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 Fallout - New Vegas Walkthrough

Fallout - New Vegas Walkthrough

Revision 1.2

The purpose of this walkthrough is to move through New Vegas while collecting 
nearby skill books, unique weapons, companions, and quests as efficiently as 
possible.  This walkthrough completes as many quests as possible in the same 

01 Advice and Build

Efficient Courier Build:

SPECIAL: 7 STR, 5 PER, 7-8 END, 1 CHR, 4-5 INT, 6 AGI, 9 LCK
Tag Repair, Sneak, and Lockpicking.
Perks: 01 Fast Shot and Built to Destroy, 02 Confirmed Bachelor, 04 Educated, 
06 Bloody Mess, 08 Cowboy, 10 Finesse, 12 Hand Loader, 14 Rapid Reloads, 16 
Better Criticals, 18 Purifier, 20 Ninja, 22 Super Slam, 24 Jury Rigging, 26 
Nerves of Steel, 28 Living Anatomy, 30 Math Wrath.
Also consider Commando, Sniper, Grim Reaper's Spirit.

Fast Shot: Faster shots = more damage per second.  Accuracy isn't as important.
Built to Destroy: The durability decrease isn't much compared to the extra 
crit stacking.
Rapid Reloads: A useful perk when you have several deathclaws, cazadors, 
nightclaws, etc. charging you and you need every second to count before they 
slaughter you or your companions, due to the very high damage they put out on 
Very Hard, even if you have 40 DT.   If you're fighting groups of enemies, 
you'll have to reload eventually and the faster reloading will increase DPS.  
Finally, some weapons have pretty long reloads, although you won't be using 
them much once you have the really good ones.
Educated: You'll get an extra 50 or so skill points with this ability.  It's 
not a mandatory perk, but it helps you get your Science to 70 so you can pick 
up Living Anatomy and Math Wrath, and helps you get your Speech skill up.
Bloody Mess: 5% more damage on everything
Cowboy: Revolvers like the Ranger Sequoia and Mysterious Magnum pack a 
significant punch, and lever-action firearms includes powerful rifles like 
That Machine and the Cowboy Repeater.
Finesse: 5% more crit
Confirmed Bachelor: 10% more damage on male targets - perfect for a boost on 
legion troops and any other male targets
Better Criticals: 50% more crit damage
Purifier: Purifier targets Abomination, Ghoul, and Super Mutant type enemies, 
all of which tend to have a lot of HP.
Ninja: With this perk you'll be getting crits on almost every melee swing, 
making Oh, Baby! a very deadly weapon.
Super Slam: Activates all the time on blunt weapons.  Perfect for knocking 
high HP enemies like Super Mutants and Deathclaws to the ground.
Jury Rigging: Lets you use powerful unique weapons and armor without having to 
worry about them eventually wearing out.
Nerves of Steel: More AP regen is always a good thing.
Living Anatomy: 5% more damage on all human targets and non feral ghouls
Math Wrath: 10% less AP use

Critical hit chance stacking is the most effective way to enhance your combat 
abilities.  On Very Hard you'll run into enemies like deathclaws that can 
easily 2-3 shot you even with decent armor on, so you'll need superior ranged 
firepower to kill them before they lay their claws on you.

Best companions: ED-E w/ armor perk, Lily for 10% extra stealth crits or Boone 
equipped with a sniper rifle.

Most important skills that should be as close to 100 as possible: Guns, 
Lockpick, Melee Weapons, Repair, Sneak.
Secondary skills that are good to have at around 50-60: Speech, Science, 

During the couriers early levels, try to get lockpicking to 90+ asap.  
Lockpicking is a very valuable non combat skill as you can get tons of loot, 
unique weapons and complete some quests much more easily.  The next major 
skill goals are to get Sneak and Melee to 80 for Ninja, and Repair to 90 for 
Jury Rigging.

Looting efficiently: Ignore trash cans, mail dropboxes, and toolboxes, as they 
usually only have low value junk.  Mailboxes tend to have skill magazines, 
although it's faster to just buy one from a merchant.  Most desks, 
footlockers, and filing cabinets have junk, but rarely they'll have ammo.  
Most wardrobe and cabinets have old clothes and more junk.  First Aid Boxes or 
anything that may contain guns and ammo, and nuka/sunset cola boxes or vendor 
machines are best.  Unlike Fallout 3, there aren't good things like mini nukes 
hidden in upturned boxes.  Don't bother tearing a place apart looking for 
really well hidden goodies like that.  Unless you're really desperate, don't 
waste time picking through each dead enemies loot unless you are desperate. 
Loot everything then when you get overencumbered, go into your inventory and 
drop the most heavy items, usually body armor.

Stealing effectively: Use line of sight to your advantage.  If an area is too 
populated, try waiting till day or nighttime when the NPCs may move 
elsewhere.  Press Z to drag items into a hidden corner and then steal them 

When trying to build rep with factions like the NCR, always choose the option 
that foregoes a reward.  You will gain more fame for it, which is more 
valuable than the low amount of supplies or caps they will hand over.

02 Game Start!

Goodsprings: Stealth book in Sunny Smile's house.  Snowglobe at Goodsprings 
cemetary.  Search through Goodsprings stealing and grabbing as much as 
possible for profit and supplies.  I like to use the dumpster next to the 
general store as a general storage container.  Complete Sunny's quests Back in 
the Saddle and By A Campfire On The Trail.  Start the Ghost Town Gunfight 
quest by heading to the Saloon and observing Cobb argue with Trudy, but don't 
complete it yet.  You can start the unmarked Fix The Broken Radio task by 
talking to Trudy, which requires 20 repair to fix.

Note: You cannot complete both Ghost Town Gunfight and Run Goodsprings Run in 
the same playthrough.  Once you accept one quest you cannot accept the other.  
You can however complete I Fought The Law and Ghost Town Gunfight in the same 

The 9mm pistol should be your weapon of choice for most of the early game 
until you get a Cowboy Repeater and 10mm pistol.  Once you grab your first 
Sunset Sasaparailla Star Cap, a man will show up telling you about them and 
noting you had no reaction to picking one up.  He denies collecting them 
anymore, but kill him and you'll find a couple of them on his body.  Off to a 
good start!

NCR Correctional Facility: Speech book in administration building, 2nd floor.  
Head to the NCR Correctional Facility where some powder gangers are camped 
out.  You can get the location on your map if you talk to Cobb, who is leaning 
against a house south of the saloon (only if you started Ghost Town 
Gunfight).  The powder gangers in the NCRCF will not attack you, but the ones 
on the roads and in Primm will.  You will have to run past them without 
retaliating or you'll get on the powder gangers bad side.  Get inside the 
NCRCF with a 100 cap bribe then talk to Eddie to get I Fought The Law.  Near 
the end of I Fought The Law, betray Eddie by going to the NCRCF and wipe out 
the prison.  You're now free to slaughter powder gangers.  You should be able 
to find 3x scrap metal, 2x sensor modules, and 1x scrap electronics to revive 
ED-E in Primm's Mohave Express building.  Head back to Goodsprings and finish 
Ghost Town Gunfight.  Kill Cobb before triggering the powder ganger invasion 
to even the odds a bit.

Make a detour to Sloan and Lone Wolf Radio before returning to Primm.

Sloan: Located NE of Goodsprings Source directly along the road.  Repair book 
and explosives book in barracks.  These books can be tough to get at night 
when there are lots of soldiers sleeping.  Try to drag the books into a corner 
or wait until daytime.  If you have 30 Medicine you can fix Snuffles leg and 
report to Chomps Lewis on the road for a small amount of NCR rep.  Later once 
you clear out the deathclaws from the Quarry Junction, you can report your 
success to him for another small reward.  There's the unmarked Power to the 
People task, where you can repair the generator with 35 repair - report to 
Chomps Lewis for a small reward and NCR rep after.  Finally there's the 
unmarked task You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs that you can get from Jas Wilkins.

Lone Wolf Radio: Located S/SW of Goodsprings Source. Survival book in trailer.

Head back to Primm.  Instead of invading the Bison Steve from the front, walk 
around to the side door which you can access by walking up the nearby broken 
rollercoaster track on the east side of the building.  Wipe the gangers out 
and free Beagle.  There's a Barter book in the Bison Steve Casino and Lucky 
(unique weapon) in the hard locked floor safe in the Bison Steve hotel store 
on the first floor.

Next, head SW to Mohave Outpost, making a few stops.

Nevada Highway Patrol Station:  Guns book inside the station.  The Nevada 
Highway Patrol Station along the way has some enemies nearby and inside.  Try 
to sneak up on them and get a crit kill with your pistol.  They should be 
armed with the Cowboy Repeater, a rifle that shoots .357 Magnum rounds that is 
useful for taking out highly armored enemies that can ignore a shotguns weak 
buckshot penetration.

Nipton Road Reststop: Unarmed book inside reststop.  Further south, you'll 
spot the Reststop which has the most ferocious enemies encountered yet - 
Radscorpions.  You'll find your 9mm pistol is merely a pea shooter against 
these guys.  If you have a Caravan Repeater, though, you stand a chance of 
taking one down by targeting the tail.  First, hit the broken down car at the 
rest stop, which will explode and possibly take out an enemy or two.  Next, 
kite the scorpions towards the road intersection where there are probably 
guards and merchants who will help you kill them.  Once the radscorpions are 
dead, head back and loot the station.

Mojave Outpost: Explosives book in barracks right in front of Lacey on a shelf 
behind the counter.  At Mojave Outpost, pick up Can You Find It In Your 
Heart?, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, and Heartache by the Number.  Finish Can 
You Find It In Your Heart? by killing the ants along the road.  They are easy 
to pick off with a pistol, not much of a threat, especially not compared to 
the radscorpions.  You can pick up Heartache by the Number from Cass but don't 
expect to complete it anytime soon.

Head SE towards Nipton.  Along the way there are more jackal gang members.  
Head into the ruins on the left side of the road and take them out from under 
cover.  You'll also spot Tomas and Jacklyn having a gunfight.  Kill both of 
them and take their star caps.

Nipton: Raid the Nipton town hall for the science book on the top floor.  The 
dogs are annoying but remember they can't walk through doors, so it's safe to 
run for it and heal up.  If you have ED-E with you, it's much easier to let it 
get aggro while you pick off the mongrels.  Head into the General Store and 
talk to Boxcars to pick up the quest Booted.  Return to Mojave to hand in 
quests.  After finishing Can You Find It In Your Heart? and Keep Your Eyes on 
the Prize you can talk to Major Knight and ask for help for Primm, finishing 
My Kind of Town.

Now that My Kind of Town is finished, the Vikki & Vance Casino will be 
vacated, so you are free to run around stealing everything without hassle, 
including the safes in the bank.  This would also be a good opportunity to go 
back to the Bison Steve and open any hard locks on the first floor you may 
have missed due to low lockpicking skill.

Skill book detour: Head North from Nipton along the railroad tracks.  Once you 
reach Coyote Den, head east up the slope into a ravine until you reach the 
Hidden Supply Cave with an average lock on the door.  There is a Melee book 
inside on top of a crate.  Travel back to the Coyote Den and head north.  Veer 
west when you see a gentle slope leading up and some viper gang members 
nearby.  You'll find the The Prospector's Den with a lockpick book inside.

Head E/NE on the road towards Novac.  There are raiders in the nearby 
mountains along the road so head up there and take them out instead of getting 
sniped on from the road.  You may also encounter legion troops fighting a 
traveling merchant.  Now is a good time to start getting the legions bad side 
by killing them.  Legion soldiers are tougher than the raiders you've fought 
so far - you'll have to break out Lucky or the Cowboy Repeater to take them 
down more quickly than the 9mm pistol, or at least use the 10mm pistol.  Stop 
by the Legion Raid camp to complete Booted - even though you are now vilified 
and have been slaughtering legion, the legion at this camp are (likely) still 
friendly to you, so use this to your advantage to get some cheap sneak crits.  
Afterwards, head north to Novac, or take the next skill book detour below.

Skill book detour: Stop by Wolfhorn Ranch at the first triple intersection and 
loot the skill book and unique weapon, then walk SE past the Raided Farmstead 
to Matthew's Animal Husbandry Farm for another book.

Wolfhorn Ranch: Lockpick book in farmhouse.  Chopper (unique weapon) in 

Matthew's Animal Husbandry Farm: Lockpick book in the northmost barn on the 
top balcony.

Proceed north along the road from Wolfhorn Ranch to Novac, making a brief stop 
at Ranger Station Charlie to get the waypoint.

In Novac, head into the Dino-Dee lite Front Desk.  Open the locked floor safe 
for the Bill of Sale.  Check Manny Vargas' terminal in his room to progress 
the main quest.  You can still head into the REPCONN Test Site if you want to 
complete Come Fly With Me now.  Head into the Dino-Bite Gift Shop, steal That 
Gun (unique weapon) from the storage room, then head up the stairs.  Wait for 
Boone to show up at night in the dino's mouth.  Start Boone's quest and lead 
Jennie out to be killed, then recruit Boone after.  At night she is in her 
house that is located a little west of the Novac vacancy sign - she is not 
inside any of the Novac motel rooms.  Traveling with Boone will slowly unlock 
dialogue with him for completing specific events - check the link for 
details.  Remember to talk to him occasionally to keep the dialogue moving.

Dusty McBride out in one of the houses near the motel will give you the 
unmarked Midnight Ranch Attacks task, which involves waiting until midnight 
until a nightkin shows up.  Killing it rewards you with food, Novac rep, and 
good karma.

Talking to Ranger Andy gets you the unmarked task to visit Ranger Station 
Charlie.  The base has been raided by legion and there are many traps along 
with mines underneath the soldiers bodies.  Return with a report to Andy for a 
small number of caps and NCR rep.  if you pass a 30 speech check with him 
he'll teach you an unarmed technique.

Novac: Medicine book in Ranger Andy's room.  That Gun (unique weapon) in Dino-
Bite Gift Shop storage.

Your next goal along the main quest line is Boulder City, although there are 
many tempting detours along the way.  Along the way you'll run into El Dorado 
Gas & Service with more viper gang members nearby.  With Boone and Lucky in 
toe, vipers don't pose much of a threat anymore.

Skill book/weapon detour: Most of these locations should already be marked on 
your map from talking to people in previous towns.

Gibson Scrap Yard (just north of Novac): Attack Lady Gibson and cripple her 
weapon arm to make her drop the Big Boomer shotgun, then loot it and holster 
your weapon so she stops aggroing you.  Make sure your companions are waiting 
far away so they don't keep attacking.

Helios One (just north of Gibson Scrap Yard): Medicine book on top floor in 
room w/ holotape.  You need a 30 Speech or Science check or NCR at Accepted 
reputation to walk in the front door, or you can sneak into the side door with 
a very easy lock.  The NCR will not aggro you even if you sneak inside.  Pick 
up the holotape in the same room as the medical book.  Talk to Ignacio and 
Fantastic in the back to begin That Lucky Old Sun, then head out the rear door 
to the solar panel area.  Access both terminals with the east and west 
passwords then head into the Solar Collection Tower.  The west terminal is 
surrounded by traps, and the east is surrounded by NCR guard dogs.  Inside the 
tower, use a Med-X, Psycho and Lucky to hit the turrets and robots.  They have 
a high DT so shotguns are pretty useless.  If you have EMP grenades you can 
disable the robots pretty easily.  Failing that, Boone can pretty much solo 
the whole area.  Head into the observation level 1 room with the terminal.  To 
repair it, you need 35 repair and one scrap metal - you should have 35 repair 
by now.  Configure the power grid for Full Region, which will net you a 
Science book as a reward from Ignacio.  You may also murder Fantastic without 
any reprecussions and pick up his +5 Science lab coat.

Southern Nevada Wind Farm: Located east of the Gibsob Scrap Yard, across the 
road going north towards Vegas and Boulder City.  Repair book inside the Wind 
Farm Maintenance Shack.  You'll get to meet some Young Cazadors here - they 
are fast and hit hard, but they aren't much compared to the adult Cazadors 
that hit almost as hard as Deathclaws.

Camp Forlorn Hope: Located E/NE of the Wind Farm, should already be on your 
map.  Science book in the Major's tent.  Camp Forlorn Hope is a good spot to 
switch your storage/recuperation area to from Goodsprings.  There is a doctor 
nearby with available beds inside, clean water, a merchant in the supply tent, 
and a trash can you can store you stuff in right next to the quick travel 
point in front of the major's tent.

Inside the Barracks you can speak to Private James Sexton to start the 
unmarked An Ear to the Ground that involves collecting Legion soldier ears to 
boost your NCR fame.  Talking to Quartermaster Mayes will start Tags of our 
Fallen, where you can return NCR dogtags for caps and NCR rep.

Pick up Return to Sender and Restoring Hope at the Major's tent.  Restoring 
Hope is a pretty straightforward quest chain.  Head to Helios ONE and get the 
location of the supplies on the map.  When you open the crate, 3 legion 
recruits will spawn.  Head into the medical tent for the next part of the 
quest.  During this portion, you can pick up anything in the clinic freely, so 
grab all the valuables before continuing.  Just heal the soldiers using parts 
found in the clinic, don't rely on your medical skill because it's probably 
not that high at the moment.  Next up is the retaking of Nelson - beware the 
mines on the way there.  You may want to pick up Back in Your Own Backyard 
first for a little extra XP - Milo is on the east-west road leading into 
Nelson.  You get an overwhelming force of NCR troops plus Boone which pretty 
much makes this a slaughter.  Head into the barracks and VATS down the 'boss'.

Medical Mystery quest: This is easily completed by pickpocketing the Empty 
Hydra Syringe from Private Stone who is standing in front of the Barracks.  
Bring it to the Dr and you're done.

Abandoned BoS Bunker: Located south of Camp Forlorn Hope.  Repair book 
inside.  Currently locked and inaccessible due to a bug.

Return to Sender has you stopping at numerous outposts around the mojave to 
hand in codes.  Head to Ranger Station Delta from Forlorn Hope to finish one 
portion of the quest.  Locate Ranger Parson (he sometimes patrols the canyon 
east of Station Delta) and steal his report.  Head to Boulder City afterward.

Once you reach Boulder City, offer to negotiate with the Great Khans.  Go and 
talk to Jessup, then go back to the NCR officer and bribe him to let the Khans 
go.  You don't want to get on the Khans bad side as they can help you out 
later.  Talking to Jessup will complete They Went That a Way At this point in 
the guide you should be lv 11-12 with about 13000-15000 caps if you've been 
taking all the detours and side quests.

Your next stop will be the New Vegas Medical Clinic, where you can start 
enhancing your SPECIAL stats with mods.  It's located NE from the Gun Runners, 
which you should have on your map.

Skill book/weapon detours on the way to the Medical Clinic:

Vault 11: Located west along the road from Boulder City.  Unarmed book in 
female living quarters - when you see the sign above that reads "LADIES", it's 
the room opposite the direction that sign arrow is pointing.  It's next to the 
fallen dresser in that room.  Pick up the Differential Pressure Controller 
from a locker for a later quest in the flooded lower section of the vault.  
Past the room with the swinging concrete trap, take a left and go underwater - 
it's in a nearby locker.  This is a pretty easy vault with only a couple 
rodents and mantises, except for the room beneath the overseer.  If you want 
to clear out underneath the overseers office, bring some high DT armor and 
anti-armor or EMP weapons, as there are a ton of robots and turrets that 
surround you at once.  I suggest avoiding the room because some of the turrets 
might cause one of the Mr House quests to fail due to a bug.

Ranger Station Alpha: Make a brief stop at Ranger Station Alpha to talk to the 
Comm Officer and pickpocket Ranger Lineholm's Report.

Scavenger Platform: Located NE of Ranger Station Alpha, floating on the 
water.  Survival book directly in front of the ramp leading up onto the 
platform, near a fallen metal shelf.  You will encounter Mirelurks while 
trying to obtain this book.  It's pretty easy to dodge Mirelurks attacks 
because the shots have a travel time, so just keep strafing them and they will 
have a very hard time hitting you.  Wait until nighttime so you don't have to 
deal with them on the platform itself.

Fisherman's Pride Shack: Located NW of the Scavenge Platform.  Unarmed book 
inside the shack.

188 Trading Post: Located on the main road west from Boulder City.  You can 
pickpocket the unique book from Ezekiel here which is needed for the quest Oh 
My Papa. You can recruit Veronica at this location.

REPCONN HQ and Offices, should be marked from past conversations: Science book 
in gift shop behind average locked door.  Two Energy Weapon books on the first 
and second floors of the Repconn Offices.  Q-35 Matter Modulator on first 
floor.  Ignore the first floor Energy book and Q-35 weapon for now.  Head up 
to the top floor and loot the brotherhood paladins and the nearby suitcase 
next to a skeleton, which contains a security card that can be used to open 
the very hard locked door on the 1st floor and gain access to the skill book 
and unique weapon.  You can get by the security on the top floor with a luck 
or int check of 7.  Unfortunately if you haven't progressed ED-E's quest far 
enough, you'll have to backtrack to the dead brotherhood in the building later.

Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop: Along the main road to Vegas.  Talk to the merchants 
here and ask for a doctor and they will mark the New Vegas Medical Clinic on 
the map for you.

At the Medical Clinic, you should have enough caps to afford a few mods right 
now, and you can always come back as you make more caps.  I suggest starting 
with PER and INT then moving on to the others.  Next, stop in the Crimson 
Caravan right next door to the Clinic.  The merchants here usually have lots 
of caps to trade with.  You can steal or buy the two unique books near Blake 
outside, which are needed for a Bitter Springs quest.  Pick up You Can Depend 
on Me.  Finally, stop at Gun Runners right next to the Clinic and Caravan.  If 
you have enough caps, I highly suggest getting some medium level armor like 
Recon or Combat Armor to boost your DT.

More skill books to grab around the Vegas outskirts:

Allied Technologies Offices: Located west of the Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop, past 
Cassidy Caravans Wreckage.  A couple fiends are hanging around outside the 
building, and there are lots of giant ants inside.  Barter book on the floor 
of the large office room in a corner.

NCR Sharecropper Farms: Located south of the Medical Clinic and Gun Runners.  
Sneak book on the floor of the barracks, which is the non-tent roofed building 
next to the 4 water towers.  Talk to Morgan Blake to pick up Hard Luck Blues, 
which leads you into the extremely irradiated Vault 34.  It's a difficult 
location with lots of Glowing One ghouls and some of the highest radiation in 
the game, so only enter if you feel prepared.  The terminal in the pump 
station says it requires 50 science, but it's bugged so you don't need to do 

Cannibal Johnson's Cave: Very close SW of Vault 34.  Guns book inside the cave 
on a mattress.

Raul's Shack: Guns book inside the shack in a box by the door.  Located E of 
the Medical Clinic along the main road leading southeast, not the northeast 

Next, head to Camp McCarran, where many quests, unique weapons and a free 
sniper rifle await.  You need to be accepted by the NCR to gain admittance, as 
you should be by now.  Sometimes soldiers in McCarren will randomly open fire 
on ED-E for no reason.  Try to run for the nearest exit or quicktravel if this 
happens (you can quicktravel because the soldiers will still be friendly to 
you, only firing at ED-E).

Attack Corporal Sterling who wanders around the first recon tent and cripple 
his weapon arm to make him drop the La Longue Carabine rifle, then loot it and 
holster your weapon so he stops aggroing you.  Make sure your companions are 
waiting far away so they don't keep attacking.  The easiest way to get him 
alone is to wait for him to lay down in a bed, then wake him up.  Run away to 
a far corner of the base and he will follow you all the way out there.  In one 
case, I punched him and he switched to his fists, de-equipping his Carbine 
entirely, which allowed me to pickpocket it off him.

There is a sniper rifle on a first recon tent bed directly above where 10 of 
spades sleeps.  You don't even have to steal it to obtain it.

You can get That Machine (unique weapon) by either completing Contreras' drug 
running tasks, or hacking his average terminal and reporting him to Boyd.  
He's located in the supply room accessed by going through the terminal.  
Reporting him will cause him to disappear from the supply room for good.  
Sometimes he sells sniper rifles, so he's pretty handy until you get Jury 

Talk to Gorobets to get I Don't Hurt Anymore.  This is a simple quest 
completable by talking to everyone in the first recon or passing a med/speech 

Pick up There Stands the Grass from Thomas inside the terminal.  Make sure to 
speak with Thomas over all his dialogue choices, because that will trigger ED-
E's second recording, bringing you closer to finishing ED-E My Love.  You can 
also talk to him a 2nd time and finish the first part of You Can Depend on 
Me.  You can head into Vault 22 at any time, but I suggest avoiding it for now 
as it's very out of the way.

Pick up I Put a Spell on You from Colonel Hsu.  I suggest avoiding the 
fiend/motor runner side task from Hsu as it may bug another quest called Aba 
Daba Honeymoon - just don't click on 'I'll go to Vault 3 and help you find 
your ranger.'.  Once you are Liked by the NCR, Hsu will give you an NCR 
Safehouse key.

You can talk to William Farber in the concourse to get an unmarked side task 
to fix his food processor (80 repair required, or a whole ton of parts) and 
set up trade supplies with merchants.  You don't get much out of it, though.  
Talk to Christina Morales in the concourse to get the unmarked Retrieve the 
Corpse of Ranger Morales task.  

Talking to Boyd will start the unmarked The Silent Treatment task, where you 
beat up a legion centurion for fun and profit.  Usually she fails to take away 
all your weapons, so you can shoot him to speed things up.  You might even 
sneak a companion in.

I Put A Spell On You: Start by talking to Curtis.  Go and talk to Boyd and 
explore all her conversation options to get access to the control tower and 
pick up The White Wash quest.  Next, you'll want to wait while hidden outside 
the control tower until about 12am-2am.  Sneak inside and wait by the door - 
there will be a spy inside communicating with the legion.  Tell your 
companions to wait outside the tower and use a stealthboy if you're having 
trouble with not getting caught.  Do NOT get caught or aggro him or kill him, 
as that will bug the quest.  Just wait for his conversation to finish to the 
point where you complete the 'eavesdrop on the radio conversation' task, then 
run out to the transit line to disarm the bomb.  Return to Hsu for your reward.

Pick up Three-Card Bounty from Major Dhatri.  This quest involves killing a 
bunch of raiders, always a good time.  Dhatri wanders around the terminal or 
tent area and he can be hard to track down.  He will only put the location of 
one fiend on the map at a time, but you can still go around and kill all 3 of 
them if you know where they are located.  Nephi is located just south of the 
Vault 3 marker outside the Vegas Ruins.  He is carrying a unique weapon.  
Violet is located west of the Vault 3 marker.  Cook-Cook is located NW of the 
Vault 3 marker.

Take the monorail from McCarren to The Strip inside Vegas.  This allows you to 
avoid the 2000 cap credit check and/or passport requirement.  You'll want to 
get a good DT Medium armor and the +4 DT mod implant asap.  Combat Armor of 
any variety is good along with Recon Armor.  Try the Gun Runners store which 
usually sells a good variety of armor.  At this point you should have a couple 
of good weapons.  That Machine, Sniper Rifle, and Lever-Action Shotgun will 
all put some serious hurt on your targets.  With a good set of medium armor, 
implants from the Medical Clinic, and some good weapons, you're ready to take 
on the nastier enemies in the game such as Cazadors, Deathclaws, and Giant 
Radscorpions.  The Gun Runners also sells top tier weapons like the Anti-
Materiel Sniper Rifle, the Hunting Shotgun, and the Brush Gun.

Make a quick stop at Mick & Ralphs in Freeside to buy or steal the Naughty 
Nightwear, which gives +10 to Speech.  You need to pass a 30 speech check to 
open their 'special stock' if you want to be able to steal it.

Make another quick stop at the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside, which is HQ for 
the Followers of the Apocalypse. Here you can recruit Arcade Gannon and pick 
up a quest.  To recruit Gannon you need a 75 Speech check or the Confirmed 
Bachelor perk.  There is a snowglobe inside one of the fort towers in the 
corner.  It's the one with the science lab in front, take a right when you 
enter the area.  Talk to Julie Farkas to donate supplies - I suggest donating 
as much as possible to get your rep to Idolized as soon as possible, because 
she will give you a key to the Followers Safehouse (Medicine book inside) and 
a unique lab coat with +10 medicine and +10 science.

Head to the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base.  By the time you're done raiding 
Nellis for stuff to sell, you'll be swimming in caps.  You'll have no problem 
affording all the implants and getting some decent gear.  Tell your companions 
to wait somewhere safe, then start walking towards the base.  You will be 
attacked with artillery bombardments.  Hug the west cliff and then make a run 
for the air force base fence.  Once you reach the fence the bombardments will 
stop and you can walk along the fence to the entrance gate.

Field's Shack: Located on the road to Nellis - when you see the DANGER KEEP 
OUT sign, look to your NW.  Stop here for a unique BB gun weapon.  It's not 
very powerful, but it's fun to play around with.

Along the road shortly after the DANGER KEEP OUT sign, talk to George for an 
unmarked task where you can wager some caps as to whether you will survive the 
bombardment or not.

Once you're in, you can begin questing and looting.  Explosives book inside 
Mother Pearl's Barracks on the raised bookshelf with the camera.  Repair book 
in Loyal's house on the counter.  Snowglobe in the Nellis Boomer Museum.  
There is a ton of good loot to steal including lots of Combat Armors which you 
can sell for boatloads of caps.  

Volare! starts after talking to Mother Pearl and it will point you to all of 
the questgivers you need to talk to.  Head into the Museum to hear the 
Boomer's story which will add to your rep, then keep talking to the kid for 
more rep as long as you pick positive answers.  Head into the workshop right 
nextdoor and open the gun cabinet to get the Howitzer Firing Mechanism.  The 
next step of Volare! will occur when you are Liked by the Boomers.  Make sure 
you get the rebreather from Jack, it's a unique item and helps a lot in watery 

Ant Misbehavin': Talk to Loyal to get the sonic emitter - you will need a 
speech or science check to get it.  Head down into the Array Generator and 
kill lots of ants.  Lots of great loot can be found here and sold for tons of 
caps.  There's a unique grenade launcher Thump-Thump down here as well.  Ants 
will continue to spawn from their main nest until you place the sonic emitter 
on the mound.  If you hit any of the munitions canisters, you'll probably get 
blown up.  Tell your companions to use melee weapons or fight in melee range 
to avoid that happening.

Sunshine Boogie: Either head to Helios One to salvage solar panels, or if you 
have 65 repair, fix it on the spot.

Young Hearts: A bit of back and forth between Nellis and the Crimson Caravan.  
If you haven't talked to Alice lately, you can progress You Can Depend on Me 
while you're there.

I suggest heading to Cottonwood Cove with Boone to trigger his personal quest, 
then heading to Bitter Springs to complete it and upgrade his armor.

Fast travel to Nelson then start walking south to Cottonwood Cove.  You'll 
encounter some geckos along the way.

Lucky Jim Mine: Located north of Ranger Station Echo on a cliffside.  Speech 
book inside the house.

Ranger Station Echo: Stop here briefly to complete a step in the Return to 
Sender quest.  Ask the Comm officer about Legion slavery and he will mark 
Cottonwood Cove on the map for you.

Sniper's Nest: Directly west of Cottonwood Cove up on the hills.  Contains the 
Gobi Campaign Rifle behind a Very Hard lock.  This is one of the best sniper 
rifles in the game.  It doesn't hit as hard per shot as the anti-materiel 
rifle, but it does more DPS.

Cottonwood Cove: There are lots of legion troops here to kill.  It's best to 
take cover behind the boarded up houses, or snipe from the cliffs.  The 
Machete Gladius weapons here are good for melee until you get a Super Sledge 
or the Oh, Baby unique sledge.  Find and free the Weathers family for the 
quest Left My Heart - you can find the slave key on one of the enemies in the 
camp.  Melee book inside Aurelius of Phoenix's office next to the bed.  Legion 
Raid Plans in a Filing Cabinet in the HQ lower floor.  Aurelius of Phoenix's 
armor is rare, although you can't wear it without being seen as legion, so 
it's not very useful.  His helmet is also rare but doesn't count as legion 
armor, so feel free to use it as a high DT helmet.  Inside his desk there is a 
unique weapon and some Legion Notes.

Once you kill Aurelius of Phoenix, Boone will mention 'wish there was more of 
them'.  Talk to him and you can continue your progress towards his personal 
quest.  Ask him about Bitter Springs and explore all the new conversation 
options available.  End the convo then talk to him a 2nd time and he'll say he 
wants to go to Bitter Springs after all.  Your next stop should be Bitter 
Springs for Boone's quest, among other things.  Travel east from Vegas along 
the road to hit up some skill book locations.

Cap Counterfeiting Shack: Located along the main road leading east.  It's 
southeast of the road across the train tracks.  Barter book in the cellar next 
to the bed.  There are also a bunch of Blue Star Caps on the tables in the 
cellar.  Warning: Cazadors nearby.

Bitter Springs Recreation Area: Located southwest of Bitter Springs along the 
main road leading east.  Lockpick book inside the office on the desk.

Ranger Station Bravo: Stop here to complete a step of Return to Sender.  

Bitter Springs: The main Bitter Springs quest is No, Not Much.  Talk to 
Captain Gilles to start things off, then talk to Markland to get the third 
quest.  You should already have the books from the Crimson Caravan to give to 
Markland, so you just need 3 doctors bags.  The Climb Ev'ry Mountain quest 
involves heading north from Coyote Tail Ridge into the hills behind/above 
Bitter Springs to a cave where the sniper is located.  Watch out as there are 
Cazadors in the mountains and your companions can easily get stuck or 
distracted.  To kill the sniper without taking Great Khan reputation loss, 
simply hide near the cave entrance while your companions kill the sniper for 
you.  As long as you remain Hidden you will not suffer rep loss.

No, Not Much involves collecting three Supply Cache quest items located near 
Bitter Springs and traveling to 3 different NCR camps to ask for help.  One 
cache is in the sniper cave where you complete Climb Ev'ry Mountain, and the 
other two are located in caves behind Gilles' tent to the north.  To get troop 
assistance from Camp Golf, Forlorn Hope, and McCarran, you'll need to have 
completed quests there helping them out first, or be at least Liked rep with 
the NCR.

To complete Boone's quest head to Bitter Springs, then walk up to Coyote Tail 
Ridge.  Boone will ask you to camp out there.  You'll be awoken by a Legion 
raiding party.  Tell Boone you want to fight then quick travel back to Bitter 
Springs.  In the first two waves, enemies will approach from the south.  The 
first wave is a few legion, 2nd wave is a few legion and some dogs.  The third 
wave will be approaching from the west, so move north into Bitter Springs and 
defend from there.  Once they're dead, Boone will talk to you again.  Choose 
the 2nd option so he equips the 1st Recon Assault Armor and gets a damage 

Head to Camp Golf.  The main attraction here is the Ranger Sequoia Carried by 
Chief Hanlon.  You can cripple his arm to make him drop it, or make him switch 
to his knife, which will allow you to pickpocket his unequipped Sequoia in his 
inventory.  You can find a Lucky 38 VIP Card on Hanlon's desk.  The Duffle 
Bags in the lodge and around the tents are usually packed with loot.  There's 
a Combat Armor and Helmet in the lodge barracks, good for selling or 
equipping.  The Ranger Sequoia is a fantastic pistol with a fast reload.  
Unfortunately the ammo is kind of hard to come by except at merchants like Gun 

Aside from Return to Sender, which you probably haven't completed yet, the 
other quest here is Flags of Our Foul-Ups, an easy quest where you try to get 
the misfits shaped up.  You can clear it with a 40 speech check or by 
accessing the unlocked terminal in the lodge to alter the combat reports.

After completing most or all of the Bitter Springs quests and Flags of our 
Foul-Ups, it's time to move on to new areas and more phat loot.  You'll now 
head to Jacobstown to pick up the ultimate melee weapon called Oh, Baby!, a 
unique super sledge variant.  There are many detours along the way for skill 
books, weapons, and quests.  Move to Camp McCarren and head NW towards the 
Station Foxtrot marker.  Your goal is Brewer's Beer Bootlegging, which is 
located east of Station Foxtrot, on the east side of the mountains.

Sunset Sarsaparailla Headquarters: You'll pass by this building on the way to 
Brewer's Beer Bootlegging.  Head in briefly to get the Legend of the Star 
quest.  You probably don't have enough star caps, but keep working on it!  To 
the west of the Headquarters are some fiends and a Disassembled Weapons 

Brewer's Beer Bootlegging: Science book in the cellar.  There is a swarm of 
Cazadors surrounding the shack, so approach it very carefully and use a 
powerful weapon like the Gobi Rifle or That Machine.  From here, continue 
north towards the northwest road leading out of Vegas.

Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan, Horowitz Farmstead: You'll pass by both these 
areas on the NW road out of Vegas.  Nothing particularly special to do here.

Followers Safehouse: Located directly west of Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan up 
on the hills.  Medical book inside the safehouse.  You need to be Idolized by 
the Followers of the Apocalypse to get the key to this safehouse.  At least 
get the waypoint even if you can't enter yet.

Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch: Keep traveling along the NW road then look to the NE 
and you'll spot the large barn and shack out in the open.  Speech book 
upstairs past the table w/ chessboard.

Silver Peak Mine: Located west of the road on the way to Jacobstown.  As 
you're walking down the road, you'll see a path leading southeast to Ranger 
Station Foxtrot.  Head the opposite direction from that road and you'll spot 
the mine door in the mountains.  Lockpick book inside on the floor next to the 
lockers in the first room.  Inside the mine itself there are a bunch of 
Cazadors.  Once you kill them all, the Legendary Cazador will spawn.  This is 
just an extra large Cazador that doesn't drop anything special, but you can 
kill it just for fun.

Ranger Station Foxtrot: Explosives book on a table next to Lenk.  Steal Ranger 
Kudlows report from Kudlow.  At this point you should have visited all the 
stations and stolen all 3 reports, so you can complete Return to Sender at any 
time now.  If you tell the 'culprit' that you are going to turn them in, you 
can grab their weapon afterward.

Jacobstown: Melee book on the floor next to the stove in the southmost 
bungalow.  Snowglobe on the lodge reception desk.  Unlike most places, the 
dressers and cabinets have chems in addition to the usual worthless clothing.  
The main quest here is Guess Who I Saw today, where you'll head into 
Charleston Cave.  The cave has a lot of nightstalkers - they are fast and hit 
very hard, but they don't have a lot of health, so bring out your best weapons 
to slaughter them quickly.  You'll find Oh Baby! (unique weapon) in the cave 
next to a dead nightkin.  At the end of Guess Who I Saw Today, it doesn't 
really matter what option you choose as far as I know.

Talk to Marcus during the day and he will give you the Unfriendly Persuasion 
quest.  You'll need to deal with NCR hired mercs stationed outside 
Jacobstown.  Talk to Marcus and get 2500 caps to bribe the soldiers to leave.  
If you have NCR rep at idolized or 65 speech, you can make them leave while 
keeping the caps.  Otherwise, just hand over the caps to finish the quest.

Great Khans at Red Rock Canyon: The easiest way to get to Red Rock Canyon is 
to walk southwest from Vegas.  If you walk north from Goodsprings you'll be 
dealing with giant radscorpions.  Although at this point you can probably 
destroy them with no trouble.  So choose whichever route you like.

Oh My Papa: Upon reaching Red Rock Canyon, quicktravel to the marker you just 
unlocked, which will instantly put you in front of Papa Khans house.  Talk to 
Papa Khan and ask about leaving the legion.  Upon exiting the building Regis 
will talk to you and start Oh My Papa.  To convince Melissa, mention that 
women can only be slaves in the legion.  To convince Regis, find him the Slave 
Ledger in Caesar's tent in The Fort.  To convince Jack and Diane, complete the 
Aba Daba Honeymoon tasks or pass a 60 speech check with Jack.  This quest has 
3 main conclusions.  Either you convince the Khans to leave the mojave, you 
kill them all, or you assassinate Papa Khan then convince Regis to side with 
the NCR.

I suggest you complete the Vault 19 quest Why Can't We Be Friends before 
progressing too far into Oh My Papa, as Papa Khan may sometimes not have the 
option available.

To reach the Red Rock Drug Lab, check your Oh My Papa quest markers for the 
two points north of Papa Khan's house.  Stop there pick up Aba Daba 
Honeymoon.  First you'll need science 50 to teach Jack new chem recipies - 
make sure to pick the third option to get extra Khan rep.  Buy some Party Time 
Mentats which give a +5 CHR buff and you can stack them with normal Mentats.  
If you combine the Naughty Nightwear, Meeting People magazine, and Party Time 
Mentats, you'll get a 30 temp buff to your speech.  Next you'll need to free 
Anders at Cottonwood Cove, simple enough if you've already been there.  
Freeing Anders also earns Jack and Dianes support for Oh My Papa if you didn't 
pass the 60 speech check.  Finally you need to finish two drug running jobs.  
The Crimson Caravan job is very easy, just hand it over.

Vault 3 is in the New Vegas Ruins and swarming with fiends.  I suggest heading 
into Vault 3 alone with the Great Khan suit on, passing a 50 speech check if 
needed, then delivering the drugs.  This gives you the best chance of motor-
runner not bugging out and failing to have an option to hand him the package.  
You can pick up a Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit that offers +5 lockpicking here.  
There's a Sneak book behind the first average locked door you encounter in the 
Living Quarters, on a shelf to the right.  Finally, pick up a Reverse Pulse 
Cleaner in Motor-Runner's room for a future quest. If you do kill Motor-Runner 
and loot his helmet, you will never be able to drop it as it is a bugged quest 
item.  You can return to Hsu in McCarren with it and you will get a reward and 
NCR fame, but he won't take the helmet off you.

Cry Me a River: Started by Jerry the Punk who is usually standing in front of 
the fenced arena in the centre of camp.  If he's not there, check the tents 
just above the arena.  Very quick back and forth quest between Old Mormon Fort 
and Red Rock Canyon.

Don't Make a Beggar of Me: Melissa at the Great Khan Encampment hands this 
out.  You can spot her on the map with the Oh My Papa quest marker.  This 
encampment is tough to reach as you must pass through a field of deathclaws 
and possibly some giant radscorpions.  The easiest way to reach it is travel 
north from Goodsprings cemetary then travel around the mountain range and 
through the field.  Bring your biggest, baddest weapons like That Machine and 
Gobi Rifle and try to get sneak crits on the deathclaws.  You can also try to 
get up on an elevation and pick them off where they can't reach you.  Convince 
her that the Legion is bad news, then do a short fetch quest involving chem 
smuggling.  The encampment is overlooking the Quarry filled with deathclaws, 
so it's a good sniping position should you decide to clear the quarry out.

Brotherhood of Steel at Hidden Valley: You must be able to pass a 55 speech 
check after entering the bunker or you will be forced to kill an NCR ranger 
which grants a fair bit of NCR infamy.  Do not go near Hidden Valley until you 
can pass the speech check.  Energy Weapons book near the desk in Schuler's 
doctor office on Bunker L1.  The armory is very well stocked.  If you can 
sneak or pick inside, there's tons of valuables to steal and sell for caps.  
To get inside the armory, head down one of the staircases to the sublevel 
under the grates, then follow the path towards the shooting range and armory.  
You have two main options when dealing with the Brotherhood for the endgame.  
Either you destroy their bunker or you convince McNamara to side with the 
NCR.  If Hardin is elder he won't side with the NCR.

Bring ED-E to Lorenzo to complete ED-E My Love.  ED-E will get an armor perk, 
which is better than the laser upgrade perk.  Warning: If you hand ED-E to 
Lorenzo, you will have to wait until you see the notice that ED-E is back in 
Primm (4 days after handing in the quest) before Lorenzo will reappear.  You 
won't be able to hand in Still in the Dark until he reappears. This isn't a 
bug, you just have to wait it out.

Still in the Dark: Start by speech checking the ranger and making him go 
away.  After the ranger is gone, you can talk to the armory shopkeeper and 
they will give you an unmarked task to recover a missing pistol.  Do not 
complete the optional task to replace McNamara with Hardin as elder.  Your 
next task is to locate a bunch of brotherhood corpses, then scouts.  You do 
not have to climb up Black Mountain to locate the brotherhood corpse nearby.  
Just walk through the hidden valley and locate the radioactive crater in the 

Your final task is to retrieve several air filtration parts from 3 separate 
vaults.  You should already have the parts from Vault 3 and Vault 11.  If not, 
go and get them.  Vault 22 is the last stop, and you can complete There Lies 
the Grass while you're there.

Vault 22: There's a Barter book in the Pest Control room with a door leading 
to Food Processing.  It's on a bench with a science lab kit next to it.  You 
can find the AER14 prototype unique energy weapon in Pest Control past a very 
easy lock, next to a skeleton.  There are lots of spore creatures hiding in 
the grassy areas, but you can kill them as they are waking up with melee 
weapons like Oh,Baby!.  Just keep swinging into the ground as you walk through 
the grass.

To get the HEPA Filter, find the Vault 22 Cave Room Keycard in the north part 
of the Common Areas on a metal shelf in a residents room.  Then head to the 
third floor - Food Production and find the cave access terminal.  Use the 
keycard to unlock the door and head inside.  Move south through the cave until 
you come to a wooden door that leads to Oxygen Recycling.  Head through there 
and you'll be back inside a vault room that contains the Filter in a locker.

If you don't feel like rescuing Keely, you can grab the data and leave.  Keely 
is located in Pest Control in a cave area.  Talk to her and then meet her at 
Oxygen Recycling.  She'll task you with igniting the gas to destroy the 
infectious spores in the vault.  Head down to Pest Control again.  The 
research is located at the north Pest Control room behind several hard locked 
doors.  This same room is what you will hide it when you ignite the gas.  
Throw a Frag Grenade while standing inside the room, then quickly close the 
door by hitting the panel to the side (may be invisible) to avoid the 
explosion.  Talk to Keely and lie to her that you don't know who took the data.

Head back to the Brotherhood and McNamara will lift the lockdown.  You'll have 
to come back a day later to get Eyesight to the Blind, after the lockdown is 
lifted.  While you're at Black Mountain completing Eyesight to the Blind, you 
can also complete Crazy, Crazy, Crazy by talking to Neil at the base of the 
mountain.  The easiest way to complete it is to activate the robot inside the 
shack at the top of the mountain with 60 science.  This will cause Tabitha to 
show up, and you can kill it or let it run away.  Failing that, enlist Neil's 
help and kill her.  Most of the mutants are carrying super sledges, miniguns, 
and incinerators that can be sold for a good amount of caps.  You can find a 
unique missile launcher Annabelle on a Nightkin Sniper at the summit.,_Crazy,_Crazy

If you oust McNamara for Hardin during Still in the Dark, you'll get Tend to 
Your Business instead of Eyesight to the Blind and you won't be able to forge 
an alliance between the brotherhood and NCR, as Hardin does not want to make 
an alliance.  You can't complete both Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your 
Business in the same playthrough.  Tend to your business is a simple slaughter 
mission where you kill everyone in The Silver Rush in Freeside.  This may 
cause you to fail several related quests if you haven't done them yet.

New Vegas/Freeside Areas and Quests:

Old Mormon Fort: If you haven't done so yet, get idolized with the Followers 
by donating supplies.  This gets you a unique lab coat and the followers 
safehouse key.  Julie will give you the quest High Times.  This is a simple 
quest where you go around Freeside talking to some junkies then take care of 
the crooked dealer Dixon - I suggest killing him.  You'll want 40-50 Science 
skill to reduce the chems needed to clean up the junkies.

At the Atomic Wrangler you can pick up a number of quests.  Pick up Debt 
Collector from Francine and Wang Dang Atomic Tango from James.  There are two 
very hard locks covering the kitchen and payout rooms.  There's nothing 
particularly special back there but it's nice to raid some more safes.  If you 
hang around the kitchen, behind the counter, payout room, or guard room too 
long, the residents will aggro you, so run for it if you are spotted.

Debt Collector: Walk around beating up or threatening people into giving you 
the caps they owe.  It's faster to lie and hand the questgiver some caps, as 
you should have a boatload of them by now.  Go and kill Caleb or speech check 
him to finish.

Wang Dang Atomic Tango: To recruit Beatrix, pass a 35 speech check or bring 
her a bottle of Absinthe.  Find Santiago or Old Ben to be the smooth talker.  
Go to Mick & Ralphs to get the sexbot holotape, or if your science is 50, just 
go to Cerulean Robotics and activate it.  At Cerulean Robotics, there is a 
speech book on the floor between a bunch of desks.

King's School: you can pick up G.I. Blues here.  First, hire Orris to run 
around pretending to bodyguard you.  Kill him and loot his rare Hunting 
Revolver, then continue with the quest.  I suggest you reserve your favor that 
the King gives you for the quest King's Gambit.  After starting G.I. Blues, 
you can accept Nothin' But a Hound Dog and recruit Rex.  You must complete the 
optional objectives involving Julie Farkas if you want G.I. Blues to have a 
peaceful ending between Freeside and the NCR.  Once you complete G.I. Blues, 
save The King's favor for the NCR King's Gambit quest, where you can ask him 
to stop the violence in Freeside.

Nothin' But a Hound Dog: Do not bother with Nothin' But a Hound Dog until you 
can fast travel to Jacobstown with Rex.  It's easy to kill old lady Gibsons 
dogs, or find some legion dogs at The Fort, etc.

Lucky 38: You can find a snowglobe in the cocktail lounge on a counter.  After 
entering Lucky 38, return to Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort and she will 
mention Emily Ortal.  Emily Ortal will eventually spawn near the Lucky 38.  
Talking to her will start The Moon Comes Over the Tower quest.  This is a 
short quest where you try to bug the Lucky 38 and fail - don't worry, it won't 
piss off Mr. House.  You get some Followers rep out of it, though.  Inside the 
Lucky 38 there's not much else to do besides hand in snowglobes, talk to 
Mr.House and raid a few safes.

Gomorrah: If you enter the club and choose the option to leave and keep your 
weapons on you, you won't be able to re-enter anymore, so try not to bug your 
game out.  There's a Guns book in Big Sals office on the upper level of the 
Gomorrah Main Level, past the pool tables.  The main quest in Gomorrah is How 
Little We Know, which is a quest involving uncovering and killing the corrupt 
upper management of Gomorrah.  You can also be an evil little prick and work 
with the bosses to further their plot.  There is a side quest from Joana in 
the courtyard called Bye Bye Love, which requires a medicine or speech check.  
You will also complete The White Wash here.

How Little We Know: Start by talking to the receptionist, then Cachino.  Steal 
his journal then threaten him with it and return it to him for 100 caps.  Talk 
to Troike - if you pass an 80 speech check he'll immediately begin to help 
you, otherwise you need to investigate the hookers corpse or head into Big 
Sal's room (upper level of the Gomorrah Main Level past the pool tables) and 
open the hard locked wall safe or hack the average computer terminal.  Either 
way, you'll get some thermite and a key to the utility room from Troike.  Raid 
the room for supplies, plant the thermite, and blow the room up.  Go back to 
Cachino and arrange a meeting with the bosses, then kill them.  You don't need 
to deal with Clanden, but if you find him, feel free to kill him.

Bye Bye Love: Joana is located in the Gomorrah courtyard.  You need a speech 
or med check to start the quest with her, then you have to pass a 40 then 50 
speech check to convince Joana to flee Gomorrah.  Talk to Carlitos, then back 
to Joana.  Wait until midnight then escort her out to Freeside.  You'll have 
to kill a couple thugs, but no big deal.

The White Wash: Talk to Dazzle in the Gomorrah courtyard and she'll send you 
to a man at NCR Sharecropper Farms.  Next you'll have to head to Miguel's Pawn 
Shop and talk to Anderson.  If you pass some relatively easy checks you can 
immediately accuse Anderson instead of having to follow some kid around.  Tell 
him you'll lie to Boyd about what happened to White to avoid any rep loss with 
the followers.

Ultra-Luxe: You can start the quest Beyond the Beef inside.  Walter Phebus is 
waiting outside the casino and will start the Pheeble Will quest.  The only 
way to complete both quests is to pass a speech check of 75 and convince 
Walter Phebus to give up and leave, which will complete Pheeble Will.  If you 
complete Beyond the Beef before completing Pheeble Will, Pheeble Will will 
fail.  You can get +10 from the speech magazine, +10 from the Naughty 
Nightwear, +1 CHR on a brotherhood t-51b power helmet, +2 CHR from Moonshine 
or +1 CHR from a standard drink, then +1-2 CHR from Mentats.  If you have 
access to Party Time Mentats from Jack and Diane at Red Rock Canyon, you can 
buff your CHR by +5 which will give you an extra +10 to speech.

Beyond the Beef: Unlike most areas, the Ultra-Luxe occupants will immediately 
become aggressive if you are [detected] sneaking around or somewhere you 
shouldn't be, like behind the redemption counter, in the kitchen, the white 
glove members only area, or the penthouse.  Talk to Heck and agree to help 
find his son.  Pick the average lock and sneak behind the redemption counter 
and get your weapons back.  Sneak into the kitchen and head for Philipe.  If 
you are spotted by the guard, you will have to pass a 35 repair or 50 speech 
check.  Either kill Philipe, steal his key, or hack the terminal in front of 
Ted's door.  Once you have Ted, run him back to Heck.  You can try stealth 
killing Mortimer on your way out.  With Philipe and Mortimer dead, you'll have 
stopped the cannibal plot.  Lie to Heck and tell him you don't know who took 

Vault 21: You can steal Sarah's key and pass from her if needed or wanted.  
Snowglobe inside Sarah's room.  You can talk to Carlitos in the cafeteria or 
in his room in the SW part of the vault about Gomorrah.  If you pass enough 
speech checks you can begin the quest Bye Bye Love from him, or you can begin 
it from Joana herself in Gomorrah with a med or speech check.

Michael Angelo's Workshop: Nothing to do here but pick up a quest.  You need a 
fairly hefty med check to start it.  It involves taking photos of prominent 
landmarks around the mojave.

The Silver Rush: You can pickpocket lots of weapons if you have a very high 
stealth level, use a stealthboy, or just drag the good stuff into a hideable 
corner.  Pickpocket a van graff key to get access to the backroom.  You can 
pick up the Birds of a Feather quest, but don't progress in it because one of 
the later steps is killing Cass, and you'll want to complete all quests 
involving Cass (Heartache by the Number and You Can Depend On Me) first before 
letting her get killed.

You Can Depend On Me: After speaking to Dr. Hildern at McCarren and returning 
to Alice, you are given 3 additional tasks to complete.  First, find Jamison 
in the Atomic Wrangler and convince him to quit.  Next, talk to Cass in Mojave 
Outpost - you need a speech check of 50 to convince her to give up her title.  
Doing this will allow you to recruit her as a companion and continue the quest 
Heartache by the Number.  To complete the gun runners portion of the quest, 
simply sneak into the building and access the terminal at the front desk, then 
sneak out.  After completing You Can Depend On Me, pick up Pressing Matters 
from Alice at the Crimson Caravan.  This is a simple quest where you head into 
the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters and disable the cap pressing machinery.

Heartache by the Number: Cass is a tough companion to please.  First, you must 
be Good or Very Good, or she will start bitching at you for being "an asshole" 
and leave.  Go and slaughter some raiders around the North Vegas Ruins and 
Vault 3 to raise your karma if you're not good yet.  Her personal quest is 
Heartache by the Number.  Head around to the 3 destroyed caravans around the 
mojave.  Convince Cass not to get revenge on Crimson Caravan or The Silver 
Rush.  Once you complete Heartache by the Number, you can feel free to let 
Cass get killed to complete Birds of a Feather.

End Game Quests:

The Tops: Unarmed book in the presidential suite in the pool room.  You can 
pick up the Talent Pool quest from Tommy Torini at The Aces theatre.  This is 
a small side quest where you go around talking to drifting or down on their 
luck comedians and performers to sign them up.  If you can pass a 50 barter 
check with the Lonesome Drifter, he will give you his unique weapon The 
Mysterious Magnum.  Or you can always aggro him, cripple his weapon arm, pick 
up his weapon, then holster your weapon so he stops aggroing.

Benny is standing on the ground floor of the casino for the Ring-A-Ding-Ding! 
quest.  There are many ways to deal with him, but ultimately you have two 
choices: Either let him flee to The Fort and get captured by Caesar, or kill 
him at The Tops right there.  I suggest killing him because you can get his 
unique weapon Maria sooner.  The cleanest way to kill him is to convince Swank 
that Benny is up to no good, either with evidence or speech checks, and then 
Swank will let you carry your full arsenal into the casino, making it easy to 
kill him and his guards.  Before or after killing Benny, head into Benny's 
room and talk to Yes Man to get the Wild Card series of quests.  If the Yes 
Man seems to disappear after talking to him, check in front of the Tops Casino 
outside - he sometimes teleports there for no reason.

With Ring-A-Ding-Ding out of the way, you now have an assortment of end game 
quests to choose from.  You can complete the first few quests of all of the 
end game quest chains from Mr. House, Yes Man, NCR, and Legion, but eventually 
you must choose only one path.  Beware the Wrath of Caesar! and/or Don't Tread 
on the Bear! will appear as a warning quest if you keep working with Mr. House 
or Yes Man.  In the case of Legion, Yes Man, or NCR, you will very quickly run 
into the task of killing or disabling Mr. House, stopping any chance of doing 
quests for him.

The Fort: After Killing Benny, visiting Yes Man in The Tops and completing 
Wild Card: Ace in the Hole then exiting The Tops casino, Vulpes Inculta will 
run up to you and offer you amnesty with Caesar - your reputation is reset to 
neutral with the Legion, despite your previous actions slaughtering dozens of 
legion troops.  You can then choose to finish the game on the Legions side, or 
at least hang around long enough to complete I Hear You Knocking, The Finger 
of Suspicion, and Wild Card: You And What Army? at The Fort and then start 
slaughtering legion again.  Keep in mind that you will have to dismiss Boone 
while doing anything for the Legion, as he will shoot on sight.  Once you are 
done these two legion side quests, you can either continue working with the 
legion, or start killing them again for fun and profit.  

At The Fort, make sure to pick up the Slave Ledger in Caesar's tent to finish 
Oh My Papa.  After talking to Caesar, pick up I Hear You Kocking and The 
Finger of Suspicion.  You can complete I Hear You Kocking right now if you've 
taken the howitzer parts from Nellis.  Wild Card: You And What Army? and The 
House Always Wins I involves heading into the weather station at The Fort and 
either upgrading the securitron army or destroying it.  Upgrading it is the 
better option since Caesar is none the wiser and you can later use the army if 
you decide to work for Yes Man or House. 

If you want to complete Oh My Papa and ally the Great Khans with the NCR, you 
will have to assassinate Papa Khan.  Wait in his room at night then kill him 
with a quiet gun or melee weapon so you aren't detected.  Killing Papa Khan 
will fail the quest Why Can't We Be Friends, so head into Vault 19 to complete 
it first.  If you've got Papa Khan to the point in Oh My Papa where he says 
he's ready to leave the camp, you won't be able to see the option to ask him 
about Cooke joining the Khans.  You will instead need to use 50 explosives 
skill to blow up the sulphur mines and vault 19.

I Hear You Kocking involves repairing a Legion howitzer.  You should already 
have the artillery parts from Nellis to do so.

The Finger of Suspicion involves heading into Vault 21 in New Vegas to save a 
legion spy from some thugs.  This leads to I Put a Spell On You legion edition 
if you haven't completed it for the NCR yet.

Head back to Mr. House and complete up to The House Always Wins IV.  If you 
complete The House Always Wins IV, the NCR and Legion will refuse to work with 
you, so go ahead and kill him (assuming you want to work for Yes Man, NCR, or 
Legion).  Head to Vault 21 and complete The Finger of Suspicion.  Head to the 
NCR Embassy and finish Things that Go Boom and pick up King's Gambit.  Head 
back to Caesar and hand in The Finger of Suspicion.  This is basically the 
green light to start slaughtering legion troops again unless you plan on 
working for the Legion.  If you start killing legion again, you'll fail Render 
Unto Caesar, Caesar's Hire, Caesar's Favor, and Beware the Wrath of Caesar!  
Talk about pissed off at being double crossed.

The NCR's route is the most diplomatic.  The NCR is the only quest chain that 
will allow you to ally with the Khans and Brotherhood instead of destroying 
them or driving them off.  If you complete an alliance with the Legion and 
White Glove Society, or The House Always Wins IV, or  the NCR will refuse to 
work with you any longer.  If you get Wild Card: Finishing Touch, you'll be 
unable to proceed to Eureka! and finish the NCR ending due to a bug.,_Part_2!

Protecting President Kimball: Pickpocket the remote detonator from the 
engineer walking towards or away from the presidents vertibird.  Use a sniper 
rifle to kill the disguised sniper on the tower behind the podium.  Finally, 
kill the engineer in the crowd that pulls out a knife and tries to rush the 

Mr. House's Path: Mr House's path involves is mostly alliance oriented, except 
the destruction of the Brotherhood.  During the final mission, you'll need a 
speech check of 100 to avoid having to kill the Legion or NCR commanders.  If 
you complete The House Always Wins IV, you'll fail Beware the Wrath of Caesar! 
and/or Don't Tread On the Bear!.  Continuing Yes Man, NCR, or Legion's paths 
require you to kill Mr. House.

Yes Man's Path: The Yes Man is the most flexible of the route choices, 
allowing you to mete out justice to Mr. House, NCR, Legion, and other factions 
as you see fit.  If you complete Wild Card: Finishing Touch, you'll fail 
Beware the Wrath of Caesar! and/or Don't Tread On the Bear!.  If you are 
handed the Wild Card: Finishing Touch quest, you'll be unable to finish For 
the Republic, Part 2 due to a bug.  You can however complete Wild Card: 
Finishing Touch after completing For the Republic, Part 2, at the cost of 
being considered a 'good natured rascal' by the NCR.,_No_Masters

Legion's Path: Predictably, the legion endgame quests are mostly about 
slaughtering your enemies and you have few chances to forge alliances or peace 
treaties.  If you complete an alliance between the White Glove Society and the 
Legion, you'll fail Don't Tread on the Bear!,_Brute%3F,_Vidi,_Vici

Assorted Side Quests:

North Vegas Square: You can talk to Crandon to start Someone to Watch Over Me 
with a 45 speech check.  This is a relatively tame quest where you can get 
through all of it with some dialogue and a few caps.  Steal the key to Andy's 
room and break in to grab the note without dealing with the thug guarding it.  
Go back to the Hosteler house and talk to Alice.  Show her the tape then use a 
7 INT check to prevent her from killing her mother.  If the mother is killed 
the quest still counts as completed.

Aerotech Office Park:  If you chose to free the Vault 34 dwellers instead of 
saving the NCR Sharecroppers, you will find the survivors here in Suite 300 - 
you can ask for a vault trinket, but the game is bugged and you won't get 
whatever it is they are trying to give you.  You can also start the quest Left 
My Heart here, although you can also start it directly at Cottonwood Cove.

The Legend of the Star
Collect 50 blue star bottlecaps to complete this quest.  You will need to 
search carefully to earn 26 of them as they are scattered around all over the 
world.  See the wiki link for a long list of locations.  Your reward is unique 
laser weapon named Pew Pew.

The Thorn:
You can get the quest Bleed Me Dry here, where you're tasked with hunting down 
creatures and bringing their eggs.  The eggs are special quest items. The ones 
you regularly pick off the enemy's corpse don't count.  The quest reward is 
Dinner Bell, a unique shotgun.  You will be killing a lot of creatures 
including a legendary nightstalker in Bloodborne cave.  You can either clear 
the Quarry of deathclaws, or clear out the Pass with the legendary deathclaw.

Techatticup Mine: Anywhere I Wander from Private Reynolds.  Easy quest.  Head 
into the mine, kill some weak legion troops, then free the hostages.

Come Fly With Me: First, get the rocket fuel from the Novac gift shop 
backroom, and get the other quest item in the crate inside the Gibson Scrap 
Yard.  Just kill Gibson or steal her key and open it.  Next, head into the 
REPCONN Test Site, head up to talk to Jason, go down to the basement and clear 
out the Nightkin, go back to Jason and inform him the basement is clear, go 
back to the basement, pick up the Space Suit which offers +40 rad resist, hand 
Chris the needed rocket parts, then head back to the launch control pad which 
is through a door in the upper level that you first found Jason and Chris in.

Veroica's personal quest: I suggest telling Veronica to stay with the 
Brotherhood, as the brotherhood will kill everyone in the Old Mormon Fort if 
you suggest she goes to the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Completing Arcade Gannon's personal quest, For Auld Lang Syne, grants some of 
the best armor in the game.  You don't need to have recruited Arcade for long 
before he gives you this quest, as long as you've already been to places like 
The Fort and progressed the main story to the point where the Legions invasion 
of Hoover Dam is imminent.  You will need a speech check of 80 to convince the 
entire group of Enclave to stay and fight for the NCR.

Hard Luck Blues: This quest leads you to directly into Vault 34, the most 
irradiated area in the game.  Before attempting Vault 34 or Camp Searchlight, 
I suggest you head into the REPCONN Test Site and pick up the Space Suit.  You 
can also complete Come Fly With Me while you're there.  Combine the Space Suit 
with the T-51b Power Helmet and you'll have a permanent +48% RAD resist plus 
your natural resistance based on your END (at 8 END you'll have 14% naturally, 
making a total of 62% permanent rad resist).  Add in a Rad-X and you're 
looking at a near immunity to radiation at around 30 Medicine skill, perfect 
for the relatively long trek through Vault 34 or Camp Searchlight.

There is a guns book in the armory common room - you don't need to unlock any 
doors to access it, but it is pretty far down.  Bring lots of Radiation 
protection, Rad-X and RadAway to stave off the radiation.  You'll want some 
nice guns to handle the tons of ghouls inside as well.  First, locate the two 
watery basement areas - swim through them and pick up the two passwords from 
the technician corpses underwater, then swim back out.  Both of these are near 
the Clinic area.  Next go into the utility room which is right next to the 
armory door.  Activate the console and drain the water.  Head back to the now 
drained basement and activate another console to unlock the overseers office.

Backtrack through the clinic and head to the overseers office door, past a 
puddle of goo.  You'll notice there's an [inaccessible] door directly opposite 
the overseers office door - it's a trap.  When you open the overseer's door, 
the inaccessible door will open and ghouls will spawn behind it.  The best 
strategy is to open the overseers door then run to the inaccessible door and 
kill the ghouls there, then move into the overseers room.  There are two gun 
turrets in the room, and the overseer himself is a top tier revenant level 
ghoul.  Loot the third password from the overseer.  You can then head into the 
reactor to either save the sharecroppers or the vault 34 survivors.  Inside 
the Armory you can find the All-American unique weapon along with a sniper 
rifle and other higher tier weapons.

Camp Searchlight: Sneak book in East Chapel basement.  Camp Searchlight is a 
pretty tough area for low level couriers due to its large swarms of ghoul 
soldiers, radscorpions, and legion troops.  On top of that the radiation 
ensures you can't hang around for more than a few minutes without dying.  
First Sargent Astor will give you We Will All Go Together and Eye for an Eye.

Other notable unique weapons, armor, books, or items and where to find them:

Mesquite Mountains Camp Site: West of Nipton Road Reststop.  Survival book 
inside the western tent.  Warning: Giant Radscorpions.

Mesquite Mountains Crater:  North of Mesquite Mountains Camp Site. Medical 
book inside Hell's Motel.  Warning: Feral Ghoul Reavers and radiation.

Old Nuclear Test Site: Located directly south of Wolfhorn Ranch.  Energy 
weapons book on the table inside the irradiated shack.  Warning: Feral Ghoul 
Reavers and radiation.

The Devil's Throat: Located E/NE of Ranger Station Bravo.  CZ57 Avenger 
(unique weapon) on a prospector.

Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun: Located in Wins Hideout straight west of H&H Tool 
Company which is North of The Strip North Gate.  Very hard lock on the door or 
a 55 Speech check required.

Crashed Vertiberd: Tesla-Beaton Prototype energy weapon can be found here.

Hoover Dam: Snowglobe in the Visitor Center on the main desk.  Chinese Stealth 
Armor can be found in the offices.

Broc Flower Cave: Find the Rodent Slayer rifle here.  It's basically a Varmint 
Rifle with a bunch of mods attached.

Mercenary Camp: Contains the YCS/186 Gauss energy weapon rifle or the Alien 
Blaster if you took the Wild Wasteland perk.

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