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 Fear Extraction Point FAQ/Walkthrough

Fear Extraction Point FAQ/Walkthrough


 _______ _______       ______  
(_______|_______)  /\ (_____ \ 
 _____   _____    /  \ _____) )
|  ___) |  ___)  / /\ (_____ ( 
| |     | |_____| |__| |    | |
|_|     |_______)______|    |_|
 _______                                  _             
(_______)      _                     _   (_)            
 _____   _   _| |_   ____ ____  ____| |_  _  ___  ____  
|  ___) ( \ / )  _) / ___) _  |/ ___)  _)| |/ _ \|  _ \ 
| |_____ ) X (| |__| |  ( ( | ( (___| |__| | |_| | | | |
|_______|_/ \_)\___)_|   \_||_|\____)\___)_|\___/|_| |_|
 ______      _            
(_____ \    (_)      _    
 _____) )__  _ ____ | |_  
|  ____/ _ \| |  _ \|  _) 
| |   | |_| | | | | | |__ 
|_|    \___/|_|_| |_|\___)

 _  _  _       _ _          _                            _     
| || || |     | | |    _   | |                          | |    
| || || | ____| | |  _| |_ | | _   ____ ___  _   _  ____| | _  
| ||_|| |/ _  | | | / )  _)| || \ / ___) _ \| | | |/ _  | || \ 
| |___| ( ( | | | |< (| |__| | | | |  | |_| | |_| ( ( | | | | |
 \______|\_||_|_|_| \_)\___)_| |_|_|   \___/ \____|\_|| |_| |_|


Fear Extraction Point FAQ/Walkthrough
Author: Snowstormz
Started: 6th February 2007
Ended: 15th February 2007


Version History:

1.1- Added the two secret rooms. Thanks to the GameFAQs Message Board members
for pointing them out. Both are found in Interval 05.
1.0- Official Release.


Table of Contents:

1.0- Weapons/Items.
 1.1- Weapons.
 1.2- Items.
2.0- Tips.
3.0- Walkthrough.
 3.1- Interval 1 - Contamination.
  3.1.1- Aftermath.
  3.1.2- Metastasis.
 3.2- Interval 2 - Flight.
  3.2.1- Ambush.
  3.2.2- Holiday.
  3.2.3- Desolation.
 3.3- Interval 3 - Descent.
  3.3.1- Terminus.
  3.3.2- Orange Line.
  3.3.3- The L.
 3.4- Interval 4 - Malice.
  3.4.1- Leviathan.
 3.5- Interval 05 - Extraction Point.
  3.5.1- Malignancy.
  3.5.2- Dark Heart.
 3.6- Interval 06 - Epilogue.
  3.6.1- Epilogue.
4.0- Afterword.
5.0- Legal stuff.  


1.0- Weapons/Items.

1.1- Weapons.

1.1.1- The body.

As with F.E.A.R., you still have superman powers. A punch can blow up cars,
kill all enemies, and even send the spirits back to where they come from.
Especially useful against Silent Assassins due to their speed. A kick is enough
to turn it to ashes.

1.1.2- The pistol.

It is the first weapon you pick up, and it is cool simply because you can 
dual wield it. Very effective against spirits, but otherwise pretty useless,
although it is very accurate.

1.1.3- The submachine gun.

You first pick it up after you murder a deactivated Replica in cold blood. 
Decent rate of fire, and should get you through Interval 01 and 02 fairly
easily. But as the game goes on, the Rifle is a much better choice, due to it 
being stronger.

1.1.4- The rifle.

First picked up at the start of Interval 02. It'll be your companion for most
of the game. Packs quite a punch, and most Replicas die because of it. Ammo
for it will be abundant, so it will be your favorite weapon of choice. Just 
note that the recoil has been slightly increased, but nothing as ridiculous as
the one in demo F.E.A.R.

1.1.5- The penetrator.

First picked up in the middle of Interval 02. Very effective against Heavy
Armor units, but ammunition for it is fairly spread out. Still, it is a pretty
good weapon for long range battles. Also, the ability to pin enemies to a wall
makes it a fairly fun gun to play with.

1.1.6- The ASP rifle.

The sniper rifle, but has a very low rate of fire. You first pick it up in
Interval 02, but because it requires two rounds of bursts, or a direct
head-shot for it to be deadly, it isn't too effective. You'll find it 
whenever you are about to have a long-ranged battle.

1.1.7- The shotgun.

First picked up in Interval 01. Excellent in close quarters, but pretty crap 
at a long distance. Slowmo and blasting your enemy in the face with it will
take their head off, showing the sheer force of this weapon. Excellent against
those pesky assassins.

1.1.8- The Type-7 Particle Rifle.

Just like F.E.A.R., this is THE weapon for a long range weapon, given it's
deadly one shot one kill status on most Replicas. Having the best zoom, you
can zoom in at that Replica sniping you from far away, or Alma who is just
looking at you from some window. First picked up in Interval 02.

1.1.9- The Mod-3 Rocket Launcher.

The rockets from the rocket launcher is still very slow. It means that you can 
dodge the enemy rockets, but so can the enemy, well, technically. Because 
mostly mechs have them, so they won't move too much anyway. Still, each one
of it hurts pretty badly, and can be found when a Mech is about to appear.
First found at the end of Interval 02.

1.1.10- The Repeating Cannon.

First found in Interval 03. It still packs a very strong punch, making it an
ideal all round weapon. Turns normal Replica into mush easily, while even
Heavy Armor units will shake in fear when they realise that you have it. Sadly,
you don't get to use this weapon too much.

1.1.11- The Laser Carbine.

First found in Interval 02. Ammunition for this gun is very rare, but boy, is 
it fun to play with. A strong concentrated laser is fired out, allowing you to
cut your enemies to pieces. You don't really get to cut them, but if they lose
a body part, they die. You can enjoy the results of your artwork after you
are done slicing their head off. Finally, this gun also allows you to 
vandalise the areas as you wish. It could be a little more fun if we could
really have fun with every enemy we find.

Too bad.

1.2- Items.

1.2.1- Health kits.

The game call it "Medkits", I call it "Health kits". Either way, it restores
your health.

1.2.2- Armor.

Boosts your armor. What else can it do?

1.2.3- Fragmentation Grenade.

Throw one, and watch its awesome power. If it hits a Replica before it hits
the ground, it blows up too. Sadly, the enemy knows of its awesomeness too, and
so, you may need to dodge them at times. Still, the blast radius ensures that,
if you don't kill your enemy, you can stun them long enough to get the drop on

1.2.4- Proximity Mine.

Throw one, and if an enemy steps near it, it blows up. Also works as a 
grenade if you are running low on it. Best used with M7 Remote bombs, but
it can result in an overkill.

1.2.5- M7 Remote bombs.

These things can be stuck anywhere. But sadly, there's only really a few 
places where you can place it as a trap. Otherwise, you can lob it at the
enemy and press the button. Or, stick it on a Replica and blow him up instead.
The job is done either way.

1.2.6- Turrets.

While the Replicas will place some of their own turrets, you also get to have
fun with them. These turrets can also detect silent assassins as well as
spirits. Just stick them anywhere, and let them do their thing.


2.0- Tips.

- Keep your flashlight off. The Replicas are more observant this time then
they are in F.E.A.R.. By keeping your flashlight off, you get to get the
jump on them. Use it only when necessary.

- Lean and peer over corners. You may avoid walking right into a trap.

- As mentioned above, there are plenty of Rifle ammo around. Keep it with you
where possible. 

- Quick-save (Default: F5) often.


3.0- Walkthrough.

We finally arrive at the walkthrough section of this guide. Note that I'll 
play this game on High Difficulty, just to up the excitment and difficulty.


3.1- Interval 1 - Contamination.


You start of the game by looking at the ending of F.E.A.R, including the final 
video before the game ended. You then next see Fettel talking about a war and
retaliation, before the game finally begins.


3.1.1- Aftermath.


The Origin Facility explosion has devastated the city. Status of
F.E.A.R. organization and remaining Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
(SFOD-D) units is unknown.


Restore contact with surviving F.E.A.R and SFOD-D units.


You pick yourself up in the ruins of what was your escape helicopter, only to 
hear Holiday saying that the three of you are alive, while Jin spoils the party
by saying that she can't get anyone on the radio. 

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Find your way out of the building.                                           |

As with F.E.A.R, the game guides you through these starting stages by telling 
you what keys to press and such. Go through the door, followed by jumping over 
bed to pick up the pistol. Smash the planks and proceed through the next two
sets of doors. Pick up the health kit. Head through the door to watch the 
ceiling collapse. Walk around the other way, crouch when told to do so go to
enter the next room. Head through the door, through the hole in the wall, 
before falling through the floor, where you will be told to switch on your
head-lamp for light (You'll need it quite a lot). Head through the room, and
out of the window. Slide down the ladder (Unlike F.E.A.R., you just slide 
down ladders instead of climbing down). Go through the window, step in the
room, where the gas will explode. Either run through it, or run back out,
depending on your liking. Head through the hole in the floor, crawling until
you reach the exit. Then, head into the next room, turning right before
reaching yet another one of those annoying flashbacks, where you see the
teenage and child Alma. As you can't move, you can only admire as the 
teenage Alma crawls to you. The door then opens, so go in and kill the switch.

Head out and through the corridor, and finally out of the building. 

Jin and Holiday will look at a dormant Replica. Holiday will shoot it, and 
you will get your next new mission objective.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Rendezvous with F.E.A.R and SFOD-D Operatives                                |

Walk towards the church, only to see an aeroplane crash and burn right out of 
the sky. Have your way with the six dormant soldiers and pick up the 
submachine gun the drop. There's a seventh lying on a puddle of blood on the
steps of the church. Walk up to the church for a checkpoint, before waking to
the mist that's in front of the middle door.

You'll see six replica soldiers and Fettel being still awake. He reactivates
the dormant replicas. Pop one of the soldiers quickly, before walking away 
from the door. Use either side of the door to enter the church to ensure that
you obtain better cover. Head in (watch out for a Replica awaiting to ambush,
so use slow-mo to enter). Take all the Replicas out, taking care not to stay
too long in one place as the Replicas seem to enjoy flinging grenades here.

Once they are all dead, you'll get the "Unknown Origin" static, and the whole 
church will break apart. Walk towards a corner, reload, go through the hole 
once the chaos has ended.


3.1.2- Metastasis.


Contact with the outside world is impossible. Replica forces have
been reactivated by unknown methods. Jin Sun-Kwon and Douglas Holiday are en
route to your position. 


Evade Replica forces and rendezvous with Jin Sun-Kwon and Holiday.


|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Evade Replica forces.                                                        |

Evade them? Yeah right. Climb down and head left for a health pack inside the 
crate marked "Dangerous". Turn around and walk towards the crate which says
"Property of Armacham" to pick up the health booster. Head through the doors,
and bash the other one after that (because they told you so). Go through 
yet another door, and pick up the health kit and armor. An invisible assassin 
will run past, knocking over a chair, and killing the Replica in the next room.
However, the scream alerts the guards from a nearby room, and they will come
and investigate. Get to the area just inbetween the door and the crates, 
peering in to kill the guards which are in your sights. More will come, so 
take care of them as well by using Slowmo and peering through the door. Pick
up their submachine guns, as well as the pistol and health kit. Walk into the
next room, smash the "Dangerous" crate to receive the health pack. A guard
would walk into you, so slowmo and take him out. Another three guards will be
alerted, so drop them all and pick up the shotgun one of them wields.

Go through the door and bash the crate (it has nothing inside though). Walk
forward, and meet those invisible assassins again. They won't bother you for
now, so follow the path to the next checkpoint and an armor, submachine gun
and grenades.

Head down the stairs, and wait for the invisible assassins to take care of the
guards. Once it's all quiet, continue down the stairs to meet a shower of
blood and one surviving guard. Take him out with a nicely placed headshot.
Pick up even more grenades and a submachine gun. A guard will announce his 
arrival by kicking over a crate, but as he is attempting to hide behind the
crate, slowmo and take him out. One more guard will be covering his back, but
if you peer over, you should be able to take him out without him noticing you.

Moving on, a guard will walk right into you, alerting the rest of his friends.
After dropping him, his two buddies will come from the right, so toss a grenade
and take them out if the blast did not get them. Pick up the health kit and 
whatever ammo they dropped. Proceed forward and up the stairs to a door. Bash
it and proceed it to the next checkpoint.

Proceed on, basing the two doors until you meet the invisible assassin, who 
will say hi and disappear. Follow them and watch them head into a room and
close the door.

Not much we can do, yes? So head towards the door. Open it to reveal a glowing
orb and the invisible assassins dancing around you. As you approach the orb,
you will be pulled back, and soon, be brought back to reality.

Enter if you want, but it has nothing but crates. Head back out, and turn right
to another door you would not have been able to enter the other time (if you
noticed it in the first place.)

Once you enter, Holiday will tell you that Jin was taken by the "freaks". 
Nothing you can do for her, except to proceed forward. Open the door, and then
the door after it to a library of sorts. Pick up the health booster on your 
right and the grenades on the table before heading on to the next door.

Head up the staircase, all the way, to reveal a crate of grenades and a 
shotgun. Now you know what should be behind the door, arm yourself well,
before breaching the door with a grenade just for the fun of it.

Not that it does much. =P

After the checkpoint, OPEN the door and kill the patrolling Replica. Proceed
slowly to meet another Replica coming in from the left. Toss a grenade through 
the hole on the left to take out yet another Replica, before slowmo-moving to 
check for survivors. 

Pick up the two health kits and move on slowly. Peer around the corner to take
out the Replica sticking out. His buddies will be alerted, but will not 
advance. Lob a grenade into the right room and down the hallway. The Replica 
on the right will stay where he is, while the one down the hallway will be 
flushed out. Take care of the onw down the hallway before moving into the right
room with slowmo. One more Replica will ambush you in the next hallway as he
attempts to rush in, so be prepared.

Head into the room on the right for the important health kits and two pistols,
Head up the staircase for the next checkpoint.

Across the hallway are two replicas, but we want to avoid them unless you 
happen to have lots of ammo, since the submachine gun is useless at long range.
Go through the room on the left, switch to the shotgun and blast the two 
Replicas. The two Replicas at the end of the hallway will spot you, so slowmo 
and take them out quickly. Now walk along the wall, turning left immediately 
once you reach the end of the wall. This reveals a hole where there are two 
Replicas ready to take you out. Slowmo and blow them both apart with the 
shotgun. Another two Replicas will advance to your position, so either meet 
them head on, or jump into the room where the two Replicas wanted to ambush you
from to give yourself much better cover.

Proceed through the hallway instead of the door (where a Replica is waiting to
ambush you). Take out the Replica on the left, before heading through the door
to take out the Replica which was waiting for you to go through the door. Head
down the stairs to the next checkpoint.

Head through the door, and to the big twin doors to see Fettel staring you
with the scary music blowing through your headphones/speakers. Shoot him if 
you have too much ammo, but we all know he'll just disappear. Follow the 
hallway to the double doors with the static.

Inside is what looks like a church, but I recommend quick-saving here. Head
straight for left corner as you hear Alma pleading and Fettel trash talking 
to you. Whip out your pistol and slowmo as Teenage Alma appears with two 
spirits. Take out the two spirits, and duck as Alma throws benches at you. 
Soon, the door will open. Walk out, but never look away from the fire to
take care of any spirits that's still rushing at you. Head left, out of the
house, hop over the fence, and onto freedom.


3.2- Interval 2 - Flight.

3.2.1- Ambush.


F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon has been seized by enemy forces.

Holiday is moving towards your position. Make your way through the nearby 
warehouse district and locate him.


Rendezvous with Holiday in the warehouse district and effectuate a plan
to rescuse Jin Sun-Kwon.


|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Rendezvous with Holiday                                                      |

Head down the alleyway to meet Holiday up on a ledge. He'll help you pick a
those pesky Replica soldiers off. Let him do his thing, while you bash crates 
behind a truck to obtain all those lovely Rifles.

Head into the building to pick up the armor. In the next area, just follow the
path (the door won't open there), and enter the hallway. The door here opens,
granting you ownership of two health packs and an "oh shit" message.

"Oh shit" is one way to describe the nuclear explosion, I guess.

In the next room is where the fight begins. A Replica guard will be right on 
the flatbed of the truck, while another will be on the upper ledge. Another
is seeking refuge behind some vending machines. Take out the guard on the 
flatbed and the one on the ledge while ignoring the one behind the vending
machines for now. By staying near your positions, you would be in a great place 
to take out the additional Replicas who will investigate the disturbance. After
the two extra Replicas are taken care of, stick to the wall, peer into the 
truck and take out the remaining Replica. Pick up the Health kit, armor and
ammo before proceeding up the stairs.

Peer into the next area to take out the Replica standing on top of those crates.
Now keep your eyes held high as you make your way down the stairs as two more
Replicas will appear while you move towards the health kit and armor. Head
down the hole to the checkpoint.

After twisting and turning, a Replica will appear at the end of the tunnel, 
but he wil be too shocked to react. Take him out and head out of the hole.

You can hear the Replicas spotting you behind the crates, but there isn't a 
way to get to them except to proceed down the alleyway. A Replica will lob a 
grenade as you approach, so head back as quickly as possible. Use the crates as
cover as you take him out. Another Replica will be visible once you peer over
the corner wall. Once he is down, move quickly down the stretch to the gate,
where two Replicas will be crawling in. Slowmo and blow them before they have 
a chance to do anything.

As you head down the corridor, stuff will fly around, and Fettel will tell you
to stay out of his way, reinforcing his point by sending three spirits. 
A waste of bullets, but unfortunately necessary.

The path will now be inaccessible, so head back and wave to Alma opening the
gate for you. Once you enter, Jin will say that she has escaped, so celebrate
by picking up the health kit and armor nearby. Hop onto the flatbed to pick up
the reflex booster and the shotgun. Exit via the door at the end of the maze,
followed by the passageway and onto the next checkpoint.

You'll meet Holiday again, and he'll tell you to get into the building. 
However, ignore him and stay where you are. Holiday will take out most of the 
Replicas for you while you sit there and turtle. Once it's all silent, head to 
the opposite building to pick up the grenades and the two health kits. A 
Replica will walk in on you as you exit, so take him out, and hide back in your
hole as Holiday takes out yet more Replicas for you. If you happen to have a
bit of spare ammo, or just want to have some fun, follow the platform to meet
three more Replicas (not that you have a choice). Once you are down, 
turn around and pick up whatever ammo or health packs are lying around. There 
are four health packs in the area: (One near each computer room, another near 
those huge pump things, and one more near the door at the end). A Penetrator 
can also be found near the room where those green pump things are.

Once you are done, head to a different platform, visible from where the health
kit and armor place is, and enter the building to the next checkpoint.

Peek through the corner to see a Replica flinging a grenade straight at you.
Run back, wait, and head out again. But this time, he won't be there, thanks
to the advanced AI, but a Replica may just sidestep from your left. Moreover,
another Replica is sniping you right from the far platform. Focus your 
attention to the sniper first, switching your priorities should a Replica 
sidesteps right into you. There are another two Replicas who will, one way
or another, appear, so take them both out as well. Head back for the armor
and health pack. At the battleground, a shotgun can be found immediately to
your left after the corner, near those vending machines. Proceed up the 
staircase once all the loot has been taken.

Open the door, head right to pick up the health kit and health booster, before
heading down to the shotgun, armor and health kit on the table. In the next
room will be a blind survivor. If you are feeling exceptionally mean, you can
lob a grenade to spare him the horrors (excuses/10). Activate the crane on
your left, hop onto the container, and then onto the platform.

Open the door, pick up the armor and health kit. Whip out your Rifle and peer
out. A Replica will announce his presence rudely, so take him out with the
help of slowmo. Drop down, stay low, but it all doesn't matter as the Replica 
will surprise you from the right as you hop onto the flatbed. Once he's down,
move to pick up the grenades and the health kit. Head left to defeat the 
Replica standing there. As you proceed forward, a truck will arrive. Move 
quickly to pick off the Replica just behind the crate on the left. Head back 
to where you were (NOT the crate where the final Replica was), and use it as
a base. Peer out to take out the two Replicas. Switch to the Penetrator to
take out the Heavy Armor who is will be waiting for you on the left. If you
hear no one whining after you've taken out the Heavy, it will mean you have
cleared the area of enemies. Head out, collect the loot, including the 
Penetrator, Health kit and Armor in the area where the first Replica was 
(head through a Red container to reach him.) Once that is all done, head into 
the warehouse.

Head up the stairs into the bloody room. Pick up the Health kit and Armor.
You should hear some random screaming and stuff, but nothing you can do, so
head to the next door. Oh, take out your shotgun too.

Head into the room on the left to meet your latest enemy, turrets. Of course,
they are much easier to take care of than in F.E.A.R., so slowmo and pump
bullets into it. Pick up the Health kit and grenades, and hop through the 
window. Listen to Alma whispering those love words to you on the phone. 
Move on and pick up your own deployable turrets before reaching the next 

Once through the door, a Replica would be seen patrolling the areas. He'll spot
you immediately if you had your flashlight on, but you can get the jump on him
if you followed the game's advice of leaving it off unless necessary (which
is almost every other time). His death will alert 3 more Replicas on the 
ground, two from the left of where you begin, and one from the right. Take them
out with your shotgun where possible due to the confined space, pick up all the
loot (especially the ammo), and Holiday will tell you about the army heading
your way. 

I would recommend saving, because it can be pretty hard. Head towards the 
doors, but we do not want to go near them, as they won't open now anyway. What
we want is the stuff in the truck that is near the door. Now is a good time
to start tossing those deployable turrets. Pick up three more deployable
turrets, as well as the health booster and grenades in there. Behind the
truck is a fence which is one of the two points where the Replicas will appear,
and one which we will want to ensure is taken care of. Leave three turrets at
the passage that leads to the truck, and another three on the fence. Now, hide
at the crates where the health kit and armor is. The turrets will do their 
thing, while all you need to do is to sit there and hope that no one breaches 
your defenses.

Well, there's usually a high chance that they will, but by sitting near the 
crates, it will give you the best cover you would be able to get. Holiday will
come along after a while, so get near the door and let him take the enemies
out for you. Once everyone is dead, he'll tell you to meet him near the door,
so pick up as much ammo as you can, and go near the door for the checkpoint.

After he tells you his plan, walk with him and meet Fettel. Holiday will open
fire, and if you happen to be in front of him, you can get hit by the bullets.
Well, so much for "Elite Special Force".

Anyway, enjoy that lovely symbol right at the top. Learn to hate it or love it.
Enter the next door, to hear Alma laughing and some spirit thing floating. 
Move ahead and watch in amazment as the room magically expands. Now that would
be cool for my room. The phone will ring, but it doesn't matter where you pick
it up or ignore it. Holiday will act all cool and say "Yeah...". Ignore him
and proceed through the door, and through the gate after it to the next area.


3.2.2- Holiday.


Remnants of SFOD-D have set up an extraction point in Auburn Memorial
Hospital. Make your way with Holiday to the medical center.

F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon is en route separately.


Procedd with Holiday through the warehouse district towards the subway. The
subway tracks lead to a terminal near Auburn Memorial Hospital downtown.


|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Proceed through the warehouse district.                                      |

Ok. First things first. Holiday is invincible. He can mow down an entire 
Replica army, and still have time to head down to the gym later.

Move through the alleyway until you meet up with the dead SFOD-D units. Pick 
up the ASP-rifle, and move on to the checkpoint.

Holiday will talk something about a good sniping spot, but the door to the 
building on the left can't be opened for now. So head on and Holiday will 
warn you about the soldiers approaching from the warehouse. The first Replica
will have no idea of your presence, so slowmo and take him out using the ASP
rifle. Now walk back, hide somewhere, and let Holiday do the work while you
take a... well, holiday.

Once they are all dead, Holiday will tell you to move, so cross the canal and
join up with him, watch him blow that door, and proceed on to the checkpoint.

Pick up the Health kit before following Holiday. Another health kit awaits
your ownership as Holiday waits for you to move ahead. Holiday will then tell
you to check out that disturbance on the right as he gets the gate open. The
area behind you then collapses, so you have to proceed on without Holiday for
now. Two Replicas will move forward to investigate, with one more behind.
Take them down, peer over the corner to take out the turret, then head left
to pick up the E7 rifle and grenades. Holiday will tell you that he's taking
fire, so climb up the ladder (Do not proceed up the walkway yet), to see Fettel
and some Replicas. Crouch to obtain some sort of a cover and use the E7 to 
take out whoever is bullying our friend. The Replicas will only appear from
the two gates. Take your time and make those shots count. Don't worry 
about Holiday. He'll be fine.

Once you are done, head back down and ditch the E7 for whatever you swapped it
for. Holiday will blow the fence apart and remark on how good the two of you
make a team. I guess it's obvious since one half of the team is invincible.
Head towards the gate at the far end which the Replicas came from. Holiday
will kick a door down (If only you could do the same...), and enter a room
full of blood and corpses. Holiday will then push the stuff aside, and step
back for you to open the door.


Open the door, enjoy the sights as Holiday makes random remarks. He will then
kick another door down, and run in. Follow him, and look on the floor. 
Remember the sign? Well, Holiday will step on it (Nothing happens if you do
though, in fact, Holiday walks right into you). Watch the effects, laugh
or cry, I'll leave it to you. Pick up Holiday's gun as a tribute, and the 
Health kit from where Holiday burst through from, before heading towards the
exit door. Holiday will say his final good bye, and be placed beyond reach of
you, so nyaa if you want to kick his corpse around. Salute him for all his 
help, after all, it took some unnatural forces to take him out. Once you are
done with your grieving, hop over the fence.


3.2.3- Desolation.


Holiday is dead.

You must continue alone towards the subway system and the medical center that
lies beyond.

F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon is en route to Auburn Memorial 
Hospital and the extraction point.


Find the nearby subway entrance and take the tracks leading to the city's
medical center.


|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Find subway entrance.                                                        |

No more Holiday. Boo hoo. 

Proceed down the alleyway and past the containers. When you approach a door, 
you'll hear the Replica's radio giving their position away. Pick up the Health
kit, bash the door down, and take out the two Replicas on your right (One of 
them has the laser rifle. Be sure to take it.) One more Replica will be 
stationed at the far left, so snipe him out with your ASP rifle. 
Head left (because the right has all those explosive barrels), and find 
another Replica heading towards your position from the far left. He will, 
for some reason, engage you before heading towards those barrels. Assuming you 
have not blown them up yet, take this chance to do so. Proceed into the 
corridor, where another Replica is turtling right in between some crates. 
A grenade will teach him that turtling is only for RTS games, and is for 
noobs. Head right to pick up two Health kits and a submachine gun.

Moving on, a room on your right holds some nice M7 remote bombs, a pistol and
a Health kit. Take them all (ditch the ASP rifle), and proceed up the stairs.

At the end, you'll reach a locked door. You'll also see Alma's footprints, 
and her pleas for help. You can stand there and take a look at her, shoot her, 
whatever, but if you go near her, you'll see stuff flying around. Spirits 
will also appear from all directions. Take them out quickly with the pistol. 
After a huge barrage of them (You won't take damage from them, thank god), go
into the room for the checkpoint.

Go through the room, down the stairs, and meet the two Replicas. Not too
difficult, given that they are near some explosive barrels. However,
to test your newly aquired M7 bombs would be a bad idea, due to it's
insane damage. The room straight down holds a Health kit and a shotgun.

Move on through where the Replicas came from and down the ladder to meet
an invisible assassin. Note that he might throw the trolley ON to the roof,
which results in a bug as you can't go through the door. You can only reload
from the, thankfully, nearby, checkpoint.

Move on slowly, and an invisible assassin will attack you. Slowmo immediately,
and blow him out. Another one will be close behind. Once these two are dead,
a third will approach from the office, and a forth will be lurking around.
Never reload against them, melee when you ran out of bullets while engaging 
instead. The office will contain a much needed health kit.

Proceed on and move up the stairs. A invisible assassin will appear,
matrix style, so show him what Neo can do and take him out before he could
even recover from attempting to be Trinity.

The next area contains a rocket launcher, and a health kit in the office. 
Take both, and proceed on. Replicas will announce their presence, so change to
the rifle, and take out the two which are immediately in front of you. Wait for
the third to appear before heading on to take down the one on the left waiting 
to ambush you. Take their loot, and move on.

Head up the ladder and the corridor. An office to the left holds a Penetrator,
armor and Health kit. Take what you want (Penetrator for laser rifle for me),
and move on to the next checkpoint.

Look down to see a mech stomping his way out. And yes, you have to take him on.
Follow the walkway, open the door, and step back as soon as the factory door
blows up. Once you've recovered from your shock, the mech should be somewhere
on the right, not where it was. Take your time, using slowmo, to take him out,
first using the rocket launcher, and later, with the Penetrator.

Once it's dead, follow the warehouse route (where it came from yields nothing),
head right to find the downed aeroplane. Head towards it, and onto the subway
entrance which it yields, and onto the next interval. The gates do close 
behind you though, so there's no going out.



3.3- Interval 3 - Descent.

3.3.1- Terminus.


You have made your way through the warehouse district and into the city's
subway system. The subway system connects to the medical district downtown.

Jin Sun-Kwon is ahead, waiting - alone.


Head down through the subway terminal and onto the subway tracks.
Follow the tracks towards the medical center.


|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Head down to the subway tracks                                               |

I hate making a lady wait. Especially when they are alone. Someone might just
steal my dinner date =\.

Alma will have fun with you, switching off your lights and stuff. A dead 
corpse is on your right, in case you didn't realise it. Kick it around and 
move on.

The Replicas will talk some stuff about bringing supplies to the trains. By
shooting them, you are only wasting your ammo, so don't bother. Turn a corner
and see teenage Alma walking to you. She won't do anything, so wave and say
hi. She will, however, close the gates in front. But head towards the gates
anyway, and find a door on the right. In it are grenades, a health kit a
submachine gun and a shotgun. Take what you want, but remember to ditch the
rocket launcher.

The next room yields three Replicas, one on the left which can be taken out
quickly by leaning. Another will appear from the right, and a final Replica
will be at the back. Once the three are taken out, another Replica will 
appear from the gates. Once he is down, head through the gates. Pick up the
Health kit on the wall, and find a stash of Mod-3 rocket launchers and a
mine. Chuck away whatever you want and pick up the rocket launcher, before 
heading through the next door and to the next checkpoint on the right.

Continue on, and bid your time. The Replicas will appear in your line of sights
if you just lean out and wait. A mech will appear after they are down. But, by
staying in your little corner, you can just see the mech, and blow it to 
pieces with a bit of careful aiming. A bug? Oh well, if you want some fun, you
can run out, but with limited cover, and the pillars still providing splash,
it can be pretty difficult if you are on a rather high difficulty.

Head out and pick up the two Health kits and whatever loot. Two Replicas will
walk in on you from the left, so be prepared. Once you are ready, head 
through the door which the two Replicas came from.

Pick up the Health kit in the next room, and go through the set of doors. A
crate full of Rifles and a Health kit will be here. Pick them up, and go
through the next set of doors. 

You'll see a Replica running out and saying something about the target is on
his way. That means you, so follow him and see what surprises they have
installed for you.

On the right is a door, which you can bash open and take care of the five
Replicas inside. Just stay near the door, and be patient. You should also
have plenty of grenades which you should make full use of. Another neat way
is to breach the door by tossing a grenade near the door, and use the few 
seconds where they are stunned to move in and take out the Replicas that are in
your sights via Slowmo. When you are done with them, pick up the grenade and
submachine gun at the table at the end, break the grate, drop in to the next

Head up the ladder, and to the security monitors. Fettel can be see walking
past, but pull the switch to open the gate. Head out of the door. As you walk,
a welcoming party destroy the wall at the end. However, what they didn't see
was a power box on their left, which is your right. Shoot it quickly, and then
pump bullets/rockets into the area. They won't pose much of a problem soon.

Head left if you wish to see a shadow on the sealed off area breaking the 
light bulb, then return and head right down the staircase. At that area will
be a dead SFOD-D guy, but pick up his rifle, submachine gun and a Health kit.
Head to the end if you want to hear some breathing noise, otherwise, go
through the door on the left where the SFOD-D guy is.

Head right, and observe the Replica announcing himself. Take him out, followed
by another trio who will break through the windows Jackie Chan style. Take
them all out, then pick up the two Health kits and their loot. Head through
the door on your left to the next check point.

Head to the left, and we will use this place as a base of sorts. Pick up the
ASP rifle if you want, but it is a fairly crappy weapon. Now, stick to the left
wall and walk down slowly. The Replicas will announce themselves by doing 
their usual stuff: shooting you. The one you should really be concerned about
will be the Heavy armor with a rocket launcher. Whip out the penetrator, and
try to take him out first, retreating once you are out of Slowmo. Once it is
recharged again, move in once more. The Health kits at the top of the 
staircase are the only ones you will get for a while, so make them count.
Watch out for any Replicas hiding behind the pillars, but they won't pose much 
of a problem if you slowmo and take them out. Once the immediate threats are
taken care of, head down and pick up the loot, including that rocket launcher.

Especially that rocket launcher.

At the lobby will be a crate with Rifles in them. Pick them up as well as the
grenades nearby.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Find a way to open the Terminal gates.                                       |

Head right and approach the grate near the fans. Alma will be very helpful and
tell you that it is the way to go. So listen to her, and enter the pipe. Move 
on, and when it seems like you've hit a dead end, Alma will magically 
expand the area. It doesn't really matter where you go from here, as all 
routes lead to the same place. Just look down before you drop, so you don't
drop right into a fire.

You know you've hit the exit when you see the cinematic where Alma will take
out a Replica for you. Yay, more help. Thanks mom! Crawl out of the pipe, to
the next checkpoint.

Move on to reach the machine room. Head down the ladder to pick up the Health
booster. Head back up the ladder, into the office, and to the Health kit if 
you need it. In the next bloody room, turn left, and into the door on the right
to pick up the armor and see Teenage Alma. She'll toss stuff around, but she
won't hurt you. Head back to the bloody room, flip the switch to open the 
gates. Head right, and onto the door with that symbol. Be sure to pick up
the pistols, beacuse we both know what to expect next.

Actually, it's those invisible assassins. Don't bother shooting them, just 
slide around the room with "crouch+melee". You should wipe the floor along
with them easily. Run to the left, and onwards towards the fallen shelf. 
Jump across it to get out of the damned place.

Head through the next two doors to reach a long long alleyway. Teenage Alma
will make her appearance, but will again, do nothing. Move on to the next door
on the right, and the next one through it to finally get back to a proper
subway. Head left, up those stairs and through the gates you've opened. Head
into the train, turn right, and through the opened door at the end of the 


3.3.2- Orange Line.


The Replicas are using the city subway to transport equipment and supplies. To
what end, you do not know.


Follow the subway tracks to the exit near Auburn Memorial Hospital.

Secondary objective is to collect information on Replica activities in the 
subway system.


What the Replicas do, is not exactly our concern, in my opinion. Let's just
do our thing, and let them do theirs, and the world will once again be 

Head down the tracks to hear the Replicas yelling to cut you off. Head left
and pick up those ASP rifles to prepare for a long hard sniping battle...

...only to discover Alma appearing from right behind you and turning them all
into ash. Note that you CAN touch this Alma if you walk right behind her, but 
she seems to ignore you. Then again, she is kinda busy turning Replicas into

Once it's all done, Alma will tell you that's it's safe, so trust your mom and

Head on, and pick up the Penetrator on the left.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Follow the subway tracks.                                                    |

Keep on the left. And peer over the wall at the end to discover a bunch of
Replicas waiting for you. Toss a grenade and take them all out with Slowmo.
Once they are down, move in and head into the room on the right for two Health
kits, grenade and armor.

Head out of the room, and drop down. Move across the tracks quickly, as a train
is incoming. Open the door, pick up the Health kit on the wall, and up the 
stairs. The game will tell you to shoot the padlock to open the door, so do it.
Enter the crawlspace and emerge to pick up the M7 remote bombs and a Type-7 
particle beam canon. Exit the room via the door, pick up the Health kit, and
then through another door to emerge where you have started. Go up the stairs,
and bash the door.

Baby Alma will be looking at you through some windows on the second level. You
can zoom in with your newly acquired Type-7 and say hi.

Move in a bit, then back out once you hear the Replicas. Stay near the door and
pick off the four which are patrolling the area. Once the coast is clear, move
in and take down another two which are on your left. Finally, two more are up
the staircase, so proceed slowly. Once the entire area is cleared, head up the
ladder in the machine room if you are in need of health via the Health kit
at the room. Otherwise, just head straight to the control room and navigate
the ladders.

Bash the door, lean out to see two turrets waiting for you. Take them out by 
leaning and slowmo. Once they are destroyed, head on to the door near where
the turrets are. 

Enter the room to see Fettel sweet talking to Jin, touching her and all that.
Jin will reject his advances, so Fettel will call his mama for help. Actually,
Jankowski will be the one called. The whole thing ends with a flash of a dead
guy, probably that of Jankowski. Head through the door, and lean over the
wall to see the Replicas waiting for you on the upper ledge. Take the two
of them down, then move out a bit to see the explosive barrels on the far left,
feel free to blow them up now to flush out the other two Replicas. Once they 
are all dead, pick up the grenades and the Health kits, as well as the loot
and that shotgun on the floor.

Head up the stairs, turning left to hear Alma's innocent laughter. Turn back
and through the other door. The place will shake a bit, but ignore it and
proceed to the next checkpoint.

Head forward to see some SFOD-D guys getting pwned by those miniguns. It
does make you want one, right? So head to the door on the right and proceed
until you hear the Replicas chatting again. Show them why radio discipline is 
important. There are three of them, one with a nasty shotgun which does wonders
in these areas, so take your time with them. Pick up the two Health kits
once you are done, and head through the door.

A Replica will spot you, and run and hide behind a crate. Nade him then move
back immediately to defend yourself from the fire that is raining from the
left ledge by using the wall as a shield. Once the area is cleared, head down
slowly, as more Replicas will appear from the left. Take the three of them out,
and then another two which will be in that dark alleyway. They will see you
first, as you will need that torchlight to see them. So be prepared, and you 
should live to fight another day. Head to the end to pick up a much needed
Health kit and down into the next checkpoint by breaking the grate.

Turn around to pick up the Health booster found inside a crate. Move on to some
watery area, and climb the ladder. Alma will reach out and attempt to drag
you in, but your ninja skillz will evade her by falling off the ladder instead.
Climb the ladder once more to the top. 

Once again, you can hear the awesomeness of the minigun, so hurry up and climb
that next ladder after picking up another health kit. The armor dude will be
right around the next corner. Take out your Type-7, slowmo, and blast him 
before he even knew what hit him.

Now, finally, that minigun is yours.

Cheer for a bit, then continue on, picking up all those rifles from the dead
SFOD-D units. Move on to where you first witnessed the awesomeness of the
minigun for the first time.

Head left to pick up all those rifles first, then head through the door near
where the Health kit is, and proceed to the next checkpoint.

The Replicas will throw a dead body down, so move out, and look up. Blow up
the explosive barrel placed nicely to your right to conserve ammo. Pick up all
the goodies (tons of Rifles in crates, 2 mines, a grenade and a Health booster)
and move on through the door.

Lean out and peer into the next room to see a Replica walking out. Finally, 
a decent test subject. Let him have a taste of your newly acquired weapon, 
along with the two friends he has with him. Look out a bit more to see some 
Replicas heading down the stairs. Ignore them to save some minigun ammo, as
they will charge at you anyway. Once they are all down, their leader will be
at the control area at the top with a Penetrator, so switch to the rifle
or whatever else you have, and take him out. Gather all the loot, not 
forgetting the office on the ground floor which has some grenades in them.
Once you are ready, head through the door from the control room.

Move through the hallway, and through the door on your left. Some guy will
rise, and close the door. Curse his lack of manners and open it yourself. 
The room lights will swing in a eerie way, but look to your right for a door,
which you will miss if you are too focused on the blood spot and the moving

Bash the door, and enter it. Spirits will appear, so let them have a taste of
your minigun, which seems to be pretty ineffective, or they got buffed up.
Pick up the Health kit once they are all gone, and through the door to the
subway control room.

There isn't anything in here, so just head down the small flight of stairs, and
into the pipe through the grate found on the left. Follow the pipe, up the
ladder, and out of it. Head right, along the walkway, and down through the
broken grate.


3.3.3- The L.


The Replicas have pursued you underground, cutting you off at every turn in an
attempt to trap you. Jin Sun-Kwon has not made contact in several hours.

Replica forces are moving large quantities of supplies to an unknown
destination. Exact content of the shipments remains unknown.


Exit the subway system and proceed towards the medical center.


What happened to finding out what they are shipping? Oh well.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Exit the subway system.                                                      |

The Replicas will make some noise, but you can't see them now. Head right,
pick up that Shotgun and the Health kit. Proceed up the stairs, lean out of 
the wall to see a Replica using that ledge as a cover. A grenade should take
care of him. Another Replica will be walking on the upper ledge, a little
too close to an explosive barrel. Teach him some intelligence. A final 
Replica will be on the left, waiting for you. Take him out as well, pick up the
look, and proceed on up the stairs. It doesn't really matter whether you head
left or right. By heading left, you will meet the two Shogun wielding Replicas
at a much wider space, as you will get to have a mid-ranged distance battle
with them. By heading right, you get more cover, but then, the Shotgun is 
very effective in the close quarters. Take your pick, head into the office
for two Turrets, Armor, a Health kit and a Penetrator. Once you are done, drop
down to the machines, pick up the Health kit, head through the pipe and
down the ladders and into the pipe for the next checkpoint.

Jin will tell you that she's at the Hospital, so let's hurry up and meet her.
Head left, and Jin will tell you that everyone at the Hospital is dead. Not
exactly too surprising, so move on. Turn right for a Health kit, while your
radio continues to be annoying with those fizzle things. Head through the
unexplored opening to exit the drainage system. Jin will tell you to be 
careful and that they are hunting you. Gee, I didn't know that. Move on, head
right and to the huge pool of water. By moving you, you will see a destroyed
bridge, so attempt to jump over. You will fail, and fall into the water. Head
left to the opening and up the ladder. Turn left and turn the handle, and pick
up the Health kit at the back if necessary. Otherwise, just drop back down for
a swim to the other platform, or bust the gate (waste some ammo) and get to
the other platform. Head up the ladders and jump onto the pipe to enter the
drainage system. Proceed until you reach the next checkpoint.

You'll see a huge clear area in front. Throw the two Turrets you have 
to set up some sort of a distraction by tossing them far away, since you have 
too few of them to set up a base. Head right because that's where most of the
Replicas will repel down from. However, if your Turret is placed at a nice 
spot, they'll be too busy to notice you. A Replica with a Laser Carbine will
appear from the front, so slowmo and take him out. Three more will repel
down, but they should be fairly easy to take care of by now. Pick up the
loot, turn the handle on the left, near the stairs, to shut off the fire, and 
proceed on, picking up the Health kit if necessary.

Head left for a armor, then proceed on. The Replicas will hear nothing but
silence from their fallen comrades, and come to a conclusion that you killed
them. Pick up the repeating cannon on the right, and head down the ladder.

Lean out, and try to spot the two Replicas that are on the opposite catwalk.
You will need to use the flashlight to see them, due to the darkness, but since
they can already see you, it doesn't make a difference. Once they are done, 
climb down the ladder on the left, head to the opposite catwalk, and head
towards a bunch of barrels and the green light that is behind you. A reflex
booster is hidden there, visible only by its green light. Head back up the
ladder, and into the room. A Health kit awaits. Pick it up, and move on to
reach the catwalk the two Replicas were. Move on and drop down the hole to
the next checkpoint.

A few Spirits will appear briefly, but will cause you no trouble. Ignore them
and head on to the ladder at the back. As tempting as the broken bridge looks,
you should ignore the urge the jump over it, as you can simply walk around it.
Move on and head up the stairs. The next area will feature some spirits 
crawling on the ceiling, but will again, pose no threat. Move on up the 
stairs and to the door.

The room yields a Health kit, so pick it up and move on to the next door.
Open it to see a Replica jumping through the window. Slowmo and take him out
before he recovers. Another Replica awaits on the left. Take him out through 
the first window you see on your left. Head through the door, also on your 
left, and move on. A Replica has his back to you, so take him out by shooting
the explosive panel that he is standing beside. Head through the doors on
the left, and pick up the Health Kit on the shelf. You'll hear the Replicas
talking about charges and stuff, and that the target (you) are on the way.
Kick the door down, and observe a Replica planting a charge. Even if you 
pumped lead into him, he will still plant it, then die. Follow the tunnel to
the next checkpoint.

Keep left, and lean out to take out the unwary Replica. An explosive will be 
detonated, but it won't do you any harm. A grenade, mine and an ASP rifle will
be on the left. Pick up the ASP rifle to take out the Replica at the far end,
then ditch the weapon for whatever you had swapped it with. More Replicas will
appear on the far side once you approach, but there are too many, and too
few hiding areas to effectively take them out with the slow ASP rifle. Take
them out using the Laser Carbine and the Rifle instead, using signboards and
pillars for cover. Once they are all down, pick up all the loot, including the
three Health kits and Armor found on the two trains, and head up the stairs.
Two more Replicas await at the top of the stairs, with one that will usually
walk into you. Take both out quickly, as their Shotgun does some crazy 
damage in these areas. Jump over the turnsiles, and head left to meet that

He'll open the door, then get spooked out by the moving room, and run back
in and hide. And hopefully, that's the last you'll see of him. Head on, turning
left for the Health kit and Armor, before heading into the next room, which 
again, yields a Health kit and armor, and a checkpoint to boot.

There are four Replicas in the area, three you can spot immediately by leaning
out of the door. Once they are all dead, another batch will appear, along
with a Heavy armor with a minigun.  Take cover behind the sign which is 
in front of where you came from. The Replicas will attempt to flank, but a well
placed mine on one of the sides should take care of it. The heavy should be 
taken care of by using the Repeating Cannon, assuming you still have it. If
not, then this battle could be a fairly long one where lots of grenades are

Either way, after they are all dead, head through where they came from. Pick
up the grenades, Health kit, Armor and Turret and proceed up the stairs turn
right, and to the next checkpoint.

Head up the stairs, lean out to spot the Replica patrolling on top of the
train. Take him out, and use the cannon to snipe the Heavy Armor at the far 
side, if you can see him. Otherwise, toss a Turret down on your left, and run 
over to the other side, dropping down on the other train instead. There will
be two Replicas on this platform, so take them out by using the train or the
pillars for cover. Head into the gate area to pick up the Health kit, Armor
and Repeating cannon. If you didn't take out the Heavy Armor, it will be at the
end of the train, together with a Replica. Toss a grenade or two there, before
using the Cannon to take both out with slowmo. The Heavy won't be much of a 
problem as the force of the Cannon will make him fall, allowing you to 
continue blasting him. Once they are done, toss a few grenades through the
train and hope for a few easy kills. A Replica or two on the other Platform 
will spot you, so take them out as well with the Cannon. Once you are ready,
take out your newly reacquired Minigun and finish off the Replicas on the 
other platform, where, with luck, they're still distracted by the turret. Once
they are all down, pick up all the loot, including the Repeating Cannon in
the Train, and the Health and Reflex boosters in the train where you fell on.

Once all the loot, health and armor are picked up, head through the tracks, and
observe yourself flying through the explosion.



3.4- Interval 04 - Malice

3.4.1- Leviathan.


Replica forces have detonated large quantities of explosives in the subway
system in order to prevent your escape.

The resulting explosion has blown you onto a nearby parking garage.

Find your way out of this parking garage and to the adjacent medical center.

Mission: Exit the parking garage and head towards the medical center.


You have some badass strength, and now, you can fly too. Wow.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Exit the parking garage.                                                     |

You've just exited the subway, now you have to exit something else again. Oh 

Pick up the Mod-3 Rocket Launcher in front of you, and a Helicopter will
demonstrate why hiding behind cars isn't a good idea. Jin will tell you that
Replicas have taken over the city.

Move to the concrete box, which will serve as a bunker. A Mech will be on the 
the other side of the box, so slowmo and take him out. It won't be too
difficult, if you just keep using Slowmo. Just aim carefully so that you don't 
hit the cars instead. Head back for more ammunition if you somehow ran out of
rockets. Once you are done, head towards the stairs, and Jin will tell you that 
she don't know where to go.

Head down the stairs and pick up the Penetrator and the Health kit there. Lean
out to see a bunch of Replicas running away, leaving only behind two to defend
the spot. At such a far range, finish off what you have in your repeating 
cannon, and switch it with the Penetrator if you didn't pick it up. Once you
are ready, move on and down the ramp.

The Replicas will be behind the cars, and will call for their "power armor".
Duck back behind the wall and listen with amusement as their "power armor" 
takes them down in its rush to get to you. Slowmo, and fire as many rockets as
you can, then head back up the ramp to recharge. The Leviathan won't follow 
you, thankfully, so take your time, engaging it only when ready. Two clips of 
rockets will never be enough, so finish it off with the Penetrator.

Continue across the parking garage to the truck, where there are grenades and
a Health kit. More rockets can be found by smashing the crate nearby. Take
out those mines on the ramp, and move on.

The SFOD-D units will take care of one of the Leviathans for you, but they will
sacrifice their lives for it with the explosion. Proceed on cautiously, as
another Leviathan lies in wait. Run back up the ramp, and slowly take him out,
as it will be stuck at the ramp. This time, there should be sufficient rockets
for you, thanks to the three Mod-3 Rocket Launchers from the crate. Once it is
dead, head down the ramp for the checkpoint.

A surviving Replica will await you at the end, near where the exit ramp is. He
won't be too much of a problem, so take him out. Then clear the mines on the
ramp and proceed down.

Head to the end, and through the door. Move on, and go towards the turnsiles.
Fettel will appear and question your knowledge of your existance, along with
a flashback of the doc saying "You'll be a god among men." Well, we're not
exactly curing diseases here, so go through the opened door. After going 
through another door, Fettel will tell you that you cannot escape it. Well,
he assumes we know what it is anyway, but unfortunately, we don't know.
Pick up the Health kit that is behind the door, and through the next door. In
there are two grenades, but nothing else. Pick them up, and through the door
to see a huge "WHY WALK?" signboard. I wish we could fly too, but we can't,
so head left and move on. Jin will whine at your slow pace, as you reach the
door for the checkpoint.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Take the skybridge to Auburn Memorial Hospital.                              |

Enter the room, pick up the ASP rifle, Health kits, Armor and grenades. Open
the door. Two Replicas will be on the far side, snipe them both. A Laser
Carbine trooper will advance to your position from your right, so be prepared.
Take them out, step out to see two more Replicas repelling down. A grenade 
should easily take care of them. Pick up all the loot, and the Health kits and
Armor in the far room where necessary. Near where the far room is will be a
construction ladder. Climb up, and then up another set of ladder to the next 

Holster your weapon and jump across the gap. Walk past the doorway to see 
three Replicas in the room. Toss a grenade in, then move into the second room
to get a better sights on them. Take them all out, using another grenade if
necessary. Once they are down, pick up the loot and through the door to the

Walk towards the double doors on your right, and turn right to see Alma, who
will tell you to hurry before disappearing. Continue on, open the door on your
left to reveal two Replicas. Take them both down, and hit the switch to open 
the gate. Move on through the door, holster your weapon, jump over the gap,
and through the door.

Lean through to take out a unsuspecting Replica. Then move on slowly, leaning
to peer through corners. You'll eventually meet two more Replicas with a
Heavy Armor with a Type-7. Toss whatever grenades you have left through that 
area, and take all of them out should your Laser Carbine still have any 
ammunition left. Otherwise, just use the Penetrator. Pick up the Type-7, and
whatever loot there is. Go through the double doors and up the stairs for the
next checkpoint.

Continue on, heading into the meeting room on the left for a Health Kit, armor
and grenades. Some guy will tell you to hurry, but ignore him and open the next
set of double doors slowly. Three Replicas are on the opposite ledge waiting
for you, so slowmo and take them out however you wish. Type-7 can be fairly
effective here, but if you have a bit of Rifle ammo to spare, you should use
the Rifle. Once they are all down, holster and jump over the ledge to pick
up the loot and the Type-7 rifle. Proceed inside the building.

The area will go Slowmo. It is a waste of time to explore the areas, as you
just go back to where you started. So, just head left to see Jin running past,
and a bunch of spirits appearing. Take them all out, then follow Jin to appear
in a office. Step out, and you can hear Jin screaming. Follow the blood path to
see what you have been dreading all this time.

Jin's dead body.

After all this time. Damn.

Say your prayers, and proceed on. And no, like Holiday's corpse, you can't 
kick Jin around. Sorry.

Turn right to stock up on Health kits and grenades. As you approach the door,
you can hear Replicas waiting for you, so let's not keep them waiting. Kick 
the door down, and look up. The three Replicas are on the upper ledge, but 
they won't post too much of a problem. Once they are done, holster your 
weapon and jump across the gap.

Either door works, but heading to the one on your left allows you to surprise
a Replica. Take him out, and watch the ledge above. Two more Replicas will be
stationed there, so snipe them down. Finally, one last Replica will be near the
double doors with a Laser Carbine. Take him out, pick up all the loot, 
including all the Health packs. Head through the doors, and run across the
skybridge, out of the damned Interval, and into the Extraction Point.


3.5- Interval 05 - Extraction Point.

3.5.1- Malignancy.


You have reached Auburn Memorial Hospital, alone. Jin Sun-Kwon is dead. No 
contact has been made with SFOD-D units for quite some time. Status of the 
extraction point is unknown.

Investigate the hospital with caution and locate the life flight elevator
that has access to the hospital roof.


Locate the life flight elevator and take it to the extraction point on the
hospital roof.


Malignancy. Maligant. A clinical course that progresses rapidly to death.

That doesn't sound good.

Move forward and pick up the Health kit from the lobby. Head on, and ignore
the two doors are they yield nothing. As you proceed on, a door will open.
Peering inside will see things just flying around. Move on to the waiting room.

Yet more stuff will fly around, but ignore it and proceed on to the next room.
The Replicas will make themselves heard again, so be prepared. However, as they
are right below where you stand, just toss whatever explosives you have left 
and they will just magically vanish. Pick up their loot and proceed on to the
next checkpoint.

Enter the pharmacy area to hear the Replicas once again. Pick up the Health
kit on the wall, and kick the door down. Lean out to see two Replicas. Allow
them to see you and back off, and hope that they will advance to your position.
The narrow space allows an excellent space to easily take both down. Two more 
Replicas are in another room, seperated by a bullet-proof glass (In a 
hospital?), so just slowmo and take them out as they are entering the room.

Head out of the room after picking up the Health kit and the loot. Go either
way but once you spot the Replicas, run back to the room to avoid getting
flanked. Once the three Replicas are taken down. Head right and through the 
door on the left. Two Replicas are inside, waiting to ambush you with a 
shotgun. Take both out and flip the switch inside the room after picking up
the Health kit and the shotguns. Someone, most likely Alma, can then be seen 
walking out as you exit the room. Head past the room, and be prepared for one
final Replica waiting to ambush you. Head through the opened gate, which will
close behind you.

Proceed on and notice the dead SFOD-D guys. No loot from them though, so head 
to the right and to the opened elevator door. Things will be seen crawling
down, but ignore them. Holster your weapon and hop across to the ledge.
Climb up to pick up the health booster, armor and minigun. Then climb all the
way down through the sets of ladders and into Maternity Ward, the next 

Walk on, and notice the incubation room. You can't miss it, as your radio
goes crazy, and the lights go out. A nurse is inside, so go closer and 
prepare to help her.

Or not.

Oh well. Enter the next room for a Health kit, and proceed on. After some 
falling ceilings, there will be a locked door, which will be rammed by an
invisible assassin. Turn right into Room 54B. Look up at the airvent on your 
right. It's that small piece of metal right on top. Shoot it. The fat guy will
appear dancing. Now FINALLY, you can have your way with him. Still, he doesn't
turn into a pile of guts. Damn.

Head into the Janitorial room on the other side to see the SFOD-D guy being
dragged upwards and eaten. Bust the grate on the left and enter the pipe.

Climb up the ladder and walk across the plank to cross the gap. Exit at
either one of the grate, which means that the first grate you meet will do
just fine, and towards the door with those weird signs.

A woman can be seen using the copier, head left immediately and look through 
the door to see Teenage Alma using the lift. Then, turn back to see a spirit
jerking around, probably pleasing himself or something. Whip out your shotgun,
or holster your weapon, and prepare for the main fight.

There will be six invisible assassins here. However, if you just slid around,
you should be fine. Once the area is cleared, pick up the Health kit, and 
proceed through the door. Move on through all the doors to the next 

Pick up the grenades near the copier and the mines near the red box. Once 
they are yours, head through the door. Turn right to see a door closing, but 
you can't enter the door anyway, so head back and go the other way instead. 
Proceed on, turning right to see an elevator door closing and a gate being
jammed by a trolley. Slide through the gate and proceed on. Eventually,
your radio you stole from one of the Silent Hill characters will make some
noise again. Walk towards the double doors, and enjoy the power of the force
as you are pushed backwards. Walk towards it again, and when you realise it
still does not open, turn around to see a change of scenery. Walk towards
the spirit at the back, bash the red door, and be teleported back to the

Move on to the next area. There are two assassins here which can be avoided if
you head straight for the staircase, turn right and through the door. However,
if you are bored, you can ignore the staircase and walk on. They are found
underneath the stairs.

Either way, head through the door, where another assassin may lie in wait.
Take him out if he's there, and proceed on to the next checkpoint.

Proceed on and enter the armory with two dead SFOD-D units. Pick up whatever
you want and head into the next room, where two invisible assassins are 
waiting. Take both out, get the Health kit, and head out of the room.

Damn those sliding doors.

Anyway, head through the door, and lean out to see a Heavy Replica and a 
Replica standing on the second floor. Use the Type-7 to take him out quickly.
The Heavy armor and another Replica will advance on your position, so take 
them out too. Pick up the loot, up the stairs, and into the door. 

Hit the switch and pick up what you can. You can hear the Replicas again, 
so open the door, and lob a grenade down to where you came from. Switch to the
Minigun and take them all out. Head down the stairs, watch out for the grenade,
then head out to deal with the final two. Head through the now opened door to
the next checkpoint.

Head into the waiting room, and meet the two Heavy armors. Without any place
to hide, you have to make full use of your slowmo and the grenades. Toss a
Turret or two to help you out. Your Penetrator won't last, so you will need 
the minigun. Once they are both down, turn left to pick up the armor and two
more turrets. In front of you will be a Heavy Armor with a minigun running 
bursting through the wall. Toss the Sentries and take him out, taking his
Minigun once he is dead. Pick up the Health booster on the table and
go through the door.

Watch the Replica die, and wait for all the other two in front to take care
of themselves. Thank the Silent assassin by kicking him, as well as the other
one which is right behind. Enter the room, flip the switch, exit, enter and
activate the elevator, only to see yourself dropping like a stone to the next


3.5.2- Dark Heart.


The hospital has been ransacked. SFOD-D bodies lie everywhere. Unknown forces
are interfering with the operation of the life flight elevator.


Restore elevator functionality and make your way to the roof.


Isn't there stairs or something? >_>

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Restore life flight elevator functionality.                                  |

Take a guess where you are? Just walk straight, ignore the lights, and discover
it for yourself.

The Morgue.

Just perfect.

Turn around, and head left (right if you didn't walk straight) for a bit of 
fun. Turn left, through the door, and continue on until you see Alma appear
right in front of you. Wave and kick the door, before making your way down the 
unexplored corridor.

Pick up the shotgun, Health kit, armor and grenades. Hop up the crates and
bust the grate. When your radio goes nuts again, look down to see Alma and
her two bodyguards.

So who's helping who? @_@

Proceed on, busting the grate for the next checkpoint.

If you look through the door on your left (the closer one), you will see
Alma's bloody footprints. Nothing much you can do, so head towards the other
door. Two Silent Assassins will appear, so either slide them both, or let
them eat some bullets. Proceed on and enter the door on your right.

Head into the shower room, looking left to see the spirit enjoy the shower
before exploding. Proceed on through the door on your left. Your radio will
go nuts again, but ignore it and follow the corridor. At the end, Alma will
slide out of the body box, and teleport you to that dark place again. Take 
care of the two spirits, then fall through the 7 hells (Yes, there are 7
rings of fire), splash into a pool of blood, before re-emerging in some 
house. Take care of the spirits and proceed on via the opened door for the
next checkpoint.

Move straight ahead, down the stairs, past the bloody baths and to the door.
Alma will say she's waiting for you, so let's not make her wait, or she might
blow your guts sky high. Open the door, and take care of that another bunch
of spirits. Enter ward A, and meet yet more spirits. Go up the steps, and
see the prisoners who have created Alma back in FEAR. Some guy will appear, and
enter the cell on the left. If you head right instead, you will be teleported
to a cell, where Alma will be outside watching as you get crushed. You won't
die, so enter it for fun. Head back out of the cell, enter the cell across, 
and take care of the spirits. Proceed on and enter Ward E.

You'll see the two Almas walking to you, before disappearing. Bullets have
no effect on them. You'll then see the two Almas combining to create one huge

Then, you'll be teleported back to the morgue, where your coordinator will be
a little too surprised to see that you're alive, and tell you that a 
chopper is standing by. Move ahead to reach a checkpoint.

|Mission:                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|Return to the life flight elevator.                                          |

Yay. Finally.

Head through the paths, pick up the Reflex booster that is just on the floor.
Eventually, you'll make it to the lobby. Don't enter the Life Flight Elevator
yet. Head into the room where Teenage Alma just appeared in front of you to
pick up some rockets. Enter the security room, which is the only room you
could enter back then and pick up whatever you can carry. You will need it.

If you want a bit of fun, then hop up the crates. Enter the vent once more, 
turn left to see the huge fan. Bust it and follow the path. You'll some 
robot thing, as well as Fatso being tossed around. Enjoy it, then touch
the robot if you want to end it.

Head back to the lobby, back to the Life Flight Elevator, and out of this


3.6- Interval 06 - Epilogue.

3.6.1- Epilogue.


The life flight elevator is operational once again. SFOD-D coordinator has 
made contact and directed you to the extraction point on the hospital roof.

No other surviving F.E.A.R. or SFOD-D operatives have been found. Proceed
with extreme caution.


Head to the extraction point on the roof and escape.


Yay, finally.

Or so, you think.

Your coordinator will tell you to stay sharp and keep your eyes open for the
black hawk. However, once you open the door, Fettel is at the far side, and
that means it isn't going to be smooth sailing.

The Replicas will appear from where Fettel is. A Laser Carbine trooper will be
the first to appear, so take cover behind a machine. Fettel will now disappear, 
so whip out your type-7 or whatever you still have for a long range combat to
take them out. These are more heavily armored troops, so it takes two particle
shots. But, with their numbers, you'll be flanked soon, so take out your 
minigun and take out the survivors, using the abundance of pillars and 
machines as your cover. Once they are dead, move towards the staircase, to
meet two more Replicas and another Heavy Armor on your left. Use whatever 
ammo you have left on your Minigun to take them out. Finally, once they are 
down, pick up the remaining loot, even though the Black Hawk is coming.
Head up the stairs, and kill the Replica behind the door. The door is locked,
but a Heavy Armor with a Minigun will kick it down. It is the last enemy of the
game, but by this time, you would be running out of Health Kits, Grenades and 
ammo. Throw whatever you have left at it (Remember to use your mines!), and it
too, will go down. Head through the door, and run to the Black Hawk.

You can try all you like, but it just blows up. You then pick yourself up, and
hear Fettel trash talking to you, talking something about "We will make them
remember", and that "They will die. All of them." The scene changes to the
city being burned and smoking. Fettel ends the game by saying a war is coming.

The credits, then roll. You've completed the game!


4.0- Afterword.

F.E.A.R. Extraction point, like F.E.A.R., is fairly linear. I focused more on
how to take care of the Replicas and where to spot Alma as well as all the
good bits. The scare factor in this game was much more enjoyable than F.E.A.R,
which relied on quite a lot of cheap scares. Interval 05's Dark Heart is
my favorite stage by far, because of it's layout. Silence is, afterall,

Still, many questions remain unanswered. For example, where's Jankowski? Why 
is Fettel revived? What happened to the two Almas? Why would one want to kill
me, while the other want to help me?

Again, this lacked a lot in story, but is otherwise, a very enjoyable play.
I liked this one better than F.E.A.R., purely because of it's scare factor.


5.0- Legal stuff.

As this is a complete FAQ, feel free to host this anywhere you want, as long
as this remains unedited, and you send me an email about it (just send it, 
there's no need to ask for permission.) This Walkthrough is copyrighted, and
should not be reproduced, in part or in whole, for any purposes. You may 
print this walkthrough out for your own purposes, but you may not sell, rent, 
or do anything with my walkthrough which allows you to obtain monetary gain.

5.1- How to contact me:

Do NOT ask me if you are stuck. This game is linear enough. It's not that 
hard. I'm not tech support, so do not mail me about bugs. When mailing me,
please make it obvious on the title, or it will be deleted as spam.

Copyright Snowstormz 2007.

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