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 Fallout - New Vegas

Fallout - New Vegas

Fallout:  New Vegas  Walkthrough and FAQ
Written by: Nick Bartosic
This file is Copyright (c)2010 Nick Bartosic. All rights reserved.
				Table of Contents

1.  About Me
2.  The Guide
3.  The Game
4.  Fallout:  New Vegas Tips
5.  Walkthrough
	5.1  Ain't that a Kick in the Head
	5.2  Back in the Saddle
	5.3  By a Campfire on the Trail
	5.4  They Went That-A-Way
	5.5  Ring-a-Ding-Ding
	Mr. House
	5.6  The House Always Wins (Parts I-VII) 
	5.7  All or Nothing  
	5.8  Things That Go Boom
	5.9  King's Gambit
	5.10  For the Republic, Part 2
	5.11  You'll Know it When it Happens
	5.12  Eureka!
	5.13  Render Unto Caesar  
	5.14  Et Tumor, Brute?  
	5.15  Arizona Killer  
	5.16  Veni, Vidi, Vici  
	Independant New Vegas  
	5.17  Wild Card:  Ace in the Hole 
	5.18  Wild Card:  Change in Management  
	5.19  Wild Card:  Side Bets  
	5.20  Wild Card:  You and What Army? 
	5.21  Wild Card:  Finishing Touch 
	5.22  No Gods, No Masters  
6.  Optional Quests
	6.1  Ghost Town Gunfight
	6.2  My Kind of Town
	6.3  ED-E My Love
	6.4  Can you Find it in your Heart?
	6.5  Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
	6.6  Heartache by the Number
	6.7  Cold, Cold Heart
	6.8  Booted
	6.9  Come Fly With Me
	6.10  One for my Baby
	6.11  Back in your own Backyard
	6.12  That Lucky Old Sun
	6.13  Boulder City Showdown
	6.14  Guess Who I Saw Today
	6.15  Unfriendly Persuasion
	6.16  G.I. Blues
	6.17  Nothin' but a Hound Dog
	6.18  Debt Collector
	6.19  Wang Dang Atomic Tango
	6.20  Birds of a Feather
	6.21  You Can Depend on Me
	6.22  Still in the Dark
	6.23  Volare!
	6.24  Ant Misbehavin'
	6.25  Sunshine Boogie
	6.26  Pressing Matters
	6.27  Young Hearts
	6.28  Beyond the Beef   
	6.29  I Hear You Knocking  
	6.30  The Finger of Suspicion   
	6.31  I Could Make You Care
	6.32  Hard Luck Blues
	6.33  There Stands the Grass
	6.34  I Forgot to Remember to Forget
	6.35  For Auld Lang Syne
	6.36  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
	6.37  Eyesight to the Blind
	6.38  This Old Ghoul
	6.39  I Don't Hurt Anymore
	6.40  Don't Make a Beggar Out of Me
	6.41  Why Can't We Be Friends?
	6.42  Oh My Papa
	6.43  Aba Daba Honeymoon
	6.44  Cry Me a River
	6.45  How Little We Know 
	6.46  High Times 
	6.47  Bye Bye Love
	6.48  Left My Heart
	6.49  Anywhere I Wander
	6.50  Climb Ev'ry Mountain
	6.51  No, Not Much
	6.52  Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues
	6.53  Flags of Our Foul-Ups
	6.54  Medical Mystery	
	6.55  Restoring Hope
	6.56  I Put a Spell on You
	6.57  Three-Card Bounty
	6.58  Return to Sender
	6.59  The Coyotes
	6.60  The White Wash
	6.61  We Will All Go Together
	6.62  Eye for an Eye
	6.63  Wheel of Fortune
7.  Freeform Quests 
	7.1  Fixing Trudy's Radio  
	7.2  Barton Thorn's Plea
	7.3  The McBride Mystery
	7.4  Helping Ranger Andy
	7.5  You be the Leader!
	7.6  Torres's Trouble
	7.7  Virus Alert
	7.8  Boomer History
	7.9  For the Kids
	7.10  Paging Dr. Courier
	7.11  Supplies for the Boomers
	7.12  Camp Guardian
	7.13  Ranger Station Charlie
	7.14  Snuffles Wuffles
	7.15  Deathclaws-a-Plenty
	7.16  You Have to Break a Few Eggs
	7.17  I Have the Power!
	7.18  Khan Chems
	7.19  Chems for the Followers
	7.20  NCR Dogtags
	7.21  Legion-Ears
	7.22  Sing for Me
	7.23  Wheelin' and Dealin'
	7.24  Mr. Anders
	7.25  NCR Missing Weapons
	7.26  A Mess in the Mess Hall
	7.27  Burying the Dead
8.  Exploring for Fun and Profit
9.  Party Members
10.  Schematics
11.  Snow Gloves
12.  Equipment
13.  FAQ
14.  Credits
15.  Copyright Notice
16.  Contact Information

				About Me

This is my fourth FAQ/Walkthrough of any kind on GameFaqs. I also wrote the 
Thieves Guild and Mage's Guild FAQs for Oblivion, and a FAQ for Fallout 3.  I
know it would seem I'm a bit of a Bethesda fanboy considering Bethesda made 
both new Fallouts and Oblivion, but I've been a Fallout fan for many years, 
since the original games came out over 10 years ago.  So I was waiting for
a new Fallout game for a very, very long time.  Aside from playing Fallout 1 
and 2, I also played Fallout:  Tactics and Fallout:  Brotherhood of Steel, 
although I didn't play the later extensively.  I may have received some
criticism for not going past 98% completion on the Fallout 3 guide, however
with good reason I decided to quit because another writer was clearly
plagurising from other sources without citing anything, and I felt that
continuing was pointless.

				This Guide

Version 0.2
October 19, 2010
	Began writing introductions
	Added Contact and Copyright information
	Added early quests
Version 0.3
October 20, 2010
	Added some optional quests and Exploring for Fun and Profit
Version 0.4
October 23, 2010
	Added some more quest info and began compiling weapon and armor info
Version 0.5
	Added even more quests
Version 0.6
	Hey, more Optional Quests!
Version 0.65
	This game sure has a lot of Optional Quests
Version 0.90
February 23, 2011
	Big update, and a long time coming.  Filled out the main quests
	section, finished a ton of Optional Quests and Freeform quests.

				This Game

Version 1.0
October 19, 2010
	Bethesda releases Fallout:  New Vegas for the PC, PS3, X-Box 360
October 20, 2010
	Update released by Bethesda, fixed 200 different quests and scripts
October 21, 2010
	Fixed some bugs with the Quick and Auto Save functions from Steam
November 10, 2010
	Fixed some crashing issues and issues with companions and menus
December 14, 2010
	Fixed numerous, unknown issues
February 21, 2011
	Current version

				Fallout:  New Vegas Tips

The first tip I have is, by far, the most important.  Make sure you learn it 
if you haven't already.  Save, Save, SAVE!  This means save frequently, and 
save using more than 1 file!  I can't TELL you how many times I'll get e-mails 
from people that have gotten stuck on something, or they run into a bug (Which 
can be expected with a new game).  Often times by reloading to your last save, 
or a previous save (Provided your last fresh save file isn't over 15 hours 
old) you can fix a problem.  This can help you get out of many jams.  Some of 
you will consider this "cheating" by some stretch of the imagination, but 
Bethesda encourages frequent saving as well.  With a new game like this, do 
yourself a favor and just do it to avoid yourself some headache, if you want a 
challenge run the difficulty bar up and get to higher levels...

X-Box 360 users, I don't know if this applies to Fallout, but in Oblivion 
I've been told that your cache memory will often screw with quests if you run 
into a bug, so not only will you need to reload to a previous save when you 
encounter a bug, you have to make sure to restart your console and clear your 
cache, this will fix problems many times.

First learn rule numba 1 =)

If you're looking for an answer to a particular question, try using the Find 
command by hitting Ctrl + F.  Often times by putting in a keyword or two you 
can find good info pretty quickly.

If you run into a bug, and you have the X-Box version of the game, you should 
try to clear your cache as previously stated.  To do this, you need to reset 
your system, and hold the "A" button till the Bethesda logo shows up on your 
screen.  This should clear everything, and help to bypass bugs.  Thanks to 
phill0037 for info on how to do this, as I don't have an X-Box =)

If you find yourself under heavy fire, look for cover immediately.  This 
should probably go without saying, but if you find you're being hit from 
multiple sides by Super Mutants with Assault Rifles, sitting there and eating 
lead is not always the best option!  Maybe later you can take all that lead, 
but early on you may not have the armor, or the constitution.  Your best bet 
is to fall back a bit, either try ducking behind a desk, sliding behind a 
pillar, or in some cases exit to another location.  Often times a baddie WILL 
follow you to another zone, but sometimes sneaking back to a safer location 
will give you time to collect yourself, heal quickly, and find better cover.  
This will also help give you time to recover AP for those all important VAT 
shots to the face =D

Stack Repair skill when possible.  If you've spent at least an hour in combat, 
you'll quickly realize that your weapons and armor will degrade, and in some 
cases they'll degrade quickly for certain items!  Minigun comes to mind.  The 
higher your repair skill, the better you can repair all your items.  On top of 
that, you will save hundreds, nay, thousands in repair bills.  Most traders 
can only repair your items to 50% of their condition, and in some cases they'll 
ask for your first born in payment if it's an item like a Plasma 
Rifle.  If you repair the item yourself, it only costs another item of the 
same kind which may cost you less caps if not free!  Keeping your weapons and 
armor repaired also keep them strong, keeping you alive longer.

When possible, try not to kill any named NPC's unless the quest you're on
calls for it.  This can be difficult at times, but you never know when an
NPC is tied to a particular future quest.  By killing that invidual you may
instantly fail the quest without ever having the option to start it before
this point!  This is another great example of why multiple/frequent saves can
save your life.  If you do happen to kill an NPC that is tied to a quest you
haven't started/completed, and you're not sure if you plan on doing that
quest in the future, reload and kill the NPC later  =)


*****Quest 1:  Ain't that a Kick in the Head *****

After watching the intro cutscene you'll wake up on Doc Mitchell's coach in
the town of Goodsprings.  The Doc will ask you your name, fill in whatever
you like (Hopefully something more creative than "Courier").  After you input
your name, the Doc will make you go over your physical features and make
sure he did okay patching you up.  Anyone who has played Fallout 3 will be
familiar with the next screen.  You'll be able to change your various
features such as gender, hair type, hair color, eye color, general head
dimensions, etc. 

After you finish your character's physical looks, the Doc will direct you to
the Vit-O-Matic Vigor Tester, which looks like one of those old love detector
machines you'd see back in the day.  This replaces the old S.P.E.C.I.A.L kid
book that you interfaced with in Fallout 3.  The stats you can pick from are:
Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.
(More info to come on the actual effect of each stat).

After picking your SPECIAL stats, Doc Mitchell asks you to sit down on his
couch in the other room.  If you're feeling a little empty this early in the
game, feel free to loot the Doctor's house.  I've found that everything
appears be lootable with no consequences, however you can't sleep in his
bed.  There is a Doctor's Bag that could be useful, as well as some medical
supplies and a gun that can be taken if your repair is high enough.  Once
you're ready, sit on the couch.  The Doc will begin asking various questions
using word association.  This is similar to the old G.O.A.T exam from
Fallout 3, but not as funny in my opinion.  Don't worry if your answers
don't match up to the end Skill results, you can always change them if you
don't like the outcome.  For the beginning player I normally suggest taking
one weapon skill to start (Guns is a good one).  For a second skill I like
Repair, because lets face it, a repaired item is an effective item,
especially when it comes to weapons.  For the third skill I like another 
tradeskill type Skill (This could be Medicine, Barter, Science, Lockpick, 
Outdoorsman, whatever you feel you'll get the most out of.  I like Lockpick
or Science).  Once you've picked your 3, finalize.  The Doctor will walk 
you out.  He'll give you a Pipboy, a relic from the Doctor's old Vault. 
He'll also give you a Vault 21 suit, either his old suit or his wife's,
depending on your gender.  The doctor will give you two new quests, one
to head down to the Saloon and the other is to search for your killers.
Lets start with the former.

*****Quest 2:  Back in the Saddle *****

Talk to Sunny Smiles in the Prospector Saloon in your next quest.  You can
find the Saloon just North East from the Doc's door.  You may see Victor,
the Robco Security Robot along the way, save him for later.  You can talk
to Easy Pete on the porch.  He'll tell you about his scav days (Prospecting
as he likes to call it) and he gives you some info on Caesar's Legion.
Inside the Saloon you'll run into Sunny Smiles and her dog.  She'll give
some basic info on the town and area, such as the location for Prim.  You
can also ask her to give some tips on defending yourself.  She'll ask you to
go out the back where she'll give you a Varmint Rifle and ask you to hit
some bottles on the fence.  You can hit the Sneak button to crouch for
better accuracy.  Once you've hit a few, Sunny figures that you didn't
come to her to learn how to defend yourself from stationary bottles.  She
asks if you will assist in taking out some Geckos at their well, say yes.
Follow Sunny to the South East to the first well.  Make a save.

Sunny will come to a stop at a large rock.  The Geckos left of her.  You can
sneak up on them if your ability is high enough, then pop them in the head.
They're not too tough, and not as thick skinned as the ones in Fallout 2
(Not yet anyway).  They should go down fairly easy with the Varmint Rifle.
Sunny tells you that it would be worth a few caps to help her clear out some
more Geckos, tell her you'll help and follow.  The next well is south
through some more rocky terrain.  There will be 3 Geckos at this site, not
much tougher.  Once you finish them off, Sunny will double back north, then
go around the rocks and continue heading south.  There will be a settler
being attacked by 3 Geckos.  She may go down quick, so you'll have to act
fast.  Pop all 3 Geckos asap, because if you kill them you'll get 3
Purified Waters and your Karma will rank up to Accepted with Goodsprings.
When you're finished, talk to Sunny to receive 50 caps.  She'll also say
that she can teach you a few things in survival, namely making Medicine
Powder (This makes me think back to the old medicine man from Fallout 2).
She wants you to collect Broc Flowers and Xander Root, say you'll do it.
This completes Back in the Saddle and gives you another quest.

*****Quest 3:  By a Campfire on the Trail *****

Sunny says after the Back in the Saddle quest that the Broc Flower and
Xander Root can be found near the old schoolhouse and the cemetery.  The
schoolhouse is roughly south-west from town, the cemetery is up the road
to the north, so lets go to the schoolhouse first.  There will be a few
Giant Mantis bugs outside.  I like to pull out a knife here, no sense in
wasting good bullets early on.  The Mantis...Manti...whatever, they go down
fairly easy with just a knife.  Head inside the schoolhouse, there will
be several more.  Check out the safe in here, if you have 25 Lockpick you
should be able to open it.  I found a Caravan Shotgun, Prewar Money, shells,
and a bunch of other goodies.  Theres also a few magazines scattered around
the schoolhouse.  Despite the quest marker saying the Xander Root is in the
schoolhouse, it's actually outside.  Look on the ground next to a stump
right beside the schoolhouse, you'll see 3 brown Xander Roots (They're
kinda hard to see against the brown dirt).  When you're ready, head north
to the cemetary, unless you're starting to feel encumbered like me.  You
can sell some things off to Chet, who is next to the Saloon.  

The cemetery will be infested with Bloatflies, which are even less of a
threat than the Geckos.  I pulled out a Sledgehammer that I got in the
schoolhouse and squished them good.  The Broc Flower you want is near a
tree in the north-east corner of the cemetery.  Theres also a snow globe
by a grave marker near the water tower.  When you're finished, head to
Sunny who is by the campfire near the last well you fought the Geckos at.
Be careful on the way, I ran into a Powder Gang member.  He went down easily
with one Sledgehammer swing, but he was packing heat.

When you get to the campfire, Sunny will teach you how to use it to make
various items.  Make the Healing Powder and you're done here.  She asks
that you head back to the Saloon and introduce yourself to Trudy, who is
kind of like the town's mom.  Head back into town.  Trudy will be in the
Saloon, talking with her will immediately complete the quest.  You'll get
some experience and maybe your first level up.  You can ask Trudy about
various things, such as the Khan's that attacked you and left you for dead.
You can also ask about a man holed up in the Gas Station named Ringo.  The
Powder Gang is after him.  This quest continues on under Optional Quests
for Ghost Town Gunfight.  Also, if you want some nice things and your
Science skill is at 25 (Or your Lockpick is really high) you can try your
hand at decoding the computer in the Saloon to unlock the safe in the floor.

*****Quest 4:  They Went That-A-Way *****

After getting your bearings and doing some things around Goodspring, you
may be itching to get back at the men that tried to end your life.  When
you're ready, talk to Victor the Robco Security Robot in town.  He'll be a
little different than the Robco's you may have seen in Fallout 3.  He'll have
a still picture of a cowboy on his screen, he'll speak with a southern accent
and will move about on a wheel.  Ask Victor how he found you, and he'll tell
you the whole story on how he dug you up from your grave, and got you back
to the Doctor before you could bite the bullet.  He'll mark Prim on your
map if you didn't already have it.  You can head south to Prim when you're

When traveling to Primm, try to stay on the highway.  You'll encounter less
trouble, and you don't want too much trouble early in the game.  I snooped
around Primm and ran into a pack of Geckos, 7 to be exact, just north-west
of town.  They took a good piece out of my health.  Near the Goodspring
water source theres Jean's Skydiving, you can find a key inside for a locker
with some nice things.  Near here theres also a Powder Gang location, you'll
probably run into a few guys here, although if you stay north of it you may
avoid a fight.  Continue south to Primm.

When you get to Primm, an NCR Trooper will probably stop you and say that
Primm is off limits.  You can tell him that you'll help, and he'll direct
you to a tent further in.  Stay to the west side of town if the Powder
Gangers aren't too friendly with you.  If you go to the south west corner
of Primm you can speak to the Ranger leader, but he doesn't have much to
say.  If you picked up a Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap, you may get
visited by a trader if you take a nap in Primm.  He'll talk about a rumor
that collecting these bottle caps leads to a great treasure, and he's kinda
creepy.  If you didn't pick up a bottle cap on the way, I found another on a
shelf in one of the houses in the south central of Primm.

If you're wanting to continue your main quest line, you're going to have to
venture to the east side of Primm, and theres probably going to be some
Powder Gangers that don't like you there.  Theres some places that can be
looted, namely the Sheriff and Deputy buildings that have some nice
goodies, however your main goal should be fighting in to the Vikki and Vance
Casino.  You'll encounter roughly four Powder Gangers, but if you're crafty
you can lure them around corners and whack them with melee weapons to save
your health and bullets.  Once you get inside the V & V Casino, you'll run
into Johnson Nash.  Speak with Nash and he'll explain he works for the 
Mojave Express.  He'll give you some info about the delivery you were on,
which will update your main questline.  However, he says that the only
person that knows where your prey went is the Deputy of town, and he was
captured.  This leads to the next quest, however Nash will also give you a
side quest for ED-E, a robot in the small building across the street from
the Casino.  ED-E can be repaired and will join you.  To update your main
quest line you must do part of the Optional Quest:  My Kind of Town.  For
info on that quest, please see the Optional Quest section (Please note to
update the main quest line you only need the info from the Deputy when

Once you've gotten the info and updated your quest, your next target should
be Novac via Nipton.  Nipton is south east of Primm, although you don't want
to take a direct route there, could be dangerous.  Of course, the highway
can be dangerous too, so pick your poison:  gangs or giant, flesh eating
ants.  From here on out you're going to run into a lot of Viper gangs and
other thugs trying to ambush you on the way to Novac.  They like to hang
around the roads, and some can pack a punch (Watch out for the melee ones).
If you're looking for more supplies than what Primm could offer, you can
hit up Mojave Outpost which is south west of Primm, west of Nipton.  Theres
some quests you can do here as well, although all optional at this point.

Before you step foot in Nipton, be sure to take off NCR gear if you have it'll run into some Legion, and they'll attack you on site if you're
wearing it.  You can loot up Nipton if you like (See my guide section on
Exploring for Fun and Profit).  When you're ready, continue down the
highway east.  You'll run into more Vipers on the road, keep your eyes
peeled and use cover when you can.  The road will turn north, follow it.
The road will bend east eventually where you'll find a large overpass.
Take the lower road north.  You'll run into more Legion, so make sure
you're still not wearing NCR.  If the Legion doesn't like you anyway, oh
well.  Following the road north you'll come to a Ranger Outpost.  You can
talk to a few people here, but theres not really much to do or loot.  Novac
is just up the hill from the Ranger Station.

When you get to town, head to the motel at some point.  Speak to Jeannie
May Crawford.  She can sell you a Motel room for 100 caps, which is
potentially your first house/storage place you can own (Finally!).  It's
not necessary, but if you ask her about the man in the checkered suit, 
she'll mention that she did see him talk to Manny, one of the town's snipers.
Now, you can either go speak to Manny...or you can sneak into Manny's motel
room during the day.  His computer is open for viewing, and you'll read
that the Khan's were there and their destination is Boulder City.  Score!
If you would rather get this information from Manny, you're going to have
to talk to him and do a quest.  For information on that quest you can see
the Optional Quests section under Come Fly With Me.  

Once you have the info from Manny, or from his computer, you'll know that
the Khan's and a Benny individual were heading toward Boulder City to the
north.  Now's your chance to catch up!  When you're ready, head out from
Novac and make your way up the highway north.  Boulder City should be
marked on your map, or you can just follow your quest marker.  Be careful
though, if you don't take the highway you'll run right into a Cazador nest,
and those flies mean business!  

When you reach Boulder City you'll notice there isn't much to town.  Theres
one vendor with little to trade, and two NCR troopers.  Speak to the
trooper on the east side of town, he'll be near an entrance to the Boulder
City ruins.  He'll also give you an optional quest called Boulder City
Showdown, which isn't really optional.  You can either sneak in, or you
can negotiate for the NCR hostages.  If you plan on sneaking in, he
suggests going at night.  This isn't really necessary as you'll have a
group of troopers to back you up.  Negotiating is actually the better
option as you get better fame from it, although you miss out on looting
what you would have gotten for killing the Khans.  Do whatever you feel
like, I've got more details in the Boulder City Showdown optional quest
section if you plan on negotiating (It's actually the best option).  If
you're an evil character you can also read the optional section for that.  
For now, as far as the main quest goes, lets pretend you're killing the 

Theres three Khans outside.  If you use the NCR troopers to your advantage
and use cover, you should be able to move in fairly close and get some
good shots off.  They like to hang out near the building, so a rifle may
be most useful.  The Khan's can take some hits, but they shouldn't give
you too much trouble if you're well outfitted and around level 10 or so
by now.  When you've finished with the Khan's outside, you'll find their
lair in the back of the ruins.  Theres only two or three in the lair itself,
one is guy called Jessep, another is McMurphy, and the third is a random
Khan.  Watch out for Submachine gun fire, use the display cases for cover
if you need to.  You'll probably have to face the men solo unless you
have companions.  When they're dead, be sure to loot the bodies.  Jessup
will have a note describing the job to rob you of the Platinum chip and
take you out.  It also describes that Benny came from the Tops Casino.
The good news is that you've extracted some revenge, and you know where
you can find Benny.  You'll finally get some good experience for this one
and we can close the books on the Khans for now.  If you went in negotiating
with Jessup, he'll tell you everything you need to know about Benny and
where you can find him with the Platinum Chip.  Your next quest is to
track down Benny and give him a dose of revenge.

*****Quest 5:  Ring-a-Ding-Ding *****

Based on the note that you looted off Jessup, Benny came from the Tops
Casino to get the Khans the underhanded job to rob and kill you.  Lets
head that direction and see what we can find out.  We know that Benny is at
or around the Tops Casino on the Strip, but you can't just walk onto the
Strip.  They keep shady characters out when possible, or poor people at
least.  You have three options at this point to get in.  First, you can
submit to a credit check at the door to the Strip (You just have to possess
2000 caps or more, they won't take them), or you can use a Science skill to
confuse the robot (80 Science skill or more required), or you can ask a
favor of the King in Freeside once you complete the optional quest G.I.
Blues (See the optional quest section for more info).  The King will point
you toward Mick and Ralphs to inquire about a pass.  Getting the 2000 caps
is the easiest of these most likely unless you want to waste your favor
and have the King help you.  Either way, have one of the above methods and
then head to the south side of Freeside to get to the Strip.  When you first
get onto the Strip you'll run into your old buddy, Victor.  Victor will
mention that he happens to have ties to Mr. House, and asks that you see
him right away in the Lucky 38 Casino.  The Casino can be found on your
left after entering the Strip.  Speaking to Victor will activate the quest
The House Always Wins I, which can be found further down in this guide.  
For now, lets believe that you've already spoken to Mr. House and continue
with your search for Benny.  It's not necessary to speak to Mr. House
right away if you don't want to.

Benny can be found in the Tops Casino on the Strip.  Theres a boat load of
options you can do here in approaching Benny, I'll list the known ones I've
done below.  Any one of these will advance the plot.

Option 1:
Approach Benny, on his turf, in his own backyard?  Yeah, we're crazy, so why
not turn some of his guys against him?  Speak with Swank inside the Tops, 
he's one of the Chairmen under Benny with Benny being the leader.  Tell
Swank about your run in with Benny, this wont' be enough for him to turn on
his boss though, I'm afraid.  You'll need either 3 pieces of evidence to
cement your clain, and/or pass 3 Speech options of 15, 30, and 45 skill
respectively.  The 3 evidence items are the distinctive cigarette butts that
Benny leaves behind (Check out your grave in Goodsprings for these), the
lighter that the Khan's stole after he double crossed him (See Jessup in
"They Went That-A-Way"), and the holotape you receive when you ask Manny
Vargas about the Khans.  Any combination of a few of these should get 
Swank to listen to your story and make him think that Benny may not have
the Chairmen's best interest at heart. Swank gives you Benny's key to
investigate further, and gives you all your weapons back.  You can tell
Swank that Benny needs to be taken care of right away, but thats not
necessary and you'd rather set up your own ambush, ya?  Head up to Benny's
suite (One of the last elevators on the right in the hall of elevators) and
seek out Yes Man.  Yes Man can fill you in on the plot, my, isn't he
helpful?  Return to Swank and fill him in on what you found.  Swank will send
Benny to his room where you can confront him.  Speak to Benny and get as much
information out of him as you can or as much as you want anyway before you
can't stand to see his ugly mug anymore.  Take him out, but be sure to loot
his body afterwards for his gun named Maria, the key to the Top's Suite,
and the Platinum Chip!  Enjoy.  Whatever you do, don't let Benny go, or
decide to work with him, forgive him, anything.  Nothing but a bullet in the
head will suffice for revenge.  If you don't end up killing Benny here and
now, you'll just prolong the inevitable.  Swank will become the head of the
Chairmen at the Tops, regardless of how the encounter goes.  speak with 
him and Yes Man after you're finished with Benny.

Option 2:
Approach Benny with peaceful intentions in mind.  If you talk Benny into
giving you the Presidential suite key (The elevator is found in the right
section of the casino when you enter), he'll tell you to meet him in this
Presidential suite.  You can also convince him with a Speech check of 60 
to follow you, which is the preferred method.  If you try to Barter with
him, Benny will give you 500 caps up front, but you'll be ambushed later
and will have to wait to get the Platinum Chip, your call.  No matter
what options you pick, you can't really have a conversation with Benny on
the ground level of the Casino, he insists on speaking in private, which
leads to a lot of double cross/ambush possibilities for him.  If you
decide to meet Benny in the Presidential suite, and you don't Speech check
him to go without the guards, Benny will be a no show when you get there. 
He'll speak to you via intercom and send 4 guards to take you out swiftly.
Benny will then escape with the Platinum Chip, heading on to the Fort.
While he meets his most gruesome death at the Fort, you also miss out on
getting the Platinum Chip easily, so that's your call.  If you convinced
Benny to lead the way to his suite with the Speech check, head on up with
him.  Here you can prod him for information if you wish.  Benny will make
an offer to pay you cash.  If you take the offer, Benny will walk out
and you'll get ambushed.  You'll meet up with Benny later at the Fort,
where you can get revenge.  If you kill Benny, you can loot him for the 
suite key, Maria, and Platinum Chip.  If you let Benny go free, you'll end
up getting ambushed by 4 guards on the way out and you'll have to wait to
settle the score and get the Platinum Chip later.  Theres no way to really
talk Benny into giving you the chip at this point in the game, so you
really have to kill him one way or another unless you don't mind waiting
and want to see him crucified. 

Option 3:  
This is my favorite option and requires that you barely do anything to get
your revenge on Benny, although it's pretty dirty.  If you're female and have
the Perk Cherchez La Femme, approach Benny on the floor of the Tops Casino.
YOu will not need to speak to Swank or anyone prior to this.  Benny will be
surprised to see you of course, and he wants to finish the job.  Through a
series of risque dialog choices through Cherchez La Femme, you can convince
Benny that you're attracted to his tough, no nonsense attitutde and convince
him to come up to his suite with you.  Benny will eventually get on board
and will lead you up to the room.  There you can seduce him into bed...where
you can kill him in his sleep!  Not exactly torturous, but a nice underhanded
move.  On the other hand, if you sleep with Benny...and then actually let him
go (You sick, sick individual), Benny will leave you a little love note the
next morning and he will have split.  He'll be heading to the Fort, same as
in Option 2.  You can talk to Yes Man at this point, but you still need
to retrieve the Platinum Chip.

In the event that your encounter with Benny doesn't go well (You don't end
up killing him), Benny will always escape the Strip and head towards the
Fort, in which case you will not be able to avoid Caesar.  Fear not, as
upon leaving the Tops Casino you'll be approached by Caesar's head of
intelligence, Vulpes, and he'll give you the Mark of Caesar which will
wipe any past bad blood you had with them and allow you a pass into the
Fort without getting shot (Unless you do enough bad things to upset the
Legion again).  You'll eventually run into Benny there, but if you're
looking to complete "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" then all you need to do is 
investigate Benny's suite on the 13th floor of the Tops.  You'll run into
Yes Man, speak to him to get all the info, your quest should then update.


I decided I had to change this section up a bit as it turns out some of
the optional quests I originally listed are actually potential paths to
the end game and are unavoidable depending on which side you choose.
Please note that many of these quests can be done even if you're not
planning on siding with that group/individual.  For instance, even if
you're working toward an Independant or House controlled Vegas, you can
complete much of the NCR's path (Up to killing Mr. House, if you're
planning on siding with him).  In some cases you can even work with the
Legion on a few quests and side the the NCR.  Eventually you will reach
a point of no return.  The turning point is usually during the
President's address to the NCR troops.  By this point you should have
a good idea who you're siding with and you should realize that unless
you plan on killing House and going Independant, you will most likely
be siding with whoever you've helped the most up till then.  It may
seem odd that we're already talking end game at this point, but realize
that there are literally dozens and dozens of optional and side quests
tied into the main quest, and some will be almost required.  You can 
finish the game as early as you want, but the ending and satisfaction
you receive will be enhanced if you explore all New Vegas has to offer.
That said, here are your paths:
Mr House controlled New Vegas
NCR controlled New Vegas
Legion controlled New Vegas
Independant New Vegas

I will list all mandatory quests for each faction below, remember that
many of these can be done or partially completed even if you are not
planning on ultimately siding with that group!

@@@Mr. House controlled Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 6:  The House Always Wins (Parts I-VII) *****

*Part I*

When you arrive at the Strip for the first time, Victor the Securitron robot
will speak to you.  He'll ask you to speak to Mr. House in the Lucky 38
Casino, it seems Victor has had ties to Mr. House all along.  When you can,
head over to the Lucky 38 on your left and speak to Victor again.  He'll
tell you that your party will have to wait outside before he can let you in.
Head inside the casino, then speak to Victor again in the center to take the
elevator up to the Penthouse.  When you arrive at the Penthouse, you'll see
a lady Securitron ahead named Jane.  She's been modeled after one of Mr.
House's...ladies prior to the war.  If you've collected any Snowglobes up to
this point she'll take them at 2000 caps a piece and display them in the
casino, feel free to dump them off, no reason is holding them in your
inventory where you cannot see them.

Mr. House will be down the stairs and to your left from the elevator.  Are
you surprised by his appearance?  In any case, Mr. House will explain why
he's called you here.  You can ask him about various things, such as what
the Platinum Chip is (He won't be completely forthcoming here, but he'll
give you some background), how he saved Vegas, the treaty with the NCR, 
etc.  Eventually he'll get down to brass tacks.  He wants you to retrieve
the Platinum Chip for him so he can use it to upgrade his Securitrons for
the pending controntation between the NCR and Legion.  At this point if
you've completed the quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding," you may already have the
Platinum Chip in your possession, in which case this first part of the
quest will be complete.  If not, you will need to head to the Fort to find
out what became of the chip and Benny.  If you went straight to the Lucky 38
to speak to House, read up on the quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" and complete it
to further along this section.  If Benny is at the Fort, read on as doing
the next section will get you the chip anyway.

*Part II*

At this point you will have either completed "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" and obtained
the Platinum Chip from Benny, or you encountered Benny and he escaped to the
Fort with the chip.  We'll assume you have the chip and gave it to Mr. House,
because either way you're going to the Fort regardless.  With the chip in his
possession, Mr. House will direct you back to the elevator you came from, 
which Victor will have you take to the basement.  There Mr. House will put on
a performance on what the chip does.  The chip will allow his current 
Securitrons to upgrade to Ver. 2, enabling many features to boost their
offensive and defensive capabilities.  Once the demonstration is over, all the
Securitrons around Vegas should become upgraded, or they will be soon.  Speak
to House again, he'll have another task for you.  Mr. House will want you to
head to the Legion's Fort and locate a bunker there.  If Benny escaped you
previously, you'll also have to procure the Platinum Chip from him once you
get to the Fort.

Head to the south-east part of the map, there will be a burned out town there
called Cottonwood Cove.  If you remember, upon completing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding"
you should have been approached by a member of the Legion and received the Mark
of the Legion.  This erased your previous crimes against them, if any.  On the
other hand, if you've screwed them over a few times since then, they may not
like you.  If you messed with the Legion after receiving the Mark, you'll
either have to disguise yourself as Legion and sneak in (Or use a Stealth Boy),
or you'll have to kill your way there.  You're going to have a rough go of it
if you plan on killing your way through the Fort, we're talking a lot of Legion
members and they'll gang up on you quick, so if at all possible I suggest using
a disguise to save yourself harm.  If your faction is fine with them, head
through the town to the dock.  There will be a Legion guard named Cursor 
Lucullus. He'll take you to the Fort on the nearby boat.

When you arrive at the Fort, you'll be stripped of weapons and probably meds as
the Legion don't like either.  If your Sneak is high enough you may be able to
keep back some holdout weapons.  You can also convince the guard that you need
your meds for an illment you have.  The guard will also take the Platinum Chip
if it's in your possession, you can't really negotiate here (Unless you 
negotiate with a pistol).  Once you've finished with the guard at the gate,
your next desination will be Caesar's tent.  Right into the dragon's lair, eh?
To get there you'll have to make your way up the hill before you, there will
be a drawbridge door at the top that leads to the main camp.  Caesar's tent
will be situated alone on a hill in the center.  Speak to Caesar, he may be
surprised to find you there if you've foiled his plans in the past.  However,
as long as you're still Neutral with the Legion since receiving the Mark, he
won't attack you here.  In fact, he'll give you the Platinum Chip back!  Theres
a catch however.  He's figured out that the bunker in the back of the Fort
can be opened with the chip, and he wants you to destroy whatever you find
there.  Yes, this is the same bunker that Mr. House wanted you to head to.  The
good news is that if you do Caesar's bidding you can decide how Benny gets to
die.  If you missed him on your way in, Benny will be tied up off to your right,
feel free to poke fun at his misfortune.  Theres more good news, you can fool
Caesar and still kill Benny.

The bunker will be in the Weather Monitoring Station at the back of the Fort.
If you snuck your way in up to this point, the guards here will find you out
and probably attack.  Otherwise they'll keep an eye on you.  There will be a
console to your right once you enter, insert the Platinum Chip here to open
the staircase in the floor to Mr. House's bunker.  Inside the bunker you'll
see another computer console with a screen, Mr. House will be projected onto
it.  He'll tell you that this bunker houses hundreds of Securitron robots that
can all be upgraded to Mark II status and set free, but he needs you to do it
as he's lost the ability to completely interract with the bunker remotely.
He will open the front door for you thanks for that I guess.  Be
careful while you're down here as there are a number of Protectrons and 
automated turrets that dissuade anyone from progressing.  The good news is
that if you sprint straight ahead once going through the front door, you'll
find a security room where you can hack a few computers and disable the
defense within (Skill of 50 for the turrets and 75 for the robots).  If
you've taken out the turrets and robots, there won't be anything else to
stop you really other than some mild radiation within.  Theres only a few
rooms in the bunker, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding the terminal
in the back.  The terminal will be against the wall in a small room, with a
window showing a blank Securitron and a table with some odds and ends. 
Insert the Platinum Chip to upgrade the Securitrons here, you'll here some
machinery turning and the robots will all show the soldier face, signifying
your task is complete.  House will ask you to return to the Lucky 38 at this
point, the first two parts of this quest will be done.

*Part III*

With House fully upgraded, he'll now turn towards matters of diplomacy, or
in some cases destruction.  House will be sending you around to various
groups to secure their cooperation in the coming battle, or to take them
out.  The first group House will want you to check in with is the Boomers.
You may or may not have interracted with them before, if not it's okay.
You only need to become Accepted among the Boomers to enlist their aid for
the coming battle.  To get there you can complete any number of quests
listed:  Ant Misbehavin', Young Hearts, Sunshine Boogie, Volare!, Boomer 
History, For the Kids, Paging Dr. Courier, and Supplies for the Boomers.
When you get to at least Accepted, or if you were already Accepted or
better, speak to Pearl in her bunker.  When they've pledged their help,
return to House to complete this part.

*Part IV*

Note:  This is the last quest you can complete before you'll be locked in
with Mr. House.  The only way you can divert from this path after this
point is to kill Mr. House and work toward an Independant Vegas with
Yes Man.  Completing this part will make you fail the conditional quests
"Beware the Wrath of Caesar!" and "Don't Tread on the Bear."

The next group House wants you to check with is the Omertas.  If you're
not familiar with them, the Omertas are one of the three original
families/tribes that founded New Vegas with Mr. House following the
revival of Vegas after the war.  Mr. House says something fishy is going
on and he wants you to make sure they're still in line.  The Omertas will
be in their casino on the Strip known as Gomorrah, it's across the street
from the Lucky 38 so it should be easy to find.  

To complete this part you will either need to wipe out the Omerta's or
you'll need to complete the side quest "How Little We Know" by speaking with
the receptionist at the front desk to begin the quest.  House will clue you
in that this woman is a bit of a gossip and feeds information out from time
to time, so she'll be useful in getting the ball rolling here.  Review the
section on this quest for more info on what to do.  Once you've resolved the
Omerta situation, return to House for your reward.  If you've previously 
dealt with the Omerta's, Mr. House should reward you anyway.  Yay for easy

*Part V*

This is the last group House wants you to interract with before the ball
really gets rolling toward the Hoover Dam battle.  Mr. House knows that a
chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has setup in New Vegas and he wants
them eliminated.  No ifs, ands, or buts about this one.  It doesn't matter
if you're idolized with the Brotherhood and they've accepted you as one of
their own, Mr. House wants them gone as he sees them for what they are:
technology hoarders with a passion for protecting their precious devices
with lethal force if necessary.  Unless you can use the console to advance
this quest manually (And I don't suggest it) you're going to have to take
out the Brotherhood.

If you haven't encountered them up to this point, the Brotherhood bunker
can be found in Hidden Valley.  It's a fenced in enclosure off the highway
north of the NCRCF. IF you're looking for access you can either bring
Veronica with you as a companion (Which is the easiest way), or you can
check out the first part of the quest called "Still in the Dark" to access
the Brotherhood bunker.  For this quest, you'll either have to kill all the
members of the Brotherhood individually, or you'll have to blow up their
underground base in Hidden Valley.  I won't describe how to kill them all,
although you can make it easier on yourself doing this part by hacking the
terminal in Paladin Ramos's room and turning the turrets on the Paladins.
To blow up the bunker, you'll need to get all the necessary keycards off the
leaders in Hidden Valley.    Among the Brotherhood members that you
need to get the cards off of are Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and
Head Scribe Taggart.  If Hardin became Elder, Ramos may have the 3rd keycard
instead I'm told.  It's best to make multiple saves here, as you don't want
to piss off the Brotherhood before activating the self destruction sequence,
it just gets messy.  Getting the cards off Hardin is easy as he's usually
in his quarters alone.  McNamara is usually in his chair, which is fairly
easy to get behind and pickpocket from.  Taggart may be a bit tougher, I
was able to get him while he was sleeping.  When you have all 3 keycards,
head to the large simulation room where Taggart is.  There will be a terminal
to your right when you enter the room.  You need to access the Override
Terminal first to get the Override code, using the keycards that you
previously obtained.  Once you have the override code, use the Self Destruct
terminal to begin the countdown.  At this point the Brotherhood will no longer
be friendly or neutral with you, you need to haul arse and get out of there.
Head back to L1 and out through the Bunker's entrance, dodging Brotherhood
members (Or wiping them out) on your way up.  When you exit the Bunker will
go ka-blooey, although you may get approached by a few Paladins upon exit
and may need to do battle.  Return to Mr. House when you've mopped up.

*Part VI*
Note:  This quest is essentially identical to the quest "You'll Know it 
When it Happens." I've heard word that if you're not in good standing with
the NCR upon the start of this quest, you'll automatically fail and jump
to Part VII.

After returning from the ruin of the Brotherhood bunker, speak to Mr. House.
He has gained information regarding an assassination attempt against the
NCR's President Kimball.  While House doesn't care for the NCR all that
much, he's determined that the President's untimely death has the potential
to set off other negative events in the future, so Mr. House wants you to
ensure his death does not come about.  House will sent you to Ranger Grant
at Hoover.  When you're ready and the quest has been activated by you, head to
Hoover Dam and look for Ranger Grant in the Visitor's Center.  He'll fill you
in on the President's arrival and give you as much information as he can.
He needs your help to make sure nothing happens to Kimball, however you have
limited access to the Dam itself.  If you speak to Grant about getting full
access and successfully pass a Speech check, Grant will allow you access to
the Vertibird Helipad and some other locations.  I suggest making a new save
here and scoping out the situation.  Get a lay of the Dam and the area where
the Speech will take place before the event starts.  Think about where the
problem areas would be if you were trying to take out the President and use
that to your advantage.  I had Boone with me when I did this mission, and I
noticed that he pointed out a few probable locations he would snipe from if
he was doing the job, but I didn't catch all of them to be honest.  You can
check the computer in the Visitor's Center and discover an unauthorized
access from a Sgt. Macovitch, keep that in mind.  Theres also a woman on the
second floor that will mention that her engineer friend disappeared awhile
ago and she hasn't seen him.  You may notice in the janitor's hall below
that a trail of blood exists...posing as an engineer would be a nice disguise.

When you're ready for the Speech, speak to Ranger Grant again.  Once the
Speech sequence begins, you'll wake up shortly before the President is going
to land.  You need to do some more detective work now as there are several
things that can be potential traps before and during the President's arrival.
First off, after the President's Vertibird lands, an engineer is going to
place a bomb on it.  To remove it you'll need to have an engineer disguise
that you lifted from the janitor's closet earlier in the Visitor's Center,
or you'll have to gain access through a Speech check of 55.  The ladder to
the Vertibird landing pad is on the east side of Visitor's Center, outside,
and up the steps from the Speech area.  Once you have access to the helipad,
deactivate the bomb with an Explosives or Repair skill of 50.  If you don't
have enough of either skill, you may be able to report the Bomb to Ranger
Grant and he'll handle the situation.  That's not all though, the second
attempted assassination is a Sniper on the tower behind Kimball's podium.
After you've handled the bomb situation, make your way across the dam and
take either the door or ladder and make your way to the top.  You should
notice a dead NCR body was thrown from the tower, which should tip you off
for starters.  When you reach the summit of the tower, the Legion Sniper will
attack, take him out.  If you prefer, you can snipe him youself from another
location, however you may prematurely end the President's speech and theres
still at least one threat that should be taken care of.  Once the Sniper is
taken care of, you can report this incident to Grant as well, and even if
you didn't disarm the bomb he should find it and take care of it.  If not,
oh well, reload or live with the consequences.  Theres one more possible
assassination attempt and it involves the engineer that's watching the
speech.  If you watch closely you'll notice that one engineer is less
entusiastic about the President's speech and he also will have come down
from the helipad shortly after it lands...hmm...Yes, theres a detonator
on him, and he also has a knife that he may plan to use to rush Kimball with
and take him out.  Depending on your success up to this point, the NCR Rangers
may take him out before he's successful, or in a couple of my runs this
engineer may do nothing at all (I'm told he may not use the knife if he still
thinks the bomb is active).  

Once you've handled all three threats, or you've reported one or two of them
to Grant, the President will either finish his speech and depart, he'll be
rushed away to safety, or he'll die a gruesome death.  Either way the quest
will be over.  For a successful save of Kimball you'll get 1000xp and some
NCR fame.  Also this will unlock one of three possible final quests, based on
whoever you've sided with.  In this case we're following the Mr. House path,
so you should get access to Part VII after returning to House.

*Part VII*

This is the last part to the quest line "The House Always Wins."  Upon
returning to Mr. House following President Kimball's Speech, House will have
one more task for you before the Legion arrives at Hoover Dam.  He needs you
to go to the El Dorado Substation and install the override module.  This
quest is fairly easy, the catch is that the NCR strictly guard the entrance
to this facility and they've already become suspicious that you're in league
with House (Or at least not with the NCR).  Installing the override module
is critical in getting House the auxilliary power he needs to remotely
access his army and make sure that Vegas remains secure.

The El Dorado Substation can be found north of Helios ONE.  You'll see a 
number of NCR troops outside, and none are too happy that you're snooping
around.  The easiest way to bypass them without pissing them off is to don
an NCR disguise and head inside the substation.  If you don't have an NCR
disguise available, or don't want to use one, you'll have to Sneak your way
in or take the soldiers out.  If you're quick you may be able to run in, 
install the chip, and then fast travel away...but why go through all that
trouble when theres NCR outfits throughout the game?  When you're inside the
substation, the terminal will be in the back on your right.  Install the
chip and return to Mr. House.  

Everything is complete at this point, at least on Mr. House's end.  If you
have any personal loose ends that you want to complete, now is the time to
do it as theres nothing left to do in preparation for the Battle at Hoover
Dam.  If theres any special weapons or armor you want before the battle, or
if you need anything repaired, ammo, Stimpacks, etc I suggest getting them
now before accepting Mr. House's dialog choice to go to Hoover Dam.  

*****Quest 7:  All or Nothing *****

After accepting to go to Hoover Dam for the battle, you'll magically be
taken to the Dam where the battle already is underway.  The good news is
that Securitrons will be assisting in taking control of the Dam.  Also if
you enlisted any outside forces for the battle, such as the Great Khans,
or if you got the Boomer's plane up and running, they will be assisting
you along with the NCR.  Mr. House has one final technical task for you
it seems.  He wants you to sneak into the Dam's mainframe and install yet
another override chip so he can assume control of the Dam and run things
more efficiently'll see, trust me.  Theres probably a couple
different paths you can take to get there, but the quickest way is to find
the third tower on your right and head inside.  There will be a door here
to your right, head to the next area.  Here there will be the floor that
leads to the mainframe area and later the Power Plant.  The mainframe will
be down the path to your left, just follow your quest marker.  You'll 
know that you've found the right door when you see a couple NCR troopers
that appear to be wearing some variation of Brotherhood Power Armor...
just slimmer.  They may dispatch a couple Legion soldiers quickly.  If
you're Speech is sly enough you should be able to convince them that
their commander is under attack and needs their help right away, they'll
abandon their post leaving the computer room all to you.  If your Speech
isn't high enough, well...prepare for a fight.

Once inside the computer room the soldiers were guarding you'll see the
main terminal in the back.  Interract with it to install Mr. House's
override chip.  The last thing you'll need to do is manually kick the
power on in the Power Plant.  To do this, head back out of the room and
continue on to your left.  Keep heading this direction, take the right
path at the fork, and then right again at the next fork.  This should
lead you to a large room which is part of the Power Plant.  The switch
you're looking for should be on your right when you enter the large
room.  Flip it on, you're all set!  There should be a key on a table
nearby for the exit, grab that and head back the way you came.  When you
exit the tower, the battle will continue to rage on.  Securitrons will
continue to pour in along with NCR troopers and any other helpers you
had.  Push east toward the Legion's camp.  Try to let the NPC's do the
work for you, save your health and meds for the later battle.  Eventually
you'll come to a gate leading to the Legate's camp.

Inside the Legate's camp you really won't receive anymore help from the
Securitrons, although if you still have a companion Securitron with you
they should continue to follow.  Your normal companions will still be
at your side as well.  Some of the best members of the Legion will be
waiting for you here, and they can and will attack in groups of 3 or
more at times...and they know how to use their machetes.  If any other
weapons are lying around they may pick them up, so be careful not to
drop any Plasma Rifles or anything.  Be sure to clear out as many Legion
soldiers as possible, just be careful not to get too close to the path
that leads up the hill to the Legate's tent, this will be in the back
of the zone.  When ready, head up the path and encounter Caesar's
supreme champion, the Legate Lanius.  The first time I encountered this
guy I didn't quite know what to think as I had only heard the horror
stories about him.  It kinda reminded me of the battle in Fallout 1 where
you had no previous encounters with the Master, nor any real idea what
the guy would look like.  In any case, this guy means business!  Not only
is he a force to reckon with (His blade can cut you in two before you can
say "Ave, true to Caesar."), but he seems to actively regenerate health
like he's Wolverine or something.  On top of that he'll call down Legion
members to assist him in the battle unless you can talk him out of it.
There are some Speech options here where you can avoid the battle all
together, but they will require steep Skill levels.  To avoid a battle
completely you'll need either 100 Speech, or 100 Barter.  Otherwise...
prepare for a bloodbath.  When fighting the Legate, the best piece of
advice I can give is bring out your best gear, use armor piercing when
available, and don't give him an inch to recover.  The longer you leave
him untounched, the more time he has to recover and the more soldiers
that will spawn for him.  His forces seem to be never ending, at least
from what I've seen, so it would be in your benefit to finish him as
quickly as possible.  Use any and all Stimpacks you may need, Med-X
when available, offensive enhancing chems, etc.  The other tactic that
has worked well for me is knocking his sword from his hands.  While he
can be devastating without the sword, it's obviously the greater of
two evils.  Going into VATS mode and shooting/knocking the sword out
will buy you a few precious seconds.  If you're quick you may be able
to pick it up before the Legate can get to it again, I wasn't able to
myself though.

When the Legate drops, finish off any remaining Legion soldiers there
may be in the area.  Most will cower, so they shouldn't provide much 
of a problem.  When you've mopped them up, head back to the gate you
came from, you'll see General Lee Oliver there to congradulate you on
a successful route of the Legion.  You'll then notice something
appearing in the smoke behind Oliver...yeah, that's freakin' awesome
to see, I won't spoil it.  In any case, let Oliver know that the NCR
doesn't have a leg to stand on as it concerns the Dam and that Mr.
House will be in charge now.  Oliver will be none too happy, however
you can talk him down with a Speech of 100, Barter of 100, or Science
skill of 100.  If you don't convince Oliver to retreat, he may decide
he's going down in a blaze of glory...which shouldn't last too long
given the current situation.  When Oliver drops, a Securitron for Mr.
House should appear and speak to you at length.  Thats all!  Congrats
on completing the, reload from an older save and go finish
up any optional quests you didn't complete.  You can also reload from an
even earlier save and take a different path, like NCR, Independant Vegas,
or even Legion.  Finally, you can always start a new character and go
a completely different route, like being a bad guy ;-)

@@@NCR controlled New Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 8:  Things That Go Boom *****

This is a really short quest, but it all leads up to the Battle at Hoover
Dam.  Sometime after you've entered the Strip, probably after you've spoken
to Mr. House, you'll be approached by an NCR Trooper.  The Trooper will tell
you that he has a note from Ambassador Dennis Crocker of the NCR and he
wishes to meet with you.  He also said that the Ambassador has the power to
erase any crimes you've committed against the NCR up to this point.  If you
wish to speak to Crocker and aid the NCR, you can find him in the Embassy
at the south side of the Strip across the street from Michael Angelo's and
the Vault Hotel.  

The Ambassador can tell you various things about himself as well as the
history of the NCR, but the task he has for you involves the Boomers of
Nellis AFB.  He's well aware that they have a stockpile of munitions and
that a battle at Hoover Dam is coming soon.  He wants you to seek out the
Boomers and enlist their support.  If you haven't encountered the Boomers
yet, I suggest checking out the quest Volare! and the quests leading up to
it.  If you've already done those quests and increased your fame with the
Boomers enough, go seek out Pearl at Nellis.

Ask Pearl if she will assist you at the Battle of Hoover Dam coming up, she
will quickly agree as long as you helped the Boomers previously.  Thats all
there is to it, head back to Crocker and tell him the news, the quest will
be complete.  Hang on though, because he has another task for you.

*****Quest 9:  King's Gambit *****

After speaking with Ambassador Crocker in the NCR Embassy on the Strip and
doing his first task, he'll give you another task regarding Freeside.  It 
seems they've been having problems with the Kings, which should be no
surprise to you if you did any work for the King before getting access to
the Strip.  Crocker wants the violence against the NCR to stop, and wants 
you to see to it.  You have three options here, although each option has a
few different ways you can have it play out

Option 1:  
Crocker and his investigators feel that Pacer is the root of the problems
with the NCR.  Crocker doesn't want you to outright kill Pacer though,
he would rather you make it look like an accident somehow or pin it on
another group so the King's don't retaliate against the NCR and make this
look even worse.  If you've done the quest known as Birds of a Feather,
you'll know that Pacer has some history with the Van Graffs.  Bring this up
to Crocker and he'll mention that killing Pacer with a Plasma weapon or
Energy Weapon should make it look easy to pin the deed on the Van Graffs.
On the other hand, getting Pacer alone so that none of the King's will see
your deed will be tough.  Even sneaking I was not able to kill Pacer in
his room at night without attracting the guards, it seems when he drops
everyone will go hostile at least for 15 seconds or so.  If you don't
want to make enemies of the Kings, try leaving your part members outside
of the King's hideout, then sneak into Pacer's room late at night.  Pop
Pacer with any Energy Weapon to pin it on the Van Graffs, or make his
death look like an accident through other means if you have them.  Then
keep hiding out in his room, if you're sneaking correctly and wait 15
seconds, everyone should go back to non-hostile and you can return to
Crocker.  Crocker will reward you with 600 caps and NCR fame, but you can
Barter with him for an extra 200 caps if you want.  He'll also give you
access to the quest For the Republic, Part 2.

Option 2:
While Crocker feels that Pacer is the root of the troubles between the Kings
and the NCR, the Ambassador feels that appealing to the King may be
beneficial and he feels that the Kings would not refuse a direct order from
their leader if you can convince the King to stop the attacks.  You really
only have one option here, and thats to use your favor from G.I. Blues if
you still have it.  I didn't have mine at the time, so my best guess is that
using this favor will force the King to call his men off the NCR and diffuse
the violence going on.  If you don't have your favor theres no Speech checks
that I've seen to counteract this.  The King isn't budging, so you'll have
to result to other matters.  Go speak to Crocker again.

Upon returning to Crocker he'll say that if you were unsuccessful in
convincing the King to stand down, and you're not willing to kill Pacer,
then you'll have to use some muscle to try and intimidate the King.  Crocker
knows this is a bad idea, as it will only lead to further problems in
Freeside.  His orders are to send you to Hoover Dam to speak to Colonel
Moore.  Crocker knows that Moore uses strength in numbers, and occasionally
violence, to get a point across.  Crocker thinks this isn't the best
solution, but those are his orders.  On the other hand, he thinks there may
be an alternative and suggests you speak to Colonel Hsu at Camp McCarran.
You can find the Colonel in the Terminal.

Speak to Hsu, he'll admit that Moore's strategy usually is quick and dirty,
but the Colonel has a better option.  He said he'll offer more power, food,
and supplies to the King's if they pledge their support with the NCR, and
end hostilities.  He asks you to go to the King for him.

Head back to Freeside.  When you get there you'll find NCR troops have
already moved in to the King's lair inside and out.  The King will be all
shook up over this intrusion, and asks whats going on.  Be nice and
excuse the rudeness, then deliver Hsu's propossal.  The King will be all
for it, however Pacer will not be.  Pacer wants nothing to do with the
whole thing, and he'll break off from the King right then and there
going hostile with all NCR.  Along with Pacer there will be a few other
Kings siding with Pacer, but with all the NCR backup they won't last
long.  You can speak to the King afterwards, he'll briefly mourn the loss
of Pacer, then he'll never mention anything regarding the NCR again.  Head
back to Crocker for your reward.  You're supposed to get 600 caps, NCR fame,
and with a Barter skill of 50 you can extract another 200 caps from him, but
it seems this quest line is bugged as you don't seem to currently get any
caps and can't Barter for more, this may be fixed later.  You will get some
good xp for this quest however, 1200 points.  Crocker will direct you to 
Moore at the Hoover Dam for more missions if you so choose.

Option 3:
This is the worst option, and you technically fail the quest.  Crocker will
point out that Pacer is the root of the problem between the Kings and the
NCR.  If you don't have a favor left from the King from the quest G.I. Blues
then after you speak to the King you'll return to Crocker.  Crocker will
tell you his orders are to send you to Colonel Moore who likes to solve
problems with messy results.  Crocker suggests going to Colonel Hsu instead
(Option 2 above), but if you decide to take the Moore approach head to the
Hoover Dam.  Be warned, as this will result in an untimely end to the Kings.

You'll find Moore in the Hoover Dam Offices.  Mention the problem with the
Kings to her, she says shes going to send you into the King's domain with
a legion of NCR troops to end the hostilities once and for all.  You're
authorized to use force if necessary.  When you return to the King, you'll
find the legion of NCR troops are already there.  The King won't be too
happy they've been invaded.  Explain the situation, and the Kings will
respond by attacking everyone.  The Kings will be no match for the NCR
Troops however, and everyone gets wiped out.  When you're finished, head
to Crocker.  The Ambassador will be upset with the outcome, you'll fail
the quest, and you wont' really get much compensation despite the fact
that the hostilities are over.  Despite all this, Crocker will still open
up the quest "For the Republic, Part 2."

*****Quest 10:  For the Republic, Part 2 *****

After completing quests for Ambassador Crocker at the NCR Embassy on the
Strip, you may get a mission to speak to Colonel Moore.  She can be found
in the Hoover Dam Offices normally.  The prerequisite for this quest is that
you've done "King's Gambit," although doing certain actions may trigger this
quest or even cause it to fail, such as killing or completing the quest 
"Oh My Papa."  It's suggested you don't start "Oh My Papa" before taking this
quest, unless you don't plan on helping the NCR at all.  It's also suggested
that you avoid the quest "How Little We Know," which is a quest that
involves the Omertas.  In any case, this quest (For the Republic, Part 2)
can be super bugged because of these other quests that tie into it.  When in
doubt, if you're on the PC version you can sometimes correct the problem
through console commands, however the safest bet is to reload to a previous
save until a patch comes.  For PS3/X-Box users, thats about the only solution.
You may want to do the quest "Still in the Dark" before you get to the
Brotherhood of Steel section as it could be beneficial to you.  By the way,
this is a long arse quest.

*Section 1*  The Great Khans

Speak to Colonel Moore in the Hoover Dam Offices after being sent over by 
Ambassador Crocker.  Tell Moore you want to help, and she'll have some more
work for you.  She's no nonsense, and she wants the Great Khan's eradicated
once and for all.  She's not a very nice lady...but she's also open to an
alliance if you can talk them into one.  For more information on completing
this portion of the quest, check out "Oh My Papa," which will get you through
what you need to do for the Khans.  The short version is that you can
convince the Khans not to join the Legion using the guidelines I detailed, or
you can kill Papa when no one is watching (At night, in his bedroom) and get
Regis to ally with the NCR.  Either path will get the Khans out of the NCR's

*Section 2*  The Omertas

When the Khan issue is resolved, return to Moore.  She'll have another task
for you.  She feels that one of the Families, the Omertas, are up to
something and she doesn't want to risk an attack from the Omertas on the
Strip while the NCR focuses on the Legion at the Dam.  She wants you to do
some detective work and figure out what's going on.  Again, I've outlined
this information in the quest "How Little We Know," so check that out for
more information on how to complete that section.  You'll want to take
Option 1 in that section as it describes, as Option 2 is better suited for
Legion members.

*Section 3*  Mr. House

Return to Moore after you've mopped up the Omerta situation.  If you aided
Big Sal, you can lie to Moore I'm told and say that the Omerta's are 
planning on attacking Reno.  In any case, your work is not over, believe it
or not.  Moore now is upping the ante and wants you to take out Mr. House.
Sheesh, what a lazy commander!  First she tasks you with single handidly
taking out a group of misfit raiders, then she asks you to investigate a
highly organized mafia and break up their plans, now she wants you to take
out the leader of New vegas, whom is armed with a vast army of Securitrons
and has centuries of knowledge and technology at his fingertips?  They
should make you General after this one.  

Head to the Lucky 38.  You should have received access if you haven't
already, however if you've deliberately avoided the entrance and Mr. House
up to this point, speak to Victor the cowboy Securitron.  He'll give you
access to House, however your companions will have to wait outside for now.
To get to House you'll have to head up to the Penthouse, however if you don't
have at least 75 Science to hack the terminal to his location, you'll have to
find one of the VIP access cards to gain entrance.  One card can be found in
the H&H Tool Factory near the North Vegas Square.  Another can be found on
Chief Handlon's desk in Camp Golf.  If you don't have access to either, or if
you have the Platinum Chip in your possession, that will also unlock the
path.  When you're in the Penthouse, you'll run into Mr. House's large
mainframe with his image on it.  You can talk to him, or if you don't care
what he has to say, look for the terminal on the left wall if you're 
looking at Mr. House on his mainframe.  Gain access, either using one of the
keys above or hack, and head within.  Note that at this point all the
Securitrons will go hostile with you, and you may need to waste a few before
proceeding.  Once the coast is clear, theres one more terminal you must
bypass before you see the Wizard behind the curtain.  Once you've unlocked
the 2nd terminal, take the elevator down to the control room.

Here you'll be face to face with Mr. House, or what's left of him anyway.
Use the terminal before the chamber to unseal it.  House will speak to you
briefly, you can tell him whatever you want to tell him at this point, theres
no going back.  Return to the terminal and select either option, it doesn't
matter.  You can also kill Mr. House outright, but thats not very sporting.
You'll receive some negative Karma and a note describing the death of Mr.
House, then your quest will update.  Leave the Lucky 38 and return to Moore
(By the way, the Securitrons will leave you alone once you've taken care of
House).  Guess what?  She has more work for us!

*Section 4*  The Brotherhood of Steel
*Note*  If you previously haven't gained access to the Brotherhood of Steel
bunker, see the quest "Still in the Dark" or bring Veronica with you as a
companion.  The Bunker is located in Hidden Valley.  

This lady is a pain in the arse.  If she hasn't sent you into enough
dangerous situations to do her dirty work, now she wants you to take care of
the Brotherhood of Steel.  The good news is this can either be easy, or
hard, depending on what you've done to this point.  If you've completed the
quest "Still in the Dark" and assisted Elder McNamara, then you can talk to
McNamara and let him know that the NCR wants to wipe them out.  Since you're
on friendly terms with the Brotherhood, McNamara will propose a truce at
which point you can return to Moore and you'll be done with this section and
you can skip to Kimball's part.  If you helped Hardin with overthrowing Elder
McNamara, or if you had no prior interaction with the Brotherhood of Steel
then you'll probably have to take them out, so read on.  

To fulfill Moore's order if you weren't friendly with the Brotherhood of
Steel and helped McNamara earlier, you'll either have to kill all the
members of the Brotherhood individually, or you'll have to blow up their
underground base in Hidden Valley.  I won't describe how to kill them all,
although you can make it easier on yourself doing this part by hacking the
terminal in Paladin Ramos's room and turning the turrets on the Paladins.
To blow up the bunker, you'll need to get all the necessary keycards off the
leaders in Hidden Valley.    Among the Brotherhood members that you
need to get the cards off of are Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and
Head Scribe Taggart.  If Hardin became Elder, Ramos may have the 3rd keycard
instead I'm told.  It's best to make multiple saves here, as you don't want
to piss off the Brotherhood before activating the self destruction sequence,
it just gets messy.  Getting the cards off Hardin is easy as he's usually
in his quarters alone.  McNamara is usually in his chair, which is fairly
easy to get behind and pickpocket from.  Taggart may be a bit tougher, I
was able to get him while he was sleeping.  When you have all 3 keycards,
head to the large simulation room where Taggart is.  There will be a terminal
to your right when you enter the room.  You need to access the Override
Terminal first to get the Override code, using the keycards that you
previously obtained.  Once you have the override code, use the Self Destruct
terminal to begin the countdown.  At this point the Brotherhood will no longer
be friendly or neutral with you, you need to haul arse and get out of there.
Head back to L1 and out through the Bunker's entrance, dodging Brotherhood
members (Or wiping them out) on your way up.  When you exit the Bunker will
go ka-blooey, although you may get approached by a few Paladins upon exit
and may need to do battle.

*Section 5*  President Kimball

Once you've resolved the Brotherhood situation, either by truce or by
blowing them to smithereens, return to Moore.  She has one final task for
you (Finally!), and this one is top priority.  President Kimball is coming
to Hoover Dam to give the soldiers a morale boosting speech, and Moore is
certain the Legion will try something.  She wants you to stay on top of the
situation and ensure no harm befalls the President.  For more information
on this quest, check out "You'll Know When it Happens."  Complete that quest,
then return to Moore and pledge to be a member of the NCR and fight with
them and their cause in the Battle of Hoover Dam.

*****Quest 11:  You'll Know It When It Happens *****

To begin this quest you'll need to have progressed far enough along the
main storyline before this quest unfolds.  You can get this quest by either
following the NCR path, helping Mr. House, or working toward an Independant
New Vegas.  Siding with the Legion will lead to an alternate quest for this
event.  When you're ready and the quest has been activated by you, head to
Hoover Dam and look for Ranger Grant in the Visitor's Center.  He'll fill you
in on the President's arrival and give you as much information as he can.
He needs your help to make sure nothing happens to Kimball, however you have
limited access to the Dam itself.  If you speak to Grant about getting full
access and successfully pass a Speech check, Grant will allow you access to
the Vertibird Helipad and some other locations.  I suggest making a new save
here and scoping out the situation.  Get a lay of the Dam and the area where
the Speech will take place before the event starts.  Think about where the
problem areas would be if you were trying to take out the President and use
that to your advantage.  I had Boone with me when I did this mission, and I
noticed that he pointed out a few probable locations he would snipe from if
he was doing the job, but I didn't catch all of them to be honest.  You can
check the computer in the Visitor's Center and discover an unauthorized
access from a Sgt. Macovitch, keep that in mind.  Theres also a woman on the
second floor that will mention that her engineer friend disappeared awhile
ago and she hasn't seen him.  You may notice in the janitor's hall below
that a trail of blood exists...posing as an engineer would be a nice disguise.

When you're ready for the Speech, speak to Ranger Grant again.  Once the
Speech sequence begins, you'll wake up shortly before the President is going
to land.  You need to do some more detective work now as there are several
things that can be potential traps before and during the President's arrival.
First off, after the President's Vertibird lands, an engineer is going to
place a bomb on it.  To remove it you'll need to have an engineer disguise
that you lifted from the janitor's closet earlier in the Visitor's Center,
or you'll have to gain access through a Speech check of 55.  The ladder to
the Vertibird landing pad is on the east side of Visitor's Center, outside,
and up the steps from the Speech area.  Once you have access to the helipad,
deactivate the bomb with an Explosives or Repair skill of 50.  If you don't
have enough of either skill, you may be able to report the Bomb to Ranger
Grant and he'll handle the situation.  That's not all though, the second
attempted assassination is a Sniper on the tower behind Kimball's podium.
After you've handled the bomb situation, make your way across the dam and
take either the door or ladder and make your way to the top.  You should
notice a dead NCR body was thrown from the tower, which should tip you off
for starters.  When you reach the summit of the tower, the Legion Sniper will
attack, take him out.  If you prefer, you can snipe him youself from another
location, however you may prematurely end the President's speech and theres
still at least one threat that should be taken care of.  Once the Sniper is
taken care of, you can report this incident to Grant as well, and even if
you didn't disarm the bomb he should find it and take care of it.  If not,
oh well, reload or live with the consequences.  Theres one more possible
assassination attempt and it involves the engineer that's watching the
speech.  If you watch closely you'll notice that one engineer is less
entusiastic about the President's speech and he also will have come down
from the helipad shortly after it lands...hmm...Yes, theres a detonator
on him, and he also has a knife that he may plan to use to rush Kimball with
and take him out.  Depending on your success up to this point, the NCR Rangers
may take him out before he's successful, or in a couple of my runs this
engineer may do nothing at all (I'm told he may not use the knife if he still
thinks the bomb is active).  

Once you've handled all three threats, or you've reported one or two of them
to Grant, the President will either finish his speech and depart, he'll be
rushed away to safety, or he'll die a gruesome death.  Either way the quest
will be over.  For a successful save of Kimball you'll get 1000xp and some
NCR fame.  Also this will unlock one of three possible final quests, based on
whoever you've sided with.  If you've sided with NCR you should complete
your quest "For the Republic, Part 2" finally once you return to Moore.  If
you're working with House, you'll gain access to the quest "The House Always
Wins, Part VII," and for Independant Vegas players you'll get an update for
"No Gods, No Masters."  Since we're currently doing the NCR path, after
speaking with Moore your quest will update and you'll get access to "Eureka!"

Everything is complete at this point, at least on the NCR end.  If you
have any personal loose ends that you want to complete, now is the time to
do it as theres nothing left to do in preparation for the Battle at Hoover
Dam.  If theres any special weapons or armor you want before the battle, or
if you need anything repaired, ammo, Stimpacks, etc I suggest getting them
now before accepting Moore's dialog choice to go to Hoover Dam and represent
the NCR.  When ready, tell Moore you're good to go and you'll be magically
taken to Hoover Dam to General Lee Oliver's base.  You'll still be given the
option to wait once you speak with Oliver, but it's best to just get
everything done ahead of time that you want to complete.

*****Quest 12:  Eureka! *****

After speaking with Moore at the end of "For the Republic, Part 2" you will
be taken to General Lee Oliver's base at Hoover Dam in preparation for the
battle on the horizon with the Legion.  Oliver will brief you on what will
be required.  You'll have to repel the invading Legion, and they'll be
crawling all over the Dam and inside when you start.  You'll begin in
the Power Plant 4 section.  If you speak to Mike Larson he'll provide an
option to flush some of the Legion away.  To do this you'll have to fight
your way to POwer Plant 3 and use a terminal there (Science check of 65)
to remove some of the threat.  This isn't required however.  

Your ultimate goal is to fight your way toward Power Plant 1.  There will
be an exit here that leads to the Hoover Dam Visitor's Center.  There 
isn't much to say here, each Power Plant is fairly similar in setup.  Use
the NPCs with you to your advantage when possible, there will be a decent
number of Legion attacking and too many machetes equals bad news.  Worse
is the fact that any weapons that dead NCR soldiers drop can and will be
claimed by Legion soldiers, so keep that in mind.  When you eventually get
to the Visitor's Center you should see the fruits of your previous labors.
If you recruited the Khans, they'll be fighting the Legion, or they won't
be there at all (Which is one less thorn in your side).  If you recruited
the Remnants of the Enclave, they'll be in the mix.  Boomers will be...
booming the Legion.  Make your way east along the Dam, taking care not to
let the Legion advance too close.  Keep the soldiers in front of you at all
times so you don't get overrun.  You'll pass the various Hoover Dam towers
as you progress, there will be a checkpoint halfway that you'll go through.
An NCR Ranger will approach you, he'll provide a couple options to have a
few Rangers join you for the coming push, or you can convince them with a
Speech check to clear a path for you.

Your ultimate goal at this point is to make it to the Legate Lanius's camp.
When you reach the end of the Hoover Dam there will be a makeshift bridge
that turns off to the north, you should see hordes of Legion soldiers
coming from this direction.  Push on, but be careful of ambush attacks
from the hills.  You'll eventually come to the gate to the Legate's camp.
Be sure to make a fresh save here, you'll be on your own aside from any
companions you brought or Rangers you recruited, the rest of the NCR will
hang back.  Some of the very best soldiers of the Legion will be
waiting for you here, and they can and will attack in groups of 3 or
more at times...and they know how to use their machetes.  If any other
weapons are lying around they may pick them up, so be careful not to
drop any Plasma Rifles or anything.  Be sure to clear out as many Legion
soldiers as possible, just be careful not to get too close to the path
that leads up the hill to the Legate's tent, this will be in the back
of the zone.  When ready, head up the path and encounter Caesar's
supreme champion, the Legate Lanius.  The first time I encountered this
guy I didn't quite know what to think as I had only heard the horror
stories about him.  It kinda reminded me of the battle in Fallout 1 where
you had no previous encounters with the Master, nor any real idea what
the guy would look like.  In any case, this guy means business!  Not only
is he a force to reckon with (His blade can cut you in two before you can
say "Ave, true to Caesar."), but he seems to actively regenerate health
like he's Wolverine or something.  On top of that he'll call down Legion
members to assist him in the battle unless you can talk him out of it.
There are some Speech options here where you can avoid the battle all
together, but they will require steep Skill levels.  To avoid a battle
completely you'll need either 100 Speech, or 100 Barter.  Otherwise...
prepare for a bloodbath.  When fighting the Legate, the best piece of
advice I can give is bring out your best gear, use armor piercing when
available, and don't give him an inch to recover.  The longer you leave
him untounched, the more time he has to recover and the more soldiers
that will spawn for him.  His forces seem to be never ending, at least
from what I've seen, so it would be in your benefit to finish him as
quickly as possible.  Use any and all Stimpacks you may need, Med-X
when available, offensive enhancing chems, etc.  The other tactic that
has worked well for me is knocking his sword from his hands.  While he
can be devastating without the sword, it's obviously the greater of
two evils.  Going into VATS mode and shooting/knocking the sword out
will buy you a few precious seconds.  If you're quick you may be able
to pick it up before the Legate can get to it again, I wasn't able to
myself though.

When the Legate drops, finish off any remaining Legion soldiers there
may be in the area.  Most will cower, so they shouldn't provide much 
of a problem.  When you've mopped them up, head back to the gate you
came from, you'll see General Lee Oliver there to congradulate you on
a successful route of the Legion.  Whoo hoo, thats all!  Congrats
on completing the, reload from an older save and go finish
up any optional quests you didn't complete.  You can also reload from an
even earlier save and take a different path:  House, Independant Vegas,
or even Legion.  Finally, you can always start a new character and go
a completely different route, like being a bad guy ;-)

@@@Legion controlled New Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 13:  Render Unto Caesar *****

*Part 1*

Upon completing the quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" the player will be approached
by a member of the Legion just outside the Tops Casino.  It will be Vulpes,
unless the player previously wasted him in which case it'll be someone
else.  The player will be given the Mark of Caesar, which clears any
previous bad blood you may have had with the Legion.  On top of that you'll
be invited to Caesar's base at the Fort.  One way or another, you'll end up
having to go to the Fort sometime, so keep that in mind.  The Legion 
represenative will tell you that Benny can be found at the Fort with the
Platinum Chip most likely (If you didn't kill him and take it yourself).
When you're ready, head to Cottonwood Cove, it can be found in the 
south-east part of the map near the river.

When you reach Cottonwood Cove you may be approached by a Legion soldier,
showing the Mark of Caesar should get them to leave you alone.  Be warned
that if you have Boone in your party he may tell you before you get to
Cottonwood Cove that he won't hold back, he'll shoot any Legion member
he sees whether this is a diplomatic mission or not.  If you plan on
not getting into any violence at this point, you may want to send him on
his way for now and come back for him later at Novac or the Lucky 38.
Speak to the Legion soldier at the dock, Cursor Lucullus.  He'll ferry you
to the Fort.  When you get to the Fort you'll be stripped of any weapons,
chems, and the Platinum Chip if you already obtained it.  If you're
Sneaky you may be able to hide a few weapons on your person (Using a Sneak
skill check), and if your Speech is good you can pass a Skill check to
keep some chems for a "heart condition" you have.  Don't worry about the
Platinum Chip if you lost it here, you'll get it back.

Your destination will be Caesar's Tent.  To get there you'll have to make
your way to the main camp.  You'll see a large hill before you, you'll
have to climb it up to the large drawbridge gate at the top, this leads
to the central camp.  In the camp you can find Caesar's Tent in the center
by itself.  You'll have to leave any companions outside that you may have
brought with you.  Don't worry, just tell them to wait there for now.
Enter Caesar's tent, you'll see him sitting in the center with several
of his best soldiers surrounding him along with Vulpes (If he's alive),
and Lucius.  Benny will also be tied up here if he still happened to be
alive.  Speak to Caesar, he'll marvel at your guts for showing up here,
especially if you happened to foil his plots previously.  No matter,
Caesar is willing to forget and let by-gones be by-gones if you join up
and help him out.  If you continue to work for Caesar, know that you'll
be pissing off everyone else:  NCR, Mr. House, Brotherhood of Steel, you
name it.  It won't happen right away, but continue down this path long
enough and you'll make enemies.  If you like being a bad guy, feel free
to continue!  For helping Caesar out you'll also get to decide how
Benny dies, if you didn't already kill him.

The first thing Caesar wants you to do is figure out what Mr. House has
going on in the bunker located on the Fort's premises and then destroy
whatever House has there.  Caesar will have figured out that the
Platinum Chip seems to open the door to the bunker there.  He'll give 
you the Platinum Chip at this time, so if you didn't have it previously
you will now have it in your possession.  If you already had it, well,
he's just returning it to you at this time.  The bunker can be found in
the Weather Monitoring Station in the back of the Fort.  When you enter
there will be some guards inside, they'll return your possessions to you
at this time.  If you look to your right you'll notice a small device
with a slot for the Platinum Chip, insert it and a stairway will open
near you that leads to the Bunker.  When you enter the Bunker, you
may notice a large terminal nearby with Mr. House on it, unless you
already offed him.  He'll tell you of the army of Securitron robots that
can all be heavily upgraded and set free, but he needs you to do it
as he's lost the ability to completely interract with the bunker remotely.
He will open the front door for you thanks for that I guess.  
You can still help Mr. House if you want to, or you can obey Caesar and
destroy everything, it's your call.  If you're with Caesar, feel free to
lie to House about your plans so he doesn't put a hit out for you.  Be
careful while you're down here as there are a number of Protectrons and 
automated turrets that dissuade anyone from progressing.  The good news is
that if you sprint straight ahead once going through the front door, you'll
find a security room where you can hack a few computers and disable the
defense within (Skill of 50 for the turrets and 75 for the robots).  If
you've taken out the turrets and robots, there won't be anything else to
stop you really other than some mild radiation within.  Theres only a few
rooms in the bunker, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding your
objectives.  There will be three rooms that each have a generator within.
To do Caesar's bidding you'll have to destroy each generator and then
get the hell out of there as the radiation will grow.  Note that if you
don't want to destroy such a wonderful robot army, or if you're not quite
sure if you want to side with Caesar, Caesar won't know the difference
if you just upgrade the robots anyway.  He'll just assume the vibrations
from the robots starting up was the destruction you caused.

If you blew up the generators, your quest should update, so head back to
Caesar.  Your weapons will be confiscated again before you leave the
Weather Monitoring Station.  You'll get 100xp and some Legion fame, but
you're not done yet.  The next thing Caesar will want is for you to
kill Mr. House.  If you've already done this, no problem, you'll get
to skip the next section.  If Mr. House is still alive, read on.  

*Part 2*

Caesar will ask you to kill Mr. House.  Sounds like a daunting task, I
mean, he resides in a tower thats been sealed off for years and years
from anyone and he has a robot army at his dispossal.  The good news is
that House should be unaware to your intentions which means you can get
the drop on him.  I mean, he only saved your life, who would expect
a backstab from someone like that?  Well, the bad news is that if you
blew up the Bunker, the Securitrons should be hostile to you now, so
you may need to do some fighting once you reach the Lucky 38.  Head to
the Strip and prepare for a fight.  

If you haven't amassed many levels and/or hard hitting weapons you may
be in for a rough go of it.  Securitrons don't mess around and they
can take some decent damage.  When in doubt use automatic weapons, and
if you have any Pulse Mines or Grenades they will do wonders here. 
Make your way to the Penthouse via elevator in the center of the Casino.
You'll be looking for a terminal on the left wall from the large
terminal that Mr. House projects from.  If the Securitrons weren't
hostile to you up to this point, they will be.  Accessing the terminal
will open a secret door to an antechamber nearby.  There will be another
terminal in this room that opens a secret elevator, along with another
Securitron or two.  If you're fast you may be able to access these
terminals without taking too much damage, the Securitrons shouldn't
follow you on the elevator.  

After taking the elevator you'll be face to face with Mr. House.  Gross!
Were you expecting that?  Pretty damn creepy if you ask me.  Use the
terminal next to him, do whatever you want to take him out.  Feel free to
speak to him a few times if you want before pulling the plug.  When you're
finished you'll get 500 xp.  Return to Caesar for another 100 xp and some
more Legion Fame.  The Securitrons should leave you alone after you take
out Mr. House.

*Part 3*

Now that Mr. House is out of the way, Caesar will turn his attention 
toward potential allies in the coming battle at Hoover Dam with the NCR.
Caesar will sent you to Nellis AFB to create an alliance with the Boomers.
You may or may not have interracted with them before, if not it's okay.
You only need to become Accepted among the Boomers to enlist their aid for
the coming battle.  To get there you can complete any number of quests
listed:  Ant Misbehavin', Young Hearts, Sunshine Boogie, Volare!, Boomer 
History, For the Kids, Paging Dr. Courier, and Supplies for the Boomers.
When you get to at least Accepted, or if you were already Accepted or
better, speak to Pearl in her bunker.  When they've pledged their help,
return to Caesar to complete this part.

*Part 4*

The next alliance Caesar wants is to have the White Glove Society of the
Strip join the Legion.  This information is already covered in the quest
called "Beyond the Beef."  The nice thing is Caesar's spies have already
figured out for you that the White Glove Society (WGS for short) were
once cannibals and you may be able to use this information to blackmail
them into joining.  If you follow "Beyond the Beef" the best possible
ending for an evil character is to kill Ted Gunderson so you can help
Mortimer realize his plan and get the WGS to revert to cannibals.  You
then need to frame Ted's father for the death to complete the quest.
You can free Ted and foil Mortimer's plans, which won't make Caesar
happy, but you won't be punished and your quest objective will move on
regardless.  If you've already framed Mortimer previously, just tell
Caesar that you won't be able to blackmail them.  In any case, follow
the guide for "Beyond the Beef" to complete this quest, when you've
confirmed from Mortimer and/or Majorie that they'll support the Legion,
return to Caesar for the next part.

*Part 5*

The next group Caesar wants you to interract with is the Brotherhood of
Steel...only this time he isn't looking for an alliance, he wants them
wiped out!  Poor Brotherhood of Steel, it seems nobody likes them.  If
you follow the NCR and Mr. House paths you'll notice that both those
groups want the Brotherhood taken out of commission as well, although
with the NCR there is an option to strike up an alliance.

If you haven't encountered them up to this point, the Brotherhood bunker
can be found in Hidden Valley.  It's a fenced in enclosure off the highway
north of the NCRCF. IF you're looking for access you can either bring
Veronica with you as a companion (Which is the easiest way), or you can
check out the first part of the quest called "Still in the Dark" to access
the Brotherhood bunker.  For this quest, you'll either have to kill all the
members of the Brotherhood individually, or you'll have to blow up their
underground base in Hidden Valley.  I won't describe how to kill them all,
although you can make it easier on yourself doing this part by hacking the
terminal in Paladin Ramos's room and turning the turrets on the Paladins.
To blow up the bunker, you'll need to get all the necessary keycards off the
leaders in Hidden Valley.    Among the Brotherhood members that you
need to get the cards off of are Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and
Head Scribe Taggart.  If Hardin became Elder, Ramos may have the 3rd keycard
instead I'm told.  It's best to make multiple saves here, as you don't want
to piss off the Brotherhood before activating the self destruction sequence,
it just gets messy.  Getting the cards off Hardin is easy as he's usually
in his quarters alone.  McNamara is usually in his chair, which is fairly
easy to get behind and pickpocket from.  Taggart may be a bit tougher, I
was able to get him while he was sleeping.  When you have all 3 keycards,
head to the large simulation room where Taggart is.  There will be a terminal
to your right when you enter the room.  You need to access the Override
Terminal first to get the Override code, using the keycards that you
previously obtained.  Once you have the override code, use the Self Destruct
terminal to begin the countdown.  At this point the Brotherhood will no longer
be friendly or neutral with you, you need to haul arse and get out of there.
Head back to L1 and out through the Bunker's entrance, dodging Brotherhood
members (Or wiping them out) on your way up.  When you exit the Bunker will
go ka-blooey, although you may get approached by a few Paladins upon exit
and may need to do battle.  Return to the Fort when you've mopped up.

*Part 6*

When you return, you'll notice that Caesar isn't feeling well.  You
probably noticed during your previous conversations with him that he's been
growing increasingly unstable.  It looks like he has a tumor in his head and
it needs to be removed very soon.  You won't receive anymore instructions
or objectives in "Render Unto Caesar" until you resolve this situation, so
read up on the quest "Et Tumor, Brute?" for information on this then return
to this section for the next part.

*Part 7*

Depending how the conclusion to Part 6 went you either saved Caesar's life
by removing the tumor in his head, or you botched the surgury in some way
and therefore Caesar is dead.  In the case where it's the later, Caesar
will be no more so you'll take your quests from Lucius in Caesar's tent
now.  If Caesar remains alive you'll be speaking to him of course.  Speak
to either after the operation and you'll find out that something big is
going down soon with the NCR, and the battle looms on the horizon.  It
seems that the NCR is sending President Kimball to the Hoover Dam for a
motivational speech soon, and your job is to make sure he doesn't survive
to kill the soldier's resolve and morale.  Your quest giver (Caesar or
Lucius) will send you to meet Cato Hostilus.  He can be found just
south-east from Boulder City.  The quest info for the assassination can
be found under the quest "Arizona Killer," so check that part out for
more info on taking out President Kimball.  When you've completed that
task, return to Caesar or Lucius at the Fort.

*Part 8*

Following the successful or unsuccessful attempt on President Kimball's
life, speak to Caesar or Lucius.  The preparations are finished, as far
as the Legion is concerned.  All that remains is to confront the NCR at
the battle for Hoover Dam.  See the quest "Veni, Vidi, Vici" for more.
This finishes the quest "Render Unto Caesar."  If you have any other
quests you want to complete up to this point, or any other armor or
weapons you want to obtain, now is the time to do it before you travel
to the Legate's camp.  I also suggest bringing a good supply of any
meds you'll need for this large scale battle.  Note that some companions
will not partake of the battle, I know Arcade Gannon is listed as one,
so don't count on always having backup for the attack on the NCR.

*****Quest 14:  Et Tumor, Brute? *****

After completing Part 5 of "Render Unto Caesar," Caesar will become very
ill due to a tumor in his head.  You will be asked to obtain the means to
remove the tumor, although if Caesar dies you can still proceed through
the game.  If you plan on healing Caesar (You have to at least make an
attempt, or make the Legion think you're making an attempt at least), theres
a couple different ways to go about it.  For most people you're going to be
trying to fix the Auto-Doc by Caesar's bedside.  To do that you're going
to need a replacement Diagnostic Scanning Module.  However if you have a
Medical skill of 75 or Luck of 9 you can attempt the surgury yourself and
bypass getting the Module.  To perform the surgury you'll also need a
Doctor's Bag and Surgical Tools which can be found in the New Vegas Medical
Clinic at the price of 1000 caps.  For those of you without the Luck or
Medicine skill, read on.

The Diagnostic Scanning Module will be found in Vault 34 which is east of
the NCR Sharecroppers.  On the PC version the Auto-Doc with the Module
you need is early in the Vault in the Clinic, however I'm told on other
versions it will be found in Security Station A.  When in doubt, just keep
an eye out for a device that looks like Caesar's Auto-Doc.  If you're
looking for the Clinic, it isn't far, in fact you have to pass through it
at some point.  When you first enter Vault 34 you'll come to the Atrium
level with a lot of Ghouls.  Theres a set of stairs on your right that
lead down to that level.  From there you'll follow a linear path through
some hallways until you can no longer advance through the hallway.  The
Clinic should be right there, it'll be a large room in the south central
part of the Vault.  The Auto-Doc should be in the back of that room, use
it to get the part you need.  When you're finished you can leave, or
continue through the Vault if you like, theres lots of goodies in the
Armory.  If you're playing on a non-PC version and the Auto-Doc isn't in
the Clinic, you're going to have to go to theSecurity Station A area.  I'm
a little sketchy on how I got there as you have to go through a few steps
to unlock the area, but the door to Security Station A is just past the
Clinic.  It should say "Vault 34 Level 1" on your map when you see the
door.  However the area behind that door is flooded, and to remove the
water I believe you have to drain it from the nearby utility room.  Once
the water is drained head through the door mentioned above, you'll go down
a set of stairs and to your right will be the door to Security Station A.
It's on the same floor as the Armory, but the two sections are divided by

Once you've obtained the Diagnostic Scanning Module and a Doctor's Bag,
or a Doctor's Bag and Surgical Tools if you're going to operate yourself,
return to the Fort.  Now, even though you have the skills to save Caesar
at this point, theres nothing that will prevent you from failing to save
his life either.  You can actually rig the Auto-Doc to fail the surgury,
ending Caesar's life.  I believe you can also botch the surgury.  You
will be able to continue down the Legion path after this still, taking
your quests from Lucius instead, however to remain friendly with the
Legion you'll have to convince them you did your best either with a
Speech skill of 60 or Medicine skill of 50.  Either way, once the
situation with Caesar has been resolved you will be able to move on to
Part 7 of "Render Unto Caesar."

*****Quest 15:  Arizona Killer *****
*Note*  If you have any companions with you, it may be wise to leave
them for a period of time somewhere safe.  When the poop hits the fan
during this mission, you'll have a lot of NCR heat on you potentially, so
especially those that are on Hardcore mode may want to spare your lackies.

Upon completing Part 6 of "Render Unto Caesar" which is also tied to the
quest "Et Tumor, Brute?" your next objective will be to take out the NCR
President, Kimball.  You're given a small window to make the hit on the
President, so keep this in mind and make multiple saves if needed!  Theres 
a variety of different ways to kill him, and no one way is wrong as long as
he drops.  For starters, you'll need to meet Cato Hostilus once you're
given this quest.  Cato can be found just south-east from Boulder City, 
he'll be camped out at your quest marker.  At this point NCR soldiers are
going to probably be hostile to you, or at least Rangers will be, so try
to avoid known NCR locations unless you don't mind dropping a few.

Cato will ask you if you have a plan to take out the President.  This is
entirely up to you.  If you have an Explosives skill of 50, Cato will have
a bomb and detonator available for you to use.  If not, a bullet in the
head will work as well.  Theres some other options that are more discrete,
so don't worry if neither of these is your cup of tea.  Cato will give you
an NCR Trooper uniform in case you didn't have one, be sure to put it on
as soon as possible!  You'll sleep the night, in the morning you'll be
heading to the Dam to enact your plan.

Cato will speak to you in the morning briefly, then head off at top speed
toward the Dam.  Be mindful that normal NCR Troopers shouldn't be able to
identify you, but NCR Rangers will spot you if you get within their range
(Roughly 10 yards from what I've seen).  Rangers have the distinctive hats
with the brim all around, so they should be easy to spot.  Just remember
that they're always moving, so one can sneak up behind you if you aren't
careful.  There are almost endless options in taking out the President if
you consider weapons, various locations to snipe from, and things like
planting grenades.  At any point when you feel you're ready for the
President's speech to begin, speak to Cato and the event will start right
away...just be sure you've prepared by using one of the options below
first.  Here are a few of the more well known methods for assassination:

Option 1:
With an Explosives skill of 50 you can use the bomb that Cato gives you to
rig the President's Vertibird to blow after he arrives.  You'll then need
to trigger the explosive with your detonator after he enters it again.
The easiest way to do this is to obtain the NCR Engineer uniform and disguise
yourself as a worker.  The Engineer uniform should be found in a locker in
the Visitor's Center, it'll be in a Supply closet.  Using this uniform you
can convince the guard at the top of the Visitor's Center that you're there
to do maintenance, and he'll let you climb the ladder to the Vertibird
landing during the President's speech.  Interact with the Vertibird to plant
the bomb, then head back down and find a safe location out of the way where
you can detonate the bomb once the President lifts off again.

Option 2:
Theres a console outside of the Visitor's Center on the second level.  You
can use this to rig the Anti-Aircraft cannon to shoot the President's
Vertibird down as soon as it comes in (A nice way to bypass the long speech
all together if you don't care), or you can use a Repair skill to have it
explode.  To have it shoot the Vertibird down it requires 50 Science and
to explode it requires 50 Repair.

Option 3:
You can change the Vertibird's exit path by altering it in the Visitor's
Center.  Use your hacking ability to get into the computer there, then
alter the Vertibird's flight instructions.  When the President departs,
his Vertibird will lose control and spiral out till it explodes.  This
is one of my favorite endings, although having the cannon shoot him down 
is also nice.

Option 4:
Rig the helmet of Private Watson with explosives.  This requires that you
have some C4 handy and a detonator to use.  The helmet can be found on a
table next to the Visitor's Center, but you have to be careful as a Ranger
patrols next to the table.  Make sure you wait till the Ranger is moving
away from the table (Walking south) before you attempt to rig the helmet.
With detonator in hand, speak to Private Watson on the stage before the
President arrives.  He'll mention that he can't find his helmet, be sure
to point it out for him.  He'll put the helmet on, feel free to tell Cato
at this time that you're ready.  President Kimball will arrive via
Vertibird and begin his speech.  I believe you can set the C4 off at any
time, but it may be best to wait until Kimball gives the award to Watson
so you make sure he receives a full blast.

Option 5:
In the NCR version of this quest, a Sniper takes the President out from a
tower on the Hoover Dam just behind the stage.  You can do the same, 
provided you have a weapon with some kick and a scope.  When you're ready,
tell Cato you're set and the President's Vertibird will arrive.  You can
always shoot it down yourself while in route, but why do that when you can
set the cannon to do it for you in Option 2?  Instead climb to the top of
the tower, take out the guard there using stealth to avoid causing a scene.
When the President arrives he'll have his back to you, and you should be
able to take your time with a clear headshot.  If you hang out too long,
you may be spotted, just make sure you make the shot count.  You can try
to sneak away once the quest is complete, however you may need to find a
hiding place within the Dam itself until everything cools down.  If you're
fast you may be able to fast travel to a safe location (Not the Fort,
unless you take your NCR outfit off first) as soon as the quest shows as

Theres plenty of other ways to take out the President as I mentioned above,
but the five Options I listed are the ones coded for the game and will
require the least amount of direct attack possible.  You want to avoid
directly attacking the President as you may not be able to turn away the
onslaught of NCR Rangers and Troopers if they witness you make the hit.
In some cases you may be able to fast travel away as soon as the hit is
made and the quest shows as complete, avoiding controntation.  In other
cases you may need to run into the Dam or another location and hide out
until the search dies down.  If running isn't your thing, you can of course
waste them all...good luck.  When you're finished, be sure to remove your
NCR Trooper uniform before returning to the Fort!  Head back and talk to
Caesar or Lucius and let them know how you did.  You'll move on to the
last part of "Render Unto Caesar," and the final Legion quest will open
to you, "Veni, Vidi, Vici."  

*****Quest 16:  Veni, Vidi, Vici *****

After returning to Caesar or Lucius having completed "Arizona Killer," they
will tell you preparations are complete.  At this time they'll be ready to
send you to the Legate Lanius's camp for the Hoover Dam battle.  Make sure
all your quests and preparations are ready and complete before traveling!
The Legate's tent will be in the back of the camp on top of a hill after
you magically appear at the gate.  Unfortunately this will be the only time
you get to see the inside of the tent, and you cannot move while the Legate
briefs you on a battle, so take a good look.  I thought it was neat anyway,
with the slaves and all.  Yeah, so anyway, the Legate will kick you out of
the tent when he's finished with you.  You'll be given instructions to
assault the NCR, and your objective is to take out General Lee Oliver.
Without their leader, the NCR will surely crumble.  General Lee Oliver will
be holed up within the Dam itself, and you'll have to fight through several
Power Plant areas to get to him.

When you're ready, leave the camp via the gate to the north.  The battle
will already be raging once you exit.  Any friends you recruited along the
way will be available to help you out, such as the Boomers dropping bombs
on NCR targets, Great Khans, etc.  You'll fight your way west along the
top of the Dam.  You'll pass through a check point of sorts about 1/3 of
the way across the Dam.  This section shouldn't be too tough, as you'll
have Legion soldiers traveling with you.  Be sure to use them as meat
shields, let them do your dirty work.  Follow your quest marker, it should
lead you to the Visitor's Center at the end of the Dam.  Be sure to make
lots of new saves from this point on, because it may get hairy.

Inside the Visitor's Center you may run into a few NCR Rangers in modified
Power Armor.  These guys can pack a punch, take a beating, and you'll be
running into a few of them from here on out.  There should be a door here
that leads to Power Plant 1, take that.  When you get to the other side
there will be several Legion soldiers, follow them.  They'll help take
out some of the NCR soldiers in this area, let them soak up the damage.
You're going to be moving south through this area and the next few.  
Theres not much to say really, you're trying to get from Power Plant 1
to Power Plant 4, constantly moving south and taking out NCR soldiers 
along the way.  The door to the next section will either be at the 
lowest level, the second level, or there may be multiple doors.  In any
case, keep moving south.  When you get to Power Plant 4, the door to the
next section will be on the lowest level, and it will lead to Oliver's
Compound.  Make a new save, then enter.

General Lee Oliver will be here, with a dozen or so Legion bodies scattered
around.  If your Speech skill is at 100 you can convince him to give up
all together, but what would be the fun in that?  This is the climatic
finish, and Legion take no prisoners!  If your Speech isn't this high and
you want to battle, get ready.  I've seen some people be able to pop
Stealth Boys through this section, but you end up having to kill the NCR
soldiers anyway, so I say just kill them.  Once Oliver finishes his speech
and sicks his dogs on you, I like to head left quickly.  You want to get
out of view of the soldiers up top, and there will be more coming down
below after you.  They come quick and pack a punch, so be ready for a lot
of action in the first 3-5 minutes.  Med-X may be a good idea to help soak
some damage if you're low on Stimpacks, take the NCR soldiers out as quick
as you can as you may find yourself overwhelmed.  When it seems they've
stopped sending men, you'll notice that a force field exists at the second
level.  To get up there you'll need to find a set of stairs in the western
part of the room (To your right after entering the compound).  There may
be some debris blocking your path, if you want to avoid the soldiers
sniping from up top you can go around using the back hallway, theres a
door in the eastern section that leads to the hall.  

Once you've accessed the stairs to the second level you'll be in a cubicle
area...and this place is deadly.  There will be more NCR Troopers here, and
they'll have the best weapons and the modified Power Armor.  Also this place
is heavily booby trapped, and the traps are often in bunches.  You'll find
sections where there will be 3 Bear Traps in a row, along with a tripwire
for explosives.  My suggestion is to always look down, and make sure there
isn't any nearby tripwires that aren't disarmed or triggered as the NCR
troopers pursuing you may set off the traps.  I had one such occurrence
when a soldier activated the tripwire, and we were all dead within seconds.
Make your way across the room, moving to the east and watching for the traps
as well as NCR soldiers that may be in front of you, or coming up from 
behind.  When you reach the next set of stairs, you're almost done.

This is the last section.  General Oliver will make his stand here, but not
without a contingent of his soldiers.  Oliver himself is easy enough to
take out, he isn't wearing heavy armor so he's somewhat squishy.  The other
soldiers can overwhelm you in a hurry though, so keep the Stimpacks handy
and be ready to move when needed.  If the previous room is now safe, you
may try falling back there if things get nasty.  Soldiers will be coming
out of the woodwork in this area, literally.  I remember that some of the
walls were destructable I think, so be prepared for NCR Heavy Troopers to
come after you.  You'll need to take out every NCR Trooper protecting
Oliver, armor piercing bullets may be your best bet for the Heavy Troopers
while Oliver will take hollowpoints in the head.

When you've cleared out all the soldiers protecting Oliver, your quest 
should update and tell you to return to Legate Lanius.  Head back the
way you came, back down to the first level and through the door back to
Power Plant 4.  Lanius will be there waiting for you, give him an update
on your mission.  He'll congradulate you if you killed Oliver, but if you
happened to talk him out of fighting he'll comment on that as well.  
Congrats!  You just completed the game and secured a victory for the Legion.
Now, reload from an older save and go finish up any optional quests you 
didn't complete.  You can also reload from an even earlier save and take
a different path:  House, Independant Vegas, or even the NCR.  Finally, 
you can always start a new character and go a completely different route, 
like being a good guy...but what fun is that?  =)

@@@Independant New Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 17:  Wild Card:  Ace in the Hole *****

This is a pretty short quest, but it's the first step in the Independant
New Vegas route.  You may almost skip it entirely and go right on to the
next quest "Wild Card:  Change in Management" if you run into Yes Man.  In
any case, this current quest is part of the end game quest chain that starts
with "Ring-a-Ding-Ding," see that quest for more info.  At some point you'll
find yourself in the Tops Casino in search of Benny, your attacker.  Whether
you speak to Swank or not and present evidence, it doesn't matter.  
Eventually you will probably find that you either need to confront Benny in
his suite, or find evidence of his wrongdoing.  That may activate this

Upon entering Benny's suite in the Tops Casino (If can be found by taking
the 3rd elevator on the right in the hall of elevators), you'll find his
room with the double doors halfway down the hall.  If Benny is there, feel
free to take him out and recover the Platinum Chip.  If you let Benny escape
or fail to kill him here, you'll have to wait till you visit the Fort later.
While you're in Benny's room, head to the back.  You'll eventually find
yourself in a room that hasn't been finished, no carpet and whatnot.  There
will be a few unoperable terminals here, and a large Securitron with a
happy, smiling face known as Yes Man.  Upon finding Yes Man your quest should
update after talking to him.  Your quest should now have you ask Yes Man how
you can take over New Vegas.  Sounds good to me!  Talk to Yes Man, exhaust
all your Speech options until you receive the two quests "Wild Card:  Change
in Management" and "Wild Card:  Side Bets."  Just make sure once Side Bets
activates that you don't do anything with the Speech options related to that
quest.  This means any dialog options should be skipped for now where Yes Man
asks you what you want to do with various groups like the Brotherhood, or 
the Khans, At this point your current quest will be finished, the next step 
will be Change in Management.

*****Quest 18:  Wild Card:  Change in Management *****

At this point you have spoken to Yes Man and have found you can take Benny's
place and realize his dream of ruling New Vegas yourself!  To do this you
need to implement the Securitron he reprogrammed, Yes Man.  Yes Man is
very knowledgeable, as well as helpful, so you should have little problems
taking control of the place yourself.  At this point Yes Man may start asking
you about various groups and how you want to handle them in case you do end
up ruling Vegas.  Until you've sorted these groups out yourself, I suggest
ignoring all these dialog options.

The first step in taking over New Vegas is to acquire the Platinum Chip.  If
you already killed Benny in the Tops Casino like you're supposed to, you
should have been able to loot it from his body.  If he escaped to the Fort,
you'll have to chase him there.  Theres not much to say about pursuing
Benny at the Fort, most of it is covered in "The House Always Wins, Part II."
Essentially you just need to head go to go to Cottonwood Cove in the south
east part of the map, take the boat to the Fort, speak to Caesar in his
tent and you'll recover the Platinum Chip.  You can go straight to the
Weather Monitoring Station while you're here, or just come back later.

Once the Platinum Chip is in your hands, the next step is to take out Mr.
House.  You don't need to do this right away.  If you want, you can make
House think you're still working for him.  You can even skip to "Wild Card:
You and What Army?" if you activate the Securitrons in the Fort bunker, but
for now we'll assume you're here to knock out this quest and finish off Mr.
House.  Theres no reason to alarm him before coming, so walk through the
front door of the Lucky 38 Casino as if you're there for a regular visit.
Make sure to make a clean save in case things get hairy.  Head up to the
Penthouse like normal.  When you get to the large Mr. House computer, you
should notice a small terminal on the wall to your left.  You can use this
terminal to access the ante-chamber to Mr. House's biological remains.
Note that as soon as you use this terminal to open the hidden door, the
Securitrons in this area will all turn hostile to you, and it can get messy.
You can try to take them all out, or you can hurry forward and try to dodge
their attacks.  In the next room there will be another terminal you'll need
to access.  To unlock both these terminals you'll need either the Platinum
Chip, which you should already have, the Lucky 38 VIP keycard from the H&H
Tool Factory, or a Science skill of 75.  Once you've unlocked the 2nd
terminal, take the elevator to Mr. House's Control Room.

There you'll come face to face with the man himself.  Kinda sick, isn't it?
You can use the terminal here to open House's chamber and have a brief
conversation with him.  It doesn't matter what you do at this point once
you speak to him.  Use the terminal again to either put him back in his
coffin, disconnected from the network, or kill him.  I don't suggest
shooting his body or hitting it manually, I've heard it can cause bugs.
Once House is out of the way, return to Yes Man at the Tops casino.  If you
don't see him where you last left him, he may be just outside the Casino.
He'll also show up there in a new body if you ever decide you're sick of
him and want to blow him away.  Tell Yes Man the deed is done, he will then
say he'll meet you in the Lucky 38.

Head back to the Penthouse where Mr. House's large computer terminal was.
Yes Man should be there, talking with him will initiate a transfer process
where Yes Man will install himself on Mr. House's network.  Now you're in
charge!  Don't get a big head, you have a lot of work ahead of you still,
but the good news is you're in the driver's seat.  At this point you should
also have the Platinum Chip, which you should be able to give to Yes Man.
Yes Man can use the Platinum Chip, just as House was planning, to upgrade
all the current Securitrons to their version 2 software level.  This will
upgrade their defense and their weapon capabilities quite a bit.  Yes Man
will show you a brief demonstration in the basement of the Lucky 38 after
you give him the Platinum Chip.  The next step is to work on "Wild Card:
Side Bets," and you should have have "Wild Card:  You and What Army?"
activated at this point.  Pick one and begin.

*****Quest 19:  Wild Card:  Side Bets *****

This quest begins shortly after you activate "Wild Card:  Change in
Management."  Like many of the other paths to the game's end, Yes Man
presents various factions to you that may be instrumental in the upcomming
battle.  The difference is that Yes Man will give you the option of
recruiting these groups, ignoring them completely, or taking them out
prior to the battle.  If you don't want any help and don't care how these
groups affect your end game credits, you can tell Yes Man to ignore all
the groups if you like and the quest will be complete.  Some groups may
require that you at least speak with them first before you can make your
decisions.  I've listed each group below and where you need to go to
get them on board:

The Boomers - These guys will drop the bombs on the Legion for you when
the battle for Hoover Dam gets underway.  They're a nice ally to have, and
being on their bad side is not something you necessarily want.  To ally
yourself with the Boomers, see the quest "Volare!" and the other Optional
Quests listed with it to gain the Boomer's trust.  Once your faction is
high enough, speak to Pearl to solidify your partnership.

The Great Khans - The Great Khans currently are allied with Caesar if you
make no change or ignore them.  You can, however, get them to ally with the
NCR by following the quest "Oh My Papa."  You can also lead the Khans away
from the battle by convincing them not to ally at all with Caesar, which
will at least prevent them from shooting at you during the fray.

The Brotherhood of Steel - These guys are nice buddies to have in a fight,
but they'll require some legwork too before they'll join the fight.  First
you'll need to get on their good side by completing the quest "Still in the
Dark" and assist Elder McNamara.  Completing "Eyesight to the Blind" will
also further cement your friendship with the Brotherhood.  You then need
to complete part of the NCR end game quest chain, up through "For the
Republic, Part 2" where they ask you to take out the Brotherhood.  You can
then speak to Elder McNamara and initiate a truce dialog with the NCR,
which will bring them on board as allies for the battle.  If you don't
care for the Brotherhood, you can take them out by gun or blow their bunker.
If you haven't encountered them up to this point, the Brotherhood bunker
can be found in Hidden Valley.  It's a fenced in enclosure off the highway
north of the NCRCF. IF you're looking for access you can either bring
Veronica with you as a companion (Which is the easiest way), or you can
check out the first part of the quest called "Still in the Dark" to access
the Brotherhood bunker.  To wipe them out you have two paths:  kill all the
members of the Brotherhood individually, or you'll have to blow up their
underground base in Hidden Valley.  I won't describe how to kill them all,
although you can make it easier on yourself doing this part by hacking the
terminal in Paladin Ramos's room and turning the turrets on the Paladins.
To blow up the bunker, you'll need to get all the necessary keycards off the
leaders in Hidden Valley.    Among the Brotherhood members that you
need to get the cards off of are Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and
Head Scribe Taggart.  If Hardin became Elder, Ramos may have the 3rd keycard
instead I'm told.  It's best to make multiple saves here, as you don't want
to piss off the Brotherhood before activating the self destruction sequence,
it just gets messy.  Getting the cards off Hardin is easy as he's usually
in his quarters alone.  McNamara is usually in his chair, which is fairly
easy to get behind and pickpocket from.  Taggart may be a bit tougher, I
was able to get him while he was sleeping.  When you have all 3 keycards,
head to the large simulation room where Taggart is.  There will be a terminal
to your right when you enter the room.  You need to access the Override
Terminal first to get the Override code, using the keycards that you
previously obtained.  Once you have the override code, use the Self Destruct
terminal to begin the countdown.  At this point the Brotherhood will no longer
be friendly or neutral with you, you need to haul arse and get out of there.
Head back to L1 and out through the Bunker's entrance, dodging Brotherhood
members (Or wiping them out) on your way up.  When you exit the Bunker will
go ka-blooey, although you may get approached by a few Paladins upon exit
and may need to do battle.  

The White Glove Society (WGS) - This group is one of the first families of
New Vegas, brought together by Mr. House.  They have a shady past of
cannibalism which you can either exploit, or you can help cure them of their
old ways.  Check out the quest "Beyond the Beef" to decide how you want to

The Omertas - This is the last group you have to work with.  They're another
one of the original families of New Vegas, and they're up to no good.  If
you work with Cachino you can expose the plot that the Omerta bosses are
putting together to take over New Vegas.  You obviously don't want these
guys to try and take over the Strip while you're fighting the battle at
Hoover Dam, so it's best to work with Cachino even though you can also
help the Omerta bosses achieve their goals.  Check out the quest "How Little
We Know" to find out how to assist Cachino.

Once you've dealt with all the different groups, speak to Yes Man.  Remember,
if you haven't yet made a decision on what the fate of each group is, you
can always tell Yes Man to ignore them for now and you can decide what to
do with each one later.  After you've given an answer to Yes Man for all
five groups and you've completed all other prerequisists, you will unlock
the quest "Wild Card:  Finishing Touch."

*****Quest 20:  Wild Card:  You and What Army? *****

After taking out Mr. House, installing Yes Man into the Lucky 38 network,
and upgrading the Securitrons your next step is to find out what Mr. House
was planning to do with the bunker at the Fort.  Yes Man finds that something
big was going on there and suggests you check it out.  Now, the Fort is the
proverbial scorpion nest.  It's the lair of the Legion, and if you haven't
been there it may be a little daunting.  The good news is that Vulpes should
have given you the Mark of Caesar upon completion of "Ring-a-Ding-Ding."  On
the other hand, if you pissed off a bunch of Legion soldiers or killed them
since then, they may not like you very much.  You can try to don a Legion
outfit and sneak in at Cottonwood Cove, thats up to you.  In any case, your
destination is the Fort and the Weather Monitoring Station.

When you get to the Fort you will most likely be stripped of any weapons you
can't Sneak in, any medications you can't convince the guard you need, and
you'll lose the Platinum Chip as well (Or not, in the unlikely chance you
didn't have it yet).  You'll be asked to go speak to Caesar in the center
of the Fort.  Of course, if you've screwed up your faction with the Legion
again, all these people will probably be hostile to you, so good luck
because you're fighting your way in.  Caesar's tent is found in the main
camp.  From the gate head up the large hill before you, theres a drawbridge
gate at the top.  This will be the main camp, Caesar's tent is in the center
on a small hill.  Your companions will have to wait outside while you speak
to him.  If you let Benny live previously, he'll be here as Caesar's prisoner
and Caesar will be holding the Platinum Chip at this point regardless of your
previous choices. 

Caesar will cut to the chase.  He's pretty sure the Platinum Chip opens a
bunker within his Fort, located within the Weather Monitoring Station in the
back of the Fort.  He wants you to do something to show your loyalty by going
inside and wrecking whatever is down there, then returning.  The good news is
you can choose to follow Caesar's orders or disobey them completely, he won't
know the difference.  The other plus is Caesar will let you choose how Benny
is to die if you didn't kill him previously.  Take the Platinum Chip from
Caesar and exit the tent.

Take your companions with you to the Weather Monitoring Station at the far
end of the Fort.  There the guards will return your items to you.  To your
right will be a terminal that accepts the Platinum Chip, insert it to open
a set of stairs into the bunker below.  If you killed Mr. Hourse previously,
a remote terminal will be setup at the entrance here and he'll speak to you.
Otherwise, head into the bunker.  This place can be a little nasty, theres
a number of turrets as well as a small force of Security robots ready to
halt your course.  You can disable both by using the two terminals in the
room just past the entrance ahead, as long as your Science skill is high
enough.  The bunker itself is pretty straightforward once you take out the
security measures.  There will be three generator rooms.  If you destroy
the generators in each room you will have fulfilled Caesar's wish to take
out the bunker.  We don't want to do that though.  Instead make your way to
the back of the bunker and look for a terminal that accepts the Platinum
Chip.  Insert the chip and you'll notice that all of the blank Securitron
robots you saw on your way in will be upgraded to the Mark II status!  You
now have a small army waiting for you in preparation for the upcomming

Exit the bunker via the way you came in.  The guards will most likely take
your items again for the time being.  You can return to Caesar if you wish,
or just leave at this point.  Caesar won't know if you disobey him, he'll
just figure that the rumbling was you doing your job.  If you didn't kill
Benny, you can now decide how he dies if you wish.  When you're finished
here, return to Yes Man at the Lucky 38.  

*****Quest 21:  Wild Card:  Finishing Touch *****

You're almost done, and New Vegas will soon be yours.  However, Yes Man warns
that Mr. House forsaw a threat on the horizon for President Kimball of the
NCR.  While the NCR doesn't necessarily coincide with your ultimate goals,
they will be instrumental in the coming battle and you don't want to see
a big morale hit befall the NCR prior to the Hoover Dam conflict.  Yes Man
suggests you go to the Hoover Dam for the President's speech to prevent his
assassination, although it isn't imperative that you stop the death.  If you
so choose to save the President's life, check out the quest "You'll Know it
When it Happens."  Once you've done that section, or decided you're skipping
it, speak to Yes Man again.

Theres one final touch that needs to be done before you and Yes Man will be
prepared for your fight for New Vegas.  Yes Man needs you to install an
override chip in the El Dorado Substation that will allow him to extend the
network range of the Lucky 38 casino.  The El Dorado Substation can be found
just north of Helios ONE.  There will be a number of NCR Troopers outside,
and they won't be too keen on you going in.  The easiest way in without
pissing too many of them off is to disguise yourself in NCR Trooper clothing
and walk on in.  You can also Sneak in if you so choose, or just take out the
NCR if you don't care about the negative Fame.  

Once you're inside the Substation you'll notice a large terminal in the back
of the building and to your right.  Go to this machine and upload the
override terminal to give Yes Man some more reach.  When you're finished,
return to him in the Lucky 38.  At this point you're ready for the final
battle at Hoover Dam, at least as far as you and Yes Man go.  If you have any
Optional Quests that you want to complete still, now is the time to do it
as theres no going back after this point.  If theres any armor or weapons you
want to pickup, or meds that you may want, go ahead and get those too.  When
you're ready, make a new save and tell Yes Man you're ready to go.

*****Quest 22:  No Gods, No Masters *****

After accepting to go to Hoover Dam for the battle, you'll magically be
taken to the Dam where the battle already is underway.  The good news is
that Securitrons will be assisting in taking control of the Dam.  Also if
you enlisted any outside forces for the battle, such as the Great Khans,
or if you got the Boomer's plane up and running, they will be assisting
you along with the NCR.  Yes Man has one final technical task for you
it seems.  He wants you to sneak into the Dam's mainframe and install yet
another override chip so he can assume control of the Dam and run things
more efficiently'll see, trust me.  Theres probably a couple
different paths you can take to get there, but the quickest way is to find
the third tower on your right and head inside.  There will be a door here
to your right, head to the next area.  Here there will be the floor that
leads to the mainframe area and later the Power Plant.  The mainframe will
be down the path to your left, just follow your quest marker.  You'll 
know that you've found the right door when you see a couple NCR troopers
that appear to be wearing some variation of Brotherhood Power Armor...
just slimmer.  They may dispatch a couple Legion soldiers quickly.  If
you're Speech is sly enough you should be able to convince them that
their commander is under attack and needs their help right away, they'll
abandon their post leaving the computer room all to you.  If your Speech
isn't high enough, well...prepare for a fight.

Once inside the computer room the soldiers were guarding you'll see the
main terminal in the back.  Interract with it to install Yes Man's
override chip.  The last thing you'll need to do is manually kick the
power on in the Power Plant.  To do this, head back out of the room and
continue on to your left.  Keep heading this direction, take the right
path at the fork, and then right again at the next fork.  This should
lead you to a large room which is part of the Power Plant.  The switch
you're looking for should be on your right when you enter the large
room.  Flip it on, you're all set!  There should be a key on a table
nearby for the exit, grab that and head back the way you came.  When you
exit the tower, the battle will continue to rage on.  Securitrons will
continue to pour in along with NCR troopers and any other helpers you
had.  Push east toward the Legion's camp.  Try to let the NPC's do the
work for you, save your health and meds for the later battle.  Eventually
you'll come to a gate leading to the Legate's camp.

Inside the Legate's camp you really won't receive anymore help from the
Securitrons, although if you still have a companion Securitron with you
they should continue to follow.  Your normal companions will still be
at your side as well.  Some of the best members of the Legion will be
waiting for you here, and they can and will attack in groups of 3 or
more at times...and they know how to use their machetes.  If any other
weapons are lying around they may pick them up, so be careful not to
drop any Plasma Rifles or anything.  Be sure to clear out as many Legion
soldiers as possible, just be careful not to get too close to the path
that leads up the hill to the Legate's tent, this will be in the back
of the zone.  When ready, head up the path and encounter Caesar's
supreme champion, the Legate Lanius.  The first time I encountered this
guy I didn't quite know what to think as I had only heard the horror
stories about him.  It kinda reminded me of the battle in Fallout 1 where
you had no previous encounters with the Master, nor any real idea what
the guy would look like.  In any case, this guy means business!  Not only
is he a force to reckon with (His blade can cut you in two before you can
say "Ave, true to Caesar."), but he seems to actively regenerate health
like he's Wolverine or something.  On top of that he'll call down Legion
members to assist him in the battle unless you can talk him out of it.
There are some Speech options here where you can avoid the battle all
together, but they will require steep Skill levels.  To avoid a battle
completely you'll need either 100 Speech, or 100 Barter.  Otherwise...
prepare for a bloodbath.  When fighting the Legate, the best piece of
advice I can give is bring out your best gear, use armor piercing when
available, and don't give him an inch to recover.  The longer you leave
him untounched, the more time he has to recover and the more soldiers
that will spawn for him.  His forces seem to be never ending, at least
from what I've seen, so it would be in your benefit to finish him as
quickly as possible.  Use any and all Stimpacks you may need, Med-X
when available, offensive enhancing chems, etc.  The other tactic that
has worked well for me is knocking his sword from his hands.  While he
can be devastating without the sword, it's obviously the greater of
two evils.  Going into VATS mode and shooting/knocking the sword out
will buy you a few precious seconds.  If you're quick you may be able
to pick it up before the Legate can get to it again, I wasn't able to
myself though.

When the Legate drops, finish off any remaining Legion soldiers there
may be in the area.  Most will cower, so they shouldn't provide much 
of a problem.  When you've mopped them up, head back to the gate you
came from, you'll see General Lee Oliver there to congradulate you on
a successful route of the Legion.  You'll then notice something
appearing in the smoke behind Oliver...yeah, that's freakin' awesome
to see, I won't spoil it.  In any case, let Oliver know that the NCR
doesn't have a leg to stand on as it concerns the Dam and that you and your
army will be in charge now.  Oliver will be none too happy, however
you can talk him down with a Speech of 100, Barter of 100, or Science
skill of 100.  If you don't convince Oliver to retreat, he may decide
he's going down in a blaze of glory...which shouldn't last too long
given the current situation.  When Oliver drops, a Securitron with Yes
Man should appear and speak to you at length.  Thats all!  Congrats
on completing the, reload from an older save and go finish
up any optional quests you didn't complete.  You can also reload from an
even earlier save and take a different path, like NCR, Mr. House lead Vegas,
or even Legion.  Finally, you can always start a new character and go
a completely different route, like being a bad guy ;-)

				Optional Quests

*****Quest 1:  Ghost Town Gunfight *****

After you complete By a Campfire on the Trail, you can speak to Trudy about
Ringo, whom the town is sheltering in the Gas Station.  If you go to the
Station before talking to Trudy it will probably be locked with a key.
Speak to Ringo, he'll tell you about his complication with the Powder Gang.
If you decide to help him, you have the option of helping for free, or you
can be a hired gun and Ringo promises the Crimson Caravan will pay you back
well later.  To help Ringo out, he suggests you get some more muscle.  He
thinks Sunny is a good place to start, so head back to the Saloon.

Sunny will join up with you with no problems, easy as pie.  However she
suggests you enlist more help for the Powder Gangers.  This is all optional,
but it will definitely help.  She suggests talking with Trudy, who can get
more townspeople to pitch in for the fight.  To talk Trudy into helping, I
suggest having a Speech skill of 30 for an easy Speech roll.  If you don't
have this, reading a magazine can temporarily give you the boost you need.
Sunny also suggests talking to Easy Pete to get some dynamite.  You'll need
an Explosives skill of 25 I think to get the dynamite off him easy.  Sunny
thinks that Chet at the General Store just got in some Leather Armor at the
store which will help out, but his help may not be for free.  To talk Chet
into giving up the armor you'll need a Barter skill of 25 (I suggest taking
this one if you can).  Finally, Sunny suggests going to the Doc and see if
he has any extra chems since you may be getting a few holes in yourself
courtesy of the Powder Gangers.  Doc Mitchell should turn over some Stimpacks
without needing a roll.  When you're ready, head back to Ringo in the Gas

Talk to Ringo to initiate the battle.  Sunny will come and give you the break
down.  She figures theres 6 Powder Gangers attacking, including their
leader.  They carry a mix of melee weapons and guns, but if you enlisted
the help of the townspeople you should make short work of them.  Be sure to
loot the bodies, you can sell the excess off to Chet for caps and gear you
want.  Ringo will talk to you afterwards and give you 100 caps if you asked
for a reward for helping him before.  You'll probably become Idolized with
Goodsprings for helping Ringo, and your faction with the Powder Gangers will
go down.  Ringo can also teach you how to play Caravan if you ask.  If you
find Ringo much later at the Crimson Caravan north east of Vegas, he'll
reward you with an additional 150 caps for helping.

*****Quest 2:  My Kind of Town *****

Johnson Nash tells you that you can help the town of Primm by bringing back
their Deputy.  The Deputy is also the only one that knows where the Khan's
and the man in the checkered suit went.  So, your next target should be the
Steve Bison Hotel, the large building accross from the V & V Casino.  You
should prepare for some fights, because theres a good number of Gangers
inside.  Please note that once you find the Deputy and get the info you
need regarding your attackers, you can continue with your main quest 
without completing My Kind of Town.

Once you enter through the front of the Casino you may immediately come
into contact with a Powder Ganger.  Dispatch him quickly, then I suggest
heading behind the counter to the right.  Theres a computer there and a
locked door, if your skill(s) are high enough, use the computer to unlock
the door or pick it.  Inside theres some goodies and a bed to rest in if
needs be.  Theres also a key to the Bison Maintenance, pick it up.  Use
this room to retreat back to when needs be.  I like to lure targets with
guns around corners like in this room, and then clobber them with a good

Make your way through the Hotel.  Theres not a great number of Gangers,
but they're all packing heat, the leader literally has an Incinerator,
so watch out.  If you're sneaky, you can avoid a fight with the leader
and his thugs.  Using the key you picked up, you'll find a locked door
on your left.  This will lead to the Maintenance room, and Deputy
Beagle.  You can try talking the Deputy into helping you fight your way out,
if you left any enemies around, but more than likely he'll just tuck tail
and run after you set him free.  Don't worry about squeezing him for info,
he'll talk in time.  If you didn't clear the 2nd and 3rd floors of the
hotel, there isn't much to miss.  You can get a worn key on a guard on
the 2nd floor, which will unlock a weapons locker on the north end of
the floor.  Theres some loot in a few of the hotel rooms as well.

Once you've cleaned up in the Hotel (Take advantage of the fact that Nash
will trade you for the Powder gear, he's close enough that hauling the
extra loot will be worth it) head back to the V & V Casino and seek out
Beagle.  After downplaying your heroic rescue, he'll mention that he did
see your friend in the checkered suit and the Khans, and he heard them say
that they were meeting a contact in Novac by way of Nipton.  This will
update your main quest, so if you're following that line you're done, 
however if you plan on completing My Kind of Town you need to
find a suitable replacement for Primm's late Sheriff.  Beagle won't do it,
although he has some suggestions.  He said that he heard theres an
ex-Sheriff in the NCRCF (NCR Correctional Facility), and he also thinks that
NCR itself could possibly take over the job.  The choice is up to you.  I
also found that talking to Nash and Beagle you can reprogram the Primm Slim
robot to be Sheriff if you have 3 Fission Batteries and 4 Conductors.  You
may be able to do it with a Science skill of 30 as well.  If you're looking
to find a replacement Sheriff that isn't a robot, read on.  If Primm Slim
is fine (and he is), skip to the bottom of this quest.

Beagle mentioned theres an ex-Sheriff in the NCRCF.  If you decide you want
to go this route, You can find the ex-Sheriff, Meyer, in the NCRCF
building just east of Goodspring's Source or Jean's Skydiving.  Depending
on your Fame and Faction, the guard outside can be friendly, however I've
had guards in the towers fire on me when I scouted them from the hill.
The guard outside will give you some background on the facility, and name
their leader.  You can pay him 100 caps to open the door for you, but
theres no guarantee you won't be attacked (You probably will be attacked).
Just kill him instead and take the key.

When you get inside you'll be surrounded by several Gangers.  Take them
out asap, but watch out for a guy named Meyers, don't attack!  Once you've
cleared the room, see if Meyers is around. If he is, you can talk to him
about the job at Primm.  He'll say that he'll do it if he makes the rules,
and if NCR gives him a pardon.  Go ahead and tell him that you accept,
but don't worry if you haven't decided between Meyer, NCR, or the robot
Primm Slim.  You need the pardon anyway.  Meyer will hightail it back to
Primm at this point, and he'll hang around behind V & V.  You can then head
back to town if you wish, you do not need to clear NCRCF.  If Meyer isn't in 
the Visitor's Center of NCRCF, you're going to have to fight deeper into the
facility.  This is no easy task early in the game.  The best success I had
was popping out into the courtyard of the NCRCF, getting the attention of
a few Powder Gangers, then running back into the Visitor's Center for an
ambush.  When the courtyard is clear, you still have the Administrator's
building, and Cell Blocks A and B.  Cell Block A doesn't have anything
particularly useful, however if you kill Carter in Cell Block B you can get
a key off him to a locked cell.  Inside the cell is some minor loot, as well
as a schematic for a Powder Charge.  If you push on to the Administration
building, you'll take on some tough body guards, an unarmed Ganger named
Scrambler, and the leader Eddie.  You'll have a tough time breaking this
group up to divide and conquer, but just remember that Eddie has a Plasma
Pistol and the bodyguards have 9mm Sub Machineguns, all deadly.  If you do
manager to take Eddie out, you'll fail the mission "I Fought the Law,"
but if you're a good guy you wouldn't do it anyway.

At some point you should have run into Meyer and sent him back to Primm.  If
you want him to be the Sheriff, you'll need to get his pardon.  If you want
NCR to declare martial law and take over, you'll need to speak to the Lieut.
in the tent.  Lieutenant Hayes will say that they need more troops to be
able to protect the town and still take out the NCRCF (Pfft!  If you cleared
them out yourself, you already did their job!).  He says they can do it if
you can get reinforcements for him.  At this point you have to make your
decision if you're between NCR and Meyers.  Both choices require you to go
to the Mohave Outpost.  Follow the south highway out of town and take the 
south west fork to get to the fork (Beware, there can be some nasty battles
on the way, even on the highway).  When you get to Mohave Outpost, look for
Major Knight.  He can get you the reinforcements if you have 20 Barter skill
to convince him of the trade benefits.  If you want Meyer to take over, ask
Major Knight about a pardon.  You can either convince him with a Speech
skill that Meyer would be a good fit, and that he wasn't affiliated with the
Powder Gang, or you can pay him off with 200 caps.  You can only take one
option in the end, so choose one or the other before you get back to Primm.

When you return to town, either talk to Lieutenant Hayes, Meyer, or repair
Primm Slim.  Whichever option you take will complete the quest.  The outcome
of each choice is minor, there doesn't seem to be any big change.  Whichever
one you deliver the good news to will determine how the town fares and
who becomes Sheriff.  It seems picking any one will leave mixed feelings
with the citizens of Primm.  Under NCR martial law they become citizens,
however they find the new Sheriff rude and they're forced to pay taxes
(Which hurts your trading with Nash I guess).  If you pick Meyer the people
are a little hesitant about his frontier type justice, although they think
he'll work out in the end.  I didn't see any negative reactions from the 
townspeople if Primm Slim becomes Sheriff, other than Beagle.  Either way it
seems Beagle loses his Deputy status, guess that would make anyone mad.

*****Quest 3:  ED-E My Love *****

To get ED-E, see the Party Members section.  Once ED-E is a part of your
team, if you haven't already done so, talk to Nash in Primm to get the
quest.  The quest entails taking ED-E to the Gibson Scrapyard, which is
north of Novac.  When you get to Gibson, speak to the old lady there.
Something she says triggers ED-E's memory banks regarding it's former
purpose...gee, hard to guess his origin, huh?  The recording will mention
a new location, Navarro, from Fallout 2.  Unfortunately for the scope of
this mission we won't be going there, Navarro is too far away (Not within
the map).  Keep ED-E around for now.

The next time you'll get a message update is when you're in Jacobstown.
Speak to Doc Henry, he used to work for the Enclave, and something he
says will trigger another piece of data in ED-E.  This gives you some
more info, but doesn't really do anything for you.  Given time, you
should be contacted by one of two people.  One person will be Lorzenzo,
a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.  The second person is a member of
the Order of Apocalypse.  Ready below for those options:

Option 1:
When Lorenzo contacts you, he asks that you do some leg work and
get in touch with a Brotherhood Scouting Party so they can scan ED-D for
you.  He suggests heading to the REPCONN main facility to accomplish this
as a scouting party is currently there.  If you head to the facility,
find a way to get to the top floor.  You'll find 2 dead Brotherhood
soldeirs, one will have a holotape with a possible code in it.  To use
the code you'll have to head to Hidden Valley (No, not the dressing).
Hidden Valley can be found north by north-east of NCRCF.  The quest
marker should lead you to a bunker.  When you get to the bunker you may
get another message, however it will be from another person named
April Maggart.  She'll say that she's with the Followers of the 
Apocalypse.  If you want to help them instead, skip to the next
paragraph, otherwise read on.  If you have the campanion Veronica
from Trade Post 188, the next section will go a bit easier.  Make your
way into the bunker and head to the second level where Lorezno is.  He'll
be with the other scribes in the lab.  He'll want to take ED-E and
examine him for a few days, but to compensate he promises to boost his
armor.  Agree to let him take over.  After 3 days Lorenzo will show back
up in the lab and says his work is done.  He doesn't really have any
new info for you, however you'll get a message that ED-E has returned
to Primm.  Head back to the Mohave Express to find ED-E where you first
ran into him.  He'll be all sparkly and new, with no bumper sticker
now!  Your quest will be complete and you'll get your XP.

Option 2:
If you decided to help the Followers of the Apocalypse instead, April
will be at Fort Mormon in Freeside.  She may not contact you right away,
I found that she contacted me as soon as I stepped into Hidden Valley.
If you're not getting contacted by the Followers, try heading to Hidden
Valley's front gate and see what happens.  Similar to the Brotherhood of
Steel, she will take ED-E for a few days so she can gather data stored
on him, then she will return him to Primm when finished.  If you allow
April to take ED-E instead, his combat systems will hit harder as oppose
to the armor boost from Lorenzo.  You'll still get your quest XP when you
go to pickup ED-E in Primm afterwards.

*****Quest 4:  Can you Find it in your Heart? *****

If you reach Mohave Output (can be found if you follow the road south west
from Primm), you'll run into Major Knight within.  If you tell him that you
can offer assistance, he'll point you toward Ranger Jackson.  Speak to
Jackson in the back and he'll eventually admit that you look like you can
hold your ground and may help.  He needs to get the caravans moving, and to
do that they need to clear the road north from the outpost.  You don't have
to go far, just to Ivanpah Lake.  Tell him you'll take the mission.  While
you're here you may want to speak with Ranger Ghost on the roof of the other
building, and Cass in the bar.

The opposition can be found in a concrete valley near the lake (You'll see
the quest markers for the ants on your radar).  The Ants are too tough,
I ran backwards while swinging a sledgehammer, they never touched me.
When you finish them all off, head back to Ranger Jackson at the fort.
You'll get some easy xp, and if you ask about that reward he'll also
just "happen to lose some requisition forms" and hand over a Service Rifle,
72 7.62mm Armor Piercing Bullets, 2 Caravan Lunches, 100
caps, and 2 Weapon Repair Kits.  You also get some NCR fame.  Not bad for
wasting a few bugs!

*****Quest 5:  Keep Your Eyes on the Prize *****

You'll find Ranger Ghost on the roof of the Mohave Outpost Bunker, theres a
ramp that leads up to her.  She notices that theres no traffic coming from
Nipton, but fires still burn.  She smells something fishy and asks that you
go and scout it out since she can't leave her post.  Tell her you'll do it,
but she stresses not to get yourself killed (I'm gonna suggest now that if
you have any NCR gear on, you take it off.  Trust me).  Before you leave,
you may want to talk to Ranger Jackson if you haven't done so, and Cass in
the bar.

If you want to do this the safe way, and your faction with the Legion
is ok (Such as no NCR clothing on), you should be able to walk into town
without drawing heat.  Speak to a man known as Vulpes Inculta near the
Town Hall.  He'll explain what happened here, sounds like a nice guy!
This will update your quest however, you can go back to Ghost.  Tell
Ghost about what you found, she'll be pissed, but at least she'll know
the truth.  She doesn't give you anything, but you get some NCR fame for
your trouble.

*****Quest 6:  Heartache by the Number *****

You'll find cass in the bar section of the Mohave Outpost.  Speak to her
for some time and she'll tell you about the Crimson Caravan, being stuck
at the Outpost, and various other things.  She suggests that if you're
looking for work, check out the Crimson Caravan which can be found near
the Vegas outskirts, so if you haven't made your way there yet, take your
time and come back to this quest when ready.

When you're ready to do this quest, head to the Crimson Caravan Office
just east of Vegas.  Its not far from the East Freeside Gate.  Look for
Alice Lafferty.  If you ask her for work, she'll say she has no use for
a Guard or Caravan person right now, but she does need a runner and gives
you a new quest.  The quest is called "You Can Depend on Me."  See that
Optional Quest for more info.  To continue "Heartache by the Number,"
you need to work for Crimson Caravan, so just continue doing any jobs
that Alice has for you until she asks you to purchas Cassidy Caravans
(See "You Can Depend on Me" again for more on this).  When you're ready,
head to Mojave Outpost and speak to Cass.  Mentioning to her that the
Crimson Caravan wants to buy her out will update your quest, and it
seems theres no other options you can currently do, as everything looks
completed but the quest is not.  Go figure?  Not until you talk to Cass
will it update, and you'll have to get her into your party first which
means you'll have to buy out Cassidy Caravans for real, not just talk
to her about it.  Once you have Cass in your party, she'll want to pay
her respects to the dead caravan.  Tell her you'll help her out, she'll
mark the location they were taken out.  It's just outside downtown
Vegas, south of McCarran.  Head that way when ready.

When you find the Caravan, Cass will be upset, but something will
start eating at her.  She'll let you loot the caravan for taking her out
that way, but she would like to check out another caravan that was
taken out recently.  She knew a guy named Griff Wares that was hit on
the road leading north-west out of Vegas.  It's a bit of a trip if you
haven't been up that way, tell Cass you'll check it out with her when
you have time.  Griff's sacked caravan will be on that lone road
heading NW out of Vegas on your map, not too far from the power lines
that are giving off all kinds of electricity.  When Cass sees the
destruction she'll start smelling a conspiracy.  She'll notice that
these bodies were hit with Energy Weapons just like her caravan was,
but it doesn't appear to be Brotherhood done, thats not their style.
Cass finds a map in the wreckage and sees another caravan marked that
she didn't know about.  She has a feeling that these are all connected
and asks that you investigate one more caravan that was hit.  When
you're ready, check out Durable Dunn's caravan.  It was attacked just
south-east from Crimson Caravan and the East Freeside Gate.  You'll
know the place when you see two wooden bridges.  Cass will assess
the damage and will deduct that the attacks were caused by the Van Graffs
and the Crimson Caravan.  Thats piecing a lot together, but she's pretty
angry over the death of her caravan and the others, and she wants
revenge now!  Her idea is to wipe out Alice Lafferty at the Crimson
Caravan, and as far as Gloria Van Graff...well, she "wants to make that
bitch eat her hair."  You can convince Cass that you should gather
evidence first and involve the NCR, but Cass is feeling homicidal.  If
you remind her that the VanGraffs have friends out west, you can
convince her to stay her rage for now, otherwise get ready to shoot
some people!  If you plan on gathering the evidence, read on for 
Option 1, otherwise skip down to Option 2.

Option 1:
To get the evidence and avoid a possible suicide, you'll need to search
the Van Graffs hideout, the Silver Rush, and Crimson Caravans.  Start
with the later, and go at night.  If you go at night, the evidence you
need will be basically unguarded in the Crimson Caravan Main Office.
Search the safe in the office, it has an Average lock on it.  Inside
you'll find a paper detailing the deal between the McGraffs and the
Crimson Caravan.  You're not done yet though, you need both parts to
incriminate both.  Getting the evidence from the Van Graffs could be
tricky as theres always guards and Gloria probably won't be too keen
on giving it up.  To boot, the van Graffs are looking for Cass, so
you may want to have her wait in a safe location outside of the Silver
Rush. When you're ready, head into the Van Graff's hideout.  If you
plan on getting the evidence without firing any bullets, you may have
a tough time.  There are guards everywhere, and being sneaky is really
tough.  If anyone has any better suggestions, I'm game.  I was able
to sneak and grab the evidence, but it was tricky.  The evidence is in
another safe in a back room on the first floor.  The door is locked
with a Hard lock, and theres two guards right next to it.  If they
catch you trying to open the door, you're done.  Somehow I was able to
get beside the guard, wait awhile till he was no longer paying 
attention to me, my Sneak meter went from "Detected" to "Hidden" and
I was able to pick the door without pissing off anyone.  If you try
this method, I suggest a clean save before hand, and rub a lucky
rabbit's foot.  For whatever reason there never seems to be a change
in the guard, so you can't wait till nightfall like with the Crimson

Anyway, once you get that door opened, it should be no problem
slipping into the back room.  Once you're in the back room, your
Sneaking goes by much quicker, so picking the actual safe isn't
much of a problem, although you can also use your hacking skills
to unlock the safe.  Either way it will be either Hard Lockpick
or Hard Science skill check for the last piece of evidence.
When you have both pieces of evidence, head back to Cass.  You
can ask her what to do next, if she knows anyone in the NCR that
can help.  The only name she has is Jackson, the Ranger allll
the way back at Mojave Outpost.  When you're ready for a hike,
head back that way.  Speak to Jackson and present the evidence.
He'll hardly believe it, and he'll be worried about the government
process tying things up, but he appreciates that you didn't take
justice into your own hands.  If he promises to see it through, you
can promise that you and Cass won't confront either guilty party
about it.  When things with Jackson are squared away, speak with Cass.
She'll feel a little strange about the whole thing at first, but she'll
admit that you took the right course of action as this will cripple
both the Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs at the core, which is out
west where the NCR government is.  She'll feel that you did right by
her and her dead men, and she'll achieve her own Perk that gives her
some extra health called Calm Heart.  You'll also be finished with her
quest finally and net 500 XP.  

Option 2:
This is the short and sweet ending to the quest, although it isn't the
preferred ending.  Cass wants her revenge, and she wants blood.  If
you decide to go along with her, you're going to make some enemies,
and you're going to piss off the NCR a little (I went from Accepted
fame to Mixed myself).  If you want to see Cass fired up and do what
she does best though, killing is on the menu.  As long as Gloria
Van Graff dies and Alice Lafferty, nothing else really matters for
Cass.  You can achieve this any way you can, and in either order.
Killing Alice is the easier of the two, but killing Gloria will
probably make you an enemy of the Silver Rush and all those guards,
yet it will stock you up big time on guns and ammo.  Go ahead and
head to the Crimson Caravan first (I hope you've completed any
quests for Alice or Don before hand!).  Theres no dialog options
here from what I've seen, but you won't be drawn into combat either
until you initiate it.  If you attack Alice when she's in the main
office, you won't draw the caravan guard fire.  Waste Alice, and you
will probably have to kill Don too if he's in the room.  When you're
finished, Cass will say that one is down and you still need to kill
Gloria.  If you previously tried to convince Cass to get evidence
and do things by the book, killing either Alice or Gloria will
change the quest to blood revenge.  When you're ready and have the
ammo and weapons you need (Stocking up at the Gun Runners may be
a smart idea, they'll be one of your main outfitters once the
Van Graffs are gone anyway).  The best strategy I can give is to shoot
Simon out front first.  This will take away the element of surprise,
but it will also draw out 4 of the guards inside.  4 to 2 odds are
better than 8 to 2 odds, right?  Waste those guards outside, heal up,
then head inside.  Gloria will be at her usual spot, along with 
Jean-Baptiste and at least 2 other guards.  Cass could go down here,
so if you haven't already make a clean save.  Taking out Gloria or
Jean-Baptiste should be priority, they seem to hit the hardest.
When the fighting is finished, speak to Cass.  If you already finished
off Alice, Cass will feel her accounts are settled.  She'll be pretty
fired up over the whole thing, and while she realizes that some of
her men may have tried to calm her down and seek a more peaceful
resolution, she really thanks you for giving Alice and Gloria their
just desserts.  This will complete the quest, netting you 500 XP.
Cass will also achieve her own perk call Hand of Vengeance, which will
increase the damage she can do with a gun.

*****Quest 7:  Cold, Cold Heart *****

If you ever approach the town of Nipton, make sure you aren't wearing any
NCR clothing, the Khan's don't take kindly to that.  If you approach the
Town Center (You have to scout it for another mission from Ghost), you'll
encounter a particularly nasty Khan named Vulpes Inculta.  He'll describe
in great detail what occurred there, and he says that he'll let you go so
you may spread the word of the Legion's atrocities.  Uh...ok, some quest.
This will also update Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.  If you haven't already
I'd speak to Boxcar in the General Store to pickup another quest.

To complete this quest, head back to the Mohave Outpost.  Speak to Srgt.
Kilborn, he can be found wandering around by the giant statue usually.
You can tell him "Ave, Caesar!" which will probably not be a good idea with
many NCR troops around, or you can tell him about the devastation at Nipton.
This will complete the quest for you, although it doesn't really have any
bearing or reward at this point.  Poop.

*****Quest 8:  Booted *****

*Note*  You may want to avoid picking up this quest until you're working
on, or have completed "Wheel of Fortune."  For whatever reason I found
the first time I did this quest, Boxcar wouldn't talk to me again and so
I couldn't do  "Wheel of Fortune."

While in Nipton, talk to Boxcar in the General Store.  He'll tell you all
about the lottery, how some people got "lucky" and others, not so lucky.
He'll tell you that a few survivors became enslaved and were taken east
when the Legion left town.  He's not really offerring a reward, he could
care less, however he gives us the quest anyway!  Do it if you feel heroic.

The quest marker for the captives is east along the road out of Nipton.
Follow the road east till you come to the overpass, the captives will be
in a small camp to the north-east roughly.  I got lucky and didn't even have
to fight the Legion to free the captives, a squad of NCR troops happened
through that area and a big fire fight occurred.  I set the Powder Gangers
free once the fighting subsided, quest was complete.  You can go back to
Boxcar in Nipton, but as expected he doesn't really give two spits for his
comrades, and he doesn't reward you for your effort as he warned.  Oh well,
didn't hurt to try.

*****Quest 9:  Come Fly With Me *****

While in Novac, visit Manny in Dino the Dinosaur's mouth during the day.
If you're following the main quest line, this is the guy that knows where
the man in the checkered suit went.  If you're just looking to complete the
main quest, you can actually go to Manny's motel room during the day and
get the information from his computer, piece of cake.  If you want to do the
quest for him, read on.  Manny will give you the info you need, but he
wants you to do something for him.  The town uses junk they scav from the
REPCONN facility west of Novac, that is, they did until ghouls moved in.
For the town to survive and trade for what they need, the ghouls have to
go one way or another.  Tell Manny you'll do what he asks.  Before heading
to the facility, I highly suggest picking up a few things.  First, acquire
5 of the Rocket souvenirs from the gift shop in Novac.  If you wait for
Cliff to leave, you can pick the look on the back door and take as many
as you need.  If you don't want to do this, you can pick up a canister
of Isotope in Clark Field on a dead guy, but why do that?  The other item
that you need is a set of Thrusters.  I got mine in the garage at Gibson

You'll encounter some ghouls on the way into the REPCONN facility.  You'll
get some positive karma for killing them, or at least I did.  Seemed odd
since you don't normally get karma for ghouls.  Theres a couple fortified
positions you can loot up along the way.  Once you get to the facility itself
(You can take the front or side), wait for a message to show.  A ghoul's
voice will come through the intercom next to you and tell you to take the
east set of metal steps up to the Research Facility.  I thought this meant
an east entrance the first time I heard him, but he actually means for you
to make your way to the east side of the building.  You'll probably run into
a few hostile ghouls along the way, try to avoid killing them if possible
(Not a big deal if you don't).  When you get to the north east corner of the
building you'll be in a factory like area.  Take the metal steps up.  You'll
come to a locked door with another intercom.  The voice says he'll let you
in, but he's keeping an eye on you.

When you go through the door you'll be surprised to find...well...not a
ghoul (Although he seems to think he is).  Chris tells you to go talk to
Jason.  Jason is a well dressed ghoul thats usually on the second floor.
He'll ask you to help them out.  He's leading the ghouls to the "Promised
Land," and they were almost prepared until a bunch of "devils" invaded
the basement of the facility.  The devils he's speaking of are actually
Nightkin.  If you're not familiar with Nightkin from previous Fallout
games, they're like an version of a Super Mutant.  They have the
normal freakish strength, if not more, and they carry Stealth Boys.  Yeah,
big, friggin', invisible monsters.  The good news is once you see the
distortion from their invisible bodies and hit them, they're no longer
invisible.  If you're a good character, tell Jason you'll help him clear
the basement, then head back to the door you came through.  If you're a bad
guy, wipe out the ghouls to complete your mission (Or help Jason out me).

Head down the steps you came up from.  When you're back in the factory area
look for a dead Nightkin on a ramp.  Head through that doorway, theres an
entrance nearby to the basement.  When in the basement, use caution at all
times.  ED-E is a great companion to have here because he'll be able to
spot hidden Nightkin for you.  Theres not much I can say about the basement.
Your goal is to clear out each and every Nightkin.  The good news is you
won't have to fight more than 1 or 2 at a time, they're fairly spread out.
Use your more powerful weapons, and keep in mind there is one named Nightkin
and another with an Incenerator.  There isn't a lot of great gear down here
unfortunately, but it's stocked to the BRIM with spare parts of just about
every variety.  Theres also a few food sanitizers if you look carefully,
they don't appear to have the same functionality as Fallout 3 however.  
They're worth 150 caps, so they're at least good for trading.  Theres a
jail section with a warden weilding the Incenerator.  Take the key off
him when he's dead, then look for a dead ghoul in a cell.  You don't need
to do anything else once you find her.  You'll meet up with a Davidson at
some point, a Nightkin that's lost his mind a bit (Par for the course).
He'll have a key on him and a nice sword that looks like it came out of
Final Fantasy.  Note that behind the room where you meet Davidson theres a
dead end room with a switch on the wall.  The switch leads to the southern
part of the basement.  Davidson also has a key on him which leads to a large
room just around the corner.  If you have ED-E in your party, you may want
him to wait back...for some reason he didn't play nice with the ghoul you
meet.  In the locked room is a ghoul named Harland.  It seems he was leading
the Bright Followers on the journey to the facility and got seperated.  He's
been surviving solo ever since.  He says he isn't moving until you can tell
him where the lady is that came with him to the basement.  If you found her
in the jail, you can tell him of her fate, Harland will then join the other
ghouls in the Research center up top.

Once the basement is completely clear, head back to top area where the ghoul
party is.  Tell Jason that the deed is done, he'll thank you.  He says theres
still a few preparations to make, and asks you to meet him in basement.  Head
back down there, unless you forgot to pick up the items I listed at the
beginning of this quest.  When you get back to the basement, head to the
southern part, down the steps where that electrical switch was.  Jason will
meet you and mention that the rockets aren't fully ready to go yet.  He'll
ask that you assist Chris in finalizing everything, and he thanks you for
your contributions thusfar.  If you speak to Chris he'll mention that they
lack two things, a thruster and a nuclear trigger.  If you have the Rocket
souvenirs you'll make a suggestion that the goo inside may be exactly what
they need...kinda ingenious really (If you ask Cliff about them in Novac,
he actually mentions that kids were drinking the stuff out of the toys
unwittingly...nasty).  If you picked up the thrusters as I mentioned, you
should have everything they need.  You can convince Chris once and for all
that he's really human.  I did it once with the Lady Killer perk, but I
think you can also convince him without it.  Either way, Chris will be
pissed that he was used for so long.  He wants to sabotage the rocket
launch by mixing in 3 Sugar Bombs.  Personally, I wouldn't do this option,
even if you're evil.  Theres another way to sabotage the launch, and
unless you have the 3 Sugar Bombs on you, you'll have to trek back to Novac
to buy some off Cliff.  If you talk to Chris awhile, he'll mention that he
came from Vault 34 and will mark it on your map.  If you're playing
through as a good guy, I suggest trying to convince him to give humanity 
another chance and send him back to Novac.  Interstingly enough, if you
do help Chris sabotage the launch and speak to him later, he appears to
be bugged and asks you what could have caused the failed launch...hmm.  

When you're done you get to push the launch button!  Listen to Jason sing 
your praises, at least Chris gets to be revered as a Saint among the 
ghouls.  Yay!  When you're ready, head back up to the top of the REPCONN 
facility...again.  In the research room theres another door.  Now don't
do anything yet!  If you're playing through as a bad guy, you have a chance
for negative karma here.  Check the terminal to the right of the launch
terminal.  You can actually make the rockets crash spectacularly together,
or you can alter their path so they are more accurate to their destination,
which nets you a bit of positive rep and experience, or you can just let
them follow their normal course.  Either way your quest will be complete.
Listen to the awesome music and watch the rockets take off.  When you're
done, head back to Manny in Novac.  Tell him about the ghouls, he'll thank
you and will be true to his word.  If you're following the main questline
he'll tell you that the Khan's were heading to Boulder City, which is just
north of Novac.  You'll get some Novac fame for completing the quest, not
much else.

*****Quest 10:  One for my Baby *****

When in Novac, check out the Dino's mouth during the night.  Boone will be
there, and he won't speak to you any other time really.  Introduce yourself,
he'll get short with you.  Mention that you just rolled into town and you're
looking around.  He'll realize you're a stranger and he asks for your help.
He's looking for someone to trust, and you're the best chance he's got.
If you've spoken to Manny about Boone, you will have found out that they
had a falling out after they left NCR.  They used to be good friends, but
Manny and Boone's wife had a good argument.  Boone says that shortly after
that his wife disappeared, sold to slavers.  He won't say how he found this
out, but he wants you to play detective and find out who set her up.  It has
to be someone in Novac because they knew everything about Boone's schedule
to use it to their advantage.  Tell Boone you'll help him out.

Begin asking around town.  Manny will admit that he had no love for Boone's
wife, but then again no one other than Boone did.  He doesn't pull punches
how he feels, but it he figured that Boone woudl snap out of it eventually.
Keep asking around.  You can try the McBrides, Cliff, Jeanie May, and a few
others.  Nobody seems to slip up, and you'll be hard pressed for clues.
Eventually track down No-bark Noonan, he's usually in the north western part
of town or in his house.  He speaks a lot of hilarious gibberish about
Molerat people, but mentions that he did see someone go into the Lobby of
the motel after shadow figures carried her away.  Go check it out.

Theres a safe in the floor behind the counter, best to check it out after
hours.  The lock is an Easy pick, so not too bad.  Inside you'll find
the evidence that you need.  When you're ready, go speak to the guilty
party and ask them to come see something in front of Dino the Dinosaur.
The individual will walk out in front of the statue, make sure you put
on Boone's Beret when you're ready.  Boone will make the killing blow.
Speak to Boone again, he'll ask how you knew.  You can give Boone the
receipt you found, or if your Speech skill is high enough (60) you can
point out that process of elimination did the job.  If you're evil or just
really want someone else killed, you can lead other people in front of the
dino instead, but I don't advise it.  When the quest is complete, Boone will
give you 100 caps and you'll get some xp.  If you had the evidence with you,
you'll also get positive karma for finishing.  At this point you can convince
Boone to join your party if you have room, and he's not a bad member to
have.  His perk isnt' that great, but he's a hell of a Sniper.  

*****Quest 11:  Back in your own Backyard *****

East of Novac is a town called Nelson.  It's currently controlled by the
Legion.  If you have Boone in your party, he loves nothing more than popping
Legion scum in the head, pick him up in Novac if you're missing a party
member.  On the way to Nelson you'll run into a Ranger Milo.  He'll
tell you how Nelson is overrun, and he can't send in the troops because
of some chain of command B.S.  They currently have hostages that are
being crucified (Aren't those sacrifices and know...hostages?).
The ranger doesn't want you to save them men and kill the Legion, on the
contrary.  He wants you to run in and perform mercy killing for those
men.  He feels the odds are against you to do any heroics.  If Boone is
with you, he'll say "screw it" as he'd rather take the Legion out.  Do
whatever you feel, the rewards are the same from what I can see although
you may get slightly more fame by saving the men.

The strategy I used was stealth mostly.  Despite Ranger Milo claiming 10 to
1 numbers against you, if you have a good fighter like Boone it's not that
bad.  Plus if you slowly pick them off you'll never have to take on more than
two Legion members at any time, with the occasional Mongrel assisting.  I
stealthed around the camp, slowly working my way in, although I'm not sure
if stealth was really that necessary as the enemies are kind of spread out
a bit.  In any case, once you've cleared around the camp, you can find a
named Legion member named Dead Sea located in the right bunker building.
He can take some hits, and he carries a named sword and 9mm Submachine Gun,
but he only has a couple guys for backup so it's not too bad.  Be sure to
loot the sword off him at least.  

When you've cleaned up, check out the crucified men in the center of town.
You can untie them and set them free, or pop them in head at any time, your
choice.  Either way you'll complete the mission after going back to Milo,
although there may be more NCR rep for saving them (Tough to tell, I went
from Neutral to...Neutral).  Milo will be on the ridge providing you
"cover" between Nelson town and the NCR checkpoint.  You should be able
to see him standing on the rock if you didn't see him run off before.
You may need to talk to him a few times to get the dialog options.  Tell
him the job is complete either way, he'll reward you with 50 caps and the
NCR fame.  Job well done.

*****Quest 12:  That Lucky Old Sun *****

North of Novac and Gibson Scrapyard you should see a large powerplant.  This
is Helios One, a non-functioning mess owned by NCR.  It seems that the
Brotherhood of Steel once possessed the place, but outnumbered against
NCR that had to relinquish it.  They had part of the system working at
one time, but they enabled security and shut it all down before they 
withdrew.  If you get near the front door, a security officer will stop
you.  She'll ask what you're doing.  You're going to need an average Science
skill or about 35 Speech to lie your way past her or convince her that you
have the knowledge to help out.  She'll tell you to "look for the idiot with
sunglasses on in the back."

Theres not a lot to loot around the immediate facility.  There is a password
you can find on a lone bed on the east side of the facility.  Make your way
to the west side where you'll run into "Fantastic."  Its silly to believe
he was put in charge of this project, he's about a bright as a dead light
bulb.  It's obvious that his ego and ignorance are all he has, although
if you mention that you're going to try and fix the system, he will give you
a word of warning regarding the sentries and give you a password to the
western reflector terminal.  If you found the password earlier on the bed,
you should also have the eastern terminal password.  Before you go, speak
to the other scientist named Ignacio.  If your Speech skill is high enough
you can get him to confess that he's a member of a group of scientists with
good intentions.  Their goal is to preserve peace and knowledge of all
science that should never be lost.  He's concerned that NCR's plans for the
facility involve only powering the Strip and McCarren, while Ignacio feels
that everyone in the region should equally benefit.  You can also get info
from Ignacio about ARCHIMEDES.  It turns out that Poseidon was actually part
of a secret weapon program, and the power plant was more of a front for the
whole operation.  Ignacio doesn't want to see this weapon of mass
devastation reach anyone's hands like NCR, let alone the Legion.  He asks
that you do what you can to prevent the weapon from being used.  Use the
door behind his room to head out to the reflector field.

Thats a lot of solar panels!  You have two objectives outside to take care
of before you hit the mainframe.  You must reset the connection of the east
and west terminals so the mainframe can communicate with the solar panel
array.  Start with the west one first.  The terminal is at the back of the
field and is heavily booby trapped (A rigged shotgun, 3 Frag Mines, and 
two bear traps).  Once you remove the traps, use the computer terminal and
your password to reset the connection.  One down, one to go.  For the next
one I suggest you temporarily ask your party members to wait in another
location.  Just inside the Solar Collection Tower would be fine (The door
is located on the east side of the large central structure).  Now make
sure to have NCR gear equipted, trust me.  Head toward the fenced in
area in the north eastern part of the reflector field.  You should see
several creatures within the fenced in area, they shouldn't be hostile.
If they are hostile, reload or try coming back in a few hours while still
wearing NCR gear.  Theres several NCR guard dogs here, and if you're not
wearing NCR gear they can get pissed.  Also, I've seen them turn on
party members, which is why I suggest leaving them behind.  Go through the
gate to the fence and make your way to the terminal.  With the password
reset the system, then run!  The dogs don't seem to like you meddling and
may turn hostile.  If you run out without killing any of them, and shut the
gate, you should be fine and won't incur the wrath of NCR.  Of course, if
you're bad, you may not care.  You're now ready to tackle the Solar
Collection Tower.  

Inside the tower you're going to run into a variety of security robots and
some turrets.  The early turrets can be deactivated by a computer terminal
in the first room to your right after entering, but beware the mines
planted inside.  The rebots aren't too tough, they shouldn't have been
such a match for NCR.  Mr. Gutsy and Protectrons make up most of the
opposition.  I have seen a Robobrain before as well.  Theres not a lot
of good stuff to loot, so just make your way through the facility.  In
one room along the way you'll see a Poseidon employee badge or two that
look like holotapes, pick one up just in case your Science isn't too
high.  Your goal is to find the elevator to the Observation Tower.
-Once you reach that location, you're almost finished.  The mainframe is
within, although it currently isn't receiving enough power because of
faulty wiring.  Head up the steps and look for the PYTHON robot.  If
your Science is high enough you can program him to run again and he'll 
fix the wiring for you.  If not, just use the employee badge you found
earlier.  You should not be able to access the mainframe back downstairs.
Where you divert the power is up to you. 

*Note* If you haven't done veronica's quest "I Could Make you Care" you
may want to wait before making your decision on where to reroute power.

You have a few different options here.  If you're evil you're going to
want to engage the Archimedes weapon to wipe out the NCR soldiers outside
(I suggest making a save before making a decision and picking this one
at least once, it's neat!).  You can also power up the Archimedes II
weapon without killing the soldiers.  You can then seek out Max in
Freeside and buy the Euclid C-Spanner off him which allows you to use
Archimedes II once a day.  You can divert power to a couple different
locations, or you can divert all power equally across all regions, or
divert all power across all regions in emergency mode.  If you want to
make Ignacio happy, diverting power to the entire region is the best option,
however you can also selection the options to divert power to the entire
region under emergency parameters or send to Freeside and he'll be happy.
The first option I listed will get you a Big Book of Science, xp, 3 Stims, 
and 2 Doctors Bags along with Followers of the Apocalypse fame.  The
emergency option seems to overload the system and disables the weapon's use,
and from what I gather it kills the system so you can't get any power out
either.  The third option to send to the west side is ok, similar rewards
to the first two.  If you end up doing what NCR wants and diverting power
only to the settled areas, you'll have to talk to Fantastic to complete
the quest.  Fantastic gives you absolutely nothing but xp, and he plans
on taking credit for your work...forget that.  Once you've made your choice,
head up the steps again where PYTHON was and take the door outside.  Head
down the ramp and across the way to the Reflector Control Panel.  You have
to engage it between 9am and 3pm.  Your quest will update and you'll get to
see the fruits of your labor.  When you're done seeing the show, head back
to the power plant and speak to whichever scientist your quest says to get
your reward.

*****Quest 13:  Boulder City Showdown *****

This quest is pretty impossible to miss as it's completed hand in hand with
the final part of the main quest They Went That-A-Way.  When you reach
Boulder City, look for an NCR guard on the east side of town near an
entrance to the ruins.  He'll mention that some Great Khan's recently
holed up in the ruins there, and they have two hostages.  The NCR trooper
is less worried about getting the hostages out, and more concerned with
taking the Khans out.  Tell the trooper you'll either free the hostages, or
you'll go in and negotiate for their release.  The negotiate option is
actually better, although you'll miss out on a little loot if you had killed
the Khans, but nothing big.  If you're actually against the NCR, you can
help the Khans and get positive faction with them (Read last paragraph).

If you decide to sneak in (Skip below paragraph if negotiating):

It's best to go in at night.  You'll see some NCR troopers when you go
into the ruins.  Stay to the left and out of site.  You'll see two shattered
buildings on the left, east side I believe.  Sneak through those, you'll
see the Khans surrounding another set of busted buildings that ajoin.  The
hostages are on the bottom floor of the closest ajoined building.  You can
sneak through and unlock the back door to get to them, although there may
be a guard present, you'll have to be careful.  Free one of the guards to
complete the rescue.  Once they're safe, you have the option of wiping out
the Khans so you can complete the main quest called They Went That-A-Way.
If you go back in you will see that there are currently the 3 Khans
outside, but you also have NCR backup.  Moving along the right side of the
ruins will provide you some cover as you move in.  The Khan's can take a
few hits, and there may be some distance between you and the targets, so a
rifle may be good.  With backup at level 10 or 11 you should be fine.
Once you've cleared the outside, move in to kill Jessup and the remaining
guard found in the farthest ajoined building.  

If you decide to negotiate:

Walk into the ruins, don't worry about fighting.  Somehow the Khans know
that you've raised the white flag and they won't initiate contact.  Head to
the south part of the zone, there will be two ajoined buildings.  The
furthest one from you will be the Khan's base, which is sadly just a small
room in a vacant store.  Jessep of the Khan's will be there, but no Benny.
He'll be shocked to see you after what went down in Goodspring.  You can
ask about the release of the NCR prisoners, the way he sees it they're his
ticket out of there.  You can ask Jessup if theres any alternatives, he said
he could have paid off NCR if Benny would have paid him, but he double
crossed the Khans.  You then have the option of paying of the Lietenant at
the gate to let the Khans go free, and they'll leave the prisoners.  If your
Speech skill is high enough (45) you can convince Jessup to let the prisoners
go and you'll force the NCR to let the Khans walk.  Despite being hesitant,
Jessup will agree to this.  When you head back to the gate, the hostages
will already be heading that way.  If you speak to the Lieutenant he'll
regretablly say that he has new orders to kill the Khans hostages or not.
You can let him follow orders, you can leave the decision up to him (He'll
follow orders), or you can convince him that the honorable thing would be
to honor the Khan's bargain.  The last choice is the best one, as you get
positive Khan AND NCR fame for this, although you don't get any cool Khan
armor for wasting them (It's not that great, just another disguise really).
Any other option in this quest will leave you Vilified with the Khans and
no extra fame with NCR it seems.

If you're against the NCR:

If you hate those NCR scumbags, you can actually help out the Khans and
still get positive rep with them, while becomming Villified with NCR if
you aren't already.  Still tell the Lieutenant that you're going to
negotiate for the release of the prisoners, trust me.  As soon as you
get the quest to negotiate, kill the Lietutant.  Your quest will update to
assist the Khans will killing the NCR troops.  The troops are actually
weaker than the Khans, although they have greater numbers.  When you move
into the ruins, use the cars by the entrance for cover.  You can let the
Khans move in and do a majority of the work for you.  Once the NCR is
wiped out, speak to Jessup in the usual location in the hideout in the
back of the ruins.  You can tell him that they can go free, you'll get the
positive fame for the Khans, and your main quest will update.

*****Quest 14:  Guess Who I Saw Today *****

Jacobstown can be found in the north-west corner of the map.  If you're
having problems find it, head to the farthest north-west corner and look
for the first road that turns south.  This will lead through the mountains
and eventually dead end into Jacobstown.  This is a town made up of Super
Mutants by an old friend, Marcus (Fallout II).  Marcus is trying to help
the Nightkin get over their dependancy on Stealth Boys and the mental
problems their use caused.  If you speak to Doctor Henry in the large
lodge, he'll tell you that he's working on the cure for Marucs.  He's been
studying a creature known as the NightStalker.  They're kind of like dogs
that mutated, but have stealth properties.  Tell Henry that you'll assist
with his research.  He feels the NightStalkers may be the key, he thinks
theres something causing their mutation and may help counter the effects
of the StealthBoy.  If you're going on this mission, picking up Lily
as a follower could be helpful (She's out by the pen outside).  You may
want to also speak to the Nightkin, Keene, before heading out for the

The NightStalker cave can be found north of town actually, it's very
close, however you'll have to go out the front gate to go around the
town walls.  The location will be called Charleston Cave.  The cave isn't
very large, but you'll run into a dozen NightStalkers or so.  They're
stealth just like Nightkin are, so look for the twinkling sign when
one is near.  If you have Lilly with you, she'll make short work of them
along with "Leo."  She may also go into a rage, which happens sometimes
with her.  When this happens, she remains aggressive till everything is
killed basically.  It has it's perks and it's downfalls, but mostly
perks.  It shouldn't take you too long to clear out the cave.  Your goal
is to find a dead Nightkin in the south-west corner, theres a chewed up
StealthBoy on him, loot it and leave.

When you get back to town, make a save.  Speak to Marcus at the front
gate about Keene, then go speak to Doc Henry.  He'll take the chewed up
StealthBoy and decides that to further his research he'll need Lilly to
try on the StealthBoy Mrk. II to see how it affects her.  After some
tests, Keene will spoil the party.  You now have some options here.
Keene wants the StealthBoy prototype for himself so he can alter any
new StealthBoys that he and the Nightkin find in the wasteland, and
he plans on taking it by force if possible.  If your Speech is really
high (80) you can convince Keene that his actions outside of 
Jacobstown will put all Super Mutants in a bad light and destroy what
Marcus is trying to accomplish.  If your Speech isn't this high, you
can either give Keene the StealthBoy and difuse the situation, or you
can take him out.  Neither of these options is optimal, so before
doing this part of the quest it may be best to come back later
when you have the magazines or skills necessary.  

After you get past the Keene roadblock, your quest is not yet done.
Doc Henry still needs to do testing and believes that Lilly
continuing to use the Mrk II will be the only way he can see the
effects long term.  You can convince the Doctor that the danger
is too much, you can agree that Lilly should continue to use the
device, or if your Science is high enough (90) you can convince
the doctor that using a NightStalker brain would have similar
properties and could be substituted to spare Lilly.  If you're
able to pull this off, Doc Henry will agree and your quest will
be finished.  If you don't have the Science skill, either of the
other options will complete the quest as well.

*****Quest 15:  Unfriendly Persuasion *****

After you've talked to Marcus, Keene, and some of the other residents of
Jacobstown, you may get stopped by Marcus at the gate.  It seems some NCR
troops have been harrassing the Super Mutants (Or what he believes is a
group of NCR troops).  They haven't killed or hurt anyone, mostly they've
been firing at the lodge and scaring the herd of Bighorns.  Being that
you're human, he would like you to see if you can get rid of them, hopefully
in a nice way because he doesn't want to give the NCR to invade.

Head down the road about 60 yards and you should see Norman and his mercs.
It turns out that he isn't actually part of NCR, but he was hired by some
members in the NCR.  They want the Super Mutants out of the lodge, mostly
because Super Mutants are known to attack Brahmin all across New Vegas.
Of course even Norman knows that Marcus's group may not be the same mutants
causing the problems, but he just wants to get paid.  You now have a few
options.  You can go against Marcus's wishes and kill the Mercs, you can
use a Speech check to make Norman leave and never come back, or you can
pay him off so he'll leave.  Norman will want 2500 caps if you select the
last option, which may be a bit steep for you.  However, he suggests
talking to the mutants and see if they're willing to help.  You have the
option to speak to Marcus about it if you wish.  Whatever you decide,
return to Marcus to complete the quest for some easy XP.

*****Quest 16:  G.I. Blues *****

Freeside in New Vegas is ruled by the Kings, and if you've heard Mr. New
Vegas's radio show you know that the Kings are ruled by...well...the King.
The King can be found in the King's School of Impressionism within Freeside.
If you're having trouble finding it, head through one of the gates to
Freeside, then look for an entrance through a broken down bus door that
forms part of an outer wall.

When you get inside the school, the King will be in a back room guarded by
one of his henchmen named Pacer.  Pacer will hit you up for cash to speak
to the King, but if your Speech is at 60 you can bypass this.  Speak to the
King by the stage.  He'll tell you that one of the Freeside bodyguards,
Orris, has been making very good money on repeat business lately.  He thinks
something is up, and he wants to make sure the playing field is even for his
Kings.  He asks you to enlist Orris's bodyguard services and see if
everything is on the up and up.  The King gives you 200 caps to pay Orris,
you can find Orris at the North Freeside gate back through the bus door.

Enlist Orris's services, he says he'll lead you to the south part of
Freeside, the entrance to the Strip.  If you deviate from following Orris,
you'll lose him as a bodyguard.  Orris seems to move at whatever speed you're
currently moving at.  If you run, he runs, etc.  Follow Orris back to the
bus doors and go through.  He'll point out a few Freeside locations as you
go.  About 100 yards from the Strip he'll spot some guys that he doesn't
like the look of, then he tells you to follow him down a side alley.
Eventually he'll speed ahead and he'll start popping some thugs that are
up to no good.  Talk to Orris afterwards, he'll boast that any other
guide would probably be killed and you along with him.  If your
Intelligence is at least 6, you can point out that Orris only fired
3 shots and 4 thugs are dead.  He'll try to cover up the whole thing, but
you'll know the truth.  To top it all off, if your Barter skill is 50 at
least you can force Orris to give up all the cash on him to forget the
whole thing.  He'll reluctantly agree, but vows revenge.  If your
Intelligence isn't at least 6, no worries.  With a low Medicine skill of
30, you can check the "dead" bodies afterwards and confirm that none
of the thugs are actually dead, they're just faking it.  When you're
finished, head back to the King and update him.  He'll thank you for the
work and says he'll have some of his guys pull Orris off the streets
discretely later.  If you're looking to pickup the King's dog, Rex, you
should be able to ask him about the robo dog now, otherwise you can
continue G.I. Blues.

The King now has a problem with a confrontation between some NCR citizens
possibly and some locals that the King knows.  He wants you to visit the
injured locals at the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside and look into the
incident.  In the south-western tent in the Fort you'll find three guys,
two are conscious named Roy and Wayne.  Wayne won't say anything yet,
so speak to Roy.  Tell Roy that you were sent by the King to look into
the attack.  Roy will tell you that they left the Wrangler the other
night and they took a wrong turn into squatter terrirtory.  They got into
a fight with some young, well dressed people.  Roy asks you to talk to
Wayne for more info.  Wayne will speak as well if he knows you're with
the King.  Wayne doesn't have much to add, until you thank him for his
help (Don't prod him by saying "You're holding something back."  It leads
to bad Freeside fame).  He'll remember that one of the men called the other
Lou, and then between Roy and Wayne, they piece together that it was a

Head back to the King and tell him a bunch of Soldier boys beat up his
friends.  He wants you to look into what prompted this.  He suggests
asking around the NCR squatter areas, or try Julie Farkas in the
Mormon Fort again.  If you want to go the NCR squatter route, head to
the south-east part of Freeside where the Mormon Fort is (Through the
bus doors again).  In the south-east side theres a Missionary there,
speak to him.  He asks if you're an NCR citizen.  If your Speech skill
is high enough you can Lie to him.  If not he'll ask you three questions
to prove your citizenship.  The first asks about who is the most popular
leader in NCR history, the answer is Tandi.  The second question was
the site of NCR's first capital, the answer is Shady Sands (These should
be easy if you played Fallout 1 and 2).  The second question is what is
on the NCR's flag, it's a two headed bear.  The Missionary will tell you
to head to the old Trainyard in Freeside, theres some guards at a
building that hand out supplies after 6pm.  I suggest talking to Farkas
too, so head to the Mormon Fort.  When you get there, ask her what she
knows about the NCR troops in the area.  She'll mention that she has a
frient named Major Elizabeth Kieran handing out supplies in the south
west part of Freeside.  She says that Kieran is usually pretty guarded,
so mention that Farkas sent you and she may give up more info.

Head to the trainyard, the abandoned shop is in the west, under the
suspended highway.  Go to the guards, you can use the password that you
got from the Missionary, or if your Speech is at 30 you can tell them
that you're there to see Kieran on important business.  Inside the store
speak to Kieran.  If you ask why they aren't serving Locals too, she'll
get fussy and won't want to talk.  Tell her that Farkas sent you, and
she'll mention that they wanted to serve all of Freeside, but when
a rep was sent to the Kings, he came back nearly dead.  They won't serve
the Locals after that incident, partly because they don't have the
supplies to go around anyway.

Head back to the King.  Pacer will stop you before going in and suggests
you don't bug the King with any info that Kieran gave you.  You can tell
him whatever you like.  Speak to the King.  Tell him that NCR is doing
a supply drop in Freeside, only NCR citizens are allowed, and if you
so choose tell him that a rep was sent to the Kings and never made it
because he was beaten up before they could speak to the King himself.
Once you're finished, a member of the Kings will interrupt the
conversation.  He'll tell you that a shoot out is going on between some
NCR soldiers, Pacer, and some Kings by the old train station.  The King
asks you to go down there and difuse the situation.  

When you get to the train station there will be a shoot out going on,
and most of the Kings will be dead already.  Pacer will be taking
cover.  Head over to where the NCR soldiers are firing from, just be
sure to keep your weapon holstered.  Speak to Kieran again in the back
behind the structure the soldiers are shooting from.  You can either
tell her that you want to talk peace, or if you're bad and want to
waste the NCR, tell her you're there to take them out.  My guess is
you'll be telling them that the King didn't know about the rep getting
ambushed.  When you're finished, head back to the King.

If you took out the NCR, you'll get a little Freeside fame and some
negative NCR fame.  If you talked down the NCR you'll get some Freeside
fame, and some good Karma.  Either way you get your XP, and you get
one favor from the King.  Your options for favors at this time are
to ask for some extra caps, ask the King to help you get access to the
Strip, or you can ask to become one of the Kings.  I suggest holding
onto the favor for now, another option will come up later if/when the
quest King's Gambit becomes available to you.  Becomming a King is
okay, unless you've got no use for hair cuts and the respect that being
a King garners you (The King says people will leave you alone in Freeside
knowing that you're a King, but you still seem to get attacked by the 
Freeside Thugs regardless).  Becomming a King also nets you an outfit,
however theres many of these on the 3rd floor if you want to steal one.
For access to the strip, the King says Ralph in Freeside can help you,
however that just seems like a waste of the favor.  Besides, if you
really wanted access all you need is 2000 caps on hand, or if you have
a Speech skill of 50 you can talk Ralph into selling you a fake pass
anyway for 500 caps (Or less with skill check).  Taking the caps will
net you 1000 caps, which shouldn't be that much for you at this stage
in the game.  Becomming a King also gets you access to Sergio, who will
do your hair for you.  So, save the favor for now unless you don't plan
on helping the NCR leading up to the Battle of Hoover Dam

*****Quest 17:  Nothin' but a Hound Dog *****

After you've completed the first part of G.I. Blues for the King, you can
ask him about Rex, his dog.  He'll mention that Rex hasn't been doing so
hot lately, and if something isn't done for him soon, he might be done for.
The King said he tried taking him to the Followers over at the Old Mormon
Fort, but they said they didn't have the tools to fix him.  He suggests you
may have more luck and asks you to talk to Julie Farkas there.

Talk to Julie at the Fort.  She'll say again that theres nothing more she
can do for Rex there.  He needs some cybernetic work and a brain transplant,
but she thinks that Doc Henry at Jacobstown can work with him.  Go back to
the King and give him the news.  He'll say that he currently can't leave
Freeside considering it's current state, and none of his men can go cause he
needs them all to keep the peace.  Since you've taken an interest, he asks
if you'd help.  Say yes, and he says he'll lend you Rex.

First thing you need to do is visit the Doc in Jacobstown, unless you're
feeling particularly violent and want to pick up the brains in advance.
Speak to Henry and he'll tell you that he can repair Rex if you have a
replacement brain.  This will open some options for you.  Some brains you
can obtain without firing a shot, others may require you to spill some blood
depending on your rep with factions.  Any of the 3 options will complete
the quest for you and net the XP.  

Option 1:
The brain of Violetta the Fiend Kanine can be found roughly west or 
south-west just outside the Strip.  You'll see a large conglomorate of
broken vehicles in the outskirts of Vegas there, Violet and her dog can be
found there.  If you go back to Henry and install Violetta's brain, Rex will
be faster

Option 2:  
The brain of Lupa can be optained from the Fort.  If you defeat Lupa in the
Arena, or elsewise, you'll be able to use that brain.  Go back to Henry and
he'll install it in Rex, giving him extra health.

Option 3:
Head to Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson Scrapyard north of Novac.  You can be
dirty and waste Rey and Lady Gibson for the brain, or you can talk to her.
She says Rey is getting on in years, but for 700 caps you can have him.  If
your Barter skill is 60 you can convince her that taking Rey's brain will
give him an immortal life in a way, and she'll give in.  She then...ahhh...
says goodbye I guess and gives you the brain.  Head back to Henry to install
the brain.  Rey's brain will give Rex increased attack power.     

Option 4:
This isn't a very good option, however you can use the brain from an NCR
dog if you happen to procure one in your travels.  This has no bearing nor
benefit to Rex however, other than replacing his deteriorating brain, so
it isn't suggested.

*****Quest 18:  Debt Collector *****

Speak to Ms. Garret in the Atomic Wranger of Freeside.  If you ask if she
has any work, or if you ask for a deal on a room, she'll say she has some
debts that need collecting.  She'll offer you 25% of each debt as payment,
but if your Speech or Barter are at 25 you can talk her into 50/50.  She
has three debts for you:  Lady Jane for 250, Santiago for 212, and Grecks 
for 138.  

You can find Lady Jane near the gate to the Strip, southern part of Freeside.
If you ask her about the debt, she'll tell you that her caravan was wiped
out and everything she has is there.  If your Speech or Barter is at 40 at 
least, you can force her to give up what caps she has and anything of
bartering value.  She'll admit that she has a portion of the caps and she'll
give you some cigarettes and sensor modules to make up the difference.  If
you have a perception of 7 you can tell she's lying through her teeth, she'll
then admit she has ALL the cash and hand it over.  If you're feeling
dangerous and nice, you can offer to retrieve her caravan items.  She'll
be surprised someone would help and will mark the location, saying you can
keep what you find.  The caravan was ambushed at the Broc Flower Cave and
the goods are inside.  The cave can be found a ways south of Novac, east
of the Legion camp.  In a reference to the movie Princess Bride, you can
find R.O.U.S. (Rodents of Unusual Size) in the cave.  You can also find
a Ratslayer rifle in the south-east corner.  The rats take some good
firepower to bring down, and if you have companions they could become rat
feed if you're not careful.  Theres also some good radiation in the cave,
so if you have any Rad-X, a Radiation Suit, or Space Suit it may be
useful here.  The caravan is a dead Brahmin that can be found down the
right path when you first enter.  Its also not far from the Ratslayer stash.
Return to Francine in Freeside.

Grecks is pretty easy.  You can find him in Freeside, Fort side, behind the
outside of Form Mormon.  He'll try to hit you up for caps, if you ask if
he's collecting that cash for Francine, he'll cough up the cash right away.
If you're Speech skill is a 40, you can hit Grecks up for a penalty payment
for yourself.  If you're really bad, and for a Karma hit, you can take the
clothes off his back, but it's not necessary unless you're bad.  You can
also ask him about his strange eye, he'll go crazy on ya.  He's not too
tough, he's packing a Tire Iron.

Santiago is the last one.  I found him on the Fort side of Freeside again.
I found him in the south-east corner on the other side of a building from
the East Gate.  You can get something beneficial from him here.  If you ask
him the right question regarding payment, he'll mention that he has a
discount with Mick and Ralph and for a price he'll hook you up.  This is a
load of BS, if you ask Mick and Ralph about it they'll say you're not the
first one to be conned by Santiago.  You can get the word from him anyway
if you want to get some XP for a speech check.  Secret word or not, ask 
about the debt.  He'll feign ignorance, you can either threaten him or...
well...threaten him.  He'll cough up the dough.  Head back to Francine.
She'll mention that she has one more person she wants you to track down.
Caleb McCaffery was a bounty hunter for the Garrets, you may have seen him
in the casino before finding the previous 3 individuals.  It turns out
Caleb made off with a bunch of their caps to the Strip.  Tell Francine you'll
track him down and waste him.  If you haven't been to the Strip, theres a
few ways to get in.  The south side of Freeside has an entrance, and you can
either get in by submitting to a credit check (Just have 2000 caps on you),
you can use Science to get in (Need a skill level of 80 or more), or if you
did G.I. Blues for the King you can ask a favor of him to get you in (Not
very practical given the other two options, the caps being the easiest).
Either way, get access to the Strip and head in.

Caleb will probably be found out on the Strip in front of the Gomorrah.
He won't be too shocked that you're there looking for him.  You can either
take his hat and any caps he has and let him go, or you can gun him down.
He's not too tough, so it's up to you.  If you plan on taking his hat and
taking the less violent option, you'll still need to pass a Speech check of
40.  When you've resolved the situation, head back to Francine.  Francine
will reward you with some caps and will give you the corner bedroom on the
second floor to use.  It used to be Caleb's, and it seems you don't get to
keep his belongings because they all show as red except for the bed.  At
least you get a free place to sleep at until you get a place on the Strip.
If you speak to Francine's brother he may have a quest for you now too.

*****Quest 19:  Wang Dang Atomic Tango *****

Speak to Mr. Garret in the Atomic Wrangler of Freeside.  You may not be able
to get this quest until you complete Debt Collector for his sister, Francine.
He mentions that he has some odds requests from customers that are looking
to...spice things up in the bedroom.  Garret wants some interesting playmates
for his clients.  He has customers that are looking for a real cowboy
rodeo in the bedroom, a smooth talking man that can pull off the "boyfriend,"
experience, and a sex robot or sexbot.  Tell him you'll take the job.

Lets start with the suave man.  You may have run into a jack of all trades
named Old Ben by the Strip entrance.  If you recall he was once an escort.
Head over that way and see if you can find him.  Ask if he'd be willing to
be the suave gentleman that Garret is looking for.  At first he'll be
against getting back into that work, however a Speech skill of 50 or a
Perk like Black Widow will talk him into it.  One down, two to go.

Beatrix Russell should be your next target, she's the ghoul cowboy.  You
can find her in the Mormon Fort.  She'll mention that she's bored of working
with the Followers, they won't let her booze.  You'll need to go to your
Speech skill again, or Barter, to talk her into taking the job.  You may also
be able to convince her that she can make her own hours, choose her own
customers, and get a discount from the Garret's, but I wasn't successful
in convincing her this way myself.  When you have Beatrix on board, you just
need your Sexbot.

To find the Sexbot, stay in the northern part of Freeside (Fort Mormon side).
Head toward the trainyards and past the Ruined Store where the NCR was
handing out supplies in G.I. Blues.  You'll head down a one way alley where
you'll eventually find a door to Cerulean Robotics.  Inside you'll find some
Giant Rats, no biggie.  There will be a ton of spare junk parts and dead
Protectrons around.  You should find an Average locked Tool Cabinent that
has a Terminal Access Card inside.  Use it near the computer where the only
functional Protectron remains.  If you can't get the keycard you may be able
to hack the computer terminal.  Once you have access, use your Science skill
to reprogram the Protectron for...Sexbot duties.  When the Protectron comes
out you rename it "Fisto."  You can either send Fisto toward his new
master, or you can take him for a test drive (Yeah...don't expect too much
though).  The dialog options are humerous at least.  When you're finished
head back to Garret.

Tell Garret that you've procured each of the individuals he was looking for.
If you have at least 40 Speech or 40 Barter you can convince him to pony up
a little more cash for Fisto, seems Garret had a personal use for him all
along.  You'll get cash for each individual you recruited, and another 50
caps for getting them all.

*****Quest 20:  Birds of a Feather *****

The Silver Rush can be found in the southern part of Freeside, the zone with
The King's hideout.  It's down the street to the west, not far from the
Atomic Wrangler.  Speak to Simon outside, or try to enter anyway.  He'll
stop you and pat you down, temporarily taking your weapons (Don't worry, 
you'll get them back).  Head inside, but don't move.  You'll witness a little
scene...don't get off on the wrong foot with these people.  Talk to Gloria
Van Graff.  You can ask her if she has any work, to which she'll say that she
does have something for you.  She's looking for a temporary door guard to
assist Simon, tell her you'll do it (It's easy, quick caps).  When ready,
head outside.  

Speak to Simon, he'll give you your choice between a Laser Rifle or a Plasma
Rifle (Hope your Energy Weapons skill is good!  Not a big deal really).  
He'll also outfit you with VanGraff Combat Armor, which may or may not be
better than what you're currently wearing.  Regardless, you have to keep up
appearances for the job.  You just need to stand with Simon by the door and
turn away unmentionable individuals, keep the peace, and make sure no one
enters with a weapon.  Not so hard, eh?  Keep those things in mind and you'll
do fine.  The first guy is a drunk, and he can easily be turned away by
telling him he isn't allowed in due to company policy, or you can be mean
about it, either one will get the job done.  The second guy seems a little
shaky, but he may just be intimidated.  You can ask him about booze, but it
isn't necessary.  Just make sure you pat him down, then send him in.  The
third patron will be a Gambler from the Atomic Wranger.  He says he hit it
big and wants to buy a piece.  If you ask to pat him down, he'll be 
adamant that he doesn't have anything and wants access.  If your Speech is
at 65 you can convince him that everyone gets patted down regardless,
otherwise you'll have to be firm and non-PC about it.  The fourth guy is
a wildcard.  He says that he wants to replace a revolver that he has and
that he's come a long way.  If you ask to pat him down, he's going to
get nasty.  This is a bit of a spoiler, but he has an explosive device on
him.  If you just let him through, he'll blow up the entire interior and
you can loot the remaining bodies, containers, and rooms (However you'll
have to fight off Simon since you cost him his job).  Otherwise, if you want
to do a good job, get paid, and continue the quest you have to pressure the
man to be searched.  He'll eventually attack when he realizes his ruse is no
good, you should have no trouble taking him out along with Simon and any
possible companions you have.  The last individual is Pacer, the right hand
man of The King.  He has something for Gloria is seems, and he asks you to
pass the info along that he's thinking of her.  You don't want to get into
a fight here, unless you really don't like Pacer, so just say that you'll
pass the info along or ask him why he doesn't tell Gloria himself.  That will
complete the first part of the quest.  Simon will take your armor and weapon,
go see Gloria.  If you did your job and answered correctly you'll get 300
caps in compensation.  Screwing up once will net you 200 caps, and maybe
less if you repeatidly screw up.  Allowing the 4th guy in will result in
no caps, but you could potentially make out like a bandit by looting the
place.  Speak to Gloria again for the next part, she wants you to play
courier (Hopefully you won't get shot in the head this time!).

Gloria wants you to deliver a package to a potential customer in a discrete
location.  The payout is big, but theres no rush as the customer is going to
be in Vegas for awhile she says.  Tell her you'll deliver the package.  The
drop off point is just outside Vegas, east of Freeside's East Gate.  It's
a few hundred yards out in the wasteland, but the quest marker should lead
you there.  You'll find a strange man (You may also find a Golden Gecko
nearby that scares the guy and he won't talk to you.  Either reload, or
kill the Gecko and try him again).  He'll ask you about a package, it's
best if you don't ask a lot of questions.  If your Speech is at 75 however
you can ask him about a delivery fee, and even though you weren't promised
one you can get 200 caps out of him!  Give the man the package, then head
back to Gloria.  She'll ask what the man said, just tell her he was pleased
and that they'll be contacting her soon, you'll net 200 caps in payment.
She'll also tell you that her brother, Jean-Baptiste, has work for you.  This
quest still isn't complete!  Talk to Jean-Baptiste for the next part.

Jean will tell you that some big deal is going down and they just need to
tie up some loose ends.  Jean wants you to find Rose of Sharon Cassidy,
or Cass as people call her, and bring her to him.  If you've been to 
Mojave Outpost, you'll know that Cass is there.  You may even have her in
your party currently.  In any case, lets pretend we need to talk to Cass.
You can try to ask Jean a bunch of questions, but he's pretty adamant
about this.  He's stubborn, won't let you relay the message, he just wants
Cass there so he can speak to her.  Ooook, so you need to bring Cass to
Jean-Baptiste to further this quest.  Keep something in mind...if you plan
on having Cass as a companion, you may not want to do this part of the
quest anytime soon, or come back here at all if Cass is in your party.
Lets just say that Cass will be a bit burnt out from Mojave life to
accompany you if you do.  If you don't have a use for Cass, tell Jean
you'll be back.

Theres only one way you're going to get Cass away from the Mojave Outpost,
and thats by buying up her Caravan, or whats left of it.  To do that you
will have to do some odd jobs for the Crimson Caravan.  See the Optional
Quest "You Can Depend on Me" for info on this.  When the time comes,
head back to Cass, buy her Caravan as described, then enlist her help as
a companion so she'll come with you.  Now bring her back to the VanGraffs
in Vegas.  Take her to Jean-Baptiste, he'll be happy to see her.  So
happy that he'll turn her crispy.  Hey, I tried ta warn ya.  For doing
all that leg work you'll be rewarded with 350 caps, a bit low considering
all the leg work.  When you're done, Jean says that Gloria has one more
thing for ya, so talk to her.

Gloria says that the deal that you originally set up with the sample is
about to be completed.  The Van Graffs are about to become very wealthy,
and she wants you to escort the weapons with her on the delivery.  Tell
her you'll do it and you'll fade to black, reappearing in an unknown
factory with...Legion?  Nothing happens yet, but Gloria says to keep
cool and to follow her lead.  I won't say anything more in detail, but
things certainly aren't as they seem.  When everything is finished, talk
to Gloria again, she'll wisk you back to the Silver Rush magically.
Speak to Gloria once more, she'll answer any questions you have.  She'll
also reward you with 1000 caps, Freeside fame, and NCR fame along with
your quest XP.  She says that if you speak to her at a later date, she
may have some offers to assist in the transport of weapons, but thats
not related to this quest.

*****Quest 21:  You Can Depend on Me *****

If you've picked up Heartache By the Number, or if you've been to Crimson
Caravan you'll probably end up getting this quest from Alice Lafferty.  The
Crimon Caravan can be found just NE of the East Freeside Gate.  Alice
asks that you deliver an invoice to Doctor Hildren at Camp McCarran because
she needs a runner.  Take the job, then head over to McCarran.  You can find
the doctor in the Airport Terminal, first floor of the science section
(northern part of the building).  Give the doctor the invoice, thats all you
have to do.  Head back to Alice for an easy 150 caps!  She'll have more work
for you, hopefully they're all as easy and pay as well.

Speak to Alice again and she'll give you three possible quests this time,
all still part of the current quest.  First, she wants you to try and
purchase Cassidy Caravans.  If you recall, Cass is in the bar of Mojave
Outpost drowning her sorrows.  The second thing Alice wants you to do is
to find Henry Jamison and convince him to quit the Crimson Caravan.  It 
seems ol' Henry has parents in high places and is no good for business,
so Alice wants him to quit.  Third, Alice wants you to...obtain...some
specs from the Gun Runners.  Lets start with Cass, since we still have a
quest from her under Heartache By the Number.  Head to Mojave Outpost.

Speak to Cass.  Tell her about the deal, she doesn't want anything to do
with it.  Despite losing everything essentially, she has too much pride and
stubborn nature to part with her father's namesake.  You have some options
here to try and convince her otherwise.  You have two Speech checks, one of
50 Skill and another of 75 Skill.  You also have the option of two Barter
checks, one 50 Skill and the other 75.  If you use the Barter skill to drink
her under the table, you'll need to obtain 12 Whiskey bottles, so keep that
in mind.  No matter what you choose, any of the options will convince Cass to
give up the Caravan eventually (As long as she doesn't outdrink you!).  
one of the other options will also force you to pony up your own cash to
buy the deed from Cass.  Whenever you receive the deed, head back to the
Crimson Caravan and find Alice.

The next part of the quest involves convincing Henry Jamison to quit the
Crimson Caravan.  As it turns out his parents contributed greatly to the
Caravan from California, yet in his privileged position he has been lazy
and racking up a debt to the company.  Due to his position, they cannot
fire him, so you must convince him to leave willingly.  Look for Jamison
in the south part of Freeside in the Atomic Wrangler.  You have a couple
options when you speak to Henry.  If your Speech is at 50, right away you
can ask him why he doesn't leave, and he'll mention that he had a run
in with the Omertas and owes them money.  Using that Speech skill you can
force him to leave with threats of going to the Omertas regarding his debt.
If you don't have the Speech, but you have 50 Barter, you can ask Henry
what it will take to get him to leave.  He'll ask that you pay off his
debts to the Omertas and give him a severence package.  With the Barter
skill you can convince him to forget the severence package and the Caravan
will pay off his debt.  The last option is for those that don't have a
Speech nor Barter skill of 50.  Tell Henry that you'll pay the severence
and his debt, return to Alice.  Based on your skill checks, she'll either
be impressed or miffed, but either way she'll still reward you at least
300 caps for the work.  

The last part is optional.  It involves stealing manufacturing plans from
the nearby Gunrunners.  If you don't want to mess with the Gunrunners, you
can tell Alice that all that sneaking around isn't your thing and this
will complete your quest.  You won't receive any new rewards financially,
however you'll still receive the same quest XP of 500.  If you want to
help Lafferty, head to the Gunrunners just to the south-west.  If you plan
on sneaking in, going after midnight is suggested.  Also, if you have a 
Stealth Boy or two it will help.  Head through the front gate, but watch
for the guard.  If you time your movement and stay hidden, you may be able
to get past without the Stealth Boy, but you'll have to be careful.  Head
into the Gunrunner's facility and straight to the back room.  When I went
after midnight there were no other individuals back there, so if you're
quick you shouldn't have any problems.  Look for a terminal in the back
room, it will have the schematics you're looking for.  Once you have the
data, head back to the Crimson Caravan.

Lafferty will give you an extra 500 caps if you were successful in
sneaking the data out undetected, however if you killed any Gunrunners
they'll be unable to use the schematics you lifted until some time has
passed, so Lafferty will only give you 300 caps.  If you completed the
other parts, your quest will now be complete.  Speak to Lafferty again
and she'll give you another quest called "Pressing Matters."

*****Quest 22:  Still in the Dark *****

Hidden Valley can be found north of Primm and the NCRCF.  You can scope
things out early on in your adventure, but unless you've been really training
up your Lockpick skill, you probably won't get in.  If you've been working
on the Optional Quest "ED-E My Love," or if you have Veronica as your current
companion, you may be able to get easy access.  When you get to Hidden
Valley, theres various bunkers enclosed in a run down chain-link fence.
Searching these various bunkers leads to a lot of dead ends, mostly locked
doors that reveal cave-ins (And some Mini Nuke's if you search carefully).
However, the Bunker on the west side, leading to a Very Hard locked door,
has much more in store.  Having Veronica in your party will grant you easy
access and no hassle, and as mentioned ED-E may do the same.  However, the
only other way to get in without picking that Very Hard lock is to know the
password and speak it through the comm system by the door.  Where is the
password?  In the REPCONN Headquarters found south of Vegas, on the road
toward Boulder City.  If you've already been there and have the password,
or have Veronica as mentioned, skip the next paragraph, otherwise read on.

The password you seek is on the top floor of REPCONN's Headquarters.  This
building is filled with various robots that are programmed to either guide
you through the museum, or will prevent you from accessing the upper levels
without a proper clearance.  The quest "ED-E My Love," may take you here if
you've been contacted by Lorenzo.  The first floor is safe and no extra
access is needed, however the robots may warn you that access to the 2nd
level is prohibited.  Theres a few ways to get around this.  First, in the
south-western part of the facility you should be able to find an employee's
keycard that will allow you on the second floor.  The other option is to
just head to the second floor and pass a skill check (Science if I recall)
to fool the robots.  The second floor will have a computer terminal you can
access that will scan your face to allow further access, however if you're
swift you can find a door to the third floor that leads right to the
President's office and a terminal that will shut down the robots.  If you
don't use either of these methods, you can also use your Luck to guess a
bypass code I think, but mine wasn't high enough at the time.  Your objective
should be some dead Brotherhood of Steel members on the third floor.  When
you've looted them, head to back to Hidden Valley.

Once you're in the west Hidden Valley bunker, head inside and down the stairs
to the locked door.  Use the comm station and give the password, or if
Veronica is in your party she'll get access immediately.  If Veronica isn't
in your party, the Brotherhood will freak out a bit and strip you of all
your items temporarily, otherwise they'll let you pass.  You could fight
them, but it isn't advised at early levels and that would kill the quest.
If you've been following along at this point, you'll notice that we don't
even have the actual quest up till now, however after stripping you of your
items, you'll finally gain access to "Still in the Dark," and will be asked
to speak to Elder McNamara.  You'll be transported into the Elder's chambers
in nothing but your tighty-whiteys.  The Elder will try to scare you a bit,
but overall he's intrigued by your presence and wants you to do something
for him to prove you're not a threat.  It seems an NCR soldier has taken up
residence in one of the other bunkers.  The Brotherhood have spied on him
for some time, however the time has come for him to go and they want you
to do the deed.  McNamara releases you, but they outfit you with an
explosive collar that cannot be removed.  He threatens that leaving Hidden
Valley before completing your task will result in the collar blowing up
(Shades of Hell Comes to Frogtown!).  When you're ready, you'll be dropped
outside the bunker door once more, and your items will be waiting for you
in a box to your right.  Remember to put your armor back on and equip your

The NCR trooper may not be in one of the bunkers when you search for him,
he could be just south-west from the main gate past the chain-link fence.
Don't worry, you can go find him without blowing up, just don't go TOO far.
You'll find him crouched hear a rock, he'll mistake you for a Powder
Ganger at first, but he's just playing with you.  Now you must convince him
to pack up and go away.  He's using the bunker as a base to stage his stake
out on the Gangers.  Whatever you do, do NOT mention anything about the
Brotherhood.  He'll believe you, but bad things happen afterwards.
Unfortunately it seems you requrie a Speech skill of 50 to Lie to him and
convince him that Powder Gangers traveling to and from NCRCF will use the
bunkers as temporary camping spots, and it would be ill advised to sleep
there as a result.  He'll agree, and he'll be on his way.  Return to
the Brotherhood bunker when ready.  Oh, and if you did tell him about the
Brotherhood, he can remove your slave collar...but don't expect that the
Brotherhood will let you walk away for backstabbing them.

When you return to McNamara he'll mention that the first part was just a
test to see if they could trust you.  The real quest is coming up.  The
Elder feels he needs someone from the outside to search for 3 missing
patrols that they haven't heard from in some time.  The rest of the
Brotherhood is on lockdown currently, and he basically doesn't want to
lose anyone else, so he figures you'd be a good sacrifice I guess.  If
you already went to the REPCONN Headquarters you will have found one
of the patrols already and you'll get credit for them.  If you haven't,
read the 2nd paragraph of this quest.

For the second party of Brotherhood soldiers, they didn't make it very far
from base.  Remember what I said about not turning north from the
Radscorpion gulch?  Forget that, take some Rad-X if you're worried about
ill effects.  Take the northern road in the northern path leading to
Radscorpion gulch.  You'll see some Centaurs ahead, be careful, they can
mess you up in packs.  The missing Brotherhood soldeirs are in the middle
of the Centaur pit.  Loot the bodies to get the holotape you need to
continue with the quest.  The last group is not going to be easy.  They
were sent way, way up to the northern part of the map.  If you have any
waypoints north-east or east of Vegas itself, feel free to fast travel and
take a short-cut.

If you're not familiar with Nellis or have never been there, read the
first paragraph of the Optional Quest:  Volare!  Getting into Nellis can
be a nasty experience, unless you enjoy dodging dozens of Howitzer shells
raining down on you!  The long and short of it is, the Brotherhood 
soldiers seemingly met their end in the shanty town remnants outside of
Nellis AFB, and now you have to go into the warzone to retrieve the
holotape.  I don't suggest running in just to get the holotape and
running out, you're much better off actually making it to the Nellis gate
so they quit firing at you.  As I mention in that quest, stick to the
north-west and use the remaining walls among the burned out buildings as
cover as you push north toward the fence and gate.  Once you reach the
fence at least, you should be in the clear.  They'll make you speak to
Mother Pearl first, no biggie.  When you're finished with her, you can
go ahead and leave to find the holotape without fear of being bombed.

The soldier with the holotape can be found near to large cars among the
burned out buildings before the gate.  Look for one car thats nearly
standing up, perpendicular with the ground.  There will be another car
in front of that one, the soldier will be underneath it.  What a way to
go!  Once you have the holotape you should be ready to return to Hidden
Valley.  Now you have two options.  If you've spoken to Head Paladin
Hardin, you'll know that he's currently trying to overthrow Elder
McNamara.  While he can't fault McNamara with anything serious, he feels
the lockdown is slowly killing the Brotherhood in this region and he
feels they should move out.  If you wish to continue with helping
McNamara, read on under Option 1.  If you want to assist Hardin, skip
down to Option 2.  (Note that while you can speak to Hardin about
ousting McNamara at any time until this quest is complete, trying to
assist Hardin with the overthrow after this point may result in the
next quest getting bugged and Hardin never ends up as Elder.  If you
plan on doing the overthrow, do it now)

Option 1:
After collecting the holotapes for McNamara, he wants you to seek out
some scouts that he has sent out.  Due to the bunker's shielding they
can't communicate with the scouts from inside, however just like the
holotapes you'll be able to zone in on the scouts once you reach
topside.  He tells you to give them the code phrase, some gibberish
about the bear still hunting, and tell them you are the Elder's rep.
They will then give you their report.  Go ahead and head out of the
bunker, then turn south.  The first scout is near the NCRCF nearly,
easily within walking distance.  The scout will be at the northern
end of the chain-link fence.  Give him the code-phrase, get the
report, easy peasy.  The next scout isn't too far, but he's a little
harder to get through.  The quickest way there is to fast travel to
Nipton if you have that location.  Theres a road heading out of town
to the north, leading through a valley.  Follow that road briefly,
then turn and climb the east ridge as you head north.  You'll get
pretty high up, the scout will be perched up on a rock.  Give him
the same pass phrase, get the report, one more to go!  The last
scout is in between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope.  If you cleared
Nelson or are friendly with the Legion, fast travel there.  If not
head to Forlorn Hope.  The fields in between Nelson and the Camp are
where you want to go, however hug the western part of the field
against the rock.  The thrid scout will once again be perched on a 
rock overlooking the battlefield, fairly high up.  Get the third
report and return to McNamara.  If you're still considering helping
Hardin become Elder, you may still be able to help him at this point
without the quest bugging, just do it asap before turning in the
quest.  If not, speak to McNamara and give him the reports.  Guess
what?  You're not done yet.

The Elder still isn't about to reward you for this quest yet.  He feels
like he can finally trust you with a serious problem the bunker is
facing.  The air filtration system is going bad (Shades of Fallout 1
/w water chips!) and they require some parts to fix the system.  He
asks you to speak to Lorenzo in the workshop.  The workshop is between
the Virtual Reality room and the Datasource terminal room.  Lorenzo
will get upset as a few individuals have been tasked with this in the
past and they never returned.  Bad news!  Sounds like the Elder is
trying to kill us with these quests.  Oh well.  The bad news is that
Lorenzo has no idea where the parts actually are, but he has a hunch.
He gives you the waypoints of various Vaults in the area, that should
get you started.  Well, I'll save you some time and tell you which ones
you need.  I'll do this short and sweet.  You need 3 items, here are
their locations:

*Note* Going to vault 22 to get the HEPA Filters below may cause
other quests to bug for you later unless you grab them first.  Both
"I Could Make You Care" and "There Stands the Grass" require you to
get data from the databanks here.  If you are not on these quests
yet, do not download the data!

6 HEPA 20 Cartridge Filters - These are found in Vault 22.  Vault 22
can be found west of New Vegas, tucked away in the hills.  You'll
know it when you find it, it looks like plant life exploded from the
inside.  To get to the Filters you'll need to unlock some doors.  The
quickest way to do this is to head to the 4th floor and locate the
Overseer's office.  Using the terminal here you can unlock several
locked doors, although a few can be picked if you want the XP.  There
is a keycard in the Quarters area that opens a locked Vault door to
the cave in level 3, Food Production, but I don't think you need it.
Once you've been to the Overseer's office, take the elevator down
to floor 5, Pest Control.  Hang a left after getting off the elevator.
This will lead up some stairs to a door going to Food Production.  Yeah
we're jumping a floor here and going to 3.  From here you'll have
access to the cave network, hang a right at the intersection when you
get there.  Pass the door on your right and continue up.  You'll
eventually come to a wooden door leading to the Oxygen floor.  This
will dead end into a room with a few lockets, the HEPA Cartridges are
in one of the lockers.  Head out the way you came in.

Differential Pressure Controller - Seek out Vault 11 north of HELIOS
One, nestled in the mountains.  This part doesn't involve as much
headache, although you'll have to do some swimming and get irradiated.
Make your way through the Vault down to the lower levels.  Look for
the Overseer's Office signs.  When you reach the bottom floor and
reach the Overseer's Office, take the right hallway just before it.
Take the next right.  Continue forward and you'll come to a spot where
you must swim to progress.  Take a breath and jump in.  The first room
underwater on your right will have the locker, look for the controller
in there.

Reverse Pulse Cleaner - This is found in Vault 3, which is actually in
the South Vegas Ruins.  Look for the entrance to the ruins just south
west from Vegas, near New Vegas Steel.  This item is potentially the
easiest one to obtain.  If you don't have one, procure a Great Khan
outfit of some kind.  If you can't/don't want to get one, thats ok.
You can also have a Speech skill of 65 or better, or just blow everyone
up.  If you want to get through the Vault without firing a shot, the
Khan Outfit or tricking the first guard will do it.  You're looking
for the Maintenance Wing.  Go through the first door once inside the
Vault, down the hall, and down the stairs.  In the next area your
goal is in the northern room where Motor-Runner resides.  The Cleaner
is in the locker found in his room.  You should have all the pieces
now, head back to Lorenzo.  Give him the parts, then talk to McNamara.
He'll finally complete the quest for you, netting you 1k XP, some very
good Brotherhood fame, he'll lift the lockdown in a few days, and he'll
also give you a key to the Brotherhood safehouse!  Furthermore, after
a few days, as long as your quest wasn't bugged (I don't suggest
talking to Hardni after this about the holotapes, he'll give you
quest XP and probably bug you later).

Option 2:
Once you have the reports from the missing Paladins, you have everything
you need to potentially finish this quest.  At any point upon receiving
this quest, speak to Hardin.  He'll mention wanting to overthrow
McNamara, although he isn't sure how to do it as the Elder's leadership
has been untainted thusfar.  Theres been little precedent for an Elder
being removed, however Hardin asks you to assist him in gathering the
information and playing detective because he's too lazy (Just an
observation).  First, we need a motive, because McNamara's career
has been fairly spotless thusfar.  Hardin wants you to search the
datasource for info, but to do that you're going to need two things.
First, you're going to need to remove the virus on the datasource
(See the Freeform quest:  Virus Alert for info on how to do this).  The
second thing you need is permission from head of security, Ramos.  Once
you've cleared the virus, speak to Ramos at the entrance to the Hidden
Valley Bunker.  He's aware that Hardin has been thinking about ousting
the Elder, however he's confidant that the Elder's record is perfect
and as a sign of good faith he gives you access to the datasource.  Head
back to level 2 to check it out.

Reading into the datasource you'll find three potential cases in the past
where an Elder resigned after breaking code.  In one case an Elder
"accidentally" killed another Brotherhood member in a friendly fire
incident during battle.  The second case is what we're looking for, as
an Elder broke the Chain that Binds code of conduct.  You may need to
speak again to Ramos or Hardin to get access to more information
regarding the Chain that Binds, however once you've researched this on
the datasource, return to Hardin.  Hardin will say that this is not new
information, however he forgot the 2nd part.  The 2nd part reveals that
no commanding officer can break the chain of command and give orders
to the soldiers under his direct subordinate, so no skipping ranks or
failing to notify a commanding officer that you're giving orders to
someone below him.  At this point, if you have all three holotapes listed
above, you should be able to give them to Hardin to complete the quest
under this option.  You will receive Brotherhood fame, and quest XP.
Hardin will take over as Elder in a few days then, and if you return to
him he'll have another quest for you then.

*****Quest 23:  Volare! *****

While you're working on the quest "Still in the Dark" for the Brotherhood,
you may find yourself up around Nellis Air Force Base, north-east from
New Vegas.  Even if you're not on that quest, you may find yourself there
anyway if you're curious.  If you take the road that heads north-east out
of Vegas, you'll run into a man thats a bit of a gambler.  He points out
that you're now in Boomer terriritory, and they sure do like to live up to
their name.  He is willing to give you some tips on how to stay safe, but
he makes a wager that you won't make it back alive.  You can take him up
on his offer if you want, 300 caps and if you return you double your
money.  If your Speech skill is high enough you can make him take 200 caps
instead, it's up to you though.  When you're finished with him, make a new
save, trust me.  Theres two possible ways into the Air Force Base.  Theres
a path to the south that will lead in, but no one has returned to say if
it's safe or otherwise.  The other way isn't much safer, it involves
dodging Howitzer shells, and a lot of them!  If you want to try the run
and hide method, continue heading up the road. 

Before you reach the wide open area where the burnt out houses are, hang a
left and hug the rock wall beside you for cover, then wait.  You'll see
what I mean.  After the action has died down, make a bee-line to the left.
You want to head north-west as the note given to you by the gambler states.
Look for a house that has a sturdy wall still between you and the shells
dropping (Not one of the houses with just a frame remaining).  Hug that wall
and wait for the bombing to commence.  Make another save here if you wish,
if you made it there safely.  When the shells quit dropping, sprint out of
there and continue heading north or north-west.  Look for the next house
with a wall for protection.  You may have a more difficult time getting
inside this one, try jumping the short wall to the right of the door frame.
Once the bombing stops once more, run as fast as you can back out the way
you came, then head directly toward the fence.  If you make it to the fence
you should be safe at this point.  Head to your right till you find the
gate.  One of the Boomers will stop you and refer you to Raquel.  Raquel is
the Master-at-Arms for the Boomers, she wants you to meet their Eldest, or
their leader.  Despite anything you say, even if you say you're leaving, it
seems they're taking you in.

Within Nellis you'll speak to Pearl.  Notice the Vault suit she has
on, 34...hmmm.  The woman will give you some information and asks for
your help around the AFB.  It turns out they haven't had any sava...
err...outsiders for some time.  She would like you to be a good example
to those that haven't had social interaction with people outside the
base.  Tell her you'll help, you'll get access to the quest, although
it doesn't say anything besides help the people around the base.  The
idea is to do a few quests, the first thing she suggests is to help
Raquel with an ant problem (See optional quest "Ant Misbehavin'").

After doing Ant Misbeavin' and Sunshine Boogie, you may need just a
little bit more fame to continue on.  Once you've gotten a little more
than Liked with the Boomers, head back and talk to Pearl.  She'll see that
you've been working extra hard to earn their respect, so she's going to
let you in on their fondest dream.  She asks that you talk to Loyal in
the Hangar.  Loyal will explain that in the mid 1900s an intact B-29
Bomber crashed in Lake Mead to the south-west, north of the Hoover Dam.
According to the magazines the plane is mostly intact, and with the
spare parts off the B-29 they have in the museum, he believes it can
fly again.  He has a plan to raise the bomber off the lake floor by
using ballasts and a detonator to get the plane to float to the
surface.  If you ask why they haven't attempted this themselves, Loyal
will point out that his people haven't left Nellis in 50 years and
needed an outsider's experience.  Tell Loyal you'll help, but you'll
need some assistance with breathing underwater.  He'll have you seek
out Jack again.  If you ask Jack about the Rebreather, he'll say he
only needs a Pressure Cooker to get it to work.  You can find one of
these in various kitchens around the wastes, but if you have a Science
skill of 45 you can convince Jack that some other common items will do
the trick, and you won't have to pony up any items.  Once you have the
Rebreather, head to Lake Mead, east of Camp Golf.

*NOTE*  If you ever plan on getting the companion Raul at any point,
I suggest waiting on the next step before finishing this quest.  
Loyal has been known to leave Nellis AFB once Volare! is complete, and
it may be impossible for you to finish a sidequest for Raul as a

The Lady will be at the bottom of the lake of course, roughly in the
middle.  Make sure to have your Rebreather on, otherwise the swim may
be difficult and you may take too much damage.  When you get to the
bomber, look underneath each wing.  You'll see an outline of where the
ballasts should go, the outline will be see through.  Hit your Use key
at each of this sillouttes to attach the ballasts.  When you're finished,
swim to the north-west to where the landing/ramp is.  When you get to
the right location, Loyal's detonator will start going off.  Set the
detonator as your weapon and fire it, the bomber will float to the
surface!  Head back to Nellis AFB.

Speak to Loyal, he'll thank you for your assistance.  Using an
Intelligence check you can surmise how they plan on getting the plane
back that great distance, and avoid the nasty parts of the wasteland
along the way.  You don't really get anything for this outside of a
little more XP.  When you're finished talking to Loyal, speak to Pearl.
She'll gush over your accomplishments, then reward you with the XP
you've been waiting for, as well as a Boomer Flightsuit and Boomer

*****Quest 24:  Ant Misbehavin' *****

After you speak to Mother Pearl in Nellis AFB, she'll ask you to help out
the people in the base and show the people that outsiders can sometimes be
trusted.  Speak to Raquel, she'll tell you about an ant problem that
recently came up.  A few days ago ants tunneled into their generator room
and now they don't have any power.  They lost a few people and others were
wounded, must be a lot of ants!  Tell her you'll help despite the danger.
She'll give you a key to the generator room, and suggests you speak to Loyal
as he's been working on a weapon to combat the ants.  Apparantly the ants
have been eating gun powder down there and explode if hit with a Flamethrower
or Laser Pistol, regular guns seem fine, keep that in mind (Plasma is bad
news too, if the ants explode, you die).  

If you're looking for Loyal, he can be found in the Hangar, the second one
from the north.  Theres not much else in the hangar besides Loyal and maybe
Jack, so you shouldn't have a problem finding him.  As him about the ant
problem, he'll mention that he's been working on a sonic emitter to be
used on the ants, although he isn't quite sure what frequency to use.  If
you have a Science skill of 50 you can make a suggestion that will work, or
it seems you can use a Speech of 50 to convince him to let you field test it.
In any case, if you get the emitter or not, it's not required but it can be
fun and helpful.  When you're ready, head to the generators which are located
in the building with the satelite on it to the east.

Theres two possible entrances to the facility, either one will worth.  The
one on the northern end may be better as it directly leads into the lower
levels.  If you have the emitter, take that northern entrance, if not
don't worry about it.  Make your way down the tunnel, you'll run into a
few ants along the way (Remember to only use regular guns or melee!).  If
you're wanting to place the emitter to blow up the ants, look for a pile in
the lower levels to the southern part of the large room.  Theres a large
pile of dirt against the wall, here is where you can place the Sound Emitter.
You should see a spot that you can activate it on, it isn't very obvious
unfortunately.  Once you've placed the emitter, you still have to turn it on.
Once you turn the device on, the ant's heads should explode, even the ones
you previously killed.  You should be clear now to turn on the power.  Theres
two arrays you must activate first before turning on the main power.  You
can find these on the lower level as well, they're side by side in the
east middle room.  Once the arrays are turned on theres just one more thing
to do.  Head up the metal stairs to the upper level, but stop halfway where
on the way up.  The main switch will be at the intersection of the stairs.
Go see Raquel when you're finished.

Raquel will be surprised you were able to survive.  She'll reward you with
some good Nellis fame and some XP, you dont' get anything else unfortunatly.

*****Quest 25:  Sunshine Boogie *****

If you're on Ant Misbeavin' and speak to Loyal about his possible ant weapon,
he may mention that the solar array panels may be deteriorating and they
need to be fixed.  It seems they're lacking the parts needed to replace them.
Where else have you seen solar panels?  Thats right, HELIOS One.  Mention to
Loyal that you know a place with panels, he'll suggest you try and procure
some for the repairs that are necessary.  When you're ready, head to HELIOS
One, north of Novac.

The replacement solar panels can be found among the other solar panels in
the fenced off area.  Theres a couple pieces behind the tents, one next to
the small caged area where the booby trapped computer is, and another
piece in the far northern point next to the fence.  Once you've gotten all
the pieces, head back to Nellis AFB.  Look for the giant dish again, there
should be a gate and a set of stairs to the roof on the west side.  There
are five broken solar arrays total.  You can use the parts you found to
repair them, or if you Repair is 65 I believe.  Once you're finished,
check the computer at the stairs, it should tell you that the solar array
is operating at 120% efficiency.  Head back to Loyal in the Hangar, he'll
reward you with some good Boomer fame.

*****Quest 26:  Pressing Matters *****

After completing the quest "You Can Depend on Me" for Alice Lafferty of the
Crimson Caravan, she'll have another quest for you.  They've heard that a
large number of counterfeit bottlecaps recently.  The Crimson Caravan
actually wants to raise the value of their caps, not reduce their value, so
they'd be interested in destroying/confiscating that bottle cap press.  She
says theres a Sunset Sarsaparilla Factory just west of the Strip in Vegas.
Sounds like a good place to investigate first, head there.

The facility is pretty empty, theres only one potential hostile, a Mr. Gutsy
robot variety, and he isn't even turned on unless you power him on from his
terminal.  The factory is pretty vacant and devoid of anything very useful,
save for maybe Festus the talking cowboy robot.  Theres a Very Hard lock
in an interior room, however picking it shouldn't be necessary to get what
you're looking for.  The loading docks in the back of the facility will
have hundreds of boxes of Sunset Sarsaparilla.  There will be two flats of
boxes in the middle of the room.  In between you will find the bottle press,
and it's been used recently.  You can remove some parts to update the quest,
return to Lafferty.  She'll reward you with 500 caps and a little NCR

*****Quest 27:  Young Hearts *****

I'm sure you're just looking for even more to do around Nellis AFB.  Jack in
the Hangar has been pining for a red headed beauty from the Crimson Caravan.
If your Speech is at 45, or if you have the Black Widow Perk or similar you
can convince him to speak about the girl some more.  Neither has been able to
contact the other, and Jack isn't even sure if the object of his affection 
knows that he likes her.  Tell Jack that you're looking into the situation.

Head to the Crimson Caravan, look for a red head named Janet.  Tell her about
Jack's infatuation with her, as it turns out she's been looking his way too.
She'd like to go to Nellis, but she knows that bad things happen to people
that get close.  You can lie to her with a Speech Skill of 50 that it's safe
for her to go, but you'll fail the mission.  Once you've spoken to her, tell
her that you need to speak to their Elder, Pearl, to get her access.  Tell
her you'll return.

Speak to Pearl.  She'll be against Janet coming from the start, but if your
Speech is high enough you can convince her that Jack should have a chance
at love.  The Speech skill for this one isn't necessary, it'll just net you
some extra XP.  Speak to Jack once you've gotten permission.  He'll quickly
realize that Janet will need a safe way into Nellis, otherwise his love will
be exploded.  He'll give you a Boomer outfit to give to Janet, and he'll
notify the guards that she's coming.  Head back to Janet.  Everything will
be prepared, however she has one request.  She still has a contract with the
Crimson Caravan, and leaving now will forfeit any wages she's earned.  She
asks that you go on her behave to Alice and see if you can get those wages.
Speak to Alice, she will confirm that Janet will lose her wages.  You can
either accept this, or if your Speech is high enough you can have her give
the wages as a gift, or if your Speech isn't high enough you can use a lower
Barter skill to convince Alice that Janet could be a valuable liason with
the Boomers for trade, she'll give Janet the wages.  Send Janet back to Jack.

Back at Nellis AFB, Janet will eventually make her way there and run into
Jack.  Once the two have met, speak to Jack again.  He'll reward you with 
quest XP of 300 and some Boomer fame.  Sometimes Janet will get stuck on the
corner of a Hangar, keep this in mind, you may need to reload if you can't
get her free.  Sometimes just zoning in to talk to Jack will free her.

*****Quest 28:  Beyond the Beef *****

Theres a few different ways this quest can start.  If you're working with
Caesar's Legion, you will be forced to do this quest as part of Render Unto
Caesar.  Otherwise you can start this quest at any time by speaking to Heck
Gunderson in the Ultra Luxe Casino on the Strip (He'll be in the center of
the casino at the bar).  Heck will mention that he's on business, and he'll
mention the disappearance of his son.  Let him know you'll look into the

Head through the Casino and hang a left when you see Mortimer at the front
desk.  You should come to two doors, one will lead to the Gourmand, the
high class restaurant of the Ultra Luxe.  Head in and talk to Majorie there.
Ask her some background on the White Glove Society, and bring up the
disappearances.  Exhaust all the possible Speech options here and she'll
allow you to pursue an investigation and asks you to speak to Mortimer as
there was previously someone investigating the issue and should still be
located in the hotel.

Head back to the Casino level and speak to Mortimer at the front desk.  He
will write off the bride's disappearance as cold feet.  He won't openly
say anything, however if Majorie brought up the White Glove Society's past
cannibalism, you can get more dialog options from Mortimer.  If you're a 
cannibal yourself (Through the Perk), you can convince Mortimer that their
secret is safe with you.  Otherwise you'll have to pass a Speech check of 62
to convince Mortimer of your silence.  Mortimer will then spill the beans
that he's trying to convert the White Glove Society back to their pre-Strip
Raider days and be cannibals again.  His plan is to secretly serve a 
meal of human flesh to the Society and reopen talks on cannibalism so they
can continue to enjoy human.  Presently Ted Gunderson is being held as a 
potential meal for the White Glove Society (From now on known as WGS) so
Mortimer can put his plan in motion.  It seems that Ted was not Mortimer's
first choice, as he was too high profile and merely a last minute 
replacement after their previous meal took off.  Mortimer asks you to
either procure their previous target so they can resolve the Ted Gunderson
issue, or find a way to pin Ted's disappearance on his own father so they
can still use him for the meal.

You have a few options at this point.  You can help Mortimer frame Ted's
father as mentioned so they can go ahead and eat him.  You can help Mortimer
find their previous main dish and then release Ted to his father (Hopefully
convincing both Gundersons that it was a misunderstanding), or you can
foil Mortimer's plan by making him think he's serving cooked human to the
WGS and then expose him.  I've listed the options below in the order listed

*Option 1*
Mortimer will want you to go to the basement and take out Ted, and then frame
his father so there won't be any loose ends.  To get to the Ultra Luxe
kitchen, look for a door behind the bar in the Gourmand.  A WGS member may
stop you and ask what you're doing, tell him that Mortimer sent you to take
care of the kid.  Head to the freezer, it will be the freezer located on the
right side room in the kitchen.  Speak to Ted, kill him at any time by any
means you wish.  You should be able to take some blood samples off him, head
back up to the Casino level.  The Ultra Luxe Penthouse is your next stop,
look for the door behind Mortimer's desk (On the other side of the wall).
There will be a couple guards here, you'll probably have to kill them, no
worries.  You then will need to activate the bed in the Penthouse as well
as the sink there to frame Ted's father.  When you're finished, head outside
the Ultra Luxe and speak to the nearest Securitron.  Report the murder, the
Securitron will head into the casino.  Heck won't go alive, so he'll be taken
out.  Return to Mortimer to report mission complete.

*Option 2*
Note - I've been told that if you don't want to provide Ted for the meal, and
you don't want to get Carlyle St. Clair either you can lock your companion in
the freezer and use them instead for the mission.  Do this if you want, but
extra negative karma to you for such an underhanded move!  
Mortimer will ask you tp procure their first meal selection that escaped.
The individual is Carlyle St. Clair, and he should be hiding out at his shack
north of New Vegas (Your quest arrow should take you there, however it's just
north from the Freeside north entrance).  Mortimer said that Carlyle's house
is booby trapped, however I never ran into any traps myself, I may have just
not looked closely.  Carlyle may be outside when you approach his shack.  
He'll want to know who you are, at this point you should have a number of
possible dialog options.  Depending on your skill levels, you may be able
to knock Carlyle out using dialog (For instance, with a Guns skill you can
pistol whip him to knock him out).  In any case, if you want to use weapons,
you should have a Cattle Prod that Mortimer gave you.  When Carlyle hits the
ground use your Z key (Or whatever button drag is on PS3/X-Box) and drag
Carlyle's body to the east side of his shack.  There you can interract with
his dumpster and drop the body inside, the WGS will pick his body up later.

You still have to resolve the Ted Gunderson situation.  Head to the kitchen
via the door behind the bar in the Gourmand.  Tell the WGS member there 
you're moving Gunderson so he'll leave you alone.  Head to the freezer
located in the kitchen, it'll be the one on the right.  Ted will be
furious when you let him out.  Ted isn't too bright however, so with a Speech
skill of 38 you can convince him that he was mistakingly kidnapped as part of
a plot against the WGS and his father.  Ted will buy this, take him back to
his father via the Gourmand.  Heck Gunderson will be happy to see his son, 
but he'll want revenge.  At this point theres a couple more options you can
select such as telling the truth about the kidnapping, or lying and saying
you don't know who was responsible, or blaming Mortimer, etc.  If you do
end up blaming anyone from the WGS, Heck will threaten to cut off all food
going to the Strip, you can either agree with him or convince him that 
cutting off their food will only drive them to cannibalism sooner and playing
into Mortimer's wishes.  Choose whatever you like here, but if you're trying
to help Mortimer then lying is the best option.

*Option 3*
You know the plot, and you're planning on exposing Mortimer's actions and
preventing the WGS from regressing to their cannibalistic past.  You need
some proof, so tell Mortimer you're looking for the investigator, he'll give
a key to you.  Head to the hotel section, look for a locked door you can 
access with your key.  You'll find the body of a man in a trenchcoat within
(Oddly enough, you'll find a different body if you use the console and open
the door prior to taking the quest).  On the body will be a note to meet
in the Steam room at 4pm.  Shortly after entering the room you'll be
attacked by two members of the WGS.  Take them out, you shouldn't alert
anyone as long as you don't hit any patrons outside the room.  When you're
done be sure to loot the bodies and take a WGS outfit so you can disguise
yourself and make the rest of this mission easier.  When you're ready,
head to the Steam room in the Bathhouse and wait for Chauncey to appear.
Get Chauncey to spill his information, he'll fill you in on the whole
kidnapping and Mortimer's plan.  He suggests that there may be a way to
foil Mortimer by providing a non-human dish and embarrassing him at the
special dinner planned for 7pm.  After you finish talking with Chauncey
he'll immediately be attacked by an unnamed Assassin, you probably won't
be able to save him, no worries though as it's intended.  Take the Assassin

Head to the kitchen via the door behind the bar in the Gourmand.  Make sure
you're wearing the WGS outfit just in case you encounter any extra heat.
Some people have said that you must be a member of WGS with access to the
members only section to complete this part, but it's not required.  As long
as you have the disguise on you shouldn't piss anyone off.  If you really
want to be a member, a standing of at least Accepted on the Strip will get
you membership after talking to Majorie (Usually completing this quest and
exposing Mortimer will get you Accepted though).  Anyway, in the kitchen
head to the cooking area and find the head cook, Phillipe.  You have to
get Phillipe out of the way if you plan on exposing Mortimer.  To do this
you'll either have to kill him silently, or use a Barter skill of 55, or
a Medicine skill of the same level to convince him to leave and/or give
you his recipes.  Once Phillipe is out of the way, you'll need to prepare
your own meal, except you won't be using humans.  With an Intelligence
skill of 6 you can make Phillipe's Immitation Meat meal, or with a steep
Survival skill of 75 you can improvise your own.  Make sure you're
checking the time, the dinner is at 7pm and if you dilly dally you'll
miss your window.  Once the meal is finished you can call the head
waiter to come pickup the meal for serving.  Use the intercom by the door.
I suggest hiding in the other room once you've called the waiter, just in
case he doesn't like the look of your face...and whatever you do, don't
release Ted yet!  

Once the meal has left, see about releasing Ted from the nearby freezer.
He'll be in the freezer on the right in the kitchen, in the little side
room.  When you release Ted, he'll be noticeably upset.  You can either lie
to him about his abduction being a conspiracy to bring down his father and
the WGS (Which he'll buy), or you can tell the truth and work it out with
his father later.  If you tell him the truth, make sure to convince him to
come with you to expose Mortimer.  When you're finished, head up the stairs
at the other end of the kitchen where you'll find a door to the Members 
Only area.  There should be an easy lock to pick here.  Make sure the waiter
is long gone before you head through, then sneak behind the bar and wait
till Mortimer finishes his speech.  Once he's finished, speak to Mortimer
to expose his plot.  You can either kill him outright, or let him try and
flee while the WGS try to knock him around with their canes.  When you're
finished, speak to Majorie at the table.  

Return with Ted to Heck Gunderson at the bar in the casino.  If Ted doesn't
follow you back, you may need to reload from a previous save.  I found he
can sometimes bug out after the dinner and he may decide not to move.  If
you told Ted the truth, Heck will want to apply a blockade to food going
to Vegas.  You can either accept this, or you can do the more sensible 
thing and point out that Mortimer was the cause of the problems, and that
the boycott would only further push the WGS toward cannibalism again.  You
can also outright like to Heck as well, either way you should get WGS fame.
You may also get Strip fame, and if you hit at least Accepted on the Strip
(Which you may get to after completing this quest) you can speak to Majorie
about becomming a legal member of the WGS.

*****Quest 29:  I Hear You Knocking *****

After you speak to caesar at the Fort and decide to do some quests for him,
speak to one of his subordinates, Lucius.  Ask Lucius for some work and
he'll ask you to help him repair a piece of artillary that the Legion
procured from the NCR.  The device is just outside Caesar's tent.  However
you will need the Howitzer Firing Mechanism to repair it as you won't be
able to repair it with your skills alone, nor any other spare parts.  Lucius
does have a lead for you however.  He suggests checking the Boomer's base
for the spare parts as artillary is kind of their thing.  

If you haven't met with the Boomer's yet, you'll probably have to visit them
anyway for Caesar for the quest "Render Unto Caesar."  Caesar wants you to
get the Boomers to bomb the NCR when the battle for Hoover Dam happens, so
it's best you get on their good side.  See these quests for Boomer faction:
Ant Misbehavin', Young Hearts, Sunshine Boogie, Volare!, Boomer History,
For the Kids, Paging Dr. Courier, and Supplies for the Boomers.  All you're
looking to do is get Idolized with them, you shouldn't need to do all of
these, although you may need to do Volare!  Once the Boomers like you well
enough, speak to Pearl.  If you ask her for the Firing Mechanism at this
point she should turn it over to you I'm told.  Personally I just stole it
from the Nellis Air Force Base Workshop heh heh.

Return to the Fort.  Interact with the Howitzer and there should be an
option to repair it, no skill necessary.  Return and speak to Lucius when
you're finished.  He'll mention how the cannon will be instrumental in taking
out the NCR's experienced snipers that hide in the rear flanks.  You'll get
100 xp and some Legion fame.

*****Quest 30:  The Finger of Suspicion *****

This is another quick Legion quest for a little fame and xp.  Speak to Vulpes
in Caesar's tent once you've met with Caesar.  You can ask him if he needs
anything done, he'll direct you toward a girl whom the Legion is protecting.
It seems this woman is a spy for the Legion and she's currently being hunted
by the Omertas, a family on the Strip.  Vulpes will ask you to find the girl
and prevent any harm befalling her.

Head to the Strip and to the Vault 21 hotel.  It can be found near the back
of the Strip.  Head down through the vault, it will be similar to many others
you've been to in the past.  Make sure the quest is active, Martina will be
in the lower levels and the hallways wind around a bit here.  Follow the
marker to find a number of Omerta goons who mean Martina harm.  You have a
few options here.  You can kill the Omertas outright to protect Martina,
you can convince them with a Speech skill of 50 to leave her alone, or if
you've completed "How Little We Know" you can make the bullies think you
know Sal and they'll back off.  Martina will somehow believe she's working
for the NCR and not the Legion, however when you return to Vulpes he'll
explain that Martina really exchanges information with Legion members that
have infiltrated and are posing as NCR soldiers.  

*****Quest 31:  I Could Make You Care *****

Oh of the initial release for the game, this quest is bugged to Hell
and back.  Be warned that until a fix is released, you may be screwed on this
one especially if you are on PS3 or X-Box 360.  In any event...lets begin.

This quest is tied to Veronica, the Scribe from the Brotherhood of Steel that
you pick up in the Trading Outpost 188.  Initially you can't get the quest
from her.  If you exhaust all of her dialog options she'll only tell you that
she wants to explore the wasteland with you for now.  I'm going to tell you
that veronica really is looking for nine specific locations/triggers and
you must encounter 3 of them as pre-requisits before she'll grant you the
quest.  How do I know this?  I had to painstakingly do research on the
Bethesda forums and Fallout Wiki after my quest became bugged like many
others of griping players.  When you arrive at the correct area or an NPC
says the correct trigger line, Veronica will make a comment aloud or she
will tell you a line when you next try to talk to her.  Be warned, some of
the triggers that involve conversation may not be repeatable if you've
spoken to these NPCs prior to having Veronica in your party!  Here are the 9 
locations, remember, you need to trigger 3:

1.  Camp McCarran Terminal building - Enter the Terminal Building from the
far east triple doors.  Walk around just insde the Terminal Building there,
or walk toward the center triple doors.  Somewhere in that area Veronica
should discuss the number of NCR soldiers.  

2.  Vault 3 - Just outside of the Vault, on the ramp heading to the entrance.
Veronica will make a comment about the Fiends.

3.  Nellis Air Force Base - Watch Pete's lecture in the Boomer Museum with
Veronica.  You have to listen to the whole speech to trigger the line.
veronica will notice common elements between Boomers and BOS.

4.  Silver Rush - Gloria's initial meeting will trigger a response from
Veronica if you reply with "I'm just browsing" after Gloria asks you to
let her know if anything catches your eye.  Veronica will notice how well
the Van Graffs have amassed Energy Weapons.

5.  REPCONN Test Site - Speaking to Jason Bright, when asking about the
Great Journey he'll say something along the lines of escaping the wasteland
and Veronica will compare Jason to the Brotherhood's former leader, Elijah.

6.  Casa Madrid Apartments - Speaking to Tom Anderson, when you ask him
what he does there, he'll say that he's with the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Certain responses regarding the murder confession of Corporal White can also
trigger.  Veronica will make mention how polar opposite the Followers are
from the BOS>

7.  Nelson/Cottonwood Cove - It seems only one of these two will trigger, you
can't get credit for both.  Traveling near either location and remaining in
the area for a bit should set off the trigger.  Veronica will come to grips
with the fact that savages run rampant in the wasteland.

8.  Old Mormon Fort - The first time you speak to Julie Farkas, she'll ask
you if you're there to drop off supplies.  Veronica will take a liking to
the Follower's work.

9.  Camp McCarran Terminal Building - Theres a 2nd trigger here.  Speak to 
Dr. Thomas Hildern when you first meet him.  His initial greeting is the
trigger, speak to Veronica afterwards and she'll wish that the BOS invested
in new research like the NCR does.

Triggers 1, 2, 3, and 7 can be done at any time, as long as you're not
hostile with the residents of those areas at the time as it may prevent the
triggers from working.  The other triggers may only fire once, and usually
after you've spoken to an NPC for the first time, so keep that in mind.
Remember that sometimes you may need to speak to Veronica afterwards to
get credit!  Sometimes the trigger may not work at all, don't blame me!

In any case, once you've met 3 of the prerequisits, Veronica should stop you
briefly and let you know she's figured out what she wants to do.  Whatever
you do, do NOT dissuade her or leave her at this time.  This is where my
quest became bugged, I decided I wasn't ready to do her quest at that time
and sent her back to the 188 Trading Post temporarily and I never got the
quest again without using the console.  Veronica will ask you to go to
Hidden valley, which is just north of Primm and the NCRCF.  If you've never
been there I don't suggest going at night as it can be disorienting.  Hidden
valley will be a fenced off area with various bunkers within.  The western
central bunker is our target, the others have nothing useful besides some
Mini Nukes if you open the locked doors.  If this is your first time here,
Veronica will open the doors for you, otherwise you know the drill.  Head to
Level 2 and speak to the Elder, whomever that may be.  Please note I'm going
off the notes on the forums, as I had to skip this step due to the bug.  
Veronica will try to convince the Brotherhood's ways are too archaic and they
need to grow, otherwise they'll die.  The Elder will dismiss her,
uninterested in her ideas.  Veronica desides she needs to bring back some
new technology or data to convince the Elder otherwise.  She wants you to
check out her old mentor's terminal located in Gibson's Shack.  This is
not Old Lady Gibson's Garage, this is the Shack west of there about 200
yards away.

Once you find the terminal, check out the three listings there.  Are you
ready for some more bugs?  I ran into more issues here, but luckily you only
need 1 of the 3 technologies to advance the quest.  You can retrieve all
three if you wish, but it isn't necessary.

*Note* If you've already picked up the Pulse Gun in Vault 34, you may be
able to complete this part of the quest by dropping it on the ground and
picking it up again.

Option 1:  This technology is your best bet as the other two may be
unachieveable if you've already completed part or all of the quests.  You're
looking for the Pulse Gun.  According to the terminal, the Boomers of Nellis
AFB were the last ones to have the weapon.  Head in that direction.  In
Pearl's Barracks theres a locker with a note regarding a transfer of goods
as well as a key, take both items.  Your quest may or may not update.  It's
not important, however it's frustrating all the same.  The note mentions
that a item known only as the "Circuitbreaker" was moved to the Vault 34
armory.  Vault 34 can be found tucked away east of New Vegas.  Bring some
weapons and Radioactive protection/medication, because you will most likely
become deathly irradiated otherwise.  There are a ton of Ghouls in Vault 34,
and often times they will abush you after completing certain parts of the
Vault, keep that in mind so you don't have any unexpected surprises.
Check out the quest Hard Luck Blues for info on how to get around the
first part of the Vault.  Once you gain access to the Overseer's Office,
get the passcode off his body and use his terminal to unlock the Armory.
You can either head back to the first floor, or you can continue
on below the Overseer's console and do the quest Hard Luck Blues.  Don't
worry if you never picked it up, it'll trigger down there anyway.
When ready for the Armory, head back up to First Floor.  Head to the
Armory door down the hall.  You'll be in a small area of the Vault, with
more Ghouls of course.  The Armory door itself will be your target.  Theres
so many guns here, you may not be able to take them all away in one trip
unless you repair some.  Your target is the Pulse Gun though, it's in a
Very Hard locked chest in the back right corner of the room.  If you have
the key from Nellis, you won't have to pick it.  Don't forget to loot some
of the other guns, theres also a named Assault Rifle here if you look
carefully (Boone picked it up on me and I found out later).  Once you have 
the gun, head out of the Vault and back to Hidden Valley.

Option 2:  This option may be completely bugged for you, it was for me.  If
you've completed any part of Vault 22 or the quest There Stands the Grass,
you may have to skip this option.  If you haven't completed There Stands the
Grass and you've never ventured to Vault 22, check out the section for that
quest and make sure you do not allow Keely to delete the the research data.
Get a copy of the info downloaded to your Pip-Boy to access this option.

Option 3:  This quest may also be bugged and may not be a valid option if
you've completed the quest That Lucky Old Sun.  The bug can come up if
the player activated HELIOS One, but decided not to divert power to
Archimedes II.  In the event that you did send power to Archimedes II, you
still may not be able to do this option according to some people.  In any
case, if you haven't touched HELIOS One, check out my write up on That
Lucky Old Sun quest for more info.  Remember that you only need one of these
options to progress the quest, so if you decide to divert power to sections
of Vegas instead, it's no big deal.  If you decide to direct power to 
the Archimedes II weapon, you will need to pickup one item to complete this
option.  The Euclid C-Finder is the key to using Archimedes II.  Provided
you're not glitched, you can take the info from Veronica and the terminal
to follow the path of the Euclid C-Finder, or you can just head to Freeside
and find Max.  He's usually chasing around a little girl (Not the kids
chasing the rat).  He often can be found around the Eastern gate in
Freeside.  Speak to him, offer to buy his gun.  He'll ask for 1000 caps,
but if you have a Barter skill of 45 you can talk him down to 20 caps. 
You can also wait till he sleeps and nab it off him then.  Once you have
the gun, return to Hidden Valley.

Once you have one of the above technologies/options completed, head back
to Hidden Valley with veronica.  When you enter the Elder's room, you
won't be able to speak initially to the Elder.  Instead Veronica and
the Elder will engage in their own dialog while you listen/watch.  The
Elder will be stubborn about changing the Brotherhood's focus and
goals, so you went through all that trouble for nothing!  Begin to leave
the Hidden valley Bunker.  Veronica will stop you on the way out, she'll
lament the Elder's refusal to change for the survival of the BOS.  It
seems he knew that because of their fundamentals the BOS would eventually
die out, yet he was unwilling to consider other options.  Through your
dialog choices you can decide whether Veronica sticks with the BOS or if
she seeks alternative groups.  If she asks you your opinion, and you
leave it up to her, she will stay with the BOS anyway.  Veronica will
ask for some air, head topside.  When you get to the surface, five
Brotherhood of Steel Paladins will stop you.  Depending on which direction
you pushed Veronica in, your path to advance the quest is different.  If
you convinced Veronica to stay, the Paladins will be upset.  It'll take a
Speech skill of 95 to get them to leave you alone!  Your other option is
to kill them, but be sure that they fire first by threatening them in
your speech choices first.  If you convinced Veronica to leave, theres
nothing more you need to do at this point, the Paladins will exile her.
At no point should you fire on the Paladins first, this will fail the

At this point, if you convinced Veronica to stay with the BOS, your
quest is finished.  Veronica won't be happy about the decision, but
in the end they're family.  You'll get 1000 XP and the Bonds of Steel
Perk for Veronica which adds +4 to Damage Threshold.  If you convinced
veronica to leave the Brotherhood and join the Followers of the
Apocalypse, which she identifies with much better, then head to the
Follower's Outpost south-east from New Vegas.  Once there, talk to
Alvarez about getting into the Follower's group, you can also ask
about joining.  Alvarez asks you to wait till tomorrow as their
Dr. Schiller should be there and he handles all the recruiting.  If
you want, you can wait outside till the next day.  Enter the outpost
once more and you'll see a gruesome sight.  The five Paladins you ran
into before will be there, and they want blood fearing that Veronica
gave away their secrets.  You'll have no other choice, pop them all.
Veronica will be upset briefly, but you can convince her that there
was nothing she could do and she could not control those soldiers.
She'll realize in the end that leaving was the right decision.  The
quest will complete and you'll receive your 1000 XP and Veronica 
will get the Causeless Rebel Perk, which increases her Unarmed
attack rate by 30%.

*****Quest 32:  Hard Luck Blues *****

There isn't a big reward for this quest, especially considering what
you have to do to complete it, however you can knock out a few other
quests along the way and pick up some nice items in vault 34.  This
quest can actually be triggered after passing under the Overseer's Office
in Vault 34, even if you did not speak to anyone previously.  It can also
be triggered from the East Pump Station.  For the sake of the walkthrough,
we'll pretend you're starting from scratch.  Speak to Morgan Blake at the
NCR Sharecropper Farms, the location is just outside New Vegas on the
east side.  She'll ask you to look into the cause of their crops failing,
she points to a problem with the water and sends you to the East Pump
Station nearby.  Inside you'll find a computer with a bad connection, if
you have a Science skill of 50 you can correct it.  The message will
update your quest and you'll find out that radiation has leaked into the
pipes.  Your quest will now send you to Vault 34.  Bring some weapons 
and Radioactive protection/medication, because you will most likely
become deathly irradiated otherwise.

The entrance to the Vault will sport some Golden Gecko pests.  You should
start getting hit with radiation soon inside.  Its little at first, but it
never stops so it builds up over time.  A Radiation suit may be helpful,
but you will have to kill...a lot...down here so Rad-X may be more useful.
You may need a combo of Rad-X and Rad-Away.  Make your way to the Vault
door, you'll see a Ghoul charge at you.  Yeah, theres a lot of those down
here, go figure with the radiation?  If your Science is high enough to hack
some Very Hard computers, you won't have to search around, but otherwise
you'll be looking for a password to the Security Terminal.  You'll have to
go through the Atrium to the lower floor (Still part of the 1st floor
zone though).  You'll come across a flooded staircase.  If you have a
Rebreather, make sure to equip it, otherwise be quick.  The password will
be on a dead ghoul, head back to the surface.  Head through the Clinic,
you'll see a 2nd flooded staircase.  Grab the password off another dead
ghoul there, back to the surface.  Head to the end of the hall and take
the last left.  Theres a computer here that will drain the water from one
of the staircases.  This will also open up a door in Security Station A.
Theres a computer in that area that will allow you to open the door to
the Overseer's Office.  Head back through the Clinic to the door leading
to the Reactor and the Overseer's Office.  The Overseer's Office will be
the first room on the right when you zone in.  Be warned, theres two turrets
here on active, the Overseer in the seat, and you'll get attacked by several
ghouls from behind.  Wipe them all out, although you can retreat briefly and
kill the ghouls on foot first.  Save the Overseer for last.  You'll find a
password for his terminal on him.  Use his terminal afterwards to unlock the

If you didn't pickup the quest prior to now (You may be doing other quests
tied to Vault 34 or just exploring), the quest may activate if you go down
below the Overseer's Office to the Reactor area.  There will be a few more
ghouls.  You'll eventually come to a room with a terminal that you can
access if you picked up the previous passcodes.  You have the option of
transferring control to the remote computer, close the external vents, or
opening a Reactor door.  The first two options won't work yet, so open the
Reactor door.  Inside the door to your left will be another terminal.  This
one will allow you to either transfer control to the remote computer, or
close the vents.  Vault citizens (That aren't severely radiated feral ghouls)
are trapped below, and transferring control to the remote computer will
allow them to escape to freedom.  Disabling the reactor will stop the
radiation that's affecting the farmers.  Theres no great reward for either,
so do whichever one you feel is morally better.  If you help the
Sharecroppers you'll get some NCR rep and 200 XP.  If you help the Vault
survivors they'll eventually make their way to the Aerotech Office Park
where you can pickup 250 XP.  The Office can be found east of McCarran.

*****Quest 33:  There Stands the Grass *****

*Note* I ended up having to pull some of this data off the Bethesda forums
and Wiki as my quest was bugged, I apologize for any inaccuracies.  Also
if you plan on doing Veronica's quest "I Could Make yoU Care" I highly
suggest getting that before venturing into Vault 22 as part of it could
become bugged otherwise.

This quest has the potential to easily get bugged, it may not be fixed yet
in the current patches.  In any case, if you have already visited Vault 22,
you may be doomed.  If not, you should be okay.  Head to Camp McCarran and
look for Dr. Hildern in the Terminal building.  Hildern wants you to travel
to Vault 22 and investigate some research done there that may help contribute
to vegetation growth in the wasteland.  He wants you to download the data
from the Vault and return to him.  You can also speak to Dr. Williams nearby
to get the option of searching for Keely, another researcher that went ahead
and went MIA.  Vault 22 is not far west of New Vegas, you'll know when you
see it as there is a large patch of vegetation at the entrance nessled in the
mountains.  When you enter the Vault you will notice theres a non-operating
elevator nearby.  With a Repair skill of 50 I believe you can get it working,
otherwise you're limited to the stairs.  Your first goal should be to locate
the Overseer's Office in the Common Area.  You can unlock two of the three
doors from the terminal in the Overseer's office.  The third door can be
opened with a Lockpick skill of 75, or you can find the keycard.  We'll just
go with the assumption that we need the keycard.  Head over to the Crew
Quarters located on the same zone (It may be a floor down however in that
same zone.  Confusing, yes).  The keycard is in the first room on the left
in the Crew Quarters.

To get to the databanks and get the data you need you have two possible
routes at this point.  If you repaired the elevator, simply take it down to
Pest Control and follow the hallways to get to the databank (Watch out for
plenty of Spore Carriers though!).  Otherwise you'll have to head back up
the stairs till you reach the door leading to the Caves.  The keycard will
open the doors, however you can also Lockpick it.  The series of caves are
mostly linear, but you should be able to use them to find your way to Pest
Control and get to the databanks.

If you're looking for Keely you'll also find her at Pest control.  Keely will
be in the caves on that level.  Once you rid the area of the nasty plant
things, go with Keely to the Oxygen Level.  She wants to take out the spores
by frying them.  Theres a Flamer you can use in the Utility room on the 
Commons Area floor.  If you have other flame like items, those could also
work.  Head back to the Pest Control floor at the bottom.  Keely wants you
to ignite the gas on that floor to take care of the situation.  The vents
can be found near the room that has the entry to the caves.  Theres various
ways you can ignite the gas.  If you ignite the gas from the safety of the
room where you downloaded the data from the databank, you should be ok.
Otherwise you may need to throw something such as Dynamite, Frag Grenade,
or plant some explosives and detonate them.

Head back to Keely.  She'll want to destroy the data in the databanks, and
if you already downloaded the data she'll have a feeling.  You have various
options here it seems.  You can tell her the truth and destroy the data for
positive Karma.  If you tell the truth, but refuse to get rid of the data
then you'll be forced to kill Keely.  She'll lock the doors to the exit,
so you'll need the password off her to use her computer and unlock the
door.  You can Lie to Keely about the data and as a result she won't go
hostile.  If your Science skill is at least 70 you can keep the data, but
Keely can go unharmed.  If you have Veronica's quest "I Could Make You
care" there will be an option to keep the data without a fight.  If you tell
Keely that Hildern sent you, you can convince her that the data can be used
to help people and she'll let you go.  Whether Keely lives or dies, return
to Hildern at Camp McCarran.

If you have the data for Hildern you'll get 1200 caps and an extra 600 if your
Barter or Speech is at 50.  If you don't have the data, you'll have to go to
Dr. Williams instead and tell her if Keely is among the dead or...well...
undead.  Not having the data doesn't sit well with Hildern, so you'll get
nothing from him.  If you killed Keely, you can lie to Williams for 800 caps
and some negative Karma.

*****Quest 34:  I Forgot To Remember to Forget *****

This is Boone's companion quest, to begin it you must have Boone in your
party.  Make sure once you've recruited Boone that you've exhausted all 
possible dialog options he gives, and you may want to speak to Manny
Vargus about Bittersprings before you attempt any of these.
Similar to Veronica, you must visit several locataions and trigger
events to start this quest.  You must achieve at least 5 points to trigger
the quest, I'm using the Bethesda Forums and Fallout Wiki for a few of these
since I only triggered the 5 I needed. Remember that Boone must be with you
to receive credit, and you must talk with him about his wife and/or ask
about Bittersprings after each encounter!

1.  The Legion Raid Camp - This is the camp south from Novac.  If you have
the quest Booted you'll receive +2 points for releasing the Powder Gangers if
you have Boone in your party.  This may or may not be repeatable.  I've
noticed that the Powder Gangers and Legion will respawn after so many days,
however I already had the quest triggered by this point.

2.  Nelson - During the quest Back in Your Own Backyard you are asked to
put some NCR soldiers out of their misery that the Legion have captured.  If
you kill the soldiers you'll receive +1 point, however if you save them you'll
receive +2 points.

3.  Camp McCarran - There are two possible points here from two different
tasks.  In the quest I Put a Spell on You if you remove the bomb on the
monorail you'll get +1 points.  If you assist Carrie Boyd in interrogating
the Legion soldier Silus, and you kill him in your interrogation, you'll get
+1 point.

4.  The Fort - Killing Caesar will net you +2 points.

5.  Cottonwood Cove - You get a quest called Eye for an Eye from Camp
Searchlight.  If you take out the Legion at Cottonwood Cove from this
mission you'll get +2 points.

6.  Various locations - Killing Vulpes Inculta will net you another +1
point with Boone.  He can show in various locations at any time though.  In
the beginning he will have occupried Nipton.  If you've done some quests for
Mr. House and confronted Benny, he may approach you on the Strip and you
could waste him there.  Finally he can be found by Caesar's side at the Fort.

7.  The Tops Casino/The Fort - I've heard mention on the forums that killing
or confronting Benny will also nab you points, but I didn't receive a dialog
option from Boone when I did this.

Some people have said that even after achieving their 5 points they still
aren't activating the quest.  Make sure Boone was in your part, make sure
you talked to him after each encounter and asked about all possible dialog
options.  Make sure to talk to Manny Vargus about Bittersprings, and finally
if all else fails trying killing Legion soldiers like Caesar if you haven't
done so, or kill Aurelius of Phoenix in Cottonwood Cove.  For those that 
have the PC version, you can activate the quest through the console if all
else fails.  Use the following script, minus the quotes "setstage 001349A7 10"
That should activate the quest.

Once you have the quest, Boone will want you to take him to Bittersprings.
Bittersprings can be found north of Lake Mead in the north-east part of the
map.  Take Boone to the center of town, he'll describe a bit about how the
conflict started.  He'll then ask you to take him to Coyote Ridge, which is
a small hill outside of town to the south-west.  Boone will describe their
orders and lament over their choice.  He will then ask to think about things
and requests you camp there for the night.

Boone will wake the player during the night.  It seems a large Legion raiding
party is on the way.  He tells you that he plans to stay and fight, and
says you don't need to risk your life.  Tell Boone you will help.  The Legion
will attack from three locations, knowing this in advance may help you save
some lives.  In particular saving Captain Gilles and Lieutenant Markland is
key if you haven't done their quests yet (Both can be found at the back of
the town, so they're in better position than the refugees anyway).  First the
Legion will be attacking the center of town, you'll run into a few regular
soldiers here.  You'll have to hurry to this location as they'll already
be engaging by the time Boone wakes you up.  After you repel the invaders
from the center of town, the next force attacks from the Bittersprings
Recreation Area to the south.  The group will be comprised of roughly three
soldiers and several Legion hounds.  It'll take some time for them to reach
Bittersprings, but you can intercept them halfway to avoid any casulties.
Once the 2nd group is clear, the final group will invade from the western
hills of Bittersprings.  They'll come down the hill right into town and
begin their assault.  This will be the largest force, several Legion dogs
and more soldiers.  

Once you've rid Bittersprings of the Legion, speak to Boone.  He'll review
the battle and is surprised he survived.  He'll feel that this should have
been his final battle, his punishment.  You have two options in the end, and
each will have an affect on the final game ending for Boone as well as what
armor he receives.  You can either take the nicer approach and tell him that
he can be redeemed by doing the right thing now, or you can be cold and say
that War is War and the deaths of soldiers are no different from a civilian.
The first option will give the better ending, while the second option will
lead Boone more towards an unfullfilling end.  No matter which option you
choose, Boone's armor will be upgraded with +15 Damage Threshold, however
each option will grant a different look to the armor.

*****Quest 35:  For Auld Lang Syne *****

Damn, what is with these companion quests and their triggers?  This quest is
Arcade Gannon's companion quest.  To recruit Arcade go to the Mormon Fort in
Freeside.  Speak to Arcade, go through his various dialog options about
what he is doing for the Followers.  Eventually you'll get the option to ask
him to come with you.  If your Speech is high enough (75) you can get him in
your party.  To trigger the quest you have to score 2 points with Arcade to
activate it.  Most of these triggers involve saying nice things to Arcade or
passing skill/SPECIAL checks.  Here are the triggers:

1.  Speak with Thomas Hildern inside the Fort McCarran Terminal Building.
After you've spoken to Hildern about his research, Arcade will approach you.
If you flatter him by saying it's good theres still people like him (Arcade)
around, you'll get 2 points.  Saying Hildern means well will get you 1 point.

2.  Take Arcade to the Crashed Vertibird site and he'll comment on it for
+1 point.

3.  Take Arcade inside the REPCONN Headquarters.  Listen to what he knows
and ask how he optained this info for +1 point.

4.  During the quest That Lucky Old Sun, Arcade will try to convince you to
send power to the downtrodden.  You'll get +1 point for agreeing with him,
or +1 point if you suggest sending power equally to all locations, then pass
an Intelligence check of 6.

5.  Travel to the Fort.  Arcade will ask why you're there.  If you tell him
you're there to find out what Caesar is up to, then get out, you'll get +2
points.  Saying that you want to hear Caesar out, or saying that you're open
minded and Caesar may actually have the best solution will get you +1 point

6.  It seems the quest White Wash has a couple different options for scoring
points with Arcade, but I did not need to do this quest before triggering
For Auld Lang Syne, so I can't comment specically on it.  From what I've read
online most of these options involve points if you either get Anderson to
turn himself in or blame the Scorpions.

In any case, you may not get the quest right away once you've achieved your
two points with Arcade.  This could be a variety of reasons.  For one, I hate
the companion quest trigger system because half the time they don't seem to
work correctly, at least in Version 1.0.  To get Arcade to activate the quest
you either need to be pursuing an Independant/House controlled Vegas, or if
you're going the NCR route you'll have to get to a point where you're asked
to kill Mr. House as part of For the Republic, Part 2.  Getting to either of
these two points should trigger the quest if you've scored points with 
Arcade while he's with you.  If it still hasn't triggered yet, theres a
chance that you won't activate the quest until the end of the Mr. House or
Yes Man quest line, specifically when you put the override chip in at El
Dorado Substation.  This is rather annoying as you could be toting Arcade
around for some time while waiting to pickup another companion.  If you have
the PC version, you can bypass possible glitches and waits by recruiting
Arcade and using the following script without quotes:  "setstage 00157e60 10"
This should activate the quest, but use it as a last resort!

Once the quest is active, Arcade will decide that he should get his old
buddies together to take down the Legion.  He'll give you the location of
five Remnant Enclave members.  You'll have to recruit all 5 to complete the
quest.  If any of them die at any time, the quest will fail.  The Remnants
can be convinced to fight for Caesar in the final battle, however this option
is harder and Arcade will not approve causing him to eventually leave and
you'll miss out on his reward.  Also, keep this in mind when recruiting the
five Remnants...after you convince each one to join the reunion, Arcade will
talk to you afterwards about each member.  Depending on your responses to
each conversation you'll help push Arcade into either giving you his
family's Tesla armor, or you'll push him toward fighting with the Remnants
at the Hoover Dam battle.  Generally answers revolving around giving up
the past will push Arcade to remain in Freeside and give you the armor
later.  If you put emphasis on fighting and tradition, he will join the
Remnants of the Enclave at the battle and you won't receive his armor. 

Start with Daisy Whitman, she's kind of the furthest away.  She can be found
in the last motel room on the right, 2nd floor, when you get to Novac.  Tell
her about Arcade's idea and she'll go along with it if it means she can fly.
She'll give you her passsprhase as "Dear."

Next lets hit up Cannibal Johnson.  He can be found in his cave just south-
west from Vault 34, or east of the Aerotech Office Park.  You can speak to
him about his past, and if your Speech is high enough you can find out how
he got his name.  Tell him that Arcade sent you, and tell him that their
technology and experience can help end the conflict in the region, Johnson
will join up.  He'll give his passphrase as "old."

Orion Moreno is the next trooper we're searching for.  He can be found in his
house just north of the NCR Sharecrop.  This guy is a little different from
the rest.  Orion isn't too high on the NCR, he'd rather gun them down.
The good news is that there aren't any nasty skill checks that I know of.  
I was able to bypass telling Orion who I'm fighting for (I hadn't chosen a
path yet myself) by asking him if he was coming to the reunion or not.  
He'll respond by saying that he may not stay, depending on your battle plan.
Keep that in mind in case you need to reload and change your answer later.
If you recruit Orion, he'll give his passphrase as "Remember."

Judah Kreger makes Remnant number four.  He can be found around Westside.
You can enter Westside through a couple different entrances, both of which
are just north-west of New Vegas itself.  Kreger will be wandering around
the area mostly.  Ask him about his past, then mention that Arcade sent you
to recruit him.  He'll ask why you want all these old fogies.  You can ask
him the same question.  He'll figure that they have the edge in firepower
and tech and can strike against the enemy where they aren't suspecting.  
This should be enough to convince you, however Judah will warn that you'll
need the other members of his squad to make a difference.  Judah was the
Officer of the group, and he kept Orion and Johnson in line.  His passphrase
is "Navarro."

The final member of the group is Doc Henry.  If you haven't run into him,
he can be found in the far north-west in Jacobstown.  I must stress that if
you haven't already done the quest Nothin' But a Hounddog or if you haven't
done the quests in Jacobstown, such as trying to find the cure for the
Nightkin, you may want to take care of these before talking to Henry!  The
Doc is supposed to turn his work over to Calamity, but you know how that
goes.  If you speak to Henry, he'll join the reunion without any fuss or
convincing really.  He'll give you his passphrase as "friends."

If you've talked to all 5 members of the Remnants, you should have some good
history and idea what this group was like.  If you're looking for the bunker,
and you're still in Jacobstown, it's very close (Which is partly why I saved
Henry for last).  The Remnants bunker can be found in the side of a hill
just east from Jacobstown, it should show up on your map when you have the
quest set as active.  Enter through a small door in the ground.  You'll come
to a computer, input your password.  

The bunker should be open at this point to you.  Theres not much to loot
here.  You'll see some Enclave armor on the wall, and the Vertibird, but you
can't interact with any of that.  Theres a couple lockers with some lower
gear and ammo.  Head through to the command center on the other side of
the Vertibird, but make sure to make a new save.  Speak to Kreger, he'll
give you some background and he'll ask if you're siding with the NCR or with
the Legion.  If you're supporting an Independant New Vegas, or you're with
House, or with the NCR, then you want the Enclave to attack with the NCR.
If you're with the Legion, well, that about sums it up.  If you side with
the Legion, Johnson will not be a part of the attack force and there isn't
really anything you can do to change it.  Also Arcade gets pissed off and
will no longer be your companion.  You'll miss out on his reward this way.
If you side with the NCR however, Orion will storm out of the room and Judah
will ask that you talk to him.  You only have one shot at this (Hence the
earlier save) as Orion can be pretty stubborn.  Leave the room and head back
to where the Vertibird was.  Orion will be there in his Enclave armor.  He
says theres no way he's fighting for the NCR, and he'll be damned if he sees
you use his armor for that purpose, so he's out.  You only have one option
in convincing Orion otherwise, a Speech check of 80.  Orion will back down
this way and agree to fight.  If you fail the Speech check, be prepared for
a fight.  

Once the standoff is over, if you chose NCR, Arcade will approach you.  He'll
comment about getting the Remnants together, and he'll wonder what his place
is in this mess.  He wonders if he would be better suited back in Freeside,
but wonders if he should join his father's former comrades.  If you want
Arcade's family Tesla Armor, you have to convince him to go back to Freeside.
Depending on how you answered his questions earlier when recruiting, he may
not understand this request.  If you pushed him toward fighting in your
responses, and then tell him to remain in Freeside, you'll have to bypass a
Speech skill of 80 to convince him to return to Freeside (Which will result
in you getting his armor later).  Otherwise if you tell Arcade to fight on,
and you lead him down this path with your earlier responses while recruiting
the Remnants, he will fight at Hoover Dam.  If you had pushed Arcade into
giving up the past in your previous responses, and you tell him to fight
once you're at the bunker, you may need to pass this Speech check again to
convince him otherwise.  Either way, once you've told Arcade to either fight
or return to Freeside, he'll leave you group.  Your quest will update, head
into the bunker command center again.

Depending on whether you're fighting for the NCR or the Legion, either way
you'll receive Power Armor training.  If you sided Legion, you'll get
Johnson's Power Armor and Orion will train you.  If you're with the NCR
you'll get Daisy's since she's flying and she'll teach you.  When you're
finished leave the room, the door will lock behind you.  Leave the bunker
entirely, you'll see Arcade when you reach the surface.  Depending on what
you convinced him to do at the end he'll either give you the Gannon Family
Tesla Armor at this point, or he'll be donning the armor himself and will
join the other Enclave Remnants in the locked room.  You'll be unable to
recruit Arcade either way at this point.  Even if he returns to Freeside,
he'll be busy there. 

*****Quest 36:  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy *****

Theres a couple ways to start this quest, but I'll start from the beginning.
If you approach the foot of Black Mountain, west side, you'll see a small
shack and a Super Mutant inside.  The Super Mutant will approach you if you
get close and will address himself as Neil.  Listen to his story, if your
Speech is at 50 you can ask him about his troubles with Tabitha and he'll
tell you more.  You can enlist Neil's help, however he will warn that getting
to the summit of Black Mountain will be trecherous as there will be many
hostile Super Mutants in your way to the top and Neil will be unable to
persuade them to leave you alone.  Neil suggests going during the day, as the
roads are patrolled heavier at night.  You can fight your way through the
Super Mutants if you want, but there is another way.  Not far from Neil's
shack is a gate between two crags in the mountain, it will be to the east.
If you head through this gate you'll have to kill a few Centaurs more than
likely (You can also reach this section through a hole in Hidden Valley's
fence), but you'll avoid the rest of the Super Mutants and can sneak to
the summit.  There will be a Hard locked door in your way though, so keep
that in mind.  Without a good Lockpicking skill you'll have to run around
the gate at the top and you'll probably alert the Nightkin up there.

If you're not sneaking to the top, you'll have to fight.  The path up the
mountain will twist through various switchbacks as you make your way up.
You'll run into some regular mutants, and you'll probably run into a few
stealthed Nightkin that will attack.  ED-E is a nice companion to have
for this as he can spot the stealthers, but Rex was able to single handidly
take out a Super Mutant Master or Nightkin for me too.  On the way up you'll
see a side path off the road that leads up the mountain.  There will be
various bear traps up the path, as well as falling rocks!  If you avoid
the traps, this is a bit of a shortcut that will save you some time.
Eventually you'll find several burned out buildings, a crater, and a 
dome structure near the top.  Neil will be behind the dome building, but
thats not all.  He'll say theres several Nightkin waiting at the summit.
Before you can confront Tabitha, Neil says he can help you by leading
some of the Nightkin down the mountain with a false story of an intruder
further down.  Before you do this, you may want to check out the dome
building next to Neil.  Theres a radio inside, sectioned off in the
southern part of the building.  If your Speech skill is at 75 you can
speak to Tabitha from here and convince her that the "dumb dumbs" are
leading a revolt.  She will declare war on the dumb dumbs and send
several Nightkin out after them to battle.  This will take care of
almost all the Nightkin at the summit if you also enlist Neil's help,
however you need to find a good hiding spot after you use each of these
options as the Nightkin will run right past the dome.  If you don't use
the Speech option when using the radio, and you tell Tabitha you're a
fan, she'll send the Nightkin down to battle you.  If you say nothing,
nothing happens.  

Once you've used the radio and/or used Neil's help in clearing the
summit, head up the mountain and take care of any remaining Nightkin
outside.  I should warn you now that if you want the named Missile
Launcher known as "Annabelle," you may want to go ahead and loot it
off the Nightkin Sniper at the summit.  If you sent him/her down using
the radio above, you may need to wait or search for it.  I've found
that the peaceful resolution to the quest (Option 2 below) may make
the body disappear if you complete the quest before looting the item.
Your goal now is to shut Tabitha down, you have two options
in completing this.  Option 1 is the hostile ending, while Option 2 is
the peaceful ending and better for players with positive Karma.

Option 1:  The hostile/negative faction ending is to kill Tabitha 
at the top of the Broadcasting tower.  To do this, head into
the Broadcasting tower and out the other side.  If you want, you can
read any of the computer terminals within.  You'll find out a little
history about Black Mountain, and you'll learn how Marcus came to found
the place and setup another Super Mutant haven (His second if you count
back to Fallout 2).  You'll also know that the key to Tabitha's
tower is underneath the stairs that lead to the 2nd floor of the
Broadcasting tower.  Find this key, they confront Tabitha.  Nice glasses!
I don't have much to say about this fight, she's not much tougher than
the other Nightkin armor wise, but she can pack a punch.  

Option 2:  If you choose to do the quest in a peaceful manner, you'll
need a Science skill of 60.  Theres a storage building at the summit of
Black Mountain, it can be found between the Broadcasting tower and the
prison of Raul.  Inside at the south end of the building you'll find a
broken robot.  With a Science skill of 60 you can determine the right
switches to flip and turn Rhonda back on.  Rhonda will want to find
Tabitha, so let her go.  When you head outside you'll see the two
reunite, fortunately the other Super Mutants will no longer be hostile,
at least the ones at the summit.  Rhonda and Tabitha will head off into
the sunset and will disappear eventually, quest complete.

*****Quest 37:  Eyesight to the Blind *****

After you've completed the quest Still in the Dark, if you assisted Elder
McNamara with lifting the lockdown, he will be inactive for several days
while they make their changes.  If you helped Paladin Hardin with 
overthrowing the Elder earlier in Still in the Dark, this quest will not
be available to you.  Sometimes if you're working on Veronica's companion
quest I Could Make You Care, you may have trouble getting McNamara to give
you this quest, try completing that one first and any other Brotherhood
quests you may have.  Once the 8 day waiting period is up, speak to McNamara.
He'll tell you that the lockdown lifting has posed some problems for them
and he would like to increase their "eyesight" by getting access to the
large communications array nearby on Black Mountain.  Since the Super
Mutants have turned hostile, McNamara sees this as a good time to take
advantage of the dish.  He wants you to install a remote transmitter in the
tower and return.

If you haven't already done so, the quest Crazy, Crazy, Crazy is linked
to Black Mountain as well and it's suggested you go ahead and do it.  See
that quest for more info.  As it pertains to this quest, Eyesight to the
Blind, you only need to install the remote transmitter to complete the
quest.  The long and short of it is you can talk to Super Mutant Neil at the
base of the mountain and enlist his help if your Speech is at 50, or you
can fight your way to the top using the switchbacks, or you can sneak up
to the Broadcast Building by using the gate near the base of the
mountain and sneak up from the south.  In any case, your goal is to get
inside that large tower at the top.

Once you've reached the top you'll need a way to open the locked door leading
to where Tabitha is and your mission objective.  After you've passed through
the first floor of the tower, you'll be outside with a set of stairs leading
up.  If you check underneath those stairs there will be a spare key stashed
that will give you access.  You can use this key to confront Tabitha and
install the remote transmitter, or if your Repair skill is at 60 you can
repair Rhonda in the Storage building nearby, which will allow you to finish
your quest peacefully.  Once the Tabitha situation is complete, install that
remote transmitter in the communications room at the top of the tower, then
return to Elder McNamara.

McNamara will reward you by making you a full member of the Brotherhood of
Steel!  This will let you come and go as you please in the bunker (If you
didn't already have this).  He will also teach you Power Armor training if
you didn't already learn it from the quest Auld Lang Syne.  McNamara will
also unlock the Armory so you now have full access to gear.  Finally he will
give you a refurbished piece of older Power Armor, the T-45b.   

*****Quest 38:  This Old Ghoul *****

For some reason this quest doesn't really show in your Pipboy, but all the
same it's a companion quest and I figured it's better off here than in the
Freeform quests for that reason.  After you've resolved the Tabitha situation
on Black Mountain, you can find Raul Tejada in the Prison building at the
summit.  You can recruit him to join you in your journey.  If you talk to
various people in the wasteland you can trigger dialog options with Raul that
will make him contemplate his life a bit.  I suggest speaking to Raul before
searching out these 3 individuals and exhaust all of Raul's speech options
first.  Based on what you tell Raul after each of the three encounters will
determine what perk he receives.  Here are the three individuals:

1.  Ranger Andy in Novac - Speak to Andy, exhaust all of his speech options
regarding how he was in the Rangers, his injury, and how useful he can
still be.  When you leave Andy's room, Raul will speak to you about life in
Mexico City on a farm, and the demise of his family.

2.  Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarran - Speak to Sterling, ask about his
background with the Rangers and how he's been able to help first Recon
after his injury.  Raul will speak to you afterwards about the events that
occurred after escaping the family farm with his sister.

3.  Loyal in Nellis Air Force Base Hangar - This one is a pain.  If you've
previously completed the quest "Volare!" Loyal may not be here.  It seems
Loyal takes off toward Black Mountain according to all accounts once that
quest is complete.  If you're on PC like me you can correct this by heading
back to the Nellis AFB Hangar, open up the console and run the following
command minus brackets:    This should move Loyal to
your vicinity.  Speak to him, then Raul will initiate a dialog afterwards

Once you've spoken to all three individuals Raul will either embrace his
Vaquero roots (Mexican gunslinger essentially) and don his old outfit...which
happens to look hilarious on a ghoul!  Otherwise if you push Raul into
slowing down a bit and continuing to work on his mechanic skills, he'll don
an armored version of his Petro-Chico outfit.  While neither outfit is any
better than the other stat wise, each one comes with a different perk.  The
Vaquero route will give Raul the perk "Old Vaquero" which will increase his
fire rate by 33%.  The mechanic route will grant you a perk called "Full
Maintenance" which will further increase Raul's weapons decay reduction from
25% to 75%!  The Full Maintenance perk is better in comparison, but I find
the Vaquero outfit to look excellent on a ghoul.  If you push Raul down the
wrong path and want to go the other route, don't fret.  With a Speech skill
of 66 you can convince him to go the other way after speaking to the 3rd

*****Quest 39:  I Don't Hurt Anymore *****

Speak to Lieutenant Gorobets in Camp McCarran.  If you don't find him there
(He's usually in the large southern tent among all the other tents lined
up), he may be at Forlorn Hope.  Speak to Gorobets about First Recon and
ask about Betsy.  He'll say that Corporal Betsy was out on a mission when
she was captured and raped by the Fiend known as Cook-Cook.  You may or
may not have run into this individual before.  In any case, Betsy now is
experiencing trauma issues and hits on any woman she sees.  This is
unbecomming of a First Recon soldier, but because Betsy has been taught
that she can have no weaknesses, she won't seek help.  Gorobets is asking
you to talk her into seeing Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic.

Corporal Betsy can normally be found wandering around the same tent as
Gorobets.  Ask about the experience, she won't want to talk about much.  You
can speak to her partner, 10 of Spades, for more info but it didn't seem to
help in convincing her.  You're either going to need a Medicine skill of 40
to convince her, or a Speech skill of 60.  She will admit that getting help
will allow her to be a better soldier again.  Head back to Gorobets once
you've completed this.  He'll ask that you seek out Doctor Usanagi at the
Clinic.  The Clinic can be found just east of New Vegas itself, all you need
to do is speak to Usanagi about Betsy and your quest will complete for some
positive NCR rep.  See the quest "Three-Card Bounty" as it's partially
related to this quest.

*****Quest 40:  Don't Make a Begger Out of Me *****

Theres a Great Khan Encampment just west of Quarry Junction, or north-east
from Goodspring's Cemetary.  Theres a Makeshift Camp nearby, but I've never
seen any Great Khans there, the location you're looking for is east of there
overlooking the Quarry.  Theres a Great Khan there named Melissa.  If you
ask what she's doing (As long as you're at least Neutral with Great Khans),
she'll say she's waiting for a delivery of chems.  Normally she has a contact
that deals with the NCR to provide chems that they mix up and resell, however
the drop suitcase wasn't in a quarry machine like it usually is.  Melissa
figures the Deathclaws in the Quarry are part of the problem, you can offer
to look into it for her.  She suggests you head to Sloan to scope out whats
going on and look for the suitcase.  Sloan is just east of the Quarry, but
if you're not ready to take on the Deathclaws yet I suggest heading to Primm
by way of Goodsprings and then head north up the highway.

When you reach Sloan, head to the Mining Office.  Head up the stairs once
you're inside, there will be an office with a desk and a suitcase next to
the desk.  Check the suitcase out...hmmm, just some cigarettes.  Time to do
some more detective work.  Speak to Chomps, he's usually just outside Sloan
watching the road for Deathclaws.  Ask him about the suitcase, he'll mention
that the Deathclaws are only part of the problem.  Turns out his contact
within the NCR has stiffed him, failing to deliver the goods even though the
caps were paid up front.  Chomps suggests you speak to Tyrone, he can be 
found in Primm.

When you get to Primm, Tyrone will probably be in one of the NCR tents in
the south-west corner of town.  Ask him about the chems, he'll say that 
people were getting suspicious of disappearing goods so the price went out.
Dirty dealing sunuva...well, you have some options here.  You can get the
goods out of him if your Strength is at 7 or more, intimidating him into
handing the stuff over.  If your Speech is 40 or Barter is 35 you can also
talk him into handing the chems over.  If you're a female and have the
Black Widow perk you can also get the chems without further cost to you.
If you don't have any of these options open, you'll have to pay an additional
300 caps to get the delivery or kill him, but the later would not be a good
idea with other NCR troops nearby.  Either way, get the chems in your

*Note*  You may want to wait before completing this last part, or at least
make a new save.  I've had people comment that they could not complete
"Oh My Papa" with the peaceful option after completing this quest, however
I tested this on a later patch and it may be fixed, works fine for me.  Word
is that Melissa and the Khans will disappear given time once this quest is

Now theres a few different things you can do with the chems.  You can return
to Melissa straight away and hand the package over, netting you some Great
Khan Fame, 150 caps, and some chems along with your XP, quest will be
complete.  However you can also turn the chems into Lieutenant Hayes and
inform him of Tyrone's smuggling.  You can also rat out Chomps if you wish,
but hey...he was just trying to help his baby girl, Melissa!  Turning in
the chems will net you NCR Fame, Karma, and the XP.  However, if you return
to Melissa after turning in the chems you will have to lie to her and say
that Tyrone was sloppy, netting you a consolation prize of 85 caps and some
XP, or if you tell the truth the Khans will go hostile.  

*****Quest 41:  Why Can't We Be Friends? *****

This quest starts out of Vault 19.  If you haven't been there, it's nestled
in a valley south-west from Vegas, east from Bonnie Springs.  Theres Powder
Gangers in here, but fear not.  Even if you're Villified with their
community, these guys won't attack you outright for whatever reason.  Theres
two contacts you can pick this quest up from, however each one wants you to
do something different.  Each one is in an opposing Overseer's room after
entering Vault 19, one on the left and one on the right.  Sam Cooke is in the
room on the right after entering, he was the brains behind the Powder Ganger
escape from the NCRCF.  He looks to continue his leadership and he wants you
to remove some Fire Geckoes in the lower parts of the vault so they can mine
the Sulfur below for more explosives.  The other contact is Philip Lem, he
wants the opposite.  Lem fears their time will be up due to lack of
resources, he would rather see the Sulfur Caves destroyed to leave Sam with
no more options so they can turn themselves in.  You can talk to both men if
you want, and you may want to anyway.  Both men have keycards, red and blue,
and you'll probably want both no matter who you choose to support.  Know
this...if you plan on blowing up the caves (You can also blow up the caves
and the Vault together, more on that later), you'll need a lot of C4.  Some
can be found within the Vault, but if you plan on blowing both you'll need
at least 1 extra from outside the Vault.

*Note* You may want to leave any companions in the Vault before venturing
further toward the Sulfur Caves at this point.  Theres a lot of mines in
that area as well as other traps that they may run into, causing you much
unneeded stress.

Make sure you get the keycards from both Lem and Cooke.  Now, theres two
different entrances to the Fire Gecko lair.  One is a door on the east side
of the vault, near Cooke's door, labeled as Red Living Quarters and Blue
Living Quarters.  Obviously the keycards are needed for each.  Either way,
both keycards eventually will lead to the Sulfur Caves, but you can pick up
various items in both Living Quarters if you have both keys.  I know theres
at least one pack of C4 underneath a couch in the Blue's section, so you'll
really have to keep your eyes open.  The other three can be found in the
Doctor's Office, the underground access to the Overseer's Office (More on that
later), and the Cafeteria.  In any case, eventually you'll find yourself in
the Atrium no matter which path you take.  Theres a number of Fire Geckos
and mines at this point, so be careful.  Sneaking is always a good idea,
often times the Geckoes will wander right over the mines themselves saving
you the trouble.  In the Atrium's large room you'll notice a large mound
of dirt/rubble and a hole leading into the Sulfur Caves.  Make a new save
and venture in.

The explosives will be mostly gone at this point, but theres a lot of Fire
Geckoes and later you'll run into some Nightstalkers.  The cave is mostly
linear, it does split off into two paths, but they eventually meet back up.
I suggest Sneaking whenever possible as alerting many Fire Geckoes at once
may lead you into being overwhelmed.  If you have your companions with you,
they may or may not be a boon at this point still, I kept them in the Vault.
If you plan on clearing the Vault for Cooke, you'll have numerous quest
arrows pointing to each of the Geckoes, so at least they can't get the jump
on you really.  The Nightstalkers WON'T have quest arrows however, yet they
will attack, so keep an eye out.  You may see a large mound of Green Crystals.
If you plan on blowing up the caves and/or the caves and vault, you'll need
this.  Keep this in mind for the options listed below.  Continue killing
Geckoes, you'll eventually have to fight your way up a steep incline with
Nightstalkers and you'll see a set of stairs leading back up into the Vault.
This will be the underground tunnel to one of the Overseer's offices.  The
last remaining Geckoes will be here if you've cleared out the rest of the
cave.  At this point you have a decision to make, read on.

I've listed the options below.  Option 1 is to side with Cooke.  Option 2 is
for those that want to side with Lem and have the Gangers turn themselves in
(The best positive Karma solution from what I can tell).  Option 3 is
similar to Option 2, however you can convince Lem that they can join the
Great Khans.  Option 4 will cause you to fail the quest, but the Vault and
Cave will be destroyed.

Option 1:  
If you want to side with Cooke and get the Powder Gangers access to the 
Sulfur Mines, theres nothing more you need to do if you've cleared out the
last remaining Fire Geckoes.  If you haven't, check your Local Map and make
sure all the quest arrows are gone (Except the one for the Green Cyrstal
Mound if you also talked to Lem).  Head back to the Vault, you can either
get there via the Overseer's Underground tunnel, or use the exit located
near the Green Crystal Mound and travel back to the Vault, or head back the
way you came in.  Speak to Cooke and let him know the deed is done.  He will
realize that the Powder Gangers don't have the resources to survive, they 
need to band together with the Great Khans.  Cooke will send you to Red
Rock Canyon to speak with Papa Khan, you can find him in his house.  Speak
to Papa, he'll wonder why the Powder Gangers should join, you should be able
to easily convince him given the Powder Ganger's access to explosives and
hatred for NCR.  Papa will agree, but adds a stipulation that the Gangers
will have to go through the Great Khan initiations.  Head back to Cooke
and give him the news.  He'll be fine with this, and your quest will be
finished.  You should get your XP and some Powder Ganger faction.  Also
you'll find that Lem was exploded in his room, the other Powder Gangers
will comment on it if you speak to them.

Option 2:
If you want some good Karma and want to see the Gangers back behind bars,
help Lem out.  Without access to the Sulfur Caves, the Powder Gangers will
quckly run out of resources and won't stand a chance.  Cooke will not have
a leg to stand on then, and Lem can convince the others to turn themselves
in then.  You need to blow the Sulfur Caves, to do that you're going to
need at least 3 C4 devices and at least 60 points in Explosives.  Head to
the Green Crystal rock formation located along the right path once you
enter the Sulfur Caves.  Use the C4 to blow the caves, you'll automatically
be transported back inside the Vault once you make your choice.  Also your
companions will be with you, whether you had them wait elsewhere.  Speak to
Lem again, he'll finally admit that it may be time to turn themselves in.
You won't require a Speech score to agree with him, and your quest should
now complete.  

Option 3:
This option is similar to 2, however instead of agreeing with Lem that they
should turn themselves in you can convince him to join the Great Khans and
remain free instead.  You'll need a Speech skill of 40 to pull this off.
Lem will comment that he didn't think about this, and will ask you to go in
his stead.  This path is the same as Cooke's in convincing the Great Khan's,
so I won't repeat.  Return to Lem when you're finished and your quest will
be done.

Option 4:
This option will blow up the Vault and the Caves, along with the Powder
Gangers inside.  You'll need 5 C4 devices and an Explosives skill of 50 to
pull it off.  Head to the Green Crystal mound in the Sulfur Caves and use
the option to blow both the Vault and Caves.  You'll immediately be 
transported outside the Caves via the exit nearby, along with any companions
that were told to wait in the Vault and/or Caves.  The entrance to both the
Caves and the Vault will be destroyed, so you can't revisit either, and you
will also fail the quest so you won't get a reward.  I can't really see a
reason for doing this option unless you get some personal satisfaction in
burying Powder Gangers deep underground, but I'd rather just kill them the
old fashioned way or send them back to the slammer if you ask me.

*****Quest 42:  Oh My Papa *****

*Note* I don't suggest doing this quest before doing "For the Republic, Part
2" as the quest is tied closely to it and may cause bugs.  If you aren't
planning on siding with the NCR in the end and don't care about finishing
"For the Republic, Part 2," then feel free to do the quest.  I also suggest
making a few extra saves as this quest can cause problems and bug out at
times on early versions.

Head to Red Rock Canyon, the home of the Great Khans.  You can start this
quest at any time, however you may initiate it by following the NCR path
with the listed quest above "For the Republic, Part 2."  Papa Khan and Regis
can be found in the main longhouse on top of a hill (If you have the fast
travel option, for this location, it will send you to the house you want.
Speak to Papa Khan about the Khans, exhaust all Speech options.  Ask about
their merger with the Legion, and any NCR related options that pop up.  When
you're finished, speak to Regis.  Exhaust his Speech options as well, you
can mention to him about the NCR and if he would be in favor of such an 
alliance.  Regis will abruptly stop talking on this subject after awhile,
leave the house.

Regis will approach you as soon as you leave the house if you said all the
right things to Papa and himself.  He'll tell you that while he doesn't hate
the NCR quite like Papa does, and would be open to the alliance, he would
rather keep Papa in charge as he has done whats best for the Khans up to this
point.  Regis feels that the Legion are manipulating the Khans, but he
doesn't have any proof to sway his leader.  Regis suggests you convince the
four lieutenants of the Khans to try and convince Papa to back down from the
Legion.  The four individuals are:  Melissa, Jack, Diane, and Regis of course.
Despite having his doubts, Regis still needs to be proven to that the Legion
is not a good course for the Khans.  If you want Regis to ally with the NCR
by becomming the leader of the Khans (Requires you to kill Papa, and that can
cause you to fail some other quests if you haven't done them), then skip 
down to the last paragraph in this quest.  If you're going to convince
Regis, read on.

If you ask Regis how best to oust the Legion/Khan union, he'll mention that
the Legions envoy, Karl, probably thinks less highly of the Khans in private
that he does in public.  He suggests you try and get Karl to openly show
his feelings with Papa present, or find some proof of the Legion's true
intentions.  This is easy enough, however theres two different routes and
one is better than the other.  The first option, which is the hardest one,
involves disgracing Karl in front of Papa Khan, the second one involves
evidence, is much easier and the suggested path.  The options are outlined

Regis Option 1:
Speak to Karl while he's in the longhouse, use the Speech options to get him
to compare the Legion's soldiers to the Khan's.  Continue down this route and
Karl will spill the beans about how he really feels, and the Khans will waste
him on site.  On the other hand, this does not convince Regis, you'll need 
something else to go that route, and it will be not easy.  To convince Regis 
you'll need to go to the Fort, get inside Caesar's tent and steal the Legion 
slave ledger found there and return it to Regis.  The extra trip to the
Fort is unncessary and could be dangerous, so it's suggested you do Option 2.

Regis Option 2:
Everything you need to get Karl to open up about the Legion AND get Regis's
support can be found in Karl's footlocker.  Karl's footlocker is in Karl's
room, which is the left door when you enter the front of the longhouse.  If
you shut the door when you loot the footlocker, you shouldn't have any
problems with being noticed unless Karl is in there with you at night.
In the footlocker is Karl's journal, present it to Papa.  Papa will see how
Karl really feels, he'll still call for his head (Karl dies quickly) and you
will have convinced Regis to avoid siding with the Legion without having to
take the trip to the Fort.

After you convince Regis, you still have Melissa, Diane, and Jack to speak to.
The good news is that Diane and Jack are a package deal.  You have two options
here, but they're simple.  The harder option is to work for Diane to earn her
trust (See the Optional quest "Aba Daba Honeymoon"), or you can convince
Jack with a simple Speech check, which is the easiest and quickest way to
get their support.  Simply convincing one will get the other to support you
as well, so pick one.

The last person to convince is Melissa.  Unfortunately she is not in Red Rock
Canyon, although she isn't too far away.  If you haven't completed the quest
"Don't Make a Begger Out of Me," she can be found on the ridge in the western
part of Quarry Junction.  Be careful if you haven't visited here before as the
place is infested with Deathclaws!  The safest path seems to be going to the
Great Khan Encampment and reach Melissa on the ridge approaching from the
northern path.  This path north-west of Quarry Junction leads south up the
ridge where you can find Melissa.  She will be easy to convince that the 
Legion shouldn't be trusted as the Legion never have women soldiers.  This
will be enough to gain Melissa's trust as she's already been lied to by Karl
regarding this.  

When you've gained the support of all four lieutenants, go back and speak with
Papa.  He'll notice that his men are all telling him the same thing, to
avoid the Legion, so he'll now hear you out.  Papa will be troubled that
without the Legion, the Khan's will not be able to live up to their legacy
and they'll eventually fade away.  You have three options here, and they can
affect the end game quest depending on your choices.

Papa Khan Option 1:
With a Speech check of 75, you can convince Papa to find their own glory and
make a name for themselves, forgetting their past.  This will get some
positive Great Khan fame, and they will not be involved in the final battle
when it comes to the Legion and the NCR.  They'll split the New Vegas scene
and live a prosperous life elsewhere.

Papa Khan Option 2:
With a Speech check of 75 again, you can convince Papa that they should
follow their roots and go down in a blaze of glory in battle.  Papa will not
fight alongside the NCR with this option, but they won't go against them 
either.  Instead they will focus on the Legion and do their own thing.  The
Khan's will run into battle once more, to their death, and you'll get an
ending to reflect this.  I'm not sure if this is the best ending or not, but
you have to admit that the Khan's aren't the nicest group.

Papa Khan Option 3:
This option takes a bit more time, but doesn't require the Speech checks.
You can ask papa Khan if theres anyone you can ask about the Khan's history
and lineage, he will suggest you speak to the Followers and see if they
have any information.  Speak to Julie Farkas then in the Old Mormon Fort
of Freeside, she'll direct you once again to another individual, Ezekiel,
who is usually hanging out at the 188 Trading Post between Novac and New
Vegas.  Ask Ezekiel about the Khan's past, and he'll give you a book called
"Pretty Pretty Horsies:  A History of the Mongol Empire."  Return to Papa
with this book.  At this point you can use the same dialog options from
Option 1 and Option 2 without needing the Speech checks now, so review
those and pick the nicer approach (Leading to the Khans fleeing when the
battle takes place), or take the negative approach to enlist the Khans
in attacking the Legion.

At this point you can wish Papa the best, and you'll be finished with
the quest.  There is a more violent way to finish this quest, and it's
quicker, but it may not be the preferred ending for you.  After speaking to
Regis initially outside the longhouse regarding Papa and the NCR's past,
Regis will make it known that he would be willing to join the NCR if he
was leader, however he would rather that Papa remain in command.  If you
decide you would want the Khan's allied with NCR for a quick completion
to this quest, return to Colonel Moore if you're doing the quest "For the
Republic, Part 2," or just find a good time to kill Papa Khan.  The easiest
way to pull this off is to sneak into his bedroom at night and kill him
without alerting the other Khan's.  Theres a back door into Papa's
bedroom, you can pick this, or you can get his room key off him by stealing
it during the day (Just make sure none of the Khan's catch you doing this).
Once you've killed Papa without alerting the others, speak to Regis later
in his tent or in the longhouse.  You can return to Colonel Moore to
complete "For the Republic, Part 2" after speaking to Regis.  Despite these
options do not involve wiping out the Great Khans, they will be considered
"eradicated" by Moore.  If you feel like really following orders, killing
Papa and a number of other Great Khan's will sufficiently complete "For the
Republic, Part 2," but you'll fail a number of other quests if you haven't
completed them.

*****Quest 43:  Aba Daba Honeymoon *****

This quest can be picked up as long as you're neutral or better with the
Khans, however it's partially tied to the quest "Oh My Papa" so I don't
suggest doing this until you've necessarily completed that quest, or at least
until you're working on it.  If you previously killed the Fiend known as
Motor-Runner in Vault 3, you'll fail the quest as soon as you pick it up
I'm told.

Speak to Diane, she can be found in the northern part of Red Rock Canyon in
the Khan's territory.  The actual location is the Red Rock Drug Lab.  Ask
Diane for work, she'll have to feel that she can trust you before she gives
you anything good.  Diane wants you to first find one of their best runners,
Anders, who hasn't reported back in some time.  She said he was doing a run
to the south-east and was last seen around Cottonwood Cove.  If you're hostile
with the Legion, keep this in mind and try not to attract their attention.
When you're ready, head to Cottonwood Cove or the closest location west of
there and travel over.

Before you get into Cottonwood Cove's...downtown I guess, you should see
a number of crucification poles, some people people attached.  Anders will
be on one of the poles, speak to him.  You have a few options here.  First,
you can confirm the person is Anders and cut him down to free him.  Return 
to Diane, she'll give you the option of getting 250 caps or a Turbo recipe, 
take whichever you want.  You can also Kill Anders.  You can then return to
Diane for no reward, but you won't fail the quest.  You can also leave Anders
up on the pole and talk to him, but the quest won't move.

Once you've resolved the Anders situation, Diane will tell you that she has
another task that needs completing.  She needs you to drop off a package to
Don Hostetler of the Crimson Caravan.  Don can be found in the main office
of the Crimson Caravan Company during the day (The office is just outside
New Vegas to the east), but at night he will return to his residence which is
a house just north-east from the Crimson Caravan.  Speak to Don, give him the
package to complete this objective.  Return to Diane for 150 caps and some

The last task Diane has for you is to complete a drop off to the Fiends.
This can be a sketchy situation, especially if you've had confrontations with
the Fiends in the past.  I suggest having a Khan outfit handy if you don't
have one already.  You want to head to Vault 3, which is a subsection found
in the outskirts of New Vegas.  It's south-west from Camp McCarran, look for
some doors leading into some Ruins.  Even if you wear the Khan's outfit to
disguise yourself, the Fiends outside will probably still attack, have no
fear.  Wipe them all out, then head to the Vault door, make a new save just
in case.  

When you enter Vault 3, you'll be approached by the door guard immediately
on most occasions.  If you're wearing a Khan's outfit, you should have little
trouble convincing her that you're here for a drug dropoff.  If you don't have
a disguise, you may be able to escape using a Speech option to convince her
that you're a Khan, despite not being dressed as one.  In either case, if you
plan on doing this quest the peaceful way, you'll have to convince the guard
that you're on their side.  When you've bypassed security, make your way down
to the Maintenance section, thats where Motor-Runner is found.  His throne
room will be in the northern part of the Maintenance Wing.  He'll have two
guard dogs, speak to him about the delivery.  When you're finished, head back
to Diane.  She'll reward you with 300 caps and more Great Khan fame.  At this
point the quest is essentially finished, however you're not done with Jack and
Diane.  See the Freeform quest "Khan Chems" for some more rewards from these
two, and if you're also doing the Khan quest "Oh My Papa" you should be able
to convince Diane at this point to stay away from the Legion, which will in
turn convince Jack to do the same.

*****Quest 44:  Cry Me a River *****

Seek out Jerry the Punk in Red Rock Canyon.  He's usually found skulking or
meandering around the dueling ring, just south from the tent area.  He finds
the Khan's initiation to be too much for his wimpy state and he wonders if
he would be better suited joining another group.  Jerry asks that you consult
with the Followers of the Apocalypse and see if they could use another member.
You'll need a Speech check of 33 to get Jerry to spill his guts.  When ready,
head to the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside.  Find Julie Farkas, she will either
be just inside the fort, or she'll be in her tower to your right after you
enter the Fort.  Tell her about Jerry, she'll accept him into their fold.
Return to Jerry and tell him he's welcome to work on his crummy poetry with
the Followers.  By the way, this quest is stupid.

*****Quest 45:  How Little We Know *****

There are a number of ways to start this quest, however I don't suggest doing
the quest at any point ahead of time if you plan on siding with the
NCR, Mr. House, or Independent Vegas.  Actually, it's just better if you don't
start the quest or do anything with the Omertas at all until you've
progressed to this point in the story line.  You can do "Bye Bye Love," but
if you mess with Cachino you can screw this one up, so just have patience.

To activate this quest, try to make sure you've been asked by either the NCR,
Yes Man, or Mr. House to investigate the Omertas.  You can speak to Mick and
Ralph in Freeside for a little hint that something is up regarding the
Omertas and weapons as they no longer buy from the pair.  To get things
rolling, speak to the receptionist at the front of the Gomorrah.  If you've
been working with the NCR on "For the Republic, Part 2," you can ask about
an outstanding balance and the receptionist will point you toward Cachino,
but either way she'll send you in his direction because he's the lowest
level lietenant you'll be given access to.  Cachino can usually be found on
the casino floor in the back of the building, just keep your eyes peeled.
If you try speaking to him, he'll brush you off most likely as he has better
things to do with his time.  You need some leverage on him to get him to
speak.  Theres two ways to go about this.  You can get the key to Cachino's
suite if you bribe the receptionist.  Inside his suite you'll find a journal,
which is all you need.  If you're sneaky, you can pickpocket the journal
right off Cachino himself.  Once you have the information, speak to Cachino
again.  Let him know you have leverage against him, he'll offer to buy it
back from you.  Here you have two options.  Option 1 is the preferred option
if you're siding with anyone but the Legion, Option 2 is preferred if you're
going the Legion route.

Option 1:
Accept Cachino's offer to buy back the journal.  He'll fill you in that the
bosses appear to be up to no good and he's trying to work against them to
ensure that things remain the way they are.  He tells you that there appears
to be two new individuals working for the bosses and these individuals are
key to their operation.  The men are Clanden and Troike.  Cachino doesn't
know their purpose, but exhaust all your dialog options here anyway as he'll
give you as much background as he can.  He wants you to look into what these
guys are doing and try to twart them, it'll be too suspicious if Cachino does
it himself.  Lets start with Troike.

*Note*  If you're looking to score the golden, diamond blinged out Pipboy
3 Billion off Mick in Freeside, you'll need to convince Sal to start buying
from him again in Freeside.  You will need to speak to Mick before starting
this quest by asking him about business.  Then when you get to the part
where you have to stop Troike, you need to talk to Big Sal and convince
him with a Barter skill that they should renegoitate their weapons deal.
You can then return to Mick and he'll give you the golden Pipboy.

Troike can usually be found in the Brimstone area of Gamorrah, you'll
probably need the Club Zoara Key from Cachino to access this area.  You can
ask Troike about what he does, but to really get the whole story you'll have
to free him.  He's currently obligated to help the Omertas because they're
keeping mum that Troike killed a hooker on a drug rampage.  Well, they
actually framed him, and thats what you need to find out.  You can find
the dead hooker in one of the maintenance rooms in the suites area.  You
can ask Troike about the hooker, unfortunately he doesn't remember much as
he blacked out.  The story doesn't add up, so if you want to investigate
further you need to find the blackmail note in Sal's safe, found in his
office.  You can also talk to Big Sal and with a either a Speech or a Barter
Skill check you can negotiate Troike out of his contract.  If you're really
lazy and have a good Speech skill of 80, you can threaten to turn Troike in
to the NCR and he'll cooperate.

Once you have Troike on board, he'll tell you that he was smuggling weapons
to the Omertas from the NCR to prepare them to take over the Strip.  Troike
doesn't like the Omertas since they conned him into the job to begin with,
so he's willing to help you stop the operation.  He has a key to the weapons
storage room and some Thermite, which will eat through everything super fast.
You can try to talk Troike into doing the job himself, but it isn't suggested,
you're much better off doing it yourself.  Troike tells you to plan the
Termite on all the weapons cases, then hit the switch next to the door to
activate the chemcials, destroying everything.  Find the door to the storage
in Brimstone, just be careful to make sure nobody sees you go down.  You'll
find some weapons here, which you're free to take.  When you're finished,
activate the various storage objects to plant the Thermite, then go back to
the top of the stairs and activate the switch to destroy everything.  I
suggest high tailing it out of the immediate area at this point before 
anyone catches you here.

Now that Troike is taken care of and out of town, Clanden is next.  He's
usually in his suite.  You can ask him what he does, but he won't have
very much to say, he's pretty tight lipped about his role.  It's suggested
you pickpocket his room key off him, as this will make things easier.  If
you already inspected and investigated the dead hooker in the Maintenance
area, this may open up some more options for Clanden, but ultimately you'll
want some concrete evidence.  With his key, take a look at the safe behind 
his dressers.  Inside you'll find some snuff tapes which you can use to
blackmail him into leaving town.  If you try to sell him the tapes, he'll
try to kill you after completing the transaction.  You can kill him without
reprocussions from the guards if you do it quietly and with no witnesses.
As long as Clanden is out of the picture, you'll be set.  When you've finished
with both Clanden and Troike, go back to Cachino.

When you return to Cachino, he'll tell you the time has come to waste Big Sal
and Nero.  It's going to be 2 on 2 as you're going to help Cachino do the
deed.  If you got the guns out of the storage basement previously, those will
be better than your fists or any possible holdout weapons you may be holding
(Since the Gomorrah guards take your weapons upon entry), however if you
failed to loot these guns Cachino will give you a sawed off shotgun.  Tell
Cachino you're ready for the confrontation, you'll be lead to Big Sal's
office.  The bosses will say that they know you twarted their plans.  At this
point you can either go right ahead and kill Big Sal and Nero, either once
you've finished hearing them talk, or you can select the hostile dialog
choices to start combat immediately.  You can also convince Big Sal with a
Speech skill of 80 to spill the beans on the whole operation, and then use
this to convince him that Nero was in it with you the whole time.  This will
make things easier for you a bit as Nero and Big Sal will turn on each other,
however the winner will turn his gun on you and Cachino so be prepared.  
Once Big Sal and Nero are dead, Cachino will take over and he'll settle the
loose ends.  While Cachino isn't the greatest guy, this is the preferred
ending to the Omerta situation unless you plan on taking out Cachino too.
With Cachino in command the Omertas will not try to take over the Strip 
during the future battle at Hoover Dam.

Option 2:
This is the preferred option for Legion players as it involves the Omertas
taking over the Strip as Caesar instructed them to do.  With Cachino's journal
in hand, speak to one of the guards at the front door and let them know you
have some proof of wrong doing on Cachino's part.  Show them the journal,
they'll ask you to speak to Big Sal.  Find Big Sal either in his office or
in his suite and show him the evidence for 100 caps, or 200 if you have 
enough Speech.  You'll then be taken to a confrontation in Big Sal's office
where Cachino will beg for his life before getting wasted.  Big Sal will then
turn to you and ask you to follow in Cachino's stead.  He wants you to assist
Clanden and Troike with their tasks, seek them out in their suites or in

Clanden is working on creating a Chlorine bomb to wipe out a bunch of people.
Unfortunately he doesn't have the Chlorine to make said bomb, so he wants 
you to go dig up the stuff.  You have two possible pools to pull from, no
pun intended.  You can sneak into the Ultra-Luxe Casino and procure some from
the White Glove Society, or you can take the easier approach and get some 
from Mick and Ralph's in Freeside.  Return to Clanden to complete his part.
Troike's task will take a little more running and some hostility.  Troike
is helping the Omertas procure weapons to take over the Strip when the Legion
attacks.  Theres a missing disassembled weapons shipment that the Fiends
intercepted, Troike wants you to retrieve it.  You may already have the
shipment if you previously ran into the Fiends outside of New Vegas, 
however if you haven't then follow your quest marker west out of Vegas to
find a small number of Fiends near the hills that are sitting on the stolen
shipment.  Take them out, then return to Troike with the goods.  

Speak to Big Sal after helping both Clanden and Troike and he'll reward you
with 400 Caps as well as some negative Strip fame.  This quest will result
in the Omertas attacking the Strip to assume control while the battle at
Hoover Dam goes on.  This is part of Caesar's plan however, so if you're not
part of the Legion, helping the Omertas in this way will be counter
productive in your quest for New Vegas.

*****Quest 46:  High Times *****

To initiate this quest, speak to Julie Farkas in the Old Mormon Fort of
Freeside.  She'll have various speech options, but there should be one
regarding helping the people of Freeside.  She'll mention that there are two
men that could help Freeside if they kicked their bad drug habbits, Bill
Ronte and Jacob Hoff.  Tell Julie you'll help out.

First, lets go look for Bill.  He can be found in the southern zone of
Freeside, in a broken down building between the Silver Rush and the Atomic
Wrangler.  Speak to him and he'll be looking for his alcohol fix.  It seems
a man named Dixon has been providing him some special brew, and he can't get
by without it now.  With that information, lets go look for Jacob.

Jacob can be found back in the northern part of Freeside.  He's usually
around one of the bombed out buildings across the street from Mick and
Ralph's.  Speak to him and find out that Dixon is also providing him special
chems and that he needs them to continue on.  Time to go look for this
Dixon guy.

Dixon can usually be found near the area where Jacob was at in northern
Freeside.  Ask him about the drugs he's supplying, you'll find out that he's
being paid by the NCR to keep the local Freeside people drugged up.  You can
convince Dixon with a Speech check of 35 to kick this gig, or you can pay
him off with 300 caps.  You can also kill him, just be sure to let Dixon
land the first blow so you don't attract unwanted attention.

When you're finished, return to Jacob and Bill at their respective locations.
Each man will need help to kick their habbits.  If you have a Speech skill of
50 you can talk each man into cleaning up cold turkey with the Followers, or
you can help them acquire the good drugs they need to kick the habbit.  Jacob
will want 10 doses of Fixer, but with a Science skill of 50 you can convince
him to try Fixer with Psycho and Buffout so you won't have to gather as many.
Bill will want 2 Fixers, one Radaway, and a bottle of whiskey to help him go
clean, but with the Science skill of 50 you can suggest just the two Fixers
and whiskey.

When you've helped both men, head back to Julie at the Fort.  Tell her that
both men will be clean soon and she'll reward you by giving you access to
one free drug every 24 hours.  You can pick from a Stimpack, a Rad-Away, or
Fixer whenever you return to Julie after that 24 hour period is up.

*****Quest 47:  Bye Bye Love *****

It's suggested that you complete this quest before doing the quest "How Little
We Know" as completing that quest may cause this one to fail.  When in
Gomorrah on the Strip, head to the Gomorrah courtyard where you'll run face
to face with a prostitute named Joana.  Go with her to her private room,
where she'll...well...some fun with begin.  If you have a Speech skill of 75
or a Medicine skill of 50 you can probe Joana about her condition and her
life.  You'll find out about Cachino using her, and how he drove her true
love, Carlitos, away so Cachino to keep Joana to himself.  Joana wants to
be reunited with Carlitos, but she doesn't know his fate following his
eviction from Gomorrah.  She fears the Omertas have taken him out.  Let
Joana know you'll search for Carlitos.  She'll reward you with 200 caps, or
a little lovin' (If you're female you'll need to have the Cherchez La Femme

Fortunately Carlitos didn't get far.  You can find him in the dining room of
Vault 21, just a bit further down the Strip.  Tell him of Joana's love, and
he'll tell you that he has devised a plan for them to escape New Vegas and
start their life together.  You may need to run back to Joana to fill her in
on all this first, then return to Carlitos again.  Carlitos will tell you that
things may get hairy and says you can call in a few favors that Carlitos has
at the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside.  Theres a Big Beard and Little Beard
team (Yes, those are their names) that will assist you in getting Joana,
Carlitos, and a few other prostitutes out of the Strip.  Feel free to talk
to these guys if you want, it isn't necessary, but it may prevent any NPC
deaths later.  Also, you may need a Speech skill of 50 to convince Joanna
initially to go along with this plan.

When you're ready, speak to Joana.  She asks that they all meet up between
midnight and 6am as those are the best times to sneak out since the Casino is
busy during those hours.  You'll walk with Joana through the casino as you
meet the other two prositutes sneaking out.  Act casual and you should be
able to walk right out the front door with the girls and into Freeside.  In
Freeside you'll meet back up with Carlitos and the two hired guns if you
employed their services.  You're not out of the woods yet though, as several
Omerta thugs will appear and attack.  If you have a high enough Speech skill,
or if you can intimidate through Strength, you can avoid the fight all
together.  If not you'll have to waste the thugs and make sure neither
Carlitos nor Joana perish.  When you're finished, speak to Joana and
Carlitos to receive your caps before they take off.  Speaking to Joana will
also unlock the quest "How Little We Know" if you haven't taken the quest

*****Quest 48:  Left My Heart *****

Theres a couple different ways to start this quest, the way I started it was
talking to Frank Weathers in the Aerotech Office Park, he'll be in a tent.
He'll tell you of his cowardice and asks you to help him retrieve his family.
He's sure that the Legion took them near Cottonwood Cove, which is where your
quest arrow will update.  If you're hostile with the Legion, you can still
complete this quest by putting on a Legion disguise once you get there and
keep your distance from most members.  You're going to be searching for a
slave pen/cage in the northern part of town.  You'll find 3 members of the
Weathers family here.  You can speak to them if you want, but at this point
they just want you to get them out of there.  They may elaborate on what
kind of man Frank really is:  abusive, drug addict, nasty, etc.  In any
case, speak to the Canyon Runner about purchasing slaves if you're not
prepared to create a Legion bloodbath here.  

You can buy the Weathers family for 300 caps, or 150 if you're a 
shrewd diplomat with a Speech skill of 50.  Once you have the key and have
bought the Weathers family their freedom, open the gate and release them
all.  If you don't care about spilling some Legion bloodshed, feel free to
kill the Canyon Runner for his key, and deactivate the slave collars on the
family so they can escape.

Once you've freed the family, head back to Frank.  You can tell him that his
family is safe, which will net you a few caps and your quest will be 
finished.  Now, Frank will push you for info on where his family has gone
at this point.  If you believe his family, you can tell him that they went
to the Old Mormon Fort, in which case he'll mumble something about rehab
being for sissies and you'll be done with his sorry arse.  If you refuse
to tell Frank their location, you can pass a Speech check of 35 to either
help Frank get back on the road to recovery, or you can goad him into 
ending his life for a negative finish to this quest.

*****Quest 49:  Anywhere I Wander *****

Just south-east from Nelson you will find a road that leads to the Techatticup
Mine.  What a name!  Anyway, you'll run into a Private Renolds along that
road.  He'll tell you that Legion soldiers captured some of his troop and
they're being held hostage in the mine.  Renolds was able to escape so he
could warn someone.  Renolds wants you to take care of the Legion soldier
in charge here, Alexus, and free his men if they're still alive.  You can
use a Barter skill of 45 to get Renolds to give you some hazard pay up front
if you want.

The mine entrance will be just a bit farther south-east along the road.  There
will be a few Legion members out front.  If you're already hostile with the
Legion feel free to take them out.  If not you can Sneak inside or Sneak 
attack the soldiers when they're not expecting it.  I haven't found any way
of convincing Alexus to release the prisoners, so your only option is to
free them and fight your way out, or run.  When you're in the mine the gates
to the soldiers cells will be to your right at the fork in the path, and the
cells will be locked with Average locks.  Alexus has a key on him that will
release the prisoners, but you'll have to kill him or obtain it by other
means.  Alexus will be sitting among a large pile of radioactive barrels down
the left path in the fork in the road.  Theres also a dozen other Legion
soldiers here along with a few Mongrels.  Cass and Rex made short work of
these guys, but these Legion are carrying both Machetes and guns, so you can't
just worry about the Melee like you usually do with Legion.

When you're finished with the Legion soldiers and have released the two
prisoners, return to Private Renolds.  Let him know that his men are free,
he'll thank you and says he'll visit them at camp.  You'll be rewarded 100
xp and some NCR Fame.  I've been told that if you don't want negative Legion
rep for this quest, you can free the men from the cells without killing the
guards, and then run outside and let Private Renolds take them out for you.

*****Quest 50:  Climb Ev'ry Mountain *****

Speak to Captain Gilles in the Bitter Springs Camp.  She'll probably be in
her tent in the back of the camp.  She'll mention that the camp is having a
rough go of it as more refugees pour into the camp daily with the Legion on
the march.  On top of that they're also short on supplies and soldiers.  To
make matters worse theres someone coming down from the nearby caves at night
and sniping the refugees as well as the NCR soldiers.  Captain Gilles is
asking you to find who is sniping her people and put an end to it.  This
quest is also closely tied to "No, Not Much" so you may want to glance at
that quest before looking into this one.

Your quest marker will point to the north-west.  There will be a Great Khan
Supply Cave there, one of three.  Head on in, hopefully you aren't hated
among the Great Khans.  A man named Oscar Velasco will be there and will
approach you.  He'll ask what you're doing there.  If you pick the first
dialog option he'll go hostile.  The second dialog option will inquire if
he's the one thats been sniping Bitter Springs.  Oscar will describe how he
once lived there as a Great Khan and that his family was massacred in the
battle with the NCR there.  With a Speech skill of 50 you can convince Oscar
to either let his revenge end and join the Khans in Red Rock Canyon, or you
can convince him to extract his revenge by heading to Camp McCarran, where
he'll meet his untimely death.  The only other option to complete this quest
is to kill Oscar outright, but any of these will update your quest.  If you
pick the friendly dialog choice to let go of his revenge, Oscar will give you
a key to the Great Khan supply caves nearby before he goes.  This key will
be helpful for "No, Not Much" as each of these caves has a supply case that
can be given to Captain Gilles for that quest.

After resolving the situation with Oscar, return to Captain Gilles.  She will
thank you for your help, regardless if you question her on the NCR's actions
at Bitter Springs regarding the massacre.  You'll receive 100 xp and some
NCR Fame.

*****Quest 51:  No, Not Much *****

Speak to Captain Gilles at the Bitter Springs Refugee Camp.  She can be found
in the back of camp usually in her tent.  You may want to also check out
the quest "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" as it's related.  Gilles will tell you how
Bitter Springs has fallen on hard times and they're lacking several things
to keep the refugee camp going.  For starters, they lack medical supplies
needed to tend to the sick and injured.  They also are short on soldiers and
haven't heard word from the other camps if any will be sent.  The camp is also
short on everyday supplies that haven't made it to the camp due to the Legion
attacks.  Finally, someone has been attacking the NCR troops here and the
refugees at night, sniping them in the head.  While the last part is not
part of this quest, it's directly related and this will activate the quest
"Climb Ev'ry Mountain."

For starters, ask Gilles about the medical supplies.  She will have you go
speak to Lieutenant Markland about it.  Markland is Bitter Spring's medic,
he can be found in his tent just south from Gilles.  To complete this quest
part, see "Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues" for more info.

Next ask Captain Gilles about the lack of supplies.  She requires clothes
and various other items that haven't shown up in the usual list of supplies
delivered to the camp.  She asks that you find the supplies they need.  To
procure these supplies, they can all be found in the immediate vicinity.
There are three Great Khan Supply Caves around Bitter Springs.  One cave
is just north of the Captain's tent, about 100 yards away.  Another cave is
just north-west from Bitter Springs.  The third cave is a little farther
north-west from there and will lead to Oscar Velasco, the sniper you're
looking for in "Climb Ev'ry Mountain."  Resolve the situation with Oscar
and he'll give you the key to the Great Khan Supply Caves.  In each cave
there is a briefcase with supplies inside.  Take the briefcase from each
location and return to Captain Gilles in Bitter Springs.  You'll notice
that one case is radiated.  You can suggest with a Science skill of 25
that they use radiation chemicals to clean the supplies, or you can just
Lie and hand over the radiated case for negative Karma and fail the quest.
Give the other two clean briefcases to Captain Gilles to complete this
part of the quest.  

The reinforcements part will take a little longer.  Captain Gilles asks
you to go to the three major NCR camps in the area:  Camp Golf, Camp
McCarran, and Camp Forlorn Hope.  You'll need to ask each camp if they have
any troops that can be spared.  Unfortunately each camp will have their own
issues they need resolved before they can send troops.  Here are the
corresponding quests for each:
Camp Golf - "Flags of Our Foul-Ups"
Camp McCarran - "I Put a Spell on You"
Camp Forlorn Hope - "Restoring Hope"

Once you've completed each quest there, speak to whoever is in charge at
that particular camp, your quest arrow for "No, Not Much" will point you
there.  They will send reinforcements at that time, however if your NCR
rep is high enough you may be able to convince them to send soldiers 
without having to complete the quest for that camp.  Once you've finished
sending reinforcements, your job is complete.  Return to Gilles.  You can
either accept no reward for positive Karma, or tell her that a reward
would be which case you'll get 2 cans of Pork and Beans, 2
Purified Waters, and $20 NCR cash....yay.  If you really make a stink about
all the trouble you went through...and this was a long'll get
negative Karma, 21 Case 5.56mm ammo, and $100 NCR cash.  Pfft!

*****Quest 52:  Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues *****

If you've spoken to Captain Gilles at Bitter Spring, you'll know that the
NCR is having a hard time helping the refugees there.  Captain Gilles will
tell you as part of the quest "No, Not Much" that they're lacking medical
supplies, among other things.  She asks that you speak to Lieutenant
Markland there.  The Lieutenant can be found in the medical tent just south
from the Captain's tent.  

Markland will tell you that the lack of medical supplies has put them in a
bind, and that if you could procure 3 Doctor's bags that would go a long way
to getting them back on their feet.  Theres one Doctor's Bag in the medical
tent there, you can try to swipe it when no one is looking.  As for the other
two, you shouldn't have too many problems procurring them, they can be found
off any vendor around the Mojave.  

Markland is also looking for two other items, these ones are more unique.  He
wants two books to help with two areas he isn't skilled in:  Pediatric
medicine and psychological damage from the violence.  Both items can be found
to the west in the Crimson Caravan Company.  There will be a vendor there
in the middle of the Crimson Caravan's camp called Blake.  Once this quest
is active, he should have two books you can purchase:  "Tiny, Tiny Babies:
All you Need to Know About Pediatric Medicine" and "Stress and the Modern
Refugee:  A Primer."  You should be able to pick these books up for a
relatively cheap price.  Return to Markland and give him the books.  You can
either accept his thanks, or you can convince him to give you some extra
chems now that they have a surplus, in which case he'll reward you with some
Stimpacks and radiation chems.  If you mention the books cost you some cash,
he'll add 40 caps and 100 more if you pass a Speech check afterwards, but
you'll also get negative Karma.  Alternatively if you have Arcade Gannon in
your party you can skip getting the books completely and Arcade will train
Markland in the areas where he's lacking.  You'll get 200 xp for the quest 

*****Quest 53:  Flags of Our Foul-Ups *****

This quest is partially tied to "No, Not Much" in Bitter Springs, although it
can be completed at any time.  Head to Camp Golf, it's just north of the
Vegas Lake and east of New Vegas itself.  Seek Seargent McCredie in the
northern most tent, south from the Resort building.  He will mention that
he is leading a group of crummy NCR troops known as "The Misfits."  As their
name implies, they don't really work well together or with anyone else, so
they've been formed as a troop of loser soldiers.  Tell McCredie that you'll
help whip them into shape, he'll say you're more than welcome to try.  There
are four members to this group:  Mags, O'Harahan, Razz, and Poindexter.  Mags
is the leader, and not a horrible soldier herself but doesn't know how to
train the men and light a fire under them.  O'Harahan is kind of a wet blanket
that doesn't have a killer instinct.  Razz is a former Fiend, and Poindexter
is...well a Poindexter.  Each squad member has their own solution on how to
improve the group, or at least pass their drills for McCredie.  Mags and
O'Harahan have the best solutions for positive rep and a good ending, Razz
and Poindexter's solutions will lead to eventual ruin.  Here are the options:

Option 1 - Speak to Mags.  She will mention that the group lacks proper
training and she needs help in this department.  To be able to train the
soldiers you're going to need at least skills of a least 45 in Guns and 45
in Explosives.  If you don't have this, you can boost your abilities with
magazines (Theres various magazines in the camp Golf tents if you look
around).  Once you think you're ready, or have the magazines you need handy
speak to Mags and have her lead her troops to the firing range.  Once
they're all lined up, use the Guns magazine(s) if you need them now and
speak to Mags again.  You'll go through three dialog options to assist in
shooting on the firing range.  After the third dialog option, the training
will be complete.  Speak to Mags again, pop your Explosives magazine now if
you need it, and you'll go through three more dialog options in assisting
with explosives training.  When you're finished, speak to Mags again and
she'll comment that the group is working together much better and they
should pass their drills.  

Option 2 - Speak to O'Harahan.  He thinks that the Army is a little unfriendly
at times and if everyone got along better, they may work together as a team.
Tell O'Harahan you'll try, go speak to Mags, Razz, and Poindexter.  You'll
need a Speech skill of 40 for each.  Ask them what they think about their
squad, then convince each that they should give the squad a chance and be
nicer to each other to build chemistry.  Once you've convinced all the team
members your quest will be complete.

Option 3 - Speak to Razz.  He suggests that all the group needs is a little
pick-me-up.  From his time in the Fiends, Razz will tell you that a little
Psycho will go a long way to get this group amped up to take down the Legion.
It's suggested that you go speak to the Great Khan, Jack, in the Red Rock
Canyon Drug Lab and procure the Psycho that you need.  Once you've gotten the
Psycho, return to Razz and your quest will complete.  While the group will
initially pass their drills, their dependance on the chem will lead to a
nasty ending for them at the end of the game.

Option 4 - Speak to Poindexter.  It can be suggested that the group passes
their drills by cheating which will get their NCR superiors off their back
for now.  To do this you're either going to need to be Sneaky or have a skill
or 75 in Science.  Go to the House Resort, the large building there at Camp
Golf.  Theres a terminal in the front which doesn't require any hacking, but
you'll need to get into it without anyone seeing.  Alternatively theres the
same terminal farther back in the building in a small room, with less chance
of someone seeing you hack it...but you'll need the Science skill.  Use either
terminal to fake the Misfit's drill results to complete the quest.  On the
flip side, if the Misfits never learn how to properly fight or work as a
group, they'll meet an ultimely demise later at the end of the game.

Once you've completed any of the four options above you will have completed
the quest and you'll receive 200 xp with some NCR Fame.  If you were looking
to get soldiers from Camp Golf for "No, Not Much" you should be able to talk
to McCredie at this point and convince him to send reinforcements. 

*****Quest 54:  Medical Mystery *****

At Camp Forlorn Hope, speak to Dr. Richards there.  He'll either be in the
medical tent or in the nearby tent with the bed.  He'll mention that they're
short on medical supplies and whats worse is they're disappearing.  Richards
believes someone is coming in and taking the supplies at night, he'd like you
to find out whats going on.

Theres a couple different ways you can do this:

Option 1 - Wait in the medical tent around 1am.  Sometime between 2 and 3am
you'll see Private Stone sneak in all creepy like and head to the right part
of the tent.  He'll then sneak out.  While he's sneaking out, confront him
and ask why he's taking the supplies.  Stone will lament over the loss of his
friends and say he needed the drugs to cope.  You can tell Stone you're
turning him in, return to Richards to inform him.

Option 2 - Same as Option 1, except rather than turning in Stone yourself
you can talk Stone into turning himself in with a Speech check of 60.  This
will get Stone a lighter sentence for doing the right thing, and you'll net
a little extra xp from the Speech check.

Option 3 - Confront Stone in the tent and have him make you an offer for your
silence.  He'll give you the Hydras he was taking.  You can still turn him
into Richards, but you'll get a negative Karma hit in the process.

Option 4 - If you ask Richards about the symptoms of the drugs, you can speak
to Stone wherever he may be in the camp and you'll have a dialog option that
notices his dialated eyes.  You'll be able to convince Stone to either give
himself up at this point, or tell Richards.

Option 5 - Talk to Private Sexton in the Barracks, they can be found on the
west side of the camp.  Sexton will notice that Stone has been sneaking out
at night.  Speak to Stone, with a Speech skill of 50 you can get him to 
fess up about stealing the drugs.  With the 60 Speech check you can convince
him to turn himself in.

After doing one of the options, speak to Richards afterwards.  He'll thank
you and for resolving the situation you'll get 300 xp for the quest and some
NCR Fame.

*****Quest 55:  Restoring Hope *****

This quest is partially tied to "No, Not Much" in Bitter Springs, although it
can be completed at any time.  At Camp Forlorn Hope speak to Major Polati.
He'll mention that the camp is short on supplies as well as soldiers.  They're
also contending with the problem with the Legion at Nelson.  First things
first, Polati will ask you to speak to Quartermaster Mayes.  He'll either be
in the supply tent, or he'll be sleeping somewhere in the camp.  Quartermaster
Mayes will have a Freeform quest for you called "NCR Dogtags," but thats not
why we're here.  Tell Mayes you're here to help him get supplies.  Mayes will
mention that he sent some soldiers to Helios ONE recently and they haven't
returned yet, he wants you to find the men and the supplies.  He suggests
starting at Helios ONE

Travel to Helios ONE, speak with the Lieutenant outside.  She'll mention that
she gave what supplies she could to the men from Forlorn Hope and they left.
She said she also placed a GPS device in the container so you can track it.
Follow your quest marker back east.  About 3/4 of the way back to Forlorn Hope
you should see a metal container and a few dead NCR soldiers.  Loot the
bodies, then loot the chest.  You'll immediately be ambushed by 3 Legion
soldiers.  Take them out, then return to Mayes.  Give him the supplies and
he'll thank you, despite the supplies not being great in number.  Return to
Polati, he has another assignment for you.

Now that supplies are looking good for the time being, Polati wants you to
speak to Dr. Richards and see what he can do about getting some injured
soldiers back on their feet.  Richards will be in the medical tent, in a bed
sleeping somewhere in camp, or he might be wandering around the vicinity.
Speak to Richards and he'll tell you theres just too many bodies for him to
help at the moment.  He'll ask if you have any medical training, with a 
Medicine skill of 20 you can pass the check.  He'll direct you to the injured
soldiers in the medical tent to see if you can do anything.

There are three men in the beds here that you'll need to see to.  The first
man on your left after entering will be sufferring from multiple machete
wounds.  You can cure him with a Medicine skill of 35 at no cost to you, or
if you have Whiskey, Surgical Tubing, and a Med-X you can heal him with drugs.
The second man will be the closest to your right and is experiencing a very
serious wound to his leg (He also is getting gangrene in his hand).  With a
Medicine skill of 50 you can treat him for free, or with a Bonesaw, Medical
Brace, and Med-X you can amputate the limbs.  The third trooper got caught
with a mine or grenade, taking blast damage to his torso.  You'll need a 
Medicine skill of 75 to cure him at no cost to you, or you'll need a Super
Stimpack, Tweezers, and Med-X.  Once you've taken care of all three soldiers,
speak to Dr. Richards again.  He'll be amazed at your work, return to Major

At this point you may be finished with the quest if you previously wiped out
the Legion at Nelson.  If you did not wipe out the Legion yet, Polati will
send you on a sniper mission to take out the Legion soldiers out and around
Nelson.  He'll send you to meet Cooper, you'll work with him to infiltrate
the Legion camp there and take the Legion around town.  When you're finished,
return to Polati.  He'll thank you, you'll receive 300 xp and some NCR Fame.
Also if you were looking to get soldiers from Forlorn Hope for the quest
"No, Not Much" you should be able to get Polati to send them at this time.

*****Quest 56:  I Put a Spell on You *****

*Note* There are two possible options for this quest.  One path is for people
friendly to the NCR, the other is for those friendly to the Legion.  Speak to
Colonel Hsu in McCarran if you're helping the NCR on this one, and Vulpes
Inculta if you're helping the Legion.  Note that if you decide to do this
quest for the Legion, if your Fame with the NCR is so bad they attack on
site you probably won't be able to speak to Captain Curtis for his part of
the quest.

*NCR Route*

Speak to Colonel Hsu (SOunds like Shoe), he can be found in the Camp McCarran
Terminal Building.  He'll be in the north-eastern office on the first level.
Go through all of his dialog options, he'll bring up that they've had various
problems with stolen items and such, but the biggest problem they have right
now is a possible spy among their ranks.  It seems that the Legion have been
hitting the NCR and always seem to know their movements.  Hsu wants you to
talk to Captain Curtis, he's been heading up the investigation and Hsu thinks
an outside force may be good since he at least knows you aren't leaking the

Curtis can be found on the second level of the Terminal Building, in the
western section.  Speak to him, he'll suggest you speak to Sergeant Boyd
or Contreras as they are often suspicious of others anyway and keep a sharp
eye.  Forget Contreras, go straight for Boyd.  Boyd may ask you to do some
work for her before she gives up any informtion (See the quest "Sing for Me")
If your reputation is high enough with the NCR she may just tell you what
she knows.  She'll mention that someone has been going into the Control Tower
every night around 1am.  She figures it's just a couple lusting soldiers,
and the Tower just has a bunch of old equipment in there, but it's a start.
You can also talk to 1st Recon soldier Sterling outside and he'll mention
much of the same.  Boyd will also give you an access card if you ask her,
which will make getting into the Control Tower easier.  At this point, 
whatever you do don't return to Curtis, just keep doing your detective thing.

The Control Tower can be found behind the McCarran Terminal Building.  To get
there you have to go through the Terminal Building, and on the south side on
the first floor theres a hallway that leads out to where the planes are
parked.  The Control Tower will be against the back wall of this area.  Now
you need to wait...but not in the Control Tower.  Feel free to open the door
and snoop around inside before nightfall, but by 11pm I would get out and
wait outside the tower.  You'll want to pick a place to hide that's a bit
away from the Control Tower.  I tried to hide behind a plane to the right,
but I was approached and asked what I was doing there when 1am came around.
I was successful in hiding behind a bunch of crates to the left of the
Control Tower door.  

Around 1:30am you may or may not see someone enter the tower.  If you
haven't seen anyone up to this point, go ahead and head in to the Tower.
If you wait at the bottom of the stairs you should hear a conversation.
Treachery!  A bomb is being placed on the NCR's Monorail and is set to
blow very soon!  Once the conversation has ended, go to the top of the
stairs and discover who the turncoat is.  Surprising?  Maybe, maybe not.
Take the bastard out, be sure to loot his body as a deactivation code is
there for the bomb.  Then make a clean save, just in case.

Now, race for the Monorail!  You don't have time to talk to Colonel Hsu to
update him, you don't have time to buy a magazine on explosives, this section
is very time sensitive.  From the Control Tower head back in to the Terminal
Building, then head to the 2nd floor toward the eastern end.  The door to
the Monorail will be in the far north-east corner.  When you get to the
Monorail, head inside the closest train, there will only be one open door
that you can use.  Turn to your left immediately and look for a vent in the
front of the train.  Examine the vent, you'll find the bomb.  You'll need to
either use the deactivation code that you looked off the traitor, or you'll
need to use your Explosives skill and pass a 35 check, or you can use a
Science skill of 45.

*Legion Route*

You'll get this quest from Vulpes Inculta after helping him on the quest
"The Finger of Suspicion."  Vulpes will ask you to speak to Captain Curtis,
who is actually a member of the NCR military, but Legion in disguise.  Curtis
can be found in the McCarran Terminal Building on the 2nd floor, western
section.  Note that if the NCR hates you enough that they attack on site,
you may not get to speak to Curtis as he'll attack you when you enter the
room, even if you're wearing a disguise.  Yeah, they didn't do this quest too
well.  Tell Curtis that you work for the Legion too and he'll spill the beans
on a project he's working on to blow the Monorail.  Make sure to exhaust any
and all Speech options here.  Curtis needs a patsy to frame the job on, so
he's stashed some "evidence" in a trash can by the ticket counter there in
the Terminal.  

Go retrieve the items from the garbage can by the ticket counter on the 1st
floor.  Go speak to Colonel Hsu and tell him you'll look into the information
leak, this is the same as the NCR route above.  Now head to the Monorail.  You
may need to sneak by with an NCR uniform, otherwise if your NCR Fame is high
enough (Probably not) you can walk on past.  If not you can try to sneak in
when the guards change at 6pm and 9am.  Head into the Monorail, there will
only be one door available.  There will be a vent to your left against the
wall on the front of the train.  Plant the bomb, then leave.  You'll see the
Monorail explode in a glorious fashion.  

Now you need to frame someone for the explosion to get the heat off Curtis.
Private Crenshaw sounds like a great scapegoat.  Follow your quest marker to
find a footlocker, this will be Crenshaw's.  Put the Monorail Sabotage Plans,
Fission Battery, Wonderglue, and Abraxo Cleaner inside, then go find Crenshaw
and kill him.  Return to Hsu and frame Crenshaw for the explosion.  You can
tell Hsu about the evidence for 100 caps, or the Speech option will get you
the same thing.  Return to Curtis for 150 caps and 550 xp.

*****Quest 57:  Three-Card Bounty *****

If you hang around Camp McCarran long enough you'll hear the soldiers there
lament over the Fiends that have been causing them trouble.  Specifically,
speak to Major Dhatri and he'll issue bounties for three Fiend leaders that
he wants you to kill:  Violet, Driver Nephi, and Cook-Cook.  You can kill
these Fiends at any time, and if you're like me you probably ran into one or
all of them just roaming around outside New Vegas.  The key to this quest is
not to damage the head of the Fiend, because you get the most out of an
intact head.  This means don't aim for the head, as tempting as it always is.
Also avoid using weapons like Laser Rifles, Plasma Pistols, Flamers, or 
anything that may mangle the head.  When you drop one of these Fiends, they
will drop their head regardless if you have the quest or not.  Keep this in
mind as Dhatri will only give you one bounty at a time, you can always go
get the others and turn all the heads in at once.

Violet is the first Fiend and one of the easier ones to take down.  She has
no other Fiends with her, but she does have her pack of dogs which include
the named dog Violetta.  She can usually be found near the Poseidon Gas
Station, west of New Vegas outskirts.  Violet has a little fort built out of
broken trailers, and she'll jump you before you know it.  The good news is
that Violet isn't wearing any thick armor, and neither are her dogs, so you
should be able to drop her quick.  Don't let the dogs remain alive too long,
as they can make short work of you and your companions.  Be sure to loot
Violet's head when you're finished, as well as Violetta's brain if you're
planning on doing the quest "Nothin' but a Hound Dog."

Driver Nephi is the next target, he's a little tougher.  He can be found
south-west of New Vegas outskirts, around the South Vegas Ruins East
Entrance.  Nephi carries...well, a driver which he'll use with extreme
prejudice on you.  The actual weapon is Nephi's Golf Driver, a named golf
club that can pack a punch.  Nephi also moves faster than most humans, you'll
notice it when you encounter him.  I suggest taking him out first, as he can
make a mess before you know it.  If you can, snipe him from a distance with a
Sneak attack, although you may have a hard time sneaking up on him.  Nephi
is also surrounded by several other Fiends which will carry both melee and
ranged weapons, use cover when you need it.

The last Fiend is probably the toughest, Cook-Cook.  If you speak to Little
Buster before the encounter he may mention that Cook-Cook's attack Brahmin,
Queenie, may set Cook-Cook off on the crazy path if you drop Queenie first.
If you do this, Cook-Cook will lose it and may start attacking the other
Fiends, which will be to your advantage unless one of them injures Cook's
head.  If you don't use this method, you'll have to take on Cook-Cook and
his pack of Fiends as a unified force.  Cook-Cook is also wearing Metal
Armor, which is more protection than his previous counterparts have had.
All I can suggest is use armor piercing bullets if you can and try to keep
your distance if possible as Cook-Cook uses both an Incinerator and a
Flamer if you get near.

Once you've grabbed all three heads, return to Major Dhatri.  You'll get 250
caps per perfect head, 100 xp for each, and NCR Fame.  You may want to check
out the quest "I Don't Hurt Anymore," as it's semi-related to this.  You can
return to Betsy and she'll reward you for taking him out.  You can also visit
Pretty Sarah in Westside.  She won't take about what Cook-Cook did to her,
but if you speak to Marco after speaking to her, Marco will fill you in.
Return to Sarah and tell her Cook-Cook is dead, she'll give you 300 caps and
some Med-X...her way of saying thanks is a night with Sweetie I guess.  

*****Quest 58:  Return to Sender *****

This quest starts from Tech Sergeant Reyes.  She can be found in Camp Forlorn
Hope in the Command Tent, she'll be on the left when you enter.  She'll tell
you that lately she's been getting odd reports from the various Ranger
Stations around the Mojave.  Since no one else will believe her that it's a
serious issue, and she can't leave her post, she's asking you to deliver a
new set of codes to the various camps to make sure there isn't a spy that's
intercepting the messages and trying to throw them off.  The stations you
need to check out are:
Ranger Station Alpha - Near Lake Mead, north-east from the 188 Trading Outpost
Ranger Station Bravo - North-east of Bitter Springs
Ranger Station Charlie - On the road, just south of Nelson (See notes below)
Ranger Station Delta - Just north of Camp Forlorn Hope
Ranger Station Echo - South of Forlorn Hope, north-west of Cottonwood Cove
Ranger Station Foxtrot - Way out in the boonies.  Take the road to Jacobstown
and it'll be south-east of the Remnants Bunker off the road.

*Note* Depending on how far you've progressed through the main storyline, and
if you've done the quest "Ranger Station Charlie," Charlie may be destroyed
in which case you won't have to visit it.

Head out to the various Ranger Stations listed above, your quest arrows
should point to all of them.  Foxtrot may be the only one that requires some
hefty hiking if you haven't visited the north-west part of the map.  At each
camp you're going to look for a Comm Station individual, they'll all be
named and the quest marker should point to each person.  Speak to them all to
update them with the new codes.  Coincidentally the Comm guy at Bravo will
mention that they've been receiving too much ammo from Camp Golf due to faulty
transmissions, you can then ask the Ranger at that camp if you can be spared
some of the ammo.

Once you've spoken to each station, return to Reyes.  She'll comment that
after the update she has received some rather odd reports from a few of the
stations.  For one, Delta is reporting severe casulties which is strange
since they're so close to Forlorn Hope.  Alpha reports a Super Mutant attack,
and Foxtrot says...trained Deathclaws are being led around by Great Khans.
Are you up for some more traveling?  Reyes asks you to check with each of the
Rangers at these stations to confirm if they sent these reports or not.

Travel to the three stations mentioned and speak to the Ranger at each, not
the Comm Officer.  They will deny all the reports, stating that nothing of
the sort has happened.  Return to Reyes again, she'll ask you to go to Camp
Golf and get to the bottom of this as the odd reports must be coming from
there.  She'll ask you to speak to Chief Hanlon.  You should get 300 caps
from Reyes at this time too.

Hanlon can be found in the Resort building, the large one north of the tent
area.  Go inside, head to the second floor, then take the east door back
outside to the porch.  Hanlon will be there, an old Ranger listening to the
radio broadcasts who likes to talk way, way too much.  He has a few good
stories if you want to hear him out, eventually you'll have to point the
finger at him and tell him he's been causing the problems.  Hanlon will ask
that you speak with him in his office, don't worry, he won't cause any
problems.  You may want to make a save here though.

Follow Hanlon downstairs to his office.  He'll describe what caused him to
make the falsified reports.  You can call him crazy if you want, but in the
end you have two options.  You can either decide to turn him in, or you can
tell him that you understand and let him go on his way.  If you let him go
you get 500 xp for quest complete, however if you decide to turn him in
he won't fight you and asks that you get a ranger.  Shortly after you step
out of his office he'll lock the door though and give a farewell speech over
the loudspeaker.  He'll then shoot himself.  If you want to get his rare
pistol, the Ranger Sequoia (It takes 45-70 Gov't ammo, which is hard to find
often times...sad face), you'll have to rush inside after the gun shot and
take it off the ground (It won't be on his body).  If you don't hurry, a
Ranger will investigate the shooting seconds later and you'll have to sneak
to get the Pistol or wait awhile.  I'm also told that if you've killed
Caesar already, you can talk Hanlon into dropping the whole thing and being
sane again.

*****Quest 59:  The Coyotes *****

Look for Captain Parker in the Aerotech Office Park.  Its not far from New
Vegas, just to the south-east.  Parker will mention that some people have
come up missing lately, like they completely vanished.  He wants you to look
into it if you can and find out what happened.  He suggests you ask around
Westside.  The name Saint James is thrown around, so inquire about him first.

At Casa Madrid Appartments you'll find out a bit about Saint James and his
partner, Dermot.  Dermote seems to be a cool customer if you talk to him,
and by all accounts Saint James isn't quite there.  If you speak to Sweetie,
you'll find out that Saint James is sweet on...Sweetie, a regular customer
for her.  You can use Lady Killer/Cherchez Le Femme to convince her to give
you Saint James's spare key, but first you'll need to pay her a little cash
for her to open up about any information (200 caps, or 100 caps with a Barter
check).  If you speak to Saint James and Dermot, they aren't going to say
much...although Saint James will slip and mention he doesn't know anything
about people disappearing from Aerotech even though you didn't mention the

When they're gone, search Saint James's room along with Dermot's.  They left
the evidence right out in the open.  Dermot has a ledger sitting on the table
with the names of the people he sold from Aerotech to the Fiends, and that
sick bastard Saint James has a little girl's stuffed bear and a letter in
his room.  At this point you can confront Dermote and Saint James if you
want.  They'll turn hostile, and aside from looting a Powerfist and 9mm
Submachine gun off them, the only other thing you'll get will be 4 Med-X's
when you show Pretty Sarah the ledger.  Marco and Sweetie will be pissed
that they're out cash.

Return to Captain Parker.  If you didn't waste Dermot and Saint James, he'll
mention that he'll take care of them.  To my knowledge the pair will disappear
after the quest is completed, I couldn't find them again after.  Parker will
reward you with 150 caps and 250 xp.

*****Quest 60:  The White Wash *****

Sergeant Boyd in the McCarran Terminal Building is worried about some missing
people.  If you ask her about the people she'll mention Anders first, but
Hsu already has you looking for him as part of a Freeform quest.  The person
Boyd is most concerend about is Corporal White, a promising soldier who wanted
to be an NCR Ranger.  Ask Boyd about other missing people and she'll mention
him and activate the quest.  The only lead to his disappearance is he used
to hang around a stripper named Dazzle in Gomorrah on the Strip.  Boyd also
hasn't gotten the chance to look at White's locker.  It's optional, but lets
go check it out.

White's locker can be found in the Concourse section of Mccarran's Terminal
Building.  To get there take the southern hallway on the second floor.  When
you enter the Concourse, hang a left at the first fork, White's locker will
be the first on the left.  Inside will be a journal, it seems White was
looking into water going to Westside that should not have been going there.
Keep that in mind, lets go see Dazzle in Gomorrah.  Dazzle will be in the
middle of the Courtyard, the Courtyard is on the Main Level, a door leads to
it in the back.  Ask Dazzle about Anderson and she'll mention that he was
working on a water issue, it bored her, but she remembers he was talking to 
a man named Bascom at the NCR Sharecropper Farms.  Lets head there.

The Sharecropper Farms are just outside New Vegas to the east.  Bascom will
be there tending to the crops, or he'll be in one of the houses.  Ask about
Anderson and he'll give you some more information.  I hate these kinds of you have to talk to Lieutenant Romanowski.  Romanowski won't
be far fortunately, he should be there on the farm.  Romanowski doesn't speak
highly of White, he only saw him as a brown noser looking for a quick path to
Ranger.  Romanowski will point you toward Tom Anderson in Westside, he thinks
White went there next for questioning.

Head to Westside, it'll be in the north-west outskirts of New Vegas.  There
will be two entrances, it's kind of it's own zone within the wastes.  Tom
Anderson will most likely be in the Madrid Apartments.  Speak to Anderson, 
he'll have nothing to say and claims he never was in contact with White.
However if your Intelligence is at a 6, or if you have good faction with the
Followers of the Apocalypse you can ask Anderson for the truth.  Anderson
will fess up that Westside doesn't have enough caps to pay NCR for water, so
Anderson made some changes at the Northern Cistern so that some of the water
goes to Westside without the NCR knowing.  When White came around and started
questioning, Anderson killed him to protect the secret and he regrets it now.
If you don't have the Intelligence or Followers Fame to get the truth out,
don't worry, just skip to the last paragraph in this quest.  If you know the
truth, you have some options:

Option 1 - You can let Westside keep their secret and you can tell Anderson
that you'll cover up White's death by saying he was taken out by the Scorpion
gang.  Return to Boyd and tell her that news.  She will reward you with a key
to an MP Confiscated Goods Trunk with various magazines and items, it can be
found in the jail cell area in the western part of the Terminal Building on
the second floor.  She'll also thank you for bringing the news so White's
family will know what happened to him.  You'll receive a large bit of
Followers Fame for helping Anderson.

Option 2 - You can let Westside keep their secret and you can tell Anderson
that you'll cover up White's death still by saying he was taken out by the
Scorpion gang.  However, when you return to Boyd you can tell her the truth
about Anderson and she'll send some guards over to protect the water.  You'll
still get the key to the MP Confiscated Goods Trunk mentioned above, and
you'll still get the Follower's Fame, but it appears Westside is somehow
still getting the water as Bascom still complains of the water shortage.

Option 3 - Have Anderson turn himself in.  He'll turn hostile to you and
you'll have to kill him.  There should be a confession on him, take that with
you.  Return to Boyd and tell her the truth, you'll still get the key to the
MP Confiscated Goods Trunk, however your Followers Fame may go down.  Boyd
will send troops to protect the water, and Bascom will mention that the water
has increased.  He'll give you 10 Maize, 10 Banana Yucca Fruit, and 10 Coyote
Tobacco Chew.

Option 4 - You can keep Westside's secret for a price.  You can take part in
the Co-Op there in Westside and receive 10% of the profits.  With a Barter
skill of 50 you can increase this to 20%.  You'll receive 200-400 caps from
Etienne in the Co-Op for your silence.  Return to Boyd and lie about White's

In the event that you weren't able to get the truth from Anderson initially,
he will tell you to ask around Westside to see if anyone else can comment on
White's whereabouts.  Speak to the young boy, Hector.  If you bring up White,
Hector will stammer a bit.  With a high Speech check you can convince Hector
to tell you the truth.  Otherwise follow Hector and you'll catch him stealing
water from the NCR's Northern Cistern.  Hector will then fess up about
Anderson, reinterrogate Anderson and you'll get the truth.

*****Quest 61:  We Will All Go Together *****

Head to Camp Searchlight, it's in the south-eastern part of the map, west of
Cottonwood Cove, but don't go into the city.  On the western end of the city
just off the road is an NCR camp, look for First Sergeant Astor.  He'll tell
you that the Legion set off some kind of radiation bomb in the town, and that
those NCR soldiers that survived became ghouls.  He wants you to put them out
of their misery and collect their irradiated dog tags as proof, then return
them to him.  You'll get 25 caps per dog tag, and if you find all ten he'll
give you an old rifle (It's just a Service Rifle, so don't get your hopes

The problem with this quest is that...despite Astor saying he can't bring
himself to take down his former comrades, his group may go out on patrol on
the outskirts of town and I've seen them gun down the ghouls.  So, you'll
have to keep an eye out for any dead ghoul soldiers that may be around town.
Unfortunately I believe theres only a maximum 10 tags only, not every ghoul
soldier drops a tag.  Worse yet you can't get the tags anywhere else, even
if you run into other ghoul NCR soldiers.  9 Tags will be outside on feral
ghouls, theres about 7-9 packs of ghouls roaming the town, with 3 or so
ghouls in each pack, so roughly each pack has one irradiated tag.  The 10th
tag is not on a Feral ghoul.  In the south-western part of town there will
be a Camp Searchlight home that has a door you can enter, it isn't boarded
up like the rest.  Inside is Private Edwards.  He has become a ghoul, but he
isn't Feral yet and he doesn't know what to do.  This guy has a bunch of
options, which is kinda a pain.  Heres how you can get his tag:

Option 1 - With a Speech skill of 60 you can convince him that he doesn't
need to hold onto his dog tag to keep a part of his humanity.  He will then
freely give it up so you can have it.

Option 2 - With a Strength score of 7 you can intimidate Edwards into giving
you the dog tag.

Option 3 - You can kill Edwards.  Theres two ways to do this even.  You can
simply shoot him and risk the Karma/Fame, or you can ask Edwards why he's
still sitting around Searchlight.  He'll blabber on about how people treat
ghouls and such, you can then ask him if thats the only thing he's scared of.
He'll mention he absolutely hates Radscorpions and knows they're lurking
outside.  Even if you've taken them all out up to this point, you have two can either Lie to him with a Speech skill that they're all dead,
he'll walk outside and get murdered immediately by a pack of Giant Scorpions
that spawn allowing you to take his dog tag without having to do the dirty
work, or you can tell him that you'll double which case when
you step outside you'll be attacked by the Giant Radscorpions yourself and
will have to take them out.  

Option 4 - Similar to Option 3, you can ask Edwards why he's still there, and
when he mentions the Radscorpions you can offer to double check that they're
dead.  Take out the Giant bugs, then return and tell him they're gone.  Now
Edwards has no excuses.  You can tell him theres plenty of places in the
wasteland he can go, or you can tell him that Sergeant Astor may take him in.
Check back with Astor, he'll shoot Edwards on site, but it'll be mentioned
that Ranger Station Echo is friendly to ghouls as there are a few there
already.  Return to Edwards to tell him this and he'll hand you his dog tag.

*****Quest 62:  Eye for an Eye *****

*Note*  If you haven't done the quest "Left My Heart" you may want to complete
that first before finishing this quest as you may fail it if you don't take
care of the Weathers family first.

First Sergeant Astor at Camp Searchlight has another quest for you.  If you've
been to Cottonwood Cove, you can tell Astor that you're aware of a Legion
camp nearby.  Astor will comment that he's aware of it, and Ranger Station
Echo has been watching Cottonwood Cove closely as of late.  He needs someone
to do some recon work.  He wants someone to get information on Legion
movement, information on Legion raids, and see if you can place a bug in the
Legion's radio so they can intercept orders.  Tell Astor you'll help out.

All three items can be found in the HQ of Cottonwood Cove.  Bad news is that
if you're unfriendly with the Legion you may need to Sneak in, or don a Legion
outfit and hope they don't recognize you.  You can also wait to do this quest
later after you've gotten the Mark of Caesar from Vulpes.  In any case, use
one of the above methods to get into the HQ.  One piece of intel is in the
desk on the 2nd floor, Aurelius of Phoenix's office.  The other piece of
intel is in a filing cabinent on the 1st floor.  The radio is also on the
first floor, to the right of the filing cabinents.  I've found that at 11:40
Aurelius may be downstairs and not in his office, a good possible time to
look the 2nd floor intel.  Around 2am the first floor was cleared out and
I was able to get the other piece of intel and bug the radio.  Alternatively
if you're working with the Legion you can speak to Aurelius and supply false
intel to Astor for Legion Fame.  

When you're finished, return to Astor and give him what he was looking for.
He'll be shocked you got that all done.  You'll get 500 xp at this time,
however you can ask Astor if theres anything else he needs done.  He'll joke
that you can wipe out Cottonwood Cove if you like, tell him it will be done.
He won't believe it, you may not believe it, but we're going to do it.  Theres
two ways you can do it.  The easy way is to go just south-east from Cottonwood
Cove, up to the peak at Cottonwood Cove Overlook.  Theres a bunch of trailers
here and a truck carrying radioactive material.  How easy can this be?  All you
need is a Lockpick of 50 to pull this off without firing a shot.  Go to
the back of the truck and open the hatch to drop the barrels on the Legion.
A number of the Legion will actually run toward the barrels and die of
radiation.  Several others, like Aurelius, may die in the buildings without
coming in contact with the barrels.  A few may survive, you can pick them off
if you like, but it isn't required.  Alternatively if you don't have the skill
to Lockpick the truck latch, I suggest going to Sniper's Nest.  It can be
found just north-west of Cottonwood Cove on a large hill overlooking the
camp.  With a Sniper's Rifle you can pick off Legion soldiers from a
distance.  Theres also a named rifle in a chest there at Sniper's Nest,
however it's a Very Hard lock to crack, so if you couldn't pick the truck
you probably can't pick the chest...but maybe you just want to shoot the
Legion rather than leak the radiation.

Return to Astor, he won't believe you took the camp out by yourself.  You'll
get 250 caps and more xp for your work.  He'll also note that he finds it
ironic that you killed the Legion with radiation as they did at Searchlight,
an eye for an eye eh?  If you didn't leak the radiation you'll have to take
out the leading members of the Legion and most if not all of the lower
soldiers until your quest updates.  You should get another 500 xp for taking
out the Legion.

*****Quest 63:  Wheel of Fortune *****

This quest may be buggy as all hell, so just a heads up.  Make multiple saves
if needs be in case something goes bad.  While poking around camp Searchlight
you should notice a burned out church in the south-western corner of town.
Theres a boarded up door into the cellar for an NCR Storage area.  Head on
down, you'll run into a couple Prospectors and a very unfriendly guy named
Logan.  Logan doesn't want to talk to you unless you can hack the computer
and get some information for him, so lets be nice and do that.  The computer
has an Easy lock on it, hack the computer and read the 2nd log entry.  Return
to Logan and tell him that the Radiation suits he's looking for must be 
around Nipton.  Logan will tell you to go get them and he'll let you in on
an inventory of salvage he found in town, if you help him get it you'll get
paid.  With a Barter skill of 45 you can convince him to give you a bigger
share.  Whether or not you can pass this, eventually tell Logan you'll go and
the quest will activate.

Head to Niption.  If you previously did the quest "Booted" for Boxcar you may
find that he won't talk to you.  This is most unfortunate as "Booted" isn't
even a decent quest.  You may need to reload and try to get the quest from
Logan again to see if Boxcar will update this time.  If not, you may be in
trouble and you'll have to reload to a previous save if you really want to
do this quest.  PC users are in luck, I was able to reset the quest by 
bringing up the console and resetting the "Booted" quest with this:
resetquest 131E7C    You should be able to talk to Boxcar again and ask about
the supplies that went missing in Nipton.  He'll point you toward the Hidden
Supply Cave north of town.

Head to the Hidden Supply Cave.  There will be an Average Lock on the front
door, you'll have to pick it, no key I'm aware of.  Inside there will be a
chest that spawns with a set of Radiation Suits inside.  There should be one
there for you as well, and you may need it.  Return to Logan with the set of
suits.  When you give Logan the suits he will don a suit along with the other
Prospectors, then he'll give you a key to the Police Station.  The Station
can be found in the north-east part of Camp Searchlight, the Prospectors will
follow you there so don't wait up for them.  You may be attacked by ghouls
that respawn as you walk around, fortunately your little band should make
quick work of them.  I suggest taking a little Rad-X, even if you have a
Radiation Suit on because a few of these buildings are heavily radiated and
it's easy to lose track of how much radiation you've absorbed while searching
around.  Head into the Police Station, there will be a few ghouls here but
little resistance.  Speak to Logan and ask what you're looking for, he'll
want anything related to NCR.  I suggest making another new save here as I've
been told that even if you collect everything Logan wants he'll sometimes say
that more exists.  

All the items you're looking for are labeled as "NCR" at the beginning of the
item.  Most of these will be guns, and some will be computer parts or radio
parts.  Some will be in jail cells on beds, some will be in a storage room
(Don't miss the 3 NCR Grenades that are bunched together), and most of the
computer parts will be found in desks.  If you keep your eye out it shouldn't
be too hard to find the items.  There will be 10 parts in total, 3 are guns,
3 are Grenades, 2 are computer parts, and 2 are radio parts.  When you've
gathered it all speak to Logan again, if you found everything it should now
say "This is all I found."  Logan will then give you the key to the Fire
Department, it can be found in the southern part of town.  Make a new save
here, this place is heavily radiated and has a surprise

Holy crap!  The mother of all Radscorpions.  Well, probably not, but she's
certainly big.  She'll have a few children with her, but they won't be much
concern.  You should be able to take her down with the helpers with you, but
try to keep back and avoid getting poisoned.  Once the Radscorpion Queen is
down loot the place, theres some cool stuff like Fire Axes and Fire Helmets.
Take a couple Rad-Xs and head upstairs.  This place will be a little more
radiated than the bottom floor and if you spend too much time looking for
items you'll find yourself dangerously radiated.  Theres 10 more NCR items
you have to find in here.  This time you'll find a gun and two grenades in
the Fire Chief's office on your left.  There will be some radio parts on a
table in the bedroom, there will be several computer parts among the duffle
bags there, and another pistol in the kitchen.  Theres a lot of iradiated
food in the kitchen as well, but unless you have some Rad-Away you may spend
too much time looting it.  Some people don't like radiated food, and even
though you can't cleanse it I figure you can always remove radiation by
visiting a doctor, while food on Hardcore mode is sometimes harder to come
by.  Finally, theres a unique weapon in one of the bathroom stalls here, it's
called Knock Knock.  It'll be against the wall in the stall with a skeleton,
kinda hard to see, I thought it was a skeleton bone at first or something.

When you're finished return to Logan.  Tell him you've found all the items
again he'll promptly pay blood!  Yeah, the jerk is going to double
cross you.  Put a bullet in his head first, then loot his body.  You'll get
all the items you just looted, except they'll no longer have the NCR tag and
they'll be usable.  The other Prospectors will leave you alone it seems, you
can waste them if you want.  

				Freeform Quests

*****Quest 1:  Fixing Trudy's Radio *****

This one is pretty easy.  If you talk to Trudy in the Goodsprings Saloon,
she'll mention that the radio was "accidentally" busted after an argument
with some Powder Gangers over Ringo.  Tell Trudy that you'll fix it, and
she'll tell you that she'll pay ya.  You'll need a Repair skill of at least
20, the radio is behind the Saloon counter.  Fix the radio and Trudy will
pay you 50 caps, although if your Barter skill is high enough you can
squeeze her for 25 extra.  You'll also get some Goodsprings fame for doing
the quest.

*****Quest 2:  Barton's Thorn's Plea *****

This one can be tough if you pick it up early.  You'll encounter Barton
around the campfire  near the Goodspring Source.  He won't always be in the
immediate area, I ran into him after going to Primm and back.  He implores
you to save his girlfriend.  She's trapped on the ridge with a bunch of
Geckos.  He isn't kidding, better bring some heat.  The ridge leads up from
the radio tower nearby (Look to the south).  Keep heading up the path you
find once getting near the radio tower.  You'll encounter just a few lizards
at first, then a large pack.  Backpedal if you need to, and when possible
try to take out the little ones first so there aren't as many attacking at
once, just try to keep the regular Geckos at a distance when possible.
When you reach the top, watch out for bear traps.  You find the body of a
man named Johnny, and some light loot.  I also found 4 orange balls that
looked like something you'd play Bocce with, I think this was due to my
weird wilderness trait that I took.  When you're done, make your way down
the cliff.  Barton will meet you on the way up the cliff, and admits that
the whole thing was a hoax to get to the loot, and now he's going to try and
off you.  You know what to do, put him out of his misery and keep the junk
for yourself.

*****Quest 3:  The McBride Mystery *****

When you get to Novac, speak to Dusty McBride.  He'll be around the house
on the south side of town with the Brahmin.  He'll mention that around
midnight or so he's been getting attacks by an unknown assailant.  He can
hear gunfire, but dares not investigate.  He did mention that he seems to
come to the west, and he only seems to shoot one moo moo a night, never
taking the beef with him.  Offer to help McBride, then wait around till
about 11:45pm (I did my stake out behind the tires).  

When midnight rolls around, watch the area on the west side of the fence...
something eerie appears to be moving around.  When it gets closer, you'll
be able to get a better look at it, it should show itself.  Pop it full of
holes, then be sure to loot it up.  Go back to McBride, he'll reward you with
75 caps and you can help yourself to the steak in his refrigerator.  You
also get some Novac fame, sweet!

*****Quest 4:  Helping Ranger Andy *****

This isn't really a quest, but you do get something nice out of it.  Speak
to Ranger Andy in his motel in Novac.  Ask him about what happened to his
leg, and he'll tell you the gruesome tale.  He'll lament that he's not much
use now, and it clearly depresses him.  Using a Speech skill of 30, convince
him that he probably has knowledge that could still help others.  He'll
thank you for flattering him, and he'll teach you the Ranger's Takedown move.
This is an Unarmed attack you can use to know an opponent down sometimes.
To do it perform a Power Attack while moving backwards.

*****Quest 5:  You be the Leader! *****

Vault 11 can be found just north of Helios One.  When you enter the vault,
the first thing that stands out is the election propaganda.  There seems to
be countless posters for various canidates..but this is different than any
other political advertisement you've ever seen.  Each canidate's poster
isn't displayed to bolster their position, or poke holes in their canidates.
You'll see what I mean as you go through the Vault.  The computer terminals
will display the positions of each canidate, and they all seem to want
nothing with being the next Vault Dweller, they'd rather see one of the
other canidates win.  You'll meet opposition in the form of Giant Mantis
bugs and large rats, and I've seen a Mantis actually put some high damage
out.  Eventually you'll find your way into the Living Quarters.  Theres not
a lot of good loot around here, but there are some terminals that continue
the Vault 11 plot.  Theres a computer in the male's dormitory, and in the
same room theres a container with the password for that computer (Talk 
about bad security!).  The only place worth looting is the security area
here.  You'll have to hack a tough computer to get in, but theres a decent
amount of ammo and things inside.  Theres another terminal in that security
room that fills in some holes for you.

The Lower Quarter should be your destination.  The Overseer's room is
early on in this level, but you may need to find the password to the
terminal to continue.  There are a few places here where you may need
to swim to continue on, although you can avoid at least one if you
pick an average lock for a shortcut.  If you do have to swim, remember to
watch your O2 meter.  In some locations you don't have much time/air to
get from point A to point B, let alone loot along the way (Theres nothing
big you'll miss, fortunately).  Ultimately you want to follow the signs to
make it to the Atrium.  In the Atrium there will be a terminal that explains
everything...well...almost everything.  There will be a password for the
Overseer's terminal here.  Head back to the Overseer's room...although I
suggest leaving your comrades behind, have them wait in the Overseer's room.
Make a new save here.  Use the terminal, then open the secret door.  Follow
the instructions given...kinda surreal.  Sit in the chair, you may want to
take a Med-X or two before viewing the movie.  If you have any Pulse items,
now would be a good time to make use of them.  I suggest taking out the
threats on the ceiling first, then ducking into one of the rooms to avoid
some fire from another room.  Once all the threats are disposed of, use the
mainframe in the room on the left.  You'll find out what ended up happening
to the rest of the Vault, and you'll get a good chunk of xp.

*****Quest 6:  Torres's Trouble *****

In Hidden Valley Brotherhood Bunker you will have to do some quests for the
Elder to prove you're trustworthy.  Once they aren't so leery of you, Elder
McNamara may give you access to the Brotherhood's Quartermaster so you may
do some trading.  Torres can be found on the first level in a room in the
east section, through the firing range.  She will mention at some point that
she's currently missing a Laser Pistol after it was failed to be checked in
properly after it's use.  You can offer to find it for her, she'll mention
that you should speak to the Paladin in charge of the firing range for a
good place to start.  

Unfortunately the Paladin in the charge of the firing range has no name, he's
just labeled as Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel.  Normally he's there at
the range, but at night he can usually be found in one of the many beds in
the barracks.  Ask him about the Laser Pistol, he'll say the last person to
use it was Initiate Stanton, but he returned it according to the record.
Did someone take it out after?  Lets talk to Stanton.  He may be at the
firing range when you go searching for him, if not I found him in a bed in
the west section of level 1.  Ask him about the Laser Pistol and he'll
give you the story.  It seems that Scribe Watkins talked him into 
sneaking outside for some live combat since they've only had virtual
reality since the lockdown.  They were shooting some Radscorpions in a
gulch nearby when he lost the Laser Pistol.  They had to run for it, and
he's not going back to get it.  If you suggest turning in a different
Laser Pistol to fool Torres, Stanton will nix the plan as they always
check the weapon's serial numbers.  So, looks like Radscorpions are on
the menu.  If you talk to Watkins about the incident, she'll confirm what
Stanton said after calling him a wuss.  The Radscorpion gulch they mention
is east of Hidden Valley, through two valleys (Either one will take you
there) that can be found through the east openings in the chain-link
fence.  Follow the gulch east no matter what path you find, if you turn
north and start hitting radiation, turn back.  You'll eventually come to
a larger clearing with some Giant Radscorpions and some smaller ones.
Near the center is a large rock formation with a dead prospector, he has
a blue cap on him.  If you look on the rock above him, you'll find the
missing Laser Pistol.  Return to Torres.

Speak to Torres and she'll be relieved you were able to find the gun.  As
it turns out she almost had to report the loss to McNamara, which would
have been bad.  As a thank you, she rewards you with a Tri-Beam Laser
Rifle that she repaired with broken parts.

*****Quest 7:  Virus Alert *****

This quest doesn't net you any XP or real reward, but it could be necessary
to complete the Optional Quest "Still in the Dark" if you plan on assisting
Head Paladin Hardin with ousting Elder McNamara.  When you get to the
Hidden valley bunker and they give you some trust, you'll find that Scribe
Ibsen is having problems with the terminals.  You'll find a number of
accessible terminals in the room you find him in, located near the workshop.
These terminals won't have anything useful to say at this time because the
computers were all infected by a virus that came back on a data disk
recovered during an expedition.  They're having problems removing the virus
because as soon as they lock it down on a few computers, it jumps to more.
I highly suggest doing this quest once your Science is at a level of 70 or
more, but it's up to you.  There are roughly 14 Terminals arranged in the
room as seen below, please excuse the crudity of the model, it's not to
scale (Hey, thats a Back to the Future and a Weird Al reference in the
same quest!):

|  1         14   |
|3              13|
|    2     12     |
|                 |
|4              11|
|    5     10     |
|                 |
|6               9|

The idea here is you need to find the three computers currently "hosting"
the virus and lock them down.  Now, you only get about 15 seconds to do this
before the virus jumps again.  The key is to have the Science skill of 70 or
more.  You can suggest to Ibsen that you partition the terminals that are
hosting the virus once you find them, and that will prevent that computer
from hosting again.  Essentially each time you attempt to lock these
computers down you have 14 computers to search in 15 seconds, and if you
DON'T have the ability to partition then you have to find all 3 computers
in that time period (And they're always random).  If you DO have the ability
to partition, once you find one of the problem terminals, it gets locked down
and even if you don't get all 3 that attempt, thats one less host you have to
find.  When you're ready, talk to Ibsen.  Wait for him to yell out "The Virus
has jumped," then begin accessing terminals.  Start at #1 and go in the order
that I listed, or close to that order.  The idea is you want to hit as many
computers as possible each attempt, because the Virus is always on 3 random
computers each attempt, unless you previously locked one down.  If you fail
to get all 3, talk to Ibsen and try again.  Remember that if you're able to
partition a computer, don't search that computer on the next attempt!  
That's wasted time, the computer will already be locked down.  Once you've
located all 3 and locked them down, speak to Ibsen again.  He'll be
impressed you succeeded where he failed for some time and he'll give you
basic access to the datasource.  You can use these terminals now when you're
working on "Still in the Dark."

*****Quest 8:  Boomer History *****

While in Nellis AFB and doing quests for the Boomers, check out the museum
on the west side of town.  A boy, Pete, in there that has been entrusted with
teaching the history of their people.  Theres a mural on the wall inside
the museum.  Ask about the history and he'll walk you through the timeline.
Funny how they refer to you and other wastelanders as savages, however their
mural is very similar to an ancient cave drawing.  Anyway, when you finish
listening to the story, you'll be rewarded with a little Boomer fame.  Now
if you continue to talk to the boy and ask questions, you can get even more
fame, all the way up to Idolized if you were previously at Accepted or
Liked.  You'll need Speech skill mostly, with a Skill of 50.

*****Quest 9:  For the Kids *****

While still in Nellis, you can continue to beef up your fame with the Boomers
by helping the kids there.  The children have lived a rough life.  One of
the children is Lindsey, who is looking for Mr. Cuddles.  Mr. Cuddles is a
teddy bear that can be found in the Hangar, between some large boxes that
are stacked near the center.  Return the bear to Lindsey for some extra
Boomer fame.  You can also help the other children out for a little more
fame if you want.  Speak to each child, if you're Charisma is at least 6
you can get some rep for playing games with them, or if you have any extra
REPCONN Rocket souvenirs you can use your Charisma score again to gift the
rocket to the kids for more fame.  Theres also a child that is pretending
to be a dinosaur with similar fame reward if you pretend to be a

*****Quest 10:  Paging Dr. Courier *****

Still in Nellis, theres a freeform quest that you can do for extra Boomer
fame.  Check out Argyll in the medical facility.  I was hoping he'd be a
ghoul since Harold is no more, but no such luck.  Argyll will say that he's
having problems treating the men that were attacked in the ant nest.  He
asks for a savage's assistance with the treatment.  You'll need at least a
Medicine skill of 60 to save each of the men.  One will have a leg that may
need amputated, another man has some different wounds, and another just
seems to be suffering from allergy problems.  Treat all the men to get some
good Boomer fame.

*****Quest 11:  Supplies for the Boomers *****

Nothing really to this one, but doing either will get you more fame with the
Boomers if you're really still looking for more.  After completing Ant
Misbeavin' for Raquel, speak to her again.  If you ask her if theres anything
else you can help out with, she'll mention that they're running low on
Missiles.  They only have about a 5 year supply left (They use 5 a day, but
thats still a lot of Missiles!).  She asks you to bring her any Missiles you
can acquire and don't have a use for.  You can give her Missiles in
increments of 1, 5, or 10 with varrying fame for each.  This isn't 
recommended unless you really have no use for Missiles.  The other option is
to speak to Jack in the Hangar.  He'll mention they're looking for Scrap
Metal for various repairs.  Similar to Raquel you can give Jack some Scrap
Metal for extra Boomer fame.

*****Quest 12:  Camp Guardian *****

Camp Guardian can be found north of Lake Mead.  It will be at the top of a
large rocky hill, you'll have to take winding paths on the way up.  At the
top you'll find a sacked NCR camp along with rats.  You'll find various 
Camp Guardian logs on the way up as well, although it's not necessary that
you gather them.  You'll find one or two cave entrances on the way up, you
can use either one once you reach the camp summit.  Through thecave you'll
run into some Lake Lurks.  They can pack a punch, so be careful.  Near the
top of the cave you'll find a Private Halford.  He's a bit banged up after
taking a Lakelurk or two down with his bare hands.  If you have a Doctor's
Bag or a Medicine skill of 50 or better you can heal him up.  You'll also
notice that he has a nice Service Rifle, Halford will give it to you if you
escort him out of the cave.  If you want, you can convince him to help you
clear the cave so his men can rest peacefully, but it's not necessary.  
Theres nearly a dozen or more Lakelurks, so the extra help would be
beneficial.  Once you leave the cave, speak to Halford again.  He'll give
you his Service Rifle, as well as a note and schematic for a Dog Tag Fist

*****Quest 13:  Ranger Station Charlie *****

Ranger Andy can be found in Novac in his house.  He used to be a tough Ranger
with the NCR, but after a few mishaps he ended up crippled and not fit for
regular duty.  You can also do the Freeform Quest "Helping Ranger Andy" and
learn the Ranger takedown from him.  Before you can get the quest to look into
Ranger Station Charlie, you may need to have to be Liked within the NCR, I
never received this quest prior.  Exhaust all your speach options with Andy,
he'll end up saying that he does want you to check out Ranger Station Charlie
down the road and make sure everything is okay, he hasn't heard from them
in awhile.  You should have noticed the Ranger Station on the way up from
Novac, it's to the south.

When you reach the Station, head inside, but not before making a new save!
You'll find several dead bodies...and a lot of traps.  Half of the bodies
will have Frag Mines planted underneath them or around them, be careful. 
On the PC version you can move the bodies with the Z key to disarm the mines,
PS3/X-Box users will use whatever button they normally move items with =P
Theres also a very nasty trap in the northern room.  First, theres a 
tripwire at the door that you'll want to disarm.  After that, theres a
nasty Bottlecap Mine behind the fire extinguishers!  Failing to disarm the
tripwire, or getting too close to the Bottlecap Mine will set it off,
also causing those extinguishers to explode.  Bad news.  In any case,
take anything you want here and go back to the first room.  Theres an
audio tape on a stack of metal boxes in the center of the room, and
another under a desk.  When finished, head back to Andy.

Speak to Andy, tell him of the demise of Ranger Station Charlie.  You can
lie to him, but your reward is the same and it doesn't give him peace of mind.
Andy will give you 200 caps from the Ranger Veterans fund for your help.  I've
heard that if you complete the quest "Return to Sender" prior to taking this
quest, Station Charlie will be spared, however if you've progressed far
enough through the game it appears the Station will be overrun anyway.  This
Freeform quest does not trigger the attack.

*****Quest 14:  Snuffles Wuffles*****

This Freeform quest starts at Snuffles, the Molerat pet in Sloan.  Sloan has
a bunch of different Freeform quests, so you might as well hit them all up
while you're there.  Snuffles will be walking around the center of the
shanty town most likely.  Inspect him and if your Medicine is at 30 at least
you'll notice that his leg isn't too healty.  You'll clean it up and bandage
it...although why you would want to do something is beyond me.  However if
you speak to Chomps Lewis (He can usually be found at his post on the road
just outside town, watching for Deathclaws) and tell him what you did, he'll
thank you and you'll receive a little NCR rep.  Ummm...yay.

*****Quest 15:  Deathclaws-A-Plenty*****

This quest is also from Sloan, however you can do it at any time.  The
quarry workers in Sloan have a real problem, a whole hoard of Deathclaws
have migrated into their quarry and are preventing the workers from entering.
If you've never tangled with a Deathclaw before, know this...they can kill a
man in one swipe.  At level 25 and in Power Armor I've had a couple Deathclaws
mow through me in seconds, these guys don't play around.  Anyway, if you speak
to Chomps Lewis just outside Sloan, he'll ask you to take care of the 
Deathclaw mother as well as the Deathclaw Alpha Male.  Both are extremely
deadly, even more so than a regular Deathclaw because they're harder to
bring down.  If you kill the Deathclaw mother and Alpha Male before speaking
to Chomps, fear not, he'll still reward you.

To take down this pack of nasties, I suggest Stealth and the best firepower
you can muster.  DPS is a must, but stay away from Flamers and Miniguns
unless you plan on devoting your expensive ammo.  I found that an
Anti-Material Rifle works very well against the Deathclaws, and often times
you can peg them from a distance before they even see you.  Plus, if you're
Sneaking when you attack, theres a good chance you'll do a Critical Hit
with a Sneak attack, which can be crazy damage.  A Gauss Rifle also works
well against the Deathclaws, but if you have too many on you the reload
time can hurt.  Shoot from maximum distance when possible!  Also if may not
be beneficial to bring Rex or some other companions into the Quarry.  Rex
will probably be Deathclaw food if he runs off and gets in between two
Deathclaws, not even a cybernetic dog can repel firepower of that magnitude!

The Deathclaws will be found in Quarry Junction just west of Sloan.  Theres
a path into the Quarry just north of Sloan.  When possible use any long range
rifle like the ones mentioned above, often times you can hit the Deathclaw
without alerting the others to your presence, or even kill it before they
ever find where you are.  Shooting from long range will help prevent 
multiple Deathclaws jumping you at once, you want to avoid that scenario
unless you're gutsy or nuts.  The Alpha Male and Deathclaw Mother will be
found in the center of the Quarry near a pool.  The Mother will be
accompanied by several Deathclaw babies that can be dangerous in a pack.
I suggest killing the Mother first, still shooting from long range if you
can.  For some reason the babies hung around Mother's corpse for a bit
after she was down, making them easy prety.  I was able to down a few of
them before they discovered my sniping spot.  Don't forget to loot at least
one Deathclaw egg after you've cleared out the Quarry, you'll need it later.

When you're finished, head back to Chomps in Sloan.  He'll reward you for
your effort.  You'll receive a sizeable amount in NCR cash and some NCR Fame
as well.

*****Quest 16:  You Have to Break a Few Eggs*****

In Sloan theres a Mess Hall and a cook named Jas Wilkins.  She's a decendant
of the lady in Fallout 2 that made Deathclaw omelets in Modoc.  Anyway, she
traveled to Nevada seeking excitement since California is all but settled
according to her.  She wants to try and make a Deathclaw Omelet and follow
in the footsteps of her family.  That's pretty much it, find a Deathclaw
Egg, not too hard, right?

If you're already doing the quest "Deathclaws-A-Plenty" you should have no
problems looting at least one Deathclaw Egg off a Deathclaw in Quarry
Junction.  On the other hand, theres nothing to say you need to loot an
Egg off one of those.  You can get a Deathclaw from any other locations,
a few Deathclaws can be found near the road to the north of Sloan as you
head toward Vegas.  In any case, return to Jas when you have an Egg, she'll
reward you by giving you the recipe in case you feel like making more later.

*****Quest 17:  I Have the Power!*****

Another quick quest in Sloan.  Next to the Mining Offices theres a Generator.
Theres not really any kind of prompt from any of the Quarry Workers about the
thing that I've seen, but you can interact with it.  The Generator is just to
the left of the door.  If you use it you'll see they did a piss poor job of
putting it together.  You can either use a Repair skill of 35 to fix it.  You
can strip it of parts in which case you'll get 5 Scrap Metal, a Conductor,
and a Sensor Module.  Lastly you can just leave the thing alone.  If you
decide to help Sloan out and fix it, speak to Chomps out on the road just
outside Sloan.  He'll thank you for your help and reward you with $200 in
NCR Cash and you'll also get some NCR Fame.

*****Quest 18:  Khan Chems *****

After (or possibly before) completing the Optional Quest "Aba Daba Honeymoon"
for Diane in Red Rock Drug Lab, you may be able to assist her in teaching
Jack how to fashion some new chem recipes.  You need to have a high Science
skill and Survival, but you'll get a reward for each new recipe you
fork over.  Teaching each recipe will take some time, so keep this in mind if
you're on any time critical tasks.  Speak to Jack when you have the time and
go through the options:

Science 50:  Rocket

Science 50:  Party Time Mentats

Science 50:  Slasher

Science 50:  Super Stimpack

Survival 75:  Hydra

*Note* To get the option for Jack to make the Super Stimpack and Hydra, you
may need to convince him to use his resources/abilities to make chems for
good and not just for getting high.  This may take a Speech skill check to

For each recipe you teach you can be rewarded with 50 caps and Great Khan
fame, or you can take some chems as payment.  If you complete teaching these
to Jack, they'll teach you a special Unarmed move known as the Khan Trick.

*****Quest 19:  Chems for the Followers *****

Speak to Julie Farkas in the Old Mormon Fort of Freeside.  She'll have an
option to speak to her about a shortage of chemicals they need to help clean
up Freeside from it's drug addictions.  While you can opt to help them by
giving various drugs you have onhand for easy Followers Fame, Julie really
needs a sustained source of regular chems to help combat the Freeside
problems.  Tell Julie you will help, the only leads she has for you is to
check with either Mick and Ralph there in northern Freeside, or maybe a
long shot with the Garret twins in the Atomic Wrangler.

Speak to Mick and Ralph in their shop near the East Freeside Gate.  Both men
will not have a go to see James Garrett at the Atmoic Wrangler
in the southern zone of Freeside.  Mention the drug problem, James may have
a solution.  The Garretts are constantly needing technical help with their
alcohol stills, and they think with some help with the Followers they can
produce better alcohol and keep the stills going longer.  In exchange they
can offer the byproducts from the foods they produce which can be used for
various drugs the Followers need.

Return to Julie.  She won't be too keen on helping the Garretts at first as
it seems helping them produce alcohol is counter-productive to cleaning up
Freeside, but after a few dialog options you should be able to convince
Julie that any extra influx of addictions should be easy to identify working
with the Garrets and the extra chemicals should more than make up for this.

If you completed the quest "High Times" for Julie, you should be getting some
good Followers of the Apocalypse Fame.  If you reach Idolized you'll receive
a Followers Lab Coat that nets you +10 Science and Medicine.  If you're 
lacking some Fame after doing these quests, give Julie some more meds that
she requires:  Fixer, Rad-A-Way, Med-X and you should have enough Fame after
that. You'll also receive a key to the Follower's Safe-house!

*****Quest 20:  NCR Dogtags *****

This quest is roughly the opposite of "Legion-Ears."  Quartermaster Mayes at
Camp Forlorn Hope is looking to redistrubute supplies, and one way he can do
that is to verify certain soldiers are dead and use their military supplies
elsewhere.  Anytime you see a dead NCR soldier they have the chance of
dropping an NCR dogtag, collect any of these that you see.  Return to Mayes
at Camp Forlorn Hope.  For every dogtag you bring back you'll get 2 caps.
Yeah, crummy...but if you bring back a total of 15 you'll get 100 caps, and
some beer.

*****Quest 21:  Legion-Ears *****

Get it?  "Legion-Ears?"  Yeah, I didn't think it was that funny either.  This
is a simple Freeform quest much like "NCR Dogtags."  Private Sexton in the
Camp Forlorn Hope bunker is looking for Legion soldier's ears as part of a
game to raise morale among the troops.  Basically all you have to do is bring
the ears off any Legion soldiers to kill to him and he'll add them to your
"tally."  You'll be able to pick up some ears even before the quest begins,
however not all Legion soldiers may have ears.  Keep bringing ears back to
Sexton.  I've been told that for every 10 ears the morale of the NCR troops
attacking Nelson will increase.  After you've brought 30 or more ears, Sexton
should reward you with 100 caps and some beer, along with NCR Fame.

*****Quest 22:  Sing for Me *****

This is a Freeform quest where you help Sergeant Boyd in the McCarran Terminal
Building.  She can be found on the 2nd floor in the western section.  Speak
to her, exhaust all the dialog options.  She'll mention that they caught a
high ranking Legion, Silus, and for once a prison didn't kill themself after
capture.  You would think this would leave you to believe that he wants to
help the NCR out, but he doesn't.  He's rude and won't spill anything about
their plans.  Boyd is fed up and because of NCR rules she can't rough Silus
up...but you can.  Mention to Boyd that you'll rough up Silus to get some
information out of him.

Boyd will lead you to where they're keeping Silus in the next room.  You'll
wait outside while she speaks to Silus briefly.  Silus will give her the cold
shoulder, then Boyd will ask you to come in.  She'll confiscate your weapons
before you go in.  Also your teammates won't be allowed to enter.  Don't
worry though, while Silus may get out of the chair he's sitting in, he can't
really do anything to you.  If your Sneak is high enough you may be able to
get some holdout weapons past Boyd.  Once you're confronted with Silus you
have three options, you can either beat him up and extract the information,
you can help him escape, or you can kill him:

Option 1 - Follow the plan you talked about with Boyd.  When you enter the
chamber you can speak to Silus right away, or you can start roughing him up
with your fists.  If you talk to Silus you'll have some Speech options where
you can try to get him to talk.  You can also try to convince Silus that
you're really a Legion soldier in disguise, and you're there to kill him
before he can speak, you'll need an Intelligence of 8 to complete this.  To
pass the Speech options mentioned you'll need a skill of 50.  If Silus doesn't
give you the information you seek the first time, don't worry.  After you've
roughed him up a bit Boyd will come in and send you outside to cool down
briefly, just wait by the cell.  After Silus gives her the silent treatment,
go back in and rough him up some more.  Eventually Silus will talk, he'll
mention that Caesar is not himself lately and headaches are hindering his
leadership.  Also Silus knows that the information leak within the NCR is
really a Legion soldier posing as a high ranking NCR officer, this is related
to the quest "I Put a Spell on You."  When you're finished, speak to Boyd and
you'll receive 300 caps, 300 xp, and some NCR Fame.

Option 2 - If you're a member of the Legion, you can assist Silus in escaping.
You'll need positive reputation with the Legion to pull this off.  When you
speak to Silus, tell him you're friendly to the Legion and want to get him
out.  You'll stage a fight with Silus first, then Boyd will kick you out
briefly while she asks Silus more questions.  After you're kicked out, 
retrieve the Silenced .22 Pistol from the red locker in the same room there.
When you go back in to speak to Silus.  You'll slip him the gun, then he'll
fake passing out.  Leave the room, Boyd will send another soldier in to take
care of Silus...and Silus will use the Pistol to take the soldier out and
use his clothes as a disguise, leaving unnoticed.

Option 3 - You can kill Silus, with or without getting the information you
need.  The best reason to do this is if you have Boone in your party you'll

receive a history point with him, which is required to unlock his companion
quest called "I Forgot to Remember to Forget."  This can be difficult, as
the first time you attack Silus you'll be interrupted by Boyd before you can
do much damage.  The second time you assault Silus he may stop you himself
and give the information you need.  You can quit listening to Silus if you
like, or kill him after he's finished.  Speak to Boone afterwards to get the
history point. 

*****Quest 23:  Wheelin' and Dealin' *****

This is a short quest that begins in Aerotech Office Park.  Speak to Captain
Parker there, the Park can be found just south-east of New Vegas.  He'll
mention they're having some problems there, one is missing people and will
start the quest "The Coyotes."  However, Parker also has a Freeform quest
where he wants you to find out what Keith is up to.  Keith is a shady guy
that Parker thinks is cheating at cards, and he's dealing bad drugs to boot
Parker thinks.  Parker asks you to investigate and see if you can break up
Keith's operation.

Keith can be found in the south-eastern building of Aerotech, Office 200.  If
your Speech is at 60, or Barter is 45 you can ask him about marked cards.
You can also search his desk in the south-west office for the deck.  Return to
Parker and he'll give you 150 caps with either the cards or the confession.
Parker will ask you to be present when he arrests Keith, just in case 
something happens.  If you go along, Keith will tease Parker about his wife
leaving him, causing Parker to open fire and take out Keith.  Speak to Parker
again for 100 more caps.  Theres nothing you can do to stop Keith dying at
this point, unless you want to take a hit against the NCR for taking out
Parker.  On the other hand, Keith had it coming.  

*****Quest 24:  Mr. Anders *****

*Note*  If you haven't done the quest "Aba Daba Honeymoon" you may want to
complete that one first if you plan on doing it as you may fail it otherwise
once you complete this Freeform mission.  

Speak to Colonel Hsu in the McCarran Terminal Building.  He'll mention that
he sent one of his best Rangers on a mission to take out the leader of the
Fiends, Motor Runner.  Ranger Anders never reported back like he should have
and Hsu is worried.  Since this is a Freeform quest you won't get a quest
update, you'll just have to speak to Hsu till you've exhausted all dialog

Vault 3 will be west from Camp McCarran.  The Fiends outside will most likely
all be hostile, despite any disguises.  These Fiends are billed as a little
crazier than the others.  Take them out, the entrance to the area you need
will be in the South Vegas Ruins.  Clear the rest of the Fiends outside, then
make a fresh save.  Not, at this point I suggest Stealth when possible.  If
you haven't entered Vault 3 before, donning a Great Khan outfit will make them
think you're there to sell drugs and they'll leave you alone.  You can also
pass a Speech check at the door and they may think you're a Great Khan.  If
you aren't able to use either of these methods you may need to fight your way
in.  We'll assume you've convinced the Fiends you're safe.  Make your way
through the Vault, hang a left at the first fork.  You'll eventually come to
a door that leads to the Living Quarters on your left, head through there.
Make another left and you should see a dead Fiend through the door.  Watch
your footing here, there will be a number of traps in the form of mines and
trip wires.  This path will lead back to the main level.  Through the door
will be a few more mines, then you'll meet up with Anders.  It seems he took
some damage getting there and was hiding out while he healed up and completed
the mission.  Thats his story anyway.

You have a couple options at this point.  You can use a Doctor's Bag to heal
Ander's leg, or you can spare the bag for now.  You can try to convince
Ander's he can take Motor Runner in his current state, which is suicide, or
you can just take him out.  The last two options don't require any further
input.  If you've healed his leg, you can now either bring Ander's with you
on the way to Motor Runner, which I don't suggest, or you can convince him
he should return to Camp and see the doctor.  You can also send him to try
and kill Motor Runner himself still, which is a bad idea.  Sending Anders
back to the base the best solution because a false wall will open up and he'll
high tail it out of there, he shouldn't be killed even with the Fiends there
at the entrance.  You should then be able to follow Anders through the false
wall to the entrance, take the right path at the fork this time.  This will
lead down a hallway, there will be a door on your right leading to the 
Maintenance Wing and Motor Runner.  The Maintenance Wing is fairly linear,
so you shouldn't have any problems finding the boss, he'll be on a throne
with his two dogs.  If you want you can talk to him, he'll think you're from
the Great Khans to sell him drugs.  You can tell Motor Runner you're with the
NCR to kill him and you're willing to make a wager to spare his life.  There
will be an option to try and pass a Speech check to get Motor Runner to pay
you to spare his life, this won't work and he'll just go hostile actually.
You can pay him 200 caps so he'll give you his helmet as proof of his death,
or Barter to make it 150.  The only other way to complete this is to kill
him.  Killing Motor Runner should change your status to hostile with the rest
of the bunker, if it wasn't already.  You'll have to fight 20-30 Fiends to
escape at that point, unless you're Sneaky.  I've found the best course of
action is to take Motor Runner out first and let the Fiends come to you.
Mines work great if you can set them up.  

Fight your way out, then return to Colonel Zsu.  Tell him first that Anders
returned, he will thank you.  Then tell him that Motor Runner is dead and
hand the helmet over, you'll get 150 caps, some xp, and NCR Fame.

*****Quest 25:  Missing NCR Weapons *****

This quest is long enough that it could have been a normal quest, but they
made it a Freeform quest for whatever reason.  It's a little buggy too, so I
suggest making multiple saves when possible in case you make a wrong step.
By either aiding Contreras or aiding Sergeant Boyd you should be able to
score the weapon called This Machine, but if you make a mistake you may not
receive it.  You also may run into a problem where Contreras isn't giving you
access to his increased stash.

Theres a couple different ways to start this quest.  You can ask Sergeant
Boyd first about missing supplies.  You can also speak to Contreras about
missing shipments and pass a Speech check to get in on the action, or pay 50
caps to get the info.  Boyd will be found in the McCarran Terminal Building
while Contreras will be in the McCarran Supply Shack, which is through the
McCarran Concourse.  You can either help Contreras or ultimately help the
NCR.  Here are the options:

Option 1 - To help Contreras, get him to fess up about some behind the scenes
action.  He'll tell you that he needs some help doing a job and he may be able
to trust you more after that.  He wants you to go to the Gun Runners and 
secure some more weapons and ammo to deal with.  You're supposed to go speak
to Isaac there.  The Gun Runners are near the Freeside East Gate in the east
part of the Vegas outskirts.  Isaac is supposed to be near the Vendortron on
the outside of the gate, but he may be in his house about 200 yards east from
the Gun Runners (I never saw him at the Gun Runners personally).  Speak to
Isaac, he currently doesn't have the materials for the increased demand.  Now
this can get messy.  If you don't pass the Speech or Barter skill check of
80, you'll be forced to come up with 100 pieces of metal items to shore up the
difference.  Yeah, thats a lot.  The good news is that Isaac will take a
variety of metal items:  scrap metal, tin cans (An excellent choice), pots,
etc.  This could be tedious, so convincing Isaac with the skill checks is
obviously the best way to go.  Once you've secured the extra weapons/ammo from
Isaac, return to Contreras.  He'll pay you some caps and have another task for
you.  He'll want you to pick up some medical supplies from Blake at the
Crimson Caravan.  The Crimson Caravan offices will be just north-east from the
Gun Runners, Blake should be in the center of zone.  Speak to Blake, see if
he has the extra medical supplies.  When he gives you the supplies you can
comment with a Medicine or Science skill of 25 that the chems you were given
could be potentially used as social drugs.  Return to Contreras, you can point
this out to him and try to blackmail him into providing you with more caps
for your silence, or just take your 250 caps as payment for the last task.
At this point Contreras has one more task for you, but you'll have to wait at
least 24 hours before he'll give it to you.  Walk out into the Concourse and
wait 24 hours, then speak to Contreras again.  If you ask him about the next
task and he says to wait again, wait another 24 hours once more.  Ask about
the task again, he may say he isn't ready, but if the option then shows up
white after speaking to him, try once more and he should update you.  He'll
want you to take the medical supplies to his contact, Price, in Westside.
He'll be in Miguel's Pawnshop and will be waiting for the passcode regarding
any betting tips.  Head to the Pawn Shop, you'll see Miguel, but no one else
will be there except for a man named Keller.  Now make a fresh save if you
haven't already.  Keller will not have any knowledge of the passcode, and
if you use the Int/Per skill check to point out that Keller isn't in fact
working for Price, you'll fail the skill check even if you have the required
skills.  Whatever you do, don't give Keller the meds.  Return to Contreras,
he'll tell you that Keller has to be taken out.  Return to Keller once more.
You can try to cut Keller in on the deal if he gives Contreras immunity, but
I've found that Contreras's stock never improves if you do this.  Instead I
would kill Keller as asked, either using Stealth so you don't take an NCR
hit or through dialog.  Return to Contreras, he'll reward you with the gun
This Machine if you did it correctly.  I would make a new save and then wait
3-4 full days and make sure that Contreras's stock improves.  If it doesn't
you may want to reload to a previous save and make a different choice.

Option 2 - To help the NCR, you'll need to find out for Boyd what has happened
to the missing supplies.  Completing this part is much easier than the
Contreras side.  All you need to do is head to the Supply Shack where
Contreras is.  On the 2nd floor theres a computer you'll need to hack and
download the weapons manifest.  Return to Boyd, she'll reward you with This
Machine and some NCR Fame.  Unfortunately Contreras will be locked up and you
won't reap the benefits of his increased supply trading which can be

*****Quest 26:  A Mess in the Mess Hall *****

Speak to Corporal William Farber, he'll be in the McCarran Concourse, which
is connected to the McCarran Terminal Building.  He has a couple problems to
deal with.  For one, they've got a lot of vegetables and water, but a shortage
of red meat.  On top of that Farber is looking for spices to make the food
tastier and increase morale.  Finally the Food Processor in the back of
Farber's kitchen is on the fritz and he needs help in repairing it.

For the meat supply Farber suggests speaking with Ruby Nash in Primm, Fitz at
the Grub 'n Gulp Rest Stop, or Blake at the Crimson Caravan.  Don't worry
about the first two, speak to Blake.  Blake will be in the center of the
Crimon Caravan's zone, which is north-east from the Vegas outskirts.  Blake
will have the meat supply, however you'll have to negotiate to do business.
You can try convincing him that NCR has the caps to pay him, however Blake
would benefit more if you can use your Barter skill of 40 to have Blake trade
meat for the NCR's oversupply of vegetables and water.  You can also bypass
having to pay the caps up front by bypassing a Speech check of 70.  The meat
should be taken care of, now we need the Spices.

If you've already been to Vault 22 for other quests, you may already have the
item Farber needs for the spices.  If not, speak to the OSI scientists on the
first floor of the McCarran Terminal building.  The item you seek is the 
Food Additive.  To obtain it head into Vault 22, it'll be west of Westside
and the Vegas outskirts.  This place will be overrun with Mantis and weird
Spore creatures, so keep your eyes open.  The Food Additive will be in the
3rd floor in the Food Processing section.  You'll be looking for a small
room with a desk and a Restored Terminal upon it.  The Food Additive will be
on the desk.

The last thing you need to do is repair the Food Processing Machine in
Farber's kitchen.  Theres two ways of going about this.  The easiest is to
just jury rig the machine with a Repair skill of 80, that will do it.  If you
don't have the Repair skill you'll need to obtain a long, lengthy list of
replacement parts/cooking tools.  These items can be found anywhere in the
wasteland, although I've been told Cerulean Robotics in Freeside is a great
place to pickup most of these items.  Heres the list:  5 Scrap Metal, 4 
Fission Batteries, 2 Pressure Cookers, 2 Pilot Lights, 2 Conductors, 2 
Firehose Nozzles, 2 Steam Gauge Assemblies, 2 Sensor Modules, and 1 Pot.
Yeah, thats a lot.  Return to the McCarran Concourse and either repair the
machine by jury rigging it, or use the parts.  Speak to Farber again and tell
him everything you did.  You'll receive a discount on his food once you're

*****Quest 27:  Burying the Dead *****

Look for Christina Morales in the McCarran Concourse, it's connected to the
McCarran Terminal Building, she'll be on your left in a chair shortly after
you load in.  She'll mention that her husband, Esteban, was taken down after
he valiantly provided cover fire for his troop so they could escape.  He was
killed by Fiends, and despite some efforts by friends in his division they
haven't been able to retrieve his body for a proper burial.  Tell Christina
that you'll bring his body back, just don't expect any big reward.  

Esteban's body will be east of the REPCONN Headquarters, which is south
east of the Vegas outskirts.  Theres a few pitfalls here.  For one the Fiends
still guard Esteban's body, there are 3 snipers on the roof of the buildings
around Esteban's body.  On top of that there are some traps around the body to
the north and east.  The best path is to approach from the south or west as
you won't have to contend with the traps.  After you take out the three
snipers on the roof, Esteban's body should be surrounded by the buildings
there east of the REPCONN Headquarters.  You'll have to drag the body back,
but not all the way to McCarran.  There will be two NCR Troops near some
sandbags on the road to the north-west, near the playground.  Drag the body
to them ( It's the 'Z' key for PC users), when you get close enough they
should tell you job well done.  Return to Christina, if you asked for a reward
you won't get much, maybe 50 caps.  Otherwise you should receive positive
Karma.  If you're already maxed on Karma you may not receive anything.

			Exploring for Fun and Profit

I didn't have a very good title for this section, but that was the best I
could do to describe what I wanted to do here.  I'm a big scavenger type, I
have been known to completely clean a location out of all possible items of
value.  I've even been known to take coffee cups and empty bottles (Usually
for Rock-It-Launcher ammo).  While this is incredibly tedious, in the early
parts of the game you'll find that you have much more bargaining power and in
the end more ammo and goodies than someone who doesn't scav as much.  When
"prospecting," as Easy Pete would call it, it's best to go in with an empty
inventory so you have plenty of room.  It's also nice to have your companion's
inventory cleared out as well if you're going into a profitable area (Nipton
comes to mind).  I like to drop all my items I'm keeping into a cabinent
or other container that is not owned by someone, then scav an area and come
back for my stuff.  If you're going to be a scav for profit, do yourself a
favor and keep your Repair skill high.  You're not going to want to lug
around 10 pairs of very worn Leather Armor when you can combine them into
a few nicer items.  You may lose a few caps overall, but its better than
making several trips.  Having Barter at a high level would help as well, but
early on it's harder to put points here since Barter isn't
as helpful with other things like Repair.  Along those same lines, remember
that if you have excess bargaining items that you have no use for, and your
local trader has nothing you really need, trade for any weightless items
you can.  It's better to carry weightless junk to bargain with later than
heavy junk.  Generally I try not to scav people's belongings on my "good"
character, unless the item is worth good money like weapons in a locker.

1.  Primm's Bison-Steve Hotel:  This is the first location where you can
really clean up.  Aside from the fact that most of the convicts here are
carrying guns, ammo, and armor, you can also clean up in various hotel
rooms.  As mentioned in the Optional Quests section, theres a worn key on
one of the guards on the second floor, which opens a cabinet on the same
floor.  Theres also a few locked safes on the first floor with nice goodies,
of particular note is the named gun, Lucky, in the Hard Locked Safe. Don't
forget the third floor of the Hotel, and the convicts that can be found
around the roller coaster!

2.  NCRCF:  If you're a good character, cleaning out this place will net
you some serious bargaining loot.  You may need to make a few trips back to
Primm to sell if you're as stubborn as me, or back to Goodspring or Mohave
if Primm is tapped of good resources.  Theres a lot of Powder Gangers if
you're feeling particularly violent.  Their armor, guns, and dynamite are
all good for looting.  The guard towers have some bullets and a few weapons.
Theres also a locked cell in Cell Block B which has a schematic and a ton of
caps, the key is on the named Ganger inside.  The Administration's building
is even more loaded.  Theres a safe in the warden's room that can be picked,
as well as plenty of ammo and some med supplies (Two Doctor's bags for those
that really need them on Hardcore mode).  The only bad news is that taking
any items from this place that aren't on the gangers will net you negative

3.  Nipton:  Oh man, if you're patient and crazy, this place is a looters
dream.  Unlike other towns, there really is no karma penalty for clearing
out this entire town.  Once you deal with the Legion, one way or another,
the town is basically yours.  Check out each house, because you may miss
some good stuff otherwise.  For starters, you'll see a house with some
sandbags at the south central part of town.  I hope you have observant
eyes and a good lockpick score, because this place is booby trapped and
everything is locked.  The main snag here is a Grenade Launcher and ammo
in the safe, but beware the Radscorpion trap, along with the trip wires and
mines.  The rest of the houses in Nipton have a variety of things, one house
has a Lazer Rifle and lots of spare parts if I recall.  The Townhall is
pretty well stocked.  Watch out for the Legion's dogs, they're the only
opponents you'll face here.  Theres also a mine or two, but not many.  You
can find a worn key behind the desk on your right when you enter.  This
will open the door to the cellar where you'll find another Lazer Rifle,
Turbo, and other things.  Theres not much in the side rooms otherwise on the
first and second floors, so loot the bodies.  The third floor has goodies

stashed in the mayor's office, and in the storage room behind.  You can also
find a rare Nuka Cola Victory in the back room on a shelf.  To top it
off, if you read the Mayor's computer terminal it'll speak of a location
where he stashed some funds between Nipton and Mojave Outpost.  You'll
find it in the cash register at the gas station in between those locations.

4.  REPCONN Facility:  This place is not that hot for actual loot, but if
you're lacking spare parts for various things, such as reparing ED-E or
fixing Primm Slim to become Sheriff, the basement is a prime location.
Theres so much junk in the basement you'll be hard pressed to walk out with
all of it.  There are 3 Food Sanitizers down there that are valued at 150
caps each, they don't seem to have the same function as those in Fallout 3.
In the ground level part of the facility there isn't much to be had.  Theres
one safe with some things in it and a Hunting Revolver, but thats it.  The
upper level where the ghouls took shelter has a lot of Rad-X and Rad Away
on a shelf, nothing more there really.  There are a number of Rebar Clubs
in the basement along with the Bumper Sword that can be sold for good cash,
but they also make decent melee weapons.

5.  REPCONN Headquarters:  Theres not a lot of good loot to sell really, but
theres some large stashes of Microfusion ammo behind the locked doors.  You
can also find the Q-35 named Plasma Rifle here, although you're going to need
at least a Lockpick skill of 75 to get to it (Theres a door on the 2nd floor
that will lead back down to the 1st floor, rather than using the Very Hard
Locked door/Very Hard computer terminal.

				Party Members

1.  ED-E:  In Primm you'll find a broken down robot in the Mohave Express
building.  If you speak to Nash in the V & V Casino he'll say you're welcome
to the robot if you can fix it.  You have two or three options to fix him.
If you Repair or Science skill is high enough (65 for both I believe) you
can fix the robot at no cost to you.  The other option is to fix ED-E with
spare parts you may have.  If I recall it takes 3 Spare Metal pieces, 2
Spare Electronic pieces, and 2 Sensor Modules.  Theres some Spare Metal
pieces right there on the counter if you want to steal them, and you can find
some more odds and ends within the Bison Steve Hotel.  You shouldn't have
too many problems picking up the other pieces if you keep your eyes open,
however if you're still searching by the time you get to Novac, there should
be a shed in the south-east part of town with lots of different parts.  I
suggest getting ED-E asap though because he'll assist you in carrying your
extra junk.  That little robot can carry over 200 lbs!  Very handy.  He'll
also give you the Enhanced Sensors Perk, which will detect enemies at a
farther distance and can even indicate stealth enemies on your radar.  You
can also get ED-E upgraded, either stronger armor or stronger weapons.  Read
the Optional Quest, ED-E My Love, for more info.  Siding with the
Brotherhood for that quest will upgrade ED-E's armor, while giving ED-E
over to the Followers will increase his damage.

2.  Boone:  Boone can be found in Novac, he's the night time Sniper.  Speak
to him at night, he'll ask for your help.  See the Optional Quest "One for my
Baby" for more info on the quest.  When you're finished with the quest, if
you completed it correctly you can ask Boone to team up with you.  An 
Intelligence score of 6 can convince him, or just mention that two snipers
are better than one when taking down the Legion.  Boone comes with a Perk
known as Spotter.  Spotter will highlight enemy targets when you're actively
aiming.  It's not a great Perk, to be honest, but Boone is a hell of a 
sniper regardless.  He'll headshot people like crazy sometimes before you
can even get a shot off.

3.  Veronica:  In the 188 Trading Post north-west from Boulder City you'll
run into a girl in a robe.  She seems pretty perky, she claims to be a
member of a large family living in a bunker, and she's charged with finding
food and what not for her kin.  Eventually she'll get around to saying that
she'd like to accompany you and see more of the world.  If you tell her yes,
you'll find that she's actually a member of the Brotherhood...some family!
It turns out she's more than she seems.  She "likes to punch things," and
comes outfitted with a Powerfist already.  She prefers unarmed combat as
a result, but she'll go ranged if you tell her.  She seems to have an
interesting outlook on life to boot.  She'll go on and on with a lot of
extensive dialog about the Brotherhood, their background, her mentor and
replacement parent, Father Elijah, her love of putting things together, her
lesbian love (Yes, you heard me right), and a variety of other topics.  If
you take Veronica she comes with a Perk called Scribe Assistant which
basically allows you to use a workbench anywhere.  Not all that useful in
my opinion compared to other companion Perks.

4.  Lily:  Lily is a...large pal that can join you in Jacobstown.  If you
talk to the scientist Henry, you can recruit Lily to join you on the quest
Guess who I saw Today.  Lily will be outside by the Bighorn pen.  She's not
all there, but thats ok.  Her Perk is called Stealth Girl.  It will increase
the duration of all Stealth Boys by 200% and the Sneak Attacks will do 10%
more damage.

5.  Rex:  After you've completed the first part of G.I. Blues for the King,
you can speak to him about Rex (See G.I. Blues and Nothin' but a Hound Dog
for more info).  If you agree to help the King, he'll loan you Rex to use
as a companion.  Rex will be deteriorating however.  If you want to get him
into tip top shape, you'll need Doc Henry in Jacobstown to perform a brain
transplant for Rex.  Theres four possible brains you can use, I've listed
them in the quest for Nothin' but a Hound Dog and their benefits.  The King
mentions that theres just a few things to remember about Rex.  One, he
doesn't like Rats of any kind, including Molerats.  If he catches sight of
one, he'll be off on a chase and you may need to run some distance to
retrieve him.  Second, he doesn't like hats, or people with hats on, no idea
why.  If Rex is in your party you gain the Perk called Search and Mark.
Anytime theres some ammo, a gun, or chems around they'll be highlighted
when you zoom your camera.  As far as the benefits of each brain, 
completing Nothin' but a Hound Dog using Rey's brain will increase Rex's
attack damage.  Using Lupa's brain will increase Rex's health.  Implanting
Violetta's brain will increase Rex's movement speed.  Using the brain from
an NCR dog has no distinct advantages other than increasing Rex's
lifespan the same as the other brains.

6.  Cass:  Rose of Sharon Cassidy, or Cass, can be found in the Mojave
Outpost bar in the south-west corner of the map.  IF you talk to her, she
won't be immediately available to join you, unless you've already been up
to New Vegas.  You need to start the quest "You Can Depend on Me" before
she'll have anything to do with you.  When you are asked by Alice Lafferty
of the Crimson Caravan to buy out Cass's Caravan, Cassidy Caravans, you'll
have your first chance to get Cass.  You'll have to either have a Speech or
Barter skill of 50 or 75 to talk Cass out of it.  Once you've gotten her to
sign the caravan over, she won't have a reason to stay in Mojave Outpost.
You can ask her what she's going to do now, and as long as you don't have
another living party member, she can join you.  Rose's Perk when she joins
is called Whisky Rose.  This allows you and Rose to gain extra Damage
Threshold anytime you consume Whisky.  You also don't suffer from Intelligence
penalties from any alcohol, and you don't suffer from any of the negative
side effects.  Not the worst perk at all, Damage Threshold is always nice,
but Rose can also brew Moonshine for you if you have the ingredients needed.
Bring Rose some Maize, 2 Mutfruits, Yeast, and a Fission Battery to make a
couple Moonshine.  Depending on how you complete Cass's quest, Heartache
By the Number, Cass can achieve one of two possible perks:  Hand of Vengeance,
which increases her damage with Guns, or Calm Heart which increases Cass's


1.  Powder Charge:  This can be found in Cell Block B of the NCRCF.  To get
it you'll need to get the key off of Carter within.  The schematic will be on
top of a bed within the locked door of Cell Block B.

2.  Dog Tag Fist:  Find Camp Guardian north of Lake Mead.  In the cave will
be a Private Halford.  Help him clear the cave of Mirelurks after healing him
up, then assist in his escape.  Speak to him again after escorting him out,
he'll reward you with the Dog Tag First schematic.

				Snow Globes

1.  The Goodspring Snow Globe can be found next to a grave stone in the
cemetery.  The grave stone is next to the tower.

2.  Mnt. Charleston's Snow Globw is in the Lobby at Jacobstown, sitting on
the front desk.



Please note, I've done my best to list the stats for weapons and armor here.  
I'm currently in the process of repairing ALL wasteland items to 100% so I 
can accurately list their stats, so all stats reflect an item at 100% unless
otherwise noted.  Your damage/DR/mileage may vary depending on your perks and
skills.  I'm listing stats according to a skill level of 100, so take that 
into consideration.


Name					DR	     Type	Weight	Value

Leather Armor				 6	    Light	  15.0	  160

Legion Prime Armor			 8	    Light	  15.0	  220
Note:  Acts as a Legion disguise

Legion Recruit Armor			 6	    Light	  12.0	  200
Note:  Acts as a Legion disguise

Legion Veteran Armor			10	    Light	  16.0	  300
Note:  Acts as a Legion disguise

Metal Armor				12	    Heavy	  30.0	 1100
Note:  Reduces Agility by -1

NCR Trooper Armor			10	   Medium	  26.0	  300
Note:  Acts as an NCR disguise

Powder Gang Guard Armor			 5	    Light	   8.0	  100
Note:  Acts as a Powder Gang disguise

Raider Badlands Armor			 4	    Light	  15.0	  180

Van Graff Combat Armor			16	   Medium	  25.0	 6500

Name					DR	     Type	Weight	Value

Goggles Helmet				 2	    Light	   3.0     50

Hockey Mask				 1	    Light	   1.0	   10

Metal Helmet				 3	    Light	   3.0	  200

Motorcycle Helmet			 2	    Light	   1.0	    6

Prime Helmet				 2	    Light	   3.0     80

Recruit Decanus Helmet			 2	    Light	   3.0	   90

Recruit Helmet				 2	    Light	   3.0	   70

Trooper Helmet				 2	    Light	   3.0	   50

Name					DR	     Type	Weight	Value

Brahmin-Skin Outfit			--	    Light	   2.0	    6
Note:  Adds +1 Agility and Endurance

Bright Brotherhood Robe			 2	    Light	   2.0	    6

Field Hand Outfit			 2	    Light	  15.0	  180

Merc Charmer Outfit			 1	    Light	   8.0     50
Note:  Adds +2 Melee Weapons and Guns

Merc Cruiser Outfit			 1	    Light	   8.0     50
Note:  Adds +2 Melee Weapons and Guns

Merc Grunt Outfit			 1	    Light	   8.0     50
Note:  Adds +2 Melee Weapons and Guns

Merc Troublemaker Outfit		 1	    Light	   8.0     50
Note:  Adds +2 Melee Weapons and Guns

Prospector Outfit			 2	    Light	  15.0	  180

Settler Outfit				 2	    Light	  15.0	  180

Vault 21 Jumpsuit			--	    Light	   1.0	    6
Note:  Adds +2 Melee Weapons and Speech

Wasteland Settler Outfit		 2	    Light	   2.0	    6
Note:  Adds +1 Agility and Endurance

Wasteland Wanderer Outfit		 2	    Light	   2.0	    6
Note:  Adds +1 Agility and Endurance

Name					DR	     Type	Weight	Value

Biker Goggles				--	    Light	   1.0	    5

Sunglasses				--	    Light	    --	   12


***Fist/Unarmed Weapons***
Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

Brass Knuckles				    24		 37        1.0	  120      

Golden Gloves				     8            2 	   6.0	  100
Note:  Found in Lucky 38 Casino bar area, inflicts Fatigue (K.O)

***Melee Weapons***	
Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

Bumper Sword				    36		 50	  12.0	 2500
Note:  Found on Davidson Nightkin in basement of REPCONN Test Site

Chopper					    17		 56	   2.0	  800
Note:  Bonus Limb Damage, found in Wolfhorn Farmhouse south of Novac

Knife					    11		 24	   1.0	   20

Lead Pipe				    25	         56	   3.0	   75

Liberator				    22		 81        2.0   1000
Note:  Bonus Limb Damage, found on Dead Sea in Nelson barracks.

Machete					    14		 33	   2.0	   50
Note:  Bonus Limb Damage

Police Baton				    13		 28        2.0     70

Rebar Club				    46	         52        9.0	  480

Ripper					    33		 30	   6.0	 1200

Sledgehammer				    27           44	  12.0	  130

Straight Razor				     8		 19	   1.0	   35
Note:  Bonus to Crit Damage and Crit Chance

Switchblade				    10		 35        1.0	   35

Throwing Spear				    38		 21	   0.5	   25

Tire Iron				    18		 35	   3.0	   40

***Small Guns***
Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

3.57 Magnum Pistol			    26		 46	   2.0    110

9mm Pistol				    16		 50	   1.5	  100

9mm Submachine Gun			    11		121   	   4.0	  850

10mm Pistol				    22		 61	   3.0    750

10mm Submachine Gun			    19		171	   5.0	 2375

Binoculars				   0.0		0.0	   1.5	   50
Note:  Not an actual weapon of course, but it's filed under the Weapons

Caravan Shotgun				 6.4x7		 42	   3.0	  675

Cowboy Repeater				    32		 70	   5.0	  800

Hunting Revolver			    58		 78	   4.0	 2500
Note:  Found on the second floor safe room of REPCONN Test Site

Lever Action Rifle			 6.9x7		 86        3.0	 2000
NOte:  Found in Nelson
Lucky					    30		 85	   2.5	 1500
Note:  Uses .357 ammo, found in the Hard Locked Safe of Bison-Steve Hotel	

Ratslayer				    23		 38	   4.5	 2000
Note:  varmint Rifle variation, found in Broc Flower cave.

sawed Off Shotgun			7.1X14		 50	   4.0   1950
Note:  Can be found in Helios One

Service Rifle				    20		 47	   8.5	  540

Silenced .22 Pistol			     9		 32 	   3.0	   80
Note:  Reduced Limb Damage

Single Shotgun				 7.1x7		 21	   7.0	  175

That Gun  				    18		 69	   5.0	 1750
Note:  You can buy this off Cliff in Novac, takes .556mm ammo

Varmint Rifle				    18		 19	   5.5	   75

***Big Guns***
Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

***Energy Weapons***
Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

AER14 Prototype				    22		 80	   8.5	 2200
Note:  Energy Rifle.  Take Vault 22 elevator to bottom, and take stairs to
the dead end at the 4th floor.  The AER14 will be on the floor there.

Laser Pistol				    12		 46	   3.0	  175

Laser Rifle				    15		 47	   8.0	  800

Plasma Pistol				    22		 39	   3.0	  200

Q-35 Matter Modulator			    32		107	   7.0	 3000
Note:  Plasma Rifle, found in NW corner, first floor of REPCONN Headquarters.

Name					Damage		DPS	Weight	Value

Dynamite				    76		 30	   0.3	   25

Frag Grenade				    76		 49	   0.5	  150

Frag Mine				   101		 50	   0.5	   75

Grenade Rifle				    52	 	 21	   6.0	  300
Note:  This may use a Gun skill, I haven't verified yet

Name								Weight	Value
9mm Pistol Scope						   0.0	  100
Note:  Allows you to add a scope to a 9mm Pistol

Laser Rifle Beam Splitter					   0.0	  250
Note:  Creates 2 beams that together do 30% extra damage

Name			H20	Food	Radiation    Health	Weight	Value

Moonshine		+25	  --	       --	 --	   1.0	   20
Note:  Adds + 2 to Charisma and Strength.  Cass can make this for you if she
is in your party, requires Maize, 2 Mutfruits, Yeast, and a Fission Battery.


1Q:  Help!  My companions disappeared or they won't move!
1A:  Oh man, this seems to be a nasty bug.  I had it occur once myself while
doing the quest G.I. Blues.  If you have the PC version, you're in luck.  If
you have a console may need to do some more work.  For
those people with the PC version, bring up your console (use the ~ key).  To
find where your companion got lost last, type in:  player.moveto 
You can get the reference ID for each character on a variety of websites,
although the reference IDs for the normal companions are below

Veronica - 000e32a9
Arcade - 0010d8eb 
Boone - 0096bce
Lily - 0013d830
Raul - 000e6105 
Cass - 00135f19 
ED-E (normal) - 001732d1
ED-E (Brotherhood of Steel upgrade) - 001732CF
ED-E (Follower upgrade) - 001732D0
Rex - 0010d8df

Now, even though you may have found where your companion got stuck, they may
still not want to move or can't move.  You can also use another command to
move your companion right to your location.  First bring up your console
again, then type:  prid   
Hit enter, it will select your companion, you'll see their name above.  Then
type:  moveto player   
Hit enter again and your companion should be there with you.  Sometimes even
after moving them to your location the companion won't move.  I've found
that ending their companionship (Sending them home) and then immediately
picking them back can correct this.  
For those people who don't have the PC version, you can either backtrack to
a previous save and retrace your steps (Remember tip# 1!) or you can head to
Vault 22 and take the elevator to Level 2, Oxygen Recycling.  Its been said
that when you get off the elevator, your companion will be there, even if
you told them to wait elsewhere.  You'll need a repair skill of 50 to get the
elevator working, or complete the quest in the Vault.  


Thanks to GameFaqs for posting this guide
Thank you Bethesda for making such a great game
Information regarding disappearing companion bug taken from

				Copyright Notice

This piece of work is copyright Nick Bartosic c)2010.  If you want to add this 
to your site, please contact me for permission first.  All information written 
has come from me alone, unless otherwise specified.  This information may not 
be sold without permission.  If you wish to use any part of this guide in your 
own FAQ or Walkthrough, just send me an e-mail.

				Contact Info

I'm still in the process of working on this FAQ as I play the game, so no info
yet will be posted for my contact info until I'm closer to completion.
Please don't contact me regarding my Oblivion FAQs, I don't intend to alter 
them at this time.  Please only send me questions/comments regarding any typos 
or incorrect data. If you have a very important tip or hint you feel people 
would benefit from, please pass it along!  Please note, I do not have the time 
in my busy schedule to reply to all e-mails.  I will try to read all e-mails, 
if I decide to use your information I will be sure to credit you for it.  Many 

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