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 Flyff Collecting Guide

Flyff Collecting Guide


 Updated: June 23, 2008
 Version 1.00

 Contact me at for any suggestions,
 corrections, or advice you may have.

                             FLYFF COLLECTING GUIDE

                                 BY: XoxJayoxO

                         <--------> Contents <-------->

                     - Introduction                  [Intr]
                     - The Basics                    [Basi]
                       - Collectors                  [Coll]
                         - Upgrading Collectors      [Upgr]
                         - Collector Levels          [Leve]
                       - Batteries                   [Batt]
                       - Collecting Zones            [Zone]

                     - Pieces of Loot                [Piec]
                       - 9 Day Test Results          [Test]
                       - Collecting Odds             [Odds]

                     - Question/Answer               [Ques]
                       - Profit or Not?              [Prof]

                     - Version Updates               [Vers]
                     - Thanks To                     [Thnx]
                     - Copyright Permissions         [Copy]
                     - The Final Word                [Word]

                      <--------> Introduction <-------->

Collecting. A newly developed process for Flyff version 12 which was designed
to give everyone out there a chance at some fairly decent items regardless of
how rich or high level you are. Though very time consuming, collecting CAN 
pay off and this guide will help you to see how that's possible.

                       <--------> The Basics <-------->

Ok so first of all, there are 3 things that you are going to need to begin
collecting. Those things are: 

1. A collector
2. A battery
3. A chosen collecting zone

Once you have these, you're ready to collect. Using your collector to consume
batteries, you get PIECES of ... STUFF over time! That's right, all you have
to do is stand there looking pretty and you get free stuff! What kinda stuff?
Look further into the FAQ to find out!

                        <--------> Collectors <-------->

So then, obviously the first thing you need is a collector. How do you get 
one? There are 2 simple ways: Either you buy one from the Collecting Manager
Collins (he is at all the collecting zones which will be explained later) OR 
buy one from someone else in a private shop. Either way, you're going to have
to buy one =s ... Collectors bought from Collins cost 1,000,000 penya while 
collectors purchased in private shops go for whatever price the vendor feels 
like putting. Once you've gotten a hold of a collector, you'll have to decide
whether or not to Upgrade it!

                    <--------> Upgrading Collectors <-------->

Collectors can be upgraded! Isn't that neat!? They can go from your basic
collector (Level 0) to a fully upgraded Collector +5! Here's how you upgrade
your collector and how you can benefit from doing that:

To upgrade your collector, simply aquire a Moonstone, double click the 
moonstone and then select the Collector that you wish to upgrade. Pretty 
simple if you ask me. Keep in mind, upgrading a collector with a moonstone 
does NOT always succeed.

** Note: Unlike weapons, armor, and jewellery, Collectors have NO chance
         of ever breaking when you try to upgrade them, so you are at no 
         risk. The only thing that is lost should your upgrade attempt fail,
         is the moonstone.

Keep in mind, upgrading a collector gets harder as it gets to be higher
level. This being the case, getting a collector from +4 to +5 can be 
difficult and might end up costing a lot of moonstones ... how many? A lot.
That being said, lets look at the benefits of having an upgraded collector.

                      <--------> Collector Levels <-------->

As mentioned, collectors range from level 0 to level 5. The only benefit to
an upgraded collector is that it lowers the amount of time it takes to 
collect each Piece. Since less time per Piece = more pieces, I would think
an upgraded collector should be worth it.

Collector +0 --> 105 Seconds per Piece
Collector +1 -->  90 Seconds per Piece
Collector +2 -->  75 Seconds per Piece
Collector +3 -->  60 Seconds per Piece
Collector +4 -->  45 Seconds per Piece
Collector +5 -->  30 Seconds per Piece

So as you can see, a Collector +5 will get more than triple the number of
pieces that a regular Collector +0 would get. I definately advise that if
you are looking to collect, (especially long-term) to try and get a 
Collector +5.

                        <--------> Batteries <-------->

Ok, so you've got your Collector. You've upgraded it (or not), now you need
some batteries. There are 3 types of batteries that you can get:

Battery: 70,000 Penya --> Can be purchased from Collins.

  -- Lasts exactly 30 Minutes (or 1800 seconds). Using a collector +5, that 
     nets 59 Pieces per battery (You don't actually get the 60th so the last
     30 seconds don't count for much).

  -- Regular batteries must be used every 30 minutes to be able to continue

Silver Battery: 400 G-Potatoes Cash shop item --> Can only be purchased from
     the Flyff premium item shop OR from another player in-game who has 
     bought one.
  -- Lasts exactly 10 days from time of activation. This time expires 
     regardless of whether or not the User is actually collecting or even 
     online at all.

  -- It is not neccessary to use any item / take any action to continue 
     collecting. The User can collect so long as they are online. 
  -- Can net the User approximately 25,000 to 30,000 pieces depending on 
     downtime and/or maintenance (collecting 24 hours a day for the full 
     10 days).

Gold Battery: 700 G-Potatoes Cash shop item --> Can only be purchased from
     the Flyff premium item shop OR from another player in-game who has 
     bought one.

  -- Lasts exactly 20 days from time of activation. This time expires 
     regardless of whether or not the User is actually collecting or even 
     online at all.

  -- It is not neccessary to use any item / take any action to continue 
     collecting. The User can collect so long as they are online. 

  -- Can net the User approximately 50,000 to 60,000 pieces depending on 
     downtime and/or maintenance (Collecting 24 hours a day for the full 
     20 days).

So, basically, if you are looking to do some long-term collecting, it is 
ideal to use a Silver or Gold battery since there is no need to come back to
your computer all the time to keep using batteries. On the other hand, if 
you're just looking to do some casual collecting on the side, there's no real
need to pay for the premium items.

                      <--------> Collecting Zones <-------->

Now you've gotten your collector, upgraded it (maybe), chosen your battery,
and you're ready to actually start collecting. There's just one last, tiny,
little, question that you might stil have .... "Where do I go!?" Easy, just
choose 1 of the following locations. Which one? doesn't matter. They all 
offer the same items at the same odds.

Flaris:        West of Central Flaris        --> Green Collecting Area
Saint Morning: North East of the Town Square --> Blue Collecting Area
Darkon:        North of Darkon 2             --> Purple Collecting Area

All 3 areas are pretty close to the towns and shouldn't be too difficult 
to find. Once there, equip your character with your collector (no you can't 
attack anything with it equipped >.< ) and then double click whatever battery
you want to use. That will charge your collector. After, click START and 
you're good to go. That's it! Walk away and ... watch TV or .. pray or ... 
whatever you want. Remeber to come back every half hour to recharge your 
collector if you're using normal batteries.

                      <--------> Pieces of Loot <-------->

There are a number of different items you can get while collecting. Most of
them are "pieces" of an item. Alone, a piece does nothing. The idea is to 
collect 10 of any type of piece and bring them back to Collins. He will 
take your 10 pieces and turn them into a complete item.

What types of items can you get? Here's the list. Also, since there are no
official values for the odds of obtaining each type of item, I have performed
a 9 day, extensive test, and have collected 24,000 consecutive pieces in 
order to  find out what items can be obtained, and at what rates.

***NOTE: Pills and Toothed Wheels are complete items when you find them. 
         They do not need to be brought to Collins. Also, toothed wheels are
         entirely USELESS and serve no purpose other than to be sold to an
         NPC for a very small amount of Penya.
***NOTE: There are occasionally Flyff Events that alter the odds of obtaining
         certain items when collecting, in addition to adding new obtainable
         items for the event.

                       <--------> TEST RESULTS <-------->

<   **Piece Type**       **Completed Item**     **Item Effect**   **Found** >
<                                                                           >
<  Breeze Card Piece      X 10 = Breeze Card       +2% to FP         (2743) >
<  Rain Card Piece        X 10 = Rain Card         +2% to MP         (2561) >
<  Sand Card Piece        X 10 = Sand Card         +2% to Defence    (2177) >
<  Candle Card Piece      X 10 = Candle Card       +2% to HP         (2133) >
<  Spark Card Piece       X 10 = Spark Card        +2% to Attack     (2180) >
<                                                                           >
<  Storm Card Piece       X 10 = Storm Card        +5% to FP         (1313) >
<  Flood Card Piece       X 10 = Flood Card        +4% to MP         (1322) >
<  Mountain Card Piece    X 10 = Mountain Card     +4% to Defence      (13) >
<  Magma Card Piece       X 10 = Magma Card        +4% to HP           (10) >
<  Thunder card Piece     X 10 = Thunder Card      +4% to Attack        (6) >
<                                                                           >
<  Vacuum Card Piece      X 10 = Vacuum Card       +10% to FP         (678) >
<  Ocean Card Piece       X 10 = Ocean Card        +7% to MP          (654) >
<  Earthquake Card Piece  X 10 = Earthquake Card   +7% to Defence       (4) >
<  Volcano Card Piece     X 10 = Volcano Card      +7% to HP            (4) >
<  Lightning Card Piece   X 10 = Lightning Card    +7% to Attack        (1) >
<                                                                           >
<  Topaz Piece            X 10 = Topaz             Gem for Refining   (256) >
<  Ruby Piece             X 10 = Ruby              Gem for Refining    (81) >
<  Sapphire Piece         X 10 = Sapphire          Gem for Refining    (47) >
<  Emerald Piece          X 10 = Emerald           Gem for Refining     (8) >
<  Diamond Piece          X 10 = Diamond           Gem for Refining     (8) >
<                                                                           >
<  Sunstone Piece         X 10 = Sunstone          Upgrading Stone    (123) >
<  Moonstone Piece        X 10 = Moonstone         Upgrading Stone    (123) >
<                                                                           >
<  Cloud Piece            X 10 = Cloud Box         MIGHT contain a     (21) >
<                                                  riding cloud             >
<                                                                           >
<  Gray Pill              X  1 = Gray Pill         Recover  975 HP    (691) >
<  Yellow Pill            X  1 = Yellow Pill       Recover 1200 HP    (332) >
<  Blue Pill              X  1 = Blue Pill         Recover 2000 HP    (174) >
<  Red Pill               X  1 = Red Pill          Recover 4000 HP     (79) >
<  Gold Pill              X  1 = Gold Pill         Recover 8000 HP     (49) >
<                                                                           >  
<  Small Toothed Wheel    .................         Junk Item...     (3976) >
<  Toothed Wheel          .................         Junk Item...     (2233) >
<                                                                           >

                      <--------> Collecting Odds <-------->

Having collected 24,000 pieces, it should be fairly safe to work out the 
"actual" odds for obtaining each item piece. Below is a list of what the 
estimated odds of obtaining each item piece is while collecting. The order
is from most common to least.

**WARNING** These are NOT official values released by GALA and I DO NOT
            guarantee their accuracy; HOWEVER, they are based on a 216 Hour
            extensive collecting test so that should give weight to their
            value. For those who may be interested, this test was performed
            at the Saint Morning collecting site for the entire duration of
            the test.

    Small Toothed Wheel             16.66%                    1 out of 6

    Breeze Card Piece               11.00%                    1 out of 9
    Rain Card Piece                 11.00%                    1 out of 9

    Toothed Wheel                    9.33%                    1 out of 10.5

    Sand Card Piece                  9.00%                    1 out of 11
    Candle Card Piece                9.00%                    1 out of 11
    Spark Card Piece                 9.00%                    1 out of 11

    Storm Card Piece                 5.50%                    1 out of 18
    Flood Card Piece                 5.50%                    1 out of 18

    Grey Pill                        2.95%                    1 out of 34
    Vacuum Card Piece                2.80%                    1 out of 35
    Ocean Card Piece                 2.80%                    1 out of 35

    Yellow Pill                      1.33%                    1 out of 75
    Topaz Piece                      1.00%                    1 out of 100

    Blue Pill                        0.725%                   1 out of 138

    Sunstone Piece:                  0.5%                     1 out of 200
    Moonstone Piece:                 0.5%                     1 out of 200

    Red Pill                         0.33%                    1 out of 300
    Ruby Piece                       0.33%                    1 out of 300

    Gold Pill                        0.20%                    1 out of 500
    Sapphire Piece                   0.20%                    1 out of 500

    Cloud Piece                      0.100%                   1 out of 1,000

    Mountain Card Piece              0.055%                   1 out of 1,800
    Magma Card Piece                 0.041%                   1 out of 2,500

    Emerald Piece                    0.033%                   1 out of 3,000
    Thunder Card Piece               0.033%                   1 out of 3,000

    Diamond Piece                    0.025%                   1 out of 4,000

    Earthquake Card Piece            0.0166%                  1 out of 6,000
    Volcano Cardo Piece              0.0166%                  1 out of 6,000

    Lightning Card Piece             0.004%                   1 out of 25,000

                      <--------> Question/Answer <-------->

Question: I need moonstones to upgrade my Collector ... how do I get them?
Answer: Get them as drops from enemies or buy them from someone's private

Question: I still want to know how many moonstones it takes to get a +5
Answer: Like I said LOTS but the average number that has been going around
        the forums is between 20 and 30 moonstones.

Question: I'm at the Collecting Site and I can't find Collins ... where is
Answer: Look harder o.0 He's there. Do a complete tour of the fence if you

Question: I've been collecting for XXX Days now! Why haven't I gotten a
          Lightning Card Piece yet?
Answer: Unfortunately, you are unlucky. Better luck next time.

Question: But, you said that after 25,000 pieces I should get one!
Answer: No I didn't. Those are the results of 1 test and your own experiences
        may not reflect the values shown in this FAQ. Keep in mind, 
        collecting is COMPLETELY based on luck so pretty much anything could

Question: I opened my Cloud Box but didn't get a Riding Cloud. Why?
Answer: Cloud Boxes contain RANDOM items and only have a slim chance of
        containing a Riding Cloud. Better luck next time.

Question: If I buy 10 Batteries and use the first one myself, will the other
          9 get used automatically?
Answer: No. Even though the batteries are stacked, you have to use one every
        30 minutes. So far, there is no way around this.

Question: If I use a Silver/Gold Battery, can I just leave my computer on all
          day collecting?
Answer: Yes. That's the idea.

Question: If I use a Silver/Gold Battery but then can't play Flyff for a
          while, will my battery get used up anyway?
Answer: Unfortunately yes. The Silver/Gold Batteries run on real time and not
        on the amount of time that you are logged in or collecting.

Question: Can I use my collector as a weapon?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I equip my collector on my assist while I buff/heal someone?
Answer: Don't know ... and I'm too lazy to actually test this. Does it really

Question: Can I "awaken" my collector?
Answer: Yes. Do it.

Question: I'm poor and I can't afford a collector. Can you send me one by
          mail plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
Answer: No.

Question: Is collecting ACTUALLY worth doing?
Answer: Please see the next section of this FAQ.

                      <--------> Profit or Not? <-------->

There is just one last question that needs answering and it's the one that
most people want answered: Is Collecting really worth doing or not? Well,
there are a couple things to consider first:

*** Will you be using a collector +5?
*** Will you be using regular batteries or a Silver/Gold battery?
*** Are you willing to leave your computer on 24/7?

First of all, I can immediately tell you this. If you are going to bother
spending time collecting, you may as well get a Collector +5. Otherwise, I
can pretty much guarantee that the rewards will not outweigh the immense
amount of time spent  collecting. Basically, GET A +5 COLLECTOR!

Second, If you are going to get a Silver/Gold Battery, you pretty much have
to be willing to leave your computer collecting for the entire 10 or 20 days.
Otherwise, it may not be worth using them. If you are planning on using
normal batteries, this is obviously not neccessary.


Now then, lets first take a look at IF you were to choose not to get a
Premium  Shop battery and were to just use regular batteries instead

** According to the 24,000 piece test**: only 46 pieces were collected that
  can be considered "High Valued" pieces. That's approximately 1 "High Value"
  piece every 520 pieces collected. 

  These include: Emerald and Diamond pieces, Cloud Pieces, and Earthquake,
  Volcano, and Lightning card Pieces. On most of the servers, all of those
  items are valued at 1,000,000 Penya or more (the lowest being the Emerald

** So, How many regular Batteries would it take to collect 520 pieces?

  520 pieces / 59 pieces per battery = 9 Batteries. 

  9 Batteries X 70,000 Penya each = 630,000 Penya. 

** The end result is: On average, and according to the test results, you
  would only pay out 630,000 Penya in order to obtain an item worth at LEAST
  1,000,000 Penya. RESULT = PROFIT. 

Note: These calculations were also done at the middle of the 24,000 piece
      test and virtually the exact same conclusion was drawn.

Ok, now lets look at if you WERE to choose to buy a Silver or Gold Battery.
I'll use the Silver Battery for the comparison since the Gold Battery would
only offer even better results (since it costs only 350 Gpots / 10 days). 
  shall use AIBATT as the server upon which to make this comparison 
  (Because it has the most inflated item prices). 

** Also:  Since, upon completing your collecting run, you can sell off your
  Collector +5, I'm not going to include it in the profit margin of this

1 X Silver Battery = 400 G-Potatoes = currently a MAXIMUM of 44,000,000 Penya.
** Let's assume that you are UNLUCKY and don't get a Lightning Card Piece,
  but that the rest of the items you receive during your 10 days of 
  collecting reflect the values shown above. That would mean that you should
  have gotten:

Note: The prices of each item below are according to the current market
     trend dated June of 2008. Also, I've chosen the LOW end of the market
     meaning that these are the prices that would make them sell FAST.

 -  20 Cloud Pieces       =  2 X Cloud Box  =  2 X 18,000,000    = 36,000,000
 - 120 Sunstone Pieces    = 12 X Sunstone   = 12 X  1,400,000    = 16,800,000
 - 120 Moonstone Pieces   = 12 X Moonstone  = 12 X    300,000    =  3,600,000
 -   4 Earthquake Pieces                    =  4 X  1,100,000    =  4,400,000
 -   4 Volcano Pieces                       =  4 X  5,500,000    = 22,000,000
 -   8 Emerald Pieces                       =  8 X    700,000    =  5,600,000
 -   5 Diamond Pieces                       =  5 X  3,000,000    = 15,000,000

                 TOTAL COST    =  44,000,000 PENYA
                 TOTAL REVENUE = 103,400,000 PENYA

                 PROFIT = 59,400,000 PENYA
                 PROFIT MARGIN: 235% Return on investment


THE END RESULT is that even if you are very unlucky, don't get a Lightning
Card Piece, and only get HALF of what I obtained when I performed my 9 day
test, you will STILL walk away with more Penya than you put in.

Keep in mind, 

these numbers are BIASED to Aibatt's economy so the results would be
different for whatever server you may be playing on; HOWEVER, under most
circumstances the fact is the same. If you can afford to get a Silver/Gold
Battery, a +5 Collector, and are willing to leave your Computer collecting
for the entire 10/20 day time period, then you SHOULD walk away with a 

                    <--------> Version Updates <-------->

 Version 1.00  -  Creation of the entire FAQ.

                       <--------> Thanks To <-------->
                  Flyff Version 12: For introducing COLLECTING

              My Computer: For not blowing up during the 9 day test

                           You!: For reading this FAQ


                The Pizza Guy: Because, he STILL brings me PIZZA!
                  <--------> Copyright Permissions <-------->

Anyone may freely redistribute this F.A.Q. at will so long as full credit is
given to XoxJayoxO, and only for non-profit purposes.

Copyright June, 2008 - A.B. (

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their

The final word is CHIHUAHUA. Don't e-mail me to ask why. It just is.

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