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 First Love

First Love

* Don't forget to click "English" beforehand!

* Standing at the very back of the church (near the door and facing the cross), 
  you see two rows of eight pews. Under the pew closest to the door on the 
  right, find a BLUE STAR.

* The wreath second from the door on the left (if you're facing the big cross)
  has a RED STAR in it.

* Under the pew second-closest to the big cross on the left (if you're facing 
  the cross) find a YELLOW STAR.

* Look in the podium with the cross on it (to the right of the big cross). Find
  a BOX. Notice that you need to enter a three-letter code (and those letters 
  must be D, E, V, I, or L). If you've already found the blue, red, and yellow
  stars, clicking the Hint button will tell you how to open the box. 

* "The day before Xmas." Which means the code for the box is 

* You now have a BLACK STAR.

* Look under the shelf where you got the box. Find a STAR KEY.

* Open up the book under the big cross. No scriptures here, just a story about 
  a dragon. A colorful story. Remember those colors for later, and also make 
  note of the diagrams. At the back of the book, there is a different diagram,
  this one with a big cross (look familiar?), some rectangles, and a star. 
  The rectangles are windows, and the cross is the big cross in the church.

* Go to the window indicated by the diagram in the back of the book. 
* There's a keyhole. Use the star key on it, and get the GREEN STAR.

* Go up to the big cross again, and turn left. There's a panel in the floor 
  with a star on it, and places to put the stars you've collected so far. 
  But what order do you put them in?

* Go back to the book and read Chapter 1. There are two colors mentioned in 
  this chapter (blue and yellow). There is also a triangle with a white star
  at the top. This is a hint about the floor panel. The next chapter has a 
  hint for the other half of the floor panel puzzle. It mentions the colors
  red and green, and has a triangle with a black star at the bottom.

* Go to the floor panel with the stars on it. Using the information you got 
  from the book, put the stars where they belong. The order they go in is: 

* Clockwise from the white star at the top: white, red, blue, black, yellow, 
* Flip the switch at the bottom of the puzzle and the panel opens up to 
  reveal a ladder leading down.

* Go down the ladder and forward once. On the right wall of the hallway is 
  a picture with four brooms and some numbers. You can click on the brooms,
  and they change to an empty candle holder, a bit of string, or a candle 
  holder with a candle. Remember this for later.

* Go into the basement room. In front of you is a table with a golden box
  on it. On this box you see some rectangles, and a green star. You've seen
  this before, right? But what are those numbers for? You can change them 
  for some reason.

* If you turn right from the table, you see a plaque on the wall with four 
  symbols on it, one of which is a green star (hey, didn't you just see a 
  green star on that box on the table?). Against the wall the plaque is 
  on there's another gold box. This one has the same symbols as the plaque,
  only the green star is missing. Turning right, you see a bookshelf with a
  locked blue box on it.

* Look more closely at the room. There are a lot more items in there, 
  including brooms, empty candle holders, candle holders with candles, and 
  bits of string. Hey! Let's count them. (With the bits of string in the 
  corner, count the circles. Each end of string is circled, with two ends 
  per string. Meaning the number of strings is half the number of circles.) 

* Brooms: 4, Empty Candle Holders: 7, Candle Holders w/Candles: 2, 
  Strings: 3.

* Put those numbers into the picture in the hallway. 
* It tells you the steamer is on.

* Go back upstairs and take a look at the windows. They've been steamed up,
  and now you can see numbers on them. Write down the numbers in the order 
  they appear on the windows (notice that the window you got the green star
  from has no number).

* Go downstairs again to the golden box with the numbers on it.
* Input the numbers from the windows. 

* It sould look like this: 


* Now take the GREEN STAR TILE.
* Put the green star tile in the other golden box. 
* Open the box and take the GOLD KEY.
* Use the gold key to open the blue box on the bookshelf. 
* Take the CARD with the snowman on it.
* On the back of the snowman card you see yet another diagram. 
* Go back upstairs to the pew indicated. See the message, then click back.

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