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 FEAR - Booster FAQ

FEAR - Booster FAQ

Created by Monolith     The game website is

Booster FAQ
Version:  1.2
Original Date:   1/11/06

Update 1.1   
Date: 1/23/06

     Added Reflex Booster R6
       All reflex boosters that were previously numbered higher than 6
       have now been increased by 1.

   Credit goes to Killer Tomato for finding it and emailing me about it.

Update 1.2
Date: 11/24/07

    Added thanks and confirmation of all boosters found
    Minor grammer and spelling corrections

Update 1.3
Date: 2/16/08

    Added to final comments
      All boosters found.

   Thanks to everyone who helped confirm this.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Spoiler Warning
3. Booster Locations by Level
4. Final Comments, Contact Info, Copyrights, and Thanks


    First I just want to say that I loved fear.  After a couple of weeks I
have beaten every difficulty level.  I was able to find most of the health
and reflex boosters after playing so much.  So I thought it might be helpful
for everyone else out there if I listed the boosters in the game and their 
locations.  This is my first FAQ so please bear with me.  If you see a
mistake, know the location of a Booster that I missed, or a better way to
describe a location please send me an email and I will include the
information and credit for your suggestion.

2. Spoiler Warning  

    For the most part I avoid giving out specific game information.  However,
in some instances it is easier to describe more specifically the location of
a booster by giving spoiler type info.  I tried to avoid this, but in some
instances it was unavoidable.  Following are vague, generic examples
of the type of spoiler you will find in this FAQ.  I do not believe reading
these will hurt your game experience, but if you are that worried then you
probably shouldn't be reading a FAQ in the first place.

   Example 1:  The booster is near the room that NPC Dave was working at a
computer.  Following that would be a description of getting the booster.

   Example 2:  You will come upon a radio that discusses a particular event
that occurs in the game.  The booster is across the hall from this room.

   Example 3:  When enemy type X attacks for the first time the booster is
in the next room.

   Example 4:  Just after NPC Shirley walks past you take the ladder on the
left to get to the booster.

   These examples are generic and the actual faq gives slightly more
specific information.  However, I tried to keep from giving away plot info.
As you can see the type of information I give is just there to help you 
identify where in the level to begin using my description of the 
booster location.

    Following is a list of the Boosters that contain spoiler type info.

  I am listing their numbers, in the next section is a description of my
numbering system.

These contain charachter names: H3, H4, R7, H11, H13, H17, H18, R17, R19

Almost all of them contain some information about enemy troops.  This info
ranges from revealing enemy types to enemy numbers in a particular fight.

Once again I don't feel like this FAQ contains any spoiler info that will
ruin the game or reveal critical plot elements.  However there is info
about minor events and charachters.  You have been warned.

3.  Booster Location by Level

Health Boosters increase your health permenately by 5 and glow blue.

Reflex Boosters increase your slow-mo time and glow green.

This is how this faq will look in this section.

Interval number: Level Name: Booster Type: Booster number

    Description of location

Most of that is self explanatory.  The booster number is just a number I 
assigned to each booster to help keep track.  the third health booster found
is given number H3.   The tenth reflex booster found is given the number R10.
So each booster is represented by a letter telling its type and a number 
showing which it is in the order of the game.

Interval 1: Point of Origin: Health: H1

   Enter the first building and make your way through it until you get to
a tiled room with double doors at the top of some steps.  Your partner also
speaks to you through a blocked door on the left.  Go to the base of the
steps then go right into the next room.  The booster is on a workbench in
the corner.

Interval 2: First Encounter: Reflex: R1

  Very beginning of the level you are sent to open the gate.  Go right from
the gate, and next to the stairs that take you to the switch is a partially
opened cargo door.  Duck under it and find the booster on a crate.

Interval 2: First Encounter: Health: H2

   Enter the Blacksand Imports warehouse and go through the first room and
a hallway to get to a large, open room with 3 large shelves full of crates.
The booster is on the 2nd level of the shelves all the way on the left.
Jump onto the crate on the ground, then jump onto the shelves, and then
grab the booster.

Interval 2: First Encounter: Health: H3

   After a large fight in an open area go down the stairs and open the door.
This initiates a checkpoint.  Continue through the level and a slow mo 
sequence will begin and you follow Fettel through the level.  He disapears 
and the sequence comes to an end.  In the room where this ends go through 
the door on the right.  Follow the path past somemachinery and boxes.  You
will find the booster at the end of the hall on a box.

Interval 3: Infiltration: Reflex: R2

    Eventually you will come to a large open area with a turnable walkway
over a large empty vat.  Flip the switch to turn the walkway then go outside.
Use the stairs to go below the walkway, walk around the large vat on the 
left side to find a reflex booster behind some boxes.

Interval 3: Infiltration: Health: H4

    This one is pretty obvious.  Shortly after reflex R2 you will walk down
a dark hallway.  Alma will cross in front of you, just ahead on top of a 
barrel by a bloody skeleton is the booster.

Interval 3: Infiltration: Reflex: R3

    Shortly after a checkpoint you will come to a big room with two large
closed cylindrical containers.  The room also has a padlocked door that 
must be shot off to continue through the level.  Go down the stairs to the
base of the containers and look for an opening.  Follow the cramped 
hallway to find a reflex booster on a box.

Interval 3: Heavy Resistance: Reflex: R4

    After a big fight with about 12 replica soldiers across a large open
area with many circular vats you will see 4 large green metal containers.
These are marked DANGER HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS and have 2 levels of catwalks
connecting them.  You will need to go to the 2nd level later in the level
to use a wheel valve.  In the opening below the containers is the booster.
Use the ladder or just jump down to grab it.

Interval 3: Heavy Resistance: Health: H5

    Eventually you will hear soldiers get orders to fall back.  Your boss
will come over the comlink and point this out as well.  You should be on a
grated walkway when this occurs.  The booster is under the walkway, take
the stairs down on the left and follow the path to it.

Interval 3: Bad Water: Health: H6

    Towards the beginning of the level you will come to a room with a 
camera.  Drop into the gap and you will see a health booster behind a grate.
To get it take a right past the camera.  Go past the stairs and follow the
hallway to your right.  Take a right and you should see a ladder going down
a gap on the left.  Go down the ladder.  Just tothe right is a tunnel, go
down it to get the booster.

Interval 3: Bad Water: Reflex: R5

    Shortly after being ambushed you will come to a room where a pipe will
start shooting out flames if shot. You can tell this because of the fumes
and the wheel valve is shaking.  Pass this and head left.  Go up the
ladder where a man is dangling off the catwalk.  Go through the air duct,
and follow it until you come to some pipes you can walk on.  Follow
these to a dead body, penetrator, and 2 remote bombs.  Jump onto the air 
duct, and then the pipe.  Follow this pipe to the reflex booster.

Interval 3: Exuent Omnes: Reflex: R6

    Shortly after the level begins you will climb up a long ladder.
Halfway up the ladder you will see a replica soldier placing proximity
mines.  At the top of the stairs you will see two green generators.s
The booster is behind the machine on the left.

-Special Note- This Reflex Booster brought to you by Killer Tomatos

Interval 3: Exuent Omnes: Health: H7

    The booster is in an office connected to the second level of the 
large room with 8 large circular water pumps.  You will pass under this
room in the sewers, a cloaked soldier jumps down and runs away from you in
this area.  Eventually you come to a room with a grated walkway and have
to kill 3 guards.  Climb up the ladder on the left of the room to the 
catwalk.  Jump onto the pipes and cross the room.  Jump over the box and
follow the hall to the room with 8 water tanks.  Use the catwalk on the
right to cross the gap and head to the office with the booster.

Interval 3: Exuent Omnes: Health: H8

    Just after the checkpoint you will see a door marked CLOSED AREA with
a padlock on it.  Shoot the padlock and go through.  Crouch and go left
through the tunnel.  Follow it to a room with the healt booster.

Interval 4: LZ is Hot: Health: H9

    After the fight on the roof make your way down and around the building
to find an entrance.  After entering you will hit the first checkpoint, make
your way through this maintenance area.  Eventually you will come to an area
with some grated walkways.  You will also fight two soldiers here.  Cross
the grated walkway and go down the flight of stairs.  At the bottom
immediately turn left and you should see a health booster on top of a barrel.

Interval 4: LZ is Hot: Reflex: R7

    After the 2nd checkpoint re-enter the building after a fight with 5 
soldiers outside.  You will fight 3 more guards once you go inside.  Behind
2 square pieces of machinery is the booster.  This room also has a health
kit and a blue machine marked STEPHENS UNIT 1561.  This one is pretty 
easy to find.

Interval 4: Watchers: Reflex: R8

    When you first meet Norton Mapes don't immediately go through the door
he opens.  Instead turn left and go into the office with a health kit.
Use the cabinets to get above the ceiling.  Go around the corner to find
the booster.

Interval 4: Watchers: Health: H10

    Go through the flaming doors in the construction area and a short
dream sequence begins.  When its done go through the door on the left and
up some steps.  The Booster is on a toolbox on the right.

Interval 5: Bishop: Health: H11

    After Holiday disables the bombs on Bishop a fire alarm will go
off, and you are sent to investigate.  Follow the new path that opens.
When you get to a big room with a staircase take a right, not upstairs, 
about 3 offices with supplies are in this area.  The last one has the health

Interval 5: Bishop: Reflex:  R9

    Seeing this one is easy, you will notice it on the edge of the 2nd floor
in a room with a fight with 6 guards in an area under renovation.  From the
entrance to this room go left.  Take another left and head up the stairs.
From here go right and then through the double doors on the left.  Pass 
through a small room with grenades and you will be above the fight.  Walk
across the room to get the booster.

Interval 5: Blindside: Reflex: R10

    After falling in the water climb the ladder and go left down the hall 
and shoot the padlock to start a large explosion.  Retreat back to the water
so you don't die.  Once the explosion is over go back down the hall and take
a left for the booster.

Interval 5: Blindside: Health: H12

    Later in the level you will come to a point where a ruptured gas line is
blocking your path.  Afer using the wheel valve to turn off the gas line
don't immediately go down the newly opened path.  Instead turn left and climb
the ladder around the corner on the left.  Duck and go throgh the air duct.  
Take the first right and grab the booster.

Interval 6: Sayonara, Sucker: Reflex: R11

    You can see this one through a clear security door about 3 rooms into 
the level.  Just make sure to come back and get it once you unlock the 
security doors later in the level.  The security station is near this point,
but you can't get to it until later.  After you push the button exit the
security station, cross the hall, and go through the security door.  Don't
go up the stairs on the right.  Instead keep going straight to the end of 
the hall.  Then take a left through the door and go through the lab.  When
you exit the lab go right and through the security doors to get to the reflex

Interval 6: Sayonara, Sucker: Health: H13

    After finding Norton Mapes go left down the hallway.  You will enter
another hallway with several labs and workspaces.  Go into the one in front
of you and just to the right.  Go to the back lab.  There is a technician
hanging from a vent in the correct room.  Grab the booster off the lab table.

Interval 6: Unauthorized Personnel: Reflex: R12

    Eventually you will come to an open room where 2 replica soldiers will 
rappel from the ceiling and a few others will run from around the corner.
Go through the door on the far left of this room.  Go down a couple of steps
into the next room and find the booster on the table.

Interval 6: Unauthorized Personnel: Health: H14

    This one is hard to miss.  Use the panel to clear the room of gas then
take a right up some steps.  Turn left to find the booster.

Interval 6: After Image: Health: H15

    Blow up the first turret then turn right.  Go down the hall and take a
left.  Continue down this hall to find the booster in the last office on
the left.

Interval 6: After Image: Reflex: R13

    This booster is somewhat near to H15.  Blow up the first turret
then go right.  You can see it through the glass on a table.  Go left down
the hallway then enter the lab on your right.  Make your way through the 
labs.  Felton will appear through some glass.  Go right through the door.
The booster is in this room.  Stick to the right wall and you should find it.

Interval 7: Alice Wade: Reflex: R14

    Late in the level after unlocking the security doors you will fight the
first heavy soldier of the level.  After killing him and his accompanying
replica soldiers in an office style area continue to the next area which is
a large, open room with a locked elevator and a few soldiers.  The booster
is on a desk in a connected office.

Interval 7: Alice Wade: Health: H16

     Just before finding Alice you will fight two groups
of replica soldiers, each with a heavy soldier, the second is equipped with
a plasma rifle.  The booster is in a small conference room between the 
fights  with the 2 heavy soldiers.  Alternately, if you miss it the first
time, after you free Alice go out her office door and take a right.  Take
a left down the hall.  The booster is in a conference room at the end of
the hall on the left.

Interval 7: Flight: Health: H17

    You will fight several soldiers in a big open room with two elevators.
From here continue through the level.  Alice and your boss will have a 
conversation as you make your way through a back area with lots of machinery
Go down a flight of stairs and reenter the office area.  You should see a
phone with a blinking message.  Across the hall in a waiting room style area
is a health booster sitting on a cushioned chair.

Interval 7: Flight: Reflex: R15

    Several soldiers will rappel down to fight you in an open room.  As you
go upstairs two flight drones will also attack.  Go up the stairs, keep going
and you will hear a radio report about a helicopter being attacked at the 
Armacham building.  Across the hall from this room is a door that leads to a
stairwell.  Go all the way to the bottom, floor 4, to get the reflex booster
under the stairs.

Interval 8: Urban Decay: Reflex: R16

    After dropping down a large hole in the abandoned building go forward
just a bit and break the planks blocking the door on your right.  Take a left
and in the next room 3 soldiers will attack from your right.  Kill them then
go through the door in the opposite direction from where these soldiers
attacked.  Go up the ramp on the left and the booster is in a room ahead
and just a little to the right.

Interval 8: Urban Decay: Health: H18

    After a plasma sniper battle on the roof you re-enter the abandoned 
building.  Shortly after you will find two replica soldiers looking out 
the window.  This room also has a radio that is giving a report about a
helicopter crash.  The health booster is in a bathroom connected to this 
room.  Look at the radio and turn right.  The bathroom will be directly in
front of you.

Interval 8: Point of Entry: Reflex: R17

    After dropping into a below ground tunnel filled with pipes you will
eventually come to a large open 3 level room.  When you make it here you will
also be attacked by several soldiers on each level.  You should see the 
booster on the edge a few floors up.  Climb to the top, the booster should
now be underneath you.  Jump across to the other side then take a right and
follow the corridor to the booster. 

Interval 8: Point of Entry: Health: H19

    After fighting two mechs, enter the next building and Kill a group of
four ATC soldiers, then find and push the blue button to open up a
wall door to get access to their stockpiles and continue the level.
From here go up a flight of stairs.  Cross the room and go up another
flight of stairs.  Immediately turn left and cross the catwalk to grab
the health booster off the shelf in the room on the right.

Interval 9: Lapdog: Reflex: R18

    From the room where Harlan Wade speaks from a large video screen
continue through the level killing ATC as you go.  Eventually a gun turret
will pop down in a room to your right as you pass the room through a hallway.
This is the third turret of the level.  The gun can't hurt you until
you enter the room due to the bulletproof glass.  In this room is the 
reflex booster.

Interval 9: Lapdog: Health: H20

    Eventually ATC guards will close the gates and you are forced to go down
a ladder into a working area with pipes and machinery.  About halfway 
through this area you will come to a room with a large pipe junction on the
right and another pipe ready to explode next to it.  You can see fumes and 
the wheel valve shaking.  Sometimes there are also proximity grenades in
the room.  If during combat you don't make this pipe explode and block the
path then you can take a left just past the pipe junction.  If it does
explode a jet of fire will block the path.  Once you pass to the left of
the pipe junction go up the ladder on your left.  You should see a health
booster in front of you once you climb the ladder.  If the pipe did rupture
and flames block your path you can still get it.  Just continue down the
main path and a few rooms later you will come to a room with a padlocked
door and a yellow pipe with a wheel valve.  Turn the valve to
stop the gas flow then head back to the pipe junction and go up the ladder
for the booster.

Interval 9: Bypass: Reflex: R19

    There are two ways to get this one.  Shortly after turning on 2 of the 4
power cells you will see 2 large pipes near an air duct entrance and a
laptop.  The booster is on the ledge above the air duct.  If you are a good
jumper, holster your weapon, or equip a non heavy one to increase your jump
distance.  Jump onto the box, then the first pipe, and then the 2nd pipe.
Walk down the 2nd pipe and grab the booster.

    The other option is to go into the air duct.  Make your way through the
duct and when you exit go forward. Then take a right and climb the ladder.
Follow the hallway to your right to get the booster.

Interval 9: Bypass: Health: H21

    When you first enter the room with the giant cylindrical power
generator look down and to the left.  The health booster will be on the
ground floor of this room.  Just walk down the stairs to get it.

Interval 10: The Vault: Reflex: R20

    After the first non dream encounter with demons go through the door on
the left and go down the hall directly in front of you.  Look behind the
barrels for the booster.

Interval 11: Ground Zero: Health: H22

    Towards the beginning of the level you will come too an extremely dark
room with many crates that are almost like a maze.  When you are almost
to the exit of this room you will be attacked.  To get the booster look at
the exit door then turn around, 180 degrees.  Go forward between the boxes
and go right.  You should see the booster against the well.  However, if 
you got all the other health boosters you can't pick it up since you are
already at max health.

4.  Final Comments

   I hope this FAQ helped you.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or
additions to this FAQ send me an email.  Through my own searching and
helpul submissions from other gamers (Killer Tomatos) we have found a
total of 22 Health Boosters and 20 Reflex Boosters.  According to several
other gamers who own the X-Box versionn of the game an achievement for
finding all boosters is given once all the boosters in this faq are
collected.  Thanks to all of you who emailed me with this information.

These individuals include:  I KallE I, Omega Hunter 9, Charles, x a goalie,
      Shamrock, BlindEarth, Stoph, Damo, and several others whose names
      I can't remember.

My email is    please put Fear FAQ in the subject line

Thanks to Thebest99 for his full fear FAQ.  I used his walkthrough FAQ as
a checklist to see if he had found any boosters that I had not. If you
want a more detailed FAQ I would suggest using his.

Thanks to Killer Tomatos for letting me know about Reflext Booster R6.

Thanks to for hosting FAQ's for so many games.  I also want
to thank them for their useful help section on writing FAQS.  The
following statements come directly from their help section.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2006 Drew Davis

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