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 Far Cry

Far Cry

___________                _________
\_   _____/_____  _______  \_   ___ \_______  ___.__.
 |    __)  \__  \ \_  __ \ /    \  \/\_  __ \<   |  |
 |     \    / __ \_|  | \/ \     \____|  | \/ \___  |
 \___  /   (____  /|__|     \______  /|__|    / ____|
     \/         \/                 \/         \/

Strategy Guide

[ TITLE        ]      FAR CRY
[ PLATFORM     ]      PC
[ PLAYERS      ]      ONE-TWENTY
[ FAQ VERSION  ]      v1.6
[ AUTHOR       ]      VLAD DANILCHUK - "AllYourBaseBelong2Us"
[ E-MAIL       ]
[ CREATED      ]      April 7, 2004
[ LAST UPDATED ]      June 22, 2004

I.	Introduction:
  a.	   The Story
  b.	   Controls
  c.	   System Requirements
II.	The Walkthrough:
  a.	  Training
  b.	  Carrier
  c.	  Fort
  d.	  Pier
  e. 	  Research
  f. 	  Treehouse
  g. 	  Bunker
  h.	  Steam
  i.	  Regulator
  j.	  Control
  k.	  Rebellion
  l.      Archive
  m.      Cooler
  n.      Boat
  o.      Catacombs
  p.      River
  q.      Swamp
  r.      Factory
  s.      Dam
  t.      Volcano
III.	General Tips, Hints, & Strategies:
  a.	  Character Profiles
  b.	  Weapons
  c.      Vehicles
  d.      Mods Info
  e.      Gameplay Hints and Cheats
  f.      Cheats
IV.	Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
V.	Updates
VI.	Legal Junk & Acknowledgements


I. Introduction -

Before we begin, a quick introduction to the game will help tons of
people to understand the beginning story. Also a complete list of the
controls and system requirements needed for this game are included.


[A. Story]


You are Jack Carver sailing on your boat on a beautiful day guiding a
journalist by the name of Val. Suddenly, without warning, your boat
goes up in flames and you are launched into the ocean. Your last views
show you nothing but your boat sinking in flames. You make it onto land
as people who’ve you never met begin hunting you. You end back up in
the ocean only to swim into an underwater cave that seals you in from
outside explosions.

You wake up. Your still here. Luckily the underwater cave is still
intact; it contains oxygen, and leads to the surface. One thing on your
mind is revenge, but it isn’t the only thing there. A mysterious person
contacts you over the radio and advices on what to do next. You have no
idea who he is but must listen to him as he is your only eyes and ears
on this island. You do as he says only to find out that this paradise
will soon turn into hell.

Somewhere between rescuing Val and taking down flanks and legions of
Mercs, you come upon something deadly. Something that you would have
never guessed in a thousand years. Dangerous experiments that take
place on this island threaten to destroy the entire planet. A madman
with several nukes that totally lost it, and a professional Merc is
hunting you as Val is transported from location to location as news has
it that you are coming.

Paradise is a damn lie…

[B. Controls]
Forward		        W
Left 			A
Down 			S
Right 		        D
Jump			Space
Crouch		        Ctrl
Prone			V
Walk			Z
Sprint     	 	Shift
Lean Left		Q
Lean Right		E

Chat			Y
Team 			V
Scoreboard		Tab

Use			F
Hold Breath		Enter
Flashlight		Num /
Binoculars		B
CryVision		T
Screenshot		F12
Switch View		F

Fire			Mouse 1
Reload 		        R
Toggle Fire		X
Next Weapon		Page Down
Prev. Weapon	        Page Up
Drop Weapon	        J
Cycle Grenades	        H
Throw Grenades	        G
Zoom			Mouse 2
Zoom In		        Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom Out		Mouse Wheel Down
Weapon 1		1
Weapon 2		2
Weapon 3 		3
Weapon 4		4

[C. System Requirements]

-Supported OS: Windows 98SE/2000/XP (only)
-AMD Athlon 1 GHz Processor or Pentium 3 Processor 1 GHz
-256MB of RAM
-Video Card: 64 MB DirectX 9.0b-compatible graphics card
-Sound Card: DirectX 9.0b-compatible PCI card
-DirectX 9.0b (also comes on disc)
-CD-ROM: 4x DVD or 16x CD-ROM
-4 GB of free Harddrive space
-Multiplayer: Broadband with 64 Kbps upstream to play (512 Kbps
upstream to host 8 players)

-Supported OS: Windows 98SE/2000/XP (only)
-AMD Athlon 2400 or Pentium 4 2 GHz
-512 MB of RAM
-Video Card: 128 MB GeForce 4 128 MB; ATI Radeon 9500
-Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy series
-DirectX 9.0b
-CD-ROM: 8x-16x DVD or 32x CD-ROM
-4 GB of free Harddrive space
-Multiplayer: Broadband with 64 Kbps upstream to play (512 Kbps
upstream to host 8 players)

If the game still shows lag, download the latest drivers and install
the patch version 1.1. Then set the game to lowest options.


II. The Walkthrough -

The following levels will be explained to you in complete detail. If
you have a problem, question, or a mere comment, you can email me at my
email address ( Also, as a reminder, I just like
to say that in Far Cry – there is more than one path to take. I simply
took the path that I found was ‘appropriate’. Enjoy. If you wish to
send me an alternative strategy like the one you see in training, and
maybe I’ll post it. My email is up a few lines up. ^__^.

[A. Training]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 5/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 8
Mission Overview: Find out just what the hell happened.

Whoa. After a kickass opening scene, we find ourselves in some kind of
sewer system. Proceed forward, and make a left at the end of the
tunnel. Now we find ourselves in an old ‘room’ with broken structures
everywhere. Our goal is to your 1 o’clock – the stairs. Walk through
the structures and make it up the stairs. It seems like somebody else
didn’t make it. Once you reach the stairs, take a left and enter a
whole new room. Here we see a guy with a rock on top of him. Looks like
he went out with a bang! Turn to your left at that structure and jump
up through the next opening into a whole new room. If you look to the
right here, you’ll see some small space to prone under. Press V to
prone and crawl under it now.

Proceed forward to take a view of the outside. It ain’t nothing yet.
Backtrack to the stairs originally on your right after proning through.
Be careful not to fall down. Once you reach the top, proceed forward
for a cutscene. Seems like you’ve made some new friends – Crow. At the
end of the hallway to your right, you will see a flooded catwalk.
Crouch down, and keep to the left as much as possible while you walk to
the other side. Forget the rock as it can be done without it and seems
to only alert the guard. Once you reach the opposite side, run down
this hallway as it collapses right behind you. Grab a right, walk down
another hallway and open a door. Here we see a cutscene with Jack
meeting Doyle. Doyle will be our eyes and ears for a while. Now grab
the gun and ammo scattered throughout the room. Also grab the body
armor next to the door 11 o’clock from your original position when you
walked into this room. Checkpoint.

The outside seems amazing. One of the coolest, I might add, views in
video game history. Carefully, while crouched, walk down the left side
of this trail, remembering that you only have >20 bullets (2 clips of
ammo). There should be a small hill overlooking 3 huts. It is a good
sniping spot with your trusty pistol. Now take aim and take down the
merc carrying the box. Should take you 2-3 hits on the easier
difficulties. Now, a guard should exit the hut to your left. Kill him,
and turn your attention to the guard flanking you from the right. Kill
him as he proceeds up the hill to surprise you. With 3 guards down, we
have one more. He should be in the hut directly ahead of you (the one
the merc with the box was walking into). After you’ve cleared the huts,
collect the various types of ammo for your M4 and pistol scattered
between the 3 huts. You can also get a machete knife however I feel
that it is worthless so leave it. Back in the open jungle; continue
following the trial as if we had never made any stops in these huts and
up the hill.

This one small hut at the top of the hill should contain binoculars.
Grab that and equip it. Look around this cozy little town and ‘lock on’
any enemies that you see by zooming in. Locking on enemies gives you
their location on the radar – a very valuable and neat feature in Far
Cry. Once you’ve seen most of them, continue down the path to the left
side of the hut, and walk into the ocean to the right side and onto
this small piece of land that leads up to more Mercs. Checkpoint.

Your first ‘real’ goal is to dispose of the sniper at the tower. Prone,
wipe out the M4, and kill him. Also kill whichever amount of enemies
charge you which may be 1 or 2. Now proceed forward onto that bigger
piece of land. Be guard on your as you stay to the right side and reach
land (wait until that helicopter lands (15-20 seconds) before you move
on). So far we’ve taken down roughly 2 mercs and approximately 5
remain. When you reach land go up to ground level so you can see all of
the huts and enemies. On the right side of the huts, there will be a
guy carrying/fooling around with a box. Attempt a headshot, and if you
miss, do him off with rapid fire. Another guy in the distant right will
charge – take him out as well. Now turn your attention to the left-most
side of the bunks. A guy charges from a bunk – quickly do him off as he
has grenades that could mess you up. Now turn your attention back to
the right side of the huts as 2 more mercs charge/flank you. Take them

down, reload, and enter this first bunk on the right side (the one
closest to you). Go inside and through the bunk as you reach the other
side of it, a merc with an M4 hears you. You be the first to take him
down. Grab his ammo, the red keycard on the desk, and head outside.

Look around. There should be either one or two mercs left. Proceed to
the bunk furthest away from you on the left. That’s the ammo bunker.
Before going inside, peak in the windows and take this guard out by the
door. Then go inside, grab the armor, and continue walking to the
opposite side of the bunker. Use the card you got to open this ammo
door and collect the various ammo/grenades/etc. Now go back outside and
grab the buggy parked under the shade next to the bunkers. Begin to
move forward. Checkpoint.

This may be a little hard, but whenever driving a car, I shall use the
term ‘trail’ as in that yellow/brownish substance over the green. From
now on, that’s the ‘trail’. Okay, moving on the trail, follow it and
shoot the merc as you begin to turn right. When you finish turning
right, there should be a hill overlooking the beach. Use that hill as a
ramp to fly through the air and onto the beach. Hit the gas as you
roadkill/mini gun these 2 mercs near the hut. Quickly turn around and
begin shooting at that 4WD Vehicle (or ‘Humvey’ as I shall use)
following you. Be careful though as it has a mortar attached to it and
can easily take you out. Now, go into the hut the mercs were standing
next to, and take out the merc inside. Grab the health, armor, and ammo
and proceed outside to find a buggy. Grab either the buggy or 4WD
(whichever is still available to you), and proceed on – taking a left
off the beach and onto this trail. Moving forward we have 2 more guards
next to a Humvey, shoot them down, and take that Humvey if your current
vehicle has been damaged.

Moving along the trail, we have even 2 more mercs on it. Roadkill them,
and ramp off this trail onto a similar but more difficult beach. Here
we have exactly 2 Humveys and a Patrol Boat overlooking you shooting
rockets. Bad news bears, for this is the first ‘minor’ challenge in Far
Cry. Keep moving and use your rocket launcher (use V to toggle Humvey
weapons, Buggy doesn’t have the launcher) and dispose of the car that
ramps off a sand hill. Switch to mini gun and dispose of the second
vehicle following you. Quickly turn your attention over to the patrol
boat and attempt to take it out with a rocket. Once it’s destroyed,
continue following your path if you have never came across these

Keep left. You see the jungle emerging? You see that destroyed
airplane? That’s your sign to turn left and onto a trail. Several Mercs
will be on the trail but nothing difficult for you to handle. Approx. 2
mercs. Keep heading down the trail as you come across a bigger
airplane, this time keep right.  A few more seconds and this trail
branches back with the beach, and the carrier is dead smack ahead of
you. Be careful. A boat to your 11 o’clock is approaching in the
distance and will be here in 30 seconds. That’s the time you have to
clear the carrier of mercs. There’s roughly 3 Mercs on the first deck,
and 2 Mercs on the top deck. Dispose of them with the Rocket Launcher
from the Humvey. Use your M4 if needed. Now attempt to dispose of the
boat that arrives to your 11 o’clock, left of the carrier.

All clear? Find out by taking a stroll. Nice, clear. Now swim out to
the carrier. Our destination is the starboard side of the carrier (to
the carrier’s left). Keep swimming forward as a rocket slides next to
you. There’s a mortar on the top, but very little you can do. All I did
was swim underwater and he lost site of me. Continue swimming to the
carrier as the crack emerges. Swim into it. Oh damn… Grenade!!!
Checkpoint and cutscene. Congrus on your first level!

* * * * * [Alternative Strategy by] * * * * *
CHEAP WAY OF DOING THE FIRST LEVEL (Played on normal setting):

Get to the jungle by following all the instructions given by the game /
Doyle. Once out there, take a look around but don't move forward yet,
to your right is a short slope leading to some bushes, if you walk up
to the bushes and go prone you have a view of a guy fishing and a guy
carrying boxes. If you notice next to the fishing guy is a yellow
barrel / canister fire a shot at this to get both men’s attention then
wait till they are both near to it before firing at again. It will
explode killing both leaving you free to go down and take the M4
MACHINE GUN from the pier. Another guy will be hanging around so cap
him with the M4 set to single round to conserve ammo. You can then raid
the huts for useful stuff before heading to the hut on the hill. Pick
up the binoculars and tag the guys over the lagoon.

Now run down to the water but instead of going straight across, turn
and swim to the right and go around the coast a little bit, you should
be able to flank the tower and take the guy out with a headshot. Climb
the tower and go prone immediately and cap the tower guard to your
left. (Or take out the other tower guard before climbing the ladder)
If you look at the radar you will notice that all the enemies from the
area are converging at the base of your tower, you should be able to
grenade them, if not, take them all down with 3-round-bursts from the
M4. This leaves the area clear of enemies and you unharmed if all went
to plan (the floor and rails on the tower give you some cover) leaving
you clear to check out the huts.

Nick the BUGGY and run down (while shooting) the guy by the exit to the
camp and then stop. If you look carefully you will see that the track
actually splits with a road to the left going slightly uphill, take
this and stop when you find the ruins of a hut. GET OUT OF THE CAR! you
can go prone and use the binoculars to pinpoint a pair of GRUNTS with a
4WD VEHICLE, take them down from behind cover using the M4 (it is
extremely accurate if you only fire in short controlled bursts when in
automatic mode) you can then walk slowly down to where they were and
Pinch their 4x4, you will be able to see a hut with a pair of men stood
outside of it. Switch the 4x4's weapon to rocket and let one fly at
them. Hopefully it hit and they both went flying, alerting another chap
who tries to sneak round through the cover of the trees to the left of
the hut. Just drive up to the hut and nail him as you pass. (Or you can
get out and wait for him to creep fwd enough to get him with a
headshot). Explore the hut, (not much in it), so get back in the 4x4
and continue slowly. You should be able to see a couple of guys having
a chat next to another 4x4. ROCKET IT!! It blows up sending them

Leave the 4x4 now and walk up the slope to the left and whip out your
binoculars, look around the beach in front of you and there you will
find a pair of 4x4's and a FORTIFIED POSTION on the hill in the
distance on the right of the wrecked plane. A patrol boat will be
cruising round the bay. WE WANT THIS!!

To get the boat you crawl fwd to the edge of the hill and take out the
4x4 crews. Then run back to where we left our 4x4, now walk/ crouch
crawl (walking while crouched) towards the bushes at the edge of the
shore to the right. You can go prone in these and take out the driver
of the PATROLBOAT before carefully taking out the gunner. Then you can
swim out and Pinch the boat. Don't go cruising around just yet as the
FORTIFIED POSITION mentioned earlier is a mortar and will sink you if
you don't take him down, so ROCKET HIM!!

Then sail round the edge of the hill, taking care not to run aground,
and you will see the carrier in front of you. now you can either sail
round it and use the boats guns to take out the guys on top or you can
just jump out of the boat and run across the beach to the hole in the
side of the carrier, and there it is, end of level.

[B. Carrier]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 6/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 5
Mission Overview: Locate Val and find a means of extraction.

The game starts in some total chaos. Jack nearly lost his life (ain’t
the first time), and now we are forced to go swimming. After Doyle
finishes talking, jump into the water to the left, and swim down the
submerged hallway. At the end climb the ladder slowly. Either the mercs
know your there or they don’t. All depends on how slow you climb the
ladder. What happened to me is that they knew I was there so the first
guy charged me. I blew him away with the M4. I peaked out to the left
corridor and shot the second worker and the third merc in the distance.
Then I walked down into the left hallway and opened the door on the

Alright, let’s get back into more formal term. In this room, walk
towards your 10 o’clock and open that door. To your left is where you
climbed the ladder and came from originally. To your right is a door,
open it. Grab the health on the desk and walk up the ladder in this
room and enter the next room. Here we have a choice of the ladder or
the vents. I went through the vents and you should too. Prone to go
inside, and crawl down. In this next room, there should be 2 guys with
P90s so don’t attempt to jump in and pull a Rambo. Instead, while
taking cover, attempt to shoot one guy furthest away from you in the
head and another guy directly under you as well though you might not
get him in the head. From originally where you came in (the vents), to
your 10 o’clock is door. Enter it after collecting the P90 ammo.

In this next huge room, take cover by the door as two mercs begin
talking. You should take them out easy. Collect their ammo and go to
the far right of the current room. When you enter the next room, walk
up the staircase, turn around, and take cover behind that structure-
like hill facing the door you just came from. Two mercs attempt to
flank you – take them away, grab their attempt, and climb the ladder.
Once you reach the top, turn around to your 7 o’clock and look up. A
door opens, a merc follows through, and you kill him with a bullet. To
the left of the stairs is a new room where another door opens; this
time 2 mercs instead of one come in. Take them down and go to where
they were. Look down this hallway to make sure it’s cleared and walk
down it. To your right is another hallway with another merc. Kill him
and take the first door on your left. Walk through the crack of the
ship to the outside. Checkpoint.

This next part is a pain in the ass. There’s several marksman shooters,
and what makes it worse is that this part will take you several
attempts as you need good health for the part after the. Start by
slowly walking down the stairs, and shooting the two guards that to the
right. Proceed to take cover behind this box-like structure, and while
‘peaking’ out to the right, take the down machine gunner in the
distance. Also, depending on the circumstances, another guy to the
right may sometimes walk into this area in which you will have a clear
view to take him out.

Find the big like structures that hold the platform above you up. Go
there to the side of which you took the machine gunner out. Above you
should be two guards – snipers that you will need to take out. Do so
and any other enemies that still remain (I’m not a calculator so I’ll
say approx 8 guys in this area total).  Once you begin to walk to the
port side of the ship (ships’ right), look above you for another merc
is standing on the platform with a sniper rifle. Dispose of him before
climbing the port side ladder. Then climb it and make your way back
around, this time, the part *above* from where you came. Open the door
and head in.

Head down this hallway and take your first left. Practice your headshot
skills on this guy and go to the table for a cutscene. Now go back to
the hallway and enter the second door (further down to your right). You
can either throw a grenade in, or go Rambo on their asses. Collect the
ammo and climb the stairs. Checkpoint.

Now this is where the fun starts. Grab the armor/health and climb the
ladder to the top. You can now take one of two ways:

Newbie Style:
If you have lots and lots of trouble, simply take down one guy (and
that’s the guy in the chopper shooting at you, and then dive overboard

into the water (be sure it’s the right side, hehe). When in the water,
swim down to the back of the ship and get onto land. Now take out the
M4 and shoot the 2 chains that are holding the boat on the rear port
side. Swim to the boat and skip to the last sentence.

Rambo Style:
This way is much harder, however, its much more fun. First take out the
chopper while seeking cover behind these boxes. Now face the rear of
the ship and take out the machine gunner on the right side (you can
just barely see his head). Now move up while holding cover still and
begin shooting at the guys in the distance. There should be 5 guys on
the front side of the ship and an additional 3 to the rear. You can
chuck a grenade or simply wait for them to flank you (this is where the
P90 truly shines). If additional guys run over the bridge (there’s 2
wooden bridges) shoot the chains on one side and let him fall,
BAHAHA!!! Walk to the rear side and take the last guy out or two out.
On the port (right side) should be the boat. Shoot the chains holding
it up and dive into the water, and get onto the boat. The main ideal
goal here is to test your accuracy – how good it is so far. If this
part has no affect on you – then your accuracy is right where it should
be. If it does, take the Newbie Style out.

Once Doyle comes on to do his thing, turn right (away from the boat)
and simply go forward to end this level. Yay!

* * [ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY FROM Keithley Crooks,] * *
When you get to the outside (the pain in the ass part), crawl up to the stairs
leading down, go prone and snipe the guard in the head with the M4 on single
shot mode.  When the guards start panicking, then jump over the side rail of
the ship (to your left) and into the water.  Stay very close to the side of
the boat.  Now sneak up alongside the boat until you get to the location
where the guard was.  Slowly back up onto dry land while facing the ship,
and look up to shoot any guards looking over the side rail.  When you've

sniped the guards on deck, make sure to get the one on the upper catwalk as
well.  Now swim around the boat until you get to the rope ladder.  Climb up.
 Turn to your right and snipe the guard on the elevated platform.  Don't
climb up the metal ladder yet.  Go back down to the deck and take out any
bad guys you may have missed.  Look up and shoot through the catwalk floor
to get another guy.  Also you'll see the cranium of the guy on the upper
walkway, just waiting for a bullet.  Give him his present.  Now go up the
metal ladder to the upper walkway.  Enter the door at the end of the
walkway.  Just for fun, machete the guy on the radio.  When you get to the
upper deck, use your high power machine gun to take out the helicopter
gunner with burst fire.  Use the M4 on single shot mode to take out the guy
on the mini-gun.  Run to the minigun and use it to sweep the deck of the
remaining trash.  Use your binoculars to spot hard to see enemies.  You can
even shoot the speedboat chains from here.  After the ship is sanitized go
get your boat and sail off to level 3.

[C. Fort]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 6/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 7
Mission Overview: Take out the communication array.

Remember this level? It was from the demo. Everything is pretty similar
and kept the same. Jack starts this level off on the boat he got from
the Carrier. Drive the boat directly to the first piece of land across
from you. Land, crouch and walk between these two hills – slowly. Keep
walking, while not shooting anyone and walk UNDER the platform the
mercs are on. Walk to the end in this ‘mini cave’ and turn left. Walk

forward to reach the ocean – to the right is a patrol boat. Jack it by
swimming out next to it. Drive just a little into the ocean so the
Mercs really won’t stand a chance, and begin shooting. Most of them
will come out of the huts only to be told to sit down by your machine
gun. After most of them seem dead, start driving to the mainland,
however we will stop at another island to your right. There will be 1-2
guys who think they can outsmart you with their M4. Prove them wrong
with your rocket launcher. Collect the ammo and take out the
binoculars. Zoom in and ‘collect’ the enemies onto the radar and now
get back onto the patrol boat and drive to the mainland.

Approximately, there is around 7 or more guys on the mainland. This
part really shouldn’t be a challenge since you have and a mini gun
attached to the boat, not to mention all of their locations on your
radar. Just watch out for the second boat to the left as a pair of

mercs often get in it and cause a dent in your killing spree. Once
you’ve finished them, visit the hut (upper left part of the beach) for
body armor and health and a sniper rifle! Then proceed up to follow the
trail up from the beach and into the jungle for a checkpoint.

Keep following the trail as it branches off into the left and right.
Take the right trail and then quickly after turn left between 2 pairs
of hills. Proceed forward to your 2 o’clock. Take out the binoculars,
and grab the mercs on radar (approx. 5). Proceed for a headshot on one
of them, and then switch to rapid fire and attempt to take out as many
as possible. What is funny is that this is the time the mercs ‘really’
flank you when they have no idea on what the hell is going on. They
spilt up into groups of 2 (or what’s left of them) and assault from
your left and right. Just use burst to take care of them. Once 5 of
them have been killed, proceed up the stairs – very carefully.
Sometimes more mercs rush you, and some times they don’t but throw a
grenade over on the ledge in front of you. There’s a gas barrel which
will double the explosion and take out 1 or 2 mercs. Walk up the second
set of stairs and take out what’s left of them.

Here you have two options – Navigate the tunnels or navigate the
trails. I went into the tunnels (left) as it has health kits, and is
very easy and quick to do, and for the most part it doesn’t have any
snipers. So for the time being, we’ll go tunnel. Navigate around the
first set of corners to find two mercs in the distance. Use the M4 to
finish them off. Go up to where they were and navigate the second pair
of corners – be on guard as another merc is patrolling the narrow
hallways. To the left of the hallway is a 1/10 of a locker room with a
health kit. Grab it and proceed into the next area.

The next area contains roughly 6 mercs – all of which can easily be
taken out. Chuck a grenade forward into the open area below to dispose
of either 1 or 2. To the left of the door you came from is a stairwell
which mercs love rushing upon. Kill 2 of them that do. Quickly turn
forward across from the door as 2 more mercs come running across the
catwalks. Take them both out. Now relax and grab the health from the
locker room below. Find your way to the elevator at the rear of this
room and take it up.

Once you’ve arrived, move forward. To your left is a sniper in the
distance and another guard. This is a great time to use the sniper
rifle. Do it and get a feel. Dispose of the second guard and grab the
ammo. Go to where the sniper was to see lower area of the trail you
could have taken (glad you listened to me) and ‘lay the smackdown’ on
any mercs left.

Now that your backside is safe, from where you arrived at the elevator
take the upper right trail. Use your sniper rifle on the 2-3 mercs in
the distant fort. Grab their ammo and run up the stairs. There may also
be 1 or 2 mercs running around here (especially one that attacks you
from the rear via underground passage) – mind him. After the entire
area is clear, run all the way down to the opposite side through the
various obstacles and fences. It looks like it will take some time for
Doyle to open the door. During that time, grab the rocket launcher
(your sniper rifle will be low on ammo, so dump it), and save at the

We’ve got trouble – unoriginal cutscenes! That and two helicopters are
making their way to you and will be here in several more seconds with
5-10 mercs as well as grenades launched into fort that your one! Just
take cover behind the pine tree next to the door and pull that rocket
launcher to use when the chopper comes and blow it back up to the Stone
Age . Now run behind the tree. If any mercs rush you on the
fort, take cover behind the tree and do them off with grenades. Also
I’ve also found it that if you simply hide behind the tree for the
whole time and do nothing, the helicopters or mercs won’t get to you
thus won’t hurt you. Once Doyle owns the door, run in and grab a left
halfway into the hallway.

Whoa, this cutscene predicts the future; however, I won’t spoil
anything just yet. Shoot this guy by the computer terminal and grab his
key card. Once you do that, walk over to the armory station to the
right most part of this room. Slide the keycard through to gain access
(button F - use) and grab the armor, health, C4, and ammo. Go back into
the main hallway you just were in, and proceed further in. Once you
reach this new room, plant the C4 on the generator to your left, and
turn around. You see that narrow hallway that just opened. You have to
be at the END of it in 10 seconds! Hehe, just kidding. All you have to
do is simply to run down it/be in it when the C4 goes off, and the
level ends with a cutscene. 3 down and 17 left!

* * * [Alternative Strategy by Michael Edwards,] * * *
Forget the confrontation directly in front of you when the level starts.
This is suicide on the harder difficulty levels.  You begin in the boat.
While driving the boat, turn to your right and go between the main island
the and the smaller island.  Keep the boat close to the left cliff face
as you go. You will see a mercenary boat in the distance as you get closer
to where we are headed.  You will go right past this mercenary boat keeping
it off to your right as you pass it.  If you're lucky they didn't see you.
Keep going and eventually you will need to make a sharp left.  Almost
immediately after that you will see a beach.  Run the boat up on to the
beach and then quickly press F to get out of the boat.  Hold L SHIFT
to sprint and get moving into the jungle.  If the boat saw you, this will
be a good change to lose them.

Proceed into the thick bushes.  Keep going until you find an old airplane
that is wreckage in the bush. Almost immediately after this is an opportunity
to go around a lot of enemies, thus saving you a lot of ammo and headache.
There will be a hill you can climb near the wrecked airplane.  Find it and
use it. Eventually, you will make it to the top of this ridge and you will
see a dirt path.  You should also be able to see the entrance to a bunker
(where you need to be).  This is the bunker that has the silenced MP5 on
a weapons rack.

From the top of this ridge, you will be able to see about 3 guys to your
right at the top of the dirt path.  You will also be able to see about 4
guys to your left near some storage tanks of some kind. Sneak across the
dirt path and none of these guys should even see or hear you which means
you don't have to fight them.

With this strategy, the first two guys you have to shoot will be the two
guys inside the bunker that will be at the top of the stairs.  Use your
pistol to do this.  You can even sneak up on them by going prone (press V)
and staying behind the pillars on the side wall and then use your pistol.

[D. Pier]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 5/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 7
Mission Overview: Meet Doyle at the other side of the island.

The first actual level where you can use the glider! Just a side note:
It doesn’t work like a helicopter and go up. Stop emailing me with this
question – IT DOES NOT GO UP. There. Anyways, you begin right after the
tunnel you ran down from Fort and at the side of a steep cliff (If
anyone wants to see how steep it is, jump down and record the seconds
it takes for you to hit the water). Really. The fall though,
miraculously doesn’t kill you. But back to the top, proceed a few steps
ahead in your current position. There should be two Mercs just
wondering the barrels ahead of you. Take one done with a headshot. The
other will wonder where the shots are coming from as you finish him off
too. Quickly sprint ahead. You see those 2 barrels lying at their sides
just before the hill? Push the left one down. With any luck, it would
literally roadkill a Merc leaving you to deal off with one more.
Finish him off as well and go back to the barrel tent. There should be
penalty of ammo, health kits, and armor. Grab it, and then get into the
glider overlooking the canyon.

Technically, the only way the glider goes up is if you go down, get
some speed and go back up, however you will loose altitude anyways so
just concentration on getting to the other side opposite from your
current position. If for any reason you gotta bail out, the river below
you has a patrol boat at the bottom that would tear you apart, so by
all means – stay in the glider. 1/3 of your way through your journey to
the other side, you will be greeted by a chopper and a machine gunner.
Use your M4 to take out the gunner and use the “Up-Down” tactics in
which you go down, and back up on the glider to avoid enemy fire. Once
you rid yourself of the gunner, the chopper will leave.

Once you are past the 3/4 mark of your journey, take out the rocket
launcher and fire at the two enemies by the torn out pillar ahead of
you. If you have not got any rocket launcher ammo, attempt a headshot
with the M4. If the machine gunner survives and begins shooting at you,
land the glider at the base of the next canyon. Quickly sprint up the
canyon in an attempt to kill both of the mercs next to the machine gun.
Give or take a few seconds, another more advanced chopper (which from
my opinion seems to be the Bell Helicopter XV-15 TRRA but will we just
call it a transport chopper) will appear with 3-4 more mercs. If the
first two mercs by the machine gun are dead, run up to it, and use it
on the guys that drop from the chopper. Easy, no? Grab the ammo, and
health, and proceed into the jungle. Checkpoint.

Walk a few steps into the jungle until you get a clear view of the
tower ahead of you. There’s a sniper and a merc with an M4. GET THE
SNIPER FIRST and then the M4 Merc. Run up to the tower (to the left of
it is some ammo), and climb it. Grab the sniper rifle, go to the prone
position, and use your scope for the next camp area. In this next area,
you should see approximately 6-8 in the scope. However from memory, you
will have a little under 20 mercs total in the camp, and just 5 more on
patrol before it in the jungle. To get a clear count of how many mercs
there are, grab your binoculars and ‘tag’ the mercs. Now, grab the
sniper rifle, and snipe the sniper in the opposite end tower. Now look
down at the ground where most of the Mercs seem to be. They seem to be
next to an explosive barrel (the yellow one). You know what to do ;^)

Give or take 10 seconds, an enemy helicopter will fly over to the tower
you are on. As a friendly warning, you have more than enough time to
get off the tower and take cover; however I choose to stay on the tower
as it cannot shoot me from above the sky but only from the sides. Your
P90 is the weapon of choice for taking out the machine gunner in the
chopper while taking cover next to the wooden log that supports the
roof of the tower. Around 10 hits should do the trick. Once the chopper
flies away, leave the tower and head deeper into the jungle following
the yellowish trail.

Keep walking for 15-20 more meters, and then head off the trail to the
right. If you look back onto the trail and ahead, there’s about 5-6
Mercs on patrol talking about how you screwed their entire operation.
Listen to them whine like mules then proceed to own them with your M4
and grenades. If you still have a rocket launcher, then use it. But if
I seem to recall, once you kill the first 2, 4 more will appear from
‘hidden’ or random positions. You should be able to take them out as
well; be careful though as they will charge you while you take cover
from the trees. Once you kill them, collect the ammo (one of them drops
half used body armor), and continue heading on the trail to the Merc

Once you reach the camp, go to crouch position and look to the east of
the camp (NOT east on the radar). There are two additional towers. One
of them has a sniper and the other has a merc with a rocket launcher.
Be sure to take both of them out as they are a major pain. Once you
complete this, there’s a tent to your right with body armor. Pick it up
and secure your flanks. Lots of times Mercs love to come from behind or
even from the front.

NOTE: If any Merc trips the alarm, turn it off (with F – Use) or more
Mercs will come from a transport chopper.

Now you have two ways of clearing out this camp. And we’ll resume from
the Carrier method:

Rambo Style: Here, you will run up the middle of the camp to the mini
gun in the center of the camp taking down any Mercs that pop up from
the compounds. Once you get to the mini gun, furiously start firing it
at the other direction and bunkers. Mercs will run out only to get lead
into their mouths. After a while it will be quiet. Your destination
(looking at the side opposite to where you came from) is to your 11
o’clock. In the furthest left part of the camp is a bunker with some
C4. Grab that C4 and go directly east of it to the Armory. Plant it on
some explosive stuff inside, and leave. Boom.

Stealth Style: Your main goal here is to stay at the left side of the
camp moving up forward, taking out any enemies that charge you, however
you never change the defensive into the offensive. If you took this
path, you are most likely playing on a harder difficulty and I don’t
blame you. The furthest bunker on the left you will come across has the
C4 you need to blow the Armory bunker directly easy of it. Enter the
Armory bunker, plant the explosives, and haul ass out. Boom.

Once the area seems clear, grab the Buggy at the end of the camp and
pull onto the trail AND STOP. You aren’t going anywhere just yet. You

hear that loud noise? Someone in the garage (bunker behind the Buggy)
seems to have started their vehicle (I never would have guessed). Drive
past the garage and the doors open with the Humvey. You most likely
want this vehicle as it is vastly superior over your current crappy
one. So either jump out and take out the Gunner or stay in the vehicle
and take him out with the mini gun mounted on top. Then do the same
with the driver that jumps out. Grab the vehicle and begin following
the trail.

Once the trail swifts upward, roadkill one of the guys (forget the
other) and gas down the hill. The trail will swift to the left as there
seems to be a roadblock in the distance. To the right of the roadblock
is a ramp (hill looking thingy). Use it to escape. Another humvey will
pull in behind you. It will solely be your choice if you want to stay
back and destroy it. I just hit the gas and drove my ass out of there.
Later depending if the vehicle is still on you or not, the trail will
take random swifts up, down, left and right. You will see another
Humvey in the distance pretty soon. RAM into it and attempt to push it
off the cliff for insurance. Then keep driving forward as a checkpoint

The pier is up ahead. Floor it . As soon
as you hit the middle of the garage, jump out of the car. With any luck
the Humvey should roll forward roadkilling one or two mercs and fall
into the water. Kill the second merc on the platform the car flew by,
and grab the mortar. Look down into the water. You see your humvey in
the water? Fire at it with the Mortar. If you humvey flew really far,
it should explode, and take out 1-2 mercs on the pier standing right
next to it. Exit the mortar. Quickly run to your left side and shoot
the merc that charges up the platform. There should be some more Mercs
remaining on the platform, approx 1-3. If there Mercs are really far,
snipe them with the sniper rifle. If they are really close, find the
yellow barrel they are standing next to, shoot it, and watch the

Once all the mercs are lying in their pool of blood, walk down towards
the end of the pier to await Doyle. Yay.

[E. Research]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 6/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 5
Mission Overview: Get to the other side of the island through various
underground tunnels.

This is the first level you encounter the Trigens, however you don’t
just battle them... yet. You are dropped off on a little piece of land
in the dawn of the evening. Doyle informs you of the situation but
doesn’t explain anything. Move a couple of meters forward so you can
get a clear view of the surrounding. There are 8 guys you can ‘tag’
with your binoculars (not bad). There may be 2 more hiding up in the
shack to your north but ignore them for the time being. Start off by
sniping a couple guys on the island to east of where you spawned or got
‘dropped’ off. By sniping the first 2 or 3 guys, the mercs are informed
of where you are and begin charging you with any remaining mercs. Swim
out to the island of where the most mercs were.

While swimming underwater, the mercs alertness of you ceases. In other
words, they haven’t a clue of where you are (hopefully). Set foot on
the land and dispose of any remaining mercs and grab the health and
armor and ammo. Look back to the island of where you landed and you
should see a group of mercs inspecting it or running towards it. Finish
the remaining clips of your sniper rifle as the area you will venture
into, the sniper rifle will be useless. If you are completely out of
ammo, use your M4. By now you should have picked off at least 80% of
the mercs. Go to this island’s (piece of land, whatever) north and find
the bridge connecting it back to the mainland. Pick off any remaining
mercs that charge. Also take note to your North-East (also known by the
dot on the radar). There’s usually a merc hiding down there. Kill him.
And use your binoculars to give the area a final inspection.

Now look to where the shack to the north is. Head there. Inside is a
keycard (on the left of when you enter it), some armor, and ammo. Grab
it and head to the cave indicated by the dot on your radar. Once you
enter the cave shoot the guy hiding behind the pillar talking on the
walky-talky. Now head over to the door, open it with the keycard, and
proceed in. Watch for a cutscene of the trigen. Don’t worry; as I said
before, you don’t fight any on this level...

After the cutscene, head down the hallway and take a right. Head all
the way down this hallway to see a pool of water and Doyle coming on to
say that this is the seawater powering station or whatever. Make your
way around the pool of water, and find the next area (to your 11
o’clock) to head to.

Ooooooo... Power goes out, how scary! In this huge room, you have a
total of 5 Mercs to fight. At the end of the hallway you just came
from, look into the right hallway and in the distance to see a very
faint image of a merc. Take him down. Now look into the left area with
the generators. A merc comes out to investigate – take him down as
well. Move up the flight of stairs to your left, and you should see one
merc directly ahead below of you. Drop him. While moving up the flight
of stairs, yet another merc already on the catwalks where the stairs
lead too runs out. Drop this fool again. And back in the generator
room, there’s a worker that’s gonna try to take you out with his pee-
shooter (Falcon). Laugh at him then drop him. Now in this generator
room, there’s a cave passage located North-East at the bottom most
level. Head there, and then head up.

At the top of this passage, a merc runs out. Drop him. The hallway
splits into two – forward and right. Head forward to find the generator
on your left and another flight of stairs to your right. Down at the
stairs to your right should be two more Mercs. By this time you know
what to do. To turn the generator on, simply flick the switch with the
F button – Use. Let there be light!

Back track to the generator room you were just at (on your way back you
should meet a worker that met the wrong guy; which is you). When you
come to the generator room, head back up to the second level and find
the elevator (shouldn’t be that hard to find). Take it up. As you reach
the next level, you will see a pair of trigens officially owning a
merc. They will then run into the vents to make their getaway. Head to
your 2 o’clock (don’t worry about the vents – they won’t jump out) to
the exit door.


[F. Treehouse]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 8
Mission Overview: Get to the other side of the island.

Now we get to the trigens! Proceed forward through the first door and
look to the left. Ouch! That guy definitely ain’t gonna be in Far Cry
2. Grab the ammo and proceed back to the starting point. Head through
the hallway original on your right and take the first left. Peak
through the doors that fail to open to see a massacre. These guys just
joined the first guy’s line of peeps that failed to be in Far Cry 2.
Anyways, back in the hallway, head through the last door. That’s your
trigen... dead of course. It takes many shots to kill these suckers so
be on your toes. Head past this trigen, and take a left into this new
room beyond the broken humvey. Here, head to the only door and into the
room where you saw the massacre. Hmmm... they must be gone now, or are
there? LOOK OUT – just kidding, they are gone. Anyways, there’s 2 other
doors that you haven’t ‘completely’ passed. One is the one who failed
to open, and the other is our destination. Head to the other for a

Outside. It should be a little easier to fight trigen in open territory
rather than squeezed corridors. Quickly head forward onto the catwalk
to witness a humvey pass below you with Mercs set in to dispose of the
trigen who just torn up the previous building you were in. If you don’t
feel like fighting them, proceed to the end of this catwalk. Head
around the tree and step up onto another catwalk, and head down it.
Keep going forward until you have an option of going to the left or
right catwalk. I choose left, after I proceed to kill the 3 mercs
taking down the trigen at the bottom (Word of advice: take the machine
gunner out first). Then I proceed to where the machine gunner was and
secured my flank. A lot of times trigen love to sneak up behind you
like on the catwalk connected to land. Anyways, secure the flank and
head onto the elevator next to the machine gun.

Before heading down, look to see if any trigen are within the area.
There’s usually one or two. If it looks clear take the elevator down
with the P90 as your primary weapon. Quickly head into the Humvey and
head up the trail forward (the path the Humvey was facing) that leads
you past the cave the trigens emerged from. Any second now, a trigen
from a cave should attack you. As difficult as it is to fire the
Humvey’s mini gun at the trigen since you are on higher ground then it,
try either jumping out of the vehicle and attacking it, or roadkilling
it. Whatever method is fine, just be sure not to get hit or otherwise a
good 3/4 of your health/armor decreases.

Keep heading up the trial after you’ve disposed of your trigen. To the
left would be some gates leading to a building and an elevator whom
most of us got confused in taking however, seeing as it requires a
keycard to access, most people got pissed off and didn’t know where to
find it. Don’t go into any gates at all as opposite from those gates
are a tree and some broken branches. If you look at the destination –
the supervision office, above or rather I should say next to the tree
is a broke catwalk that leads to the ground (it’s just perpendicular to
where you are at currently). Head over there but be sure to take the
two trigen that await just before it in the bushes out (take out your
binoculars if you can’t find them). Head up the catwalk all the way to
the end (be careful if any more Mercs are there).

Inside the gate area, there should be a health kit just before the
actual building. Grab it and go in the front door. To your left are two
trigens. Use whatever method you think is best (I simply threw a
grenade in, and took the other one done with the P90 if he was still
there). From where you came in (the front door) across of it should be
another door (though facing a different side). That’s where the
scientist is. Head in, err... he’s dead. Damn I didn’t see that coming.
The trigen will flee in terror (along with half of the scientist’s
face). Grab his keycard and keep going forward into another room via
door in front, to see a switch. Pull it down to open the gate outside.
Head back out.

Once again, from your original point of entry into the entire building,
head right and take the stairs down. A trigen in front will run away,
but really he is just charging a Merc. Watch the fight or take them out
with a ‘nad (grenade). Proceed forward through the tiny corridors into
the basement. Here are two more trigen but nothing hard for you to
handle. Now, see the Big Rig? In front of it is a door with a switch to
the right side. Pull it and hop into the big rig.

Keep driving forward and take the left path up into a whole new area. A
few meters just ahead, you should be a transport helicopter with a few
Mercs. You can fight them, roadkill them, or simply forget about them
by turning immediately left and gassing it. Stop when you see the
Humvey, get out, and jack that. Turn the Humvey completely around and
follow this trail. Checkpoint.

The trail should turn into a circle-like-zigzag. Once it branches off
(to the left and right) you take the right path. Change to the Humvey’s
rocket launcher and fire it at the roadblock. Once the Mercs die, take
note of where the left path went. It went up into that outpost. There’s
one guy just above you on that trail and another inside the bunker with
a sniper rifle. Take them up with the machine gun. Now face back into
the roadblock. Aim your attention at the right side of it – that tree
branch. Fire a rocket or two to get it to move and then move through
the newly created path. Head down the trail and onto the bridge.
Roadkill the two mercs on it and take the sniper out to the right side
after the bridge meets with the other hill. You should be able to get
past this second roadblock once more by shifting and turning. Once you
do so, head up the hill.

The hill changes sides and increases at an angle to the left. While
heading up the hill, meet the mercs at the top with a friendly roadkill
and quickly turn left at the top of the hill as barrels are released
down it. There should be a total of 7 mercs in this outpost including
one merc with a rocket launcher in the tower just above you. Use the
Humvey’s superior weapons over the Mercs’. Once you’ve killed several
of them, proceed to get the C4 at the dot on the radar. Before leaving
however, pay the rocket launcher merc at the top of the tower a little
visit (there’s stairs to the side of the outpost). At the bottom of the
tower, throw a ‘nad up and wait for the scream. Good. Back to the
Humvey. Drive forward on the trail besides the outpost to the bridge
you see in the distance. Once again use the Humvey’s rocket launcher to
dispose at the sniper at the other side. Also, your current destination
– that old outpost we’ve passed a while back; fire a couple of rocket
down there to get rid of the mercs on the outlook. Now cross the bridge
by foot (obviously). Checkpoint.

At the end of the bridge, take out the binoculars and tag the mercs in
the next area (to your left). There’s a total of 2 to your left (plus a
third in the outpost wall) and sometimes one to your right hiding
amongst the trees. Use some ‘nads to get the job done or some
flashbangs if you have them. Once dead, head over to the wall with the
C4 icon on it. Plant the C4 and get some good distance between the C4
and yourself (it gives you 10 seconds, simply run back to the bridge).


Peak inside the outpost and look up on top of the walls. There’s
usually one or two mercs there, if you didn’t take them out with the
Humvey’s rocket launcher. Also, there’s usually another mercs running
around this outpost somewhere. Be on the lookout for him. Once all
dead, grab some cover. A chopper approaches to gun you down. Prove it
wrong with the M4 (if you still have it; which you should). A few shots
to the gunner and he will fall out. The main concern here is to simply
make sure you’ve got good cover or you could be messed up bad. Getting
back to our point of entry (the blown up wall), exactly opposite of it
should be a path leading down into a door. Swipe the keycard through
the panel on the right of the door and enter. In this room, grab the
ammo on the right, and proceed to the last door to finish the level.
Now we reach Trigen heaven... Yippee.

[G. Bunker]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 7/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 5
Mission Overview: Find Val.

Bunker is a fairly short level with a few amount of Trigen (at least
compared to the rest of the game). Don’t worry however, as the Mercs
will keep the Trigen busy and you will do most of the ambushing! ^__^

Start the level by walking down this hallway through a couple of doors.
At the end grab the health and armor on the left shelf and take the
elevator down with the frag grenade equipped. As soon as the doors
open, throw a grenade into the next room. Depending on where it lands,
you would take out anywhere from 0-2 Mercs. Hopefully it is 2 mercs, as
even more Mercs come charging. One of them will be deadly, appearing
from the left side of the arch-like door with a shotgun. Now he could
cut you up bad unless you cut him first. After disposing of all 4
enemies grab the ammo and take the stairs (left of arch) up. Open the
door and head right into the new area.

There’s roughly 1 Merc and 2 scientists in here having a conversation
about the outbreak of the Trigen. While crouching and staying to the
left, sneak down the stairs into a good position to snipe (with your
P90 of course). And... Oh my god. What.The.Hell.Is.That. Just be glad
its dead (or is it (its dead, just kidding)) as the dead ones are
friendlier than the alive ones. Keep walking on the catwalks around the
perimeter of the Big Trigen into the next room, but be careful, because
as soon as you open a door – a guard waits at the other side. Dispose
of them and head down the stairs to the bottom. Enter the new room.

There’s 2 Trigen here and plenty of time to take them out before they
realize that you are there. Enter the only other door left in this
room. In this room, you have a door to the left and to the right. Two
Mercs enter the door from the right. Dispose of them and head through
the door on the left. Kill this Merc on the catwalks and peak around
the corner to the right. There’s a Merc ready with the Machine Gun.
Take him out quick. Now from the door that you came into this place,
follow the catwalks (that lead left) into the new room.

Peak around the corner and get the jump on a Trigen who got a jump on a
Merc, heh. Another Trigen dead ahead of you will jump into this new
room. Take him out quick. Now head into the room that he emerged from.
You will see some kind of a holding area for Trigen. Just to be on the
safe side, shoot the Trigen in the cases because somehow I was killed
in the back when I proceed past this area. After they are dead, there
is a room 2 o’clock from where you originally entered this holding
area. Go there. In this new area, there is a Trigen above and to the
right of you. Fire off a round or so to get his attention, and ANOTHER
trigen will emerge from the door across from you. Take him out first,
then the Trigen heading down the stairs. Take note of the health kit
left on the boxes as you are heading forward into the new door.

Down stairs you will see an advancing lonely Merc. Take him out, grab
his ammo and head forward. A familiar view. This area is being
reinforced by 3 Mercs. Take them out on the catwalks that you
originally passed. Getting back to your path, take a left into the new
room. Checkpoint I see.

This next part is *hard*. You will open a door and see a battle between
3 Mercs and 4-5 Trigen. You are located at the top of the stairs as are
the Mercs and the Trigen are advancing from the bottom. If you begin to
shoot the Mercs, the Trigen probably kill you the second you run outta
ammo. If you shoot the Trigen, the Mercs will divert their firepower on
you. So basically, you are screwed. Solution? Just wait for the Mercs
to get butchered by the Trigen, and then you butcher the already weaken
Trigen (which should be 1-2). Head down the loooong stairs and open the
door at the bottom.

Here is a Merc standing next to a pair of boxes. Throw a nad next to
him to kill him and yet another Merc that is right beside him past the
corner. Now peek around the corner and take out yet another Merc that
is actually in the first damn bunker we come across. Look at that
beautiful view. Wait, there’s the chopper. Damn, we gotta hurry up.
Walk into the new area.

>:^) To be extremely evil, instead of shooting the Mercs, head up the
stairs to your left and navigate the corners. At the dead end is a
switch. Flick it on or off or whatever to see the Trigen unleashed and
the Mercs massacred. After they are done with the Mercs, the Trigen
will run up the stairs to you. Hold them off from the top depending on
how many survived (for me it was usually 4-5). Once they are dead, head
downstairs and collect the ammo and walk up to the big door to open it.
Now, I don’t know exactly what I did, but I backtracked because I
forgot a part to this guide. When I came back, there were 4 Mercs
standing next to the holding cells. They were all easy kills with my
P90 and were all caught off guard. You should maybe try the same. If
you don’t feel like it, just run into this new area and shoot the
chains holding the crate. It should kill most of the baddies leaving
you to pick off several others and two trigens that are left. Whatever
way you choose, once they are all dead, proceed up the stairs and
through the door at the top. Run up the trail to end this level, and to
see a pretty cool cutscene. Yay.

[H. Steam]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 7/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 7
Mission Overview: Get to the Regulator.

The most original idea in a video game/movie ever – split up. Joy. Did
I remind you that this is Merc territory? Filled to the top with plenty
of mortars and rocket launchers as well. Oh yea, and snipers too, hehe!
Anyways, move forward along the beach. Take out a rapid weapon and
proceed into the jungle/forest/whatever you want to call it. About 20
meters ahead you should see a ‘light’ with 3 trigens around it. They
are pretty easy to take down. Be careful of the one that flanks you on
the right, he’s a smart bastard. Grab the long dead merc’s ammo and the
health and proceed on.

You gotta keep left and move slowly through here. Once you come across
your first ‘huge’ rock, look to your left. There’s a kinda path leading
up the hill. Walk up over the hill. Anyways, on the other side, there
should be a clear path, one leading to the direction you were going and
another leading upwards. Take the upwards path while crouching and
slowly walking to the mortar. Grab it and go Rambo on the guys below.
Approximately 4 of them. Mind the boat as well. Now, this is probably
one of the most realistic things I have ever seen in my entire life. If

you were too slow to kill the guards, one of them launches a ‘flare’
that signals for help. Two more patrol boats and a couple more mercs
are on your ass. Mind them as well.

Once finished with the area, make your way down the hill to where the
mortar was facing (which was to the right along the coast). If you
didn’t kill the patrol boat, then its best to take it. If you did, then
you’re on foot. Checkpoint when you start to walk up the trail.

Be very alert as you turn the corner. Anywhere from up to 2 to 6 mercs
may be in the area. Also, a rocket launcher merc is on the cliff to
your left. Dispose of him first. Then I found out that the best
strategy here was to keep my distance so the mercs don’t flank you.
Eventually they will stop coming, wait a few seconds and secure your
position. Now, walking off the path to the left should be a minor hill
leading upwards and then back down to the beach. Go there. Once on the
beach, keep going forward and onto another hill. Below is maybe 5-6
mercs fishing on a dock. Either grenade them or dispose of them with
your m4. However, the hard part is yet to come. Proceed up the path to
your right against the right wall and minding an enemy only a few feet

Below you on the left are a couple of huts. Approximately 10 Mercs are
in the area as well as a Machine Gunner opposite on the other side of a
cliff. Take him out first, and then begin to worry about the mercs
below you. If not already alerted, most of the people in this camp will
be firing at your ass. Grenades are the ideal helper here as mercs will
charge you up the trail. Make sure the trail leading down the hill is
clear of mercs, and only then proceed to snipe them out with the m4.
The ideal thing here is to keep your patience. Start counting of how
many people in the village you’ve killed. Should be somewhere around 10
I counted. If you’re past 5 or 6, head into village yourself.

It’s the second hut on the right that contains the goggles. Grab them,
and fiddle around with them for a second. However, they don’t have
unlimited batteries – well they kinda do, but they need time to
recharge. Make sure you don’t get addicted to them because they die on
the moment you need them most. Proceed through the village picking off
any guards you might have missed, and collecting any ammo you come
across. Once done, head into the Humvey at the end of the huts. Proceed
forward down the trail, and to the right for a checkpoint.

Here two trigens will run at you. Turn them into pancakes and proceed
forward following ‘the trail’ which leads to the left. Get a good
amount of speed and you SHOULD be able to ram the tree hard enough to
just bounce right over it (and the mercs as well, haha). The trail will
switch downwards and into a river. The river isn’t deep so the jeep
will survive – once you hit the river through, mind the rockets, and
hit the gas to the 11 o’clock for the second trail to emerge.

More checkpoints and two Mercs in a brand new humvey. To be on the safe
side, start firing at them in an attempt to kill the driver, then jump
out and kill the passenger. Jack their ride and begin going further
down the path (you might have to turn it around as the enemy humvey was
facing your opposite direction). Further down the trail should be
another road block – an even more serious one. That’s okay though – use
the combo of the mini gun/rocket launcher on them. Mind the torrent
though. Now, once all mercs lay in their pool of blood, you will have

to go one foot. But wait – knowing some of us, we are afraid too. To
the right of the roadblock is a tree and furthermore a hill. You can
drive past it via this small path in between the tree and hill. Yay.

Almost done... As you keep driving forward you will notice a parked
humvey with a couple of mercs guarding it. Shoot them all down and the
ones that flee too. Be careful, there are a total of 8 (roughly) – one
of which is hiding in the bushes to the right of the humvey. Others may
be in the huts as well. Whatever the case – gun them down. Run into the
hut to grab the full health and armor and ammo as well. Head back
outside into the humvey. Jump on in, and proceed down the trail.

The trail will begin to split in two – one leading to the main building
you see there, and another leading to the ‘back’ of it. Take the one
going forward (which leads to the back). Mind the two mercs that are
guarding the trail. Hehe. While driving around the main complex, shoot
back at the mercs with the rocket launcher. Darn, here comes a chopper
with reinforcements. Be ready for it with the humvey’s rocket launcher
– shoot it as it hovers above the ground waiting to drop the enemies
off. One shot will take out the chopper. Once the chopper goes down
pick off any remaining mercs. Most of them will be around the
blueprints/map of the facility. They should be dead however, and the
map appears to be on a stone-like table.

Cutscene. Jack talks to Doyle. Doyle talks to Jack. After it ends, head
into the main Regulator complex just left of where the trail merges
with the pavement. Mission complete.

[I. Regulator]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 6
Mission Overview: Shut down the Regulator.

Don’t even think about it. That Big Rig is destroyed. But head over
there anyways. There was should a door in the corner (take note of the
ammo on the crate in front of where you started). Open the door and
crouch. Listen to the funny explanation about why mercs are only evil
during their day job. Then just throw a grenade next to them and watch
them fly. Equip the night errr... “Cry Vision” to see the baddies in
the distance. There should be one on the tower in the distance, and
about 2-3 by the crate to your right. P90 is the ideal weapon of choice
of you still have ammo for it. If not, work with the m4. If you also
hurry, there is a Big Rig truck in the distance driving away. Attempt
to jack it if the nearby enemies are dead. Then just drive across the
bridge. Stop at the end, get out, and shoot the gunner merc. Charge him
if possible to “avoid” any damage.

Also once at the end of the bridge take note of the tower to your 10
o’clock in the distance. There’s a merc with a rocket launcher there.
He can mess you up pretty bad. After all looks clear, slowly walk
forward. At the end of the ‘island’ the bridge seems to be out (the Big
Rigs won’t make it – already tried). So, we’ll take the next best thing
– climb the tower to the left. Take the fox thingy across. Once you
land, secure your area (there’s a merc in the trees to your distant
left). Now proceed inside.

This area resembles the one you started in. It also includes – THE FORK
LIFT! Yay! Crytek deserves kudos for this – first game to include the
fork lift badass. The mercs did such a bad job of guarding it as they
are only 3, 4 of them around it. Piece of cake to take such a treasure
from them. Sadly, we cannot proceed into the enterer of the complex due
to its greatness. You will just have to enter through the door on the
left side of the big door. Inside there is a merc guarding another big
door across from you, 2 workers to your right, and 1 merc on the
catwalks above your right. Take the one on the catwalks first with the
m4. Next pick up the merc guarding the door. Once dead, the workers
won’t be a problem with their crappy peashooter. Also, another worker
tries to rush you by emerging from the door on your left. That’s your
destination. Head instead (after shooting the merc), and grab [Keycard
1] from the table. You will need 2 more keycards. Enter the second door
in this room.

Proceed up the stairs and make a U-Turn (very easy to miss) at the top
of it, walk up another pair of stairs. Open the door up there and
ambush the two scientists. Grab [Keycard 2] from the table and the
ammo/armor/health. Below you should be roughly 5 mercs. They shouldn’t
be a problem to take out especially with the ‘balcony’ to the right
side of this overview room (the door across from where you entered).
Once most of them seem to be dead, head back down the stairs to where
you made that U-Turn. This time, take the door on the right. You will
enter the room where the mercs just got SERVED. If you look up and to
the right, that’s where you picked up [keycard 2]. Across from it and
to the bottom is [keycard 3]. Grab it off the table but careful as you
watch the door in back of you open (usually 1-2 mercs instead).

Once you got all 3 keycards, head to where you made the U-Turn once
more. Across the stairs are some steam pipes venting poisonous greenish
gas. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you will die by
breathing it. So, on your left should be a valve. Turn if off and the
gas goes away – yay! Walk down this once deadly hallway and open the
door. Jump up to the left and surprise the two scientists (one next to
you, one in the distance still on the left).

Now, here’s the simple part. There are 3 doors – you got 3 keycards. Do
the math (slide the keycard to open the door by action or F). Be
careful as there is one scientist in the Blue Keycard Valve Room. Also
one more thing – there is gas in your current hallway as well. Do NOT
attempt to run by it as you will die (trust me). Instead go around
(back into the room with [Keycard 3]) and through the control panels in
the back of it. Turn the last valve off in the room past the gas for
the gas to clear. Ok, there’s one door left - all the way at the left
side from where I originally told you to enter this hallway before the
math solving skills come into motion. Open that door and proceed down
that hallway for a checkpoint!

This is one of the *hardest* part in the game. If you are playing on
some of the harder difficulties, this will make your life a living
hell. There are approximately 10 mercs here. Oh yea, and some of them
have shields, m4’s and deadly aims, no matter what difficulty you are
on. The m4 (not the p90) will be the ideal weapon for the most part.
Start out by shooting the guy in the distance (try going for a head
shot). Now peak out and to the right to see a merc advancing. It’s
either one with a shield or one that sprints to you. Whichever one it
is, take him down. If you zoom in with your m4 to directly across from
you, you should see a yellow explosive tank. Take note of that when the
mercs run by it. Once it’s quiet, a trio of mercs will charge you from
the top. Get cover behind the pillars while peaking out and shooting
them. If somehow you still got a rocket launcher, this would be the
time to use it. If not, continue working your way up with the m4.

If attempt after attempt you still fail, just get their attention get
hide in the hallway. When the door opens – shoot. Eventually (but only
after minutes of camping) can you beat this part – the cheap way. Once
all are dead, run to the top while collection ammo, and armor. At the
top, enter the hallway and save.

Navigate the corners and open the door. 1 merc, 1 worker vs. 1 badass
with an m4 (you). Take them out. Now walk up to the regulator in the
corner on the right and turn it off. Boom.

You think it’s over? Think again. Another, more harder part is coming
up. 12 Mercs in the next area – armed with body armor, shotguns, and
m4’s. As the door is already opened, throw a grenade to the left and
right sides of the door. With any luck, 4 mercs will go down. That will
be a perfect way to start this intense battle off. Sprint forward on
the right side and walk up the stairs to a platform in the middle.
While crouched, and taking cover against the pillar, shoot the mercs
that drop from the transport chopper. Give it all that you got as these
will be the last baddies you face in this level. Don’t be afraid to
waste that ammo. Use the m4 and p90 as your primary weapon. If anyone
tries rushing, use the shotgun. Even more so, take note of any
additional grenades you have left. Don’t be afraid to run back into the
regulator and fight them off from there. It’s a matter of time before
you complete this battle because you will need mad skillz for the next
couple of levels coming up.

Once you’re the only one left standing, head over to the vent on the
far right of this area. Shoot the lock out with any weapon and proceed
inside to end this frantic level.

[J. Control]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 9
Mission Overview: Reach the other side of the complex.

Looks like we will be rescuing Val (again). You don’t know the half of
it. This level is by far one of the most annoying and intimidating levels
in the game. It’s filled to the top with Trigen almost around every
corner... and they have become smarter. Now they actually flank you from the
back, so just keep a close eye out around every corner. Now, let’s start by
navigating this pipe. Proceed forward and take about two-three rights
every time the pipe ends. At the end of the pipe, drop down into the next
one right when you hear a thud into water. Don’t worry, it’s safe. Inspect
the already dead worker and climb up the ladder. Enter the door in this
room and grab a left.

You should be in a hallway with yells at the end of it. Instead of taking
that door down there, walk into the vents on the left side of this corridor
(shoot it with any weapon of choice to enter). Navigate to the end of it.
Don’t just shoot this net yet. The trigens and mercs will be aware that
you are in the vents. Depending on whoever wins this battle, the trigen
may go completely into the vent and strike at you or the merc will simply
patrol the corridor where you gained access into the vent. Kill whoever
lives, and shoot the net at the end of the vent.

You see that steam? We gotta turn that off or else it will kill you in
.23 seconds. Oppose to the steam (on your side) is a hallway leading
into a room. Enter that room. To your right is the door that leads to the
corridor where you accessed the vents originally. Forward is a room with
a dead worker with plenty of ammo, nads, and armor. Stock up. Now,
there’s also an access ladder leading down to some vents. Grab that and
climb down. Shoot the vent open and walk to the end of it. No one in
this hallway, so jump out and proceed to your left. Checkpoint.

Go forward into this room/deeeeeeeep query. Now, seeing as I took a
different path throughout this entire level (on my first attempt), my life
was made a living hell. Once I turned off the pipe (which you should just
do), I stood there somehow thinking that you had to shoot the chains off
of that hanging platform so you could get access to the top level. I must
of spent 2 hours on this when I finally backtracked and found that the
gas was turned off. You do the same as well.

Navigate around these corners into your next new room to find three
scientists. One will be exploring the room, while around will run in
as shoot as you gun the first one down, and yet a third will jump out.
Kill all three, and grab their ammo. Now find the next hallway in this
room (to your 2 o’clock from where you entered), and proceed down half
way down it. Take the vent to the right and head on forward for a
checkpoint. A familiar place. Take aim and shoot the 2 trigens creating
havoc in this room. Now climb the ladder to the middle level, get off, and
find another one a bit further on this platform. Climb that ladder to get
to the top. You see that crate? Push it next to the huge pipe leading
across and run over to the other side. Turn the steam off. Now direct
your attention to the vent that originally got you into this room. Two
trigens will appear from it. Blast them and climb back down all the way
 to the vents (don’t fall).

Once you reach the vents, exit it to the hallway and move to your 2 o’clock
to enter another vent directly (kinda to the right though) across it. Once
it that vent, head forward and take a right. All the way down this vent,
you should see two trigens at the end of it. Blast them and turn your
attention to the left to see a merc that was SERVED. Anyways, now direct
your attention to the top right. There’s a vent that will have a trigen
in it. Nad it or take it head on. Checkpoint.

Going down another loooong vent, take the first right you get. Two mercs
will be busy talking, bah, bah. Blast them both. Now head back into the
vents and go all the way down it and take the second (last) right. Here is

another room similar to the one you where in. Once you pop open this vent,
to your left should be two mercs taking about fleeing. Pop them both, and
the merc that comes from the right (after investigating the two workers you
recently killed). Run around both the rooms stocking up on ammo, armor,
and nads. Once you finish doing this head over to the elevator and take
it down.

Here we should see a lovely battle between man and trigen. Stay in the
elevator while focusing your attention on the trigen. The merc right next
to the elevator has no idea that you are a foe so he usually assumes you
are friendly and shoots with you. Once most trigen seem to be dead, try
your focus on the mercs. In fact, if you want to kill two birds with one
stone, try using some nads. Once most of these spices are dead, proceed
forward past a gate thingy, which failed to do its job. Here you have two
options – take the door forward to fight off some few trigens and then
mercs or take the door to the right to fight some mercs and avoid the
trigens and save your ammo. Which sounds like a better deal?

Either way you go, you will be prompted for a game save. I went right
(obviously) and took out a good long range weapon like the M4. You will
see in this next room what appears to be a laboratory. A lonely merc (yet
he is still deadly with his head and body armor patrolling the catwalks.
He will need a few good hits to the head to be taken down. Once he is down,
divert your attention to the bottom area and to the left. There’s a big
door (which you can’t miss) that will open up with at least 5 mercs instead.
They may rush or they may not. Whatever the case, you must take them out.
They provide armor, ammo, and are guarding a health kit around the corner (in
the next room). Once it is silent, gaze at the “Fat Boys” or what I like to
call “Rocket Trigen”. Don’t worry, they are long dead (and probably smell
better than the live ones). You will have to be facing that soon, or in
other words, now.

Across from where you originally enter the laboratory is another door that
has catwalks leading up to it and is surrounded by computers. Go there now.
Depending on whatever what you do this, this can be the easiest thing ever
or the hardest thing ever. If you want to stay back and secure the flank, wait
until the mercs are dead so you will have to face hordes of trigens (and
I’m talking at least 10+ minimum with one “Fat Boy”). If you want to be
Rambo, proceed down this long hallway and take a right. The mercs in front
of you are defending themselves against the onslaught of the trigen. Quickly
kill the mercs and grab the machine/mini gun. You have unlimited ammo,
do not let go of the fire trigger. Note: If you somehow manage to screw
this up, to the right of the machine gun is an explosive barrel. If you
gotta turn the defense up, don’t go out without a bang .

Once it is quiet once more, take the first room on the right that leads to
the cafeteria. Three mercs are stuffing there fat faces while their team gets
massacred. Teach them how to be a true fighter. From the entrance of this
door, look to your 9 o’clock. There’s another door that leads to the bathroom
with 4 more Trigen inside. I suggest you kill them, but you may go around
them (no guarantee that they will rush you from the back). Once they are
dead/not dead, get back into the hallway and go the way the machine gun is
pointed at. Take a left and go down this hallway. Take (another) left and
open this door into a flooded room. Dispose of the two trigen and one merc.

Now we have a choice. This next part will be the hardest part yet. You may
choose to swim through some flooded vents to the end and emerge in the middle
of a nasty battle between man/trigen or you may take a ladder up to some other
vents that lead to a type of rooftop of the battle overhead. I suggest you
take the vents that lead overhead. If you can’t find it, there’s a vent with
a ladder inside. Climb it up and walk down it to the end for the roof top.
If you want to be a crazy Rambo, climb down the ladder and swim forward
through the vents and up.

If you’re smart, you would have taken my advice about the ladder. Now, I
know you may be almost out of ammo, but this is the last part so expand ammo
and grenades. Once you are overhead of the battle, your main focus is on the
Fat Boy - NOTHING ELSE. Once the fat boy falls (after about 2 clips of freakin
M4 ammo), direct your focus to the trigen. Now these trigens have serious ups,
to give you an idea of how serious – think back to “White Men Can’t Jump”
– even more serious then that! *Gasp*. You are standing approx 20-30 feet
above them, and some are crazy enough to even reach you so be careful. I’ve
counted approx. 7-8 trigens total and 1-2 workers (who get massacred bad
every time but manage to take out 1 or 2 trigen in the process). Remember
to waste ALL of your ammo if you need it. Use nads as well, but use them
carefully. Try and go for headshots. If you somehow run outta ammo, you might
have to drop down with the trigen there and search for a rifle (which can be

found near the workers). Good luck.

Once the trigens are dead, grab the ammo and armor and proceed to the door.
Go through it to be the level! Yippe Kai Yay! You are officially past the
halfway mark in the game!

[K. Rebellion]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8.5/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 11
Mission Overview: Navigate the jungle terrain and reach the Archive.

This is by far, the *biggest* damn level in *any* game ever made. This is
also a pretty badass level as well seeing as its half a state big and filled
to the top with trigen. One more thing, you can take one of about 5 different
routes, I only took the ‘best’ route as far as easiness is concerned. Your
only hope would be to stick in a vehicle and pancake any trigen that get in
your path. Start out by walking forward and taking a left. Turn your CryVision
goggles on and blast the well convicted trigen in the smoke down. Enter the
room he was guarding to find two more trigen lurking about. Blast them down as
well and proceed forward. In this next room, stock up on all the goodies you
can take and head outside.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. In front you should see a trigen leap a 30 foot wall and
jump into the complex. He then jumps up again and on the building you just
came outta. Quick pick him off with the M4 before he jumps somewhere else.

Now, secure the perimeter (i.e. Make sure there’s no one near you before
proceeding on). Now proceed on the wall walkways and forward to the front
of the complex. Remember StarShips Troopers? This is it. The almost same
thing except the Bugs are replaced with more badass monsters and just about
everyone here wants to kill you =/ First, begin by shooting the mercs manning
the machine guns. Then grab a machine gun and shoot whatever trigens you can.
Turn around and actually face the inside of the complex/building thingy to
see a couple of mercs battling with the fat boys. Also, you will notice a
Humvey in the base as well. That’s our getaway. The mercs and trigen are
busy themselves so try and sneak to the humvey to make your getaway.
Blast whatever gets in your path.

Also before leaving, take note of the ‘garage’. It has several goodies
inside as well such as lots of nads. We’ll need them. As you head outside
the complex, you’ll notice 3 paths – one left, one forward, one right (and
you’ll also notice a war, but hey, it’s no biggie). Take the right path that
leads you up a steeeep trail and furthermore to a pipe like structure at the
top from the ground. Remember when you could have gone forward? Yea, you would
have ended up here as well, but quicker and without having to deal with
trigen. Take note of the Glider overlooking the plain. Save the game, and grab
the glider.

Seeing as walkthroughs are all about the help, I will help you get a kickass
weapon extremely rare until the last 5 or so levels into the end. As you grab
the glider, immediately turn to the left. Look below you to see a path that
leads to a broken bridge. If you see that, you’re on the right track. Exactly
ahead of you, you should see a lighthouse on a lonely island with a fox lift
leading from it. That’s your destination. You should just barely be able to
reach it. Quickly grab your P90 and blast the lonely trigen on this island
running towards you. Head up to the lighthouse to see the OICW Advanced
Assault Rifle. It also has a grenade launcher and a 4x zoom. Cool. Head back
to the Fox lift and take it across back to the mainland.

Head up the path to see a humvey with 2 mercs guarding it (sometimes they
may be there, sometimes they may not). Whatever the case, garb the Humvey and
proceed down the trail into the beach. You should come across trigen, a broken
branch on fire, more trigen, a couple of boulders blocking your path, and oh
yea – trigen. Keep heading on the path dodging fat boys as they come out.
Eventually (after a while) you should smack into a humvey parked next to a
wall-like structure. Grab it if your humvey is low on armor. Now look left
where the mercs are shooting you from. You can either roadkill them or
shoot them down. Do so and proceed the trail to another beach. The view is

Sometime soon, Doyle should come on and tell you that the lighthouse is near.
You should see it clear as sight. Drive there. Stay alongside the beach
meeting merc humveys that blast you. Approx 2 or 3. Use the Rocket Launcher
to dispose of them quickly. Once you arrive at the base of the mountain the
lighthouse is on, keep following the trail the stretches around the island.
Also, I strongly recommend you take the Buggy as you will make a *huge* jump.
As you are following the trail upwards, a helicopter should appear to your
right. Ignore it and proceed down the trail that leads to a small bridge.
Cross it, and head back up another trail.

SPECIAL NOTE: Going back to the helicopter, you could see it appears just
before a hill that serves as a ramp. If you have enough speed, you will
literally crash into it and explode it (and yourself as well). It’s so fun
to experiment with.

BACK ON TRACK: Eventually you will see another insane battle between
man/trigen. You will not interfere in ANY way. Instead find the path that
is leading to the bridge (keep left to see it). You see that path? Ok I want
you to stay right of it barely touching it. Just before the bridge, there
should be a ‘hill’ that serves as a ramp to cross to the other side. Why not
take the bridge? Barriers and it’s a lot more fun doing a jump. Now, you
should see the hill at an angle increasing its height to the right. I want
you to ramp off (at the fullest speed you can get) at the top of the angle.
If done properly, you should just barely reach the other side (and smack
into another lighthouse). Ignore the fight on the bridge completely, and
follow the trail around the corner to the Archive.

NOTE: If you miss it, or cannot do it, simply take the bridge across by
foot. That ramp is merely for fun and too see how good your skillz are.

AHEAD: These are professional mercs. They wear head and body armor, and
even a shield. What’s worse is that they hide behind barriers so you won’t
be able to pancake them ;_; It’s all good though. Throw a nad over there
and you should take out most of them. Pick the rest off with good cover
behind the trees and proceed into the actual archive itself. There’s a
door that trail smacks into. It’s that one :^)

[L. Archive]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 9/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 9
Mission Overview: Find Val.

Welcome to Trigen Central. Population: A lot. Grab the body armor in
front of you and proceed through the double doors. Ahead and to the
right, we witness a new pain in the ass. Cloaked Trigen. Remember
Cloaked Flood from Halo? These are the same pain in the ass losers.
Take this one out with the Cry Vision. Next, stock up on the ammo and
Open the door in front of you by accessing the switch. There will be
About 2-3 more cloaked trigen that charge you. Get some cover behind
the control panel while you wait for the door to open and shoot them down.

Once the coast is clear, head through this torn up room and to your 11 o’clock.
Head up stairs there and turn left to see a fight between a couple of
scientists and the trigen. Watch out for the scientists though as they are
packing some shotguns. Personally, I would just use the stealth to your
advantage and shoot down the winner of the fight then throw a frag in to end
their lives. In this room, there should be a ‘tank’ like structure at the 11
o’clock. Shoot the glass and make sure you have all of your weapons reloaded.
Inside should be two cloaked trigen and you will land in the middle of them.
Your main goal should be to drop in and waste all of your ammo on one of them,

quickly changing guns while seeking cover, and returning fire to the should.
Both should be next to a pillar so use this to your advantage as well.

Now I got a lot of email about this on where to go next since all the doors are
locked. If you look, right underneath where you landed should be some boards
and barrels. Push them aside and dive in. Once you swim to the bottom, look for
the “vent” and swim exactly forward, past the air torrents, and into another
vent. Once you reach the end, swim up. Get out of the pool and climb up the
ladder. Look left and immediately blow down this trigen pain in the ass.  Go up
behind the dead scientists and find the lever to open all security doors. Now
take the only other door in this room out. Head down the stairs as Doyle says
something about Super Elite Mercs sent in to dispose of the trigen and you –
well for starters, we know it’s not important so open the door :^)

Here should be 3 more friends that somehow appeared out of nowhere. Shoot them
down (don’t be afraid to run back) and go to your 10 o’clock in this room. Open
that door and go to the end of that hallway. Grab the ammo and health and go to
the elevator. Here’s a nice and little discovery. Roll and barrel into the
elevator and seek cover behind it in the prone position as it goes down. Once
you arrive at your destination, crawl to the side of the barrel and shoot the
mercs. Sometimes you will get hurt, others you won’t, but take a chance with
this method. Grab the ammo and precede further, taking a left into this next
new hallway.

This part is a monster. Don’t worry as you should have a checkpoint right about
now, but reload all your guns. My suggestion would be to have the P90, with the
M4, and another rapid assault weapon in case. Memorize the positions the guns
are in as you won’t have enough time to reload, so you will have to switch
weapons. Take your first right into the new area by blasting a merc
investigating a sound. Look a bit left to see another merc by the control
panel. Shoot him down as well. Now to go the right ‘sides’ of this platform,
down the stairs, and shoot the merc around the corner. Do the same for the left
side. Also, once down at the left side, stock up on ammo and armor, and head up
the left stairs. Exactly across from you will be a sniper and to the right a
bit should be a merc with a Rocket Launcher. Both pose a threat if you’re
playing on the harder difficulty. So if you are, your best bet would be to go
through the thousands of crates on the lower levels. I however was stubborn
enough to proceed along the catwalks throwing grenades into the crates and
seeking cover behind the pillars.

Both paths work, but the main concern is which one would work for you. There
should be no more than 6 mercs in this area remaining so you would be easily
able to pick them off with the CryVision which you should use *A LOT*. Once
your done go to the very far catwalk and grab the rocket launcher along with
the keycard. The exit should be 2 o’clock from your original point of entry.
Slip the keycard through and head down the long hallway for a checkpoint. Peak
around the next corner to the left and grab that Launcher. You will now be
using 1 rocket here (save the ammo for later). Fire into the trigen at the far
distance and two more should emerge from the left. Pick them off with the P90
or M4. Head down the hallway forward waiting the sides in case another trigen
is once. Once your at the end, find the door the says “Exit” on it (left of
broke elevator). Go there and down the end. Take a left, and run forward for a

In this next part, you’re going to end up using more of your sniper and rocket
ammo, but it’s for a good cause. Start out by running all the way down until
you see the outside. Fire a rocket to the opposite side where you see a trigen
being shot in the back by a bunch of mercs, haha. Grab your sniper rifle (which
you should have) and fire it at the merc whose proned in the central bridge and
also the merc with the rocket launcher on that huge tower. At soon as you see
the Merc transport plane, run all the way down the hallway into the open right
under where the plane hovers. Shoot the mercs that jump down and grab their
armor. Now run forward and find Forklift. Yay!  Grab it and head across the
bridge driving over/shooting any mercs that you come across. Also take note of
the trail the forklift was facing. You could drive down that trail and find a
structure with a health kit and some nads inside. Once all enemies are dead,
head to the double doors at the opposite side. Checkpoint.

The mercs should be distracted as a Trigen roars and breaks free of his cage.
You could use this to your advantage. Head down the right side shooting at
mercs that you come across. Forget the runaway trigen and find a box hanging by
a chain. Shoot the chain and the box should fall through weakened section of
the floor. Quickly make a run of it and jump down and into the vents. Crawl
forward and emerge at the opposite side. Climb up the stairs and secure the
area (note: there may or may not be a merc as I fragged the area before
climbing the ladder. If you head down this narrow hallway, you’ll see a health
kit at the other side, grab it and backtrack to the vents from which you
emerged from. Opposite should be an elevator and the call switch. Call the
elevator and head inside. Another level complete.

[M. Cooler]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 9/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 8
Mission Overview: Find Val.

The best is yet to come, or for that matter, is already here . The
elevator broke. >_< What’s worse is that there are two “fat boys” on both sides
of the hallways in front of you. Your options include: A.) Charge the one on
the left with the shotgun or B.) Go to the right back corner in the elevator.
Wait until one Fat Boy emerges, then you will whip out your Sniper Rifle and
snipe him in the head 2-3 times before he falls. Usually, most people are out
of sniper ammo, so I suggest choice A. We’ll play it A then. Once you charge
the Fat Boy on the left, he should fall down after 7-8 shotgun shells at point
blank range. Quickly, jump into the room he was guarding at spot the vent 1
o’clock exactly from where you enter. Run inside.

While walking down the vents, take the second turn right. Spot the 2 trigen, 1
scientist, and 1 merc. Depending on if you interfere or not, the trigen will
win. You will make them loose with the M4 or P90 or your weapon of choice. Once
all is quiet, jump out. If you took the vents, directly across from you will be
a side of the room with 1 door (to the right) ‘sealed’ and another (to the
left) open. Take the obvious one. Once the door is opened, you will be caught
in the middle of a battle. To your right is a Fat Boy charging mercs with a
machine gun on your left. Wow. Watch the battle as the Fat Boy should be the
first to die. Then, peak out to the left to see a merc investigating him. Shoot
him and the two others by the machine gun, then head on over. If you notice,
you’ll exactly where we need to be on the map. Not quite. Grab the keycard and
head back inside the lab. Look to your 3 o’clock (from the hallway you just
came from) to see a health kit and a door that requires that yellow keycard.
Slide that baby through and head on in.

Help the mercs take down the Trigen on this one, then take the mercs down as
well. Grab the ammo and head down the hallway and hang a left. I hope you have
a rapid weapon out as you will need to face 4 monkey trigen. If you remember,
these are the ones that have a 20ft jump. You’ll need deadly aim to be able to
take them down. If one charges, reload while retreating back into the previous
hallway. Once all are dead (again), head down the hallway they died in and open
the door.

Wow. Wow. Wow. You gotta love them graphics. If you experience any slowdown
here, your PC is begging you to lower the specs. If you can live with a
slideshow, fine by me, I’m just telling you where to go and what to do. Shoot
the trigen and mercs on the stairs with the Cry Vision help you out here. This
battle shouldn’t be a hard one if you grab cover behind the boxes and watch out
for the trigen that jump 20 ft into the air. After the mercs have been disposed
with, head to the 9 o’clock room labeled Archives 1-8 in this ‘room’.

Take by a few steps down and two trigen will jump out in the distance. Pick
them off and immediately turn left. Pick the worker merc off as well. There’s
some ammo and health in that room, but it’s not our destination. Head forward
and take the last door on the right. There should be two trigen inside that
room. Blast them down and head on in. Take the stairs up and head into the next
room by turning right. Here, you should see a lonely trigen. Take him out, and
proceed into the room across from you.

Here should be a 2v2 match up. To the left are some mercs and to the right are
some trigen. Please, proceed and watch the fight inside of rushing in
headfirst. Some trigen will run in front of you, but not after you, but for the
mercs. Wait a few minutes for the silence and peak out to the left. There
should either be a single merc or a trigen remaining. Take him out, grab the
ammo/health and flick the switch to unlock the elevator doors. Across from this
‘control panel’ room should be a way out (where the trigen came from). Head
there to see a familiar face . Head to the left on the
catwalks to your 9 o’clock (again) and open the door. Turn on the Cry Vision
goggles and take out the coakie. Rush forward and turn right to see two more
monkey trigen awaiting you. Blast them and down into the new room.

Goodies – ammo, health, and nads. Jump into the elevator when your ready and
take it down. Once the elevator comes to a complete stop, instead of running
out and being surrounded by trigen and mercs, simply stand there. The doors
will close but the elevator won’t go up. In a few minutes, the fat boys should
launch a couple of rockets at you; however, you won’t be hurt. The thing is,
bullets can only go through this net :^) Take the trigen across you out and the
one rushing from the left (who should end up in front of you, but somehow the
elevator doors won’t open to him because of the elevator not being able to
accommodate his weight. Shoot him with a crap gun to save ammo for your other
guns and once he falls head outside and grab a left. Shoot this merc down the
hallway and run to where he was standing. Face right to see a big space another
1-2 mercs standing there. Shoot them down and now find the stairs in this room
(should be on the right). Run up it to the top as it takes random turns here
and there. Be sure to keep an eye out for any mercs remaining in this area. At
the top of the stairs should be a catwalk leading to a door near you, head down
there, open it and head inside.

Head down the stairs and open this door. Quickly pick the two mercs off and
grab there ammo. Now, take out a weapon used for distance such as the M4. Your
job first of all would be to pick off the trigen jumping about. There’s
approximately 3-4 of them. Now, on both sides of you will be two mercs. You
could nad the first one and rush the second. Whatever it is, do it and head
into the lower level of this complex. Directly across from the control panel
(room you entered into) and to the bottom should be a lever to flood the room.
Open it and the room becomes flooded! Coooool.

Swim up to the top and navigate through the vents and jump out. Turn left and
charge the fat boy in the distance with the shotgun or pick him off with the
M4. Either way is fine. Corner the corner and head into a whole different
flooded hallway. Take another right, followed by yet another right into a new
room with 2 trigen lurking about. Shoot those monkeys down. Now there’s the
last door in this room that leads to Val. Open it by pressing Use and run
inside. Val’s on the left if you didn’t notice already, getting flanked by
those monkeys again. Dispose of them to end this brutal level and head onto the
*one of the best* (my opinion) levels in any game.

NOTE: If for some reason Val doesn’t move and those Trigen are dead, a cutscene
should trigger. If it doesn’t and Val stands still, then update to Patch ver
1.1. If that doesn’t work, simply use the cheat codes and head forward to the
next level as you’re done with this one and you only miss out on one cutscene.

[N. Boat]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 9/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 6
Mission Overview: Shut down the jamming signal.

This level is crazy. One of the biggest and greatest levels ever. Not to
mention we are going to encounter our first boss in the game (3/4 through
it, but still good). You start the game in the middle of the ocean. Head on
forward to the island exactly straight ahead of you. Land and spot the
destroyed tank. This is an indication that you should keep far left. Head along
the shore lines until you spot a couple of mercs in the distance, fishing. Take
out the M4 and attempt a headshot on both of them. Wait a couple of more
seconds and about 2-3 more mercs should come charging into you. Don’t worry;
they are fairly easy to take out. Run into the tent they were guarding and grab
the explosives. Head out of the tent facing the way you started the game and
hang a right. Run down to the shore and jump into the boat. Look into the
distance to see another island with a trail leaving to its interior. That’s our

This next part though may be just a little bit tricky as you have to have the
timing right. Wait until the two boats in the distance begin to drive
elsewhere, this is an indication that you should have started driving to the
other side of the island 10 seconds ago. Wait until they come back and start to
leave again when you start driving. With any luck, you avoided them. Now as
soon as you land on the other island of the island, you have two choices. Make
a run for the buggy or take out the mercs. I took out the mercs just for pete’s
shake and because, well, I wanted too. Now, jump into the buggy and follow the
trail into the interior. You should “hit” a bunch of mercs guarding the trail,
idiots I say. Eventually the trail should split up going left and right. Take
the right path and you will smack dead into the communications array. Put the
machine gun to good use as you plow down the fields of mercs that rush you.
Once all are dead, follow the stairs into the communications array, plant the
explosives, and sprint out. 1 down, 2 to go.

Now heading back to the intersection you just came across, take the left path
to the boat. Ditch the buggy and jump into the boat. Drive to the opposite
island (which is pretty noticeable). Once you land there, begin hiking up
following the trait as it swifts from left to right. Eventually you will come
across two mercs talking about fishing or something. Blast them down and
proceed further up. At the very top should be three mercs hidden though. One of
them calls for reinforcements if you are slow in taking them down. Don’t let
the be the case, you’ve got plenty of grenades and hopefully a good PC to watch
them fall down the cliff. Anywho, cross the first bridge (mind the rockets
coming at you in the distance) and shoot the merc with the launcher by using
your M4. After he falls, quickly run across the second bridge and the second
communications array should be dead smack ahead of you. Repeat the process, and
haul ass out. Checkpoint. 1 more dish left.

Start to head down the stairs and kill any mercs you see below. A total of 3-4
are there, make sure you kill 2-3 of them. Now head back up and take the glider
down. This should be an easily shoot but aim for the driver of the boat. Once
you kill him, the boat is dead in the water. Circle around the stairs you began
going down and crack into the shoreline. Collect the ammo, find the humvey, and
drive it into the boat holder thingy (dunno what it’s called, heh). Now, drive
the boat across (damnit, this game sure is realistic). Mind the two other
patrol boats and make a crash landing on the island across from you. It’s
extremely important that you also get the humvey as it helps this mission
*greatly*. Drive the humvey out of the boat holder thingy and onto land. Follow
the shoreline to the right of where you landed.

The trail will come across 3 mercs that you can roadkill. Tehehe. Keep
following the trail inwards towards land and a merc base. During this merc base
there will be a humvey that follows you but somehow will loose you. If you get
going straight past this base the trail will shift upwards towards the dish.
Along the way you will come across several humveys and mercs which shouldn’t be
a problem. You’ve got the machine gun – use it. Once you reach the top, it
would be a good idea to charge the mercs and quickly run inside the tower,
planet the C4, and get the hell out of here. If you haven’t noticed by now,
there are several rockets being sent towards you and several snipers on alert.
Watch the explosion.

Oh no! There’s another one. *sigh*. Grab your humvey (if it’s wrecked, there’s
another one on the trail not far back) and turn around. Begin driving back
down. To the right should be the path you took to get up here and to the left
should be a path to the fourth and final (or is it) dish. Drive forward on this
trail for a checkpoint. Keep going along and the path splits – one to the
bottom and one to the top. Take the left one which leads to the top. Now get a
long range Rifle preferably the M4. Spot the boat? There’s 3 mercs on it that
you can take out from there. At the front of the boat; on the top the bridge
will be a sniper, and to the back of the boat. Or you could just take them all
out with the Humvey’s rocket launcher. Either or. Once the coast is clear, head
down to the path below. There’s a boat there. Snag it and drive up to the boat.
Jump out and climb up the net. There’s usually 1-2 more mercs lurking about.
One is in the bridge and one is on the port (right) side of the boat. Dispose
of them and get all the goodies in the bridge – full health, armor, and rocket
ammo. Joy. Once you’ve saved, run to the back of the boat and plant the C4.

Boss Battle 1: Crow
There’s several ways of doing this:

The first way and the most hardest would be to actually listen to the game – no
one ever does this. Basically you gotta plant the C4 and run to the front of
the boat where there is no cover. Then Crow comes on his helicopter to shoot
you down.

The second way would be to immediately run to the front of the boat. Once the
C4 explodes, run to the bridge. In the bridge, get good cover as you peak out,
fire 5 times (NO MORE) at crow, and peak back in. Repeat this process for about
20 times. Soon, the boat you are on will start to sink. This is the time when
you get ready to swim back to land (UNDERWATER as Crow doesn’t hurt you, but
still follows you). Once you get back to land, get cover behind a skinny tree -
as long as the tree blocks Crow’s machine gun, he will not be able to hurt you.
The skinny tree will provide enough cover, don’t worry about it. Now grab any
rockets you have left, and return fire at the chopper. Approx. 5 more will kill

The last one or the easiest way would be to jump off the boat as soon as you
planted the C4 (the Patrol boat you had exploded somehow, thanks CryTek). Swim
back to land and get cover behind the tree as I said in the second method.
Repeat everything left.

I’ve also took the time to count how many rockets it takes to kill Crow on the
easier level: 3 just for the boat just to start sinking and 6 for Crow to fly
away. Not really that hard, wouldn’t you say? Eventually Crow flies away; Doyle
arrives on his boat and misses the chance to kill him, bah bah, the usual.
That’s the level.

* * * * * [Alternative Strategy by] * * * * *
Before you start blowing up the boat and inciting Crow's arrival, steal a humvee
from the third antenna site and drive it over to the point closest to the end of
the boat. MAKE SURE YOU KILL EVERYONE ON THE BOAT FIRST. The last thing you want
to do is to get picked off from someone on the boat while you're prepping for
Crow's arrival. Now, you can go blow up the boat. Once you set the charge, run
over the edge and swim directly towards the humvee. You should get there with
plenty of time before Crow comes, and yes, you will suffer some damage, but only
a quarter or third of your armor, which leaves you with plenty of health. Once you
get into the humvee, aim for the helicopter and just empty all 500 rounds of ammo
into the helicopter. Once you're done with that, switch over to the rockets using
alternate fire. You should have plenty of ammo to take on the chopper (in medium,
the 500 rounds by itself is enough). Don't worry about Crow shooting at you too
much. If you're lucky, he should be a poor shot, only damaging the car 1/3 and
depleting whatever's left of your armor, so don't go driving ruining your shot;
Crow's already doing that to himself.

[O. Catacombs]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 9/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 8
Mission Overview: Retrieve the missing PDA.

Sounds like exactly what your thinking, although it isn't that bad. Most of the
checkpoints will be outside and you will come across about 5-7 rooms total in this
place. Anyways, you start with not that much ammo. Following the trail again, wait
until this big fat boy disposes off the mercs ahead of you. Then while going for
headshots, try and finish him off as he doesn't have any rocket launchers. After he
is dead, stock up on the ammo and weapons and proceed along the trail which shifts
right. Here is a huge open space filled to the top with at least 20, to 30  mercs.

Your main job here would be to first take out the binoculars and give the area
a scan. Make sure you got the mercs ahead of you by the pillar to the mercs on the
path to the checkpoint. Now take out the sniper on the right trail away from the
checkpoint. Grab his rifle depleting as much ammo as you can (as the sniper would
be a waste of a slot in those catacombs) on the mercs. Once the mercs start to fall,
more of them will trail across the river. Try to take out them as well. Once you run
out of ammo. Head down there by the pillars using a series of grenades and weapons
to take them out. This is the one level that you probably will get flanked the most,
so watch out for that as well.

Once this are seems clear, grab the body armor and health, and head back up to where
you enter this area. Now trailing on the left side of this area, in this distance you
will see a couple of mercs manning a machine guns. If you have any more sniper bullets,
now is the time to aim at the yellow barrels by them to make them go boom. Travel up
to path to them while taking cover and watching your six, use any frags grenades you
have. Once they are dead grab there machine gun and begin firing at the temple next to
the catacombs. Some mercs will run out only to be gunned down. After all seems quiet
once more, take out the binoculars and do another scan of the area. Remember the nads
for your Nad Launcher in the OICW. Clear? Proceed to the dot on the map.

*Sigh*. Why the hell do we have to mess things up? As said by Doyle, we gotta blow the
entrance to the catacombs with the hundreds with trigen inside up. Ok, follow the path
on the left side of this land to the dot on the radar. If you took care of most mercs,
you’ll be fine. Once you get within a certain distance, you’ll be able to see some mercs
right next to the explosives/dot on radar. There’s about 5-6 mercs down there. You could
fire off a couple of shots to get them to come out, or try and sneak up behind them and
attack them Rambo style. I suggest putting that Nad Launcher to good use. Once they are
dead, grab the explosives, their ammo, and the health, and jump into the buggy. Ride back
to the temple.

Now plant the explosives, get some distance, and watch this level go straight into hell.
Proceed inside and down the stairs. Relax, I’ll give you the location to the trigen
within this area so you don’t have nothing to fear.

This first area, the trigens don’t come out until you reach half way into the room.
So sprint (keyword: sprint) down from the platform your on to the 9 o’clock platform
and up its stairs. Both trigen will come from the 2 holes in the ceiling and one
exactly from where you came from. These trigens have weapons so grab some good cover
and take them out behind the pillars. Once done, head across into the room you originally
entered this area. Around the few corridors is a fat boy with a rocket launcher. Grab his
attention and backtrack into the previous area. Same exact thing, grab cover behind the
pillar and shoot him with the OCIW. Head into the area he was guarding.

Once you turn the corners, head forward and under the broken pillar. If you look left,
you’ll find a LOT of goodies such as health, grenades, ammo, and a P90 (just a little
while back) ideal for this map. Grab that, and keep turning the corners until you see
a gas tank. There are 4 trigens just behind that. For some reason they all charged me,
however I was able to take down 3 of them with the P90. The 4th one killed himself by
the gas. Once it looks clear, destroyed that tank by firing at it and wait a few second
after the gas clears. Keep heading down the hallway, turning corners when necessary.

You’ll now reach an entrance like room to two larger rooms. Walk over to the room on the
right and enter it. Two trigen will amaze you with their jumping skills. Kill them with
1 clip of the P90 and head up the stairs across from you. Walk down this strip of platform
and turn right. Turn a nad in there to dispose of a trigen and then head inside, grab the
ammo, health, armor, and PDA.

Head back down the stairs and take a right. Turn the corners when you see a Fat Boy with
a rocket launcher. You can either shut him down with the JackHammer but at such close
quarters he will grab a chuck outta your health before dying. So backtrack back up the
stairs and get the jump on him with the JackHammer. A full round should take him out,
but if it doesn’t, quickly switch guns to the P90. Now head into the room he was guarding.

Remember to blow that gas tank up before proceeding and hang a right at the end of the
hallway. To ensure that no trigen ‘sneak’ up on you, kill the 3 trigens lurking about in
this room. You don’t have to do it if your low on ammo, but I did it just in case. When
you’re done, grab a left to the opposite hallway where you emerged into this room from.
Head up the stairs and hang a right.

You will know see a battle where the mercs will surprise the trigen. Watch the battle,
don’t shoot, until you will see the winner. Usually the mercs (in the scientist suits)
will win, but you never know. If you have any nads from the OCIW rocket launcher left,
use them. If not, pick the rest off with any Assault Weapon that you’ve mastered. Now
navigate this room and find the stairs. Head up and run over to the dot on the radar.
Plant the explosives, and get back (you’ll also notice some ammo and weapons, grab it).
Wait for the boom and quickly run into it as you’ll hear a helicopter pass overhead with
more mercs. That finishes the level. See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?

[P. River]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 7/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 5
Mission Overview: Make it over to the upload zone.

This level is short, and a lot of fun. Run down the trail and shoot the two mercs at
the end of it. Grab their ammo and take out the binoculars. Tag the mercs at the trail
underneath you and head down with your P90. A good weapon to exchange for is the M4 with
any other of your weapons that is low on ammo. Grab that and start shooting mercs that
you see. It is a good idea to take out the machine gunner first in the distance as he
is a major pain. Keep walking down the path, hiding behind trails once in a while when
you get spotted.

Most of these mercs are extremely easy to take out compared to what you’ve just been
through. Nonetheless, when you reach the machine gun, collect the ammo and begin to
follow the river that is located on the right side. If you see a yellow barrel in the
distance, shoot it. Also, the gas tank as well. Take care of any additional mercs running
about in the area on run back over on land. Grab the health located on a few boxes that
is on the pier and then jump on the boat. Checkpoint.

Heading down the river is going to be fun and will test your driving skills on the boat.
Proceed out heading forward. Grab a left as the river shifts left. Ahead of you, you will
see a patrol boat docked and another well – patrolling. As soon as you reach this area,
a fare will get sent into the next area advising the mercs of your presence. So as the
river shifts to another left, you turn left with it. By now you should be in bad condition.

Approx. 1/2 of your and the boat’s health should be gone. Don’t worry. Charge that piece
of land located on the right side of the river. Keep going forward towards the merc with
the Machine gun. Try taking him down (which he should fall down in under 20 hits), and hit
the land. Quickly jump out remembering that you have less than 5 seconds to do this. Grab
the health and armor located to the RIGHT of the machine gun, and sprint over to the LEFT
side. You see that merc heading for the patrol boat; shoot him down and the gunner that’s
already inside. Now quickly, jump into the patrol boat and ride away to the right.

Speed is very important here. Why? Because there’s a merc with a rocket launcher
watching you from away above and two patrol boats on your ass. Just run for the
damn boat. A couple of attempts and you should get this right.

Keep heading forward as trees from both side of the river pop into your path.
Dodge them. When you reach the new area, keep left. To the right are some rocks that
you DO NOT want to hit. By keeping left you should avoid them altogether.

The river will not shift to the left with a small island in your path. Avoid it by
keeping to the right and taking the path (when you turn left) on the right side of
the island. Passing that, the river will continue to shift left until you see a ramp
in the distance. Ramp off because you know you want to (in third person view) to see
an amazing boom. Slowly stop and kill all mercs on this bridge.

For your information it is possible to get past this bridge by hitting it hard enough
which I managed to accomplish my first time playing this game. However, since it is going
to be MUCH easier. Jump off the boat and get into the Humvey. Go forward with the
humvey killing any other mercs remaining and taking a right at the end of the bridge.
Following the path, take a left at the fork dead ahead. Pancake the merc on it and keep
riding forward until you reach another fork. You see the merc and the mercs beyond this
and on the bridge? Well kill them with the rocket launcher. To the right will be a
helicopter taking off. Unless you’re not a pro with the rocket launcher, shoot him down
with the machine gun. Now take the path to the right.

Use the machine gun once more to kill the 2 mercs in this area. Behind the pillars
should be yet another merc – this time with a machine gun of his own. While taking
cover, peak out, fire, and get back in. He is a dead aim shoot so be careful.
Now grab the ammo all around this area and jump into the brand new patrol boat you see.
Keep maintaining a path down this river (to the boat’s left).

The river will continually shift and turn. You kill following it. Eventually you will
come across a helicopter. Keep firing at it with the machine gun and you will damage
it and it will fly away. Soon, you will come across the river’s end. To the left you
will see mercs guarding a helicopter and in front of you mercs behind a machine gun.
First and foremost, take out the mercs next to the helicopter. Then if your boat is
in good condition drive up and start shooting the mercs by the pillars. Backtrack
over to the helicopter where there is a full armor and full health along with plenty
of ammo. Also mind the rocket launcher merc standing above the valley. He is a pain
to take out. Once all is right in the land of the dead, jump outta the boat and head
over to the dot on the radar.

Doyle tells you it is time to take out your favorite character in the word (that
was sarcasm) – Crow. Crow is being an ass again sending out signals for reinforcements.
Seeing as you have full health armor, grab the P90, M4, JackHammer and your weapon of
choice and head in.

Boss Battle 2: Crow
This isn’t even a boss battle. Before you get to Crow however you will need to make it
past 5 dead aim Mercs. Somehow they have amazing vision and will see you a mile
before you see them. However, other than that, they are just regular mercs working
in pairs. The m4 is ideal for the first part. Get good cover, watch the flanks, and
take out the mercs closest to you. Keep heading down to the upload satellite located
on the radar while watching your surroundings. You will reach a small river where
there are several mercs. This is a perfect time to use grenades. Crow is among besides
them. I’ve managed to take out Crow in less than 1 clip of my P90 ammo. If you’re
playing on the harder difficult, then he will be a real play always running away from
you and shooting you. If everyone is dead, and you’ve got a good health/armor, simply
charge him with the JackHammer. Use grenades and he’ll be gone in no time.

Then head over to the satellite and upload the PDA info. Val will appear momentary
and you’re off to go play with a nuke. But before that, hehe, enjoy the cutscene if
you know what I mean ;^)

[Q. Swamp]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8.5/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 7
Mission Overview: Locate and secure the nuke.

This mission isn’t going to be very hard so don’t worry. And there are no trigen
here as well. So head out while keeping right. Your first goal would be to tag any
mercs with the binoculars in the distance. Then grab out the m4, and in the prone
position begin firing. Keep and eye out for mercs running over to the alarm (the
alarms are visible as day – the yellow boxes), and also make sure you take out
the sniper in the guard tower to your 2 o’clock behind the trees. If the alarm is
somehow pulled, all the mercs will run from their tents, but will be exposed to
your m4. After all is quiet, search the bunks for ammo, and armor. There’s a sniper
rifle to the one on the left nearest you. Put it to good use. After you’re ready,
heavy over to the humvey and jump in.

This is going to be an on-rail part. It’s going to be short but very frustrating.
As soon as Val pulls out, look to your left to see a garage open with mercs in a
humvey. Very easy kill with the rocket launcher. Once you pull outside, Val will
take you around a circle, at which point a helicopter will fly into view. Take him
out first with the machine gun – he is one great huge pain in the ass if you don’t.
Along the way, about three more humveys will pull up behind you. Dispose of them
with the rocket launcher (remember, you don’t have to hit the dead on, but try
hitting the ground they will ride next to). After the helicopter and three humvies
are destroyed, the real pain is over. You should have a mere couple of mercs left.
After that we will reach the main compound. Checkpoint.

If you’re low on health, the humvey has a health kit in it. Grab that and head out.
You’d want to enter the compound from the left said. So keep left until you see the
entrance. Tag the mercs with the binoculars, and use your sniper rifle into play.
First take out the guard tower snipers, then the mercs manning the machine guns.
To your 10 o’clock are mercs standing by an explosive barrel (a huge barrel at that).
Those are 3 kills right there. And there will be approximately 2-3 mercs left. One of
the chucks a grenade, so be sure to run back. Another merc sneaks up behind you (Val
will call out to you if he does) and you will be able to blow him away. All set? Head
inside the camp down the trail and go to the bunker on the right. Inside is a merc by
the doors, shoot him before heading in.

Inside is a very small place to counterattack so be careful. To the right of where
you entered is a room which is the access to another room to two mercs inside. Go there
and shoot them or simply wait for them to pop out. This building is a very good building
for the offensive side (you), so don’t be afraid to rush. Now walk over to the stairs
minding Val, and head up.

The control center is to the right at the top of the stairs. It’s that little room
there. Head inside for a cutscene.

Before leaving inside the control center is a room filled to the top with goodies.
Grab that and follow Val downstairs and outside. Once Val reaches outside, she
will attempt to shoot a guy, but miss. So you need to jump out and kill him for her.
She’ll run over there and unlock the door for you. Head inside and shoot the guy
directly across from you. Head over to where he was and look to your 9 o’clock.
There’s two mercs guarding a door. Shoot them and quickly look over to your 3 o’clock.
It’s a merc with an ACTUAL machine gun that you can take. Kill him and grab
that bad boy. Now follow Val into another computer center. Checkpoint.

Looks like we are going solo and it’s for the best of things. Head to the building
that you recently shot the two mercs at. Val will unlock it for you – head inside.
Look at the left counter and shoot the three mercs inside with the power of the
machine gun. Now look to the right room. Head there. Inside should be a merc
wondering about. Shoot him. Also, move forward a bit and to the left room. Inside
is another merc. You know what to do. Now head around this room to keeping right and
following the next few hallways. Up ahead should be some bald guy with
the yellow keycard on his desk. Shoot him, grab it, and backtrack back. Now take
the room to the left where you just shoot the merc. This is the storage room.
Stock up on ammo and health and take the other door in this room out. Across this
room will be a door along with a merc beside him. Surprise him, shoot him, and head out.

Walk up to the control panel and activate it, and head inside. With the power of the
machine gun, get the jump on 4 mercs working overtime. Across from the catwalks you
are on will be a stairs up to another room. Head there, minding the mercs that
jump out of that room as well. Once your stairs look around this room to find your
mission objective on the desk. Now run back to Val (also mind the guys outside the
building you just entered – they popped outta no where for me).

Once you are back with Val, follow her outside and to the gate.

Once the gate once, keep heading forward while taking cover against the bridge
railings. Shoot the guard troll merc first and then the mercs below it having a
conversation. Your destination is the building to your 11 o’clock. Head there
while watching the surroundings from mercs hiding in the trees. Inside the building
are a great deal of mercs armed with assault rifles. However the machine gun can
easily handle that. Kill the 4-5 mercs instead the lunch room and find the door almost
across from the entrance. Instead it should be a room with ammo (right), bathroom
(left), and outside (forward). Head forward. See that building across labeled armory?
That’s where the nuke is. The entrance is to your 1 o’clock at the end of that building,
head inside.

Make sure you’re reloaded and ready for more. Jump out are start shooting mercs (about
another 3-4 of them). Navigate the shelves and at the back of the room is a hallway.
Turn left and blast the 2-3 mercs down there. Grab the armor and ammo, and head to
where they are. There’s only 1 more door left at the end of the building – go there.
Through this door is the nuke and a forklift. Jump onto the front of the forklift
and let Val drive you to the exit. Another mission completed. Only 3 more levels to go.

[R. Factory]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 8/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 5
Mission Overview: Detonate the nuke.

This level is pretty straight-forward and easy up until the last part. Nonetheless, be
aggressive. That’s what wins battles. Run down the trail and jump on the rock just before
the bridge on the right stand. Get into prone position and start shooting the mercs
up ahead. If you’re low on machine gun ammo – then save it. Use the m4 or any other
assault weapon at your possession. About 6 mercs should fall once the coast looks
clear. Run down there pass the bridge and head into the garage. Look to the right
and there should be another 2 mercs there. Gun them down and grab the machine gun on
one of those crates.

Now head over to the elevator (directly across from the opening). Call it (by pushing
the button on the left wall of it, and Val will drive up with the nuke. Head inside
into the elevator and take it down. Wheee.

Ignore the body armor and health in front of you until you clear the next area. The
next area right around the corner should contain just under 10 mercs patrolling
the catwalks up ahead. Most of them are to the right catwalks and will come
down on the right stairs in the hallway you’re looking at it from. In front
however will be a merc in the distance. Shoot him and about 5 others should pop
out charging you. Pick them off with a good assault rifle and also mind the stairs
as 3-4 more mercs come down it. Backtrack to the ammo and armor and grab it, and any
ammo along the way.

Doyle informs us that we need to get into the next area to open the doors for Val.
Do so by heading up the stairs and across the catwalks entering the new area by the
opposite door. In this area are scientists, workers, and mercs (it’s much easier
then the previous area). Depending on which door you entered, walk the stairs to
the bottom left in this room. A few mercs will come up it, that’s when they get
picked off by you. When all seems quiet once more, take a friendly little stroll
and if no one is shooting at you – coast clear. If not, grab cover and blow their
heads off. Once it’s clear however, head to the bottom level, and go up to
the panel. Activate it and the doors will open. Val will come riding along any
second *cough*or_minute*cough* and you will be on your marry way.

Val once again will hack the control panel and give you access. Prone before going
around the corner to the left and grab a rapid assault weapon (not the machine gun).
Fire at the mercs just down the hallway (Approximately 4-5). Once it looks clear,
run down (keeping an eye on the right corners at the end). If it’s clear Val
will come riding down the hallway once more and take a left. She’ll hack the
two more control panels when Doyle will come on and say that the trigens here he
has never heard off nor seen, and you’ll get to witness some of them in a couple of
minutes. Don’t worry, not on this level though.


Val will begin arming the nuke. This is where the machine gun comes into play.
You will need to expand almost every one of the weapons you’ve got. I’m serious down
to the last bullet. But don’t worry as in the next level you won’t need it (no spoilers).
What I suggest is to first watch the hallway across the forklift where Val arms the
nuke. Not the long one, but the one with the doors. About 8 mercs with shields will
flank you. The machine however, stepped up to the challenge and was able to cover
my ass and Val’s. If you have to reload, don’t. Simply change weapons to the P90 or
something else as it’s much quicker and will save you. Wait for the mercs to stop
coming and reload the machine gun and the other ways.

Now focus your attention on the long hallway you emerged from. Get good cover behind
the crates as these mercs are simply badass. Keep firing at another 10-12 mercs will
rush you. Once that seems quiet, direct your attention back at the corner opposite to
Val. About 2-3 more mercs will pop out that you should be able to take down. If you’re
low on health, grab their armor and ammo and reload just in case. It should take Val
roughly 2-3 minutes (our time) to arm the nuke. Once its done, she’ll head over to
the corner with a door that needs an access ID. She’ll hack it as usually and
you’ll head in. This work room contains about 2 scientists and 2 mercs. Nothing you
can’t handle. One of them will a health kit. From where you entered, to the 9 o’clock
is another room. Go there.

Peak around the corner to the right. Coast clear? Run down there and the final 3 mercs
will charge you. Unload an auto machine gun at them to bring your last three enemies
of the level. Now take the elevator up. No hurry. A nuclear bomb is set to go off in a
couple of seconds. Take your time. Once the elevator reaches the top, finish navigating
the hallways to the outside and watch the cutscene.

[S. Dam]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 9.5/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 6
Mission Overview: Survival of the fittest.

If you’ve lasted this long without any trainers, you can last a little bit longer.
This first part will test your rifle skills once more. You will need to identify and
take down a single trigen with an M4 that has 10 bullets. My suggest: crouch and keep
your fingers crossed. Sometimes he dies others he doesn’t. Keep trying (I’ve managed
to take him out with single shot and in 4 bullets, try and beat my record) and then
head to the waterfall. Spot the helicopter in the distance (the one that’s destroyed),
that’s our destination. Now, what you have to do is:


With any luck, none of the trigens saw you. The main goal here is to stick by the river,
you do that and you’re fine. You will survive. Trigens can’t swim for ‘some’ reason
but they can walk on water. I’m really not sure but I saw a monkey trigen looking
at me and he really didn’t care that I was there. So I stuck to the river. Sprint on
parts that you can walk and caught your breath in the water. If you need anymore help,
email me, but remember that it took only 1 attempt for me and most others (but still
I will help you if you need it).

Once you reach open water, keep swimming to the destroyed helicopter. Once you’re
within reach, sprint there. Cutscene.

Turn to the river separating you and the hundreds of trying. There’s about 10 of them
rushing you now. Use the machine gun to destroy them. Now quickly turn around to the
other machine gun facing the way you just came from. Shoot any trigen that followed
you and now head across the river to the other side that Doyle told you about. Cool.
Pick up ammo along the away and start walking up the trail.

Keep a low profile. The trigens shouldn’t care unless the mercs die which is almost
impossible. Once the trigens, die, shoot the mercs in the tower up ahead. Continue
traveling up the trail and into the compound. To the left is some ammo, not some,
but A LOT. Grab it and your back in business.

Cutscene of things looking back for Jack.

Make sure to grab the green keycard on the crate and head out to the fence. Be granted
access to it, and jump into the buggy. It’s rock and roll time.

Drive forward down the partial broken bridge and hang a left when you come down to the
end of it. Don’t even brother to try and jump it. Ride up this hill and spot 2 fat boys
in the distance. In between these two fat boys should be a ‘ramp’ like hill leading
to the other side. Ramp off and you should clear it with a lot of space. Keep going
forward however and clear a much larger gap. Follow the trail up the hill. Checkpoint.

In front, a humvey should pull out. Aim for the driver and the gunner but not for the
car. Once both are dead, grab the humvey, turn it around, and continue going up the
hill. You’ll eventually reach the main road right before Kreiger’s compound. To the
left would be a bunker with an even bigger amount of weapons. You’ll want to grab the
OICW here and the nads for it nad launcher which will come in handy. Back in the open
however, you might want to take care of the mercs right before it which are a major
pain. Also, take note of that hill to the left of the road that leads up to the
compound. A merc with a rocket launcher appears overhead who can mess you up pretty good.
Use the humvey’s rocket launcher to take care of him, and then keep proceeding
up the hill.

The trail will shift to the left with a bunch of merc appearing beforehand. Take
care of them with the machine gun and drive up to the main steps of the compound.
Instead of rushing in, head first, fire the Humvey’ rocket launcher just over the
stairs where you can’t see. There should be 3 mercs there with dead aim, and I mean
they will take 1/2 of your health away if you aren’t quick to respond. Once dead,
run up the stairs, collecting the ammo and into the main door. Now we go onto the
last level. Time for the plot leaps...

[T. Volcano]
Mission Difficulty Rating: 10/10.
Mission Checkpoints: 4
Mission Overview: A rescue and a payback.

Wow. Last level. Time to really turn up the juice even if you’re on easy or
realistic (god help you). Run forward into the next door and grab cover behind
either pillar.

Enter Lobby Shooting Spree:
Equip the Nad Launcher on the OICW and then make some noise (run forward and run
back for cover) and await the mercs. The first group of mercs will contain shields.
Regardless if they are getting their asses kicked or not, they will flank you. The
mercs in the rear will fire at you to make you grab cover as the shields guards
approach you from both sides. Here you will need to use A LOT of grenades to prevent
this. Also use the OICW Nad Launcher for the mercs in the rear and any other rapid
weapon you have. JackHammer works.

Soon enough more mercs will rush. This time they will use grenades and rocket
launchers. The rocket launcher mercs have amazing aim and will kill you in 2-3 shots.
This is your chance to rush. Be sure to zigzag to throw off their aim and throw those
grenades far. Also whenever you see a rocket, quickly grab cover behind a pillar. This
part really doesn’t take that long if you have good aim and know when to use grenades.
After you’re done, grab all the aim, the rocket launcher, and walk bravely, into the
next room.

Boss Battle 3: Kreiger
Kreiger is one fit, athletic dude. Weighing in at about 500lbs, he does jumps 50 feet
into the air and the 4 mercs around him are for support. Quickly gun down the first
two mercs around him, and grab cover behind the control center. A grenade will be
throw into your direction, sprint back towards the door until it explodes. Now throw
a grenade at both sides of the room disposing of the two other mercs.

Kreiger himself won’t do much but will be pretty hard to kill seeing as he jumps and
is almost impossible to take down. Somehow for me, I killed him by doing absolutely
nothing (a bug or something). Other times, it would require a ton of rounds from my
weapon. Keep shooting while having cover and soon enough he will full.


Now its time for payback. In the elevator, press the call button once more to be
taken to a higher level. Navigate the corners until you come across the armory at
the right side. Grab your top 4 favorite weapons, and continue navigating the hallways
until the exit. Here we will actually be inside the volcano filled to the top with
all types of your favorite trigen. But before we fight them, backtrack to the armory.
You see that chair? Start pushing it towards the outside. You heard me – just do it.
Push it up against the first door (not the second) and to the side. Good. Now the
doors won’t lock and you can make trips to the armory for help.

Let’s begin. Our first note is to take care of the Fat Boys approaching you on the
right side of the bridge (broke bridge that is). Use the Nad launcher on the trigens
approaching the hill. Use grenades as well. Hell, keep firing at them until they
fall. Sprint over to the other side to reload and dodge the rockets. Sprint back.
Keep firing but don’t jump off the hill. If you’re low on health, backtrack to
the armory, and sometimes the Fat Boys will be waiting at the door for you, but seeing
as they can’t fit, you’ll be able to use that to your advantage.

Ignore the other trigen jumping about and make sure the fat boys fall first. It is
almost impossible to make a run for “it” so ignore “it” for now. As soon as the
Fat Boys fall, go back to the armory and stock up on goodies again. Keep doing
this until the valley is clear. Now head down into the volcano. Exactly across
from where you entered this valley is a door on the lower level that controls the
access to the elevator. Go there and turn it on.

Now go to the ‘center’ of the volcano. You should see the elevator right there.
Call it, jump on it, and go up. Checkpoint.

This next part is hard as well. There’s about 7-8 mercs left standing all with
rocket launchers. They are quite annoying as they pop out and fire at you faster
than you can do anything. Your nad launcher will come into play. Waste all your
nad launcher ammo on them until it seems clear. Throw some grenades over the
barrels used for cover and find out. Sometimes mercs love to shoot you from the
right side of the canon on the catwalks. Shoot them back by all means.

Finally, if it seems clear, cross the bridge and start climbing the stairs. Be
ready to jump back as all of these mercs are suicidal. They will fire their rocket
launchers even if you are 5 inches away. Trust me on this one. Nevertheless, they
will eventually fall (don’t be discouraged as this part took a good 5-10 attempts
for me as well). Once they do that, climb the final set of stairs into the building.
There’s Doyle.

Shoot Doyle. Frag Doyle. Jump on Doyle, or just shoot him as he will do nothing
but fall with the PShooter he’s packing. That’s it. That’s the game. That’s the
set. That’s match. Watch the cutscene and then look at it from a different
perspective. Just simply ask yourself “How did she...” - no that’s not a spoiler.
Just enjoy it. You’ve earned it, congratulations on beating the game. If you’re
still stumped by what I meant, email me and ask. I’ll tell.

Thanks for reading the guide. It’s been fun. ^__^


III. General Tips, Hints, & Strategies -

This is where it gets interesting. Though as of now, my guide is a
primed concern only to get my 99.9% attention, I will be updating the
vehicles, weapons, and character profiles from time to time. If any
good mods spark my attention, I will provide them on here with the URL.

[A. Character Profiles]
[Jack Carver]
Height: 6’2
Weight: 230 lbs
Difficulty Rating: N/A
Ex. Commando. You are the most deadliest thing the world has seen.
Equipped with a communicator, your trusty assault weapon, and your will
to survive, you struggle to rescue your friend, and find out just how
the hell to get off this island.

[Valerie Cortez]
Height: 5’10
Weight: 125 lbs
Difficulty Rating: N/A
An ambitious young journalist who’s really more than she seems. Valerie
is set to the island of Cabatu to footage the strange things that have
been going on.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 180 lbs
Difficulty Rating: N/A
This is the guy that guides you in the game telling you where to go,
what to kill, and how to do it.

Height: 6’3
Weight: 250 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
He’s a merc that’s hunting you. A major pain in the ass as he wears
several body armors and keeps on popping up throughout the game.

Height: 6’1
Weight: 190 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
Apparently he is a scientist that thinks he is doing a common good to
society with his research. Obviously he owns the island your on (and
the mercs), and researches on stuff far beyond your belief.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * *
A commander that gives commands and organizes coordinated attacks. He
issues orders to lower-ranked mercs and will refrain from entering the
battle as long as his men stay alive.

[Grunt Mercenaries]
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * *
Dressed in simple t-shirts and fatigues, these mercs are your basic
grunt enemy, filling the islands like unoriginal people fill life!
(That’s just a joke).

[Cover Mercenaries]
Height: 6'4
Weight: 250 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * *
Easily identifiable due to their height and trendy berets, these big
guys wear body armor and fight harder than most of their allies.
They'll often charge the player, unafraid of taking a lot of bullets.
Normally positioned on the front line, they are the first to fight and
will relentlessly hunt the player until he’s fallen.

[Scout Mercenaries]
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * *
Trained to move quietly and work as a team, these smaller mercs love to
flank players and are decked out with flak jackets.

[Rear Guard Mercenaries]
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * *
Armed with grenades and wearing flak jackets, these dangerous mercs are
highly trained in the use of explosives and mid-range weapons.

Height: 5'5'

Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * *
Decked out in all-black and armed with sniper weapons, these mercs are
highly trained in long-range weaponry. They are extremely effective
killers, and should be considered one of your most frightening foes.
Most of them are located upon towers which should be easy to take out.

[Indoor Guards]
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * *
Outfitted with guard uniforms, these mercs patrol indoor environments
and should be considered more dangerous than their outdoor allies.

[Shield Guards]
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
Armed with extensive riot gear, these mercs are one of the toughest
enemies in the game.

[Elite Guards]
Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
You can recognize Elites by their terrifying gas masks and special
thermo-vision goggles. These bad-asses are incredibly strong and
extremely dangerous.

[Elite Workers]
Height: 5'7
Weight: 160 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * *
Clothed in coveralls, these poor saps might just as well be cannon
fodder. They infest the inhabited part of the islands doing odd jobs
and alerting mercenaries to the player's presence.

[Senior Scientists]
Height: 5'6
Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: *
Identifiable by their lab coats, they can be found throughout the
science labs.

[Core Engineer]
Height: 5'7
Weight: 170 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * *
These brave souls can usually be found in the most dangerous and
frightening parts of the laboratories. You'll recognize them by their
biohazard suits.

[Junior Scientists]
Height: 5'6
Weight: 175 lbs
Difficulty Rating: *
Identifiable by their lab coats, they can be found throughout the
science labs.

[Small (a.k.a. Monkey) Trigens]
Height: 6’0
Weight: 190 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
These brutal beasts made from gorillas provide a one hit kill (when you
are not wearing armor). Even more dangerous when there’s several of
them and even one of you. The shotgun is your friend.

[Commando Trigens]
Height: 6’4
Weight: 250 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * *
These trigens are actually created from humans and are seen with
rifles. Though it’s more likely they will fire at you, they make still
try to take a swing once in a while (like 20% of the time). These guys

can easily be picked off with an AR.

[Cloaked Trigens]
Height: 6’2
Weight: 200 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * *
Usually found in labs, these guys get bigger, badder, and more
dangerous as you progressed through the game. Your only choice is to
use the CryVision on them though some can barely be seen up close.

[Rocket Trigens]
Height: 7’4
Weight: 500 lbs
Difficulty Rating: * * * * *
One of the most deadliest enemies in the game as they have a rocket
launcher attached to their hand and use it as a rapid shooting machine

[B. Weapons]
A big jungle knife, useful in close-range combat. Extremely deadly but
completely worthless for taking up a good slot.
Fire mode 1: Melee Attack

Fixes stuff.
Fire mode 1: Fix object.

[Jungle Falcon]
Massive caliber semi-automatic handgun.
Zoom Mode: Aimed mode.

[Jackhammer Shotgun]
Semi-auto shotgun. Perfect for clearing tight corridors.
Fire mode 1: Semi-Automatic

[P90 SMG]
Modern SMG, designed for a high volume of fire and quick re/loading. A
hog however as the ammo clip disappears in seconds!
Fire mode 1: Automatic

A nice stealth but overall crappy and not as efficient as the P90.
Fire mode 1: Automatic

Fire mode 2: Single shot

[M4 Carbine]
Standard assault rifle used by the army, not used by you! Deadly
accuracy over long distances.
Fire mode 1: Automatic
Fire mode 2: Single shot

[AG36 Assault Rifle]
Assault rifle with a grenade launcher. Fairly deadly gun.
Fire mode 1: Automatic
Fire mode 2: Grenade Launcher

[OICW Advanced Assault Rifle]
Advanced assault rifle with integrated scope and flat trajectory HE
Fire mode 1: Automatic
Fire mode 2: Grenade Launcher

[AW50 Sniper Rifle]
It’s a sniper rifle however its scopes are extremely useful and can
take out people in a single shot, miles away!
Fire mode 1: Single shot

[M249 SAW MG]
Machine gun. Deadly and not an ammo hog.
Fire mode 1: Automatic

[Rocket Launcher]
Slow weapon. Pretty small blast radius too, however it contains a large
amount of ammo.
Fire mode 1: Single shot

Creates massive amount of damage. A little bit better than the rocket

[Vulcan Minigun]
Usually attached to a vehicle, it comes packed with ammo.

[Fragment Grenade]

[Flashbang Grenade]
Blinds enemies for roughly 5 seconds.

[Smoke Grenade]
Creates a huge cloud of smoke. Impossible to see through.

[C. Vehicles]
Smallest and fastest land vehicle. Comes packed with a mini gun. Good
for crossing unknown terrain and quick get-a-aways.

[4WD Vehicle a.k.a. Hummer/Humvey]
Resembles the Humvey but it contains an additional mini gun with a
mortar on top. Also sits up to 4 people and has good armor!

Crytek were even nice enough to include a forklift. Though it doesn’t
lift anything up, its still fun to drive around at 5MPH.

[Big Rig]
I’m not sure of the official name, but we can all vote on Big Rig. It
transports stuff, has lots of armor, and is really big, but slow.
[Inflatable Boat]
Small boat that has great handling and speed. The armor is pretty
crappy though as it can be taken out in an instant and doesn’t include
any mini guns.

[Patrol Boat]
Huge boat with a mini gun and mortar. This boat also packs great armor
however to get this boat to turn causes a great deal of stress.

[Hang Glider]
Probably the first game to do this. The Hang Glider transports 1 person
over a huge distance of land and allows him/her to use their weapons
any all time. I find it funny as that person can snipe AND hold the
railing at the same time. No, it does not ‘go up’ like a helicopter

It cannot be used unless a certain mod comes out for it. I have to
include the helicopter as it’s a primary vehicle (against you) that you
end up meeting every 2-3 levels. They can be exploded however sometimes
one rocket does not do the trick.

[Transport Helicopter]
Resembles the Bell XV-15 TRRA, this chopper appears rarely only to make
a quick get-a-away while dropping off mercs. Luckily, there are no
gunners attached to the side and makes your life a bit easier. This
chopper as well cannot be used in the game until a mod comes out.

[D. Mods]
Kudos and many thanks to Jeeves85 for this *entire* mod list. Most of
these mods are Multiplayer, and some are both SP and MP.


NAME: Empires (Empires have moved from BF42 to the Far Cry Engine)

Empires is a revolutionary mod for Battlefield 1942 combining first
person action and real time strategy elements. Empires introduces
buildable and destroyable buildings, a resource economy system, team
commanders, and many other features modders of Battlefield 1942 have
declared to be impossible due to no available SDK. With
buildable/destroyable buildings, the uninspired point system of regular
Battlefield 1942 play is eliminated, leading to fulfilling gameplay
where victory is determined by strategy and teamwork, not spawn

INFO: Empires are about to release version 0.2 for BF42, they are
already underway with the farcry mod, and you will see screenshots of
work in progress of there mod. This mod has a large team and we are

sure to see this on the FarCry engine soon.


NAME: Blood Feud

Blood Feud is a modification of the game Far Cry by CryTek. When it is
done it will be freely available as a multiplayer add on to Far Cry.

We are a team of volunteer modders, headed by project lead Mark
"DeflatorMouse" Lockhart. We are making this to preserve the legacy of
Tribes and Tribes 2.


NAME: Operation Archangel

1. Counter terrorist and terrorist gameplay
2. Based on huge costum maps
3. Multyplayer (MP), Singleplayer (SP) and co-op based
4. MP modes are CTF, DM, TDM, and a totally new mode. This will stay
secret untill the release is
there. We don't want people steal our idea's
5. Weapons expansion system
6. Special effects
7. Buying and selling weapons, munitions and vehicles

INFO: Screenshots available at website, mods seems to have a large


NAME: Seige Online

The basic premise behind Siege Online is an ongoing confrontation
between two opposing teams, one evil, one good. The goal is to besiege
the oppositions castles and lands, rescue princesses and so on while
simultaneously defending their own areas thereby effectively deterring
the enemy from gaining control of the aforementioned item/persons. Both
sides have many unique tools, weapons and skills at their disposal in
order to insure victory.


NAME: The Forgotten War
INFO: A Korean War Modification, alot of work has been done since they
are sharing models/skins with the CoD team.


NAME: Pandora Forces (Moved from HL2 to FarCry)

Pandora Forces is a multiplayer modification for FarCry.
The story is about a fictitious conflict in the year 2007 in which
guerillas assume power over Bolivia. Because of the fact, that the
situation in Bolivia gets beyond control bit by bit, the NATO decides
to send a special-unit, which is staffed with the best men of NATO´s
leading special-units.


ABOUT: The Website is in German, but this Mod is one of the many
Dinosaur mods in production for FarCry. This was the first, and looks
to be the one that is done more. It will be interesting.


NAME: Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rising is a mature, narrative-led co-operative multiplayer
survival horror played in the first person. Teams of four or five
player-controlled troopers try to reclaim earth from the AI-controlled
zombies that have taken over. The experience is akin to a massive co-
operative single player game. It can be played online, over a LAN and
in split-screen. The main strength of the game is the storyline. A sci-
fi horror set in the near future where mankind fights for survival
against zombie hordes. Ninety-nine percent of the population of the
world has been turned into the flesh-hungry living dead, and humanity
has been on the defensive for fifty years - the players join the
struggle as the tide is turned.


NAME: Project Lilith

Project Lilith is a Far Cry Full Conversion Modification. Featuring
vast urban environments and sparse deserts, Project Lilith presents a
variety of different landscapes for you to explore (or destroy).
Project Lilith will astound your very senses as you are immersed in an
game world full if action, deceit and conspiracy. Realistic weapons,
vehicles and physics will feature in Project Lilith.


NAME: The Hunt

A deep space Uranium mining program on the planet Kulvan goes horribly
wrong when Humans discover they are not the only inhabitants. Under the
surface lurk the deadly Xenomorphs, run under a special breeding
program by the deadly Predators. Everything goes to hell when each
species gets more involved with the other than they should. THE HUNT
(tentative title) takes the player and throws them into the Alien and
Predator universe. Featuring three huge campaigns, each with unique
game play, THE HUNT will be an experience like no other.


NAME: Siege 2

Siege 2 is a conversion of the action game Farcry using the CryTek
engine. This conversion is a remake of the old Heretic 2 and Hexen
modifications entitled SIEGE. The basic premise behind Siege 2 is a
confrontation between an attacking team and a defending team, one evil,
one good. The attacker’s goal is to besiege the defender’s castle,
rescue a princess or defend a person/creature from the attacking team.
The defenders on the other hand, need to be able to hold off the
attackers long enough, thereby effectively deterring the enemy from
gaining control of the aforementioned item/person. If the target is
reached within the allotted time, the attackers wins, if not, the

defenders wins. Both sides have many tools at their disposal in order
to insure victory.


NAME: Pacific Combat
INFO: At this time, the website is in German, but they are writing up
an English website soon so stay tuned, this one looks promising.


NAME: FarGate

Stargate FarCry modification. No description as yet, it's still under
early development.

[E. Gameplay Hints]
* * * * * [My Tips] * * * * *
Overall tips:
*When entering new areas, but sure to move slowly and keep an eye at
the stealth gauge.
*Make yourself aware of the surroundings.
*Crouch when shooting. It increases your accuracy and makes it for the
enemy to hit you harder.
*Prone when you snipe.

*Try to roadkill enemies – not stop next to them, get out, and attempt
to fight.
*Use the M4 as your primary for the Mercs, and Shotgun or P90 as your
primary for the Trigens.
*Attempt headshots at enemies who don’t see you even if it’s with the

* * * * * [Tips from] * * * * *

Tips for avoiding being eviscerated by the Small Trigens:
 *They are easily distracted by rocks. This can be really useful in
getting a lot of them to one area, throw rocks to get them all together
then throw a grenade and watch them fly kicking and screaming into the

 *If one leaps at you, DUCK AND ROLL (sidestep) the end up flying past
you leaving them open for a blasting as they land.

 *If they don't see you, they just stand there, unless there are other
people around, in which case they will attack them instead. (Really
useful if you are using the mp5 as you can take potshots at the mercs
while they are distracted and they won't retaliate).

*In tight corridors, peek round corners quickly, or stand still and
listen, if you hear them / see them, then peek and shoot or lob a
grenade round.

*USE THE BINOCULARS! They pinpoint every enemy and make their positions
show up on the radar. You won't get flanked as easily if you know they
are there.


TRIGENS - Major tip here, they can't swim!! If you can swim in the
water, they can drown in it.

MONKEY ONES - The first of the TRIGENS you encounter, these are white
in color and tend to jump at you when attacking, THEY ARE VERY STRONG
Easily killed with head shots, (aim lower to get the face of the
creature to get an effective headshot). Also hang around groups and
vary in size. Will "fetch" rocks if no HUMAN CASTES are around, (by
this I mean that, if you haven't been seen by them yet you can district
them easily by throwing a rock, use this tip to get lots of them in an
area then grenade them.)

HUMAN ONES - divided into four categories:

SOLDIER CASTE - These ones tend to jump around a lot and are armed with
G36 MACHINE GUNS. They look like humans and are the same size as normal
GRUNTS, just a lot harder to kill (headshots or rockets take them down

STEALTH CASTE - Invisible like PREDATOR, only not as well armed, these
ones have MP5's and are identical to the SOLDIER CASTE in the way they
move / look / attack etc except they are invisible. (You can hear them,
and see them moving, but they show up fully using the thermal vision

BIGBOYS - Remember quake 2? Tank? Well these guys make them look like
snow whites buddies. They are huge and heavily armed with rocket
launchers, (they don't drop ammo, unlike the SOLDIER / STEALTH CASTE's)
deadly at a distance, even worse close up, your best bet is to take
them out with short bursts to the face from medium to long range, as
this allows you to avoid their rockets. (You could also let them get
close them empty a shotgun / SAW MACHINEGUN clip into their heads, this
works just as well) tend to just ignore explosives, it takes 5 direct
grenade hits to take just one down so save your grenades.

MUTANTS - you don't encounter many of these but they have traits
belonging to all three of the above HUMAN CASTES.

* * * * * [TIPS FROM Vertigo200,] * * * * *
*While playing Far Cry, I noticed that there are 2 types of monkey trigens,
one whose slightly bigger than the other and isn't so "monkey-like" (in
fact he's very strange looking, his face seems almost to be a skull).
Strangely enough, I've found that the smaller monkey trigens are more
dificult to kill than the larger one's, probably because of their size
(although they may be quicker than
the other ones).

*While reading your guide, I noticed how you didn't give the grenades
their due. The smoke grenade is excelent against guards, just throw one
and quickly enter it and you have about 10 seconds of complete freedom
(specially usefull against those dammed elite). Their not so good against
trigens, however, as the trigens seem to want to explore the smoke and
quickly find you. However, the flash band is excelent against trigens,
specially in corridors and specially agains the rocket trigens. Just
throw one, empty your shotgun, throw another, reload and kill it/them.
Flash bangs are also usefull against guards, specially in corridors.
The trick is to find out where they are and throw the flash bang so
it rebounds of a wall.

*Finally, there's a neat bug/trick you can do on water. Take out your
sniper(or any gun, I find the sniper the easiest) and take out the
driving guard on a boat. Then aproach the boat from behind and climb
up on top of it. If you came up from behind, the guard in front won't
be able to shoot you or move the boat. Then you can torment him to
no end! Or just quickly shoot the poor bastard (who can't do anything anyway).

*Email me if you have any more –

[F. Cheats]
The GODMODE cheat is finally here. Enjoy, you cheaters XP

First right click on the Far Cry icon on your desktop. Then go to
properties. A new screen should pop up. Find the words that come AFTER
target which should be something like this (this was my target):

"C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe"

Without removing ANYTHING or adding ANYTHING (quotes were there to
begin with, I did not put them there), add –DEVMODE to the end. The
ending result should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -DEVMODE

Now cheats are enabled! YAY!
All Weapons – P
999 Ammo (not unlimited) – O
Save current position – F9
Load saved position – F10
No clipping – F4
God Mode – Backspace (For some it works, for others it doesn’t).
Quick Load - \load_game [name]
Quick Save - \save_game [name]

---[GOD MODE]---
First locate the DevMode.lua file in the Far Cry directory:

C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry

That was mine directory. Now copy the DevMode.lua into a random folder
that you can remember (in case you mess something up). After that open
a text editor (like Notepad) and then open the file DevMode.lua with
it. Add the following to the *BOTTOM* of the document (no quotes):

“function GodMode()
if _localplayer then = 99999;
_localplayer.cnt.armor = 99999;
Hud:AddMessage(''[CHEAT]: Give 99999 health and armor'');
System.LogToConsole(''\001CHEAT: Give 99999 health and armor'');
Hud:AddMessage(''[CHEAT]: No godmode today'');

Save it! During gameplay type in: #GodMode() and you'll be unstoppable.


IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some basic questions that I've spotted over the board these past few

Q: I’m a noob/newbie/n00b. HELP.
A: That’s what my guide is for (and that wasn’t a complete question) –
to help you get better.

Q: Any tips for taking the Mercs?
A: Crouch or Prone to increase accuracy. Walk your sides as they try to
flank you a lot of times. M4 is the ideal weapon for taking out the
Mercs very fair away (Sniper Rifle is only used for extreme distances).
P90 is also a good weapon up close. Jackhammer doesn’t seem to do much
damage unless you are extremely close to them. Also, remember to use
them grenades – very effective.

Q: Any tips taking for Trigens?
A: If you don’t know what the Trigens are, then past this part quickly.
The best tip is to simply be alert and to crouch while moving into the
next part of a new area. Be sure you’re equipped with either the
Jackhammer (shotgun) or P90. The M4 (though is a good weapon) lacks the
firepower to kill the Trigens quickly.

Q: I’m stuck at level [blank].
A: Your first option is to check the guide. If that part hasn’t been
covered/doesn’t help yet, give me an email at Also,
the GameFAQs Far Cry board is very efficient in answering most

Q: What are some tips for killing Crow in Boat?
A: Once the C4 explodes, run to the bridge. In the bridge, get good cover as
you peak out, fire 5 times (NO MORE) at crow, and peak back in. Repeat this
process for about 20 times. Soon, the boat you are on will start to sink.
This is the time when you get ready to swim back to land (UNDERWATER as Crow
doesn’t hurt you, but still follows you). Once you get back to land, get cover
behind a skinny tree - as long as the tree blocks Crow’s machine gun, he will
not be able to hurt you. The skinny tree will provide enough cover, don’t worry
about it. Now grab any rockets you have left, and return fire at the chopper.
Approx. 5 more will kill him.

Q: On Rebellion, I come across a bridge that’s broken...
A: Jump it with the Humvey. Get a good driving start, and you should
make it.

Q: In Cooler when I come across Val, she doesn't move. The hell?
A: It's a bug. Download patch version 1.1. If it doesn't work, simply skip to
the next level by a cheat code as the only thing you miss is a cutscene.

Q: Can you drive a Porsche/Ferrari/Lamborghini in this game?
A: No.

Q: Can I play any other character than Jack?
A: No. Mods are another case.

Q: Mods…
A: Modifications to the game. Sandbox Editor is a good one you can
download from Far Cry’s official site.

Q: How many bosses are there (if any)?
A: In my opinion, there are 3. There’s Crow 1, Crow 2, and Kreiger.

Q: How come you have different game saves then me?
A: You see, sometimes a level is so big you can take different routes.
You can pick a shorter path that has one less checkpoint or a longer
path that has one more checkpoint or merely both of them that has 3
times as many.

Q: Must you kill me with your lame jokes?
A: Yes.

Q: I have a grammar mistake...
A: Then give yourself a cookie! This document is big so I suggest you refrain
from emailing me with these heartless “I’ve found an error” emails.

Q: I have another question...
A: Like I said, shoot away –


V. Updates

Pretty easy to understand what this section is about ... My FAQ

Version 1.6 – Spent a day on it. Almost died. But its here. The full FAQ
version – Version 1.6. Though, the formatting may be off, this isn’t the
last version. The next version (or the one after that) will be the last.
I’ll go over this bad boy one more time, fixing spelling/grammar mistakes,
adding mods to the guide, and maybe even a new ASCII art. I always updated
the legal junk located at the bottom of his guide. Read it if you want to.
Next update will come in about a week or two or 5. Hey, I need the break,
I deserve it. :^)

Version 1.5 – 3 new levels with tons of emails answered. I really didn’t
do anything else except format the guide a bit in which its still messed
up. I’m still looking for some good ASCII Art (preferably big), which
takes up, I dunno, 3 times as much space as my regular one. I got some
good ones in the mail but they are too damn small. Sorry guys. Next update
you can expect another additions to the guide such as how mods are doing
and everything else, maybe even a new ASCII Art. Also, if you sent me some
tips, chances are I read them, enjoyed them, but forgot to put them on the
guide considering I get approximately 30 emails a day. So send it one more

Version 1.4 – 2 level update, so sue me. I got a lot of questions through
Email about these two levels which are a pain in the ass. So I did them
and now here you are. I also went through my guide and reformatted it
because it was usually a .doc when I sent it to CJayC. I needed to
convert it to a .txt and it’s usually where problems would arise.
Also I answered some questions (not all) and added some faqs.

Version 1.3 – Sorry for the delay guys, but the regular updates are
back. Every new week you will get 3+ new levels and some other minor
stuff. My email was flooded as I wasn’t around for the past 2 weeks, so
if you send me something, chances are I didn’t get it. I’m still
looking for some ASCII Art so contact me over MSN any chance you get. I
also added the god mode cheat that I found on IGN. If you emailed me
with it, I probably didn’t get to it. >_< Sorry.

Version 1.2 – Mod list finally started, many thanks to Jeeves85 with
his findings on it. Also continued providing more levels in the main
walkthrough and added ways to increase your performance with Far Cry in
system requirements.

Version 1.1 – New levels, alternative strategies, tips, enemy analysis,
cheats, spelling mistake fixes, and some emails containing even more
tips from board members! SIDENOTE: I’m starting a Far Cry Top Ten Plays
of all Time movie. If anyone wants to help, you know where to find me
(my email). Next version should be within a couple of days with
hopefully the next 2 or 3 levels.

Version 1.0 - Started the walkthrough from nothing. Added some
beautiful ASCII Art (it sinks, if you have anything better, then send
it to me and I will give you full credit and add it), started working
on the main walkthrough with 3 levels covered. I also added enemies,
weapons, and vehicles, along with the controls, and story. This is a
major leap for the first update. Expect the second one in a matter of
days with at least 3 more levels covered.


VI. Legal Junk & Acknowledgements

Legal Junk:
Let me quickly skip forward to 411.

Things you CAN do with my guide:
-Read it (obviously),
-Print it,
-Save it on your HDD,
-Give it to friends,
-Recommend it,
-Link to it,
-Yell at it because you simply can’t beat the game.

Things you CANNOT do with my guide:
-Save it on your HDD and turn it in to ANY website under your name,
-Turn it in to other websites even in my name,
-Save it on your site without my permission (Just email me, I'll agree
if you link me to the site),
-Go around saying you made it,
-Try to hack and delete it (please don’t, I’ve worked hard).

If any of these special requests - 'Things you CANNOT do' by me are
broken, actions will be taken place. Please, please don't make me do
this. If you’re not sure of what you can/cannot do, just email me. Recently,
however, I was emailed (by that informed me of
a user who plagiarised my work and claimed it as his own. He missed one
important part and forgot to take out that the guide he made was sent to
gamefaqs, not to another place. That was the proof used in his undoing.
Thanks a million Unreal dude. 
The fake guide could be located here -

Acknowledgements -
I'd just like to thank the following people who made this guide
possible here today:
CJayC - For making one helluva site - GameFAQs and accepting my guide, – For providing tons of strategies and analysis,
Keithley Crooks – Thanks for the alternative strategy,
GameFAQs Far Cry Message Boards – For tips, hints, and strategies,
Jeeves85 – Provide the entire mod list. Many thanks.
Michael Edwards – For alternative strategy in fort.
Myself - For making my lazy butt convict me to make this guide, - For providing an alt strat. in besting Crow,
UbiSoft - For making another damn good game,
UbiSoft Far Cry Website – For providing me with information that
completes this guide, - For pointing out plagerism from around user,
Vertigo200 – For some nice tips,
The Readers - For reading this guide and for all your tips.

                    A guide by Vlad Danilchuk - AllYourBaseBelong2Us.
                             Copyright (c) 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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