F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate FAQ

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate FAQ

Booster Location FAQ:

November 12, 2007
by Alan Chan (joylock @

The Usual:
This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. If
you use the information in this guide for your own FAQ, walkthrough, or
other gaming publication, you must credit me as your information source.

That being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) 
don't make any changes to it, and b) don't charge money for it. You 
don't even have to get my permission to post it (as long as it remains
unaltered), but it would be nice if you emailed me and let me know 
(joylock @

Some Comments:
I decided to make a health/reflex booster location FAQ for the new FEAR 
expansion pack, Perseus Mandate. Of course, while I probably found most of
them, I doubt that the FAQ is complete as it is. If anyone could point me in
the direction of more boosters, that would be great.

Be aware, the guide contains moderate *SPOILERS* (but nothing too major).

*                                                                             *
*Version History: 1.0: Initial Release                                        *
*                                                                             *
*                 1.1: 3 new boosters found thanks to email contributions     *
*                                                                             *

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at


- Ice Revenant wrote:

Hey, you missed a health booster somewhere in Interval 02 cause at the
beginning of Interval 03, I am at 115 heatlh already (no cheats) which
means I found 3 health boosters already. My save game at the beginning
of Interval 02 shows I had 110 health, which narrows down the missing health
booster to somwhere in Interval 02. Sorry but I forgot where and which part
in Interval 02 it's at.

Hey, forgot to tell you there's one more reflex booster at the last level
Showdown. It's right after the fight with the first squad of Nightcrawlers;
inside the vent where you have to crawl in and you see the Nightmares
coming at you. So in total, there should be 10 health and 10 reflux

- Kalika Neva wrote:

I've found a reflex booster on interval 6 right in the middle of the level
in the area where you have to fight a group of soldiers and then climb two
ladders one after another.
There's a horizontal grey thing that goes from one side to the other and
you have to jump to it after climbing the first ladder. The booster is there
beside the armor at the end of the grey thingy.

- Ma Yixing wrote:


In the "Labyrinth" level, when you get to the end of the tunnel and need to
climb 2 ladders to continue. Before going for the ladder, jump to the track
in the middle of the tunnel, there's one set of armor and the booster lying
on the end of the track.

Thanks for the great guide.

*Interval 01 - Investigation*


Reflex Booster 1:
WHEN: In the courtyard just before the power plant area.
WHERE: This one's almost impossible to miss. After you get out of the
       drainage ditch, you'll walk into a small courtyard-type area
       where you need to shoot the lock off a fence to go forward. The
       booster is to the left of where you enter, next to a grenade box.

Health Booster 1:
WHEN: At the very end of the level, just before you get seperated from
      your team.
WHERE: When you reach the end of the level, Raynes will order you to chase
       a Replica soldier into a gated area. Instead of doing that, go to
       the end of the street and look in the alcove to your left. The booster
       is well hidden behind a raised ventilation thingy that you need to jump


Reflex Booster 2:
WHEN: After you see the bodies of 2 ATC guards and a Replica Elite get dumped
      into the sewers.
WHERE: In the large room with water on the floor and lots of pipes everywhere,
       there's a small hole in the wall on the bottom floor opposite of where
       you came in. Go through the hole and a tunnel will lead you to the


Health Booster 2:
WHEN: After the fight with ATC security guards in the garage area.
WHERE: At the end of the garage, you'll take some stairs down. The booster is
       at the bottom, underneath the stairs. This one's pretty easy to spot.

*Interval 02 - Revelation*

=Rescue and Recon=

Reflex Booster 3:
WHEN: Just before you meet up with Delta Force.
WHERE: In the large area immedietely before the room with Delta Force, there's
       a small server room on one of the sides. The booster is laying on a
       table here.


Health Booster 3:
WHEN: In the room with Nightcrawlers and pipes, immedietely after the
      corridor where Lt. Chen talks about seeing Alma ("An unaccompanied
      minor in a red dress").
WHERE: To the right of the entrance to this room is a small alcove with
       a vent behind some machinery. Bust the vent and follow it to reach
       the booster.
(THANKS to Ice Revenant for pointing out that there's a health booster
 somewhere in Interval 2.)

Reflex Booster 4:
WHEN: Just before the nightmare sequence involving the spinning machine and
      the horde of ghosts.
WHERE: In the maintenance area just before the nightmare room, the booster is
       in the corner, near the entrance, behind some blue cannisters.

*Interval 03 - Apprehension*


Reflext Booster 5:
WHEN: After the fight with the Heavy Minigunner armed with a grenade launcher.
WHERE: After killing the Minigunner, you'll enter a warehouse area where
       ATC guards and Replica soldiers are fighting. In the center of the room
       is a wire cage, the booster is on a shelf inside the cage.


Health Booster 4:
WHEN: In the blue freezer room where Nightcrawlers kill an ATC guard.
WHERE: In the right side room, there's a vent you can climb into by jumping
       on boxes and smashing the vent cover. There's a health booster inside
       near a cache of Cheez-pooz snacks.

=The Plaza Chase=

Reflex Booster 6:
WHEN: Between the 1st and 2nd fights against ATC Riot Guards.
WHERE: In the concrete room, climb the short flight of stairs. The booster is
       at the top of the stairs.

*Interval 04 - Devestation*


Health Booster 5:
WHEN: Near the beginning, when Chen seems to disappear.
WHERE: In the corridor where Chen disappears, the booster is in one of the
       side rooms, behind a wood crate.

Health Booster 6:
WHEN: After you meet up with Chen again.
WHERE: In the series of corridors where you first fight Shadow Creatures,
       the booster is near the entrance to the right. It is almost impossible
       to miss.

=The Deep=

No Boosters Found

*Interval 05 - Infiltration*


Health Booster 7:
WHEN: After the extended nightmare sequence.
WHERE: After the nightmare sequence, you'll come across a window that shows
       an office with a health booster on a shelf. Shoot the electrical
       box inside to blow a hole in the wall to let you enter the office.


Reflext Booster 7:
WHEN: Near the beginning of the level.
WHERE: At the beginning of the level, go down the ladder to get into the
       trench area under the 1st room. The booster is down there.

*Interval 06 - Exploration*


Reflex Booster 8:
WHEN: At the end of the first caves section, in the room where you fight
      Nightcrawlers armed with HV Penetrators.
WHERE: At the end of this section, you climb a series of two ladders to reach
       a concrete building area. Climb the first ladder, then go right and
       jump onto the metal railing. Follow the railing to get to the booster.
(THANKS to Kalika Neva and Ma Yixing for finding this booster and telling
 me about it.)

Reflex Booster 9:
WHEN: When you fight the Assassins.
WHERE: In the yard where you fight the Replica Assassins, there's a ladder
       that you can climb to get to the roof of the building in the middle.
       The booster is on the roof.

*Interval 07 - Extermination*

=Clone Facility=

Health Booster 8:
WHEN: The first room where you encounter enemies.
WHERE: Drop down to the ground floor and look behind some crates under the

=Clone Production=

Health Booster 9:
WHEN: After Fettel walks past you and says "They should have left the two of
      us alone here, together."
WHERE: After the Fettel encounter, you should walk into a corridor with a
       Shade black hole in the middle of the floor. To the right of the hole
       is a door that leads to a deadend corridor with the booster in it.


Reflex Booster 10:
WHEN: After the first fight with Nightcrawlers, in the vent where
      Nightmares attack you.
WHERE: When you first drop into the vent, the booster is in plain sight
       to your left.
(THANKS to Ice Revenant for reminding me about this booster.)

Health Booster 10:
WHEN: In the room where the Nightcrawler Commander is fighting several Replica
WHERE: When you first enter the room where you can see the Nightcrawler
       Commander fighting Replicas through a window, the booster is lying
       on the floor in front of you to the left.

Reflex Booster 11:
WHEN: Same series of rooms as the health booster.
WHERE: In the room immedietely behind the balcony where the Nightcrawler
       Commander was shooting at the Replicas from.


Copyright 2007 Alan Chan

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