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 FarCry Exploration FAQ

FarCry Exploration FAQ

FarCry Exploration FAQ   V1.1b

Copyright (c) 2004-2007
Michael Shepherd-Finch
(New version only has new email addy)

Legal junk first
You should all know the legal stuff.
In a nut shell:

* Only sites listed below may host this file or any part of it.
If it's seen elsewhere, drop me a line and let me know.
* If you want to use this FAQ as a basis for your own, ask me first and
Give credit.
* You can print this guide out; pass it on to friends, etc. As long as
It stays as it is, without any altering.
* You cannot use this FAQ to make money. Or put it into a magazine, etc
Which will be making money from it.

* Anything else not covered by this legal section is probably not allowed,
But drop me an e-mail and I'll consider your request.

And the legal note found in the help section of

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
Personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
Distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
Guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
Prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

* This notice from overrides my notice above it.

Sites that are allowed to host this file:

Sites that have kindly asked for permission BEFORE posting this guide:
	They also have a program which also has permission,
		The: CheatBook-DataBase 2007

I would like to re-iterate. If this guide is on another website, not
listed here then please inform me of this.

Now onto the fun stuff:

(All these tricks were done of V1.0 of Farcry, some done with DEVMODE enabled)

(PLEASE READ: Most of the exploration areas will get you killed for leaving
the level boundary, so don't wander too far off, unless stated otherwise.)

     1. Exploration
     1.01 Training
           - Top of the 1st outdoor area
           - Top of giant hill in middle of level
               * Getting to an inaccessible beach
     1.02 Carrier
           - Notes
     1.03 Fort
           - Top of all 3 huts at the beginning
           - On top of hill next to beach
           - Stand next to the Radar Dish
           - Alternate way to the Radar Dish
           - Notes on 'multiple targets' near the end
           - Skip destroying the Radar Dish
     1.04 Pier
           - Stand by the destroyed radar dish
     1.05 Research
           - Top of 1st outdoor area
     1.06 Treehouse
           - Top of the 1st outdoor area
     1.07 Bunker
           - Top of level at end
     1.08 Steam
           - Top of level
           - Top of highest hill
     1.09 Regulator
           - Top of level
           - Top of level at end (Or under it)
               * Getting on the grass
     1.10 Control
     1.11 Rebellion
     1.12 Archive
     1.13 Cooler
           - On top of pipes near start
           - On that overhanging walkway
     1.14 Boat
     1.15 Catacombs
           - Top of entrance to Catacombs
     1.16 River
           - The Top-of-the-Rivermap Route! * From: towtruck0
     1.17 Swamp
           - Behind fence near 1st merc camp OR Top of level
     1.18 Factory
           - Top of level
           - Skipping most of the level
     1.19 Dam
           - Top of starting part of Dam level * From: kanderstag (gs)
           - Top of middle area of Dam level
           - Stand next to Doyles Boat
     1.20 Volcano
     2. Tricks
        - Riding the Inflatable Boat
        - Flying high with Patrol Boats
        - Riding the Inflatable Boat variant
     3. Easter Eggs
        - Sign with skeleton - Treehouse level * From: towtruck0
        - Sign with skeleton - Factory level * From: towtruck0
        - Sign with skeleton - Research level * From: Scrib
        - 'Demo' Mission * From: towtruck0
     4. Glitches
        - See the inside of the garage   - Regulator
        - Another spot to see the garage - Regulator
        - Mercs not re-acting to you
        - Respawning combatants - Rebellion
     5. Credit to, thanks to...
     6. Version history
     7. Contact info

1. Exploration
I use exploration in the sense of getting into an area that you're not
Normally able to get to, or don't normally think of going to.
 IE: Climbing to the top of one of the huts at the beginning of the fort level.

1.01 Training

*** Top of the 1st outdoor area ***

Just after you have picked up the radio with Doyle on it you'll head
Outdoors. As soon as you're outside turn left but don't go down to the huts.
Walk up to the wall/hill and you'll see a tree very close to it. Now walk
Back to the indoor area entrance, but not onto the concrete and run towards
The hill to the left of the tree. As soon as you hit the hill jump and aim
For the tree so it ends up behind you.
Once there, Face the tree and jump to position yourself half-way across the
Branch that's sticking out to your left. Turn around to face the hill and jump.

You should be on top of the hill. There's not much to do up here but try to
Find all the holes and stuff that you would have seen from the beginning of
The level until you got outside. =)

*** Top of giant hill in middle of level ***
NOTE: You will not be killed automatically.

You need to be near the carrier and you need to have taken the left-most path
Towards it. You will end up passing 2 wrecked Japanese fighter planes, heading
Towards the carrier. As you near the end of the path close to the water by the
Carrier, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have this checkpoint turn left
And head towards the hill. You need to find a spot that have a small rocky
Texture and grassy textures of either side of it. (The rocky texture is about
2-5metres wide) Once you found this spot, climb up the hill to the left of the
Rocky bit, close to a tree.
You will be able to climb half-way up then you'll need to jump up and you
Should continue climbing. Be careful though, as you near the top you'll start
Going through thick bush so you'll need to go slowly once your at the top so
That you don't fall off.
Once up head North-West (not exactly, but a little bit to the right of it) and
You'll reach another hill. You will know the spot because there are hardly any
Trees near this spot. (Well, they are at least a few metres away from you)
This spot is quite easy to climb and I was able to climb up in about 2 minutes.

As you get close to the top you will notice a lump in the ground, this means
That you are climbing the right spot.
You can roam freely about up here as you don't leave the level boundary at all.

   * Getting to an inaccessible beach *

Now this is an interesting find and is easier to do that it'll sound.

First you need to be at the above mentioned hill-top.
Once at the top, face the carrier, then face the hill to your left. You'll need
To head over to the top of that hill, which is safe to do so. Once here, keep
Heading the way you're going and you should find that it slopes downward to a
Ledge. Go slowly so you don't hurt yourself, then head right and keep to the
Edge of the cliff face. You'll pass a couple of tree's near the bottom of the
cliff, pass on the left-most side but don't fall off the cliff yet.
When you are almost at the bottom, you'll need to turn left and head towards
3 trees standing close to each other.

Now for the tricky part, well, sortof.

Doing what you've just done has put you across an invisible boundary and those
Pissed off attack choppers that kill you almost instantly been set off.
When you are behind the trees I said above, lean either left or right and you
Should see the chopper in the distance near the beginning of the level.
Hide behind the tree for about 10-20 seconds.
If you are lucky the chopper will head behind the hill and won't come back.
You can now freely explore a normally inaccessible beach, and surrounding
Grassy area.

1.02 Carrier

*** Notes ***
I have noticed that leaving the Carrier and going on land results in an attack
Chopper being sent to kill you. However, If you outrun it, you can't go very
Far and I died when I reached the beach with the few buggys and that patrol
Boat in the Training level. I did however get to the top of the hill described

1.03 Fort

*** Top of all 3 huts at the beginning ***
(I shall name the huts: hut1, hut2, and hut3.)
Hut1 has no walls and no mercs under it
Hut2 has no walls and mercs fishing under it
Hut3 has walls.

Top of hut1:

Finish off all mercs in the area before attempting this.
There is a pole with 2 lights on it a 2 wires coming from it heading to hut1
And hut3. Look at the wire heading to hut1 and notice the boxes stacked on each
Other below the wire (if they weren't shot or moved they'll be stacked)
You want to jump on top of these then onto the wire. You will most probably
Slip off the wire the first few attempts, but trust me, it's possible to stand
On the wires and not fall off. Once on the wire, simply jump to hut1 and you
Are done.

Top of hut2:

This is more difficult and has had me killed a few times from falling off
The wire.
Follow hut1's directions until you're on the wire, but instead of jumping
To hut1, you want to slowly walk towards the light pole.
This is rather difficult and the fall when you're close to the lightpole will
Hurt you a bit each fall. (Killing me about 3 times)
Once you've reached the light pole you want to jump on top of it and be steady
On it.
Once on the light pole and sure you're not slipping off, walk towards the end
Facing away from hut2. Once there, turn around and run towards hut2 and
Jump when you're at the end of the light pole aiming for the closest corner of
Hut2 and you're done.

Top of hut3:

This is simple; get the inflatable boat to the little shed thingy that's
Attached to it and jump onto the wooden pole next to the shed, then jump onto
The roof of the shed then onto hut3.

*** On top of hill next to beach ***

The hill referred to is the one on the right of the first beach you come
Across. You'll need the buggy for this.
Drive the buggy around until you find the wreckage of a Japanese fighter plane.
Now look at the side of the hill for a part that looks smaller than the rest
And has a smaller angle than the rest. It should be close to the wreckage. Now
Back up to about 50-100metres away and drive full-speed up the side of the
Hill. If you found the right spot, you'll get on top of the hill quite easily.
There's nothing exciting up here but you do get some nice views.

*** Stand next to the Radar Dish ***

This is nearly impossible unless you have a checkpoint inside the area but
Before the mortar bombs start hitting the machinegun.
You want to quickly get to the machinegun before the air-transport drops off
3-6 mercs (The twin-rotor carrier)
You want to shoot at it for about 10-12 seconds then wait for it to drop off
The mercs. Kill them as they slide down the ropes then wait for the transport
To Start heading away from you. As soon as it starts, start shooting it again.
It will blow up and crash hopefully right next to the rusted I-beams.

You want to be able to get onto the top rusted I-beam (a few reloads might be

*The most ideal position I had it fall in was one of the wings was pretty much
On the ground and the other wing was level with the top rusted I-beam.*

Once you are able to get onto the top rusted I-beam you'll want to hit the
Checkpoint you can get by the locked door Doyle opens.
Get that, as you will need it if you intend to further explore near the radar

Now get onto the top I-beam and head towards the wall. Jump onto the wall and
Follow it towards the radar, you will find the some of it appears to not be
There at all when you reach the corner, but it is there, just it doesn't have a
Texture. Start running and jump over the gap between the wall and the hill.
Once here you can walk right up to the radar to have a closer look.
(Note: If you walk towards where the level pier starts, the game will
Automatically kill you (For leaving the level boundary))

*** Alternate way to the Radar Dish ***

If you can't get the above to work for whatever reason, here's an easier way
To get to the top!
Heading towards the rusty I-beams there's an excellent sniping spot near them.
The room with no roof and steps heading up to it, with the window hole looking
Right at the door Doyle opens.
You want to stand by the top of the steps and jump onto the broken wall.
You then want to jump or walk to the corner, then from there head to the hill.
Once next to the hill, you want to run 'n' jump slightly to the right and if
Done right, you'll be on top of the area. Just take a quick walk over to the
Radar dish for a closer inspection.

*** Notes on 'multiple targets' near the end ***
From: towtruck0

Near the end of this level, after you have fought your way to the top of the
Mountain, you will find yourself waiting for Doyle to open the door for you. As
You are waiting, you will get the very bad news that Doyle has spotted
"multiple targets" on the sea and in the air, closing in on you. If you want,
Instead of waiting and then running into the bunker when Doyle opens the door
For you, you can immediately run over to the Vulcan cannon overlooking the
Water, and you can use it to take out the helicopters and the Osprey. However,
Before you do this you MUST take out the TWO boats down below you in the water,
Or they will kill you! There are two boats, one of which is a standard riverine
Patrol boat and which can only be destroyed with the rocket launcher, but the
Other is a somewhat larger craft with a mortar mounted aft of the pilot house.
I believe that I once managed to kill the larger boat with the Vulcan cannon
But not the patrol boat, which is too fast and too distant, and which will
Anchor too close to shore, at a steeper angle to you than your cannon can
Reach. (Which is why you need to use the rocket launcher against it.) However,
You can survive if you do not kill the larger boat at this point.
It is possible to kill the helicopters and the mercs, and the small patrol
Boat, and then go back down the mountain and kill the merc on the larger boat.
(Grab one of the other patrol boats for this.) But you can not pilot the larger
Boat, and you can not even use the mortar on it.
The reason I find this interesting is that that is the ONLY time in the
Single-player campaign that this larger boat is seen. (I have NO idea if it is
Used in the multiplayer maps.)

* Note from author *
Whilst hunting for areas to explore, I found one of my checkpoints with the
Larger boat already destroyed. For whatever reason, I checked it out and was
Able to use the mortar on it, although I could not aim up or down, only
Straight forward and 360-degrees around.

*** Skip destroying the Radar Dish ***

Perform one of the tricks above to get to the radar dish. Once by it, head
Towards the part where you start the Pier level, and look for the concrete
Thing that you start by on that level. Jump down onto it then carefully get
To the ground in front of it. I say carefully because if you walk to far the
Game will kill you for leaving the level boundary.
Once in front of the concrete thing, just walk inside.

1.04 Pier

*** Stand by the destroyed radar dish ***

Not as easy as it'll sound. It will take at least 20 tries to get it unless you 
Are lucky. It'll be easier if you kill the 2 mercs heading towards you before
Attempting this.
From your starting point turn right 90 degrees and head for the corner of the
Concrete entrance. If you face the entrance you want to go to the left corner
By the hill. You will need to back up watching the ground until you reach the
Edge of the ground before it falls away into the lake below. When by the edge
You'll need to be a few steps to the left of the corner of the concrete
Entrance looking at the spot where it connects with the hill.
You want to select the silent gun (mp40?) then run up the hill by the concrete
Entrance and hopefully you'll be standing in front of the rocks at the top. You
Need to immediately jump and aim for the roof of the concrete entrance.
Most likely you'll either: Not jump for some unknown reason, you won't even get
To the rocks or you'll slip as soon as you try to jump.
But when you do get on the roof walk to near the middle end and look at the
Pile of rocks. Just run and jump over these and up the hill.

Things to do:
Walk around the top up here staying close to the edge and see how far you can
Go without falling
Climb the remains of the radar dish (Use the angled pole/plank thingy)

1.05 Research

*** Top of 1st outdoor area ***

This is harder than it sounds, but anyway, kill EVERYBODY but DON'T destroy the
Patrol boats. Go get a checkpoint by heading into the cave then come back out
And grab a patrol boat.
Now, when you start the level, you're at one end of the area, and everybody is
On the other side. Now on the other side, you'll see a mini-cave. A 
Over-hanging rock making a hole, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, go towards this slowly with the patrol boat. You will see in the water
A little bit of rock that doesn't quite poke out of the water, but you can hit
It with the boat.
Remember this bit of rock.
Now back up the boat until you are close to where you start the level, and
Start driving towards the other side, you'll need to stay away from the hill by
The rock described until you almost trigger an attack chopper, then you'll need
To turn towards the hill slowly, so you don't lose too much speed, and go
Past the rock on it's right side. When you collide with the hill, you and the
Boat will go up the hill, well, sortof go up the hill. Anyway, when it's about
To start falling down, jump out. If you've done it right, you won't fall back
Down into the sea. Now all you basicly need to do is walk to the top from here.

1.06 Treehouse

*** Top of the 1st outdoor area ***

First of all take care of the merc's that get out of the buggy that drives up
Then take care of the 2 trigens that'll come to investigate the noise from all
The weapons being fired.
Now get in the buggy and turn around 180 degrees.
Look towards your right and you might be able to make out a tree next to the
Hill that leads to the top. Head over to it and try to drive up it with the
Buggy. You'll notice that you need to be close but not touching the tree to
Drive up. Now drive back about 100metres then drive full-speed at the spot.
As soon as you start going up the side, you'll need to turn right hard.
Keep turning until the buggy is close to being on a 80-degree angle to the top
And the tree.
Once this is done the buggy should be stuck between the tree and the hill.
Now jump out and get to the front end of the buggy. Once there look up the hill
And you'll notice bushes and such, aim for the middle of the closest bush and
Run 'n' jump up, keep doing this until you pretty much come to a halt or the
Screen starts shaking. Once here stop running 'n' jumping and let your stamina
Restore. You don't really need it to restore but it makes it a bit easier.
Once all the running 'n' jumping is done, you'll need to slightly move to the
Right until you start slowly moving up the hill. Let yourself slowly walk up
And if all is done right, you'll be at the top in a few seconds.

1.07 Bunker

*** Top of level at end ***

This was kinda hard to find because of the cutscene being triggered in almost
Every attempt I made. Be warned, it will probably be triggered for you too.
When you come outside, look to your right and you'll see a rock and a tree next
To it. You want to get behind the tree beside the rock, and then climb up from
Here. As soon as you reach the top stop. If the cutscene starts, you went to
Far or weren't right up against the rock. As soon as you're at the top, face
The concrete structure and run 'n' jump to it, trying to hug the rock.
Once there, there is another tree by the same rock, you want to climb up here
And once you're at the top you'll need to stand under the concrete wall.
Do a \save_game \load_game and you'll end up inside the concrete wall. Head
Towards the fence by the crane and jump onto the fence. Do the \save_game
\load_game thing again and you should be on top of the concrete wall.
You can almost go anywhere up here. But in some places you will get killed.

1.08 Steam

*** Top of level ***

For this you'll need to grab a patrol boat with most of it's health left. You
Will be doing the 'Flying high with Patrol Boats' trick.
Once you got the boat, head towards the pier close to where you get the goggles
That you're supposed to get. There are 2 parts were a Patrol Boat could hit
And possibly work but you will want to go with the one on the right. To help
You, it's the one with only 1 tree. Now pretty much head back to the start with
The boat. From there, go all out with the boat around the corners, etc, towards
The spot. Aim for the tree, once you hit, you might have to jump out to get to
The top. Sometimes it works, sometimes you need to jump out. Either way, you're
Half-way to the top.
Now you are standing on the hill, you will want to run up it being careful of
Where ou tread. Some spot you can go up, others you'll go nowhere. You will
Eventually reach the top. If you want you can climb down the otherside to get
To the foreman, and the end of the level.

1.09 Regulator

*** Top of level ***

From the beginning of the level, take out the 2 guards by the door and all the
Others by the containers. Now, Face the big door at the entrace from the
Outside. On your right there is a hill, you need to go here, then face where
The door should be. Of course, you'll have a steep hill, albeit small.
The best way to do this is take it slowly, as you'll encounter a glitch whilst
Climbing up. You need to hug the big rock and seriously be careful when
Re-positioning if you stop moving. Aim about 2 pixels! out go a few centemeters
Then aim 1 pixel back towards the rock. Repeat until at the top.
You'll know you're close when the glitch goes away.
From the top you'll see a concrete beam over the big door. Get on top of this.
To see another glitch, walk into the hill. Jumping backwards onto the beam
Makes it go away.
Now aim slightly to the right of the grassy area and run 'n' jump onto it.
If you've landed in the right spot, you'll be moving fast enough to be able to
Jump up to make the climb quicker.
You are now at the top. Enjoy.

*** Top of level at end (Or under it) ***

This one requires you to have 2 weapons with you.
Weapons Required:
Rocket Launcher (At beginning of level)
Shotgun (Somewhere during level)
Now of course you'll need ammo for them, as long as they are fulled loaded you
Will be fine (4 rockets, 10 shells).
Now, you're at the end of the level, and have just gotten a checkpoint before
Going in and ruining the place. As soon as you pretty much destroy this room
Run outside and take care of the 4 guys very quickly. (Shotgun all 4 of them)
I go from right to left when killing them. Guys on right first, then left
Because you'll need to fire a rocket at the chopper thats starting to lower
Itself to drop off some mercs.
As soon as you fire the rocket, run towards the 'structure' and stand on the
Righthand side of it (Right side when you're looking at it from the door)
And wait for the other chopper.
If you got there fast enough, you'll see it slow right down, then move it the
Left a bit before heading right in.
You will want to fire a rocket into the front of it about 1 second after it
Starts heading right into this area.
Now it's all down to the games physics engine as to whether or not you will
Need to reload your checkpoint.
It's hard to describe how you want it to crash, but when you shoot this one
Down, for gods sake, watch out for falling debris. No amount of armour or
Health can save you from it.
Anyway, you want it to crash so that it's tail is very close to the top of the
Level, and the nose is close to the steps of the little 'structure' you're
Standing on. Standing back it should look like it's on a 45-degree angle.
Just walk on up it to the top.
I have yet to find a way to the grassy land, but it's more fun jumping over the
Edge, try it.

 * Notes *

Up here some strange things can happen, usually graphical corruption which goes
Away quickly, and the top of the outside looking completely black.
The graphical corruption is rare, but the black is very common. Either way,
Just keep going up, and it will go away, with no bad effects on the game.

  ** Getting on the grass **

This took me about 1 hour to get right, so it may take you just as long.
I used \save_game \load_game many times, mainly when I got the choppers down
In a useful position.
Anyway, shoot down the choppers as usual, and get up to the top. Now you'll
Want to carefully walk along the top to the metal cross bar thats in the very
Middle of this outdoor area. Get on top of the metal bar at the end. The part
Thats higher than the rest. Now I suggest saving the game, but you don't have
To. Face the grass, and aim for the lowest part that looks climbable.
Run 'n' jump to it, and climb.
Now you have a big area to explore, and the game has only killed me when I
Climbed up the mountains. So don't climb to high or you'll die.

1.10 Control

Nothing found yet.

1.11 Rebellion

See the glitches section.

1.12 Archive

Nothing found yet.

1.13 Cooler

*** On top of pipes near start ***

It's possible to get on the pipes on both sides of the room. Here's how.
Side where you can come out of ducts. On the far side of the room there is a
Extractor fan? that can get you to the pipes above. You will need to push one
Of the crate things over to it. But you'll need it on it's side. If it's flat
Then you won't be high enough. Once it's on it's side, push it over to the
Right side of the fan. Jump on the crate, then on the fan, then up onto the
Other side of room.
Get on top of the big crate with the health on top of it. You'll need some
Grenades and full health and armour.
Face the wall and begin throwing rocks until you can get them to land under
You. Don't be hard up against the pipes, come away from them just a little.
Now once you got the rocks landing under you, count how long it takes from it
Hitting the wall until it disappears. Should be about 3 seconds.
Now throw a grenade and make it land under you. Face the pipes and jump before
The grenade explodes. The force of the explosion will give you enough height
To land onto the pipes.

*** On that overhanging walkway ***

I'm talking about the walkway in the tunnel before the room with the jumping
Trigens and the hologram. There is a barrel close to the walkway, push it to
The wall, under the small opening between the walkway and a steel beam.
Don't push it onto it's side, it needs to be standing.
Now jump onto it, if you can't, adjust where it's sitting and try again.
Once on it face the beam and hold the jump button and hold forward. You will
Jump twice and you'll land on the beam. Now just jump onto the walkway.

1.14 Boat

Nothing found yet.

1.15 Catacombs
PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to get to the top in many places, but I have yet
to find a spot that doesn't kill you near the top, except for the below trick.

*** Top of entrance to Catacombs ***

This requires the buggy found elsewhere on this level.
Head over to the entrance of the Catacombs and if not already done, kill the
Mercs. When facing the entrance from the outside, you'll need to head right.
Keep going until you see the dirt hill and the side of the ruins. You need to
Back up the buggy about 100meters or more. Drive full-speed at this spot.
If you've hit the right spot, at the right speed, you should make it. If not
Try again but when you're close to the top, jump out.
There isn't much to do up here, and if you want, just run 'n' jump to the ledge
Above the entrace.

1.16 River

*** The Top-of-the-Rivermap Route! ***
From: towtruck0

When you finish the level "Catacombs" and the level "River" begins, you walk
Out of a tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel that leads OUT of the
Catacombs, turn around and you will see a statue. It is possible to climb up to
That stature, but it can be very very diffcult. Here is how to do it: Stand so
That you are looking back into the tunnel. You are facing due West. then climb
Up the the left (North) side of the entrance structure. Be sure to press and
HOLD DOWN your stamina key!
I call this the Top-of-the-Rivermap Route. And unlike some other areas that you
Can explore, this is actually a way to play the level to its conclusion.
Once you get up to the statue on top of the tunnel entrance, head along the
SOUTH side of the river. When you are facing downstream, this will be the right
Side of the river. On the South bank, you will be able to reach the end of the
River where Crow is and then you will be able to continue on until you are
Almost at the start of the map, where the river begans and the little pier with
The Zodiac inflatable raft is. (If you travel along the NORTH i.e. left bank,
It does not seem possible to get past the pier with the Zodiac.)
This is not easy! This is a real challenge!

You will usually - but not always! - find that you need to keep to the highest
Part of the map. You will lose health because you must sometime get to a lower
Level which means that you have to do a "controlled fall" down to the lower
Level! There is NO health powerups to find and only at ONE place will you get
To reload on ammo - which is near the end of the round-trip back up the river,
Near the beginning of the map, where there is a "sniper" with a rocket
Launcher. You will die MANY times as you try to find a safe path!
You will be able to kill alot - but not all - of the mercs from the top of the
Map. If you get close enough to kill the mercs on the pontoon bridge, then (if
I correctly remember) you have come too far down and can not get back up to the
Top of the map. I think that there are only TWO places where you can get to the
Top of this map; one being the absolute beginning of the map, and the other
Being near the little "waterfalls" close to the end of the river. (I THINK so
But am not 100% sure - try it yourselves! :) ) On the full roundtrip, you will
Be able to kill two helicopters on the ground, too. But remember: Conserve
Ammo! And when going down steep hills, do not go straight down, but cut across
To your left and/or to your right, as though you were fishtailing. This is will
Prevent you from gaining too much speed and sustaining very serious injuries or
Not only is this difficult, but seems to be very time-consuming too. But it can
Be alot of fun!

Let me clarify something.
I wrote this:
"...If you get close enough to kill the mercs on the pontoon bridge, then (if
I Correctly remember) you have come too far down and can not get back up to
The Top of the map..."
...but this holds true ONLY FOR THE TRIP DOWNSTREAM; you can easily kill them
After you reach the end of the map and are on the way upstream towards the
Start of the map.

* Clarification from FAQ author *
Face the entrance, then turn left and walk towards the edge where there's a
Cliff. Backup about 2-3 metres, Here it is easier to get up and you don't need
To hold down the Stamina Key. Although you do need some patience as you walk
SLOWLY up the hill. Also, whilst heading up, you will end up stopping, aim
Slightly to the left until you fall back to the bottom of the hill. Now, redo
This, except before you fall jump up and aim about 20 degrees to the left and
You'll continue on your way up.
Once up, there will be another hill in front of you. Don't worry, no climbing
This hill. Turn right, you will be able to see the statue quite clearly.
Turn right again and walk towards the edge, but don't go over!
You want to be on the part that is sloped downward at an angle of abou 40
Degrees. Stand and the end opposite the statue. Now run straight until you
Are Just about to meet the hill's 80 degree slope, aim 45 degrees up it towards
The statue and jump. You should be at the top. Enjoy the rest of the trip up

1.17 Swamp

***Behind fence near 1st merc camp OR Top of level***
Start the level head towards the hill on your left. Once by it, head towards
The fence after the merc camp. Don't worry, the mercs won't see you.
Once you reach the fence, you'll notice a rather large rock against both the
Fence and the hill.
This is rather easy to do, take note of the ledge on the rock, then face the
Hill and just hold down the jump button. You'll jump up a couple of times, high
Enough to be able to land on the ledge. Now take note of the top of this rock.
Again, hold down the jump button, but this is a little trickier, you'll need
To come away from the rock a bit to get a second jump that will get you high
Enough. Once you're on top of the rock, you can either: Explore up the top of
The level. OR: Simply walk off the edge onto the other side of the fence.


It is impossible to complete the level once you are on this side unless you get
Back onto the right side of the fence.
Also, VAL stays where you left her, so although at parts you'll hear her voice
She's nowhere near you.
Enjoy exploring this previous inaccessible part of the level. But be careful,
The mercs that chase you if you'd got the buggy, are still around, and they
Aren't happy.

1.18 Factory

*** Top of level ***

Beginning of the level. Wait until Val drives the forklift to her first spot.
Once she's out of it, head over to it. On the right, you'll she a very big rock
Against the hill. Face the rock then head over to it, on it's left side. Make
Sure that you don't fall off because you are on a small hill. Face the hill
And start walking up it. It'll take some time, but you'll be very close to the
Top when you start and can't go any further.
Now instead of trying to jump the rest of the way up, which won't work, you'll
Need to do a run 'n' jump to the left. Not just slightly either. You'll need to
Pretty much turn 90 degrees when you do the run 'n' jump.
If you were high enough, and turned left enough, you'll land on a small hill.
Which is about 30-50 metres away from where you just were. Once you're on this
Hill, getting to the top is easy.
Very simple, head towards the middle of the hill you're on, turn right, and
You're done.

*** Skipping most of the level ***

Do the trick above to get on top of this level. Then head on over to the big
Dome. The dome is NOT solid and just walk into it and under it. Be careful
Down here, you'll see some 'holes' in the ground. I have yet to actually jump
Into them, but i'm sure you'll only leave the level, which will result to your
Eventual death. Anyway. Once under the dome, face the front of the dome, the
Part where you're supposed to be coming from if you weren't up here, then do a
180-degree turn, and just head towards the right side of the hill you can see
At the other side of the dome. I say the right because it's quicker than going
Over the top of the hill. You should see some buildings in the distance, keep
Going. Remember the cut-scene when you've finished the level? You'll recogise
where you are then. Either walk off the top of the concrete structure or go to
The left side of it and climb down. Then head towards the buildings in the
Distance. The cut-scene should start shortly after you get off the concrete
Structure. Either-way, You have just skipped most of this level.

*I wonder who set the nuke?

1.19 Dam

*** Top of starting part of Dam level ***
From: kanderstag (gs)

When you get dumped out of the chopper on the dam level, kill the trigen with
The gun and then you can roam about and check out the view below. Also you can
Go back to where you started and go up that hill and after getting up top, it
Is all a barren landscape of grey. I tried roaming about, but after 100 or so
Meters, I was instantly killed. 

* Clarification from FAQ author *
Do not go over the edge down the waterfall into the ultimate of stealth levels.
Instead, Walk abuot 30-40 metres from the small waterfall at the back and
You'll find part of the hill that is a lighter shade than the rest of the hill.
Walk up here and you'll eventually be at the top of the level. For me the walk
Took about 45-60 seconds.

*** Top of middle area of Dam level ***

The area I am referring to is after you have made it past the chopper and can
Get into the buggy. Behind the buggy there is a hill and some jagged rock
Sticking out. Face this with the buggy and back up as much as possible without
Slipping into the lava.
Now go full speed up this hill and you won't make it. BUT! If the buggy almost
Makes it up, IE: Front end pretty much level with the top of the jagged rock,
Then you want to jump out at this point and RUN towards the top of the jagged
Rock. I got here on my second attempt, so it's relatively simple I believe.
Once of the top 

*** Stand next to Doyles Boat ***

To make things easier kill everybody in the area near Doyles boat. Then grab
The big truck and drive it to the fence. You want to get it stuck between the
Fence and the tree next to the fence on the left. When it is firmly stuck
Between the tree and fence, get out and if it's in the right spot, you will end
Up on the roof of the truck. Once on the roof, you want to run 'n' jump at the
Spot where the gate of the fence, and the fence on the angle connect. If done
Right, you'll either land on the other side, or at the top of the fence on the
Angle, so just jump on over.
There isn't much to do except get a good look at the boat.
The game killed me when I tried to get onto the boat, although I only tried

1.20 Volcano

Nothing found yet.

2. Tricks

*** Riding the Inflatable Boat ***

Drive the inflatable boat onto land until it says *press USE KEY to push the
Boat into water*
Jump into the boat and aim for somewhere, press the USE KEY to head in the
Direction you're facing.
   * Try getting the boat to the top of the fort level, hard but possible.

*** Flying high with Patrol Boats ***

Get into a patrol boat with little to no damage for best results (so you don't
Get killed)
Now get a good distance away from a beach or even the long pier of the level
"Boat" and go full speed towards it. If in the "Boat" level, aim for the spot
Between the poles for best results. A beach won't get you high at all unless
You hit a rock near the water's edge, and the pier in "Boat" will send you
Quite high up (enough to kill you if you land on the ground, not the water)
This isn't that useful but rather amusing to watch the boat go higher than
Yourself and eventually splash back down into (and sometimes under) the water,
Usually right-way up.

*** Riding the Inflatable Boat variant ***

Do the normal trick, but be on a flat surface and rapidly press the USE KEY.
For whatever reason, after a few presses you'll get propelled forwards at a
Speed that's about 2-3 times faster than running speed for a short distance.
This might be useful for exploration but hasn't found any use yet.

3. Easter Eggs

*** Sign with skeleton - Treehouse level ***
From: towtruck0

Very near the end of the level "Treehouse" there is a place where you must use
A demolition pack to blow a hole in a wall, in order to complete the level.
When you are standing and facing the place where you put the explosives, turn
Around 180 degrees so that your back is turned to the fort, and go as far as
You can. You will soon reach the level's "boundary" - the steep sides of a
Mountain. If you look around there for a bit, near the base of the "mountain
Sides" there, you will find a signboard next to a tree (and a skeleton too).

*** Sign with skeleton - Factory level ***
From: towtruck0

At the very beginning, there is a small bridge that you must cross, which goes
Over a dry riverbed. Jump down and follow that riverbed to the right (to the
North) and keep following it until you are behind the dome of the factory. (You
will not actually be able to see the dome but it is a good point of reference
All the same.) As you go forward along the curving riverbed, you will soon get
To a slope that will take you down into a shallow depression. At the start
(i.e. top of that slope) you will find two more skeletons and another sign.

*** Sign with skeleton - Research level ***
From: Scrib

At the very beginning of this level, turn around to the right about 150-degrees
And you'll see an island. Now swim out to this island and go behind it.
Doyle will say that ou shouldn't go out into the sea because of radar, etc.
Continue going behind this island, and don't worry, no choppers will come.
About half-way around you'll our good old friend: Sign and skeleton.

*** 'Demo' Mission ***
From: towtruck0

To get to it, just open the console and type \map Demo

What towtruck0 wrote:
"So I opened the console and typed \map demo and the demo loaded! It turned out
To be a little - and I mean LITTLE - mission, that even had a few mercs (about
15 or so, I would guess), but on a map with a surprising amount of territory to 
Explore. There was nothing really interesting except a terrain feature on one
Part of the map that looked like a military settlement had once been there but
Had been dismantled. The other interesting feature was a group of four ramps,
Each with a barrel lying at the top. Push the barrels and watch something odd
Happen. Then try walking off the ramps yourself and see what happens. Very

4. Glitches

*** See the inside of the garage ***
Level: Regulator

When outside of the entrace, face it and head to the right.
Go up the hill beside it until you see the big rock beside the entrace.
Go up the beside this rock and when you have gone far enough, you'll see inside
the garage you came from.

*** Another spot to see the garage ***
Level: Regulator

Do the trick for getting to the top, except when on the concrete beam, walk
Into the hill. You'll get a better view of inside the garage.

*** Mercs not re-acting to you ***
Level: Any I believe

Unfortunately this seems to be random, but on two seperate occasions i've
Had mercs not re-act to my presence.
One I ran up behind him and I had to shoot him before he'd react to me, the
Other just stood there, holding the MachineGun emplacement. He wouldn't do
Anything, even after I shot him twice.

*** Respawning combatants ***
Level: Rebellion
From: i h8 spacemonkeys66

To get to the top of Rebellion, from the start, head up the road and accross
The broken bridge (glider or jeep, obviously), pass the 2 mercs, pass the 2
Trigens, pass the Fatboy, then head left offroad at the checkpoint (or maybe
The fatboy is after the chckpoint, who cares). Anyway go up the hill and head
Toward the archives, which is hopefully showing on the radar by this point. Now
There are 2 ''routes'', the low one is a grassey gorge which heads toward the
Outer perimeter archive bridge (the wooden one) and the high route, which leads
To the top of the map. Each route has 2 trigens, the low route having a fatboy.
FROM THE TOP WEIRD STUFF HAPPENS, such as the helicopter when the gunner is
Killed, crash-landing with the rotors still spinning and not exploding. Also,
The battle at the ''archive entrance'' bridge is visible, but dead combatants
Vanish, then respawn. When you get back to ''normal'' level and approach, the
Battle is normal again. Weird.

5. Credit to, thanks to...

Credit to:

 * towtruck0 - Never thought of even looking there. And thanks for the
Easter eggs. The Demo mission is a great find.

 * kanderstag (gs) - Interesting spot you found.

 * Scrib - Why'd you look over there? But still a great find.

 * i h8 spacemonkeys66 - Great glitch.

Thanks to:

Those mentioned above for letting me put what they found into this Faq.

Crytek: For an awesome game with lots of exploration potential.

You: For reading my exploration guide. : For hosting my guide. For asking if they could host this FAQ.

6. Version history

v0.2: Thursday, 11th November, 2004
First version submitted to
Most of the levels haven't bean fully explored and each exploration attempt
Takes a few days to be fully completed.

v0.5: Saturday, 27th November, 2004
Many more tricks/exploration added.
Changed menu a bit, added to list of sites which can host
This FAQ. Fixed a few typos that spellchecker missed. 

v1.0: Wednesday, 29th December, 2004
Many more tricks added, including a glitches section.
Finally got this darn thing done, but i'm sure i'll slowly find more things to
climb, etc. But it now has all the things i've discovered to date.
Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you, and have a happy new year!

v1.1: Monday, 10th January, 2005
Updated the Regulator trick to get to the grass.
Added a glitch for rebellion, and updated the Bunker trick as well.
Put capital letters at the beginning of every line. Fixed spacing between

v1.1a: Monday,  24th September, 2007
Finally remembered my password so I can update my dead email address.
If anyone ever emailed me from approx March 2005 onwards and needs to get
ahold of me for any reason, my permanent email address has been updated.
If anybody has something they would like to add to this guide, please
feel free to email me.

v1.1b : Saturday, 29th September, 2007
Some websites have asked for permission to host my guide, and have been
given it. This update only add's their permission for use of this guide.

7. Contact info

If you want to let me know of a way to get somewhere, or maybe even alternate
Routes for getting to the tops of levels, drop me an e-mail with the subject:
"Routes to the top" and I'll check it out and probably drop you a line.

If you're stuck in a certain part of a level, check out the walkthrough FAQs
As any e-mails regarding how to get through a particular part of a level
Will be ignored and deleted.

But if you are having trouble with the explanation that I've given for getting
Somewhere, drop me a line and I'll either e-mail you a video of it being done
Or I'll find some free web-space and post some videos.
Depending on the volume of e-mail I receive.

E-mail: (itchy.flea) (@) ( Remove brackets NOT the underscore!

Thanks for reading my exploration guide and have fun skipping parts of levels!

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