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 Fallout 3 Experimental Mirv FAQ

Fallout 3 Experimental Mirv FAQ


Version 1.0.1 (2/9/2009)

By Nick Zitzmann (writer and editor) and Josh McGill (writer)
E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@uyries (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)

For best results, please set your text editor/Web browser to use the ISO Latin
1 text encoding while reading this FAQ.

This FAQ is for the Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of Fallout 3.


Copyright 2009 Nick Zitzmann and Josh McGill.

The authors and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this
FAQ. ZeniMax Media was not involved in any way, shape, or form.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagerize this FAQ, or
re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
on the information in this FAQ.

The entire license is available online at the following URL:


1.0 (1/27/2009):
First release.

1.0.1 (2/9/2009):
Corrected a few small errors.


Executive summary: The Experimental MIRV is the Best. Weapon. Ever.

In more detail: The Experimental MIRV ("MIRV" stands for "Multiple
Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicle" according to Wikipedia) is a missile
launcher, similar to the common Fat Man missile launcher, with one very big
difference - instead of launching one Mini Nuke missile at a time, it launches
eight Mini Nuke missiles at once. Eight. Nuclear. Missiles. At. Once.

Are we even thinking about the possibilities here?! With one of these, you
could, for example, vaporize one of those Super Mutant Behemoths in only one
shot. Heck, you can vaporize just about anything in only one shot. We've
enclosed a few possibilities if you need some ideas; see G01 below for details.

There are, of course, two catches. First, it will only fire eight missiles at
once, no more or less, so the number of times you can use this weapon is equal
to the number of Mini Nukes you are carrying divided by eight. And Mini Nukes
are sort of rare, though you can sometimes find new ones up for sale at Flak
and Shrapnel's in Rivet City.

The other catch is, the Experimental MIRV is a very difficult gun to acquire.
The only one in the game is inside the National Guard Depot's bunker, and the
only way to get in is to find the password left behind by four members of the
Keller family, who took refuge inside the bunker on the day that the Apocalypse


All plot details below have been obscured for the benefit of those of you who
have not yet finished the main quest.


To reach specific places in this FAQ, please use your browser's Find feature
(Command-F on Mac OS X, Ctrl-F on Windows and GNU/Linux) and enter one of the
below three character codes to jump to a specific section.

T00: Alex's Tape (OPTIONAL)
T01: Tina's Tape
T02: Candace's Tape
T03: Dad's Tape
T04: Ralph's Tape
G00: And Finally...


To get the MIRV, you must first collect four of the Keller Family Code Tapes.
The first one, Alex's, is competely optional. You can acquire them in any
order. Once you have the four mandatory tapes, then you need to go to the
National Guard Depot Bunker to claim your MIRV.


Location: The Capital Wasteland, just to the north of the VAPL-58 Power
Station. The quickest way there is quick jumping to Jalbert Brothers Scrapyard.
And if you don't know where that is, then head to Little Lamplight and move
eastward. Little Lamplight is place you'll visit during the game's main quest.

Head east for a short jaunt. You should be able to see the towers.  There are
three towers to the north of the station building. There shouldn't be any
enemies here, but a random Radscorpion or Raider could show up. The very last
tower is the one you want, though. You should see a boarded up shack at the
base. Head inside and look for the bookcase. The tape will be on top.


Location: Hallowed Moors Cemetary. The quickest way is to go to Hamilton's
Hideaway and head northeast. This is about the toughest of all of the tapes to
get. Upon arriving at the cemetary you will be attacked by a couple of Super
Mutants who will probably have sledgehammers. As you get closer (if they
haven't already), a Super Mutant Brute, a Super Mutant Master, and a Centaur
will be gunning for you. After you take them out, head inside the chapel and
look on the altar to the left of the doorway for the second tape. There is also
a slave inside you can free for good Karma and some loot.


Location: Grisly Diner. The quickest way is to go to the Temple of the Union
(which is to the north and slightly to the west of Canterbury Commons) and head
north. On your way, you'll probably run into some slaves, and maybe some
slavers, depending on whether you won the "Head of State" quest for the slaves
or not. Also be on the lookout for Giant Radscorpions. After a short trip, you
should see the Grisly Diner. Go inside and to the back room. You'll probably
run into 3 or so Raiders. Head to the left and look for a desk. The tape will
be on top.


Location: Abandoned Shack, an unmarked location very close to Rockbreaker's
Last Gas. The quickest way there is to go to Jalbert Brothers Scrapyard (see
T00 above) and head north. The station looks like a big rocket from a distance.
There will probably be a couple of Super Mutants hanging around here, and
depending on where you are in the game's main quest, there may or may not be an
Enclave camp set up at the station. Look up the nearby mountain for a shack on
top. Head around the trail and up the mountain. 2 more Super Mutants will be up
here shooting random stuff. Take them out and head into the shack. Look for
tape #4 on top of the workbench.

BONUS: If you can unlock the Very Hard locker in here, or use Dogmeat to
circumvent the security, there's a neat gun inside called the "Victory Rifle."
Unless you've been ignoring small guns for some reason, you ought to pick this
one up. It's like the regular sniper rifle, except that it knocks enemies down
on critical hits.

MORE BONUS: Other than the rifle, there is a good deal of other great stuff you
can find in this shack. Don't miss the two skill books and the bundle of bobby


Location: The Capital Wasteland, in a tent just north of the Anchorage
Memorial. The easiest way to get there is by going to the Tepid Sewers and
heading north up the street. After a few feet, a Centaur will start spitting at
you. Take it out and keep going. Look for a broken-down truck with a large tent
next to it. Take out the other Centaur if you haven't already and head around
the side of the tent and to the front. If he hasn't come to investigate, take
out the Super Muntant keeping guard of the Slave and look around inside the
tent for the final Keller Family tape.


If you got T01 through T04 above, then you can open the National Guard Depot
Bunker and get your MIRV.

First, here's how to find the Depot: It's in the northern part of downtown DC,
in the Friendship neighborhood. You'll find it just to the east of the Chevy
Chase North metro station. You can either walk there from the exterior Capital
Wasteland, or take the Metro. If you take the Metro, then you need to be aware
that the in-game metro map leading to Friendship is wrong. The map suggests you
need to go through Central; you actually need to go through Chevy Chase. If
you've been playing the game's main quest up to the GNR part, then you've
already been through that station.

OK, once you've found the Depot's front door, go on in. You'll be inside the
Depot Offices. Search around here to find a door leading to the Training Wing.
Inside the Training Wing, search around for another door that leads back to the
Depot Offices. When you enter this door, look around the room you're in for a
small switch that should be close to the wall. Flick that switch, and you'll
see some lights start to swirl around a few stories below you. Jump down to the
swirling lights and enter the door that is now available. You'll find yourself
inside the Armory.

Get all the gear you need here, and don't forget to pick up the Small Guns
Bobblehead located to the right of the Bunker door. You can now use the
terminal to open the door. If it won't open, then you probably missed a tape or
several. Inside the bunker, you'll find a Glowing One, who is probably Papa
Keller (apparently a note that was left in the game data but made inaccessible
stated that Dad left the bunker several times), and the bones of Alex, Tina,
and Candace. The MIRV is in plain sight on a desk behind where you found Papa
Keller. WOOHOO!


OK, I guess we ought to give you two warnings here:

1) SAVE YOUR GAME. Some of the things we are about to suggest here will lead to
   your character becoming massively dead, or lead to some NPCs becoming
   massively dead, and in either case, you'll want a saved game so you can roll
   things back to the way they were.

2) DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Yes, this should be obvious to most of you, but
   there are people out there who will believe everything that they see on TV,
   so we must say this: There is quite a big difference between launching
   massive nuclear attacks in a virtual environment and launching massive
   nuclear attacks in real life - you won't get rollbacks in real life. So if
   the world ends tomorrow, and your state happens to have nuclear weapons, and
   you somehow acquire your own nuclear warhead(s), then please don't try any
   of this, because some people might actually care if you wipe their city off
   the map. Oh, and blowing yourself up with a nuclear weapon would be an
   awesome (for everyone except for you, and your family, and everyone in your
   vicinity, and everyone who cared about everyone in your vicinity, ...) way
   to get yourself nominated for a Darwin Award. So don't say we didn't warn
   you... :)

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some fun things you can do with
your brand new MIRV:

1) First, if you're playing the Windows version of the game, you can make your
   character invincible _and_ give him/her unlimited ammo by running the
   console command "tgm", meaning "Toggle God Mode". To do this, open the
   console by pressing the ` button, type "tgm" without the quotes, press
   Return, then press ` again to dismiss the console. You can make your
   character mortal again by re-doing these steps.

2) You know the rocket jump, right? In FPS games, that's where you aim a rocket
   launcher at your character's feet, jump, and launch, which hurts the
   character, but greatly increases his/her jump height. Now try thiat with
   your MIRV. Better yet, try it at the top of the Washington Monument or
   Tenpenny Tower. Enjoy your flight! Wheeeeeeeohnoooooooo**SPLAT**

3) If you're feeling pretty evil, then launch your MIRV in a small but heavily
   populated space. A particularly good shot may even cause tons of guts to fly
   everywhere, which isn't so funny in real life, but looks hilarious in F3.

4) Spawn 20-30 Super Mutant Behemoths in a big empty part of the Wasteland. Go
   nuts. This is also a Windows-only thing; the console command is
   "placeleveledactoratme 0001CF95".


Special thanks to:

- CJayC (if you're reading this on GameFAQs, then you know why)
- Wikipedia (for the definition of MIRV)
- The Vault Fallout Wiki, , for the super mutant
behemoth spawn code


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