Farm Frenzy 2 Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Farm Frenzy 2 Guide

Farm Frenzy 2 Guide

Trophy Guide 1:
For Making every possible purchase in a Survival game.
This will require both stars and money and will likely take a while
to complete. I really liked unlimited because I like the animals. 
Just keep trucking making a little money and then when you have 
enough meet a few goals get the stars buy an upgrade with stars pay
for it in cash, wash rinse repeat. Keep going and you will eventually
get this one. It should be noted that Unlimited games ARE saved when 
you leave them so you can always come back later when the pig makes 
you too hungry to play anymore.

For completing the Level in record time.
The gold time and the record time are generally not the same time. 
Usually the record time is a little bit before the gold time. Beat that
time get this award. You can see the record time at the beginning of the
level at the bottom under the goal list. Since there is at least 1 level
where the record time is more then the gold time if you get gold on all 
levels you will get this award anyway after you complete that level. 
This is not a hard goal and will likely be completed naturally at some
point in the career mode.

For catching falling products.
Catch 8 products that drop from the plane at one time without letting 
any touch the ground.

For saving 1 million coins.
Just like it sounds and normally completed naturally near the end of the
game. If you don’t get the reward, just replay a level where you can make
dresses (this level will need to have other goals besides items involved 
in dress creation like maybe a cheese). Make dresses and sell them until 
this award appears then complete the rest of the goals.

For beating 10 levels without losing a single animal.
These do not have to be in a row and you will probably get this one 
naturally. If not just go back and re-do a few of the levels. Make sure 
the animals neither starve nor get thrown by the bears.

Trophy Guide 2:
For Beating every Level.
Complete Career Mode. You do not have to get silver or gold you only 
have to complete them.

For Deliberation.
Spend 30 minutes on a Career Mode level. You will get this one naturally 
at the very end. The final level has a gold goal of 45 minutes

For protecting houses from bears during a survival game.
In unlimited Mode you must protect your products from bears for 1 hour.

For protecting your animals from bears in a survival game.
You must protect your animals from bears for 30 minutes in an Unlimited 

For purchasing every upgrade.
Spend Stars on all buildings, cats, dogs, well, warehouse, cage, car, and
plane, until you can’t buy anymore of them. Some do not become available 
until later in the game. (If you run out of levels to play and still need
to earn stars go back and replay a few levels to get the stars. This is 
also helpful for when you need an upgrade to start a level and you don’t
have the stars to get the upgrade. The star rewards are the same no matter
how many times you do it. If it was worth 200 stars for gold the first time,
it will be worth 200 stars for gold the 20th time too.)

For collecting 300 products.
Collect, collect, collect. When you have clicked on 300 you will get this 
one. They do not have to be in your storehouse for them to count. You only
have to have had them there. You can sell as you go.

For earning a gold ranking on every level.
In career mode complete each level within the first time limit given to 
get this award. (Can be very hard)

Trophy Guide 3:
For completing a level without clicking on any products or bears.
This one is just like it sounds but you will have to pick the proper level 
to be able to do this. I used Hat Street 5 near the end. There are MANY 
possibilities though and depending on style you may not like this one for 
it. If you use this one, what I did was sell all of the ostriches that would
fit in my truck as soon as possible. This will give you enough starting money
to set up your main defense. No matter the level (unless its bear free) you 
will need 5 dogs and 3 cats fully upgraded. This can be done with one cat 
really, but even when fully upgraded they can be distracted and miss things.
NEVER for any reason throughout the level can you click on a product OR a bear.
(Rumors about cats getting the bears picked up after the dogs cage them are 
unfounded in my experience.)

For completing a level without using any tips.
By tips they mean the red arrow. These appear when you try to do something you
can’t do yet. Like if you try to water the grass and have no water, a red arrow
will point to the well, or if you catch a bear and he won’t fit in your warehouse
a red arrow will point to your warehouse. This one simply requires careful 
clicking and will probably be obtained naturally at some point during your Career

For collecting every award.
This one is automatic when all of the other awards are obtained.

For Expedient Production.
If you click on a house while it is bobbing, it will increase its production 
speed. If you do this too much the house will explode. After enough explosions, 
you will win this award.

Trophy Guide 4:
For Finding Every Gag.
There are a total of 17 gags to find in the game. Click on them as you see them.
They are random, just keep playing and watching and you will find them all. Once
you have clicked on one, if it reappears, it will have a check mark over it. You
do not need to click this one again.

For catching every bear on a level using dogs.
You must use dogs (completely upgraded ones) to cage the bears and you will then
have to transfer ALL of them to the storehouse, so get it upgraded quickly. You 
will want to have 3-4 dogs to manage this. Two is good to start with (on some 
levels that don’t drop too many bears at once), until you get upgraded storage.
The dogs MUST be the ones caging the bears DO NOT click on them until they are 
completely caged and ready to store. Depending on the level you choose to do this
an upgraded truck can help you keep the warehouse empty enough for more bears. 
You cannot let any escape.

For filling every slot in the warehouse.
The goal is not to “fill the warehouse” as you may think, but rather to have 1 
of everything available in the game in your warehouse at once. There are 25 total
products and 26 slots. The last spot will remain empty. (Don't forget to own 1 of
each animal also.) This cannot be completed in Unlimited mode. It has to be done 
in Career and I would recommend the last level since you have access to everything
and won't meet your goal before you meant to. If you use the last level be sure 
to save your bears, not too far in they will stop coming. What I did was to let 
the first of each of the 4 types run free, catch the extras, send them to market 
until I could get my warehouse all upgraded. This will take a while but it was 
smooth sailing from there. I got the trophy THEN started the rest of the goals 
to complete the level.

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