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 Fiesta Online - Enhancement Guide

Fiesta Online - Enhancement Guide

/ Guide Information \__________________________________________________________

Fiesta Online
Enhancement Guide
Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker) [Contact info provided at bottom]
Version 1.04 [Final]
29 November 2008

/ Introduction \_______________________________________________________________

Fiesta Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG, for
those that aren't online gaming-savvy), in which you can create a character and
run around doing various quests for townsfolk (NPCs), collecting awesome gear,
and progressing through an experience-based levelling system. This guide,
albiet a short (and possibly useless) guide, was written to explain a
particular concept within Fiesta that makes the game more enjoyable: Item

Within this guide, you'll find all the information you need to know that
involves a feature that so many players want, ranging from how it's done, what
you'll need, and beyond.

/ Table of Contents \__________________________________________________________

Here's a breakdown of everything the guide offers.

1.       Update History
2.       About Enhancing
3.       What You'll Need
 3.1      Enhancement Stones
 3.2      Premium Items
4.       Enhancable Items
5.       Enhancement, Enhancing, and the Enhancer
6.       Miscellaneous
7.       Contact Information
8.       Legal Junk
9.       Credits

/ Update History \_____________________________________________________________

Pre-Upload: 29 Nov, 2008 [Version 1.0]
Guide content is complete and ready for upload. Unless a slew of emails end up
flooding my inbox, this is the final version.

Update: 05 Dec, 2008 [Version 1.01]
Minor modifications made to text, spelling, et cetera. Again, unless mass
quantities of emails flood my inbox or a new update is needed, this is the
final version.

Update: 08 Dec, 2008 [Version 1.02]
A couple more minor, partially insignificant updates. Still the final version,
as no major reconstruction of the guide has been or will be made.

Update: 08 Dec, 2008 [Version 1.03]
List containing permitted sites to use this guide updated.

Update: 23 Jan 2009 [Version 1.04]
List containing permitted sites to use this guide updated.

/ About Enhancing \____________________________________________________________

Item enhancement is exactly what you think: the enhancement of an item to make
it better that it originally is. Enhancement can be done by anyone by simply
visiting the blacksmith in any town (Roumen, Elderine, Uruga), and clicking on
the Refine Item button. When you click that button, a window appears, with a
multitude of empty slots, and a stern warning at the top:

"When the enhancement fails, your item can be destroyed."

Simply put, enhancing requires a little bit of luck and hope. More detailed
information about enhancing is further into the guide.

/ What You'll Need \___________________________________________________________

Come on now, you didn't think you could just hand your weapon off to the
blacksmith and expect him to make it better did you? Shame on you!

Enhancement requires nothing more than the item you wish to enhance, and an
enhancement stone that meets the item and level requirements.

     - Enhancement Stones -

A required item for enhancement, the action of enhancing requires a stone to be
used to produce enhancement results. Take note, that you need to pay particular
attention to the stone you're using to enhance, as well as the item.

Elrues are used to enhance an item from no enhancement (referred to as +0) up
to +3. Meaning that the bare minimum number of Elrues you'll need is three.

Lixes are used to enhance an item from +3 to +6. Again, a bare minimum you'll
need is three.

Xirs are used to enhance an item from +6 to +9, at which point, an item cannot
be enhanced further.

In addition, there are different variants of each stone, Lucky and Blessed.
The effects of these stones are unconfirmed (so if you know this for a fact,
let me know), however, it is said that a Lucky stone increases the chance that
an item will be upgraded by two levels instead of one. A blessed stone (my
personal favorite) has the potential of adding a little extra bonus to the stat
value (e.g. the damage amount for weaponry and defense amount for armor), as
well as dropping the chance of item breakage.

Within the game, there are four item levels, ranging from Lv 1, and ending at
Lv 4. If you couldn't guess it, you need an enhancement stone that meets the
level of the item you're enhancing. The stones' levels are in the form of
'tiers', where a Tier 1 stone is used for a Lv 1 item, and so forth and so on.
Therefore, if you wish to enhance a Lv 3 sword, you're going to need Tier 3
stones. On the contrary, if you're trying to enhance a Lv 1 weapon, don't
expect the enhancement to happen if you're going to use a Tier 2 stone.

Simply put, match the stone's tier with the level of the item. You can find the
item level of an item by hovering, and can also find the tier of a stone in the
same manner.

     - Premium Items -

Although Fiesta Online is a free MMORPG, it does offer options to buy premium
items through the Outspark Store. I'm not going to elaborate on the mass
multitude of premium items there are, but know that there are premium items
that offer advantages to enhancement. The premium items that can be used for
enhancement are the Perfect Red Eye, Perfect Blue Mile, and the Gold Nine. More
information on these items are discussed a little later.

/ Enhancable Items \___________________________________________________________

Before you start getting crazy with your plans for enhancement, start pumping
the brakes a little bit. Not everything can be enhanced. What can you enhance,
you say? Truthfully, you can only enhance weaponry, shields, and armor items.
You cannot enhance rings, pets, or any other type of item. If you're confused
as to whether or not you can enhance something, hover your cursor over the item
and look for an item level. If it doesn't have an item level, you cannot
enhance it.

/ Enhancement, Enhancing, and the Enhancer \___________________________________

All right, so you have all the stones and all the gear you want to enhance.
So let's get started.

When you click the Refine Item button, an Enhancement window will pop up. Looks
something like this:

|          +---+          |
|  +---+   |S 7|   +---+  |
|  |S 6|   +---+   |S 8|  |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|       **  ***  **       |
|       ***********       |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
| |S 5|****|I S|****|S 1| |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
|       ***********       |
|       **  ***  **       |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|  |S 4|   +---+   |S 2|  |
|  +---+   |S 3|   +---+  |
|          +---+          |
|                         |
|  +---+           +---+  |
|  |RES|   +---+   |BMS|  |
|  +---+   |GNS|   +---+  |
|          +---+          |

(This concept is my own property. And it was a pain in the ass to make it too.)

All right, so there's a whole bunch of empty slots, and you don't know what the
hell to do, right? Right. Here's a breakdown of what all those windows do.

» The center slot (labeled IS) is the item slot. This is where you'll place the
item for enhancement. You cannot place an item into the item slot if you have
that item equipped, so make sure to unequip it by clicking it and moving it to
your inventory.

» Slots 1~8 (labeled S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, and S8) are you stone slots.
Place the enhancement stone you're going to use into one of the eight slots. It
doesn't matter which one you place it in, so pick one you think is lucky.

» The Perfect Red Eye slot (labeled RES) is where you'll place a Perfect Red
Eye item. These items decrease the breakage rate of the item your equipping by
100% In other words, it prevents your item from breaking if the enhancement
fails. Much like the enhancement stones, the Red Eye has a tier level that must
be in coherence with the item you're enhancing. More info in just a second.

» The Perfect Blue Mile slot (labeled BMS) is where you'll place a Perfect Blue
Mile item. These items decrease the level degredation of the enhanced item if
the enhancement fails by 100%. Simply put, these things prevent your item from
decreasing in level if the enhancement fails. As with the Red Eyes, the Blue
Miles have a tier that must be in coherence with the item being enhanced. And
again, more info in a sec.

» The Gold Nine slot (labeled GNS) is where you'll place a Gold Nine item.
These items increase the overall success rate of the enhancement by 15%. You
can't get that confused. The help you successfully enhance items. Do I need to
tell you that the Gold Nines have a tier that must be the same as the item
level? I hope not.

Remember how I said it didn't matter where you placed your enhancement stone?
It really doesn't matter! Wherever you place the stone, the slot opposite from
the stone is the only successful slot. The same window that took me forever to
make has been pasted below to illustrate my point.

|          +---+          |
|  +---+   | F |   +---+  |
|  | F |   +---+   | F |  |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|       **  ***  **       |
|       ***********       |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
| |E S|****|   |****| S | |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
|       ***********       |
|       **  ***  **       |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|  | F |   +---+   | F |  |
|  +---+   | F |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |
|                         |
|  +---+           +---+  |
|  |   |   +---+   |   |  |
|  +---+   |   |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |

Assuming you placed the stone in the slot labeled 'ES', the slot labeled 'S' is
the only slot that will be successful. All slots labeled 'F' will result in

Now, you're probably wondering what I'm taling about when I say "breakage rate"
and "level degradation," so I'll take a minute to explain what I mean. You
can't play a game in which you can make something more powerful without having
any drawbacks. In reality, there's only one slot that will enhance the item
successfully. The other seven slots will fail. However, there's even more
repercussions than just failure. Some times, your item will only fail, causing
you to start all over. Other times, your item may downgrade in level (e.g.
going from a +4 weapon to +3). And there's sometimes where your weapon can
completely break and disappear from your inventory.

There is an unconfirmed theory about level degradation and breakage that I've
found roaming on the Fiesta forums (credits section). It's been stated that the
slot directly across from the stone results in sucess (this has been proven
true, obviously), a slot to either side of the successful slot fails, a slot
further to either side downgrades, and a slot to either side of the stone
breaks the item.

Again, we'll use the diagram to illustrate:

|          +---+          |
|  +---+   | D |   +---+  |
|  | B |   +---+   | F |  |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|       **  ***  **       |
|       ***********       |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
| |E S|****|   |****| S | |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
|       ***********       |
|       **  ***  **       |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |
|  | B |   +---+   | F |  |
|  +---+   | D |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |
|                         |
|  +---+           +---+  |
|  |   |   +---+   |   |  |
|  +---+   |   |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |

I won't flap my gums to try and explain this. Just know what the slots are
labeled as:

'ES' - Enhancement Stone
'S'  - Success slot
'F'  - Fail slot
'D'  - Level Degrade slot
'B'  - Breakage slot

Again, this is an unconfirmed theory. If someone with the guts, items, and
patience wants to confirm this me, I won't stop you. Shoot me an email with
your results, and I'll update the guide and give due credit.

Since we know that the only successful slot is the one across from it, and it
moves in correlation to where you place your enhancement stone, if the above
theory is true, then it will also change the location of the fails, breaks and

Below, I'll post two side-by-side diagrams to illustrate this:

+-------------------------+      +-------------------------+
|          +---+          |      |          +---+          |
|  +---+   | s |   +---+  |      |  +---+   | B |   +---+  |
|  | F |   +---+   | F |  |      |  | D |   +---+   |E S|  |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |      |  +---+     *     +---+  |
|       **  ***  **       |      |       **  ***  **       |
|       ***********       |      |       ***********       |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |      | +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
| | D |****|   |****| D | |      | | F |****|   |****| B | |
| +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |      | +---+  **+---+**  +---+ |
|       ***********       |      |       ***********       |
|       **  ***  **       |      |       **  ***  **       |
|  +---+     *     +---+  |      |  +---+     *     +---+  |
|  | B |   +---+   | B |  |      |  | S |   +---+   | D |  |
|  +---+   |E S|   +---+  |      |  +---+   | F |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |      |          +---+          |
|                         |      |                         |
|  +---+           +---+  |      |  +---+           +---+  |
|  |   |   +---+   |   |  |      |  |   |   +---+   |   |  |
|  +---+   |   |   +---+  |      |  +---+   |   |   +---+  |
|          +---+          |      |          +---+          |
+-------------------------+      +-------------------------+

After all that's said and done, regardless of the outcome, you'll have to add
a new stone to the enhancement slots after each attempt if you want to continue
enhancement (as well as any eyes, miles or nines you wish to add).

But wait! What if you feel that you don't want to enhance your own items, and
rather someone else do it for you? In Fiesta, this occurs all the time, where
people will go around looking for various level enhancers (the most common
being Tiers 2 and 3). Typically most people who enhance for others (known as
enhancers - go figure) use eyes and miles from the cash shop, so the person
getting their item enhanced doesn't have to fear it breaking. However, it has
been known (and is possible) that the alleged "enhancer" runs off with the item
with no intentions of giving it back. This practically has the same value as
if you broke the item during enhancement. Also, enhancers don't enhance other
players' gear for a nominal price. Prices for enhanced gear multiply
exponentially, so plan on spending 1-3g for your item to be enhanced. In
addition, enhancers almost always ask you to provide your own stones, which
could inevitably be more costly.

With all that being said, take care when asking others to enhance your gear.

/ Contact Information \________________________________________________________

Ah yes, the part where you want to contact me about the guide, ask questions,
give feedback, et cetera. Here's the available options of contacting me:

   AOL Instant Messenger: KyoraStryker
   Email Address:

Regardless of the method you use to contact me, promptly introduce yoursef and
tell me what you're referencing in this guide. As far as emails are concerned,
have this guide name in the subject line so I don't think it's garbage.
Seriously, if it looks like trash, I'm going to treat it as such.

/ Legal Information \__________________________________________________________

All typed content contained herein is sole property of myself, and was provided
by myself, with a few exceptions, noted in the credits section.

Absolutely no part of this guide may be reproduced without my consent. You have
my contact info, simply ask. Reproduction of this document is prohibited except
for personal use and reference. This guide is not permitted to be hosted on any
other site than those listed below. If you want to host this guide on your
site, email me with the site and reasons for wanting to host it. I'll tell you
if you can or can't. And as always, all trade marks and copyrights contained in
this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
Should you feel that this document is in violation of cpyright, send me an
email explaining the issue so I can attempt to clarify any dispute you may

Sites permitted to host this guide:

If you see this guide on any other site other than the above mentioned, please
send me an email with the site URL listed and where you found the guide, so I
can raise some hell. =)

/ Credits \____________________________________________________________________

There's not a lot that needs to be credited, as this guide was thrown together
in about an hour of solid work. But, I know there's always something I can
mention here.

On the Fiesta forums:

Everyone who posted something moderately helpful deserves credit. The link to
the thread containing some information this guide has can be found here:

CJayC - Goes without saying. GameFAQs rocks dude.
Outspark - They created the game that many of my friends refer to as "A WoW
My girlfriend Cassie - Wow, she's the one that actually got me playing this
game. Hats off to her.

And you! For taking the time to look at the guide. Expect to see more guides
for Fiesta from me very, very soon.

End of File.

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