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 Flyff Pet System Guide

Flyff Pet System Guide

 Updated: Feb 04, 2009
 Version 2.04

 Contact me at for any suggestions,
 corrections, or advice you may have.

                    FLYFF PET SYSTEM GUIDE

                        BY: XoxJayoxO

                    **-----**    **-----**    
                **-----**            **-----**
           **-----**       Contents       **-----** 
                **-----**            **-----**   
                    **-----**    **-----**

                     - Introduction               [Intr]
                     - Pet Types                  [Type]
                       - Stat Bonus Pets          [Stat]
                         - Eggs                   [Eggs]
                         - Feeding your Pet       [Feed]
                         - Raising your Pet Level [Rais]
                         - Pet Upgrade Levels     [Upgr]
                         - Pets can DIE!          [Die!]
                         - Pets can be REVIVED!   [Revi]
                         - Pets can be AWAKENED?  [Awak]
                         - Stat Bonus Pet List    [List]
                           - Unicorn              [Unic]
                           - Dragon               [Drag]
                           - Griffon              [Grif]
                           - Rabbit               [Rabb]
                           - Old Fox              [Oldx]
                           - Babari Lion          [Lion]
                           - White Tiger          [Tigr]
                         - Pet Items              [Item]
                         - The AFK Feeding Cheat  [Chea]
                       - Premium Shop Pets        [Prem]
                         - What they Do           [Pre1]
                         - Premium Shop Pet List  [Pre2]
                     - Version Updates            [Vers]
                     - Thanks To                  [Thnx]
                     - Copyright Permissions      [Copy]
                     - The Final Word             [Word]

                     **-----**   **-----**
                     ||   Introduction  ||       
                     **-----**   **-----**

Welcome to Flyff Pets. This will be your guide to the Pet 
System in the wonderful world of Flyff. From a newly hatched   
egg to an elite fighting partner, learn how to develop your   
pet here. Enough said, on to the guide.

                    **--*---*   *---*--**
                **------*  Pet Types  *------**
                    **--*---*   *---*--**

There are 2 types of Pets that currently exist in Flyff. 
Stat Bonus Pets and Premium Shop Pets. The first I'll explain 
will be:

                 ***     Stat Bonus Pets     ***    

Stat Bonus Pets are a newly created system that was designed 
for the release of Flyff Version 1.09. The 7 different types 
of Stat Bonus Pets act as in game fighting partners. Though 
Stat Bonus Pets do NOT attack enemies, they do provide bonuses 
to their master's stats and at higher levels can be an essential 
part to making an effective fighter. Every Pet, however, must
start off as ..... an EGG!

                    //        Eggs        \\

I'll start by saying that, if you have the penya to spare, you
can simply BUY a Pet from anyone in game through their Private
Shop. Otherwise, you're going to have to get yourself an Egg! 

How do you get one? KILL THINGS! Any monster level 20 or higher
has the ability to drop an Egg. One thing to note is that high
level monsters (60+) have a greater chance to drop Eggs than
lower level monsters (20-30). You can also look for Eggs by
simply buying them from other players' shops in game.

Once you have an egg ... well hatch it! Oddly enough, you can
do this by feeding your Egg Pet Feed. 

                        *** UPDATE: ***

Version 12 now allows you to trade in 10 eggs at the Pet Tamer
in order to receive a randomly chosen pet. Unfortunately, if
you are unlucky you might only get Pet Feed in return ... or
even just a single egg. Nevertheless this is an option you
can take in order to get a pet but it's definitely not a sure


Sources have told that the pet you receive will not have an 
extra life (so if it dies .. it's gone for good)

 --> **thx to: DigiFan4 for the info** 

... oh and eggs can sell for 10,000 Penya at an NPC now like
    anyone actually cares.

Alternatively ...


To obtain pet feed, you must bring any type of Quest Item 
(ex: Twinke Stones) to a Pet Tamer. There is one located at 
Central Flaris, one at the Saint Morning Town Square, and one 
next to the Mayor of Darkon 2. Find a Tamer, talk to them and 
select Feed Bag. Give them your Quest Items and they will give 
you Pet Feed in return. The other option is to buy Pet Feed 
off other players in game.

** PLEASE NOTE that higher level Quest items will return a
   higher amount of Pet Feed.

So now, you have your egg, you've gotten some Pet Feed ... it's
time to hatch it. From your Inventory, double click your egg to
equip it. You'll see it start bouncing next to you =/ ...
anyway, while it's equipped, double click on a stack of Pet Feed
and it will feed your egg a default amount of 1000 Pet Feed. 
When your egg reaches 99.99% EXP, it's ready to hatch!

** NOTE: All eggs gain the exact same amount of EXP per Pet
         Feed. The conversion is: 1000 Pet Feed = 2% EXP.
         Therefore, it takes exactly 50,000 Pet Feed to hatch
         any EGG.

You're Egg's at 99.99% EXP? Great! Go back to any Pet Tamer and
speak with them. This time, select Dialogue. The Tamer will now
offer you a new quest. Take the Quest and immediately talk to
them again. Select Dialogue again to complete the Quest. That's
it! The Pet Tamer will take your Egg and hand you back your
newly hatched Pet. Good Job.

** Note: The type of Pet that you get when hatching an EGG is
         RANDOM so you won't know what pet you're getting until
         you get it. If you want a specific type of pet, it is
         generally better to buy it from an in-game Shop.

                   **------**     **------**
                   ||   Feeding Your Pet  ||       
                   **------**     **------**

So whether you paid for a pet or got one the hard way, you've
now got yourself a new fighting buddy. As with any pet, you need 
to feed it! If you don't ... well it'll die. Wouldn't that be a
waste? SO FEED IT! Some pets need to be fed more often than
others depending on their level. You can tell when your pet
needs to be fed by looking at their Pet HP. This can be seen
in the Info box that pops up when you equip your Pet. If you
don't have it for some reason, click your Pet and select "Pet

Your Pet's HP will constantly go down whenever it's equipped.
It will lose exactly 1 HP every second. That's 60 HP per

Different Level Pets have different amounts of Pet HP. The
amounts are as follows:

 - D Class :  180HP  -  3 Minutes
 - C Class :  300HP  -  5 Minutes
 - B Class :  420HP  -  7 Minutes
 - A Class :  600HP  - 10 Minutes
 - S Class : 1500HP  - 25 Minutes

So basically, a D class Pet would have to be fed AT LEAST every
2 minutes 30 seconds to be safe. That may seem like a pain, but
as your pet levels it gets easier ... and more rewarding. 

TO FEED YOUR PET: just double click a stack of Pet Feed. Your
Pet will regain exactly 2 HP for each Feed and the game
automatically feeds it exactly enough to get your pet back up
to full HP. So if your pet is missing 100 HP, it will be fed 
50 Pet Feed. If you don't have enough pet feed to get it back
up to full HP it will use up whatever amount you have left.

                   **--*---*      *---*--**
             **--*---*                  *---*--**
         **------*  Raising Your Pet Level  *------**
             **--*---*                  *---*--**
                   **--*---*      *---*--**

Now then, nobody wants a low level pet forever right? Luckily
you're not just feeding your pet to let it sit there and look
pretty! While it's HP goes down and your Feed gets used up, it's
EXP goes UP! Obviously your pet will start at 0% exp and it will
gain EXP whenever it's equipped, regardless of what you're
doing. That means you don't even have to be fighting anything.
You don't even have to be at your computer ... although that
requires that you do something that I'll explain later. 

(see the AFK Feeding Cheat section of this FAQ to know more)

Once your pet reaches 99.99% exp, it'll be ready to be UPGRADED! 

To do this, bring it to a Pet Tamer the same as you did with 
your EGG and get the upgrade Quest from them. Then, go back to 
the Tamer with your Pet at 99.99% exp and complete the quest. 
POOF, you get a higher level pet with better stat bonuses AND 
higher Pet HP.

Different Level Pets must be equipped for a different amount of 
time before they reach 99.99% EXP. The amounts are as follows:

**Note: I'm Currently in the process of confirming these values
        personally to make sure they are accurate for V12

 - D Class : 6.66  Hours  >> 0.25000% per minute    (Confirmed)
 - C Class : 13.3  Hours  >> 0.12500% per minute    (Confirmed)
 - B Class : 26.6  Hours  >> 0.06250% per minute    (Confirmed)
 - A Class : 53.3  Hours  >> 0.03125% per minute    (Confirmed)
 - S Class : Forever      >> It cannot level any further

** NOTE / UPDATE ** All pets lose exp when they are unequipped
   but the amount of exp lost is no longer 1 minute's worth of
   exp. The general ratio is about half a minute's worth of
   exp whenever you unequip your pet.

So basically, to obtain an S class pet, it takes at LEAST 170
Hours... ... ... well it used to! Thanks to Version 12 and
probably too many complaints, it now takes a total of about
100 Hours to get an S Class pet ... still kinda long but
that's not even close to what it used to be. 

Keep in mind, your Pet will change appearances when it hits 
B class and again when it finally hits S class. You can find 
pictures of what the different level Pets look like at:

Each time your Pet is upgraded, it will receive a new STAT
BONUS. The higher level your pet is, the higher level bonus it
can get. Stat Bonus levels can range from 1 to 9. 

[Upgr]                     *****
              ****   Pet Upgrade Levels   ****    

Here are the possible Stat Bonus Levels for each time you
upgrade your Pet. Also, I've included the ODDS of obtaining
each bonus for each Pet Level.

 ** Upgrading from EGG to D class **

    - lvl 1 >> 100% (Every D class pet starts with lvl 1 bonus)

 ** Upgrading from D class to C class **  

    - Lvl 1 >> 51%
    - Lvl 2 >> 31%
    - Lvl 3 >> 18%

 ** Upgrading from C class to B class **

    - Lvl 1 >> 40%
    - Lvl 2 >> 28%
    - Lvl 3 >> 18%
    - Lvl 4 >> 10%
    - Lvl 5 >>  4%

** Upgrading from B class to A class **

    - Lvl 1 >> 35%
    - Lvl 2 >> 23%
    - Lvl 3 >> 17%
    - Lvl 4 >> 12%
    - Lvl 5 >>  7%
    - Lvl 6 >>  4%
    - Lvl 7 >>  2%

** Upgrading from A class to S class **

    - Lvl 1 >> 27%
    - Lvl 2 >> 21%
    - Lvl 3 >> 17%
    - Lvl 4 >> 14%
    - Lvl 5 >>  9%
    - Lvl 6 >>  6%
    - Lvl 7 >>  4%
    - Lvl 8 >>  2%
    - Lvl 9 >>  1%

So it should be obvious that higher level mods are a LOT harder
to get, however when the Pet is a Higher Level, you have a much
better chance at getting these mods. Also, certain mods are not
even possible to get if your pet is lower level. Ex: when you
upgrade a pet from D class to C class, you have NO chance of 
getting any mod above lvl 3.

** NOTE: A PERFECT S Class Pet would have the following stats: 
            [ Lvl 1 / Lvl 3 / Lvl 5 / Lvl 7 / Lvl 9 ]

      The odds of getting a pet with those mods on the first
       try are approximately 1 in 69,444. 

[Die!]                    **-----**
                  **------**     **------**
                  ||    Pets can DIE!    ||       
                  **------**     **------**

I've already mentioned that if you don't feed your pet, IT WILL
DIE! Well that's not all. If you happen to be out in the field
with your pet equipped and a big ol' monster decides to do you
in ... well your pet dies along with you. This is how most
people lose their hard earned pets, so be careful. If you're
planning on levelling in "risky" circumstances, or you're about
to take on a giant that you're not sure you'll live through, 
DON'T KEEP YOUR PET EQUIPPED. Pets are great for boosting your
stats but unless you're sure you'll live, why risk losing it?
Still, the choice is always yours and feel free to use your
own discretion.

** NOTE: One important thing to note is that MOST pets start
     with one extra life! That means if you mess up and your
     pet dies, you won't lose it for good. You can check how
     many lives your pet has by looking at the INFO box where
     it's HP is. The number next to the small heart shows how
     many lives it has left. If that number is 0, well don't
     let your pet die or it'll be gone forever =/  

     ***Update: or maybe not forever, see the next section.***

     .. Also
     there is a Premium Shop Item that adds lives to a LIVING
     pet, but I'll explain that later in the Pet Items section.

** CAUTION: Be warned that if your pet dies from running out of
     Pet HP, it will NOT be un-equipped. It will simply lose 1
     life and stay next to you. This means, if you have a pet
     that has 1 life and you, for some reason, have to leave
     your computer unattended, UNEQUIP YOUR PET FIRST! If you
     don't, you're risking BOTH lives since it will lose it's
     first life once it's HP runs out, and then lose it's
     second life not long after.

[Revi]                     **------**
                **---------**      **---------**
                ||    Pets can be REVIVED!    ||       
                **---------**      **---------**

Ok, so pets can die! But don't lose hope ... there is now a way
to bring them back. Thanks to the Version 11 update, revival
items have been introduced. Unfortunately, they run at a rather
hefty price. 

** V12 update: They still run at a hefty price -.^

If you want to revive a pet you'll first need PetRevival Pieces.
These are obtained by going to any Pet Tamer and "donating" a
LIVING pet that is the same class as the one you want to revive.
So basically, the conversion is:

          **** NOTE ... ***
Premium Shop Scrolls of Pet Revivals (S/A/B Class) have been
released finally. View the Pet Items section of this FAQ for
details. Or you could ...

Trade in a B class pet: 1 Scroll of Pet Revival Peice B
Trade in a A class pet: 1 Scroll of Pet Revival Peice A
Trade in a S class pet: 1 scroll of Pet Revival Peice S

NOTE: C and D class pets cannot be revived and therefore do not
      have matching revival items.

Now, obviously pieces of a scroll won't help you. You need the
real thing! Well, 3 pieces gets you a full scroll. Simple enough
right? (also at the Pet Tamer)

3 x Pet Revival Peice B = 1 Scroll of Pet Revival B
3 x Pet Revival Peice A = 1 Scroll of Pet Revival A
3 x Pet Revival Peice S = 1 Scroll of Pet Revival S

Once you have a Scroll of Pet Revival (of any type), go to the
Pet Tamer and select "Exchange Scroll of PetRevival". Then, give
him/her your dead pet. They will be revived with 0 lives and
50% HP.

So in the end, it costs 3 living pets of B class or higher to
revive a single dead pet of the same class. Not only that, but
it only gets 1 life (no extra life). My advice, it may or may
not be worth it.

*** V12 UPDATE *** It now only takes 3 scroll pieces instead of
  5 pieces so it may very well be worth the hassle to use this
  meathod to revive a dead pet with good mods. In addition,
  the Cash Shop versions of these items have finally been
  added so that is another option you can pursue to revive a
  dead pet B class or higher.

[Awak]                     **------**
                **---------**      **---------**
                ||    Pets can be AWAKENED?   ||       
                **---------**      **---------**

Hmm .. so new section! Anyway here it is: aparantly pets
can now be awakened the same as armor and weapons. All you
have to do is run over to a new NPC named Jewel Manager 
Peach and buy a Scroll of Raised Pet Awakening from her.

XXX If I remember correctly it costs 100,000 Penya but I could
be wrong. XXX

***Update: I checked and I was wrong it's 200,000 Penya o.0***

Tis all, Double Click the scroll and select your pet (it can
be equipped at the time, you don't have to unequip it).


The upgrades can be either good or bad. Your pet will receive
1 to 3 randomly chosen average stat bonuses (example: STR +2,
HP +50, Attack Speed +1%, etc) BUT BUT BUT and I say BUT they
could also get NEGATIVE stat bonuses (example: STR -2, HP -50,
Attack Speed -1%) so if you're planning to gamble on this be
prepared for the worst just in case.

Also, there is a much smaller chance of getting 1 or more
substantial stat modifier like STR+20 or Attack Speed +15%
but the odds are much lower and those mods could be negative

** Note ** Bad awakenings that ruin your day can be reversed
by using a Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets) but go
figure it's a Premium Shop item so it don't come cheap.

             **                             **    
           ******   Stat Bonus Pet List   ******
             **                             **

Finally! What some of you've been waitin' for. These are the 
different types of Stat Bonus Pets that can be obtained in
Flyff. You can find pictures of what each Pet looks like and
also how it changes when it is upgraded at:


       **-----**                           **-----**
          **-----**                     **-----**
             **-----**               **-----**
                **-----** UNICORN **-----**
             **-----**               **-----**
          **-----**                     **-----**
       **-----**                           **-----**

                         Stat :  HP

The Unicorn is an all-around good Pet to have because pretty
much every character can benefit from having a good HP boost.
Even characters such as Satanology Psys or 1v1 Billposters who
don't get hit very often can appreciate the immense amount of
HP a unicorn can get them, just for the security factor. Also,
it makes low level grinding EXTREMELY easy since most characters
below level 45 have under 2000 HP. With the rediculous amount
of HP a high level unicorn can add (look at the S class stats)
it can make lower level characters virtually invulnerable.

Note: Level 1 Vagrant with 7,000 HP? Ahahah

                      Stat Bonus List

                      Lvl 1 -   91 HP
                      Lvl 2 -  182 HP
                      Lvl 3 -  364 HP
                      Lvl 4 -  637 HP
                      Lvl 5 - 1001 HP
                      Lvl 6 - 1456 HP
                      Lvl 7 - 2002 HP
                      Lvl 8 - 2639 HP
                      Lvl 9 - 3367 HP

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                     D Class -   91 HP
                     C Class -  455 HP
                     B Class - 1456 HP
                     A Class - 3458 HP
                     S Class - 6825 HP


      **-----**                            **-----**
         **-----**                      **-----**
            **-----**                **-----**
               **-----**  DRAGON  **-----**
            **-----**                **-----**
         **-----**                      **-----**
      **-----**                            **-----**

                      Stat :  Attack

Like the Unicorn, the Dragon is another all-around good Pet. 
The only character that doesn't benefit from having a decent
Attack Boost is the Full Support Ringmaster. HOWEVER, for most
character types, a Dragon is mostly only useful at lower levels
since it's Attack bonus is limitted. After the Level 70 mark,
it becomes more beneficial to equip a Pet that targets the 
character's main Attack Attribute. Meaning: a high level
Bow Jester would benefit more from a Rabbit (DEX) than a Dragon.
In the same sense, Billposters and Blades would rather have a
White Tiger (STR). Still, a high level Dragon with good mods
is an admirable Pet to have (A perfect one adds far more attack
than a Demol +15).

                      Stat Bonus List

                     Lvl 1 -   5 Attack
                     Lvl 2 -  10 Attack
                     Lvl 3 -  20 Attack
                     Lvl 4 -  35 Attack
                     Lvl 5 -  55 Attack
                     Lvl 6 -  80 Attack
                     Lvl 7 - 110 Attack
                     Lvl 8 - 145 Attack
                     Lvl 9 - 185 Attack

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                    D Class -   5 Attack
                    C Class -  25 Attack
                    B Class -  80 Attack
                    A Class - 190 Attack
                    S Class - 375 Attack


      **-----**                             **-----**
         **-----**                       **-----**
            **-----**                 **-----**
               **-----**  GRIFFON  **-----**
            **-----**                 **-----**
         **-----**                       **-----**
      **-----**                             **-----**

                      Stat :  Defence

The Griffon is the last of the "general" Pets as it's Bonus is
added Defence. Though it is less popular than it's reverse 
equal the Dragon, it can be equally helpful. A high level
Griffon has the potential to add more Defence than two Plug+9's
and can prove to be that extra added Defence boost that some
characters have been looking for. Still, the Babari Lion tends
to be more popular and you'll understand why when you read it.

                      Stat Bonus List

                    Lvl 1 -   4 Defence
                    Lvl 2 -   8 Defence
                    Lvl 3 -  16 Defence
                    Lvl 4 -  28 Defence
                    Lvl 5 -  44 Defence
                    Lvl 6 -  64 Defence
                    Lvl 7 -  88 Defence
                    Lvl 8 - 116 Defence
                    Lvl 9 - 148 Defence

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                   D Class -   4 Defence
                   C Class -  20 Defence
                   B Class -  64 Defence
                   A Class - 152 Defence
                   S Class - 300 Defence


      **-----**                            **-----**
         **-----**                      **-----**
            **-----**                **-----**
               **-----**  RABBIT  **-----**
            **-----**                **-----**
         **-----**                      **-----**
      **-----**                            **-----**

                        Stat :  DEX

This is the first of the Attribute Pets. The Rabbit is mostly
geared towards Jesters, Rangers, or possibly 1v1 characters
that need the DEX to get an attack speed or accuracy
boost. Not to mention, since DEX is a multi-purpose attribute,
a Rabbit can be somewhat useful on most characters. Besides ...

                        IT'S CUTE!

                      Stat Bonus List

                      Lvl 1 -  1 DEX
                      Lvl 2 -  2 DEX
                      Lvl 3 -  4 DEX 
                      Lvl 4 -  7 DEX 
                      Lvl 5 - 11 DEX
                      Lvl 6 - 16 DEX
                      Lvl 7 - 22 DEX
                      Lvl 8 - 29 DEX
                      Lvl 9 - 37 DEX

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                     D Class -  1 DEX
                     C Class -  5 DEX
                     B Class - 16 DEX
                     A Class - 38 DEX 
                     S Class - 75 DEX


      **-----**                             **-----**
         **-----**                       **-----**
            **-----**                 **-----**
               **-----**  OLD FOX  **-----**
            **-----**                 **-----**
         **-----**                       **-----**
      **-----**                             **-----**

                        Stat :  INT

Being the Mage's Favorite, the Old Fox is good for pretty much
just two thing: spells and buffs. Whether it's to boost a 
Psykeeper's spell damage and MP or to increase the duration of 
a Ringmaster's Buffs, the end result is, if you're not casting
spells, you don't need an Old Fox. 

                      Stat Bonus List

                      Lvl 1 -  1 INT
                      Lvl 2 -  2 INT
                      Lvl 3 -  4 INT 
                      Lvl 4 -  7 INT 
                      Lvl 5 - 11 INT
                      Lvl 6 - 16 INT
                      Lvl 7 - 22 INT
                      Lvl 8 - 29 INT
                      Lvl 9 - 37 INT

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                     D Class -  1 INT
                     C Class -  5 INT
                     B Class - 16 INT
                     A Class - 38 INT 
                     S Class - 75 INT


     **-----**                                 **-----**
        **-----**                           **-----**
           **-----**                     **-----**
              **-----**  Babari Lion  **-----**
           **-----**                     **-----**
        **-----**                           **-----**
     **-----**                                 **-----**

                        Stat :  STA

This would be the Unicorn's main rival. The Babari Lion is a 
Pet that can combine both the Unicorn's HP boost AND the 
Griffon's DEF boost since STA adds both of those stats. This
having been said, it can be an extremely useful pet, however
the HP boost from a high level Babari Lion will generally be
lower than that of a Unicorn unless equipped by a VERY high
level character (115+) and the same can be said for the 
Lion's Def boost against that of a Griffon.

                      Stat Bonus List

                      Lvl 1 -  1 STA
                      Lvl 2 -  2 STA
                      Lvl 3 -  4 STA 
                      Lvl 4 -  7 STA 
                      Lvl 5 - 11 STA
                      Lvl 6 - 16 STA
                      Lvl 7 - 22 STA
                      Lvl 8 - 29 STA
                      Lvl 9 - 37 STA

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                     D Class -  1 STA
                     C Class -  5 STA
                     B Class - 16 STA
                     A Class - 38 STA 
                     S Class - 75 STA


     **-----**                                **-----**
        **-----**                          **-----**
           **-----**                    **-----**
              **-----**  WHITE TIGER  **-----**
           **-----**                    **-----**
        **-----**                          **-----**
     **-----**                                **-----**

                         Stat :  STR

Like the Fox, and being it's reverse equal, the White Tiger was
made for the Fighters. Blades, Knights, Billposters, Yoyo
Jesters, they can all benefit from this Pet. Though at early 
levels the Dragon may seem to be superior, later on the White
Tiger far outpowers the Dragon's attack boost for any character
who's attack is dependant upon STR.

                      Stat Bonus List

                      Lvl 1 -  1 STR
                      Lvl 2 -  2 STR
                      Lvl 3 -  4 STR 
                      Lvl 4 -  7 STR 
                      Lvl 5 - 11 STR
                      Lvl 6 - 16 STR
                      Lvl 7 - 22 STR
                      Lvl 8 - 29 STR
                      Lvl 9 - 37 STR

                   Maximum Possible Bonus

                     D Class -  1 STR
                     C Class -  5 STR
                     B Class - 16 STR
                     A Class - 38 STR 
                     S Class - 75 STR


                  **--*---*      *---*--**
            **--*---*                  *---*--**
        **------*         Pet Items        *------**
            **--*---*                  *---*--**
                  **--*---*      *---*--**

  ** Pet Feed **

   - Obtained by trading in Quest Items at any Pet Tamer. Pet
     Feed is used to increase an Egg's EXP or a Pet's HP.

  ** Pet Medicine A **

   - Premium Shop item : 30 Gpotatoes. This item allows the 
     currently equipped pet to not lose HP for 10 minutes.
     V12 update: can now be stacked up to 99 times for a
     total of 990 minutes.

  ** Pet Medicine B **

   - Premium Shop item : 40 Gpotatoes. This item allows the
     currently equipped pet to not lose HP for 10 minutes and
     also makes it gain 50% more exp per minute for the
     10 minute duration. Can be stacked up to 99 times. So if
     you're impatient get a load of these things >,<

  ** Feed Bag **

   - Premium Shop item : 300 Gpotatoes. This item, once 
     activated, allows your pet to be automatically fed using
     Pet Feed that is in your inventory. If no Pet Feed can be
     found in your inventory, the Pet will not be fed. Once
     activated, this item cannot be turned off and will expire
     after 6 hours, even if the user is not logged in or active
     during this time. (Not really useful anymore...)

  ** Pet Energy **

   - Premium Shop item : 1050 Gpotatoes. This item randomly adds
     between 1 and 5 extra lives to the currently equipped Pet.
     ***********NOTE: IT DOES NOT REVIVE DEAD PETS.************

  ** Chance of the Pet Tamer **

   - Premium Shop item : 950 Gpotatoes. Removes the currently 
     equipped Pet's 2 most recent Stat Bonuses and randomly 
     assigns new ones. Does not affect the Pet's Level or EXP. 
     Can only be applied on Pets Class B and higher.

  ** Blessing of the Pet Tamer **

   - Premium Shop item : 500 Gpotatoes. Returns a Pet to it's 
     previous level and sets its EXP to 99.99%. Allows the user 
     to re-upgrade their pet in order to obtain a different 
     Stat Bonus for the most recent Level. (It doesn't turn
     D Class pets into eggs... although why would you want to)

  ** Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets) **

   - Premium Shop item : 250 Gpotatoes. Removes the awakening 
     modifications from any awakened C/B/A/S Class pet (not 
     D class pet since they cannot be awakened).

  ** Egg Hatcher **

   - Premium Shop item : 300 Gpotatoes. Hatches the currently 
     equipped EGG into a randomly chosen Pet.

  ** Feed for (S) Class Pet **

   - Premium Shop item : 300 Gpotatoes. Automatically feeds
     your S CLASS PET so that you don't have to worry about it
     or use up Pet Feed. Does not work on any other class pet.
     Duration: 15 Days realtime. (Still active if logged off)

  ** Scroll of Pet Revival (S Class) **

   - Premium Shop item : 5000 Gpotatoes OR trade in "Scroll of
     Pet Revival PIECES (S)" at the Pet Tamer. Revives a dead 
     S Class pet and places it at 50% HP with zero extra lives.
     Note: You need 3 Scroll Pieces to create a revival scroll.

  ** Scroll of Pet Revival (A Class) **

   - Premium Shop item : 3000 Gpotatoes OR trade in "Scroll of
     Pet Revival PIECES (A)" at the Pet Tamer. Revives a dead 
     A Class pet and places it at 50% HP with zero extra lives.
     Note: You need 3 Scroll Pieces to create a revival scroll.

  ** Scroll of Pet Revival (B Class) **

   - Premium Shop item : 1500 Gpotatoes OR trade in "Scroll of
     Pet Revival PIECES (B)" at the Pet Tamer. Revives a dead 
     B Class pet and places it at 50% HP with zero extra lives.
     Note: You need 3 Scroll Pieces to create a revival scroll.


                  **--*---*      *---*--**
            **--*---*     The AFK      *---*--**
        **------*      Feeding Cheat       *------**
            **--*---*                  *---*--**

Well, cheat is a bit of a stretch but it's definitely an
exploit. Anyway 100 hours? who wants to spend that long when
you have to constnatly feed your pet, and who wants to take
the risk of it dying when your out in battle.

    Why not do it while you're AFK? (Away From Keyboard)

Here's what you do:

#1. Make sure you have at least 240,000 Pet Feed.
    (That's for the total run from D to S Class. For
    overnight it's more like 15,000 for 8 hours)

#2. Drag any stack of Pet Feed onto the F1 Hotkey bar ..
    (that way when you press F1 it feeds your pet)

#3. Equip the pet that you want to feed while AFK

#4. Place a heavy object on the F1 key on your keyboard
    (Make sure it's secure and will stay there for a
     while, I am not responsible for the loss of your
     pet if the object falls over, you have been warned.)

#5. Walk away and indulge in the joys of life as your pet
    effortlessly gains exp 

A few days later you can have yourself a lovely S class pet
free of hassle. Enjoy. And yes, this makes the Premium
Shop item: Feed Bag virtually useless.


I didn't mention this when I first made this section but
I suppose it would be good to mention that this "cheat" is
not, in any way, in violation of Flyff's ToS. The Flyff
team is well aware of this exploit and it is not grounds
upon which they can take action against you due to the
fact that it does not, in any way, involve manipulating
or affecting the Flyff.exe or Gameguard applications, nor
does it alter your server connection. 

This "cheat" is a mechanical manipulation of your keyboard
which is 100% legal and legit. It actually used to be
more difficult to do requiring 2 keyboards instead of 1
but with the recent update, and knowing this already,
the Flyff team actually altered the feeding system in a
way that made this exploit much easier to use. So don't
be worried about doing it.


             ****//    Premium Shop Pets    \\****

Premium Shop Pets, also known as Cash Shop pets,are available
for purchase at during limitted time 
offers. Pricing is generally set at 2700 G-Potatoes, or 
approximately 25$(USD).

***V12 Update: The Doggy and Kitty pets are now perminantly
               in the Premium Shop for sale (2700GP).


            ****//      What They Do       \\****

Premium Shop Pets' only function is to automatically collect 
items and peyna from the ground to give to their owner. They 
cannot be levelled, and require no upkeep at all.

**Note: It is possible to equip a Premium Shop Pet AND a Stat
        Bonus Pet at the same time. 

**V12 Note: The Version 12 Patch notes say that it's supposed
        to be possible to awaken Premium Shop Pets but it's
        not. They are lying to you -.^ ... so maybe that'll
        be fixed sometime in the future but for now don't
        bother trying.


             ****//  Premium Shop Pet List  \\****

  **Rarity ratings:** The number of stars "*" indicate how
    rare each cash shop pet is 1 to 5 stars 1 being common
    and 5 being rarely seen.

                   ****  Photo Link  ****

                           Kitty              *
                           Doggy              *
                           Cobra              **
                           Iguana             **
                          Baby Pig            **
                        Baby Lawolf           *
                         Baby Luia            *
                        Baby Aibatt           *
                        Baby Leyena           *
                        Baby Turtle           ***
                      Baby Blue Dragon        ***
                      Baby Black Dragon       *****
                         Hamburger            ****
                      Soccerball Angel        ****
                        Baby Hamster          ***
                        Baby Penguin          ***
                          Baby Cow            ****
                          Small Mia           ****
                    Small Maid Cardpuppet     ***
                          Cute Lamb           ***
                          Baby Tiger          ***
                         Baby Beagle          ****
                         Baby Monkey          *****
                       Baby Polar Bear        ****
                          Baby Rabbit         *****
                          Baby Horse          *****
                         Baby Chicken         *****
           Lord Pet: Baby Yeti Lord (Only 1 exists per server)

That's right, you can have a pet hamburger... or a sockerball
with eyes and wings. Anyway, this list is updated to early
February of 2009. Keep in mind, Flyff is constantly adding new
Premium Shop Pets so by the time you read this FAQ there may
have been others recently added.


                  **------**     **------**
                  ||       Version       ||       
                  **------**     **------**

** Version: 1.00 ** - Creation of entire F.A.Q.

Version: 1.01 - Fixed some very minor details.
Version: 1.02 - Added Pet Revival & updated Cash Shop Pet List.
Version: 1.03 - Updated D class Pet info -> Version 11 changes.
Version: 1.03 - Updated Cash Shop Pet List again.
Version: 1.04 - Fixed minor V.11 changes / Cash Shop Pet List.
Version: 1.05 - Cash Shop Pet List (again)

** Version: 2.00 ** - Version 12 initial update. Addition of
          and updating of multiple sections of the FAQ to
          accomidate the changes made by Patch Version 12.

Version: 2.01 - Fixed minor stuff / Cash Shop Pet List.
Version: 2.02 - Rarity Ratings added / Verifying some stuff.
Version: 2.03 - Cash Shop update / Exp per Min values.
Version: 2.04 - Exp per Min values ..


                  **------**     **------**
                  ||      Thanks To      ||       
                  **------**     **------**


                       DigiFan4 (v12)
    from the boards for filling in some of the
            gaps of the Premium Shop Pet section.


                  for providing a V.9 site.
                  .... and a V.12 site too.

                        The Pizza Guy

             Because ... well he brings me PIZZA!

               **---------**       **---------**
               ||                             ||
               ||    Copyright Permissions    ||       
               ||                             ||
               **---------**       **---------**

Anyone may freely redistribute this F.A.Q. at will so long as
full credit is given to XoxJayoxO, and only for
non-profit purposes.

Copyright January, 2008 - A.B. (

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders


                         [The Final Word]

       The final word is Jello. Don't e-mail me to ask why.


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