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 Fallout 3 Bobblehead FAQ

Fallout 3 Bobblehead FAQ


Version 1.0.7 (6/13/2010)

By Nick Zitzmann
E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@uyries (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)

For best results, please set your text editor/Web browser to use the ISO Latin
1 text encoding while reading this FAQ.

This FAQ is for the Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of Fallout 3.


Copyright 2008-2010 Nick Zitzmann.

The author and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this FAQ.
ZeniMax Media was not involved in any way, shape, or form.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagiarize this FAQ, or
re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
on the information in this FAQ.

The entire license is available online at the following URL:

That said, the latest version of this FAQ will always be posted first to


1.0 (12/25/2008):
First release.

1.0.1 (1/2/2009):
Some minor editing changes.

1.0.2 (1/12/2009):
Increased the verbosity of some of the descriptions.

1.0.3 (1/16/2009):
More verbosity. Added an alternate (partially confirmed) way of getting into
Lucas Simms' house.

1.0.4 (1/27/2009):
It's been brought to my attention that I made Rockopolis too difficult to find,
so I wrote better directions.

1.0.5 (2/9/2009):
More, more verbosity!

1.0.6 (6/13/2009):
Added a cheat to get the Strength bobblehead for players that chose to blow up

1.0.7 (6/13/2010):
Added a cheat to get the Energy Weapons bobblehead for players that missed it.
Also made some revisions to other instructions.


The bobbleheads feature is a new feature in Fallout 3 that was not present in
the previous two games or Fallout Tactics. Hidden throughout the Capital
Wasteland are 20 Vault Boy Bobblehead dolls. Seven of those bobbleheads will
raise a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat by one point, while the rest will raise a specific
stat by 10 points.

All 20 bobbleheads are located on shelves, desks, or other places where they
can be picked up manually. None are stored in storage containers or sold by
merchants. Also, you _must_ pick up the bobblehead to get the stat increase; if
you are playing the Windows version and used the console to add a bobblehead to
your inventory, then you won't get anything out if it.

You ought to collect all 20, because they make your character better, and
unlock some of the perks that have high stat prerequisites. Seventeen of those
bobbleheads can be acquired at any time in the game; however, there are three
that you **must** acquire at very specific times, or else you will not be able
to go back and get them later. I've marked those three below as "missable" for
your convenience. If you're casually reading this guide, then you might want to
read those three first.

In addition, collecting ten bobbleheads grants you the "Yes, I Play With Dolls"
achievement/trophy in all versions of the game, while collecting all of them
grants you the "Vault-Tec C.E.O." achievement/trophy. You must collect all of
them in one play-through to get the achievements.

As you collect bobbleheads, you can store them on a collector's shelf, located
inside your suite in Tenpenny Tower (if you decided to blow up Megaton) or
inside your house in Megaton (if you decided to disarm the bomb instead, or if
you're playing the Japanese version of Fallout 3). Just "use" the shelf to
place your inventory bobbleheads onto it. Placing a bobblehead on the stand is
permanent and can't be taken back, but it's OK, since the bobbleheads you've
collected don't need to be in your inventory in order for their bonus to affect
your character.


All plot details below have been obscured for the benefit of those of you who
have not yet finished the main quest.


To reach specific places in this FAQ, please use your browser's Find feature
(Command-F on Mac OS X, Ctrl-F on Windows and GNU/Linux) and enter one of the
below three character codes to jump to a specific section.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Bobbleheads:
S01: Perception
S02: Endurance
S03: Charisma
S04: Intelligence
S05: Agility
S06: Luck

The Stat Bobbleheads:
K00: Barter
K01: Big Guns
K02: Energy Weapons **MISSABLE BOBBLEHEAD**
K03: Explosives
K04: Lockpick
K06: Melee Weapons
K07: Repair
K08: Science
K09: Small Guns
K10: Sneak
K11: Speech
K12: Unarmed



(If you disarmed the bomb instead, or if you're playing the Japanese version of
Fallout 3, then you can collect this bobblehead whenever you want.)

Location: Megaton - Lucas Simms' House. To get in, you can either (1) pick the
average strength lock if you're skilled enough, (2) pickpocket Lucas and steal
his key, (3) assassinate Lucas, or (4) after listening to Mr. Burke's request,
report Mr. Burke to Lucas, and take the key off Lucas' body if Mr. Burke kills
him. The bobblehead itself is in plain sight on a desk.

Several people have also told me that Lucas apparently opens his house up to
strangers between 1 and 3 AM, and 7 and 9 AM, every day.

Windows users only: If you did blow up Megaton, and you missed it, then you can
use a cheat code to go back and get it. Press ~ to bring up the console, then
type "coc megatoncommonhouse" and press Return. Press ~ to dismiss the console.
You'll be warped back to the Megaton Common House as it was before the town was
blown up, and can go and get the bobblehead, then fast-travel out of the town.
(Sorry, but this doesn't work in the PS3 and X360 versions of the game.)


Location: Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave. If you haven't been to the
Republic of Dave before, it's in the northeast corner of the map. The easiest
way to locate it is to take the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest from
Mr. Crowley in the Museum of History. The bobblehead itself is in plain sight
on a shelf.


Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary, a completely optional area of the game
unconnected to any quests. It's located close to the northwest corner of the
Capital Wasteland, between Broadcast Tower KB5 and Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.
The bobblehead itself is located inside the "sanctuary," on a metal tub on the
ground, close to the way out.


Location: Vault 108 - Cloning Lab. The location of Vault 108 will be added to
your map automatically at one point during the game's main quest, although it
is not actually related to the main quest. You can also learn the vault's
location by using the central computer at Vault-Tec HQ downtown. Anyway, when
you enter the Cloning Lab, you'll see the bobblehead in plain sight on a desk
inside the big central room.


Location: Rivet City - Science Lab. You'll bump into this one during the main
quest, though it is not in plain sight and is easy to miss due to the clutter &
lack of contrast on the desks. That said, it's on a desk near a locker on the
ground floor of the lab.

Unless you created a character with 10 points in intelligence at the start
(which is not a good idea to do with this or any other S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats),
it is strongly recommended that you acquire this bobblehead as early as you
possibly can, since the extra intelligence will give you more stat points when
leveling up. You really should pick this one up before the main quest takes you
to this lab.


Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Office. This completely optional
area is directly east of the unmarked Alien Crash Site (home of the all-mighty
Alien Blaster), which itself is located directly southwest of Vault 92 near Old
Olney in the upper right corner of the map. It's sitting in plain sight on a
desk near a locked terminal.


Location: Arlington House, in plain sight within Arlington National Cemetery.
If you haven't been there before, you can reach it by taking the Marigold Metro
Station near Grayditch to Falls Church, then entering the Arlington/Falls
Church Metro and going straight north. The bobblehead itself is in the house's
basement, on a shelf, in plain sight.



Location: Evergreen Mills - Market Bazaar. Sierra Petrovia, who gives you the
"Nuka-Cola Challenge" quest in Girdershade, will tell you about this nearby
place. It's filled with raiders, but if you make it inside the main building,
you'll find a door to the bazaar somewhere inside. The bobblehead is in the far
back of the bazaar, sitting on a shelf near Smiling Jack, the only non-raider
in the building.


Location: Fort Constantine - CO Quarters. You'll definitely run into this
bobblehead while doing the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest (see S01
above). It's in a busted-open safe in the basement, near the door leading
onward to the bomb storage.


BOBBLEHEAD (without cheating).

Location: Raven Rock - Sector 2. Of all of the bobbleheads in the game, this
one has to be the most elusive. At a certain point during the game's main
quest, you will wind up on the bottom level of Raven Rock. After exiting the
first area (there are two exits, and it doesn't matter which one you take),
you'll find it in Colonel Autumn's bedroom, which is located on the west side
of the second area, close to the door leading to the third area. It's on a desk
in the room.

Don't leave the second area without it! Once you've left the second area, the
door locks behind you, and there's no way to open it or otherwise pass through
it, sorry.

Windows users only: Again, if you missed this one, then you can acquire it
after you escape from Raven Rock by using some cheat codes. Press ~ to bring up
the console, then type "coc ravenrock02" to be taken back to the second area of
Raven Rock. Press ~ to dismiss the console. You can then pick up the bobblehead
in its usual place, then bring up the console again and use the coc command to
teleport you out of the base, e.g. typing the aforementioned "coc
megatoncommonhouse" will take you back to Megaton. (Sorry, but this doesn't
work in the PS3 and X360 versions of the game.)


Location: WKML Broadcast Station - Sealed Cistern. This place is located south
of Fort Constantine (see K01). It emits a radio signal you can pick up (Kilo
Bravo), but you have to turn it on inside the broadcast station first. The
bobblehead itself is not in the main building, but is in a small hatch located
just outside, at the foot of the southern wall of rocks.

Several people have asked me to provide a better explanation on how to find it,
so here goes. First, it really helps to be searching during the day; the hatch
does not contrast well against the rocks at night. OK, now go to the station's
main doors and face north. Go down the steps and turn left when you get to the
bottom. Keep walking alongside the wall of rocks so that they are always on
your left side, so you'll be walking counter-clockwise around the building.
You'll eventually turn east and have the southern wall of rocks along your left
side. Walk east and keep looking at the foot of those rocks. There will be a
hatch somewhere among those rocks. That is the place. If you still missed it,
then check your Pip-Boy's local map, which will pinpoint the spot if you were
nearby but passed it.

The bobblehead itself is on the desk you'll see straight ahead of you once


Location: Bethesda Ruins - Bethesda Offices East. Bethesda is located almost
directly northeast of Vault 101. In these offices, there are two desks with
working lamps; the bobblehead is on the one on your right.


THIS BOBBLEHEAD (without cheating).

Location: Vault 101 - Living Quarters. It's located in the northern part of the
quarters, in the medical room, which is also Dad's office. The bobblehead is
sitting in plain sight on a desk.

The earliest point that you can get it is prior to taking the G.O.A.T. at the
beginning of the game. The second point that you can get it is during the
"Escape!" quest, also at the beginning of the game. The third and final point
that you can get it is during the "Trouble on the Homefront" quest, which
becomes available at a point during the game's main quest.

Windows users only: If you missed it one time too many, then once again, you
can still get it by using some (harmless in this case) cheat codes. Go into
Vault 101, press ~ to bring up the console, type "tcl" and press Return, then
press ~ again to dismiss the console. Clipping will now be off, so you can walk
through the vault door and get the bobblehead. You can turn it off by running
the command a second time. (Sorry, but this doesn't work in the X360 and PS3
versions. It may also not work if you decided to complete the "Trouble on the
Homefront" quest by, well, doing "something" to the reactor in Vault 101; I'm
not sure.)


Location: Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchamber. Dunwich Building is located
directly south of Girdershade, and is the southwestern most marked point on the
map. Yes, it's another bonus area, unconnected to any quests. And when you
reach the end of the Virulent Underchamber, you'll find it sitting on the
ground near the middle of its room.


Location: Arefu - Evan King's House. If you haven't found Arefu before, then
talk to Lucy West in Megaton and agree to help her, which launches the "Blood
Ties" quest, and puts Arefu on your map. Evan's house is always locked, so
you'll need to pick the lock or steal the key and take a karma hit. Once
inside, it's in plain sight on the white desk.


Location: Vault 106 - Living Quarters. Vault 106 is located near Vault 101, and
you might have already found it if you've run between Arefu and Megaton, but if
you haven't found it, then just play the main quest until you get to the point
where all of the vault locations are revealed, or check the computer in
Vault-Tec HQ in downtown DC. This bobblehead is located fairly deep inside the
vault, but once you get to the quarters, you'll find it in plain sight on a


Location: National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory. It's another bonus area
of the game, unconnected to any quests. And of all of the bobbleheads in the
game, this one is the biggest pain to acquire. First of all, the Depot is
located in the Friendship area of downtown DC, but the in-game metro map gives
you the wrong directions to reach the area - you actually have to go through
Chevy Chase, the station you went through to reach GNR during the main quest,
and not through Central as the map suggests. The Depot is located to the east
of the Chevy Chase North metro station.

Alternately, since the depot is _not_ located within the concrete jungle that
is downtown, you can reach it by foot by traveling to Vault 108 and heading
south.  (See S03 above.)

Secondly, when you reach the depot, you're going to have to jump through a few
hoops to reach the Armory. From the Depot Offices, go through the Training
Wing, which will eventually take you up and back to a small elevated area of
the Depot Offices. Look very carefully around this room; there is a switch here
that opens the Armory door. After flicking the switch, you'll see some
revolving lights activate several levels below you; follow them to reach the

Inside is the entrance to the depot's bunker, which is password-protected and
an even bigger pain to open, but you don't need to open it - the bobblehead
itself is on the shelf to the right of the terminal that controls access to the

(Wondering what's inside the bunker? Well, all I'll tell you is this: Inside
the bunker is the Best. Weapon. Ever. However, it is beyond the scope of this
FAQ to tell you how to get the password. Please read my other in-depth FAQ on
GameFAQs if the above statement captured your attention.)


Location: Yao Guai Tunnels - Yao Guai Den. More bonus area goodness. The
tunnels are located to the west of Charnel House, which is located to the
northwest of the Evergreen Mills (see K00). Inside the tunnels is a
crescent-shaped lake; the bobblehead is sitting on a metal box near some
wastelander bodies at one corner of the lake.


Location: Paradise Falls - Eulogy's Pad. You'll most likely run into this
bobblehead while playing the game's main quest, unless you have the Child at
Heart perk and used that to get through a certain checkpoint instead of doing a
little task. (And if you did use that perk, then you'll find Paradise Falls to
the west of Minefield and south of MDPL-13 Power Station, close to the middle
of the in-game map.)

Once you're in Eulogy's Pad, you can't miss it, since it's in plain sight on a


Location: Rockopolis, which is in an unmarked area on the Capital Wasteland. To
get there, fast travel to Smith Casey's Garage, which is a place you will visit
during the game's main quest. From there, turn right, and run around the
southeast corner of the garage. From here, move forward headed precisely west.
You'll eventually run into a rock wall, but there is a banner of cone-shaped
flags (not sure what you call these) hanging on the wall. Examine the wall up
close to find the entrance to Rockopolis.

If you talk to Herbert Dashwood in Tenpenny Tower _before_ letting any ghouls
into the tower, he'll tell you about a servant he once had named Argyle. (If
you let the ghouls into the tower, then you can still get this bobblehead, but
you won't get any reward for finding Argyle for Herbert.) Argyle's body is in
plain sight inside Rockopolis. The bobblehead is on the ground right next to
Argyle's body.


Special thanks to:

- CJayC (for starting GameFAQs)
- Bethesda Softworks (for a great game)
- The Vault Fallout Wiki, , for some bobblehead
- GamesRadar's Bobblehead Guide,
for more locations (check out their videos!)
- Everyone that has sent in corrections (you know who you are).


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