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 Fantastic Dizzy

Fantastic Dizzy

      ______            __             __  _         ____  _
     / ____/___ _____  / /_____ ______/ /_(_)____   / __ \(_)_______  __  __
    / /_  / __ `/ __ \/ __/ __ `/ ___/ __/ / ___/  / / / / /_  /_  / / / / /
   / __/ / /_/ / / / / /_/ /_/ (__  ) /_/ / /__   / /_/ / / / /_/ /_/ /_/ /
  /_/    \__,_/_/ /_/\__/\__,_/____/\__/_/\___/  /_____/_/ /___/___/\__, /



Creation Date: 08/31/00

  Latest Update: 06/06/01

-  Added the long awaited items list for people who don't need a full-scale

-  Purpose for the treasure chest found at last thanks to David Saxon!  See
   the newly added items list.


KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Dizzy's Door Key

  Jump under the table next to Dizzy's bed to collect the first star of the 
game.  At this point, Dizzy is of perfect health so there's no need to 
collect the fruit.  Jump over the strawberry [you may need it later] and hop 
up onto the cabinet.  Just stand below and jump three times straight up to 
reach the top.  Then hop into the rafters and pick up DIZZY'S DOOR KEY using 
the B button.  The key will now appear in the rightmost square at the bottom 
of the screen.  Collect the second star.  Press the B button in front of the 
door to use the key and press either the B button or up to exit.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Wood Plank, Denzil's Elevator Key, Pogie the Fluffle

  Collect the star right in front of Dizzy's house.  And just to the left is a
WOOD PLANK between the house and a large tree trunk with a torch on it.  Pick 
the wood plank up.  Continue left to the dead end.  Collect the star and 
DENZIL'S ELEVATOR KEY, which will be of use shortly.  Stroll right past 
Dizzy's and collect the star immediately after.  Onwards, walk under the 
spider and off of the platform.  Note:  The little, purple creature running 
back and forth is POGIE THE FLUFFLE, Daisy's stray pet.  Remember its 
location because you'll need to know it later.  You can't go right with the 
giant weed there.  When you advance toward it, the weed will move vertically, 
subsequently blocking your path.  So that leaves Dizzy no choice, but to 
visit the forest floor.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Ground Elevator Key, Herbicide

  To your immediate left is a star, collect that.  You are in front of an 
elevator that looks like a spool on a rope.  Don't drop directly down.  Jump 
to the lower platform and drop off of its left side.  Collect the GROUND 
ELEVATOR KEY and the nearby star.  Don't go any further left for now, worry 
about that later.  Instead, make your way right, past the elevator and to the 
gap with the sharpened sticks jutting upwards.  Use the wood plank to bridge 
the gap and cross.  Collect the star above the bridge.  Underneath the short 
tree with green apple hanging from its branches, there appears an aerosol 
can.  It's the much valuable HERBICIDE.  Pick up the can and head over to the 
Ground Elevator.  Whilst standing in the center of the lift, drop the 
appropriate key and you will be hoisted up.  To further use the elevator or 
any other, press the B button once the key has been used.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Rope, Denzil's Door Key

  Go directly to the weed.  Standing before it, use the herbicide.  A killer 
mist will cover and instantly kill it.  Go right.  Jump onto the platform 
from which the dead weed is hanging.  Pick up the ROPE.  The rope is one of 
the most valuable items in the game.  Unlike most, it is used repeatedly.  
Keep that in mind and remember where you place it.  Walk left, up the incline 
and collect the star at the ledge.  The right path diverges into an upper and 
a lower ramp.  Go down, collect the star and DENZIL'S DOOR KEY.  Back up, now 
take the right path upwards.  Collect the star just past the spider and head 
up the left staircase.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X6, Grand Dizzy's Door Key, Daisy's Door Key

  Enter the unmarked house and collect the two stars inside.  The key, GRAND 
DIZZY'S DOOR KEY, will only clutter your inventory, so leave it for now.  
First, go left to collect a few stars.  The first star is in between the 
house and neighboring tree.  Continuing left, down screen, collect the second 
star next to the orange and head back right, past the unmarked house.  Jump 
over the gap and onto the platform with a watermelon and a star.  Collect the 
star.  Walk right past DAISY'S DOOR KEY and up a screen to the next story of 
the Yolkfolks' village.  Dizzy should now be under Denzil's House and at the 
foot of Denzil's Elevator.  Pass the elevator to collect the star.  There's a 
hook hidden in the tree to your right.  Use your rope to swing across!

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Extra Life Puzzle

  After swinging from the hook, you'll land on a platform held up by a trunk 
way too large for the rest of it.  On the platform you'll find an EXTRA LIFE 
PUZZLE, the first of five.  The picture is of Dizzy, a Wizard, and is beyond 
simplistic to piece together.  First, press the B button to activate the 
puzzle.  The puzzle is then scrambled and you must unscramble it before the 
time limit expires [see hourglass].  To move a piece, position the square 
over the desired block, hold onto the A, B, or C button, and drag it.  After 
completion of the puzzle, the wizard will zap Dizzy with his wand and Dizzy 
will divide into two, mitosis style, representing a gained extra life.  Once 
that's over, drop off of the left side.  Head back to Denzil's Elevator, 
collecting the three stars on your way.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X7, Hay, Dora's Door Key, Magic Star Plant

  Use Denzil's Elevator Key.  Collect the star to Dizzy's immediate left.  
Dizzy is now in front of Denzil's House, but before entering you might as 
well acquire the HAY to the left.  Once you have the hay in your inventory, 
use Denzil's Door Key and enter his home.  Collect the star at the entrance 
and deposit the hay on either side of the ice encased Denzil.  Collect the 
remaining star at the other end of his abode.  Exit Denzil's House and move 
left to the ledge, collect the star.  Go left, collect another star in this 
area and go up.  Go left to collect DORA'S DOOR KEY then go right towards 
Dylan's.  Collect the star right after the first spider.  Continue up the 
right slope.  The path diverges once more.  The left path goes to Grand 
Dizzy's, which I will cover later.  Pass the MAGIC STAR PLANT.  Collect one 
more star on this story and go up.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X9, Dylan's Elevator Key, Dylan's Door Key

  Collect the two stars on the ramp going right, leading to a partially hidden 
key.  Pick up DYLAN'S ELEVATOR KEY.  Go up and left, collect the star outside 
of Dylan's front door.  Use Dylan's Elevator Key to free up a slot in your 
inventory.  Collect the star at the top and return back down.  Go left, off 
of what appears to be a ledge, but is actually another path.  On this screen, 
collect the star and proceed left.  Again, collect the star and proceed left.  
Collect the star over Grand Dizzy's Elevator and return right.  Go up the 
platform, and by the green apple, use your rope.  You will swing across to 
DYLAN'S DOOR KEY.  Pick up the key and run off of the ledge so you don't fall 
into the gap created by the raised elevator.  Use Dylan's Door Key and enter.  
Collect the two stars inside and leave.  If you happen to speak to Dylan, 
he'll ask you to retrieve Pogie the Fluffle.  Take the elevator up and go 
left.  You are now at Dora's place.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X7, Frog, Animal Cage, Dozy's Door Key

  Collect the star just outside of her door.  Use Dora's Door Key and enter.  
Inside you will find Dora has been transformed into a FROG with a little 
magic from Zaks.  Collect the two stars inside and leave with Dora in frog 
form.  Return to Denzil's, go down the elevator.  Take a left and claim 
Daisy's Door Key.  Advance left until you reach the remnants of the giant 
weed.  This is as good a spot as any to dump items because it's in an easily 
recognizable location and in a high traffic area.  Leave the rope and the 
frog here for now.  From this junction, take a right.  Nothing left in this 
area, continue moving right.  Collect the star and jump up to the platform 
going left.  Up a screen, hop to the right platform to Daisy's, collecting a 
star in the process.  Use Daisy's Door Key and enter her vacant house.  Two 
stars in here, leap off of her furniture to reach them.  Pick up the ANIMAL 
CAGE and DOZY'S DOOR KEY.  Leave Daisy's and go left to Dizzy's House.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Caged Pogie, Cow, One Ton Weight

  As you may recall, this is where Pogie the Fluffle makes his home.  Wait for 
it to cross your path and with the animal cage, press the B button.  What you 
have is a CAGED POGIE.  Bring the neglected pet to Dylan's so he can take 
care of it.  In return for granting his wishes he'll give you a COW.  Pick up 
the cow seated across from Dylan and exit.  Take Dylan's Elevator up and go 
right.  Collect the star and fall off of the right edge.  If done carefully, 
you'll land on a star.  Hop over the snail.  Collect the star and ONE TON 
WEIGHT below.  Fall off the left edge now and you're back at Dylan's House 
with a full inventory.  Back up the elevator and right.  Use the newly 
acquired weight below the hook to lower the platform within reach.  Jump up.


  Collect the star below the torch and plod onward.  Before approaching Dozy's 
House, collect the star to the left and before entering, the star next to the 
right wall.  Use Dozy's Door Key and enter.  You'll find two stars and Dozy 
asnooze.  To collect the star in the rafters, use the cabinet and shelves as 
done in Dizzy's.  I'd advise hitting the wall when you jump down because it 
cushions your fall a little.  We'll return here much later, as for now 
there's one more house to rummage through.  Exit Dozy's House.  Make your way 
back down the village.  Whilst at the item depository [under the weed or any 
other spot to your liking], leave the cow.  At the forest floor keep going 
right, jumping over and dodging all of the creatures as you go, until you 
reach the countryside.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X6, Mushroom, Wrench, Grand Dizzy's Elevator Key

  Pass the mine entrance.  Collect the star at the opening of the mine and the 
star beside the giant flower.  Also collect the nearby MUSHROOM.  It's easy 
to spot, it's a deep red and it's smaller than the scenery mushrooms.  
Continue right, over the bridge.  Get the star between the trees and then the 
WRENCH on top of the stone outcropping.  Two more stars to the right, 
backtrack to the mine entrance and enter.  In the Diamond Mines, you'll land 
on a stepping platform.  Go right.  Pass GRAND DIZZY'S ELEVATOR KEY and 
collect the star mere feet away.  Use the wrench on the machine.  This will 
activate all elevators in the Diamond Mines.  Now, collect the key and jet 
back to the village.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X4, Grand Dizzy's Door Key, Medicine Bottle

  Make your way to the unmarked house.  Take the key, GRAND DIZZY'S DOOR KEY 
and exit.  Go up to Grand Dizzy's, the path that I documented earlier.  Use 
Grand Dizzy's Elevator Key on his elevator.  Before entering the house, go 
right for the two stars and a MEDICINE BOTTLE that looks like an Erlenmeyer 
flask.  Use the door key, enter the house.  Snatch the star by Grand Dizzy's 
bed and make small talk with the decrepit egg.  He'll alert you to his 
condition and ask for a medicinal brew.  Before you do anything else, collect 
the star at the other end of the house.

KEY ITEMS:  Medicine Recipe, Medicine, Gold Egg

  Then grab the MEDICINE RECIPE by the cauldron.  The picture inscribed on it 
shows all you need to know.  Look at the picture in the inventory screen.  It 
depicts the magic star plant, medicine bottle, and mushroom with an arrow 
pointing at the cauldron.  Place the recipe back where you found it.  You 
have two of the three ingredients with you right now.  After you have used 
the ingredients, retrieve the nearby magic star plant and add that to the 
mix.  The MEDICINE is now ready for Grand Dizzy's consumption.  Take the GOLD 
EGG in return.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Crossbow, Cooked Ham

  You'll need to take the egg back to the Diamond Mines later.  But for now, 
go to the item stash below.  Place the egg in plain view, preferably on the 
forest floor.  Pick up the rope, cow and frog.  Go down the Ground Elevator 
and go left.  Collect the star.  You see a crestfallen prince.  Use the frog 
in his presence  He apparently kisses it and Dora is saved.  He is a happy 
guy too, so he relinquishes his CROSSBOW.  Pick up the bow.  You are now at 
the western edge of village.  Someone has carelessly left a slab of COOKED 
HAM here.  Take it and collect the absolute last star of the region.  No 
choice, but to leave one item behind.  It doesn't matter which because you'll 
need to reclaim it shortly.  New adventures await, so roll down the hill with 
reckless abandon!

KEY ITEMS:  Star X5, Gold Coins, Extra Life Puzzle

  Collect the star on the way down.  Make sure your ham is ready to be used.  
Once at level ground, use it.  The ham will sail through the air to the 
stampeding boar [boar eating ham, that's just wrong].  Anyways, retrieve the 
item that you left in Yolkfolks'.  Return to Crystal Falls.  Collect the star 
by the flower.  The boar has left a bag of GOLD COINS.  Pick it up and 
collect the star above.  Ah, the not-so menacing falls.  Collect the star at 
its base.  There will be a perpetual flow of barrels for you to use as 
platforms, but you have to know when it's safe to use them.  When the barrel 
submerges, jump on it and jump off to cross the falls.  Complete the EXTRA 
LIFE PUZZLE for an extra life.  One last star to collect before the steps.  
Climb the steps.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Umbrella

  Change of scenery.  The rocky crags have turned into city streets!  Retrieve 
that fourth item if you haven't already.  Set all, but the gold coins and 
rope by the discarded UMBRELLA.  Then collect the nearby star.  Next, enter 
the first door you encounter.  You'll enter a tunnel with a guard.  Before 
you deal with that dilemma, notice the signs on both sides and the map at the 
top of the screen.  The red dot designates you, Dizzy.  Pay close attention 
to your location and you shouldn't get lost in the city.  Give the guard your 
bag of gold coins and he'll slowly recede, allowing passage to Bridge Street.  
Collect the star in the tunnel and exit.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X3, Barrel of Rum, Crowbar

  There are operating guillotines in the street and rats scouring to and fro 
so tread with caution.  When walking past the guillotines, though the blade 
isn't even close to Dizzy, it will injure you, so walk past after the blade 
slices downward.  Collect the star next to the door.  Go right, collecting 
the BARREL OF RUM nestled into the corner and a nearby star.  Then collect 
the CROWBAR on the bridge and a final star on this section of Bridge Street.


  Backtrack to Castle Street.  Go to the second door now, the door leading to 
the pirate ship [next to the sign inscribed "Castle St."].  Accursed rats.  
They take a combination of patience and luck to avoid.  Hop and skip through 
collecting the star in the center.  Exit into Dock Street.  Collect the star 
next to the left wall, go right, and collect the star in front of the door.  
Lastly, collect the star in front of the pirate.  Use your rum.  The pirate 
will scamper off to imbibe his rum allowing access to his loosely guarded 
vessel.  Up now, collect the star right before entering.  Not much difference 
between this ship and the rat infested tunnels in town.  A green sludge still 
drips from the ceiling that you must avoid, and the rats still roam.  The 
only noticeable difference is the much narrower passages.  This doesn't mean 
that you can't avoid the rats, it just makes the feat trickier.


  Jump over the first rat as you would any other.  Dizzy won't bounce off of 
the ceiling.  I'd almost call it levitating if he wasn't spinning in the air.  
Jump over the gap.  Step off of the left side and collect the star in the 
lower left corner.  Jump up to the deck of the ship.  Collect the first star 
up top by the first mast and the second above the cargo.  Drop the rope here.  
Don't go any further right than the stairs or you'll have to walk the plank 
[seriously].  Go down these stairs and cautiously avoiding the rat, collect 
the star.  Go back to the beginning.  Collect the star in the center row 
beside the barrel and the star along the bottom.  Jump into the large gap mid 
ship and jump back up to the right side.  Collect the upper right star above 
the pyramid of cannon balls.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X5, Dynamite, Portcullis Winch

  Walk to the right, fall into the hole and on top of a star.  Fall all of the 
way down and into the rightmost gap.  Collect the star and DYNAMITE.  Return 
to the ship's midsection.  Along the bottom row of this screen, jump over the 
cargo and over the gap to collect a star.  Now into the gap, collect the star 
between cannon and cargo.  Continue left, jump up to and collect the star by 
the rope [part of the backdrop, not the rope].  Move right until you reach a 
pair of red doors.  Whilst standing on top of the doors, use your crowbar to 
pry them open.  Pick up the PORTCULLIS WINCH.  Jump up, left and exit the 
pirate ship.


  Return to the item stash on Castle Street.  Drop the winch and head to 
Yolkfolks' Village.  Remember the gold egg?  Well, it's time to return it to 
the Diamond Mine.  Enter the Diamond Mine.  Note:  The "diamonds" inside the 
mine replenish your health so you may want to collect them sparingly.  
Collect the first star on the way to the mine elevator [operable after the 
wrench was used on the machine].  Proceed right, collect the star and fall 
into the gap.  Dizzy'll land on a pile of stones.  From here, collect the 
stars to the left, then right and head right.  The mine cart is to the left, 
don't go near the mine cart yet.  Keep walking, pass the elevator on your 
way.  Collect the star at the dead end by the door.  And notice the dragon to 
your right, that's where Dizzy's headed.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X8, Axe

  Go left to the elevator and down.  Collect one star to the immediate right 
and going left, collect another star.  Ignore the AXE for now and drop down.  
Collect the star at the base of the bridge.  Go right, watch out for lava 
bursts.  Wait for the eruptions to ebb before crossing and when you do, jump.  
Continue right, collecting one more star over the first bridge and one star 
over the second.  You've reached another elevator.  Go down and right.  Same 
routine here, collect two more stars and take the elevator up.  Press forward 
through the final stretch, collecting yet another star.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Gold Clover

  A boulder is impeding your path, so this is where the dynamite comes in.  
Use the dynamite.  Then walk over to the switch and press the B button to 
detonate the explosives!  The boulder will crumble, allowing access to the 
red dragon's lair.  Jump up and right, collect the final two stars of the 
mineshafts.  When the dragon opens his eyes and sees an intruder he'll go 
into auto scorch mode.  Hurriedly place the gold egg next to the other.  Only 
then will the dragon allow you to take the GOLD CLOVER.  Collect the axe when 
you double back and drop it off at the stone pile.  Go left now, and get into 
the mine cart.  This is critical; make sure you have ONLY two items in your 
inventory.  The basic concept here is to change lanes using the d-pad.  This 
won't be the greatest display of grammatical excellence, but it should get 
the point across:

KEY ITEMS:  Star X17, Extra Life Puzzle

  Turn right, collect star, right, collect star, right [left to exit mine], 
avoid the next three turning points, collect star, left, right, collect star, 
no turn, collect star, right to the winding path, right, collect star, don't 
turn, turn left, collect two stars, turn left, immediately after this turn 
hold on right, turn right again, collect star, no turn, left, collect star, 
left, left, left once more, collect star narrowly missing a monster, no turn, 
right turn, left turn, star, no turn, no turn, right turn, star, left turn.  
The speed will pick up at this left turn, collect star, right, left, left, 
star, no turn, right turn, collect star, right turn, collect star, [left goes 
to an EXTRA LIFE PUZZLE], no turn, right turn, left turn, collect star and 
exit onto Bridge Street.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X4, Shovel, Magic Bean

  Take the SHOVEL.  If you have more than two items in your inventory you'll 
have to go through the mine course all over again [and if so, I laugh].  When 
the rat is to the left of the opening, drop down and collect the star.  Then 
go right and up.  Before going up the stairs next to the street sign, Dizzy 
needs to trade the cow in.  Go through either one of the doors.  On the 
street, go left to collect the star near the water's edge and give the cow to 
the merchant.  He'll give you a MAGIC BEAN in return [hmm].  Return to Bridge 
Street and climb the staircase.  Collect the star above the stairs and enter 
the graveyard.  Collect the first star by the tombstone.  When you reach the 
recession in the earth, drop either your bean or clover.  Use the shovel and 
you'll automatically plummet into an underground cavern.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X10, Bucket, Trampet

  This is really straightforward.  Pick up the BUCKET, collect the star to the 
right.  Go left, carefully avoiding the poison rain.  Collect the two stars 
here and temporarily acquire the TRAMPET.  Place the trampet on the platform 
you fell on.  Jump and hold left or right and it should propel you out of the 
grotto.  Pick up the discarded item and continue left.  Collect the stars to 
the left and right of the abandoned house.  And three more stars going left.  
Can't get the other stars or key now.  For that we'll come back later.  From 
the graveyard to the grasslands collect the first star you see in the 
crevice.  There's an extra life puzzle below, but it can only be reached by 
taking a certain exit in the mine cart area [see above].  Continue left.  
Collect the star in the second gap.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X4, Dry Match

  Stand in front of the leprechaun and use the gold clover.  The crazy 
leprechaun will jump for joy and land ass first in the stones below.  Then, 
plant the magic bean next to the sign that basically says, "Plant bean here."  
It will quickly sprout into a full-grown beanstalk.  Leave the bucket at its 
base.  Go left to procure yourself a DRY MATCH and climb up the beanstalk.  
To climb, stand in front of it and jump repeatedly.  Naturally, you'll sink 
in the clouds, so jump every now and then.  Collect the star to your 
immediate right [I'll account for the other two later].  From the first 
cloud, jump left and then left again.  Jump up and left to the smaller cloud.  
On the left edge of this small cloud, jump up to reach the highest and 
largest cloud here.  Jump left to collect the star and one final, calculated 
leap to collect the leftmost star on the smallest cloud.  If you haven't 
already fallen off, do so.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X4, Bag of Salt

  This little trick will allow you to cross the "dangerous pond" sans bridge.  
You can collect the stars that you missed, if any, when we retrace this area 
later.  Go all of the way left collecting two stars as you go.  Fall off of 
the ledge, exiting the grasslands.  At Carber Bay, where you are right now, 
collect the star above the door and the star between the palm trees.  Don't 
take a plunge just yet.  Pick up the BAG OF SALT and enter the door.  The 
door transports you back into the Diamond Mines, beside the mine cart.  Go 
right, then pick up the axe you left at or around the stone pile and jump up.  
Exit the mine and drop off the axe just outside of the entrance.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X1, Flippers

  Go left to Yolkfolks' Village.  If you remember back to the beginning of the 
game, Denzil was trapped in ice.  He still is, so go up to his house.  Place 
the match on the already placed hay.  Thawed Denzil thanks you by giving you 
his FLIPPERS.  Drop the bag of salt off on Castle Street.  Take the flippers 
and head back to the pirate ship.  If you never want to see the pirate ship 
again, like me, make sure you have the rope.  Right of the cargo and on the 
third mast is a short platform to jump on.  Walk to the edge of this platform 
and jump to the left.  Leap from platform to platform.  Collect rightmost 
star.  If I haven't made any fundamental errors thus far, that should bring 
the star count to 150, only 100 to go.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Portcullis Wheel

  On the platform with the hook on it run off the left side, do NOT jump.  
Collect the star.  Now use your rope, really no way of avoiding the birds so 
don't worry about it.  From the elongated platform, jump up to the smaller 
platform above and use your rope for a second time.  You'll swing into a star 
and to the PORTCULLIS WHEEL.  Pick up the wheel and drop off of the right 
side.  Walk all of the way back to the ship's bow and onto the plank.  The 
pirate will get pissed and forget his rum pact with Dizzy, nudging him closer 
and closer to the edge.  Dizzy hangs on for dear life, but to no avail.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X10

  This is pretty simple if you know what you are doing and I'm here to tell 
you.  Bubbles will emerge from the ocean floor.  Some are large and some are 
small.  The larger bubbles will obviously last longer.  What you'll want to 
do is hop onto the bubbles to reach the stars and ultimately, the surface.  
Start on the right side, when the bubble reaches the star, step off and 
continue.  You have a generous oxygen supply considering Dizzy's doesn't have 
gills.  Continue from side to side until you have all stars.  Once you have 
done that, take a bubble to the far right, all of the way up and onto dry 

KEY ITEMS:  Star X2, Aqualung, Pickaxe

  Dizzy is on an island in Carber Bay with pirate ship in the background, 
funny how it was just to the left a second ago.  Collect the star first.  Then 
trade either the wheel or rope for the AQUALUNG.  First lesson is, push the C 
button in the water to swim, press nothing to fall into enemies and die.  You 
must have the flippers to swim.  Swim left onto the shore.  Collect the star 
here.  Drop the wheel.  Retrieve the rope and place it alongside the wheel.  
A little further left is the PICKAXE.  Take the pickaxe and make sure it is 
in the "to use" block.

KEY ITEMS:  Star X22, Treasure Chest, Large Coin

  This would be way too complex to take you through every step of the bay.  I 
don't think you need the excruciating detail anyways.  To find every star in 
the bay, you'll have to scour every nook and cranny.  Make sure to cover 
every screen and check the land above the bay.  Once you have 19 of the stars 
you need to use to pickaxe.  Go to the sunken ship with the TREASURE CHEST 
lying on its bow.  Ignore the treasure chest.  I'm not even sure it has a 
purpose.  To the immediate right of the ship and along the floor you can see 
little bubbles emerging from a little wedge shaped rock.  Use the pickaxe 
over the rock to enter the final area of the bay.  This will free a large 
bubble.  Go around the bubble and into the hole.  The first thing you will 
see is a LARGE COIN.  I haven't found a purpose for this yet, so just ignore 
it.  Collect the three stars and leave the bay.  Return to the wheel and 

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X4, Cymbals

  Return to the items that were left on the beach.  Pick up either the rope or 
the wheel.  Go left the to countryside collecting the star as you go.  Cross 
the bridge and drop the rope or wheel at the mine entrance.  Now pick up the 
axe you were supposed to leave here and drop the axe by the bridge when you 
double back.  Do NOT drop the axe on the bridge yet.  Retrieve the other item 
on the beach in Carber Bay and place it at the mine entrance too.  Now, with 
aqualung and flippers in possession, pick up the axe and use it over the 
bridge.  Preferably over the star so you'll collect it when you plunge in.  
To the right as the elevator machine and a star.  Wait on that.  Go right 
collecting the two stars and avoid touching the fish.  Collect the CYMBALS on 
a small platform.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X1, Persian Rug

  After picking up the cymbals, swim to the elevator machine.  Jump out of the 
water collecting the star.  Continue left up the incline and onto the wood 
platform.  On the platform, jump right to exit the mine.  You should see the 
rope and portcullis wheel that you previously left here.  You have no further 
need for the aqualung and the flippers, so replace these items with the other 
two.  Climb up the rocky steps to the Yolkfolk Village.  Go all of the way to 
the left to the ground elevator.  From here, go up to Dozy's house.  It's at 
the very top of the tree house village.  Just go to the hook where you used 
the one ton weight.  Enter Dozy's house.  Use the newly acquired cymbals to 
wake him from his slumber.  A PERSIAN RUG will appear on his nightstand.  Take 
the rug and exit Dozy's house.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X8, Extra Life Puzzle

  Return to the forest floor and traverse left until you reach the city.  Drop 
the rope and rug above the steps in the unofficial item depository.  Keep the 
portcullis wheel and pick up the salt and bow.  You need to go to the gate in 
the middle section of Castle Street.  Collect the star in the first tunnel 
between Bridge and Dock Street.  It'll lead you to a thatch roofed house and a 
streetlight.  Go all the way left to the water's edge collecting every 
remaining star on Dock Street [4 in total].  There's also an EXTRA LIFE PUZZLE 
near the "Dock St." sign.  Back track to the tunnel entrance between the two 
streetlights.  It leads to the middle section of Castle Street, the desired 
target, and contains a star.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X2

  Exiting onto Castle Street, go toward the gate collecting two more stars.  
Use the portcullis wheel in front of the empty opening next to the gate.  The 
gate will open allowing access.  Press B to enter the gate, pressing up won't 
work.  This is a little mini game.  There are eight little bulbs at the bottom 
of the screen.  The lit ones represent Dizzy's life.  You start with 4 and 
your desired goal is 8.  Guards will appear in the castle and throw rocks at 
Dizzy.  You can duck by pushing B.  You gain the needed life by shooting the 
guards.  The target is a little wobbly.  You've got a lot of time so duck when 
you have to and shoot often.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X16, Bridge Kit

  Dizzy is inside of the castle.  You can discard the bow here since it has no 
further use.  You can use the chair cushions as platforms.  And if you see a 
fragmented platform above, jump up to explore it.  Without boring you with 
useless detail, there are 15 total stars in here.  Don't leave without 
collecting them all.  Also don't leave without the BRIDGE KIT located in the 
upper left corner.  Luckily when you leave you don't have to go through the 
shooting ordeal again.  Go back to Dock Street.  Enter the leftmost tunnel 
entrance.  Collect the star in the center and exit onto Castle Street.  From 
here, take one of the tunnels to Bridge Street.  Follow the stairs leading to 
the graveyard.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X2, Skeleton Key

  Above the previously unearthed pit is an impassable gap.  That is, until 
now.  Jump up the platforms until you reach the left post.  Use the newly 
acquired bridge kit and a bridge will magically appear.  Head right collecting 
the two stars and the SKELETON KEY.  Then go left to the beanstalk and drop 
the key alongside the bucket of water.  Left of the beanstalk is a broken 
bridge with a log in the water.  Use your bag of salt and the log will surface 
allowing safe passage.  Since you no longer have your swimming gear, enter the 
door in Carber Bay with the diagram showing two arrows.  This will take you to 
the mine cart.  Exit the mine and go to the city...

  You shouldn't have any items with you.  Pick up the rope, rug and portcullis 
winch.  Take these items to the beanstalk.  At the beanstalk, drop the rope 
and the rug.  In their place take the bucket and the skeleton key.  If you 
forgot how to climb the beanstalk or didn't read that section, you jump in 
front of it.  This will bring you to the first screen of clouds.  You sink in 
the clouds so you have to jump continually.  And you can't use the beanstalk 
for climbing purposes any more.  Instead you have to use the clouds.  Make 
your way up to the small cloud directly above with the butterfly fluttering 
about.  These butterflies can be a serious pain.  Your best bet is to try to 
jump over it.

KEY ITEMS:  Stars X27

  On the small cloud now, jump to the larger cloud that's slightly up and to 
the right.  Collect the star here.  From the left edge of this big cloud, jump 
up to reach the second screen of clouds.  But don't forget to collect the star 
to the lower right on the last screen.  In addition to those two, there are 
three more from the right to the left where Zak's castle is located.  When you 
reach Zak's castle, which may take a few tries, use the portcullis winch to 
pry the gate open.  At this point there should by 27 stars left, all of which 
can be found in this castle.  I'm not going to bother detailing the locations 
of the rest because it's easy enough.

KEY ITEMS:  Extra Life Puzzle

  When you enter the castle, use the skeleton key on the elevator, but return 
back down immediately after.  Last thing to do on this trip is to go right and 
find the blazing fire.  Put out the fire with the bucket of water.  At this 
point exit the castle and retrieve the rug and the rope.  Make your way back 
to Zak's castle.  Use the rug to cover the spikes above the elevator and use 
the rope to swing across a gap to the right of that.  There is one last EXTRA 
LIFE PUZZLE above the embers of a fireplace.  Make a long jump to the final 
platform and you should land on the final star of the game, eliminating the 
magic barrier...

  This is it, Dizzy has come a long ways and it all culminates into this final 
encounter with the evil wizard.  You'll have to jump from platform to platform 
until you reach the top.  But it isn't that easy, Zak has a few tricks up his 
sleeves.  He's creating a perpetual cascade of objects.  They roll down and 
hurt Dizzy.  There are a few safe zones, but more than likely, you will lose 
at least one life.  When you get to the top, run to the mirror and when he 
attempts to shoot you, jump!  The shot will ricochet and hit Zak!  This puts 
an end to your quest.  Jump up to Daisy!



Animal Cage         Used to capture the roaming Pogie the Fluffle.  Use it
                    exactly when it passes by.
Aqualung            Necessary item if you are to venture into the water.  Used
                    to breath.
Axe                 Used to chop a whole through a bridge to the right of
                    Yolkfolk Village.
Bag of Salt         Pour into the pool of water with the log in it to make it
Barrel of Rum       Give to the pirate in the city to gain access to the
                    pirate ship.
Bridge Kit          Used to construct a bridge in the upper level of the
                    graveyard so you can reach the skeleton key.
Bucket              Used inside of Zak's fortress to put out a fire that's
                    blocking the path.
Caged Pogie         Pogie the Fluffle meets animal cage.  Give this item to
                    Dylan so he can take care of it.
Cooked Ham          To the left of Yolkfolk Village, throw it to the boar to
                    make it disappear.
Cow                 Give the cow to the merchant in the city.

Crossbow            Used to attack the soldiers after entering the portcullis
                    found in the city.
Crowbar             Used to pry open a hatch inside of the pirate ship so you
                    can obtain the portcullis wheel.
Cymbals             Used to wake up the slumbering Dozy inside of his house in
                    the village.
Door Keys           They open up... doors to a specified egg's house.  For
                    specific locations, see the walkthrough.
Dry Match           Place next to Denzil inside of his house.  Used with the
                    hay to thaw him out.
Dynamite            Used inside of the Diamond Mines to demolish a boulder
                    blocking passage to the red dragon.
Elevator Keys       Activates elevators.  For specific locations, see the
Extra Life Puzzle   Whisks you away to a scrambled picture.  Solve it to earn
                    an extra life.
Flippers            Used to swim underwater.  Useless without the aqualung.

Frog                Dora in the form of a frog.  Give her to the prince below
                    the village.
Gold Clover         Give to the leprechaun near the sign to the left of the
                    graveyard so he'll move away.
Gold Coins          Give to the soldier guarding the Bridge Street entrance,
                    allowing access to it.
Gold Egg            Place under the red dragon to placate it so you can snag
                    the gold clover.
Hay                 Place next to Denzil inside of his house.  Used with the
                    dry match to thaw him out.
Herbicide           Disposes of the giant weed that hangs from a platform to
                    the right of Dizzy's house.
Large Coin          ?

Magic Bean          Plant next to the sign with the bean on it, where the
                    leprechaun left.
Magic Star Plant    A third of the ingredients to Grand Dizzy's medicine.
                    Toss into the cauldron found in his house.
Medicine            Give this to Grand Dizzy lying in his bed.

Medicine Bottle     The third "ingredient" to Grand Dizzy's medicine.  Toss it
                    in the cauldron along with mushroom and magic star plant.
Medicine Recipe     When examined from the inventory screen, it shows a visual
                    instruction on how to make the medicine.
Mushroom            A third of the ingredients to Grand Dizzy's Medicine.
                    Toss into the cauldron found in his house.
One Ton Weight      Place on the hook at the end of a platform in Yolkfolk
                    Village to lower it.
Persian Rug         Used to cover the bed of spikes inside of Zak's fortress.

Pickaxe             Use to remove the rock slab blocking passage underwater.
                    Look for the bubbles.
Pogie the Fluffle   Daisy's stray pet that roams near Dizzy's house.  Capture
                    it with the animal cage.
Portcullis Wheel    Used to open the portcullis in the city.  Be prepared with
                    the crossbow.
Portcullis Winch    Used to pry open the entrance to Zak's fortress in the
Rope                Allows Dizzy to swing from hooks located all over his
Shovel              Use at the recession in the bottom floor of the graveyard
                    to fall into a cavern below.
Skeleton Key        Elevator key going by another name.  Use to activate the
                    elevator key in Zak's fortress.
Trampet             Found and used inside of the cavern below the graveyard.
                    Place it below the opening to jump out.
Treasure Chest      Used at the rightmost point in Carber Bay to leap over the
                    wall.  (Credit to David Saxon)
Umbrella            ?

Wood Plank          Bridges the spiky gap below Yolkfolk Village.

Wrench              Use on the machine in the mines.  Activates the elevators.


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