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 Flying Heroes

Flying Heroes

Written by OHMCS110
Join Venture with Illusion Softworks and PTERODON
19th May 2003
Version 1.0



1.  OHM's Overview
2.  OHM's Disclaimer
3.  OHM's Permission Letter
4.  OHM's Gameplay FAQ's
5.  OHM's Hints and Tips
6.  OHM's Game's Cheat
7.  OHM's Credit
8.  OHM's FAQ Collection


1.  OHM's Overview:

"OHMCS110 is back! After for about 1 year stop written FAQ 
because of studies. Now he is back with fifth FAQ."

First of all, I'd like to thank you for reading this another 
simple FAQ written by me. I just leave this game for a long 
time, and because of that, I just forgot about the levels in 
this game. So I hope nobody will ask me about the 
walkthrough of this game. Flying Heroes is a great game, and 
nothing to say just I want to congratulate the developer for 
the superb game play. Before moving to next section, I would 
like to thank Illusion Softworks and PTERODON for giving me 
a permission to publish their hints and tips. They are too 
kind to me. :) Special thanks also to GameFAQs and Cheat 
Happens for posting my FAQ.

"Be yourself and be confident."


2.  OHM's Disclaimer:

This document was written by OHMCS110, hmm.. So, if you want 
to publish it for commercial use, DON'T DO IT!! This 
document is Copyright 2003 OHMCS110 and Copyright 2000, 2001 
Illusion Softworks and PTERODON. Also note that this FAQ may 
not be used or distributed for commercial use.  It may not 
be distributed at all without written permission from the 


3.  OHM's Permission Letter:

Maybe the readers wonder about the word 'join venture'. So, 
as evidence, I attached the permission letter that I post to 
PTERODON and the answer from Jarek Kolar, who works at 

----- Original Message -----

From: "Ahmad Omar Arbain" 
Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2002 9:12 AM
Subject: Permission


I'm just have finished playing this game, it's very 
interesting, congratulations for your company as 
successfully make a great game.

Hmm.. I'm interested to renovate the hints and faqs about 
Flying Heroes on your website to compiled it in my faq 
document, I want to sent it to GameFAQs website. Can you 
give me a permission to do that, as I just want to help 
other gamers?

I hope you give me a response.

Thank you. 

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jarek Kolar"   
Subject: Flying Heroes  
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 07:36:57 +0200  


I am glad that you like our game. We have not problem with 
you using an old or adding an extra materials about the 
game. We would like to have a link on the page, where these 
things will appear. That's all we want.
Jarek Kolar
PTERODON, s.r.o.


4.  OHM's Gameplay FAQs:

As Jarek Kolar said, he likes to have a link on Official 
Flying Heroes Webpage. So, if you want more on this game, 
better you go there. I don't want to say more, just 
concentrate to the FAQ.

Can you give us a description of the races featured in the 
game? How do you plan to make the clans distinctive, besides 
the obvious visual difference?

Lizard Riders - Indigenous to the Grey Mountain areas of 
Eastern Abamon are the giant winged lizards that have lived 
in harmony with the mountain people for centuries. Utilizing 
their friendly relationship with the reptiles, the mountain 
people formed the Lizard Riders. Naturally protected by a 
hide of thick reptilian scales, the mountain blacksmiths 
added to the lizards' formidable armor with custom made iron 
plates. On their backs a seat or cockpit is mounted. The 
most remarkable qualities of the lizards are their fire 
breath and their resistance to fire, both valuable 
commodities in the fiercely contested Leagues. Their weapons 
have long lasting effects (poisoning, burning), combos 
allowing speed up, turn back, spitting of a slowing poison. 
They are easy to control. 

Magion - The Sky Magicians live on the flying islands to the 
southeast of Hesperia and have founded a flying club called 
Magion. Skilled in all forms of the arcane arts, they 
demonstrate their prowess, not to mention their 
eccentricity, by flying various bizarre objects. They float 
around on beautiful magic carpets and giant teapots; they 
even raise ancient battleships to fly. Eccentric, arrogant, 
but very powerful. They are using a wide array of both 
defensive and offensive spells (healing, speed, 
disorientate, invisibility, fireball, iceball, acid rain, 
fall fire, flash, disintegrate, armageddon). Only mages have 
weapons, which can freeze. Magical flying objects are light 
armored but very flexible in maneuvering. 

Hammercraft - Inhabitants of the Permisian province, 
Hammercraft are keepers of the ancient secrets of the 
region. With this knowledge, Hammercraft engineers have 
designed and constructed monstrous airships for use in the 
Air Battles. Heavily armored and heavily armed, they are the 
bruisers of the League. For raw power, they are 
unchallenged. However, because of their immense size and 
weight, Hammercraft ships are slow and cumbersome. 
Nevertheless Hammercraft pilots can shoot with fast rotating 
gun-turret independent of the ship itself. They can also use 
many useful combos, which can balance their slow speed - 
extinguish that will kill the flames on board, anti-aim 
magnet that will save the airship from homing missiles. They 
can even repair their ships slowly. 

Sky Knights - Indigenous to the mountains of Southern 
Deborea are giant birds. Over the centuries, Deborean druids 
have produced special breeds in captivity that are even 
larger with wing spans of up to 20 meters when fully grown, 
specifically for use in the Air Battles. They are covered in 
light amour that provides them with sufficient protection 
from enemy fire, and on their backs a seat or cockpit is 
mounted. The giant birds are capable of highest speeds, but 
they can't stop in mid-air or reverse. They combos are in 
style of maneuvering - speed up, turn back, escape.

How much does the game play style vary from one race to 
another? Give us some examples there...

For example the birds Sky Knights can fly fast around dog 
fighting their opponents with quick air raids. They are 
light armored but it's not easy to hit them. Magions are not 
so strong in weapons and armor but they can cast many 
powerful spells. They can become invisible, drain manna from 
their opponents and returns it in form of destructible 
fireballs or disintegrate spells. Lizards Riders must fight 
hardly. They have quite powerful weapons with long lasting 
effect when hit - opponents are burning or being poisoned. 
And if a rider comes very close he can use fire breath of 
his lizard to shot down anybody. Hammercraft should occupy 
some good position and then stay still and shooting the 
enemies down.

Would you consider the style of combat to be more similar to 
FPS games, or say some action flight sims?

I would say that Flying Heroes offers freedom in motion as a 
flight sims and easy and action combat control like FPS 
games. It's also a matter of each clan. I would compare the 
control and style of Sky Knight birds to some Fighter 
planes, Lizard to some WWI planes with very explosive 
weapons, Hammercraft ships to slowly flying Mechs with 
rotating gun-turret and Magions even to an action hero 
levitating with jetpack.

From what we know so far it sounds as the game will feature 
plenty of action, but what about some tactical aspects... Hmm... 
maybe some squad-based combat?

In Single player mode you have to manage your resources and 
buy proper equipment. The variety of items will give you and 
opportunity to use different tactics. Sometimes you will win 
with brute force, sometime you will need to sneak and shot 
from the distance or placing mines, casting nasty spells or 
firing hand-controlled missiles. Later in the game you will 
get assistants to help you in your matches. In multiplayer 
especially in team based game modes you will need to use 
tactics and coordination. For example in Capture-the-Flag 
one of your teammates with huge zeppelin can as a strong 
fortress guard your area and others flying on fast birds are 
disturbing the enemy with storm attacks, while you in small 
Magion ship sneaking to the enemy from the other side.

Give us a few pointers on some of the environments featured 
in the game. How much of a role will the terrain-type play 
during combat?

Having a fantasy world of Hesperia give us an opportunity to 
create many fantastic environments, which will differ in 
everything. The aim was to make player always wonder and 
being surprised by the location where he is flying. We have 
snowy mountains with wild rivers, arctic plains, flying 
islands, volcano, waste lava plains, ancient nations 
sanctuary places in desert and tropical lagoon, deep crystal 
caves, fantasy industrial valley, old giant arena, huge 
underground complex. The type of the terrain wills 
determines how the match will look like. Open spaces give an 
opportunity to use sniper guns and homing missiles. 
Interiors and corridors are good for making surprises with 
ambush or mines and hard face-to-face battles. Very 
important element of the terrain is water - lakes, rivers, 
waterfalls, and water tanks. The water is used for 
extinguishing the fire on board and removing acid and 
poisoning effect. These are very often cases during the 

Will there be weather effects?

Player will play in locations in various locations in 
various daytime and weather. The practical use will be in 
the visibility. It's much more easier to guard and shot on 
distant target in sunny afternoon, then to look for sneaking 
opponents in night or foggy weather.

Some unique eye-candy features you plan to include in the 

Mention only some - watching opponent creatures flying 
around you, stunning graphical effects of magical spells and 
explosions, fantastic weapon design, free look from your 
creature/ship with visible cabin, wings etc, flowing wild 
water in rivers and waterfalls, falling parachute with your 
opponent from the shot down aircraft and obviously all the 

Some special AI tricks in store for the players? Can you 
give us some examples there?

Every AI character has it's own figure, name and history. He 
uses his favorite combo/spells and has his own style how he 
comments the situation. Just reading what your opponents are 
talking about could amaze you. And obviously they are smart 
pilots, which use the proper weapons in proper situations 
watch who is dangerous and who is going to win. It' s cool 
to just a watch a giant bird maneuvering in air, attacking 
looping, escaping. And don't forget that all AI pilots must 
fly smoothly and fluently through the air not any random 
jumping and strafing like normal FPS bots.

What types of weapons are going to be featured in FH?

The types are basic gun, close combat gun, sniper gun, high 
repeat rate gun, gun with homing and hand guided missiles, 
big super gun. Every side has these 6 types with different 
abilities and effects. Each weapon has primary and secondary 
mode in which it can be used. Interesting weapons is for 
example Spark staff which can drain opponent's manna, Gas 
gun which can release poisonous gas cloud, Bombardion which 
huge missile is divided in several small homing ones, 
Blitzer weapon armed with lightning. There are plenty of 
them and everyone is somehow special. 

Do you plan to create some special multiplayer mods? How big 
of a factor will multiplayer play in the game. Is FH more 
single player or multiplayer oriented?

I would say that the game is half multiplayer and half 
single player. Single player offers a career with character 
development, resource management, league system and special 
training and quest missions. All special items, techniques 
are trained during the career so player gets the whole 
features of the game on fluent learning curve. Multiplayer 
uses all important gameplay features of the game right on 
from the first time. Player can choose a clan and can flight 
with his friend over LAN or internet. In the release version 
will be available death-match, team death-match, capture the 
flag, domination, tag (one player has a tag and must catch 
someone else to give him the tag). We plan much more types 
of multiplayer modes (Sky Hockey, Escort the Zeppelin, 
Assault, Joust, Collection and others). But we want to have 
the game to be on public, to see the reaction and comments, 
before we will be adding these new modes. It will be free to 
download from FH web site, same as new levels. Every kind of 
magic and each combo can be set-up to any key in options.


5.  OHM's Hints and Tips:

1.	 The Speed is the very basic. A good pilot keeps the 
    Speed at hand at all times and monitors closely whether 
    he has enough manna for his performing magic spells and 

2.	 It is really difficult to fire with no ammunition, and 
    pilots should collect it whenever they have opportunity 
    to do so. Even if it were only for the reason of 
    preventing someone else picking it up. The same goes   
    for manna.

3.	 The easiest way to find an opponent in the air is by 
    sighting him (Select the Nearest opponent). 

4.	 The worst target is an invisible target. The magic 
    trick of Invisibility shall save you even from a flock  
    of guided missiles. However, it is necessary to bear in 
    mind: those hiding under the trick of invisibility and 
    using the Speed at the same time can be tracked easily. 
    If you want to become completely invisible for a short 
    spell, pick up Invisibility, leave the Speed to run-up 
    and don't fire. For couple of precious seconds you will 
    become a ghost. 

5.	 Guided missiles and many guided magic spells can be 
    shaken-off in rocky hills. The inventors of Hammercraft  
    also discovered the way of misleading guided missiles 
    by using magic. 

6.	 If your opponents have set you ablaze, or they have 
    poisoned you, rush to water. A good pilot is not cruel  
    to his animals/vehicles, and won't allow his airship to 
    be destroyed. 

7.	 When in arena, it is necessary to guard one's back. 
    Every pilot has ability to look back and to the sides,  
    so use it to your advantage. The only one who can fire 
    in all directions is the pilot in Hammercraft. The 
    rotating firing post, located underneath the cockpit, 
    facilitates this. (Use the Free look) 

8.	 For the deft ones, there are little parachutes floating 
    down, carrying all kinds of equipment. Those who manage 
    to pick them up can gain an advantage of having a 
    useful shield at hand, extra ammo and - most  
    importantly - the scrolls with various types of magic 
    tricks, starting with Disorientate and ending with 

9.	 The simplest way to victory is choosing the wounded or    
    otherwise weakened enemies. It is another thing,  
    however, what your opponents will think of you. 

10. The most powerful "boost" is the Fire Boost. Even the  
    weakest opponent becomes a deadly one. You will 
    recognize the opponent carrying it from varying flashes 
    on his animal or machine. In single player game, the 
    airships use this bonus as a deadly combo. If you are 
    lucky and succeed in taking it away from your  
    adversaries, remember to combine it with some rapid-
    firing weapon. 

11. Learn to use special objects to the full. Each of them 
    can be controlled through the hot-keys and nearly every 
    one of can be used in two ways (just as most of magic 
    spells and all weapons can). For instance the magic 
    trick Disintegrate used in one way starts following the 
    target until it hits it. Used the other way it creates  
    a cloud through which nobody can fly without being 

12. If you can't shake off your pursuer, take your craft 
    down to lower altitude and release the Gas Barrel. It  
    will create a cloud of poisonous gas that will put off  
    anybody. Another method is leaving some mines behind 
    you from time to time. And using the secondary mode of 
    dragon weapon (Gas gun - no. #2) in such a situation 
    can also prove very useful. 

13. You can navigate guided missiles yourself (MMT 
    technology). In that case, no airship will be able to  
    de-route them. 

14. When using sniping weapons, one should not forget about 
    zoom. Remember that zooming can be done with any other 
    weapon too. 

15. In single player game it pays to pay attention to what 
    you spend your money on. If you have ineffective, 
    unimproved weapons, no airship or predator is going to  
    be useful to you - never mind how good or fast they 

16. And the last bit of advice: don't ever let it slip your 
    mind that contests are not a war. They are only an  
    imitation and so do not be afraid to lose when trying 
    out a new tactic!


6.  OHM's Game's Cheat:

This game is quite though. So, if you frustrated to win the 
game, here is a cheat codes. Just enter the codes during the 
game to enable the cheat function.

niardica			Acid rain
senimga			Agmines
noddegamra			Armageddon
kaolc				Cloak
duolchtaed			Death cloud
tsooberif			Disorientate
erifllaf			Fall fire
hsalf				Flash
ommalluf			Full ammo
htlaehlluf			Full health
anamlluf			Full mana
lerrabsag			Gas barrel
llabeci			Ice ball
elbisivni			Invisible
ratslatem			Metal star
retropelet			Teleporter
senimex			Xemines
eriftes                 Set fire
dicahsalps			Splash acid
yenom                   $50000 at ship purchase screen
llaezeerf			Freeze all

If you check back the code, it is an inverse of the effects. 
So, you don't need to remember all the codes, but remember 
the effects and its inverses. He..he..he..


7.  OHM's Credit:

Illusion Softworks and PTERODON 
- for developing this game.
- for publishing this game.
Jarek Kolar 
- allow me to adopt the hints and tips to be compile in 
  this FAQ. 
My own computer 
- the AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.2 Ghz, 256 MB SDRAM, MSI MS- 
  Starforce GeForce4 MX 440. By this computer I'm 
  successfully finished all games I've played. :)
GameFAQs and Cheat Happens 
- for posting this FAQ. 
- for reading this FAQ. Thanks a lot...


8.  OHM's FAQ Collection:

Feel free to check out all my FAQs. Just remember all my 
works are short and simple. That is my own trade mark. 
He..he..he.. Maybe I have not enough time to write (I just 
write while on semester break), that's why I cannot make it 
long and more comprehensive. Sorry about that.

No	Title						Date Released
1.	Codename: Outbreak	 		8th May 2002
2.	2002 FIFA World Cup			18th May 2002
3.	EA Sports FIFA 2002			20th May 2002
4.	World War II: Iwo Jima			18th July 2002

After this, if I have enough time and feel free, maybe I'll 
continue with my new FAQ project - EA Sports FIFA 2003!! So, 
keep in touch with me...



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