Frank Herbert's Dune Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Frank Herbert's Dune

Frank Herbert's Dune

The Walkthrough

Before starting this walkthrough, take all bonus (ammo, life, water).


Go to the crash orni and take the hammer. 
Return to your mother. 
Walk between quicksand and go ahead to the cave. 
Go to the end of the cave and get down 

Run in front you (the sand warm is in your back) and find a way 
between quicksand. 

Talk with Stilgard (the character on your right). 
Go speak with Shani (in the laboratory). She gives you a knife. 
Go speak with Baren (in the commun room). He give you the aerial mixer. 
Return to speak with Stilgard. He gives you a gun. 
Go in mission 

Get back and go ahead. 
Turn right and kill the first harkonneen with knife and slowly, 
kill the second harkonneen at the left. 
Return at the place you kill the first harkonneen. 
Go right and kill the third harkonneen. 
Try to kill all guardians when they are from the back with your 
knife. You can kill them when they are in profile. 
Kill guardians of the harvester with your gun. 
Use the front ladder. 
At the top, turn right and create an S.O.S on the radiopost. 
Turn back and go in the hole in the fence. 
Get down , turn left and kill with gun the harkoneen. 
Go to the platform where they were, turn left and climb to 
left door. Open it. 

Open the right door and kill the guardian. 
Turn left in the corridor and try to kill most of harkoneens 
with your knife (there are 2 guardians on the corridor and one 
at the end of the stair). 
Go at the end of corridor and kill the guard on your right, 
with your gun. 
Open the door. 
Kill 3 guardians. 
Action lever. 
Return where you kill the first guard on this level, and go ahead. 
Turn left and kill 2 guards. 
You can catch ammunition in this place. 
Enter in the machine room, kill the guard, and close all sand collectors. 
There is an other room with others sand collectors in the right. 
Close them all. 
Go back in the lever room. And see a graphic device in the screen 
of the computer. 
Go down the stair and open the door in front of you. 
Use the engine and write the device (first line 0 to 3, second 
line 4 to 7) code is 20473. 
Go back in the principal corridor, and at the end of the stair, 
open one of the metal door. 


Speak with Stilgard. 
Go speak to Shani. 
Go to Baren. He gives you the mola. 
Go speak to Alia (your sister). When you are paralyse, use 
the voice. After that, Alia gives you a data cartridge. 
Return to Stilgard and go in mission. 

Turn left and kill the fist guard. 
Go to the stair and kill the second guard on the top. 
Turn right and go ahead at the end of corridor. 
Turn left and kill the guard. 
Go ahead in the books room. 
Turn left. Walk to the Kynes's room. 
Go ahead in front of you, in the second books room. 
Turn left and go down the stair. 
Open the door. 
Enter the room. 
Open the first right door. 
Go down the stair and kill guardian. 
In the machine, break it with action button. 
Return to Kynes's room. 
Kill all guardians but not Kynes. 
Enter in his room. Go down the stair and in the computer on your 
left, replace the data cartridge. 
Go back at the starting corridor. 
Go ahead in the other corridor. 
Kill guardians. 
Go up the stairs until the top of the building (many others stairs). 
You arrive in a corridor with many glasses. 
Kill the guard. 
Take the stair on your right. 
Open the door. 
In the control room, look at the desk and change the data cartridge. 
Look the code (34750). 
In the wall on your left, put the code. It open the door. 
Take the corridor and turn left. 
In samples room, go in the little door at the end. 
Activate the lever. 
Take the other corridor. 
Open the door. 
Kill the guard (if he is present). 
Go down the stair. 
Find a big steel door (in the next corridor, 
or if you don't find it, go down once again). 
You must arrive in a big open area with an orni. 
Go on left. 
Kill guard. 
Enter the little room. 
Activate the lever. 
Go downstairs. 
Kill guards. 
Take the orni. 


Speak with Shani. 
Go speak to Baren. He gives you a laser gun. 
Speak with Hara (in the seem room). She gives you a military dress. 
Speak with Stilgard and go in mission. 

Kill the first guard. 
Go ahead. 
Kill 2 guardians in the main area with your knife. 
Enter in the room with the red light (red door). 
Go ahead. 
You arrive on a room with 2 possibilities (at the right, and ahead). 
Take the right passage and go down in the corridor. 
You arrive in a new engine room with guards. Kill them. 
Near the first conveyor belt, you can see the green code on the screen (53630). 
Go in the other side of the room by the ladder. 
Near the second conveyor belt, see the blue code (52620). 
Return in the room with all boxes. 
Take the second passage on your right. 
Go down in the area and kill the guard near the left door. 
Put the green code. 
Go in the green area by the green door. 
Kill all guardians. 
Go ahead the corridor. 
Turn left. Kill 3 guards. 
Take the first magnetic pass. 
Return in the corridor. 
Take the right passage. 
Kill 2 guards. 
Go in the last room. 
Take the pass. 
Return in the color machine room. 
Put the blue code. 
Take the left corridor, and open the door with one magnetic pass. 
When you are out, go in the blue area (blue door in front of you). 
Follow the corridor. 
Kill 2 guards before they activate warning. 
There is a small door on your left. 
Follow the corridor. You arrive in an other machine room. 
Kill 3 guards. 
Take the elevator. 
Kill all guards (before they activate warning). 
At the end of this room, take the private elevator, and go to 
speak with the emperor. 
When the dialogue is done, return in the principal open area. 
Go ahead at the door. 
Open it with the second magnetic pass. 
Take elevator. 
Avoid red lasers. 
Go ahead. 
In the control room, come near the control panel. 
Go back and kill the mechanic guard. 
Return in the big open area. 

Talk to Baren. He gives you many aerial mixers. 
Speak to your mother, lady Jessica. You give her the crystal. 
Speak with Stilgard and go in mission. 

Kill 2 guardians. 
Go to the first aerial and use your mixer. 
Take the passage in the rock. You arrive in a big area. 
Kill 2 guardians. 
Take the way on the rock (in your right). 
Climb at the top of the way. 
Kill the guard and turn off the aerial. 
Take the passage in the rock in front of you. 
When you are arrive to the bridge, kill the guard. 
Go ahead and turn off the aerial. 
Take the passage which go down. 
You arrived in a room. Kill the guard. 
Take the left corridor. 
When you go out, turn right. 
In a big area, kill 3 others guardians before turn off the aerial. 
In the end of this area, turn right and take the passage. 
Follow the corridor until you can see 2 ways (one in front of you 
and the other go down on the right). 
If you take the going down corridor, kill 2 guards and take the 
distil (to recycle your water). 
Return at the crossroad. 
Take the front corridor. 
Follow the way until you reach an other bridge. 
Kill guards. 
Go front of you. 
Take passage in the rock witch going down in a room with a hole in 
it center. 
Take it. 

Kill the guard. 
Enter in the area, turn left and at the end of this one, climb on the 
rock on your right. 
Climb at top and kill 2 guards. 
Follow the way in the rock 
When you arrived in a big area , take the passage in the rock on the left. 
Go down the corridor. You arrived at a crossroad. Two possibilities : 
go ahead or turn right. 
Turn right. You arrived in a big open area with a orni. Kill 3 guards. 
In a little tent, catch explosives. 
Return at the crossroad. Take the other way. 
Get down. In the camp, try to kill all guards when there are from the back. 
There are 3 guards. 
Turn off an aerial. 
In the biggest tent, look at the computer to see a graphic code and note it. 
Go on a platform where ammunition are. There is a hole in the wall. 
Climb boxes and go in the big hole. 
Go in the corridor. 
Run along the corridor, and go out. 
Go down 2 platforms. 
Return near the platform with explosives. 
Near the wall, there is a stock of explosives. There is an action zone 
near these box. 
Use your explosives. 
Return quickly at the platform where you can find Shani. 
When all guards are go out, take the passage they come. 
Follow the corridor, and go in a temple. 
When you meet the chief of the guardians, break his shield with your knife. 
Don't use your laser, it create a nuclear explosion and you will be kill ! 
When his shield is break, kill him (now you can use your laser). 
Take the pump gun on his dead body, and go in the room at the end 
of this one. 
Speak with Shani. 
Make the code (33077). 
Now you must protect Shani against guardians. 
Kill first guards, but when you are in the big open aera, don't 
try to kill them all. 
Follow Shani and escape of here in the corridor. 


Walk very slowly. Stop when the killer light becomes red. 
On the little table, take your gun always in walk. 
Kill the killer. 
Go out of this room. You meet a character who change his appearance in your. 
Kill him. 

Speak to your mother, lady Jessica. She give back you the crystal. 
Speak with Stilgard and go in mission. 

Go in the corridor. 
Action a lever. 
Kill the guard. 
Go in the maze (the garden). 
Kill all guardians in this maze. 
Go near the big door at the end of the garden. 
In front of stairs, go at the right wall. 
Break the system on this wall. 
Go back and do the seem thing on the other wall. 
Enter in the room witch is in the wall. 
Go up stairs. 
Follow the corridor. 
Go up stairs. 
Follow the corridor. 
Go down stairs. 
Kill guardian. 
After have killed the guardian enter the code on the machine 
(the code is 63745 or 34620, it was present on a raban portrait 
in corridor). You must return in the garden. 
Do the seem thing in the room on the opposite side of the garden. 
The code of this other part is 63745 or 34620. 
Return in the garden. 
Open the big door. 
Place the crystal on it base. 
Go out. 
Kill the boss.


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