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|FlyFF (V11) Guide             |
|By: Travis Vardy/omnedroid11  |
|email: |

 _____  _  __   __ ____  ____   _____  _   _  _____  ___   ____
|  ___|| | \ \ / /|  __||  __| |  ___|| | | ||_   _||   \ | ___|
| |_   | |  \ V / | |_  | |_   | |  _ | | | |  | |  | |\ \| \
|  _|  | |__ | |  |  _| |  _|  | |_| || |_| | _| |_ | |/ /| /__
|_|    |____||_|  |_|   |_|    |_____||_____||_____||___/ |____|

Like it? XD It was quite fun to make! =D

Table of contents:

1. Intro
2. Newbie info
3. Flying
4. Quests
5. Combat
6. Parties
7. Upgrades
 a. Basic
 b. Elemental
 c. Piercing
 d. Ultimate
 e. Awakenning
8. Pets
9. Gettin' Cash
10. Collecting
11. Guilds
12. Builds
  a. Vagrants
  b. Mercenaries
  c. Assists
  d. Acrobats
  e. Mages
13. Fast Vagrancy Guide
14. Job Change Guides
  a. Level 15
  b. Level 60
15. Quests that are Worth your Time
  a. Lost Puppy Yorne
  b. ... What was the name of that one, again? XD
  c. Mystery of Mias
  d. Agency Quests
16. From my Readers
17. Credit Thingies
18. Legal ****
19. Closing

For faster navigation, press ALT+F, and copy and paste/type in the name of the
section you want to visit.

1. Intro

I do suppose I should talk about myself for this section, so I will.

I had looked at FLyFF a few times before, took a look at the banner, decided
it was... I'm not really allowed to say that word, but you probably know
already. But really, that lady the guy is opting to kiss looks very masculine
if compared to the guy, who looks like a girl if compared to the girl.
I may have gotten them switched around, I'm so frigging confused!

Moving on, I decided to play a few years later upon seeing the ad on GameFAQs
as I did last time. I was more mature at that moment, so I gave it a go. I
loved it, and played for 6 hours straight on the first time.

I believe My first two posts on the GameFAQs FlyFF boards was that fast
vagrancy guide I pulled together in like 20 minutes. If it wasn't that's my
most memorable one because I think that's when I became what kraif called a
"senior user." :P He may seem like a jerk at sometimes, (and I only call him a
jerk because calling him anything else would be censor bypassing) but he came
to be someone I wouldn't mind having as a friend, and helped me most in my
opinion to become a vet, which I assume is what senior user means. Meh, if I
wasn't a vet then, this guide sure as hell made me one!

Anyway, Oni Karuido saw that old, crappy topic, and told me I just had to
make that into a guide. He added me to MSN to help me, and we've been good
friends since (6 months, at most :P) After a while, I picked up the old,
rotten text file, shaped it up, and finished it, mainly because Oni was making
a Psykeeper guide and it made me feel like finishing. And that's how we got
here. :P

2. Newbie Info

People who have had a couple of vagrants can skip over this. Newbies, read on!

This is very important. if this guide is a few versions off from the actual
game, DISREGARD IT IMMEDIATELY! I change the version this guide is for in that
box up there whenever the guide is fully updated, so PAY ATTENTION TO IT!

Just to clear something up so you don't start flaming, you are a newb. That
isn't a bad thing. It only means you are new. You aren't a noob, though. You're
a noob when you're an ass, or you ask stupid questions, then don't believe the
(normally good) answers. Now you're informed.

Another good rule is to be polite. See those guys with what look like batons?
We are called "Assists" or "Ringmasters." We can power you up with what is
called a "Buffer" or a buff. This will make you pretty damn powerful. I have
never asked to be buffed before the time I had written this, but that's just 
my swollen head talking. If you want to be buffed, ask nicely! Grammar is also 
a good tip, as most of us assists tend to be grammar whores. If you can't
spell, just write this down: "Could you please buff me?" That's it! If you get
a buff, which you almost certainly will unless that assist is a total... well,
that's something I can't say. Anyway, after the buff, always say thank you.
Remember, don't waste it! It's only for a limited time! After it's depleted,
don't go begging on that same assist. They are actual people. Just train until
another assist comes or something. Show some pride, don't nag us!

In the start, you have a crappy sword, and crappy armor. In fact, Draconi_2
has informed me YOUR BARE HANDS are better than that crappy sword. Do yourself
a favor, bud. Sell 4 of your blinkwings and some lollipops, and buy a Long
Sword. Youíve no need of the crap you sold right now. In a while, you will
need food. But at those levels, lollipops frigging suck hairy ass.

Movement is done by either clicking on the desired location or using the WSAD
keys. This would normally go in basics, but this is the most basic OF the
basics. The currency around here is called Penya, in case you didn't know. 
Also, if a monster has a red name, it will attack you even if you didn't
attack it first. Players have dubbed these monsters "Agros." Just so you don't
get confused when someone says "I hate these ****ing agros!" ...And they will.

3. Flying

You may notice a couple guys zipping around over head. You wanna do that? You
have to be level 20 first! And you have to have a flying board or broom. When
you are level 20, I suggest buying the best board you can. That ****ty Hover
Board only has a top speed of 132 KM/h, which is only a bit faster than
running speed... We can run at 100+ KM/h!? WTF!!!!!

Anyway, hop on that sucker and press the space bar. See that green gauge below
your health? Useless, unless you use Turbo Fuel (which is useless). That's just
the FlyFF equal of NOS in a car. In order to steer left and right, use A and D,
respectively. Press W to dive and S to climb. Try to stay on a straight line to
your destination, because turning takes off some speed. And thereís that thing
about a straight line being the fastest way between two points and ****. >.>

4. Quests

Quests are tasks you must perform in order to obtain an item, amount of
experience, an item required to further the quest (>_>) or Penya. Quests almost
always consist of talking to people, trade sequenced, killing monsters or
collecting items that otherwise would have no use at all. They are a good
source of cash and EXP. Well, 'least some of them. :P

It's not recommended to do any agency quests before lvl 55. Why? Because you
surely won't be grinding on a NyangNyang long enough to get 10 star stones!

Thereís a section about all the good quests, but so far I donít have many. :\

5. Combat

Combat is the "art" (>_>) of kicking the ass of the monster, usually with a
sword. People mainly fight monsters for experience, but other times for
weapons, armour and quest items. Most monsters have a giant form that spawns
every once in a while. These monsters are INCREDIBLY strong, and should only
be faced with really good armour and weapons with a hell of a lot of food, a
party, or a guy a ton of levels higher than the giant. Sure, that last one
doesn't have anywhere near as many benifits, but who cares? We can laugh in
their faces for the times they pwned us! *grumbles about Giant Lawolves* And as
a final note on Giants, they are ALWAYS agro, only exception being Giant
Aibatts, but they just scare the **** outta me. o_o Really, aibatts are
supposed to be small and blue and cute. =3 They made this guy red and gave him
a huge cat's eye! ._.

6. Parties

Parties, next to certain quests, are THE best way to get EXP. Only in an
advanced party, though. Those will be explained later. Anyway, in a party, you
gain some of the experience those other guys get. Seems useless since it's
divided equally, making it basically training solo with a friend. >.> You
also get a share of the Penya, big whoop.

Parties can level, too. They get a set amount of EXP for each kill, assuming
you're next to someone. At the start it's like 25 or something. After a while
it diminishes, but an  ADV party is still easy to get. See below for those
babies! XD

On to ADV parties! Get your party to lvl 10, and hit Change to get one! If
these suckers are full and set to contribution, you get bonus EXP, assuming
you're next to someone. If anymore than two people train in the same place,
though, that bonus diminishes. What you should do is get a friend and take any
filler requests for ADV parties. Then you train on whatever gets you decent
EXP. ADV parties let most anyone in assuming they're online and not harassing
people. All they need is the party to be full! Who cares if it's full of
weaklings? At level 20, you start getting awesome party skills that can
increase attack, recovery, drop rate, among other less awesome things,
sometimes not worth the points. >.>

7. Upgrades

Upgrading is important. You can add stats to your suit or weapon. You need
upgrading tools for this. Those are sunstones, moonstones and socket cards,
elemental cards, orikalums or however it's spelled, and gems. There are
several types of upgrades: Basic, Elemental, Piercing, Ultimate, and

7a. Basic:
Quite simple. Double click your Sunstone, click your unequipped weapon or
armor, and wait. If successful you get a stat boost. If it fails, everything
is lost. As you upgrade, that chance gets higher and higher. To keep it from
breaking, use an SProtect scroll from the Cash Shop. You may only get up to
10+, at which point you're at peak power. But thatís just a waste, so stay
at +8, eh? Oh, and 022494 reminded me to tell you that from 1-3, thereís no
chance of breaking. Sweet, eh? :P

Upon the arrival of Version 11, we have gained the ability to upgrade
jewelry. This is, in fact, the exact same as upgrading anything else, but is
done through the use of a moonstone. The price of moonstones will soar, no
doubt. -_- The only difference is that jewelry upgrading goes up to 20. I'm
still counting it as basic. If you really need the details on what each level
will do, just go to the V11 minisite. I can't be bothered to transfer
uselessness such as this, because people aren't gonna waste millions on some
20+ Vigors. And if they do, I'm sending them straight to hell with a mighty
Falcon... (wait for it) PUNCH! straight to the balls.

As a final note on basic upgrading, if you have every piece of your set (hat,
suit, gloves, boots) at +3 or more, you get an aura! A blue, flaming aura
actually burns up from your suit! And with each other set upgrade, you get a
brighter aura. Of course, if you have a Wedge set with the hat +10 and
everything else +3, you only get the +3 aura with the added DEF of a +10 hat.

7b. Elemental:
For this, you need cards. The point of elementing stuff is to make yourself
stronger against a certain element. It's almost exactly like basic upgrading.
Here's the catch. With being stronger against one element, you become weak
against another. Here's how that works:

Fire is fanned by Wind <----Go thar :P----
Wind can't be touched by Earth            |
Earth doesn't conduct Electricity         |
Electricity conducts excellently in Water |
Water extinguishes Fire -----Wee ASCII!---

Basically, you're playing Pokemon.

(Thanks to Thief Of Navarre for bringing my attention to how Fire>Wind)

There's also a chance of failure here. To prevent item loss, use an SProtect.
Thereís still no chance of breaking from 1-3, though. =D

Hereís a fun tip for you. If an attack of one element hits an object of the
same element, thereís a chance that the attack wonít do **** all. Pretty
cool, eh? XD

7c. Piercing:
Piercing is kinda special. Using a moonstone, you put sort of a socket in your
suit, which is invisible. >.> Anyway, go to a Weapon Shop, and select Pierce.
Put your suit (Not a weapon or gloves or anything, just a suit) in the top box,
a moonstone in the second, and a GProtect in the third to protect from failure.
The GProtect is optional. This costs a small fee. Then double click a socket
card as though you were elementing something, and that effect is put in your
suit! Here are those cards:

Spark: +2% Attack 
Thunder: +4% ATK.
Lightning: +7% ATK.

Candle: +2% HP
Magam: +4% HP
Volcano: +7% HP

Sand: +2% Defense
Mountain: +4% DEF
Earthquake: +7% DEF

Rain: +2% MP
Flood: +4% MP
Ocean: +7% MP

Breeze: +2% FP
Storm: +4% FP
Vacuum: +7% FP

Thanks to Flyf Fansite for the Piercing info. They are really outdated though,
but all I needed to do was adapt to the V9 system, with moonstones and stuff.

7d. Ultimate:

Thank you, for educating me about ultimate weapons. =P

Apparently, you need a 10+ weapon, a shining orichimulam (Not a real word!),
and a jewel based on the level of your weapon. Note that all of these items
are expensive as hell. Hereís the list for knowing what jewels to use.

60-70  : Topaz
71-85  : Ruby
86-100 : Sapphire
100-119: Emerald
120    : Diamond

Dunno why they stuck diamond in there. Since they removed PK, all the 120ís
probably left. Also, I do believe the real-world market price for topaz is
somewhat higher than that of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, meaning Gala
really sucks at appraisals. Moving on, you may be wondering how the gems
are made. Well, you take a weapon above lvl 60, and you give it to Bobochan,
an upgrade specialist. Refer to the list up there to see what jewel youíll
get. Please note that unless the weapon is 5+ or more, the chances are only
like 2% that youíll get a damn jewel! So, youíve got the price of the
weapon, PLUS 5 sunstones! However, you can get multiple jewels after 6+
as well. However, I doubt youíre gonna make a 10+ thing just to get 20 of
some crappy shiny rocks, so I wonít bother listing it.

So you have an ultimate weapon. Now what? o.o Well, ultimate weapons are
basically pierced suits. Jewels are used as your socket cards. Of course,
the bonus is RANDOM! Of course, you can remove the jewel, but that needs a
frigging moonstone, which are also expensive! *whew* Now that Iím less
enraged at this system, letís calmly continue. I guess if Iím really bored,
Iíll add those bonuses, but Iím just concerned about adding this section.
Just go to the guides section of until I can transfer
the table. >.>

7e. Awakenning:

Welcome to V11! They gave the upgrader guy a new little ability. If you
give him your weapon, he sprinkles a mix of magical powders (such as
cocaine) on it to awaken the true potentia of your equip. This costs about
100K. This may seem excellent, but it's kinda bad. For starters, the effect
you get is random. Fair enough, but they've thrown in some negatives, too.
Dammit! If you don't like what you got, you can have the effects removed...
through a ****ing cash shop item! Damn! Oh well, Awakenning is part of a
very good money making scheme thought up by __________O_o__. It's just down
there, below the pet system!

8. Pet System

Okay, this system really sucks. Unlike games like Perfect World and Rappelz,
you pet will do nothing but sit there secretly injecting you with steroids of
varying sorts to increase your stats. And they need to be fed even though
they only follow you.

To get a pet, you must first find an egg. Whether you get one out of a lvl20+
monster, buy one in a shop for 300K, or had one dropped on you while you were
a newb, you'll need it. You'll likely not want it, but need it. You then feed
the egg, somehow. I've been running around with an egg for a while now, and I
haven't found any sort of feeding orfice! Moving on, when you get it to
99.99%, give the egg to a pet tamer, and it will hatch, also seemingly by
magic. Now you have a pet. It could be either a Lion, Rabbit, Fox (which
sucks balls according to a friend), Griffin, Tiger, Dragons, or Unicorn.
These weren't the original names, as there was supposed to be Hell Lions and
Nightmares (original name for Unicorns) and other suck stupidity. What I don't
get is, why do they claim the unicorns were born and raised in hell? Any
little girls that read this must have thoroughly pissed their pants to realise
that such a creature commonly idolized by children is from hell!

Anyway, so you got your pet. What do you do with it? You have a few options.
You sit in town feeding it to recoever it's HP, you fight and feed it so as
not to waste time, or you sell the bastard. Depending on which type of
bastard you got, I'd recommend selling him. If you got a Lion or a unicorn,
I'd fight with him and level him up and whatnot. Now, you may be wondering
what stats do these guys increase. Here's a table...

Idiot      Stat   Thoughts on Pet

Unicorn     HP    Excellent pet, Godly for AoE, in the opinion of most.
Lion        STA   Good for any class.
Tiger       STR   Overall, guite good.
Griffin     DEF   Sucks! Sell it!
Rabit       DEX   Only good for Archers!
Fox         INT   Only for mages!
Dragon      ATT   Sucks! Sell it!

Well, that was the crappiest table anyone here has likely ever seen. Anyway,
you may see some people with little guys follwing, them picking up their
stuff for them and whatnot. These are also pets, but must be bought from the
Cash Shop. They're actually quite useful if there's some ass wipe looting
your AoE rewards or if your in a shower at a prison so you don't have to
bend over to get your soap.

9. Gettin' Cash!

We all want it, don't we? Thereare various ways of making money, all
involving luck. A helluva lot of luck. Here are but a few of those methods.

__________O_o__ told me about this. Apparently, he went out gianting, NPC'd
all the crappy equips, awakened all the decent ones, and sold them. He says
he profited 30 mil in total! He claims to have gotten some Knight armor with
1000+ FP and 200+ HP. But there's no real set price on awakened stuff, seeing
as the effect is random. Just NPC a mage suit if it has STR or something
moronic like that.

Everyone should know this. It's merchanting! You run around, buying things that
are underpriced, and sell them for a few mil higher. Wee! =D

Gianting is an excellent way of cash-making. You find a giant around your
level, kill it, and reap the rewards. You should bring an RM, stacks of Star
Candies (tasty =p), and some pills that have enough power to boost your HP
back to full or nearly full. As a final note, gianting ain't worth **** under
level 60-65, depending on your class. *lulz at this time I helped this lvl 30
or something take out a giant mantis*

Clockworks. Basically gianting, but a lot harder on account of HE'S AS BIG AS
FLARIS! O.O He has a ton of attacks that are bound to take you down pretty fast.
You have to be in a guild to CW. You have to be level 80-90 because CW is lvl
85. You need big balls of steel. You need everything required for gianting
multiplied by a rather large number. This may seem impossible, but it's well
worth it. You get amazing drops from this bad *****, making him a milk-cow to
many guilds.

10. Collecting

How fun. You buy a vacuum for 1mil, get a battery for another 700k, you turn on
the vacuum, and come back in half an hour. It' collecting! =D I can't recall
all the collecting fields, but the one in Darkon is directly north of the town.
Now, what might we be collecting? Well, if you get 10 of the same pieces, which
are apparently only visible after going through your vacuum, you get the item
that has been broken up into these pieces by some Godly force. >.> Possible
rewards include Sun and Moonstones, Piercing cards, and a riding cloud! Balls
to you if you get 10 Riding Cloud pieces, though.

11. Guilds

I love guilds. If your not in a guild by the time your 60+, get in one. Even if
your still a newb, get into a guild as fast as possible.For one, during those
periods of grinding that seems impossible, you have a lot of people to talk to.
Second, there are lots of whoop-ass guild activities to do. Guild wars, for
example, are very fun indeed. You can attack any given person on the opposing
guild. If the guild leader is pwned, the other guild wins. There's also
Clockworks, as well. No guild, no CW for you!

To get in a guild, either have someone invite you or make one. Let's skip to
guild creation, for now. In order to make a guild, you need to be the leader of
a party with at least 3 people in it. You also need 3 mil. D= To most, that's
not a big number, but my main is an FS, so shut the hell up! I can't say as I've
ever made a guild, but I'm positive that the guild quest is very straight
forward and should require no explanation.

I'd also like to say, if your guild doesn't talk or anything, **** em'! What
good is having a huge friendslist of sorts if they don't say a damn thing or
do Guild Wars? -_-

Now, you may have noticed that in your guild, there's a limit to the number of
guys in it. Kind of annoying, eh? Well, here's how you increase that number. You
need quest items and money. You add quest items to your guild warehouse. When
that reaches a certain number, something comes and eats the required amount of
penya, and craps out an extra level for your guild. Yay! =D

12. Stat Builds

Having that little bit of whatever could make you a lethal killing machine!
Here are some builds to make sure you reach that deadly lethality. Here's a
little key to the terms you may see in this little build guide...

XX: Place points in here until you can't no more. Pay mind to the numbers, too!
AoE: An attack strategy. AoE stands for Area of Effect. These don't effect the 
target monster only, but every monster within a certain area. AoEing is
walking up to a guy, hitting him normally, run to the next guy and repeat. When
you've got a mob of, say, 20 or something, unleash the AoE attack.
1v1: This is the normal way of fighting a guy. Just hit him and keep hitting
him until heís dead. Go to the next guy and repeat.
STR: Strength. Decides how much damage you do.
STA: Stamina. Increase MAX HP and FP, ups defense, and speeds up recovery of HP
and FP.
DEX: Dexterity. Ups attack speed and criticle hit rate. Also determines attack
for a bow.
INT: Intelligence. Decides the power of the wand and magic spells like buffers
and mage skills. Increases MAX MP and speeds up MP recovery.

Now, the builds. I'll leave out the stats that don't matter. Come on, what's a
mage with STR compared to a mage with INT?

And, if the build has a name in brackets

12a. Vagrant

Notes on Class: STOP! Did I see you bring up your skill window, young (wo)man!?
Vagrant skills are frikkiní USELESS! Having vagrant skills is worse than making
a blade as your first character! And that's reallly ****ing bad, maaaan...

STR: 35

This is the build featured in my fast vagrancy guide and made specially by me
for my leveling path as seen below in the Fast Vagrancy Guide section.


This is the average build. >.>

Second job builds depend on what you want in your third job. That will be
specified in these builds. Many of these are from Flyffworld or the official
Flyff forums. These builds represent your stats by level 60.

12b. Mercenaries:


Notes on class: Dual wield may be tempting, but for the sake of my last drop of
expensive for you to just pull the money out of your ass. The best first class
anyone can suggest is a BP, which is to be explained in that section.

Sword Build

DEX based:

STA: 40
DEX: 80

You'll go pretty fast. Apparently, this build takes advantage of the Blades
speed breaks and critical hits and whatnot. ^.^ *attempts to look smart*

STR based:

STA: 40
DEX: 40

Good damage here. Though not as fast... Meh, damage makes up for it, I guess.

Axe Build*

DEX based:

STR: 59
STA: 40
DEX: 74

Whyíd I put this in? To take a page from the book of Dr. Ashens, we may never
know or care...

STR based:

STR: 70
STA: 40
DEX: 53

The DEX is to make up for the axe's speed loss, I suppose.


Notes on Class: Also not a good starting pick. Yeh see, we, the vets of the
Flyff board, have warned the poor douche bags intending on making a blade
to go knight before itís too late. This happened on many other Flyff
related boards. Of course, this then created a hell of a lot of Knights,
making their equips quite expensive as well. Just make a BP, eh? Thatíll be
the next class I write the builds down for, just for you!

If you must insist on being a Knight for whatever reason, go AoE. Then
Change to 1v1 at lvl 90.

Knight Build (Thank you, 002494) (And thank you, bad_bj911, for
questionning the mistake I made on the boards.) (Finally, thank you
Legendcatcher for handing me a good build.)

STA: 100-120

This is peculiar. They start out AoE, go strong for 25 levels, then
instantly suck. At which point, they start putting in DEX and become 1v1.
This is why I didnít label AoE or 1v1. Anyway, these are hard to level with
until lvl 65. You need to skill spam because without DEX, youíll only hit
like every second or third time. Seeing as all skills, exception being Junk
Arrow, can never miss, this is the only real way they can level.

12c. Assists:


Notes on Class: Theyíre the best starting class due to their
self-sufficiency. They donít really need an FS to buff them, because they
carry sticks with them to buff themselves! This makes them very likeable to
a fighting partner. Plus thereís the godly skill known as Stonehand. Very,
very nice skill as it gives a chance to stun for each hit. Equips are also
cheap, with the exception of the Guardian Knuckle, which you kinda need.
Anyway, hereís the builds.

1v1 Build (Thank you, 022494)

STA: 30
DEX: 43

Such an odd number for DEX... I can explain that. When you use cannon ball
on a build like this, youíll reach a speed break. (A speed break is a point
at which your DEX becomes high enough to allow an increase in attack speed)
Add a Guardian Knuckle Hammer and Haste, and this build will kick your ass!

Funded 1v1 Build

DEX 43

If you can afford the awesome green sets like... I dunno, the Shuran/Shurand
sets? They may not be to right ones, but there are green sets that allow you
to go STA free and increase your damage.

AoE Build (Thanks to FlyffSoul of FlyffWorld, if he knows it or not :P)

STR: 40

This is a "Need Cash Now" type of thing. AoE BP's are quite crappy, because
monsters after lvl 60 have more HP and DEF. AoE Assists, however, are the
best AoEers for their level, on account of they're really the only ones
that can AoE at all in their first job, getting Burst Crack at lvl 30. This
makes them awesome in the Vice Vedique room of Mas Mine because they can
kill the whole spawn all at once. Just for the record, vices are lvl 30
and have a high blue drop rate and a low HP, making them great targets for
cash at lvl 30-32!


Notes on Class: My main character is an FS, so all this is mine :P

Anyway, we guys are the fastest damn levelers in the game. We parter up
with people 10-19 levels above us and buff and heal them. In return, we get
a portion of their exp.! Here are some builds...

Support Build


This increases your buff time and health phenomenally. At the expense of
health points, of course. >.> This build is almost always gonna be poor,
so I stand as the soul non-recommender.

ClockWork Build

STA: 50-60

This is badass. I use this build. But whatís a ClockWork, anyway? o.o

Clockworks is hella big, damn scary, and really ****ing powerful! As a
ClockWork RM, youíll be right under him. Youíll use heal rain, an AoE
spell like no other. This heals everyone in the given radius, rather
than harm them. I canít recall if that includes you though, or if this
is a continuous AoE (Performs the effect over a given period of time,
then goes away) No normal Full Support RM could even take one hit from
that bastard, so we use the STA to actually take a few hits. Also,
being a vital part of any CW operation, you're bound to end up with a
cut of the money!

AoE Build

STA: 80

Wait, WTF!? Arenít RMís a support class!? O.O

Thatís another thing we can do. We have a spell at lvl 80 called Merkeba
Hanzelrush (How German! :P). Imagine a pulsing plus-sign on the ground,
and all the guys in it taking hits. This is another continuous AoE (Call
them DoT or ďDamage over TimeĒ), so you can cast it, then heal yourself
like mad. Merkebaís damage is INT based. Thatís why STA isnít a more
rounded number such as 100. Anymore, and killing would be too slow.
Basically, the STA and INT are balanced for peak efficiency. And like
any AoE class, these guys shall have money. :P

12d. Acrobats:


Notes on Class: Woot for archery! Rangers have the longest range of any
class. Of course, they have to skill spam from 15-60 until they can AoE.
>.> Also, as the name would imply, they are best with bows. Yoyo rangers
are just the most moronic thing you can ever do in this game, next to AoE
Jesters. (They have no AoEs except for Arrow Rain, which has a massive

AoE Build (I got this from Phoenkur, originally, but I just remembered it)

STA: 40-60

If the STA was any higher, kill speed would be too low. This is peak


Notes on Class: Why are they called jesters? o.o Maybe because they use
Yoyos. >.> Anyway, these are really frigging hard to level with until your
lvl 60. Then you get really powerful because the massive crit rate of the
Jester is unleashed! This is also why bow jesters are so powerful, btw.
As stated in Rangers, itís virtually impossible to AoE with a Jester.

Yoyo (Thank you, 002494)

STA: 30
DEX: 66 or 80

66 or 80? Well, for the expense of 70 about damage you can apparently have
8% more crit rate and 5% more attack speed. You sexy beast, 002494! :P



... What? o.o Taking advantage of a Jesterís 4x crit rate, you can actually
achieve 100% crit rate! (buffed of course) This is godly! You can knock back
enemies so they donít even hit you! This makes giant hunting almost too easy!

12e. Magicians:


Notes on Class: This is the build my friend, Oni Karuido uses. He AoEs. In
fact, I believe he has a rather good Psykeeper guide that's worth a look. Now,
how did he get an in-depth FAQ to be larger than my full guide...

Satanology Build


Satanology is a skill that roots your enemies to the spot. You then bombard
them with the powerful skill, Spirit Bomb. (DBZ ripoff, ftw!) Best gianters
in the game. Except, they are so easy to kill, you could literally blow them
over with an electric fan!

Crucio Build


Crucio is a skill that takes whatever damage you get and returns it to the
enemy, doubled. Oni thinks it works by giving them heart attacks, but I think
he stole that from DeathNote. XD Anyway, you pretty much cast the spell, piss
off a guy thatís actually very close to twice your level, and sit on your ass
eating Star Candies while your poor RM heals you so hard, the ends of his
stick fly off.

AoE Build (Thank you, Oni Karuido)

INT: 30-50

Holy crap, I screwed up! Thank you very much, Oni! Anyway, anywhere from
30-50 STA will do. But depending on how clumsy you are, multiplied by your
laziness, Iíd definitely hold for more STA.

AoE Build (Thank you again, Oni)

STA: 100

Thisíll give you more attack... I suppose. :\


Notes on Class: How'd I forget this!? o.o These guys are the single best
AoEers, having the ability to AoE with literally NO STAMINA! I guess I had
best get started... But how could I forget Elementors...

AoE Build

INT: 80

These guys have balls. If an elementor goes full INT, they will hit with
damage comparable to Asal. However, if you wanna AoE more than 2 mobs at
once, you'd best be adding some STA.

INT AoE Build

INT: Steven Hawkin's :P

Tht's it. Just INT and your done. But this requires a special method of
AoE perfected by pikmario. He gets kinda pissed off if you say Pikmario
instead of pikmario, so be aware of that. Anyway, here's the deal.
Elementors hae a kill known as Windfield. This causes a great gust of
wind to knock the mobs back on their asses. It slows them down, as well.
The really good thing is, it's a target-AoE. This means that it doesn't
center around you, but the monster you've targetted. Frikkin sweet, eh?
Since it slows them down as well, this gives you time to run and blast
them with Windfield again. They'll never touch you, hopefully. Otherwise,
you might as well just **** yourself up the ass and save them the trouble.

13. Fast Vagrancy Guide

This is the time you should make a decision. You can be a mercenary... with a 
sword ^_^, a hard hitting mage, a long ranged acrobat, or an assisting...
assist. X-P

Here's some pros and cons of these jobs. Builds may loom in t3h fu7ur3 (the
future, for those who aren't leet... though that was pretty basic *lmao at

Pros: Hits fairly hard.
      Becomes some pretty badass stuff at level 60
      Can take hits
Cons: Short Range
      Expensive to maintain

Pros: Hardest hitter
      Has some range
      Can use elements better than other classes
Cons: Dies almost at the first critical hit

Using a Bow...
Pros: Longest Range
      High critical hit ratio
Cons: Can't take many hits

Using a YoYo...
Pros: Sorta long range
      Knocks back pretty far
Cons: Not strong until WAY later

Using a stick...
Pros: Easy to get into parties
      Level faster than any other class *moons other classes* (_Y_)
Cons: Can't fight, can't take no hits
      Gets harassed by idiots wanting buffs (The bastards >.<)

Using a knuckle...
Pros: Can become a BillPoster
Cons: Doesn't get partners as easy as an FS :\

If you want better class descriptions, see each class in the Builds

Depending on who you chose, make sure you gather these up as you train:

Mercenary: 5 Twinkle stones
Mage: 10 Twinkle stones
Acrobat: 10 Twinkle Stones
Assist: 5 Forform 

Twinkle Stones come from Aibatts and Forforms from Mushpangs.

A good word of advice: Smaller guys drop more quest items! In order to
make up for the EXP from the big guys, the smaller ones have a greater
drop rate for questies.

This is the training path I intend to set you on. Depending on how confident
you are, you may wish to stray from this path. Go ahead, but please be
reasonable. Note I will constantly be tweaking this as I test out when you
can kill what. A star [*] means you'll food a lot, but by then you should have
all the food you need.

(This path assumes you hawked the blinks and food for a long sword with NO
assist. Also, upon death, get the best armour possible in Flaris!)

Level 1: Aibatts. If you don't need Twinklestones, go to Mushpangs. From here
until lvl 10-15, put all stat points into strength (STR). These don't matter
towards the class change. After that, put it in DEX or STA. DEX increases
attack speed and whatnot, and stamina gives you defense and HP. Right now, INT
is useless! And don't waste skill points on Vagrant Skills! They are useless!
Level 2: Burudengs.
Level 3: Captain Burudengs
*Level 4-6: PukePukes. Agros and Giants start now. If you don't need Chupims,
go to Peakyturtles at lvl 7. If you're fighting Peakyturtles in the Plain of
Bubble, looks around for a book. You'll need it later. If your not in the
Plains, those books are on this cliff in the River of Weeping, near the Boss
Bangs, and near the Fountain of Dead Person... WTF is ďFountain of Dead
PersonĒ supposed to mean!? o.O
Level 7: Demians
*Level 8-10: Doridomas.
*Level 11: Lawolves
Level 12-13: Grown Lawolves. Just watch out for those giants, please! >.>
Level 14: Class-1 Ferferns.
Level 15: Level 15 vagrants don't get EXP. Talk to the appropriate DrillMaster
for thy chosen class... okay, 3 outta 4 of them drink in public, so forget the
"Appropriate" part. >,>

Some may criticize this, so here's one good reason this is accurate. Wait
times! You'd need a lot of food to be fighting Dori's at level 6 or something,
and to conserve food, you'd wait between fights. Meanwhile, I'd be killing a
couple of peakys at once and getting exp faster. While a lvl 6 dori hunter
gets EXP in short, spaced out bursts, I get a continuous flow, until I take on
the dori's and get an even faster continuous flow.

14. Job Change Guide

14a. Level 15

Once you're level 15, go to one of these places and meet your Drill Master:

Mercenary/Assist: Flaris, look for two guys with a bottle of beer.
Acrobat: Darkon 2, Northeast of where you spawn. Also holding a bottle of ale.
Mage: Saint Morning, close to the bridge to the airport. She's Indian-like,
down the clothes and everything. She might be harder to pick out because
sheís not drunk. >.>

For the latter two, buy blinkwings for the appropriate place from the mage
shop. You should get three, assuming you have collected your quest
items, which you should have. XD

Moving on, they'll send you to kill a bunch of Aibatts. Ten, to be more precise.

You're not done yet! Go back to your Drill Master! Now you know why you got
three of those blinkwings, acros and mages-to-be!

After that, they will send you to present the masters of your class with the
quest items. Here's the list again:

Mercenary: 5 Twinkle stones
Mage: 10 Twinkle stones
Acrobat: 10 Twinkle Stones
Assist: 5 Forform

The master then sends you to the Hi-Dwarpets, a bunch of blue-haired dwarves
working for the people while claiming their superiority. The poor little

Anyway, present your dwarpet with the book you got from the Plain of Bubble. If
you didn't get it, go get it now! He will tell you about one of the more badass
skills for your chosen job. Afterwards, the short guy will send you to the
instructor of your chosen class. She's the one dressed like a tramp. They are
right next to the matching drill master. However, you must first kill a
monster. These guys are big, hideous, and all equally WEAK! Heh, I had you
going there, didn't I? Well, they are big and ugly, 'specially the Acro one.
They are...

Mercenary: Babari, an orange guy with purple wings, is just South of Flaris.
Assist: Chaner, the scorpion like dude, is in Madren town with the Demians.
Mage: Seido. He's a giant grass hopper jumping around a huge tree east of
Saint Morning.
Acrobat: Shuraiture is a God-awfully ugly flower! Put an end to him at the east
exit of Darkon, for the children's sake!

Now, see your instructor, and she will give you a Bull Hamstren that fully
heals you AND temporarily raises your Max HP by 300, a VitalDrink X OR
Refresher Hold that temporarily gives you infinite FP and MP, respectively,
"Acitivation" that, once again, temporarily eliminates all cool-down time for
the action slot, and a Reskill that allows you to redistrubute your skill points
once and ONLY once, unless you buy another from the cash shop. Save them all for
later. ;) She also allows you to redistribute stat points and, most importantly,
CHANGES YOUR CLASS! Woo! You are now a... whatever the hell you chose! ;D

14b. Level 60

Woot! We're ready for awakening into the larger part of the game! I, of course,
don't happen to have any of this info on me, so cudos to FlyffWorld! XD

This is basically the same for all classes, with the exception of the monster
names and locations. Your Master should tell you those, so I won't bother 'til

In Darkon, there's a large circle of NPCs. I'm sure you've seen them at least
a few times, so location shouldn't be so hard. Considering there's 8 of them
and their names don't really mean anything, just look for the one with the
name of your chosen class above their head.

You'll be sent to kill 20 Drillers. Not Smalls or Captains, just the normal
ones. Support and AoE Ringmasters in training, I pity you. These guys are in
Khip-Ra. Actually quite easy to find.

After this is done, go back to your master. He/She gives you a letter of
reccommendation and instructs you to kill a level 60 monster. This will vary
dpending on your chosen class. When he's dead, go to Flaris and fly to the
Leren Mountains. Around the Fountain of Dead Person (-_-'), there stands a
council of sages. The one with the quest symbol above his head is who you're
looking for.

Apparently, when you killed that guy, you got a piece of jewelry. This
accessory had belonged to the hero of your chosen class, one of the original 8
that had layed waste to Clockworks in the ancient history of Madrigal. Give
this to Clackcable in Saint Morning. You know, the Pepoview guys? Anyway, he
gives you a stamp of some sort and whisks you off to Darkon 3. Get used to this
place, because once you reach a certain level, this will be yor training spot.

Press M to bring up your map. You should see a bunch of alters spread around
everywhere. Go to the one of your chosen destiny. Apparently, we need to
kill another guy with the character model of a low levelled monster. Pwn him
and talk to your priest in the alter itself.

How do these bastards keep getting so much legendary stuff!? The guy you
just killed apparently held a stone containing the very soul of your hero!
The priest takes this and sends you to tear out the heart of the Venel
Guardian. This is the last one you have to kill, but it's a ***** to do so.
I suggest looking for a Ringmaster or Billposter training on Glaphans and
requesting that he or she buff you. And please be nice. Now, destroy the
Venal Guardian! ... It's just a Giant Burcrow? o.o That was a rip off.
Get it over with. I'll be waiting next to your chosen guardian.

So, you've finally made it. You've finally burnt through those long 60
levels, destroyed a legion of Drillers, slain for legendery artifacts,
and made your way to these steps. Get off your board and walk up with
pride, man. You've earned this, might as well enjoy it! Before you speak to
your guardian, press 0 to take a screenshot. Speak and listen to her every

You've done it! You're finally in your second job! Woot! This is the most
important day of your character's life. I bet you'll never become a Master,

15. Quests that are Worth your Time

These quests actually have rewards worthy of their tasks. *right clicks and
presses paste* Here you go =D

15a. New Puppy Yorne
Reward: 15,000 Penya
Level: 5-10, I think.
How to do:
Simple. Go to the Flaris Food Shop, and talk to the girl with the Quest Icon
(take note of what it looks like) above her head. She'll say random stuff, and
direct you towards the Leren Mountains to find the puppy. Unless you plan to
buy something between now and lvl 15, wait until you're training on Grownup
Lawolves, for the sake of convenience. The puppy in question will appear as...
A red handkerchief folded in a yellow band? 0.0 Donít worry, your pack has a
magic power to revert these items to their original forms. You'll see a lot of
these hankies throughout quests, so take note of it. This particular one will
be behind a tree near the edge of the cliff. Whenever it's convenient, take
the dog back to the girl. She'll award you 15K, which is a good start, seeing
as you're a vagrant.

15b. Some Quest I donít Even Know the Name of! Please email me with the name!
Reward: 20,000 Penya =O
Level: ... *shrug* I know you can only do it in vagrancy, though >.> Email me
with that as well!
How to Do: In SM, there stands a lady names JeongHWa. She tells you to find
Her son, Mayun. Heís in Pumpkin Village, to the south. Itís a good walk, but
Well worth it. Find Mayun and talk to him. Yeah, thatís it. o_O

15c. Mystery of Mias (Chain)
Reward: EXP, money and a GoreNecklace+2! ... Gores are very good, BTW.
Level: 20-29
How to do:
I forgot a lot about this quest, so I'd like to thank!

This is what we call a chain quest. The end of each quest will open up another
quest, or allow another to be started. I'll tell you when you gain what. :P

Anyway, here's...

Part 1: Tears of a Mother

We need to find JeongHwa again. She's crying. Let's see what happened, shall
we? She tells you to talk to Porgo. He's just east of Saint Hall, that big
church like building. Turns out, kids, mainly little girls, are being
kidnapped! That raises some disturbing questions, but I won't go into detail.
Anyway, that takes you straight to Part 2, with some EXP gained.

Part 2: Kids Disappeared?

After Porgo finishes, go south to the Mias. Now, kill 20. Next, return to
Porgo. You get 43,200 Penya, and some EXP on top of what you got from those
Mias. This then starts Part 3.

Part 3: Facts of Mia

Turns out we don't have enough evidence for the mayor to take action. Douche
bag. >.> So, he sends you. Just for speaking with the mayor, you get EXP and a
book. So begins Part 4!

Part 4: Doll of Mia

Porgo takes that book, and discovers that the Mias are the missing girls!

Hang on, we just killed 20 frikken 6 year olds!? Oh gawd...

Anyway, we're gonna commit even more homicide, by killing Jeong Wa's daughter!
Just kill Mias until you get a Jin Young Doll. Give Jeong Wa the doll, and get
some EXP, and a pass to Part 5.

Part 5: Uncovered Past

Porgo sends you looking for a book near Saint Hall. It'd been so easy to make
it appear as an ACTUAL BOOK, but instead it's one of them damn hankies! Look
under some flowers to find the "book." >.> Return to Porgo after you find it.
He'll give you even more EXP and Part 6 of this quest.

Part 6: Special Kids

... Nice title. Drawing attention away from that, kill 7 Mias, 5 Captain Mias,
and keep killing until you get 22 Mia Reports. They get added to your backpack
automatically. After that's done, get your ass back to Porgo so you can start
the best part, Part 7!

Part 7: Secret Trade

He'll give you proof of the missing case or something to pass onto the mayor.
He could just as easily have done it his own damn self, but it's for something
special! :P Give the papers to the mayor, and she'll give you a... (This
deserves it's own paragraph!)


Woot! You've got the best reward of this quest!

Part 8: Mia, the Cursed Name

What? It's not done yet!? Talk to Porgo to resolve this...

Oh, we get 32K for our troubles XD

Now it's over! Let's go on to the next one... (Coming soon >.>)

15d. Any Office Quest Past Level 40
Reward: Varies, but usually includes EXP.
Level: Also varies.
How to Do: Kill whatever drops the item youíre collecting. Go back to office.

If you have any quests you believe are worth doing, email me with the info,
and how youíd like me to credit you. For more info on that, check the credits

16. From my Readers

Here Iíll just leave any little comments I receive or find on the boards that
may or may not have anything to do with this guide. :P If you want me to remove
a comment you made, please do tell me

ď>_< add that cake is awesomeĒ __________O_o__

17. Credit thingies

Hereís an offer I get a feeling youíd like. You can contact me and tell me how
you want me to credit you, if any is deserved. I really am that grateful to
anyone who helps me out. :P

Thief Of Navarre reminded me of how wind can fan a flame. I had been informed
several times, but recieving an email kinda made me think about it. Yay email!

Oni Kariudo (hard to spell >.>) said I should publish this from that half assed
topic. I came along way from those two posts... anyway, say hi to him. Heís
also supplied me with two AoE Psykeeper builds, so you should bump up that to
ďHello, sir!Ē or something else dignifying. and hosts many guides. Here's a good
shout to those guide writers as well! *claps*

GalaNet made Flyff. WOOT!

WOOT! to the boys at the boards whoíve shaped me into a veteran of the forum
over these long... 6-8 months was it, guys? o.o

And a final ďWOOT!Ē to whoever made the computer I use. WOOT!

022494 helped me a lot with the character builds, among many other careless
mistakes on my part, such as having an incomplete list of job change questies,
ordering some sections wrong, etc., etc., and whatnot.

__________O_o__ gave me the idea for the ďFrom my ReadersĒ section. To thank
him, I will support his campaign. CAKE IS AWESOME! (Though you might wanna do
something about those underscores. They make you hard to credit. XD) On a more
important note, he has given me permission to put up his money making method
for you all. Yee! =D

Heart_break reminded me to add in an AoE assist build. This stands as proof
I'm a very grateful arrogant bastard and will credit you for just about
anything... But I think those who credit the reader have a really low

The above-mentioned build came from FlyffSoul's Assist Family Guide. He still
doesn't know. :P

xoxJayoxo (I think that's how his name is spelled) put up a pet guide. I
haven't bothered to look at it, but it reminded me to put up a pet guide here.
As stated above, I will credit you for just nearly anything, but those who
credit the readers are emo.

18. Legal ****

This guide is copyrighted to Travis Vardy.

You may use this guide, in whole or in part, like a quote or something, on your 
site or something else, PROVIDED you include the legal section at the bottom,
Iím credited as the writer and it's free, unless I get a cut. ;) You may edit
it as long as those edits are in side of these thingies to the right. -> []
This is so your material is not confused with mine so I don't get false praise
or hate mail if you were discriminating or something.

You may not use this for profitable reasons. You may not claim credit for this
guide. You may not make an edit outside the brackets. This includes but it sure
as hell ainít limited to:
Making an edit outside the brackets... >.>
Replacing my name with yours
Replacing someone in the credits with your name

Should you see this legal section being violated, lemme know please. My email
Address is up there, but you're likely lazy, so it's
If you do report foul play, Iíll add your name to the credits in a way that
you see fit. (Eg. ďThe lvl 120 user Generic_Flyff_Player has slain the evil
lvl 1 boss monster and is honored with a plaque
that proves he has great big balls of steel!Ē Itís your choice :P)

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders, such as this line for example,
that I copied and pasted straight from GameFAQs. I also took this...

Copyright 2008 Travis Vardy

19. Closing

Wow, ten sections.

Well... Uh...

(^.^) Kirby says: Don't do drugs! Trust me, they're bad. (>.>)
>:{O Me: You weren't supposed to confess that part, you stupid douche!
(O.O) Kirby: Oh... Oh **** nuggets! *hides from rehab guys*

The smile that represents me is supposed to be a guy with a mustache. Yes, I
have a mustache. X{D

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