescue From Paradise

  Go north to Paradise Falls and you have two options.  You can try to talk
your way in or you can expend some ammunition and do things your own way.  I
chose the latter.  Two slavers meet you at the entrance.  Another waits just
down the path.  Just inside the town gate, you can take cover behind the
barricade and fight off roughly 8-10 slavers.
  There isn't much to be had in the first building, the barracks.  Further in,
enter Eulogy Jones' pad and kill him.  Take the key from his body and use it
to open the slave pens outside.  Squirrel is in the left slave pen.  Sammy is
hiding behind a car just outside the main Paradise Falls gate.  Talk to both
of them and they'll run off to the southwest.  If you've talked to both of
them, then this quest is done.  Before heading back to Lamplight make sure
you are well stocked on stimpaks!

 Picking Up the Trail, continued

  Here, you can either ask Mayor Macready for directions, or you can set off
on your own.  You'll have to go through Murder Pass to reach Vault 87.  To
find Murder Pass, go down the first tunnel you see and take the right fork.
On the other side of the souvenir shop, go through the door (not the one
marked Great Chamber).  Continuing ahead will lead you to the pass.
  The first left branch has a couple mutants, one with a missile launcher.
Take that branch, destroy the mutants and go down the ramp.  Go up onto the
large wooden structure nearby and take out a couple more mutants, one with a
minigun.  There're plenty of first aid kits to loot up there.  Follow the
tunnel leading from the top and take the right fork.  You'll fight a mutant
master in front of the vault entrance.  Be careful, his body exploded when
I searched it and there did happen to be a grenade in his inventory.
  Go through the door and loot the ammo boxes and first aid kit on the shelf.
  Go through the next door and continue to trigger the next quest.

 Finding the Garden of Eden
  Inside the vault, take out some mutants, and make your way to the upper
levels.  There's basically only one way up, so move along and stay sharp for
the many mutants that infest this vault.  After killing maybe 9 or 10 mutants
 you should reach the test labs.  Immediately inside you'll hear a mutant's
voice talking to you.  He is an intelligent, friendly mutant that has been
imprisoned here.  Talk to him on the intercom and ask if he can help you.
Indeed, he is the only way you'll be getting your hands on the G.E.C.K.
  After agreeing to free him, turn to the right and go to the end of the hall.
 The door on the right at the end has two mutants just inside and also the
fire control panel you're looking for.
  After setting off the fire alarm, go out into the hall and kill the man and
 the centaur and then I recommend sleeping in one of the rooms before
continuing. Go talk to Fawkes, the mutant when you're ready. You can follow
him to the G.E.C.K. and he'll take out four or five mutants on the way.  Just
 remain a little behind him and loot things on the way.  The gore bag in the
room with the test tubes is loaded with assault rifle ammo.  He returns
shortly with the device and you are left to make your escape.  It doesn't go
 as planned, however, as enclave soldiers rush in and capture you without a
fight.  When you come to, you are deep in an enclave stronghold.

 The American Dream

  You are restrained in an enclave holding cell.  You have the choice to give
the colonel the correct code or not.  The correct code is 216.  I chose not
to and the colonel was called away by the president before he could do
anything about it.
  Grab your gear from the locker after the president frees you.  Yeah, I was
surprised too.  Equip everything and head out.  A guard is directly outside
and another is just down the hall.  Continue through the door marked 3A.
Even though the president gave an order not to shoot, the colonel soon
instructs otherwise and the guards start attacking again, after a brief
respite.  Follow signs for 3B, then 2A, 2B, 2C, and so on.  Once again, the
path is pretty much linear.  When you reach the control room, go up the
steps to the top and activate the ZAX panel to speak to "the president".
You'll have to take the vial of FEV virus to leave, but it's your call
whether to use it or not.  On the first run through, I chose not to and got
the good karma ending, so this time I think I'll try it the other way.
If so, make sure you don't tell Elder Lyons about the virus, and then just
insert it in the machine in the rotunda, at the top of the stairs in the
control room.  You won't get to do that just yet though.
  Make your way through the newly unlocked door behind you and escape the
stronghold.  This time the president has ordered the security robots to help
 you.  They'll mow down every baddie with their gatling lasers.
  After you make it out, you'll meet up with Fawkes.  It seems he has a
gatling laser of his own and has used it to clear the area of enemies.  If
you want some heavy firepower on your side, just ask him to join you.  Head
to the citadel and go into the lab for a cutscene.

 Take It Back!

  After the cutscene, leave the citadel and simply trot along behind the
gigantic Liberty Prime robot.  It'll pretty much decimate anything in your
path.  Enter the gift shop and head straight for the rotunda.  Fawkes will
help you take out the enclave soldiers on the way.
  Once you reach the rotunda you're in for the easiest final boss fight ever.
 After talking to Colonel Autumn, gun him down along with his two associates
and you're done.
  You now have to sacrifice yourself by entering the radiation chamber to
start up Project Purity.  You can choose a good karma ending by not inserting
the virus in the machine, or you can do as I did.  On this second run-through,
I chose to do as the president asked and insert the virus.  Put it in the
machine at the top of the steps when the door slides open.  Quickly enter the
code 2-1-6 in the panel directly in front of the entrance and the purifier
will activate.  You will also succumb to the radiation.  This ending depicted
the sad deaths of the mutants/people I had killed.  Death to all mutants!


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