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 Foreign Legion - Buckets of Blood FAQ

Foreign Legion - Buckets of Blood FAQ

Author Forlornhope

Version info

0.1: 23/08/09 Started FAQ
1.0: 24/08/09 First submitted version.
1.1: 25/08/09 Minor fixes


Hey there! Welcome to my FAQ for Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, an indie
game that's available on steam. The game is a third person shooter with you, a
lone Foreign legionnaire defending a town hall full of civilians, as your mates
lie dead on the sand.

You use your weapons to take out the enemies as they attack the town hall and
you. If you survive ten minutes without dying or the town hall being blown up
you win! This FAQ is a quick compendium of information about this fun game. Its
quite short as the games rather simple.

Sakai Indie has said that it plans to add free DLC to this game. if and when
that happens this FAQ will be updated to cover the new content.

If you see any errors or have anything to add please contact me. See the
contact me section for details.

1. Game concept
2. Weapons
3. Enemies
4. Scoring
5. Achivements
6. Contact me
7. Credits

Game concept

FL is a game of defence and quick thinking. You are a lone solider defending a
village against an onslaught of enemies. Surrounding the village are minefields
marked by signs. Walking into the minefield past the signs will kill you

FL uses a Call of Duty style health system. As you are shot you'll see your
soldier become bloodier. If you keep getting hurt the screen will start to turn
redder and redder until you die. If you stop getting hit, gradually the screen
will return to normal and the blood will disappear as your health regenerates.
It doesn't matter how many times you are shot in FL, as long as you don't take
too much damage at once you will stay alive so don't worry about healing
yourself, just make sure not to get shot too much without a break.

The enemies will try to either kill you, ending the game or blow up the town
hall with their weapons.

The town hall's health is shown in the top left comer of the screen. If enemy
attacks empty this bar, the door will blow up.

From then on any attacks at the hall will kill the civilians inside. Each
civilian killed lowers your bonus at the end of the game and if all of them are
killed you lose the game!

To the right of the town hall is the supply tent. Running through this tent
will call a plane to drop items for you. The green light on the radio will turn
red after you activate it and you cannot call the plane again for more supplies
until the light turns green again, which takes about a minute.

The supplies are:

Ammo box halfway tough the village directly in front of you: Replenishes ammo
for all weapons.

Repair kit on the left side of the village from the townhall: Repairs some of
the town halls damage. Doesn't appear if the barricade has been blown up.

Minigun at the far end of the village, in the fenced in yard near the left
enemy entrance.


There is a small collection of powerful weapons in FL and they each serve a
purpose. The weapons that you must reload, the pistol and assault rifle reload
almost instantly.


Power: weak
Rate of fire: slow
Mag: 7
Max clips: infinite

The pistol is a backup weapon. It fires slowly, has weak power and its semi
auto  fire makes it somewhat difficult to aim. On the plus side it has
unlimited ammo  and you will always carry it. Avoid using the pistol unless you
run out of ammo for your assault rifle and need to pick enemies off quickly. It
is accurate and you can headshot enemies from far away with it.


Power: weak but fires very fast
Rate of Fire: fast
Mag: 16
Max clips: 18

The assault rifle will be your most used weapon. It fires full auto and very
quickly. You can carry alot of ammo for it but it only carries 16 rounds so you
must reload often. Thankfully it reloads very quickly. It is your most accurate
weapon and it's easy to pick of enemies at long range with this. You can carry
many clips with this, but you can run out if you aren't careful.


Power: usually kills anything in its radius
Rate of fire: Four rapid shots before running out of ammo.
Mag: 4
Max clips: four rockets, you don't need to reload as once your four rockets are
gone you ammo is empty.

The rocket launcher is a four barrelled launcher with a fast semi auto
fire rate. It fires nearly as fast as you can click the mouse and each rocket
does alot of damage in a smallish radius; killing anything in it. The launcher
is great for blasting bunched up enemies and is accurate enough to fire at
long range to try to wipe out an exploder that's about to reach the hall or


Power: kills everything in area
Rate of fire: not really applicable but it takes a second or two for the plane
to drop its bomb.
Mag: 1
Max clips: 1

The aircraft beacon is a radio you can use to call for an air strike on a large
circular area. Use the mouse and run around to get enemies in the area then
call the strike. The plane takes about 2 seconds to drop the bomb so a degree
of judgement is required as the enemies must be in the circle when the bomb is
dropped or they will escape the blast. It's a very powerful weapon; any enemies
caught in the blast zone will die.


Power: Slaughters everything up close
Rate of fire: very fast: the fastest firing weapon in the game
Mag: 250, doesn't need to be reloaded
Mac clips: Your entire ammo supply is one clip as it seems belt fed.

The minigun is the most powerful weapon in the game up close. It wipes out
enemies in a second if you're close to them and fires very quickly. You do not
need to reload the minigun as its entire 250 round ammo supply is one huge
clip, although you can only get ammo by picking up another minigun, the ammo
box that reloads all your other weapons does not have minigun ammo.

The minigun is very inaccurate at any other distance than a few meters away
and even in zoomed mode you won't be able to hit much past say 10 meters with
it. Always charge at your enemies when using the minigun. Often the assault
rifle can be better since you can pick enemies off from a distance without
getting shot up, but when you need a pile of bodies quickly the minigun
is the best weapon for the job.


There are only a few types of enemies in FL, but that doesn't stop them from
being a handful.


Appearance: Solider in tan uniform with red beret holding assault rifle
Weapon: Rifle

Soldiers are the main danger to you. They almost always shoot at you, only
targeting the hall if they don't see you. Their rifles are accurate and they
have no problems hitting you from quite a distance. Soldiers do almost no
damage to the hall compared to other enemy types so only shoot them first if
other enemies are far from the hall, they are seriously hurting you with their
rifles or if there are no other enemies. Their red berets make them very easy
to spot.


Appearance: Men dressed in black with hat with red explosives strapped to his
Weapon: Pistol, Explosives

These distinctive looking enemies are the greatest threat to the town hall.
They will run up to the barricade in the door and blow themselves up causing
major damage. Four exploders will destroy the hall.

Exploders never stop moving and are always heading towards the town hall. If
they see you they will shot at you with their pistol while still moving towards
the hall, never standing still to shoot. Their weak weapon is barely a threat
to you and they will usually ignore you unless you get in their way.

They will only use their explosives on the hall when they get right in front of
it, never to attack you.

Shooting the red explosives on their torso causes them to explode; instantly
killing them and hurting or killing anyone around them. You earn bonus points
for explosive kills

Rocket Soldiers
Appearance: Solider in green uniform with helmet
Weapon: Rocket launcher

These men are a threat to both you and the hall. Their  rockets do area affect
damage hurting you quite a bit and doing damage to the hall. they are quite
inaccurate however and often fire into the ground or miss They can fire four
shots before reloading. If they hit you they do alot of damage and on veteran
diffculty one rocket will almost kill you from full health. If they fire at the
hall they often miss, but they are the second best after Exploders at damaging
the hall.


Scoring in FL seems to be based on where you shoot the enemy, not what the
enemy is

Kill by body shots: 50
Kill by headshot: 100
Kill by shooting exploder's bombs: 300
Kill by enemy dying from being in radius of Exploder's bomb when it was shot:


When you kill an enemy, get a headshot or explode an Exploder you'll see a
tally appear in the top centre of the screen showing the number of each type of
kill. Killing another enemy or headshotting them etc will increase that type of
kills multiplier as long as you do it before the tally disappears. If you keep
killing the tally will stay up and you'll keep getting bonus points until you
go long enough without killing something for the tally to disappear. If it does
the next time you kill something you'll start the killchain over. You get about
5 seconds to kill something else to continue the chain.

Killchain bonus: Your highest killchain gives you 50 bonus points for each kill
in it at the end of the game.

Chickens: Killing a chicken doesn't give you any points when you actually kill
it, but gives you 150 bonus points for each chicken at the end of the game.
There are 11 chickens in all.

Civilian bonus: For each civilian alive at the end of the game you get 100

Time bonus: For each second left on the click you get 25 points.


Chicken Slaughter: Kill all chickens in one round

This one's quite easy. There are 11 chickens in the village and you must shoot
them all in one round to get the achievement


1. On the fence directly in front of the hall.
2. Right in front of you on the left side of the road a fair distance from the
3. Right next to two
4,5,6: In the small yard on the left side of the village from the hall right
near the repair kit. From the start head left around the buildings and you'll
see  them behind the small wall.
7. In the Support Tent
8,9. Right near the support tent on the ground behind a house
10. On a ledge at the top of a house in the main part of the village. Its
    visible from the start.
11. on the well in the centre of the village. It's "in" one of the corpses of
    your fellow soldier, but you can see its head and shoot it fine.

Headless Horseman: Make 15 headshots in a single round

This one just takes a small amount of skill. Use the assault rifle or pistol
and just aim at people's heads. Easy.

Damage control: Win a round with all civilians alive

Easy, just finish a game without the door of the town hall being destroyed.
this will stop any of them being killed. This is very easy to do on easy

Blood hunger: Make a chain of ten kills

Easy, just quickly wipe out a bunch of enemies and you'll get it.

Rocket Man: Kill four enemies with one rocket

This can take a while as its luck but just wait till you see four enemies close
together and let them have it with your launcher. It has large splash damage
radius, so it's not that hard to get them all. The best place for this is the
main centre of the village near the well. Enemies usually collect here and run
together after coming from different entrances and the close quarters makes it
easy to blow a bunch of them apart with a rocket.

My little Friend: Find the Minigun

The Minigun appears after you call for your first supply drop, it is not in the
village at the start. From the town hall it is in a small fenced in yard right
near the far entrances to the village. Simply pick it up to get the

Death from above: Kill 5 enemies with a Air raid

Much like the Rocket Man achievement this is easiest if you wait till the
enemies are close together in the main street of the village before calling an
air strike right in front of them to compensate for the plane's arrival time.

Handyman: Repair the town hall 5 times in a round

To get this just call for support and let an enemy damage the hall. Repair it,
call for support and repair again making sure the hall doesn't take enough
damage to be destroyed and you'll get the achievement.

Time traveller: Kill all enemy waves in seven minutes

To do this simply play on easy, stand directly in front of the town hall, close
to it and zoom in with your assault rifle; you'll be able to see enemies from
far away and can pick them off before they even get close enough to start
shooting. Simply snipe all the enemies quickly making trips for more ammo when
needed and you should get this achievement easily, as long as you're accurate.

Foreign Legionnaire: Beat the game on veteran difficulty.

Exactly what it says on the tin. When I actually beat this game on this
difficulty level there will be a strategy here. Veteran diffculty gives the
enemies a huge accuracy boost and makes them much tougher.

Contact me

I can be contacted at Send me any additions for
this or my other FAQS, or if you just want to comment or say hi.


Thanks to Sakari Indie for making this game.
Thanks to my love April for being wonderful and sweet.
Thanks to Alexander Davidson for creating metapad, a great tool for FAQ
Thanks to the many contributors to GameFaqs for making the site what it is.
Thanks to you for reading and rating this FAQ.

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